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Which size board should I choose?

wooden chess boards
When buying pieces and boards to match, it is essential to choose the right size board. Here is a general guide to help you purchase the correct one first time: Guide: 76mm (3”) sets fit comfortably on our 45mm boards. 95mm (3.75”) sets fit our 50mm or 55mm boards. 115mm (Broadbase 3.75”) sets fit our 55mm or 60mm boards. 150mm (6”) sets fit our 60mm boards.

REG 2 same as REG 1 but has algebraic co-ordinates

Macassar Ebony/Ash Ebony-Black Edging


Walnut/Maple Walnut-Black Edging


High Gloss Ebony/Maple Ebony-Black Edging

50mm £199.95 55mm £249.95

45mm £99.95 50mm £119.95 55mm £139.95

50mm £99.95 55mm £119.95


Mahogany/Maple with Mahogany Border


Mahogany/Maple with Mahogany Border


Wenge/Maple with Diagonal Wenge Border

45mm £19.95 50mm £24.95 55mm £29.95 60mm £34.95

45mm £29.95 50mm £34.95 55mm £39.95 60mm £44.95

45mm £34.95 50mm £39.95 55mm £44.95 60mm £49.95


Nut/Maple with Diagonal Nut border


Black Anegre/Whitening Erable with Black Anegre Border


Teak/Maple with Teak border

45mm £34.95 50mm £39.95 55mm £44.95 60mm £49.95
Mahogany box with brass clasp and hinges. Green felt lining.

45mm £39.95 50mm £44.95 55mm £49.95 60mm £54.95
Sheesham box with brass hinges and embellishments. Individual compartments for each piece and space for two extra queens. Burl wood.

45mm £39.95 50mm £44.95 55mm £49.95 60mm £54.95
Real leather box with green velvet style lining.

Luxury Wooden Box Medium £99.95

Treasure Chest Wooden Box Large £49.99

Deluxe Wooden Tray Box Large £49.99

Leather Box Large £49.99

Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: Order online at

wooden chess sets
Prices down for 2006
EXCLUSIVE RANGE Our top of the range Staunton type set design
Felted and triple-weighted

BROADBASE RANGE Beautifully crafted broad based sets.
Felted and double-weighted

Order code EXC/95-R EXC/95-ES EXC/95-E

Dark Pieces Rosewood - £25 off Striped Ebony - £50 off Ebony - £50 off

King Height King Height (mm) (inches)

95 95 95

Price 3.75 £74.95 3.75 £99.95 3.75 £149.95

Order code BRO/95-S BRO/95-R BRO/95-E

Dark Pieces Sheesham Rosewood - £10 off Ebony

King Height King Height (mm) (inches)

95 95 95

3.75 3.75 3.75

Price £49.95 £59.95 £99.95

TOURNAMENT RANGE Exquisitely carved stained set at an affordable price.
Felted and weighted

CLASSIC RANGE A traditional, well designed set. Simple yet clear.
Felted and weighted

Order code TOU/76-A TOU/76-B TOU/95-A TOU/95-B

Dark Pieces Antiqued Brown - New for 2006 Black - New for 2006 Antiqued Brown Black

King Height King Height (mm) (inches)

76 76 95 95

3 3 3.75 3.75

Price £34.95 £34.95 £49.95 £49.95

Order code CLA/76-A CLA/76-B CLA/95-A CLA/95-B

Dark Pieces Antiqued Brown Black Antiqued Brown Black

King Height King Height (mm) (inches)

76 76 95 95

3 3 3.75 3.75

Price £19.95 £19.95 £29.95 £29.95

Prices down for 2006 COLOSSUS RANGE
Impressive set for play or display.
Felted and triple-weighted

STANDARD RANGE Entry level set with simple design.
Felted and unweighted

Order code COL/150-A COL/150-B

Dark Pieces Antiqued Brown - £25 off Black - £25 off

King Height King Height (mm) (inches)

150 150

6 6

Price £74.95 £74.95

Order code STA/76-A STA/110-A

Dark Pieces Antiqued Brown Antiqued Brown

King Height King Height (mm) (inches)

76 110

3 150

Price £9.95 £19.95

A little more information about the chess sets...
Each of the sets include 32 pieces, with the exception of the Tournament Range, which comes with an extra queen in each colour. All sets are supplied in card boxes. The white pieces are made of boxwood unless otherwise stated. As natural materials vary in shade and grain, the set you receive may differ slightly in appearance. Ebony is a mature, robust wood which is black in colour. Striped Ebony has flecks of rich brown graining showing through the Ebony black. Rosewood is a reddish brown wood, with a pronounced grain. Sheesham is a very natural coloured wood, medium brown with some graining, although not as pronounced as Rosewood. Antiqued Brown or Black indicates that the pieces are made of boxwood, with the black chessmen being stained to achieve the desired effect. Leatherette Box with green felt lining. Pinewood box, with metal hinges and clasp. Lined. Burl wood box, with black velvet style lining. Available in three sizes.


Leatherette Chess Box Standard Wooden Chess Box Light Wooden Chess Box Small £14.95 Medium £19.95 Large £24.95 Medium £29.95 Medium £24.95 Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: Order online at

Our Small boxes will take sets with a maximum king height of 3 inches. Medium Size boxes are designed for sets up to 3.75 inches (excluding Broadbase) and Large boxes can hold anything up to 4” or Broadbase design chessmen.

Size Guide

95 left: Original Fischer/Spassky Set All of our luxury chess sets can be found online at www.Spassky match in 1972. Staunton Reintroduction Set 3. 1850 Original Staunton 4. The Luxury 1 board has large 55mm squares and is inlaid with Macassar Ebony and Ash.4” and 500 4” sets only. As well as being a suitable board for the Jaques with 250 of the 4. It is finished with a stepped black edging to elevate the playing .6 chess sets from Jaques of London 1850 Original Staunton Set 1850 Original Staunton Sets Limited edition. Hand carved in selected black Ebony and Boxwood as a detailed replica of Jaques original 1899 Club Staunton Set.5 inch king £449. a miniature brass lock and numbered signed ‘Original Staunton’ certificate. The chest supplied is made from a superb polished A collector’s set to treasure.chess. Hand carved in selected black Ebony and Boxwood as a detailed replica of Jaques original 1899 Club Staunton Set. these men are a reintroduction of a design produced by John Jaques between 1850 and 1851.not pictured Comes with specially made inlaid board from Jaques . Finely detailed Ebony and Boxwood set.not pictured Staunton Reintroduction 4” Staunton Reintroduction 3.95 Beautifully hand crafted set that was made famous by its use during the famous Fischer .5 inch king £695 Limited edition of 500 sets only. It is made from the finest Boxwood and is presented in a Mahogany baize lined box that is fitted with brass hinges and lock. which can be found on page 7. Also available with 50mm squares for £199. it also ideally compliments the Championship Staunton or London Chess Centre Ebony Tower Set. Supplied in a superb baized lined polished Mahogany cabinet with lock. Original Fischer/Spassky Set 3. Supplied in a superb baized lined polished Mahogany cabinet with lock. and fitted with numbered and signed Original Staunton Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. Luxury 1 Chess Board (55mm) £249. and fitted with numbered and signed Original Staunton certificate.95 This board is manufactured exclusively for Chess & Bridge in Order online at £1995.5” Staunton Reintroduction Set 4 inch king £995 Limited edition of 500 sets only.00 Comes with specially made inlaid board from Jaques .4” King 1850 Original Staunton 4” King £2995. and comes complete with fitted trays. The pieces are very heavily weighted and finished with rich English leather bases with beautiful gold block Jaques branding.

The pieces are triple weighted. and comes free with this set (r. please see page 4. the king height being 4 inches with the other pieces to scale. £49. with an diagonal Wenge border. The board is our Luxury 2 Walnut and Maple board (see page 4).95) BUD ROSEWOOD CHESS SET £250 This exquisite Boxwood and Bud Rosewood set features a 4" (115mm) King with a 1. For our board selection.99) is made of solid sheesham brown wood. with brass hinges and embellishments and comes free with the set. 7 This set will become a collector’s item to be treasured for years to come. The design is based on that developed by the English world champion Howard Staunton over 150 years ago. bevelled bases. The 32 chessmen weigh in at 1.r. For example: the teeth on the knight are carved out.99) LONDON EBONY COMBINATION £300 One of the finest chess sets coupled with our Superior 2 board with 55mm squares (rrp £44. Pictured on Luxury 1 Board. Each set requires over 100 hours of expert craftmanship. The Treasure Chest box (r. and there is an attention to detail which is unrivalled. in cooperation with some of the finest craftsmen. BUD ROSEWOOD CHESS SET £250 LUXURY 2 WALNUT/MAPLE BOARD £139.4” king LONDON CHESS CENTRE CHAMPIONSHIP STAUNTON * £500 Limited Edition Designed by the London Chess Centre. Bud Rosewood has a distinctive and attractive red colouring.99) is made of solid Sheesham brown wood. The pieces have broad. * Does not include to commemorate the World Chess Championships in London 2000. LONDON CHESS CENTRE EBONY TOWER SET £275 SUPERIOR 2 WALNUT/MAPLE BOARD £44. with brass hinges and embellishments and comes free with the set. while the white pieces are in boxwood. 55mm (rrp £249.p. with each square measuring 55mm.r. The Treasure Chest box ( chess combinations . The black pieces are made from the highest quality ebony.75 Order online at www.95) A SAVING OF £39.95) Buy the Luxury 1 Board with the Championship Staunton set for £699.95 Upgrade the London Ebony Combination to the Luxury 1 55mm Board and pay £475 (save £49. with a green felt lining.95) A SAVING OF £19. The bevelled edges and warm colourings compliment the red colouring of the pieces (combination pictured far right). the queen’s crown is exquisitely carved producing an angular effect.chess. and the bishop’s mitre is deeply cut into the the wood is very resilient and the set comes complete with four queens.p of the box £49.95 (save £50) LONDON CHESS CENTRE EBONY TOWER SET £275 The pieces are triple weighted with felted bases. The box is our very own London Chess Centre branded leather box.95 (RRP £319.p. BUD ROSEWOOD COMBINATION £350 The ideal package for the Bud Rosewood Chess Set.75 inches (45mm). We believe it to be the highest quality Staunton pattern set. £49. All the pieces have raised bevelled bases with the under-side being finished in leather. Beautifully hand carved from top quality Ebony and Boxwood.95) is made of Wenge and .75" (45mm) diameter base.95 (RRP £389.95 see page 4 Upgrade your combination to the Treasure Chess box for an extra £25 Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. The king measures 4 inches (115mm) with a base diameter of 1.

The 3.85) rrp £99.95 Sup 5 Teak Board (55mm) £49.chess.85 Upgrade to the L uxur y Wooden Box for £25 Box (save £25) (save BROADBASE EBONY COMBINATION £175 Match this traditional broadbased chess set.85) rrp £49.95 (rrp £ Upgrade to the Tr easure Chest Box for £15 easure Box (save £5) (save Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. We believe this creates an artistic treat with real style. Exclusive Ebony Pieces £149.3.95 Black Leather Box £49.95 Black Leatherette Box £29.85) rrp £ Order online at www. Our traditional broadbased Rosewood set produces a great contrast with our light Teak board.95 (rrp £399.8 luxury chess combinations .95 Luxury 1 Ebony Board (50mm) £199. making a combination which oozes style.99 Broadbase Rosewood Combination £125 SAVE £14. Comes complete with our Black Leatherette box.95 Sup 4 Black Anegre Board (55mm) £49.95 (rrp £ . Broadbase Rosewood Pieces £59.75” king EXCLUSIVE EBONY COMBINATION £350 We have coupled our Exclusive Ebony Chess Set and our most luxurious Ebony chess board to create this high quality Ebony Combination.99 Broadbase Ebony Combination £175 SAVE £24.99 Exclusive Ebony Combination £350 SAVE £ Broadbase Ebony Pieces £99.75" king set fits snugly on the 50 mm squared Ebony Luxury 1 board.95 Black Leather Box £49.85 Upgrade to the L uxur y Wooden Box for £25 Box (sav e £25) BROADBASE ROSEWOOD COMBINATION £125 A combination full of grain and rich colour. made from the finest Ebony with our Superior 4 Black Anegre chess board. Comes complete with our lockable black leather box.

Classic Pieces .Black (95mm) £29.85 Upgrade to the Tr easure Chest Box for £20 easure Box SPECIAL POSTAGE RATES APPLY ON THIS ITEM £30 POSTAGE TO EUROPE.85 Upgrade to the Tr easure Chest Box for £20 easure Box SPECIAL POSTAGE RATES APPLY ON THIS ITEM £30 POSTAGE TO EUROPE.95 Reg 1 Mahogany Board (50mm) £ .see page 32 for more details SPECIAL POSTAGE RATES APPLY ON THIS ITEM £30 POSTAGE TO EUROPE. The package is completed with a medium-sized wooden box.Medium £ Order online at www. £50 TO THE REST OF THE WORLD CLASSIC COMBINATION £65 Entry level wooden combination. rrp £49.95 Sup 3 Nut and Maple Board (55mm) £ Broadbase Sheesham Chess Pieces (95mm) £49.99 SAVE £9.chess set combinations 9 BROADBASESHEESHAMCOMBINATION £100 Combine our traditional Broadbase Sheesham Set and Walnut board for £100! The real value choice. produces a stunning contrast. £50 TO THE REST OF THE WORLD TOURNAMENT PLAYERS COMBINATION £80 Quality wooden carved chess set in boxwood and dyed black boxwood combined with our regular mahogany board. Comes complete with our Black Leatherette box. Tournament Player Chess Pieces (95mm) £49.95 Classic Combination £65 rrp £49.85 Upgrade to the Tr easure Chest Box for £20 easure Box The 3” Tournament Player Combo is also available for £60 .Medium £19.95 Standard Wooden Box .95 Broadbase Sheesham Combination £100 SAVE £19. The Classic Range chess set is paired with our standard wooden mahogany board with algebraic notation around the edging to help with reading and recording your games. £50 TO THE REST OF THE WORLD Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: Tournament Players Combination £80 SAVE £14.95 rrp £49.Large (see page 5) £24.chess.95 Standard Wooden Box .95 Reg 2 Mahogany Board (50mm) £24.95 Standard Wooden Box . Comes complete with our standard wooden box.

uk Order online at www. All of our chess sets. we are now spoilt for choice. which retails at £44. The King Richard set should sit on a 55mm square.4”).99 CHESS TABLE CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE Calvert Chess Set £174. a Master of the Worshipful Company of Turners in London in 1795. and with this and the Boethia sets shown on page 11. Sure to make a fantastic show piece or simply an amazing set to play with. The Arabian Set. Table Height 62 cm (24. with pull-out drawer for storage of pieces. One of the most unusual materials to be used in chess sets. software and more can be found online at www.10 Robust three legged chess table.99 Walnut & Maple Diagonal Chessboard with 50mm squares (50x500x13) Matt Finish. would be ideally complimented by the 50mm square Teak and Maple board. meaning this is a set to both treasure and use! The king stands 3.95 A set with a difference. and over years the brass will take on a new appearance simply through it’s exposure to natural conditions. Despite its dainty appearance. The colours are easy to distinguish from each other.. which is available in this board for £49. 750mm high..4”).co. SPECIAL POSTAGE RATES APPLY ON THESE ITEMS SAN LUIS AND LINARES TABLES: £40 TO EUROPE REST OF WORLD .co. being a more slender set.99 Traditional Chess Table with Broadbase Sheesham Pieces (as shown) £239. San Luis Chess Table Linares Chess Table LINARES CHESS TABLE £99. Arabian Chess Set £99. with the levels of craftsmanship on the set being as good as many of our high range wooden sets. camelbone provides a unique chess set every time. The level of workmanship is apparent on every piece.75 cms TRADITIONAL CHESS TABLE Traditional Chess Table without pieces £ Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. books. from the delicate details on the knights to the flowery embellishments on each and every piece. the camelbone material is in fact very durable. Our game is an exact reproduction of an original made by John Calvert.95. The king is 4” high.99 UK PLEASE CONTACT US FOR POSTAGE New Chess Tables SAN LUIS CHESS TABLE £ . Details on all of our boards can be found on page 4.95. 60mm squares.chess. whilst the top is made of Maple and Mahogany. with overall board size of 540mm x 540mm. The table base is made of Linden wood. Craftmanship at it’s finest. Table height 62 cms (24. and weighs a mere 38 grams. The London Chess Centre Recommends. This super-heavyweight brass chess set is as impressive as they come.75” tall. chess tables and ornate sets CALVERT CHESS SET Early chess sets made in ivory by master carvers and turners were often in red and white combinations.chess. Drawers on both sides hold the pieces securely. The faux-ivory set of 32 pieces comes in a beautiful hardwood box with an inlaid chessboard top.99 Moulded Walnut & Maple Chessboard with 45mm squares and a gloss finish.PLEASE CONTACT US FOR SHIPPING DETAILS New Chess Sets for 2006 King Richard Brass Chess Set £ Measures 38 x 38 x 10. Both of these sets would look fantastic on our Teak and Maple Superior 5 Board.95 Finding a satisfactory metal chess set is always a challenge.

Pewter Glen Mor Chess Set £999 . Rhino. with the pieces themselves resting on shelves made to size. has 34 individually hand cast chessmen. The king stands at 2 ½ inches. Recommended 35mm Squares £225 40mm Squares £249 board: 35mm squares. The king stands at 3 inches. Elephant & Monkey.includes box Safari Chess Set This Safari set is inspired by African wildlife. the set is made of 34 individually hand cast chessmen. Pewter Corinthian Chess Set £699 . Pewter Tudor Chess Set £999 . characterised by its strong linear features and angular segmentation. Boethia Chess Box All of the sets are presented in a solid Emboya wood box made specifically for the set. It is this diversity that Boethia have sought to capture in the set under the unifying Celtic banner.see below. different jungle and savannah detail has been carved in. Recommended board: 35mm squares .Boethia Chess Boards tion of each piece.silver and pewter chess sets from Boethia Boethia Chess Sets 11 Corinthian Chess Set The Corinthian Order of architecture first came to prominence circa 400 BC and became prevalent thereafter throughout the Grecian and then Roman world.see below. Again it bears the pewter Boethia Knight insignia. to allow for the recogni. Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess.includes box Silver Glen Mor Chess Set £6500 . with each piece hand etched & worked to further enhance the detailing.includes box 40mm high. The pieces maintain a simplicity in their form and are each adorned with roses. The boards (sold separately) are exclusive to the Boethia Collection.includes box Silver Tudor Chess Set £6500 . whilst the 40mm square board stands 50mm high. Recommended board: 40mm squares . Lioness.includes box with a fully leathered base. symbolic of the era. Glen Mor remains a place of hidden and unspoilt beauty. and the organic leafing on the pawn. Our Tudor chessmen have been inspired by the style of the It is this Celtic nature that is very much the inspiration for the Glen Mor pieces.chess. The style has lent itself to creating an aesthetically beautiful set. Around the base of each piece. the angular architecture of the King. The king stands at 3 ½ inches. Leopard. whilst maintaining the practical definition of each piece. With its lush valleys and loch it is a place that captures an atmosphere that is undeniably Celtic. Made from either solid sterling silver or solid antimony pewter. The king stands at 2 ½ inches. The box itself bears the pewter Boethia Knight clasp.includes box Silver Corinthian Chess Set £3500 . chess set descriptions for required board size.includes box Tudor Chess Set The Tudor period in England brought about an unusual evolution of design that so often fused very robust forms with intricate elements to create something distinctive and iconic. with each piece hand etched & worked to further enhance the detailing. each piece carries a subtly different style. such as the runic symbolism on the Bishop. See Boethia Please allow 3 weeks for deliver y of all silver sets. with the Lion. made from either solid sterling silver or solid antimony from its architecture to its jewellery. The 35mm square board stands Silver Safari Chess Set £6000 . The piece type has also been etched on. Pewter Safari Chess Set £749 . Recommended board: 40mm squares .see below. The interior is fully leathered with a cushioned . allow weeks for deliv silver sets.includes box Glen Mor Chess Set Nestled within the Grampian Mountain range in Scotland. Each Order online at www. and are beautifully made from Emboya and Maple.

95 £94.95 £72. This set contains all of the famous characters.95 120 4. Prices do not include board.95 Highly detailed Chess Set comprising of nineteen sculpted characters from all six Star Wars films including 'Episode III' .95 £72.95 £72.95 £72. Bart.95 All of Springfield’s most loved characters are here.95 110 4.95 125 5 £162. Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi BRITISH MUSEUM ISLE OF LEWIS SET This unique set has been made using moulds derived directly from the original ivory pieces which were discovered on the Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland and which are now in the collections of the British Museum.95 115 4.95 £82.95 £31.95 125 5 160 6.75” (95mm) £249. Maggie. Marge.that’s due to Marge’s hair! Comes in a collector’s tin.12 THE SIMPSONS CHESS SET £29. each of the pieces painted with authentic detail. Luke Skywalker.95 110 4.95 STUDIO ANN CARLTON CHESS SETS A richness of finish and attention to detail characterise these top quality sets made by Studio Anne Carlton.5 £162.5 £ Order online at www.25 £147. decorative chess sets DISNEY HER OES & VILLAINS £29.95 Decorated Height (mm) Height (inch) £147.95 £47.95 135 5. This is the only authentic replica set available.95 £72. L ORD OF THE RINGS £29. STAR WARS £29.75 £147. Cruella DeVil and Scar. as its the only one we sell where the queen is the tallest piece . Strider.95 King Height 3” (75mm) £149.R. the Lion £72.5 100 4 £147.95 200 8 150 6 Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess.95 £72.5 £162.95 £72.95 125 5 £147. Lisa and Krusty are all featured.25 £147.95 130 5.75 £147. L ORD OF THE RINGS HUGE PRICE REDUCTIONS ON SAC SETS FOR 2006 BATTLE OF WATERLOO BAT TERLOO American Civil War Art Deco Bannockburn Battle of Hastings Battle of Waterloo Canterbury Celtic Crusades Gods of Mythology History of Golf Isle of Lewis Replica Mini Isle of Lewis Replica Lord of the Rings Peter Rabbit Robin Hood Roman Shakespeare Sherlock Holmes White Tower Trafalgar Tudor Kings and Queens Westminster Abbey 1966 World Cup Normal £72.95 £82.95 135 5. with the set made from durable plastic. with the characters you love against the characters you love to hate! Mickey Mouse.25 95 3.95 £77.25 £147.95 Disney comes to life in your living room.chess.95 £72.95 110 4. The pieces are finely detailed replicas of the figures that Ron and Harry battle with in the movie.95 140 5.95 J.25 £249.95 95 3. Homer.95 £72.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings has proved to be a classic for generations.95 £82.50 £79.95 135 5.75 65 2.95 £72.5 £162. such as Gandalf the Wizard.5 £147.All pieces are finished in 'Sith Black' and 'Antique Wash' to give each set its own unique look. Characters include .co. King Height 3.95 £47.25 95 3.95 £47.95 The giant-sized Wizard Chess battle from ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone’ was one of the most memorable moments from the film. Peter Pan & Baloo join forces to take on the likes of Captain Hook. and Saruman. This set is limited edition.95 £72.25 £162.75 £147.95 115 4. And this set is something of a rarity.95 115 4. HARRY PO TTER £29. The decorative pieces are unsurpassed in their level of craftsmanship and set the definitive standard by which all other sets are measured.

Individual pieces are also available on request. Mini Garden Draughts Set was £49. the pieces are made of resilient waterproof plastic. Made from tropical hard wood and available in varying sizes. GS5. FOR OVERSEAS DELIVERY. SPECIAL POSTAGE RATES APPLY ON THESE ITEMS £20 POSTAGE TO EUROPE. The ideal centrepiece for parks. GS7. GS1 Giant Chess Set (illustrated. Our Mini Giant Chess Men are made from the same durable plastic.95 This giant chess set can be used either indoors or Giant Plastic Sets Our plastic giant chess sets have been a popular summer seller for years. Mini Garden Chess & Garden Draughts Sets Mini Garden Chess Set was £99.95 now £49.95 £99.95 £49.6cm tall king.95 £79. and with the process being totally natural each set is unique.95 £ . GS6. ADD £10 FOR GS4. front row) King Height 290mm Base Diameter of Pieces 120mm GS5 Mat for Mini Giant Sets Squares of Board 150mm GS6 Giant Draughts Set Diameter of Pieces 250mm GS7 Mini-Giant Draughts Set Diameter of Pieces 120mm £349. £30 TO THE REST OF THE WORLD Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. Each piece is individually hand crafted. The Giant Chess Men have detachable bases which can be weighted for added stability.95 This giant draughts set includes 12 black foam draughts pieces and 12 white foam pieces. gardens and schools.95 now £24. The mats are also made from durable grid-locking plastic. The size of the set is based on a 20.95 £99. WCB3 Board for 36” set £1495 WCB4 Board for 24” set £1195 WCB5 Board for 16” set £695 WCB6 Board for 12” set £295 WCB7 Board for 8” set £195 SPECIAL POSTAGE RATES APPLY ON THIS ITEM AS ORDERS AND DELIVERY TIMES CAN VARY. the pieces are 8 cms in diameter. Ideal for schools. schools or homes. The board is 4 ft x 4 ft and is created from 64 black and white interlocking foam pieces. PRICE LIST WCS1 WCS2 WCS3 WCS4 WCS5 WCS6 WCS7 72” King Set 48” King Set 36” King Set 24” King Set 16” King Set 12” King Set 8” King Set £4995 £2995 £1995 £1495 £995 £495 £295 Boards for 48” and 72” king Sets available on request .uk Order online at www.giant chess sets 13 Wooden Giant Chess Sets These brand new wooden chess sets are the ultimate in outdoor chess. parks and gardens. We also stock Giant Plastic Draughts Sets. PLEASE ENQUIRE. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR THE BEST POSTAGE AND PACKING RATES.please contact us for details. The board is a 90cm square PVC chess mat. back row) King Height 600mm Base diameter of pieces 220mm GS2 Mat for Giant Pieces Squares of Board 350mm GS4 Mini-Giant Set ( SPECIAL POSTAGE RATES APPLY ON THIS ITEM UK: ADD £20 FOR ITEMS GS1 AND GS2. it contains a full set of plastic chess pieces with a gloss finish and felt bases. this set is the showpiece of many parks.

King 75mm Tra15: Folding Major Magnetic 280mm squares . The detail in the carving on the knight.King 45mm 20 x 20 x 4cm £59.75” (7cms) Chess and Backgammon Travel Sets Small Chess/Backgammon Travel Set NEW FOR 2006 Backgammon/Chess Travel Sets Three games in one! Chess and draughts on the outside. NEW FOR 2006 Travel ‘I’ £14.99 Folding Wooden Set Beautifully crafted.99 Large Wooden Magnetic Set Larger version of Travel G. The Luxury range comes in four different sizes. backgammon on the inside.5 x 40. King height 25mm.14 Travel ‘A’ £9. Consul. Playing area 100 mm sq. Closed 250mm x 125mm x 30mm.King 90mm Tra14: Folding Senator 410mm squares .uk Order online at www.99 £39. with the pieces stored inside the board. Playing area 100 mm sq.5 x 6cms (open) 2006 The pieces are designed in a Staunton pattern.99 London Chess Centre Pocket Set Green plastic with flat. all wooden pocket set with plug in wooden pieces. Senator and Major. This slimline design is ideal for slipping into your pocket. Travel ‘F’ £14. while the hinged wooden folding board has a traditional feel. Folds to 95mm x 150mm.99 Stylish aluminium travel compendium.99 £29.99 Our brand new travel chess set. Tra12: Folding Ambassador 530mm squares . and one which has all the quality of a full sized set. Closed 180mm x 120mm x 30mm. Magnetic as well.99 London Chess Centre Fold Flat Larger version of Travel 1 240mm x 150mm folded. Travel ‘B’ £14. Diameter 130mm. Travel ‘H’ £24. NEW FOR 2006 travel chess sets Travel ‘D’ £6. Playing area 150mm square. Folding Pr esentation Bo x ed Chess S ets D elux e Folding Chess S et £49.99 Slim ‘Playground’ Pocket Set Plastic with flat magnetic pieces. making this an ideal gift for those who like to play on the move! Large Chess/Backgammon Travel Set Interested in Backgammon? See the rest of our Backgammon products on page 47 Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess.99 £49. Travel ‘C’ £22. 150mm x 190mm open. Small 270mm x 135mm x 40mm £29. featuring chess on one side and backgammon on the other. Playing area 215mm . 330mm x 245mm folded. Ambassador. NEW FOR 2006 Travel ‘E’ £14. Closed 175mm x 90mm x 30mm.99 Folding Wooden Set Beautifully crafted from dark wood with plug in wooden pieces. All the pieces can be stored inside the folded board.King 110mm Tra13: Folding Consul 480mm squares . Magnetised pieces lessen the chance of losing the position during travel. and the pieces are even weighted.99 Wooden Magnetic Set Magnetic wooden pieces which can be stored in the folded board.King 45mm Tra16: Folding Major Non-Magnetic 280mm squares . is very high for a set of this size.95 Large 410mm x 205mm x 45mm £49. with a clipboard on the opposite side. Closed 180mm x 120mm x 30mm. King height: 2. Travel ‘J’ £16.95 Aluminium Backgammon/Chess Travel Set £24. 300mm x 240mm open. Travel ‘G’ £19.chess. 150mm x 95mm folded.99 Wooden Round Pocket Set Plug in wooden carved pieces on an 80mm square board with a wooden lid. Playing area 125mm London Chess Centre Clipboard Set As Travel 2. 330mm x 490mm open. They are ideal for carrying around. magnetic £19.99 Drueke Chess Set This great travel set has a 150mm square metal board with a 25mm border. with algebraic notation around the side.99 NEW FOR 40. The set has a moulded inlay for the pieces to be stored when not in use.

. Uses 4 x AAA batteries SAITEK TIMER £49.95 each £ Order online at www. Uses 2 x AA batteries.95 each if 6+ BLACK TURNIER £34. Uses 2 x C batteries. Each clock is distinguished by its different casing. Game and Tournament.95 each £25 each if 6+ BLUE TURNIER £34. 2006 ECONOMY DIGITAL TIMER * Variable volume each if 6+ DARK WOOD TURNIER £39. Yuri Averbakh.95 each if 6+ The DiGiBlitz is a great personal digital clock. to the beautiful wooden clocks.chess.95 each £49.95 each if 6+ The superior FIDE-approved hourglass.6” x 3.95 each £24.95 each £59. DIGIBLITZ TIMER £29.95 each if 6+ THE TURNIER RANGE . etc.75” in height. * Uses 2 x C batteries NEW FOR 2006 DIGIBLITZ TIMER ECONOMY DIGITAL TIMER £24.95 each if 6+ GARDE CLOCK £49.95 each if 6+ Includes 6 timing modes. New Timers For 2006.95 each if 6+ An inexpensive way to start using digital timers Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. . including Hourglass.95 each if 6+ LIGHT WOOD TURNIER £39.95 each £29.g start with a normal countdown period followed by a "Fischer" or "Bronstein Delay" period). number of moves. Links to DGT Board. varying from the durable Standard Turnier.95 each £34. Bronstein. Mix timing systems (e.95 each if 6+ FIDE endorsed timer. Discounts are now available if you are buying for a club or school too. Bonus Time.5”.95 each £44. * Two big five-digit displays * Simple settings * Buzzer (optional) * LED indicators (optional) * Pause button * Programmable default time * One-button game restart * 3 AA batteries NEW FOR . * Simple to use.25” x 1. with Bronstein and Fischer Timings. and timing method in use. with a total of 23 different timing combinations and methods to suit all needs. DGT TIMER £59.the makers of Europe’s finest handmade clocks All our Turnier chess clocks have the same reliable German precision mechanisms and come with a 1 year .95 each £44. Increased display size: digits are 0. Its robust casing and reliable German mechanism have such a good reputation that Chief Arbiter at the Kasparov . Large clear display shows countdown. * Pause button * Large clear display.chess clocks 15 STANDARD TURNIER £32. showing time and number of moves to be made. Blitz.Short 1993 This is the finest analogue chess clock available.. came into the store and virtually demanded two! Digital Chess Clocks DGT XL TIMER £ used in Kasparov . Dimensions are:.95 each £34.Short World Championship match in 1993.95 each £19. Still one of the most widely used digital clocks in Europe.

95 .chess. £6. £7. Very easy to carry.95 CLUB 5 FOLDING CHESS BOARD : Rigid plastic folding board. was £3. 4” King. The black chessmen are burgundy coloured.75”) King.95 .95 . £4.00) MEGA CLUB COMBO 3 15 x Weighted Gambit Pieces (Club 9) 15 x Vinyl Roll Up Mats (Club 4) 15 x Boxes (Club 3) JUST £199. £4. Very durable. £1.00) UPGRADE TO FOLDING BOARDS: £ . making this ideal for tournaments and blitz. with single weighting.5”) King. Comes with a roll up mat ideal for this set.95 . Comes with a roll up mat with 55mm squares.SAVE OVER 30% (rrp £ Order online at www. Ideal size for CLUB 2 pieces.95 ADD TURNIER CLOCKS TO ANY OF THE COMBINATIONS FOR JUST £25 EACH! Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. Black and white coloured chessmen.95 CLUB 7 SEMI-RIGID CHESS MAT : Durable plastic board. See page 18 for more information.95 NEW! CLUB 11 ‘SUPER’ GAMBIT PIECES (BLACK): Plastic. £1.95 UPGRADE TO FOLDING BOARDS: £249.95 UPGRADE TO FOLDING BOARDS: £49. Always stays flat. As used in clubs.95 UPGRADE TO FOLDING BOARDS: £99.40) UPGRADE TO FOLDING BOARDS: £69.95 NEW! CLUB 10 ‘SUPER’ GAMBIT PIECES (RED): Plastic. but with 38mm squares.70) CLUB COMBO 2 6 x Mini Gambit Pieces (Club 2) 6 x Small Vinyl Roll Up Mats (Club 8) 6 x Boxes (Club 3) JUST £34. Very easy to carry and store.SAVE OVER 30% (rrp £291.95 CLUB 3 BOX FOR CLUB 1 AND CLUB 2 : Virtually indestructible plastic.75”) King.SAVE OVER 30% (rrp £116. £14.95 TURNIER CHESS CLOCK : The Standard Turnier is the common choice for schools and clubs.ideal size for CLUB 1 pieces. 95mm (3.ideal size for CLUB 1 gambit pieces. 50mm squares. 50mm squares . never creases or wrinkles. £14.40) CLUB COMBO 3 6 x Weighted Gambit Pieces (Club 9) 6 x Vinyl Roll Up Mats (Club 4) 6 x Boxes (Club 3) JUST £79.SAVE OVER 30% (rrp £179.95 UPGRADE TO FOLDING BOARDS: £ club equipment CLUB 1/CLUB 2/CLUB 9 GAMBIT PIECES CLUB 1 PIECES & CLUB 4 BOARD CLUB 10 NEW FOR 2006 CLUB 5/CLUB 6 CLUB 3 BOTH SETS INCLUDE A 60mm ROLL UP BOARD CLUB 11 CLUB 1 GAMBIT PIECES : Plastic. 50mm squares .co.50 CLUB 2 MINI GAMBIT PIECES : Plastic. 63mm (2.95 CLUB COMBO 1 6 x Gambit Pieces (Club 1) 6 x Vinyl Roll Up Mats (Club 4) 6 x Boxes (Club 3) JUST £49.95 CLUB 9 WEIGHTED GAMBIT PIECES : Plastic. Ideal size for CLUB 2 pieces.50 CLUB 4 ROLL UP CHESS MAT : Made of durable plastic. £32. schools. Especially good value for schools and juniors.SAVE OVER 30% (rrp £126.95 now £2.95 .SAVE OVER 30% (rrp £50. 4” King. 95mm (3. same as CLUB 4. £14. and tournaments.95 CLUB 6 SMALL FOLDING CHESS BOARD : Same as CLUB 5 but with 38mm squares.95 .25) MEGA CLUB COMBO 2 15 x Mini Gambit Pieces (Club 2) 15 x Small Vinyl Roll Up Mats (Club 8) 15 x Boxes (Club 3) JUST £84.95 MEGA CLUB COMBO 1 15 x Gambit Pieces (Club 1) 15 x Vinyl Roll Up Mats (Club 4) 15 x Boxes (Club 3) JUST £119.95 CLUB 8 SMALL ROLL UP CHESS MAT : Easy to carry. £2.

50 per 500) d packing at (Please add postage an 9.5” (14cm) TRO6 6” (15cm) MEDALS BADGES £14. Green & Yellow CHESS TROPHIES & MEDALS TRO1 7.50 500 for 7.95 NAL STAT11 INTERNATIO ARDS CORRESPONDENCEC NERY CHESS STATIOSCOREBOOK £.95 E G CORRESPONDENC STAT9 FOLDIN SCORE CARDS 100 for 4. Easy to roll up for carriage & storage.95) 1 x Club Combo 1 (rrp £49.99 £9.95 Made from wood with metal bases Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. 1 by Alburt (rrp £14.95 CHESS MONTHLY STAT 4 BINDER for See illustration below 100 for 3.99 SETTING UP YOUR £2. TRO1 TRO2 REMEMBER : Schools & Clubs are eligible for a 10% discount on all orders over £50! TRO3 TRO4 TRO5 100 GAME STAT 1 HARDBACK on below lly indexed . Space for 100 games £4.5” (19cm) TRO2 .99 each SCHOOL CHESS CLUB? £25 for 10 Why not take a look at our £1 each recommeded books and £9 for 10 software for beginners on page 32 Chess Binders £9.95 ENT ENVELOPES 4.99) 1 x Standard Turnier Clock (rrp £32.see illustr .50 ea.50 1000 for 12 ORESHEETS STAT 3 SC £2.95 STAT7 ADJOURNM SETS STAT8 PEEL &STICK s 800 pieces and 40 board 30 for 3.95 now £39.95 DEMO 1 LONDON CHESS CENTRE DEMONSTRATION BOARD This green/pastel board is the largest in our range at 940mm x 915mm overall with 85mm squares. with 70mm squares. Plastic pieces slot into canvass board.99 £9.95 TRO6 Badges Available in four different colours Red.p 4.95 RDS 5 SWISS PAIRING CA each 0.95 DEMO 2 SLOT-IN DEMONSTRATION BOARD Light.chess. Blue.50 K 50 GAME SCOREBOO STAT2 SOFTBACK below ation Fully indexed . Overall 740mm x” (16cm) TRO3 6” (15cm) TRO4 3.99 £9.5” (9cm) TRO5 5.95) 1 x Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. compact and portable. London Chess Centre Hardback Scorebooks 50 game softback scorebooks £2.see illustrati Fu 2.demonstration boards 1 x Demo 1 Board (rrp £89.95 each Chess Book Ends (set of 2) £14.84 17 CHESS TEACHER PACKAGE ONLY £150 ONLY £89.99 STAT TS STAT6 RESULTS CHAR 100 for 9.95) Recommended Retail Price: £187.99 Please specify either red or blue/gold tie when ordering.99 £ Order online at www.99 £ each Chess Ties £9. was £59.95 LOPES for use T10 WINDOW ENVE STA with above 100 for 6.

Position verification and set-up for problem solving. but with speech and increased strength! 136 levels ideal for players up to intermediate standard. anything up to 100 BCF caters for recreational players.95 (100 BCF) . User selectable playing styles and openings. remembers unfinished games when switched off. 50 move rule and stalemate. Over 300 level setting combinations (72 skill levels each with 1 standard and 5 teaching modes) peg sensory board with moves shown on LCD screen. The openings book covers all of the main openings. piece storage compartment and game stored in memory should you need to switch off in a hurry! 3 x AAA batteries (not included). See your game develop on the blue backlit screen and make moves at the touch of a stylus.the higher it’s rating. There are many training features to improve your game. Peg sensory board.99 Systema Meteor £19. Top quality peg sensory portable.chess.5cms Advanced Travel Computer £49. Detects draws by 3-fold repetition. position evaluation.99 (80 BCF) Hand-held chess computer which uses plug in pieces. clock times and more. which allows you to see inside the computers (70 BCF) . and the Explorer also has take back (up to 30 moves). this is a great choice for the intermediate player. evaluation of who is winning and by how much.was £19. Adjustable contrast for improved visibility. ‘Guardian Angel’ warns against tactical blunders. club players should aim for a 150-170 BCF computer. Large LCD d i s p l a y. Saves game position in memory when switched off. the better it plays! As a rough (80 BCF) A great choice for those who are starting out in chess and want a computer to spar with.99 (125 BCF) Superb styling. 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Dimensions: 18 x 12. 73 strength levels ideal for beginners & improvers. 4 x AA Dimensions: 23 x 18cms batteries (not included). as well as an Info Mode. Dimensions: 16 x 10. There is also a set up facility allowing you to examine new positions . The 32 move take back function enables you to test different strategies and if you need advice. Take back (up to 104 half moves) function for easy Dimensions: correction of weak or wrong 9 x 13cms moves as well as a hint feature if you need advice.5cms Saitek Maestro £49. the computer helps you with its hint and training function.was £69.95 The Novag Beryl caters for complete beginners up to intermediate level. With 100 playing levels to choose from.000 position opening book. Pen input provides easy 9. Chess Explorer £49.95 (165 BCF) Touch screen LCD chessboard.5cms Dimensions: 33 x 30cms Saitek Aria £14. Fits in the palm of your hand! An LCD display shows the board and pieces.18 Dimensions: 32 x 25cms chess computers BCF CODES? The BCF rating is an indication of the computer’s playing strength .95 access to many s £9 wa game options and chess pieces cannot be lost. backlit screen and extended range of player strengths makes this an attractive computer for hobby players. clock times and other information 6.95 (180 BCF) Novag Beryl Plus £49. 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Position set-up for problem solving. Dimensions: 20 x 14cms Dimensions: 13 x 8. Talking LCD Chess £39.99 (110 BCF) Same compact design as above.99 (165 BCF) An attractive tabletop computer with 64 levels. whilst stronger players may wish to buy a higher rated computer. 112 preset playing levels with large openings book. Strong playing standard with over 500 level/settings combinations.99 (160 BCF) LCD Chess £29. Uses 3 x AAA batteries (not included) Dimensions: 15 x 6cms Expert Travel £99. Position verify. Novag Star Ruby £79. Scroll-option display for game analysis. level setting and position verification. Pop it in your pocket and play anywhere! Auto power-down to save your battery life. 3 x AAA batteries (not included). set-up and take back functions. Uses 6 x AA batteries (not included) or optional adapter. 4 x AAA batteries (not included). 3 x AA batteries (not included) Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. with an LCD display showing clock Order online at www. Will keep the position in memory should you need to stop the game for any length of time. 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

Coach mode gives blunder and tactical alert warnings. analysis. 100 levels of play to keep pace with your progress.99 ) The computer sets each piece aglow with scarlet light! LEDs on its 64 squares highlight the piece on move and mark its path across the board. chessboard and times . 64 main time control levels. evaluations. evaluations etc. clock times. Mains (included) or 4 x C batteries (not included) Dimensions: 32 x 25. with front pocket for pieces. manual and adaptor! Multiple time control levels for tournament. 10 "Teach Topics". Multiple time control levels. This computer will give novice players a chance to win and at the same time will be a challenge for all regular players. Soft-touch playing surface and Staunton style pieces. each containing no less than 10 individual interactive voice prompted lessons. The Mephisto Exclusive is a superb wooden auto sensory board with . Dual chess clocks that times both players as if in a real tournament. Other features include: 6. One of the players can even be computer assisted during the game! Mains or 4 x AA batteries (not included).99 BCF 190 8 user-selectable end game playing modes for your choice of different playing style. king height 70mm. Mains (included) or 6 x AA batteries (not included) The world’s best talking chess computer with over 20 hours of speech. Need an adaptor? Av ailable fr om Chess & B r idge at £9. Large 123. The large board has 2" green and white vinyl squares with weighted Staunton pieces. Large 4 digit LCD display shows moves. FREE ADAPTOR WITH THIS COMPUTER Dimensions: 33 x 25cms Extra large size! Dimensions: 52 x 52 cms SUPER STRONG Dimensions: 33 x 25cms Excalibur Grandmaster £199. clock times etc. Current game held in memory. Comprehensive coaching system which includes 8 built-in classical mate studies.easy to use and informative. 100 voice commentary lessons. Mains powered.000 position Opening Book. LED light on every square makes the learning process easy. 100 levels..000 position opening book. clock times and other information.900 position opening book. Dual display means both players have clocks when playing each Order online at www. 64 playing levels plus coaching functions. Coach & Teaching modes. evaluations. king nearly 4". Comes with fitted fabric carry case for the board and pieces! Uses 6 x C batteries (not included) or optional mains adaptor (£9.9£59.5cms Dimensions: 37 x 27 cms Dimensions: 33 x 25cms Chess Academy £99. giving evaluations. dual display for clock times. Uses 6 x AA batteries (not included) or optional mains adaptor (£9.99 100 BCF was £ 4 x AA batteries (not included). Mains or 4 x AA batteries (not included) Chess Challenger £69. etc.99 each) Dimensions 30. Mains (included) or 6 x C batteries (not included) Large LCD for game analysis.99 BCF 200 Fully auto-sensory.000 position opening book. Program includes four playing styles and 64 levels of difficulty. analysis. blitz. forward analysis. Features include: large 8.99 BCF 150 Star Diamond £199. plus style variations and coaching. setting-up and verifying positions. including mate solving. game memory retention. opening book trainer.chess.99 BCF175 Master Chess £139.99 130 BCF £29. felted wooden pieces. piece storage compartment. casual and training.000 position openings library.chess computers Dimensions: 40 x 40 cms 19 TOP OF THE RANGE CHESS COMPUTER Exclusive Senator 200 BCF £499. Overall board dimensions are 400 x 400mm.99 BCF 160 Obsidian £129. this is the creme de la creme of chess computers. Talking Glass Chess Chess Trainer 9 79.99 each Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: Features include user-selectable info display. User-adjustable scrolling information display which assists in accessing functions.95 BCF 170 Handy display for game analysis. as well as a hint key for beginners and takeback function. Talking tabletop chess game features: Over 768 level setting combinations make this suited to all levels and abilities. as well as giving position evaluations. Learn basic moves and tactics with the ‘teach mode’ function and progress quickly in your game with the integrated training system.99 With the strong Franz Morsch 32-bit Senator program and a 50. hints and clock times.99 135 BCF Dimensions: 27 x 30 cms The Carnelian is a technically advanced computer and yet it retains a classic look with its beautifully carved wooden chess pieces. 2 x AAA batteries (not included).5 x 25 cms Carnelian £79. Comes with quality fitted fabric carry case for the board. plus teaching modes.

Slav.95 Two part DVD. Nimzo Indian Def (w&b) Visit www. Brings to life one of the most popular books ever published.95 Covers advanced rook & pawn endings and general endgame tactics. Karpov and Kasparov. and f4’.Repertoire for Black 1’ £24. £24. 4 Knights Def (w&b).20 ROMAN’S LAB VOL 1 ‘Learning Openings the Easy Way. (2 hours+) VOL 22 ‘The Scotch and Giuoco Piano’ £24.95 Petroff (w). the pros/cons of playing sharp openings. VOLUME 10 ‘Greatest Games of Chess ever Played . £24. Chigorin Def.Part 2’ £24. the English.Roman gives you clear plans and concepts to ensure you always get a comfortable position..95’ Roman recommends the Nimzo/Bogo Indian setups vs. Benko Gambit (w&b). intuition. Scotch (b). Colle System (w). (4 hours+) VOL 14 ‘Improve your Combinational & Tactical Skills . He also gives you his best lines to meet d4. BogoIndian (w&b). how to utilise a material advantage and handling unbalanced endings. Pirc (w). Ruy Lopez (b). London System.95 Six more masterpieces analysed by Roman. Exchange Variation. £24. Blackmar-Diemer Gambit (b).’ £24. Caro and the Scotch Gambit vs. £24. c4.Gambit’ £24. English Def (w&b). £24.95 Covers tactics. d4 and c4.95 Roman covers all essential pawn structures that will help you convert your games into wins. Trompowsky and Nf3.b4. and pattern recognition. £24. Budapest Defense (w) VOL 35 ‘Mastering the Opening Series . his revolutionary Sicilian and his unbeatable Nf6 Scandinavian. £24. (4h35m) VOL 20 ‘Step-by-Step Manoeuvring in Closed Positions’. minor piece endings and Q & P endings.95 Roman teaches how to squeeze the life out of your opponent’s game. £24. (90 mins) VOL 9 ‘Comprehensive Chess Endings (2)’.95 The Scotch & Giuoco Piano Openings . Bogo & Nimzo Indian. and throughout the year for updates SPECIAL OFFERS!! Any 3 Roman Dzindihashvili DVDs £65 Any 5 Roman Dzindihashvili DVDs £100 (save £25) Any 10 Roman Dzindihashvili DVDs £180 (save £69) Mega Offer: ‘Roman’s Lab’ Vols 1-35 £600 (save £273) ‘Roman Empire’ Offer: All 39 DVDs £650 (save £323) VOLUME 4 (Running time 2h25m) £24. £24. A favourite of American ‘enfant terrible’ Bobby Fischer. (2 hours+) VOL 3 ‘Transition to the Middle Game’.uk Order online at www. the first covering Scandinavian Defence with Nf6 and the King’s Indian Attack. one of the top Blitz and computer players. £24.95’ Complete White repertoire based on 1. d4. £24.d4 (2 hours) NEW VOLUME 2 (Running time 2h50m) £24. the second examines two interesting games from the Polgar Sisters’ Triplex Simul.95’ Rook and pawn endings. Latvian Gambit (w).Repertoire for Black vs. Bird (b).e5 (2 hours) VOL 17 ‘Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black’. more detail on minor piece endings.95 Change to 1. Queens Indian.95 Covers combinations in the Nimzo Indian. Pirc. (4h20m) NEW IN THE ROMAN’S LAB SERIES FOR 2006 Volumes 29-35 due December 2005.95’ Utilise the Accelerated Dragon to beat 1. 1. £24. Benoni (w). French Def (w) VOLUME 3 (Running time 2h49m) £24. (2 hours+) VOL 11 ‘Greatest Games of Chess ever Played . Beefeater/Dzindzi Indian Def (b).chess.Main line. King’s Indian Def (w&b) Classical.95 Roman explains the importance of piece activity and how to handle the transition from the opening to the middlegame. Grunfeld. (2 hours+) VOL 26 ‘Nimzovitch’s My System Part 1’ £24.95 Roman.Nf3 followed by d3. (90 mins+) VOL 29 ‘Mastering the Endgame Forum Series . Nc6 and Bf5 lines and Benko Gambit. R & P endings.Original d4 Repertoire for White’ £24.d4 with the Dzindi-Indian Defence and Benoni setups with Black. Queen’s Gambit Accepted (w&b) . will help you get better at both. Queen’s Indian (w&b).co. £24. (2 hours +) VOL 5 ‘Rapid and Complete Opening Repertoire for White’. Ruy Lopez and the English. (90 mins+) VOL 12 ‘New Improvements in Opening Theory’. Nimzo-Indian.95 Creating/avoiding opening traps.95 Caro-Kann (w&b).Part 1’.the best lines for Black to play against White’s responses.95 Covering. Grunfeld (w). 4 Pawn’s Attack. £24.95 Roman gives improvements based on his own original analysis for the Accelerated Dragon. VOL 21 ‘The King’s Indian Defence’ £24. (4 hours+) VOL 13 ‘Maximize Your Success against 1. Albin CG.95 Exciting new lines against standard and off-beat openings.Part 2. (4h20m) VOL 24 ‘Live from Las Vegas National Open’ £24.95 (2 hours+) VOL 27 ‘Nimzovitch’s My System Part 2’ £24. (2 hours+) VOL 8 ‘Comprehensive Chess Endings (1)’. Fischer. (90 mins) VOL 6 ‘Rapid and Complete Opening Repertoire for Black’. (4h20m) chess dvds from Roman VOL 18 ‘Blitz as a tool to better chess & Secrets in beating your Chess Computer’.uk .Part 1’. Maroczy Bind. development in the opening and how to create opening novelties. £24.95 Openings covered: Alekhine’s Def (w&b) .co. Scotch. (90 mins+) VOL 30 ‘Mastering the Endgame Forum Series .e4 (2 hours) VOL 15 ‘Improve your Combinational & Tactical Skills . (2 hours) ROMAN’S ENCY CL OP EDIA OF 40 CHESS OP ENINGS VOLUME 1 (Running time 2h44m) £24. SPECIAL OFFER: ALL 4 ENCYCLOPEDIA DVDS £80 Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. (2 hours) VOL 16 ‘Learn to play the English The Easy Way’. g3. (90 mins) VOL 7 ‘Think and Play like a Grandmaster’. coordinating your pieces to implement your plan and how to find tactics. as well as endgame tactics.95 For lines against e4 Roman recommends d6..95’ Roman teaches you how to play 1.classic lines revived with new ideas. Kings Indian.Repertoire for Black 2’ £24. and other lines. Traps & Novelties’.95 Covers pawn structure and how to build a solid foundation for a successful attack. minor piece endgames. Grand Prix Attack.Part 2’. (2 hours+) VOL 25 ‘Easy Way to Beat The Pirc Modern Defense’ £24. (2 hours+) VOL 23 ‘Grand Prix & Reti’ £24. (2 hours+) VOL 2 ‘Sacrifices and Tactics that End Games in the Opening’. Dutch. Saemish. £24.Part 1’ £24. (2 hours+) VOL 34 ‘Mastering the Opening Series . combinations. £24. updates. Fianchetto.95 Roman teaches you tactics and sacrifices that can score you the full point before you even reach the middlegame! (4h20m) VOL 19 ‘Understanding & Dominating your chess game with Pawn Structures’. £24.95 Use timely a4 and h3 moves to gain an advantage against Pirc/Modern setups. Czech Benoni Def (w). (2 hours+) VOL 31 ‘Mastering the Opening Forum Series .95 Roman explains two of his secret opening weapons.c4! and Roman will have you winning more games in no time! (2h 15m) VOL 33 ‘Mastering the Opening Series .95 Roman analyses 6 positional and tactical masterpieces from players like Capablanca. (2 hours) VOL 4 ‘Planning & Attacking Based on Superiority of Pieces’. tactics in the endgame and irregular endgames all discussed. Dutch Def (w).95 Giuoco Piano (w&b).co. £24. Slav.chess. Nf6 and e5.95 Covers creating plans based on your opponent’s weaknesses. Philidor (w).95 (2 hours+) Roman will help you understand Nimzowitch's ideas and theories while adding 75 years of improvements. Four Pawns Attack. Blumenfeld Gambit (w).95’ Lines for White v. QGA.95’ Combat 1. Q. (90 mins+) VOL 28 ‘Easy Way to Learn The King's Indian Attack’ £24. Bg2 and 0-0. Averbakh. Sicilian (w&b): Accelerated Dragon. King’s Gambit (b).95 Grand Prix & Reti Openings .Crushing Lines for White’ £24. (2 hours+) VOL 32 ‘Mastering the Opening Forum Series .e4 or 1. Sicilian.95 The King’s Indian Defence .95 Covers K & P endings.95’ Tackle pawn endgame basics.

95 Examine how a Grandmaster thinks on the first DVD. SPECIAL OFFER: ANY TWO DVDs for £45 GET VOLS 1-5 for £100 . Includes menus and chapters for easy . batteries and more to consistently beat your opponents. And the outcome was stunning.Learn How to Avoid Opening Traps and Pitfalls £24. experienced chess teacher who takes a challenging subject and makes it fun and easy to understand. By knowing what to do and what to avoid you can turn the tables on your opponent. whilst the second covers the Polgar sisters recent Triplex Simul. Legendary attacking player Larry Christiansen. Directed by multi-award winning filmmaker Vikram Jayanti.75 BAD BISHOP OP ENING DVDS Get your openings in shape with the ever popular Bad Bishop range of DVDs.99 £19. as well as speculation on what would have happened if Fischer and Karpov had faced off in 1975. Volume 5 . Susan takes you through eight easy to follow highly instructive games covering the basic principles of chess. middlegame and endgame.99 £19. Learn from the greats of chess history such as Paul Morphy. get inside the minds of the GM's as games full of drama and tension unfold before your £24.95 21 WINNING CHESS THE EASY A six volume DVD set presented by four-time Women’s World Champion and Grandmaster Susan Polgar.99 SPECIAL OFFER: ANY TWO DVDs for £37. the Bad Bishop selection should have you playing the opening phase with confidence and knowledge. Chess for Absolute Beginners at £24.Save £19.e4 c5 2. The Pro Chess DVD is the ideal way to reinforce and improve your chess knowledge.Save £2. This will help your understanding of chess and is guaranteed to improve your chess game.chess. Susan has also brought out a new WAY with GM SUSAN POLGAR DVD for absolute beginners.99 £19. With the emphasis being placed on explanation of the central ideas to each of the openings. but some opening traps are based only on the hope that the opponent will make a serious mistake. International interest in the match had exploded. Ideal for parents.99 'How do you make a computer blink?' In May 1997 Garry Kasparov. With dynamic and instructive commentary by world class chess announcer Maurice Ashley.95 GAME OVER £19. and presented in a clear and friendly The epic battle of Man vs Machine had captured people's imaginations.99 £19. widely regarded as the greatest chess player the world has ever seen. all aspects of the game are split into 40 lessons.95 It is always nice to win a game quickly.Essential Chess Tactics and Combinations £24. Split into four study segments. To win the match the computer did what many thought impossible at the time.95 The amiable Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan introduces a staggering 3 hrs & 46mins of footage covering all elements of the 'Royal Game'.95 America’s most recent GM Ben Finegold is a personable. PRO CHESS £29.Bb5) with GM Murray Chandler Bashing the Sicilian Volume 2 (1. What are chess tactics? Tactics are manoeuvres that take advantage of shortterm opportunities.2 DVDs! £24.95 Ten of Fischer’s finest games.Fischer’s Most Brilliant Games and Combinations £24. such as forks.Learn How to Create Plans £24. and the young phenomenon Hikaru Nakamura test their will.In Las Vegas: Special Edition .Nf3 Nc6 3. often involving combinations or sacrifices. pins. NEW for 2006 Volume 6 . and containing 44 scene links. Bashing the Sicilian Volume 1 (1.48 ALL FIVE BAD BISHOP DVDs for £80 . how he would compare to today’s best make this captivating viewing. speed and determination in a deadly race against the clock.95 As the saying goes ‘Chess is 99% tactics’.95 Four of the hottest players in the United States battle for supremacy in a fast paced and exciting competition.Bb5+) with GM Murray Chandler Accelerated Dragon with IM Andrew Martin Scheming Scandinavian with IM Andrew Martin Knockout Nimzo with GM Tony Kosten £19. strategic genius Joel Benjamin. More details can be found on page 32.95 Learn the general ideas and concepts for short and long term planning in the opening. Common tactical elements are presented here. Learn insider tactics.95. Volume 4 .uk Order online at www. SP EED CHESS £24. NEW for 2006 CHESS with FINEGOLD Volume 1 £19. the DVD covers everything from how to set the men up to discussions of Space.e4 c5 2.50 .The Basic Principles of Chess £24. Force and Time in chess. Designed for novice and intermediate players. teachers and kids.chess dvds Volume 1 . Volume 3 . it appeared to think like a human. daring tactician Alexander Shabalov. Volume 2 .Nf3 d6 3. NEW for 2006 Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. played Deep Blue in a chess match and 'scientific experiment'.

95 .95 1. Secret Weapons 1 . c3 and Bb5 Sicilians Beating the Anti Dutch Systems .Hodgson (60 mins) £24. Ruy Lopez: Moller Defence .95 £24..c4 Trompovsky: Main Line .. Dirty Tricks Vol 2 .95 Black systems v.95 All out aggression in this line suggested by GM Plaskett French Defence Vol 1 . Colle..Nc3 d5 4. Four Pawns and g3 setups Kings Indian Defence Vol 2 .Bg5 .95 1.c4 c6 3. and the O’Kelly Sicilian..95 All-out Attack Total Combat .95 1.. Complete Better Chess Now .co.Martin (75 mins) £24.e4 c5 2.All four videos £24.Nc3 Bb4 .95 1.. Saemisch.e4 e6 2.King (70 mins) How to make the most of your attacking chances.c4 .a little known alternative Stonewall Dutch .d4 d5 2.e4 c5 2.Davies (75 mins) £24.c3 .95 Gufeld shares his secrets as he analyses his many brilliant games Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess..All five videos £24.Both French Videos £45 Grunfeld Defence . d4 c5 2..Martin (90 mins) £24.c4 e5 2.95 1.d6 Videos £45 Better Chess Now 20:20 Calculation .Davies (90 mins) £ f4 Sicilian .95 1.00 £100 Grandmaster Repertoire Series Beating the King’s Indian Defense £24.Nf3 Bg4 .c4 Nc6!? Win with 1..d4 d5 2.d4 d5 3. and Miles Trompovsky .Alburt (103 mins) £24.(Czech system) Win with 1.e4!? Budapest .Martin (90 mins) £24.axb5 Benko Gambit Complete .Alburt (117 mins) £24.d4 d5 3.95 Summerscale (80 mins) Using the 150 Attack ..Nf3 g6 3.d5 b5 with moves other than 4.e4 c5 2..a viable option for White Sidestep Variation .Old Indian . Kings Indian Defence Vol 1 .e4 c5 2.Martin (75 mins) £24.Hodgson (60 mins) £24.Gufeld (111 mins) £24.95 A favourite of Fischer and Kasparov Nimzo-Indian Defence .d4 d5 2. Not only do they assess existing theory and latest developments. In these videos experts reveal their own analysis and suggest new ideas for you to exploit.95 Ward presents a cut-throat repertoire Sicilicide .f3!? .95 £24.Davies (85 mins) £24.Martin (120 mins) £24.95 The increasingly popular 5.Plaskett (80 mins) £24.chess. Positional Inspiration .d6 Complete .e4 Nf6 Annoying d-pawn Openings.95 3.c4.95 £24.Bc5 Sicilian: Dragon .d4 Nf6 2.Bb5 .Karpov & Roman Dzindzichashvili (55 mins) A middlegame course aimed for the intermediate level player Karpov’s Endgames Essentials £24.95 1.95 1.Morra Complete ..Martin (120 mins) £24.Karpov & Roman Dzindzichashvili (60 mins) An opening course aimed for the intermediate level player Karpov’s Middlegame Strategies £24.95 1.ideal for enterprising play English Defence .c3 with replies other than .Browne (79 mins) £24.e4 c5 2.Martin (120 mins) £24.Plaskett (80 mins) £24.a favourite of . 2.Plaskett (85 mins) £24. 2.e4 c6 2.95 1.g6 and .95 ‘Mr Tromp’ himself shows you the ins and outs of the opening Coming Up Tromps: Any 2 for £45.d4 Nf6 2.The Barry Attack! Beating all the Anti-Sicilian Systems £24.Davies (65 mins) £24.Plaskett (90 mins) £24.95 1.Martin (85 mins) £24.Both KID Videos £45 Kopec Anti-Sicilian System .Both videos £45 Dirty Tricks Vol 1 .King (85 mins) £24.Summerscale (150 mins) £24.d6 Part 2 (1.c3 Caro Kann .d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 Winning with .d4 Nf6 2.95 Ward (95 mins) Lines against the Closed.e4 Nc6 with the idea of meeting 2.95 £80 Garry Kasparov: My Story Part One: Teenage Prodigy (104 mins) Part Two: Joining the Elite (113 mins) Part Three: Rebels and Renegades (86 mins) Part Four: Hitting the Wall (110 mins) Part Five: Rite of Passage (89 mins) Garry Kasparov: My Story .95 Caro Kann strategies considered by GM Nigel Davies Caro Krusher! .Nf3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Bb4 Modern Benoni .exf4 3.Lane (75 mins) £24. Tromp.Nf3 and 3. Practical and cunning lines packed with traps..22 Foxy Openings Now on DVD! Tackle the latest theory with Foxy Openings..95 1.King (95 mins) £24.King (70 mins) Improve your calculation at the board.axb5 Benko Gambit Declined .Davies (80 mins) £24.95 .c4 g6 2.e6.Dunworth (70 mins) £24.Bd3!? Kramnik-Shirov Attack ..Martin (120 mins) £24.Plaskett (85 mins) £24.Klovsky (80 mins) Use the Four Pawns Attack to turn the tables on black! Caro Kann in Black & White .95 1. Torre..95 A repertoire against 1. Strangling the Sicilian .95 Summerscale (100 mins) 1.95 Systems v.e4 d5 2.Bg5 .c4 g6 3.d4 d6 2. 3..95 A complete repertoire of dirty tricks in the opening. Now you can invite a top player into your living room and prepare to play one of his favourite openings.c4 c5 3.Martin (80 mins) £24. 1.d6 Part 1 (1.Ward (95 mins) £24.d5 and Indian Defences Dashing Danish .a favourite of the young Kasparov Kings Gambit .95 1.Nc3 a6 Albin Counter Gambit .95 .95 1.Plaskett (75 mins) £24.95 Features the Pseudo-Tromp.95 £24.Martin (75 mins) £24.Davies (70 mins) £24.95 1.Martin (110 mins) £24.Nc3 Bg7 with c7-c5 for Black Set of 3 Karpov £70 Science of Chess Strategy .Karpov & Roman Dzindzichashvili (55 mins) An endgame course aimed for the intermediate level player Each Karpov DVD includes the bonus video ‘Karpov’s AntiEnglish Crunch’ (60 mins) where Karpov explains his system 1.95 Another devilish collection of devious systems designed to generate devastating attacks right out of the opening.95 A repertoire for White after 1..95 £24.exd5 and 2.Nc3 d5 .e4 e5 2.dxc3 Smith .Martin (90 mins) £24.95 .Bg5 Ne4 3. Play the Benko! Volume 1 .95 1.95 White’s best lines against all the main Black defences.King (65 mins) Easy advice on how to plan Order online at www. Both Secret Weapons Videos £45 Foxy Chess Openings A Complete Defence to 1.d4 exd4 3. Trompovsky Success .d4 cxd4 3.d4 Nf6 2..95 Avoiding 2. McCutcheon French .95 Anti-Sicilian Systems Play the Sicilian! Volume 2 .95 Complete Black Repertoire Both Play the Benko! £45 Play the Sicilian! Volume 1 .d3!? Torre Attack .d4 d5 2. the Advance Caro-Kann.Nc3 French Defence Complete . Beating the Pirc & Modern Defences £24.95 1.95 The perfect Black opening v d4 for unbalanced positions Modern Modern .the ideal suprise weapon! Leningrad Dutch .95 1.The Fantasy Variation examined Centre Counter Carnage .Martin (105 mins) £24.Ward (70 mins) £24.d4 f5 followed by g6 and Bg7.c4 c5 3.95 1.f4 ..Browne (57 mins) £24.Davies (95 mins) £24. but they also recommend and explain their favourite plans. Complete Dirty Tricks £45 21st C.ideal for club players Benko Gambit Accepted .95 1. State-of-the art graphics illustrate the variations. QGD.. All 4 for £85 Untamed Chigorin .95 £45.Both Benko Videos £45 Blackmar Diemer . Endings: The Essentials .Nf3 e6 3.Kopec (150 mins) £24. Attack with Confidence .c6 Morra Gambit Accepted . Stonewall.Martin (110 mins) £24..Any two videos Garry Kasparov: My Story .Martin (80 mins) £24.Hodgson (75 mins) £24.d4 d5 2.Bf4 Trompovsky: Pseudo Tromp . 21st C. Fried Liver and Lasker’s Defence in the QGD.d4 with 2.95 1.95 1.Nd2 and 3.d4 with Colle-Zukertort Attack setups against 1.. Slav and Tarrasch Ruy Lopez .d4 Nf6 2.Norwood (60 mins) £24.Martin (85 mins) £24.95 The Najdorf Both Play the Sicilian! £45 Secrets of Championship Chess Karpov’s Opening Fundamentals £24.Martin (100 mins) £24.95 Tuition from the world’s leading expert..Karpov (52 mins) £29.d4) .Lane (85 mins) £24.Davies (60 mins) £24.Staunton.e5..95 1.Nc3 .d4.95 1.played by Hodgson and Adams.e4) .Bishops Gambit (2.d4 Nf6 2.Martin (100 mins) £24.d6 against either 1. Kings Indian Complete .c4 e5 Alekhine .. Secret Weapons 2 . If you want to get consistently good positions in the opening without having to memorise mountains of theory (as even grandmasters do!) then Foxy Openings is definitely the series for you.Bf4 .95 1.Both 1.Davies (70 mins) £24.Bg5 and Spike systems considered.Nc3 Bb4 Nimzowitsch Defence .95 1.95 A detailed examination of 3.Martin (100 mins) £24.e4 .95 Repertoire with .d4 .d5 f5! a6 Slav .Nc3 Nf6 4.e4 e5 2.95 How to tackle the theoretical Classical and Averbakh.95 1.Plaskett (85 mins) £24.Bc4) and KG Declined.Both SMG Videos £45 Najdorf .95 1.95 1. chess dvds Fighting Chess DVD Series Combat Chess 1 .95 Why not use the Old Indian against all flank openings!? Anti Kings Indian & Grunfeld System £24.d3 French Defence Vol 2 .Martin (100 mins) £24..Levitt (60 mins) £24.Ward (130 mins) £24.95 Lines v.c4 e6 3.d4 cxd4 3.e5!? Portugese Opening .Martin (110 mins) £24.d4 Nf6 2.b6 and 3.95 £24.e4 c5 2.e4 e5 2.95 10 Lethal Weapons Combat Chess 2 .95 1.95 Solid Black response with pawns on c6 d5 e6 and f5.95 Concepts & Practice Play the Benko! Volume 2 .a new twist akin to the Lopez? Queens Gambit .c3 dxc3 Morra Gambit Declined ..Hodgson (75 mins) £24.a great way to avoid all the theory of 2.95 Featuring a tornado against the Tarrasch Defence.c4 e5! c3 Sicilian .Davies (70 mins) £24.95 £24.95 1..Davies (65 mins) £24. exd5 Nf6 considered by the charismatic Martin d4 Dynamite! .Martin (75 mins) £24.d5 b5 4.Bg5 .Emms (85 mins) £24.Conquest (70 mins) £24.95 1.d4 Nf6 2.King (75 mins) All you need to play the endgame with confidence.Nf3 and 3. London & Veresov Anti Flank . 1..

Blitz & Blindfold Challenge (60 mins) £24. Intel Grand Prix Moscow 1994 (90 mins) £24. Kasparov v.95 Wolff teaches you how to plan.Karpov 1990 .95 Round-by-round highlights with all the key games. Tactics: Middle & Endgame .95 Chess really is 99% tactics. Kasparov .Mednis (120 mins) £24. 2 . Grandmaster Video Magazine #8 (135 mins) Covergae of Fischer’s ‘92 match against Spassky. Opening Pawn Structures: Volume 2 £24.Shirov (118 mins) £24.Wolff (116 mins) £24. Kamsky and Topalov.95 Analyses some of her best attacks and deadly combinations.95 Watch the thought processes of a world champion. 3 . (150 mins) £24.95 A proven method of teaching kids how to play.95 Encounters with Gheorghiu. Benjamin and Timman.95 Four top US female players present their best games with the help of their coach Ron Henley.95 Encounters with van Wely. Karpov’s Best Games Vol.95 Games against Shirov.Browne (110 mins) £24.Wolff (105 mins) £24.95 The official video of the match.Mednis (114 mins) £24.95 Round-by-round highlights with all the key games. Karpov .95 £24. Completely Krushing . Kasparov .Krush (171 mins) £24. All 4 Karpov’s Best Games £80 Mr Six Time! Volume 1 .Karpov (91 mins) £24. Bareev. All 5 Shirov’s Best Games £100 Shirov’s Best Endgames .save £50. Other DVDs Play Chess with Geoff (for Kids) . Middlegame Planning .95 Encounters with Kamsky. Women Chess Stars Krushing Attacks! . Grandmaster Video Magazine #5 (60 mins) £24.95 Blows away the adage that rook and pawn endgames are drawn. Intel Grand Prix Moscow 1995 (115 mins) £24. Kasparov .95 Covers king’s pawn openings and various Sicilian structures.both Krush DVDs £45 Improve Your Chess Series on DVD How To Visualise Chess Combos £24. Any two GM Video Magazine DVDs for £45 All 13 DVDs for £275 . 1 .95 Shirov analyses. Nikolenko and Thorhallson.95 Encounters with Kramnik.95 Possibly Karpov’s closest attempt at reclaiming the crown.Anand 1995 World Ch. Hauchard and Lautier. Defence and Counterattack . Any two Improve Series £45 Intel Grand Prix New York 1995 (115 mins) Round-by-round highlights with all the key games.Karpov (73 mins) £24. Kasparov and Yusupov. Garry Kasparov’s 5 Matches for £100 Grandmaster Video Magazine on DVD Grandmaster Video Brilliance! (120 mins) £24.Shirov (115 mins) £24. Salov.Karpov (95 mins) £24. Karpov’s Best Games Vol. How To Analyse A Chess Position £24. Mr Six Time! Volume 2 .Kopec (120 mins) Teaches pawn structure play via the notion of levers.95 .(167 mins) £24.95 If chess really is 99% tactics then this video is a bargain. Classic chess video analysis and commentary. Intel Grand Prix Paris 1994 (90 mins) £24.Mednis (120 mins) £24.Krush (156 mins) £24.Shirov (97 mins) £24.chess dvds 23 Opening Pawn Structures: Volume 1 . Shirov’s Best Games Volume 3 . report on Oakwood’91 & feature on planning. 1996 Thrills & Spills (120 mins) Round-by-round highlights with all the key games. Kamsky.Browne (118 mins) £24.Karpov (90 mins) £24. Rook and Pawn Endgames .95 Gain a unique perspective of this historic match.Karpov (100 mins) £24. Karpov’s Best Games Vol.Karpov (91 mins) £24.Kopec (120 mins) Kopec teaches you 20:20 vision at the board.Shirov (90 mins) £24.95 . Pawn Structures & How To Play Them £24.95 Round-by-round highlights with all the key games. Middlegame Analysis .Kasparov 1984/5 .Karpov (82 mins) £24. Shirov’s Best Games Volume 2 . prepare and execute attacks.95 Encounters with Nunn.95 Teaches Grandmaster techniques.Shirov (90 mins) £24.95 Browne analyses his best games from some of the six US Championships he has won. £24. Kasparov and Yusupov. Karpov’s Best Games Vol.95 Round-by-round highlights with all the key games. US Chess Princesses . Shirov’s Best Games Volume 4 .95 World Championship Chess on DVD Shirov .Kopec (121 mins) Learn the four golden rules of analysis.Mednis (108 mins) £24.Kramnik 1998 .Karpov 1987 . Shirov’s Best Games Volume 5 .95 Provides a thorough grounding in the basic principles.Kopec (119mins) £24.95 An amalgmation of the first four GM videos.95 Watch this and make middlegame decisions with confidence.95 . Intel Grand Prix London 1995 (115 mins) Round-by-round highlights with all the key games. Intel Grand Prix London 1994 (90 mins) £24.95 An informative account of the most publicised match ever.95 The match to decide who was to meet Kasparov in 2000. Shirov.Shirov (104 mins) £24.95 Games against Adorjan.Wolff £24.95 Games from his match against Kamsky. King and Pawn Endgames . .95 Top combinations of ‘91 and profile of Shirov. Topalov and Karpov. How to Play Winning Attacks .95 Games against Portisch. 4 .95 The 1990 World Junior Champion analyses his best games. Sax.95 £24. Intel Grand Prix Paris 1995 (115 mins) Round-by-round highlights with all the key games.95 Grandmaster Best Games Collection Ilya Gurevich's Best Games Volume 1 (115 mins) £24. Deep Blue ‘97 (200 mins) (Seirawan) £29.Shirov (175 mins) £24.95 GM Plaskett & GM Norwood battle it out in this unique match. master the other 1% in this DVD. Kramnik and Leko. Polgar. Khalifman.Kopec (122 mins) Covers queen’s pawn openings. Intel Grand Prix New York 1994 (85 mins) £24. Grandmaster Video Magazine #6 (60 mins) £24.95 Round-by-round highlights with all the key games.95 £24.95 .95 Shirov’s Best Games Volume 1 .

CHESSBASE 9 THE ULTIMATE TOOL FOR YOUR CHESS The 2006 Databases contain 3 million+ games.0 needed for Chess Media System (NB .000 pictures. analyse positions with GM-strength modules Fritz and Crafty (both included). ChessBase 9. search for material distribution. positions and manoeuvres. Annotator and Team Index. New opening key layout. 7 days a week Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. CD Openings Encyclopedia 2005 The Week In Chess £99.Player database with 180.32 and Crafty-Engine included.) . Please make sure before ordering. . classify games according to self-defined middle and endgame criteria. Improved Search facilities.000 names & 20.Training lessons (Chess Media system.95 £39. management of team championships.0 Program. plans and most important games.99 OTHER CHESSBASE COMPATIBLE DATABASES 1 year subscription to this fantastic multi-media ChessBase Magazine CB Magazine CB Magazine Extra Big Database 2006 (DVD) Mega Database 2006 (DVD) Mega Database Upgrade from 2005 Mega Database Upgrade from older ChessBase Corres. ChessBase 9.) .95 £69. ORDER CHESSBASE 9 ONLINE AT http://www. . Source. 8.0 Program. find the new move in a game with one mouse click.0 New in ChessBase 9. spoken comments. (Upgrades are only possible from ChessBase version 7 or 8. . easy and direct access to the comprehensive ChessBase online . text commentary.Database 2005 with 2.0 Mega Pack (DVD) . DVD drive.Virtually every important game of chess included! 3..) £69.) .000 annotated).9 million games.Fritz 5.) .000 games from the World Championships. search for mates and stalemates. HTML Support in database text.000 annotated.0 Starter Pack (DVD) . featuring all 500 ECO codes. chessbase 9.95 £69.Mega Database 2006 with 3. generate tournament cross-tables and statistics of players or openings.Player database with 180. Automatic Opening Reference. .Endgame Turbo 2 (DVD).Training lessons (Chess Media system. European Championships and Olympiads.Correspondence Database 2004 (500. What can you do with ChessBase? Enter. .000 games from 1995 to 1998 viewable with ChessBase Light which is also on the CD.95 £99. ChessBase 9. 72.ChessBase Magazine subscription (6 issues.Player database (180. Single Issue. (System Recommendations: Windows XP or better. 1 GHz processor or better. More than 3200 opening surveys. generate a player‘s dossier containing all available information from the database. from the World Champion to the amateur next door. games or databases. Tournament. automatic email transmission of positions.32 and Crafty-Engine included.000 annotated mainly by strong IMs and GMs. New HEUMAS (Heuristic Move Assistant).ChessBase 9.24 ChessBase 9.One issue of ChessBase Magazine and two ChessBase multimedia CD’s. .Big Database 2006 with 3.2 million games.95 £17. intelligent search for tactical themes.95 £39.000 names and 20.0: New Database Browser. . 300 MHz. print games in superb DTP quality with diagrams and multiple columns. . Tree control: Integrated Player. soundtracks and even video sequences. including variations.ChessBase 9.Training lessons (Chess Media system. 2.Fritz 5. Threat Animation. allowing you to search the games of an opening’s leading exponents without having to go from one part of the program to another.0 now allows you to have multiple windows open on one screen. It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it.000 names and 20. freely configurable board and list games. Now 12 issues per year! Over 25. (allowing video tutorial with synchronized chess boards) improved correspondence chess features and much more. Chess Media System.ChessBase 9.0 Upgrade (DVD) . Windows Media Player 9. Game History.This is a free download) Required: Windows 98.000 annotated.1 million games. .1 million games . 3. merge games into an opening tree.95 £109.0 Program.chess.95 £9. generate a comprehensive openings report with main and critical lines. Includes the best 200..000 pictures.chess.000 pictures. Everyone uses ChessBase.0 is a stand-alone chess database that has become the standard throughout the world.000 games.html Open 24 hours a day.) ChessBase 9. Over 200 issues of the world's most popular chess weekly netzine.95 £235 £69. annotate and save games.ChessBase 9 will NOT work unless your computer has a DVD drive. Please return CD Please return CD 290. searchable by virtually any criteria.000+ games in 6 issues. embedded pictures. The Mega Database 2006 even has million games *( £59. .) . 64 MB Order online at www.1 million games of which 60.) NB . Fast Real 3D Board supported. retrieve games according to openings. 256 MB RAM. players and tournaments.

Oleinikov £17. Scandinavian .95 A review of Tal’s games. piece activity and attacking the king.Schlossner £17.95 1. CHESSBASE MIDDLEGAME TRAINING 1000 Checkmates .95 Surprise your opponents with your technique! Pawn Endings .Renko £17.95 Extensive course in 62 chapters and 29. NEW Test Your Chess .Maddox £17.Nf3 & 3.95 Renko discusses ways to generate dangerous threats.King £17.Ftacnik £17.000 games. SPECIAL OFFERS Any THREE Training CDs priced at £17.Muller & Knaak £17.95) Check our website for all the newest ChessBase Training CDs: CHESSBASE TACTICS Check and Mate 2nd Edition . Modern Ways of Playing the Sicilian .Schipkov £17. English c4 e5 .95 Strategy. Winning in 20 moves . Intensive Course Tactics 2 .95 Understand the QGA using the 19 explanatory texts.95 Multiple choice format with 555 puzzles split into 6 sections.chess. over 1.95 Essential knowledge in 176 positions + training questions. ABC of Chess Middlegames .GM School with Khalifman £17. Killer Moves . (Requires Fritz or ChessBase) Opposite Bishop Endings .Schipkov £17.95 13.Hansen £17.Dreev £17. 500 annotated games and over 30.95 Pictures.All 3 Bangiev CDs £50 CHESSBASE HISTORY World Championships 1886 .95 Investigation of one of the Sicilian's sharpest systems.95 Detailed analysis on all the World Championship matches.Rogozenko £17.Milov £17.95 A detailed study should improve your overall play.95 1.Sonderman £17.95 for £50 (save £3. White Opening Repertoire 1 e4 .95 3657 games with 275 annotated.000 + games. CHESSBASE ENDGAME TRAINING Dvoretsky Endgame Manual .d4 d5 2.95 44.95 Second volume covering the razor sharp Dragon.000 games over 86 chapters. King’s Indian Attack .Hubner £17.Breutigam £17. material and composer.Heinrichs £17.Hebert £17. strategy & tactical themes on the major openings. Secrets of the English Chess School .95 Written by one of the leading experts on the Sicilian systems after 1.indexed by theme.000 games in total .95 Analysis revolving around reversed-Sicilian positions Franco Benoni . Basic Principles of Chess Strategy III £17.the most Pirc games anywhere! Reti Opening .95 Covering D31/35-6 in-depth look at this Black set-up Queen’s Gambit Accepted .95 333 short games show the key to winning quickly.Sommerbauer £17. Monograph on Lasker .95 Improve your ability to make the correct decisions at the board. Basic Principles of Chess Strategy II £17.Dautov £17.95 Learn the basic tactics with audio and video clips. researched by a top GM Sveshnikov Sicilian .Neven £17.Knaak £17.95 40.95 NEW Paulsen System .95 Uses typical pawn structures to explain the plans & ideas.Hubner £19.95 Basics.95 Review of Lasker’s games.Donaldson £14.Nc3 .leads to original positions! French with 3.95 A look at the life and games of Ulvestad and Zemgalis.Nf3 d5 2.000 games with Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess.95 Analyses some of the more ‘off-beat’ Sicilian systems Nimzo Indian 4 f3 and Samisch Variation . 500 with annotations.95 Underestimated opening receives detailed treatment.Heedt £17. Monograph on Fischer . e3 Nbd7 6. King’s Indian with h3 .95 Latest theory .95 for £75 (save £14.95 1.Dvoretsky £19.95 Avoid hot theory by learning typical plans & manoeuvres Pirc Defence .c4 Nc6 leads to a sharp struggle.B70-74 .95 32.Knaak £17. positional or material advantage. Bd3 dxc4 Modern Benoni . King's Indian f5-f4 .Rogozenko £17.Rodriguez £17.Nf3 e6 discussed.Gauthier £17.Marin £17. covered in 130 games. Endgame Study Database .Averbakh £17.Bangiev £17.95 Covers all the important positions required for endgame mastery.000 QGD.Bangiev £17.Gauthier £17.Bangiev £17.Bangiev £17. Queen 's Gambit with 5.95 Covering 1.Qc2 . Aimed at improvers. ABC of Chess Openings .chess. Monograph on Steinitz . biography. ABC of Chess Endgames .95 Deep study of Morphy's games and style.95 60. .95 Large collection of games and biographical insights. Deadly Threats .95 9.Kosten £ Order online at www. Trompowsky . with detailed explanation and tests to sharpen your style. How to Play the Nimzo Indian . bolstered with numerous exercises.Renko £17.Neven £17.95 Highly practical opening.95 More material to help you close out those tricky wins Isolated Queens Pawn . Sicilian: Accelerated Dragon .95 GM explains his thought processes in selecting the right move.Bangiev £17.95 Bangiev gives a full repertoire for White based on 1.Gauthier £17. Sicilian Dragon Vol 1 . 2. 240 annotated games split into 11 sections Gruenfeld .95 Pictures. Fritz Technique Trainer .95 1. c4 c6 3.Nf3 d5 2.95 Another 3.2002 (DVD) £39.Oleinikov £17. 2 or 3 moves from actual games.95 Play like Hodgson! This CD explains typical plans & ideas.95 How to realise a spatial.400 annotated Monograph on Alekhine . Budapest Gambit 2nd ed.300 selected quality games.Van der Heijden £39.95 80.95 1. Dutch Defence A90-99 . Morphy: Genius & Myth . Sicilian Dragon Vol 2 . split by theme and difficulty. ALL THE SQUARES . Basic Principles of Chess Strategy I £17.King £17.95 29 in-depth multimedia strategy lessons from GM King Squares Strategy .e4 c5 2.Schultz £17.Breutigam £17. c4 Classical Sicilian .95 62 chapters.Ripperger £17..g3 and 1. www.Minzer £17.Maddox £17.Ripperger £17.Ftacnik £17. Gambit Lexicon . plans & variations are discussed. Chigorin Defence .95 10 chapters with test games. Orthodox Exchange . Intensive Course Tactics .e3 followed by Bd3 & either c3 or b3 with Bb2 Dragon for Experts .Weteschnik £17.95 The latest trends. 200 annotated and 28 test questions.Maddox £17.. Monograph on Tal .95 Covers weak squares. d4 d5 2. Colle System . Squares Strategy 2: Opening .Weteschnik £17. d4. 63% plus score for White! Philidor Defence . NEW Nimzo Indian Classical 4. video footage.Marin £17.85) Any FIVE Training CDs priced at £17.95 10.95 Covering Stonewall (with d5) & Iljin-Zhenevsky Variation (d6 & e6).95 Every game from the 50 best tournaments. Catalan .000 games.000 postions concentrating on forced variations.95 1.95 First part of a two volume set covering the Dragon.95 Sharp and unbalanced responses to the Nimzo.e6 & 2.95 Huge survey of the most popular gambits Giuoco Piano .Aagaard & Lund £17. Nf3 e6 5.Neven £17.000 games with features as above. French without 3. tactics and training with video introductions.Schlossner £17.Neven £17.Rogozenko £17. including biography and pictures.detailed analysis on '000s of games.000 Endgame studies.Ripperger £17. Meran Variation D47-D49 .95 1000 mates in 1..95 Ideal for those wanting to investigate the Nimzo-Indian King's Gambit .Henris £17.Bangiev £17.Schneider £17. Two Masters from Seattle .000 annotated.d4 d5 2 c4 e5 often played by Miles as a surprise! Bird Opening . Right Decisions .95 Practice winning those ‘won’ positions.Renko £17.B75-79 .95 Test your technique by trying to convert better positions against Fritz! (Requires Fritz) School of Elementary Tactics .uk .95 4000 tactical positions categorised in 120 databases.Oleinikov £17.95 Large game database divided into chapters.e4 25 Mating against 0-0 .c5 versus d4 & e4 .Renko £17. including biography and pictures.. biography and a large collection of his games.95 A popular surprise weapon of GM's. and annotated games. Fritz Technique Trainer 2 .chessbase training cds CHESSBASE OP ENINGS Albin Counter Gambit .Schlossner £ One opening against all systems? Maddox examines. Greatest Tournaments of Chess (1851-1986) £22.Rogozenko £17.95 Learn about king and pawn endings in detail and then practice your new found knowledge against Fritz. Nc3 Nf6 4.95 Bartashnikov’s comprehensive introduction into the secrets of chess strategy.600 tasks.Nc3 .Bf4 . Requires Fritz.95 Further discussion of Bangiev’s innovative chess thinking technique.Solozhenkin £17.95 NEW Squares Strategy 3: Middlegame. Slav Defence .Bangiev £17.

Legend becomes ‘virtual’ reality: play the dreaded Turk yourself – in perfect 3D animation. Endgame Turbo 2 (DVD) £39. 1 million games database.95 DeepFritz 8 is the multi-processor version of Fritz 8. all five and some six-piece endgames are played with absolute perfection. The source games are also on the CD so you can see how the players continued from any position within the massive openings tree. and a 500. Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. Need to practice your ability to utilise positional advantages? Use the new handicap system to see if you can capitalise on your small edges. and how to manage your clock. including games from 1625 to 2005.95 Deep Shredder 9 is the latest ‘Deep’ Engine in the Fritz interface..6 million opening positions. never before played transpositions) and practice them against Fritz or any ChessBase playing program. Windows98 With the help of the Endgame Turbo. ‘Deep’ Engines take advantage of your computers parallel processing to produce a higher level of analysis Programs designed for multi-processor computers NEW Deep Shredder 9 £74. Deep Fritz 8 comes with the full Fritz 8 interface and gives you full access to the ChessBase chess server.000 game database. Fritz handles endgames with more than six pieces much better since the program can already access the endgame knowledge during the analysis. Alternative forms of chess are catered for . derived from over one million high-class games. The functions and playing strength have improved as well! K K K K K K K K K Take advice from the new ‘positional explainer’. the ratings of the players and their results.the one which played in the Kasparov match. and a more recent version which was developed further still. Contains 7.the pieces fall realistically Turboc har g e Your Pla ying Pr o g r am! .99 NEW . With this version of Deep Junior. Chess course for advanced players (3hrs 22mins.26 fritz and family down in price! Buy any two pieces of software from pages 26 and 27 and deduct £10 NEW .3D ‘Chess Turk’ with 2D control board NEW . the best result and if you’re losing. endgame theoreticians and friends of engine matches. check and defence. Napoleon Bonaparte. Hone your training in specified areas such as attack. the ABCs of the Kings Indian and Ruy Lopez. Me. with your performance being given a high-score rating. as well as the latest openings book as written by Kasparov’s former second. 64 MB RAM. Can you do better? Of course. Many of the Shredder program’s strengths are carried across. packed with training and entertainment features for beginners and experts alike. the move which puts up the best resistance. Likewise. it has more positional understanding and additional endgame knowledge. Machine’ in a unique combination from both past and present: the Turk & Fritz9. Deep Fritz 8 £74. The “Deep” version has been improved and enhanced. At any point you can see all the moves that were played.FRITZ 9 £36.due Jan 2006 Fritz Powerbooks can be used by all the programs on this you get two engines . Deep Junior 9 £74.Fritz just got even stronger with the new improved engine! Experience the fascination of the chess duel ‘Man vs. Danish IM Jacob Aagaard on the Nimzo Indian Defence.g. GM Boris Alterman.95 . Edgar Allan Poe and Benjamin Franklin all succumbed. of video).uk Order online at www. Show your friends and family your games : scoresheet print outs and automatic game playback means its easier to relive your moments of glory! Evaluation profile with depth of calculation.95 For years Deep Junior has been highly regarded for it’s aggressive and inventive style. there is more to the new Fritz 9 than cosmetic changes.chess. The computer will automatically tell you the best move. which makes positional comments about the current position. as demonstrated in the 3-3 tie with Kasparov. The strongest program produced by ChessBase tied its much publicised match with Vladimir Kramnik in Bahrain 2002. 2000. Load the special engines for Giveaway Chess and Fischerrandom. Definitely a must-have for correspondence players.Turbo F ritz £99.90) Fritz Powerbooks 2006 (DVD) £39.000 game database. 1 hour beginners course with the Chess Media System by Andrew Martin.Physics on the board: pieces fall realistically NEW .95 Buy any playing program on this page along with Powerbooks 2006 & Endgame Turbo 2 for an extra £60 (save £19. GM Peter Wells on Strategy and Tactics PLUS a ONE HOUR Beginners course by Andrew Martin System requirements: Pentium II. allowing you to study the classics with arguably the strongest piece of software commercially available. Deep Fritz will run on computers with between one and eight processors. The repertoires have been put together by a team of GMs. examines basic positional ideas and how to attack in chess successfully. 300 MHz. The program also comes with a 500.95 Consists of 5 DVDs with endgame databases (Nalimov Tablebases). DVDROM drive. It can be used to discover exciting new lines (e. XP. Over THREE HOURS of Chess Video content for intermediate players: Garry Kasparov on the Queen’s Gambit and the Sicilian Najdorf GM Viktor Korchnoi analyses two games from his career IM Andrew Martin discusses the Semi-open games. Improved ‘board physics’ . plus an endgame database which allows Deep Shredder to play all three and four piece endgames to perfection. Powerbooks 2006 represents the state of the art of current opening theory. with an enhanced and extensive openings book.

00 by purchasing THE BOARD. + Modern. It is the program that is most likely to correctly understand the compensation involved. with an incredible 2788 rating performance.75"). anywhere and everywhere with Pocket Fritz! SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Pocket Fritz 2 runs on Pocket PCs (not included) with Windows CE 3.5 x 5. which should allow you to choose the program you feel suits you best. even in deeply annotated games. reliable. setting it’s style of calculation apart from it’s counterparts. spotting some ‘quiet moves’ which other programs may take longer to consider. AC power adapter. This makes the program an extraordinarily effective tool for analysing sharp and dynamic positions.e. in the friendliest Order online at The special strength of Junior is its understanding of compensation. Shredder 9 (CD) £39.00 by purchasing THE BOARD AND FRITZ 9* for only £374. Mark Uniacke. + Driver CD included for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP DGT XL Clock for use with Sensory board £69.5 cm).95 For computer chess experts Shredder is the number one choice. play chess.95 * or any of the ChessBase single processor playing programs (i. ahead of a number of top GMs.for pocket PCs £39. The younger brother of the world’s strongest chess program has made great strides in the area of design.0 + Board only 1. Shredder. has successfully focussed on the implementation of a maximum of chess knowledge and positional considerations.95 (see page 15) Compatible with: Internet Chess Club ChessBase Products US Chess Live Chess Assistant SPECIAL OFFERS .8 cm thick. Have fun. + Internal memory (for 500 moves). + Comes with all necessary cables. The way we like to think of it at Chess & Bridge is that they are members of the same family. colour-coded notation. In 2001 Chess Tiger demolised the “Republica Argentina” grandmaster tournament in Buenos Aires.95 Tiger by name. Tiger 15 (CD) £39. functionality and user friendliness. while the database functions and new commentary options fulfil the needs of even strong professional players. automatic game replay with adjustable speeds. The moves of the computer as well as hints and threats are displayed with coloured arrows. In comparison to other .95 SAVE £20.95 Scoring a solid 2:2 draw against super-GM Evgeny Bareev. + Simply connects to USB port of your PC.0 or Pocket PC (Please note that a Pocket PC is 2002 or better. Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. A truly unique playing experience! FEATURES: + Beautifully-inlaid wood board with official FIDE tournament-size squares (5. Take it with you wherever you go and leave boredom behind. + Input games directly into ChessBase Enjoy your games by making moves on the board and letting Fritz call out its replies. Other new functions: extended user-friendly move entry and annotation. Also ideal for analysis and for inputting games. Junior or Tiger) Pocket Fritz 2 .95 Pocket Fritz 2 is a chess partner with mobility built in. Pocket Fritz 2 has many diverse playing levels that make it an entertaining opponent. Below is a summary of each of the program’s ‘character traits’. Shredder is positionally very sophisticated.FRITZ SENSORY BOARD SAVE £12. but what does differ is their ‘chess personality’. New pieces and board colours. formatted. In the years of developing Hiarcs its author. Fireworks guaranteed! N L FRITZ SENSORY BOARD £349.95 L N The DGT Fritz sensory board gives you the opportunity to play the friendliest program. + Classic Staunton Wooden Chess Pieces with a king height of 95mm (3. especially those involving the sacrifice of material. Chess Tiger 15 is one of the most aggressive programs on the market. The functions and design of the programs are virtually identical.. Hiarcs 9 (CD) £39. You don’t even have to look at the computer screen. Junior 9 (CD) £39. required and does not come with the software) Screenshot from Pocket Fritz 2. Hiarcs has definitely reestablished itself as one of the world's best chess programs. Pocket Fritz 2 is much stronger than its predecessor and has an estimated blitz performance rating of 2450 Elo. Hiarcs. it is sometimes a little confusing choosing which is right for you. AND CLOCK for only £399.fritz sensory board & pocket fritz Meet the family. sensor technology recognizes each piece accurately and quickly. Winner of the World Computer Championships seven times. both in the execution of a sacrifice and the defence against it. and the DGT software CD-ROM + Connects to a DGT XL Clock. ferocious by nature. Installation of the program requires a PC with CD-ROM drive (desktop computer). all contribute to optimum clarity. The program gives you mobile access to the ChessBase Online database with well over two million games. The same as a normal chessboard. with a real chess board and pieces. favouring tactical combinations to quieter waters.chess. Shredder is one of the strongest commercial programs available. special energy-saving mode for longer battery life. 27 With so many different programs out on the market.

95 £17.Martin Attacking Chess Vol 1 (DVD) . Average running time per DVD: 3 hours. 98. 5. #4 Unfortunately we can not supply a print version of this item. Larry Christiansen and Viktor Mikhalevski.Bd2 . Other contributors include WGM Elena Dembo.95 £17.95 £24.IM Andrew Martin Caro-Kann Advance with 4.Kasparov How to Play the Queen’s Gambit (DVD) .95 £17. No playing program is supplied with this training course.50 Download a FREE sample from: www.pgn file.Na6 £3. sent directly to your inbox! * Wide-ranging topics with something for everyone from Beginner to Master.Wells NEW Scandinavian: The Easy Way . Glenn Flear. IM Malcolm Pein and our own commissioning Editor.IM Igor Khmelnitsky SINGLE TWIC THEORY ISSUE £3.95 £17.IM Tibor Karolyi Slav 4.GM Viktor Mikhalevski Sicilian Najdorf 6.WGM Elena Dembo Sicilian Sveshnikov . NEW The ABC of the Kings Indian .95 £24.95 £ ARTICLES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: King's Indian . System requirements: Windows XP.28 l N FRITZ MEDIA SYSTEMS GAME VIDEO LESSONS TO IMPROVE YOUR fritz media system With the new ‘Fritz Media System’ chess training has never been so . ME. fast forward or rewind.95 £17.Martin The ABC Of the Ruy Lopez (DVD) .f4 Nc6!? .pdf file.Martin £17.Nf3 .co.Kasparov NEW French Defence .95 £17. Each CD splits the material into bite size chapters for easy digestion. Attention: this course is a supplementary program for Fritz 8 Championship Edition or newer/Chessbase9/Shredder 8 or newer/Junior 8 or newer/Hiarcs 9 or Tiger 15 and can only be run if one of these chess programs is installed on your PC.Be3.95 All lectures are presented with full video pictures and synchronised chess graphics. Much more interactive than any book as you can pause the lecture. among them are GMs like Tony Kosten. you can even stop the video and try out the position against #8 FORTHCOMING ARTICLES: #9 #10 #13 October 2005: WGM Yelena Dembo on the Classical King's Indian.95 £17. explained by the experts. Windows Media Player 9.IM Malcolm Pein New Directions in the Exchange Grunfeld .IM Bernd Rechel Bogo-Indian 4. Bogdan Lalic.95 £17. #7 * If you do not have any chess software then it can be sent as a . T WIC THEORY Great ideas straight to your Inbox * The highest quality monthly opening analysis on the Internet * A variety of top chess authors. Critical #11 developments in the Main Line with 7.50 #15 December IM Martin on the 'Dragondorf' Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav attack with 6 Be3 Bg7 7 f3 a6!? £3. delivered to your inbox every month! We have many contributors.95 Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess.50 GET ISSUES 13-24 FOR ONLY £14.Martin NEW Trompovsky: The Easy Way .95 £17.Korchnoi NEW Chess is My Life Vol 2 .95 #3 Each issue will be sent direct to you via email and is available in 3 formats.GM Bogdan Lalic Slav Meran 8.95 £17.Aagaard NEW Basic Positional Ideas (DVD) .Martin NEW Chess is My Life Vol 1 . 2000. Fritz or equivalent then it will be sent as a ChessBase database. all International Masters and Grandmasters * Secret weapons for use at any level..Aagaard Attacking Chess Vol 2 (DVD) . Get the latest in opening developments.Aagaard Strategy & Tactics (DVD) .e3 Bg4 . #6 * If you have any other chess database program it will be sent as a . Order online at www.Nd2 .Be2 . Sit back and watch a Grandmaster talk you through his thought processes as the pieces move on the board.GM Larry Christiansen Alekhine Defence.GM Tony Kosten Ruy Lopez Breyer .Martin Nimzo Indian The Easy Way .chess. #5 * If you have ChessBase. 8 Rb1 £3.Aagaard NEW Benko Gambit .chess.Bg5 e6 7. IM Bernd Rechel.GM Glenn Flear Sicilian O'Kelly Variation .GM Eric Prie King's Gambit 3…g5 . IM Andrew Martin.95 £17.Korchnoi How to Play the Najdorf (DVD) .. #1 #2 GET 12 ISSUES FOR ONLY £14.50 #12 #14 November 2005: GM Mikhailevski on Critical developments in the Grunfeld Exchange Variation. Eric Prie.

innovative tutorials from Bruce Pandolfini.95 Chessmaster has proved to be one of the most popular chess software franchises of all .95 Designed for accomplished players wanting advanced chess challenges. Master Your Technique (Wolski) and World Champions at their Best 2 (Silman) that are taken exclusively from advanced course material (level 3+). as well as a selection of Screenshot: ChessMaster 10th Edition 800 classic and Grandmaster games. WIN 95/WIN 98/2000/ME/ Fritz. learn to think ahead. ranked in from levels is to find the best King's ‘How Training for all ages. NEW The Macintosh format of one of the most popular chess programs.95 A fun way to introduce chess to students. Acts as teacher. The coursemove in Danny sets (ie 'Basic Good is Your and the comment the is divided into CHESS MENTOR: COMPREHENSIVE CHESS COURSE: £59. CHESS MENTOR: CHESS MENTOR FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS: 140+ BCF £59. middle game strategy and tactics. 32 MB RAM. Recommended for all beginners. Try out over 20 mini games.95 The ultimate in Chess Mentor products. System requirements: PC: 8MB RAM Win 3. with hints and tips. Over 750 small graphic movies show many of the key ideas of the game including: 'En Passant'.learning chess software FRITZ & CHESSTER £29.95 £29. 867 challengesChess’ styledifficulty program will1-6. then test and increase your knowledge in a whole range of exciting games and situations. A school can therefore keep track of the work of 16 x 32 Order online at www. recording their progress as they go. 'The opposition' and much more. How do you set up the board? What’s stalemate? When do you call it a draw? What does opposition mean? And what’s “up the stairs mate”? Find the answers to these questions and many more in animated games and contests.1/9/ 98/ME/2000/XP GOOD MOVE SCHOOLS SOFTWARE £69. with assessments at the end of each. GOOD MOVE BIG BOOK £19. combining sound chess instruction with the sort of presentation that grabs both children and adults alike.95 Wigby the Wizard helps you through the maze of different chess concepts. A completely revised game interface which is clearer and easy to navigate. have fun and excitement AND learn a whole lot about chess: this great chess adventure has all of this and more in store for you! Together with Prince Fritz and his cousin Bianca learn how to play chess. The new ‘Chessmaster Academy’ sents out instruction covering everything from basic strategies to secrets of the attacking game as well as video tutelage from American prodigy Josh Watzkin.95 Checkmates' or 'Intermediate Tactics'). blown up to A3 size and posted around the library or chess room . pinning.95 29 Recommended for 5-12 year olds Use your wits.’ You'll have lots of fun learning move by move about openings. and the teacher may also use the program at home. is always ready with lots of tips on strategy and tactics! NEW System requirements: Pentium II 233 processor. Each program can be used to record the progress of up to 32 students. mentor and adversary. The pages can be photocopied. the useruponinvitedchoice. CHESSMASTER 10th EDITION £29. like the ‘Pin-o-matic’ to practice what you've learned and see if you can get the high score. CHESS MENTOR: EXPLORING AND APPRECIATING CHESS Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. endgames. Teaching you all the tricks of the trade in this animated production.95 CHESS MATES (CD) MAC/PC £29. Comprises: Lessons in Strategy (Silman). FRITZ & CHESSTER 2 £29. 'Castling'.you may even want to paste them along a corridor. CHESSMASTER 9000 FOR MAC £29. delivering check. Chesster. making complicated strategies simpler to understand.95 The Big Book is a fabulous chess resource for Excellent teaching package with good tests and a mean playing program. It is a book of 64 A4 pages and features just one big diagram per page. Many of the challenges are levels 1-3 (up to 130 BCF/1640 Elo) but the last 250 or so (at least a month's work!) go right up to 200 BCF/2200 Elo level. 32 MB RAM. CHESS MENTOR: MENTOR DELUXE Great software for beginners using the Chess Mentor interface. 'X-Rays'. and this new 10th edition proves to be a real treat.and much more. System requirements: Pentium II 233 processor. attacking. the most amazing ‘Chesshire Rat’ chess coach.. SAVE £100!!! £224.. protecting . Can be used on up to 16 machines across a school. Bianca and Chesster are back after the best selling ‘Fritz & Chesster’ in a new chess adventure! Jump into chess action to rescue Chesster from deep within the walls of King Black's Castle in Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster 2. ‘Chess in the Black Castle. A massive selection of 150 opponents ranging from complete novice to Grandmaster level make this the choice for chess on MAC. Includes the Comprehensive Course and all 12 Supplementary Courses. WIN 95/WIN 98/2000/ME/XP. Provides visual hints. 'Zugzwang'. Students can work through the lessons at their own pace.

Modern Chess Openings.1 package detailed above.95 Tactics testing and training program for beginners. including: pawn structure. £24. strategies and player collections are some of the subjects covered.. Petrosian. Chess Endgame Training £24. Modern Chess Openings .3rd World Champion 640 commented games played by Capablanca. Studies 2. Pocket Chess Strategy £24.072 games with 288 annotated by Steinitz.95 1.95 500 commented grandmaster games. Chess School for Networks £99.Charushin £19.95 £44.95 A study of the Marshall Attack in the Ruy Lopez.0. weak square.Nc6!? 5. Botvinnik. The definitive CC database with over 700. Pocket CT-ART £24. Ency. Lasker. Every level of chess player can benefit from Chess Assistant's Training Software collection.95 Theoretical review of all chess openings.95 54 in-depth surveys. f4.95 Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players £24.1.438 games. Chess Machine.95 Fourth volume studying varying middlegame motifs. both children and adults. Traxler Counterattack . 35. Karpov. 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 a6 4 Ba4 Nf6 5 0-0 Be7 6 Re1 b5 7 Bb3 0-0 8 c3 d5. Capablanca . many annotated.0 1800 instructive positions on strategic themes.6th World Champion £24.chess.95 Over 700 studies and 300 exercises for use on a pocket PC.069 games played by Botvinnik from 1924 till 1970 Great Players Kit (the five CDs above) £74. with 1200 exercises classified into 3 criteria: Tactical .95 £24.King’s Indian Def. 500+ annotated. One million games with 8. of Middlegame and Encyc.95 Chess Assistant 8 is the unique tool for managing chess games and databases. Chess Informator Issues 1-40 Chess Informator Issues 41-75 Chess Informator Issues 76-80 Chess Informator Issues 81-85 Chess Informator Issues 86-88 Chess Informator Issues 89-91 Chess Informator Combinations 5-91 £149. Encyclopedia of Middlegames Typical structures & themes split by difficulty. over 200 additional tasks for solving and much more. 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Includes a database of 2.95 Games collection with annotations.95 Following on from volume one with ‘000s more examples.95 The solution for all chess teachers. Chess Combinations Encyclopedia £24.0 £24.95 This is a fundamental program for studying endgame theory. Strategy 2. making this a great value for money database. hanging pawns etc. The Total Marshall takes the form of an electronic book (PDF format) and database. Understanding Chess Strategy .000 games and CA Opening Encyclopedia 2004.95 All the material you could want on this popular gambit. Tal. middlegame and endgame study along with tactics. Total Chess Training 2 £74.95 2. Mega Corr 4 £24. playing chess on the ICC.95 CHESS MULTIMEDIA SERIES Chess Endings .Heisman £19.95 Biographical collection containing 1.000 keys. convenient manner * Prepare exercises and set tests * Filter student settings so themes are only available when you CHESS INFORMATOR Compatible with ChessBase products.000 games from correspondence play. Slav Defense £24.95 £44. many annotated £24. but with the following additions: * Correspondence Database containing 260. plus 22 text documents. analysing games. 1650 games and training database. Contributors include 11 World Champions: Euwe.30 Chess Assistant 8. CT Art 3.1 Mega Package £119. Advanced Chess School for Networks Tal .95 Includes 5 programs: Encyclopedia of Middlegame 2. Encyc. Material is supplied by the prominent endgame theoretician GM Yuri Averbakh.95 BUY ANY TWO CHESS ASSISTANT CDS AND DEDUCT £5 Keep up to date with all the new software releases at www. of Middlegames II £24. & Difficulty. £24. Tal. viewing electronic texts in CA or PGN format. PICKARD CD ROMS Blackmar Diemer Gambit Mega CD . 550 + annotated. Chess Informator 1-91. Strategy 2.95 £24.95 £44.95 Schiller presents 15. £24.95 A fundamental program on chess tactics including more than 4000 training examples and exercises classified by more than 100 tactical methods and motifs.95 Studies opening structures illustrated with 600 examples and more than 1000 exercises. 550 + annotated. Theory & Practice of Chess Endings £24.95 £ £19. Advanced Chess School £24. Not only does it help a coach to give lessons.1 £79.95 Botvinnik . 600 + annotated.000 games.95 £24. quicker and much more interesting.95 chess assistant NEW FOR 2006. it also makes learning Order online at www.000 games. Bogolyubov’s Best Games . Openings.. Ultimate Tarrasch Defence .95 is the first training program on chess tactics for Pocket PC.0.000 games * Endgame Tablebases for 3-5 piece endings (DVD) * Endgame Tablebases for selected 6 piece endings on 2 (2 DVDs) * Commented Game Service 2004-2006. exchange. prophylaxis. (PGN format) The Chess Informants contain many fully annotated games played between the greats.Sicilian 50. Mate Studies Hone your skills and mate like a master.710. For use on Pocket PCs.95 How to play the middlegame against various opening set-ups. of Opening Blunders. Chess Assistant 8.Averbakh £24.2nd World Champion Collection of Lasker’s games. able to perform the following tasks for a student or a group of students: * View results and statistics in an easy.95 Intended for beginners. Theory and Practice of Chess Endings and Chess Endgame Training. 300 + annotated.000 games. Capablanca .Raetsky £24. Fischer. plan. which makes it useful to players of any Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players.chess. Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. Chess School for Beginners £24. Total Chess Training £74.Schiller £19. Comprehensive Chess Openings £29. Modern Chess Openings . Contains Chess Informant Reader. £24. Mate Studies..95 Instructive tutorial for the more experienced players.591 games.95 £44. keep your database up to date with this subscription service.95 £44.. of Middlegames III £24. Now on your Pocket PC you can solve chess combinations and improve your chess skills. Anand & Khalifman. studying openings.95 Includes 5 programs: Studies 2.95 No collection is complete without the games of Capablanca.French 50. Spassky.95 1.95 All you need to know about the endgame from the leading ending theoretician Yuri Averbakh. Comprehensive Chess Endings £24.95 IM Raetsky guides you through 20 lessons to improve your strategic thinking. Big Bird Powerbase .95 All the functions of the Chess Assistant 8. This compact opening manual contains a detailed classification. £24.95 Games of Capablanca.95 £24.Essential Knowledge . Modern Chess Openings .100 puzzles categorized by theme and difficulty Modern Chess Openings .4th World Champion £24.95 Alekhine .000 games. Pocket Chess Endings £24. Lasker . Compatible with ChessBase or Chess Assistant.Pickard 1.95 50. or playing chess against the computer.95 CT-Art 3. cross-tables & quizzes.95 £24. NEW Collected Works of Wilhelm Steinitz £59. (The user-friendly Chess Assistant interface) Chess Assistant produces other training software for all areas and levels of chess. Chess Tactics for Beginners £24. with Play as Alekhine feature.0 Training course based on best chess studies.95 Ency.

Mikhail Botvinnik. Due Feb. Part One features the play of champions Wilhelm Steinitz.1998 .95 Kasparov teaches you how to play his preferred Sicilian setup.Dirk Jan Geuzendam £22.kasparov: my great predecessors 31 £25 Signed copy: £35 £25 Signed copy: £35 £25 Signed copy: £35 £25 Signed copy: £35 The battle for the World Chess Championship has witnessed numerous titanic struggles which have engaged the interest not only of chess enthusiasts but also of the public at £24.Karolyi Kasparov’s Fighting Chess 1998 .99 Rite of Passage (89 mins) SPECIAL OFFER BUY ALL 5 My Story DVDs for £100 £15.chess. Also under the microscope are the games of Viktor Korchnoi.DVD DUE FEB 2006 Hitting the Wall (110 mins) BOTH STOHL BOOKS for £39. Part Five catalogues the "post-Fischer" period in the 1970's and early 1980's This period was dominated by Anatoly Karpov (world champion from 1975-1985) and his three-time challenger.99 Two part chronological examination of Kasparov’s finest games. Kasparov analyses deeply Karpov's greatest games and assesses the legacy of this great Russian genius.DVD £24.50 Fritz Media System based DVD explains this venerable opening. Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: for Garry Kasparov visits to the London Chess Centre DUE OUT FEBRUARY 2006 BUY ANY TWO VOLUMES FOR £45* BUY ALL FIVE VOLUMES FOR £100* *offer only applies to unsigned volumes Please note that the signed copies are labels from Garry’s visit to Chess & Bridge in 2005. ‘Deep Joining the Elite (113 mins) Blue’.95 Award winning documentary on Kasparov’s match in 1995 with his bete noir. The result was one of the most controversial moments in recent times.Stohl Stohl looks at the latter years of Kasparov’s competitive career. £22.95 £24. DUE MAR 2006 How to Play the Najdorf (DVD) . Watch www. £22. Viktor Korchnoi.Karolyi & Aplin Garry Kasparov: My Story Vol 5 . In this book. Kasparov . Part Four is possibly the most anticipated chess book of all time: Garry Kasparov on Bobby Fischer. These magnificent compilations of play from the early days of chess form the basis of the first first parts of Garry Kasparov's definitive history of the World Chess Championship. a must for all serious .Stohl Seventy four games from the first half of Kasparov’s career analysed.95 The Day Kasparov Quit .‘05 .95 Garry Kasparov: My Story Vol 2 . The chessboard is the ultimate mental battleground and the world champions themselves are supreme intellectual gladiators. For this reason personal dedications are only available in store.DVD £24.50 Garry Kasparov: My Story Vol 3 . Eye witness accounts of the fateful day at Linares 2005. Kasparov explains how each champion brought his own distinctive style to the chessboard and enriched the theory of the game with new ideas.DVD £24.95 Kasparov’s Fighting Chess 1993 .95 Garry Kasparov: My Story Vol 1 .uk Order online at www.95 Garry Kasparov’s Greatest Chess Games Vol 2 . Vasily Smyslov and Mikhail Tal. Part Two features the play of champions Max Euwe.Kasparov £24. Emanuel Lasker. Teenage Prodigy (104 mins) Game Over (DVD) £19. as well as examining their chief Career from Opening to Endgame DVD HARDBACK HARDBACK DVD DVD Garry Kasparov’s Greatest Chess Games Vol 1 .chess. who was at his peak during this £15. DUE FEB 2006 How to Play the Queens Gambit (DVD) . Jose Capablanca and Alexander Alekhine. Part Three looks at the reigns of Tigran Petrosian and Boris Spassky.50 Garry Kasparov: My Story Vol 4 . ‘06 £25 Signed copy: £35 Kasparov's biographies place them in a fascinating historical and political context.DVD Rebels and Renegades (86 mins) £24.

99) Over the board a player needs to be alert to tactics which effectively decide the outcome of most chess games.32 chess recommendations for beginners Starting Out in Chess £ £10 A great way to introduce young children to the game with all their favourite Disney characters. Buy Fritz and Chesster 1 and 2 now for £50 . as well as introducing tactical ideas which will soon have you winning games. Force and Time in chess.for adults Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. Once completed. There are lessons. £5 Checkmate! My First Chess Book £9. Vol 2 is also available for £22. Mastering Chess Tactics £12. allowing you to take in the information that much more easily. Chess for Absolute Beginners (DVD) £24. Buy Comprehensive Chess Course Volumes 1 and 2 for £32. attack and defence. how the pieces The latter half of the book moves onto very simple tactical ideas. Fritz 9 (CD ROM) £36.95. 3” Tournament Range Pieces (Black) £34.99 SAVE £2 (rrp £13. Each chapter covers a theme. the objects of the game and the values of the chess pieces. which should help any child inflict their first piece of parental chess misery! The Essentials.95 Reg 1 Mahogany & Maple Board (45mm) £19. Fritz and Chesster Disney Guide to Chess £7. and on Fritz 9 there is now video footage teaching you how to play chess. exercises and homework in this book designed for clear learning of the basics. the most famous chess player of all time. Also available: Simple Chess Tactics and Checkmates. Mastering Checkmates £11. Here the four time Women’s World Champion spends over four hoursshowing you how to master the basics. and for good reason.99 .99 Learn chess is twelve lessons with Lev Alburt.98! . The Essentials.. Play Winning Chess is no exception .99 SAVE £2 (rrp £14. See page 2 for details. the values of pieces..85! Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess.95 Susan is one third of chess’ most prodigious sisterhood: the Polgars.95 now £ £9..95. SPECIAL OFFER: Both ‘ Order online at www. 3” Tournament Player Combination.and what is the point of learning to play chess if you can’t beat your Dad?! Here Grandmaster Murray Chandler explains fifty of the most cunning checkmate patterns. Learn how to read the moves.99 The most popular chess program on the market.99 The ideal book for beginners. enthuisiastic £9. Each piece is carefully explained as are the rules and basic tactics.99 Simple design and . The ideal tool for learning the game and beyond.99 Yasser Seirwan’s ‘Winning Chess’ series is written in a clear.99 Learn to play chess with none other than Garry Kasparov.95 The amiable Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan introduces a staggering 3hrs 46mins of footage covering all elements of the Royal Game. including back rank checkmates and how to catch a fleeing king. Pro Chess is the ideal way to reinforce and improve your chess knowledge.and the ideal chess set to learn on. Clearly laid out and suitable for all ages.95 The most popular choice amongst our customers who are looking for software to teach chess.95 3” Tournament Player Combination £60 . Learn the rules. Starting Chess £11. Ok. as well as some of the numerous tricks and traps that Kasparov used on his way to becoming a chess champion. but it provides challenging exercises in which the reader can test their newly-acquired tactical skills. Buy Pro Chess AND Play Winning Chess by Seirawan for just £ you can move onto Fritz and Chesster 2.normally £39. a three time US Champion who brought over the secrets of the Russian Chess School. The DVD covers everything from how to set the men up to discussions of Space.95 Small Standard Wooden Box £14.99 CD ROM £29. 1 £14. The glossary of terms is particularly useful for the adults and there is even a cartoon entitled ‘Goofy in the Land of Chess’.for juniors SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: First time junior subscribers to ‘Chess’ can take their first year sub out for only £20 .. but there is nothing wrong with a little ambition! This superbly carved 3 inch set comes on a Mahogany and Maple 45mm board and a small Standard Wooden Box. How to Beat Your Dad at Chess £9. Great playing strength is now coupled with the new Fritz Media System... and here he guides us through the most thrilling aspect of tactical play: the art of checkmating. Not only does this book provide a wealth of practical advice. all of the rules and some simple tactics and checkmates.95 Pro Chess DVD was £34.. also £29.99) GM Neil McDonald is a popular chess writer and teacher.chess. Play Winning Chess £12.learn the basics from a player who places emphasis on understanding. dealing with how the chessmen move and capture.. Story line based games show you how to move the pieces and the basic rules and tricks.’ books for £20 . so you might not be a tournament player just yet.

uk .John Emms Starting Out: the Sicilian . £15.99 £12.99 £13.99 Opening Repertoire for White Explained £19.99 £13.John Emms £12. the watchdogs of strategy that take advantage of shortterm opportunities to trap or ambush an opponent and change the course of a game in a single move.John Shaw Starting Out: the Ruy Lopez . while key strategies.99 £12.95 Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player £17.99 £12.99 A gripping introduction to what you need to know to win chess endings.00!) IM Jeremy Silman.Angus Dunnington Starting Out: the Najdorf . the National Open and the U.95 The King in Jeopardy £ books for improvers STARTING OUT: OPENING GUIDES Bored of getting beaten with the Benoni? Fed up with the French or just plain terrified of the Trompowsky? If you’re nodding your head then the Starting Out: series is probably what you need! All the titles in the series are written in a user-friendly style with an abundance of notes. offers a friendly and accessible series of instructional books.99 £13.Joe Gallagher Starting Out: the Dutch Defence . In Seirawan's entertaining.99 This book by International Grand Master Yasser Seirawan provides a move-by-move account of the best chess games of the last 25 years by the world's most formidable chess players.99 £13. but also to choose appropriate attack and defense formations in the process. is a world-class teacher. International Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan guides you to find the right types of move for any given position.Raetsky & Chetverik Starting Out: the Caro Kann .99 £12.99 £15.99 £12. from beginner status to the expert level. as well as how to follow the plan through to its conclusion.99 The art of being able to devise and execute a long-term plan is essential to becoming a better chess player. His entertaining. easy-to-understand style.99 £12. incisive stories and insiders advice will help you develop a solid grasp of proven principles that you can apply with confidence whenever a game goes the distance.chess.Glenn Flear OTHER STARTING OUT: GUIDES Starting Out: Attacking Play . In his infectious style.Chris Ward Starting Out: the Pirc/Modern . Chess Rules of Thumb £9.99 £12.99 £13.99 Chess Training Pocket Book £13. tips and warnings scattered throughout.99 £12.00 (save over £22.Glenn Flear Starting Out: Rook Endgames .99 The two greatest challenges for beginning chess players are not only to survive the opening phase.99 £12.99 Opening Repertoire for Black Explained £19.95 Three Days with Bobby Fischer £16. aimed at the intermediate level player.Byron Jacobs Starting Out: the Grunfeld . In this series of four books aimed at the intermediate level player he tackles the strategies and tactics that will transform the way you play and analyse a game. ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated.Joe Gallagher Starting Out: the Queen’s Indian . The Alburt collection. Open.99 33 ANY TWO STARTING OUT GUIDES FOR £25 ANY FIVE STARTING OUT GUIDES FOR £60 Starting Out: Queen’s Gambit . The essential guide to the use of tactics. writer and player who has won the American Open.all 10 books only £150.Dunnington Starting Out: Minor Piece Endgames .99 Building Up Your Chess £22. Winning Chess Tactics Seirawan £14.99 £13.99 Learn sure-fire tactics and combinations from one of the world's top chess players. step by step.99 The Complete Alburt .99 £12.Neil McDonald Starting Out: the French .uk Order online at www.S.99 £12.Joe Gallagher Starting Out: Modern Benoni . Starting Out: Alekhine’s Defence .all four books only £50.99 £12. 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99 The best just got better. The Day Kasparov Quit ten Geuzendam £TBA March 11th. Chess Openings for Black.Full of common-sense advice. Bobby /newbooks. Through interviews and observations. £19. The world’s number 1 rated player retired from international chess.99 A complete repertoire of opening play-as well as a review of all openings and an explanation of the principles of playing this crucial stage of the game.Shahade £ everyone at the London Chess Centre is delighted with it! Chess Bitch . Najdorf: Life and Games Lissowski. More details can be found on page 26.99 In this book a multinational line-up of leading experts give recommendations against their own pets lines. She takes readers through the incredible development of the three sisters as they pursued their dreams: becoming chess prodigies. He won many International tournaments although never played for the World Championship.Rxc3 exchange sacrifice particularly important. Women’s champion. Experts vs. and a favourite of ambitious chess-players of all standards.99 This eagerly awaited 4th volume covers Khalifman’s recommendations against the Pirc and Modern Defences. Rowson makes use of his academic background in philosophy and psychology in an entertaining and instructive way.chess.Kasparov £25 In this book. The new edition incorporates sleek graphics.Kasparov £25 This book brings together the two greatest names in the history of chess. Chess Bitch is an eye opening account of how today’s young female chessplayers are successfully knocking down the doors to a traditionally male dominated game. is the world number one and. with the . how to get results against strong opposition and how to avoid silly mistakes. The Unknown growing into contenders. The subject of the book. this book is an acknowledged chess classic. but suffice to say. Kortchnoi and many other giants who battled it out to earn the right to challenge world champion Botvinnik.50 Chess for Zebras Rowson £17. how to play upon your opponents weaknesses.99 The Dragon is one of the key battlegrounds of modern chess. and make use of the information that he gains as a result of moving second. Explained due early 06. ed. the greatest player ever.. Chess for Tigers Webb £15. many Sicilian themes are seen in their clearest form. it became stronger in all fields.chess. While the books concentrate on the first 20 moves or so of a game. The Sicilian. Play the Sicilian Dragon Dearing £17.99 Written by the 2004 U. In this in-depth work from the young IM Edward This book assists all players in their efforts to improve. leaving a void at the top which many are now fighting to fill. each with their own goals and aspirations. is the only American to have become world champion and is probably the greatest natural talent the world has ever fact.Alburt £19. For the last decade Fritz has been the leading chess software package. Petrosian. and provides fresh insights into the opening and early middlegame. annotates the most important ones (including 16 of Fischer's!) and describes the course of the tournament. Chess Openings for White.99 Miguel Najdorf has been described as a flamboyant poet of the chessboard whose career spanned six decades.html Tel: 020 7388 2404 Fax: 020 7388 2407 Email: info@chess. as well as the slightly more offbeat Czech system. Timman takes a fresh look at the games.000 copies being sold worldwide.99 Do you want to win more games? Chess for Tigers tells you how to make the most of your playing strength. Breaking Through Polgar £20 Susan Polgar provides a candid inside view of the lives of the Polgar sisters. with so much coming out every month. Mikhailchishin and Najdorf £14. Curacao 1962 . My Great Predecessors Part 5 . Fully illustrated with twocolour chess diagrams throughout. how to steer the game into a position which suits you and not your opponent.. Garry Kasparov.99 In a strikingly original work. 4 £15.99. Opening for White according to Anand Vol. where precise knowledge of variations is essential. a larger database. Thomas Luther and Jacob Aagaard are amongst a team of writers who write both intelligently and thoroughly on an otherwise intimidating subject. ? Of course. Here we showcase some of the best books to come out in the previous year. Shahade paints a colourful world that most chess fans didn’t know . The author. best of 2005 and coming soon 2005 was another busy year for chess publishing. Also under the microscope are the games of Viktor Korchnoi who was at his peak during this period and twice challenged Karpov for his world title. by common consent. 2005... This is an informed biography complemented by one hundred selected games that demonstrate his originality and brilliance. The repertoire is based around the critical Austrian Attack with 4. This is the main reason why the book runs into an incredible 400 pages! 2006 The Tips for Fritz 9 (CD ROM) £36. they never leave you hanging without a plan. What caused Garry to walk away from chess? This collection of interviews written by the New in Chess editor are sure to be captivating in both their content and insight into one of chess’ most significant retirements. increased playing strength.40 The Best of 2005 My Great Predecessors Part 4 ..99 In Curaçao 1962 Jan Timman returns to the 1962 Candidates Tournament featuring Fischer. The line-up of writers is impressive: Peter Heine-Nielsen.. Explained .S. by Aagaard & Shaw £15. winning World titles and Olympiad gold medals. Keep up to date with all the new releases on our website: www. Rowson presents many new ideas on how Black should best combat White's early initiative.Timman £17. Peter Wells. it’s hard for even us to tell you about everything that is coming out. a must for all serious chess players Kasparov analyzes deeply his great adversary Anatoly Karpov's greatest games and assesses the legacy of this great Russian Order online at www. with over 100. Tal.f4. as well as give you a glimpse of the titles we are looking forward to in 2006. the multitude of possibilities are examined with verve and vigour. In the Dragon. Buy both for £37.

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