SHIVBABA'S MURLI ADVANCE COURSE "WORLD DRAMA WHEEL- SHRISHTICHAKR" ( 1 HOUR) In the picture of world drama wheel, in terms

of basic knowledge it is told that this is a wheel of the world consisting of four arms or divided into four ages. These four arms of 1250 years each signify four ages. Among these arms two arms are towards the right hand and two are towards the left hand. Two arms of the right hand signify Golden Age (Satyug) and Silver Age (Tretayug) and the two arms of the left hand side signify copper Age and Iron Age.. Hell comes after heaven and heaven after hell. This change takes place after every 2500 years. But in order to transform the hell into heaven there is a confluence age at the end of Iron Age, which has been depicted in the form of a small arrow. This is a Confluence Age (Sangamyug) of 60/50 years, in which the Golden Age is established. This cycle of 5000 years keeps rotating as it is but when we delve deep into the munis with this basic knowledge, then a lot of new points emerge. For this, Baba says, "Rotate the swadarshan charka (the wheel of self realization)". So, by diving deep into the munis, by thinking and churning, a lot of such points emerge, which make the entire knowledge clear. Baba has said in munis that this drama is also like any other drama. But those dramas are limited dramas, and this is your unlimited drama of 5000 years. When does the shooting of this drama take place? (It takes place) in the confluence age. So in the Confluence Age the period of its shooting will also be fixed. At the most, age (duration) of Confluence Age has been mentioned to be 100 years and at least 40 years in the munis. As for the rest, Baba has mentioned the age to be 50 years some where and 50-60 years somewhere else. In this way the age has been described in three or four ways. So there's no need to get confused in this. As per the references in murlis, wherever Baba has mentioned the confluence age to be of 40 years is also correct and wherever he has mentioned it to be 100 years is also correct. There are four ages. They are like four scenes of the drama. And the time for the shooting of each age is also fixed in the Confluence Age. It is not that the shooting of all the four ages will take place simultaneously. Certainly the shooting of the Golden Age will takes place first. For e.g. when someone constructs a house, than the construction of the ground floor and collection of all the materials takes more time. Similarly the first age is the Golden Age. Even in the scriptures, the age of Golden age is shown to be four times the age of Iron Age, the age of Silver Age is three times the age of Iron Age and the age of Copper Age is twice the age of Iron Age . In the scriptures the age of Iron Age is mentioned to be 1250 years only but the scholars have multiplied it with divine years and made out the age to be lakhs of years. For e.g. Baba says, "There are no separate days or separate year or separate month for the deities. Days, years months are here for the shooting of the Golden Age, if the 10-12 years period of the shooting of path of worship in the beginning is also included then generally the shooting period of Golden Age is of 40 years totally, but if the initial period of the Confluence Age is

During the 16 years period from 1961 to 1976 the souls started increasing in the gyan yagya from the point of view of giving message or from the point of view of the service of taking message. Aadi Brahma i. So the message of knowledge which was spread very fast in the Brahmin world was spread ever since the pictures were prepared and service started taking place through the pictures.. they enter the path of knowledge. Prior to that Baba used to narrate . Why has this shooting period been calculated up to 1976 only? Because the 100 years age of Brahma is completed in 1976. the beginning of the Golden Age cannot be-said to be accurate. until the destruction of the world does not take place and until the new generation begins' and until new generation does not get set in the correct position. In the Confluence Age. Just as there is an account of the shooting and drama. The total age of 60 is calculated from 1947 because even after 1950 there was no special increase from the point of view of godly service. have taken place from the time when murlis began to be narrated from Karachi. but the complete form of these pictures was ready when first of all a book named 'Geeta Saar' (essence of Geeta) was published as an essence of Murlis. actor-like souls descend from the soul world-like house to the world drama stage and their number keeps increasing. The Supreme Soul comes and gives them the message of knowledge and awakens them from the grave (of ignorance).. later when the situation improved slowly. Then. then among them a doubt was created in the minds of many that now Baba is left with nothing. It's as if they enter the awakened stage after coming into world drama stage. The population decreased. The pictures of trinity. were sent to the field of service. and when the accurate Golden Age commences.. i. So the entering of the Supreme soul into Brahma is proved to. It has been mentioned in Murlis that Murlis began' to be narrated from Karachi. Since then the population of souls started increasing in the world of knowledge quickly and the shooting of Golden Age became fast. and many children of Brahma broke away from the yagya. the person in whom the Supreme Soul Shiva entered first has been mentioned in the picture of trinity as. As for the rest. With these folders the task of service started in the outside world. when the souls who had come from Karachi. world drama and the world tree were actually prepared in the yagya since 1960-61. to that also the draft of these picture had emerged in the intellect.deleted and the sample of establishment of confluence-aged heaven which was shown at Karachi. then the speed of service increased. So the period from 1961 to 1976 was a period of bringing pace in the field of service. Prior. "Supreme Soul Shiva first of all entered in Prajapita Brahma.e. He entered into Brahma later on. So the service was down instead of increasing. the souls descend from the soul world-like house in the broad 5000 years drama and in the shooting period the souls wake up in the stage of knowledge from the world of ignorance and from the grave-like stage. In that book these three pictures were published and later on Brahma Baba had got thousands of folders. Similarly in this world drama stage at the end of the Iron Age all the souls are in the slumber of ignorance.e.

"When did Lakshmi & Narayan take birth?" Baba had asked so. In this way the scene of drama or the task of shooting of 2 crore human souls of the golden Age getting message of knowledge is completed. as it has been shown in the picture. Brahma's age is completed in land of death.e. Similarly. From the point of view of service. After that the period of Silver-aged (tretayugi) shooting begins. two kinds of Brahmins got collected in the old world of Brahmins. Big fairs began to be organized from 1973. If the souls of Radha & Krishna become instrumental in establishing the Brahmin world. So that soul takes a new unworldly birth from 1976 from the point of view of the stage of mind & intellect. Yesterday. As per the vani (godly versions) dated 1966. who are the chiefs in the Golden-aged shooting period? Who are the souls representing Golden Age? The (souls representing Golden Age are) the souls of Radha & Krishna. this time comes to 1976. So certainly in the silver aged shooting the. if they create the new world of Brahmins so this task of establishment took place in the golden Aged shooting. So the 100 years age of Aadi Brahma is completed in 1976. obtain the message of knowledge. The Gyanamrit magazine published (by BKs in Hindi) in 1973 contains the details of the entire service done until then. In each of these fairs lakhs of souls began to be given message at a time and every month fairs began to be organized in some or the other big city of India. 1 crore souls getting message was not a big achievement. In that it has been mentioned that so far 1 crore souls of the world have been given message. it had been told in the explanation of the picture of Lakshmi Narayan.e. in which the souls of. In the picture. Radha & Krishna (i. Ten years less than 5000 years ago. So the calculation was correct. So the 1 crore souls out of 500 crore souls of the world are like a small part. the souls of Mamma & Baba or Brahma & Saraswati) occupy a permanent space in the hearts of Brahmin children. souls of Ram& Sita should appear among the Brahmin world on the stage as representatives or chiefs. So. So they become instrumental for the Golden-aged (satyugi) shooting. We know that -this is the same period of the shooting of golden Age. So from 1973-74 to 1976 another 100 lakh i. So that Aadi (first) Brahma should be 60 years old in 1936-37 and if 40 more years are added to those 60 years then the 100 years are completed. But until the dirt is destroyed there's no value for the establishment. They play the roles of hero & heroine. So it happened as expected. from the point of view of taking 6 divine birth of revelation and from the point of view of revelation of his role. who are the chiefs in the second Silver-aged scene? The (chiefs in the second Silver-aged scene are) souls of Ram & Sita.murli through some other children. Brahma leaves the land of death (Mrityulok). the period from 1961 to 1976 is a time especially for giving message and in that time all the souls who undergo Golden-aged shooting whose number has been mentioned by Baba to be 9 lakh at the beginning of the Golden Age and 2 crores at the end of the Golden Age. Brahmins like Ravan & Kumbhakama also came together and the effort making Vashistha & .

could get their place. Four arms mean four helpful souls of the Supreme Soul shown in the form of four arms of Vishnu. So that soul is the soul of Ram. who become inheritors of the new world. i." The same soul comes into the yagya after Brahma leaves the body in 1969. The soul of Brahma. So.Lakshmi & Narayana and Ram & Sita. So the souls of Ram & Sita also became instrumental in the silver-aged shooting of 30 years. Those souls only become instrumental in the beginning. i. souls of Brahmin children and Father Brahma. Just as the soul of Krishna plays the part of Brahma in the picture of trinity.e. Brahma & Saraswati are indicative of the establishment of Brahmin religion and two arms i. the account of giving message. i. the matter written below Vishnu is a proof for this. That's why four arms have been depicted in the picture of Vishnu Chaturbhuj (i. That soul takes its efforts to a stage of maturity by 1976 and gets revealed in 1976.e. Father Brahma & children became instrumental.e.e. So two arms. Ram failed. Two arms are towards Brahma & two arms are towards Shankar. in 1966 Baba had made a declaration in a murli that in the coming ten years the old world will be destroyed. Even here the account is same. "When was the flame of destruction ignited? Who was instrumental?" Then a reply was given. for whom Baba has said in an Avyakta Vani. the souls who are revealed as Shankar & Parvati play the role of the representative of silver-aged shooting among the Brahmin children.e. Through whom will it take place? It takes' place through the soul of Shankar. Just as Brahma & Saraswati were representative in the world of Brahmins. "In the past in the yagya.e. four names have been mentioned in the picture..e. similarly the soul of Ram assumes the role of Shankar in the picture of trinity." So those who have become instrumental in igniting the flame of destruction will also have to complete it in future. In the picture of trimurthy with write ups in Hindi. but here it refers to the Godly family) along with the task of establishment. Then Shankar's part begins in order to segregate the great section among them to undertake sorting and to destroy the wicked section. That is why those children occupy the hearts and minds of the advance children just as Brahma & Saraswati occupied the hearts and minds of the Brahmin children. i. yagya kund (literally it means the sacrificial altar. because Baba has mentioned the population at the .e'. the old world of Brahmins will be destroyed. Their 12 years period from 1976 to 1989 is especially instrumental for causing the silver-aged shooting. Similarly in the new world of Brahmins i. from 1946 to 1976.Vishwamitra was also present. four armed Vishnu). i. the soul of Prajapita or the soul of Ram for whom it has been said in muni. In that an explanation for the four arms of Vishnu has been given. the souls of Ram& Sita . In this way the silver-aged shooting which begins from 1976 is proved by the fact that 10 years before 1976. They clean the dirt so that the great souls. "Just as in the beginning of the yagya the flame of destruction was ignited from the. There must be a soul who is instrumental in causing destruction. Ram & Sita undertake the task of sorting in the confluence aged world. in the world of advance party.

'Ma'. isn't it? Then. He has not mentioned _accurately. a group (mandali) of Brahma. Now a question rises. The number of messages being given keeps getting multiplied. So till 1976 two crore Brahmins get the message. big programmes and in this manner the silver-aged shooting gets completed. fearing them. if the population increases from 2 crores to 33 crores in 12 births. Only those who are in connection or in contact know the souls of advance party have not been shown to be participating specially in the fairs. So this is not a big matter. Baba has especially told even today that people of the world say that 'Om mandali' is as good as gone.g. isn't it? Someone plays harmonium. there is music group (mandali) of Brahma. If the population at the end of Silver Age becomes 33 crores. This yagya has been passing through up & down ever since the beginning. 'Aa' means Brahma 'Oo' means Vishnu. whatever international programmes of yoga & service were organized. What does Om Mandali mean? 'Aa'. 'Ma' means Mahesh. but they do service because those seniors or chiefs understand clearly that another party has emerged which they cannot face in respect of knowledge and yoga.g. it's not true that by the end of Silver Age 33 crore deity souls descend from the soul world. Vishnu. conferences and the celebration.. 'Oo'. Baba has given the account of five to ten crores. That's why we cannot face the souls of that advance party even after organizing programmes of yoga & service not only at all India level but even at the international level. In the name of Shankar party. There the souls of Brahma & Saraswati and Brahma souls became instrumental in giving message. There will be 5-10 crore deities. there's a special group of three souls in the task of world . in this way what will be the population at the end of the Iron Age? So. Vishnu & Shankar. That's why in the next 12 years from 1976 to 1988-89 eight crore human souls got message from the fairs. But they have started partyvaad (parties). exhibitions etc.e. & Shankar. in Baba's knowledge diminishes. From where did they become instrumental? How did the souls of Ram and Sita who represent all the souls become instrumental in giving message? The population of Silver Age which has been calculated for them is In 1976.end of the silver age to be 5-10 crores. The seniors of the BK Brahmin family do not do service because they have faith in the godly task. For e. In their words Advance Party is only called 'Shankar Party" Although shivbaba's three children are equals Brahma. Here the souls of advance party do not seem to be giving message to many. Passing through up & down is not a big matter. conferences. Those who become givers of message keep multiplying. could not damage that party even slightly. i. Similarly. when the destruction of outside world did not take place then the faith of Brahmin children in Baba's murlis. Vishnu and Shankar are brothers. At the end of the silver age the population is not 33 crores. some one plays Saarangi (a kind of guitar). For e. there are music groups. Then 2-4 persons collect to form a group. The boat may shake but it will not sink. if it increases 16 times then the population at the end of Copper Age will increase many times. someone plays 'tabla' (a kind of drum).

Even in the path of worship one never donates just 50 rupees. So being under the bondage of giving message and on being pushed by the Shankar party. worldly souls and not by their wish from their heart and mind. but it's their compulsion. They donate 50+1 rupees only. show others the indications? They run the business just for their own livelihood. the faithless Brahmins. they are not interested in giving the message. If they leave this (Brahmin) world. So the time for these three things is fixed. Similarly. then the people will laugh at them. "It takes 50 to 60 years to establish the entire kingdom. In the shooting of every age a year has also been added (as roong).e. on the basis of which or under the influence of that push. they are giving message to other souls. The yagya of knowledge runs for 50 years. They are being pushed by some special souls. That's why those poor fellows are entangled. "Om Mandali is as good as' gone. In the end. then the main reason of fixing the special time of the shooting of Silver Age is that Baba has said. organize programmes of godly service? They do not even know when the heaven is going to be established? When will the old world be destroyed? How will those. also start telling that this group is going to end sooner or later because they do not have faith in the sayings of Brahma. if anyone asks that why only 12 years times is fixed (in the drama) of the shooting of Silver Age. the special main souls of advance party get the credit for that. they prove to be Pushkarni Brahmins. If someone does delve deep into the murli. then he says.this period of study of 50 years is completed. one gets the kingdom. i. in the same way as the false (worldly) Brahmins recite Geeta to earn money. and when the war ends. Then after the studies. The purpose is that until 1988-89 the souls of Ram and Sita only become instrumental in giving message to 10 crore souls and along with them the advance party also becomes instrumental. They read the murli of Baba just for showing off. who are going to be destroyed intellectually among the world of Brahmins. "Arey! there's no necessity to go into the deepness. They do not feel the necessity of delving deep into the verses (shlokas). That's why the period of shooting of Silver Age from 1978 to 1988 -89 is for 12 -13 years. So these 12 +1=13 years of shooting . Otherwise why will those who have become faithless. So who gets the credit of giving message? The souls of Ram and Sita. the time of horrible (mahabhaari) Mahabharata war starts.. the Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris organize big programmes of godly service so that the intellects of people are not diverted towards the advance party. who do not have any aim in their Brahmin life. such a Brahmin does not try to go into the deepness of the versions of Murli. It takes 40 to 50 years. They give message to the world under fear. Actually." Whatever happened in the beginning happens in the end. otherwise you may sink. When does the study lasting 50 years end? From 1947 to 1998 . They are the Brahmins who perform parade on being pushed to do so.Parvati.transformation and this group is so strong that in the beginning people of the world used to say. because they have already left the outside world. After this. Fearing them. souls like Shankar .

In this way. wars. but the special role of taking divine birth. That is why Krishna has been shown to have lived in the Copper Age. the family of 16. completes the age of 100 years in 1988-89. the royal family will become stable later on number wise and when this task of establishment of living Kingdom is completed. The souls of Abharam. Krishna did not come in the Copper Age.e. because until the religious fathers are revealed along with the base-like and seed-like souls. So these souls of Abraham. seed-like.. who get revealed in a special way at the end of the shooting of Copper Age and they play the special role of establishment.e. Brahma's age ends in the land of death. the Iron Age will end. Rehearsal will keep taking place. i. then the establishment will take place and destruction shall begin. the period till 1998 is the time for establishment of the living kingdom. destruction cannot take place..e. fights. Baba has said. Abraham. Buddha and Christ. promotion and destruction of their own religions and they also get revealed. B-Side. who come from the soul world. That is why the period of 1988-89 is a period of the beginning of Copper-aged shooting. rehearsal will keep taking place in between. So when the 100 years age ends then his new divine birth should be revealed." What a meant by lightening? (Lightening means) flashing of light for a second and then darkness again.e. So when is the 60 years period completed? In 1998. the period from 1991 to 1998 is fixed for the shooting of the cooperage. i. In order to bring pace into the efforts of children. After the shooting of Silver Age. Your entire kingdom will be established in 60 years. because Baba has said. In 1998. Total destruction. So Baba has given the indication of the birth of Krishna who has become a point i. Lightening occurring suddenly in the world of Brahmins and then light and shining is seen everywhere and then darkness. Buddha and Christ. In the copper aged shooting the main souls have been shown in the picture. !i. In the Indian tradition the Mahabhari (ferocious) Mahabharata war and the establishment which takes place through that war has been shown in the Copper Age because Dada Lekhraj. "It takes 60 years for the establishment of the entire kingdom". bloodshed will take place generally in the world but particularly in India it will take place when the shooting of an age of disputes and sorrows. which have to play a special role. but total destruction will not take place. who is the secondary Brahma. has been played at the beginning of the Copper Age and the special role of causing the Mahabharata War has also been played at . initially the seed-like living (chaitanya) kingdom is to be established. dispute. That is a different issue.of Silver Age is completed in 1990. a lightening occurs. Until establishment has taken place completely. First of all. which has been played by the soul of Krishna . Buddha and Christ are the seed-like and base-like souls in our Brahmin world. it is the matter of revelation of the base-like and seed-like souls of the Brahmin world. their followers and subjects cannot get message.. "When Krishna takes birth. do not get revealed.108 kings and queens.

in whom there will not be any effect of the atomic atmosphere because their entire inhalation and exhalation. So these destructible lands of religions which were neither present earlier nor will be present in the world after the atomic explosions. . Similarly. They will get immersed in the depths of the ocean. the land of Arabs. Rain will not stop at all. Someone's legs will be crushed and somebody's arms will be crushed. killings will take place and at that time the souls of the world get' message at a fast pace. all other lands of the other religions. West. North. animals and birds will leave their bodies and become the dwellers of the soul world.e. There's no memorial and there will be no memorial of the Krishna who takes birth in the Golden Age because there will not be any Kamsa (Krishna's maternal uncle and king of Mathura who killed seven of his siblings. there will be explosions 6f atomic bombs and with the fourth world war this world would end. East.also increase and after the year 2000 when the entire world gets the realization of the Supreme Soul God Father. After 1998-99. 300600 crore human souls and the souls of insects. Supreme soul will. Due to the heat produced in the world due to atomic explosions the level of water will raise. a wave of knowledge will spread across the world. There will be only one indestructible land of Bharat (India) and there will be ocean everywhere. The memorial (yaadgaar) of the Confluence-aged Krishna exists in the scriptures. who descend from the soul world in the Iron Age. hood in all the direction i. Muslims or the land of Christians were also immersed in the depths of ocean 2500 years ago. Those vapors will then precipitate as clouds and torrential rains will take place for many days. But the might of knowledge will. When the earth will shake. i. who would have made their inhalation and exhalation subtle though the power of yoga. They will keep suffering the punishments of their sins.e. Due to the atomic explosions the biggest destruction will take place through earthquakes.. War of thoughts. The level of water in the oceans will increase resulting in the following. disputes. human beings did not know where the land of America was situated? Is it there or not? 300 years ago people did not know about Australia. Death will Spread its. That is why.the end of the Copper-aged shooting.g. also get revealed at a fast pace and the worldly religious fathers . then all the houses will fall down and all the human beings will be crushed to death under the buildings. South. Continents like Russia. Ocean water will vaporize due to the heat in the atmosphere and rise upwards.will be so slow that they will not require to take a deep breath.. and tried to kill Krishna also but was eventually killed by Krishna) there.g. Africa. Buddha. For e.Abraham. in the scriptures Krishna has been shown in the Copper Age. Iron-aged shooting. Some special seedlike souls will remain on this world drama stage. 500 years ago. and Australia which were not existent in the minds of human beings before 2500 years. their base-like souls and the seed-like souls will also get revealed and at the end of the Iron-aged shooting. for e. At that time the mountains of ice which have formed over the North Pole and South Pole will melt and due to their melting. America. Christ. Iron-aged shooting begins in the world of Brahmins.

then he forgets the past (someone asked how long will the torrential rains last?) torrential rains will lasts for a few days. after the subtle and physical destruction. will leave their bodies that is why. the bodies of those yogis will become such natural things. But the atmosphere will become cold and the ice which will set in will be set for a long time. if such an accident takes place that someone suffers from an injury to the brain. Even in today's world.e. Slowly. the souls of whoever remains will return from the soul world and then enter into their bodies. For e. that they will lie in ice. As for the rest. So what land of souls are the queens? They are the ones who get into the effect of kings. At the time of destruction. Ice will set almost everywhere in the world and in that ice. There will not be there will not be Shivbaba's remembrance. everyone will gather. Those souls will enter into the bodies which will be lying under ice. In many areas of the world the ice will be set for many years and in that ice their bodies will remain like that until the birth of souls like Radha and Krishna does not take place. Baba has said in murlis. who will give birth to the new world will remain. because these seed-like souls are the seeds of all the religions of the entire world. who remain.There will not be any one to extricate them. when the destruction takes place. with an attitude of Duryodhan and Dushasan and half of them would be in the list of pious souls. the worldly pious and sinful souls will not remain. Half of them will be in the list of sinful souls. Someone may question. Their bodies will remain safe and will remain safe until their souls do not enter into them from the soul world through some means or the other when their turn comes. who have been described as per the world of Brahmins. out of which half of the souls will be like Shankar and half of them will be like Parvati. It means that the sinful souls. After the year 2000. When the time comes the ice at that place will naturally melt and those souls will start moving. So that is a matter of a week or two weeks. Arey! Even if it rains continuously for 4 hours then people start crying. the seed-like souls. Souls will keep descending from the soul world.. i. they will have to spread throughout the world to . Everyone will forget the knowledge. (Someone asked.g. The seed like souls. After the destruction. They will die while suffering. "Will the pious souls not have to make efforts?") In their company the sinful souls will also be present. in cold storage. When they come into the company of souls and another kind of souls are those who become pious or sinful in someone's company or those who get into the effect of 'others.. the new world will begin. First the souls will enter into the bodies of the seed-like souls. will have to make efforts once again. who are very strong in the stage of remembrance. In this way. then half of those who remain will be pious souls and half of them will be sinful souls. There will not be knowledge. "As the thoughts in the end so will be the salvation" At that time there will not be Shivbaba's remembrances. "How will their bodies be sourced?" Its reason Is that when torrential rain takes place for many days then the atmosphere of the world will become cold. realizing the proverb 'ant matey so gatey . will once again begin their presence in the soul conscious stage. four and a half lakh human souls. those seed like souls.

Automatic means that they will not have to make any special efforts. So. So just as the task continued for 18 years here. served and one will not need to make any special efforts to inculcate until we have to come in contact with the worldly opposing souls. introduction to the soul. In this way they will burn all their sins by burning repeatedly in the fire of repentance. because there will not be any opposing souls. similarly 18 years are fixed there also. for those souls which become opposite. In the seed there will be a quality which is a quality of other religions. it will have to go to that land of religion. isn't it? Baba had left his body and had become Avyakta in 1969. Its intellect will certainly work in a direction opposite to that of the father. So how many years did this corporeal and unmanifest (avyakta) role continue? 18 years. So that atmosphere will not be present there. not be any need to inculcate virtues also. What is knowledge? Introduction to the Supreme Soul. this is knowledge. but later it will certainly take time for those souls." Such children of the seed. the five elements. will not get accommodation anywhere (satguru nindak thaur na pave). Inculcation of virtues will be automatic. on the basis of their devotion and faith on the supreme soul. until destruction takes place we have to come in contact with the huge gathering of human souls and their atmosphere. They will be instrumental for giving birth to the children like Radha and Krishna at . who have spread out in the entire world to gather. "Will there be the knowledge of shivbaba?") The subject of knowledge will end. (Someone asked. There will certainly be a peel of body consciousness covered on it. So in the yog Bhatti of 18 years. Yog means soul conscious stage. Just as the 18 years period is important here also the period from 1951 to 1968 is an 18 year period. while giving message they will remain in the remembrance of the Supreme Soul father. So. where the tandav (a dance performed by Shankar or Krishna) of destruction is taking place and even while living there. it is said. If we remain continuously in the remembrance of father then how will we be coloured by the company of worldly people? But. is Shankar and Parvati. Suppose someone belongs to a completely leftist religion. That is why there will. because the subject of knowledge would have ended. then certainly it will also be a seed-like soul who will turn the intellect towards opposite direction.e. that will end. That 18 years period is from the year 2000 to 2017-2018. in foreign religious lands. will be thrown into far-off countries at the time of destruction. like father. who bring disrepute to the satguru. because it is a seed-like soul. the stage of 'as the thoughts in the end so will be the salvation' and there will not be any need to do service. Bhakti will take place automatically for 18 years. while performing service in the foreign counties. They will repent that they became instrumental for causing disrepute of the father even after realizing him or while living near him. introduction to the creator and the creation. "Those who bring disrepute to the satguru. who need to be.whichever land of religion and to whichever religion a seed-like soul belongs. the couple who will be successful in purifying (rejuvenating) the body i. Only the subject of yog (remembrance) would remain.

At that time Baba had given them direction to maintain their stage constant. The stage of those children became satosaamanya who used to visit Baba once in a while.that time. then the corporeal company ended and when the corporeal company of the Supreme Soul ended then there remained the company of the incomplete Brahmins and the tamopradhan world. satopradhan sample of the fist birth. satosamanya. So when the children enter the field of service they stage will certainly go up and down. After that when Mamma Baba left their bodies. Their stage used to get covered in between by coming into the company of Baba and those children who lost their faith became disillusioned in the old world. then we arrive at 2036. In this advance knowledge. and the accurate Golden Age will commence. they used to come running to Baba. At that time four and a half lakh other children would also have taken birth. So to whom will they give their hearts? Baba has asked in murli. the administrator. Their stage went down day by day. because continuous company was not there. For e. So in case of those children who followed the direction. the Golden Age begins with a population of 9 lakhs. In this manner. After that the stage is also satosamanya. So the stage became Copper-aged rajopradhan stage. And that satosamanya stage begins when the children are made to enter the field of service in Mt. "Go soon. Until then the souls of Radha and Krishna will be aged 18-20 years. So this is the account of the shooting. "When you did not get anyone to see. Mamma was the controller of the yagya. Supreme Soul Shiva's soul. So those 18 years (for rejuvenation) and if 18 is doubled. let's take Golden age. the soul of God Father was present in the body of Brahma Baba. the second aspect of the picture of world drama wheel is that every age passes through four stages in its shooting period. rajopradhan and tamopradhan. Abu. So how will be the stage? Vyabhichari (licentious) or avyabhichari (one and none else)? It will become satopradhan. It means that the revolution of a kalpa is enshrined in the shooting of an age. so was the colour (effect). The period of Karachi was completely pure. So as the company. As the king. The stage was satosaamanya for those children who come into the company of the corporeal medium. because one corporeal father's company was there. so will be the subjects. Satopradhan shooting took place there. Does anyone know what that direction was? At that time Baba had given a direction. Passing through four phases means passing though satopradhan. In this manner. When they reach the age of 18-20 years they will be entrusted the kingdom. isn't it? So in that shooting period the stage remains satopradhan avyabhichari. then whom will you give your heart to? To one father. whenever their stage used to get a little bad. The Silver-aged shooting took place. come soon" Go soon for the Godly service and come back soon. People did not used to get the face of any tamopradhan human being.5 lakh seed-like souls who would have rejuvenated their bodies through the power of yoga. By whom? By those number wise 4. isn't it? So this stage continued until Mamma and Baba were alive.g. the shooting of rajopradhan Copper Age began from .

The first service centre of London was opened in 1969. The task of establishment of Brahmin religion by Brahma and Brahmins and the task of establishment of the gathering of kingdom. In this manner. the souls who are going to become kings starts from 1976. which became the head office of foreign counties. "When?") after Baba left his body. these four stages were included in the Golden-aged deity shooting. Similarly in the Copper-aged shooting . Just as the drama is repeated in 5000 years. In the yagya also the same thing happens. The advance party commences from Delhi because the special task of the seed-like souls of the advance party is to establish the kingdom. in the fairs of souls. That is why Baba says. Even if a single powerful gathering is prepared. similarly ditto repetition takes place in these 40 years. then how will the stage be maintained? How far will they cover? Their stage has become tamopradhan. When the Copper Age begins then the population increases quickly in the foreign countries. establishment of heavenly gathering by the seed-like souls of the advance party. the Silver-aged shooting also passes through four stages. It became a house of downfall. from 1980-81 to 1983 the stage becomes satosamanya and the fort of advance party which gets ready in Delhi. as if a kalpa was repeated. Even a single powerful group. gets destroyed by 1983 when the rajopradhan stage begins because the Supreme Soul father vanishes from the eyes of the seed-like souls of the advance party. This cycle continued till 1973 and after 1973 a big human undertaking of downfall began again. So initially after the shooting of four ages. Souls of other religions start coming into power. So from 1973 to 1976 the tamopradhan kaliyug (degraded Iron Age) was established in the Brahmins world. isn't it? In the Silver-aged shooting. So in 1973-74. Baba has said. the same activities take place from 1979 to 1989 after 40 years i. because the population of the outer world also increases at a fast pace through the Copper-aged rajopradhan stage. In the yagya of Brahmins also the same thing happens. then they will keep attracting other groups and finally the gathering of rosary of 108 will get revealed. Whatever activities took place 40 years back in the yagya. a group of 12. In this manner. Baba has said that one and two makes twelve.. so will be the colour/effect). When lakhs of persons with corrupted vision and attitude started coming in contact with the brahmakumars and kumaris through company and vision." True fair is the practical fair of the soul and the Supreme Soul and in 1973 Supreme Soul was not in a practical form.e.1969. a group of 12 comprising of great souls like Prajapita Brahma will get ready. "As the company. The satopradhan stage takes place from 1977-78 to 1980.g. among the seed-like souls of the advance party also these four stages are seen. The bad effect of company and the bad effect of food are very big bad effects. (someone asked. In this way there are four stages in the Sliver-aged shooting also. the might of Brahma begins. For e. although this gathering began through a few souls. establishment of heavenly gathering of kingdom. tamopradhan human souls started entering in large numbers and started coming in contact with brahmakumars and kumaris. "Waste gets collected in fairs. This period from 1983 to 1988-89 is fixed for the Copper-aged rajopradhan stage and Iron-aged tamopradhan stage. 12X9=108.

That will also be repeated four times. after the end of the shooting of these four ages the intellects of special Brahmins gets transformed after the transformation of the soul comprising of mind of five elements will commence.satopradhan. it is Brahma's day and when the faith ends.also there are our stages. By 1998. Just as the example of snakes was given that a snake leaves the body i. the tamopradhan stage of the souls of vaishya class (it literally refers to the business class among the Hindus. but in this Godly knowledge. rajopradhan and tamo. In this manner. skin 3-4 times and then dies. i. After this there are four stages of the souls of Shudra class also which is seen from 2000 to 2003-04. Silver Age to the Kshatriyas. the souls of each age are compared to the four classes of Hindu society. satosamanya. Copper Age to the Vaishyas and the Iron Age to the Shudras) also ends. it is said to be the shooting of Brahma's night. Until those who have faith on the corporeal Godly role. Golden Age corresponding to the Brahmins.e.e. the third point of advance knowledge which was hinted now is regarding Brahma's day and Brahma's night. . In the picture of world drama wheel.

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