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City of Dallas

2,2012 November Sentviafirst-class U.S.Mail Director Mr. RyanGraves, Inc. UberTechnologies, 7tr Floor 800MarketStreet, CA SanFrancisco, 94102 Sentviafirst-classU.S.Mail Mr. TravisKalanich Director Inc. Uber Technologies, 800MarketStreet, Floor 7fr SanFrancisco, 94102 CA Sentviafirst classU.S.Mail Mr. GarrettCarnp, Director Inc. Uber Technologies, 800Market Street, Floor 7fr SanFrancisco, 94102 CA Re: Operationof Uber.comservicein the City of Dallas

Graves, Kalanick,and Camp: DearMessrs. The City of Dallasis pleased learnthat ("Uber") is interested expansion to in into Dallasand welcomesthosewho seekto legally operatewithin the City. We understand that Uber is currently offering transportation servicesvia luxtry vehicleswith private drivers in Dallas. The services Uber providesrequireit to comply with either Dallas City CodeChapter45 (which containsthe regulations applicable taxicabs) Chapter10A (which contains regulations to or the applicable limousines). to Copies of of thosechapters the Codeareenclosed. At this time, Uber doesnot have operatingauthorityfor a tacicab serviceor for a limousineservice. a Operating taxicabserviceor limousineservicein the City without the appropriate operating authority violates Code. the 10,4.-6 the Codestates: Section of

A personcommits an offlense he operates limousineservicewithin the city without if a valid operating authoritygranted underthis article. A personcommitsan offenseif he advertises causes be advertised operation a or to the of limousineservicethat doesnot havevalid operatingauthoritygrantedunderthis article whenthe advertisement reasonably is calculated be seenby persons to seeking limousine servicein the city.



CITY HALL DALLAS,TEXAS 75201 PHONE 214.670-3519 FAX 214.670.0622

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Before the City will grant operatingauthorityfor a taxicab serviceor limousine service,Uber must quali$' for operating authorityand submita verified application containingall of the informationlisted under Section45-2.4 (for taxicab operatingauthority) or Section l0A-8 (for limousine operating authority). TheseCodeprovisionsare meantto be helpful and arenot exhaustive lists of the applicable laws. You may examine Dallas City Codeby going to this link: clicking on the and the buttonlabeled "City Codes." Additionally,you may call Transportation Regulation 214-670-3161 at process operating to inquireaboutthe application for authority. The DallasCity Codeimposesa duty on persons who engage the operationof a taxicabserviceor in limousineserviceto comply with the regulationsin that Code. Pleaseconfirm that Uber will cease providing taxicab serviceor limousineservicein the City until it has obtainedappropriate operating authorityandis in full compliance with applicable regulations. I look forwardto receivingyour promptresponse. Sincerely,

Christopher Bowers D. First Assistant City Attorney Enclosures c rll/ encl: Sentviafirst classtl.S. Mait NationalRegistered AgentsInc. 1021 Main Street, Suite1150 Houston. T){77002 P. c w/o encl: Thomas Perkins,Jr., City Attorney JoeyZapata, AssistantCity Manager JimmyMartin, Director,CodeCompliance Stephanie McHenry,Assistant Director,CodeCompliance