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Model 610 Portable Raman Spectrometer
PID Analyzers, LLC has been developing portable analyzers since it started in 1973. We developed the first hand held photoionization (PID) analyzer for industrial hygiene. More than 30,000 of these PID’s have been sold. Today we offer portable PID’s, FID’s, IR’s and electrochemical analyzers. We also manufacture a portable gas chromatograph and we are introducing a portable Raman Spectrometer to our field portable product line.
The Model 610 Raman spectrometer was designed to detect chemicals, biological materials and explosives in the field or laboratory This analyzer . can be used for liquid or solid materials and powders. A 50 mwatt laser is used to excite the sample and the dispersed Raleigh scattering is detected with a CCD and displayed on the active matrix OLED touch screen display . Raman is an excellent fingerprinting tool to identify unknown samples via comparison to a built-in library. It has an internal calibration mode to ensure that it is working properly It has . a rapid acquisition mode where samples can be acquired in < 3 seconds. The library and sample spectra can be easily comp ared on the display.

Model 102 PID with Snap-On head for detection of VOC’s

The 610 is designed as class 1 laser safe (with a sealed/interlocked cover) identification of materials. Materials can be stored in vials for on-site identification and later validation in the laboratory.

Model GC312 with embedded PC and dual detector capability

Model 610 Portable Raman Spectrometer

The model 610 is designed for point and shoot operation. Samples, even in thick glass containers, can be measured on-site. There is little scattering through the glass so the sample spectrum is not distorted.

The Model 610 is packaged in a solid aluminum body for rugged long lifetime operation. It does not have a point laser focus that cannot interpret mixtures or struggles with pellets and other shapes; it features a unique Orbital Raster Scan (ORS™) technology that easily analyses mixtures and shaped samples. This high sensitivity detection system requires only very short analysis times and it displays easy to understand results on its highly visible OLED touch screen. The resistive touch screen permits the 610 to be used in the field without any problems. The 610’s 11 hour operational time using 2AA batteries offers flexibility in the field during long operational missions where recharging batteries is not possible.

The ORS advantage with a heterogeneous threats in a medium is illustrated in our ORS diagram. In a conventional spectrometer with a tightly focused beam may produce poor results or miss the target threat completely. We illustrate this at the top of the diagram. This leads to false negatives. Increasing the laser to a large spot size in a conventional system would require the system to have poor spectral resolution. This fundamental law of optics means that, just like the spread of the laser light over a larger area, the valuable information about the material is diluted and spread over the detector. This is illustrated in the middle of the diagram; this leads to false identification. The only solution is to keep the tightly focused beam and increase its apparent size by a raster system. Our ORS does just that and is illustrated at the bottom.

PID Analyzers, LLC

Many threat identification applications are difficult due to weak signals from an unknown material. Conventional handheld chemical identification systems require the laser spot to be tightly focused in order to create enough signal to identify a material. The 610 with the ORS technology interrogates a large area quickly to average over mixtures or curved surfaces to produce a highly confident material identification.

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