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Mogadishu _ Somalia

December, 2012

the absence of the state and the rule of law had created a continued suffering of the Somali people. Value and objectives. It is independent. floods. As a result. Members also realized the need to gain access to international aid directly and improve advocacy. nonpartisan. translating into unacceptable suffering of innocent civilians who see their basic rights violated every day. a group of Somali NGOs supported by SRDF. ABOUT SHOC In September 2011. INTRODUCTION Somali people have been a population without central authority for nearly two decades. displacement. diseases and deprivation of more than nearly two decades. Somali Humanitarian Operations Consortium (SHOC) is a grass-root not-profit consortium with network member groups 45 all over Somalia. deaths. coordination and communication amongst all actors in responding to the crises in Somalia. They have borne the brunt of droughts. its meeting agenda. the activities of 8th General Assembly meeting of the Somali Humanitarian operational Consortium. migration. It is guided to work the needs and priorities of Somali communities affected by the wars.MCF and THF set up their own network in order to respond to widespread famine that hit south central Somalia in mid and late 2011. its future prospectus. vision. Somali population has neither protection nor institutions to support them. main achievements since its inception. Continued armed conflicts between the Transitional Federal Government supported by the International community and the Al-Shabab insurgents in the country led to one of the worst humanitarian crises in the country today. conflicts. poverty and many other problems. human rights violations. violence. Mission. recommendations and action points to address the Somali Refugees in Kenya and the new direction for the leadership of SHOC.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Summary narrative report aims to present the foundation of the SHOC. Page 2 of 10 .

SHOC is concerned with the well-being of people living all over Somalia. Page 3 of 10 . OBJECTIVES  To improve consortium members knowledge and education on humanitarian management  To improve consortium members collaboration to respond effectively and efficiently  To improve community involvement and participation in all stages of project cycles  To promote human rights and aware all concerned parties about the humanitarian principles  To call upon all parties to free and give safe access for humanitarian aid going to Somali people. All our objectives are guided by the fundamental commitment of humanitarian principles. and those living in elsewhere around the world. recovery and development efforts in Somalia. VISION To Sustain Humanitarian and development projects in Somalia MISSION SHOC to be effective humanitarian consortium that has the necessary qualities and standards to implement humanitarian operations.  To support continued and increased donor support for humanitarian aid. whether they are private humanitarian organizations or international agencies.

 To present SHOC first year main achievements and to replace the resigned board members by new members after the new members are elected by General Assembly. The meeting was attended by senior officials of the 35 out of 45 Founding organization Members. recommendations and way forward for enabling our refugees return to their homeland _Somalia.GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING AGENDA The meeting of General Assembly of the SHOC was held on December 26. Also representatives from media and other guests were present. Page 4 of 10 . The two key objectives of the Meeting were the following:  To serve as platform for key stakeholders to discuss the issue of Somali Refugee in Kenya and to generate specified and measurable action points. 2012 at the SHOC Office in Mogadishu.

MAIN ACHIEVEMENTS The chairman of the SHOC. He said "to reach that key objective. This component of the program is being led by Specially Assigned committee by the Board of SHOC. Abdulkadir Abubakar Sheikh Hassan highlighted the key achievements since the inception of the consortium. Capacity Building The Chairman pointed out that one of the key priorities for Somali Humanitarian Consortium is the Humanitarian Capacity Building Program to develop capacity within the SHOC member agencies and the wider sector to increase the numbers and competencies of potential leaders and increase the overall humanitarian skills and knowledge base of existing staff working in emergencies. with the objective to develop shared competency and leadership behavior frameworks for humanitarian response to apply to new and existing staff and map training curriculum content in line with the agreed common frameworks. he further explained the capacity building programs intended to improve the humanitarian skills of the General Assembly and cooperative relations initiated by SHOC with other local and international organizations as the following: 1. And the following areas are identified as a result of that assessment which SHOC beliefs that its members need capacity building":         Humanitarian Principles Disaster Management Team Work Protection Accountability Project Management Coordination Mechanism Organization administration and Development Page 5 of 10 . a preliminary assessment has been conducted to identify the key Critical success factors and Core Humanitarian Skills in humanitarian performance of the GA (general Assembly) Members.

  Managing people in Organization Leadership Subsequently. SHOC in collaboration with international and local organizations paid its maximum efforts to have such trainings being implemented for its member organizations (GA) and the most of devised trainings have been carried out in this year and the following are the most memorable ones:        Humanitarian Principles training – conducted SHOC with ICRS Somali Red Crescent in Amira Hotel Seminar – Disaster Management – conducted SHOC with ICRS Somali Red Crescent in Amira Hotel Team Work training conducted by SHOC with the American Relief Committee in Sahafi Hotel Protection training conducted by SHOC with the American Relief Committee in sahafi hotel Accountability conducted by SHOC with the Concern World Wide in Safari Hotel Project lifecycle Management conducted by SHOC with OIC organization Islamic Cooperation in Safari Coordination Mechanism conducted by SHOC with ECO + DRC + IPCII in Peace Hotel Page 6 of 10 .

the value of International relations and cooperative relationships between organizations and especially humanitarian consortiums is increasingly. He said "In responding to that much needed collaboration. efforts and preparations also are on going to be a member of international consortiums such as African Humanitarian Coordination headquartered in Tanzania and International Humanitarian Coordination in Geneva.2. Mogadishu and Istanbul Humanitarian Conference in all of which the main purpose was how to improve humanitarian situation and addressing humanitarian issues and challenges". Switzerland. exceptionally important aspect which every organization must emphasize. He also added that SHOC to expand its presence in the world. SHOC played active roles in various international conferences such as London Conference. Humanitarian before Politics. International relations and membership The chairman argued that as our world becomes smaller and smaller through communication technology and rapid air transportation. Page 7 of 10 .

Having introduced the concept he approached the General assembly to air their voices and inputs.  SHOC should contact with UNHCR and ICRC who have close ties with Somali refugees in Kenya and worldwide experience in resettlement of refugees in their home countries  SHOC member organizations to prepare themselves when it comes to tackle the problem of the refugees inside the contrary  To hold further meetings for further discussions and more recommendations on the subject.  Research into this case is also utmost importance to elicit new information and recommendations. Page 8 of 10 .RECOMMENDATIONS AND ACTION POINTS FROM THE GA MEETING One of the board members. The General assembly actively discussed on the problem of Somali refugees in Kenya and generated the following key recommendations and action points:  Appointment with the president is crucial to discuss with the Somali refugees problems in Kenya and the way forward. Mohamed Hassan Asir shared up to date information on Somali refugees in Kenya. It is also emphasized that this may take time.

the chairman informed the General Assembly that some members resigned from the Board of the SHOC after they lost their commitments to consortium development and activities due to their own personal challenges and obligations and he demanded the GA to take measures to fill the new positions left by the farmer members. After that.REPLACEMENT FORMER RESIGNED BOARD MEMBERS Finally. the GA vote and elected the new members to replace the farmer members by using secret voting method as indicated in the SHOC constitution. Page 9 of 10 .

php?readmore=295 and broadcasting The event of General Assembly meeting was published by the international and local media such as the BBC.htm/ http://www. websites and the most local media agencies and for further information you can go through the following links: http://www.shaaciye.htm http://dayniilecom.hiiraan. Page 10 of 10 http://www.

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