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Language & Literacy Learning Party

Learning Parties make learning fun for you and your child! Our Language & Literacy Learning Party is a free workshop for parents and their children ages birth through 4, and promotes school readiness skills through play. Come and explore different ways to improve and develop your young childs language skills through reading, movement, art, and games. Gain fun tips and take-home activities to develop your childs skills and give them a head start for Kindergarten. A snack will be provided. When: Monday, January 28, 2013 Time: 1:00-3:00 Where: Rosedale Branch Registration: Space is limited. Please email or call to register. Contact: Jessica Hyle 410-887-0512 or

Language & Literacy Learning Party

Research has shown that early exposure to school readiness skills (literacy, math, science, etc) is a key indicator of future success. There is a serious lack of services, particularly free services, for children in the youngest of age groups, birth through age four. The goal of the Learning Parties is to provide parents with activities that they can do at home to fill in this learning gap. The Learning Parties were developed by Ready At Five, an organization dedicated to school readiness in Maryland. This particular program is to be a condensed presentation of the intended 4 parties, into 1 party dedicated to language and literacy, a key component of school success. The program will cover ways that parents can support their children at home through play, communication, and their daily lives. Mission Statement: One of BCPLs missions is to champion an early and lifelong love of reading, and the Learning Parties can support this. Learning Parties support the belief that parents are a childs first teacher and by giving parents activities to do at home we can improve a childs readiness for school, future success and hopefully regular readers and customers. Potential Community Partners: Maryland Healthy Families (a part of the Abilities Network) Towson University

Steps for Event Set-Up: Approval of the program and setting up the date for the meeting room. Planning and adaptation of the program Gathering all materials needed for a total of 8-10 activities, snack, and storytime Set-up on day of event: 4-5 welcome activities, snack/parent info session, storytime, 4-5 post-work/interaction activities

Evaluation: Attendance will be assessed, as well as gathering feedback forms from parents in attendance. Future programs will be informed by current feedback forms including future topics for workshops.