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Poetry Father

For My

chase kersey

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hes saying that he wants to die and im begging him not to go but hes coughing a hole in his throat and im holding his hand ive been crying this whole time and hes asking to save me but i know im too out to be pulled in hes dying but hes saved, and i dont understand that. his towel still has vomit on it, and he keeps vomiting. i keep shaking where is a safety net i am shaking hes praying to his ceiling


hes looking at me and telling me all the reasons that communism doesnt work and im laughing from across the table and the waitress comes over to give us refills i get more coke and smile at my dad. he tells me how he fought all these people in school how he fought for his friends and I was proud of his barbaric things


i walked out of the house while my family called an ambulance for your vomiting body i saw the lights and heard the sirens i am hysterical; I pulled the trash to the road and i pulled so hard the trashcan flipped over and i screamed out fuck. the ambulance got closer. i hurried to pick up the garbage. i didn't want the medic to see I kept screaming out fuck.


at his parents house in the plains wed been eating hamburgers and i was driving a four wheeler and i drove into the road and you said i could have almost died a car almost hit me i could have been gone, is this is like what you are going through.


its been going on for a while. Instance 1: you were in your bed at the hospital and you told me that everything was going to be ok and you loved me and you were proud of me you became blurry and i was in a flood you were proud of me, you were weak and a corpse. Instance 2: you were in your daughters bed at our home and you told me everything was going to be ok and you loved me and you were proud of me i couldnt stop crying because i didnt think anyone could avoid the same thing twice. the ambulance took you away and i thought id never see you smile again. Instance 3: you were in your bed at our house and you told me everything was going to be ok and you loved me and you were proud of me and you asked me to watch over mom because things would be difficult for her things would be different and i spat up my tears and i cried while you prayed. and so did my sister and your daughter


t h e doctor said youll be gone soon if you cant walk. y o u cant walk so i guess ill watch

o u