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Dear Poornimaji, Received your emails and earnest requests for sending the responses.

I was struggling for the words to express my anguish over the issue of the heinous rape and murder incident in our country. In spite of the public outrage over the gang rape in Delhi, rapists are not little bit afraid and there are more news of rapes and even gang rapes every day. The innocent girls are falling prey to the violence in one sided love cases and the lust of human. Only stringent provisions in laws is not sufficient to deter the offenders in these categories for curtailing the offences. We have to unite and think more for prohibition of these offences rather than punishment after the heinous act is committed. A mission of social and public crusade is to be continuously followed like the activities for anti alcohol and anti-smoking ( activities against alcoholism and smoking) through posters and slogans and even showcasing the legal provisions for punishment for rape and molestation at public places / transports. We have made ample legal provisions for safety and maintenance of a married woman in her matrimonial home, but what about the safety of married and unmarried woman outside her home? Growing incidents of violence and even murders out of one-sided love are also very serious. The girls since their middle school should be provided with extra educational programs to make them understand how to be cautious when they are attracted towards opposite sex, avoid a casual approach when you doubt the intention of any male (boy) . What are the consequences of getting emotionally or physically involved in a relationship? Same kind of programs are to be conducted for the boys of adolescent ages (in school and through documentaries). They must learn the sanctity of relationship, consequences of forceful attempts for attracting a girl, outraging her modesty, molestation are serious crimes.

we will be able to achieve deterrence to the activities of human crimes against girls / women. Thus. these kinds of programs can be arranged frequently at the instance of village panchayat. This can be called as Abhiyan (Continuous work) for really being civilized. if not entirely.2 These programs can be conducted with the help of NGO’s or professional institutions. In the villages and in the slums of the cities. . municipalities and municipal corporations. Their orientation is to be just like ‘training and learning’ and not like counseling. if we start the efforts from the early and proper ages of both the sexes in some-way.