Friday 4th Jan, 2013

PTI announces it Social Media Code of Conduct, violators will be banned
Pakistan  Tehreek-­‐e-­‐Insaf  Social  Media  team  members  Dr.  Awab  Alvi,  Imran  Ghazali,  Arsalan   Ghumman  and  Anas  Malik  conducted  a  press  conference  here  at  Karachi  Press  Club  today.  The  Press   Conference  was  also  attended  by  PTI’s  Secretary  General  Dr.  Arif  Alvi,  Senior  Vice  President  &   National  Campaign  Manager  Mr.  Asad  Umar.       Talking  about  PTI’s  ideology  Mr.  Ghazali  said  that  PTI  is  dedicated  to  bringing  about  a  positive  &   constructive  change  in  Pakistan.  He  urged  all  PTI  supporters  to  embrace  the  core  values  of  the  party   which  revolve  around  Justice,  Humanity  &  Self-­‐Esteem.       Ghazali  further  said  the  social  media  code  of  conduct  cover  all  social  media  platforms  including  but   not  limited  to,  Facebook,  Twitter,  Youtube,,  blogs,  forums  and  other  websites  where  Pakistan   Tehreek-­‐e-­‐Insaf  (PTI)  is  being  actively  discussed.         Mr.   Arsalan   Ghumman   gave   details   about   PTI’s   core   values   and   said   that   as   a   PTI   member   it   is   the   responsibility  of  all  members  to  believe  in  our  core  values.  Mr.  Ghumman  further  stressed  that  this   Code   of   Conduct   is   for   PTI   supporters   and   members   who   interact   in   the   social   media.     The   social   media  administrators  and  officials  abide  to  far  stricter  discipline  and  administration  protocols.     Talking   about   Online   abuse   Dr.   Awab   Alvi   said   it   constitutes   the   use   of   foul   language,   personal   or   racial  attacks  and  discourteous  remarks.  He  further  said  in  this  digital  era  it  is  impossible  for  a  political   party   to   technologically   stop   or   prohibit   people   from   making   abusive   or   derogatory   remarks   in   the   social   mediums.     Dr.   Awab   explained   in   detail   the   process   of   Online   Abuse   Strategy.   He   said   those   who   claim   to   be   PTI   supporters,   or   are   our   members   and   those   who   are   our   office   bearers   should   show  an  increasing  sense  of  responsibility  and  courtesy  in  the  social  mediums  when  they  express  their   opinion.         The  PTI  leaders  including  Dr.  Arif  and  Asad  Umar  said  for  a  vibrant  democracy  it  is  essential  that  PTI   encourages  a  courteous  exchange  of  dialogue  and  discussion  among  all  people  on  the  social  media.     The   detailed   PTI   Social   Media   Code   of   conduct   can   be   found   on   Pakistan   Tehreek-­‐e-­‐Insaf   website       If   any   person   is   found   violating   the   PTI   Social   media   code   of   conduct   -­‐   please   immediately   report   to