LSU SPRING CLINIC NOTES Ted Davidson- Acadiana High School 2007 5-A State Champs “Blocking Modern Defenses

with a 70’s Offensive Scheme” Coach Davidson began with reasons why they run the offense that they do: -simple blocking schemes with very few rules -Familiarity: coaches with a great deal of experience with the offense. He mentioned that they have a total of something like 60 years of coaching experience on the offensive side of the ball -offense can survive with under sized lineman -athletes believe in the offense -simplifies defensive schemes, making them play assignment football. Defenses are afraid to blitz. -Don’t have to block everyone at the point of attack. Can sometimes make their best defender be the option read through scheming. As a result, you can sometimes get away with not having to use two men on a stud D-lineman. Blocking Scheme: Base- Dive, Sweep, Counter Dive, Dive Option, Onside, Over, LB Veer- Inside, Outside, Double Team at point of attack (except LB) Trap- Trap, Crossbuck, Counter Trap, Trap Option. Their basic trap rule is 1st man on LOS past hole called. “Gap down from trapped to trapper” is the rule for the kids. Power He also has special tagsT Double, Special, G, TOM, G Log, Oscar, Flu, T Flu The T Double scheme is a zone scheme by the tackle and TE to handle a 7 tech. The special is the same as the T Double, but with a G and T to handle a 4i. TOM is a tag for sweep in an under front. It is a call for the tackle to pull and the TE to block down. OSCAR is an influence block on a 6 tech. Tackle pulls and TE blocks down. FLU is an influence trap. T FLU is an influence trap for a tackle.

Outside Veer. you never know where the defenders that you are looking at is going to line up. Outside Veer. He also makes it a point to have TE tags to blocking schemes to insure he gets the looks that he wants from the DE position. you may only be getting three or four yards on a play. By running the offense that they run. Even fronts. or will go 2 TEs Under fronts: OSV. He mentioned that they went through hell this past year because one of their QBs were injured and wound up having to put a WR at QB. In the first quarter. The coach calls give or keep for QB ease. Plays to specific fronts: 4-3: Trap. Power. 2 TEs.”.Acadiana High School “Blocking Modern Defenses with a 70’s Blocking Scheme” Page 2 In their offense. “Y Down”. etc. Sweep.Trap. OSV. Attacking Different Fronts Next. they wear down a team mentally and physically. Toss.Inside Veer both ways. Inside Veer Weak. they do not read inside veer. OSV. 2 TEs .Ted Davidson. Coach Davidson also stated that he believes in many different plays out of one formation. Power.know that you can’t score every play. Coach Davidson talked about his game plan when he sees different fronts. “The key to offense is patience. but by the 4th quarter. those short runs will turn into long they call for QB ease. He is looking to attack soft spots in even defenses. Sweep 4-2-5: Trap. Power. Sweep. Trap Weak 3-5-3: OSV. He simply tags it “Y Arc”. Sweep. Trap Option 5-0: IV. Odd fronts. He said that if you throw many formations at a team. Crossbuck Strong. Trap Option. He said that it gives him a “sense of security” because he knows exactly how the defense lines up.

they will check and run trap both ways. Crack.1 and how it dictates whether they have to Crack or Seal force man.they like to split them wide and run alleys.Acadiana High School “Blocking Modern Defenses with a 70’s Blocking Scheme” Page 3 What he calls an under front: M C O V B $ V V V V OO X O O O If they see this kind of front. but will go for it on 2nd and 4. They won’t go for the homerun pass on 3rd and 2. then go to the next level. . When a man is assigned to block someone or an area on one level and no one shows.don’t waste men on dead space. Their base running game: Outside veer Inside Veer Trap (both called and can be checked) Trap Option Sweep Crossbuck On play action passes. hard cover 2 teams.2. He then defined what he calls a Crack block and a Seal block.a crack block against a safety Defenses are in 3 levels.4. they are always looking for homerun 1st.Ted Davidson. They’ve tried trade blocking vs.situational speaking. Other points of emphasis are: Perimeter Blocking Splits Coverages 3. He calls cover 4 corners locked up man and 9 guys coming because that’s what they see running the offense that they run. A crack on a LB Seal. Cover 2.2nd level of defense blocking.

Other notesIn all the years that he’s been there. The guy knows his stuff on the option game. they make the playoffs and go pretty far. Although he wouldn’t brag about it. get after people big time. . although pretty small. They run the hell out of the trap option. attended Acadiana.Ted Davidson. Veer hits SO quickly with his guys. and sweep. crossbuck. the big running back at LSU. His offense is very well coached and the lineman. Alley Broussard. Acadiana is probably one of the most consistent teams in terms of wins in losses. Year in and year out. he has never had an o-lineman sign a D-I scholarship. They also threw 20 TDs from this offense this past year. The district that they are in is arguably one of the toughest districts from top to bottom in the state.Acadiana High School “Blocking Modern Defenses with a 70’s Blocking Scheme” Page 4 He then went into cutups of games from this past year.

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