Senior English- Creative Task Semester 2, 2011 Due: 24th October, 2011 Student ID: 0096552

There is hot breakfast in the morning and it changes every day. I do not think I am used to the climate here just yet. Philippa. some days we have boiled eggs. I miss congee and the slippery rice rolls with the sauce because it is so much better to have some rice when it is cold. but everybody calls her Pip. The uniform here is quite different. In the morning there is a bell that goes off at seven o’clock to wake us up. so you have to suck on them . because it is sunnier and brighter during the day. I have been terribly busy unpacking. How have you been? I am sorry it has taken so long to send you a letter. She is quite tall with brown hair. but my side is warmer at night. awfully dry. or banana bread. On rainy days. Sometimes I wish I had the window-side. although it is a little cold in the mornings. Pip has the side with the window and I have the side with the heater. because it is awfully. It has been quite sunny these few days. sometimes poached. The last of my luggage came yesterday. Our room is a long rectangle divided in two. and my room finally feels more like home. and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. and when I get back home I always give them a hug because they smell like home. The suet fa go has come in handy after all! I share my room with another girl. and it reminds me of you and Charlie. so that would be good when it gets colder. Or perhaps it is that I have not seen many green eyes before at home. and I always find it difficult to get out of bed because it so warm and soft and dark. and my nose is getting a little flaky again. some days pastries. and we have a white shirt (the collars are always too starched.Letter from Lucille 19 October Dearest Nai ma. Ludwig and Max both sit on my bed during the day. or porridge.

to soften it so that you can do the button up) and a tie that is in our house colour (blue and white) and a navy pinafore that goes over. that I find it difficult to be part of their group. and black stockings. On cold days I wear my grey woolie vest and cardigan as well. and other times it seems like they do not see me even though we are walking towards each other. I was sitting with the girls at lunch. That is why I am constantly worried in class that the teacher will call on me and ask me something that is common knowledge to everybody else. They were all talking about it. I do not want to seem foolish in front of the other girls. and it is difficult enough making friends without having them think I am uneducated. I can’t say I like this more or less than the blue qipao. and Sarah and Maud started talking about how Lizzie had told Alice that Amelia said that she thought Alice’s school dress was old and her older sister had worn it. and the girls here seem to know much more about it than me. I still feel alone. It is quite strange sometimes. because they talk to me sometimes. and I was eating my sandwich. especially since they all have their own groups of friends. . and that her family must have been so poor. maybe?) and the girls all talk to each other. but I feel lonely even when I am surrounded on each side by people. I do not understand. It sounds quite odd. Sometimes I cannot tell what other girls think of me. because nobody has done anything mean to me. they will think that they can bully me. but we have to learn a lot about the history and geography of the country. and Maud told me that since I am in their group. but they say that if I show that I am friendly to them. and even though it is a big group of people (there is about nine people. because it’s so much softer and warmer than the heavy blazer! Class is not too different from what it is like at home. We sit in a circle outside for recess and lunch. although the girls I sit with at lunchtimes are friendly enough. and we always have to wear our blazers. I am not allowed to be friends with the girls they do not like. Yesterday. but I do miss wearing the blue padded jacket. which is navy like the dress.

I am worried quite often that I will never be able to make friends. and nobody seems to know about me. that maybe I’ll have some more friends. I wish there would be someone who wants to know me. because I think that I even miss those dreadful dried shrimps in the white carrot pudding. Mama and Father. because I do not want to always have to go to class and not know where I can sit without somebody inviting me to sit next to them. and that I should not be thinking too much about it. and I am greatly looking forward to coming home for winter break and Chinese New Year. Charlie and your cooking more than I ever thought I would. I am hoping that after a few weeks. I do not know anything about them.I do not know if I am good at making friends. because you cannot go up to strangers all of a sudden and tell them everything about yourself. how am I supposed to make myself more friends? I miss you. Lucille . With much love. since I am still new and Father had said that making friends takes some time. because even though people at school have all been introduced to me. so that I can talk to them about anything. because I do not want to make people who have their own groups already uncomfortable and think I am annoying by barging in and attaching myself like a baby monkey on a mother chimp to them. or to classrooms together. I wish I had a friend that I can always walk down to morning assembly with. If I do not think about it.

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