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CFA Exam
June 2013
Classroom Trainings in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore , Pune & Online

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CFA Institute, USA
Pristine is the Largest CFA® Training Institute in India Trains 2000+ CFA Aspirants each year

edupristine.Ltd. Level II. but not limited to 48 months of acceptable professional work experience and passing the Level I. recruiters and employers – Especially useful in Investment Banking. CFA® charterholder membership: requirements include.-Pristine 4 www. USA – Minimum time to pass all three exams: 2 years – Average time: 4 years . • Benefits of CFA® designation – Most recognized global designation for finance professional in the world – CFA are regarded as an expert in finance by clients. CFA Lev III exam : You should have cleared CFA Lev II exam. Portfolio . and Level III exams • About the Exam – Administered by CFA Institute.CFA – Eligibility • Minimum Eligibility – – – – CFA Lev I exam : Even a final year graduate can appear for CFA Lev I exam. CFA Lev II exam : You should have completed your gradation and cleared CFA Lev I exam. Investment Research and Security Analysis © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.

-Pristine 5 www.CFA : Exam pattern • Each exam is six hours long and is split between morning and afternoon sessions. • Score matrix provided on the exam results is an indicator of overall performance – The “<=50%” range is considered poor. – The Level III exam is composed of item-set and essay questions and is offered in June only. – “51%–70%” is considered poor to .Ltd. – “>70%” is considered average to above average Key to crack CFA Level I is by doing well in Ethics and FSA © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt. – The Level I exam is composed of multiple-choice questions and is offered in June and December. – The Level II exam is composed of item-set questions and is offered in June only. There is a twohour lunch break at the end of the morning session.edupristine.

Ltd.-Pristine 6 www.CFA – Exam subjects Each Lev requires 250-350 hrs of studies © Neev Knowledge Management .edupristine.

For CFA June 2013. © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt. the exam centers are Bangalore. Kolkata. Mumbai & Pune .edupristine.-Pristine 7 www. • Exam Centers . Chennai. – CFA Lev II & III exam : 1st Sunday of June month every year.CFA – Exam Centers & Dates • Exam Dates – CFA Lev I exam : 1st Sunday of June & December month every .Ltd. Delhi.

Ltd.-Pristine www.edupristine.220 13 Mar 2013 $530 + $1055 = $ .Fees Structure for CFA Levels June 2013 Exam Payment deadlines Program enrollment (new candidates only) ** $440 $440 + Exam registration = Total cost 19 Sept 2012 13 Feb 2013 + + $680 $780 = = $1. © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.580 **Returning candidates pay only the exam registration fee. CFA Lev II& Lev III candidates have to pay only the exam registration fee for each Level.120 $1.

com . • Calculators : – Candidates can only use the Financial Calculators . © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.CFA – Reading Material & Preparation Time • Reading Material – CFA institute provides reading material on registration for the exam. • Preparation Time – Preparation time depends on the education background and work experience of the Candidates. typically each level requires around 250 to 350 hrs of study time. the material is very comprehensive and sufficient for the exam preparation. i. Texas BA II Plus or Texas BA II Professional.e HP 12C.edupristine.Ltd.-Pristine 9 www.

com) $1000 .edupristine. KPO. Investment $1035 to $1460 ~35% to 42% 1963 2 May/ Nov Banking. MF. requiring calculations Yes 3 Dec/June Research. Operation Risk & Basel 20% same as CFA 1 Case based long questions.Ltd. Quant's. Fixed Income 20% same as FRM Part 1 Conceptual multiple choice questions Yes Pristine Official Course Provider © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt. Portfolio Mgt. Corp Fin. Equity.-Pristine 10 www.CFA vs FRM FRM Conducted by Fee (Indicative and Overall) Pass rate Incepted since Levels/ Parts Exam Dates Relevant for Candidates looking for jobs in Course Structure : Emphasis on Course Structure Kind of Questions Asked GARP (www.cfainstitute. Market Risk. Economics. Ethics. Risk mgt. FSA. . Derivatives. Financial Institutes. Value at Risk. Credit Risk.$1350 ~40% to 45% 1997 CFA Lev 1 CFA (www.

edupristine. you will benefit from a CFA charter * CFA Institute website © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt. investment research.Ltd. or investment banking. advisory services.CFA – Your Clear Interest in finance • CFA charter provides you with a strong foundation for a variety of career choices in the investment profession – Interested in portfolio management.-Pristine 11 .

Achievers CFA Level 1 • Amit Khurana – – – – Is . Analyst © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.-Pristine 12 www.CFA Certification . ( Eco) and M.Com ( Eco ) Started as a career in Analysis Cleared All levels of CFA Currently Working as Head – Equity Research • Brijesh Goyal – – – – Graduate from IIT Roorkee Was working with GE in Engineering Division Cleared CFA Level 2 and FRM Now working with Deutsche Bank in their Derivative analysis team • Ankit Megotia – Was not able to get Job earlier – After CFA Level 1 got job in D E Shaw .Ltd.A.edupristine.

com .CFA Certification – Where you can go with Level III © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.-Pristine 13 www.edupristine.Ltd.

Ltd.Monster © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.CFA Requirement in India .-Pristine 14 www.

-Pristine 15 www.Ltd.Naukri © Neev Knowledge Management .CFA requirement in India .

edupristine.-Pristine 16 www.Ltd.Most important .Salary after CFA CFA Leve 1 Cleared CFA Leve 2 Cleared © Neev Knowledge Management .

-Pristine 17 .Agenda About CFA Exam – – – – – – – – – – – Eligibility & Benefits Exam pattern Exam subjects Exam Centers Exam Dates Fees with deadline Job prospects in India & Abroad Expected Salary Package Reading Material & Preparation Time Type of Calculators Comparison with FRM • About Pristine – – – – – Last Year Result Faculty Training Centers About Scholarship Pristine CFA Offering • Registration © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.Ltd.

Key Authorization CFA Institute (2010-12) Authorized Training provider – CFA Pristine is now the authorized training provider for CFA Exam trainings . Trained 1000+ students in risk management www. PRMIA (2009-12) Authorized Training provider – PRM/ APRM Sole authorized training for PRM Training in India. Trained 1000+ students in risk management FPSB India (2010-11) Authorized Training provider -CFP An authorized Education Provider for Chartered Financial Planner Charter. Pristine is largest training provider for CFA in India with presence across seven major cities. Largest player in India in the area of risk management training. GARP (2007-12) Authorized Training provider -FRM Largest player in India in the area of risk management .

HSBC (2008) Risk Management and Quant. Analysis New joinees in HSBC had a gap in knowledge of Risk Management and quantitative skills. Analysis IT Professionals of CreditSuisse India were trained on risk management. Conducted trainings (On campus) to bridge the gap *Indicative List www. P. Conducted financial modeling in Excel trainings to bridge the gap ING Vyasa (2010) Infrastructure & Project Finance Bankers were trained on making integrated models for project finance and infrastructure. FSA and valuation. Provided training for over 100 hours to bridge the gap Credit-Suisse India (2009) Risk Management and Quant.Key Associations* Ernst & Young (2010) Real Estate Modeling Senior Associates were trained on building valuation models for real estate Bank Of America Continuum Solutions (2010) Finance for Finance Associates were trained on valuation and mergers and acquisitions . Morgan (2010) Financial Modeling in Excel The Real Assets Group were trained in Excel for infrastructure and realestate modeling Mizuho (2010) Financial Modeling in Excel Bankers were using excel models that they could not understand.edupristine. Franklin Templeton CFA (2010) Students were facing a gap in the overall understanding of finance topics like corporate finance.

Conducted workshop to bridge the gap BITS Pilani (2009) Workshops on Basics of Finance Most of the students desire a career in finance. . IIM Calcutta (2010-11) Financial Modeling in Excel Students about to go for internships and join jobs found a gap in their grasp of knowledge of excel for financial modeling. Delhi University were trained in financial modeling so as to prepare them better for a job in finance.…Key Associations NUS Business School (2011) Financial Modeling in Excel Second year MBA students were given a full 2-day workshop on creating financial models. They learnt how to create integrated models of valuation. NISM (2008-11) Derivatives in Hedging (2008) Financial Modeling (2011) Corporate in Ludhiana incurred huge losses because of derivative trades (for hedging).5+ IEMR Delhi (2010-11) Financial Modeling in Excel Final Year MBA students of IEMR went through extensive financial modeling workshop to acquire skills of financial modeling. etc) with no understanding of the subject/ Job Profile. ISB Hyd (2012) Final Year MBA students of ISB Hyd were trained in Financial modeling using Excel www.edupristine. Conducted trainings for directors and CFOs for better understanding of derivative products IIT Delhi (2009) Corporate finance Students get placed in finance companies (UBS. Conducted training for 350+ students with an average rating of 4. MS. Conducted training for 75+ students with an average rating of 4.5+ FMS Delhi (2010-11) Financial Modeling in Excel Final Year MBA students of Faculty of Management Studies. .Global Presence Online Presence Existing Training Centers -Singapore (outside India) -Mumbai -Delhi -Kolkata -Chennai -Bangalore -Pune -Hyderabad Singapore Successfully conducted 700. More than 7000 students/professionals have attended our Trainings in finance and risk management. attracting students from 21 countries. Plan to expand in international markets.000+ man-hours of training through classroom and online medium. www.

Delhi All* All* All* Online Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Original Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NA NA 250 100 100 100 135 80 50 30 CFA Institute CFA Institute GARP GARP PRMIA PRMIA - DipIFRS Real Estate Modeling Online Mumbai. Hyderabad and Online .com . Bangalore. Delhi & Online Yes Yes Original Original NA NA 50 30 Under Process - *All cities include Mumbai.Pristine Offerings Course Classroom Trainings All* + Singapore** Online Trainings Yes Content Crash Course/ Mock Test Yes Hours of training 250 Accreditation CFA Lev I Original CFA Institute CFA Lev II CFA Lev III FRM Part I FRM Part II PRM APRM Financial Modeling Excel For Project Managers All* Mumbai & Delhi All* Mumbai. www.edupristine. Pune . Chennai. Delhi.

IIT and SIBM. Hyderabad. Mumbai. • Training centers: in Delhi. © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt. IBM and CRISIL. Reliance Private Equity. SBI. Goldman Sachs. • Provided Online trainings to 1000+ professionals from US. Accenture.000+ candidates in last four years with a success rate of 65% to 85% for various batches for CFA/ PRM/FRM exams. Pune. Chennai. IIM. • Faculty : CFA Charteholders or working professional with significant experience in Finance industry with education background of IIT/IIMs. Europe.edupristine. Middle East. Bangalore.-Pristine 23 www. Asia Pacific. • Last Year Results: Have delivered trainings to more than 7.About Pristine • Founded by professionals and alumnus of Standard Chartered.Ltd. Singapore & . Gurgaon. Africa and Australia.

edupristine. You can do that by – Calling at +91 8800047328 – Mailing your details (Name. CFA registration Number) to © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt. Email ID.CFA Scholarships Pristine is also pleased to launch a merit-cum-means scholarship program to assist the CFA aspirants financially by providing them free training and/or part payment for their CFA institute examination fees. Number.Ltd. Details of scholarship are as follows: • Scholarships – 100% discount in Pristine Training fee for June 2013 CFA Level I preparation (one) – 50% discount in Pristine Training fee for June 2013 CFA Level I preparation (two) – 25% discount in Pristine Training fee for June 2013 CFA Level I preparation (four) – Best Student of the Season: The participant shall get Rs 5000 refund on their CFA Institute Fees once they have cleared their CFA Level I exams (Two) • Criteria :The aspirants should – – – – Be registered with CFA Institute for June 2013 Level I Exam Be student at Pristine regular classroom program Have secured cut-off marks in Pristine Excellence Test The decision by Pristine in awarding these scholarships shall be final and binding. • How to Apply – You can apply for these scholarships by registering yourself with Pristine.-Pristine 24 .

CFA® Certified Faculty with significant experience drawn from IIT/IIM's Once Registered with Pristine Attend training Till you clear Exam • Materials – 30 hrs of online tests .20 days online session covering all topics for revision 50 hrs .6 days Short CFA® Course.250+ hrs (26 Days) Classroom Trainings • Training – – – – 100 hrs .edupristine.20 days classroom trainings 100hrs .-Pristine 25 www.Ltd.000/© Neev Knowledge Management .1500+ questions with explanatory answers – Free Visualized Formula Charts & summarized study Material to all the CFA Course Training Participants – 1 Additional Mock Test (2X120 Questions) – Full Recordings of 100 hrs in downloadable format – Visualized Formula Charts – Summarized Study Material Topic Wise in the form of Presentations – 12 Hrs Comprehensive Recordings of 240 Questions Fees: Rs 22.Offering for CFA Level I Preparation CFA Lev 1.

20.20 days (5 hours each day) classroom trainings • 100hrs .250 hrs (26 Days) Trainings • Trainings • 100hrs . Explanations.-Pristine 26 . Notes) – Forums to interact with faculty & fellow students Fees Rs.edupristine.20 days online session covering all topics for revision • 5 Days(8 hours each day) of Comprehensive sessions covering all subjects • CFA Certified Faculty with significant experience and educational background of IIT/IIM's • Materials – 1 Mock Test (2X60 Questions) – Online Solved Examples & Practice Exercises 15 hrs of online tests (600+ questions) – Full Recordings of 100 hrs in downloadable format • 24x7 Online Access* – To Course Material (Presentations. Models.000/© Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.Offering For CFA Level II preparation Pristine CFA® (Level II) .

000/© Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.Ltd.2 days Short CFA® Course.16 days Comprehensive Classroom trainings * • 15 hrs .100 hrs (20 Days) Trainings • Duration: 100 hrs of Comprehensive Trainings • 80 hrs .-Pristine 27 www.Offering For CFA Level III Preparation Pristine CFA® (Level III) .1 Mock Test • CFA Charter Faculty with significant experience. – Focus on solving lots of exam pattern questions and thus revising all important concepts – Special exam preparation tips and strategies to clear the exams • 6 hrs . • Hand holding the students to learn the technique of quickly solving the problems Fees Rs 18.

-Pristine 28 www.Ltd. which enables us to provide you real time solutions for your needs © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.edupristine.Online platform for enhanced learning experience • All the courses materials are uploaded on website and available 24*7 online for reference • Chapter wise quiz to monitor your performance and gauge the level of preparation by the students • Interactive forums for doubt clearing and exchanging the ideas for preparation • News forums to provide most updated news on websites. • Feedback .

com .Trained professionals from various institutions © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.edupristine.Ltd.-Pristine 29 www. .-Pristine 30 www.Practice Online Questions Neev provides solution for instantaneous feedback and collective learning opportunity for students © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt. .Ltd.Agenda About CFA Exam – – – – – – – – – – – Eligibility & Benefits Exam pattern Exam subjects Exam Centers Exam Dates Fees with deadline Job prospects in India & Abroad Expected Salary Package Reading Material & Preparation Time Type of Calculators Comparison with FRM • About Pristine – – – – – Last Year Result Faculty Training Centers About Scholarship Pristine CFA Offering Registration © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.-Pristine 31 www.

– Type of Account: Current Account – Address for courier of Cheque and DD: Pristine Careers. Corporate Avenue. ground floor. Nanik Motwani Marg fort. 925.-Pristine 32 www.To Register • Net Banking Transfer /Cash or Cheque Deopsit – Bank Name: HDFC Bank – Account Name: Neev Knowledge Management Pvt Ltd – Account Number: 00602560008449 – Routing Number/ Sort Code: 021000021 – Branch Address: Maneji Wadia building. Sonawala . Mumbai 63 © Neev Knowledge Management Pvt.edupristine. Mumbai. Goregaon (East).Ltd.

com Questions (send a mail to abhinavm@eneev.For Registration or Query Maitri (Mumbai) : 9930865533 Loveleena (Delhi) : 8800106699 Alankar (Hyd & Chennai) :8800047325 Aditya (Bangalore): 9035601000 Mukesh(Pune): 9823059445 Dikshu (Online): 9650501129 Pristine .