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To Whom lt lvlayConcern:

Childrents Aid

referencefor Mr. Glen The purposeof this letter is provide a professional Bacarro.

partner speakat a to by recommended a community camehighly Mr. Bacarro to youthfunction our agency. He was the firstguestspeaker speakat an at for specifically ouryouthin care. event connection his to he beganhis presentation, hada natural Mr. Before Bacarro He youngchildren, adolescents. is an and adults, that included: audience and this comesacrossvery quicklyin his individual and positive outgoing personality. with with he spoke, connected ouryouthby sharing themhis WhileMr.Bacarro themto overcometheirowndifficulties. and lifeobstacles empowered was meeting of was a breath freshair in whichto work. Ourinitial Mr.Bacarro and emails to responded questions withindays and Mr. Bacarro scheduled peace of mind. He went above and beyond and quicklyand ensured to his and requests tailored presentation meetour our accommodated special it and goalsfor the presentation delivered to carefully our needs. He listened flawlessly. and workedthe room while our engaged audience Mr. Specifically, Bacarro to protessionaliim-. connection the youthwas spectacular His his maintaining the theirattention entirepresentation. to seeand he was ableto sustain and dueto the waytheywereraised to Someof ouryoutharedifficult engage was this,Mr.Bacarro ableto relate Despite backgrounds. cultural theirdiverse and was saying. The bodylanguage to them and draw them into what he Mr. impact Bacarro the werea testimonialto positive fromtheyouth comments had.

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with continued engage to one-on*one Mr. Afterhis presentation, Bacarro passionate aboutwanting inspire to someof the youthand staff. He is clearly at riskyouthto succeed. having Bacarro Mr. speakat our eventandwould We sincerely enjoyed him. highly recommend

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