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Photo: Bruce Sutherland, City of Cape Town

” The Drummond duo. Gehl and Walter Hook. cost-effective public transport. handed the linen over to CCID Social Development Fieldworker Dean Ramjoomia. They are memorable. Cities throughout the world face massive population growth. through this association. investors. “I am a big believer in educating my staff as I cannot expect a person to succeed if I have not provided him with the tools to do so.and transitoriented urban districts that are desirable. malleable. for ten years. the training focused on how to preserve forensic evidence. can meet the challenges of rapid growth and climate change while also being competitive. “With this hotel being based in town. Colin and Angela Drummond.” – Tasso Evangelinos CITYVIEWS Published by: The Central City Improvement District (CCID) For more info: Sue Segar: 021 419 1881 sues@capetownpartnership. The Drummonds’ relationship with the CCID goes back several years. a social development partner of the CCID and an organisation that helps the poor and homeless in Cape Town rebuild their lives. 04 Cruise control Build for the long term. been donating regularly to an AIDS organisation. as well as the hotel group. extend to all neighbourhoods – from the poorest to the wealthiest. how all cities. 05 exception. but also the manner in which the recovery is made: with We urge all hotels to do the same. Photo: Richard Aaron.” says CCID Security Manager Mo Hendricks. This issue of City Views highlights just some of the progress that has been made towards transforming Cape Town into a more liveable City. but which keeps people involved in the community. safest manner. CCID staff also recover numerous bins weekly and return them to the nearest council depot. We believe strongly in building a liveable City for all Provide access for clean passenger vehicles at safe speeds and in significantly reduced numbers. Anyone found in possession of either a bin or a trolley is given a bag for any possessions they might be storing and no arrests are made. Gehl says transport must be integral to – and not separate from – urban design. “We approached the CCID so that they could determine who could best benefit from this donation in the Central City. We are awake to this reality and are committed to using the liveable city principles to guide our ongoing urban regeneration efforts. natural. 03 Cities which are pleasant to walk and cycle through typically have large numbers of The notion of a liveable city can and should. 07 Fill it in Build dense. 10 “All cities. can meet the challenges of rapid growth and climate change while also being competitive. six people have been trained for reception and housekeeping positions at the hotel. and explained how DNA is being used to assist in criminal investigations. residents. “With the ever-changing climate – of new by-laws. CCID security staff have retrieved nearly 50 trolleys to date. 06 Mix it up Mix people and activities. Gehl believes all these qualities can be achieved if certain principles are embraced. What is key is not just the recovery of these items. Sponsored by the DNA Project. take their social responsibility programme seriously and have. duvets and bed protectors. 02 Connect the blocks Powered by people Create a great environment for bicycles and other non-motorised vehicles. These are the 10 principles of sustainable transport: 01 NEWS FLASH Cape Town was voted the best destination in the 2011 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards. Similarly. Sustainable cities bridge generations. Ramjoomia said the donation is a welcome extension of the partnership the CCID has with businesses in the Central City: “It’s a great partnership which not only involves pointing out challenges. Tasso Tasso Evangelinos is the COO of the CCID SAVE THESE NUMBERS ON YOUR PHONE CCID Security Manager: 082 453 2942 CCID Deputy Security Manager: 082 442 2112 CCID 24-hour number: 082 415 7127 SAPS Control Room: 021 467 8002 Social Department 082 563 4289 Deliver the goods Service the city in the cleanest and Fighting crime with science CCID security staff are often first on a crime scene in the CBD. and can only be replaced by the City once a SAPS case number has been supplied. We at the CTP and CCID love these principles.” Winter warm-up The Central City Improvement District’s social development department recently received a welcome boost when Hotel Formula 1 on the Foreshore donated about R10 000 worth of second-hand linen for their use. ahead of Sydney. we believe. adding that there is very little wrong with the linen but that the hotel has high standards and regularly replaces items. students. buildings and spaces. built from quality materials and well maintained. Design: Infestation 021 461 8601 Get on the bus Make it last Provide great. SPEEDY RECOVERY Shopping trolleys and black bins are sometimes used by the City’s homeless for their personal belongings or as a makeshift shelter – but the loss of trolleys can cost retailers hundreds of thousands of Rands every year.” Angela Drummond said in an interview with City Views. 08 people – locals. safe. daily commuters and visitors. and a significant replacement fee covered. from the richest to the poorest. missing black bins count as stolen Website: www. we wanted to help organisations in the Central City. many intersections and small permeable buildings. CCID officers underwent DNA training. just in time for the winter season. short streets. the executive director of the Institute of Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP).2 about town FROM TASSO CityViews June 2011 Making Cape Town a more liveable City 10 principles for creating more sustainable cities in a publication called Our Cities Ourselves: 10 Principles for Transport in Urban Life These principles show Life. managers of both the Foreshore and Parow branches of the hotel group. but until recently didn’t have the necessary expertise to preserve DNA evidence. as well as taking part in Earth Day activities every year. It includes blankets. So that they might better assist the South African Police Service and help keep criminals off City streets. with minimal impact on communities. and have received small rewards from companies employed by top retailers to assist in trolley recovery. towels. have set out Create great pedestrian environments. What makes for a liveable City? The respected Danish urbanist and visionary Jan Gehl believes that 21st century cities should be “lively. sustainable and healthy”. Since then. social and historical assets of a city. sheets. as they touch on almost every value that we strive to live by. cultural. updates in technology and changes in criminal behaviour – it is vital that we not stagnate. pillowcases.” said Drummond.” “We try our best to take some kind of community responsibility. These rewards then go to Straatwerk. when they met Ramjoomia at a precinct forum meeting and offered to train up individuals for employment at the hotel. In creating liveable cities. from the richest to the poorest. Muti . 09 O ne of the key visions driving the Cape Town Partnership and the Central City Improvement District is that of making Cape Town a more liveable City. particularly in the developing world – and Cape Town is no Get real Tasso Walk the walk Preserve and enhance the local.

Co-hosted by Cape Town Partnership and the South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners.” says Dave Horton.” says Tasso Evangelinos. But the strongest growth in the City’s hotel industry has been in the five-star segment. The property is the company’s third in South Africa. KPMG has made some roads. and thirty-somethings known to have the decision to high expectations of their employlocate our office in ers. family. A place that facilitates the seamless integration of work and life is indeed the reason why many companies have chosen the Mother City’s heart as their location. We are excited to bring authentic Hilton hospitality to this great destination. a partner at centre with great the auditing firm KPMG. personal. we believe it is important to create an environment in which our employees can excel. For more information. Fresh water sources have been placed within ten steps of each worker to encourage the drinking of water. – Selwyn Hockey. Hilton Worldwide has a total of 26 hotels in Africa. such as the Cape says Steven-Jennings. We Cape Town Inbber Went ternational Convention zel Centre and this gives our staff easy access to many of the key events of the day. an important factor that contributed to their choice to be based in the CBD is its safety and cleanliness. Town International Jazz Festival and and the made-over canteen now the Design Indaba. managing partner at the law firm Webber Wentzel. COO of the Central “Cape Town is City Improvement District. the China Construction Bank (one of China’s largest) and the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) have joined up to finance the development of a 120room Park Inn by Radisson in Cape Town’s Foreshore. with another 14 in the pipeline.” says Selwyn Hockey.” says StevenJennings.ees to cycle to work and make use cess to free filter coffee at any time of new Central City cycle lanes and Selw yn H the bike route along the West Coast. “We are also seeing a number of smaller companies choosing the Central City because of all the amenities it offers. “Only 11% of our “We are pleased to see the added staff is Muslim. it means that they ing to their employees.June 2011 CityViews about town 3 T here are many factors to consider when choosing the location for a corporate head office. contact Bronwyn Manter at 021 419 1881 or bronwyn@capetownpartnership. legal and financial issues. the divisional director for real estate property development. formerly owned by Coral International. which included training staff in Hilton service standards. “The joy of being in the CBD is that one can be at the beach within a few minutes or enjoy any of the other attractions after work. a company that ensures employees and their cars are delivered safely to their homes after a night out. but if we do not cavalue that big corporates are offer. and to help decongest the City’s In response. global head of Hilton Hotels & Resorts.” Clearly this is one downtown that’s bucking the decentralisation trend. for example. And in doing so. while the number of rooms in the three-star market has increased only marginally.and development. parking for all staff and a wellness programme that provides 24-hour access to counselling services. The company also recognises the importance of a work-play balance: “Our offices are adjacent to the based in Cape Town’s Central City. KPMG also pays the membership fees for Good Fellas. CENTRAL CITY Partners’ Forum update The next Central City Partners’ Forum is coming up on Tuesday. During a brainstorming session Webber Wentzel held at the end of 2010. helping employees deal with work. and we are delighted to add Hilton Cape Town City Centre to our Africa portfolio.ter to their needs. both in South Africa and abroad. we contribute to the Central City’s economic development. Leading business hotel opens in Cape Town Central City Chinese banking on Cape Town In another show of confidence for Cape Town as a place of business. a key economic Craig Steven-Jennings.” The hotel was rebranded after a four-month transformation process. The hotel is expected to create 71 permanent jobs. “It is an exciting place in which to do business. it is clear that the CBD is bucking the decentralisation trend evident in many other cities. and the programme title is Cape Town is Open for Business: Discussing the V&A Waterfront and Foreshore Developments. This hotel is very significant for us.” tise. The company has installed showers for employees and many chairs at workstations have been replaced with exercise balls. 14 June. “Companies have to cater to the Central City was their needs or else lose their expernot difficult. “Growing our footprint in South Africa is of strategic importance to us. says that over two-thirds of the 400-strong opportunities workforce in their Cape Town office for growth and is part of Generation Y. KPMG encourages employkey changes: “Employees have ac. “Cape Town is a key economic centre with great opportunities for growth and development. The demand for affordable accommodation is growing. and the decision to locate our [regional] office in the Central City was not difficult. Cap OP EN e To FO RB wn decen buc USINESS tralisa tion tr ks As increasing numbers of end companies choose to be ocke y. Those which are unable to provide all the facilities in house are still able to attract staff.” he says. and museums and galleries as some of the reasons why investing in the Central City is so attractive. the forum will be held on the second floor of the Strand Tower Hotel from 08h00 for 08h30 until 10h30.. a new canteen In an effort to ensure good health service provider and good coffee. but an important one: Horton says Cape Town is a destination which guests “have been asking for . The three-star Park Inn is capitalising on the Says Evangelinos.” ladies’ bathrooms. “Cape Town is renowned for its natural beauty and metropolitan lifestyle and offers travellers a truly South African experience. and vending machines with healthy foods such as snack bars and smoothies have been installed.” serves halal food. The iconic Hilton Hotels & Resorts group has opened its first property in Cape Town – a 137-room hotel on the corner of Wale and Buitengracht streets.” Photo: Richard Aaron. “As an employer of a significant workforce. technology platforms and operations.” continues Hockey.. Knowing that many of its employees like to take advantage of the Cape Town nightlife. KPMG employees identified 51 things they would like in the workplace – are excluded from the opportunity which included hand-cream in the of eating in the canteen. means that companies do not have to provide canteens for their staff. Woolworths’ Maurice de Villiers. According to decision-makers from prominent Cape Town companies. twenty. Webber Wentzel offers a fully catered café onsite. Muti .” hosted in the City. driven by cost-conscious business travellers and the domestic travel market. culinary attractions. The excellent range of restaurants. cites easy access to libraries. Its opening is another show of confidence in Cape Town as a leading business

CV What are your favourite design features of Cape Town? FD I am a big fan of the design of historical buildings. FD I work on my thesis at the Cape Town Partnership office in Bree Street five days a week. I walk to work and back every day. but they have really been left there to die. the weather here really is perfect for a Southern Europe time schedule. Tipping at the tour’s end is encouraged – guides receive no other compensation for their time – but entirely voluntary. “They are the face of the country. She lives with her student boyfriend. CV What are your favourite activities in the City? FD I like walking through the Company’s Garden. to ensure they’re building up on their knowledge base. which has a swimming pool and the best views of the City! Weekends are always different. Wednesdays and Fridays from outside Café del Cabo on the corner of Burg and Castle streets. Or just anywhere in the Netherlands. Be alive to the City hen last did you walk the City you work in. It’s tempting to go and shop around in the many little stores on my way to work. or Barcelona. as it’s home. but still run out of things to say when foreign friends come to visit? If you’re wondering who has time and money to go on a tour of Cape Town – other than tourists – then Alive!Tours might have the answer. Fidessa Derkse is a Dutch student who has been in Cape Town for six months. but I leave that for later. I have walked into the City more than once thinking everything would be open. District Six and the Grand Parade. but judging by the crowd of people gathering around the Langham House coffee shop in Long Street every day. siestas and late-night dinners – but it’s impossible to do in Cape Town because kitchens here close so early. Lucca and San Francisco. What are some of the highlights of living in the City? FD There is always something happening so you are never bored. as there is still so much to see in and around the City. You’ll be taken around the Company’s Garden. I probably would go there if I did. the siestas and the food. Rome and Paris for the amazing architecture and the shopping. Muti . in Buitenkant Street. or Long and Bree streets and Heritage Square – at no cost. Du Plessis encourages anyone who works in the City Centre – especially those who deal directly with local and international visitors – to learn more about the places around them. It’s like being on holiday.4 about town CityViews June 2011 “I live in the central city Then comes my favourite time of the day – cooling off on the rooftop of our building. CV W Free walking tours are a standard offering of cities like Berlin. CV What is the trait you like most about Capetonians? FD I like the fact that there is such a diversity of cultures and people. contact Joleen du Plessis at 021 448 6106 or aliveptl@gmail. CV If you could choose to live anywhere else in the world where would it be? FD In any of the bigger Italian cities. which is great as I get a full sense of what’s going on. And they’ll tell you a little about other Alive!Tours available. and I enjoy having lunch at Greenmarket Square on Saturdays.” Du Plessis says. Singapore and New York. She gives an example of table attendants at Hermanus restaurants who can’t tell you anything about the whales to be seen in full view of their windows. I find it strange that the shops all close on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. For more information. to find out more about how free tours can be a viable business Get to know your city on foot Photo: Supplied They’re conducting free hour-long tours – perfect for first-timers to the City. Even museums close at about 16h00 daily and on Sundays. This doesn’t fit with a city like Cape Town. CV CV What are your favourite cities abroad and what have you learnt from them? FD I have so many favourite cities. like the Slave Lodge and Parliament and the Old Granary. just because … CV What’s missing for you in Cape Town? FD Other than the public transport (everyone knows that’s the major thing that needs to be improved). Sometimes I go out for lunch with a friend or with my boyfriend. which involves long lunch hours.” Get to know the face of your City: Alive!Tours currently depart at 10h30 on Mondays. especially in The Fringe. While walking back after work I do shop around. I don’t really drink coffee. or those who want to stretch their legs before an early lunch. CV What made you choose to live in the Central City? FD We don’t have a car.” Guides shadow one another on these tours. as these are the days most people have time to go shopping! Not being used to this. Now they’ve come to Cape Town. or take heed of the history around you? Have you lived in Cape Town your whole life. after a 20-minute walk through the City. I love Barcelona for its cultural heritage. “It’s about advancement through tourism. City Views spoke to Joleen du Plessis. Those buildings really tell the story of Cape Town. “Those attendants aren’t just the face of the restaurant or the chef. “We like to give our guides a practice and a marketing base. CV Where do you go for a good meal? FD I really like the Eastern Food Bazaar. looking at all the people having a good time. as it is one of the few places that are always open. as I love the people and their way of living. writing her thesis for the Cape Town Partnership. Khumbulani Mthethwa. the umbrella organisation for Alive!Tours. There is so much choice. The City is so easy to walk around – and there are plenty of restaurants CV Describe a typical day in your life in the City. Which areas of design in the City could be improved upon? FD There are so many beautiful architectural buildings. Living in Buitenkant Street means we are close to the train station and in walkable distance from all the action in the Central City. usually for dinner. calling it a lost opportunity. and last for around one hour. CEO of Alive!PTL. but then I find it dead. CV Where do you go in the City for a decent cup of coffee? FD Well. Photo: Richard Aaron. the food is really good and you get so much for so little money. I wake up at 07h00 so that I can be there at 08h30. Besides that.” Du Plessis says.

The afternoons.” The partnership identified Upper Long Street as one of the most congested areas and identified space for the new taxi rank in the central island in Bloem Street. Dorp. and outside Golden Acre at Adderley and Castle. which were causing traffic jams. “The City welcomes all interventions to address parking congestion in the CBD. “P rojects such as this one form part of the City’s overall commitment to ensuring quality. particularly at Somerset and Buitengracht. OUTsurance traffic pointsmen help relieve peak-hour and where traffic tensions Oswald Pirow meets with Hertzog and Table Bay tinues Whare. the pointsmen come with full City authority. pointsmen to assist in directing “There’s also been a lot of intertraffic during events. OUTsurance traffic pointsmen You’re already familiar with the green bibs of CCID personnel. They’re authorised to stop vehicles and direct traffic – some motorists might not realise that. Drivers can apply for a permit to use the new rank by going to the 10th floor of the Civic Centre. because it brings about formalisation and control. “We have hired three regulators who will work shifts around the clock to ensure that only accredited taxis use the rank.” He explains that the majority of the morning’s work focuses on managing the flow of pedestrians.5 Kfm traffic pointsmen are helping alleviate peak-hour congestion in the Central City. parking on yellow lines and blocking of loading zones – in the CBD. If the Bloem Street rank proves to be successful.” says Councillor Amira. Councillor Taki Amira. so it was not necessary to remove any existing loading zones or parking bays for additional space. the Central City Improvement District (CCID). “This new rank is a positive development. 94. and move directly to where the need is. Says CCID Security Manager Mo Hendricks. one of 41 taxi drivers who make “Projects such as this one form part of the City’s overall commitment to ensuring quality.” says chairperson of the Good Hope Subcouncil. Pepper.” On being asked how the pointsmen are being received by Central City commuters.” I n lime green shirts. Whare replies.” Clarke will be distributing flyers with details about the new rank to businesses in the immediate area. representatives from businesses in Long Street and its environs. “They’re deployed to specific stations in the CBD at the moment.” The City has erected directional signage to the rank at the intersections of Long. Drivers who are authorised to operate from the Bloem Street rank will be issued a special token. who manage and operate a similar project in Johannesburg. “We formed this partnership in response to numerous complaints that the area was flooded with sedan taxis. The owner of 210 on Long. and members of the Taxi Council – who represent operators in the area – worked together to negotiate the completion of the new rank. identity document. particularly those coming in and out of Cape Town Station at Strand and Lower Plein streets. says. There will be a maximum of 50 taxis permitted to operate from the Bloem Street rank. traffic services inspector for the City of Cape Town. Miki Clarke says.June 2011 CityViews about town 5 CRUISE CONTROL Two great new initiatives promise to ease traffic tensions in the City Centre. and vehicle papers with them when they apply. Bloem. and to encourage their clients to use only accredited taxi operators. by comparison. “who’d like these boulevards. They must take their Central City operating licence. Employed by Cape Town Traf- . between Long and Loop streets. safe and efficient public transport in Cape Town. Businesses in the CBD were struggling to offload goods for their retail outlets and their drivers were not able to turn properly in the streets. There has been an enthusiastic response to the new taxi rank.” says Erin Whare. we’d like them to become mobile. The City of Cape Town. more of these sedan taxi ranks may be set up in other areas of the city. Users will contribute R5 a day to pay the regulators and any excess funds will be directed to rank upgrades. including the installation of a telephone near the rank and radios in the cars. Bloem Street taxi rank A dedicated sedan taxi rank has been demarcated in Bloem Street. and the Long Street precinct in particular. but have you started to see a few more people in green helping out on the City streets? fic Services.” – Councillor Taki Amira The Bloem Street taxi rank use of the rank. Leeuwen.” contive is picking up momentum. to alleviate the traffic obstructions caused by sedan taxis – including doubleparking. but depending on the success of the project and demand. The excess of taxis was creating a serious ripple effect. The area already accommodates up to 25 taxis. focus on vehicular traffic. and sponsored by OUTsurance. “We’ve had a lot of compliments. These businesses will be urged to display the information in areas visible to their clients. the OUTsurance 94. “These pointsmen are fully qualified traffic wardens. The initiaest from outside companies. especially from pedestrians. safe and efficient public transport in Cape Town.5 Kfm and Traffic Freeflow. Taxi owner and operator Clive Adams. and Buiten streets.

” but it was the unseen . for example. That’s cool. Sea Point. but with draws designers. Constantia. Then we’d visit Hanneli Rupert. and planning many more studio visits. It’s also a City conducive to creativity and reflection. creator of the internationally successful lingerie design studio. detail that was really satisfying. So we are a no-brainer in that regard. either aesthetically or intellectually. and get insights into luxury brand fashion. CV Is there anything about fashion as a design speciality that really fascinates you? IH There is no fashion to save the world. where Thulare Monareng shares her fashion vision inside her funky pan-African fashion deli. At Coffeebeans Routes we’re interested in how we tell Cape Town stories through fashion. the layers start to reveal elements that tell a Cape Town story. an introduction to the most iconic fashion success stories in Cape CV What role does fashion play in Cape Town’s story? IH Fashion design is a form of expression and another authentic voice of the City. these are great ways of promoting our fashion industry. Tours vary but could start with a visit to Olive Green Cat studio. Each tour includes four visits. Woodstock. Iain Harris Coffeebeans Routes 70 Wale Street T: 021 424 3572 www. and an overview of the tour. For instance. But guests are also looking for stories. They were regular need for design and that black trousers. in terms of forging a City identity and exploring the fashion elements that come through as undeniably Cape Town. Cape Town is a City full of design flaws. we are also experiencing City design. We are also drawing in more and more designers. A visit to Collage Fashion Deli on Long Street follows. If there’s a great fashion story. we want to feature it. So in exploring fashion design. Ruby. but is still always fashion for fashion. our stories – and we’re always lookfashion is between the lines – ing for good stories. fashion entrepreneur and owner of the Merchants on Long boutique. which is very different. rather than fashion for changing the world. Being able to easily escape to nearby places of natural beauty refreshes perspective. Our other tours have attracted incredible international press coverage and we’ve seen the promotional impact that has had on. Combined. there are people trying to create solutions. Fashion is becoming more and more responsibly and sustainably oriented. Thulare Monareng is working with upholstery for some of her fashion designs. It’s a City desperately in need of fresh design solutions. I had a pair of pants by fashion designers and fashion enlocal fashion designer David West for a few “Cape Town is a City with a years. Like the City. In some ways our fashion is like our music – it doesn’t immediately scream Cape Town – but when you dig deeper. that’s what the traveller wants – the means to access the stories of the destinations they visit. which is inside. Cape Town’s music and musicians. In time we plan to include the CPUT [Cape Peninsula University of Technology] fashion design department. including stops at designers’ studios and boutiques.coffeebeansroutes. More and more. Great cut and all. That’s what we offer. CV Tell us what we can expect on this tour? IH The tour starts at the Coffeebeans Routes HQ in Wale Street with some sparkling wine. Maya Prass is creating her own fabrics and that is fresh and challenging. The journey from Woodstock to the Central City is a great story on its own. CV What impact do you anticipate these tours will have on the Cape Town fashion scene? IH The media are always looking for stories. trepreneurs – and that takes us to parts of the City that our other tours haven’t before: the Central City. So it is a City with a need for design and that draws designers. It’s not a scene that’s IH The Cape Town fashion world desperately trying to define is full of great characters and Cape Town. which is crucial to design. And where there are problems. Muti CV What do you think CV Tell us about the addition of Cape Town’s fashion of a fashion route to Coffeescene? beans’ offering? IH I dig it. quirky and we take guests to the premises of stylish. We have them. CV Why do you think Cape Town is a great design capital? IH Well. On this tour highly interpretive. before rounding up with a visit to Robyn Lidsky. where Philippa Green and Ida Elsje take us through their work process with diamonds and amber. Views about the newly launched Cape Town Fashion Route. – Iain Harris Photos: Richard Aaron. crucial to design. It’s also a stunning pink lining and City conducive to creativity design touches on the and reflection.6 about town CityViews June 2011 Cape Town’s ashion in f Pioneer in creative tourism Coffeebeans Routes helps travellers experience African Founder and director cities in deep and Iain Harris tells City refreshing ways.

CV Who comes into your shop? PG All sorts of people! Locals. bespoke pieces of jewellery that each with their own distinctive identity. Liz Ogumbo. which we love. tourists who come looking for us. Who visits your shop? Most of our customers so far have been foreigners and they love the store concept and product. And we are always telling people where they should go to find good coffee. CV Who is coming into your shop and what do they have to say? HR I wouldn’t be surprised if Merchants on Long has the widest cross-spectrum of clientele in Cape Town. so people don’t feel intimidated by the surroundings. A noteworthy percentage of our customers are foreign and they love the ranges in the store. We found this by walking the streets. Undacova. Shirt & Co and MiLi Jo. We’ll also be bringing in more designers as time goes by.” – Thulare Monareng Olive Green Cat 76 Church Street T: 021 424 1102 Philippa Green Photos: Richard Aaron. It’s a store based on a deli theme. CV TM CV Have you felt the impact of the new fashion route yet? TM Yes. actors – they all love it. Cape Town allows creative freedom and I think the natural beauty of the City provides a wonderful place and space within which to create. Cape Town has a unique South African style due to our natural surroundings. Claire Kane. has a very interesting vibe and they’ve found the most interesting designers and shops while walking this street. design processes and experience as local designers. It’s inspiring! Locally and globally. Cape Town allows creative freedom and I think the natural beauty of the City provides a wonderful place and space within which to create.merchantsonlong.olivegreencat. Tell us more … HR My aim was to restore the building into what it might have looked like when its terracotta facade was erected in 1896. HR All of the brands that I stock at Merchants on Long are made in Africa. Many of our destination clientele are blown away by how much Cape Town has changed in the past few years and how buzzing the City Centre has become. and wherever possible we stock fairtrade and organic as well. I feel very blessed to live and Thulare Monareng create in this City and I believe that we can compete with some of the best designers in the world. and some who just walk by and see the beautiful jewels on the wall and want to come in. which they believe are just as good as European. American and Asian designers. Muti CV What is unique about Collage Fashion Deli? TM Collage is a delicatessen of South African and African fashion and accessories. Merchants on Long You’ve given the Art Nouveau building at 34 on Long a new lease on life. exposed the beamed ceiling.collagefashiondeli. drink and shop. the inlaid Victorian tiling and parquet flooring and rebuilt the staircase from some of the original beams we found on site. which is a fresh approach to merchandising. tribally inspired ones. which provides very valuable feedback. eat. with clothes and products displayed in fridges. It also allows us designers and retailers to interact with customers on a more personal basis. Collage Fashion Deli 219 Long Street T: 021 422 2774 www. Famous people sometimes – singers. . is of excellent quality and locally made really impresses them. CV Why do you think Cape Town is a great design capital? PG There are lots of amazingly creative people here who are doing very different things. CV What is your forecast for the Cape Town fashion scene over the next few years? HR Cape Town will become the fashion hub for Africa and the looks that will be best received internationally will be the more Afrocentric. We’re also committed to sourcing upcoming African designers and brands to showcase in the shop. guests love the opportunity to meet and interact with us and to learn more about our inspirations. CV Merchants on Long 34 Long Street T: 021 422 2828 Hanneli Rupert Philippa Green Olive Green Cat CV Olive Green Cat moved recently – why? PG We moved to Church Street by chance as our lease in Wale Street expired and we wanted an on-street shop. By not buying imported goods you are helping to sustain and create jobs locally. CV Why do you think Cape Town is a great design capital? TM We have some of the most creative and talented designers in the world. It’s a very unassuming part of town. CV What is your forecast for the Cape Town fashion scene over the next few years? TM I think that we’re making significant inroads internationally. “We have some of the most creative and talented designers in the world. revealing the koffieklip walls. In order to do this I gutted the inside. Customers often tell us they love Long Street because it’s easily Thulare Monareng Collage Fashion Deli CV What local fashion labels do you stock? TM Thuli by Thulare Monareng. And the fact that our fashion has a local design aesthetic.June 2011 CityViews about town 7 ide The ins on designerss fashi trepreneur and en ature on the that feffeebeans Co n route fashio ON FASHI RD FORWA op from sco Hanneli Rupert. incredible location and our textured past. CV What makes Merchants on Long unique? HR It offers the best of African luxury under one roof. CV There’s a job creation element in your business plan … Tell us more. LUCK! It’s fantastic here! CV What is special about Olive Green Cat? PG We design and handcraft unique.

ranking it alongside the likes of Amsterdam. Cape Town’s system of bus rapid transport (BRT). where all that the City has to offer is within walking distance. but leave you with the stub. To transfer on to a consecutive feeder service at no charge. to ensure public safety. and was matched by a feeder service in the City Centre – connecting Green Point. n an article published on 6 May 2011. won an International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sport and Environment Award for “outstanding contributions in the field of sustainable sport and the environment”. and pedestrian and urban space upgrades.” Cycle lanes and pedestrian-friendly corridors form part of the City of Cape Town’s long-term transport vision. simply show the ticket collector on this route your ticket stub. which sees citizens across the metropolitan area connected – to each other and to opportunity – via an integrated rapid transport (IRT) network. CITY BIKE-FRIENDLY Going places I Save your stub: Collectors will take your ticket. They’re ideal for all – from the business ex- These functional. BRT is part of IRT (integrated rapid transport). City of Cape Town . Paris.and bike-friendly cities such as Berlin. NEWSFLASH Cape Town’s Green Goal programme. CNN named Cape Town one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities.capetownbicyclemap. and it’s quicker and more convenient to leave your car at home. For more information. the Cape Argus.8 around town CityViews June 2011 Left and below: Cycling through the streets of Cape Town Connecting Table View to Table Mountain May 2011 saw the launch of the next phase of MyCiTi bus routes. Tickets are sold at kiosks at the trunk stations and on feeder route buses. proper training. taking their bikes along with them or leaving them at nearby lock-up facilities. As this public transport system rolls out. rail. for example. the proceeds of which will go toward the development of Bicycle Empowerment Centres. Parklands and Blaauwberg. OV-fiets cycles are well made. The service is being rolled out over a 15-year period. and cyclists can change onto a MyCiTi shuttle. complements the now operational MyCiTi trunk route. giving Table View residents easy access to the City Centre in working hours. connecting to stations in Big Bay. Feeder routes cost R5 otherwise. contact Andrew Wheeldon at 021 788 4174 or andrew@benbikes. the Waterfront. Photos: Bruce Sutherland. with feeder services for free when used in conjunction with a trunk route. will be rolled out in phases. GOOD TO KNOW: Ticket tariffs: Trunk route travel (Table View to the City) costs R10. like ecutive to the student pedalling along the streets and new cycle lanes of Cape Town. collect your free copy of the Cape Town Bicycle Map from the Cape Town Partnership offices at 34 Bree Street or order a copy for R40 from www. Barcelona and Berlin. These functional. Already recognised internationally as the backdrop for the world’s most beautiful cycling race. The 16km cycle route from Table View into the City Centre. be patient – delays and road works are evidence of a City in transit. Imagine a full integration of services. and you can take your bicycle on the bus at no extra cost. one-gear bicycles are perfect for commuting to work and for stress-free recreational use. having been manufactured for the Dutch commuter market. and the integration and sustainable expansion of routes. MyCiTi. Chicago and Barcelona is very encouraging. Cape Town one of CNN’s top 15 cycle-friendly Cities Contact the City’s transport information centre on 0800 65 64 63 for the most up-to-date MyCiTi route information. Being compared to benchmark pedestrian. Loop and Long streets and Gardens – as well as three feeder services in Table View. you’d like to know more about where you can put two tyres to tar. bus and minibus improvements. one-gear bicycles are perfect for commuting to work and for stress-free recreational use. Free for children and cycles: Children under one metre tall travel free of charge. The Table View trunk route along the R27 kicked off the service. which ensured that the 2010 FIFA World Cup was an eco-friendly event in the If. and is part of a seamless whole of infrastructure imagined for the City. OV-fiets commuter bikes for sale The Bicycling Empowerment Network South Africa (BEN) is selling a limited number of OV-fiets commuter bicycles at R750. a transport plan for Cape Town which includes cycle MyCiTi mobility paths and park-and-ride the Mother City was applauded by the news giant for its commitment to creating a more liveable City for cyclists and citizens Says Cape Town Partnership MD Bulelwa MakalimaNgewana. “This accolade is one we at the Cape Town Partnership are particularly inspired by.

and get one-on-one assistance from a full-time staff member.and three-dimensional design software.” – Karen Stewart CDI workshops.or material-specific. At the FabLab. and safety is paramount: Fulltime staff (trained in first aid) work closely alongside visitors on a one-on-one basis. Equipment is grouped appropriately at dedicated work stations.” says CCDI workshop facilitator Karen Stewart. Cape Craft & Design Institute 75 Harrington Street T: 021 461 1488 www. Developing but these can get lost because they are not nurtured and people don’t know how to develop them. students and members of the public. Small steps are taken to becoming a better business person. Equipment ranges from basic hand tools and workshop equipment such as sanders and bandsaws. “If someone comes here with an idea. designers.” FabLab aims to have the appropriate technology for whatever needs to be done. designer and innovator.” Workshops typically start with activities such as drawing. thanks to CCDI workshops and support. The progress of any idea or product is documented for the CCDI’s records. they can develop it through to the prototype. where you can progress from idea conceptualisation to the physical manifestation of your idea with the appropriate support. Instead the CCDI focuses on teaching how to think and problem-solve creatively. Open Innovation Studio. “We do not teach skills such as weaving or knitting. to much more sophisticated computerised equipment. encourage the creation of new products by helping craft producers approach both familiar and new materials in fresh ways. We meet with users on an individual basis to assist them to solve problems around any process or material. infrastructure. Small steps are taken to becoming a better business person. listening to music with eyes closed. Cape Town’s innovation district taking shape to the east of the Central City. it is often a case of helping people through a problem-solving process. If so. Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s faculty of informatics and design. access is on an appointment basis Photos: Supplied by CCDI .June 2011 CityViews from the fringe 9 Clockwise from above: Product Advisor David Van Staden shows session participants some different types of heat-transferable vinyl. tools and equipment. Walter Zandamela holds a sushi tray he designed at CCDI during his residency. Do you have an idea for a product.ccdi. The Product Support Space has four dedicated computers available for product research. Issues are often not process. Craft producers from throughout the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are boosting their creativity and business skills. The Product Support Space includes research computers where people can search for internet resources. The Product Support Space currently works with a range of craft producers. In order to ensure optimal service. “We are addressing this problem by offering a place where you will feel secure and empowered to do what you want to do. CCDI headquarters at 75 Har- “People have ideas. and are followed with intensive enterprise development sessions. and the Cape Craft & Design Institute. One of the product support session participants.” – Alan Alborough rington Street also have the staff and infrastructure to help crafters on a more ad hoc basis. Marcia Horst holds some accessories she designed at CCDI PROMOTING PEOPLE INNOVATION The Fringe. iron out any technical difficulties. and the making of tools (to demonstrate that no one need be limited by the inaccessibility of materials). part of the CCDI Product Support Space and Cape Town’s only digital fabrication laboratory – based on a model pioneered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab – you can make a prototype or scale model of your product. Users must book for an initial consultation and any ongoing assistance. but these can get lost because they are not nurtured and people don’t know how to develop them. home to the Cape Town Fashion Council. C “[At CCDI] people are encouraged to grow from the point at which they currently find themselves. At the CCDI. research is considered a crucial part of the design process. is already a creative hub of sorts. each lasting eight days and involving a total of 103 craft producers since 2008. of which there have been eight. “People are encouraged to grow from the point at which they currently find themselves. “People have ideas. but don’t know how to take it to the next level? Perhaps you’re an established crafter looking at ways of improving your sales and growing your business. Laser-engraved fabric and heattransfer vinyl makes an interesting combination in this design by Carynn Underhill. funded by the Department of Science and Technology and CCDI itself. the Cape Craft & Design Institute (CCDI) might be able to help you. as well as design computers loaded with open-source and two.” says Alborough. designer and innovator. Product Support Programme Manager Alan Alborough stresses that the space is essentially an assisted DIY environment.

The back of the fold-out card carries the enticing words. chocolate brownies and other delectable sweet treats – chased. Word is Nava will run it as a major function venue in the Central City. she has taken on the Black Swan role. With its new high tables on the recently levelled sidewalk (courtesy of the Central City Improvement District). familiar and affordable. Marc Lottering. including 95 Keerom. Pieter Toerien. And nearby there’s the Bloem Street Deli. This brings to six Nava’s tally of food outlets in and around Cape Town – four of which are in the Central City. serves light lunches of gourmet pies and sandwiches. “We do not focus on having more pastry than filling.” Of business. With over 20 years in the entertainment industry. which is hard to beat for great-tasting street food in the form of rotisserie chicken. Down South Food Bar. the Fancourt Ball in 2008 and Evita Bezuidenhout’s 70th birthday bash. Nava believes that pies as a food trend are making a comeback. and chicken and leek – all at R20 apiece. familiar and affordable. Their coffee is also excellent. Across the street. “Every week is better than the week before. Nik Rabinowitz and Hazel Feldman. I also enjoy watching the colourful people who sit in the Mexican Kitchen. City Views will take a closer look at some of the Central City streets and why we love them. port and apple.” – Giorgio Nava Chef Carl Penn is Nava’s partner at both establishments. T he Down South Pie Bar. DVD Nouveau – a treasure trove of old and new movies. casual ambience.. “Come and chilli out. Left: The Down South Pie Bar. Nava’s business card now features no fewer than six restaurants. Down South Pie Bar. Towards the top end. prawns and cocktails – is going well. The pie choices when City Views visited were lamb and mint. since then been representing top local performers and producers such as Pieter-Dirk Uys. as well as organising high-profile events like Cirque du Soleil’s Cape Town auditions in 2006.” he says. manager of Down South Pie Bar. Nava says a range of people have visited the pie bar since it opened: “We have seen many lawyers in a hurry coming in to buy pies on their way back to work. followed by their wonderful pastéis de nata. “Pies. yummy sandwiches and wonderful salad lunch plates. Bloem Street is one the Central City’s gems. tourists and workers doing renovations on buildings in the Central City. Down South Pie Bar 267 Long Street T: 021 422 1155 www. Our pies are a healthy option. formerly the Jardine Bakery. as a food trend. an unusual space with about three or four small boutiques. stylish delis and coffee shops that serve the finest beans and something delicious on the side .downsouthpiebar. A vegetarian option is available every day. it’s a great stop-off spot for a quick latte and a glance through the morning papers after those early gym sessions.” he says. minus the psycho stab factor!). by a cup of that coffee. Last time I was there. Hart says.” by Allison Foat Photos: Richard Aaron. which displays some really well-priced meals. and artisanal beers and other beverages are also on offer. You can buy a whole chicken for R70 and a half chicken for R35. Both Down South bars are run in line with Nava’s unflinching commitment to high-quality food. on the corner of Bloem and Long streets. They know it is Giorgio Nava and they are enjoying the fare. free-range rotisserie chicken. And I do love the Vespa workshop right next door – I’m sure I’m not the only person who drools at the bikes while sipping my coffee! Heading further down Bloem Street towards Long Street is The Mall. she founded DIVA PR in 2005. Watch this space … Above: John Hart. with its comfortable. free-range rotisserie chickens. however. It’s a place for all. displays the pies on offer. of course. They’re tasty. on the opposite corner next to Boss Models. Manager John Hart was quick to point out that the pies have at least three times the amount of filling than that in “most other pies”.10 on the town CityViews June 2011 S OPEN FOR BUSINES Down South Pie Bar opens in Long Street Hot on the heels of his New Orleans-styled Down South Food Bar at 267 Long Street. “They are tasty. are making a comeback. the way it’s constantly evolving and brimming over with some of the best creatives in this hemisphere – it brings out the best in me. which opened its doors in March after a breathtaking restoration.” The Down South Pie Bar also serves organic. Allison loves scouting around the Central City in search of fabulous eateries. What better way to end a day than to stop for a quick coffee at Rotisserie before grabbing a DVD to take home.. is my favourite movie rental store. with its funny sign. Muti Allison Foat started out as a professional ballerina working as a principal with CAPAB Ballet and PACT Ballet locally. I spotted Lisa from Second Time Around devouring what she said was a really tasty pasta dish. “And there’s more to come … ” He’s keeping mum on his plans for the beautiful Land Bank building in Queen Victoria Street. and organic. and Nava says the food bar in particular – which offers a range of homestyle Southern American classics like ribs. Mozzarella Bar and Caffe Milano Pasticceria & Bar. is one of my favourite spots – Rotisserie 360. We’ve also had young people. renowned Central City chef Giorgio Nava has opened the Down South Pie Bar right next door. and Manhattan Ballet in New York (yes. Carne SA. and has. STREET AT A TIME “Why I love Bloem Street” I am totally inspired by the In this new series. on the corner of Bloem and Bree streets. Their pastries and bread are to faint for! For a savoury start I can never resist the empanadas – a delicious Latin American pastry stuffed with meat – and the mini mutton pies. Walk across the street and down the hill and we come to Jason. .

Trevor Manuel and Kader Asmal used to eat here regularly. We follow the seasons as much as It’s bound to be a royal. roaring. and in others it has remained the same. “The nice thing about being a celebrity is that if you bore people. the Fugard Theatre will be screening films based on his work. CV Where do you go for a good cup of coffee in the Central City? PP caféEco in Long Street makes an excellent double cappuccino. on the other hand. Garnish the plates with Parmesan shavings and fresh herbs. The English cricket team came a few times when they were here a couple of years ago. Kids. Cape Town What’s on by Anne Hirsch Henry Kissinger once said. There’s much less of that now. we regularly have bookings from guys who have just proposed. In my view. like good peaches and melons. the Tony Awards will also celebrate the work of our very own Handspring Puppet Company). Peter Pankhurst. for three to five minutes. We make it every day. Dennis Hopper ate here.. The wedding’s over. Chicken breast fillets Firm goats’ cheese Bushman’s Chilli smoked jalapeño sauce French tarragon Fresh pasta dough Sauvignon blanc Unsalted butter Salt and pepper to taste What are the trends in food and cooking at the moment? CV Savoy Cabbage 101 Hout Street T: 021 424 2626 www. It irks me that people are growing up on fast foods. the history of mankind is written in the growth of wheat. but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Which restaurants in the Central City do you rate highly? PP 95 Keerom is one of my favourites.) In the week running up to the presentation of Athol Fugard’s Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre on June 12. It irks me that people are growing up on fast foods. anything-but-boring Cape Town winter! What’s on the menu at Savoy Cabbage? PP Tomato tart is the signature dish of Savoy Cabbage. CV What makes this a great restaurant? PP As the chef. celebrations and special occasions. For me. Fresh fish is absolutely amazing stuff and I am so sorry we are killing it all off. For instance. I would rather have a perfectly cooked fish than a foam and a broth. was in absolute awe at how much press and media surrounded the nuptials of Prince William and commoner Kate Middleton. For instance. (Parents needing a little light relief before nodding off can catch some of South Africa’s top comics at On Broadway from 8 to 11 June. This is a popular place for parties. so elements of the menu change accordingly. I have a lovely yellowtail coming in today . Sometimes we have guests who want to walk back to hotels at night and a CCID officer will walk them there. from Boesman and Lena to The Guest and Tsotsi. I am a romantic at heart. Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil and poach the ravioli until . In my defence. There are people who do it well. they think it’s their fault. This surely is the time to celebrate local Thespian nobility (after all. not frozen. so is Charlie Sheen and he’s unquestionably a commoner). I like to think of kids growing up. PP Molecular gastronomy – where chefs use the science of cookery and food to get results – is one of the trends at the moment.. make way for Noddy and his Toyland friends from 10 to 26 June at The Artscape Theatre.June 2011 CityViews on the town 11 Great Chefs A series featuring chefs who are doing great things in the Central City. I can remember a few years back when people were sometimes chased through the city for mugging people. I love pork because it is so versatile.” Kissinger might have thought the recent royal wedding mind-numbingly dreary. game. Mix together the chicken breasts. and people who copy. I can hear you say. I like saffron. CV CV How has the Central City changed in the years you’ve been here? PP In some ways it has gone more upmarket. I moved to Cape Town with my wife and had always wanted to work at Savoy Cabbage. I have never eaten fresher fish. Savoy Cabbage CV Who comes to your restaurant? PP Everybody! Victoria Beckham has eaten here. The royal wedding made me realise one thing: Thank God I live in Cape Town. Meanwhile. CV CV How long have you been at Savoy Cabbage? PP The restaurant has been going for nearly 14 years and I am in my 11th year as chef. RESTAURANT of the Central City. I do a lot of charcuterie and enjoy making salamis and hams. especially as the Middletons are multimillionaires. That’s what makes this a good restaurant. reduce the sauvignon blanc by half and swirl the butter into the reduction to create the sauce. (Commoner is a rather harsh word. I would rather a meal was really good and made you happy than that I astounded you with my pyrotechnics. Drain the ravioli and toss gently with the sauce. Season with salt and pepper. helping mom in the kitchen. using science to cook a perfect soufflé. it gets too carried away. Roll out the pasta dough by hand or on a pasta machine to the thinnest possible setting. In terms of safety.” – Peter Pankhurst CV What plans do you have for the restaurant in the year ahead? PP I would like us to keep improving. “I hope for more honest food as a trend. I get excited by all sorts of things. I also like bread. for us to be able to buy fresh. CV What are your favourite ingredients? PP I adore vanilla. Chicken. We also love to make people feel special. jalapeño sauce and tarragon. but do not fret! Cape Town is alive with entertainment this June. And vida e caffès are just great fun … I love their cheekiness. They ask for a romantic table. My job is to be a facilitator of good relationships. eating the traditional foods of their region. where the only thing that is royale is a burger restaurant at the top of Long Street. crumbled goats’ cheese. Make your ravioli in the usual manner.savoycabbage. I hope for more honest food as a trend. goats’ cheese and smoked jalapeño ravioli 200g 150g 50ml 5g 500g 100ml 100g Method: Chop the chicken breasts finely by hand. I am not going to give you something you can whip up at home. I.

CV If you could pass any law in the City. I’m afraid! I do like to get out around midday to take a walk and grab some lunch. artworks and statues is very admirable. Remodelled maybe – but demolished. CV What are some of the highlights of working in the Central City? NG There is a lot of creative energy in the Central City and there are creative companies popping up all over the place. Contact the Central City Improvement District’s (CCID’s) Social Development Department for further information or assistance. CV Describe a typical day in your life in the City. If you would like to help. please contact one of the listed organisations mentioned. The party used to spill out onto the street in summer and they’d always play that song. Then in the afternoons it’s back into my windowless edit suite … CV What are the best kept secrets of Cape Town? NG Well – if I told you then they wouldn’t be secrets any more. I’ve been there twice in my career and it always takes my breath away. The Showbiz Report. 021 461 5508 Salesian Institute Youth Projects provide education. Topshop CV Straatwerk has job rehabilitation projects for men and . Plans are made an hour before we execute them. which first aired on South African television in 2005. More often than not. 021 461 7470 Ons Plek provides residential care while undertaking reunification process for girls. She has worked extensively in the television industry since she developed and hosted e. The Style Report. CV What building would you happily demolish in the CBD? NG I think all buildings deserve a second chance. what would you do? NG Littering would get a maximum fine. CV CV Where do you prefer to shop in Cape Town? NG I’ve always loved the Waterfront. It’s always a pleasure to go in there any time of the day. and all the other British high street stores that I miss when I’m not in London. and I always feel very inspired in this City.capetownpartnership. her company produces The Showbiz Report. no matter how deep in the City you are. the money they receive from begging is used to buy their next “fix”. 021 425 4700 The Homestead provides residential care and family integration for boys. The CCID therefore requests that members of the public do not give money or handouts directly. It pretty much sums up how I feel about Cape Town.5-million viewers every week. you can always see the mountain. CV Where do you go in the City for a decent cup of coffee? NG I’m not very into coffee – because caffeine makes me crazy – but I do like hot chocolate! I only ever go to the original vida e caffè near where I work. 021 425 0140 The Haven’s vision is to get the homeless home. I have spent most of my working life here. The staff there have been looking after me for years. Pat 021 419 1881 | Dean 082 928 3862 Headman Sirala-Rala 082 262 0113 Mark Williams 082 262 0112 CV What is the trait you dislike most about Capetonians? NG We’re non-committal with our social lives! CV If you could choose to live anywhere else in the world where would it be? NG Cape Town. I also love the fact that. Even though I don’t live in the charm and the service is impeccable. variety there and very little you can’t get. I think Cape Town is unique like that. The bright colours of the Bo-Kaap juxtaposed against steely glass skyscrapers is a unique sight. I’ve been all over the world and absolutely nothing comes close. Cape Town. I still make a trip there when I can. Launched in 2009.12 my town CityViews June 2011 FOCUS ON My Cape Town: Nicky Greenwall “There is a lot of creative energy in the Central City and there are creative companies popping up all over the place. NG Well. The Tech Report and Inside Art. Is Cape Town a creative City? NG Most definitely.” – Nicky Greenwall Nicky Greenwall is a writer. 021 465 4829 The Carpenters Shop provides rehabilitation services and skills training for adults. The architecture is astounding and the way the city takes care of its landmarks. There is so much Photos: Supplied What’s missing for you in Cape Town? NG Zara. Cape Town. CV CV What is the trait you like most about Capetonians? NG We go with our own social current. continues to enjoy an audience of over 1. It’s my favourite hotel in the world. CV What would you do in the Central City with a foreign visitor? NG I’d take them for tea at the Mount Nelson. Not very glamorous or exciting. What are your favourite design features of Cape Town? NG I like the blend of old and new in the City. CV CV What are your favourite cities abroad and what have you learnt from them? NG I love Prague. What song best sums up Cape Town for you? NG Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing by Stevie Wonder. It has a great old. Everything has a history and therefore a value of some kind. I like that most of the parties – and places I go – are impromptu. It’s very unusual to have a City so close to a mountain like that and I find it very calming. producer and entertainment journalist – and founder of Greenwall Productions. I was born and raised here. skills training and rehabilitation to vulnerable’s first dedicated entertainment news program in 2002. Primark. like most people my day mainly involves being chained to my desk behind a computer. 021 425 1450 Many children and young adults living on the streets have severe drug addiction problems. My best friend and I used to go to a place called The Magnet on the corner of Shortmarket and Bree years ago. no. CV Your top spot to go out at night? NG I shoot at a lot of incredible venues for my show – but I tend not to spend much time in those venues actually having a good time! I like Haiku and the Planet Bar at the Mount Nelson.

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