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Office of the President and Cabinet

Dear All

PPM CALL FOR A NATIONAL CONFERENCE It is common knowledge that Malawians are going through the most difficult time economically and socially in the history of our country. It is in this regard that the Peoples Progressive Movement (PPM) gathered some of the pertinent issues affecting our people at all levels of society. The issues were submitted to the office of the State President in December last year for the attention of government. While PPM is aware that government is trying to do everything possible to alleviate the suffering Malawians are going through, we have not seen much impact other than the continued suffering of our people. For this reason, PPM is of the view that, if an open, transparent and well organized national debate was to be held, solutions to these challenges could be found. PPM therefore appealed to government to call for an all inclusive stakeholders NATIONAL CONFERENCE to debate and find common solutions to these challenges in the first quarter of this year (2013). All resolutions which will come out of the National Conference will be passed on to government for inclusion in the 2013/14 National Budget debate by parliament. PPM believes that, this process will move the country forward. While mass demonstrations are one of the peoples rights, PPM doesnt believe that demonstrations will find real a solution to our current problems, hence our proposal for a National Conference. However, in the absence of serious engagement of all stakeholders in the search for solutions to the peoples concerns, citizens will have no alternative but go on the streets to make their concerns and demands heard. PPM sincerely hopes that the holding of a National Conference may be a good and constructive alternative to the mass demonstrations. However, in the absence of government giving an opportunity to all stakeholders to debate the challenges the citizens are facing, PPM will have no option but support the call for mass demonstrations for the peoples voice to be heard. If government is seriously searching for solutions to the numerous challenges, PPM believes that you are one of the stakeholders to be invited to the National Conference, hence our approaching you for your comments and support on our proposal for a National Conference. WE WISH YOU A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR Yours faithfully, PEOPLES PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT

Wellington Chatepa SECRETARY GENERAL