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Smith Transportation Equipment

Airbus A380 Upper Deck Catering Truck Solution

Applicable Standards

U.S. Standards
ANSI (American National Standards Institute) A92.7-1990 (R 1998)
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) AIR1375 Revision B
ARP1247 Revision C
ARP1328 Revision A
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
DOT (Department of Transportation)

International Standards
BS EN 12312-2:2002
EN 1915-1
EN 1915-2
ISO 10841:1996 (E)
Over the road configuration…
General Specifications
Chassis Model: LE2-
LE2-40 Extended Cab
Vehicle Weight
Rating: 27215 kg (60,000 lbs.)
Engine: Cummins ISB 205 HP
Transmission: Allison MD 3060P with Pushbutton
Front Axle: Dana EFA-
EFA-20F4, 9072 kg (20,000 lb.) capacity
Front Suspension: Parabolic Taper-
Taper-Leaf, 9072 kg (20,000 lbs.)
Steering Position: LH drive, Tilt/Telescopic
Rear Axle: Dana Spicer 405-
405-P, 18143 kg (40,000 lbs.) capacity
Rear Suspension: Hendrickson HN- HN-402
Frame: 942 cm x 28 cm (30 ft. x 11 in.) Single Rail
Wheelbase: 432 cm (170 in.) CT = 381 cm (150 in.)
Air system: Dryer, Bendix BW-
BW-AD9, (3) Tanks, RH
Cab Exterior: Electric Cab Tilt Assist Pump
Cab Interior: Air Conditioning
Dual Cab Fans, Overhead Console Mounted
Windows: Roll-
Roll-down, Electric
Seats: Driver: Sear Atlas Air-
Passenger: (2) Fixed

Dimensions: Length: 1067 cm (420 in.)

Height: 426 cm (168 in.)
Width: 257 cm (101 in.)
Turning Radius: 999 cm (32.8 ft.)
…to the Aircraft
General Specifications
Van Body:
Capable of transverse movement 274 cm (108 in.) upon reaching desired
desired height
Fiberglass reinforced composite panels—
panels—seamless construction, improved thermal
High strength aluminum alloy floor panels with ribbed anti-
anti-skid surface

Overall Van Body Dimensions:

Length: 724 cm (286 in.)
Height: 244 cm (96 in.)
Width: 257 cm (101 in.)
Van Floor Height: 180 cm (71 in.)

Main Deck: Left/Right adjustment 46 cm (18 in.) outside van body
body to facilitate final
positioning and U1 door alignment
Length: 137 cm (54 in.)
Width: 218 cm (86 in.)
Transverse Deck: Left/Right adjustment 61 cm (24 in.) from center
center of main deck
Length: 145 cm (57 in.)
Width: 119 cm (47 in.)
Extension Deck: In/Out adjustment 61 cm (24 in.) from transverse
transverse deck
Length: 61 cm (24 in.)
Width : 107 cm (42 in.)
Capacity: 907 kg (2,000 lbs.) evenly loaded

Scissor Mechanism:
Double scissor design capable of lifting 4536 kg (10,000 lbs.) toto a height of 8.5m (335
Dual set, twin vertical lift cylinders designed to support the vertical
vertical and forward
movement of a fully loaded van body

Stabilizers: Minimum of four outrigger assemblies designed to support a fully

fully loaded van
body at extended heights for winds up to 78 knots (90 mph)
Mid-Wing Safety Stop
Step 1: Shift Transmission to “Approach Range”
Step 2: Activate guidance and camera system
Step 3: Shift forward platform to “Safe Approach Position”
Forward platform is now positioned 45 cm (18 in.) beyond
the passenger side of vehicle
Step 4: Visual contact with marshaller and aircraft/ground markings
Step 5: Proceed to final position (Highlift Position)
Vehicle in Approach Mode
Vehicle in Position for deployment of outriggers
(Note: Red line denoted 60 cm safety zone projected from engine nacelle and leading edge of wing)
Final Position (Highlift Position)
Step 1: Transmission in Neutral and Parking Brake set
Step 2: Walk around inspection
Step 3: Extend outriggers
Step 4: Enter Van Body
Van Body Raised to Desired Door Sill Height
Lift Mechanism capable of lifting 4536 kg (10,000 lbs.) to door sill heights ranging from 2.6-8.5m
(8.5-27.9 ft.)
Van Body Transversed towards Aircraft Door Opening
Lateral Adjustment of Platform to Door Opening
Final Position—Extension of Platform
View from above showing relationship of trucks during
catering the Airbus A380