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A diode for which you can vary the revese bias, and thus vary the capacitance is called a. Varactor diode b. Tunnel diode c. Zener diode d. Switching diode Ans- varactor diode 2. A non-volatile type of memory that can be programmed and erased in sectors, r ather than one byte at atime is a. Flash memory b. EPROM c. EEPROM d. MPROM Ans-EEPROM 3. To get a negative source voltage in a self biased JFET circuit, one must use a a. Voltage divider b. Source resistor c. Bleeder resistor d. Negative gate supply voltage ANS- SOURCE RESISTOR 4. An amplifier with resistive negative feed back has two left half planes poles in its open-loop transfer function. The amplifier a. Will always be unstable at high frequency b. Will be stable for all frequency c. May be unstable, depending upon the feed back factor d. Will oscillate at low frequency Ans- will be stable for all frequency 5. In the h-parameter model of representing a transistor the input and output se ctions are modelled as a. Voltage source b. Current source c. Input section as voltage source, and output section as current source

Demodulation . The process of converting analog signals into digital signals so that they c an be processed by a receiving computer is referred to as a. Attenuation b. Band width c. Propagation c. In the amplifier. CMRR b. Phase shift b. Junction and emitter bypass capacitance Ans-coupling and wiring capacitance 10. Slew rate d. The upper cut-off frequency of a transistor amplifier depends upon a. This is done basically to provide the op-amp a very high a. Junction and wiring capacitance c. transistor inter-junction capacitance causes a. Open-loop gain Ans-open-loop gain 7. Noise d. The loss in signal power as light travels through the optical fiber is called a. Parasitic oscillation Ans-parasitic oscillation 8. Coupling and wiring capacitance d. Interruption Ans-attenuation 9. Scat****ng d. Coupling and emitter bypass capacitance b. A differential amplifier is invariably used in the input stage of all op-amp. Input section as current source and output section as voltage source Ans-input section as voltage and out put section as current source 6.d. Modulation b. Harmonic distortion c.

Concerened with creating computer system exhibiting intelligence b. Digitizing Ans-digitizing 11. Synchronization d. 1000bps c.c. Dealing with graph theory d. For an 8khz sample rate and 8 bit PCM code. System analysis Ans-algorithm 15. Dealing with artificial data structurers Ans. The number of messages required to close a TCP connection operating in a ful l duplex mode is a. AI can be defined as abranch of computer science a. Program c. 64000bps d. 4 d. Used for creating databases c. the line speed is a. A prescribed set of well defined rules or processes for the solution of a pr oblem in a series of steps is a. 2 b. Flow chart b. 8000bps b. Algorithm d. 640bps Ans-64000bps 13. 3 c. One of the main features that distinguish microprocessors from microcomputer s is . 5 Ans-4 12.a 14.

The term zero defect is associated with a. Maintenance b. LISP c. Maximum profit from the system c. Quality control c. Increased efficiency of the system b. That language is a. Word are shorter in microprocessor c. Production d. Reliability of the system d. PROLOG ANS-b 18. The main objective of maintenance is to achieve a. thereby reducing pin count Ans-d 17. Reduced cost Ans-a .a. What is the principal advantage of using address multiplexing with DRAM memo ry? a. Reduced memory access time b. Reduced pin count and decrease in package size d. Raw ma****als Ans-b 19. Words are usually large in microprocessor b. Microcessor is not fully integrated Ans-c 16. Reduced requierement for constant refreshing of the memory contents c. The computer language LOGO is based on another powerful list processing lang uage for robotics and artificial intelligence. PASCAL d. Microprocessor does not contain I/O devices d. No requirement for chip-select input line. GSP b.

Generating constant frequency radio waves b. Semantics d. Communication is a process of receiving messages whereas. Improving thermal stability of a transistor Ans-b 22. Anchorage c. The bus which is used to transfer data from main memory to peripheral device is the a. Spea**ng . It has rapid turn around b. Output bus Ans-c 23. Modulation is the process a.20. It is faster than complier c. Eye contact c. Which one of the following is non-verbal communication s**ll? a. Data bus b. It occupies less memory space d. Which one of the following statements referring to an interpreter is correct ? a. Writing b. It is preferred for complex calculation Ans-d 24. Proxemics Ans-c 21. Combining audio and radio frequency waves at the transmitting end of a commun ication system c. Input bus c. DMA bus d. Reducing distortion in RF amplitude d. Perception b. the process throug h which we fix meanings to the received message is known as a.

check the fuse b. Open circuit d. Ground c. NDM-1 is a a.d. AGC circuit b. check if the device is hot ANS-A 29. carbonated of calcium and magnesium ANS-C . Which of the following is the defective stage in a TV receiver if their exis ts a keystone effect in the raster? a. super bug ANS-D 30. ozone and carbon monoxide b. Tuner and IF circuit d. All transistors are normal and dc voltages ar e normal and dc voltages are normal. virus b. When an electronics device which was functioning well malfunctions. Acid rain is caused due to the emission of which of the following into the a tmosphere? a. oxides of nitrogen and sulphur d. Picture tube circuit Ans-b 26. vaccine c. what ist he first operation to be done for servicing? a. A hot smoky product or device is often a sign of a. An ac signal at the base of previous transistor is normal. switch off and on thus doing a hardware reset d. What is the likely fault? (a) bias is faulty (b) emitter bypass capacitor open (c) decoupling capacitor open (d) coupling capacitor open ANS-a 28. Reading Ans-b 25. Short circuit b. serum d. check the power supply c. Both ground and open circuit Ans-a 27. but it is zero at the base of the stage under test. Horizontal and vertical output circuit c. carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide c.

the arteries constrict d. dengue c. nickel-cadmium cell c. for the visualization of internal structure of human body. interference of light c. star b. A person who is living there will not suffer from one of the following diseases as a result of mosquito bite: a. Where is the light coming from that illuminates the dark side of the moon? a.X. to preserve the genetic information of plants and animal species c. a motion picture projector c. eye ANS-A 38. Earth d. to facilitate the production of vaccine ANS-B 37. lithium cell d. to preserve certain select genes for utilising in the biotechnology process d. an ordinary camera b. reflection of light ANS-A 32. The phenomenon of causing the formation of rainbow is a. the arteries dilate ANS-A 34. on a clear night. the red blood cells agglutinate b. to facilitate the transfer of biotechnology processes from one country to ano ther b. radioisotopes c. it is possible to see the outl ine and perhaps very slight detail of the dark portion of the moon. A virtual image is produced by which of the following? a. Aedes mosquito is rampant in a particular area. computed tomograp hy employs a. with the half moon showing. yellow fever ANS-A 35. which type of cell is used in cell phone? a. diffraction of light d. what is the purpose of establishing gene banks? a. magnetic resonance b. In the context of blood transfusion. moon c. what happens to a person who receives t he wrong type of blood? a. duplicating camera . copper-zinc cell b. lead acid cell ANS-B 33.31. kala azar d.ray Ans-a 36. dispersion of light b. sound waves d. chickungunya b.the white blood cells agglutinate c.

XOR based encryption using one-time padding key 128-bit c. port number prediction ANS-B 43. SET & GO d. public key based encryption with 2048-bit length ANS-B 45. sequence number prediction d. a.WHAT will be the sensitivity of a 200microampere meter movement which is to b e used as a dc voltmeter? a. compustress d. the attacker has a plain text m and the corresponding cipher-text x b. public domain ANS-B 42. message replay c. techno stress b. cyber stress c. Advance encryption standard (AES)-128-bit keys b. piracy c. SYN-Flooding b. READY. free ware b. SSL & SET b.PEM & SSL ANS-C (DOUBT IF U KNOW MAIL ME) 44.y use to secure online banking? a. WHICH of the following are application level encryption protocols that onewo uld most likel. the attacker has temporary access to the encryption device d. Which of the following would best fit the following description: software is copied and given to a friend without the permission of the copyright owner? a.d. 5 words c. share ware d. which of the following g encryption technique is unconditionally secure? A. verisign & SHA 1 c. PGP. 200kohm/v b. which of the following is the correct description of a chosen cipher-text at tack? a. repetitive stress injury ANS-A 41. simple magnifier ANS-D 39. triple-data encryption standard (3-DES) WITH 112-BIT key d. 6 words d. 4 words b. 5 kohm/v c. The term used to describe harmful stress associated with computer use is a. How many words are there in message digest of SHA-1(secure hash algorithm)?E ach word is of 32 bits. ANS-D 46. the attacker has temporary access to the decryption device. 7 words ANS-B 40. 50kohm/v . which of the following techniques is required to hijack a TCP session? a. the attacker has a cipher text x c.

crab b. central Indian ocean basin ANS-B 52. protective device b. comparator c. gambusia fish d. using acoustic instrument to measure the sound during under sea earth quake. using land based radar to measure ocean current d. the release of one of the following into ponds and wells helps in controllin g the mosquitoes? a. strain gauge acts as a a. the voltage across an impendance z is measured with a voltmeter whose inputi mpendance is equal to z. When an unknown voltage is applied to the horizontal plates. using bottom pressure recorders at the subduction zone in ocean b. 4v b. using satellite to measure ocean current c.01mm/v. cobalt and nickel are available natura lly in india at a. ANS-C (DOUBT) 53. secondary transducer ANS-C 51.d. MI VOLTMETER C. gross error b. The most suitable ins trument that could be used is a. an signal of 10mv at 75mhz frequencyis to be measured. The value of the unknown voltage is a. snail ANS-C 54. 4ov c. 4000v ANS-C 49. The resulting error in such measurement is known as a. Mixture of which one of the following pair of gases is the causes of occurre nce of most of the explosion in mines? . the spot on the screen shifts by 4mm. costal regions of east cost d. Digital multimeter ANS-C 48. VTVM b.CRO d. deccan plateau c. Which is the best method to detect tsunami? a. towards right in the horizontal direction. 400v d. random error ANS-C 50. the deflection sensitivity of a CRO is 0. systematic error c. Himalayan river valley b. I n load cell. dogfish c. 20kohm/v ANS-B 47. manganese nodules containg manganese. loading effect error d. primary transducer d.

bone diseases c. IF A HOLE IS MADE along the diameter of the earth and a stone is dropped int o the hole. reach the centre of the earth and stop there b. skin diseases b. both water and pipe expand ANS-A 57. radioactive iodine is used for treatment of which of the following diseases? a. thyroid diseases ANS-D 58. magnesium and sodium d. oxygen. methane and air d. ANS-C . hydrogen and nitrogen c. carbon. hydrogen and potassium ANS-B 56. hydrogen and oxygen c.a. execute simple harmonic motion about the centre of the earth d. water pipes are apt to burst in cold weather because a. water expands and pipe shrinks b.oxygen and iron b. WHICH of the following elements were primarily responsible for the origin of life on earth? a. oxygen and acetylene ANS-C 55. blood cancer d. reach the other end of earth and stop there c.reach the other side of the earth and escape out the hole. calcium. water shrinks and pipe expands c. both water and pipe shrink in volume d. argon. carbon dioxide and hydrogen b. then the stone will a.