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V.Sudarsana Rao, Date:- Saturday 24, Nov.2012. Hello My Dear Bro.

Lee Robinson and Family, Cordial Greetings to you and to your nice family members, and to the whole Lords family and to the Elders, Deacons, Preachers, Teachers, and Mission Committee. We are continually Praying for you all and offering whole hearted thanks for your good deeds for us and appreciate of your candid love which is un-expressed love towards us. We are always remembering you all in every activity. We cannot forget of your love and responsibility towards the good work in India since years. We always thinking, recalling of our previous Elders, and Deacons also. My family and the Lords families here in our surrounding areas are Praying for you all. Thanks for your supporting us since yours. Thank God for your love and good deeds. I myself and my two sons along with the men in the congregations here working hard and striving through the powerful Gospel of Christ to bring and gathering them who scattered away from the Truth. This is a good point in the mind of God since the beginning, to save the world as we see in the book of the 2nd Thessalonians 2:13-14, & Isaiah 11:12.ff. This is our Idea also to keep preaching the Gospel to explain the Scheme of Redemption as Gods Love in Christ for the human being to be saved. This is the reason we have in our mind that we are always remembering the excellent mind of God towards the wicked people as we read in the book of Ezekiel 18:23-32. We Pray for the successful in this trials for the perished ones to be saved through the Gospel of Christ our beloved Savior. So kindly remember us in your powerful Prayers. In order to increase more of our striving here for the perished souls, we need your kind co-operation to reach every corner of our surround areas. In the Forest areas there are many villages that where there is a need to Preach the Gospel not where Christ was named, but as it is written, to whom he was not spoken of, they shall see: and they that have not heard shall understand. (Rom.15:20-21.). Many congregations here are really improved financially to reach many places through their Sponsors, and by their good suggestions & encouragement to improve the good work here, likewise I need your help to go ( as in matt.28:19-20 & mk.16:15-16)., out to outcast people as still remained as the strangers. We are doing our best in this competitive world of idols and Pagan worshippers. Kindly understand of my agony in my heart. I did not ask any money to develop the work here, because I can do my best and also I have believed that Bro.Harry could do help to increase the great work though us here by arrange the way financially to reach to the aim that I have in my mind. So now I am opening my mouth after long waiting, therefore kindly consider to provide the provision of finance in this great asset to develop the our areas with good work through us also here in the satanic insane areas. Kindly Pray and move to do with great love and great responsibility of the Indian work. I believe that you could hear and grasp in this situation in this connection also. I am also waiting to your word on my last Septembers Budget Report. I think that you are in consideration work there with the co-operation of the missions committee in the presence of the good Eldership for now. I did not receive any answer for that letter still. I am still waiting with good confidence on your kind thinking. Please send a word that what happened on it. Here the School Teachers, and food commodities shop owners troubling me for their salaries in the School, and creditors. The food commodities rates so high, and insufficient in all angels here. I am troubling so much for the monthly adjustment here with the people. Kindly send the school support, children home support and my support as soon as possible. Still we didnt receive any letter from you since the last October. I think that you can understand the desolate situation by heavy floods and mighty rains in the cyclone in our area in this

Nov.2012. I know you have also the same. I sent some flood victims pictures in the last emails to you. kindly pray and keep good communication with me. I am keeping the good work in the congregations, and in the midst of the Preachers classes here in our Andhra Pradesh State. The Preachers Fellowship meetings are going on in several cities, towns, in different Districts. I am particularly teaching, showing good examples of the Apostles of Jesus who did good work with courageous mind to lead perished souls into the kingdom of Christ. Many Preachers are learning good things and keeping the same and doing the good work satisfy. We are keeping area wise meetings, street meetings, and public meetings here and they are fruitful. People growing slowly in the knowledge of Christ, and in the love, and in faith. Please pray for our work. As the result of the spreading the Truth here, there is two souls who Baptized into Christ on 20th Nov.2012 at Nuzveed. It 350 kilometres from my place both sides. Thank God for this great result. This is occurred there after my Preaching, still some people to be Baptized into Christ in that area. Also I am preaching in another District called Vizianagaram too far from me. In Nov.2012 first week and second week I have visited that areas and preached. Kindly see the pictures which I have Baptized. Kindly Pray for my work here, and for my family, School, Children Home also. We are regularly keeping the Prayers for your good health, wealth, and for the good work there. The Flood Victims also praying for your country and for you all. In our Children Home there are two girls who became matured ( Puberty in their bodies.) as an Indian customs we kept them in a separate room for 7 days, with good selected food, arranged bath after 7 days and arranged function celebrated arranging food for others also. The matures girls names are 1. Vineela. Age:- 14. Yrs. And another girls name is Laxmy. Age:- 14 yrs. We are sending their pictures also. All the Expenditures bore by our family here in this month, Nov.2012. it needs much money to maintain for their function. It is our custom in our nation. The two girls are Orphans. They are now in the 7th standard in our Fred O Neals School here. Pray for their good future. And another good news from our Children home is, there is one girl named G.Anusha, now she is studying Degree in another College, she is fatherless. Her age is 21 years. Now she got marry with a Gospel Preacher. She has Baptized by me in the October. 2012, and now got marry on 23rd Nov.2012. her picture also coming to you. kindly pray for the new couple. She learnt much spiritual lessons in our Fred ONeals Christian Children home with us. She is a leading person in our youth classes in the church here. We are so happy to inform you all these things which occurred in our Children Home. Thank God for these good things. Thanking you, Yours in His kindness, V.Sudarsana Rao & Family