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1. Who were the first British group to top the US album charts with a Spice Girls
debut album?
2. How many strings are on a cello? 4
3. Who performed Love Shine a Light for the UK in the 1997 Eurovision Katrina and the Waves
Song Contest?
4. Who composed the musical Starlight Express? Andrew Lloyd Webber
5. Which male singing voice is lower than tenor but higher than bass? Baritone
6. Which German composer wrote the Brandenburg concertos? Bach
7. How many pipes, to the nearest thousand, does the world’s largest pipe 33,114
organ have?
8. Which Italian musical instrument is literally translated as Soft Loud? Piano Forte
9. Which Irish pop singer was awarded a KBE in 1986? Bob Geldof
10. Who is better known as Old Blue Eyes? Frank Sinatra

Food and Drink

1. What animal is featured in the shell logo? Scallop
2. Which French president famously asked "How can you govern a Charles De Gaule
country which has 246 varieties of cheese?"?
3. Excluding water, what is the most widely consumed beverage in the Tea
4. What is the world's largest food company? Nestle
5. The average cat food meal is equivalent to how many mice? 5
6. Where does Darjeeling tea come from? India
7. What is ground up to make marzipan? Almonds
8. What is the real ingredient of mock turtle soup? Veal
9. What spice do chefs pay the most for? Saffron
10. What flavour schnapps has solid gold flakes floating in it? Cinnamon

General Knowledge
1. What nationality troops devised cigarettes at the battle of Acre? Turkish
2. Which ocean reaches its maximum depth in the Marianas trench? Pacific
3. What is the largest lake in England? Windemere
4. Numismatics is the term for collecting and studying of what objects? Coins and medals
5. What is the science of correcting irregularities in the teeth and the Orthodontics
6. What 14-ton timely legacy is named after Sir Benjamin Hall Big Ben
7. Which biblical characters name meant “I have created”? Cain
8. What is the name for a male bee? Drone
9. From which creature does the word Pavilion take its name? Butterfly
10. In which film did a rugby team’s plane crash in the Andes? Alive
Science and Nature
1. What is the common name for an ecchymosis? Bruise
2. What is the chemical symbol for Potassium? K
3. The emperor of Ethiopia bought an electric chair but it did not work. No electricity
4. What is the collective noun for a group of female seals? Harem
5. What element is found within nuclear power stations? Uranium
6. Where is the longest bone in the body? Thigh
7. What does the Scovel scale measure? Hotness of chillies
8. Who build the Rocket (The early locomotive) Stevenson
9. In 1987, Colin Pitchfork was the first man to be convicted of murder by DNA
which method?
10. In which part of the body is the Cochlea found? Ear

1. The orange-tip is a type of what insect? Butterfly
2. What malady wiped out half of Napoleon’s army in Haiti in 1802? Yellow Fever
3. What is the national colour of Wales? Red
4. Libya has the world’s only single colour flag. What colour is it? Green
5. What colour is a polar bear’s skin? Black
6. How many points is the brown ball worth in snooker? 4
7. What colour are human eyes most sensitive to? Green
8. What substance gives plants their green colour? Chlorophyll
9. What colour do most Chinese brides wear at their weddings? Red
10. Which famous person was born Priscilla Maria Veronica White? Cilla Black

Odd Facts
1. What were specially packed in gold, silver and bronze combination and Condoms
in assorted flavours for the athletes at the 2000 Olympics?
2. What daft decorative fad did a 1999 British Dental Association report Tongue studs
warn could possibly cause death?
3. What did a department of Leeds Council label mild, medium or hot? Books
4. What did male fruit flies become following the transplantation of a Homosexual
single gene?
5. What was Tara McCarthy contracted to remain until after the A Virgin
publication of her book, Been There Haven’t Done That?
6. What was the centrepiece of tequila-flavoured lollies introduced in A worm
7. What had the average British tax payer spent £100 to publicise by 1st The euro
January 2002 that he couldn’t officially use in his own country?
8. What was the most popular hardback book with American shoplifters The Bible
during the latter half of the 20th Century?
9. What were Swedish teenagers given to relax them before taking part in Alcoholic drinks
an anti-alcohol commercial?
10. What was installed in the House of Commons in 1838 that was more Air conditioning
common in British cars than British houses in 2003?