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Sample Public Relations Plan Outline

Although each PR plan will be uniquely organized and formatted by its author, the following outline includes all necessary components. I. Introduction- Situation analysis including state of the market and key issues that programs will address Objectives Overall objectives of the public relations efforts in support of companys marketing objectives Message Model 3-5 key messages, based on the company positioning strategy detailed in the Marketing Plan, that PR programs will communicate Target Audience Lists An expanded list of press (on-line and print, newsletters, trades, technology, business, local, and broadcast), market and financial analysts and other influencers, based on the Market Leverage Model in the Marketing Plan. Lists should be prioritized (tier 1, 2, etc.) and categorized by type and coverage. Include in-depth profiles of Top 10 publications and Top 5 analyst firms. Spokespersons/Training List of approved spokespersons for various topics, e.g. Corporate CEO, Technology CTO, Product VP Marketing, and plan for general training of spokespersons and for pre-briefing prior to interviews and tours






Programs Detail on specific programs, with objectives, tactics, timing, budget and measurement for each. Sample programs might include: A. Corporate/Product Press Kit Materials corporate presentation, backgrounder, fact sheets, data sheets, collateral, kit cover, etc.


B. Press Releases - rolling schedule C. Product Launch includes integration with general launch plan to sales, customers, etc. D. Press Tours topics, preparation, spokespersons, specialized materials, etc. E. Speaking Opportunities/Calendar of Events including technology, industry and financial conferences F. Trade Shows G. White Papers H. Contributed Articles technical, industry, etc. I. Customer Testimonials J. Partner Programs interoperability, alliance announcements, etc. K. Editorial Calendars include calendars of top 10 publications and program strategies for each L. Analyst Program III. IV. Timelines and Schedules Headcount and Consolidated Budget include budgets for news wire distribution, clipping service, paid publications, research services, materials, outside services, agencies, travel, etc.

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