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1. A motorcycle weighing 15 kN is on a hill that makes an angle of 20o with the horizontal. Find the components of the motorcycle’s weight parallel and perpendicular to the road. a. 5.1 kN and 14.1 kN b. 5.1 kN and 13.3 kN c. 7.1 kN and 15.3 kN d. 9.1 kN and 17.3 kN 2. A ball is thrown upward from the edge of a cliff with an initial velocity of 7 m/s. How fast is it moving 4 sec later? a. 42 m/s upward direction b. 42 m/s downward direction c. 33 m/s upward direction d. 33 m/s downward direction 3. A car towing a trailer is accelerating on a level road. The car exerts a force on the trailer whose magnitude is a. The same as that of the force the trailer exerts on the car b. The same as that of the force the trailer exerts on the road c. The same as that of the force the road exerts on the road d. Greater than that of the force the trailer exerts on the car 4. In Newton’s third law of motion, the action and reaction forces a. Act on the same object b. Act on different objects c. Do not necessarily have the same magnitude and do not necessarily have the same line of action. d. Have the same magnitude but do not have necessarily the same line of action. 5. Find the torsional stress in MPa in a 40 mm diameter shaft that transmits 20.53 kW at 600 rpm. a. 26 MPa b. 46 MPa c. 36 MPa d. 56 MPa 6. A steel shaft 1.4375 inches in diameter transmits 40 hp at 6 1400 rpm. Assuming a modulus of rigidity of 12 x 10 psi, find the torsional deflection of the shaft in degrees per foot length. a. 0.246 b. 0.624 c. 0.426 d. 1.246 7. The maximum stress to which a material may be subjected before failure occurs: a. Ultimate strength b. Ultimate stress c. Endurance limit d. Tensile stress 8. The capacity of metal to withstand load without breaking is: a. Strength b. Stress c. Elasticity d. Strain 9. The flow of liquid at a constant rate through a conical pipe is _____. a. Steady nonuniform b. Steady uniform c. Unsteady nonuniform d. Unsteady uniform 10. Fluids that has constant density is considered is: a. Compressible fluids b. Incompressible fluids c. Real fluids d. Ideal fluids If the absolute pressure at the bottom of the ocean is 300 kPa, how deep is the water at this point? a. 16.66 m b. 19.66 m c. 29.66 m d. 39.66 m An open chamber rests on the ocean floor in 160 ft of sea water (SG = 1.03). What air pressure in psig must be maintained inside to exclude water? a. 45.6 b. 71.4 c. 60.9 d. 93.2 A thermodynamic system which undergoes a cyclic process during a positive amount of work is done by the system. a. Heat engine b. Heat pump c. Reversible-irreversible process d. Reversed rankine cycle Ratio of the outlet stagnation pressure to the inlet stagnation pressure is referred as: a. Diffuser efficiency b. Nozzle efficiency c. Isentropic efficiency d. Weir flow efficiency How much energy is required to just vaporize a kg of water which is originally at 27 C and one atmosphere? a. 2562.65 kJ b. 3562.65 kJ c. 4562.65 kJ d. 5562.65 kJ 3 What mass of nitrogen is contained in a 65 m tank if the pressure and temperature are one atmosphere and 21 C respectively? a. 75.4 kg b. 57.4 kg c. 54.7 kg d. 45.7 kg The total income equals the total operating cost: a. Balance sheet b. Check and balance c. In-place value d. Break-even-no-gain-no-loss What is the work-in process classified as: a. A revenue b. A liability c. An expense d. An asset The initial cost of a paint sand mill, including its installation, is P800,000. The BIR approved life of this machine is 10 years for depreciation. The estimated salvage value of the mill is P50,000, and the cost of dismantling is estimated to be P15,000. Using straight line depreciation, what is the annual depreciation charge? a. P75,000 b. P85,000 c. P76,500 d. P90,000 Find the nominal rate which if converted quarterly could be used instead of 12% compounded semi-annually. a. 10.58% b. 11.28% c. 9.38% d. 11.82%