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Assignment 2: Microsoft Excel

This is an individual assignment. You are the Human Resource Executive in ABC Enterprise. You will need to use these tables as reference to develop new tables by following the given instructions. Table 1 Employee information Employee ID ABC1001 ABC1002 ABC1003 ABC1004 ABC1005 ABC1006 ABC1007 ABC1008 Full Name Mohd Shahrul Nizam Muhammad Irham Shafy Nur Fathaen Arynee Akmal Razi Fauziah Ahmad Zulkifli Zaini Saiful Nizam Ahmad Dani I/C No 790323-02-6037 870915-10-1243 851023-10-7890 881120-05-5287 880428-04-9876 900712-10-6543 900227-05-7643 900514-07-8761 Age 33 25 27 24 24 22 22 22 Contact No 012-3456789 019-4567890 013-5678901 010-9876543 013-2345678 011-8970324 010-7549239 011-7357401 Job ID 70 501 509 1002 1007 1009 1012 1013 KPI 4 3 4 5 1 2 0 0

Table 2 Job description Job ID 70 501 509 1002 1007 1009 1012 1013 Job Description Managing Director Technical Manager Account Manager Technical Assistant Manager Technician Technician Technician Technician Job Level Executive Executive Executive Non-executive Non-executive Non-executive Non-executive Non-executive Leave (day) 20 15 11 7 12 8 10 1 Basic Wage (RM) 4000 3000 2600 1600 1380 1360 1240 1250

1. Create an individual payroll calculator table (Table 3) from the data in Table 1 and 2. Name this Table 3 as Payroll Calculator. You need to calculate payroll for this month of November 2012. a. Add Employee ID, Employer EPF (12%), Employee EPF (9%), Employer Socso (1.5%), Employee Socso (1.2%) and Tax (10%) fields. Tax field is only applicable for employee with salary more than RM2500. Calculate the percentage base on Basic Wage and fill up each of the fields. b. Add Net Wage field and fill up each row. Net wage must be deducted from Employee Socso, Employee EPF and Tax contribution. c. Create new Table 4 as Payroll. You need to add these fields: Date, Total Amount, Average, Minimum and Maximum Amount. The date will be last date of each month. Calculate previous month (October), current month and the next month salary expenses. For your additional information, Saiful Nizam and Ahmad Dani just joined the company earlier this month and Nur Fathaen Arynee will leave the company end of this month. d. Use LOOKUP function to determine the performance base on the KPI. The performance rating is as below : 0-Not Evaluate, 1-Poor, 2-Medium, 3-Good, 4-Excellent

2. Sort each table: a. In ascending sequence by name b. By net wage (ascending) 3. Use the COUNTIF function to calculate the number of employee base on their KPI. Create pie chart for the result above.

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