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ITECH5401 Professional Communication - Tutorial 5 Tooba Aamir - 30102620

University of Ballart (Semester-1 2012) Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Course title Professional Communication Course Instructor Ms Lucy Dymorz-Bak Submitted by: Tooba Aamir 30102620 Submitted to: Ms Swetha Rao Gali


ITECH5401 Professional Communication - Tutorial 5 Tooba Aamir - 30102620

May 6, 2012
Answers only: 11.1 Case Study 11.1.1 Model essays are very beneficial for students as they help students to understand the demands of essays and to compare quality of their essay with the one of model essays. Also these sample essays provide a guideline as to what is needed to be included in essay and what is not. But on the other hand wrong use of these essays give rise to problem of plagiarism. Moreover, sometimes these model essays are not up to the mark, and usage of such essays can result in low quality work by students. 11.1.2 This essay is very effective in understanding changing use of language. It helps in explaining the breakdown and general usage of language. Moreover, Chomskys four levels help a lot about the map out of language for example, using words context and its usage in the required context. Also pronunciation context of the words is also discussed. 11.1.3 In order to improve the quality of this paper references can play important role. Along with this, it should be noted that references are in text and bibliographic too. Moreover, structure of essay could be improved with help of appropriate headings and bullet points showing important points of essay. 11.2 Case Study 11.2.1 According to given mind map themes that can be used are: If exports are improved, it can help in becoming an equal trading partner with other main trading nations. Another important growth factor is resources available along with world market situation and talent available in Australia. To overcome export problems it is important to pay special attention to export of primary and secondary products along with services and art sector. 11.2.2 The outline includes: Globalisation and exports, including both pro and anti globalisation events Role of technology in international trade How Australia fared in the new economy stakes Major Australian trade partners like: o Trade in Japan o IT and creative exports to South Korea o Story of Chinas rise and rise as an economic power and export destination for Australia The Economics of Special Events Trade dimensions during special events like the Olympics Special events including the Olympic Games, the Rugby World Cup, The Melbourne Cup, the Grand Prix, and, of course, Oscar night when Australias most famous and glamorous exports are on display for all the world to see and admire.

ITECH5401 Professional Communication - Tutorial 5 Tooba Aamir - 30102620

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11.3 Case Study 11.3.1 These notes are sort of from brainstorming of ideas as it is most basic way of generating ideas for essay. It helps to build concept map and ideas what are to be included in essay. Also it provides a map as to how to structure the essay and what methods to be used while writing. 11.3.2 To improve these notes, it is important to make a structure of essay as to what writing style is needed to write the essay. 11.3.3 Next step is to organise the material in logical order and to determine major topics and subtopics to be discussed. Along with this it is essential to recognise thesis statement. 11.3.4 Topics to be discussed: Origin of immigrants o Immigration programs o Demography of immigrants Multicultural issues o Effects on society o Effects on media, as in to cater needs o Problems for migrant workers o Illegal migrants Communication problems o Cultural differences o Australian attitude towards migrants

ITECH5401 Professional Communication - Tutorial 5 Tooba Aamir - 30102620 o o Difference in income Migrants and Australian institutes

Major needs o Importance on interpreters and translators o Community facilities o Issues of discrimination o Effects of migration on education system