WMS and Order Management: Making It All Work Together

Eric Fuhrman Senior Principal Consultant DARC Corporation

• Introduction • Walk through shipping process
– Pick Release – Picking – LPNs – Staging, Ship Confirm

• Q&A

Shipping Before and After WMS
• Pick Release
– Before WMS and after, release sales orders in the Release Sales Order window or by SRS, but there are additional fields to watch.

Pick Release Options
Plan Tasks Option

Pick Release Tasks
• “Plan Tasks” option has been added for WMS organizations, and controls whether tasks are released manually in the WMS control board (more on that later)

Shipping Before and After WMS
• Picking
– Before WMS, Pick sheets printed & Pick Confirm done automatically or after pick completed. – After WMS, Pick is managed line by line by Tasks. Picking is done in Mobile Supply Chain Application, and Pick Confirm is done by dropping items in Staging.

Pick Methods
• Picks can be by Order Pick, Zone Pick or Bulk Pick • Can also Pick by LPN with WMS Cartonization • Tasks (individual lines) are tracked by WMS and can be assigned in Warehouse Control Board

Pick Slips and Labeling
• Pick slips are generally not printed in a WMS environment. • Label printing is driven by a rules engine from WMS • Labeling requirements should be outlined early in the WMS implementation

Picking Rules
• Picking Rules can be set up that control the selection of which inventory locator to pick from. • Use care when defining pick/putaway rules – if the rules engine fails to find a matching locator, the order will backorder even if inventory is available.

Shipping Before and After WMS
• License Plate Numbers (LPNs)
– Before WMS, LPNs assigned manually in shipping process, not used in picking – After WMS, LPNs are used throughout the picking and shipping process, as well as receiving and inventory

Shipping Before and After WMS
• Staging & Ship Confirm
– Before WMS, Staging Subinventory & Locator specified manually, Ship Confirm is generally manual – After WMS, additional options for Staging lanes, shipping lanes and Ship confirm process are available

Staging Areas
• Staging locators can be used to divide outgoing shipments for processing • Staging lanes can also be integrated with outgoing shipping schedules and Oracle Transportation Management

Staging Areas
• LPNs & Deliveries are assigned to staging locators by Put-Away rules assigned to the Sales Order Pick transaction

Additional Ship Confirm Options
• In addition to the Ship Confirm options in Shipping Execution, WMS adds a delivery-based Ship Confirm in MSCA and a Ship by LPN option


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