As we age, the body releases fewer and fewer adult stem cells, the body’s rebuilding tools.

Stem cell Nutrition Helps overcome the aging process by promoting the release of additional adult stem cells in the body.
HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1

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Articles from Certified Professionals How Stem Nutrition works* David Darbro, M.D. (Page 4) Doctor Recommends Stem Cell Nutrition * Jim Taylor, M.D (Page 7) Taking Stem Cell Nutrition for Life * Johnnie Strickland, Jr.,M.D. (Page 9) Physical and Metal Support * Fernando Aguila, M.D. (Page 10) The Most Powerful Cells In The Body * Cliff Minter, D.P.M (Page 12) Researcher Believes in Stem Cell Nutrition * Hendry Wolmarans, Ph.D. (Page 14) Stem Cell Nutrition Can Help Anybody * Nancy White, Ph.D. (Page 17) More Energy for Busy Nurse * Cynthia Tucker, R.N., B.S.N. (Page 19) They Said I’d Never Read Again * Peggy Zumbaum, R.N., B.S.N. (Page 20) Psoriasis Practically Disappeared * Nancy Edmiston, L.N. (Page 21) Knee Pain and Walking Cane Gone * Haripriya Dillon, N.D. (Page 22) Stem Cell Nutrition Stimulates Healing * Jonathan Glass (Page 23) Homeopath Has Success With Patients* Jana Shiloh (Page 25) Personal Experiences Winning Gold Medals! * Frank Condon (Page 27) Diabetes Under Control* Gerrit Woning (Page 28) Sinus Problems Gone and Healthy pH * Don Miller (Page 29) Focused, Calmed, and Balanced* Mark Rosenthal (Page 30) New Hope for Diabetes* Bill Lohmeyer (Page 31) I can Breathe Again* Saundra Cleveland (Page 32) Relief for colitis and Back Pain* Merlie Kluver (Page 33) No More Worry, Fear, or Anxiety* Stephen W. “Murf” Murphy (Page 34) Runner Conquers Arthritic Pain* Kathy Jager (Page 36) 92 Years Young* Thelma Martin (Page 37) I Amazed My Doctors * Barry Jones (Page 38) MS Related Bowel and Bladder Symptoms* Shari Wiedrich (Page 39) Running With A bum Knee * Kenny Gaddy (Page 40) Stem Cell Nutrition Is Saving May life* Terry Branch (Page 41) Parkinson” Symptoms gone* George Guyatt (Page 42) Liver Spots Fading Away* Maryanne Maldonado (Page 43) Running Without Pain* Kristin Asadourian (Page 44) Lung Function Greatly Improved * Lawrence Ashdown (Page 46) Chest Tightness Gone* Jim Parker (Page 47)

HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1


I Had Two Months To Live * Ian Seitman (Page 48) Muscle Damage Healed * Jay Stahler (Page 49) My Arthritis is Gone * Peter E. Knudson (Page 50) I Left My Wheelchair Behind * Lynn Bernal (Page 52) Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and IBS * Leona Stork (Page 53) No More Chronic Back Pain * Jack Dean Yoos (Page 54) Recovering From Multiple Strokes * Wilma Marlatt (Page 55) Desert Storm Veteran * Jim Duncan (Page 56) Turning Back the Clock * Gene Zumbaum (Page 57) Aid for Circulation and Sinus Problems * Glenda Gray (Page 58) No More Hair Loss * Ardene Sears (Page 59) Help for High Blood Pressure * Ann Stahler (Page 60) I Should Have Died * Caroline Lohmeyer (Page 61) My Skin Lesions Are Gone * Jim Simmons (Page 62) Prostate Related Bladder Infections * Dwight Quaschnick (Page 63) Migraines Are Gone * Melody marlatt (Page 63) Lymphoedema and Back Pain * Christine Shull (Page 64) Staying Healthy * Stephanie Casey (Page 66) Help for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms * Christi Homan (Page 67) Pain Free and Loving Life * Bob Duncan (Page 68) Stress Reduced * Robin Karnette (Page 69) No More High Blood Pressure Medication * Bob Huwe (Page 70) Better Circulation and Arthritis Pain Gone * Verne Eaton (Page 71) I Don’t Feel Old Anymore! * Lorna Kellar (Page 72) Help for Diabetes and Tinnitus * DeWayne Flint (Page 73) Regaining the Feeling of Youth * Ed Garza (Page 74) I Can Read Without My Glasses * Marjorie Sons (Page 75) Handling Stress and Depression * Marie Garza (Page 76) Experience With Animals New Hope for Animals * Lynn Peck, D.V.M. (Page 77) Horse Expert Uses Stem Cell Nutrition * Stephen Dick (Page 78) Equine Fibromyalgia Syndrom * Eve – Marie Lucerne (Page 80) Dog’s Hip Pain Gone * SuZanne Wright (Page 81) Dog Has New Lease on Life * Christine Shull (Page 82) Dog’s Hearing Improved * Haripriya Dillon, N.D. (Page 83) Rapid Recovery from Acute Pancreatitis * Ali Issacs (Page 84) Cat’s Arthritis Improved * Dwight Quaschnick (Page 85) Save My Cat’s Life * Jan Ault (Page 86) Iguana Healthy Again * David Walters (Page 87)


HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1

Providing the right nutrition to your body can indeed create better health and aid the body in releasing stem cells. In fact. we have been fortunate to help millions of people learn about some of the world’s most dynamic and effective natural health solutions to everyday challenges that we all face. you need to turn to HEALTH NEWS. we have researched and conducted interviews about one of the hottest topics in the world today: Stem Cell Nutrition. our mission is to help you change your life for the better by educating your about the benefits and the possibilities that the natural health world provides. In fact. Since 1994. and others from all walks of life who believe and use natural health to better their lives and overcome the challenges they face. In this issue. 15 No. When you need to find honest information about natural health. 1 3 . research experts. The results of our research have been overwhelming. One of the most amazing things that discovered is how some natural health methodologies are helping to release more stem cells into your body. HEALTH NEWS Vol. We discover and share real experiences from people including medical professionals.Introduction Welcome to this edition of HEALTH NEWS. Thank you for the opportunity to share this edition of HEALTH NEWS with you. We have found that stem cells have the potential for life changing results and have decided on sharing 70 of those experiences with you. there is a movement in the scientific community that is stating that stem cells contain the body’s immortal DNA to show the power that stem cells have of adapting to the needs of the body.

D. my affected speed. I could no longer practice medicine. so I was forced to retire. The truth of this hit home when I suffered a stroke which affected my left middle cerebral artery. These master cells can actually replace any damaged. M. 15 No. not just treating symptoms. causing my speech to sound like gibberish. Due to the weakness in my right side. I couldn’t process or understand what others said to me. This process means that the source of good health is within us. M. I felt helpless and miserable. I tried various treatments. I also suffered from atrial fibrillation. 4 HEALTH NEWS Vol. The entire right side of my body was affected. and my sub par mental abilities. 1 . I refused to take antidepressants because of the side effects.D David Darbro. or worn out cells in the body. changing my life dramatically. coupled with anxiety attacks. and I experienced a delay in responding. The speech center of my brain was damaged. Spent the first fifteen years of his career as a specialist in family medicine. but nothing worked. The following twenty-five years he devoted to practicing what he calls wellness medicine-that emerging paradigm focused on finding and treating the causes of health problems.How Stem Cell Nutrition Works David Darbro. sick. This led to spells of depression. Research shows that stem cells do more than make blood cells.

brain. I can help others with a new understanding. Stem cells divide and increase in number. During my stay in the hospital. race to the rescue. Each would turn itself into a new healthy muscle cell to replace the old damaged one. or you could say SDF-1 is a 911 call put out by stressed or injured tissue cells. a dear friend and fellow medical doctor called me. picking up the scent like bloodhounds. Stem cells. ” Smart cells ” containing all the information necessary to make a new person.the new cells replace the old. He explained how it was possible to release them into our blood stream and bring about restoration of the tissues. At the time.From this personal disaster. One day. He is a legend in wellness medicine. Because of my own calamity. For example. communication occurs between the injured cells and the stem cells to determine which type of cell should be replaced. I pondered how I might reverse the effects of the stroke. He reviewed with me that the stem cells in our bone marrow were essential to the body’s ability to renew itself and constituted a treasure trove of health. or thyroid tissue-whatever type it is. Imagine the SDF-1 being a biochemical cry for help. it helped make me a more compassionate and wiser doctor. Once stem cells arrive at the site. 15 No. an injured muscle might cry out for help. I have learned many important lessons of life. HEALTH NEWS Vol. I understood little about stem cells and their mobilization. I Learned that stem cells are very advanced. 1 5 . Hopefully. I decided to research the science behind it and find out whether I could improve my condition. and has my immense respect. Whether it is heart. so stem cells would travel to the damaged site. Here’s the model I use to explain this complex process: a biochemical called Stromal derived Factor (SDF-1) attracts circulating stem cells to the damaged area where they then convert into whatever type of cells you need. identify and communicate with the cells involved.

My mind became clear and my anxiety and depression disappeared. Eventually. 6 HEALTH NEWS Vol. How then. I began taking two capsules of stem cell nutrition every four hours. except for an occasional slurred word. 15 No. the stem cell nutrition helped me regain normal speech. Even my atrial fibrillation came under control. I began to climb out of the pit of despair. and within a day. The healthy bone marrow of a human being contains an estimated one hundred fifty million stem cells. The nearly complete healing after my stroke seems miraculous. Tests showed a lessening of my depression and an appreciable improvement in my short term memory. designed and place there by the creator for our benefit. so we don’t always have and adequate amount of stem cells in circulation. The trick is to put a portion of those cells to work. This plant also has molecules of polysaccharides which increase the ability of our stem cells to detect even faint SDF-1 cries for help being released by damaged tissues tucked away in remote corners of our bodies. my speech. The result is deteriorating health as our worn out tissue fail to renew themselves. these plants contribute to our stem cell nutrition facilitating their release from the bone marrow to enter the blood stream and the facilitate their passage from the circulation into the tissues. can we boost the activity of our stem cells and promote healing? I discovered a source of stem cell nutrition derived from a plant called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). I felt like my old self again. One gram of stem cell nutrition cause the release of about four million stem cells into the blood stream. This blue green fresh water vegetable has remarkable secrets hidden inside. Soon.The mother cell creates a daughter cell. 1 . Selectin ligans in the AFA are proteins that instruct the bone marrow to release stem cells when necessary. and memory function. Unfortunately. and one of them remains attached to the bone marrow. I credit stem cell nutrition for the heaven sent return of my abilities. Thus. so you never use them all. as we age the marrow starts losing its ability to respond as well as it should.

I wanted to do more than treat symptoms. Indiana For a Year. He called me recently and. Since1971. to my surprise. I decided to try stem cell nutrition myself. My fingers move freely now. I had full range of motion in my neck. HEALTH NEWS Vol. he now spoke clearly on the phone. I have practiced traditional medicine for twenty-eight years and got involved in alternative medicine seven years ago. and I have been able to stop taking diabetic medicine because my blood sugar levels have stabilized. I turned to natural products. I have suffered severe restrictive motion with constant cracking and popping in my neck. For about twenty years. He interned at south Bend. He believed it could help others with chronic diseases. I am very impressed with stem cell nutrition. M.D Graduated from Indiana University Medical School in 1967. 15 No. In an attempt to prevent disease and improve patients’ conditions that medicine can not help. I could not turn my head more than thirty degrees to either side. I also had severe arthritis in my fingers and diabetes. M.Doctor Recommends Stem Cell Nutrition Jim Taylor. Many scars have all but disappeared. he has practiced family medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. A friend and fellow doctor had a stroke two years ago resulting in a severe speech impediment.D Jim Taylor. 1 7 . the served two years in the Army as a flight surgeon. He said stem cell nutrition healed his condition. Within ten days of taking stem cell nutrition.

plus her hands and feet felt numb and tingling. he could use the stairs like a much younger dog. Her muscles were very weak. Within two weeks of starting on stem cell nutrition. The dog was not eating well. something she couldn’t do before. Soon. his physical abilities increased substantially. Stem cell nutrition does not interfere with most medications nor have any allergies been reported. My twenty year neck stiffness was fully resolved in ten days. could not speak well. his progress was very slow. Even after he regained consciousness and started physical therapy. and could not walk unassisted. all of her symptoms disappeared. Another patient sustained brain injury during a motorcycle accident. Within ten days of beginning stem cell nutrition. A young man had a severe brain injury in an accident with an ATV five years ago and was in a coma for a long time. Her leg began to heal after she started taking stem cell nutrition. She was unable to work and could not drive. and had to be carried around. I treated a woman with a persistent leg ulcer. could not stand up. He can now use a walker on his own and has increased motion in his right arm. She suffered double vision. She can’t wait to see what the veterinarian has to say about her dog now. she was symptom free and fully functional again. She was also blind in one eye and had lost eighty percent of her vision in the other eye. Stem cell nutrition is as safe as it is effective. 1 . One lady told me about giving stem cell nutrition to he dog after the veterinarian urged her to put the thirteen year old spaniel down. Within five days of beginning stem cell nutrition. He is full of hope. 8 HEALTH NEWS Vol.One of my patients had a severe neurological disorder. and her vision improved to the point that she can watch TV and even read. because he is finally seeing progress. 15 No. Within two months of beginning stem cell nutrition. It often works in a matter of days. the dog was eating and walking.

It does not treat symptoms-it goes right to the cause.. 15 No. When I learned that a product existed that could increase the number of stem cells released by our bone marrow by as much as thirty percent. including the brain. Family Physician. I began taking stem cell nutrition seventeen months ago. I would recommend stem cell nutrition for anyone.B. Taking Stem Cell Nutrition For Life Johnnie Strickland.. I have had boundless energy and received multiple compliments on the clarity of my complexion and my youthful appearance. Since that time. Jr. A. HEALTH NEWS Vol. 1 9 .P. I am a board certified family practice physician and have been studying nutritional and supplemental medicine for over ten years.M.P.A. Jr. stem cell nutrition will change medicine as we know it.D. As far as I am concerned.F. I was doing simple math problems in my head at lightning speed. and on day ten I had an endorphin release that was like a “runners high” in that I had supreme and boundless energy.A. I have become aware of the power of stem cells in rejuvenating every organ and tissue of the human body. M. I Knew that I had to have it.F.Stem cell nutrition gives the body the raw materials it needs to regenerate damaged tissue. Many of my patients continue to take stem cell nutrition and I will certainly be taking it for life.D Johnnie Strickland. F. and my mind focused in with precision on all problems I dealt with.

and much more.D Fernando Aguila. I’ve heard testimonials from others who have experienced significant improvement in their painful arthritis. blood pressure.Physical and Mental Support Fernando Aquila.D. He finished his internship at Cambridge City Hospital. Philippines. It sounded just like what I needed. MA and completed his residency at the New England Medical Center in Boston. They Claimed the pain had become almost negligible. and by the time I get home. and even myocardial infarctions. I knew I had to find a way to increase my stamina. OH. Due to a heavy patient load. congestive heart failure. M. My attention was drawn to the fact that it can increase energy. 1 . Since then. He obtained a fellowship in OBGYN anesthesia at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and a fellowship In cardio-thoracic anesthesia at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland. M. 15 No. MA. concentration. vitality. and had improvements in cardiomyopathy. One of the components apparently promotes the migration of the stem cells to tissues or organs where regeneration and repair is needed most. I have recently found that I tire more easily. graduated from the University of Santa Thomas in Manila. even my shoulders and rib cage hurt. energy and vitality. wellness. I heard about patients who regulated their diabetes. Cambridge. 10 HEALTH NEWS Vol. my legs are cramping. A friend gave me information about stem cell nutrition and how it promotes the release of stem cells in the body.

and was able to work so efficiently and steadily that one surgeon commented that I was moving like a ball of fire. and I didn’t have any shoulder pain. Stem cell nutrition gives me support physically and mentally. I decided the stem cell nutrition must be working. I tried stem cell nutrition myself. Because of all of their testimonies. HEALTH NEWS Vol. After a day of hard work. I continued to take it. my legs were not aching. I realized I wasn’t tired at all. 15 No.The improvements sounded dramatic. I was willing to believe it could promote wellness in the human body. 1 11 . I look forward to seeing what the major medical journals have to say about the studies being done with this new approach to wellness.

He completed his surgical residency at the Hugar Surgery Centre in the Hines Veteran Administration Hospital in Illinois before going into private practice in Ventura. There have been controversial discussions about the new stem cells found in embryos. your body automatically releases stem cells whenever you injure yourself. will travel to any area of the body that has been compromised or damaged and turn into healthy cells. 15 No.P. 12 HEALTH NEWS Vol. Stem cell nutrition helps all of us heal our bodies. you’ll find that the number one indicator of a healthy heart is the number of stem cells circulating in the body. We know that stem cells. D. Dr. Stem cells are the most powerful cells in the body. Minter is a national and international speaker on the subjects of business and International speaker on the subjects of business and nutritional products. because the stem cells aren’t released the same way as when we were younger. After about age 35. but the truth is that everyone has adult stem cells in their own bodies. Stem cell nutrition is the organic and all-natural way to stimulate the bone marrow to release adult stem cells into the bloodstream.M (retired). That’s why you heal so fast when you are younger. CA. once they’re circulating in the bloodstream. we don’t heal as fast anymore.M (Retired) Cliff Minter. As a child or a young adult. We are all created from stem cells. If you look at the new England Journal of Medicine.P. 1 . Graduated from Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine. D.The Most Powerful Cells In The Body Cliff Minter.

HEALTH NEWS Vol. I did some research and found it to be one of the greatest ways to slow aging that we have. I was skeptical at first. because even when a medication works. but the results I’ve personally seen in people I’ve talked with have been wideranged. One that was on oxygen almost 24/7 is now totally off of oxygen. This is the best. This is the greatest. Stem cell nutrition has no negative side effects. Aging is nothing more than the breaking down of cells. Stem cell nutrition combats that action. most natural way I know to optimum health. 15 No. This makes it a powerful approach to healing and good health in general. stem cell nutrition replaces them with healthy cells. I use stem cell nutrition as a preventative. Stem cell nutrition has zero negative side effects. you can maintain optimum health and aid your body in healing itself. I’ve noticed an increase in my energy level and an improved sleeping pattern. It’s certainly a better way to recuperate from an illness than using prescription drugs. it can often be hard on your liver and the rest of your body. 1 13 . I found out about stem cell nutrition after some one asked for my opinion on it. And if you do have health challenges. is very powerful. If you just want to use it for prevention. I recommend it to everybody. most natural anti-aging method I know. As cells break down. Two people I know had “tennis elbow” which usually takes about six to nine months to heal. Lots of people have reported an increase in energy and better sleeping patterns. It makes sense. both report their “tennis elbow” is gone. Two ladies who suffered badly from PMS told me they were 100 percent symptom-free within weeks of starting the stem cell nutrition. Within weeks of taking stem cell nutrition. and we know how it works. because stem cells go to whatever area is compromised and turn into healthy cells. It’s good for children as well as adults. it’s the best way I Know of overcoming those and regaining optimum health. and people with asthma end up with their lungs totally clear.By taking stem cell nutrition. I’ve seen people with arthritis in various parts of their bodies reverse the disease. this is the best thing I know for staying healthy.

saying that Jackie’s recovery had reached a plateau and there was no expectation that she would improve. in San Diego. 95 percent blind. Jackie.D is the founder of Henry Wolmarans Ministries. 14 HEALTH NEWS Vol. the doctors predicted her death. The consequent blood clot that formed in the artery caused a massive stroke that destroyed 85 percent of the left hemisphere of Jackie’s brain. and totally mute.D Hendry Wolmarans. Jackie was one of the flu sufferers. Ph. Ph. This left my 49 year-old wife paralyzed on her right side. 1 .Researcher Believes In Stem Cell Nutrition Henry Wolmarans. Modern medicine did not hold out much hope for her recovery-in fact. 15 No. my wife of twenty-nine years. California and the CEO of Stem Cell Hope. LCC. “ Eight years ago. Unfortunately. “ Rights to Riches “ and is currently working on the two new books : “ Yes you can Achieve your Dreams “ and the true story of his wife Jackie’s amazing recovery from a severely debilitating stroke “ Will I Live or Die. Jackie simultaneously coughed and sneezed and the resulting whiplash tore the carotid artery in her neck. During this illness. Inc. Five months after Jackie was released from the hospital. the insurance company refused to pay for further therapy. including. and I went on a cruise where 500 passengers got sick from a flu epidemic. We have pursued every alternative treatment known over the past eight years to assist Jackie in her recovery. He is the author of five books.

neurological disease such as Lou Gehrig’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Jackie’s result have been nothing short of miraculous! her right foot began to move on command up to three inches an a time after being totally paralyzed for seven years. I discovered that than Nan Shan hospital in China had just started administering umbilical cord stem cell to Westerners. her speech improved. This is now effective for the treatment of Leukemia. 15 No. Stem cells also have the advantage of not being rejected by the immune system. Her weak right arm gained strength and better control. 1 15 . an easy to swallow capsule that releases up to 30 percent more of your own adult stem cells from your bone marrow. HEALTH NEWS Vol. unlike organ or tissue transplants. and she had a general sense of well-being flood her entire body. China for sixty days. we were ecstatic to discover stem cell nutrition. The anti-aging properties of stem cells can also improve the health and lives of people who do not have serious illness.D. to learn how stem cell therapy replaces diseased or dysfunctional cells with healthy. Jackie has used this oral stem cell product to supplement the stem cell injections she received. Jackie again had the sense of general well-being flood her body just as she did after the injections. I took Jackie Shan Zeng. spinal cord injuries. She had seven spinal cord injections and five IVs of stem cell totaling 150 million stem cell. and diabetes just to name a few. We have decided that Jackie will not have further injections. Within three days of taking the capsules. The goal of stem cell therapy is to have healthy new cells integrate into the body and begin to function like the patient’s own stem cells. I used research skills I gained from my Ph. because in many ways this natural product is accomplishing the same thing on a daily basis at a fraction of the cost. functioning ones. Once we returned from China. The droop on the right side of her face all but disappeared.About 18 months ago.

In my wife’s case. where they then divide and multiply to become the specialized cells that are needed for that particular of area of tissue. Umbilical cord blood is a rich source of readily available adult stem cells which are harvested after a baby is born. blood. Adult stem cells are found in small numbers in twelve different locations in our body (brain. Personally. heart. bone marrow blood vessels. fat. 1 .Stem cells are attracted to areas of injury and disease by a signal that they identify. as a Christian. This harvesting procedure does not affect either the mother or the baby. the stem cells have become the new neurons in her brain which then began to pas on the electric impulses along her nerve paths. The primary role of adult stem cells in the body is to maintain and repair the tissues in which they are found. After the eighth week. retina. 16 HEALTH NEWS Vol. skeletal muscle. cornea. 15 No. I don’t see a moral dilemma in using umbilical cord stem cells for experimentation and medical treatment. skin. since it is done after birth when the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut. dental pulp. This ability is called pluripotency. and intestines). I am excited at the healthy future that stem cell nutrition can bring to everyone. the embryo becomes a fetus until birth when the stem cells are referred to as adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are found in the embryo and have the potential of becoming any cell in the body.

I often do quantitative EEG’s for assessment of my patients. 1 17 . and a B. had several small cancers on the top of his head. I noticed how much better my balance has become. After taking it for a time.A in Fine Arts. His doctor had removed one from his arm already.D. A bald friend of mine. Nancy white holds a Ph. I’m impressed with the concept of a natural product like stem cell nutrition that could help release adult stem cells from the bone mass where the body would have no objection and no rejection. I’ve tried stem cell nutrition myself for general health and anti-aging. In Addition. in Clinical Psychology. I believe stem cell nutrition is responsible for these effects.D. Also. and his dermatologist set a date to remove those from HEALTH NEWS Vol. I’ve always been interested in health generally and in particular the brain.F. since taking stem cell nutrition. Ph. 15 No. I feel more agile and my joints are far more flexible.Stem Cell Nutrition Can Help Anybody Nancy White. Magna Cum Laude. She is licensed in the State of Texas as a Psychologist. focusing on the balance of neurotransmitters. who is also taking the stem cell nutrition. I was astounded while doing yoga that I was suddenly able to bend over and touch my forehead to my knees. an MA in Behavioral Science. because I certainly haven’t been trained extensively in yoga. a Marriage and Family Therapist. I haven’t been able to do that comfortably in probably twenty years. I feel better and my skin is more moist and has a finer texture. and as a Chemical Dependency Counselor.

Before the appointment. Stem cell nutrition is remarkable and could help anybody. was like new. Another friend of mine seems to be dropping years. Everybody should try it. Stem cell nutrition seems to go where the body’s priority is. You never know exactly what the affect is going to be. They had disappeared within a few weeks of starting the stem cell nutrition and his skin is better overall. 15 No. Her skin looks smoother and her face looks younger. 1 . stem cell nutrition is a preventative. Also. which he’d strained from playing tennis. she looks like she’s ten years younger. because it’s natural and there are no risks. we still can have good health. looking in the mirror. but you notice change.his scalp. Even if you don’t currently have a problem. As we grow older in years. because her skin looked so much different. saw that the cancers were all gone. That’s the ideal. After about six weeks on the stem cell nutrition. 18 HEALTH NEWS Vol. his knee. my friend was shaving one morning and. A woman who gives her regular facials asked what she was doing.

N. I Notice an overall feeling of well being. I have been a registered nurse for twenty-seven years.S. which I’ve been trying to do for years. and I work up to 55 hours a week in a Shock Trauma Intensive Care Unit. and with the stem cell nutrition it just happened naturally. Since I began taking the stem cell nutrition approximately four months ago.. He has been taking stem cell nutrition for a while now and is having a remarkable recovery.N I am a single mother with two teenage children. I’ve lost weight around my hips and in my thighs. I’ve taken vitamins and other supplements in the past. my lower back pain is totally gone and I have a lot more energy than I’ve had in a long time. It’s helped so much that I am very conscious not to miss a dose.More Energy for Busy Nurse Cynthia Tucker. B. I have suffered with chronic lower back pain for nearly the last four years from the physical requirements of being a nurse. An added benefit is the loss of 20 pounds. I recently cared for a patient in the trauma unit at my hospital who had broken several bones and was severely traumatized. HEALTH NEWS Vol. but stem cell nutrition has definitely made a big difference. 15 No. R. 1 19 .

. B. and I have a lot more flexibility. Other issues included arthritis in my fingers and back.. 20 HEALTH NEWS Vol. every day. I can Read again! The flashes and floaters have disappeared from my vision and the tightness in my eye has gone away. but it’s regaining its darker color and I’ve even lost six inches off my waistline. I was told I would never read again. high blood pressure around 200/100 and. Now I’m on the computer all day long.S. My arthritis no longer causes me pain. 15 No. I can’t believe the energy and stamina I have now! My hair was snow white. That’s all gone away since I’ve been on stem cell nutrition. R. I also get a good night’s sleep every night and those awful leg cramps are gone. for a number of years suffering from an injuring in my right knee as well as leg cramps at night. 1 . My blood pressure remains at a normal 120/80 and there is no more pain in my knee or my feet. although I haven’t done anything other than to make sure I take stem cell nutrition.N.They Said I’d Never Read again Peggy Zumbaum.N. (Retired) I had detached retinas and had to have immediate surgery for each eye.

HEALTH NEWS Vol. my diabetes control has improved. diabetes (poor diet.N I have been a nurse for forty five years. I am approaching the age when health takes on a whole new meaning. and my blood pressure is much better. I have not pain and take no medications for pain. high blood pressure (high stress). I now realize that I am not invincible. and now I am reaping what I have sown: arthritis (both knees scheduled for replacement). 1 21 . I’m the proud granny of six and the great granny of four and want to be around to see another generation. My knee surgery has been cancelled. L. I look forward to being around to see another generation. In the past. In my searching I found stem cell nutrition. lack of exercise). I am seeing benefits that I had not expected.Psoriasis Practically Disappeared Nancy Edmiston. My psoriasis has practically disappeared. raised four children and helped raise a grandchild. carpel tunnel in both wrists (repetitive motion). and high cholesterol (poor diet). overweight. I began to look for alternatives to conventional approaches to better health. 15 No. I lived without worrying about the consequences to my body. I feel tired and worn out all the time with no energy to do the things I like because I’m consumed by the things that are necessary.

and the very next day a dear friend called me and told me about stem cell nutrition. Driving the car gave me a deep dull ache that made me sick to my stomach. do yoga. I had not been aware of how common this problem is. Since I didn’t want surgery. It felt like a piece of sharp glass was loose in my kneecap.D About seven months ago. I decided to give my self a few more months and then go get an X-ray. I’m usually a fast healer and couldn’t understand why this was happening. I’m usually a fast healer and couldn’t understand why this was happening. but my knee did not improve and the pain prevailed. I prayed to god for help. 1 . I just waited for it to heal on its own. or just walk funny like their hips are loose. all to no avail. limp. It eventually became so bad that I was in agony and wondered if my life would ever be the same again. I began to notice how many other people walk with a cane.” squat. Only people who have experienced constant pain know what’ I’m talking about. I had to use a cane to walk. I worked with a special machine. homeopathics. took extra herbs. I tried every natural method of healing I know of. I could hardly sleep at night from the pain and it was difficult to even get my leg to hang over the bed when I got up in the morning. and more. N. 22 HEALTH NEWS Vol. hot mineral bathes. essential oils. or run. I did not want to go to a medical doctor as I feared they would want to operate. 15 No.Knee Pain and Walking Cane Gone Haripriya Dillon. I woke up with a mysterious pain in my knee that would not go away. and could no longer sit “tailor fashion.

Now I am hardly aware anything ever happened to my knee and I can even run! A very slight sensitivity still exists. and I noticed that the stem cell nutrition provided him with energy and mental clarity. 1 23 . and energy. My son has a blood condition. diet. I have a holistically-oriented acupuncture practice. and a decrease in arthritis pain.After about ten days. the pain in the knee was almost gone and I could walk without my cane. and LMT. I teach a class-a dietary lifestyle program-based on the principles of Chinese medicine and an ancient wisdom medicine from India called Ayurveda. When I heard about the stem cell nutrition and how it increases stem cell migration from the bone marrow to the blood stream. but it seems to continue to improve as time goes on. I have had other improvements such as sleeping better and awakening more refreshed. Licensed Master Acupuncturist. emotional healing. HEALTH NEWS Vol. I introduced stem cell nutrition to my patients. I use it in conjunction with other supplements and herbs as a foundational formula that enhances their benefit. mental abilities. lifestyle. having sustained energy. hoping to enhance their diet. and nutrition. Certified Hypnotherapist. I love stem cell nutrition and wish I had had it fifty years ago. Stem Cell Nutrition Stimulates Healing Jonathan Glass Jonathan Glass is an Ayurvedic practitioner. lifestyle. 15 No. incorporating herbs. wet eyes instead of dry and hot. I decided to try it out on myself and my family.

1 . 15 No. A fourth patient. while stimulating healing. but when she started the stem cell nutrition. became very depressed and stubborn. I believe that stem cell nutrition enhances the body’s capacity to utilize energy properly and safely. her hair stopped falling out.I tried stem cell nutrition on a woman patient who was losing her hair. Using it on another woman seemed to dramatically improve her eye problems after surgery. and she is much more communicative. 24 HEALTH NEWS Vol. Very dramatic changes took place in her and the other patients. A third patient had a slow recovery from a serious shoulder injury. who had a stroke. refusing to do anything for herself. healing sped up dramatically. her personality and sense of humor have come back. In a month or so. Since she started on stem cell nutrition.

I think the body prioritizes what it needs first. and could not get up or walk around because she was so short of breath. I came across stem cell nutrition approximately six months ago. some dramatic results. It sounded very exciting. In some cases it seems to work faster with patients who have lung or heart problems. HEALTH NEWS Vol. He had torn his calf muscle and he was told by his doctor and his chiropractor that he couldn’t run for three months. After ten days his muscle was healed and he ran a marathon the following week.Homeopath Has Success With Patients Jana Shiloh Jana Shiloh. so I started using it myself and brought it into the clinic. she was down to half a canister of oxygen per day. I also know a woman who had a multitude of symptoms. He was very upset about this and he started taking stem cell nutrition daily. and addresses the critical issues immediately I’ve also used it with a fifty-four year old professional marathon runner who healed well with it. I have seen some really positive results. She was on four canisters of oxygen a day for many months. 1 25 . I have worked with homeoparthy for twenty-five years and have been supporting people with natural products. Certified Classical Homeoparth * I am in an integrated medical office with an internist. After three t four weeks of taking stem cell nutrition. 15 No.

I had a small eruption on my lip that probably could have been diagnosed as a skin tag. 15 No. which totally disappeared. One man had a very large mole on his face. Stem cell nutrition seems to correct these kinds of benign growths. since it was the only new thing she had tried. 26 HEALTH NEWS Vol. I take stem cell nutrition for the anti-aging benefits as well.I credit this to stem cell nutrition. I had had it for three years and I noticed this last month that it had completely gone away. I’ve also seen stem cell nutrition remove small growths on the bodies of patients and on myself. I would not give up my stem cell nutrition and I recommend it to patients and friends. People now come up to me and tell me I look great and ask me what I am doing. It was very irritating to me. 1 .

I introduced it to several other athletes who are now pain free. setting two World game records. useful time! I have also improved my recovery time after difficult workouts. I credit my success to stem cell nutrition.Winning Gold Medals Frank Condon As an athlete. I am slowing down and go to bed at 9:30 PM. I love stem cell nutrition and don’t miss a day. I ran a s metric mile in four minutes and forty-seven seconds. thanks to the miracle of stem cell nutrition. Now he is back on the track again doing what he loves to do. my lifelong friend. that means I am off the charts for a senior citizen!. I could read or work at my computer until 10:30 or 11:00 at night. HEALTH NEWS Vol. I have been a life long middle distance runner from 400 meters to a mile – and earned the nickname “ speedy. At age sixty-four. 1 27 .” Now in my mid sixties. I have had the best track and field year ever in my life. 15 No. I noticed I had grained an extra hour in my day. I have participated in track and field since I was a freshman in high school. an Olympic team member back in 1964. I improved my fifteen hundred meter running time by twenty-five second. Not long after I started taking stem cell nutrition. That is a gain of seven or eight hours per week-all valuable. developed such pain in his knees that he could not run. I won four gold medals at the World Senior Games. Since they consider five minutes and twenty seconds to be very fast.

I had trouble using step ladders to install ceiling fans and the like. 15 No. I had been a professional soccer player in the Netherlands where I injured my knees. The other day I was ”carded” for my Senior Citizens Discount at a restaurant! I feel like I’m 39 or younger! My hair is even turning back to its natural color. that I would have to literally crawl up the steeps to get home. and the insulin could only bring it down to the mid-200 range. I feel like I am physically reborn. I can maintain normal blood sugar levels whithout medication. After ten days on stem cell nutrition. I would have so much sweeling and pain in my knees. I also suffer from arthritis.Diabetes Under Control Gerrit Woring I am sixty-eight years old and have uncontrollable diabetes. 1 . The swelling went down. Stem cell nutrition has revolutionized my life. I could control my sugar levels at 120 to 140 with less than 30 units of insulin. Six weeks after starting the stem cell nutrition. Later. and it looks as trough I have my soccer legs back. in my handyman business. 28 HEALTH NEWS Vol. My blood pressure. Since then. Fifty units of insulin three to five times a day couldn’t keep my blood sugar level normal. It would soar over 300. I was able to bring my blood sugar level down to 150 to 160 After six weeks. is now down to 110/60. Within eight weeks. I went off pain medication totally. which was 212/150. My vision has cleared and the floaters in my eyes are completely gone. I didn’t need to take insulin anymore. I developed high blood pressure and was losing my eyesight from my unstable blood sugar.

I started taking stem cell nutrition approximately two months ago. but mine has been very low. and in a matter of two or three days.Sinus Problems Gone and Healthy pH Don Miller I am sixty-five years old and before I began taking stem cell nutrition. I am so thankful for stem cell nutrition. 15 No. and terrible leg cramps. Nothing I’ve used before affected my pH level. Within ten days I saw a big improvement and the pain was gone. I also had restless leg syndrome. I would wake up at four in the morning with my head throbbing and sinus pressure throughout the day. which healed much faster than expected. my pH is in the healthy range. The soreness left quickly and my ribs don’t bother me at all. X-rays showed I had a broken rib. I had terrible problems with pressure in my sinuses. I sleep soundly through the night without taking anything and I also have a lot more energy during the day. I noticed an improvement in all of my symptoms. I would have to take something at night so I could go to sleep. My sinuses no longer bother me. Recently I had a run-in with a colt. I have always heard that it’s important to have a normal pH level. HEALTH NEWS Vol. with stem cell nutrition. 1 29 . but now.

and Balanced Mark Rosenthal I am a meteorologist. as well as calm and serene. 15 No. 30 HEALTH NEWS Vol. When I do not take the stem cell nutrition. Stem cell nutrition makes a noticeable difference in the quality of my life. I feel more focused.Focused. I feel unsettled and out of balance. I found and I feel much better physically. saying it really helped him. and since then. a friend and I were discussing how hard it is sometimes to mentally focus. I started taking it. He described the health benefits too. When I do take it. One day. I work as a TV weatherman in Boston and give weather reports on the radio. He told me about stem cell nutrition. Calmed. it has really calmed me down and made me feel more centered. especially the cardiovascular. 1 .

1 31 . I had to use a large pencil to jot a few words on paper and now I use a small one instead. HEALTH NEWS Vol. The doctors say that my optic nerves are dead. I have also had problems keeping my blood sugar stable. I’ve been blind for the past six years. I felt hopeless until I heard about stem cell nutrition.New Hope For Diabetes Bill Lohmeyer I’m sixty-seven years old and have Type II diabetes.5. but my blood sugar levels would climb as high as 325. I tried to keep It down with prescription medication. I suffer from neuropathy and had difficulty sleeping at night because of the pain. when they should be 1. 15 No. the count on my kidneys had dropped from 9 to 4. I went back to the doctor. and today my blood sugar is normal and stable.5 or 1. After taking it for sixty days. My neuropathy is 75 percent improved. My test results were unbelievable! My blood pressure had fallen to 110/70.8 my doctor thought I might end up on dialysis. Now I’m off all of my medication. Also. they think that the chemicals I used while crop spraying my farm caused my blindness. I can even see the red indicator light on my machine for the first time. Because of my blindness. My blood pressure was over 200 and my kidneys tested at number 9. and my blood sugar was a normal 90.

My doctor wrote to tell me that my hemoglobin test (for diabetic control) had the best results I’ve ever had. It was almost at our target of under 6.5. He said I was doing really well and to keep up the good work. Because of stem cell nutrition, I now have hope of being able to drive and fly again and see the bobber when the fish bite! I feel really good!.

I Can Breathe Again Saundra Cleveland
For over fifteen years I have had a chronic cough due to year round allergies. During allergy season, I couldn’t go to church or other functions, because people would think I was contagious. My coughing was so disruptive, I couldn’t sit through a meeting. Often, without treatment, I would end up with bronchitis or bronchial pneumonia within 24 to 48 hours. My immune system completely broke down, and I had fever blisters in my nose and around my mouth all of the time. I kept getting worse and had no energy at all. The doctor put me on cortisone and allergy shots, worrying that my respiratory system was going to collapse. After three years, my health did not improve. I heard about stem cell nutrition and decided to try it and after three days, I realized that I was not coughing anymore. I cannot tell you how much better I can breathe. It no longer feels like somebody has a cloth over my mouth. I can feel the air going all of the way down into my lungs. I sleep soundly now because I don’t wake up gasping for breath. The added energy has allowed me to reshape my body, because I can move around so much more. I feel great!.


HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1

Relief for Colitis and Back Pain Merlie Kluver
I will be seventy-one years old soon. Since I was twenty-one, I have suffered form severe ulcerative colitis, All my life, I have taken drugs for this awful disease. I also injured my back thirty years ago from carrying my grand kids in high chairs up and down the steps. My sciatic nerve and slipped discs have given me a lot of pain. These conditions have plagued my body for a very long time. Recently, the colitis and the back problems have gotten worse, increasing pain in my sacroiliac joint worked its way around to my groin area, making it next to impossible to lay, sit, walk, or sleep. The pain was excruciating, and I didn’t know what to do. I visited my chiropractor, regular doctor, and an orthopedic surgeon. After taking x-rays and MRIs, it became clear that my vertebras were not lined up. Pins needed to be inserted and bone taken from my hip to stabilize my spine, because a disc was torn, bulging, pressing, and hurting. Even so, I was afraid to have the surgery. A close family friend called to suggest that I try stem cell nutrition. My husband and I decided it was worth a try. The pain gradually decreased over a month, until I became completely pain free. I was able to go out and work in my garden. I’m back at the club where I walk, lift weights, do exercises, and aerobics. I used to be limited to what I could do inside, vacuuming and other housework, but now I can do anything, anywhere.

HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1


Other housework, but now I can do anything, anywhere. I have had no problem with colitis since taking the stem cell nutrition. I’m so grateful we found out about it after so many years of colon problems and back pain. I catch myself doing things that I can’t believe I’m doing! There’s no more pain!

No More Worry, Fear, or Anxiety Stephen W. “Murf” Murphy
My life changed dramatically when I had a series of heart attacks which, luckily, did not result in heart damage. After the first heart attack I had four stents placed in my arteries, but those did not help. I had two more heart attacks, so my doctors recommended a triple by-pass. I was released from the hospital and seven days later, I developed a bowel obstruction and was back in the hospital. An emergency surgery resulted in an infection and an abscess which extended my stay in the hospital to fifty-five days and was then sent home because my insurance would not cover the cost of a nursing home. I ended up on thirteen different medications. I had been a realtor for over twenty years, but after my heart attacks, I could not work for two years. I needed to provide for my family. Unfortunately, I had neither the strength nor the energy to do so. I was beside myself with worry, fear, and anxiety and every time I had the least little pain, such as trapped gas or pain in the esophagus, I just knew I was having another heart attack. I feared the stress would kill me. I heard about stem cell nutrition from a friend and understood it was really good for cardiovascular care.
34 HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1

That got my attention, and I decided to try it. I felt better within an hour and a half. Something about it helped me stop stressing out. Soon, I was able to go off all medications. Stress is a major contributor to heart disease. Stem cell nutrition alleviated my stress, as well as helped to repair and rebuild any heart damage. The results of recent medical tests showed my cholesterol to be normal. My kidney and liver functions are normal. All inflammation is under control. The doctors were ecstatic! They said, “Keep on doing what you’re doing-you’re doing great!” I can do over sixty pushups, then five minutes later, do another fifty. After another five minutes, I can do yet another forty pushups. I am fifty-four years old, but I feel like I am twenty-nine. My son and daughter are pleased and happy to have a dad who can keep up with them. I can multitask, I am back in the saddle again a hundred percent, and the stress is gone I’ve never felt so good. I also have a connective tissue disease, Raynaud’s Phenomena, that causes my hands and feet to become numb and purple whenever they get cold. It often takes 35 to 40 minutes for the normal color to return. After a couple of months on stem cell nutrition, I noticed the recovery time took only three to five minutes. What hope stem cell nutrition has brought into my life! From the first day I started taking it, I have felt a peace and reassurance that my heart, as well as the rest of my body, is in balance. I am regaining positive health in mind, heart, body and spirit. So many great things are happening in my life, I no longer worry about anything. This has been an answer to my prayers.

HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1


Runner Conquers Arthritic Pain Kathy Jager
I started track at age fifty and currently take part in nine track and field events in my age group (sixty to sixty-four years). I previously held the one hundred meter and two hundred meter world records, and I still maintain the sixty meter world record of 8.91 second. I currently hold nine state records in my age group. I also compete in pole vaulting and throwing sports. I have not achieved all this without a price. Arthritic pain in my back, hips, and knee kept me from doing my best. A friend and fellow athlete introduced me to stem cell nutrition. I did not fully realize the benefits until my regular pain medication ran out and I remained pain free. I found that stem cell nutrition reduced inflammation and stiffness too. As a bonus, I developed greater endurance, flexibility, and range of motion, as well as an improved ability to train and better focus on my pole vaulting techniques. I bounce back quicker after competing in strenuous sports. I work out at a junior college and enjoy training with the college kids, jumping and running with them. I would like to think that inspire them. They are pretty proud of me. People consider a world class athlete for my age group. I rank in the top five in the world. My philosophy is to live life to the fullest and to encourage others to do the same. Why bother to get up in the morning if you are not going to do something significant? Stem cell nutrition will help you be healthier, no matter what your age.


HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1

I have so much energy. 15 No. and on the third morning when I woke up. My legs have straightened out and feel like my old legs again. I can see everything in the room and I can walk around the house without touching a piece of furniture. Then. But the biggest thing for me is my eyesight: I can now see out of my eye that was totally blind!. there is no tightness or redness. and the other eye had only 40 percent vision at best. My other foot had great big bunions on it. HEALTH NEWS Vol. and I am so happy that I wish I could tell this to millions of people-especially the older people. and were constantly cold for the past three years. I also had problems with my hands. I could not move them and there was no way I could get them warm. which were curved like I was trying to catch a baseball. three times a day.92 Years Young Thelma Martin I am ninety-two years young and I have been dealing with many chronic health issues. The ulcer on my ankle has healed. The doctors said there was not chance I would recover my sight. I had been sick so long that sometimes I just wished to die. I was completely blind in one eye. and I feel better than I did when I was fifty years old. I feel that it is a miracle. I began to take two capsules every six hours. I also had an ulcer on my ankle since I was 18 that would break into a running sore every year. I began to feel heat in the palm of my hands. They were very warm and have not been cold since. I knew that something would come up that would help me. 1 37 . my hands were as straight as a 35 year-old’s. two months ago a friend brought me some stem cell nutrition. On the second day.

15 No. I was told my left leg would be paralyzed. I broke my back in two places. I’m really blessed for having the stem cell nutrition. 1 . I followed through with physical therapy. including my heart. I am now looking forward to an almost complete recovery which was not anticipated in the beginning. I reduced my pain medication until I needed none at all. to prevent total paralysis. At first. Doctors said it was a miracle. and I would need pain medication for a year. cracked four ribs. My major organs were displaced. After my mother brought me stem cell nutrition.I Amazed My Doctors Barry Jones While working as a contractor and builder. 38 HEALTH NEWS Vol. Surgeries and therapies were scheduled. especially when I began to walk on both feet unassisted. but the lord spared my life. and the doctors were amazed at my recovery. people thought I was dead. I accidentally fell five and half stories. and shattered my pelvis.

An added bonus was the ability to have a regular (daily) bowel movement without assistance or incident. bowel and bladder problems can be challenging. For me. HEALTH NEWS Vol. I thank stem cell nutrition for enhancing my quality of life. I was considering a catheter when my parents told me about stem cell nutrition. Frequent urination during the night – I was up six to ten times – left me fatigued and exhausted.MS Related Bowel and Bladder Symptoms Shari Wiedrich I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis three years ago at the age of 43. more rest at night meat less fatigue during the day. I began taking stem cell nutrition and after four months I experienced less frequency to urinate during the night. Like many MS patients. 15 No. 1 39 .

40 HEALTH NEWS Vol.Running With A Bum Knee Kenny Gaddy I have a bum knee. feeling like the cartilage between the bones was missing. 1 . so to test it. 15 No. Nothing but the stem cell nutrition could have brought about that improvement. I was pleasantly surprised at the strength in my knee. I ran up the stairs. I walked upstairs without my knee buckling or feeling any pain. I was so excited! When I get up in the morning now. but I hadn’t been able to lately because of the pain. My knee would buckle walking upstairs. I hit the floor running. After three days of taking the stem cell nutrition. I used to run a lot. Over the years it has taken a lot of punishment from playing different sports.

and I believe that stem cell nutrition is saving my life. I expect the count to continue rising. I started taking stem cell nutrition. Removing my spleen bought me twelve years of remission. which ruled out several deadly diseases and indicated that my spleen was destroying my platelets. 15 No.Stem Cell Nutrition is Saving My Life Terri Branch I suffer from Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). and my platelet count rose. My doctors set up an emergency bone marrow test. Eventually. 1 41 . taking high doses of steroids an other treatments. Autoimmune disorders can cause the immune system to attack in strange ways. When it got back up to nearly one hundred thousand. It began with blood in my mouth and hemorrhaging under the skin of my lower legs. A normal count is around four hundred thousand. but eventually the count fell to a critical low. I quit taking the steroids. HEALTH NEWS Vol. I struggled to maintain a safe level. I came out of remission when my platelet count fell to a hundred and eight thousand. My hematologist discovered that my platelet count was down to four thousand. thinking they were foreign intruders.

Recently. I went to the neurologist for my regular check up. and she put me through all kinds of tests. three doctors in town. she said she could barely detect a problem and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. 42 HEALTH NEWS Vol. 1 . after starting on stem cell nutrition. Right away. but they all came back clear. I’II never be without the stem cell nutrition. difficulty walking. plus one at the VA. and tremors. and my walking improved 100 percent. my memory got better. and I told her abut the stem cell nutrition. She said she would like to know more about it and told me that I would not have to come back anymore unless I wanted to. I noticed a big difference. She asked what I was doing differently.Parkinson’s Symptoms Gone George Guyatt I was diagnosed a few years ago with Parkinson’s disease. agreed I had Parkinson’s. My symptoms included loss of memory. 15 No. I found it was much easier to get in and out of cars. I showed no signs of Parkinson’s When she rotated my joints.

In fact.Liver Spots Fading Away Maryanne Maldonado Shortly after beginning the stem cell nutrition. a huge blister appeared-a bubble filled with fluid. 15 No. but we are happy with the results. The skin underneath was brand new. I noticed the liver spots on my hands and wrists slowly fading – I’ve never heard of this happening. and the oneinch bubble was completely gone. it appears my body is healing itself slowly and consistently from the inside out. 1 43 . My husband. We had no expectations when we started the stem cell nutrition. within minutes. Six months after I added the stem cell nutrition to my regime. noticed after three weeks using the stem cell nutrition that the dark spots on his face gently washed off when cleaning his skin. HEALTH NEWS Vol. Later that afternoon. I couldn’t remember which finger had been burned! I was amazed that an injury could heal up so quickly. age fifty-four. I looked down at my finger. I happened to burn myself on a hot coffeepot.

Unfortunately. I was addicted and immediately joined the track team. so I continued to run: 5Ks.Running Without Pain Kristin Asadourian At the age of seven I began running a couple of miles a day with my uncle for fun. I figured at this point my knee could only get better and it did. My love for running continued to grow throughout high school and college even though I dislocated my left knee one day during track practice. as I got older. I saw this as another test of may commitment. I simply resigned myself to the fact that if I wanted to run. I started experiencing the stabbing pain of runner’s knee. By the time I reached high school. doctors informed me that I did not have the knees to support my running habit which upset me to the point of stubbornness and I refused to accept my diagnosis. stem cell nutrition has changed the way I run and my level of commitment to the sport. Incredibly. Quitting was not an option. 1 . 44 HEALTH NEWS Vol. I continued to run. 15 No. I would experience pain until about a year ago when a friend introduced me to stem cell nutrition. I felt fortunate to be introduced to running so early in my life. Without hesitation. 10Ks and eventually marathons. but I also hit the gym to build up my leg muscles and especially strengthen around my knees.

HEALTH NEWS Vol. I feel like I’m fifteen years-old and as long as I can I will be hitting the asphalt running two marathons a year. 15 No. I’m running pain free and my performance during the Boston marathon last year is a testament to my new and improved relationship.Now when I hit mile twenty I’m no longer worried whether my knees are going to hold up. While I am thirtyfive. I feel fantastic! Thank you for rekindling my love affair. I have been training for the 2007 Boston Marathon docking an average of 30 miles a week. 1 45 .

15 No. The doctor said there was no activity in one section of my lungs. especially when sleeping. Within three weeks of starting on stem cell nutrition. I started an exercise program. I was told there is no cure and no medication for my condition. and even though I push the limit. and restricted my daily activities.Lung Function Greatly Improved Lawrence Ashdown I am seventy-five. since then. 1 . 46 HEALTH NEWS Vol. Due to medical restrictions and the advise of my doctor. All the congestion is cleared up. Stem cell nutrition has given me a much brighter outlook for the future. I am now breathing better and don’t hear that rattling sound in my lungs. A breath analyzer test and chest x-ray showed that I had lost 45 percent of my lung capacity. A section of my lungs captures air. I could walk much farther without stopping to rest. so the air expands and compresses the test of the lung so it can’t function well. He discovered some activity in the part of my lungs that showed none before. I noticed a definite improvement. but doesn’t release it. I have no soreness or stiffness in my arms. My doctor tested the oxygen level in my blood and found it had increased. and for many years I’ve suffered from a serious lung disease related to emphysema. shoulders. This caused me to breathe very heavily. we decided against removing that part of my lung. or legs.

I haven’t had the tightness in my chest or shortness of breath since starting the stem cell nutrition. 1 47 . In addition. After taking stem cell nutrition for a couple of weeks. and joints. After three months. and I no longer have a twitch in my eye. Stem cell nutrition has improved my overall health. neck. I also had recurring pain in my neck. and joints. The vision in my left eye was blurry. HEALTH NEWS Vol. Last summer. which left me with an eye twitch. my knee stopped hurting. my eyesight improved immensely. I became concerned when mowing the lawn or taking out the trash. The pain is completely gone from my knee. because it caused a tightness in my chest and shortness of breath. back. and I plan to take it for the rest of my life. 15 No.Chest Tightness Gone Jim Parker My interest in alternative health care started thirty years ago after a severe bout with psoriasis and Bell’s Palsy. an old football injury had left me with chronic knee pain that made it difficult to use the stairs. back.

I was riding my bike every day for three miles. I had to walk with a cane. I sat at home under a blanket like a depressed vegetable. the best I could do was ride a 3-wheel bike for one block before returning for a nap. 15 No. Within 12 hours of trying the stem cell nutrition. 48 HEALTH NEWS Vol.I Had Two Months To Live Ian Seitman Seven years ago. My doctor said that I had the best MRI that I had in five years. I regained 50 percent of my hearing and my strength increased dramatically. and my breathing was shallow. Soon. The side effects were worse than the disease. 1 . I had two brain tumors and was treated with chemotherapy and radiation. which left my head numb and deteriorated my eyesight. I had no balance and. The treatments burned my sinuses and nasal passages. I was told that I only had two months to live. when I did get up. I lost hearing in my right ear. I could breathe again. The stem cell nutrition is a miracle. Some foods would cause seizures. My cataract disappeared. and in a week or so 80 percent of my eyesight returned. my vision got sharper.

After six weeks. neck muscles. two orthopedic surgeons told me I would not have a full recovery. I can now sleep on either side all night long without pain. I injured my head. and upper torso while working. HEALTH NEWS Vol. I believe I have healed. My muscles have relaxed and don’t hurt anymore. as well.Muscle Damage Healed Jay Stahler I am sixty-six years old. 15 No. I needed rotor cuff surgery. I also have much more energy. 1 49 . After months of physical therapy for muscle and nerve damage. but decided to delay that as long as I could. thanks to stem cell nutrition. I’ve rejected the idea of surgery. I’ve regained so much arm movement. I suffered with muscle spasms in my upper back and shoulder muscles until I started taking stem cell nutrition.

My Arthritis is Gone Peter E. 15 No. I had a pin in my hip. Then I developed something called “trigger finger” in both thumbs. after ten days. My thumbs would catch in a bent position. like a released trigger. also known as stenosing tenosynovitis. I had complete motion! My right thumb moved a short ways without pain. The pain was horrible. I had shots in my knees. and they recommended a hip replacement. hips and knees. I did and. elbows. I felt desperate when they told me I would have to live with it the rest of my life. because something was happening. I suddenly realized I was using my left thumb to turn pages in the phone book. He suggested that I try it. Sure enough. too. I had full motion in both thumbs. and I wore braces on my legs. It was unbelievable! 50 HEALTH NEWS Vol. especially in my shoulders. my left thumb completely froze up. 1 . Doctors recommended shots in both thumbs to get the motion back. and sometimes they would straighten with a snap. I decided to tell my doctor to hold off giving me any more shots. Knudson I have had terrible problems with arthritis. but that was not much help. The X-rays show it was bone against bone. A friend told me about stem cell nutrition. I eventually had my left knee replaced. These spasms were agonizing. and what it had done for his family. so even thinking about moving it felt like somebody drove over it with a semi-truck. Recently. within three more weeks. My doctors told me the cartilage was gone in my hip joint.

even with temperatures as low as sixty-six degrees or as high as a hundred and one. Almost immediately. I could not tolerate conditions under seventy degrees or above seventy-eight. My mother had a stroke which caused her mouth on the left side to hang down and her left eye to open only half way. The doctor asked me about it. and I’m sticking to it. I used neither crutches or cane for assistance. I also took a prescription drug to prevent seizures. HEALTH NEWS Vol. her eye. as well. her mouth went back to normal and a bit later. the medication made me sensitive to temperature changes. I explained how my arthritis was gone.The last time I visited the doctor. and I no longer had pain while walking. I talked her into taking stem cell nutrition. and I told him about the stem cell nutrition. 15 No. Now I can sleep comfortably with just a sheet over me. Eventually. He agreed we should postpone surgery and wait and see. 1 51 . Stem cell nutrition is a gift from God. The stem cell nutrition brought on complete relief and relaxation within a few minutes.

I had a bad fall. it was totally healed in three days! I never saw the bruising or bloody tears my doctor predicted. I needed a cane or walker and going places such the grocery store were impossible without my wheelchair. 15 No. I have serious joint problems and degenerative disc disease with a separation between the 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae in my neck from a car accident in 1972. On top of that. After I had a growth removed from my eyelid. I didn’t have to apply any ice or take anything for discomfort. All of the swelling was gone in the first 24 hours. I’m told there is no immediate need of a knee replacement. spraining my ankle and wrist.I Left My Wheelchair Behind Lynn Bernal I have been in a wheelchair for the past eleven years. my doctor recommended a knee replacement. completely pain free! I no longer have any pain in my knee whatsoever. At home. I got out of my wheelchair. which left me a 30 percent disability. After five weeks of taking stem cell nutrition. After an MR showed calcium chipping away. Degenerative arthritis and serious complications set in and made it difficult for me to stand for more than three minutes at a time without severe back spasms. I also found that stem cell nutrition increased the speed of healing. 1 . After that. 52 HEALTH NEWS Vol.

Blood Pressure. 15 No. which had registered at 200/100. A recent visit with both my doctor and my chiropractor brought the news that the disability in my neck has decreased to 10 percent from 30 percent. with improved mental clarity. I couldn’t believe it. I miss him terribly. I can’t say enough positive things about stem cell nutrition. I’m so happy about the improvement. The first thing I noticed after starting the stem cell nutrition was that warmth returned to my fingers.I’m still amazed at the quick healing process. my blood sugar levels are rarely below 200. Poor circulation kept my fingers cold all the time. especially since I lost my husband a year ago. Best of all. Even with medication. Now I’m down to once a day on my medication for diabetes. I sleep better. and IBS Leona Stork I had been taking medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. I’m no longer taking blood pressure medicine since my reading has dropped to 130/80 and my resting pulse is 60. I am so grateful for this! HEALTH NEWS Vol. I’m sleeping soundly throughout the night without making any trips to the bathroom. and I have a more positive attitude as a results of taking the stem cell nutrition. Diabetes. I was feeling miserable. I’m out of my wheelchair completely now-it’s parked in my basement. It also alleviated my IBS symptoms. I also felt tired and listless from colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). My blood sugar tests are averaging 140 and sometimes as low as the 80s. instead of twice. I feel calm and serene. and I’m really excited not to be suffering from colitis. 1 53 .

I got in and out of the bathtub and pulled on my pants without pain. I used a cane to walk and couldn't sit or stand for more than fifteen to twenty minutes at a time. Medication brought little relief. I noticed a warm tingling feeling in my left hip and upper leg for the first time in over four years. and seemingly going back to a youthful state. excruciating pain in my back. and knees is now gone. 1 . Shortly afterward. and got out of my car much quicker than before. I could lift my leg with very little pain. Normally. instead of getting up six to eight times to go to the bathroom. I feel great. and my left hip hurts only 25 percent as bad as it did. Within thirty minutes of taking stem cell nutrition. and can climb up and down steps without hesitation. After one week. repairing. The next morning. I can sit and stand for a much longer time without pain. The pain in my back. I only got up once. I couldn't bend over to pick up anything and couldn't even put on my socks or shoes. My waist has gone down from 44 to 38 inches without dieting.No More Chronic Back Pain Jack Dean Yoos I am seventy-three years old and for the past fourteen years I have had chronic. knees. I walk half the time without my cane. I have an overall feeling of calmness and am completely at ease. I was breathing better without coughing. rebuilding. 54 HEALTH NEWS Vol. Now I'm sleeping straight through the night. That night. 15 No. I can see and feel my body reshaping. I assure you that I will be taking stem cell nutrition everyday for the rest of my life. it took me a couple of minutes to get out of my car with extreme pain. hip. legs. and legs due to degenerative hip tissue.

I would get cramps under my chin.Now I don't have any cramps at all. 15 No. I lost all bladder control. I suffered from poor circulation-I was always cold. without it. If I would try to yawn. even my feet would cramp. and after the last one I was given forty-eight hours to live. I don't think I would have recovered as I have. HEALTH NEWS Vol. I collapsed and couldn't walk or talk. After taking stem cell nutrition. Even in the summer. 1 55 . too. I have warmth back in my legs and feet. I've gotten rid of other problems. I also had balance problems and would stumble around. I've regained all my speech and my bladder control. Friends talked me into trying stem cell nutrition. For forty years. it was very scary. I had a blanket wrapped around me from the waist down. Afterwards. I can walk and talk like before. I used to get massive leg cramps dear down through the thigh and the calf. Doctors said my body went into severe ketosis.Recovering from Multiple Strokes Wilma Marlatt I have suffered three strokes. I had a lot of trouble with my bladder and kidneys. I credit my recovery to stem cell nutrition. because my legs and feet felt so very cold. and it just feels so good. I've noticed other improvements.

Thanks to stem cell nutrition. all I can say is wow! I no longer have severe back and joint pain. I came to believe the pain was there to stay. 56 HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. Neither the doctors. and I would just have to live with it. muscles. 1 . After taking stem cell nutrition. I now have my life back. resulting in extreme pain in my back. I've seen what it's doing for a lot of folks just like me. nor homeopathic gurus have been able to help me. I sleep better and feel great. head. For ten years. and chronic fatigue. I enjoy more energy and better focus. I will take it forever because it is truly a blessing. sleeping problems. If only I'd found it sooner! I know stern cell nutrition is helping my system to rebuild. and joints.Desert Storm Veteran Jim Duncan I am a thirty four year old ex-Marine who served in Desert Storm. all military specialists. I've suffered from Gulf War Syndrome.

Almost immediately after starting on stern cell nutrition. I'm in better shape than when I was in my fifties. I experienced complete relief. Intense pain. As an added bonus. Stem cell nutrition has turned back the clock. made it nearly impossible to walk. 1 57 . The pain went away. The swelling went down and my foot became a healthy pink color. I suffered with this condition until recently. my high blood pressure has normalized. HEALTH NEWS Vol. At nearly eighty years of age. the arthritis that plagued the joints in my hands is completely gone. especially in my right leg and groin area. Also.Turning Back the Clock Gene Zumbaum I had a hernia surgery about four years ago and afterwards developed blood dots in my legs. My foot swelled up and became discolored from the restricted circulation. 15 No.

My nerves and circulation seemed to finally heal. I ended up with numbness down my legs and on the bottoms of my feet. I hated waking up with a terrible headache. My neck actually collapsed. After I tried the stem cell nutrition. I have suffered from chronic sinusitis. I noticed that the sinus pressure lessened and my head seemed dearer. I began to feel the warmth coming back into my legs. 1 . 58 HEALTH NEWS Vol. My legs and feet felt cold all of the time. clear down to my toessomething I hadn't felt since my accident twelve years ago. When I took the stem cell nutrition. and I could blow my nose. 15 No. I always had to choose between taking medications that have side effects or not being able to breathe. When I went to bed at night. I became interested in cranial sacral therapy after a serious spinal injury.Aid for Circulation and Sinus Problems Glenda Gray I am a cranial sacral therapist who works on spines. I don't ever want to go without stem cell nutrition again. and I had to have a metal plate put in it. In addition to the spinal injury. The stem cell nutrition gave me more energy. What a blessing! I'm looking forward to greater and better things from stem cell nutrition. My sinuses began to drain. I thank the Lord for it. too.

and feet which had plagued me for years. except for some chronic pain in my shoulders. which recurred like a vibration under my skin from eyes to mouth. 15 No. hands. I had been pretty healthy up to that time. Within three weeks of starting on stem cell nutrition. My arms and shoulders became stronger and more flexible. Then I developed an intense tingling sensation in my face. My hands are still a bit stiff. I never thought I'd get rid of my problems until I discovered stem cell nutrition. After a month.No More Hair Loss Ardene Sears I got worried when my hair started falling out. but the pain is gone. HEALTH NEWS Vol. My hair came out by the handful each time I shampooed. my hair quit falling out and the tingling in my face stopped. the pain in my feet disappeared. I didn't know whether it was caused by stress or something else. 1 59 .

Also.Help for High Blood Pressure Ann Stahler I have had high blood pressure since my teens. 1 . Stem cell nutrition is a very important part of my health maintenance program. I have been able to eliminate about 30 percent of the blood pressure medicine. I am thankful my friend introduced it to me. I've also noticed a significant improvement in my digestion and elimination. My goal has always been to say goodbye to prescription drugs. After taking the stem cell nutrition. my muscles feel more relaxed and I sleep better at night. My blood pressure is now usually 130/80. I was still taking a lot of blood pressure medication at that time. Without drugs. I've had many health problems throughout my life and although I was able to get most under control. my blood pressure continued to be high. 15 No. 60 HEALTH NEWS Vol. my blood pressure runs 200/140-150. I was introduced to stem cell nutrition. I had been searching for something that might help me get off the blood pressure medications because they are breaking down my body. Then. about four months ago.

I was told most people would have died right then. It looked so bad. My forehead has always been red. I did survive. They stitched me up. To make matters worse. and other debris in the wound. my elimination has improved. which surfaced on my forehead. sand. But there had been lots of glass.I Should Have Died Caroline Lohmeyer In the early 1970's I was in a serious car wreck. 15 No. thank goodness. The doctors called my husband and told him he'd better hurry if he wanted to see me alive. because if we have good health. I came down with shingles fifteen years ago. and sensitive. my forehead has become smooth. landing on my head. Since I started taking stem cell nutrition. 1 61 . like being stabbed with needles all of the time. and they didn't get that all out. half expecting I would die during surgery. HEALTH NEWS Vol. and it's getting better all the time. I'm happy I found stem cell nutrition. blotchy. The pain was excruciating. I was thrown out of my vehicle. So little pieces of glass and sand have been working their way out of my forehead ever since. we have good life. I had to wear bangs to cover the unsightly area. just a light pink color. which had been a problem for years. There is hardly a trace of red. Sometimes it festers up like a pimple. As a bonus. with my forehead taking the impact. and other times a piece of glass painfully works its way out.

Due to macular degeneration. 62 HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. alertness and mental energy that I didn't have before. but I do believe I have seen some improvement in my eyesight! I don't think anything I have done has ever had the affect that the stem cell nutrition has. I'm able to walk much better and farther with very little pain. They itched. I hope I'm not dreaming. I've suffered from neuropathy and the infection problems that go with diabetes. they broke off and bled. the lesions were gone and my arthritic pain went away. the pain would be so excruciating I would have to stop. It was miraculous! My digestive system is working better. and I have an overall sense of well-being. In less than a week. so I put a hold on the electric cart that I had ordered.My Skin Lesions Are Gone Jim Simmons I am seventy-six years old and an insulin dependent diabetic. and if I rubbed them. 1 . After walking about fifteen steps. I lost the vision in my left eye and all but 35 percent in my right. and I don't think I am. severe arthritis in my spine made any type of movement very painful. I can now walk to the store and to other places where I need to go. One unusual condition I had involved little skin lesions all over my body. In addition. and I'm going to keep taking it. I was introduced to stem cell nutrition by a friend.

HEALTH NEWS Vol. I have had only one minor infection and lost no work days. I've suffered from excruciating migraine headaches that made my head feel like it was going to explode. My doctor ordered an MRI and said I had headaches of every kind : tension headaches. then take two to three weeks to recover. cluster headaches. Migraines Are Gone Melody Marlatt For ten years. caused recurring bladder infections. it would hit me again.Prostate Related Bladder Infections Dwight Quaschnick For eleven years. These medications dulled the pain some. He prescribed various muscle relaxants and pain medications. of which I would take eight to sixteen pills every day. Since starting stem cell nutrition. I would be bedridden for three days on an antibiotic. A week or two after that. The horrible infection was constantly recurring. and migraine headaches. but made me sick to my stomach. The migraines were so bad I used to take twenty to thirty aspirin tablets a day. I was never able to do that before. 15 No. I suffered from a prostate condition that for the past three years. 1 63 .

especially in the extremities. One day. and now I don't have to take any pain pills whatsoever-the headaches are gone. The next day. can be excruciating. my friend brought me some stem cell nutrition. wondering how I could sit there for the next five days.I was introduced to stem cell nutrition about two months ago. I knew it was going to be hard. which I could have used for physical therapy. causing swelling. We were suing an insurance company over our ruined house. 15 No. At the end of the first day. I never want to be without stem cell nutrition. I immediately swallowed three capsules. even with an ice pack on my back. it was at the foot of the stairs. Lymphoedema and Back Pain Christine Shull I had a back injury twenty-one years ago and have suffered from lymphoedema ever since. Sitting for long periods. 1 . and I could not get down there. I didn't think anything would ever get rid of my headaches. The pain eventually forced me to move. 64 HEALTH NEWS Vol. The motel room where we stayed had a pool. I am just thrilled to death! It seems too good to be true. and I screamed. however. This condition causes lymph fluids to build up. It was the worst agony I can remember. I sat in a courtroom. I lay down and put my feet up at a forty-five degree angle for a half hour. and did not experience nearly the trauma that I had the day before.

After all this time. As time passed. but I was no longer an emotional wreck. I discovered I could lift my legs easily. I repeated the dose. I kept improving. I seem to be pulling myself together. We lost the court case. For the first time in two decades. I could go up on my tiptoes. I made it. For the first time in twenty-one years. In fact. 15 No. A few days after that. I have no back pain and I now walk without a cane. I managed to descend the stairs and get into the pool. thanks to stem cell nutrition.Each morning after that. but I took the verdict with surprising calmness. Climbing back up was harder. where I had cut it thirty-four years before. but with the use of a cane and a handrail. the lump and scar disappeared. On day four. Within days. I felt stronger. HEALTH NEWS Vol. when getting into a car. A lump on my index finger. started tingling. The feeling came back into my nerve-damaged feet. 1 65 . Did I mention my eyesight is better? I can now read the newspaper without glasses. I had no home and no income.

66 HEALTH NEWS Vol.Staying Healthy Stephanie Casey I am currently a graduate student. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for five years. I have now been taking stem cell nutrition daily for ten months and I continue to feel these benefits. so I personally know what a therapeutic improvement in my body feels like. with a daily regimen of stem cell nutrition. I recommend it to those struggling with illness as well as to those who are already healthy. I have found improvements in my vitality. Prior to taking stem cell nutrition. I have also taken a multitude of nutritional supplements. and extended energy throughout the day. 15 No. However. so I am not fooled by pseudo-science and fantastic claims for therapeutic remedies. The most noteworthy are my enhanced mental clarity. increased exercise stamina. 1 . I exercised a few times weekly and ate a nutritious diet. I was a healthy individual.

so I quit having the injections.Help for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Christi Holman I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about seven years ago and suffered from fatigue and memory loss. my fatigue is lessening and my memory is beginning to get better. which was unusual for me since fatigue was my biggest symptom. with stem cell nutrition. 1 67 . so the doctors wanted me to change medications. But after two years. The multiple sclerosis seemed to be progressing. 15 No. My body did not have much reaction to those and I had another NRI. but I woke up very early the next morning. The doctors started me on daily injections immediately. I was drinking carrot juice and that seemed to help quite a bit. I could feel a difference. I rest much better now and I recommend stem cell nutrition to all of my friends. I not only slept well. carrot juice wasn't enough. Now. one every three days. I would be down for two days after each injection. Those were bad. I suffered through that regimen for about a year before finding some alternative therapy. which I took for about a year and a half. HEALTH NEWS Vol. The very first night I took it. I began a different series of injections. so when I found out about stem cell nutrition. I decided to try it.

getting better every day. I am now virtually pain free and loving life. diagnosed with severe degenerative disc disease. requiring two stents. 15 No. 68 HEALTH NEWS Vol. My blood pressure is normalized with only a fourth of my previous medication. My liver disease has left me with extremely high ferritin levels. 1 . I will take stem cell nutrition for the rest of my life. My arthritis much improved. The last blood test showed I had normal ferritin levels as well as lower cholesterol.Pain Free and Loving Life Bob Duncan I am sixty-two years old. I was overwhelmed with health problems. elevated blood pressure. I also have high cholesterol. Within five days of starting on stem cell nutrition. Nothing else has been able to restore my health. My flexibility is returning. my back pain went away. I had a heart attack a few years ago. and arthritic pain.

Stress Reduced Robin Karnette I'm a health and wellness practitioner and I keep myself as healthy as I can. When I heard some interesting things about stem cell nutrition. I decided to try it. I was curious to see if there would be any benefits. I also notice that stem cell nutrition makes my hair grow a lot faster. Friends have mentioned my improved complexion and say that my coloring is better. The stress reduction has been tremendous. It wasn't an awareness of how stressed I really was. I've enjoyed the results of stem cell nutrition so much that I recommend it to friends and family with serious health problems. For me that was quite an improvement and I'm very thrilled with that aspect. 1 69 . 15 No. I seemed to be more even keeled. Also. It is such a blessing. I am so pleased they have had similar amazing results! HEALTH NEWS Vol. I did notice an immediate reduction of stress. I just noticed that normal irritations no longer seemed important to me. I was able to sleep soundly through the entire night where before I would be up two or three times a night because of allergies that interfered with my breathing.

1 . Five weeks after I started taking stem cell nutrition. My doctors are amazed that my blood pressure is normal. I had huge red blotches on my arms. I no longer needed high blood pressure medication. and I have hope for my diabetes. I was in a grocery store and a little five year old boy. I've also taken pills for depression and chemotherapy for cancer. it goes away quickly. nor the pills for depression. but I no longer need them either. and he thought I was going to bleed to death. I assured the mother that I was fine with her son's questions. a side effect of chemotherapy. I no longer need my glasses to drive. I no longer have those nasty red blotches.No More High Blood Pressure Medication Bob Huwe I've worn glasses for long distance and driving since I was nineteen and I've taken medication for high blood pressure since I was twenty-eight. If I get a little blotch now. As a diabetic. I am a retired schoolteacher and elementary school principal. 15 No. I take injections of insulin. so I understand when little kids blurt out their questions. I can hardly believe what stem cell nutrition has done for my health! 70 HEALTH NEWS Vol. I used to take stool softeners. pointing his finger at me. asked his mommy if that man was going to die. Thanks to stem cell nutrition.

it was low-maybe too low. My toes and feet actually feel warm now. Arthritis in my joints and my right shoulder has made my life less than pleasant. As for the poor circulation. And the last time I checked my blood pressure. I have taken blood pressure medication for about thirty years. feeling has returned in my lower legs. The aches and pains of arthritis have all gone away. I sleep better at night. I look forward to more improvement as time goes on. The range of motion in my joints has increased tremendously. Stem cell nutrition is a Godsend. and my next reading was a perfect 120/60. I can get up out of a chair without feeling stiff or sore.Better Circulation and Arthritis Pain Gone Verne Eaton I have suffered with several chronic medical problems. I can now hold my hand above my head with absolutely no pain. and made my toes very cold. HEALTH NEWS Vol. and my unhealthy conditions are changing. 15 No. I split my blood pressure pill in half. I have more energy and a greater sense of well being. Poor circulation in my lower legs has compromised the feeling from my ankles on down to my feet. 1 71 . I started taking stem cell nutrition about ten weeks ago.

I Don't Feel Old Anymore! Lorna Kellar I am seventy-six years old. I'm on fire for life. I seriously thought about stopping treatment. After friends persuaded me to try stem cell nutrition. It is not unusual for them to suffer deep depression. I was so sick. My doctor had told me that my electrolytes were unbalanced during dialysis. I am excited about living now. I had more energy than I could burn. and I am breathing much easier. but during my last treatment. and the blackness in my left eye turned to gray. It is hard to believe that I now leave dialysis feeling as well as when I walked in. Just a month ago. he reported that my electrolytes were perfect. Patients on dialysis often become completely drained of strength. I still have a hard time believing what has taken place. I have better peripheral vision than before. 1 . and I want every person in the world to feel as good as I do! 72 HEALTH NEWS Vol. I was blind in my left eye and my right eye was blurry all the time. my asthma' and COPD have improved. 15 No. I got back my appetite and enjoy eating. My allergies are gone for the first time. All these benefits took place in a three week period! It is hard to keep track of all the improvements. especially since my sense of taste and smell has returned. and am on kidney dialysis three times a week. the blurring disappeared from the right eye. Since I started stem cell nutrition. They seem miraculous to me. I feel like I'm back in my forties. I am my old self again.

Overnight. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. my glucose levels plummeted to one hundred twenty-nine. My feet. I no longer have an enlarged prostate-that problem ceased to exist. My average blood sugar level has been 179. I also suffer from tinnitus-a roaring and squealing in the ears-for which specialists did nothing except suggest a hearing aid. my blood sugar stabilized in the normal range and all discomfort in my legs and feet disappeared. legs and hands are always cold and painful. After two weeks. Within hours of starting stem cell nutrition. In addition. Fifteen years ago. my extremities warmed up considerably and did not hurt so much. I need surgery for an enlarged prostate. My tinnitus has improved so much that I can even hear the whispers of my grandchildren as they tell me their secrets.Help for Diabetes and Tinnitus DeWayne Flint I am sixty-six years old and have serious health problems. HEALTH NEWS Vol. my blood sugar levels fell another twelve points. 1 73 . I now enjoy a sense of well being that I never had before. 15 No. By bedtime. A sinus condition I have suffered from and doctored since childhood is completely gone.

not having to get up once to go to the bathroom. 1 . I had no nausea. I felt like I had aged overnight. my legs are mine again. I started taking the stem cell nutrition and right away I noticed a tingling in my legs. waking up every morning nauseated. I gave up asthma medication years ago because of the side effects. My craving for soda vanished. I have so much energy. I can jog now. When I woke up. That night I slept seven hours straight. I'm excited about life. and my circulation has improved. I have no more cramps. I worried because Type II diabetes runs in my family. I had no energy and couldn't sleep. 15 No. I craved sodas and drank one or two liters a day. I have asthma. I feel like I'm in my twenties again. But when I turned thirtyfive. My vision has improved so much I can read the phone book and business cards without trouble. the way I should feel. 74 HEALTH NEWS Vol. Now four months later. with mucus buildup so bad that I would cough until I vomited.Regaining the Feeling of Youth Ed Garza I was an athlete in high school and college during my twenties. so I suffered all these years. I couldn't read a phone book or numbers on a business card. I had horrible cramps in my legs along with poor Circulation. that is strange. On top of all that. My vision became so blurry. and I thought wow. mucus buildup or vomiting.

It sounds impossible. 1 75 . have improved elimination. I credit all this improvement to stem cell nutrition. I know. nor blades of grass without my glasses due to my inability to focus on nearby objects. In addition to my stronger eyesight. and people tell me that I look younger. I have to hold reading material three inches from my nose to see it clearly. I have very little gray hair and few wrinkles. Without my glasses. 15 No. HEALTH NEWS Vol. my vision is improving.I Can Read Without My Glasses Marjorie Sons I am sixty and am visually impaired. After including stem cell nutrition in my diet. Without glasses. Now I can. due to being very near-sighted and having an astigmatism as well. I've worn glasses since age ten. I also sleep through the night longer without interruption. I couldn't see the veins on a leaf. think more clearly. I can now read literature ten inches from my nose! I'm so excited! Before I discovered stem cell nutrition. but after five weeks I can definitely recognize a difference.

This is great! I hadn't expected relief for my sore hip. Soon. even on icy sidewalks. my hip is better. Later. I was depressed and couldn't sleep.Handling Stress and Depression Marie Garza I am a forty-eight year old college student. The next morning I woke up feeling wonderful. 76 HEALTH NEWS Vol. with a sense of serenity. I hadn't realized I had been so depressed until I started to feel better. so I went back to using my older pair that are much weaker. I had overextended the ligaments in my hip. 15 No. 1 . This past year I was suffering from stress and grief over my mother's death. I noticed that the chronic hip pain I'd had for ten years was going away. peace. my hip would hurt so badly that I would limp. My eyeglasses were suddenly too strong. worrying about the next exam or how to deal with my mother's estate. I love to walk my dog and when we walked any distance. I may just stop using them completely. I don't limp or favor my leg anymore. and I am a stronger person emotionally. The first night after taking stem cell nutrition. I've been on stem cell nutrition for about five months. Now I can walk my dog without pain. I slept soundly all through the night. my vision is better. I felt stronger and better able to cope with problems less emotionally. I sleep better. Then I discovered my vision had improved. and calm. and in the wintertime. I now know I can face problems without stress and anxiety. I paced the floor in the middle of the night. Back when I was a dancer.

She stopped having "accidents" in the house. After a month. happier frame of mind and increased energy within two days of starting the product myself. had gone into a mental decline. I am currently treating a dozen or so dogs and several horses with stem cell nutrition. the owner commented that the dog seemed several years younger. One of my canine patients. the dog became perkier and her general attitude improved markedly. physical.New Hope for Animals Lynn Peck. I have been a veterinarian for nineteen years and have twenty-six years of research experience. HEALTH NEWS Vol. such as homeopathy.M. I noticed a lighter. I am enthusiastic about the early results of my experiments with stem cell nutrition. acupuncture.V. Various treatments brought some improvement. She was lethargic. After three days of taking stem cell nutrition. The stem cell nutrition had a positive affect on every level: mental. 15 No. possibly a brown recluse spider. The leg was still swollen to three times its normal size and was covered by open wounds and granulation tissue. bodywork. In researching stem cell nutrition. around fourteen years of age. and nutrition. I use it on both myself and on the animals in my care. I treated one horse five months after it had been bitten by a poisonous insect. on the right hind leg. 1 77 . but the healing seemed to accelerate when we introduced stem cell nutrition. For the last eleven years I have been learning. practicing. D. and emotional. and incontinent. antisocial. and doing research in alternative therapies.

After four months. My knuckles became big and swollen. In my occupation as a farrier.Horse Expert Uses Stem Cell Nutrition Stephen Dick Stephen Dick is a Certified Farrier. I used to hope they would not squeeze too hard. Consequently. He is an expert in the field of Natural Hoof Care and in addition to hundreds of horses in his care. I would be crippled the rest of the day. My job requires very strenuous activity on my part. my hands no longer hurt. I trim hooves. it takes a big toll on my body. I realized stem cell nutrition was a great benefit. he is devoted to teaching other professionals. When I shoe many horses in a day. apply steel shoes and serve as a consultant to horse owners. 78 HEALTH NEWS Vol. how to achieve health and soundness the natural way. 15 No. because if they did. often advising them about the proper diet and care of a horse. I have worked for twelve years with horses feet. a Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner. I have developed arthritis which has gotten worse over the years. When people would reach out to shake my hand. I could easily squeeze the nippers to trim hooves or use a file to shape them. 1 . because I have to bend over and hold the horse's hoof while trimming or nailing on a horseshoe. as well as owners. Charter member of the AANHCP and formerly a Field Instructor for the AANHCP. and my back pain was greatly diminished. A client introduced me to stem cell nutrition.

a black and white paint horse.My clients tend to be more interested in giving stem cell nutrition to their horses than to themselves. she became very excited. For her. In severe cases. looking more sleek and shiny. His coat changed. A few days later. so she tried it on her dog. and the owner worried that she might have to put him down. I told her about stem cell nutrition. as well as sores on his hips and elbows from lying on the ground too much. When he began to improve. He went from ninety percent lame to only forty percent lame. she called in great excitement to say that he had recovered so much that he had jumped out of her car instead of waiting for her to carry him out and set him on the ground. HEALTH NEWS Vol. We agreed that stem cell nutrition is phenomenal. this was an incredible improvement. who had suffered from laminitis for three years. I offered the owner stem cell nutrition. I share it with others because I know it is very important for the recovery of many health issues. drab coat. A well known trainer had a prize stallion. Over time. 1 79 . She could hardly believe the dog was putting weight on his afflicted leg. let alone walk on it. The poor dog could not stand on the leg. A friend has a Labrador retriever with a cyst on his back leg. The stallion had a dull. This very debilitating condition involves swelling and inflammation within the hoof tissues that connect the hoof wall to the coffin bone. 15 No. and she put the horse on a high dose. a horse can die from this. he kept getting better.

I have also been involved in holistic health care for many years. She suffered with great pain and tiredness. Suddenly. She also displayed much more energy and was playful with her companions.Equine Fibromyalgia Syndrome Eve-Marie Lucerne I'm a long time breeder and licensed trainer of thoroughbred horses. One of my horses was diagnosed at three years old with equine fibromyalgia syndrome. I started putting stem cell nutrition in her grain. I witnessed dramatic results. I am very pleased with stem cell nutrition. and within two to three days. When anyone put a saddle on her and tried to ride. which is similar to human fibromyalgia. Sensitivity to touch is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and she reacted to even a gentle touch as though she were being hit by a sledge hammer. 15 No. 1 . I could touch her anywhere without a problem. her pain was obviously unbearable. 80 HEALTH NEWS Vol. It delivered much more than I expected.

15 No. 1 81 . and arthritis in her hips. is a lab mix with severe edema. The male. Now. is a chow mix. Chocolate Chip. whose left back leg was badly maimed by a car.Dog's Hip Pain Gone SuZanne Wright I have two dogs. he has used only one back leg to get around. Raybear has stronger muscles. with chronic health issues. and her cataracts are almost gone. she runs in the yard like a puppy. Hip pain kept her from enjoying a run in the yard. and showed little interest in getting up and participating in life. eight weeks after beginning both of my dogs on stem cell nutrition. The female. cataracts. each six years old. their lives have taken on new meaning. HEALTH NEWS Vol. She looked like a large black sausage with legs. For most of his life. and seems excited about being alive. Their lives are good again. He had become weak. I am so appreciative for what the stem cell nutrition has done for my dogs. increased endurance. listless. Chocolate Chip's bloating has gone down. Raybear.

this stem cell nutrition! 82 HEALTH NEWS Vol. I noticed recently that it is getting smaller at the base where it is attached to the lip. Jessica had a growth on her lip the size of a kidney bean. She was in terrible pain and unable to walk for days at a time because her hips kept collapsing. Amazing stuff. My son feared we would have to have her put to sleep. things changed. and immediately she seemed to be free of pain. 1 . The thought of her not being in the family was devastating. 15 No. we have a brand new chance with her. Now. playing with the other dogs and bouncing up and down like a puppy. my son's eleven year old golden retriever. It looks as though it is drying up like a raisin. She has always loved to chase balls and go on long runs.Dog Has New Lease on Life Christine Shull Jessica. and it has decreased to about a fifth the size. Soon she was dancing on her hind legs. has been a part of our family since she was five weeks old. but this past summer. I started giving her stem cell nutrition.

When the two little dogs ran outside to bark at a raccoon. too. 1 83 . You've probably heard it said.D. Within just a few days she started to run along with my two younger dogs and play with them.Dog's Hearing Improved Haripriya Dillon. She's a little senile. There was Chela. 15 No. and she's also very deaf." Well. I decided to put her on stem cell nutrition to see if it would help her. and joined in with her little pack to ward it off. barking her head off. my best friend is a very adorable 14 year old lady dog named Chela. and we sometimes call her Grandma. I could hear this weird squeaky barking coming from the living room and went in to check it out. She's eldest of my three dogs. Up until recently. Cataracts have made her blind. "a dog is man's best friend. When younger. N. she always ran away quickly if I started to vacuum. sometimes acting very mischievous. she has spent the last year sleeping a lot since she can't hear anything to bark at it. and occasionally stands in the middle of the kitchen like a frozen statue wondering what to do next. She couldn't see where the raccoon was. but could hear the other dogs outside barking at it. HEALTH NEWS Vol. She looks like Benji or a very cute shaggy sheep dog type. but now I could do a whole room right next to her and she won't wake up.

My dog Lucky. then start showing improvement within four or five days. 84 HEALTH NEWS Vol. a Wheatonpoo. In the hospital. but after only a few days.Rapid Recovery from Acute Pancreatitis Ali Issacs I am a dog trainer and I practice Reiki healing on dogs. When they put a feeding tube through Lucky's nose. ten years old. I recommend stem cell nutrition for serious health issues." To me. I'm convinced that the stem cell nutrition was the reason for her very quick and incredible recovery. it was the most incredible thing! My dog kept improving and after a few more days I took him home. "I want to go home. The doctors expected her to take a good two weeks to recuperate. However. I started giving her stem cell nutrition. which can be fatal. was diagnosed with cancer. by day ten. Recently. I'm so grateful my dogs are healthy again. They agreed and mixed a quarter of a capsule with water and put it into his feeding tube. His rapid recovery is phenomenal! He is healthy and his coat looks good. A week before surgery. 15 No. The next morning. The doctors believed Lucky was running out of time and options. the doctor called and said that Lucky was standing up and barking as if to say. is almost seven years old. He remained in ICU receiving IV fluids. I asked them if they would try adding the stem cell nutrition. My other dog. Jaz. she was running and jumping around like a puppy. 1 . Lucky still wouldn't eat or drink. Everyone at the veterinary clinic takes stem cell nutrition now. it is not unusual for dogs to go on a fast. he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.

HEALTH NEWS Vol.Cat's Arthritis Improved Dwight Quaschnick My cat Madeline is eleven years old. She is now content to be picked up and petted. 1 85 . Her fur is glossier. She had arthritis so bad. 15 No. too. climbs upstairs and plays with shoes and toys like a kitten. I decided to try stem cell nutrition on her. She runs. Her condition vastly improved. she would cry if I picked her up. giving her one sixteenth of a capsule per day mixed in her food.

It has enhanced my quality of life. and frequent muscle spasms. One day he went into congestive heart failure. I was amazed at how fast it had worked. jumping and playing. I can now concentrate better.Saved My Cat's Life Jan Ault I had such severe back problems that at times I could not stand up straight. I suffered from five degenerated discs. arthritis in my spine. His joint stiffness is much improved. His fur has become soft and fluffy. but not anymore. My hair is corning in darker and my overall focus. 15 No. who has a heart murmur. Charlie's breathing was labored. 86 HEALTH NEWS Vol. 1 . and mobility have improved. Within an hour of taking a capsule. stamina. Stem cell nutrition started a remarkable turn-around for Charlie. A friend gave me some stem cell nutrition. Stem cell nutrition saved my cat's life. After taking stem cell nutrition. and he had no energy or appetite. Charlie Love is my twenty-one year old cat. chronic sciatic nerve problems. I felt a remarkable difference in my back. Four months later. Nobody expected him to survive. he is active. I used to have floaters in my eyes. his eyes bright and alert like a young cat.

which meant infection. 1 87 . By the eighth day. I persuaded the shop owner to hold off on administering antibiotics for a few days to see whether the stem cell nutrition alone would boost his immune system.Iguana Healthy Again David Walters One day. 15 No. and the discharge from his wound turned thin and clear. although he always licked up the stem cell nutrition first. This animal's snout and jaws had been sheared off as far back as the nostril ridges. Soon. When iguanas get excited or do their mating dance. so we figured the infection was clearing up. Although his wound was excreting thick. this iguana had been housed in a cage with chicken wire. he would not eat or drink and was very lethargic. The pet store owner didn't believe he would live. I went to the store twice a day to care for him and give him attention. His owner had returned him to the pet shop because he was seriously injured. I began to experiment with Lips. HEALTH NEWS Vol. we observed that he was drinking. but after a couple days. I noticed that he was licking the stem cell nutrition off the vegetation. the discharge from his wound had completely stopped and the tissues turned a pink. With permission from the store owner. healthy color. yellowish pus. because his face was mutilated. Unfortunately. so you could see the roots of his teeth. I saw an injured iguana in a pet shop. We named him Lips. they tend to lash their head back and forth and ram into things. At first. I fed him stem cell nutrition by putting half a capsule into his vegetable food every day. After six days. His upper and lower gums were gone. he began to eat food. He was about five feet long and weighed ten to twelve pounds. but I had hopes of healing him and saving his life.

we transferred him to a large. When Lips got stronger and began to move around. and get exercise. without aid of antibiotics. 15 No. His recovery was miraculous to me. HEALTH NEWS Vol.Little by little. After Lips healed completely. I was astonished to see that he was regenerating scales. 1 88 . without any assistance other than food. crawl. water and stem cell nutrition. open cage similar to a storefront glass counter where he had plenty of room to stretch out. something that rarely happens. his gums began to regenerate and reform around the roots of his teeth. His body coloration began to brighten. leaving healthy flesh. we had an extremely healthy iguana. The covering over his wounded snout and jaws eventually peeled off. It took a couple of months before his mouth regenerated to the point that he could retain saliva without drooling. without medication.

1 HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1 .HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 1 HEALTH NEWS Vol. 1 HEALTH NEWS Vol. 15 No. 15 No.

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