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Music and poetry have great connections. Rhythm, expression, and emotions can be found similar in both.

Songs themselves have to be rhythmic. As well, poetry flows just the same. Rhythm is what makes music as well as poetry. It drags the attention of the listener to certain emotions. The flowing of words and the instruments smoothen melody, with greater meaning in both. Poetry is about flow, rhythm, meaning and expression. Instrumental music expresses flows and shows just as much emotion as music with words. The connections between these two can be better explained with the following two examples. Let’s look at the two works- Dylan Thomas’s poem- “Fern Hill” and Bob Dylan’s song“Like a rolling stone.” Dylan Thomas’s poem- Fern hill- is the poem about an unhappy old man who recalls his young years of his life along with the gradual change in the nature. He has presented how his green and lively days of his farm life were gradually shadowed by the white winter. The poet mentions in the beginning of the poem that he was a happy man living in his farm house, blessed with holiness of the nature where he lived. The poet praises his blessed life, yet mourns at his old age. We can vividly notice the changes of seasons and its effect on him with the flow of rhythm, his pitch in the poetry reading, and the colors in the words itself. Most noticeably, we can feel how his sunny days later turn to wintery all covered with white and how he emphasizes on the rudeness of the time that seized away his youth.

Along with the liturgical analysis, his reading of this poem is so much similar to music. As the tone changes according to the change of the seasons, his timbre grows from light and soft to dark. His pitches focus in the time, and color of the seasons. Each stanza has repetitive form. They move from low tone to high and then again from high to low. The rhythm in this poem

flows in a timely manner, being same in each stanza. The meters flow simultaneously. His melody moves along in a brilliant manner with some introduction of cadence. His pitch constantly grows when he mentions about the proud he prides being a youth. Words like- young and easy, time, golden, sunny, green and carefree, famous, happy- is emphasized heavily with the change in his timbre. It can be clearly seen that he uses the leaps of pitches in this poetry along with the connected style of his legato delivery style.

Similarly, one of the famous singer and poet- Bob Dylan uses a lot of rhyming in his songs, which make them flow so much easier to the music, and makes listening to the songs much more enjoyable. The meter of "Like a Rolling Stone" changes through the course of the stanzas. The greatness of the song lies in the complexity of its working, the way so many parts come together to make a cohesive, compelling and unique whole. “Like a Rolling Stone” is considered as one of his best creation. Bob Dylan, being a poet himself, has a great similarity with Dylan Thomas in these pieces of music and poetry. He changes his timbre constantly with his pitch. All the ending words in the sentences are carried out in a long tone and high pitch, which is, in my view, clear emphasis as Dylan Thomas did in his poem. The form in this song is repetitive. I think Bob Dylan uses legato. The rhythm is blend with the melody giving out pleasance in the song. Musically, there is presence of cadence in the beginning and before the chorus. The instruments in this song weave together in intricate patterns, yet at the same time move the song along at a measured pace. He has maintained the delivery style in such a way that each word in the song in relation to the instruments at the background relaxes and pushes at just the right places, supporting and emphasizing the effects of the words. This form, I would say, is completely like poetry. Each word at the end is matched against the previous ending rhymes. Since the form is repetitive, it is more like poetry.

In my view, the birth of poetry has led to musical advancements. Poetry and music are intertwined in themselves. Poetry flows with the rhythm, meters at a measured pace and so does music, even though it be an instrumental music.