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Silicone Adhesive What Silicone Adhesive?

Silicone adhesive is one of the silicone rubber varieties for item bonding. And it is different from potting class silicone or silicone products and mold silicone adhesive. Most typical silicone adhesive is a one-component RTV silicone rubber. There is also a single-component heat curing two-component heat curing silicone adhesive. Silicone adhesive is a onecomponent silicone polymer compound, in the peel strength, it has the characteristics of adhesion, lap shear strength and high temperature protection viscous variety of features such as the fully play overall balance, suitable for the un-vulcanized silicone rubber and metal (stainless steel, steel, copper, etc.), resin, glass fibers, ceramics, heat vulcanization bonding, applicable import, domestic adhesive of silicone rubber and a variety of substrates, is a good smt adhesive between silica gel and silica gel bond.

Silicone Adhesive Characteristics

Component RTV silicone rubber (referred to as RTV-1 silica gel) relies on contact with the water molecules in the water molecules or in the air in the sealing surface to be bonded or cured. Dry and cold environment curing speed can be very slow, but the proper environment, such as in the case of 25 degrees Celsius more than 65% relative humidity, this type of glue can surface dry (dry finger) in 3-30 minutes, and hard dry in 24 hours. Different varieties of models have different curing speed. With a high modulus, impact resistance, vibration activity, high bond strength, high temperature performance, good thermal stability, resistance to ultraviolet light; ozone chemical resistance, moisture, weathering (ozone, sunlight), resistance, chemical resistance ( acid, alkali, oil), resistance to the invasion of organisms (fungi), excellent electrical performance characteristics, does not contain toxic ingredients, is a good thermal paste substitute.

Silicone Adhesives Category

The single-component RTV silicone curing process will produce a small molecule gas substance is a condensation of organic reactions (it is also known as a condensation-type silicone), according to the category of small molecule in turn of such a result are generally divided into deacidification type, alcohol type, de-oxime type, de-amine type, and the like. Different RTV-1 silica gel has different smell, different corrosive to the substrate, different bonding adhesion to different materials and different temperature resistance. As for the RTV1 silicone manufacturers, the glue of this type of color and curing speed viscosity can be tailored according to the needs generally. The type of adhesive material has glass, electronic components, leather, plastic, rubber, fiber, metal, timber and other materials, the cement products and ceramics are applicable to different curing processes (flat vulcanizing vacuum vulcanization, injection machine vulcanized). is a professional enterprise that engaged in the technology development, production and distribution of electronic adhesive. The price of our products is competitive and the quality is the top-class. Welcome to visit our page for more details!

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