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Roy G. Callahan, USN, Ret.

1529 NW 143rd Street Gainesville, Florida 32606 Tel: (352) 332-9144 Fax: (352) 332-9144 Senator Rob Bradley 208 Senate House Office Building 404 South Monroe Street Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1000 The tragic shootings in Connecticut and resultant controversy regarding gun control reminded me of the MartinZimmerman case here in Florida. You might recall Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and an assortment of politicians inflamed public passion absent facts to support their claims.1 They were instrumental in turning something that should be factual into something political which continues today. Senator Smith was a participant in in the rush to judgment that ensued which has nothing to do with justice or the rule of law. In the aftermath of the Martin shooting, Senator Chris Smith created a task force to study the issue stating he was forced to act because the state had not. As a consequence, Gov. Rick Scott appointed Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll to lead a separate "Stand Your Ground" panel. The group studied the issue for six months but ultimately didn't recommend any substantial changes to the law. As a consequence, Senator Smith has authored and submitted SB 136 for consideration during the 2013 legislative session. SB 136 attempts to alter the current law in four ways: It "Requires, rather than authorizes, a law enforcement agency to investigate the use of force under certain circumstances." "Deletes the provision that prohibits a law enforcement agency from arresting a person for using force under certain circumstances." "Deletes the provisions that make justifiable use of force available to an aggressor who initially provokes the use of force against himself or herself." "Requires each law enforcement agency within the state to submit a monthly report regarding incidents and cases in which a claim regarding the justifiable use of force is raised." He continues to try to turn what should be a legal issue into a racial/political issue. He uses the ambiguous term certain cases in SB 136 which allows those with a political agenda to muddy the waters. This has nothing to do with a factual and legal objective that the law requires to do justice. Simply said, he is attempting to clarify the parameters which, as written, is an attempt to water them down. The news reports Senator Smith alleges The tragic shooting in Sanford, Florida, earlier this year, was a call to action, it underscored the ease with which an aggressor can dodge prosecution simply by claiming fear of bodily harm. And it underscored the abuse of the law by non-law abiding citizens and the confusion law enforcement faced about its basic provisions. Sadly, no court of law or fact finding body has proven his allegation is true making his assertion political, not factual. His advocacy of the race and victimization continues.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make a living peddling race and victimhood.

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SB 136 creates the requirement that law enforcement agencies send monthly reports on cases claiming justifiable use of force. This enhances the burdensome administrative state, calling into question the veracity, professionalism and qualifications of law enforcement and others who are responsible for investigating and determining facts. It enhances the possibility that politics will transcend facts. If this case would have been Black on Black, White on White, Hispanic on Hispanic, or Asian on Asian, Senator Smith, Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson et al would not have cared or become involved. Similarly, if this case involved a baseball bat, knife, or any other weapon, the same is true. The fact is this case deals with a firearm and the right to self-defense which is anathema to Senator Smith, and the democrats he wanted on the panel whose principle purpose would have been to obfuscate the facts and conclusions deliberated by the commission that was chaired by Lt. Governor Carroll. Senator Smith and democrats in genplantation they are erecting where dependency is the law of the land. To laws that are clear, concise; and crerupt, dysfunctional, and political legal wrong, and makes excuses for antiior. This makes justice uncertain which SB 136 proposes to do. eral want everyone to live on the protection, equal outcome and accomplish their goal, they decry ate certainty. They prefer a corsystem that redefines right and social and otherwise bad behavis what Senator Smith, through

Senator Smith and his fellow travelers epitomize what is wrong with this country. Unlike Lloyd Marcus who introduces himself as an American, Senator Smith, by action and deed, advocates hyphenation, victimization and division the Martin-Zimmerman case highlights and Mr. Marcus disavows. There is nothing civilized about a society that curtails a potential victims ability to protect themselves against societys criminal predators. I support Senate President Don Gaetz decision that any Senate bill must have a House companion bill moving in that chamber to receive hearings. Should this bill come before you, I hope you will consider the facts and the ideology that goes with it and vote no. Yours in the Bill of Rights,

Roy G. Callahan Copy to: Keith Perry; other house and senate members and Lt. Governor Carroll

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