S. commercial areas. tourist and automobile.B.0 Serviced apartments – 2. This zone is to provide relief and expansion potential to the market by means of providing basic necessities such as parking.T and a number of historical buildings spread across. The three zones take advantage of their locations and tap the development potential presented by their respective sites. DEVELOPMENT CONTROLS GROUND COVERAGE        Offices – 30% Institutional area –60% Hotels – 50% Serviced apartments – 50% Commercial area – 40% Multi-level car parking – 70% Mixed use premises –40% FLOOR AREA RATIO      Offices – 2.2 Hotels – 2.The redevelopment plan for Kashmere gate is divided into three zones.0 .0 Commercial area – 1. SITE 3 – TRADE ZONE This site is to take advantage of its interstate connectivity through the highway connections and developed as a trade hub with offices and appropriate ancillary facilities to provide opportunities for growth of trade. loading docks etc. SITE 2 – TOURIST ZONE The main assets of this site are its proximity to the Kashmere gate metro station and I. trade. The site is to be developed as a hub for tourists with accommodation and leisure activities by tapping the heritage potential of the site. and developing the site as a destination for auto enthusiasts.4 Institutional area –1. SITE 1 – AUTOMOBILE ZONE The Kashmere gate auto market is the major influence on this site.

Kashmere Gate auto market – Space for a total of 800 cars coming to the market.T spill over –Space for 50 buses to be provided on site 3 for spill over of the Inter State Bus Terminus  BUILDING HEIGHTS    Site 1 – Buildings to not exceed maximum height of 24m Site 2 – Buildings to not exceed maximum height of 15m Site 3 –Buildings to not exceed maximum height of 40m BASEMENTS  Basements are to be avoided as far as possible to preserve the top soil and help ground water recharge in the area.  Multi-level car parking – 3. SPECIAL PROVISIONS BUILT HERITAGE .5m pavement on each side.5 Mixed use premises –3.S. This space may be spread out through the three zones and need not be provided only on the surface. Subsidiary access roads for the market and hotels are to be two roads with two carriageways of 4.B.2 ROAD WIDTHS   The main road is to be a two way road with two lanes on each carriageway with 2m wide divider and 1. I.Space for 60 cars on surface for existing residential area to be provided in front of the residential development.5m and 1m wide divider. PARKING    Commercial areas – 3 ECS/100 square meter built up area Residential . Provision of basements may be considered only under unavoidable circumstances on a case to case basis.

especially on site 2. All existing buildings are to be utilized for appropriate purposes and assigned adequate functions and not used merely for display. SERVICES FORMAL/AESTHETIC CONTROLS MATERIALS ENVIRONMENTAL CRITERIA . Water body on site 2 should have a natural system of cleansing by means of vegetation and flora and fauna etc. should be subdued and subtle which highlights the play and ornamentation of the existing architectural vocabulary. The character of the new development. LANDSCAPING   Pedestrian areas should be either hard paved or covered with green. and no mechanical systems are to be used.    The built heritage of the site is to be respected and highlighted in all planning and design. The new development should support and enhance the aesthetic value of the existing buildings and the existing buildings in turn should be included in the new system to give more value to it.

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