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GRADE:X th Curriculum at schools decision Time:two semestres(1h/week)

A.AIM Teaching Culture is devised for the tenth graders. It is an optional course that lasts one
year and its aim is to spark students interest and raise cultural awareness. The activities planned within this course have the role to make students face real life situation, raising their interest to interact varbally and not only(e.g. pen.pals on various topics) As a result, by means of dialogues, project-works, portfolios students will not only become accustomed with the English culture and civilisation, but they will also acquire an ever better command of English.

B.GOALS 1.Understanding oral and writen messages in various circumstances related to culture.
2.The ability to speak or write about certain cultural issues. 3. Haking oral/written messages transformation on culture and civilisation.

Specific competences B.1.1.The ability to understand that certain culture its outline. 1.2.To understand causes&effects of certain culture events. 1.3.To identify the specificity of that culture civilisation they are being talked about. B.2.1.The ability to write about various cultural topics in different styles. B.3.1.The ability to make personal comments about culture and civilisation. C. CONTENTS 1.Topics 2.Communicative functions C 1. Topics

- Contemporary aspects(social,economics,politic,historical,cultural,educational,ecological,strategies of using resources); - Personal life(way of living,social behavior); - Aspects concerning work and future jobs); - Human rights and democracy; - Teenage(education,arts,sports); - Mass-media; - Cultural outlines(literature,musse,architecture); - Daily routine; - Clothing; - Health and welfare; - Good manners(courtesy phrases); - Non-verbal communication; - Crime; - Humour; - Leisure activities; - Geography(population,etc); - Correspondence; - Commonly known history; COMMUNICATIVE FUNCTIONS - starting conversation on cultural topics - expressing opinions on cultural issues - agreeing/disagreeing - asking/making for sugestions - giving-advice on certain topics - making invitations - expressing surprise,doulet - describing events,places Ways of building communication Grammar - The Noun - The Article - The Pronoun - The Adjective - The Numeral - The Verb-use of tenses - The Adverb - The Preposition

- The Conjunction Vocabulary -lexical units(idioms,collocations,phrasal vb) -thematic vacabulary(clothes,customs,shopping,etc)

- answering questions - T/F - matching exercies - dialogues on various cultural topics - project-works - portfolios

- audio-video - maps - pictures - magazines&newspapers -c omputer


- To become aware of the contribution of the English Language to the world culture. - To develop critical thinking - To become aware of cultural stereotypes - To be/become flexible concerning various cultures

- worksheets - dialogues - project-works - portfolios