AFFIDAVIT OF CHRISTOPHER KING, J.D. KINGCAST.NET/MORTGAGE MOVIES In re: Attempts to retrieve a copy of the public decision in Case No.

03C12009736 Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Dore

I the undersigned, being first duly sworn and subject to the threat of perjury, hereby solemnly aver: 1. I have been a professional reporter since 1988-1990 when I edited the Cincinnati edition of the statewide newspaper The Call & Post and worked as a reporter for the Indianapolis Star; I have served as an Assistant state attorney, licensed title insurance producer and zoning and entitlements manager, acquiring substantial experience in land use and chain-of-title issues; On the morning of 2 January 2013 I telephoned the Baltimore County Circuit Court several times commencing at 11:08 a.m. at numbers 410.887.0000, 410.512.2000 and 410.887.2614; I was informed that a copy of the requested 14 December 2012 Decision by Judge Justin J. King -- finding Attorney Thomas P. Dore to have committed several acts of wrongdoing in connection with foreclosure proceedings -– could be obtained by either writing or appearing in person at:
401 Bosley Ave 2nd Floor copy center Towson, MD 21204 5.




Further, I was informed “if it's not a huge file we can probably do it as you wait.” Shortly after the last phone call I discovered that someone from the State of Maryland at ip address had searched my name on Lexis and had visited my website;





This is not the first time I have discovered someone from the State of Maryland at the same proximate IP address on my website after I had posted information about Thomas P. Dore, relating to Todd Wetzelberger and the cases between them in an attempted foreclosure in which Mr. Wetzelberger posted a trial transcript online. The following is an excerpt from a 2011 Notice of Media Coverage I forwarded to Attorney Dore and to the Court. I have no idea why this is happening but it doesn’t feel right and I feel like the government is covering for Attorney Dore because he is with M&T bank and together they help administer the Pension funds for State employees as I noted in my online videos. As former State Attorney I am concerned.



Todd Wetzelberger contacted me today, 3 January 2012 to notify me that he attended the Court Office at 401 Bosley Avenue but was told that he could not access the file today. I am going to continue to attempt to access this file until I get it, even if it takes litigation I will not be denied. I view this as my incumbent duty as a member of the Fourth Estate and I will express outright contempt for other journalists who fail to post a copy of the actual Decision.

9. 10.

FURTHER AFFIANT SAYETH NAUGHT _______________________________ CHRISTOPHER KING, J.D. Owner Mortgage Movies Journal. JURAT Before me this 3rd day of January 2013 did appear one Christopher King who did provide a copy of his Driver’s License and did aver to the Truth of this Affidavit to the best of his recollection. _____________________________________ NOTARY PUBLIC MY COMMISSION EXPIRES:__________________



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