AASD Mission: Harnessing collective intelligence to support community-led development in the highlands of Peru.

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The AASD Story
The Becky Fund (


The Becky Fund was established in loving memory of Becky Prichard, and it provides aid to the children of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Becky was Aaron Ebner’s second cousin, and in 2006, Aaron traveled to Peru with The Becky Fund, building desks and chairs for rural schools.

During his time in Peru, Aaron was approached by


Nuñez, Pampacorral School Director, about solutions to the
prevalent malnutrition plaguing students due to the high altitude. Aaron immediately began searching for solutions. Aaron met Ruben Quispe, our current agriculture technician, from the Andean community of Choquecancha, Peru. The two shared an interest in agriculture. He spoke to Aaron about the potential of greenhouses made from adobe mud bricks - a local, sustainable, low-cost solution.


Aaron conducted further investigations into greenhouse projects in rural Peru. More often than not, he found

failed projects

due to an influx of irresponsible development projects.

Aaron enrolled at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. While there, he met Adam Stieglitz and Tina Novero, students who shared a love for community-led development, and together, they initiated

Team Peru to address social problems in Peru.



was granted 501(c)3 status in US and

became a formal not-for-profit organization.


Dear Friend and AASD Donor: It’s been a big year for the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD), and we are pleased to share all of AASD’s successes and achievements in the 2012 Annual Report. During the first days of 2012, we received our non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service. From there, our organization strengthened, more than doubling foundation support and expanding our staff from three to five full-time employees. We are continuing to greatly advance the community projects in Peru, having an even greater impact than before. The AASD reputation is strong both in Peru and internationally due to its human-centered approach. We believe poverty alleviation and development can only come from a grassroots process, and the success of our projects is directly linked to the fact that community members drive the projects. Their hard work, dedication, and personal ownership of the projects make it sustainable. We work hard to harness community intelligence and foster community action to ensure that each community has this ownership. Our projects are meant to inspire others, grow individuals and communities (and food!), and create change. We do this by leveraging change makers. In the 2012 Annual Report you will read of our accomplishments, but keep in mind that these successes are a result of incredible generosity of talent, time, energy, and resources donated by many actors: Peruvian government agencies and local districts provide valuable materials to our projects; communities dedicate thousands of hours to reach their goals; local and international organizations partner to make complicated projects a success; graduate students and professional volunteers contribute thousands of hours; and donors make this all possible by providing the funds to carry on. By fostering this collective action, the AASD is able to ensure responsible development practices that lead to truly sustainable change for rural indigenous communities of Peru. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you involved in the AASD’s success. The AASD is able to stay innovative with the help of hundreds of graduate students and professional volunteers, and personal contributions make up a significant portion of our funds. With a small operating budget, the AASD engages dozens of organizations, local governments, and community leaders to positively impact the lives of thousands. Please support the AASD and be part of the human-centered change process that we will continue to drive. Sincerely, Aaron Ebner President, Board of Directors Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development

AASD Staff and Board
Aaron Ebner Founder AASD Board of Directors, President

Genie Rogstad AASD Board of Directors, Secretary Adam Stieglitz Director of Operations AASD Board of Directors, Vice-President

Tina Novero AASD Board of Directors, Treasurer

Ruben Huaman Quispe Lead Agriculture Technician AASD Board of Directors, Director

Cheryl Hedges Director of Outreach and Development (Leroy, Director of Morale, also pictured)

Kat Gordon Agriculture Project Manager

Fabrizzio Garmendia AASD Peru Board of Directors

2012 Project Accomplishments

School and Family Greenhouses
Students and Ruben, lead agriculture technician, watering the greenhouse in Pampacorral.

2012 Accomplishment Highlights
New school greenhouse in Choquecancha, supported by Marshall High School. Signed contract and secured funding from Lares district government for all building costs of greenhouses. For every $1 donated, the AASD is able to leverage another $1.50 from the government and local communities. 15 family greenhouses built and flourishing. Including a four month series of workshops on ecological growing practices and use of vegetables never before grown in the community. Over 320 hours of work donated by community members.

Growing a better future for Peru’s rural indigenous communities.


Immersive Learning
Inspiring the next generation of development professionals.
Over 3,360 graduate student volunteer hours. Students from Marshall High School and Choquecancha worked together to build a school greenhouse. AASD used in more than five graduate courses as case study.

Women’s Empowerment

2012 Achievements
-New products in the INKAcase line! 15” laptop cases and iPad
sleeves. -Check out our NEW online store: -Studies show that women invest 90% of income back into their family. AASD is expanding its revenue stream for financial sustainability while investing in women to further its mission.

Empowering women...


Since January, the AASD has invested $3,256.36 into the Wiñay Warmi women’s weaving group - an investment that will have an impact for generations.

Creating products and healthy families.

Children of Inti
Inspiring Peru’s next generation.
* Children of Inti art classes continued for its second year. * Expanded photography curriculum to include advanced topics, such as eye movement and macro imaging. * A total of 16 digital cameras for student use. * Over 45 students across two courses participated. * Student image prints now for sale at
Knowledge transfer is at the core of the AASD demonstration farm.

Photo taken by a student in Pampacorral as part of the Children of Inti photo project. Here, his family celebrates his sister’s wedding.

Demonstration Farm
Growing the AASD’s impact on food security.
* Acquired a one-acre plot of land for approximately five years to broaden its scope of impact on food security in the Sacred Valley. * 10 bio-intensive beds and more to come. * Hosted two community workshops. * Fusing traditional Incan agriculture techniques with progressive methods. * One large greenhouse and corn/quinoa plot. * Initiated development of Sacred Valley Bee Sanctuary.

NGO Network
Creating partnerships for a better Peru.
* Over 20 active not-for-profit organizations. * Increased resource collaboration amongst member organizations, which means more resources go towards the causes we all love. * AASD methodologies will be used in upcoming greenhouse initiative in Cuncany, a direct result of the September site visit.

An NGO Network member is led to a family’s greenhouse in Maucau, Peru during AASD’s site visit.

AASD Statement of Activities January 1 - October 31, 2012 Unrestricted Revenues
Contributions Products Foundations Program Fees Donated use of land Gifts in-kind (tangible) TOTAL $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 5,269.31 2,435.28 57,000.00 2,825.00 1,000.00 3,749.81 72,279.40 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 1896.80 9,000.00 10,896.80 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ -

Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted


$ 83,176.20

Program expenses General & administration Fundraising expenses TOTAL

$ 31,647.58 $ 19,618.16 $ 56.18 $ 51,321.92

$ $ $ $

6,872.65 670.58 7,543.23

$ $ $ $


$ 58,865.15

Change in net assets
+ Net assets - beginning = Net assets - ending

$ 20,957.48 $ 13.00 $ 20,970.48

$ $ $

3,353.57 0.00 3,353.57

$ $ $


$ 24,324.05
Contribu)ons  9%  Products  3% 

2012 Revenues
Contributions Products Foundations Program Fees In-kind Donations TOTAL $ 7,166.11 $ 2,435.28 $ 66,000.00 $ 2,825.00 $ 4,749.81 $ 83,176.20

In‐kind  dona)ons  6%  Program Fees  3% 

Founda)ons  79% 

2012 Expenses
Agriculture Initiative Women’s Empowerment NGO Network Immersive Education GIS Project Fundraising General & Administration TOTAL $ 28,988.82 $ 3,256.36 $ 142.46 $ 6,054.39 $ 78.20 $ 56.18 $ 20,288.74 $ 58,865.15

Gen & Admin  35% 

Agriculture  Ini-a-ve  49% 

Immersive  Educa-on  10% 

Women's  Empowerment  6% 

Notes to the Statement of Activities
General Notes Expenses and revenue originally in soles, the Peruvian currency, has been converted to US dollars using the average of exchange rate for 2011. REVENUES Contributions These are the donations made by individuals to the AASD. Products These are the revenue received from INKAcase sales. Foundations These are funds given to the AASD by foundations. Program Fees These are fees garnered through university and high school students as well as volunteers. Donated Use of Land “Use of Land” refers to land donated to the AASD for a duration of approximately 5 years for Demonstration Farm activities. Gifts in kind (tangible) “Gifts in kind” refers to those tangible items donated to the AASD and directly to the projects. The AASD has signed a contract with the Lares district government to partner with us and our greenhouse projects. The Lares district government has agreed to purchase building materials and transportation.

EXPENDITURES Program Expenses Program costs are defined as the resources required to implement a program and the costs associated with those resources. The term “resource” generally refers to the personnel required, the space needed to deliver the intervention, and the necessary equipment and supplies. Included in these expenses are compensation to the Demonstration Farm Manager, Lead Agriculture Technician, and 50% Executive Director. General & Administration Expenses “General & administration expenses” refers to the salary and benefit expenditures for the Director of Operations, Director of Outreach and Development, and 50% Executive Director. Professional fees (lawyer for 501(c)3 approval), travel, internet, withdrawal fees, and rent and utilities are included in these expenditures. Fundraising Expenses These are costs incurred for purposes of marketing. In 2012, AASD purchased a banner to be used by children in a parade.

*Over 5216 hours donated by graduate students, Peruvian community members and volunteers - a service valued at $89,820.49!

Volunteered Hours at AASD 
$2,311.85  $7,321.44  

Graduate Students  Volunteers  Community Members 

$80,187.20   The AASD excels at making a little go a long way. For every $1 donated, $2.50 is leveraged in the field, and we’re able to do this through the hard work and dedication of individuals in the rural communities, graduate valued a US volunteer hour at students from MIIS, and volunteers. $21,79 for 2011, while Peruvian community members

are valued at $13.46 per 8-hour day - the local rate.

Thanks to You
The AASD would like to thank our generous friends who have provided financial support and substantial effort toward making it possible for the AASD to do more for the rural indigenous peoples of Peru. We would like to recognize the following people and organizations.
The Becky Fund Karen Borgenson & Family Joan Channon James and Eleanor Delfino Charitable Remainder Unitrust Novero-Paaga Foundation Allfredo Ortiz Marshall Community Foundation Marshall High School Quail Roost Foundation Eugenie Rogstad

The AASD is pleased to recognize the contributions made by the following individuals.
Jenny Agis Jeanne Amrein Ashley Anderson Dylan Anderson-Berens Brian Anderson-Dean Caitlin Casey Jan Covert Frank Curry Nadine Custis Hilda Diaz Feef Dillon Emily Dore Terri Duffy Jan Elyea Lauren Epstein Carlos Figueredo Danny Gallant Stan and Ellen Gordon Benedicte Gyllensten Butch & Julie Hedges Katie Holmberg Danielle Johnson Nükhet Kardham Monica Kelsh Deb Knight Kelly Kremko Sam Kurita Jan Lazar Andrew Leighton Beryl Levinger Claire & Scott Loughridge Betty Mann Lisa McNiff Chris Miller Daisy Moreno Kelsey Nocket Tina Novero Elma Paulaskaite Derek Polka Alexander Prichard & Angela Larson Diane Ringenberg Kay & Dave Rogers Amy Sands Marina Savinovic Eliza Schreckenberger Diane Schubel Sarah Schwid Cynthia Shapira Alex Shaprhren Natalie Sherman Andrew Stewart Nancy Stulberg Devin Tooma Jeissa Torres-Pujols Justin Vinci Aimee Williamson Catherine Yates

How can YOU help?

2013 will be a big
year for us! In addition to our current projects, here’s what’s ahead...

Grow our INKAcase line to include other women’s groups. Expand family greenhouse initiative to Pampacorral. Increase community workshops at the Demonstration Farm. Initial development of sustainable revenue streams, including Agriculture Development Certification Program and Sustainable Bee Sanctuary at the Demonstration Farm.

Help us reach our 2013 goal... $36,470
The AASD excels at making a little go a long way. With a minimal operating budget and an ability to leverage resources from a variety of actors, the AASD is able to drive change in a very efficient manner. Donations allow the AASD to continue working with local actors to find truly sustainable solutions to unique challenges faced by indigenous communities in the highlands of Peru.

Make a one-time donation
The AASD is a registered 501(c)3 in the US, making your donation is tax deductible. To make a donation, visit our website at, select the “About Us” page, and click on “Make a one-time donation” on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also mail a check to the following address: Andean Alliance 560 Orchard Road Marshall, MI 49068

Purchase an INKAcase
Purchasing an INKAcase laptop or iPad case is a great way to help alleviate poverty, preserve cultural heritage, and support indigenous women while receiving a one-of-a-kind product. Visit and click on “Our Store” to see current product offerings.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Become a “Friend of the AASD”
Relationships are the number one reason the AASD is able to do what it does very well. We spend a large portion of our time cultivating relationships and friendships with locals, community members, and the government to ensure projects are need-based and community-driven. We would like nothing more than to call you a friend, as well. To become a “Friend of the AASD,” initiate an automatic monthly donation of at least $10, and you will receive a token of our appreciation during 2013. Visit to register.

Choose the project you support
Feel particularly passionate about one of our projects? Just indicate the project in the “Memo” of your check or in the “Comments” section of your online donation, and we’ll make sure it goes to support your chosen project.
Agriculture Initiative Children of Inti NGO Network Women’s Empowerment

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