DELIVERED BY EMAIL January 2, 2012

Charities Directorate Canada Revenue Agency Ottawa, ON K1A 0L5 Dear Sir or Madam:


We are writing to inform you that we have either personally or otherwise gone through experiences or have received through other sources, disturbing information that dictate us to protest against the granting of a licence to the Sanctuary. A letter of protest has been served today on the Township of Brock requesting a full investigation of the Sanctuary and that of its owner/operator, Ms. Sherri Delaney, a police officer for Durham Region. We are enclosing a copy of the said letter of protest (the “Petition”) herein for your examination and consideration.

We are over 116 plus individuals, who have been appalled by the recent event whereby an eight months old Japanese snow macaque was taken away from his human mother and placed with Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary (the “Sanctuary”) operated by Ms. Sherri Delaney. The Sanctuary, for your kind information is operating without a licence though we are informed that the Township of Brock agreed not to enforce the existing exotic animal prohibition by-law against the Sanctuary pending review and approval of its application. We are advised that an application for a licence to operate the Sanctuary has been submitted by the Sanctuary and that if a licence is granted to the sanctuary, that such a licence would be granted by February 2013.

With respect to the allegation of abuse and/or misuse of its charitable status by the Sanctuary, the following is to be noted. We have secured evidence that Sherri Delaney offered a Canadian Citizen, Mr. Wilfred Robbins, a tax receipt for $3,000.00 for a donation she never received from him during negotiations for the purchase of a trailer which she indicated to him was to be used for housing cages on sanctuary grounds. The facts are as follows. Mr. Wilfred Robbins was contacted by Ms. Delaney by telephone on or around March 27, 2012. Ms. Delaney was interested in purchasing a trailer from Mr. Robbins. Mr. Robbins indicated to Ms. Delaney that the cost of the trailer was $6,000.00. Ms. Delaney informed Mr. Robbins that her “volunteers” were only able to come up with $3,000.00. Ms. Delaney offered

As indicated in our Petition (section 11, paragraph 2), we further take objection to the charitable status that was granted by the Charities Directorate, Canada Revenue Agency to the Sanctuary. We have grounds to believe that the true goal of the Sanctuary is not to save or heal their residents but to hide behind the cover of “Sanctuary” in order to create a prison where primates are collected for the personal gratification of the owner who is clearly not acting in the interest of the animals or the community. We would like to refer you to the various grounds #1 - #11 included in the Petition served on the Township of Brock which support the petitioners position.

Mr. Robbins to purchase the trailer from him for $3,000.00 and give him a tax receipt for the difference. Mr. Robbins refused. Mr. Wilfred Robbins confirmed that he never offered to gift Ms. Delaney a trailer or part of the value of the trailer she was interested in nor did he indicate to her that he was interested in making any donations to the Sanctuary. In fact, Mr. Robbins reports that he was not aware that Ms. Delaney was operating a sanctuary and enjoyed charitable status until she solicited a donation from him during negotiations. We are attaching herewith as Appendix (H) which is a picture taken of the text message sent from telephone number (905) 259 2751 which is a cell number used by Ms. Delaney confirming Mr. Robbins’ statement. Mr. Robbins is also prepared to submit an affidavit in this regard.

The petitioners would like to question the grounds on which Charities Directorate granted a charitable status to the Sanctuary. It has come to the attention of the petitioners that the Sanctuary and its volunteers have no professional background or experience to care for primates and that the intentions of the owner of the Sanctuary are not in accordance with its mission statement which is to “free animals from fear” and to provide “a place of healing and recovery for trauma” to its residents. In particular, you are to note that a Canadian Citizen, Kelly Snooks, (aka Kelly Thomas) has confirmed that Sherri Delaney had approached her pressured her to surrender her four year old macaque to the Sanctuary though Ms. Snooks did not want to give up her animal as she loved and cared for him. As pointed out in the material filed with the Township of Brock and copied to you, Darwin the 8 months old Japanese snow macaque did not need to be rescued by the Sanctuary either. We understand that Ms. Snooks had visited the Sanctuary and refused to put her primate in the care of the Sanctuary as she was appalled to note the filth, the small size of the cages and the lack of knowledge of Ms. Delaney of the primates she was taking care of by using public funds. Ms. Snooks is also prepared to submit affidavit evidence, if required, to confirm the foregoing. For your kind information, the owner of Darwin is a well-to-do professional fully capable of taking care of the needs of the macaque and did not require public funds for its care. Meanwhile, the Sanctuary has used Darwin’s celebrity status to raise donations in excess of $15,000.00 since the date of his residency at the Sanctuary. We await a reply to our request herein and pending same, request that you demand that the Sanctuary ceases and desist from soliciting donations through its charitable status, more particularly the financial exploitation of the baby Japanese snow macaque, Darwin. Yours truly, The petitioners require that you take the necessary action to investigate into the misuse and/or abuse of its charitable status by the Sanctuary and you further re-examine the grounds upon which a charitable status was granted to the Sanctuary in the first place.

The Petitioners Listed on the Petition forming part of Schedule I.