Joy & Balance Lessons from Snow

I’m looking out of my window. The snowstorm has finally ceased. I look at what should be pristine snow and instead there are foot prints everywhere! Who could have come to our house at this time? Then I remember, it is my kids with their cousin who got snowed in at our home. With a bit of sun, their shoe prints look bigger than normal … or perhaps it is just the bulky fleece-lined boots that they have which make the prints look so big. I ponder how to get the driveway cleared. It is almost 2 feet of snow and my driveway is long. My husband is travelling. It will take at least 4 hours of shoveling. I really should have bought that snow blower and used it a couple of times yesterday so that there would not have been such a snow pile today. It’s effects are far reaching. There snow is deep just outside my door too. The garage doors are not opening. There is no way to get the car out. I call my grass-cutter, who does snow shoveling on the side, and he arrives soon with his snow plow. And how do I know he has arrived? My 9-year old rushes into my room, rather upset, and says, “Someone is in our driveway!” I look out and see the snow plow and wonder why this is bothering her. “They are removing the snowwwww!!!” she says in deep distress! Then I get it. For her, snow is not a problem. It is a joy. For me, I’m thinking of the groceries, whether my husband will be able to enter the house as his airport taxi from will not be able to come into the driveway, and more! I tell her that the driveway needs to be cleared otherwise we cannot get in and out of the house. She still does not get it. After all, she is getting in and out of the house! Those are her boot prints on the snow!!! Then I try to explain to her how once we did not get the snow on the driveway cleared in time, it turned to ice … and it took hammers and picks to get it off! Also, we once had ice in certain areas till April! It still does not make sense to her. “Do you remember Home Alone?” she asks me. Off course I do, I had taken them for that movie! “Remember how that boy went grocery shopping and carried the bags all by himself? I can do that!” I smile. Looking at the joy in her eyes, the endless possibilities, I catch myself and still tell her that the driveway needs to be cleared! After all, there would still be plenty of snow in the backyard and in the front too on the grass! Then my 4-year old son walks in. He wants to know where “my dog” has gone. A lost pet had wandered into our house a few weeks ago and we fed it and helped find its owner. My kids are still hoping the dog will come back. They had taken that fabulous golden retriever in the snow and had so enjoyed it. As for me, I really felt so stretched that buying a dog for ourselves was still on hold until I felt I could manage it. And yet, I

. I remember the two of them romping in the snowy yard. Madhulika Jinsi (www. Theta Healing. (including Yuen Method. An intuitive. Usui or call (301) 760-7491. As my son goes away imagining what it would be like to be in the snow with “his dog” again. They are searching for it and can’t find it. Kundalini Reiki and others). I hear my daughters calling out about the sled now. Lightarian Reiki. Karuna Ki. To contact her. Kinergetics. their lives and their internal power. 7 Facet Seichim. She is also a artist and a journalist. Madhu has studied and uses over 30 energy healing is mother and Energy Worker focused on empowering people with a deeper appreciation of themselves. he had found a permanent place in all our hearts. I feel the thrill of hearing them squeal as they push off the slope in my backyard.missed that dog too. Shamballa. e-mail info@stress-reliefcenter. This article was originally printed in the Mom's Club of Potomac newletter. Just a few days. In my mind.stress-reliefcenter. Time to go and find the sled and watch the kids while the snow still sparkles in their hearts. Life Path Reiki.

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