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Concert Review The only concert I had attended in my life till now was the “All seasons Chamber

Players” concert organized by our college. The second concert- “Schola Repertory Singers” organized by CC on Sunday, April 18 was another great experience for me which drew me closer to appreciating the spirituality of the real music. Calling the experience a spiritual appreciation, what I mean to say is our soul gets fascinated by the sounds, we are so into the music that we will not notice what a person beside us is doing or saying. We just dive into the divinity of those sounds.

When I entered inside the theatre I noticed half of the theatre was full with people who came to embrace the music. Dr.Deborah Simpkin King was the director of this concert where a group of sixteen singers sang. All the singers were dressed in formal. The male singers had worn suit and the female singers had worn the black gown. The group of sixteen singers performed twelve pieces during the concert. The concert started with the opening song “Les fleurs et les arbres”. The song was a taken from a poem written by Anon and music was given by Camille Saint-Saens. The music was high pitched. Its melody was longer and wide ranged. The tempo was slow and the rhythm was simple, while the pulse was weak. One could easily notice that the harmony was consonant and the texture was homophonic. The second song they sang was high pitched. The song was fast. It had polyphonic texture. The rhythm was simple and had a weak pulse.

Later they sang songs from fairytales. The first one started with a fast tempo. Then suddenly it changed to slow. And again at the last the song became fast. The third song drew my

attention than earlier pieces. It was because the music was very energetic and lively. All the earlier songs were slow and similar. But, I felt like this one was quite different from others. The next song they presented was the “Go Lovely Rose.” This song was very slow and with smooth and arching melody. The rhythm was very simple and the pulse was very weak. The harmony was consonant and the texture was homophonic. I was very fascinated by the song- “If I can stop heart from breaking.” The song started with a very low pitch, but suddenly was high pitched. The title of the song was interesting, while the song itself was very pleasing and soothing type. Another song that drew my attention at the concert was “To be sung on the water”. I felt the song was calm and relaxing. The tempo of the song was slow and the pitch was also low. The texture was homophonic and the rhythm was also simple. The most energetic music in the whole concert I think was “Great is Life. The song started with a very fast tempo, became slow in the middle, and again became faster in the end.

The concert ended with enthusiastic song which aided to keep the good impression of the concert. I think all the performances of the concert were very good and it seemed like everyone present there enjoyed it and appreciated music spiritually, as I heard a big round of applause at the end.