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/69c Significance of Birthdays .

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that so- called dead." all really a grand and truthful saying endorsed enlightened astrologers. — Just as there the heliocentric and the geocentric. we re- quested them to consider whether they were scien- . inert or insentient matter has no strable existence. so are there two systems of astrology all.. some students asked a lecture on how "those material planets" could exert intelligent any influence on human beings. the foolish man obeys them. wise man is rules his stars. that intelligence is universal. physical We teach that every world alive. for life is demon- everywhere and every form in nature is in some degree an expression of us. after omnipresent intelligence. When astrology. two systems of astronomy astrology. <i$niiitmtt£ at liirtljfrajrs 0r Our |Jkt£ "The by are in tfy* Hratoraal Zoiimt. after . and what with is but the psychic side of stellar science its is astronomy as such dealing only aspects.

8 tifically The Significance of Birthdays or philosophically justified in giving utter- ance to such an expression concerning the starry orbs. and the entire theme is rescued from the embrace of empiricism and fatalism. all their productions incorporate a fundamental and most tive injurious error whose is influence upon sensi- and credulous people baleful in the extreme. the poetical and picturesque concep- tions of many romantic orientals are far nearer the scientific discovery. and placed on a is rational and practical basis. is of some mental and ertia spiritual energy. that glows and moves in space is a more or less perfect. While there unquestionably a considerable per- centage of truth in the information contained in the almanacs and guide books of Zadkiel. So soon as this postulate is accepted. and as there no absolute in- anywhere. who de- cide without reason that conscienceless. sober facts of modern than are the cold. Every world manifestation. the study of astrology and all connected therewith is wonderfully simplified. materialistic hypotheses of those too agnostic dogmatists in the realm of physics. barren. sensationless matter holds sway throughout immensity. fluenced No one can be in- by anything that has no point of contact with him by reason of some corresponding affiliation with something within him. This error consists in the constantly reiterated state- . All influences are reciprocal. Raphael and other astrologers who publish manuals for the peo- ple.

but never disagree. lessons. that us. our entire aim being to induce people to in their arise might and declare their individual liberty. and that upon an ever increasing development of depends all individuality progress for the human is race. ." and also in magnitude. of of the teaching con- one thing we are cer- and that is that we are teaching a view of as- trology quite at variance with the fatalism we re- buke. Whatever may be thought veyed through our tain. We must now introduce our we will if keynote motto: We will agree to differ. We esteem even so modest a work as our present attempt a decided step toward the establishment of a school of philosophy whose ground-work is in the glorious asseveration that every human being holds the key to his own destiny within himself. can scarcely be questioned by those who have. but one star not evil while an- good. and see not learn to we can- know ourselves and neighbors better by seeking to discover in great It what particular section of the human whole we individually belong. benefic and malefic influences continually at work upon turn. On the basis of this agreement proceed to review the astrological position. and that we are so subject to these little by we are at best but more than pieces of automatic mechanism operated by agencies entirely beyond our own control.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 9 ment that there are good and bad. "One other is star differs from another star in glory.

Such expressions as "every destiny. Hermes Trismegistus and the greatest teachers of ancient the correspondence Egypt taught much concerning of humanity with the heavens. India. Every human entity or . but the ordainer of own fate. imbued with the best thoughts of the present age." man has power to will his the own met with occasionally novels of Marie Corelli and other popular garded as heirloom sentences to the present may be rewhich have come down authors. wide dissemination of the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg through Europe and America. Chaldea. cient illumination they also embody the convictions of most truly helpful modern thinkers who. were favorite and since the recent expressions with ancient sages. these expressions have become comparatively familiar to modern ego students and scribes. and taught that his man was no puppet. are rapidly shaking off the shackles of medieval servitude and daring to pronounce themselves "deific babes. Persia. and historic other celebrated lands there existed and throve in the long ago.10 The Significance of Birthdays conducted any considerable research into the wise teachings of the most illustrious of ancient seers sages. that in and Egypt. the master of his own in destiny. a pure heliocentric science which combined astrology with astronomy." rather than wretched worms and all abject sinners. centres of an- day from distinguished . Maximus Homo. the Greatest Man or The Archetypal Man.

only occasionally taking a dive out into the deep waters of our future probable achievements and attainments.Our Place contains therefore in the Universal Zodiac 11 all it is possibilities latent or dormant within. that particular it and do its in such surroundings as are most conducive to cution. and do best perform. as at the present moment highly in. we all find our respective positions Grand Man work which we can of the whole. We are. faculties aspirations which are in our eyes evidesire dences of our certain capacities. Our aspira- tions ities grow out of our capacities our indwelling abil- are ever seeking expression in our longings. We Terra* are here and now denizens of the planet distinctive individual endowed with and hopes. this proposition be accepted there is But though here and now a law of use and order which desirable that the it is well for every one it is of us to study. they are also intended to be intensely practical. it is reasonable to infer that within the range of inherent possibility for every one to develop what any one has already unfolded. though our theme shall is exalted and expansive. we hug the shore pretty closely at present. or what we shall be ten thousand years we shall be doing then. for though our teachings are in some senses idealistic and transcendental. what we desire because we are what we . . perfect exe- In these lessons we are not seeking to dog- matize as to where hence. Therefore.

and other universal necessaries how widely divergent are the requirements of a family or group yet it has long been the custom to force. In Germany and many other lands.: the army and the navy. the very names of Miller. occu- pations were hereditary. abil- and necessities. not repression. tinctions Caste or class dis- have had very much affairs. exercise. the law. gentleman the s son. . shelter. The Significance of Birthdays do we regard as sacred the yearnings of every soul. to do with this fearfully unnatural state of and wherever it is there are sharply defined social classes. yet all ities and have certain well-defined Outside of food. viz. Take a family of from two to six children. impossible. and. vice versa. 12 therefore. air. or a class of from ten to ilarity fifty. while all girls were brought up to regard marriage in their own set and genteel to dependence the only lawful positions for females occupy.. animals fishes are alike. Only a few there score of years ago in Great Britain five were but avenues of occupation open to a church. flowers. Expansion. the proverbial round child into a square hole. medicine. regardless of any adaptability. without razing the barriers which divide one caste from another. birds. to consult natural disposition. is a theme that needs pursuing. and what wide and dissim- do we discern! No two children or adults felt capacities are any more alike in desires than different varieties of trees.

an original. and their companions We aim to take a simply philosophic attitude with regard to these manifold types of human character. troductory discourse signs of the we shall take up the twelve Zodiac seriatim. human trust that many our readers may be helped to understand themselves better. but not yet have parents and educators realized to anything like a sufficient extent the actual requirements of the approaching commonwealth. . sons followed their fathers' trades. A new and tion is infinitely higher social and industrial condi- evolving through the recognition of the inalien- able right of every man to be himself and every woman herself. As we one by one nature.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 13 Baker. In this more stirring is and inquiring day such a condition of society fast becoming insufferable and impossible. and when the sublime ethics lib- embodied in those masterly pleas for individual erty shall be universally acknowledged. society will be speedily emancipated and reconstructed on a natural and enduring foundation of uncompromising In the twelve lessons which follow this in- equity. not a copy. we and of present twelve distinct varieties of also consider blending types. regardless of constitutional apti- tude or individual preference. The influence of Emerson's essays is being increasingly felt every year. and many others proving that from genera- tion to generation.

therefore the Aries is type of person sense. give the generally accepted physiological relation of the twelve signs of the Zodiac to the Human Body. June 21 to July 21. whose period from the Vernal is Equinox. neither to eulogize nor to condemn. the feet. apt to be heady in the commanding given to leadership and enterprise. . the crab. i e. breast and stomach. the fishes. the balance. neys and to solar plexus and internal organs. November 21. the May 21 to June 21. kid- Scorpio. January 21 January 21 the knees. October 22 rius. the water bearer. twins. Pis- ces. (March 20) to April 20. signifies arms and shoul- Cancer. the bull. and heart. . August 22 to September 23. the scorpion. Gemini. to Aquarius. very interesting to test these comparisons by . the ram. the considered head of the Grand Man. next sign. December 21 to 1 1 . July 21 to August 22. April 20 to May corresponds to the neck and throat. Sagittahips the archer. ders. the virgin. 14 to pass The Significance of Birthdays them in review . organs of reproduction. the lion. to exhibit them at their best to interpret them to themselves and to others. Capricorn. The 21... Taurus. Before introducing these twelve consecutive discourses we will. ere we conclude this introductory essay. loins. It is March 20. the goat. Virgo. to Li- bra. spine Leo. November 2 to December 2 and thighs. September 23 October 22. is Aries. February 21 February 21 calves to and ankles.

Oar Place

in the Universal



collecting birthday information, as thereby



and important confirmation of
It is

the general

theory can easily be obtained.

also instructive


entertaining to

watch the blended


of two, often very opposite signs, which


conspicuous feature of


persons whose birthday

occurs between the 20th and 23rd of any month, or,
as astrologers say,

"on a cusp," These blendings of
natives with extraordinary vers-

types often


sometimes with embarrassing eccentricity.

%\}t |fe&f #t0it—JVrtes
plainly stated in our introductory essay,


the signs of the

Zodiac as equally good,
In the 49th chapter of



fully endorse the statement that they wide-

ly differ,

one from the other.

Genesis, which contains the account of Jacob blessing his twelve sons,


find twelve distinct varieties of

character vividly portrayed, in connection with description of occupation

and prediction concerning
son mentioned


ture career.




Reuben, the

whose character

singularly delineated as

very complex.



described as the excel-

lency of dignity and strength, and at the same time
unstable as water, and consequently .unlikely to succeed.

Without attempting any elaborate Biblical



will simply


as practically as


on the strange combination of elements
once a source of power and weakness

which are
in the

same person and we

will also venture to affirm

that a better rendering of the spirit of the original

would make


read somewhat



"Though thou

art the

beginning of strength, the ex-

Our Place

in the

Universal Zodiac


cellency of dignity

and power,

thou dost not van-

quish thy unstable tendency, thou shalt not excel."


are not arbitrary prognostications,



modern prophets need

ponder well.


type of disposition manifests some especial strength

and some


If the strong points

in a character are diligently cultivated,



nesses subside; but


the weaknesses are indulged,

then the things which


for greatness are forced

abeyance and


dormant, though they are never

absolutely eradicated or destroyed.

In these days

chirology are to the front, enlisting

when phrenology, physiognomy* and much attention,

behooves every teacher of Mental Science to

telligently discriminate

between the useful and the

disastrous tendencies of such studies.





genuine and serviceable,

when we regard them

as indicatory, but not arbitrary delineators of character.


faces, hands,


lines in

any part of the

body, when

intelligently studied, reveal

indicate special directions of genius,



what particular

stage of development a person


stands; but the entire

even rapidly,

body can be completely, and made over by the renewing, reforming

action of altered thought; therefore there are no in-

superable obstacles in the
physical regeneration.


of either mental or


The Significance of Birthdays





be constantly borne


mind by


study these lessons.

our characters are

born with

and need


be studied so that

we may

learn to successfully co-operate in useful undertakings for the general good.




are changeable malformations or inversions,


can be successfully overcome by an

intelligent, per-

metaphysical process.

Now to consider the Aries type in detail
Broadly speaking,

between March 20 and April 20. of any year)
type of character


energetic, prescient,

fond of novelties, always looking

forward and not backward, with a decided tendency

toward extreme




are confirmed

in this sign are natural pioneers

and leaders of thought


action, but as a rule they are far better

to direct the


of others than to execute the de-

signs themselves.

Architects and devisers of


styles in everything are


in this sign,


are people

who have

the reputation for being head-

strong, self-opinionated
restraint of

and hard


subdue under

accepted usage and established preceis


Persons whose home

in this section of the

Zodiac, or

who occupy


province in the



are always enterprising and given

to explora-

tion in




consider an ordinary or
this nature,

merely frivolous example of


shall find






as yet. for such an one given to prospect new fields of mental activity. the Aries person is When intellectually is unfolded then the same enterprising disposition manifested in vastly is superior ways. if this easy enough to see that to general delineafaults tion is any extent accurate.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 19 amusements. persistent prac- Mental Science. and show life. taste . devising new pastimes and setting new fashions to be observed in social entertainment and exhibited on dress parade in Vanity Fair. adapted one to serve as a progres- who can brush away the cobwebs of antiquated psychical element errors. and declare to the world prophetically the approaching advent of some revolutionary change in the kingdom of thought. as well as to sensitive hearing. there are liabilities and weaknesses and even to disease common to this class of temperaments* which can be underthe strength of Aries stood and titioner of is rectified by any intelligent. un- dreamed of It is situations. to the people a far more excellent manner of is When the in the ascendancy. is When the moral nature in this sign is very largely unfolded the person sive ethical teacher. As in all that pertains to the intellect and to quick forward vision. great psychois metric and clairvoyant ability shown. and the far-reaching penetration of such a mind can be most advantageously employed in giving good and needed counsel regarding coming events and.

But because can is there are tendencies to these specific weaknesses no one need succumb to them. the expression of Aries would be in a person whose senses generally are unusually keen and ever on all the alert. The disorders common to the Aries type are un. they all be vanquished when the right mental attitude taken and maintained. it is not at too much to say that elevenfill twelfths of the people are not calculated to lead- ing positions.twelfth part of the hum- an family. and if Aries be represented in one. in a and not being adapted prompt them to such offices normal state of society they will not seek them. only one (touch) being fullest extended over the body. pleasant noises in the head and ears a too great rush of blood to the brain. in that direc- for their desires will not tion It is a fact that cannot be disputed that the . which is invariably necessary to health and prosperity.20 The Significance of Birthdays and smell. the extreme sensitiveness characteristic of so highly strung or may easily which is usually keyed a nature become a source of danger if the person state be imperfectly balanced or has not reached a of equipoise. sleeplessness and all other symptoms peculiar to hyper-sensitive constitutions. In considering Aries as the head and face it is well to remark that as four out of the bodily senses five universally acknowledged are situated in the head and face exclusively.

the father of the kindergarten system in Germany. This provision grows far more im- perative as age advances and the need for a choice of profession draws near. said that never to more than . and far fewer men than at present it appear anxious for social prominence. What we mean by occupation is a desire for a special field of a desire for the work itself. now often attached to it. compara- Most men. as well as most women. should be called upon to study together.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 21 fill number who are tively small. fifteen schol- ars should offer be allotted one teacher and we would an amendment to even that resolution. not for the fancied advantages which ing in it . natural instead of artificial. really ambitious to conspicuous is places and lead the thought of others. by urging that so thorough a scrutiny should be made of all the children submitted to a board of examiners for classification in the schools that only children profit who can adap- by the same discipline and show signs of tion to the same pursuits. may accrue from engagthis true desire that and it is on the basis of we are seeking to upbuild a new educational sys- tem. Froebel. prefer a comparatively obscure to a conspicuously public career. would seek if the artificial pretense and unmerited emoluments. Aries children are very often a source of great discomfort in homes and schools where they are not . were withdrawn.

and yet to lack the external means for carrying out your purpose. without being able to calculate the time of advent. is the end desired." Such enterprising natures exhibit a much larger de- velopment of the perceptive than of the reflective faculties. who we deem it a humanitarian effort to seek to fail explain them to others.22 The Significance of Birthdays understood. Such children are and prying. sensitive natures Very or is have usually a tendency to fly off at tangents. from the ignorance of those them. is always trying. and especially where repression rather than expression restless. not quite plainly. eccentricity. pressed and made both in mind and are over body. for not infrequently they to understand their own natures and cannot interpret the emotions which sway them. accompanied by. to is know that coming. they are not prepared to stand alone and carry out unaided. yet no one can pronounce either of these brilliant poets a well balanced man. to be fully aware of the part you are its its yourself called to play in connection with ap- proach. Genius frequently accompanies. pronounced No one doubts the genius of Lord Byron or that of Edgar Allan Poe. therefore. always questioning very seldom contented to "let well enough alone. To see it something ahead. and to an . inquisitive. though they may be their genuine seers and the subjects of reliable visions. schemes As these children are often cruelly reto suffer greatly.

as a rule. and visionaries are full of good anti- schemes and noble projects.Our Place intense. At and destructiveness seem point constructiveness very closely allied. in the Universal Zodiac 23 exasperating in the impetuous nature. they can grow up to render priceless service to the most uncompromising utilitarians by prospecting ahead and planning the way for coming inventions of great practical great questions. prac- commonplace sense of that word. Two on the pull a this lips of the Aries child. utility. that though they would be illy adapted for farming or mechanical pursuits. Idealists it is extreme. as destructive measures are often adopted to secure ends of new construction. watch to pieces why? and how? seem ever who often delights to to see what makes it go. they usually stand for freedom and equity as against tyranny and quated misbeliefs tical in the . All artistic . occupations seem favorable to the to carry Aries type and children who are permitted out their artistic promptings undisturbed will often give satisfactory evidence to all interested in their welfare. The analytical faculty when not held in leash by other to tendencies often leads to the cruelties and atrocities of the vivisectionist's torture chamber. . but they are not. the stupendous error of the his and even famous painter who slew model in the interest of realistic art so as to faith- fully depict upon canvas the actual expression caught in from a human being expiring agony.

and extremes can always meet. little There is cautiousness ordinarily displayed in this is intrepidity far more common. and here do we is strike a very remarkable combination which tenfeies apparently of- extremely inconsistent.24 The Significance of Birthdays As no on our philosophic task is simply to examine and compare and trace tendencies to their source. Everything has its use. even though given to a love and pursuit of the marvellous. and this is all that the wise astrologer ever seeks to inculcate beyond teaching people as far as possible to practically apply an optimistic view of life to every undertaking. we find difficulty in this dispassionate review of twelve great varieties of to human expression. but order are in disorder heaven's first law. Skepticism and credulity go hand in hand. of Aries is The best example never without something of the butting quality of the ram. when called up- adhere closely to the sovereign motto of Mental Scientists. they threaten to impede progress. when very sign . "All is Good. As the Aries type of mind is very inquiring it is apt to be skeptical. The danger is . place and time." is All is good. which— endowed with horns — is admirably qualified to push obstacles from the path. and mistook when we parel it is as though we ink for coffee or even undertook to eat wearing ap- and dress ourselves in food stuffs. as they are both extreme.

Our Place

in the Universal



in the direction of leaping before looking

or of dis-

playing zeal untempered with discretion.

A companion, teacher, or adviser needed by a distinctly

Aries person
or child,


a sympathetic, intelligent man,
see the beauty of ideals


who can

and appreciate venturesomeness and yet be sufficiently matter-of-fact to discourage rash action

by coun-

seling a



consideration before an irrevoca-

ble step


There are many people who have

enough of the Aries quality
ing and energetic,

make them



are yet sufficiently modified

by counteracting

influences to avoid running to ex-

tremes or acting too precipitately in any circum-

If the date of birth


immediately before or after


20, the characteristics of Pisces will probably

be intermingled and these are of a nature
voyages of discovery.

to afford

firm anchorage to the past before starting out on
If the birthday


about the

20th of April or a


before that date, then the

patient, plodding, persevering, executive qualities of

Taurus make an

excellent contribution

toward balis

ancing the tendency to flightiness which


bane of Aries.

No words



truly descrip-

tive of the

complete Aries type than heady and headit

strong; but be

always remembered that

in so far as



exclusively manifested produces


some counteracting tendencies which



Significance of Birthdays

dormant within every one of us can be awakened
through the steady action of desire, and concentrated

expectancy symphonizing with desire.

Before turning our attention to the subject of the
next lesson (Taurus)


be admissible to say a
all astrolo-

few words on the various planets which
the houses or signs.

gers admit exert a decided influence in addition to


rising at birth

denotes quickness of mo-

tion, desire for travel

and reasonable likelihood of

success in commercial or mercantile pursuits.


cury in mythology, represented with wings at his

ever associated with quicksilver, proverbial for


aptly designated the swift messenger of

the gods, describes an extremely enterprising individual.



Aries would describe the most

impulsive, excitable creature imaginable; one


would never

like to



two minutes together;

who would


upon constant

and be

unhappy and disconsolate
in a continual



about him were

buzz and


We all


such people, and though the vibrations they

are perpetually throwing out are intensely wearing

upon some

natures, they


excellent healers in

states of congestion constitute the

where gout, rheumatism and other chronic malady. The work

of such people

with those


are subject to

cold extremities

whose hands and

feet are


Our Place


the Universal



whose blood

circulates sluggishly;

whose mental



and who need a general waking
febrile nature



to introduce such feverish, excitable persons to


whose ailments are of a

would be

make the greatest mistake imaginable. Venus always denotes love of the beautiful;

the fine arts, music, painting, sculpture


work may be

said to be under the patronage

of this lovely goddess, to employ the mythologic





very different from


cury in the same


though there
Aries people

a similarity in

the temperament of

but whereas the

Mercurian influence would lead toward commercial

and money making, the influence of Venus
to a cultivation of distinctively artistic

would tend

though of course

would be

quite natural


endowed to earn a good living as some sort of an artist. Mars we regard as the intellectual planet per se, and to the influence of Mars we trace scientific proclivities of the most marked type. Aries people who are strongly influenced by Mars may or may not be combative in the
legitimate for a person thus
pugilistic sense; (they never are unless their develop-



very inferior;) but they are invariably given

to the prosecution of scientific researches; their intellectual



often phenomenally great,
sphericity, a well


which denotes


electro-magnetic temperament in which intellect and



Significance of Birthdays

emotion are pleasantly united, gives,
birth of


rising at the

an Aries child, that good-natured, happy

disposition, which,


united with the enterprise
exhibits, tones



which Aries always


mellows and sweetens the nature and
safeguard against the

proves an


many dan-

which beset the path of the over-impulsive and
Saturn gives always a tone mysterious,
the nature








ever given to loquacity.

Saturn's reputed


only attributable to the difficulty
in appreciating,

which most people experience


comprehending, the occult; and though the uniis

versal testimony concerning Saturn



against, rather than for, material prosperity,

its influ-

ence conduces to patient studies which ultimately
lead to intelectual renown arid victory.

Aries peo-

ple with strong Saturnine tendency are silently enterprising,

and make

excellent students of occult arts



Herschel or Uranus

always peculiar, and when


in the

ascendant in Aries, the eccentricities of

the individual are extraordinarily conspicuous.




also regarded as exerting

an influence

ularly remote from the ordinary,

and may



looked upon as standing for purely
tions of

spiritual direc-

mind and



quite outside the

region of normal



whose careers have certainly been marked by enterprise and ambition and attended by many trologers First of trying and peculiar circumstances. and Napoleon the Third of France. student will kindly bear in The mind that the subject in detail can only be thoroughly understood by protracted study. . as- have cited such notable men as William the Germany.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 29 As typical instances of the Aries character. Bismark.

and stands for all that sort of usefulness which may and reasonably be expected from a neck or bridge connecting two important sections of distinctly a concrete coupled anatomy. when the president of a republic is regarded as the chief magistrate appointed by the voting people to execute their will. the kind of servant indicated by the sign Taurus is by no means one who fills a so- . servile or demeaning As the motto of the Knights is Templar and of the Prince of Wales the German "Ich dien" (I serve). is thick neck. If^uy^ Taurus. inclusive sense. whose period is from April 21 May 21. the head. connects Aries. the to bull. the arms and shoulders of the Grand Man. and there can hardly be a higher or lordlier position than that of the heir-apparent to a throne except the very seat upon the throne so itself. we intend to convey no thought pertaining to positions. we use word servant in the broad. with Gemini. But remember. many ways far better to act as a servant than as a master in the conduct of the any enterprise.$fr. The in Taurus type of adapted man or woman and often literally possesses a strong.

they are opposites. though if Taurus. moreover. intelligent. and carry into actual execution the romantic dreams of the impulsive members of the province of Aries. its natural resources. but builders are among to cultivate its the substantial. many architects among them. With but few extraordinary exceptions. that It is. Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 31 called menial position.. for the most part. so individare in and eccentric that they a decided. persistent. given to buildin the air. . min- Aries people are. capable and executive. can. but not contradictories. rather than their individuality. By this we mean that strongly in Aries. ing castles there are solid. in Though no two their characteristics signs can be more opposite and tendencies than Aries and two persons. and extremely dissimilar in tastes and feelings. . direct finance. Aries sends few people to stations where subjectivity to the will of others is considered a desideratum and Aries people ualistic are. General Grant and Louis Kossuth are both cited as conspicuous examples of the is Taurus type. a notable fact fill men who are chosen to the highest offices in the gift of a nation are rarely men of great originality of thought or action. though often a very cultured and ority. which strong. plodding. the one confirmed the other in Taurus. the highest places in the public gift are occupied by men whose party has placed them where they stand. practical the bulls who keep close to earth. however.

and attainments. or extremely also that when any :4wo well-meaning people do not get along together.32 The intelligent. can act as a solvent oftenso harmonize times. but can unite the twain until they be- come one to all intents and purposes. and the two very to dissimilar voices can blend in a charming duet. and oil them that they come to reef- semble ficient and water united by the action of an chemical. a third person. viz. and side by side in peace and good will. some experiences with de- To typically illustrate cided Aries and Taurus people who are drawn to- . is who a sincere mutual friend. Two rules need always be remembered. the both instrumental and vocal two unlike instruments can be played delightfully together. Aries and Taurus unlike as two such instruments as an organ cornet. which closely resembles neither one nor the other.: that persons who work best together are either closely else allied in feeling different. or dis- similar as two such voices in as a high soprano and a deep contralto. To and a use a musical metaphor. yet rendition. but so far co-operate that one finds himself really essential to the welfare of the other in the conduct of a joint enterprise. the success of which depends upon diverse but harmonized activities. Significance of Birthdays both are soon learn not only to appreciate live each other's excellencies. may be or a piano and a violin.

without alsifting them? to their ways foundations to discover the foundation on how valuable or solid rest. Bull have rightfully equal voice and inOur good friends. Their eyes are always fixed on a goal little ahead. very ardent in their desires to introduce in- novations. not at all disposed to be willfully reckless. but though they see clearly what ought to be done. progressive. or in the consideration of love new things. Aries people are always apt to new things because they are new. may be ideal which they But our Mr. 1 Acts of 7th chapter. as nothing in their eyes so unpalatable as stagnation. see They They can and do ahead farther than other members of the com- mittee of which they form a part. Keen-sighted. and Mrs.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 33 will picture a gether and mittee work in concert. Ram and Mr. They have in the or no respect for ancient customs and accepted usages. they are rather given to follow in the track of those Athenians mentioned in the the Apostles. who spent their entire time in the search for novelties. we com- meeting where Mr." is de- testable. Ram and are very intelligent as well as progressive people. are extremely terest. were not for their . and Mrs. therefore. they are not waysit and-means people. and Mrs. the Rams. are indeed veritable prophets. with an abundance of foresight. To them the for senti- ment embodied for phrase "what was good enough my grandfather is good enough is me.

Taurus is not prescient or inventive. Mr. but though lack ing in originality and suggestive enterprise. The man in this case a singularly high-strung. and when to its this sign rises feet and proposes actually as highly desirable it to take certain defi- nite steps to accomplish what Aries has suggested and foreseen seeing how to bring about —everybody It — without. wife Taurus. Taurus patiently listening and calmly considering the feasibility of the reformatory move- ments proposed by Aries. practical neighbors. instance a happily married couple We is will now husband Aries. while those who and are on the cusp combining the leading attributes of both.34 The Significance of Birthdays good. were it not for Taurus. be reduced Aries is is to practice. begins to realize that there are builders as well as architects on the board of directors of the association. but they would and idealists. fine schemes excellent theories would remain on paper not would abound. however. Bull. and Mrs. does not follow Paul's advice to forget the things behind and press forward to the prize ahead. are those rata aves realistic in who are both idealistic marked degree. they would not reduced get their point carried. sits still. or their schemes to practice. the sign of theorists Taurus the sign of practitioners and realists. nervous fellow. very much given to pushing business and going forward with .

thoughtful will prosper. combined their impulse and executive and secured. fellow-workers. but he the seed sower and she the seed protects is it the one who waters the earth after in the ground. He may at first at her slow. though he can never explain to himself or any one else where the money a is coming is from or horv the scheme quiet.Our Place enterprises in the Universal Zodiac 35 which his sanguine temperament assures him will be successful. When it he is full of some rather wild ambition is he talks all over with her. and carefully nurtures and during the germinative period. When we increase . as unlike her spouse as can be but she loves him. a plentiful crop of satisfactory results. but in that case. methodical suggestions. one of the Aries and the other of the Taurus force type. excellent mother. good home maker and an . respects him. they understood and . Of course it is just as likely that the wife may be Aries and the husband Taurus. He may is somewhat rebel at nature's is leisurely evolutionary processes. believes in him and aids him. read in the New Testament that Paul planted and Apollos watered. through the working of the un- changing law of the universe. and then came the we have it suggested to us that two friends. and though she in ingenuity just no match theless for him in and eloquence she neverto set to shows him how little work to put machinery motion to mature chafe a his cherished plan. as if vice versa. His wife a woman.

slain. there was a great deal of astrological knowl- edge displayed in such ceremonies. usually restless. Taurus. the ideas grasped Though is and externalized by the it Taurus type of mind are often deeply profound. The ram sacrifice has always been represented as from the foundation of the world. An is given to incessant motion thinks quickly. after they have passed from mortal to enjoy very sight. volatile. and those who speculate profitably and take charge of in accumulated savings are frequently found Aries often makes an excellent presiding attractive is .36 The Significance of Birthdays appreciated each other. and the present . the result would be exactly the same as though Aries child it were the other way. Aries the is the for sign of pioneer martyrs. officer. They are frequently money-getters and money-keepers. but a Taurus child often thought to be heavy and not so bright. an and eloquent acting chairman but Taurus selected as treasurer of the corporation. those who pave way great achievements on the basis of their discoveries and declarations. When the sacred Apis. eats. the white bull. Taurus people are apt com- fortable worldly conditions. brokers. walks is and does everything hurriedly. was worshiped and led in solemn procession on festal days in ancient Egypt. useless to expect very swift action in this section of the when dealing with individuals Zodiac. Bankers. and . and offered up in upon the equinoctial crossing.

Aries Science. Their reserve force v and stored energy are great. and may be depended upon of real necessity resources. and so wealthy are they in interior that out of their abundance of latent strength they can give out sustaining vigor and truly helpful sympathy without people incline suffering any sense of depletion themselves. nervous. they have few equals and no superiors. They are very tenacious. timid persons. to the theory of Mental They are good theoretical demonstrators. and sometimes rather too leisurely in action but they are sure. their mental treatments are fre- quently extremely efficacious. usually Being very practical. and can be safely relied upon. when angry he can erally true of and this is Taurus people. .Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 37 use of the word buil on the stock exchange har- monizes quite well with the Taurus disposition. As usually reliable. naturally Taurus people are treatment. bull is The gen- not a ferocious animal unless aroused. to be done before they will take hold of little They are often a over-cautious . and in cases where a patient needs quickening and rousing to action. when afflicted. but fight furiously. they is want to see just how a thing it. As Aries people. and as attendants upon weak. and can afford favorable to bide their time and await the friends they are in times moment for action. are chiefly . disposed to giving magnetic They make excellent masseurs.

" but statement also trials to would mean nothing if there were no encounter. se- they are conservative and stolid. "There noth- ing we cannot overcome. are most prone to troubles in the neck. no matter whether quently acquired. the Nothing can be truer than is words of Ella Wheeler Wilcox. they suffer verely in that direction. "He this that overcometh shall inherit all things. But in order to under- stand ourselves and others it is highly desirable that we take temperament into consideration. Taurus people who have not learned to conquer undesirable tendencies.38 The Significance of Birthdays prone to disorders of the head. be inherited or subsestate is No abnormal natural. Individualization the sole and sovereign antidote it to every conceivable weakness. The is student will plainly perceive that our teaching its that every type of character has special excellen- cies is and its peculiar temptations." But those beautiful optimistic words of a gifted poetess would be meanto ingless if there were no tendencies be mastered. for by so doing we shall greatly enlarge the circuit of our use- fulness and qualify ourselves to do a much greater work in truly teaching and healing the multitude than and the planets are regarded we could otherwise accomplish. efforts to make and victories to win. horoscope is If a cast as well as the sign. then the varieties within the . and no disease is unconquerable. if and often.

would a singular endow a Taurus person with incline amount of natural good-nature. always peculiar. persistently.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 39 Taurus type can easily be explained. Jupiter. but the executive singularly active and and fecundative quality of Taurus will only be affected thereby so far as direction tial is concerned. native a decided tendency to would give the Taurus work alone. busy playgrdand and convivial playmates. which is always amiable. expansive and comprehensive. as follows: Mercury rising will cause a Taurus person to be energetic. will probably be distinctly and to an extent iconoclastic. only the native will be more impulsive in his executiveness than are those whose planetary connections are different. the Taurus type extremely the silent and meditahis causing a child to prefer a silent corner with a to book.' . If Mars be most prominent. contented disposition. Saturn. Neptune in Taurus would give a tendency to Uranus. then the executive faculty will take an artistic turn. then the execution scientific. happy. at some strange work which he would probably carefully secrete and carry forward surreptitiously. would make tive. and to a very consoling. If Venus be in the ascendant. The essen- capability will remain just the same. always problematical and occult.

the executant. and would. %- . No and the of the two can be given than to say that the former is the architect latter the builder. who would member care more for good deeds than well-sounding creeds. Aries. the theorist.40 spirituality The Significance of Birthdays reduced to a science. be a very desirable of society in all respects. and we can hardly religionist think of any more practical type of than such an one. To sum up Taurus. we is need only add that he does a great deal of the practical greatly needed as a work of the world. therefore. who precedes him. %& fiv/uJ. Taurus. and companion and co-worker with better characterization Aries.

' 'i'St* :/ /^lUn/ . many purposes into effect.//. as enables them to execute many signs. i £ ®tomt* After passing from Aries through Taurus to the we come Those most versatile sign in the entire Zodiac. to carry ruts. arms it and hands of the Grand Man. though no two decided types can possibly be alike. It may suffice. differing situations. to avoid and to attain a surprising degree of command to over environments. the we of teach consistently with satility sum of our philosophy and even volatility it that the characteristic ver- Gemini people is a sign de- in their favor. being no part of our philosophy to look upon any type of nature as undesirable. two trades are who embody the characteristics of distinct which are though not separate. naturally expresses . jUshi | . persons who are decidedly of the Gemini type can often several never content themselves with a single occupation or pursuit. strings to their While for the majority of per- sons a single occupation necessary to those the Twins. They have always two and bow. by quickly adapting themselves As Gemini stands for the shoulders.

head is divided into many sec- arms and hands are distinctly right and left. only to gratify their love of change. whose period 20. so that they always act together. from about to May 20 June on how blend the understanding and the this to unite desire and expectation. though the tions. and act apart. and is a singularly suc- cessful healer as well as teacher. make ex- though they are not always very con- . The Significance of Birthdays There is but one head and but one neck to the body. but when a person of the Castor and Pollux type expresses divergence and such conflict. but shoulders. The two sides of the human organism denote fection.42 duality. No type of person needs so much drilling subject of unity and co-operation is as do those to Gemini. There are two of each. they cellent pupils. so we witness happy a combination of forces and activities that the individual thus spiritually married within himself is a pattern of equanimity. but disposed to launch out into fields of investigation. and are not usually limited or creed-bound. then as a house divided against is itself an one very likely to suffer from much on the in desolation. respectively intellect and af- When emotion and reason are completely blended. certainly act the hands and arms can and can even in defiance of each other. and Gemini people readily take to new if ideas. are to persons of peculiarly valuable and most necessary stamp. Instructions will.

four or even after consecutive hours day and day it. usually know how to act in situations from the positions they generally often still They work in stores as clerks and book-keepers. statues and other artistic works. paintings. The studios of Gemini people are often completely littered with unfinished books.Our Place stant ing in the Universal Zodiac 43 disciplin- The special tendency in which needs is and regulating such people their tendency to fly off at tangents. to leave things incomplete as they rush forward to some new task. by reason of the versity of their accomplishments and the number of a rule they are ex- the positions they can cellent people to call fill. As in upon an emergency. to a regular routine course of studies enjoy for mental pursuits are so adapted to their constitution that they cise need but little physical exer- beyond what they get going to school and re- turning home. When this erratic tendency is properly regulated di- Gemini people are charming. and well up in some they are quite talented artists or branch of professional knowledge. Superficial observers often scold Gemini children nature for their lack of steady perseverance in a single task. as they widely different occupy. which they have begun but never finished. and moving about in the ordinary dis- . but profounder students of human make instant friends with them through sympathetic appre- ciation of their needs. There are children who can five devote three.

in the volving pedestrian exercise latter. may be cited as extremely advanced illus* . of occupation. there would be very few invalids and very few sad people upon earth. R. the of thought. their stereotyped find rounds of engagements as irksome understood their to as they often are. Buchanan's "New Education" were faithGemini children would not comand grown people would not If all persons plain as they do. intellectual course of activity harmonizes with the out-door work in- needs of student. and the less unfolded he more he re- Ralph Waldo Emerson and Margaret Fuller Ossoli. J.44 The Significance of Birthdays charge of a sedentary occupation. fully carried out. wants will be disregarded or uncomprehended. but as long as ignorance prevails. is the desideratum. detest the confinement of Others again any school room where the In the former case an head is taxed and the hands and feet are not given much opportunity for motion. own needs sufficiently to voice them and minister them. A Gemini person must have change on the higher planes of quires external variety. is of scene. for they need a combination of both if some of the excellent suggestions contained in Dr. satisfied Gemini children and adults cannot be thus with one or the other. his nature. for- Consequently sufferings will continue to urge us ward to the acquisition of more knowledge so that we may better our condition.

decidedly it Without the eventful.. One who deeply studies England's famous queen will discern that in that remarkable opposite woman were embodied many qualities. was not necessary for Gemini people are globe trotters attraction within. and and at the same time reigns in history.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 45 trations of the Gemini character. least disrespect may be said that Victoria's reign liant was one of the most brilinconsistent. and for ver- we know of scarcely any other author who can rank with him. to lead others scaled. Queen Gemini Victoria is a great historic example of the type. they have found the centre of Then they can stay at home and be the Mahomet who can call the mountain to himself. These models. not needing any longer to make a pilgrimage to the mountain in order to breathe its bracing air its and feel the invigorating influence thrown out by massive. but so metaphysically as to cause them to be beacon lights. Mentally Emerson travelled it Therefore him to take his body over till the globe. forward to the is heights they have already literary Emerson one of the strongest magnets satility in the reading world to-day. . however. display acteristics of this dual sign very prominently and un- mistakably. but such rare and the char- high specimens are models rather than samples in the case. majestic proportions. as they certainly are. everywhere.

contradictions. In reading character. as well as in reading horoscopes. negative ignorance. people who are looking into it. or bold and timid. will first read their own and others' birth signs in a way calculated to interpret human to nature to itself without allowing themselves be influenced even in the slightest degree by a doc- trine of blind fatalism. opposite tendencies need not be contradictory. not difficult to sum- marize but a nature which shows forth diametrically opposite and yet does not plead is charge of inconsistency. possibilities. is an enigma. The greater force of character any one possesses. as they are only expressions of a nature rich in manifold idea. anthropologist. the . surely a study for the Astrology can be turned to the best possible acif count and do an unlimited amount of good. it with perplexing para- doxes. with a view to discovering character. one . A person who is both generous and parsimonious. rides a hobby. which appear but are not. which is of the most depressing and injurious dogmas ever invented by all false human ignorance and superstition. or conservative Still these and progressive. is A man of one guilty to the who traits.46 The type of mind to Significance of Birthdays The Gemini those who seek is always astonishing fathom like. it is all essential that the student should never lose sight of the facts that faults or and ailments are only aberrations results of inversions.

Power must be it understood and wisely directed. In order to satisfy the legitimate delet mands of such a nature. . if they allow themselves to run wild. but positive need for diversity of occupation. They need recreation to a great extent. Gemini people ar© almost always impulsive and quick-witted. and do not discipline their instinct for change and versatility. third hour. and music the Or they will gladly turn from a Greek lesson to a cooking class. duction among The proper corrective for this is chaotic and often wasteful method of procedure to intelligently admit is that the chief peculiarity of the Gemini type not only love of change. they drift into the confusion of a studio filled with unfinished pictures. provided they are not made to suffer mon- otony. or a writer's sanctum strewn with literary efforts in all stages of incompleteness. with not a finished prothe lot. They like to have many things going at once. entailing as much diversity in ment as greatly possible. or hibited in may be ex- a most disorderly and destructive manner. the day's work be divided employ- into sections. Indoor and out-door sports and exercises should be alternated in their case as frequently as possible.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 47 greater necessarily is his power. They will work industriously and con- tinuously. as well as versatile. Therefore. At school Gemini children often enjoy studying arithmetic one hour. then French the next hour.

and often shock Mrs. easily stand much worry sleep. theatre. one string is everything that is They usually going. but as they are generally witty and originative. as they can readily adapt themselves to very opposite states of mind. They are Grundy and like to take in the very reverse of puritanical in their thoughts and feelings. Consequently they cannot or anxiety. lecture hall. but any monotonous harping upon detestable to them. they afford as well as amusement. brilliant Gemini people are more often sparkling and than profound. As writers. social gathering. easy to see that the disorders to which such people are most likely to be subject are those of a distinctly nervous type. the apparent the "unco' guid" by levity with which they are apt to treat even the most serious subjects.rmjul^J &'?:t^-v^ o 48 The Significance of Birthdays Many people who are confirmed in this sign can appreciate church. then eight hours may As we have given in the two preceding lessons the general aspects of the planets. hotel and private residence. rising at their time of birth. club. Mercury was suffice. If Saturn was the ascendant planet. when they are at their best. concert room. It is much instruction. and what they indi- . teachers and healers they have a wonderful faculty for reaching a great variety of persons. and require a large amount of Ten if hours out of the twenty- four may well be apportioned to sleep with persons of this temperament.

though is orderly and natural for them to work . while those on a higher plane work. to arms and hands. The one leads and The position of Gemini. but depends much upon their culture. denotes capacity for attending details effort. in the Universal Zodiac 49 be tautological.Our Place cate. Aries the head and though the Taurus the neck of the Grand Man. And now ence. sculptors and performers on musical instruments. for As it is possible two hands it to be arrayed against each other. and accomplishing much through manual All Gemini people love it to work with their hands. a word on the physiological correspondis As previously stated. that the rising planet never changes. thoroughly co-operative. as shoulders. and the functions of head and neck are decidedly distinct. The rougher type of Gemini people will be busily in engaged such handicraft as requires the display of little comparatively artistic intelligence and scarcely any in this sign development. and we have no wish leave it to we will to the reader at this time to make planetary applications in the light of the general outlines suggested in those two lessons. other follows. re- finement and education as to the special form of manual occupation which is best adapted to them. will execute beautiful many being exceedingly accomplished painters. Remember but it does modify and supplement the distinctive influence of the sign.

and when they are high degree. .50 perfectly together. ^y i i . all things to The Significance of Birthdays Gemini people must seek before they are usefully executive in become houses united within themselves so.

just as the winter solstice occurs when the nights It begin to shorten and the days to lengthen. moist and dry. like that of the planets. not forward without breaks or interruptions Nature brings us alternating seasons of heat and cold. light and dark. period of Cancer from about his reign. as far as possible. straight always a spiral pathway. we shall endeavor to elucidate.In dealing with this. seed sowing and harvesting. June 2 1 to July 2 1 when Leo commences solstice is The time of the summer the time when the days begin to shorten and the nights to lengthen. the seeming discrepancies in character and conduct. and that no to love the about us declaring that all is experience bodes evil. has been well said many is times that man's progress. which are so obviously in evidence among people whose place of the Zodiac. is to be found in this province is The . the most paradoxical of the twelve signs. all and as we live in harmony with nature good. we grow changing seasons and to rejoice in what seems to be a bacl$- .

Cancer loves to put the question.52 The it is Significance of Birthdays ward. But we must remember undesirable hereditary acquisitions can be thrown aside. while in reality a forward. "Who is \ras your grand- father?" certainly in many the cases retrogressive. be- cause they have a long pedigree and well defined family present tree. Cancer. They pay very high. shares with for "blue Cancer an exceeding veneration blood. for slow motion. in shaping a disposition. but always sure. without asking members of such This tendency how meritorious the families may be. move. for the most part. At same is time. we cannot shut our eyes to the fact that heredity has a place and does exert an influence. Mental Science teaches the way out of all difficulties and dangers. not alone in Virgo. to old families. too." and we cannot deny in all that there is a certain advantage that while good heredity. rather than progressive. therefore. to our way of thinking. required to existence of the disadvantageous conditions they successfully work to overcome. is While the habit of re- trospection. Cancer people are. often inordinate respect. though slow. if we will but try . which a conspicuous trait of the Can- cer temperament. stands for the conservative element in the world. wedded to antiquities. it must be acknowledged that Cancer this characteristic. is far too often misused to serve . but Mental deny the Scientists are not. and all harmful tendencies conquered.

is quite possible to so discipline and employ this tend- ency as to make it very useful in considering a history of all past triumphs cipline for and successes. then we find one of the most forceful characters for good diac. in lodges of Odd Felto- lows. protecting. to the love of the spirit clothed in the shinthe temple of the ing garments of righteousness spirit made beautiful within . tense love of children. lief that race. we find large numbers of these spiritually awakened Cancer people. recognizing the true brotherhood of into the love of universal peace. toward a perfect expression of the higher fested in physical betterment.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 53 it the ends of a false and pessimistic philosophy. lies and here Cancer's redemption from its bonds of custom and this in- ancient traditions. When. in labor unions and other great movements ward universal understanding. of the beautiful. looking life. sympathetic love. Cancer. of home. . when they to turn from the love of the beautiful that leads them deck their persons and their homes and in purple and fine linen. in Cancer people. in Masonic Societies. the breast essentially the sign and seat of the material. is developed and broadened into the love of the whole human man. mani- and spiritual brother- hood. in the whole Zo- Thus. from the be- "the heart of the world is one". And in this dis- Cancer should score a is glorious triumph indeed.

are very useful as historians ancient ruins and as they love to delve among and rummage through old book-cases. servative people are devout worshipers at Con- Mrs. shrinking. no matter how unpopular may yet con- tinue to be. rubrics They usages. and though in these two as qualities are often confounded. Thus Cancer people archaeologists. Approbativeness goes with a timid.54 The Significance of Birthdays An and is exceeding fondness for display often charac- terizes the taste of is undeveloped people in this sign largely due to their love of approbation. though we may them near together on a phrenoa leading of the logical chart. which stronger than their self-esteem. the influence find they exert is concerned. trait most energetic and very boldest among pioneers who have espoused and are determined to it champion a new cause. . Gruninnovations dy's most foolish shrine. no two the entire range of so far human faculties are farther apart. cense. and sometimes vain nature. although these again are usually frequently confounded. dote on candle. Self-esteem tends in the direction of It is fearless self-assertion. Vanity and self-conceit are not the same. ultra-sensitive. They dread for fear of being ridiculed or of not standing well with the world at large. they certainly contribute a great deal to our stock of knowledge. in- and ancient and mediaeval rites and customs are and fascinating to them.

and instead memory to excess. in our judgment. and they can only undertake to discipline these memo- ries. all recollections Memorial tablets become choose. a of trying overated faculty.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 55 as Cancer ideality. which can ence at a moment's notice. by no means it so helpful as most people think. until disciplined has been thoroughly to the and completely subdued awakened . is the sign of idealist is memory. Aries is of The constitutionally given to is looking ahead. while of defeat are depressing. while the memorist ever looking backward. precise verbal recall every detail of past experiis memory. of so subservient to the will. than it. singularly Memory alone is." "You if must be sure and not forget Cancer peo- ple have usually extremely retentive memories. that efface we can upon them and from them whatsoever we is A good memory not the ultima thule human attainment. they can convert the cause of their chief failing to a means of real and steady growth. We to cultivate think every experienced mental healer will bear us out in our statement that the injunction. "You must forget it." needs to be used far oftener in mental practice when one is conversing with a patient. Rememmust write brances of victories are good. and a correct. we should strive for penetrativeness. and always depending upon it. foresight and many other gifts and graces of which the worshipers of memory take little or no account.

old pantings. old china. and much of has become senseless. old buildings. of the crab in the Zodiac. ter is much in given to ritual observances. The Significance of Birthdays The remembrance and leads is of former greatness is often depressing. extremely conventional they love old books. as a rule. The Mongolian race especially an example of the nature though he was. conquer in the future. to sighing over lost opportuni- when to strength needed here iand now to buckle on the armor of resistance to fear and ward. is to leap for- The Chinese Empire is in the sign Cancer. A full- blooded thoroughbred Cancer person adores antiquity. in any part of the to to pay court mere ex- They are. cumbersome and in no way rig- calculated to advance the interests of those orously observe it. not to to loiter in the desert. who Undeveloped Cancer people world are too much given ternals. Confucius. . and every kind of ancient usage. Confucius was ever insisting upon veneration for ancestors and formal obedience to old customs. Etiquette plays an immense part it in the Confucian system. thinks much and speaks frequently of established use and precedent. but to march forward an untried Canaan. great moralist ethics and profound teacher of high cannot be compared with Moses as a type of progress Moses was always urging flesh-pots of the people to forget the Egypt.. 56 will. no mat whether church or home. ties.

casting aside the usual is tendency to cling to what ancestors' doctrine. constipation. rather than to criticize. and may. and all chronic ailments are aggravated by an intense idolatry of memory. Rheum- atism. a philosophic attitude toward Cancer persons compels us to respect their bias to a certain extent." As to it is* the pleasing task of the philosopher to review. defective circulation and a host of allied ailments. where boyhood or girlhood may have been spent. to explain.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 57 and is very fearful of kicking over the traces. and ought good enough for me. therefore. to old. excellent is. to walk in their footsteps. while attempting all the time to help them to gain emancipation from the depressing thraldom to which they are often quite disposed to yield. and field marching out into any not lead the way. exclaiming. such a person. but not condemn. and may. man. because highly will be considerably affected by the atmosphere of the place or circle in which he moves. of the place or circle in which he moves. recollection of former days . become progressive through remember the pious his surround- ings. "My grandfather was an for him. Grundy will In a very progressive family or sensitive. and what was good enough to be. congestion. community. correspond exactly to fettered mental states. The the tendency to live over again in past scenes. where Mrs. the disposition to regret the past and to encourage the belief that old days were better .

let and their troublesome memories do not them for- get a past annoyance* In the education of Cancer children it is highly necessary to stimulate their interest in present day affairs. Cancer people frequently imagine they used to be much minds better off than they are now. wise parents and teachers fail to who are quick observers of the necessities of the children in their care will not far as possible. they labor under a sense of hurt or injury. type of intellect of is. and to help them to realize the beauty of the natural objects all about them. They have often a fastidious sense of rectitude which they carry to extremes. and permit and injuries. their to dwell upon insults and though they are frequently anything but resentful in the violent sense. these and all similar mental tendencies are the foods upon which chronic ailments thrive and fatten. all young people of those out-door games and pleasant social gatherings which effectually counteract a tendency to moodiness and melancholy.58 The Significance of Birthdays than the present time. as this type. Their feelings are easily wounded. and to appreciate the good time they are now enjoying. in encourage. diverted from contoo templation the apt to be altogether retrospective and gloomy. and which makes them mis- . As the Cancer its unless past. Cancer people are usually highly conscientious.

Cancer people are extoo greatly encouraged. is very apt to save scraps. though this not always a conspicuous feature on the material plane. and often pain. the reader may be led to study From this delineation how culture and eduits cation can best develop a type. a tento save dency old to conserve old books and pamphlets letters. and should not be overlooked. A housekeeper of the Cancer type. it and so does the term "hyper-sensitive. condemn An amusing aspect of Cancer is is extreme parsimo- \ niousness. to dry flowers. deed they trait is it rejoice greatly in petty economies. if not a fault. Cancer people domestic economies may exhibit none of the small we have referred to but the at. that the who suffer most from fancied insults themselves.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 59 understood as well as causing offence. who has no aspirations beyond housekeeping. On the intellectual or artistic plane of develop- ment. though leads them to miserliness. all sorts waste paper and of little things which may This be converted into money. are the readiest of all to quickly their neighbors. which through . or to accumulate musty pictures and revel in curios and antiquated knick-knacks." and very people cannot be denied. tributes of the sign are present with them in . candle ends. The word much persons. to the people "thin-skinned" frequently applies to among whom they move. and treasure keepsakes.

they will find their extreme tendencies happily modified. and those who can draw useful the lessons from the past for present guidance. and as all types are good. and not the least condemnatory. 60 really intense ily The Significance of Birthdays be awakened to a wider view of all differ. under^ we shall find in key to human nature. The world servatives as well as progressionists. beauteous foreground of a picture in intention has been be only analytical. and beautiful maternal nature can easlife. as represented in human life and we are sure when is the glowing imagery of the book of Revelation stood. to as well as the this essay. If that mysterious Apocalypse a both synthetic and analytic. believe fully in the equal divinity of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. or with those in Libra. or even with the Leo Aries. We . and they in turn will usefully moderate the reckless zeal and exuberant rashness of some the very opposite of their whose temperaments are own. but only to improve and beautify what al- ready present. . though we our in "i^ave shown shadowy background. Society needs historians. though we do not need to is change. Therefore. ior for Cancer really advances.. Ethical culture must aim to do the same with humanity. Stirpiculture equally w ith r agriculture and horticulture does not attempt to change type. but needs con- only to improve species. Cancer people can make friends with those of type. it though it is its behav- sometimes makes appear that retrograding.

their enis Cancer and is. lack of communion and lack of sympathy with the world lifted to Though when (crab- a higher plane the selfish or shell-fish . whose period from about July 22. we find that is Leo people it is are as unlike those whose place in Cancer as possible for is two sets of individuals to be. we may take an appropriate motto for our present lesson the well quotation from the book of Proverbs. and is it when these words are placed in how singularly alike are selfish and Both words suggest retirement outside.Vfee As the Jffifllr M>tt~"f*tf is the ffcm to Leo. into one's own personal sphere. called a watery sign. Cancer people are usually en to saving their strength and husbanding ergy for fear of becoming exhausted. and signs which follow each other are usually in direct contrast. not curious to note juxtaposition shell-fish? fish-like. conservative giv- and apt to be selfish. Cancer slow. shell-fish like. August 22. heart with all diligence. apt to be coldly intellectual. for out of life. therefore. has always been regarded as the heart of as macrocosm or archetypal man." it "Keep the are the issues of As each sign has its specific character.

energetic. are individually attractive. So shut-in nature it become soft. is. impress the public through valuable literary Leo persons capacity. out- spoken. Leo people are forceful. He was . at their highest Cancer people and best are retiring and given those to a study of occult mysteries as is becomes whose province the breast of the Grand Man. impulsive. as well as natural orators. distributive. beautiful can the originally selfish. through an unusually perfect development of individual aura. highly magnetic.62 like) The character Significance of Birthdays becomes only well protected. as it grows benevolent. triplicity and therefore. actors others and whose career necessitates public personal ap- peal to the multitude. that to at length may be compared a sweet moss-rose protected by a velvety covering and having no need of thorns. vitality. Every one who ever heard Beecher knows and saw Henry of his popularity Ward was due how much to his personality. if and draw to themselves admiring throngs In this sign they are in any public we find many effective presid ing officers. same with Aries and We note often ents. placed in the Sagittarius. shielded from attacks of all kinds. lavish in the expenditure of their opposite of Cancer. that Cancer people are great stud- and by virtue of their studiousness they often 'efforts. in all respects the very Leo is called a fiery sign.

Many preachers have delivered sermons. ten- der heart. Skulls. to orchestra chairs. tures as. but his Ghosts. intensely popu- And so it was to a large degree with Phillips Brooks. while Beecher's was lar. He had a warm. but to bask in the sunshine of his presence. Emerson said and wrote many more wonderful intellectual people. Gods. if equally content they could buy the would be pamphlet and . and quite as rich in beauty of illustration. a loving. the same the people went to hear the same lecture time after time because Ingersoll delivered subject it. as crowds were Then consider Ingersoll. were quite as full of thought. when published. lovable man. Mis- takes of Moses. which. in consequence of which.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 63 great. things than did Beecher. people ran to him not only to listen to his words. any very remarkable things. but Emerson's popularity is still growing among and he was not highly esteemed by the masses while on earth. yet the multitude drawn to was not drawn to the man Brooks and Beecher. and many others. Were they it only matter they were after. who could always crowd a spacious theatre to hear a lecture at theatre prices. Ingersoll did not a rule. Still contain nothing particularly enlightening. from gallery say. His nature and style might be called Platonic and academic. His lec- on Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Paine were brilliant and historical . running over with affection.

We all is whose personal influence know men and women very much greater than all his simply what they say. A Cancer person may do business successfully through the postoffice. and poets read citizens of their own poems to enamored audivisitors composed of the wealthiest and most cultured from far Athens and distinguished and Leo type of humanity was very much esteemed and very much in evidence. that they can send their rich. talk with them and touch them. erful thoughts warm.64 read it The or hear it Significance of Birthdays read to them at home. even dresses commanding and generally well. They and usually believe a great deal in personal influence in the virtue of the magnetic touch. pow- skimming over unseen wires and ac- complish results without any reference to place of body. but Leo people need to be seen* as well as heard from to be appreciated. but gratifying personal taste in the matter. Leo people are remarkably successful healers when they see near. and expressing love of beauty in externals. in ancient Greece oratory was at its height. which they are well able to bestow. the their patients. is good looking. unless. The average Leo person in appearance. who have so far conquered the limitations of the geographical. indeed. not foolishly following prevailing fashions. they have attained the unusual height of those exalted metaphysicians. as correspondences to . When ences.

"All the world loves a is lover'* is a good old saying in which there a great deal of truth. father and neighbor. exhibit the extremes of tw o opposite Cardinal Manning was attracted to antiquity. authority and all that tends to conserve an ancient and illustrious regime. Manning's power lay almost en. but these two very widely known men types. ple are necessarily theologians. ceremony. his was Ingersoll's heart more than head that revolted against the barbarous doctrines of old Calvinism. Leo and it is so prone to act from the centres of emotion. or that Leo people r are usually agnostics. Ingersoll. loving friend. (Leo) We do not mean that Cancer peo.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 65 thoughts within. son In per- he was spare and and in mode of life ascetic. ents can hardly deny that Even his bitterest opponhe had a warm. was ready to kick over revel in the exuberance of an almost boundless vitality. tirely in his thoughts Ingersoll's strength lay largely in his personal magnetism. There is as much as difference be- tween the typical Leo and the typical Cancer cast of mind and general appearance we have seen exhibited Ingersoll by Cardinal Manning (Cancer) and Col. heart and was an excellent husband. tradition. all traces on the other hand. that the heart controls everything with Leo people. Why is it should the world love the lover but because love so distributive that it makes itself felt wherever .

They and inclined to be dictatorial. Mirthfulness is also often a prominent organ in their brains. and cannot exist without tion it. but like large. but Leo people are especially dependent upon affection. impulsive and friends effusive. often loving pleasure receive attention and ease and being willing others wait to let upon them. They can be terrible in anger if greatly aroused. though high-spirited. They are so clearly designed to by nature to rule rather than be ruled. people appearance. that any attempt to quell their ardent . They and are not always very industrious. in this sign are quickly promoted. but they generally get their own way without much effort because of their pleas- ant manners. The Leo child is often the beauty generally the pet of the family. good natured and even Self esteem is tempered. fine dogs they are. genial disposition and prepossessing and and conIn business. and they are not deficient in approbativeness. of it and it. They generally get a good deal of affecfull showered upon them. as a rule. They receive life in grant favors readily and often get on in sequence of their exceeding popularity. They make and are generally great are often masterful favorites at school.66 exists? The Significance of Birthdays Everybody likes to love some one and to be loved in return by somebody. large with them. because. being so so free with it. they become powerful magnets to attract Leo children are easily warm.

Our Place

in the

Universal Zodiac

resented forcibly

impulses by coercive restraint







will in this sign, as will


love always go together.


very loveful person

must be

willful, for lovefulness


willfulness are

very near of kin.


former word

rarely used,


the latter


mercilessly abused

and misapplied;

when both

two good words are used

their true sense they are

be very nearly



will, desire, affection, love,


spring from that element in our nature which directly

upon the


All emotions act



the brain,

and thence upon the part of the body
In a


directly corresponds to that particular section

of the brain acted upon.

Leo head, amativeness

and philoprogenitiveness are usually
love of

so that

home and

family and of children in general



Leo people seldom

like to

alone and they rarely succeed in business




are frequently very generous

sublimely philanthropic, taking real delight in helping

and healing the



healers they are



sign contains so

natural healers

as Leo, which produces a wealth of people,


almost from their cradles, benefit the sick and cheer
the sad

by their simple presence. Leo people when subject to maladies through

lack of knowing


to to

govern their propensities
palpitation of the heart,






Significance of Birthdays

obesity, shortness of breath


the difficulties



to persons of generous build and


often large with them,



enjoy the pleasures of the table and are sometimes
given to undue conviviality.
In this sign will be found a great

club men, social leaders of both sexes, and

many popular women
of entertainfriends

w ho




bazaars and

ail sorts


for charity.


people are

cooking schools, soup kitchens and

places where




finds a field for the exercise of

her generosity.

The Leo



often indiscrimit


apt to hate red tape, and

does not


of associated


in the

which are often cold and perfunctory
of the warmest of the graces.




strong in

Leo and

frequently so kind and generous

that official proceedings


the slow

movement of

large organizations are spurned with contempt as

well as disrelish.




this sign



be styled the

warmest, handsomest and most lavish of the twelve.


of the greatest artists

and most



doctors of
to use





when summing up

most con-

spicuous evidences.


Virgo, whose period


from about August 22


September 23,


the solar plexus or vital centre of

Grand Man, and

includes the


or matrix


As Leo


in the







strength, given to free distribution of energy,





disposed to impart knowledge, vitality

and whatever

communicable, Virgo



be motherly, conserving force for the upbuilding

of offspring.


stands for love, will, desire, and

that pertains

the affections.




symbol of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and
generally displays

chief characteristic in a natural

instinctive perception or discernment.


in the

book of Proverbs, and elsewhere

and out of

the Bible,

spoken of as feminine.


said to build her house

on seven


(vide Prov.


Sophia (wisdom)

a Greek

noun of feminine gender;


in the eighth

chapter of Proverbs, she


Significance of Birthdays

said to have been with



the beginning,




there referred to

the root of will, the true


or logos which, jointly with understanding, creates


and brings

all things to pass.


the ancient Egyptians placed the

of the Sphinx in the vicinity of the Great

emblem Pyramid

Gizeh and many


pyramids, they unques-

tionably intended to convey the idea of Leo-Virgo,


the union of will

and understanding.

Children born on the cusp, between August 20

and 23, are often found to be, by natural tendency, remarkably well balanced. They have, as a rule,
a very

perception of


to adjust

and balance

to a nicety.


are not apt to be carried



their affectional impulses,

many Leo

are, nor are they so very calculating


many who
it is

are fully in Virgo.

a constructive, home-making sign, and
said to belong to the earthly triplicity,


does not mean that


to sensuality,

but rather that
tion, or


toward perfect ultimaIn

a complete externaiization of thought.

Virgo we



and prophets.



of those

gifted with clairvoyance,



are found in this department of the

maximus homo; and

may be


stated that

the signs this


the one

which gives evidence

the world-renowned poet and philosopher. Virgo. A the very conspicuous example of Virgo was Goethe. not in large degree.Our Place of in the Universal Zodiac 71 the greatest is recuperative power. The typical is Virgo person muscular not seemingly very robust. in from whom. friend of Schiller. wins its is way by the sign appealing to the understanding. however. on the other hand. qualities and nowhere does he display his more than in his delineations of Faust and Mephistopheles. but there an immense fund of reserve energy stored up in the secret recesses of such a nature. Leo of a very large percentage of magnetic healers and persons who is are eminently successful in any capacity is where the personal equation Virgo the sign of reasoners. All great creative periences artists deal with their own ex- and record their individual victories and temptations in what they write or print or sculpture . The is contrast presented between Leo and Virgo friends particularly marked. and not generally particuis larly impressive on first acquaintance. many deep philosophers and and is the province of a great array of naturally endowed teachers of all descriptions. Leo wins and holds attractive- them by magnetic charm and personal ness. widely differed is many Goethe one of the subtlest and most analytical of modern Virgo writers. of large account. he important particulars.

the Virgo person is rarely a fighter. outbursts may be temper. and find but few. who can dissect themselves as clearly as they can read others. with . They are satisfied. tracing causes to effects whys and whereeffects to causes. to any others belongs the power of Synthesis characterizes Leo. sign there are many chemists and some and of alchemists. as he too intellectual to desire anything short of arbitra- tion in place of warfare. there are but few. an- Virgo. never contented without looking deeply into the fores.72 or sing. with what pleases or delights them. with a view to understanding mechanism and the mainspring of In this its movement. who are eminently successful in still both public and private lines of fewer who blend with approximate perfectness the dispo- sition to state principles clearly and generally. many who in are given to occult studies. and is Mental and moral the distinct that never are dissection very gratifying to it Virgo type. Leo people take a Virgo is general view of things. and who succeed though occasionally psychological there is review. In the work of teaching and healing we work. comprehension. of its whom may be said. as a rule. as a rule. comparatively. To Virgo people self- more than alysis. but though this is The Significance of Birthdays a universal fact. representatives so as happy or so con- genially employed when they are picking someits thing to pieces.

but as their minds are usually active. as a class. rather who sets them forth. they are fond of music and ceremonial. While Leo people draw others to r and make many w arm personal friends who to are attached to their personalities. very swift in motion. they incline to idealistic rationalism. to the principles set forth. For lucidity of statement. Virgo bears the palm. In this sign there is often found a great apprecia- tion of the psychic realm.Our Place that in the Universal Zodiac 73 warm affectionate sympathy which draws one fire to another. themselves. many distinguished casuists and many highly successful lawyers are in Virgo. Virgo draws is what taught. superstitious. they are by no means idle. and are disposed to . as a rule. mature and reproduce in new ability The forms whatever intelligence has been received. and among able barristers it is well known that eloquence is than to the one A great common. feminine qualities of Virgo are shown in a disposition to retain. purity of dic- grammatical accuracy. correct spelling. nor are they very pious. as we are attracted to a cheery on a cold night. nor are they particularly industrious on the outward plane. also a sign in it is which we find much artistic and great love of order and beauty. and many and other graces of this sort. Virgo people are not. tion. Virgo people are not. All that is trans- cendental and aesthetic appeals to them.

possibly. Persistency belongs to this sign and. and of deep stores of knowledge hidden below an appearance of indifference and. he makes another. as they them to the things signified. istic is Their great character- the ability to rise like india-rubber. so that defeats. critical of Virgo people are extremely themselves . that they are so introspective and analy- that they follow a small clue and see the greatness of the admission which must logically be made if the entering wedge is granted. Virgo presents the paradox of strength within and fragility without. practically. apparently he soon recovers loses and if he one fortune. they are exceptionally logical. health. ignorance. Many as people in Virgo make excellent debaters. If a true Virgo person loses it.74 dwell The Significance of Birthdays much in the realm of symbols and metaphors is but their regard for forms see through not superficial. Its people. though very capable little of endurance. and they are very difficult to vanquish in argument. After the greatest overthrow they are start soon ready to and commence a new work with all the ardor of an original enthusiasm. do not afresh dis- hearten them. things highly pleasing or greatly annoying them. are extremely sensitive. is much influenced by trivial occurrences. and while they seem the fact tical. and never feel themselves finally defeated. regardlessness of time. momentary however crushing.

sense of honor about Virgo people. which truly their bond. If you wish to make a real friend of a Virgo person. There is a though peculiar. will sacredly respect and they your is trust. Love of personal in* freedom also conspicuous. they may make them in unpleasant use of them. the best way do it is to pay court is to his intelligence. they advisers. a characteristic strength of those in this sign. but they insist upon being treated with to respect. and con- tinue loyal to their word. and so is self-esteem. and if they discover disagreeable facts. whenever they are good-natured first-rate and well-disposed. They have often very little regard for the mere feelings of the people about them. Such people are very fond of their attainments. and. fond of gossip and are very but tell confidence something you wish kept secret. the recipients of confidences. in Conscientiousness is is prominent Virgo. which they seldom betray.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 75 as well as of others . attention paid to They do not value personal ser- vices or affectionate attentions very highly. and the sense of . they make book re- viewers and synoptical reporters. Having a keen eye to incident and a rare faculty for following a slight hint to a remote conclusion. counselors and and are usually make good much pleased to be made fine. as pride of intellect really the besetting weakness. at the same time. as they are often inquisitive.

but they are disposed to draw a It is sharp line between mine and thine. think better than any one's else. though they may diffi- altruistic also. animal Virgo is distinctly feline. of the clairvoyant faculty. we and will observe that both the in Having said this. peaceful folk. They love to lead. exhibits the canine qualities in the own in Leo world. dog and cat were dog. through a dis- tinctive elongation of the pupil of the eye. Though they adore their it ( own way. as a rule. cult for such persons to often hold subordinate positions. and they are. The was esteemed and venerated as an embodiment of affection and fidelity. The occupations best adapted to Virgo people are skill invariably those which require tact. and the Sedentary pursuits . as a hunter divine emblems Egypt. They be are generally highly egoistic. which the feline race dis- plays in its ability to see in the dark. but seat they are not when they are in the ruler's despotic.76 The Significance of Birthdays dividual rights and liberties that unintentional trespass is frequently so strong is upon private ground often sharply resented. and crasies. they are extremely tolerant of other people's idiosyn- provided they are permitted to enjoy their peace. while all animals of the cat species were regarded as emblems protector. exercise of the logical faculty. People in this section of the Zodiac usually enjoy a sense of private property in personal belongings.

and curious analogies to follow a suggestive hint to . can Swedenborg's probably doctrine of correspondences be more readily understood by representatives of those of any other. on the mental plane. When the development of a Virgo person sense nature fruitfulness is is intensely intellectual. The to distinctly work of a literary Virgo type of mind may earth. and they bear and rear children with much greater ease than some other signs. this regard for details often looks like trifles. and while so. women those in are often mothers of large families. the intellect multiply in that case. favorite study it this sign than by being their disposition. particularly character. and the quite subordinate. Virgo people have usually very tenacious memories and the smallest details rarely escape them. it is evidence of a mind bent on not in reality but when rightly understood betokens ability to trace analogies between things great and small. be compared quickly very fruitful where seeds Virgo germinate and results multiply. They are vividly impressed oftentimes by much that most people would allow to entirely escape them. stances a single seed idea soil we witness great The children of and in many ininto the fruitful dropped spring of a Virgo mind will up and bear a surprisingly abundant harvest of results. and a to trace out and pastime with them. inward and outward.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 77 are often favorable.

In the productions of the masterly mind of Goethe we see revealed the very soul of Virgo." would be sign. is a sensitive. "Let us hear the conclusion of the matter.78 its The uttermost conclusion. in sign. Virgo. as likely to appeal strongly to persons in this they like to see everything clearly mapped out before them. fine. and are vigorous exponents of the doctrine of associated ideas and of mental suggestion. . may be a favorite who loves nothing so its ulti- well as to follow tirelessly a proposition to mate." text with this type of individual. Significance of Birthdays Henry Wood's system of "Ideal Suggestion through Mental Photography. psychic. motherly is and though to in the earthy trigon not at all given coarseness or gross materiality.

musical scale. works. persecuted Galileo and Copernicus.— - Wqt Palatum The number seven. to the value of ratio. seven days in the week. All life is expressed in geometrical and without mathematics there can be no achievement. by the wise perpetual of old. The seven colors of the rainbow.. may all be regarded as nature's testimony numbers. for though these ignorant people knew it not — they had derived their doctrine of the music of the spheres . Seven. seven notes in the etc. instance a case of truth overlaid with errors. designates perfection twelve denotes fullness of numerical representation. while when always applied to anything in Kabalistic of quality. scientific When the Europeans of the middle errors concern- imbued with Ptolemy's absurd ing astronomy. ages. they did but because of their blind and stupid belief that there were only seven planets in the universe. men regarded truly as the harmonic of twelve. was. always regarded as highly its important and significant by reason of recurrence in nature.

we in condition judge righteously. seventh sign of the Zodiac is The the sign of judgment. the sign in which immediately follows cession.Virgo). Understanding Leo being the seat of emotion. of intuition. wherever original pictures of entertained the correct idea of judgment. Unfortunately for the ready progress of correct ideas. and Virgo. she herself blindfolded. it logically follows that when Libra is attained the day of judgment to is at hand. Leo being Will. e. the heart of the archetypal man. in passing to the necessity for and alluded blending the masculine qualities of Lep. attributes of Virgo. structures on strictly geometric of which to-day excite the reverent many of the most distinguished scholars modern world. with the feminine the solar plexus. a female figure represented balancing the scales. words are used again and again in a stulti- . and Virgo. equitably. and many amaze of the other lines. the Zodiacal pro- We have called attention in a previous essay to the secret of the Sphinx (Leo. is the equinoctial virgin (Virgo) the scales she holds are Libra. truly illumined are to by the is be found. The woman .80 The Significance of Birthdays from the profoundest scholars and of antiquity. closest reasoners men and women marvellous so enlightened that they could build the great Egyptian pyramid. Therefore. for then are i..

Justice and mercy are bride and bridegroom. woman This should be erased and equitas substituted. appears in council without the other. that the itself human race will so understand as to frame and execute laws for the preservation of order. Justice insists latter. mercy. upon the Equity points the way to the realization of both these highly desirable and both greatly needed ends. upon the former.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 81 fying sense. and the increase of happiness and general prosperity. and One it never will not be until they invariably appear together. while humanity and mankind ait words which signify men and women holding The Latin word the justitia is placed under the portrait or statue of the scales. Justice may be fairly defined as due regard for the interests of society as a whole. the combined result of being the actual improvement of society. of little or no account. . Mercy pleads that clemency be shown to great reformatory objects the individual. The two of well directed corrective measures in lieu of bar- barous punishment are very generally conceded to be the protection of society and the reformation of the wrong doer. and in no instance does our language suffer more from incorrect usage than in the nujustice is merous places where for equity. technically substituted in This radical mistake phraseology is as fundamental as the sociological falsehood implied in treating of man as though woman were equally.

82 The Significance of Birthdays We justly meet sometimes with people who seem like the endowed from birth with the happy faculty of being able to see a subject on both sides. but given to weighing. but system they they do. social solvents. Virgo. intui- tive philosophers. in our judgment. They may. sive like which is not ardent and impullike Leo. esteem a superior to if faith." and author of "Ten Great many other admirable w orks. conception of the espouse and defend will be so broad and eclectic that will it will be very nearly universal religion. nor conservative Cancer. r was. Richmond. However great Shakespeare may have been in . because it would not partake of the qualities of the zealot or rash devotee. measuring. like liberal kind of Christianity far any other their religious system on earth. Clarke. We do not say that such minds have no preference or strong attach- ments to any special form of Dr. V. balancing. stress and on always be a system that lays more noble character than on theological tenets of belief. Men revered James Freeman Clarke. A study of comparative religion would be most agreeable to such a type of mind. but would delight in contrasting one system with another to discover the good in all. Religions. of deep. comparing. a good illustration of the Libra character. Leo is the sign of martyrs. while Libra gives birth to people who are called in "Psycopathy" by Cora L.

you have thereby ac- counted for the play. Portia merciful. but those who opposed him were unfair. but practical advice always reason a matter for everybody. excellent in debate. and not a single character in the whole drama need a in is equitable. may be urged and he was holding the mirror to the times reflecting in the the state of prevailing sentiment in Europe middle ages. and whoever will doubtless this satisfactorily be a characteristic Libra man or woman. "The Merchant It of Venice" he entirely fails to introduce a single character ethical ideas are satisfactory. Shylock was harsh and ungen- erous. is is just. mutual respect and courteous consider- . but not merciful. We playwright to-day who will give us a drama is which equity that exhibited in so unmistakable a manner no one can leave the theatre without he will does feeling that he has learned a moral lesson never forget. but by no means given to contentious arguing. Libra people are reconcilers and peace-makers by natural disposition.Our Place his in the Universal Zodiac 83 ability to read character and interpret in human whose that nature to itself. is Never argue. dispassionate reasoners. out. but not just. but you have not proved to us that its author had grasped the true solution of a momentous Shylock problem vitally affecting legislation. entitled to good Head and hsart have equal rights. Be that so. They are fine.

full Conciliation and arbitra- tion are words very of meaning and very acceptare. learn their birth days that they were born some- where between September which is 23. They may and have no dislike for friendly gossip. even in cases to which closely concern themselves. which continually press the sign of upon Libra is many of the best jurists the of the world has ever seen. confess that and merits on either side. they enter suit for the go purpose of arriving at an equitable decision unkind or malicious . but they are not given to speaking against others. The Significance of Birthdays Only when we deal with questions from the intellectual and emotional standpoint alike are we in the way to an amiable settlement of the many their claims questions us. talkative. but malicious misrepresentation they abhor. who are confirmed in this and it may fairly be added that they ill very unwilling to believe of their neighbors. we often discover when we 22. Such people can always be reached by rational appeal. and October Libra's period.84 ation. They do not wish to quarrel or to continue at enmity to and though they may sometimes be disposed to law. They do be very not object to talk about people. not out of spite or with any intent. rule. as a able in the ears of people sign. and when lawyers highest type are found. and they are generally there are both faults quite willing. .

The six signs viz. in the lower hemisphere or nether world. Capricorn. It exhibits makes many friends and reconpre- ciles the estranged. In an old Kabalistic representation of Ezekiel's Wheel. marking Libra is placed in the central position. of the ingathering of the fruits of the earth. common but with all other bodies of their its will faithfully face own inner ecclesiastical calendar and fearlessly read . in the Leo . Scorpio. Libra comes in with the autumnal equinox and is the sign of harvest. Aries.. in religion and Libra is often said to be "on the fence" in an attitude of impartial observation. of.. If Christians in religionists. the turning point or place of juncture between the ascending Macrocosmos and the descending Microcosmos. as well as bringing together in the embrace of solid friendship people who had viously stood aloof from each other. upper hemisphere and the remaining five following Libra. the judge Thus in every sense does it denote who comes to separate the kernel from the husk. Cancer. viz. and the wheat from the tares. In social life. are placed Sagittarius. Aquarius and Pisces. great tact. Gemini. sign is its The leading feature of this diplomatic and non-committal character. This is a somewhat am- bitious attempt to illustrate involution and evolution preceding by means Libra.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 85 in politics. and Virgo. a diagram. Taurus.

An intelligent host or hostess. The most charming where people have social office of Libra is often performed at a dinner party. or at any festive gathering been called together. sublimest The they will find Significance of Birthdays therein a key to the and most they stupendous mysteries life. but only and ever in the inward realm the to key to the vast results they were seeking accom- plish. and the best analytical chemists are the finest readers of character. Many excellent chemists are good examples of Libra. In the most external istics ways of life the character- of Libra manifest themselves amiably and use- fully. of the universe. The philosopher's in their pos- stone and the elixir of life would be session.86 meaning. But forever let it be understood that the true Rosicrucians never sought to discover in the outward. who reads character well. in full accord with the deepest spiritual import of the sign. or who is versed in the Zodiac as represented in humanity. as they directly affect this human and in discovery can gain knowledge of the true secrets of disguised alchemy. At any if rate they have ability to dissect character themselves at all to the they give work. who are not on friendly terms in private life. can often get a Libra person to render a genuine service in the following manner : Miss Wratte and Miss Mousse have had . when its innermost significance is acknowledged.

esteem and it are glad to meet. and they both agree with him and respect his opinions. and the Mrs. and had the one known that Mrs. friend Mr. no sooner are they in the ing to room again after dinner. Balance. than they begin talking each other quite affably. Katt had invited the other to her party. They will not speak to or even how in passing on the street. and whose life-work can be popularly estimated. has purposely invited the Misses Wratfe aad Mousse. neither would have accepted the invitation.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 87 each other. a fine and entertaining conversationalist. a very penetrative woman. Among well-known people who are in Libra. Libra gentleman. Balance. Mrs. and he between the two mutual ladies is whose regard who each other so contemptuously. Katt. seat at the table is Mr. women and of newspapers to whom whom the . and as he sits between them and engages the draw- attention of both. so is Sarah Bernhardt is also in Libra. a falling out. easily succeeds in interesting both ladies. and wondering secretly they ever so magnified estranging trifles why and regarded each other with such unfriendly eyes. we may mention President Hayes. Besant. who certainly made many friends and left an excellent record behind him. two public frequently speak. As it is they have met and glowered at each other in the drawing room before going in to dinner. and also a mutual friend— one they all like.

and her scheme of socialism was ever not to level down. waiters — they are not so averse to the extremest application of the theory of evolution. Besant's reason in for leaving the English church its which her husband was a clergyman. as a rule. they have played many parts. and through all she has displayed an equable temper. to level up.88 multitude will flock. Both these women have had diverse experiences. sustained different roles and acquitted themselves lived wonderfully well in the characters they have as- sumed. it philanthropic life very largely. Mrs. close reasoners and patient workers — and. fascinates them in the elaborate metaphysical systems of India. and would not intellect. was that ministers did not. on the labor question she was temperate and socialistic. and it may be here remarked that many Libra people take very kindly to the doctrines There is much that of Karma and reincarnation. if they could. never rushing to violent extremes or indulging in coarse invective. Her acceptance and advocacy of Theosophy was based entirely on its appeal to her sense of equity. Besant has a self-denying. The Significance of Birthdays though for very different reasons oftentimes. Mrs. satisfy her eager questioning In. if need be. as are most of those who repre- . but never anarchistic in her tendencies. which seek to explain the working of perfect equity in the experiences of every individual and as Libra people are. all her addresses just.

we do not wish to be understood to say that time of the year do all persons born at a certain now exhibit all such signs as we have delinerated. band managers. and intellectually universities. but we decidedly hold that our generalizations concerning their aptitude are very nearly accurate." this We will here remark that in all we have advanced concerning and other signs. It will usually be found that Libra people are trust. Gifted by nature with rare histrionic she has persistently cultivated skill and supplefiery. and has rare ability to many well because of her sides of striking ability to look on both any character she essays to interpret. mented her natural every detail of her she is by the closest attention to art. . stage overseers.Our Place sent the in the Universal Zodiac 89 signs. and while every human being can equity. well fitted for influential posts or positions of They make good conductors. stewards and housekeepers. more impulsive and hasty Sarah Bernhardt has achieved truly marvellous success on the stage largely through her continuous study of her parts. those who are in Libra are in a sense "to the manor born. masters. they when they are highly developed make excellent professors in is Libra without doubt the judge's attain to seat. ability. choir bailiffs. Though parts she can be in many play respects a reconciler.

General von Moltke and President Garfield. Scorpio seems to be the seat of tragedies. Scorpio is the place of nativity of three very remarkable characters in modern history. by their very mysteriousness and inexplicability from ordinary standpoint. we In our progressive march through the twelve celestial houses. one of those mysteri- ous enigmatical divisions of the Zodiac. we T discover as we advance from that sign station to station on our journey marked is contrasts greet us at every turn. Marie Antoinette. the period of which extends rrom about is October 22 to November 22. Each sandwiched between two signs very unlike . which.^t This ?K$fyify #%tt— $wtpxa f sign. and those who it are within its embrace are often the subject of the most singular and unlooked for experiences. But is with the true characteristics and natural bearings or tendencies of the sign in general that seekers specially to deal. stories the have given their rise to very or malodorous concerning malefic malignant influence.

just. its not a delightful creatitle ture to contemplate. is and though entious. is in the Universal Zodiac Scorpio. with the satanic character in the we have now deal. Satan as mentioned book of Job was to the not a bad character by any means. and boon satan. sting is A scorpion with we and dangerous. the very devil this should receive justice at our hands.Our Place itself. 9 1 and this surely applies to whose place between Libra and Sagittarius. the judgment eventually meted out was always Scorpio The man or woman is the accuser in society. and though to it was his disagreeable duty to point out errors. and bring even the most secret motives of mankind judgment. and from the is of this sign might well expect only what both disagreeable But on further investigation . The was a rightful administrator in the heavenly court of equity. to may be and it is called in some sense a vindication of the Scorpio is character of his satanic majesty. the accusing angel not apt to be particularly amiable. according accusing angel conception of the writer of that very ancient poem. he may be is thoroughly consci- The Scorpio temperament not usually a very . and the cause in eastern unknown terror to the superstitious countries from time immemorial. we may find ourselves happily disappointed is for though Scorpio (or Draco) the veritable old serpent or dragon mentioned of in the Apocalypse.

"Thou shalt not come forth until thou hast paid the utter- most farthing. these things need to be done. . and artistic office is to paint a back-ground. but it has place. Many many and people gifted with clairvoyant penetracall and what the Scotch second sight. ments are usually quick.92 The one. They may be just. but they ceris tainly are not merciful. to and of darting quickly from place born detectives are in this sign. ibility in all matters pertaining to conscience or morals. even though that censor. so are tion travel. and consider themselves divinely ordained to sit in judg- ment on everything and everybody. Their nature and they have the sentiment of the words. they have appointed themselves. energetic. gener- and of high. place be the its room of critic and and though its influence often tends to cast a shadow. Scorpio people when not very far unfolded spiritually are apt to be hypercritical and uncompromising feel to in their denunciation of what they exacting. fond of place. nervous tension. speech ally small in stature and action. be wrong. restless. themto the point of painful inflex- selves included." We seemed have to all met people whose Rigid work in life be that of censors of everybody. quick of thought. Quick- witted. Such temperawiry. It is Significance of Birthdays happy too closely analytical and too se- verely critical to be what its is generally called good natured.

how to do Scorpio stands sagacity and penetration. People who are thoroughly it midst of stir this sign feel to be their special duty to things up and tions. Healers netic effect to who upon are in this sign have a rousing their patients. for the destirs fendant rather than for the One who up stagnant natures. and for shrewdness. mag- and are well adapted break up chronic cases of rheumatism. these people find it difficult to serve as strife They about usually their stir up and often bring a tempest any way desiring or in the own ears without in expecting so violent an upheaval in their environ- ment. would be easy enough this sign. which represent fixity and obduracy of erroneous thought. call people to a sense of neglected obligaevery characteristic of a shrill They have trumpet which calls to judgment and proclaims is NOW the It judgment day. to enumerate the disais greeable features of out its but our aim is to point usefulness. therefore our brief plaintiff. and refuses dolence doze on undisturbed to let apathy and in- may be a very useful member of society. whose province it is to scent out it. what needs to be done. the purification of the munici- may well follow in the train of a scorpion- like agitator. though he does prod the sleepers rather sharply oftentimes. gout and other long standing ailments. In political palities affairs. and by .Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 93 peacemakers.

which commences a new scale. and that is the signifi- cance of the eighth or octave note. people of stamp are . which seldom show forth the best features of the subject they discuss. Scorpio represents the judge unfavorably as the case who pronounces sentence favorably 01 may be. a singularly useful type for with remarkably keen this and penetrative incisiveness. There is a good aspect of Scorpio rarely noted in treatises upon the Zodiac. notes the true philosopher all things As Libra debalances who weighs and with impartial equity. and therefore denotes the life. . where judgment perverted through unbridled and misdirected passion. is The best type of Scorpio disposition. and the conduct which springs from No more he useful service can be rendered any one than above the to point out to him lovingly and unmistakably how and live in future may correct his errors reach of the follies which aforetime marred his usefulness. first stage in a higher or regenerate The gospel tells us that after we have cast out the beam from our own eye we cast the shall see clearly how to mote out of a neighbor's eye. that hinders mental prejudice. we shall be in a condition to teach in their others to rectify even small wrongs own way it of thinking.94 The Significance of Birthdays no means suggests except spitefulness is or vindictiveness. which obvi- ously means that when we and are quite free from error. then. blindness all else and moral vision.

either a painfully pessi- mistic or a delightfully optimistic tion." Jesus Came to Boston. may be trait. but diagnosis a totally different thing with metaphysicians than clair- with physicians and the ordinary run of medical voyants. All who have read "If Christ by William Stead. Excommon use in society are rarely accurwhich should talking about people ate. and "If struck with the thought of Came to Chicago. depends almost wholly upon the whether attitude a person takes to things in general he will search for disease with the pathologist. must have been how easy to relate facts and confine one's and illustrations to actual occurrences. the habit of talking . very useful or an extremely offensive to the use or misuse according pressions in made of it by its possessor. view of any situa- Now the disposition to hunt up news. to col- lect statistics and to do reportorial or newsmongering either a work in general and in particular. provided we only good of them. present. and give advice of priceless value by reason of It their clear discernment of special needs. or for health with the true spiritual scientist. It is quite amisay able to talk about our neighbors. as one chooses." forcibly it is by Edward Everett Hale.Oar Place in the Universal Zodiac 95 able to ferret out hidden causes. is is Diagnosis a favorite occupation with Scorpio. consequently the fine distinction ever be made between them is and talk- ing against not usually drawn. therefore.

are only such on the most exterior plane . and tures are good. and those impulses. there always wher- strong vitality and much opportunity for good. but on the contrary. which are commonly called animal and carnal.96 about people The Significance of Birthdays when their backs are turned should not re- be regarded as offensive or unkind. lishing evil. is and and directness. The is love principle being the life principle. to which Scorpio peois ple are especially prone. unless the marks made concerning them are unkind or in any way censorious. treme tendency to sexuality which characterizes Scorpio corresponding to the generative organs. that we cannot positively condemn even the practice of gossiping. The sexual impulses are not when seen so . There is however. rightfully directed their usefulness clearly thus the excessive animality which distinguishes many Scorpio persons is capable of being transmut- ed into genuine active psychical ability. ever there are any strong impulses of any kind. the when may be made still means of accomp- much is. real good. but in very few instances do we find esoteric physiology taught with much definiteness evil. a graver tendency which very prominent in this sign. for gossip in itself not by any means an wisely directed. Much is often said and written on this always deli- cate subject. So sure do we feel that people will that all na- always seek to fulfill their natures. and that is the exit.

This involves on . ferent aspects of the Judas Iscariot was the one among the twelve apostles who fulfill was. There are two Bible. is All great intellectual and artistic work accomplished by means of that very animal vigor. the ser- pent of temptation mentioned in Genesis and else- where in the Bible. but his place was taken by Matthias.cast out of the apostolic fraternity. of which chapters the twelve tribes of Israel are specially referred to by name. while missing in Revelations. you will find that in it is Genesis the name Dan it is occurs. In the Apocalypse Dan is omitits and yet there are twelve." Those words convey exactly the correct idea of the sensual proclivities of human nature. as eleven could not fraternity. the require- ment of a complete the Zodiac. otherwise directed. yet there are twelve in each enumeration. when is it ex- presses solely on the most physical plane. in character. so long as they are undisciplined by the higher ele- ment ted. Of Dan said in Genesis 49. esis which must have a representative of each If of the twelve divisions of the 49th chapter of in you read Genboth and then the 7th chapter of Revelations. the serpent distinct tempters mentioned in the dif- and Satan. which. an adder in the path that biteth the horse's heels so that the rider falleth back- ward. and these are but same sign.Our Place of life's in the Universal Zodiac 97 manifestation. "he shall be a serpent in the way.

The Significance of Birthdays problem than we may yet be able to solve but whether most meaning or not.98 truly esoteric side a deeper . is Scorpio. and the most import- ant questions touching human welfare all sides. we transmute but do not destroy the elements of lower selfhood. and when very early times. and on far too earthy a side. properly not Satan the Accuser. it were something not agreeable such false modesty is Until all removed. . fallen. clothed in appropriate natural garments. who. con- cerns the debasement of the reproductive force in nature. that as we have reached its inwe can certainly discern this we figuratively take up serpents. but Lucifer the Light-bringer. The procreative faculty usually looked at from far too low a plane. the question of re- production is either ignored or handled as though to discuss. therefore. Phallic wor- ship prevailed universally —-and it was beautiful be- fore it became corrupted — the Phallic emblems de- noted purely spiritual ideas. The whole when in cosmic tragedy of the fall of Lucifer. the so-called adversary in the Zodiac. We gle hear altogether too much of the mere struglittle gle for existence. becomes Satan. truth. are freely and honorably treated from we shall look in vain for any vital progress in the direction of the improvement of the human species. and far too of the strugis for improvement.

can we find a fitter or exacter illustration of what we can actually accomplish within ourselves." emto phasizes very strongly what we are endeavoring teach regarding the struggle everywhere manifest in nature. Scorpio tion it is the sign of the alchemists is to turn base metals into gold. not simply for continued but improved exist- ence. which is a fuller and more glorious manifesta- tion of the purpose of living. Thus can we accept two proverbs. "History repeats itself" and "We must make the best of things. may to illum- inate our student pathway and show us how make the best of so-called bad. things into by transforming them what is positively good and appreciably benewhose ambiand where ficent." and so give sublime doctrine of transmutation en- expression to helpful metaphysical ideas. than by considering how this dream of the mystics may be practically fulfilled in the evolution of nobler character than ever appeared before? Scorpio children need very careful training. fittest The survival of the would never be accomplished through simple It reproduction. that evolution with its shrined in its very heart at its vital core. can only be brought about through the agency of improved production. require the most helpful counsel They which and tender loving perils guidance to assist them to overcome the .Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 99 of Henry Drummond in "The Ascent Man.

The dis- orders to which they are most subject are of an in- flamatory type. ly conquered As all aberrations can be successfulspecial by mental methods. daring and in creative in their genius. have usually very Their nature volcanic. as they are inclined to be very inflammable. but Scorpio people need quieting. Persons in quick tempers. and are better without highly seasoned foods and exciting entertainment. They require much sleep. The cusp which occurs about October 2 1 . but unless well mellowed disposition they are erratic. and ly aroused they when their passions are great- may do desperate deeds for which they may deeply repent after much mischief has been this sign is accomplished. Curiosity is a leading all trait of all Scorpio natures. but methods are adapted to special cases. a disagreeable and this may range the way from affairs. impatient. little and the appetites are too held in subjection to intelli- gence. prying into other people's to a remarkable shrewdness of observation and highly useful penetration. all we should recommend who have much soft colors adopt do with people in this sign to and employ gentle music. At their best they are very original. Mental to stimulants like martial music and scarlet robes are good for Cancer people.1 00 their The Significance of Birthdays always surround way. capable of much success through bold enterprise. when .

and produce in the which they move a higher tone of righteous- . splendidly successful being in honorable ways that same Mephistopheles would fault-finding is be.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 101 given to Libra merges into Scorpio. that instead of censuring their fellows and making the world a harder place for sensitive natures to live in. is Mephistopheles as drawn by Goethe lineation of Scorpio at its a true de- worst when degraded and and what a debased. but take the same subtlety and diplomatic ability and raise it to a noble plane. is a time when birth is many very remarkable geniuses. save those who would otherwise be society in ness. impulsive and determined to vigorously sweep aside all obstacles which may confront them. critical disposition. Though censorious often displayed by Scorpio people. they can so consecrate and wisely use their critical acumen that they can see through all deceptive appearances. and we shall find that many of the most distinguished people sens- the world has ever known have combined great uality with high intellectual development and a keen sense of abstract equity. is . quick to decide. victimized. and those who blend two signs in their makeup are usually extremely swift in action. can be used so wisely. The cusp which occurs about November 2 1 ittarius. they must learn that the intensely which rightly is theirs by right. the natal time of when Scorpio merges into Sagmany remarkable people these also. up- and lovingly.

many who sign.. built by order of one of abundant the best of the Czars. road. we should choose for our simile the celebrated railway between the two RusThis rail- sian capitals. few whose entirely be- genius can be said to them yond the average run of men and women. is indicative of a very direct nature. indeed. an excellent marksman. lift e. there are. was executed by proved their days of peace. This autumnal whose period extends from about November 2 to December 2 1 .Though comparatively few sonages are to be found in gifts or very remarkable peri. Moscow and soldiers in Petersburg. one who will never willingly permit himself to be turned aside to accommodate any considerable circumstance. 1 are domiciled in Sagittarius whose accomplishments are certainly of no mean order. this sign. Were we character to single out an example of this type of by referring to a piece of mechanically executed workmanship. men who ability to render useful service of a constructive nature when not engaged in the .

He is never uses unnecessary words. well de- and fulfills We often hear the flies. quick of motion." expressions "a bee line" and "as the crow These expressions are thoroughly characteristic of the action of genuinely Sagittarius people. . should be swift of thought.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 1 03 destructive pursuit of war. and use up oceans of other people's time and strength. man and elements of nature around not remarkable that at a season of the year is when is the coldest weather approaching. a great economist of time as well as energy. this Whatever and is type of person may be. Circumlocution little and he has patience with those who lack directness. he is edly not a bore. rapid motion. inviting. in crawling and meandering to the point they wish to gain. atrocious in his eyes. almost com- pelling. It is who live intended to serve as a speedy means of transit between Petersburg and Moscow. definite. and there a brisk frostiness in the air. in the the sign of the Archer decid- Zodiac. It has a it. those who are ushered into mortal existence under such bracing atmospheric influences. An ar- row shot from a bow hitting a is predetermined mark without any miscarriage. This unique road is laid between the two great between the two cities without the slightest ref- erence to the convenience of any persons capitals. and fined mission. As it is there is a natural vibratory sympathy bethe tween him. it does it so.



Significance of Birthdays

nimble and fleet-footed

in all senses of the term.

We must here make a seeming digression from our
central point in this essay, to

answer a pertinent


quiry often put to us in


the following phrase:

people are born at the antipodes under the South-

ern Cross, must not the statements


in the



Hemisphere concerning the


be com-

pletely reversed?

of the



reply that there




son in such a query, and as by far the largest portion


family are born north of the equator

a special explanation

may be needed

for Australasia,


America and South Africa.



teaching, however, could easily be given

by any one


simply bears in mind the obvious fact, that the

seasons being completely reversed below the line, the
characteristics of Aries

might be manifested



those of Taurus, in Scorpio,
Sagittarius, as

and those of Gemini,

in the

the Northern





Southern Hemisphere, and

vice versa.


return to Sagittarius immediately

and endeavor
fairly say

to delineate

leading qualities,

we may

that those are, in a

marked degree, love of freedom,

impatience of


and hatred of delays.
swiftest of


fastest express trains

and the


greyhounds often seem slow
pure Archer type of

in their progress to the


woman, who

seeks to

Our Place


the Universal



consummate every engagement without a moment's
unnecessary delay.
fection of the

We look confidently for the peraerial transit to ambitious
this section

means of
belong in


of the Zodiac;
to furnish

and not only do we

upon them


for surpassingly swift locomotion, but


expect from

them innumerable discoveries and
tion of distance in all respects.

practical annihila-

cannot be denied that however great

may be



taken in an attempted solution of psychic

problems by a great variety of mental types to-day,
there are but very

few people, comparatively, who
eminence as thought transtrans-

attain to anything like

Mental telegraphy, telepathy, thought



allied thereto, are only

susceptible of being brought to a high pitch of de-

monstrable perfection by people
ly Sagittarius attributes.


possess distinctto say


do not mean

anything disheartening to anybody



striving to

do good


any manner, but the words are ever
diversities of gifts,

"There are

though but one

and though, "The manifestation of the

spirit is

given to every
types of


to profit withal," there are distinct

expression; all


rightly understood

being of equal use and value.
In teaching and healing ministries




some people are

far better




instruction aloud than silently.

Others, again, do




Significance of Birthdays


very best work in the silence.



only do their best work in presence of their patients,

while others succeed equally well,
giving absent treatment.


not better,


type of

when people we are




as a class, noted for

ability to

send thought waves to great distances.






further than those

which are

less definite



very clearest and most direct frame of mind

essential to the best success in absent healing,

and we

certainly cannot help observing,
to people's voices

when we only

and watch


movement, how


they are characterized by precise definiteness, in

which Sagittarius usually

full Sagittarius


people consider the pure or








brusque, and reaches a point with
tact or diplomatic skill,

little, if

any, of that

which so greatly softens the

asperity of unpalatable, though truthful sayings; but



one great advantage to be derived from the

intense outspokenness of the Sagittarius temperament,





leaves no doubt whatever as to the

meaning intended

be conveyed.

This type of humanity




therefore, given to seership

and prophecy. and



another marked


so perfectly self-

confident are persons in this

and generally

well balanced, that their very confidence secures them

Our Place

in the

Universal Zodiac


many accidents which so often befall unwary. The ability to lead while others follow
against the





it is

quite appropriate to mention

also, in this connection,

an astonishing development


the region of locality.

Sagittarius people rarely miss
in utterly strange surround-


Place them

and they

will, unless

nervously agitated, find



instinctively to

any point they desire


and instead of following a circumlocutory
compass the distance along the most

track, they will

direct line possible

between any two



people must be

self-reliant, or

they are


cannot afford to be led by others, as they seem

quently to have such peculiar missions and extraordinary vocations, necessitating the employment of such

unusual insight, that they are soon
of perplexity,

lost in

a wilderness

they take counsel with others instead

of heeding the dictum of their


inner feeling.



amounting often to

another feature of these people. In the business world
they are generally rushing, driving, pushing, quick to

and ready

to take

immediate advantage of every

opening or opportunity for advancement.




in the


of definitely consummatother

ing arrangements, while their neighbors,
signs, are

pondering, meditating and talking the mat-

ters over

with their advisers.

Whenever quick


in a case of



needed, Sagittarius


and rarely. The very strongest and most admirable Sagittarius is tendency the happy disposition to persistently per- . will always be the symbol of the Archer and when this is borne in mind. ical traits. when nativity considering the is characteristics of those whose at the 1 between Nochanges the vember 20 and December 20. As the physiological correspondence is always suggestive. is no special cause for activ- When they rest they can sleep profoundly and quietly await the hour when necessity arouses them from slumber. on or about December we is find strong tend- encies to endure hardships. ever. he is not flurried. and even indolent. As great reserve power is indicated by this sign. this sign commencement of cusp. though Sagittarius peo- ple display great ability for active exertion in cases of emergency. to obey look forward. missing his aim.1 08 The Significance of Birthdays readiest sistance . into Capricorn. it is not difficult to see how much easier it is for Sagittarius people. The marksman if . that. not backward. than for the wise injunction — many others. i e. and ablest of all to furnish the required ashis and though motions are very swift. they are apt to appear uninteresting. As 8. it is well to consider the province and func- tions of the hips and thighs. nor does he blunder.. when there ity. shooting straight at his mark. it may be truly remarked. and also decided econom- for which the Goat so pre-eminently celebrated.

but They do right not march onward. terize impostors. The tics which are often conspicuous in any class of people are abnormal or inverted characteris- which may at any time be relinquished. The liable chief faults to which Sagittarius people are petulance and irritability. failings and no portion of such as charac- Taking this stand with regard to and unpleasant eccentricities. not even is a glance must be cast behind. the essential tree. we many successful generals and military commanders. procrastinate or dilly-dally. victory be gained and the goal successfully reached. that by prompt.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 1 09 the severe in whatever has been undertaken. In the accompset. as they are fungus growths or parasites. we do not dwell upon disorderly condisign. lishment of desires on which their hearts are Sagittairus people are unusually successful. even when the odds against appear to be tremendous. are no doubt proceeding from an ex- . bores and other decidedly disagreeany but only able people. and their wishes are speedily fulfilled. Therefore belonging to this section of the Zodiac. sudden action. who can so command the manoeuvres of find their troops. decisive. a victory it may be faults gained. When to hand has been once put to the if plow. This is because they are not prone to loiter on the road. in- tions as properly pertaining to cidentally mention them as perversions or inversions of inherently excellent qualities.

highly strung and very responsive to external influences until disciplined to look within. for no practice serves them so well as to serenely in the silence and allow the spirit its within to commune with the intellect and direct path on the road to true wisdom. trusting to the law of the universe to bring about the result. may be comwords: Take a straight. Mental telegraphy they can comprehend and practice readily. may often spend much of their They are first rate telepathists. Sagittarius people time in silent work.1 1 The Significance of Birthdays tremely nervous organization. Many Sagittarius people ioned Quakers in one sense. and something of the make good old fashwhen they adopt Quaker mode of worship they are good from sit likely to derive great it. because of their peculiar incisiveness of thought and action. mental aim. then go ahead. to convey. shoot your arrow from your bow. . exactly know to what you wish for and where and whom and what pur- pose you desire to convey it. And after all no matter how many treatises may be prepared upon the subject the kernel of all that can be said on qualifications for the practise of thought transference pressed into the following steady.

December 25. when the earth enters Capricorn 1 . come the three days of uncertainty and gloom. which natural birthday of the year. the sun reappears above the is on Christmas day. according to the old Egyptian idea. December 2 lowing this day dedicated to Saint Thomas. during which the sun was supposed to be imprisoned in Hades. a deep significance in in all celebrations which held honor of annual changes in the climate and general condition of the . 23 and line 24 are over. on the shortest day of the year. then when December the that 22.94 Wp (Bmt It is a noteworthy fact that all the feasts and fasts of the Christian calendar owe their literal origin to this fact astronomy and astrology. and nowhere does strike the thoughtful student more impressively than Folthe at Christmas-tide. doubting Didymus of gospel story. and celebrated on account with the greatest jubilation from the earliest recorded time. The Roman There are is Saturnalian feast and the Druid's Yuietide festivities can all be traced to the same origin.

that we ourselves . as man sympathizes with the planet. interested in We. however. tables are turned. dullest days . We have no word of poetic yearly commemoration.1 1 2 The Significance of Birthdays earth. but immedi- ately the night has seemingly gained a victory over the day the . criticism for this beautiful. we never seek to hide the true origin of any light celebrations on the specious plea that too much may shatter ideals and strip commemorations of their old-time beauty and solemnity. all its traditions Such is the origin of Christmas with of frost and snow. the and connect with a distinctively Christian idea. entirely The find feast of its Christmas is so suggestive apart from ecclesiastical surroundings. in the length and consequently an equal decrease darkness of the night. new it birth of Osiris. long- and the shortest. For several centuries the Fathers of the Christian to the proper time for Church were undecided as celebrating Christmas. in the length and at once we behold and an increase and brightness of the day. and the planet reciprocally sympathizes with man* At the time of the winter solstice est nights we reach the darkest. but reached that at length the it unanimous decision was to take the was highly appropriate ancient solar festival of the light-bringer. Therefore. the nativity of the Christ in the spring others. Some kept the festival of . in the autumn. are knowing the truth relating to all things.

and whatever is rendered from compulsion. to whom about it. though not servitude. is said have been born in the manger of the Zodiacal that Goat. abominable. ingly stoop are not slaves. The true dis- . heir ap- parent to the British Crown." and "Whoto all. It is one of the proudest mottoes of notably of the Knights Templar. Grand Man. pressive No finer or more ex- words do we find in the entire Gospel than "I am among you would be is as one that serveth. and. therefore. Ich dien (I serve) influential orders. of a soul ultimated in Capricorn. also the motto of the Prince of Wales. girds itself with a towel feet of and washes the humble brethren is is a kingly type of man. we may certainly say that the popular idea of is the greatest teacher the world has ever seen. and as the Christendom reveres.Our Place ready sons at in the Universal Zodiac 1 1 3 any time to expatiate lovingly upon the les- we may profitably learn cluster thickly all from the myriad asso- ciations which Christ child. instead of willingly. and edly is if that is the case- —no —which undoubt- slave can be other than the prostrate sort of error. victim of some from which he needs emancipation as quickly as possible." ever greatest let him be servant it Serfdom detestable because service is implies coercion. which corresponds to the knees of the notes service. deThose who will- A royal nature which takes a basin. The Episcopal is liturgy declares that the service of God it perfect freedom.

constitute the . enjoyable and es- sential to latter is growth and general well-being. healthful. one who loves to be industrious. there must ever be a number who serve faithfully in the knees of the Archetypal Man. may be. As a child such a one loves to help mother with the house work every possible way. rank and of the Social Army every- where and while a few may always be lifted to ex- traordinary heights of eminence. is commonly called greatness forced upon them but many such achieve a it very true greatness. and generally of water. in assist others Comparatively few who are in this department of the Zodiac are born great. Hewers of wood and drawers file they are sometimes called in Biblical phrase. We to shall all out- grow labor.1 1 The Significance of Birthdays tinction is between work and labor is that the former natural. to run errands and to in the fulfillment of their tasks. but our work. spontaneous. our power work and our love of work will go on perpetually increasing as we evolve to higher and ever higher states of consciousness in manifestation The typical Capricorn person is a bora worker. The fundamental all error is we the is are seeking to destroy through these lessons wide spread belief that our situation in the Zodiac either dignified or un- . while the irksome in the extreme. as of a quietly effective and altogether unostentatious kind. though is. and equally few have what .

is it it the disposition of the Zodia- Goat rather contented with present situation. like Aries. as though the knees of the great of humanity need be diseased or disjointed any body more than the shoulders or the hands. Capricorn is not usually the ing or ambitious people. likewise the surefootedness of this often much maligned ani- . which causes them how best to use every cent to the utmost possible advantage. fallacies as treatises Such ludicrous in astrological we find still promulgated and works of all allied character make it high- ly incumbent upon who know better to disabuse the public mind on these questions. seeks diligently to improve in the true sense. and this is because of their practical to see utilitarian disposition.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 1 1 5 dignified. desirable or undesirable according to position. The horns of the goat and its disposition to butt must also be taken into consideration. So long as this view is taken the absurd stateis ment may be made that Capricorn one of the un- pleasant signs. viz. which. making the best of it by by making so yield all it is capable of yielding.. however. and explain the peculiarities of the various signs as simple variants in the expression of a perfect unity. cal home of very enterpristhose who are lodged in its On the contrary. are We all know some people who by nature remarkably economical that they can make one dollar go decidedly further than many others would make five dollars go.

upon what other creatures could not possibly Take the Goat and we shall readily teries of as a sample of Capricorn's influence. even stubborn obstinacy. and furthermore proverbial ability to thrive digest. upon me. characteristic of Capricorn. resolute determination to vanquish even the greatest obstacles are some of the most prominent traits we are likely to encounter. but honest poverty independent and canhot for an instant be compared with abject destitution. I am willing am ready to down upon my knees and scrub the floor. which may be char- acterized in some such sentence as this: "I to work even at the humblest trade. ance. whose nature it is so stalwart. that. find a key to unlock the mys- character which specially belong to those of sisters our brothers and whose natal day is somewhere Persever- between December 20 and January 20. Voluntary is poverty another. there it a sturdy vein of reliance running through all. except to mark a vivid contrast. plodding industry. consequently the idea of poverty being in some cases voluntary proves that they . is Self-will. is one thing. involuntary destitution quite We cannot give anything away if we have who nothing to bestow. subsist self though will bend to the lowest is works and upon next to nothing.1 1 6 its The Significance of Birthdays mal. but I will not be put down no one shall degrade or trample get ." The phrase "poor and proud" often describes is Capricorn.

. Among we notable people first who are found in Capricorn.Our Place are in the Universal Zodiac 1 1 7 now voluntarily poor are not compelled to be so. recuperative vigor that an operation for cataract was perfectly successful though between eighty and ninety years its of age at time of performance. the Capricorn temperawill not it ment being proverbially that which conquers obstacles and simply his succumb to difficulties. and proved himself the proud possessor of a physique so marvellously en- dowed with removal of in his case. for parliamentary career he steel van- quished nearly every foe who measured with him in the intellectual arena. but including his his most determined opponents. The inall domitable push and perseverance manifested through Gladstone's public career has marked him a true illustration of the celestial Goat. pay tribute to power. will mention as and foremost William Ewart Gladstone. Gladstone evidenced during long in singularly high degree. not a few there were who considered him all. men of a man who and at eighty-five years appeared hale. Many people may the differ radically from him in nearly every con- clusion. while many a man twenty years his junior would be regarded and recover as quite too old to bear the strain sufficiently to make the surgical experiment worth while. vigorous intellectually as able as when in the prime of early manhood. one of the most truly remarkable his age. Nemesis of Great Britain..

and all its forms. the type that rises now under consideration is one on emergency and literally loves to battle with the breakers and win a victory through even the fiercest storm. indomitable perseverance which sign characterizes is this more than any other. as well as by . Lucretia Mott. develop a large share of persevering industry and dogged deborn in termination to succeed. as well known." is now a household phrase wherever liberality of sentiment prevails and people dare to assert the courage of conviction. man who dared to face and through his fearlessness.] 1 The Significance of Birthdays Though all persons can. "Truth not authority for truth. Charles Sumner. ture. was a anything . Of gentle na- though firmness personified. in defiance of the most determined opposition. again. and as a noble pioneer of freedom her name tury ity. The . she led where others scarcely dared to follow. to all to to butt it does not come equally easy is do its so. Capricorn temperament way successfully through the world spite of obstacles and while many temperaments are soon discouraged by the apparent force of hostile agencies. if they will. It is also decidedly worthy of note that Charles Sumner and Lucretia Mott were both born in Capricorn and here again we see decided evidences of the . Her motto. is loved and esteemed to-day as for author- one of the greatest emancipators of thought her cen- had witnessed. espoused the cause of protested against slavery in woman suffrage.

In private type of men to or women excels in conquering things. when undisciplined liable to peculiar aberrations. he won for himself an honored place tals. Capricorn people often meet with decided opposi- and the fates seem frequently to war against them. in rising superior to the petty disabilities which threaten . it It is. and though their path is not generally thickly strewn with roses. impede the progress of the average person in business and it is and its in the household that the Goat in the Zodiac uses tion. Of all the twelve manners of people they are the least ready to show the "white feather.9 Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 1 1 reason of his unusual ability. There are many successful mental sign." or allow that they have been or ever can be defeated. soldiers in this in and the amount of private heroism practiced . in the American College of Immorof course. they conquer by sheer force of determination to succeed. especially form of self-assertion . therefore. to prove the rightful things — ascendancy of mind over this is their special work. The to that Capricorn temperament is. quite unnecessary to treat life this little pathologically. To make environments submissive to their will. which may be called head-strong obstinacy but tenacity of will and reso- luteness of purpose are the normal characteristics of this sign. but they defy fate and triumph over circumstances. horns to the very best advantage.

120 unsuspected ways by The Significance of Birthdays many who represent it in home and business life is inestimable. they The goats are outside the do not need shepherding. that defeat to such natures. even and to hold on to the thought of is when every sign of disease nil evident to mortal view. or enterprise pushing to a victory in spite of the most discouraging symptoms. will not be relentless disposition much in sympathy with which succeeds by utter force of grip and inward any strength. and though they are often alluded . they can take care of themselves. Capricorn is ready to take up the work and do it manfully and womanfully. appears mire a soft. or who seek effeminthis ate luxuries. as they include ability to conduct successfully the most depressed and de- pressing cases. In the practice of mental healing the characteristics of this sign are very desirable. Whenever a hard battle needs fighting. and though the more to genial and attractive common Aries and Leo may often be absent from Capricorn. health. for sturdy devotion to any undertaken task this mid-winter constellation unques- tionably bears the palm. and so much per- sistence of every kind. an unpopular cause steadily defending. fold. when normal. "Never say die" and desperandum are mottoes which belong to this section of the Zodiac especially qualities . There is a great deal of the bull-dog nature in Capricorn. Those who ad- yielding disposition. impossible.

lower planes. to know how fate. they are simply the representatives of a great amount of energy. As we sign who we have are often confronted with temporarily aber- rant conditions. to to make a little go a great way not . and capable of succeeding anywhere. but as disorderly states can be . to live anywhere traits and derive one's support from Capricorn people. even in the most adverse climates. their joints are flexi- ble and they can bear a great amount of strain with- out injury. powerful sup- ports to the entire frame. the most truly it is optimistic of all the signs. to grasp the right idea of service. endure hardships so as to conquer them. in Knees bend easily. can be transmuted and directed into the purest. in our judgment. like the knees in the body. and bending they are not broken. we may encounter persons in this appear considerably the reverse of the best indicated. and. these are prominent of Ready to work anywhere. To learn well the lesson of the knees. and be conquered by them. all of which. noblest and most To make the best of things. they are. nature. in many ways. if it be expressed as yet on the useful channels. unholy. to master ing obstacles and little conquer our mak- much out of and compelling circumand do our bidding— the one which most stances to this is to bend to our decree know the secret of Capricorn. as readily demonstrates the truth of optimism.1 Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 1 2 to as lascivious.

is Through development character its not radically changed. . it is unscientific to assume that because certain people are misrepresenting themselves they are incapable of being led to a state where they will correctly represent their nativity. but expression is rend- ered symmetrical.1 22 The Significance of Birthdays vanquished and the true nature of the sign revealed.

energetic pioneer who and down the country planting churches. qualities of Having considered the Paul-like Aries at the outset of these studies. pot naturally suggests the eleventh sign in the Zodiac. Apollos watis God gave the increase. familiar with those far less con- . in- trepid. to Aquarius. and we are. holding revivals. man with the watering The familiar figure of the this. We are all thoroughly familiar with the fiery. starting societies and generally awakening interest in what- ever appears to him to be of the highest value. "Paul planted. whose Water-bearer immediately brings before us the thought of irrigation and all things title pertaining thereto. also." a text from which an excellent analytical sermon could be preached concerning the special work of that particular kind of people with those peculiarities we have now runs up to deal. we have now reached with that point in our consideration of the twelve great divisions of mankind. where we are characteristics confronted the Apollos-like common ered. ^'* a tater fearer.>^.

and their persistency makes up any lack We and apparent energy they may fail to possess. may be publicly or may be quite in private that they exercise their honorable function of imparting knowledge. the poet of freedom whom Paine. Swedenborg. one who knows if just how to irrigate the mental soil and carefully tend such natures in as require judicious treatment they are to show forth the best that is them. ally wherein the seed has Aquarius is not the sign of the brilliant orator so of the patient. Thomas Thomas Edison.1 24 The Significance of Birthdays spicuous. quiet. Persons born between of any year are very January 20 and February 20 apt to find themselves impelled to it by natural It disposition occupy the teacher's seat." for that is their method. the so-called "wizard of the nineteenth century. unobtrusive. much as the home faithful teacher. workers who fol- low after the enthusiastic promoter of some new encontin- terprise and water the ground patiently and been sown. idolizes. notice that in this sign were born Abraham Lincoln. They of fire often excel as healers and instructors of private classes. Scotland Strauss. gifted with a wealth of They are fine reasoners and can usually adapt their utterances to the comprehensions of any they children or adults with whom may be for thrown. "line by line and precept by precept. Robert Burns. il- These people are often lustration. but none the less effective." Talleyrand and many other .

and marked infinite every turn with the footprints of a genius which might very well be described as an for taking pains. whose . who. by his leisurely methods of procedure but he was sure of his position before he . Swedenborg was a deep student. a tireless worker. displaying surprising erudition. who wished ness in a desperate hurry. may be cited as man whose industry and a largely self-made man. in He was slow and deliberate manner and frequently to rush busi- annoyed impulsive people. as one example of Aquarius a its best. will show that no matter how utterly different all their outward courses may have been. and. the as careers Careful examination into dissimilar of such widely people Emanuel Swedenborg and Thomas Paine. capacity Consider also the work of Thomas Paine. took it. having taken it. lished scientific had pubabundat and philosphic works in great ance.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 125 extremely notable people. a most painstaking experimentalist. sterling worth raised him from obscurity of speech to unusual eminence. long before his remarkable illumination in 1757. at Lincoln. or Abraham Lincoln and the electric Edison. they possessed the faculty of keeping on steadily with whatever they had undertell taken until they succeeded in making their work powerfully. he was uncompromis- ingly tenacious of the stand which conviction had impelled him to occupy.

" What can be sublimer than sentiments? And the marvel of it is that they at a time were written theories when in the most unfraternal were circulating every direction. and sort we are to have genuine teach- we must have eagles rather than par- . "Every man a brother. when church and state alike were eaten up with partisan jealousies and devoured by hostile factions every- where. is now beyond and who. Robert Burns spirit is another example of the same of manly fearlessness. every good such woman a sister. despite his iconoclasm in some directions and his lack of insight into the interior meaning of the Bible. to do my religion. not excepting the very highest. the sceptical author of a "Life of Jesus" and many other rationalistic works. the world my country.126 The Significance of Birthdays conscientious adherence to conviction dispute. Typical Aquarius people are always departing from accepted standards of belief and are practice. Who has protested sort of more vigorously than he against every extolled genuine virtue sham? has has exposed hypocrisy more boldly. also illustrates many of the leading traits of this decidedly unorthodox and unconventional sign. has given us some of the grandest sayings extant in any literature. They among any the most pronounced of the radical teachif ers of ers of mankind. and who more sincerely? Strauss.

complete devotion to a work in hand. Be- ing addicted to elevating kinds of study they are generally well adapted either for a scientific or liter- ary career. he actually forgot that he was married. we are not surprised to find that people who are deeply rooted in this sign are singularly aspirational and prophetic in mental tendency. in the Universal Zodiac 127 men and women who soar. illustrate the truth These people est stone. Concentration on a given theme. As Aquarius and air is placed in the airy trigon or triplicity. electrician that recorded of renowned shortly after his marriage with a woman between whom and so thoroughly absorbed himself the truest sympathy existed. symbolizes imagination. who is one of the most conspicuis ous examples of the true Aquarius nature. was he in important electrical experiments. They win through They are often their indomitable per- divinely patient and . and do not imitate. entire absorption in the chosen duty — there may be fairly regarded as con- spicuous elements in the true Aquarius character.Our Place rots . living concentrativeness It is of the its whole-souled which is one of this most expressive features. illustration a forceful. but not as a rule positively impetuous. coupled with much perspicuity. richly en- dowed and broadly developed. Thomas Edison. of the proverbial saying that constant dropping wears away the hard- severance. which necessitates close application to the work in hand.

They are like all truly intellectual people. those in Aquarius and some other are touched more strongly by reasoning than by emo- tional excitement. their essays They with sion. Such people are frequently on the unpopular side of important questions. plodding way. We is only mean that as Leo natives are disposed to regard everything from the centre of feeling. logical process. their They are careful in expres- weigh well arguments and reach conIt is if clusions orderly. given to brainy rather than hearty appeals. write their briefs and elaborate much by precision. but is usually their done in a quiet. They work are often vigorous reformers. and that characteristic of all the signs fiery signs. but in this statement we do not intend to imply any dispar- agement of their genius. who are usually better writers than speakers their measured style by reason of and lack of much personal mag- netism. It is extremely interesting to watch with what minute precision Swedenborg iterates and reiterates his propositions.128 The Significance of Birthdays willing to allow the fruits of their efforts not to ap- pear. logical style you grant and wealth of elucidation of a theme are seldom absent from the speeches or writings of people of this type. till after many days. if need be. though he somewhat tautological because . He is writes as a man of infinite leis- ure . but. rarely you can disagree with an Aquarius person his premises. as faultless.

those who follow his him closely will perceive that no two sayings of are exactly identical. and no two narrations are preis though there a close resemblance between a multitude of wonderful experiences. Utterly also unlike the poetic and romantic Renan. compare tes- timonies. and vels to sift evidence. his expressions and records of when a young man (he wrote his "Life of Jesus" when fresh from the University he was not much over twenty-five years of age) exhibited all Strauss the peculiar limitations of the undeveloped individualist. and instead of seeking to explain unusual occurrences in a rational manner. dispassionately examine into alleged mar- and then give the public the clearly reasoned result of so wise a system of procedure. Such writing is that of a man seeking to stifle or repress imagination. No so-called "development spirit theory" will satisfy the inquiring of to-day. which there is is a most enterprising and ambitious but in- a grand service which cool. deliberative tellect can render to the present psychical research that is movement. spirit . later on his style improved greatly. he simply dismissed them in so as incredible and strove to account for legends very matter-of-fact a manner that the reader soon grows weary of his most inadequate commonplaces. if possible. Strauss wrote a somewhat barren story.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 129 extremely affluent in expression. who was a sceptic. . cisely similar.

act for others. though of course different individuals show special preferential aptitudes for particular studies. ars. very near the extremities of the social body they are singularly able to carry out their ideas to logical and complete conclusions. incessant. Aquarius children are generally modest and tiring in behavior.1 30 In the sign Aquarius The Significance of Birthdays we find scholarly attainments of no mean order. and scientific pursuits are suited to per- sons in this sign. to be strong. burden bearers. though not especially quick in learning. They are good patient at their lessons. and because somewhat lacking in intuitive perception. re- If they show pride it is pride of schol- not personal vanity. we can read this They think and uncomBeing they are supports to their weaker tireless. .. intellect. in the ankles of the Archetypal Man. This is a student's sign. neighbors. is to physiological correspondence. plaining workers when in good condition. and very fond of asking questions from books as well as of All literary their teachers. having great weight to support. those who most fully represent it are all the more given to such mental pursuits as tend to establish knowledge on a firm external base. firm and capable of much endurFollowing this suggestion type of humanity very accurately. and surely the ankles. According Aquarius need ance.

and may safely be called the scientific type of special province it is imagination.1 Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 1 3 As Aquarius Man. the ination of Aquarius of a very practical. whose to see ahead what can speedily be rendered actual. overshadows Pisces. They have a the. and bringing "Watery sign. as yet it wonderfully versatile faculty for grasping uncomprehended or unthought of. and Pisces a air signifies imagination and water is intellect. Though and imag- Aquarius an airy. signifying the feet of the Grand or final ultimation of the entire organism. and Pisces is the twelfth sign. . we to observe that those born on the cusp of Pisces between February 18 and 22 are often particularly given conceiving and executing new ideas. reasonable kind. down to the every is day affairs of earth.

.Ct \ A. the Ver- Many other celebrities find their home forth in this. Presiinto was born just as Aquarius had melted Pisces (February 22). the is most external region in the Zodiac. 20 to March 20. its first founder of the American Republic and dent. and bring are abundantly the moving denizens of ocean. which is the place where the utmost circumference reach- ed. Feet and fish suggest the lines along which we must proceed if we are to have duly comprehend the attributes specially pertaining to this. the period of Pisces extending from about February nal Equinox. prolific of living creatures. X^t ! < X \yfUt %\p We %mmh mw~~W****** ^¥ now reached the final section of the Zodiac. lake and Voltaire and Victor Hugo two of the this most notable modern representatives of sign. where the waters become stream. It is interesting to note that George Washington. the last of the watery signs. whose distinguishing features are love of complete fulfillment of designs and final decoration of all that has been previously undertaken. and are now in the feet or ultimate extremities of the Maximus Homo.

Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 133 or child strikes us The at typical Pisces man. Having on at its set out to accomplish anything they insist entire completion. they are so eager to rush to the newest work which they are conceiving that they neglect and even forget the subject of their earlier inspirations. as is still of tener the case with them. and being particularly apt left unfinished. in various stages of incompleteness.. Usually they are not originators. woman much once as one who is singularly precise and orderly. to and do a variety of useful things which their more flighty and impetuous neighbors have not concluded. We may often visit manu- the artistic studio or literary sanctum of an Aries person. as Aries people often begin things which they never and especially owing to their remarkable quickness of perception. not fully externalize it . or the last scene in a play. We all know people whose pet delight is in fully is finished productions. they grasp an idea but canfinish. or. etc. and whose chief aversion to anything not fully carried out. statutes. hating confusion. Pisces people are the very reverse of this. ending works which others have they are often successfully appealed to to write the last chapter of a story. . scripts. and very objecting to leaving things in an unfinished condition. and find a variety of pictures. architects or designers. but they are fulfillers of the law to its utmost jot and tittle.

how incomplete and. that people unin their culminative in- and lacking tellectual ability. properly no end- but only a transitional move. is allow the curtain to as in "A Doll's House. a woman is a good representative of Pisces. and she will also be very particular with her own and quick any lack of completeless in the apparel of another. can supply perfect endings to these unfinished pictures. know the careful hostess who inspects the visitor's arrival. a temporary ex- pedient on the part of the bewildered heroine. largely unsatisfying are the works of novelists like many distinguished and playwrights of this day. all who are in other sections of the Zodiac. therefore. They can by easily their write morals explanatory of fables written friends. and in the furniture of an apartto observe .1 34 The note Significance of Birthdays We who. people. is We guest sure chamber before the and makes that every detail of preparation complete. pins in the pincushion and flowers Such dress. atist. but such persons are the very ones who are best adapted to externalize their in own mental conclusions like themselves such a way. the play or novel. even to in the vases. Some when well developed. the famed Norwegian dramfall. may not be left at the mercy of uncertain conjecture as to the real lesson conveyed by." upon an ending which ing. notably those of the pure Pisces type. notably those Henrik Ibsen. Pisces people are good moralists.

many and travellers of all sorts children and adults who like to use their feet. with our present physical globe-trotting apparatus. and whose congenial occupation compels their use of these members. As with all the other signs so with Pisces. and further differ with the same in- dividuals at different stages of their progress. The desire for locofussiest. finishing of spires and all similar work is congenial to this type of humanity. a state in consciousness where we shall dispense greatly. if not totally. all We know how familiar are the phrases. but we are certainly ap- proaching. It must never be forgotten that evolution and education do not radically or essentially change disposition. but these by in means characters are raised. it manner. "change of . in the Universal Zodiac 1 35 Mural decorations.Our Place ment. ex- motion ternal may be expressed in the pettiest. and that rapidly. or may show itself forth in the sub- limest way. gilding of cupolas. regardflesh. whose eyes are very quick to discern outward deficiences wherever they may appear. advanced and pedestrians every is way assisted to more perfect find expression. there are various planes on which the distinguishing traits of the sign are most conspicuous with different individuals born in it. is to less of the motions of the pedals of the to a have attained means of locomotion which only such rare geniuses as Emerson and a few others seem to have comprehended yet. Pisces a sign in which we . To travel with intellectual feet.

these natural pedestrians can enjoy ev- ery advantage of travel without stirring a yard from their domestic hearth. the old disorderly symptoms reappear. reaall sonings and else seems to have after failed. sequent elevation of cult lore and students of ocnothing know well enough that baptism by water regeneration.1 36 The Significance of Birthdays air" and "change of scene." We all know how back upon constantly physicians these trite and others. all that Pisces stands figuratively for baptism by water unto repentance and sublife signifies. and another prolonged absence from home and business is seemingly necessitated. fall recommendations when medicines. it is To the intelligent student of Mental Science extremely interesting to watch the true resurrection of various types of humanity to regenerate conditions. and they have grasped a higher philosophy than materialism they must have frequent physical change and motion keep their to machinery in in working order. Pisces peo- ple of all with whom we are acquainted need to be till kept most constantly on the move. and we cannot deny that trip an ocean voyage or a over land many a pallid invalid has returned home buoyant and vigorous to outward seeming. But these superficial appearances are often deeply treacherous. for very soon after resuming the old life in the accustomed place. When they have become elevated thought to a higher plane of consciousness. which is signifies intellectual .

in a word. orderly behavior and often given to write out com- positions with extraordinary accuracy. to look at the setting of a The casket which enshrines a jewel the precious stone is often. liners. mil- dressmakers. to them. unless highly They awakened inwardly. coiffeurs. to a higher or interior realm. many actors. par- by no means a difficult task to trace the ticular inversions to which persons born at different seasons of the year are most liable until they have reached the height of the wise men. instructors in languages. quite as much as itself. who rule their . tailors and. and out-door generally. copyists. Being very much concern- ed with ultimates these people are splendidly adapted to fashion receptacles for truth and to give attention to the minutest detail of expression. in their They are neat in their persons. wandering by the streams. In this sign are to be found tionists. We do not say that people in this sign buy pic- tures for their frames. too disposed gem. They enjoy excursions in the life woods. decorative artists. a transference of thought.Our Place . people all working at sorts of trades which require the finish to knack of putting an excellent It is something. readers.less in the Universal Zodiac 137 than a transposition of intelligence. elocu- teachers of methods. but we do find that as a rule they are not satisfied with unframed pictures. are. Pisces children are usually active and of rather a roaming disposition.

consider that to you are specially capacitated by nature do excellent work. and wherever the overcoming there do we find the victor's robe. you find yourself disposed to some special anIf noyance. are ruled who by them but . is wherever the scene of tory be . with immediately connected with life. Pisces. the most external aspects of business or family A very : wise mental attitude to take ever is the following Whenit. conflict there must the vicis. considered in its position of pedal is extremities if of the Grand Man. battle at the very point We for have to do where we are capable of rendering the most efficient service. is palm and crown. to most likely. but on behalf of the heads of your neighbors. read your distinctive mission through you are you if in Aries. to dwell at length upon is tendencies to ailments of any kind both depressing and unnecessary. which most readily accompany special temperaments are simply inversions of the excellent qualities normally characteristic of the sign. there are our temptations fiercest. wreath. not only with your own head. be or at- tacked with some disorder of the difficulty feet. for wherever our greatest strength all lies. and your head is liable to trouble you get unduly excited. shall receive In the Apocalypse there to the effect that a wonderful statement he that overcometh .1 38 The Significance of Birthdays stars and are no longer classable among the unwise. caught napping. as all besetting weaknesses.

This refers to the glorious result of in- dividual victory. We must go over our lessons again and yet again until we have them lems to perfection. most reasonable until until final is ascendancy over is the elements of nature this reached. when the conqueror takes his seat and rules in his domain.Our Place a in the Universal Zodiac ] 39 written the new name. so . in is the field of tried. escaped from the wheel by soaring above Now that Oriental philosophies are being investi- gated pretty thoroughly in Europe and America. a weak act fraught with no exemption from the subvainly seek to escape from. or jective bugbear we may There are no loopholes of escape from ourselves from the consequences of our acts. until we have it. will wrestle until we have conquered. action in which our native strength The this all deep underlying truth contained the successive incarnations of the in the doctrine of same Ego. to be henceforth no more a slave forever.. for Individual regeneration solves all probthe regenerating individual through the Suicide is agency of orderly regenerative processes. be found in reflection. that we must learned strive we conquer. Physical dissolution solves no problems. no matter where have to we may find ourselves in the Zodiac. viz. on to or some other planet. and a white name which no stone wherein will be other than its recipient can read. Every one of us. The wheel of change turns with us dri it.

140 that The Significance of Birthdays Americans and Europeans are beginning to un- derstand something of the wisdom of the ages concealed in all venerable systems in part. and very soon we ery problem which now vexes us. though we are all We must agree to differ. and go forward as to the ideal a happy. lives the full significance of and We are all good. . discover the essential root of truth underlying Then old as is we cease piling refuse on this foundation. though wholly is in none. Let us take into our the mottoes: different. but never shall learn to solve ev- disagree. to we may all. industrial army commonwealth not so very far ahead. which in the none other than the doctrine truth embodied Quaker man we shall set to work intelligently to do our own work nobly and cease criticising and reviling our neighbors because we differ one a Christ in every — — there is from the other as do all the beautiful forest trees. the time ripe for a searching all religions comparison of the essentials of the end that and philosophies. garden flowers and in all forms of nature her provinces or kingdoms.

we. corresponding to the head (Aries). both ancient and modern. triplicities or domains. Leo and the Sagittarius. heart (Leo) and thighs (Sagittarius) of Grand Man. writers.— Having though but account as in the preceding essays endeavored in barest outline — to give as lucid an possible of the predominating char- acteristics of twelve representative manners of peo- ple. earthy trigon is Virgo (the solar plexus) Taurus (the and Capricorn (the knees). classified according to the ancient idea of the Universal Zodiac or Archetypal Man. in this concluding essay. . endeavor to answer some of the many raised. Libra (the loins) and Aquarius (the ankles). airy triplicity is The The neck) . questions which the preceding let essays have In the first place us call attention to the four-fold division of the Zodiac. composed of Gemini (the constituted of arms). common to all The four trigons. are por- tioned out as follows: The fiery signs are Aries. as they are called.

sections of the Zodiac may be very profitably studied by all who are seeking to compare one sign with another to the better understanding of the main subject in general and in particular. and to be carried away by every novelty and exciting circumstance. Scorpio (the genital organs) and Pisces (the feet). in and though frequently very affectionate temperament.1 42 The Significance of Birthdays The watery domain These four contains Cancer (the breast). and are consequently the heroes in fields of strife of all descriptions. on the surface of existence they may be embroiled in never ending conflict. if impulsive type is Those whose abode in the realm exist- living on a merely animal plane of ence. and sincerely attached to each other in the depths of their nature. are very apt to fly into rages on slight provocation. Those who fire are born in any part of the domain of in dis- are apt to be impetuous and inflammable it position. melo-dramatic and tragic when keenly aroused. of fire. but its comparison needs to be followed on to planes of application. When meet to such persons collide is as when this two fires produce an intense blaze. When such people are thrown together they are terribly apt to quarrel. When persons of this stamp rise from animality to intel- . if spiritual we would this illustrate our theme by referring to the higher rather than to the lower aspects and expressions of of disposition. They are highly sen- sational.

was there a divine appearance or revelation of kind. prior to the entrance into that fullness of spiritual . they may be most successful collaborators and produce a i joint work of far more value than either could produce singly. according to the Jewish scriptures. so when the Holy Spirit descends upon the apostolic company in Jeru- salem they witness cloven tongues of flame descending upon those who are awaiting them of inspiration. while on the highest moral altitudes and in the spiritual or interior degrees of these warm. Never any fire and equally with the devil by theologians. in the Universal Zodiac 1 43 and leave behind them the baser emotions common to the lower section of the fiery domain. Elijah proves the superiority of Adonai Baal by means enters of a fiery test. fire conspicuously into the accompanying phenomena. illustrating the prac- tical truth is of the widely accepted doctrine. impulsive of a sublime signs. and so on through every recorded instance of a heavenly communication. Fire has ever been directly associated with God. was Moses to is startled at the sight of a burning brush at Horeb. The New Testament takes up the strain where the Hebrew prophets have left it. frequent exhibitions are made that and glorious enthusiasm for all makes for righteousness. that love the supreme power.Our Place lectuality. but directly connected with it. the weightiest force in the universe.

meaning mind or spirit. an organism endowed with some animating principle from the Latin animus. the reasonableness of this con- Every living body is warm. while dead means said ?11 bodies are invariably cold. but in that it is a higher form of organized existence. from a vegetable.144 strength The Significance of Birthdays which causes them to transcend all ordinary rising limitations to and prove themselves capable of testifies to meet every conceivable emergency. at all To fully follow out the correspondence of require a fire would good sized volume at the least but when we find that the ancients placed fire both . considerably warmer and with powers of locomotion which a plant does not possess. . force inverted or to As the devil only power abused. a lake of fire is be satan's habitation." The is present popular study of comparative religion fast revealing to the all world the fact that the learned fire among ship ancient peoples entertained the idea of as coeval and co-extensive with Deity. and more than that. anima. while God is said to dv in fire forever. Wherein does an animal distinctly differ . the English noun and adjective animal are directly derived. practised by the comparatively ignorant and illiterate but the word animal literally means a living creature.he epistle to the Hebrews says: "Our God is a con- suming fire. the writer of /. Nature un- mistakably ception. Animal worwas only a lower form of worship.

tice in this If there is any truth or jus- remark it refers only to very undeveloped persons who are living entirely on the sense plane. cannot unin- be settled by cold arguments concerning and allow themselves utility. any way super-sensuous in their when both marriage are in the fiery trigon.Our Place in the in the Universal Zodiac 1 45 head and heart of the Grand acknowledged Man —and these are the universally vital centres —we can judge something of the importance they attached to this most sacred of the elements. not . stim- ulate each other to proficiency in the noblest undertakings. in Those who are attainment. affecting the com- mon good of human family call a community and the interest of the at large. is As mar- a social question of the first importance. however. resulting in the birth of offspring. it cannot be out of place to upon people to consult the general weal. less people are willing to surrender emotion to to tellect altogether. The question. and gross unless how flippant the conclusion based on is ignorance. be actu- ated by utterly rationalistic considerations. When mythol- ogies are studied even reverently with a view to grasp their inner meaning. It is said by some students of the different man- ners of people that those born in the same triplicity should not intermarry. riage. cover how truly wise we shall all be many of our is surprised to disfar-off ancestors were. it is that nothing worth anything brand new.

neces- sary to kindle a blaze. That to the highest And Far he who doth attain. Such a definition cannot be simplified or improved upon. will probably always remain true as Longfellow has said in his "Building of the Ship": "It is the heart and not the brain. suggests that the airy triplicity must be the home of natives who are by nature volatile and transitional in fire temperament or disposition.' 46 their The Significance of Birthdays merely to gratify own impulses. and wherever there fire a raging a strong current of air accompanies The di- . but though an immense reform can be it instituted in this direction. that its is the enlightenment of all humanity. The that of quality of fire. heat corresponds to love. A draught is it. the most perfect condensation of truth on the sub- ject to be found in any literature. and its light to wisdom. followeth love's behest. excelleth all the rest. and it opens so wide a field of thought that to follow it as a sugis gestive leader to be introduced into an endless being widely different from pasture land of richest herbage for the soul. safely say that the divine aglow within and we are prepared to let our true light shine for Swedenborg's profound and lucid statement concerning fire." When heart and head are truly blended fire is we may us. air. Air and is always work well together.

and is. by children born Gemini. Libra or Aquarius. which is Kabal- istically related to imagination. as fire is always asso- ciated with affection. method pursued by intelligent Mental Scien- who seek to discover the true province and func- tion of a faculty and usefully employ it accordingly . Clairvoyance is frequently in exhibited. and as all people in the airy triplicity it is are naturally imaginative. prop- erly speaking. while speaking of people airy constellations. directly connected with seership and vision. the imaging. and breathing unquestionably vitally important are in the process. Imagination is. and we all know that quick breathing induces and accompanies added of the system. only on account of is but breathing really regulated by imagination. even during infancy. warmth As the subject of breath is now a so much discussed among students is of all phases of occultism. well that they should understand the true nature of imagination. and while disordered imagination leads many people into trouble. we know of no sure cure for any disorder except the truly rational tists.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 147 in ancient scrip- vine effluence ture to is always compared wind or breath. External breathing-exercises if have a certain symbolic value. therefore. that they may understand themselves. their special it who may be well to remark that power is in their breath. their suggestiveness . portrait-taking or photo- graphic faculty.

but ing most when they learn to utilize their roamdis- temperament for the highest good. The trigon is fiery domain abode of is the seat of rulers.1 48 its The natural intent. . There are more psychics or sensitives in the airy triplicity than in any of the other divisions these natural born sensitives need of the Zodiac. Restlessness air are is the weakness to which the denizens of the addicted. to every science. Imagination the road new discovery and fresh achievement in literature and art. provided the speaker wise it a genuine etymologist other- amounts to a flippant dismissal of a subject too high for the foolish to grasp. Significance of Birthdays with To attribute ideals to imag- ination is scientifically correct so far as is language goes. and perfect liberty to travel as they will through airy spaces in the unseen state. they soon cover that thought can move quickly and fly far afield . and the and find moving waters of the subjective or intellectual realm. and too deep is for the thoughtless to comprehend. The is airy domain or province of the atmosphere the habitat of all who are disposed to fly in thought above the solid earth of actual objectivity. the airy the travellers. and take excursions from planet out as to planet. Without imagination the summits of we stagnate in cellars instead of breathing in the air bracing obtainable from our dwellings. is much as possible of what going on in the psychic realm.

Taurus. Scorpio and may be truly said that these three constellaintellectual tions are apt to be the province of coldly . cannot be content to let things rest in the vapory realm of speculation. though ever so idealistic in some respects. When air and earth people understand each other. though they may be very spiritual in their conceptions. those who love external order its desire to carry everything out to ment. Virgo and Capricorn are the abodes of the most practical and executive and logical fulfill- types of people. unless both are singuis larly well developed. agree very well with those belong in the airy trigon. flighty Air people are often satisfied to and volatile. actively only when engaged in some useful undertaking that People of such people are really well or happy or feel in any way who satisfied with their condition. as those whose home in one of the earthy signs. and are dream of things they never execute. this type do not. as a rule. but earth people. they can enter into partnership and produce a singularly felicitous result of joint activity. Concerning the watery Pisces it signs. irritability or The earthy signs. Cancer.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 149 constant agi- without involving nervous tation of the person. axe rest till determined not to they have ultimated their own or somebody's else ideals. Service is the one word which and it best expresses is the function of this triplicity.

families that brothers If it is discovered in and sisters are illy adapted one to another. As fire and water quench each is other. are called cold-blooded. germination and insubation take The dwellers in the sea. gestation. but unless very highly unfolded they are too critical and fail to understand life as it ap- peals to warmer temperaments. which is often done at the expense of health to the detriment of all concerned. and refer to whatever can be deduced by rational process. so do we and often see instances of lamentable incompatibility be- tween married people when one . and so they are contrasted with hot-blooded when mammals. the finny tribes of ocean. and by far the four. earth nature motherly. The Significance of Birthdays who weigh and measure most conservative of the is everything in a this triplicity is decidedly emotionless manner.150 people. Many distinguished persons of great intellectual ability are found in the watery domain. The lights. the other in the watery trigon. it is surely better to help them to gravitate to congenial spheres of action. and its though very practical it and often signifies the external in objects and de- womb of nature. instead of stolidly insisting upon keeping a family together. the matrix in which place. in the fiery. Fish always stand for cool intellect. "The Influence of the Zodiac Upon Human . and harmony and We are indebted to Eleanor Kirk's very interesting book.

. Cancer. Pisces. January 21 to February 20. air though fire always takes precedence of earth. the third. Libra and Scorpio. lower Each first of these three divisions conof which is fire. a more exact classification reads as follows: Aries. Three days at the mencement of each may be allowed for the comwan- . Capricorn. June 2 . Aquarius. al division and the fourth. earth. Negative limbs and feet. Aquarius and the Pisces. March 20 . August 22 to September 23 Libra. In a picture of Grand Man Middle they stand anatomically as follows: Positive parts of the body. October 23 to November 22 Sagittarius. April 20 to May 1 21 Gemini. May June 2 22 Leo. to April 20. and takes precedence of water. Virgo. December 21 to January 1 . . neck. . July 22 to August 22 Virgo. September 23 to October 23 Scorpio. the four negative signs. to February 20 March sign 20.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 151 Life. shoulders breast. Taurus. head. water. and portions. digestive section. 21 to Taurus. Though from the 21st day of one month to the 21st day of the next may be broadly stated as the period occupied by each sign. positive signs." for a final classification of the twelve signs into three groups as follows Aries. the and reproductive system. This fin- makes the four domains practically equal. all the nutritive. the four middle signs. Leo. tains four signs the the second. November 22 to December 21 Capricorn. Gemini and Cancer are the four Sagittarius. air. 21 . to July .

—Gad. Issachar. in- . —Ephraim and Manasseh. Libra—Dan.152 ing of the outgoing influence. Taurus— Gemini —Simeon-Levi. not dogmatically as though we were matter finally for all settling the mankind." "The first shall be last and the We have in- given this enumeration in response to numerous quiries. Naphtali. is Both are correct. connected with the signs in the following order Aries— Benjamin. Broad hints and general outlines have been given. Scorpio Sagittarius rius Joseph. Leo— Virgo—Asshur. The two orders are simply the heliocentric (esoteric) and the geocentric (exoteric). last first. Cancer—Zebulun. The Significance of Birthdays and the waxing of the incoming The twelve tribes of Israel as mentioned in the forty-ninth chapter of Genesis and in the seventh chapter of the book of Revelation are. -Judah. but the multifarious variations from outlined types must prove subject matter for constant individual vestigation. but the matter points. viewed from opposite stand- In concluding readers that further we desire to state plainly to all our we have written suggestively to provoke inquiry. Capricorn— Aqua— —Reuben. by some students of the Kabala. Pisces is This designation in accordance with the words.

Hebrew alphabet. j. and is especially their arrangement. but the now often called into born in and quite an elaborate system has been built up for the convenience of people Eng- lish-speaking countries and who know nothing of to Hebrew. s. as it of letters in one's name. reading thus: The value of is attributed to a. the twenty-six letters are divided into two col- umns of nine letters each.(Reprinted from Occult Review. discourse. certainly since the days of famous Greek philosopher Pythagoras. and one of 1 eight letters. . The number a modern. November. 1910. and many have been the insignifi- genious theories constructed to explain their cance.) From the very early times. now much in vogue. Many of the have recourse stress to the Jewish Kabala and lay much letters upon the twenty-two twenty-six English letters are requisition. that we all know to much importance has been freely assigned names and numbers. According one system. forming the topic of many formed the theme of many an theorists ancient.

3 . But as it is invariably the case that one has a given as well as a family name. 1. L. . R. may be pursued: Carolined Crosspuddle. 3. 1. 5 1 . p. n. 7 to g. E. for are placed as special ultimates and 22 and not further re- . to b. o. P. for example. D. the figures and the is circle are represented in Now though the name an unusual one it is nevertheless this one of excellent omen. different members of a Fox family would find their complete names adding up very differently. John Fox totals 38. 5. 9. as John counts 20 and Fox 1 8. 6 to x.154 The t Significance of Birthdays 2 f. N. O. y. In this method. q. E. and according to cal calculation gestiveness.S. C. to e.9. as 9 is the highest well 1 1 numeral. 5. 3 A. 1 . as it. Now is 1 1 1 1 which is the acknowledged ultimate of 38. 3. 9. v 5 . 1.S. 3 to c. u 4 . making a 1 and as all 9 and make this is a name of completeness. 1. letters of the It is notworthy that the three known name Fox are all of the value of 6. . m. z. U. 7. 4. its numeri- import agrees with is its obvious sugdifficulties. L. but 3 times 6 is 8 and 8 and make 9. : stated as to numerical value thus Take as an The letters are R. 4. k. total of ninety-one letters. to d. D. O. 4. said to be one of far more than ordinary value. therefore Fox is a powerful name. 6. C. 3. D. reading the importance of one's the following course illustration 9 to name by and r. 8 to h. i w . which of one who conquers surmounts obstacles and generally displayes indomitable perserverance. 6.

the octave of Eleven is called the octave of B. trace 1 1 equal 2 and 22 this refusal to is The reason assignable for them to their lowest conceivable ultimate that o do so would necessitate the reduction of an attained ultimate which is not permissible. to say about names being and in some instances a entirely indicate the further spiritual growth of their possessors. laid upon name-values The Old changed. This can readily reaches be seen by illustrating with a name which Any name either 2 or 4 by simple first reduction. dismissed as though there were next to nothing in but human experience by no means justifies this shalis low view. We all know how much stress in ancient sacred literature. D. Abraham it is much stronger which superseded. as they could be by making equal 4. and Israel it name than Abram. is a far nobler name In the than Jacob. to Testament has a great deal enlarged. likewise any name constituted of 22 as its numerical value would ultimate 4. according to the system to which we What's in a name? is a question conand very often quite inconsequently it.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 155 duced. is carried out with great emphasis at the time of naming the infant John that child when no one in the family into which was born had been so called. tinually raised. 22 is are referring. New Testa- ment the same idea in the case of his circumcision. made up of 11 would ultimate in 2. which supplanted. It is idle to is say that there naught but antiquated superstition in .

156 The Significance of Birthdays this discussion. de- manded of all who held high rank that they set the noblest possible examples of industry and excellence of character to all over live whom is they were placed. age the possessor of a good name in all senses of the Time-honored customs. for nothing occurs No. one case many and arduous duties would fall he or she grew to maturity. The good old idea of rulership was that it re- quired unusual abilities on the part of the rulers. and that high position. they by . far from justifying laxity in morals coupled with indolence and foolish self-conceit. and evident when we con- sider the persistence with ters of royal which the sons and daughthe peasantry of all nations and noble houses are endowed with a satisfied number of names. to the lot of the child as while in the other the work to be done would be simple and monotonous. while have always been pellations. persisting have always something originally this fact is clearly to justify them. though often physically severe. To up to a lofty name a great and honorable duty in these days as well as in times of old. But are not names given will inquire. arbitrarily and even accidentally? many are not. and how greatly it is to one's advantage to be word. with few and simple ap- In the The reason for this is very easily traced. for entirely apart from the occultist's interior view of the matter we all know how heavily handicapped many people are by mean and ugly names. which go on after age.

at least we have . and the name given to the is child at birth. The addition of a is name at confirmation in the Catholic Church a sur- vival of a history. this is upon apparently. and indeed the duty. Our names from to encounter the comparatively irresponsible years of childhood represent terial what we have and the raw maimposed with which us. custom immeasurably older than Christian it is and one of those impressive ceremonials . and may be referred to karma but as we advance to years of discretion and must take to us. is who sufficiently scientific and logical to declare that for every effect there must be an efficient cause. to work.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 157 accident. the right. or soon after. event there an unseen psychic We are born when and where we are born in consequence is of the special mission the incarnating ego fulfil seeking to through incarnation. without our choice. is to occupy on earth and the nature work to be accomplished. of selection brought to home and we are therefore called upon self-responsibility embark upon an ocean of which aforetime we could not navigate. answers the uncompromising occultist. or have to suppress we any change our a names or swer any portion of them? nom de plume permissible? To which the following anbirth through may be given. responsibilities upon ouris selves. an indication of the place that soul of the ask. Then we may right to Is well can we. and who furthermore sical insists that lies behind every material or phyorigin.

158 The to Significance of Birthdays which give us understand that with the approach of intellectual maturity a sense of responsibility must be impressed upon the youth or maiden as a qualification for the graver duties which must be acknowl- edged is as strength increases and years advance. It often found is that enduring what when one has been long commonly called misfortune. sys- tematically. Of course is the effect of merely casual pronunciation of names cannot have the same intense effect which produced by uttering the name with its full awareness it of value coupled with intent to employ still. attunes the business to a certain rate of vibration and serves to connect the estab- lishment with certain unsuspected influences attracted. large A firm name deliberately chosen has a it. sometimes even from the suppression of one's name which has long been made promithe nent and has bringing resting forward of another part in which been abeyance. influence on the business conducted over constantly as the suggestion made by its publication in print. by the very utter- ance of the name. together its with the frequent setting up of peculiar currents by frequent pronunciation. a is decided luck" run of what swiftly vulgarly styled "better follows upon the adoption of a new name. who are and sometimes even summoned unknow- ingly to those who summon them. there is very much unconsciously .

the name of the Queen ulti- Consort. many people. 6. the present reign throughout the British Empire should therefore augur well for the House of Israel. overcome the lower elements and won through valiant conquest over the most powerful and insidious of foes. is 39. it is interesting to see to what special categories some of the most widely employed among them belong. is numerically 2 1 which immediately mates in 3.e. is 1 a George." i. but as 6 is only . and 6 also according to Now what the significance of 6? It stands for the interlaced triangle. the equalization of the physical. there- fore. Mary.Our Place in the Universal Zodiac 159 accomplished by the constant reiteration of a name by a great lessly. the name name whose number if of the present British King. according to the higher reckoning. unitedly 15. planes is — and moral—-the is name one of great power and dignity. . de- noting the three equilibrium. and the appropriate name of the patron saint of England who his spurs has traditionally and mystically "slain the Dragon. As 2 1 represents the en- number of first the Zodiac and 3 mental is the triangle. which is reducible to ulti- 2 and ultimately to 3.. is the ultimate of which the lower. an emblem ex- tremely prominent in Jewish circles . The present King and Queen is are. even though it be but thought- As there are a few extremely usual English names by which multitudes of our compatriots are called. one wishes to push the mate tire to uttermost finality.

pire is Great activity all over the . 10. general adaptability. 5. which the Sabbatic numeral. trinity. 2. 4. Emma 1 numbers 14 and ultimates as Julia numbers 7 and ultimates as 8. Edward numCharles bers the same. Emto suggested by present omens great increase in wealth and honor and much legislation calculated overthrow old-time limitations and lead the Anglo- Saxon race and prosperity all who are guided liberty. Albert numbers 22 and ultimates as ultimates as 7. not the repose of a Sabbatic period. which numbers 14 and ultimates as 5. by it to renewed ultimates and ever-growing is Alfred as 1 a name which numbers 28 and 0. but what suffice to We might easily little has been said may not induce some readers to look up the quality of the names they bear and see whether they may be able to trace a good deal that lives is obscure in their to this peculiar origin. Jack. numbering 7 direct. numbering 12 and ultimating in 3. upon the rising A very ancient system gives the follow1. 3. simplicity. Diminutives such as Jim. duality.160 The is Significance of Birthdays preparatory to 7. versatility. and Tom. Hannah numbers 28 and ultimates as multiply instances. denoting fullness of expression. ing special value to numbers: unity. . the names of our King and Queen united indicate the activities of a sixth working day. Harry numbers 34 and numbers 30. are borne by so many boys and young effect men that they must have a great generation.

. or Kabalistic Astrology.Our Place 4. 161 dexterity. is Your Fortune in your Name. Isidore supplied by the pub- lishers of this book. if we do but resolutely determine to consecrate its use and acquisition toward furthering the ends of general human welfare. post free. their Magic and Mystery. Paper covers. it Whatever may it be is certainly a fascinating intelseriously takes lectual pursuit. is by Dr. brotherli- quaternity. comprehensiveness. and when one end up there seems no to the interesting and instructive experiments which with it. Sepharial. Kosminsky. applying the principle of numbers and Kabalistic calculations to Astrology. universality. 6. 5. A very under the interesting title book dealing with this subject Numbers. also from the same publishing house.00. Another book. ness. octave. even on the most external plane. post free. 8. may be conducted in connection The word MONEY numbers 27 and therefore 9 is totalizes as 9. spiritual discernment. enterprise. discovery. in this study. sphericity 1 . giving birth to the thought that as is the highest of our numerals there no limit to the good we can do with wealth. completeness. . 30 cents. equity. reposef ulness aspiration. completeness. achievement there 0. by gilt. cloth $1. 9. in the Universal Zodiac 5.


together with a collection of old worth $65. Illustrated. 22081 (An original in good 1. Regulations and Usages. D. Over 200 pages. Swinburne Clymer. condition is Verbatim copy of the original edition of 1723.50 Ancient Constitutions of Freemasons. Masonry from the Deluge to Isaac. Origin of Arts and Sciences.50 2 Masonic Cyclopedia of Fraternities. and Maps. Charles H. containing the History. 22091 1.MASONIC HISTORY and VALUABLE LITERATURE Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry. 32°. Druidical. 22056 silk cloth and gilt stamps. Comprising Illustrations of the Five Grand Periods of Masonry. D. Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. George Oliver. Gothic. the Meaning of True Initiation. Growth. Idolatrous Mysteries as contrasted with Freemasonry. 22086 Teachings. The MysteriesEgyptian. given in Pullman Memorial Church. 5*/ x8!4. No. Orders. No. Laws and Present Usages which govern day.) Anderson. their Origin and Objects. 468 pgs.. Hindu. No. Rev. Grecian. Cloth. Rules. Origin and History of Freemasonry. the Its Dr. Including the Origin. Masonry from Isaac to the Deliverance from Egyptian Captivity. Knights Templar. Purposes. with a Comprising a Hiscomprehensive and authentic account of the . Jewish and Christian. at the present 1. Symbolic Instruction.00. . R. Masonry from the Creation to the time of Enoch. Persian.75 Paper 22060 Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry. Orders. Order Cloth. By Albert C. Masonry from Enoch to the Deluge. gilt.. tory of Egypt. Charges. Laws. The. and the Symbols and Legends of Masonry. Extra fine binding.50 Egypt the Cradle of Ancient Masonry. Albion. Blue cloth. Rev.00 Antiquities of Freemasonry. Stevens assisted by more than a 1000 members of various Complete in one Vol. Y. 22411 Illustrated by Charts 4. Masonry from the Deliverance to the Dedication of King Solomon's Temple. $1. Five Points of Fellowship. Masonic Songs and Music. from the Creation of the World to the Dedication of King Solomon's Temple. N.00 No. History and Statistics of 600 or more societies. in 12 Lectures. 242 pgs. including chapters on Tradition. Vail. No.

Full Morocco. " Full American Morocco. D.50 Half American Morocco. Illustrated. No. 22656 and the 20th Century Crusade. Terms used by the Fraternity. 1. Initiation in Persia. No. No. Translated from the French. against Ignorance. No.50 No. by Frederick Portal.75 Egyptian Symbols* A Comparison % Half American Morocco. bound. Despotism and Jesuitism.50 . enlarged Scripture 6.. Light. No. by John Simons.00 No.75 111 pgs. 222 engravings. Superstition Cloth. D. 4.. " " " " " " No. "Open Road to Damnation.. clear. D. No. Edition. Mackey. 22423 7.00 Library Sheep. No. to the Symbols of Color and to the Symbols of the Bible. 22425. Norman F. " " Full Persian Morocco.00 339 pgs. 22397 5. For the good Fraternity. Buck.8. T... No. Beautifully illustrated.50 Full Persian Morocco.25 Half American Russia. Including Principle of Symbology.75 Full American Morocco. Full Gilt.. 22381 1.. Liberty Masonry. Names etc. 33 2.. Half Russia. 3. No. In Twelve Lectures: General IntroducHistory of Initiation in Hindustan. 1 vol. Application to Egyptian Symbols.8. Full Gilt. 22398 . Pronouncing Dictionary. and Robert Macoy.00 Encyclopedia.00 6. 9x12. No. and in and Love.00 with those of the Hebrews. 2 vol. Marble Edge. The. A W . 6.*9 Paper 50650 10 of Genius of Freemasonry. Full Gilt. Revised and with new Subjects. 22405 . No.Antiquity of Masonry. Philosophy of the Eastern Mysteries. Full Art Canvas. 2 vol.. concise exposition of a most interesting subject. the result of many years of personal investigation and exhaustive research in India. tion. Syria and the Valley of the Nile. .. No. de Clifford. 2 vol. Persia. Art Canvas binding. 644 pgs. Gilt Top. 22391 3. 10. Cere- . 22421 ..00 12. 22395. 22393. Masonic C. 22394 . Initiation in Greece. No. 22404 Two Vol. 22392 3. McClenachan. An Account Rise of the Definitions of Technical and Progress of Freemasonry. G. J. Library Sheep. By A. D. 10.. No. Gilt Top. Ceremonies of Initiation into the Mysteries of Bacchus. History of Initiation.. 22406 Freemasonry. and Fear. 22402. the interest of Freedom and History and Cyclopedia. Full Gilt. D. Illustrated.25 Full American Russia. also "A Complete Dictionary of Symbolic Masonry" George Oliver.00 Catholic. the Celtic Mysteries. 22424 .

Rev.. S. J. No. a thrilling account of the longest and hardest struggle for freedom of Christian principles that the world has ever known. No. condensed narrative or History of the Great Crusades. The body of this work is the Lord. Ceremonies and Doctrines of all the Secret and Mysterious Institutions of the Ancient World. 1.00 Half American Morocco.00 Full American Morocco.00 History of the Knights Templar.75 Full American Russia. Library style. Oliver. comprising the Rites.50 Library sheep. 6V2 x 9|/2 No. There is a fine steel likeness of the author expressly engraved for the American edition. No. no such battles have ever been fought in ancient or modern times. no such persecutions. at Saratoga in 1907. Oliver. 22781 5. containing the proceedings of Triennial Encampments down to and including the 30th.50 the Building of the House of progress throughout the civilized world. G. from those strenuous times to the present date. 22784 6. D.monies in Britain. No. 22812 Half American Russia. 1000 pages.3.22801 its stamps. Blue cloth and gilt 514x814.00 Historical Landmarks. H. M.00 Sheep. No. C. down to the present time. No. besides the many beautiful illustrations with which this great masterpiece of Masonic writing abounds. 6V2 X 9-/^ inches. gilt. 218 pgs. to which is added a History of the Craft in the United States. P. Doctrines and Morality. royal octavo. 22819 5. Symbols ancTDoctrines of the Druids. 22814 8. by Dr. Mitchell M.. No such zeal and ardor have ever been recorded. E. No. Addison. George Oliver. No. The work is also a record of events in connection with the Orders. Gothic Mysteries. Geo. 22782 Morocco (dark red) Jewels in gold. Some of these original proceedings are very scarce. Full art canvas No. Two volumes in one. Illustrated. complete. Embossed 4..75 Full Persian Morocco.. P. add im- mensely to its value. No. 22723 4. 22811 .75 4. G. No. D. martyrdom and suffering for any cause as those endured by the Crusaders to whom we owe our beautiful system of Templarism. History of Initiation in America. C. and of itself History of Freemasonry. A " . and P. W. D. bound in Emblematic Blue Silk Linen.25 3. G. from one of the greatest contributions to text. 22813 4. Two magnificent volumes of 1500 pgs. and only to be found in rare collections.00 with jewels in silver. 22818 3. 22817 . while the annotations on the original Masonic literature. P.

2. F. Three Buds of Sweet Briar. Buck. M. The Church Trial. No. Ellis. No.8. incidents and illustrations from the humorous side of Lodge life. Half-tone Illustrations. Rob. a few of which are: The Masonic Breastpin.1. notices of its History. G. No. 22775 . Compiled and edited by James Pettibone.. 526 pgs. 1. 91... No. Catherine Williams or Husband and Wife. The Broken Tessera.75 Full Morocco.00 Lights and Shadows of the Mystic Tie. songs and poems. Morris and Albert G. Stone-Squarer's Lodge No. Low Twelve. 23181 . Death on the Sierra Nevada. 624 pgs. by The. Roht.00 Half Morocco. 23001 . The. containing a definition of all its Com- municable Terms. ... including Robert Burns' Farewell to Masons. Ellis such world-wide popularity. opinions. anecdotes. "The most compelling bit unlike anything J. 23224 Full Leather.. 6x91/2. Buck.50 A A Concise. 22774 4. many of them beautiful half tone engravings." ever written D. - of literature yet presented Dr. Nearly 200 illustrations. 600 pgs. Traditions.. Mackey. told with that accuracy and charming style which has given Mr." 300 pgs.. a fine gift book. . Gould.. A book of thrilling Edward S.75 Library Sheep.50 2. Cloth. absorbing Masonic tales Consisting of humorous...50 Cloth. 32° . 22772 4. and concerning the No. 559 pgs. No. and more than a hundred other stories.. By the author of "The Jericho Papers. No. No. and impressive stories of Masonic bravery and loyalty.50 . illustrated. Mackey. No. A. a thrilling Indian story. No. beautifully bound in blue and gold. 1. or "Jynin. More than a thousand anecdotes. most interesting book. . 36 Columns of index. most reliable comprehensive and valuable book. illustrating the character and tendency of Freemasonry." the Masons. 23161 3. 22771 2. 23196 mystery of the Lost Word. Lost Word Found.. 22773 3. and an account of all the Rites and Mysteries of the Ancient World. sketches. and Antiquities. No. a Masonic Tale of the Captive Jews and the Ark of the Covenant. The Echo and the Flute.75 Levant Morocco.History of Freemasonry.50 — romantic.50 No. A. tragic and Lodge Goat and Goat Rides. .50 A Lexicon of Freemasonry. Irish Prince and Hebrew Prophet. 23191. 23221 .

L.D. including Esther. 2. Present Status.00 MM Mission of Masonry. No. serviceable wear and richness of appearance. A Masonry.60 Masonic Gem. and thousands of dollars expenditure by the author. poetry. 23291 William T. Boutelle. 4. du Laurans. No.25 A Memphis. Seals. 22821 1. No.00 Half Morocco and full gilt. Masonic Literature. No. which en- ables us to greatly increase the quality and style of the book for choice gift book. marble edge. Ancient and Primitive Rite. Institution in America. sketch of Illustrated. The. Madison C. a sacred drama. Beautifully illustrated. Full gilt sides and edges. Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite from the 33d Degree. or Gleanings from the Harvest Field of By E. 50 35 Morals and Dogma. Rev. Confederation.D. A. marble edge. followed by forty pages of the best Masonic and O. marble edge. gift book for all Anderson. E. Heavy Paper Sides. marble edge. 23486 No. No. by Albert Pike. J. Alford.20 2. No.40 1. Origin. 23481 Full Cloth. Cloth. A collection of Esoteric and Exoteric No. The Masonic and Theosophical student will to .00 Masonic Token. E. Edition after edition has been sold. 23356 Paper. S.Man of Mount Moriah. Peters. No. great variety of subjects and includes some work of our best Masonic writers. No. 23360 Rev. 50 This book covers a of the choicest Masonic Sketch Book. Excerpts from the Landmarks of the Order.A. 23488 A Half Russia and full gilt.60 3. 23483 Half Russia. King Solomon's Temple. 1st. No. No. Treaty. L. Full gilt sides and edges. seasons. Withdrawal from Orient of France. Grand Commander. translations from ancient and modern languages. 6x9 Illustrated. 334 pgs. 23541 Masonic Odes. as well as many valuable and interesting articles by the author. Introduction and Summary of the History. Emblems etc. 289 pgs. 23485 3. etc.80 2. 23487 Half Morocco. 345 pgs. Degrees.. This valuable work is the result of years of study. The. especially intended for Masonic home reading. and Fulfillment at to Sacrifice — a wonderfully Building of From Symbolism and Prophecy interesting story of the Grand Architect the C M. Embellished with upwards of thirty illustrations. Poems. the letter-press being from the pens of a large number of our most gifted authors.Gotlieb M. 23311 2. Manifestos.

. Initiation. their manifestoes. Founded on and documents collected from the writings of initiated brethren. Diagrams. . Rudolf Steiner and Dr.50 and India. D. Life after Death.75 Gold and silver leaf stamping. etc. . their relation to the Sacred Mysteries of Egypt.3.500 years ago. and his favorite on the Level. Morris. The. The greatest book ever written or printed about Free Masonry.. t Masonic Poet Laureate. No. followed by over 500 poems. 23361 . Buck 32°. 861 pgs. Hargrave Jennings Illustrated.. Gold and Color Stamps. 260 pgs. 11.. gilt edges.50 Sacred Mysteries. 23956 and on facts ." Paul.. A most 1. Max Heindel. for centuries.60 Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception. Hemispheres. 24391 115 A — Rosicrucians. Illustrated. 6x9 No. 8 x l0 /2 inches. Greece.. etc. Astrology -true and false. and heretofore within the reach of but few. No. who includes a note of thanks to Dr. A story of Two David Tod Gilliam. Freemasonry in times anterior to the Temple of Solomon. 23946.15 — Rosicrucian Philosophy. .50 . Chaldea 2. 23285 3. through the efforts of Freemasons. An Elementary Treatise upon man's Past Evolution. Seven Days of Creation and the Four Great Initiations. The. The. Their Rites and Mysteries. "Prove all things. find in Cloth binding with gold stamps. 464 pages. 369 pgs. Of finest book paper.) . 5. Prayer.50 1 — poem — "We Meet Up- Rose Croix. Present Constitution and Future Development. Sayings of Christ.. D. No. No. 23281 2. notes and illustrations. Poetry of Freemasonry* Rob. Color plate. With Red under Gilt Edges. No. By Max Heindel. have been concealed the grandest achievements in knowledge ever gained by man. Introduction by the Author. 23881. No. Relics of Mayas and Quiches. 400 pgs. by his son. a mine of knowledge that can be found nowhere else. J. Illustrated. Bible Teachings. that. 61/2x91/2. Green Cloth. 23421 1. 5V2 x 7Vl 536 pages 14 of Index. in which. Augustus Le Plongeon. or Christian Occult Science. Alma Von Brandis. Illustrations. L.25 Mystic Masonry. with Portrait and Biography of the Author. Sequel to Cosmo—-Conception. Explains the Symbols of Freemasonry and their connection with the Greater Mysteries of Antiquity. worth many times its cost. In Questions and Answers. 23896 (A Master Work. and Part Upon the Square" in the original words and later changes.. interesting novel. No. Life on Earth. may be and are being understood and restored to the world. Phenomena.. No. . Freewill. L. Beautifully embossed cover.

of great value. Samuel Beswick. A or the Freemason's Daughter. No. an account of the late remarkable discoveries of Masonic emblems under the pedestal of an ancient obelisk in Egypt. The. 288 pgs. Addresses and Orations on various Masonic occasions.00 „ Symbolism of Freemasonry. 23916 Solomon's Temple. . 24051 1. No. Caldecott. Master Mason's Order. also an account of the recent discovery of an ancient temple in Mexico with Masonic emblems. 6I/2 x 9 No. 24071 Illustrating and Explaining its Legends. 24026 Spirit of Freemasonry. 23984 . 2..00 history of the seizure. George Oliver. Shaw 2.4. Rev. and a Corollary. Arnold. Its History and Structure. Signet of A. Illustrated 1. 4x6. and the relation between the symbolic system of Swedenborgianism and Modern Freemasonry. together with a case of recent persecution and death in that country. The Masonic career of Swedenborg and his followers. Apparel and Jewels of Masons. by the Rev. his extraordinary career and tragic death. . 360 pgs. 75 W. 23981 In fine satin cloth and gilt.00 Morocco. C. Comprising Lectures on the State of Freemasonry in the Eighteenth Century. Temple" 91/2. and the Great Masonic Leaders of the Century. B' Sibley. Temple at Jerusalem Geometry. the Design. D. plained in and ex1.50 23986 Singular Story of Freemasonry. in modern Beautifully illustrated. No. history of the life of the renowned philosopher.50 No. . its Science and Philosophy. W. 23976 Dr. Pythagoras. charming and fascinating story of a "Knight of times. 24021. critical and explanatory. 548 pages. Book of Freemasonry. Brotherly Love. 1275 to the present time. gilt edges.50 Swedenborg Eighteenth Rite. concise and interesting little A most attractive book. Ceremonies and Institutions of the Ancients.Scarlet thrilling Contains an authentic and imprisonment and martyrdom of Free Masons and Knights Templar from A.. Furniture. Secrecy of Masons. 100 pgs. Mackey.50 Signs and Symbols. Beautifullv illustrated. . William Hutchinson. Myths and Symbols. Rites. Charity. Nature of the Lodge. George Oliver. With copious notes. No. followed by an Appendix containing Charges. a series of twelve lectures. 6 x No. No. No. Occupations. 1. the King Solomon.3.25 . very rich.

Doctrines. Frederick W. 24301 A SELECTED ASSORTMENT OF BOOKS Historical. Knowledge. 6^2 x 9|4 Illustrated. 24061 298 pgs. Great Lights. Masonic. No. Cambridge. The philosophy of this great Mystic and on Earth. and Masonic Ladder. brought to light by diligent research among the Masonic records and documents of the past century. through the super-conscious- ness of Anita Silvani. No. A part of his history. 2000 years. The Strange Story after a period of over of. showing cloth. A.50 .„. combined idle hearer of a tale pass them by. 540 pgs. 284 pages 5^2 x IVl 1. Clouded Canopy and Ladder Symbols. entirely omitted by most of his biographers. Containing fine Masonic portrait of Washington and numerous 1. Mystic. Philosophic. Origin and Early History of Freemasonry... Poetry and Philosophy. what Life hath taught him of the soul New Pilgrims Progress in the Abyss. and ParaPreface by dise Won.00-.. C. and let him that is the Two volumes. Fraternal. etc. Optimistic. Rev. New Thought. Ahrinziman.Symbol the Object and End of Freemasonry. Pierson and Godfrey W. Application.„„. T. and gold stamps. and its rituals and customs. As told by himself. No. Psychic. M. 1. Persian Ruler.. inziman and a Vision in the Desert.. Etc. Symbol of Glory. Thurstan. in a valedictory : of Glory. of Christ's College.50 Tradition. Theological Virtues and Masonry.. with a brief history of the Order." Illustrated with a portrait of Ahrin one book of 49 chapters. 24213 2. Occult. George Oliver. . An interesting and reliable work.'. No. Astrologic. "To each one comes life's lesson in a different form: Let —A — him that would learn the meaning of this story attend to these words that he may the better understand. Symbolical.. and in the Heavens Arabian Nights. Steinbrenner. Spiritualistic. By A. Paradise Lost. An degrees elaborate account of the traditions which form the basis of the in Freemasonry and their coincidence with the Ancient Mysteries. Wanderings in Spirit. Washington and His Masonic Compeers. and thirteen lectures Masonic Science. also the origin of the Society of Operative Masons and its transformation into a Speculative Fraternity. black Blazing Star. 22026 • .75 other illustrations. Notes on Obsession and Mediumship. abounding in facts and incidents pertaining to Washington's Masonic life. Circle and Parallel Meaning.

Ph. Throwing light on the path of progressive man. his An interesting and facinating story of the thrilling experiences of an earnest occult student on way upward to those sublime heights of Universal Love and De- votion to Humanity. Floyd B. 22166 . leading through mysticism to the discovery of those unused powers within the soul. . Cloth. No. The Temple. Buck. The Constructive Principle of 1. 32° No.Altar in the Wilderness. J. 22076 Book of the Master. No. Cloth. Gen. 22856 Egypt and of Eleusis. attained only by the true Initiates of the Great White Brotherhood —a vivid picture of life in the famous occult schools of Paris and the Far East.00 Dr.00 No. Florence Huntley. Americanized from the translation by Max Gsyi. D.50 Brotherhood. Way . 22161. Wm. 1. Marsham Adams. 24235 50 25 Christian Ben Hur. Cloth. 1. Wallace. The Great Drama 1. No. which duly appropriated give expression to the Divine in Man. Rudolf St einer. 22176 Brother of the Third Degree.00 No. Judge. Ethelbert Johnson. The. The. New 1. No. Burcham Harding. Occult Powers and ment. The Wilderness. No. W. No. — — of Man. Paper. The Exile. A clue to the mysterious religion of W.25 . 22716 forces in Nature. explaining long been veiled in mystery.D.00 Initiation. . The. representing the Seven Spiritual Ages Illumination. Q. Wilson. This work marks out a new path in the treatment of the so-called Occult in Nature. Carver. much which has so 377 pages. In seven chapters The Go! Jen Age. Constructive Psychology.00 Harmonics of of Evolution. 24231. 2. 22266 10 Discovery of the Soul. No. Ancient Egypt. 22306 1. 24276 large type.00 of Hermes and Plato. 1. 22296 their acquire- Culture of Concentration. The mysteries Edouard Share. Character Building. attempting to explain rather than to mystify and to illustrate and elucidate the correlation spiritual 463 pgs.50 Lew No. Life in Death. or How to Attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. a Tale of the Christ. A most valuable and natural guide in a matter between you and yourself. The of. Notes by Edouard Schure. Nature's Law. The Conflict. L. and physical No.

The authentic works and life of this great Jewish historian and celebrated warrior. attractively bound and illustrated. No. 559 pgs. Henry Frank. the English Rosicrucian. 24167 50 75 Man Limitless. 23056 1. Koran.25 About 1500 pages. 23306 Myrtle Baldwin. Blavatsky. style or special silk. The." No. the Infinite. Bro. Cloth. John. as it A is full of novel of great interest. 1055 pgs. No. A sequel Way of Initiation. » . "A study of the possibilities of man when acting under infinite guidance with which he is in absolute touch. 23016 Light on the Path. 245 pgs. An excellent No. 22996 Bound 1. St. Translated by Wm. Portrait of the Author.00 No. A searching analysis and exposition of the power of mind in bodybuilding and the forming of personality. Wilson.00 and 7. CM. Initiation and Mysteries.50 Mohammedian Bible).. No. 1. No. The Essenes. Commonly called the Alkoran of Mohammed (the 1. helpful and inspiring essays. 510 pgs.00 New large type. RL D. No. These works in the plainest and clearest way. and the Theosophic Press indorse them in 1. wholesome. Rob't.. No. especially to the Masonic principles.25 Floyd B.00 No. 23061 The. 250 pgs. Japanese Ralph Waldo Trine.50 Cloth. 23106 Last Great Initiate. No 23166 Leather. A. 22976 the highest terms. 1. Fludd. .00 in In Isis Tune with Unveiled. The. Charles Clark Munn. 50910.25 Edouard Schure. A treatise for the personal use who are unfamiliar with the Eastern Wisdom but desire within its influence. 5 /4x7 /2» 1 1 Illusgift.. 23586 1. M. No. of those to enter No. etc. give more instruction in occult knowledge than any yet published.00 Josephus. 23086. pressed. 2. Rudolf Steiner. Fraternity. green cloth. black and gold stamps. Henry Frank Beautifully exKingdom of Love. Winston. 1.50 . No. the Great Initiates of the East and West. Edouard Schure. Mystics. author trated.75 No.. B.00 Life and Writings of Dr. 23531 1. 7V^x9|/2« 1. Mastery of Mind in the Making of a Man. Craven. 1. 23286 H. /. 23071 Krishna and Orpheus. 4. P. 2 Vols. Jesus the. etc..Initiation to the and its Results* Rudolf Steiner. 6x9. of The Hermet.

Symbol in gold. /?. 23716 Louis Jacolliot. from photographs taken by the author while exploring those ancient remains. Ralph Waldo Trine. Clymer. and careful study of the signs.25. from this book.00 to 4. The. Silk. will gain strength the despairing hope. The Therapeutae and Essenes and their Initiation. with Introduction and Explanatory ArguCloth. and its Fall. that of the Eastern Hemisphere. No. Occultist's No.50 A Rubaiyat of No. Wilson. S. A most and valuable work the result of extensive research among the ruined palaces.00 2. and among Ancients." 1. Atlantis. the Fire Philosophy is the foundation of True and Mystic and Occult Fraternities. This. 6x9. 1. page illusDeckel edge. as well as the Secret Doctrine and Ancient Mysteries. 23851. 23811 Edouard Schure.50 Pythagoras and the Delphic Mysteries. 23726 Travels. 1. Alice No. tombs and temples. No. 23841 Fall of the Maya Empire. 23806 1. No. and giving a reasonable solution of that mystery of the ages— the Origin and Meaning of the Egyptian Sphinx. and 1. its Beauty. doubting assurance Fifteenth edition. Second and very much enlarged edition. Silk Cloth. 2. Willy Reichel." all "There is nothing all new under Initiation.00 Paths to Power.50 No. 24236 1. 1 .75 . Profusely illustrated. 23936 Omar Khayyam. With 12 full trations in colors tinted border designs. sun. Cloth. Cloth. — interesting Queen Moo's Talisman. 23796 — and "The struggling — the Philosophy of Fire. No. with an account of their Mystic Initiations and History of Spiritualism. Augustus Le Plongeon. symbols and ancient manuscripts of the Mayas of prehistoric Yucatan showing evidences of a civilization antedating.00 Limp Leather. 23940 . The beautiful Poem Le ment. by centuries. An. Plongeon. No.Mystical Life of Ours.00 the Occult Science in India. The Templars. LOO Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx. contains the Rosicrucian Fire Philosophy according to Jennings. and Fire Philosophers. The. Watered 23937 No.00 Floyd B. Reduced from the Authors price 6. About 250 pgs. Beautifully illustrated with full page half-tone prints. No.

Exquisitely printed and bound. and II No. and uplifting drama No. I 5. . The. 5V x7V 2 2 . Religion Vols. Leather.00 .00 Temple. 308 pgs. . 24241 Floyd B. 24266. Book of the Blavatsky. Mystical No.50. The. The. No.. The. Synthesis of Science.50 Vol.50. James M.75 Theosophy.Secret Doctrines The. Christ. No.. 24031. This work embodies a system of instruction for mental growth and attainment of ideals. the Introduction to the Supersensible Knowledge of the Destination of Man. Secret Doctrine. Rev. 1. Franklin Noble. The Three Worlds. Re-Embodiment of the Spirit and Destiny. . . 24067.. H. cloth. Caldecott. Hillarl No. 75 Paper. Shaw 1. Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.00 Thoughts for the Occasion. . Wilson. Observance of Timely or Special Occasions of the MaCompiled by sonic.. The Constitution of the Human Being. and other Extracts from the New the Testament. 6x9 About 1500 pgs with Index. 24040 Story of the Other Wise Man. taken from the Mosaic books of the Kabbalah and the Talmud. 24076 A verbatim translation or Arcane from the Greek with notes on Sense. A Manual of Historical Data and Facts. No. No. Translated from the Ger- An World and man. rative. 23962 Cloth. 24216. Pryse. D. D. 100 pgs. and Other Chosen Fragments from the Golden Precepts for the Daily Use of Lanoos. Odd Fellows and various other Orders.00 No. Cloth. .. Its Ministry and Services at the Time of Jesus 1. Dr. Eidersheim.75 Cloth. No.. 4 History and Structure.50 Rev. of Brotherly A beautiful Love Charles Rann Kennedy.25 . Helpful in Suggesting Themes and in Outlining Addresses for the.00 Sermon on the Mount. 60 Servant in the House. 50665 1. 230 pgs. 1. 5*/ x 7^2. 24201 Its The Tabernacle. arts of the old The wonderful wise Hebrews. No.. . 12. 24267 . A beautiful nar- Henry Van Dyke. Abridged. and Limp Leather. The and Philosophy. The Path of Knowledge. No. No. P. 23961. Voice of the Silence. for the good of mankind.2. Ill No. 22966. 24176 W. 576 pgs. Cloth. 2. .00 Through Silence to Realization. . 24066. No. 1.

Abstracts from Lectures by W. — The A wonderful A The Dashed Against the Rock. and Australia. aims to introduce selected gems from Oriental interpretations of the most literature together with philosophical presents highly disputed Bible texts. or Helpful Sayings for Busy Moments. Most Popular Works by This Great Author and Well Known Lecturer in Europe. No. 22191 50 .75. book.10 . W.10 . Significance of. By W. Ancient Mystery and Modern Revelation.00* Auras and Colors. and also condensed biographical accounts of the Esoteric Schools of Antiquity and the To every liberal-minded Bible characteristics of their founders. Four Lectures. new work. student and to all who are investigating the psychic problems of to-day the work as a whole must appeal as one of more than Cloth. America.10 . Cloth: 30 No % 22476 Glints of Wisdom.10 . W. 24346 average interest 1. Paper No. 22671. No. Colville. Colville. Paper 25c full outline description of the Significance of Color and a clear explanation of the nature and development of the Human Aura. 22375 30 . 22192 . Colville. Colville. or Our Place in the UniverBirthdays. An encyclopedia of psychological laws contained in an endless variety of subject. W. W. sal Zodiac. No. No. Dreams and Visions What is Genius Words of Power 22276 50900 50440 50450 50455 50460 50465 50445 . which is of considerable size. Cloth.W. Cloth No.10 .10 These Essays are on live topics very clearly setting forth practical mental methods for conquering obstacles and making the most of life generally any 3 of the above Essays for 25 Cents Fate Mastered-Destiny Fulfilled* Three stirring essays on live issues. 22316 75 ESSAYS Concentration of Thought Human Aura Law of Attraction Law of Success Law of Suggestion Sleep. COLVILLE'S BOOKS. J.10 .75 Leatherette. with A scientific novel. A very tasteful presentation volume. J. illustrated many remarkable : diagrams. J. Colville Cloth and Gilt. . J. A Selection of the J.10 .00 Six copies to any single address on receipt of $5. J. Colville. J.

24186 1.Health from Knowledges Applied to or the Healing. 22744. of recent experiences in America. An excellent book. India. J. Japan and other ancient nations. China. Rome. J. tracing the evolution from bondage to liberty. J.00 . No. Cohille.00 Universal Spiritualism. Australia. W. The. 3 for 25 Cohille. e 22741 75 . France. W. Symbolism— Its use Send for list. 24256 1. all tending to show the A persistent continuity of spiritual revelation. . Power W. Twenty-six chapters presenting imalso a record portant teachings entrusted to the writer's charge of extensive travel in the Southern Hemisphere.30 Paper No. No. No. Great Britain. which extends to 352 pages. Cohille. Cohille. all resume of the Spiritual faith and practice of Egypt. Cohille. Clairvoyance. Initiation etc. The and its Results. Law . . Spirit Communion in all ages among The work has two distinctive features: (1st) A people. Mental Therapeutics. Way of Initiation.00 Onesimus Templeton. Cloth. No. No. Persia. Telepathy and Psychic Phenomena in general are dealt with in separate chapters at the close of the volume. and students. Greece. Cohille Leatherette. Life and from Within. not ex(2nd) summary cepting Europe. during Christian centuries. Germany. W. W. on various subjects Atlantis. Italy and other modern lands. Twenty-four chapters. J. and a rational system of preventing as well as healing diseases. Cloth. according No. 12 Expository W. and Value. 23151 to New Thought standards. embracing the most advanced mental-physical teaching and the simplest rules for the guidance of daily life. Cloth.00 Lectures. 23156 : 50 Lectures. Cloth. of a soul A vivid romance. 22420 Twelve 25 Old and New explanatory essays on Psychology. including many subjects of vital interest to all teachers J. 23771 50 Throne of Eden* The. Cohille. No. each 10/. 23766 1. of Correspondences as Cloth. W. No. 1. . Cohille.Cloth. Cohille. J. all who are W. J. making it interested in the a highly useful text-book for question of human immortality. by W. Living Decalogue. J. Elementary Text Book of Practical Lessons. J.

to find within themselves the source of all success." The Path of Prosperity. The Way of Peace.75 Life Triumphant. Cloth. It's realization and attainment. worldly or unworldly. imbossed . one Life. with colored borders. eather Binding. await in where perfect trust. A way leading out of undesirable conditions to health. and wanting all friends to have one.00 Poverty to Power. success. Allen's rare jewels. Inspiring and helpful "New Thought. at last all truth: And the and world on its mission of healing and blessedness. and saw A Foreword. The two books in 1 vol 1. but could not find until looked and the self-made nature deeper. which should help men and women. knowledge. "I that of I it was shadowed by sorrow and scorched by the ing. all accomplishment. I looked again." substantial. How to attain its supreme happiness this life. abounding happiness and the realization of prosperity. That heavenly kingdom within the heart of man. the Life of adjustment to that Law: one Truth. the Truth of a conquered mind and And I dreamed of writing a book a quiet and obedient heart. and there found both the cause learned. looked upon the world. knowing that it cannot fail to reach the homes an d hearts of those who are waiting and ready to receive it. dream remained with me. Entering the Kingdom. style of binding as follows: of the enment and above in either Paper Covers. power. the Law of Love. all happiness. peace and love Golden Gateways. 1. Out from the Heart.JAMES ALLEN'S BOOKS. . Most optimistic and uplifting. Through the Gate of Good. here and now. learned or unwithin. I fierce it fires suffer- looked for the cause. The Heavenly Life. Leading from the complexities of ignorance and formalism to the joyful simplicity of EnlightFaith. rich or poor.50 . and found the remedy I of the cause.75 Special Gift Editions. size 4|4x7/4 " Cloth Binding. — . 5 1/2x7%. The Path of Prosperity and Way of Peace.00 From Order and read one of the books you'll ask the price per dozen. Man's Divine Destiny. on this earth. found one Law. and I became now send it forth into the As a Man Thinketh. " " Any " - " " " " -15 " ./D " " " " " " " " Watered Silk. say The Path of Prosperity. all who will enter its Morning and Evening Thoughts.

New York. Gardner and fountain of sparkling waters. All goods are guaranteed to be as represented.In the Quarries. would prove of essential benefit to the seeker after knowledge. if brought to the surface would prove of essential service to the Craft. Directions for Ordering.) less the postage we have paid on it. or. and would be to him a school of instruction. Or if desired for use on our Circulating Library Plan. Report Grand Chapter. will return the money (except on paper bindings. For further information regarding "Library Plan" see last page. These writings of the wisest and best Masonic scholars. and 10 °/o for the first month's use. whence he could derive inspiration as refreshing as that to the weary traveler who slakes his thirst at the Comps. These valuable treasures should not be left to lie in the rubbish and be covered with the dust of ages and forgotten. they will be sent by express subject to inspection and approval. by sending one-fourth of the amount. will be refunded. subject to apThey can be exchanged or returned when your money proval. on deposit. 1890. and the goods will be sent immediately. — — Cor. send us the price of the book. and 5 °fo for each additional month. Mitchell. A library of rich treasures of Craft literature. ought to be garnered into storelie many gems of eloquence. and we will prepay postage to After reading return it to us carefully protected and we you. words of wisdom expressed by men of age and experience. . George J. Send Express or Post Office Money Order for the amount of your purchase. which to illuminate the can have access whence to draw "more light" pathway of the worker in the Masonic quarries. many many practical thoughts and expressions. houses where all Charles T. There sparkling rays of genius.

order the — To books secure books on way. we have set aside several well filled cases. its Origin. send Money Order equivalent to the value of the book and state that you wish them on the library plan. etc. . as well as many rare.— CIRCULATING LIBRARY. yours fraternally. 45 John Street. S. or Theosophic. for one cent. A. Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co. yet wish to become conversant with Masonry. deducting the same the Circulating Library Plan. book-keeping. for a comparatively small item of cost you can add to your store of knowledge. New York. the rate of ten per cent of their value for the and an additional five per cent for each month thereafter which will cover the expense of wrapping. Thus. Mystic. U. less the percentage. Occult and New Thought literature. who have no room for a collection of books. We invite you or to use to consult them at freely at the library. History. which we advance by your express or post office. old and out-ofprint books. which will be refunded. without charge them at your homes thirty days. when the books are returned. for greater usefulness and perfirst — — sonal enjoyment. (FREE READING) (HOME READING) For our many readers. on these subjects. containing the latest and best. by enclosing stamps or money order equaling their value. you can order the be sent through the mail or express. Ys lb. Symbolism and Objects. As books to Readers the mail rates- in any part of the United States can take advantage of — Books prepaying them to when refunding balance. We are. in the usual Trusting you will find it convenient to list make use of the the library or try a selection from the for your evenings at books at home. time and carfare is an important item.

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