Parking Market size ============================== Airport Parking Mkt size $8.7 B in 2007? Mindbranch sez $7 Bil?

Market Research sez $17 Bil 2-3 % inc in efficiency = $350-500 Mil Say 10% conversion = $35-50 Mill & of that 10-20% mkt share $3.5-10 mill Alt Maybe 25-50 mill investment justified 20-30% market share - Could make max 3-10 Mill annually; Who is the competition? What is the current sales scene? Started talking to any major players - central/ standard etc Major Player Central Parking Corporation Standard Parking Corporation ABM Industries Incorporated Ace Parking Management, Inc. Market Share abt $1.0 bill abt $640 mill abt $3.0 bill abt $700 mill DIRECT COMPETITOR COMPARISON STAN ABM Pvt1 Pvt2 Industry Market Cap: 378.85M 1.10B N/A N/A 198.80M Employees: 7,060 107,000 18,9401 8002 475 Qtrly Rev Growth (yoy): 12.40% 31.10% N/A N/A Revenue (ttm): 643.37M 3.06B 1.11B1 67.00M2 302.07M Gross Margin (ttm): 13.62% 10.42% N/A N/A EBITDA (ttm): 42.11M 103.99M N/A N/A 51.65M Oper Margins (ttm): 5.74% 2.74% N/A N/A Net Income (ttm): 18.17M 50.10M 27.90M1 N/A EPS (ttm): 0.957 0.984 N/A N/A 0.15 P/E (ttm): 21.90 22.30 N/A N/A 21.90 PEG (5 yr expected): 1.97 1.54 N/A N/A P/S (ttm): 0.61 0.38 N/A N/A 0.77 ABM = ABM Industries Inc. Pvt1 = Central Parking Corporation (privately held) Pvt2 = Diamond Parking, Inc. (privately held)

8.90% 44.48% 5.12% 2.03M 1.48 Abstract This $17 billion profitable but fragmented service industry has attracted attent ion from Wall Street, and was rapidly consolidating as mom & pop operations were b ought out. The industry s 40,000 facilities are divided into privately owned parki ng facilities and those in the public sector (at airports, municipal buildings, ho spitals, colleges). This 3rd edition study covers: industry size (1986-2008 fore cast, 2004-2005 performance and outlook), new automated parking and payment tech nologies, how garages are operated (contract types), latest new Census data/indu stry ratios (national, state), factors affecting demand: parking garage construc tion, gas prices, the economy, the weather, commercial/office construction and v

acancy rates.dambach. Also includes new 2005 survey of NPA members/operating ratios of private facilities. AMPCO System Parking). Study contain s 84 tables & http://www. Central http://www. Study contains operating ratios of public parking facilities/highl ights of 2004 IPI member survey. and provides profiles of the leading chains (AP COA/Standard .federalapd.dblpark. http://www.

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