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All Seasons Chamber Players I always used to think that a concert can be only a rock concert, where you

flow with the heavy metals, bang your head, shout and dance with the crowd. I had never experienced being in a concert where you are lured by the charm of the music which takes you to a different world with a wonderful spiritual feeling. I had listened to the different periods of music in the music class and outside the class, but attending a concert and watching the singers play the instruments in front of me was simply amazing. I should say attending All Seasons Chamber Players concert widened my appreciation of music in a great extent. The concert began with the opening statement of Dr. Greenwald. Then after that, the music began to flow with the magic of sound, which those players revealed gradually with the instruments. They played Gaubert, Schumann, and Chopin. The starting music was from Three Watercolors for Flute, Cello and Piano which was On a clear morning by Gaubert. The sound of cello, flute, and piano were so fascinating that anyone will dive into the music, will forget the world around them, and will just dance with the soul. This music brought tears in my eyes; it had some kind of depressed feeling or should I say a vision of sad morning, sad world. I was very caught by the slow movement of cello and was fascinated by the sound of flute. The timely entrance of piano in a sudden fast way was very alluring. This music had polyphonic texture. I did not get captivated by the beauty of the second music-Autumn Evening. It was very good, but I did not get spiritual feeling which I had felt in the first one. The third one was Serenade, which was faster than the first one, but I do not consider it as best as the first one. Serenade had calm and soothing music. The tempo was slow in this music.

After Gaubert, they played Schumanns music. Two pianists played at the same time in the same piano. I was very amazed to see that. Their feet and hands were moving in the same pace with the flow of music. They played Schumanns Lebhaft. The melody was very distinct and was repeated over and over again. This music had charm and enthusiasm, which made me tap my feet with the flow. I was physically reacting with the flow of music. Another was Nicht Schnell. This was serene. When I listened I closed my eyes and I felt the music from inner soul. It was touching. Later they played Lebhaft again and Reuig andachtig. After short intermission, they played Schumanns Three Romances. The music had three movements. The music had some kind of playfulness, like the one we hear in movies when there is drama going on- sort of romantic, sort of saddening, or mixed feeling of both. The sound of flute and piano was very attractive. I felt as if my heart was dancing with the music, with its beats, with the movement of pianos sound, and again felt as if I was blessed when sound of flute used to dominate over that of piano. The last one was Trio in G minor, Op. 8 by Chopin. It had four movements. The players played this with violin, piano, and cello. The movement of violin was fast. Pianos sound was very pleasant. I felt the rising tempo in pianos sound distinctively. There was different kind of trill. I think the music had both legato and staccato presence. There were sudden dissonant sounds that added drama in the music. The tempo was rising, falling, and again rising. The ending part of the music was very fascinating with the continuous flow of sound of piano. The second movement conveyed a romantic feeling. I felt like dancing with the flow. There was distinct dissonant sound in transitions. Then the theme was carried again. At one point the melody changes, and later after a while comes back to the starting melody. The concert was concluded after the forth movement of the music. Watching the pianist, violinist, cellist, and

flutist perform was encouraging in itself. I was amazed by their passion in their playing. The way they played, I felt as if they were just born for music. Their eyes, hands, and body moved in such a way that anyone can feel their delight and passion in playing such instruments. Overall, the performance was very outstanding.