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Environment means anything that surrounds us and is made up of all those things which directly or indirectly affect in some way or the other our life or activity. Environment is the total surroundings of an organism. Environment is the sum of all social, economical, physical or chemical factors which constitute the surroundings of man. We can say that all the external factors that affect our growth, development and lives is called environment. Environment includes two components:- Abiotic and biotic. Abiotic consists of all non-living things such as soil, atmosphere, water, climate etc. Biotic includes all living things such as plants and animals. The health of an individual is directly related to clean, safe and hygienical environment. A healthy environment is that where there is the balance of Biotic and Abiotic environment. Both should exist without disturbing each other.

The sports environment means the surrounding around the playfield, grounds, stadiums etc. The sports environment means there should be proper playfields, equipments and all the required facilities which promote the games and sports. We can say that all the factors or conditions that encourage participation in and promotion of games and sports constitute our sports environment. Sports environment plays important role in child development. It is based on healthy and positive environment. The surrounding of playfields should be clean, safe and hygienical. There should be well qualified coaches and physical education teachers. In the end we can say that the environment which motivates towards games and sports is called sports environment.

Sports play an important role in the development of student’s personality. Sports environment plays the important role by motivating student s towards sports world. The following are the importance of sports environment: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. It forms the base to competitive sports. Promotes healthy environment in the school premises. Teaching takes place in a healthy and friendly environment. Develop cooperation among the school students. Sports environment prevents us from various health problems, thus health status is improved along with physical fitness. 6. Helps to enhance social development among the teaching as well as non-teaching staff of the school. 7. Sports environment helps to develop moral values, hyginical habits, sportsmanship, sports ethics etc.

The playing area should be maintained properly. likewise it is essential in sports to develop an attitude which may help in development of sports environment. The players should be trained with proper training methods considering the principles of training in a progressive manner. Players should wear proper sports kit. Thus helping in the development of suitable sports environment in the school premises. washrooms. basic skills or techniques to bring perfection in sports. There should be safe drinking water. Beginners and small children should be well instructed and guided properly related to rules of game. The purpose of developing and creating a sports environment is to create an atmosphere for sports learning or to develop an activity oriented background for sports. for the players. To enhance the health related environment it is important to inculcate healthy attitude. A sports background always helps to increase the interest of students to play sports and keeps him motivated to learn regularly. 3. 5. DEVELOPMENT OF DESIRABLE SPORTS ATTITUDE: To create an atmosphere of sports in the school premises. DEVELOPMENT OF SPORTS INFRASTRUCTURE: It is basic requirement to create suitable sports environment. The environment of school should be friendly so that the students and school staff may interact with each other about the sports related activities. TRAINING EQUIPMENTS. 2. trainers and coaches in the organization. 4. A good sports environment includes the following factors: 1. A good school-sports facility always helps to develop interest among the students as well as in teaching staff. Expert staff is the backbone of sports environment. FACILITIES AND ITS MAINTAINENECE: The playing equipments should be good quality and approved by the sports authorities. They should follow the rules and regulations of the activities with true sincerity without disturbing and damaging sports environment. . changing rooms etc. Without field or courts it is not possible to increase the sports activities in the school. it is the attitude of staff and students which plays an important role. ROLE OF INDIVIDUAL IN IMPROVEMENT OF ENVIRONMENT FOR PREVENTION OF SPORTS RELATED ACCIDENTS Some of the accidents on the sports field are caused by the condition of facilities such as improper equipment and poor facilities but for most of the accidents the players are responsible.2 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF SPORTS ENVIRONMENT Though the term ‘SPORTS ENVIRONMENT’ is new but it is essential element in purposeful learning. proper sports shoes and safety guards etc. PLAYERS IN THE ORGANISATION: Sports environment is meant for players thus players should participate regularly in sports activities with full enthusiasm and interest. EXPERT STAFF OR COACHES: There should be the expert teachers. They should be up to the marked according the instruction of the particular games and sports.

Lack of proper warming up. 3. 7. Media in modern sports has vital role to play. . arrangement of organizers.3 The causes of accidents in many cases are the following conditions of individuals: 1. 2. 10. It provides keen competition as the sportsmen are encouraged to give out their best. 9. Faulty personal equipment. ROLE OF MEDIA IN CREATING POSITIVE SPORTS ENVIRONMENT Positive sports environment is created not only by organizers. Such an indiscipline and unsportsman like behavior of the crowd spoils the sports environment. level of players helps to give glimpse of the tournament and people after going through the news take interest in the ongoing championship. 4. Spectator’s response and support helps us in. Popularizing the sport. Improving standard of the game or sport. 6. when their favourite side loses. training. We should encourage the positive attitude of spectators and motivate others to do positive behavior whereas the negative behavior of spectators should be discouraged. Poor physical condition of the player. Therefore. 3. Print media and electronic media can make sports environment positive by giving positive comments about the championship and their organizers coverage from media about the players’ attitude. ROLE OF SPECTATORS IN CREATING POSITIVE SPORTS ENVIRONMENT The spectators play a very important role in encouraging and motivating sportsmen or in creating a healthy sports environment. A good spectator encourages the game and motivates the players to perform better. for the prevention of sports related accidents and for the creation of a healthy environment on the sports field. 4. a sportsman should looking after his fitness. and to improve the financial status of the players. Rough play. Carelessness. The success of tournament is rated with the media coverage and its interest on championship. 5. They watch the game with full interest and show positive attitude over good play. Disobedience of rules of play. Sometimes the spectators create indiscipline due to their bias and favoritism towards the sides of their liking. skills and personal equipment. Lack of skill. Lack of training or overtraining. Generating finances for the provision of better facilities and equipment etc. 8. Improper use of equipments.1. 2. management or sports people but also by the media people. Improper dress and shoes etc.