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Glass Bottle Walls and Houses and more...

glass bottle wall



Glass Bottle Walls

glass bottle wall An arts center in Deep Ellum, Texas. Source

glass bottle wall


Source glass bottle house Anna's bottle house in Note tires and cans as well..1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls An Earth Ship Home. Source inspirationgreen.html 3/27 . Arizona.

glass bottle wall Kawakawa. New Zealand men's public toilet close up.but keep your privacy. another Earth Ship. inspirationgreen. Bring in light -.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls glass bottle wall In Taos.html 4/27 .com/glassbottlewalls.

com/glassbottlewalls.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls glass bottle wall inspirationgreen.html 5/27 .

Happy 6/27 .Carlucci Land. Designed by Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls glass bottle wall Kawakawa. Source inspirationgreen. Source glass bottle wall Again in New Zealand -. New Zealand men's public toilet from the outside.

North Carolina a tribute to Minnie inspirationgreen.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls The Bottle Chapel at Airlie Gardens.html 7/27 .

glass bottle wall The sides of the chapel. Source inspirationgreen.html 8/27 .com/glassbottlewalls.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls glass bottle wall Close up at Airlie.

Designed by Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich glass bottle wall inspirationgreen.html 9/27 .1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls glass bottle wall Market Hall Altenrhein Switzerland.

An artist's studio in New Zealand. Source 10/27 . glass bottle house Here's an eclectic room.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls Hundertwasser bottle wall picture by eloisavh on Flickr.

inspirationgreen. Photo by Keith Watson on Looks more secure when you plaster in the bottle necks.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls glass bottle wall Same New Zealand art studio. glass bottle house Prince Edward Island Bottle House.html 11/27 .

Thai for “The Temple of One Million Bottles. glass bottle construction Walkway at Wat Lan Kuat.” inspirationgreen. Glass Bottle Walls glass bottle wall Glass wall Biotecture.html 12/27 .

Source inspirationgreen. Nevada. glass bottle house Tom Kelly's Bottle House Rhyolite.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls Wat Lan Kuat (One Million Bottle Temple) in Khn Han.html 13/27 .com/glassbottlewalls. Eastern Thailand. Here is a video on the different ways to cut a glass bottle: www.designopatagonia. Argentina with 100% recycled Tin cans for roofing and siding and merged whiskey bottles as And a how to make glass bottle bricks here: 14/27 .1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls EarthShip Photo: Earthship Kristen Manuel Rapoport has built a house in inspirationgreen.

. inspirationgreen.html 15/27 ..1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls glass bottle wall A wall made of cordwood and

html 16/27 .wordpress.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls Duke's bottle house in Source glass bottle house Charlie stagg's bottle cave creation by Lawrence Harris. Beer Bottle Walls girlvsbeer. Interlocking Heineken bottles. Heineken was a green thinker and designed bottle bricks so his beer bottles could be re-used. inspirationgreen. But they never got filled.html 17/27 .1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls The Heineken wobo. Read more...

1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls glass bottle house Tinkertown New 18/27 . Source inspirationgreen. Source Glass bottle chair.

com/recycled-glassbottles Glass Bottle Walls And to go in your new bottle home. this more stylish wine bottle See the Recycled Glass Bottles Post as well: www. a beer bottle Wiki page on glass bottle wall construction:en. Source Better yet.html 19/27 . glass bottle bricks: www. Source

html 20/27 .enter security code above: Post Comment Showing comments 1 to 50 of 60 | Next | Last Gigi Posts: 60 bottle walls Reply #60 on : Tue December 25. Name: Email: Subject: Comment: * Help prevent spam . I think it would be so cool! Tami mobley Glass bottle walls Posts: 60 Reply #58 on : Wed November 07. 2012. Recommend 5.2k Send Become a Fan of Inspiration Green Gn o i tar ip snI@ w o l l o F Write a comment Required fields are marked with *.. A Friend of mine did ask if we also could use Silicon? Thanks :) Cindy Haviland Posts: 60 I want to build a green house with glass bottles. love it!!!!! I am going to build a Wall around a Caravan we have on the Property. 20:24:07 I really want to build a recycled wine bottle wall/buffet in my back yard as a first bottle inspirationgreen. can't wait and I will keep you informed how I am going.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls Share this page. 15:01:45 Love this! Reply #59 on : Sat November 17. 20:41:50 Everything is amazing. 2012.

Its in Rhyolite.. Tge last one was the most fascinating. 05:49:47 Love this site. The photos in this site are inspirational!!! Keiren Posts: 60 @ Ron Reply #51 on : Thu June 28. 2012. 19:38:31 I was checking out 8 ghost towns in the US. I've thought about cutting bottles in half and using the lower halves and/or jars. I am going to share. 14:02:36 I would think if you have open bottles. and this is the first time I had ever seen one of these before. 2012. So glad to know there are ideas and instructions out there so we can maybe try a small-scale wall at our home! Check out pictures here of the Disney queue here: inspirationgreen. 2012. 11:28:55 This art puts you in another world Maria Posts: 60 WOW!!! Reply #56 on : Thu October 18. Hope you get to build your wall one day! Ron Posts: 60 making bottle walls Reply #50 on : Thu June 28. It was so beautiful. architectural part works so beautifully with GREEN!! :-) Sequoia Warner Posts: 60 Fantastic post. I am having a hard time finding how to's on the subject. you could always just recap them. :-) Not only did I have fun seeing allk the ghost towns but digging deeper led me to some amazing uses of recycled bottles. artsy. I started doing research and happened upon this page. Some very lovely ideas.html 21/27 . so both sides of a wall would show the bottoms. 2012. I Googled for more photos which led me to your site. very cool. and adding the jars on the other end eliminated the open ends and gave it a neater look. 21:28:22 Thanks for creating this website.the pics are outstanding!!! Heidi Yeadon bottle houses Posts: 60 Reply #55 on : Tue October 09. 12:18:05 I saw a beautiful use of bottles in a wall on one of those home improvement shows. then wrapped the whole thing in metal sheeting/flashing before casting in cement. They claimed the metal reflected more light into the house. 2012. 2012. 2012. etc. tile. 16:58:25 Have any of you seen or heard about the new Amazing Oil Bottle House at Disney's California Adventure? It is in the queue for the new Cars Land ride Radiator Springs Racers.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls project but I do not know what to use as "mortar" between the bottles. Stephanie Posts: 60 The Amazing Oil Bottle House at Disney's California Adventure Reply #49 on : Tue June 19. I'm a huge fan of recycling glass. Liking the idea of wrapping the bottles in metal flashing! There is an image on the Recycled glass bottles post under Art that shows two bottles combined. Susan Schott Inspiration Green Posts: 60 Reply #57 on : Sat October 20. a capper is cheap ~$20 and caps are really cheap like 100 for $1 Christine Posts: 60 LOVE the recycled glass Reply #52 on : Wed July 25. So nicethat the creative. VERY. 2012. fabric. 17:11:28 Wow. I'll add the picture to this post as well.. 01:00:49 Open Bottles Reply #53 on : Sat August 04. Kirk Posts: 60 Re: Glass Bottle Walls Reply #54 on : Thu August 23. The people put glass jars on the bottle opening end. NV. which I think are more atteractive.

But. 11:02:18 Hi. 2012. is there a way to stop the moquitoes from breeding inside the bottles? t Posts: 60 bottle walls Reply #45 on : Fr i May 25. The colors and the way it can help heat up places. If I find out anymore I'll keep you posted. I would not go through all that effort. in a mosaic of water and sky and palm tree. Labels. with the necks facing out. 05:36:48 glass bottles Reply #42 on : Mon Mar ch 05. jo Posts: 60 Reply #44 on : Wed Apr il 25. 2012. 20:01:29 Re: Glass Bottle Walls Reply #43 on : Sun Apr il 15.I am against all nasty chemicals. 2012. so no need to remove the labels. I am stumped! Kari Posts: 60 Labels . (Soaking in tubs of water?) But if they are going to be submerged in cement. 2012. I can see this in so many of my ideas for the home I would love to help build with my boyfriend. 2012. All those bottles we have in drinks and other can be turned into art in the yard. I would think. 18:49:54 It very impressive and attractive. shared!! . As to mosquitoes . 16:45:44 cooleo men Joelle Pterson Posts: 60 I really love how the glass looks in all of the things made. looking at all the pictures above. and it was fabulous. would impede the gluing process of the mortar what do you think? Remove the labels from the 3000 bottles or not necessary? Joanne Posts: 60 Mosquitoes in bottle walls? Reply #46 on : Mon May 28. I see not one label in any of the houses built with bottles! For aesthetic reasons I would remove them. 2012. is it necessary to remove the labels? I am building a retaining wall so the wall will be subject to some water seepage. 15:57:48 these are amazing tomato creek re: glass bottle walls farmers Posts: 60 We did test panels and set them out on the deck over winter in NW PA. Thanks for writing. to see if they would freeze and break. If you do that. and keeping a whole building saturated with essential oils sound expensive. I saw a wall a long time ago. 2012. Keiren Posts: 60 too Kari and Joanne Reply #48 on : Fr i June 08.http://damouse. very beautiful. I have read that some people leave the bottle tops open on outdoor walls. with morning glories growing around the exposed necks. there would still be plenty of bottle to grip. Trash To Very cool. Makes me want to plan many garden spots! Shahid Latif Glass Wall Posts: 60 Reply #41 on : Mon Mar ch 05. 12:36:33 I am wondering when building a glass bottle wall with concrete and bottles will not be seen. 20:29:40 I would think if the bottles are mostly submerged in the mud/cement. Thanks for the inspiration.To remove or not remove? Reply #47 on : Fr i June 08. and how much mortar was needed. This year we plan to build our dream wall.

Anonymous Posts: 60 amazing Reply #35 on : Sun November 13. 2011. We are building an outdoor shower on our ecostead in hawaii and this was perfect inspiration.blogspot. 2012.wikipedia. but now am about to have a wetroom wall limeplastered and BINGO! Need to get drinking again!! Julianne Felton Posts: 60 glass bottles as art/architecture Reply #31 on : Fr i August 2011.. As soon as the weather gets warm enough I am going to remove my boring window and install a bottle window. 14:00:09 breath taking. dale lewis Posts: 60 bottles in walls Reply #37 on : Mon Januar y 16.. I've been cluttering up my small back patio with empty bottles intending to use them in a building project somewhere. 2011. Keiren Amy Stephenson Posts: 60 am wanting to build a partial wall for a hot tub enclosure and wanted to ask what kind of concrete or mortor is used or if there are any instructions on how to build a wall Anna WinskillStunning Posts: 60 Reply #32 on : Mon October 24. Have a look on Google at the Owl House in New Bethesda ~ South Africa. 12:37:58 inspirationgreen. LOVE IT! I am an artist who works with recycled materials and found these works just plain fascinating... 17:22:04 Re: Glass Bottle Walls Reply #34 on : Sat November 05.or to have worked with cement ever! So. The pictures are great. 2012. I have seen a few bottle walls but nothing like this. 2011. I am sorry to say I am lacking in knowledge to give any advice! Do hope you get to build your wall and it turns out great though! Best. 19:58:54 Hi there Amy. 11:09:31 Fascinating. Thanks for writing. There is a wiki page on glass bottle walls with a bit of instruction. 05:58:13 construction question Reply #33 on : Thu November 03. Thanks jaymesue Posts: 60 bottle art Reply #38 on : Sat Febr uar y 04. Thanks! http://trash2-treasure. 2011. 09:28:47 Thank you for sharing this site. 02:11:49 Too freaking awesome. truly simplistic yet .html 23/27 . 2012. somehow.just amazing gennie heaven Posts: 60 isn't it amazing the brilliance GOD gives us to use each and every way. Anonymous Posts: 60 Re: Glass Bottle Walls Reply #36 on : Sat December Bart Posts: 60 Glass bottle walls and windows Reply #39 on : Fr i Febr uar y 10.its absolutely amazing.1/1/13 Treasure Posts: 60 Glass Bottle Walls Reply #40 on : Wed Febr uar y 15. 2012. 2011. 11:54:24 The creations on here are absolutely stunning. 23:55:02 This is what I have wanted to do in my shed for I have yet to make one . http://en.

and will perhaps rethink my next composter toilet at Wattle Hollow. 08:17:43 Hi Greg. curious about your mirrored bathtub as well. 15:48:17 How do you build a glass bottle wall? What materials do you need? Danielle Posts: 60 Construction Details Reply #27 on : Mon May 02. 09:27:37 This is fantastic! I love it.html 24/27 . to include more bottle art. Thanks for sharing that picture. The blue bottles look beautiful at night! Love that glass ornament on top of the structure! Plus. 06:13:51 Incredible and Beautiful Pete Brownson Posts: 60 Simple and Amazing. are there any construction details anywhere that give more of a visual guid on building walls or benches with glass bottles in them? Joy Parker Posts: 60 Bottles Reply #26 on : Wed Apr il 20. 2011. Eileen Posts: 60 Glass bottle wall or greenhouse Reply #28 on : Tue May 10.. 2011.1/1/13 Beautiful and inspiring! Desert FlowerGlass Bottles Posts: 60 Glass Bottle Walls Reply #30 on : Fr i August 05. here is a tower of blue bottles I continue to add to. 2011. 2011. 08:15:09 I love this! The creativity to re-use rather than refuge is awesome. Suzie is an old friend of mine and she is so talented. 20:18:25 While not on the same scale as any of these. 2011. me inspiration. Do these conform with some kinds of building codes? Thanks so much! Ferenc Kovacs Posts: 60 Bottle Houses Reply #21 on : Mon Apr il 11. 14:21:06 The wiki bottle wall site is helpfull however. 2011. Thx 4 Sharing Joy Fox Posts: 60 bottle walls Reply #29 on : Mon May 16. 08:27:46 Lesa Posts: 60 Glass bottle buildings Reply #23 on : Fr i Apr il 15. http://www... 16:08:27 very very cool! I'm inspired. 2011. 11:05:19 permaglass Reply #20 on : Fr i Apr il 22:58:23 WOW ! What GR8 Ideas ! Just loVe Them All. in Arkansas. I hope this will eventually reach about 8' tall. along with cob walls. Let's ALL do this! Anonymous Posts: 60 Re: Glass Bottle Walls Reply #22 on : Fr i Apr il Keiren Posts: 60 Thanks for sharing Reply #25 on : Wed Apr il 20. 2011. 2011. 2011. I want to learn how to do it. Keep up the brilliant work! Greg Posts: 60 small scale bottle sculpture Reply #24 on : Tue Apr il 19.

.. THANKS -DANIEL Callista Lee Glass Walls Posts: 60 Reply #13 on : Mon Januar y 10. How does this effect the strength? Thank 2011.. (jelly. 2011. www.naturalbuild. What bottle position is best for clean insulating?! If jars are used. I envy you the project.1/1/13 Congrats! nilaph Posts: 60 Glass Bottle Walls so cool Reply #19 on : Mon Apr il 04. Keiren Patricia Posts: 60 How to build Reply #16 on : Sun Febr uar y 27. 03:17:46 It is so interesting and so inspiring to see ..en.Is there a how to build a bottle wall book or instructions available. 2011.. I think it depends on the purpose of the www.wordpress. 2011. 15:22:33 Absolutly loved all of the bottle-wall examples. and www. 16:44:10 gorgeous inspiration! i adore it! Keiren Posts: 60 How to Reply #17 on : Tue Mar ch 01. Sounds like great fun! DANIEL Posts: 60 HOW? Reply #14 on : Mon Febr uar y 14. Will the jar tops be exposed to the elements where they can rust? The architect Michael Reynolds has written 2 volumes of "Earthship: How to Build Your Own" he covers glass walls.html 25/27 .en. 2011. JUST TRYING TO NOT BE WASTEFUL. It has me thinking about what I might be able to create on my own land. 12:19:03 HOW DO THEY CONSTRUCT THESE WALLS? DO THEY POOR THE CEMENT AROUND THE BOTTLES ON A FLAT SURFACE AND THEN STAND THE COMPLETED WALL UP? CUSTOME FORMS? MY WIFE WANTS ME TO BUILD ONE WITH ALL OUR RECYCLED BOTTLES AND I DONT WANT TO POUR IT THEN HAVE IT CRUMBLE ON ME. 16:24:47 Thank you so much! These are beautiful and insulation important where you are.garbage -I thank you for the teddi Posts: 60 Re: Glass Bottle Walls Reply #18 on : Mon Mar ch 28. 2011. what you can do everything with our . 03:29:07 inspirationgreen.wordpress. ANY INFO WOULD Have fun! Best. 08:00:54 Here are two links that might be helpful. peanut-butter) should the caps be put on or left open.naturalbuild.. SarongGoddess WAYYYYY COOL!! It almost inspires me to get creative!! Posts: 60 Reply #12 on : Mon Januar y 10. Patie Keiren Posts: 60 How to Reply #15 on : Tue Febr uar y 15. 08:26:37 Hi Patie. Also look at www.or do you merely desire an aesthetic wall? If you are going to leave the bottles empty inside then I do not know if the bottles can support much weight above.

03:11:21 WOW!! Thank you.. the perspiration created while moving the stones into place.20 of 47 Articles < Previous 123 Next > Container Homes Somewhere around 30 million steel shipping containers exist today. wild bee houses. and certainly one would not become lazy and lounge around for too long on any of these pieces of furniture... insect houses. 8 feet wide by 8. insect walls.. Pebble Mosaics II M ore pebble mosaic inspiration.into an oven. totally doable and affordable. Greenhouses from Old Windows and Doors Replacing your old windows or windowed doors with more energy efficient ones? Here's a project to repurpose those old windows. insect boxes. they have been the globally standardized transportation module since 1956. Living Willow Hedges Willow cuttings called 'withies' easily root in either water or moist soil. and refractory castable cement over bricks. insect solitary bee walls or wild bienenhaus. very inspiring. 2011... wildlife stacks.. Outdoor Masonry Ovens Build an outdoor oven with local stone and DIY skills for a few hundred dollars. Insect Hotels Call them bug condos. Hedge Laying Over two thousand years older than chain link. First.5 feet high. inspirationgreen. insect accommodation. Wildlife habitat is rapidly disappearing. buy an oven kit and have it veneered for a few thousand. Pallet Inspiration You'll never look at pallets the same after seeing these Shutter Reuse What to do with those old shutters.. Outdoor Brick Ovens Recycle some old bricks. Steam Bent Shingles Cedar shingles mimic thatch.1/1/13 Glass Bottle Walls WAYYYYY COOL!! It almost inspires me to get creative!! Gayla D'Gaia Beauty in Bottles Posts: 60 Reply #11 on : Sun Januar y 02. or PVC! Looks great as a weight loss program as well. Building beneficial insects a special habitat will help your garden and the bugs. Outdoor Earth Ovens Examples of pure cob and adobe... completely amazing.. Recycling Old Doors Old wooden doors look good just about anywhere. and either 20 or 40 feet long. abundant solutions! Beautiful!!! :) Showing comments 1 to 50 of 60 | Next | Last Building Blog Additional Posts Showing 1 . wild bee walls.. insect hotels. Or. Pebble Mosaics Underfoot Pebble M osaic Inspiration page one.html 26/27 . Stone Furniture No more plastic! Or vinyl. Plant in late winter and come July you'll have a privacy screen. Pebble Pathways M ore pebble ideas.

.za Portable XRF for the African Market Rugged & reliable-instant analysis Blog Home © Copyright: InspirationGreen. Mission Kitchens Also known as Craftsman.innovxafrica. Kitchen Sink Buildings Those who are feeling extra energetic and who come upon a large number of used sinks. Rammed Earth Rammed earth Glass Bottle Walls inspiring reuse Contact Us inspirationgreen.html 27/27 . If a large oak tree falls on your property and you have the tools and know-how. this post is for you.. architecture. A thousandsyear-old technique revitalized.inspiration...20 of 47 Articles < Previous 123 Next > InnovX Handheld XRF www. or know a good carpenter. Showing 1 . Salvaged and Painted Stairs Uplifting stairs .