China Government Scholarship”Nanjing University Master and PhD Program”


Chinese Government Scholarship is a scholarship set up by the Chinese government to facilitate students and scholars from all over the world to conduct their study and research in Chinese universities. The scholarship aims to increase the mutual understanding and friendship between people of China and people from the rest of the world and to develop the communication and cooperation between China and the rest of the world in the field of Education, Technology, Culture and Economics. From the year 2008 under approval of the Ministry of Education of China, Nanjing University will start to offer Chinese Government Scholarships to outstanding master or PhD students. Nanjing University is one of the top universities in China under the direct supervision of Ministry Education of China. Nanjing University was founded in the year 1902 and it is well-known for its strong academic portfolio and outstanding professors. Nanjing University is located in the heart of a historical city Nanjing. It is surrounded by a beautiful scenery, excellent environment and accessible transportation. The University is currently host to 23 schools and 65 departments offering 162 majors for master degrees and 93 PhD degrees. A master degree takes 3 years while a PhD degree takes 3 to 4 years. Nanjing University uses a credit system, acquiring the total number of credits for the degree and successfully passing the oral defense of the Graduation Paper for a student to graduate. QUALIFICATIONS (1) Academic Background: Applicant must have completed a four-year undergraduate degree for master degree pursuer and a master degree or equivalent for PhD degree pursuer. (2) Chinese Language: Applicant must be willing to learn Chinese language, if applicable, and receive education in Chinese language. (3) Health: Applicant must be mentally and physically healthy.

※Students currently studying in China are not applicable. Students who have been granted for other
Chinese scholarship or funding(2012-2013) are not applicable. TERM OF SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship will be tenable for three years and four years from the date of award for masters’ degree and PhD degree, respectively. One-year preparatory education in Chinese language prior to grantees’ study of his major will be provided with full scholarship benefits if deemed necessary.

st For further inquiries. Email: zhoucy@nju. applicants must submit the following documents to the Scholarship Coordinator (address below) by the required date.R.000 for masters’ degree student and PhD degree Applications th are accepted from October 15th 2011 to December 15 2011. 2012.Notification of successful applicants will be posted on the official web site of the Institute for International Students Nanjing University in March .edu.700 and RMB 2. Any document written in any other language must be attached with an English or Chinese translation. (1) (2) (3) Printed Applicationform with recent photograph Certified true-copy of Academic transcript and Diploma of highest degree obtained (English Two recommendation letter from adviser/professor of the last school attended Translation is need if transcript and diploma were in language other than Chinese and English) (4) Medical certificate (Download) (5) Printed “Code for International Scholarship Students of Nanjing University” with applicant’s signature. After fill in the application form on-line (agency number for Nanjing University is 10284). (4) Accommodation: A free accommodation will be provided to a grantee in the International Dormitory of the University for the entire duration of the scholarship. respectively. 210093 Tel. please contact: Miss Zhou Chunyue Scholarship Coordinator Institute for International Students Nanjing University. The submitted documents will not be returned. P. (2) School Fees: Fees for matriculation and tuition will be paid by the Chinese government. After the on-line application is complete. 22 Hankou Rd Nanjing. (3) Health Insurance: A health insurance will be provided to the grantee by CSC for the entire duration of his/her scholarship. School year starts from 1 of September.SCHOLARSHIP BENEFITS (1) Allowance: Grantee will be provided a monthly stipend of RMB 1. (Download) The above documents must be written in English. applicant must click the “submit” button and print out application from the application APPLICATION PROCEDURE Applicants must log on the on-line application system to do an on-line registration and application(laihua.

. Nuclear Energy. USE DHL for sending documents Admission Requirements: Common Qualification: A Certificated of English Proficiency Score 1. Geo science and Mineral Resources. 3) English scores will be required. Industrial Technology. Do read the research profile and research papers of the professors whom major are you applying and do show your intentions in your research proposals regarding their research work. Integrative Program . So.Those who have a bachelor's degree or are expected to obtain one by February. Korea. Important Notes 1) Before sending research proposal or other things. Scholarship amount: For Masters: 1150 $ approximately per month. Science and Technology Information. have to be filled and send by post. engineering and Pharmacy etc. Toxicology (Pharmacy).Railroad Research( Electric Power). do not let this opportunity go away and apply here as it is highly paid scholarship and with many benefits The UST comprises of several research institutes. Oriental Medicine (Pharmacy). 2013.[10/10/2012 2:05:55 PM] faizan sidiki: Highly Paid. Chemistry). it will benefit you surely. Bio science and Biotechnology. Chemical Technology. Do not write anything which you do not know. Materials Science. For PhD: 1550 $ approximately per month. Machinery & Materials. as last time they have rejected some applicants due to it. that they may get a good idea that you are useful to them.Polar Research Institute (Chemistry). Standards and Science(Physics) . Master's Program.Energy Research . Ocean Research & Development (Chemistry) . if you are good in programming. physics. Construction Technology . Materials. then do mention it by some practical experiences. chemistry. Several MS and PhD Opportunities in University of Science & Technology (UST). Other benefits: Overseas Trainings and Exchange studies in different countries and universities on UST expenses. Spring. The Field Comprises of Electronics and Telecommunications. 2) For Electronics and Computer majors students. Electro technology (Electrical . 4) This time Application forms attached on the page whose link given below. which work in different fields and they offer one of the best paid scholarships for Maters and PhD in numerous fields for Spring 2013 The fields offered belong to every major such as nuclear energy. 2013 First of all.

Only master's degree is conferred on those who have passed the qualification examination of a doctoral program and have met the requirement of the master's degree. each major details are given on the link below and download all the files given as attachment on this link.An integrative program is defined as a graduate program where students can obtain doctoral degree without submitting master's thesis and their applying for doctoral program.23 (Tuesday) by 6 pm. The circle "O" means that "VACANCY IS PRESENT " and cross "X" means "NO VACANCY".Those who are admitted through this program should pass qualification examinations of a doctoral program. and whose parents are not citizens of Korea. .ust.Those who have a master's degree or are expected to get one by February. .do?todo=getArticleDetail&articleListSize=10&bbsid=29&article id=17688&iscreate=Y&spagesize=10&searchgb=&ssearchgb=&pageno=1&gubun=&status=&isroot= &mode=DETAIL&articleidlist=&depthlist=&eqanda=&ususerid=&ususernm=&s_articleid=17688&roo tid=17688&depth=0&rootstep=0&s_articleid=17638&rootid=17638&depth=0&rootstep=0&s_article id=17630&rootid=17630&depth=0&rootstep=0&s_articleid=17602&rootid=17602&depth=0&rootst ep=0&s_articleid=17591&rootid=17591&depth=0&rootstep=0&s_articleid=17585&rootid=17585&d epth=0&rootstep=0&s_articleid=17572&rootid=17572&depth=0&rootstep=0&s_articleid=17526&ro otid=17526&depth=0&rootstep=0&s_articleid=17512&rootid=17512&depth=0&rootstep=0&s_articl eid=17492&rootid=17492&depth=0&rootstep=0&searchgb_tmp=T&ssearchgb_tmp= . how to apply. 2012. What is an integrative program? .. if they quit during the program.Those who are recognized as having qualifications equivalent to a bachelor's degree or approved by the law. 10(Wednesday) ~ October. Rest of requirements you can see on the attachments on the web page available on the web link given below Application Schedule Application by Post or by in person : October.D. which will explain you every thing http://www. 2013. Program . Foreign applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements: . So be careful while applying that whether vacancy is present or not. Important Note : In PDF files.Those who are recognized as having qualifications equivalent to a master's degree or approved by the law. which shows the vacancies for each major for MS and PhD. All the information about explanation of requirements.Must not have held a Korean Citizenship. . Qualification .

click "notice board".OR Open The first post if of Admissions and the under "Admissions" tab.

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