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Hardness tester PCE-2000

PCE-2000 (type D impact) portable hardness tester is used for quickly testing surface hardness of metalic materials according to the parameters: Rockwell B & C, Vickers HV, Brinell HB, Shore HS and Leeb HL. The hardness tester has a statistics function, a data storage function, and the interface RS232 to send data to the PC (software and cables included in the shipment). The hardness tester can be used in any position, including on a mount, with angle selection and adjustment. The striking unit fits easily on top of the item being measured. With the external digital indicator showing all the functions and readings, there is no way of making errors in the measurements. Technical specifications can be found further down this page. I

the minimum thickness is 3 mm. stainless steel.An array of adaptors available as well as optional striking instruments PCE-2000 (type D impact) View or print the user's manual . with adaptor screw and v-slot the minimum radial curve is 10 mm  For working pieces less than 5kg and wall thickness of less than 5mm. cast steel. and the minimum depth of hardness is 0. Principle of measurement for Brinell hardness testers: The dynamic measurement process uses the difference between the rebound velocity of a small striking pin.8 mm.Large measurement range .RS-232 interface .Software and data cable included.Hardness tester PCE-2000 .Internal memory of 100 groups of data .External striking instrument (1. cold cast steel tools.Highly accurate . the device should be fastened to a solid base before using it to measure hardness  Working pieces of less than 2kg have to be attached to a solid base using coupling gel. This is shot at the metal surface being measured from the device by way of a tension spring.Measures all the standard parameters . Hardness testers can be used for: steel. aluminium. . brass.Can measure in any position or angle . bronze and forged metals.  The minimum weight of the material is 50 g. Measurement conditions:  Minimum surface measurable 10 x 10mm  Minimum radial curvature of measurement surface r = 30mm without adaptor.5m cable) . cast iron.

5 ------------HV 83 to 976 80 to 898 85 to 802 ----- .1 to 85. which can be connected to a computer to allow for data to be archived. iron HRA 59..Hardness tester PCE-2000 Like the PCE-2000 (impact D) hardness tester.2 to 99.1 ------HRB 38.5 to 101. You will find software in the optional accessories further down this page. it comes with an RS-232 interface.= without measurement) Nº. Data saved to the memory of the device can also be sent to a computer for analysis and documentation.4 to 67.5 ----46.4 to 99.8 ------HRC 20 to 68 20. 1 2 3 4 Material Steel / Iron Steel tools Stainless steel GC.7 ----HB 127 to 651 ----86 to 655 131 to 387 HSD 32. Technical specifications Measurement ranges on different surface materials (fields with ..

3mm with gel 0..5m cable) 976 HV R min = 30mm (with 10mm component 2kg in stable position / 0..5 to 95.8 to 84.) included type D (external with 1. iron Cast aluminium Brass Bronze Copper ----------------------------------23. date.05kg with coupling gel. repeatability: ±6 L) automatic calculation of average value RS-232 100 memory groups (values. .0% (for L=800.Hardness tester PCE-2000 5 6 7 8 9 NC.3 --------90 to 334 19 to 164 40 to 173 60 to 290 45 to 315 ----------------------------------------- Accuracy Statistics Interface Data memory Software and cable Striking instrument Maximum hardness Radius of the moving component (convexed / concaved) Minimum weight of the moving component ±1.6 13.8mm LCD 2 x AA batteries 0 to 40°C Minimum space of the moving component Minimum depth Display Power Operating temperature .

striking instrument type D) 1 x calibration block 1 x software and cable 1 x cleaning brush and connecting gel cover 1 x case and user's manual.Hardness tester PCE-2000 Dimensions Weight Contents 1 x PCE-2000 hardness tester (interface RS232. 150 x 74 x 32 mm 245 g .5 m cable. 1.