Photos taken inside a spaceship masquerading as the Waldorf Astoria; New York, New York

We were wrong
He did not remember checking in. The hotel drapes were awful thin. Behind them there were more, like a whore who covers up in too many layers of concealer and mascara. The aroma of Jim Chins Chinese Shack wafted up from underneath the '276' plaque on the door to his room and a quick tap tap followed the 'bzzzing' ring. “Come in?” An older bell hop cracked the portcullis and sharply rolled in a pristine service cart. “I don't recall ordering food service,” Tom barked nervously at the man in the red suit as his eyes darted around the room. Things shifted. He was in the soundless hallway. Then a voice came and filled the space. “You are traveling to Sirius B, please return to your pod. We have taken care to see that all your needs are met during the transition.”

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