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Dr. Commander Selvam Attends Annual Press Club Function

On Tuesday evening December 9th our publisher Dr. Commander Selvam “Sidddhar” and staff attended the Atlanta Press Club’s Annual Holiday Author Event at the Georgia Aquarium. The massive downtown Atlanta indoor aquarium’s spectacular ballroom was packed with over 300 of Georgia’s best known journalists, reporters and media professionals, who hosted approximately 30 local and national book authors. We met with the past president, Atlanta Press Club board member, and Executive Editor of The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Mr. Mark Meltzer. He in turn introduced us to The Atlanta Press Club’s Executive Director Ms. Lauri Straus. They both were very gracious and were genuinely grateful to hear Dr. Commander’s offer to host their next meeting in Ashok’s Palace, our spacious, state-of-the-art, Community Center Auditorium. During the event we personally spoke with many noted authors, including medical expert Robert J Davis, Phd. who just released The Healthy Skeptic: Cutting Through the Hype About Your Health, and children’s book writer Stacy Kaye, whose innovative “Parent Smart Kid Happy” trilogy: Ready for the Day, Ready to Play, and Ready for Bed, incorporates well researched parenting skills into each volume. Also written for children and their parents is This is not Cool. Three Atlanta criminal attorneys present real life short stories that illustrate how one, seemingly innocent, “wrong decision can have tragic lifetime consequences,” on a young person’s life. And Georgia

historian James C. Cobb, told us about his book, Georgia Odyssey which reveals misconceptions and little known facts about the history of our state. Also in attendance was former Mayor of Atlanta, the Honorable Sam Massell, who is now President of the Buckhead Coalition. And we had the chance to meet the lovely Ms. Cameron Morrow of Edelman Public Relations, whose firm did a first-rate job of volunteer staffing the registration tables and the silent auction. In our course of socializing with fellow members of the press club, we were accosted by television reporter Randy Travis, who breached social etiquette, by allowing a cordial meeting of colleges, to devolve into a mean-spirited interrogation of Dr. Commander Selvam. When we informed Randy that a “conversation” does not consist of a one-sided string of questions, answering no questions in return, he ultimately slunk away. In an earlier theoretical discussion with him about the lack of ethics in investigative reporting, he gave us the impression that he would stop at nothing to get a story. Upon leaving the event Dr Commander gave his personal blessings to all in attendance, including Randy, and made a specially recorded video “happiness wish” for one of the event sponsors, General Motors, who was show-casing their new Hybrid Cadillac Escalade.

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Guru Nanak

His Life And Philosophy

‘Baba Nanak Shah Faqir, Saba ka Guru, Sabhi ka Pir’, a transform of the verse : ‘Baba Nanak Shah Faqir, Hindu ka Guru, Musalman ka Pir’, immensely popular in Punjab, truly defines some more significant aspects of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh Panth and the Sikhs’ first Guru. Bound by intimate ties, Nanak’s disciples saw in him the ‘Baba’, the guardian of generations of man, who, the benevolent protector, built the path, led them to it and guided their course all through, and all with love and care, not like a formal teacher asserting his authority. The torchbearer lived among them like one of them and practiced along with them what he preached. A faqir beyond possessions, passions or ambitions, and all desires, Baba Nanak, reigning over the domains not belonging to man, was the king of kings, the supreme Shah at whose feet emperors bowed and to whose divine aura expanse of their territories fell short. Not Hindu or Muslim (Musalman), he was, and is still, everyone’s Guru, the teacher guiding all to the right path, and everyone’s Pir, the benefactor and spiritual guardian. ‘Hindu ka Guru, Musalman ka Pir’, part of the original verse, seems to have grown out of the forecast which astrologers made at the time of his birth. As the Bala Janam Sakhi has it, the planetary position at the time of his birth indicated that both Hindu and Turk, two main constituents of the society in those days, would revere him alike and the path that he would found would be the path of both. His Birth And Early Days The divinity incarnate, Baba Nanak was born in A. D. 1469 at Rai-Bhoe-kiTalwandi, now in Pakistan about 65 km west of Lahore. The place is now known as Nankana Sahib, re-named long since after Guru Nanak. The young Nanak was often found engaged in cosmic

questions about the fundamentals of life, which upset his father Mehta Kaluchand, an orthodox Bedi, one of the branches of Kshatriyas. Seeking to keep his interests centered on formal education he engaged a Brahmin to teach Nanak to read and write Devanagiri, and a Maulvi to teach Persian and Arabic, in adition his father devoted daily quite a lot of time in instructing him in arithmetic and accountancy. A precocious child, Nanak’s interests were, however, widely different. Even at the age of five he retired to solitude to cogitate, or he resorted to the company of holy men seeking from them answers to the eternal questions of life. Keen to drag him into trade and commerce, and indeed into family life, and distract his mind from spiritualism, his father decided to have him marry him, a step which in cases like Nanak’s, most parents considered an unfailing remedy since times immemorial. When married, he was eighteen and his wife Sulakhani, was about two years younger. He was a caring husband and fathered two sons, Sri Chand and Lakhmi Das. The bent of his mind was, however, always the same as before meditative and isolation-loving. After his father’s efforts to direct his interests to trading - rearing cattle, or setting up a shop, failed, his sister Nanaki took him with her to Sultanpur where her husband Jairam arranged for him storekeeper’s job at the ‘modikhana’ of Daulat Khan Lodhi. The place changed and so did his liferoutine but not his mindset. Here he chanced to meet Mardana, a Muslim minstrel, whos playing rabbab, could spell-bind his listeners. Ten years older Mardana was fascinated by Nanak’s sweet melodious voice, charming manners, human concerns, spiritual fervor, and the soul-touching quality of his verses. Some accounts claim that Mardana was a friend from his childhood days. However, it was hereafter that the two were inseparably united. Nanak’s job at ‘modikhana’ apart, most of his time was spent in composing and singing lauding the Almighty. Mardana was always there accompanying him on his rabbab. From that point onwards, his divine songs and Mardana’s rabbab, resounded in every

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corner and square of Sultanpur, and with the mysticism that his songs revealed, within the mind of every listener. Nanak spent seven years at Daulat Khan’s ‘modikhana’ not so much in weighing goods as in weighing the questions facing life. A restless mind, Nanak lived as if in a transit-house awaiting a summons, the summon from Him, to proceed to his destination, his true home. He was now thirty, and as everyday, one morning when at the river Bein, (named Vahi in some accounts), to have his routine bath, he heard the call from within the depths of the river’s waters. Pursuing the call he descended deep into the waters and did not come out. His clothes lying on the river bank led his kin folk and others to conclude that he had drowned. After three days he re-appeared. A divine composure defined his face. Despite curious questions volleying from all around the whole day he did not utter a word, perhaps the light that the absolute darkness within the depths of waters had kindled into him had not yet taken shape. No metaphysics or rhetoric, next day he simply uttered : ‘nai koi Hindu, nai koi Musalman’ - neither one is Hindu, neither Muslim, that is, man is neither Hindu nor Muslim, he is only a man, all alike in relation to each other and in relation to Him, the Karta Putukha - Creator. His communion with the Supreme is only as man, not as Hindu or Musalman. The Enlightened one, Guru Nanak thus rejected narrow religious boundaries that disabled man from uniting with Him and divided mankind, and paved the path for universal brotherhood, harmony, tolerance, and the unity of mankind into the thread of humanity. The Significance of Water In Sikh-Panth His three days in the water have been variedly seen and interpreted. His absence from the world has been viewed by many as his journey to Sach Khand, the abode of the Eternal One, a commission he was invested with by the Almighty Himself, or to the wider world to preach what had descended on him duringhis intimate communion with Him. The Puratan JanamSakhi defines it as his direct encounter with the Divine. In their book ‘Sri Harmandar Sahib : the Body Visible of the Invisible Supreme’ the authors of this essay have seen the episode from yet another perspective. In their attempt to renounce the world while all seekers of ‘truth’ or ‘light’, during the days of Guru Nanak or before, even Buddha and Mahavira, entered into the forest, Guru Nanak entered into water believing perhaps that the world was not so completely removed from sight, when in the forest as it was when into the water’s depths. In water, depth was Guru Nanak’s base, and height, his vision, and complete darkness around led the eyes to seek the light within; in the forest, sight rolled horizontally along the world, which it sought to renounce, and externaly illumined the exterior, obstructing the journey within. Absolute renouncement of the world has always been the key to absolute union with the Divine; Buddha and Mahavira took six and twelve years to attain it, Guru Nanak, just three days, and water - complete dissociation from the world, and the absolute void which it produced, was his means. This event of Guru Nanak attaining Enlightenment, in the course of ablution with water as his means, underlines the sanctity of water and ablution, in the entire post Guru Nanak Sikh tradition, not merely as a sacred thing but as an essential part of Sikh faith, rituals, and architecture. Not surprisingly, the tank - (Sarovar), seems to always have to be given priority over the temple in Sikh architectural tradition, ever since the days of Guru Ramdas, who sought to construct the Sarovar first so that the temple emerged. Two Decades of Itinerancy Guru Nanak gave up his job and distributed all his belongings to poor. Attired in a robe and kalandari cap and a rosary around his neck, perhaps similar to those he is seen wearing in medieval paintings, Baba Nanak, ever a faqir by aptitude, now a faqir by appearance, left Sultanpur. Mardana was his constant companion. Now cynosure of all eyes, Guru Nanak almost mesmerized everyone with his divine aura, mystic verses and melodious voice. He first went to Sayyadpur in Gujranwala, a western Punjab now in Pakistan. Hundreds were to his discourses, though Lalu, known in Sikh tradition as Bhai Lalu, a carpenter, was the first to be his regular disciple. He then proceeded to Sialkot where he met the known saint of those days Shah Hamzah. At Shivaratri he reached Achal Batala and had discourse with yogis - holy men assembled there on the occasion. He then visited his birth-place Talwandi, paid respect to his parents and then retired for a few days into Chhanga Manga forest. He then proceeded to Multan. Continued to page No. 39

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Pandit L.V. Sharma

In past issues, the Almighty and Swamiji have blessed me with the opportunity to share my ideas on the spirituality of the Srimad (Holy) BhagavadGita. In this issue, I wish to discuss the seventh, eighth, and ninth chapters of the BhagavadGita.
In chapter seven Lord Krishna gives us concrete knowledge about absolute reality as well as the influence of divinity. He describes His illusory energy in the material existence called Maya and declares how extremely difficult it is to surmount it. He also describes the four types of people attracted to divinity and the four types of people who are opposed to divinity. In conclusion He reveals that one in spiritual intelligence takes the exclusive refuge of the Lord, in devotional service, without reservation.

Thus this chapter is entitled: Knowledge of the Ultimate Truth. The Seventh Chapter of the Gita is called ‘Gyana-Vigyana Yoga’. There are in all 30 slokas (verses) in it. With this chapter starts the second section of the Gita, which predominantly deals with IshwaraUpasana. In this chapter we are also given the meaning of the word ‘God’, as well as the method by which to go about directly realizing him. The words ‘Gyana’ & ‘Vigyana’ in the title mean Indirect & Direct Knowledge respectively. The word Vigyana in the scriptures means direct experiential knowledge. Right in the beginning of the chapter Lord Krishna says, “O Arjuna! I am now going to reveal that knowledge by which nothing more will be left to be known.” He asks Arjuna to pay special attention to this discourse because very few, out of all spiritual aspirants, really know what the ultimate truth is. He says that he is the ‘Purusha,’ the all pervading and transcendental Divinity, and his divine power, called Maya, alone is Prakriti (Consciousness). This Prakriti further has two aspects: the Apara (lower) Prakriti and the Para (higher) Prakriti. The Apara Prakriti is eight-fold, and

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envelops within itself the five basic elements, the cosmic mind, the cosmic intellect, and the cosmic ego (doership). The Para Prakriti on the other hand, is the universal spark of existence within everyone. Both of these Prakritis together, are the basic cause of the entire universe. These two can be indicated by the words ‘matter’ and ‘spirit’. However, the Lord says that these are His powers, but not the entirety of Him, but they are dependent upon Him. Nature is his sakti (power), with which he creates, sustains, or destroys the world of names and forms. While he pervades all this, he transcends all this too. (Just like water pervades all waves as well as transcends all waves too. Water is that without which no wave can exist, yet water by itself does not have any of the limitations of a wave.) He is that power, which sustains them both. The idea of using the words Apara (lower) and Para (higher) Prakriti is that if a person pays greater attention to the Apara, he goes on an endless trip, while if we turn our attention to the Para Prakriti, then we find an exit doorway from this never-ending process of transmigration. So while we should see and enjoy the beauty of the Apara Prakriti, we should be able to become conscious of our higher nature too. In that form alone, we will see God in all. In this way we can see God in everything. The Lord thereafter goes about indicating how we should see him in the various manifestations around us. What we see all around is the Prakriti of God, and he is present right there, as that,

because the Prakriti is existing. While God is right here and now in everything and anything whatsoever, it is only because of our fascination with the various objects of the world, that we miss out on him. Now turning to the second aspect of ‘Vigyana’, he says that it is only when we really ‘love’ God that we become disposed to see him in all. Don’t be in a hurry to have quick pleasurable experiences, but hasten slowly to that which is lasting. The journey to this Divine Awakening begins with the Love of God, and culminates in the state of ‘being’ God. Such ‘awakened ‘people alone have truly fulfilled their lives. He further says to Arjuna, “Now, if thy soul be set ever on Him the Almighty, still exercising Yogas, still making God as the only shelter, thou shall come most surely unto perfect hold of Him. I will declare to thee that utmost lore, whole and particular, which when one knows these factors, leaves no more to know here in this world. Of many thousand mortals, one perchance, strives for truth; and of those few that strive, nay, and rise high, one only, here and there, knows God, as he is, the very truth. Earth, water, flame, air, ether, life, mind, and individuality those eight make up the showing of God, the only manifest. “These be the God’s lower Nature; whereby learn the higher. This Universe is produced, by its principle of life; whereby the worlds of visible things are born.” He then further says, “I am the womb; I make and I unmake this Universe. There is no

other Master than me; no other Maker than Me. All these hang on me as hangs a row of pearls upon its string. I am the fresh taste of the water, I the silver of the moon, the gold of the sun, the word of worship in the Vedas, the thrill that passes in the ether, and the strength of man’s shed seed. I am the good sweet smell of the moistened earth; I am the fire’s red light; the vital air moving in all which moves. I am the holiness of hallowed souls -the root undying. I am the wisdom of the wise, the intellect of the informed. I am the greatness of the great, the splendor of the splendid. These am I, free from passion and desire; yet, am I right desire in all who yearn, for all those moods, passionate or ignorant, which nature frames, deduce from me. Yet, all are merged in me - not I in them! “The world deceived by those three qualities of being wetted, not me who am outside them all, above them all, eternal! Hard it is to pierce that veil divine, of various shows which hide Me; yet they who worship Me pierce it and pass beyond. I am not known to evil-doers, nor to foolish ones, nor to the base and churlish, nor to those whose mind is cheated by the show of things, nor those that take the way of Asuras.” Lord Krishna goes on to say, “Four sorts of mortals know me: he who weeps, and the man who yearns to know; and he who toils

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to help, and he who sits certain of me - enlightened. Of these four, the highest, nearest, and best is that last, the devout soul, wise, intent upon ‘The One.’ Above all, am I to him, and he is dearest unto me! All four are good, and seek me, but mine own, the true of heart, the faithful, stayed on me, taking me as their utmost blessedness, they are not ‘mine’, but ‘I’ , even I Myself! At the end of many births to me they come! Yet hard the wise Mahatma is to find, that man who says, ‘All is me, the Almighty.’” Bhagawan Sri Krishna further says, “There be those, too, whose knowledge, turned aside by this desire or that, gives them to serve some lower gods, with various rites, constrained by that which molded them. Unto all such worship what shrine they will, what shapes, in faith. It is I who give them faith! I am content! The heart thus asking favor from its God, darkened but

ardent, has the end it craves - the lesser blessing, but it is me who gives! Yet soon is withered, what small fruit they reap, those men of little minds, who worship so, go where they worship, passing with their gods. But mine come unto me! Blind are the eyes which deem the un-manifested, manifest; not comprehending me in my true Self! Imperishable, viewless, undeclared, hidden behind my magic veil of shows, I am not seen by all; I am not known unborn and changeless, to the idle world. But I know all things which were, and all which are, and all which are to be, although not one among them knows me! “By passion for the ‘pairs of opposites’, by those twin snares of like and dislike, all creatures live bewildered, save some few who, quit of sins, holy in act, informed, freed from the ‘opposites’, and fixed in faith, cleave unto Me. Who cleave, who seek in me refuge from birth

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and death, those have the truth! Those know me as Brahma; know me as soul of souls, they will know about my Karma, (my work), know that I am the Adhibhuta, Lord of Life. They will know that I am the Adhidaiva, Lord of all the Gods, and Adhiyajna, Lord of Sacrifice, worship me well, with hearts of love and faith, and find and hold me in the hour of death. Even after the advice and the soothing words of the Almighty Sri.Krishna, Arjuna was confused and asks further questions. The questions of Arjuna and the answers of Lord Krishna make up the eighth chapter. Arjuna asks Sri. Krishna, “Who is that Brahma? What is that Soul of Souls, the Adhyatman? What, thou best of all, thy work, Karma? Tell me what is the meaning of the name Adhibhuta? What again means Adhidaiva? And how it comes, thou can’t be Adhiyajna in thy flesh? Further, make me know how good men find thee in the hour of death?” Hearing these questions from Arjuna, Lord Krishna smiled and started replying as follows. “I am Brahma, the one eternal God, and Adhyatman is my being’s name. What goes forward from me, causing all lives to live? I am the Adhibhuta, Lord

of Lives, and Adhidaiva, Lord of all the Gods. I am the Adhiyajna, Lord of Sacrifice. I am speaking with you in this body. And, at the hour of death, he who is meditating on me alone, in putting off his flesh, comes forward to Me, enters into my being, there is no doubt in it. But, if he meditated otherwise at the hour of death, in putting off the flesh, he goes to what he looked for. Because, the Soul is fashioned to its like. The great sage Jatabharatha is a practical example for this. “Have me, then, in your heart always! And fight! That too, when heart and mind are fixed on me, shall surely come to me! All come, who cleave with never-wavering will of firmest faith, owning no other Gods: all come to Me, the Uttermost, the Purusha, the Holiest! “Who so ever has known Me, Lord of sage and singer, ancient of days, of all the three Worlds, stays boundless! But unto every atom bringer of that which quickens it, who so ever, I say, has known my form, which passes mortal knowing, seen my effulgence, which no eye has seen, than the sun’s burning gold more brightly glowing, dispersing darkness, unto him has been right life! And, in

the hour when life is ending, with mind set fast, and trustful piety, drawing still breath beneath calm brows unbending, in happy peace that faithful one does die. In glad peace passes to Purusha’s heaven, the place which they who read the Vedas name Aksharam, ‘Ultimate’, whereto have striven saints and ascetics, their road is the same. “That way is the highest way - anyone who goes in that path, anyone who shuts the gates of all his senses, locks desire safe in his heart, centers the vital airs upon his parting thought,

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steadfastly set and murmuring Om, the sacred syllable Emblem of Brahma, and dies, meditating on me. “For whom none other Gods regarding, looks ever to Me. I am easily gained by such a Yogi; and attaining me, they will fall not - those Mahatmas - back to birth, to life, which is the place of pain, which ends, but take the way of utmost blessedness. The worlds, even Brahma’s world, roll back again from death to life’s unrest. But they that reach to me taste birth no more. If you know Brahma’s day, which is a thousand Yugas; if you know that the thousand Yugas making Brahma’s night, then you know Day and Night as He does know! When that vast Dawn breaks, the Invisible is brought anew into the Visible. When that deep Night darkens, all which fades back again to Him whom sent it forward, this vast company of living things again and yet again produced,

Un-manifest, the Infinite, the All, the Uttermost! They neither arrive nor return. That Life Is Mine; and I am there! And, by faith which wanders not, there is a way to come thither, I the Purusha; I Who spread The Universe around me, in who all living things dwell, may so be reached and seen richer than holy fruit on the Vedas growing, greater than gifts, better than prayers or fasting, such wisdom is! The Yogi, this way knowing, comes to the Utmost Perfect Peace at last.” These are the most fitting words for today’s world. If we adopt the path of Spirituality shown by Lord Krishna, there will be no wars at all. As per the sayings of our Swamiji, “the entire human race can have a very comfortable living.” I thank the Almighty and Swamiji for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts on Spirituality. I pray that the Almighty will bless me with more and more opportunities to share my thoughts on Spirituality.

expires at Brahma’s Nightfall, and at Brahma’s Dawn, rises without its will, to life new-born. But, higher, deeper, innermost, abides another life, not like the life of sense, escaping sight, unchanging. This endures when all created things have passed away: This is that Life named the

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the Northern Hemisphere. Sun for Hindus stands for Pratyaksha Brahman - the manifest God, who symbolizes, the one, non-dual, self-effulgent, glorious divinity blessing one and all tirelessly. Sun is the one who transcends time and also the one who rotates the proverbial wheel of time. In this short essay we will see how the festival is celebrated in Punjab. Punjab is very famous for the cultivation of wheat. This day is considered as a “thanks giving day to the Sun God”.In the southern parts of India this day is celebrated under various names such as Makara Sankaranthi and Pongal. In Eastern parts of India the festival is celebrated in the name Sankaranthi in Bihar, Makar Sankaranthi in Orissa and West Bengal, and as Bohali Bihu in Assam. In Western parts of India the festival is celebrated in the name of Uttarayan or kite flying festival in Gujarat and Sankaranti in Maharashtra. In Northen parts of India Himachal Pradesh and Punjab the day is celebrated as Lohiri. We will see how the Lohiri is celebrated in Punjab. The origin of the Lohri can be traced back to the tale of Dulla Bhatti. By the end of the first week of January, small groups of boys ring the doorbell of houses and start chanting the Lohri songs related to Dulla Bhatti. In turn, the people give

different names, as Lohri is an exclusively Punjabi festival. The origin of Lohri is related to the central character of most Lohri songs is Dulla Bhatti, a Muslim highway robber who lived in Punjab during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Besides robbing the rich, he rescued Hindu girls being forcibly taken to be sold in slave market of the Middle East. He arranged their marriages to Hindu boys with Hindu rituals and provided them with dowries. Understandably, though a bandit, he became a hero of all Punjabis. Some believe that Lohri has derived its name from Loi, the wife of Sant Kabir, for in rural Punjab Lohri is pronounced as Lohi. Others believe that Lohri comes from the word ‘loh’, a thick iron sheet tawa used for baking chapattis for community feasts. Another legend says that Holika and Lohri were sisters. While the former perished in the Holi fire, the latter survived. Eating of sesame seeds and jaggery is considered to be essential on this day. Perhaps the words til and rorhi merged to become tilorhi, which eventually got shortened to Lohri. Ceremonies that go with the festival of Lohri usually consists of making a small image of the Lohri goddess with gobar (cattle dung), decorating it, kindling a fire beneath it and chanting its praises. The final ceremony is to light a large bonfire at sunset, toss sesame seeds, jaggery, sugar-candy and rewaries in it, sit round it, sing, dance till the fire dies out. People take dying embers of the fire to their homes. In Punjabi village homes, fire is kept going round the clock by use of cowdung cakes. Time of Lohri According to the Hindu calendar, Lohri falls in mid-January (13th to 15th of January). The earth, farthest from the sun at this point of time, starts its journey towards the sun, thus ending the coldest month of the year and announcing the start of the summer season. While Lohri is essentially a Punjabi festival, it is celebrated in some other states of North India as well. In cities like Delhi, which have a predominant Punjabi population, Lohri is celebrated to denote the last of the coldest days of winter. Apart from Punjab, people from

Lohiri or Rajasthan.




of them popcorn, peanuts, crystal sugar, sesame seeds or jaggery as well as money. Turning them back empty-handed is regarded inauspicious. Lohri marks the end of winter on the last day of Paush, and beginning of Magha (around January 12 and 15), when the sun changes its course. It is associated with the worship of the Sun God, Fire God and is observed by all communities with

India is very famous for the festival. It is also a noted country for “university in diversity”. The harvest festival is celebrated country wide under various names. One of the important festivals is called as “Makara Sankaranthi”. Even though it is celebrated under various names the centre theme of the celebration is one. Makar Sankranti is the day when the Sun God begins its ascendancy and entry into

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other northern Indian states of Haryana, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh, become busy making preparations for Lohri. For them, Lohri is an appropriate occasion to come out of their homes and celebrate the harvesting of the Rabi (winter) crops and give in to relaxing and enjoying the traditional folk songs and dances.

In houses that have recently had a marriage or childbirth, Lohri celebrations will reach a higher pitch of excitement. Punjabis usually have private Lohri celebrations, in their houses. Lohri rituals are performed, with the accompaniment of special Lohri songs. A bonfire is made and a prayer is performed to Agni, the god of Fire, and Prasad is distributed. The prasad comprises five main foods - til, gachchak, gur, moongphali (peanuts) and phuliya or popcorn. Milk and water are also poured around the bonfire by Hindus. This ritual is performed for thanking the Sun God and seeking his continued protection. Lohri Celebrations Singing and dancing form an intrinsic

part of the celebrations. People wear their brightest clothes and come to dance the bhangra and gidda to the beat of the dhol. Punjabi songs are sung, and everybody rejoices. Sarson ka saag and makki ki roti is usually served as the main course at a Lohri dinner. Lohri is a great occasion that does not hold importance for farmers alone but also to those people residing in the urban area, as this festival provide the opportunity to interact with family and friends. Even though the traditions followed are different the centre theme of the festival is the same. So, we will also celbrate this holy day in our traditional style and thank the Almighty for blessing all of us with a comfortable living.

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Originally the word charity means preciousness, dearness, high price. This further expalins an unlimited lovingkindness to all others, such as the love of God. This much wider concept is the meaning of the word charity in the triplet “faith, hope and charity”, However the English word more generally used for this concept, both before and since is the more direct love.There are different types of charities. Some reach the benificiary directly and some reach the beneficiary indirectly. Almsgiving, the act of giving money, goods or time to the unfortunate, either directly or by means of a charitable trust or other worthy cause, is described as charity or charitable giving. The poor, particularly widows and orphans, and the sick and disabled, are generally regarded as the proper objects of almsgiving. Some groups regard almsgiving as being

properly directed toward other members of their group.Donations to causes that would benefit the unfortunate indirectly,

as donations to cancer research hope to benefit cancer victims, are also charity. Most forms of charity are concerned with providing food, water, clothing, and shelter, and tending the ill, but other actions may be performed as charity: visiting the imprisoned or the homebound, dowries for poor women, ransoming captives, educating orphans. Originally almsgiving entailed the benefactor directly giving the goods to the receiver. People who could not support themselves -- or who feigned such inability -- would become beggars.This charity is a give and take policy. The person who does the charity gives the things or money to the needy. In return the recipient of charity may offer to pray for the benefactor. Institutions may commemorate benefactors by displaying their names, up to naming buildings or even the institution itself after the benefactors. If the recipient makes material return of more than a token value, the transaction is normally not called charity.There are many words to denote the meaning of charity.

Siddhi Times USA 18

1. Philanthropy is the act of donating money, goods, services, time and/or effort to support a socially beneficial cause, with a defined objective and with no financial or material reward to the donor. In a more general sense, philanthropy may encompass any altruistic activity intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. One who practices philanthropy may be called a philanthropist. Although such individuals are often rich, people may perform philanthropic acts without possessing great wealth. 2. Altruism is selfless concern for the welfare of others. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures, and a core aspect of various religious traditions. Altruism can be distinguished from feelings of loyalty and duty. Altruism focuses on a motivation to help others or a want to do good without reward, while duty focuses on a moral obligation towards a specific individual (for example, God, a king), a specific organization (for example, a government), or an abstract concept (for example, patriotism etc). Some individuals may feel both altruism and duty, while others may not. Pure altruism is giving without regard to reward or the benefits of recognition. I wish to pin point a practical example for the aforesaid words. He is Swamiji Sri. Selvam Siddhar. He can be called as “a

man of charities”, a philonthraphist and an Altruist.Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar is the most generous person. He has donated millions of American dollars to build temples in various parts of the world. They are visible. But his invisible donations are more and more. Even though he has donated a lot towards the development of the human race he never liked to make some kind of cheap popularity from those charities. He is popularly known as a Hindu monk or Swamiji. But his religion is Humanity. He often used to say “You will live according to your thoughts”. His thoughts are always high. The words he often uses are “I have starved in this world and I have suffered much. My Shivji blessed me with all. I should use everything given by him in the best manner. The best way to give to him is doing charities”. His charities are endless. There is an old saying “He earns like a king and spends like a princess”. The king earns a lot of money and wealth. But he will never spend unnecessarily. But his son, the prince will never care about the suffering of his father and he will spend lavishly. It is entirely different in our Swamiji’s life. His king is Lord Shiva. He blesses Swamiji with all sorts of things

needed by Swamiji for the most luxurious living style. But Swamiji understood the blessings of Lord Shiva. He needs only simple food for two times a day, a comfortable place to live and simple clothes to cover the body. More than these things everything is gift. That’s why Swamiji does a lot of charities. He has divided charities in various classes. Before doing the charities he used to understand fully about the person receiving the charity. Swamiji’s motto is, the suffering people should get help immediately. But at the same time Lord Shiva’s money or wealth should not go to the unqualified persons. Swamiji never uses a charity badge any where in the temple or in the websites. But he is aware of Charity fraud. He double checks the back ground of the reciever before doing the charity. He does a lot of helps to those who have none to help them. As a philonthrapist he has an active membership in a lot of orphanages. Even though he has donated a lot of money towards the needy,Swamiji never permits any body to advertise his name as a donor. Every year from the first week of April to the first week of May Continued to Page No. 22

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BHAIRAVA MOORHTY (VAIRAVAR) This idol of Lord Shiva varies from Bikshatana Moorthy and presents a new appearance. A dog is along with Him and this appearance is naked. The much regarded God, one among the trinity has no desire even to wear dress. The great meaning behind this will be compared with the vast blue sky. In the nighttime we can see the moon. Lord Shiva is called as Chandra Sekara. Lord has given asylum to the divine moon. These entire importance permits to get obliged with the facet that Lord Shiva is in the form of sky & space. This is one of His five forms. Who can stitch a dress for the sky? We can understand the simplicity of the Lord here. He is attached to no desire, no passion but existed everywhere. His kindness and mercy are always for the welfare of human beings. Knowing this secret very many people should worship all the forms of Bhairava Moorthy. Big officials, investors, students, bachelors, virgins, teachers, and judicial people worship Lord Bhairava and maintain their status and prestige.

VIDAI MEETHAMARNDHA MOORTHY The “Nandhi” is the mount of Lord Shiva. Nandhi is a Bull. Vidai is the word in Tamil for Bull. Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvathi (Umadevi) are seated upon “Nandhi”. This is the atmosphere of loga-paripalana. All the worlds, beings, and creations are looked, at a glance of magnanimity. The idol is a symbol of benevolence. The unlimited kindness is seen in the facet of Lord Shiva with the Goddess Umadevi. The devotees when they happen to look this idol will be freed from all kinds of sorrow and depression. The pure devotion to Lord Shiva will lead to the success and prosperity. This appearance is so called as Shakthi and Shiva. This unity is most helpful to those who are in the state of getting married. Suitable bride or bridegroom as partner in life will be settled for a happy future. The prayers to him will boost the life of devotees. “The Kalaiyaar Temple” in district Ramnad in Tamil Nadu is a significant spot for worship. Persons with involvement in family as well as the newly wedded couple should have the practice to meditate the Lord Shiva who is the savior for one and all.

The title of the Lord Shiva’s facet gives some thing extraordinary fear to heart. The word ‘Kapala’ that means “skull”. That too Lord Brahma’s kapala means, it is unbelievable. Lord Brahma is the creator of all the beings. It was at the early stage, when Lord Brahma was having five faces. His Lordship was attending the creation of all beings such as man, animal, bird, fish etc. Looking to the greatness of the job, he had the selfopinionated ness. He thought for himself as the supreme power than Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva in his turn took this matter seriously and plucked one of the heads of Lord Brahma. After this incidence Lord Brahma had only four heads. So, the skull of Lord Brahma occupied in the left hand of Lord Shiva. In the two right hands of Lord Shiva, were adorned with spear and axe. The other two hands in left were with Trishoolam and the skull. So the name Brahma Kapala Dara Moorthy is given to Lord Shiva. Seniors in rank, and deserving persons for a right job and the other categorical persons in professions should pray Lord Brahma Kapala Dara Moorthy for the early success in their attempts.

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Continued From Page No. 19 their life for the sake of Swamiji. His genorocity grows up day by day and his fame is also increasing day by day. Also the Siddhi Times, the wonderful Indian American Spiritual Publication,which is bringing its 20th issue, fully reaching the mjaority of Indians’ hands all over the world free of cost with Swamiji s greatest Donation, which is countless. Also siddhi times is the only free highest circulated monthly spiritual magazine with more than half a million readers now- YES 100% free of cost to the 99.99 % of readers . This is not a human effort. Definitely I should say he is a “LIVING GOD” .We all pray the Almighty to shower its entire blessings on this holy philonthrapist for continuing his genorocity.All the aforesaid makes swamiji H. H Sri Selvam “Siddhar”as the youngest Swamiji in the world who did the Highest charity and the youngest Holy Philonthraphist in the world!! tests will be conducted by the officials of Swamiji to select a parrticular number of children to get benefit for their school studies. Every year three engineering college students and three medical college students get their full fees paid by Swamiji. Every year 27 marriages are being performed and the couples get the required things for their family, as a gift from Swamiji. Break fast and lunch are supplied to the persons staying at various orphanage homes at Swamiji’s home town. Swamiji oftens calls the old age homes. If any body is left there by their own son or daughter, he calls the family immediately. After talking with the family member,if Swamiji feels that they are very poor and needy he immediately deposits money in the bank under the name of the old person. With the intrest amount received from the bank, the older person will be taken care. After the death of the concerned old person the family of the old person can take the money and utilize the money for the betterment of their family. There a lot of persons stand as examples for the genrosity of the great philanthrophist. They love and admire Swamiji as their hero.They are even ready to sacrifice

Punyakoti Mahalingam 88years old man. An ardent Devotee and a beneficiary Of Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar’s Heart surgery fund. Living peacefully and happily with Swamiji’s funding.

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Atlanta Indian ( Tamil) Family Facing Criminal Charges in Indian Court
Defamation & the indecent Reperesentation of women (Prohibition) Act 1986 Valmikinathan P. Raghunathan, was formerly a trustee of a local Tamil Sangam ,( GATS) and believed to be part and parcel of a criminal conspiracy and associated criminal activities. Some of the local Tamil sangam members stated that, he created lots of political infighting, and caused people to have fights in the Gats. Valmiki is the owner of a very small software firm by the name “Blueshift” in Alpharetta, Georgia. Also he and his brother Dr Sankaran P Raghunathan own a small software firm in Chennai in the name Blueshift India Private Limited, which is running under heavy losses for so many years, according to the information gathered from their employees. One of their employees from Chennai informed that, recently the company is making loss because of the mismanagement by Valmiki. Now the management has been taken over by a different group of Directors to bring it to profit. It is also learnt that he brought a lady from Chennai to give some gita lectures by the name Prof. Prema Pandurang of kshetropasna Trust, who created lot of problems in the local temples. Some of the Atlanta People informed that, that’s why the concerned lady never allowed in any Mandir/ Temples anywhere in Georgia for her lectures. Finally in a funny way her lecture during the year 2008 in Atlanta went in a shopping mall which was really strange.. Lately he has been associated with Chandramohan Loganathan, who is believed to have mental issues. A few members of the Tamil community revealed that, Chandramohan has not held a proper job for the last five years, and stays at home simply eating and sleeping.They say that depression has contributed to his involvement in the criminal activities. Both men joined forces with a local cable television reporter in harassing a prominent Indian-American Swamiji. This group has, so far, attempted four malicious prosecutions. And Chadramohan himself committed blackmail in asking the Indian attorney of the Swamiji, to give him $60,000.00( Thirty Lakhs Rupees) in order to stop the harassment. These people are using Google Blog sites for much of their criminal activities. Now all their Google access details are under investigation, which should bring about a new series of formal criminal charges. You may wonder how this crime came to the US, and to these Indian-Americans. Well, the route starts in Chennai, India with the notorious magazine owner, Rajagopal, who goes by the name, Nakkiran Gopal. In a very high-profile crime case in India, he was arrested, indicted and jailed, under The Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act – POTA, (which is considered a more serious crime than even murder). Now we can see where these three Tamil


he Indian court has issued summons to face criminal charges, on three Tamil speaking Indian-American families living in Georgia. They are 1. Valmikinathan Puducheri Raghunathan, 2. Sundaram Puducheri Raghunathan, and 3. Chandramohan Loganathan . They have been charged with serious crimes,

Valmikinathan Puducheri Raghunathan,

Sundaram Puducheri Raghunathan,

Chandramohan Loganathan

Siddhi Times USA 23

Ananthi Pazhamuthu (OWNER)

Kumon Math And Reading Centre, Kennesaw , Georgia.

Temple’s president, who fears the growth of the Swamiji’s Temple and its success. It is a well known fact to most Indians in Atlanta, that this other temple, south of Atlanta, is still under construction, and is not completed, even after close to 25 years of its inception. The board members of their temple are almost all physicians, and make millions of dollars, yet, they are begging for money to build their temple. This is considered a shame to Indians in Atlanta. An Investigation is going on, in a attempt to understand the criminal motives behind the temple board members and its president. It is newsworthy, that the whole temple board is going to face serious criminal charges including Criminal Conspiracy and other IPC charges. Why are all these things happening? The simple answer is jealousy - irritation over someone else’s growth and success. Ultimately, these criminals use extortion as a means to make money in order to steal another’s success. There is no difference between these people and the international Mafias who traffic in drugs, or the terrorists who killed innocent civilians and tourists in Mumbai last month, or people who did the September, 11th attack on the US. It all comes down to money and jealousy. In Tamil there is a proverb “If you eat salt, you need to drink water”. And now it’s happening to these conspirators. Don’t miss the February issue of the Siddhi Times USA, so that you, our readers, will not miss-out on the many surprises to come. We may become ashamed, unfortunately, to learn about how our fellow Indians conspired o criminally to attack and rest away a prominent Hindu Temple and a most famous Indian celebrity Swamiji in America. It is also believed from the research that the

part and parcel of the criminal conspiracy also includes four ladies and one Dr Sankaran Raghunathan from Chennai, who brought Valmiki to US. Out of the four lady suspects for criminal conspiracy, the first lady is Radhika Raghunathan, Valmiki’s wife, the second one is Teresa Louis a Tamil lady from Chennai living in IL, the third one is Dr.Selvi Vasudevan from NJ the niece of Ananthi, and Ananthi the wife of Chandramohan Loganathan who was released from the Carroll county court , GA with a $ 6500.00 Good behavior bond on 3rd December 2008 for his criminal actions along with Valmiki Raghunathan. Chandramohn Loganathan and Valmikinathan P.Raghunthan were released from the Carroll County Court (Georgia) on the 3rd of December, 2008 on a $6,500.00 Good Behavior Bond for assaulting a Hindu Priest in front of the Mandir’s (Temple) gate! Yes - a barbarian act. It was the first time ever that a Hindu Priest has been assaulted in America, and by an Indian of all people. The priest was taken by ambulance and treated in the Emergency Room at Tanner Medical Center. Also Valmiki Raghunathan and his brother Sundaram P Raghunathan beat and assaulted two other priests on the Temple grounds. Priests got admitted in the Hospital after the arrival of an ambulance help.An arrest warrant has been issued and now the under investigation is on. Our Siddhi Times is a Spiritual magazine and anything that is hurtful to Hinduism will definitely be discussed in our pages. However the enemies here are not from other religions or other nationalities.These attacks are from within our own community. Shamefully, it is Indians doing this. Now all these criminals will appear before the Indain Judicial authorities on the 6th of January 2009. If they fail to do so, they will be arrested by the interpole police

speaking Indian-Americans got their training in threats and terrorist activities! The three men are now involved in attempting to rest a Hindu temple away from its founder. Our readers will get lots of shocking news about these people and other associated information in February’s edition of the Siddhi Times. These people were given a platform to write defamatory statements about the Swamiji in a Atlanta based Monthly Indian magazine whose name means “news” in Hindi, however the magazine contains more advertisements than actual news stories. The owners of this magazine will face some serious criminal charges very soon. This gang of “terrorist” is supported by another Atlantan Hindu

Siddhi Times USA 24

Dr. Selvi Vasudevan

Teressa Louis

R. Rajagopal was arrested under Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA).

There are lots of other examples of the unlawful conduct of this magazine publisher. However, I wish to cite the most famous example first. That is the abduction of the wealthy world famous Kannada actor Rajakumar by the bandit Veerappan. A terrorist group leader, said to be the brains behind the Rajakumar abduction, was closely allied with Veerappan. Some politicians had openly declared themselves Tamil nationalists. They made no attempt to hide their sympathy for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). A common thread among them was their uncompromising support of the LTTE - an organization that was responsible for the assassination of former Prime Minister of India. When the “investigative journalist” first interviewed on camera Veerappan, in his forest hideout, it gained Rajagopal near celebrity status, and the video tape became extremely popular. Even though he had been ostensibly negotiating the surrender of the elusive kidnaper-bandit, Gopal was accused of plotting many criminal activities with him. Once the famous actor was released by Veerappan, a Tamil nationalist politician became the hero, and Gopal became the “fallen hero.” The actor himself dismissed Gopal’s role in winning his freedom, and said, “Gopal came and went, and each time he came, our hopes rose, but we were not released.” It is a fact that Gopal received a huge amount of money from the family of the actor just for going in and coming out from the forest hide-out. When nobody knew whether the actor was alive or not, he ventured directly into the forests, met with the bandits, and returned with photographs, and video-film that showed that the actor was alive. This raises the following question. How can one go deep into the forest, without knowing the directions, and meet with the bandit and his team, when even the best forces of the police and army where not able to find the location of the bandit? Gopal is connected with many terrorist activities. He had a close relationship with the leader of LTTE of Sri Lanka and its members. Based on the strength of the background of this relationship with the terrorists, the state government of Tamilnadu and the central government of India filed a case against him under The Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA). POTA was an anti-terrorism legislation enacted by the Parliament of India in 2002. The act replaced the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance (POTO) of 2001. The act provided the legal framework to strengthen administrative rights needed to fight terrorism within the country of India, and was to be applied against any person or activity covered within its provisions. It was not meant to be a substitute for prosecution under existing

criminal law. The act defined what a terrorist is, and what a terrorist act is, and grants special powers, to the investigating authorities. To ensure certain powers were not misused, and human rights violations would not take place, specific safeguards were put into place. Under the new law, detention of a suspect for up to 180 days, without the filing of charges in court, was permitted. It also allowed law enforcement agencies to withhold the identities of witnesses and to treat a confession made to the police as an admission of guilt. Under regular Indian law, a person can deny such confessions in court, but not under POTA. Mr Gopal was not able to get bail in this case, due to the stricter anti-terrorism act. From the following line one can easily guess the severity of the cases against him. “R.R. Gopal,…was arrested in April 2003, for possessing terrorist weapons and other materials prohibited by POTA. Gopal had contended that the State retaliated against him as he published stories critical of and embarrassing to members of the Tamilnadu government. In overturning the Madras High Court’s ruling, the Supreme Court deferred to POTA’s provisions on bail: that when the prosecution opposes a bail request, a court may grant bail only when there has been an abuse of discretion on the part of the government. It is reverently submitted, that the Supreme Court’s ruling - that a prima facie case had indeed existed, and that the Madras High Court should not have allowed its sympathy for the defendant’s argument to cloud what was an obviously easy call to deny bail - is erroneous.” Now anyone can easily surmise his true nature, as he even filed writ petitions against the state government, even though the writ petitions were eventualy dismissed by the Supreme Court of India. By that way the above 3 people joined together to throw mud on Swamiji with the active aid and abettment of “Nakkiran” Journal and Nakkiran Gopal is the editor of the journal. There was nobody to bell the cat. But now the time had come and it will speek a volume about their malafide intention and their ulterior motive. In a nut-Shell, we Indian Americans are going to be ashamed , because of their illegal activities. Editor’s Note: New interesting aspects of this facts will appear in February’s issue. Do not miss it. We welcome your comments and concerns at priestattack@gmail.com. Om Shanthi Santhanam Bajagovindam Freelance Writer – Love God and his associates( Swamijis)

and the same would make this story still interesting.

The Indian police strongly believe that the owners of the Kumon Math Tution center Ms Ananthi and Chandra Mohan Loganathan are the major player in this criminal offence. Anybody reading this whole story could easily come to the conclusion that, money is the main motive behind the accused actions.It is blackmailing By the virtue of truth and the great power of the Almighty they will be punished to the utmost extent of the law. There is no doubt in this. I wish to recall the holy words on the dollar bills of this holy country,“In God we trust.” I also wish to recall the Indain Government‘s slogan, “Satyameva Jayate,” (truth only wins).

About Mr. Nakkeran Gopal

Nakkeran is a Tamil language, bi-weekly magazine published in Chennai, India. The owner and editor is Mr.R.R.Gopal. He started his life as an art director of a magazine and now today he is the art director of his very own magazine. His actual name is R.Rajagopal, but he uses the name R.R.Gopal as the Editor of the magazine, and goes by the name of R.Rajagopal as the owner of the magazine. From this itself, one gets a hint, of his duplicity. He always used to say, “I am an investigative journalist,” however he uses this occupational tile, as an excuse to threaten people who are in the lime-light of society. Not only this been happening for the past several years, but he is still doing the same thing today – harassment and blackmail. He threatens anyone of high-caliber and there is no limit on who he will threaten. One holy Swami, by the name Mr. Jaggi Vasudeva, who comes to Atlanta often, was threatened by Mr. Rajagopal over the suspiciously strange suicidal death of his wife, Mrs. Jaggi. Rumors have it that Rajagopal demanded a large sum of money to withdraw his criminal complaint against the Swami.

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as in their methodologies. Practices may incorporate or base themselves on traditional medicine, folk knowledge, spiritual beliefs, or newly conceived approaches to healing. According to the basics of alternative medicines, “The food itself is the medicine”. All the natural food we eat contains some kinds of medicinal power in it. If we eat them in the said form it gives the best relief from the ailments. The term alternative medicine, as used in the modern western world, encompasses any healing practice “that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine”. Commonly cited examples include naturopathy, chiropractic, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, and dietbased therapies, in addition to a range of other practices. Alternative medicine practices are as diverse in their foundations According to the hindu faiths and philosaphies there are six vedas. The first four out of them explain about god , the superhuman power of god and utilization of the super human power to solve the problems faced by a human being. The fifth Veda is called as “Ayurveda”. It explains how to convert and use the regular food into medicine and solve the physical problems. The sixth Veda is called as “dhanurveda’. It detailly tells about archery.The Ayurveda and

Dhanurvedha are parts of Atharva Veda, the fourth Veda. Seeds,vegetables, fruits,roots and extracts are the base of alternative medicine. In this issue let me explain about a plant and flower. The plant we are going to see is fenugreek. All the parts of the plant is very powerful and helpful. It is commonly known as Maithray or Methi. It has different names in different languages. Mithi, Menthyada soppu Ventayam Menthulu or ulluva. Fenugreek is used both as a herb (the leaves) and as a spice (the seed). It is cultivated worldwide as a semi-arid crop. It is frequently used in curry. The yellow to amber colored fenugreek seed, commonly called Methi, is frequently used in the preparation of pickles, curry powders, and pastes. It is often encountered in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. The young leaves and sprouts of fenugreek are eaten as greens, and the fresh or dried leaves are used to flavor other dishes. The dried leaves are called as kasuri methi. They have a bitter taste and a strong characteristic smell. In India, fenugreek seeds are mixed with yogurt and used as a conditioner for hair. It is one of the three ingredients of idli and dosa,the famous dishes of south India. It is also one of the ingredients in the making of khakhra, a type of bread. This bread is the main dish in the northern parts of India.It is used in a type of bread unique to Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. The seed is also often used in Ethiopia as a natural herbal medicine in the treatment of diabetes. It is also sometimes used as an ingredient in the production of clarified butter which is similar to Indian ghee. In Egypt, fenugreek seeds are prepared as tea, by being boiled then sweetened. This is a popular winter drink served in coffee shops. In the United States, where maple syrup is popular, fenugreek is widely used as a substitute for maple syrup flavoring. The usage of fenugreek are widely explained in Vedas. The young leaves and sprouts of the fenugreek has very good medicinal effects. The curry without using redchillies is to be eaten on alternative days. By that the stomach related troubles

Siddhi Times USA 26

they have to take gulkand with warm milk. The remedy will be wonderful. According to Vedas there are two major factors namely Vaathahara or Ushna and Kapahara or Sheeta. If one has to make cold medicines, it is always better if they are made when there is full moon. For example the cardamom is known as having Sheeta or cold property. It is not used along with Ushna or Hot medicines like ginger etc. According to Vedas, Gulkand is Sheeta and Kaphahara. It is cold for the inner system. It increases Kapha or mucous. It decreases the hunger. Hence it goes against the cold season when one feels hungry faster. One needs to keep their inner system warm and not cold. That is why one should not take Gulkandu in winter. If their body is having more of heat, they would most likely have burning sensation in stomach. Their palms and soles would be hot and sometimes rough. In such cases, Gulkand is to be taken with milk. Now the modern research on the Vedas has gone to a great extent. Only because of the vast research, the hidden treasures of the Vedas are coming out. There is no harm in eating the food products, prepared under a different recipe. By taking the proper food product one can live a healthy and hygienic life. According to an old saying “The food is medicine and medicine is food”. Also having these kinds of Alternative medicines initiated by a Guru who knows Atharva Veda will make the concerned Product as a holy one, Since it falls in the Atharva Vedic Practice of Yantra , Thantra, Mantra and Aushadha. These four are considered as the major controlling factor of a human being’s life. These are interrelated. There is no harm in eating the food products, prepared under a different recipe. By taking the proper food product under proper direction from a Guru or Siddha Purusha, one can live a healthy and hygienic life. According to an old saying “The food is medicine and medicine is food0. All of us should try to practice this and lead a healthy and hassle free life.

will vanish off. The dried fenugreek seeds are to be eaten with yogurt. One teaspoon of fenugreek seed along with a small cup of yogurt stops the diarrohea instantly. If the roasted and powders fenugreek seeds are eaten with cooked rice and a tea spoon of ghee, works as a great appitizer. It helps for an easy and quick digestion. The fenugreek seeds to be soaked in water for one night. After it is being well soaked in water it is to be eaten in the early morning in an empty stomach. This gives a great remedy from stomache ulcers. If the fenugreek seeds are eaten by males it increases the potency of the male and increases the live sperm counts. Fenugreek seeds are often used to increase milk supply in lactating women. Because the maple syrup-like flavor is strong and not always liked, the seeds are ground to a powder and administered in capsules. Many lactating women who take fenugreek in the quantities required to increase their milk supply. Fenugreek is mainly used as a digestive aid. Supplements of fenugreek seeds were shown to lower serum cholesterol, triglyceride, and low-density lipoprotein. the antidiabetic effects of fenugreek seeds ameliorate most metabolic symptoms associated with diabetes. The modern reaserch on the Vedas, the medicinal effect of the natural products have come to lime light nowadays. The next we are going to discuss is the flower rose. Rose plays a major role in showing love, affection and dedication towards a person. It is a great medicine also.

The Vedas explain a lot about flowers. For example Lord Shiva lives in the coldest place called Mount Kailas. He needs heat. Thatswhy the heat creating flowers are used for his pooja. Like that each and every flower has gt its won effect. The rose is very good to cool the body. It is great remedy for a lot of physical ailments. It can be swolloed as petals or a special combination called as “Gulkandu”. Gulkandu is made from rose petals and honey. They use only pink roses and not other roses. Gulkand is a mixture of GUL means flower or short for GULAB means Rose and Kand is sugar candy or sugar. Soaking the petals in honey is a simple way. Vedas explain the days prescribed for preparation of the product as follows. Take about one hundred pink roses one day before full moon day. Remove only the petals in evening after sunset. Take a silver vessel. Make a layer one finger digit thick of petals. Over that spread one digit layer of powdered sugar candy. Repeat this process of alternate layers till the petals are exhausted. Make the top layer of honey and cover the vessel with a silver plate. Keep the vessel in the prayer room or Pooja room for one paksha or fifteen days. After fifteen days, remix and agitate the stuff in the evening. Fill up the gulkand which is ready in a glass jar. Gulkand is very good for ulcers, heat stroke and as a nervous system coolant. The season to use Gulkand is summer when it cools the body and in rainy season by the ladies which would make them more romantic. The intake of gulkand with warm milk increases the potentiality in females. If anybody has a throat pain

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Radha Krishna Pandya TX Dear Swamiji, Thanks and Namaskarms for bringing out a great metaphysical magazine to enlighten the community. We are very happy to read the article Vedic Astrology. My family members and I have become the regular readers of the magazine. Kumari Khanna AL We had many troubles in our business. By reading the magazine, we approached Sri Siddhar

Sindhu Agarwal, Swiss I had many personal problems, those I do not want to expose. I

Swamiji. H e scrutinized our horoscopes and performed some rituals based on the Atharva Veda. By the power of Swamiji and his Thantra rituals, we are developing now. Our lives are dedicated to Swamiji Siddhar. Ram Ahluwaliya Canada My daughter’s marriage was being delayed. I used to read Siddhitimes magazine through the website. I approached Swamiji to solve this problem. He performed Yaksha Devatha rituals and now my daughter’s marriage is fixed. My pranams to Swamiji for solving the problem. Seema Polanki Hyderabad, India I am a regular reader of the magazine. My brother had some immigration problems. I approached Sri Siddhar for salvation. He performed some rituals and I had the great opportunity to take part in Tele rituals. By the power of Swamiji, my brother is now eligible to fly globally. Thanks and pranams to Swamiji for making my brother as the happiest man.


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r te

approached Swamiji Sri Siddhar to solve those problems. He performed some rituals and by the power of those rituals done by Swamiji personally, I have come out of all the problems in my life. I dedicate my lifetime to Swamiji. Sudha Krishnamoorthy, Sydney I am a regular reader of Siddhitimes. After reading the magazine, I am able to understand what Astrology is and how to solve the problems. I can even challenge any Astrologers in the world. Thanks and namaskars to Swamiji Siddhar for the wonderful article “Vedic Astrology”. Gowthami Gantula Alpharetta GA I have a son of seven years old. All of a sudden, he became very dull in his studies. After reading the magazine, I personally approached Swamiji Siddhar to solve the problems. As an Atharva Veda scholar, he performed rituals for the betterment of my son. Now he is doing very well in his studies. Thanks and pranams to Swamiji for making my son well. Thanks for bringing out such a wonderful magazine also. Rani Polavaram Augusta GA My five years old daughter is a regular reader of the magazine Siddhitimes. She loves the Kids’ Corner. Thanks to Baby Vishal for wonderful drawings. 9. Sindhuja Ganesh AZ I got married five years back. We had no kids. After reading the magazine Siddhitimes, we approached Swamiji

to s

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Sri Siddhar to solve the problem. He found that due to some black magic we were unable to get good kids. He performed some Thantric rituals and blessed us. Now I am pregnant. Thanks to Swamiji for blessing us. Razak Abdulla, CA Even though I am a Muslim, I love Hinduism. I used to read the magazine Siddhitimes. I had many blockages in success. Even though I work very hard, I was not able to get the results. I approached Swamiji to remove the blockages. He performed some rituals and removed the blockages. Now I am on my footsteps to success. Thanks to Swamiji for making my life as successful. Asuthosh Shukla Ont, Canada I had many problems in my family, particularly with my in laws. I approached Swamiji Siddhar to solve the problems. He solved all the problems in a very simple manner. Now I have a wonderful relationship with all my in laws. Namaskars to Swamiji for making my life wonderful. Bolly Patel, LA I am eagerly waiting for the opening day of the new Hindu Temple in our area. Thanks and pranams to Swamiji Siddhar for donating a new Hindu Temple to our town. Even though we have Temples in our area, there is a great politics, group fights and egos. Please give us a Temple without the previously mentioned unwanted things. Rathan Sinha Germany I owned five houses. All of a sudden, I was driven to the worst situation of selling all those houses. I approached Swamiji Siddhar to know the reasons and to stop selling the houses. He

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analyzed my horoscope and found the reasons for this. He also performed some rituals. By his powers, I got many helps from un-foreseen persons. By that the selling of the houses were avoided. I pledge my lifetime for the service of Swamiji Sri Siddhar and his magazine Siddhitimes. Peter Chaudhry CT I am a converted Christian. I converted myself into Christianity, as I had no opportunity to know about Hinduism and the rituals of Hinduism. On my trip to Atlanta, I went to the Hindu Temple of Georgia just as a pleasure trip. There I had an opportunity to meet Swamiji Siddhar. I was attracted by the lecture given by him. He explained me about Hinduism. He advised me a lot and he told me not to convert again from Christianity to Hinduism but to follow a spiritual life. I am enlightened by his speech and advice. I thank a lot to Swamiji for making me a spiritual man. Ramanu K Pillai Dallas TX When I went for shopping, I picked up the magazine Siddhitimes. I thought that it will be an ordinary magazine but after reading it completely I understood that it is a special one and not the usual magazines. From that day onwards, I became a regular reader of the magazine. Thanks a lot and pranams to Swamiji Sri Siddhar for bringing out such a wonderful

magazine. Rathi Reddy VA I had some kind of problems in my family. After reading the magazine Siddhitimes, I approached Swamiji Siddhar for solving the problems. He spent nearly about an hour through telephone and gave me advices. H advised me to chant some mantras. After chanting those mantras for a period of 27 days, I became well. Now I have become an ardent devotee of Swamiji Sri Siddhar. I advise all those who have problems, to approach Swamiji Siddhar and to get rid of the problems. Walton K Richmond, Belgium I am a professor of Philosophy and Theology. I am much interested to know and learn a lot about the religions. On going through the website, I had a chance to read the magazine Siddhitimes. The writings of Swamiji Sri Siddhar covered me. His editorial is the best and shows his humbleness and politeness. Thanks to him. I pray the Almighty to shower his entire blessings on Swamiji Siddhar and his family for doing more and more good works like this. Fernando SC I am a Tamilian. No Tamilian in this world has done a great work like Swamiji Siddhar. Now I feel very proud to be in the community of Swamiji

Siddhar. Even though I cannot donate a big amount of money as Swamiji, I offered 1/10th of my monthly salary to the holy and noble cause. I humbly requested Swamiji Siddhar to take money from me but he blessed me and refused to take money from me. This noble work moved my heart. I volunteer myself for the works of the temple and the wonderful magazine Siddhitimes. Thanks to Swamiji for giving this opportunity. An Ardent Devotee, PA I don’t want to say my name. I had many problems with Immigration. I approached Sri Siddhar Swamiji to solve the problems. He solved the problems with the Atharva Veda Thantras, now I have become a citizen of this country legally. I humbly submit my lifetime to Swamiji for making me a legal citizen of this wonderful country. Balesh K Moti TN I was having a lot of blockages in success. Wherever I go, I faced defeats only.. After reading the magazine Siddhitimes, I approached Swamiji for remedy. He gave me wonderful relief from the troubles through his vast Atharva Veda knowledge. Now I am getting out of my problems slowly. Thanks and pranams to Swamiji for helping me to come out of my problems.


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In past issues I explained a lot about Vedic Astrology. In this issue I wish to explain the nature of the planets in their different houses. In the last issue, I explained the positions of the Sun, the Moon and Mercury in the twelve houses of an individual’s horoscope. In this issue I am going to explain the positions of Mars, Venus and Jupiter. These are all only hints. The strength of the planet will vary from person to person, and from horoscope to horoscope. Venus in the Twelve Houses Venus is the planet that is about how people express socially, romantically and artistically. First House: These people are normally pleasing and very friendly to others; they are very socially outgoing and have a happy outlook on life. They easily make friends and are artistic through art, music and the way they dress. Second House: People here have a love of money and what it can buy. They are interested in making a lot of money, even if it might be just for the social status that it provides. They are likely to marry someone very rich who can provide for the material goods which they desire. If they have an artistic hobby then there is a good chance that they’ll make money via this. Third House: These are people who had easy early years; they usually have talents for art or music. They don’t like to argue which means they get on with people; especially their family. In order to get their own way instead of using pressure they use persuasion and compromising techniques which come naturally to them. Fourth House: These people are centered strongly on their house; they enjoy seeing their surroundings artistically decorated to the best extent that they can afford.

Fifth House: Venus here suggests that this person is popular, with a very appealing romantic nature. This position of Venus shows a deep love of children and people with the planet in this house would make excellent parents or child careers. These people are also very creative and love to show off and be under the spotlight of attention. Sixth House: Most of their romantic and social life evolves around the work place. They are generally well liked and respected people; although they can sometimes be somewhat critical and don’t like mistakes from other people. Seventh House: Marriage and friends are held as being very important here they usually get prosperity through their marriage. Their general and emotional well being is dependant on their relationships and friendships. Eighth House: These people are likely to get money through other people from things such as marriage, relationships, relations and friends. Sometimes they have a very possessive and jealous nature. Ninth House: People with this placement tend to like to study subjects such as philosophy, religion, and art. They tend to appreciate the finer things in life and very well understanding that money doesn’t bring happiness. Tenth House: They are likely to marry for status and recognition and like to grab the attention of others. They are often into fashion, beauty, art and entertainment. Eleventh House: These people tend to gain success from friends and social contacts. They tend to have friends who have creative or artistic talents. Twelfth House: People here tend to have a life of secretiveness and solitude. Although they tend to live very secluded lives they tend not to miss a thing of other people and usually have the answers of questions that others find near impossible to find the answers to. As they are very shy and secluded this tends to lead to loneliness and romantic frustration. Mars in the Twelve Houses

Sri Sri Selvam “Siddhar”
This is where your assertiveness and power will lie. But, depending which house all this extra force of power, anger and assertiveness lies can cause problems for you. First House: People here are likely to appear very strong, muscular as well as actually being very strong. They tend to be very assertive, dominant and very self confident. Second House: The people with Mars in the second house are strongly driven by wealth and earning, yet, they also have a strong passion for spending money. They are not afraid to take risks with their money if they see any possible money making ideas. This can lead to gambling and being conned into the fraud to get rich quick schemes. Third House: Mars in the third house denotes quick thinkers, although they tend to jump to conclusions. They are direct yet sharp speakers and tend to get into a lot of arguments especially with family members. They tend to rush life; they even drive fast and are impatient for things such as traffic. They are very good in arguments and debates if the debate teams are small but if it’s very large debate teams then they tend to hide behind their own wall of shyness. Fourth House: They tend to do things themselves rather then getting people to do things for them. They are very strong people and the strength stays with them even through old age. Fifth House: These people are athletic and impulsive. They tend to have an active and somewhat aggressive sex drive. Although, they love competition and to compete they tend to be bad losers. They seek adventure, take risks and are active in sports. Sixth House: These are hard and energetic workers with no tolerance

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for laziness. They tend to have an aggressive side to others in the work place that doesn’t do their share, this can lead to problems and dislike from coworkers. They are perfectionists. Seventh House: They are likely to marry at a young age or too soon into a relationship with no thinking about it; this can lead to problems. They tend to be very aggressive and intimate in relationships and like to gain popularity. Eighth House: Here people tend to be good at investigating things; they tend to be suited to jobs in law, medicine and finance. They have a very active sex drive. Ninth House: The Mars ninth house placement in your chart shows an active interest in travel, outdoor sports and religious or philosophical causes. Tenth House: People with Mars in the tenth house have a strong need for status. They like to be in full power and have great leadership potential. Eleventh House: These people have a very independent attitude but are very hard workers in groups. Friendships are very important here but the argumentative fiery side of mars can result in arguments and break-ups of friends. Twelfth House: They let their subconscious mind govern their desires, dreams and actions. They are very secretive about their work and like to work alone or in seclusion. They have a great ability for using their imagination and creative side. On occasion they can be gloomy, changeable and indecisive. Jupiter in the Twelve Houses Where the house placement of Jupiter is where you are likely to think optimistically and positively about things. First House: These are very broadminded and optimistic people who focus on the brighter side of life. They are very trustworthy, honest and popular. Second House: People with Jupiter in the second house tend to focus around money and material possessions. They tend to spend what they earn. Third House: People here are likely to be very

optimistic, philosophic and spiritualistic; this strongly shapes just about everything in their life and the way they live it. Fourth House: These people will highly rely on the assistance and help from their parents even in later life. Their parents also highly influence their life. They will gain good fortune in later life. Fifth House: These people tend to have a lot of good fortune in their lives. They strongly enjoy life and have a strong drive for personal expression. They are likely to have a large number of children. Sixth House: Jupiter in the sixth house means that you are someone that can heavily be relied upon. These people are good at raising morale, good at resolving issues and friendly. Seventh House: These people are very open and have a strong sense of justice. They are very kind and caring to others. Eighth House: These are people who know how to handle money and are very good at investing. They have a gift for bringing lost causes to life and jobs that seem to be near their end to a new start. Ninth House: These people are very intelligent and are likely to study for as much of their life as possible. They are also likely to do a lot of traveling. Tenth House: These people tend to plan things a long way into the future. Laws and ethical principles are very important to them. They are very likely to join the army or police force. Eleventh House: These people have a strong power for gaining strong friendships with others. They are natural planners and organizers and tend to draw everything to a plan including lots of detail; they probably live to a heavy scheduled life. Twelfth House: These are people that aim to please. They usually do more then what is required from then and try to do things to please others. This does mean that they sometimes do things for others that they don’t want to be done.

In the next issue I willexplain about theremaining three planetsSaturn, Raaghu and Kethu. I pray Lord Shiva and Vanadurga Matha to shower their entire blessings on all of us.

Om Shanthi Om Shanthi OmShanthi.

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Rahat Fateh Ali’s wonderful musical entertainment at Hindu Temple of Georgia’s grand Auditorium.

On November 25 a crowd of music fans gathered at Ashok’s Centre auditorium at the Hindu Temple of Georgia in Norcross to revel in the musical powess of Ustad Rahet Fateh Ali Khan. Scheduled to be the first performance of his American tour, the cocert at Atlanta was postponed to Tuesday, from Friday November 21. The obstacle of a weekday apparently did nothing to dampen the spirit of Rahet’s fans. Rati Kumar at NRI Pulse Dec.2009 issue. Yes. It is a real fact. There is no barrier to hear the music. There is nothing as week days or week ends to hear a good music or to go to holy places. That too if the best music can be heard in a holy place nothing stands as barrier. Mr.Ved Bhatia, Mr. Mustaffa Ajmeri and Mr. Nadir Jiwani are well known personalities of the whole Georgia. They approached Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar to give them the facility for a musical night. The generous Swamiji permitted them to utilize the auditorium of the temple. Swamiji also instructed the staff of the temple to take atmost care and provide the required things for the smooth running of the event. As Lord Shiva is the creator of music, he made the event very successful. On 25th of november 2009, the auditorium was wonderfully decorated by Vandana Mahajan of Vandan Decor to welcome the delightful music by the world famous qwwali singer Ustad Raht Fateh Alikhan. Ustad Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is a musician, and primarily, a singer of Qawwali, a devotional music of the Sufis. In addition to Qawwali, he also performs ghazals and other light music. He has toured extensively and performed in Pakistan, India and all around the world. He has created a lot of music albums in western music also. He started the event with his famous qwwali song in his tremondous high-pitched voice. He was accompanied on the stage by Rashid Ali with saxaphone, Gulam Abbas for chorus, Gulam Shahbaz and Yogesh with tablas,Mohamed Shafiq with hormonium, Salman Ahraf with bass guitar and Salman Ahraf with key board. To add thrill to the music lovers Rahat was accomapnied by his younger brother Vajahat Ali Khan. The musicians, the programme sponsors and the audience were very happy to be in the holy place. As Swamiji was on his spiritual tour, he blessed every body. Every body felt the physical absence of Swamiji. Mr.Ved Bhatia, Mr. Mustaffa Ajmeri will bring more and wonderful, memorable events like this along with Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar. Enjoy some of the photographs taken during the event.

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On way to Multan he met Sayyad Hamid Ganj Baksh, and at Chuniana, Sheikh Daud Karamati. Multan was the seat of many Sufis and saints. As the popular tradition has it, when yet in the course of meeting them a group of holy men sent Guru Nanak a bowl filled in to the brim with milk suggesting that Multan did not have for him any space left. Nanak sent it back with a jasmine flower afloat indicating that fragrance, like which his presence was, did not require space in a bowl. It soared above and only added flavour to the contents of the bowl without encumbering it with its load. It was at Multan that he reformed a notorious thag Sajjan, a cheat, who not only joined his path but also donated his house. It was with Sajjan’s house, converted into a Dharmashala, rest house for travelers, by Guru Nanak himself, that the Sikh Panth’s architectural geography began. As has Bhai Gurdas in a verse, deeply influenced by Guru Nanak’s concept of transforming a house into a Dharmashala all his disciples began treating their houses as Dharmashalas - the abodes for pilgrims and travelers. Guru Nanak devoted almost two decades in his travels to different destinations, the apparent objective being mainly meeting and discoursing with holy men and visiting shrines of different faiths. Everywhere he was looking for the ‘sustainable’ - in the body of a particular faith, its shrine, saints and its proclaimed doctrine. When not in agreement he discoursed and won over his opponents, not so much by magical power or intellectual acumen as by his moral strength and ‘power of loving devotion’. Not attached to one community of faith Nanak’s was not a sectarian angle. His emphasis was on divine Reality to which particularities of caste, clan or race were irrelevant. Though the accounts of his travels vary in different sources, unanimity prevails in regard to this broad modus operendi during his entire itinerancy and in regards to their direction-wise grouping, that is, his travels into East, South, North and West. Each time on completion of his journey into one direction he returned to Talwandi and that served as the dividing line. He was in East for twelve years, more than half of the total period of his itinerary. Besides the places like Mathura, Vrindavana, Haridwar, Agra and Kurukshetra in immediate neighborhood or around, he went up to Prayag Varanasi, Gaya, Bengal and Kamrup, in northeast region. Some of his travel-accounts mention him visiting even China and Tibet. At Kukukshetra, he was on the day of solar eclipse, when hundreds of ascetics and pundits assembled there for the holy ritual dip. During his discourses with them his principles of acceptance of reality, love, harmony, truth, and inward purity influenced all and converted many to his Path. As is commonly believed, alleging him teaching profanity, the rigid authority imprisoned him along with Mardana but they were released within days when claim that he met Kabir, and Vaishnavites, that he met and danced with Chaitanya. A few sources allude to his journey to Mount Sumeru, a mythical entity, and to his discoursing with teachers died centuries ago. Scholars apply factual parameters to these claims and reject them as untrue ignoring the fact that Enlightened ones, as was Guru Nanak, transcended time and space and reached lands which to common masses were mere myths, and conversed with people who were by then part of legends or history. Histories or factual accounts do not record journeys of self such as Guru Nanak or Buddha undertook. In South, he went down to Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. He had his route via Rajasthan, Central India, Andhra and Tamil Nadu, and on way back - a different route, fell Kerala, Mysore, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Sind. As the popular tradition has it, in Rajasthan he had opportunity to meet Mirabai, and in Gujarat, the known Vaishnava saint Vallabhacharya, though chronologically their periods were widely different. When 46, he proceeded on his northward journey into Himalayan region and was there for two years. His interactions with known and unknown ascetics and teachers apart, he came in contact also with the followers of Guru Gorakhnath and Machhendranath. They were highly impressed with Nanak’s mission of journeying across the land to unveil the truth that enshrouded by the darkness of ignorance. Last Twenty Years: Panth Of Nam-Simaran By around 1521 Guru Nanak concluded his travels. When wandering from a shrine to a saint, mosque to a Maulvi, or Sufi to a Sanyasi, he wondered why there was suffering when land had thousands of temples, Tirthas, holy men, agesold religions, teachings and traditions. Realizing that shrines or saints, they all led man to stale and formal ritualism, which on one hand isolated one man from the other and on the other hand obstructed him from uniting with the Creator, he sought the simplest possible path of ‘Nam-simaran’ - commemoration of His name, which beyond f o r m Continued to page: 54

those in authority found them transforming the very atmosphere of the jail by their divine music. At Kamrup, the known conjuror Nur Shahi tried to infatuate Baba Nanak by her tempting charms but the moment compassionate Nanak sang to her a hymn, now known as Kuchchaji, her ignorance was shed off. Falling on his feet she dedicated herself to his Path. At Puri he attended the evening service of Jagannatha performed as Arti. He realized its futility for when all-pervading God was omni-present and the sun, moon, stars and all forms of light were already in His service, the service rendered to a perishable object - an image, with just an extinguishable lamp, had no consequence. This moment is believed to reflect in one of Guru Nanak’s more significant verses ‘Gagan mein thal.’, the sky is the tray. He was at Varanasi where followers of Kabir

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here lived in the country, just outside of Dwaraka, a Brahmin with his wife and children.

“Sudama” was the name of the Brahmin. He was a scholar and well versed in the Vedas. But they were very poor. Some times when charity wasn’t available, the family had to suffer and go with out food. He had very poor clothing. It was old and covered with many patches. When one happened to see the house where they lived, it was just a shelter with holes in the roof. Such were the poor conditions their family had to endure. The wife of Sudama was a polite lady, but she suffered because of their poverty.

Sudama was one of the students of Sandeepany, the great teacher of Vedas. Sri Krishna and Sri Balarama were also there at the same time and place where he studied. The friendship with Sri Krishna started in the Ashram of Sandeepany and grew into a strong friendship with love and devotion. Sri Krishna was very happy with him and found his high level of curiosity in education to be honorable. Yet time had to interfere, and they departed to their own ways and directions. Sudama’s parents selected a bride for him and arranged for him to become a family man. They had little money, but still they started out on their life together. Since Sudama had perfect knowledge of the Soul, he considered earthly life to be perishable. Only devotion to God was preferred by him. Several times hunger for food added to the miseries at home. One day his wife came close to Sudama and spoke. “Dear Husband, the people of the village refer to you as ‘Kuchela’, upon noticing that your condition is a pitiable one. To be equal, or to be better than the

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others, why should not you make a visit to Dwaraka, where your class-mate Sri Krishna is ruling the kingdom.” Kuchela (Sudama) listened to his wife and consented to go to Dwaraka. He knew he was not at all equal in status with Sri Krishna, but Krishna was his friend. He knew that Sri Krishna was very fond of “buffed rice.” So he asked his wife to prepare a dish of buffed rice which he would offer to Sri Krishna when he meets with him at Dwaraka. Kuchela came to Dwaraka and stood before the palace of Sri Krishna. The watch and ward, and the soldier in charge of the gate, approached him and asked about his business there. Sudama then sent word of his arrival to Sri Krishna through the watch and ward. A little time latter the soldier returned and brought him inside the palace. Sri Krishna, with all his love and affection, welcomed his friend. Even though Kuchela presented a meager appearance and his clothing was in a damaged condition, Sri Krishna honored him and gave him the closest seat. It was a luxurious chair which could accommodate the both of them in much comfort. Sri Krishna’s benevolence was incomparable. There the Lord of Dwaraka and the poor and humble Sudama were together again. They sat on the cushion and recounted their olden days of learning.

The Queens: Rukmini, Satyabama, and Jambavathi were also sharing the moment in great wonder. They questioned amongst themselves the behavior of Lord Krishna, who was attending to his friend just like a servant. Kuchela had brought the buffed rice all the way to the palace. It was packed in a torn towel. He untied the towel and gave Sri Krishna the gift. Sri Krishna was very happy to receive it from Kuchela and he really enjoyed its taste. However, just as Sri Krishna was about to eat an additional handful of buffed rice, Queen Rukmini forbade Sri Krishna to continue to eat anymore. Her action had a reason behind it. She did not want the Lord to sink into a state of perpetual

indebtedness to “Kuchela.” But, Lord Krishna looked at “Kuchela” and smiled. This act created the

Siddhi Times USA 41

miraculous construction of Kuchela’s new home. It was originally a very small hut, but now the small hut changed into a beautiful palace! Kuchela’s wife wondered what had just suddenly happened. She now had all the trappings of wealth. She was covered with jewels and ornaments. She had several bundles of silk sarees. For the needs of the children, there was a lot of fine clothing. The wife of “Kuchela” was now a wealthy Lady of the village. There was poverty no more. Misery and

privation had vanished from Kuchela’s household. Upon the request and reminders from Kuchela’s wife, he had gone to meet the Lord of Dwaraka. The result of which was that the family’s poverty had disappeared. When Kuchela came back to his village, he was greatly excited to see that his hut had turned into a palace. All his children and his wife welcomed him and happiness began to rule at the home of ‘Kuchela’.

This particular incident is the same blessing that awaits the whole hearted devotee. All of society could benefit greatly from such devotion. Many discussions and much information by our Acharyas need to be analyzed. So far, Sri Krishna has played the roles of a mighty warrior and a brave man in defeating all his demon enemies. After the marriages of the queens: Rukmini, Satyabama and Jambavathi, Lord Krishna ideals with the hardships of

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living in society. His friend, who was in poverty, the Lord saved and supported him, by granting him wealth. Kuchela was the devotee of Lord Maha Vishnu. When he left on the journey to Dwaraka, he chanted the mantra, “Om Namo Bagavathe Sri Vasudevaya Namaha.” Sri Maha Vishnu, Sri Vasudeva, Sri Naryana, and Sri Krishna are all names of Lord Vishnu. In the incarnation of Sri Krishna, Kuchela had the boon to befriend the Lord.

Kuchela himself is considered to be a Rishi in art of meditation. He had all the qualifications and training in the Ashram of Sri Sandeepany. The unshakable truth is that, the body is facing destruction, and the soul is deathless, and should be united with the Lord. Having understood this theme, Kuchela did not care about the sufferings of the body, or of starvation. However, of course, his wife and children were his responsibility. That’s why he listened to the words of his wife and decided to meet Sri Krishna at Dwaraka.

This meeting of the two friends and the manner of respect exchanged between them are remarkable. When we read this story, and understand this message about Sri Krishna, we also plunge into the ocean of devotion.

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Makara jyothi Darshan at

Hindu Temple of Georgia.
According to Hindu beliefs and faiths, Lord Ayyappan is the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Mahavishnu. He was adopted by the King of Pandalam. By worshipping Lord Ayyappan we can get very good meditating skills and sharpen our brain. First let us see the brief history of Lord Ayyappan. Once there was a great and cruel female devil named Mahisi or Karambigai. She got a boon from Brahma. The boon stated that she cannot be killed by anybody other than the son born to Lord Shiva and Lord Mahavishnu. She was torturing all the Devathas, Rishis and the humans. Unable to bear the torture of Karambigai (Mahishi), the Devas sought refuge in Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva converted himself into a sage and Lord Ayyappan into a child and reached the banks of River Pampa. While Rajashekara Pandian, the Kingof Pandalam, was on a hunting expedition, he came near the banks of River Pampa. He had no kids.He heard the wail of a small child and reached the banks of Pampa. He saw a sage standing beside a child on the banks of the river. The sage instructed the king to take the child and bring him up as his own son. Since, the child had

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golden chain with a bell, the child was named Manikantan (Mani - Bell, Kantan - around the neck).Rajashekara Pandian was overjoyed and brought the child to his palace. In the meanwhile, the queen gave birth to a boy child named Raja Raja. Manikantan was learning all the shastras from the Raja Guru of Pandalam. The Raja Guru of Pandalam had a male child who was dumb. Manikantan gave speech to the Guru’s child in the form of offering to the Guru (Guru Dakshina). Apprehensive, that the Kingdom will be handed over to the eldest male child (Manikandan), the queen tried many ways to get Manikandan killed. After all her attempts proved futile, based on the advice of the prime minister, the Queen acted as if she had an incurable headache. The Royal Doctor (Vaidya) was called upon. The Doctor according to the wishes of the queen said that he needs the milk of a tigress to cure this illness. Manikanta promised to get the milk and went into the forest. Lord Indira and the other devas met Manikanta in the forest and requested him to slay Mahishi. Manikanta engaged a fight with Mahishi and slayed the female devil. Lord Indira took the form of a tiger and the other Devas became tigers and tigeresses and Manikanta started his journey back to the Kingdom of Pandalam. On reaching the Kingdom of Pandalam, the King, the Queen, the minister and the doctor realised who Manikantan was and sought his forgiveness. Manikantan told the King Rajashekara Pandian that having accomplished his mission for having born as a human being, it is time for him to leave to the forests. Manikantan asked the king to construct a temple in Neeli Malai (the original name of Sabari Malai). King Rajashekara Pandian under guidance from Vishwakarma (the architect for Lord Indira) got a temple constructed in Sabari Malai.The kingasked a boon from Lord Ayyappan. The boon is, the lord should decorate himself on the first day of theTamil/Malayalam month Makaram every yearwith the golden ornaments presented to theLord by the king. The Lord granted it. The Devas and Rishis also requested Lord to bless them on the same day in the shape of a “Jyothi”(small flame of fire). The Lord granted that also.

This day is celebrated in all the Ayyappan shrines.

In Hindu Temple of Georgia,

special poojas and bhajans are arranged by 7.00 pm from12-162008 to 01-14-2009. Special arrangements are also being made to offer “Irumudi” to Lord Ayyappan. The”kattunira” (preparing of the Irumudi) will beassisted by a special Namboodri fromKerala. Special Makarajothi Darshanam will be on 01-14-2009 around 7.00pm. We welcome all to feel the great vibration at our Shrine and get the blessings of Lord Ayyappan.

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Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar and The Hindu Temple of Georgia Condemn the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Multiple sites in the Indian city of Mumbai were attacked with bombs and gunfire in a coordinated terror attack that began on November 26, 2008. The attacks killed 179 people, including at least 22 foreigners. Encounter specialist officer Vijay Salaskar, Commissioner of Police Ashok Kamte, and Hemant Karkare, head of the Indian anti-terrorist squad were also among those killed during the siege. Our Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar felt very sad on hearing the news. On that particular day Swamiji was traveling in the Bay Area of California. He immediately dispatched several pundits to start renewed prayers for peace around the world. The owners of the Oberoi Hotels are long time followers and devotees of Swamiji Siddhar. They also requested Swamiji to conduct rituals for the peace of the lost souls. Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar’s policy is ‘LOKAA SAMASTHAA SUKINO BHAVANTHU,” which means “LET ALL HAVE A COMFORTABLE LIVING”. He himself started prayers immediately. As a spiritual leader he instantly contacted the offices of Indian President, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, the office of the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, and Chief Minister of Maharashtra to permit

him along with the team of pundits to conduct special prayers at the bomb blat areas around the entire Mumbai area. Swamiji also contacted the relatives of Sri. Hemant Karkare, Sri Vijay Salaskar and Sri. Ashok Kamte, the three police officers who were killed in the bomb blasts, and conveyed his sincerest condolences. Swamiji sent many pundits from our Indian Ashram to go to the bomb blast locations and conduct prayers. In the Hindu Temple of Georgia, special prayers were conducted for the peaceful rest of the assassinated souls. The prayers included special rituals for peace and calm around the entire world. Swamiji may also fly to India along with several pundits to perform rituals and prayers for the peaceful rest of the departed souls. Individual prayers were also conducted for the peaceful rest of the three brave police officers, Sri Ashok Kamte, Sri Vijay Salaskar and Sri Hemant Karkare. A Brief History of the Three Famous Police Officers Mr. Ashok Kamte Ashok Kamte was born on February 23, 1965. He studied at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, St. Xavier’s College, Bombay, the Kodaikanal International School, class of 1982, and the Raj Kumar College in Rajkot. An accomplished athlete, he represented India at the junior power-

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criminal backgrounds. Shortly after his taking over the Sangli police department, notorious criminals were killed in police encounters. Kamte came into the media limelight after an August 2007 incident in Solapur when he arrested Ravikant Patil, a threetime Member of the Legislative Assembly from Indi in neighboring Karnataka. Patil and his supporters were celebrating at the residence of Patil’s brother Ravikant, a Shiv Sena leader. They scuffled when police tried to enforce the law against setting-off fire crackers late in the night. Kamte sustained hand injuries in the process of arresting Patil. Patil suffered multiple wounds. The incident created uproar in political circles but the people of Solapur supported Kamte. Kamte told the Times of India: “Law is equal for all, and nobody has the right to violate it.” Kamte was probably one of the few officers in the police force who won the admiration of the public. Ashok Kamte was killed in action by terrorists during the Mumbai attacks, on 26 November, 2008. Nearly 3,000 people turned up to pay their respects to Commissioner of Police Ashok Kamte, who was cremated in Pune, with full state honors. As a Commander of Spirituality and one of the best human beings in the universe, Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar salutes this wonderful soul. Mr. Vijay Salaskar Vijay Salaskar was an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer and encounter specialist serving with the Mumbai police. He is widely credited with killing 75–80 criminals in encounters. Salaskar was a post-graduate in Commerce from Mumbai University. He joined Mumbai police as a sub-inspector, in 1983. Salaskar’s first lethal encounter occurred during his first year of appointment, when he shot dead Raja Shahabuddin, known to police on several counts. Salaskar became well known, as the number of lethal encounters with underworld criminals grew over the course of his career. He was responsible for the deaths of notable gangsters. After being out of the spotlight for quite sometime, the encounter specialist was given the posting of heading the antiextortion wing of the crime branch.

Before his death, Salaskar was head of the Anti-extortion Cell, Mumbai. Salaskar was killed while fighting terrorists in the November 2008 Mumbai attacks. As a Commander of Spirituality, and one of the best human beings in the universe, Swamiji Sri. Selvam ‘Siddhar’ salutes this wonderful soul. Mr. Hemant Karkare Hemant Karkare was a 1982 batch IPS officer and also held a Bachelors of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. As an ATS Chief, he was involved in the Malegaon blast probe and the Naxalite-infested Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Before joining the IPS, Karkare worked for Hindustan Lever Ltd. He also served as Additional Commissioner of Police (Administration). He was the chief of the Mumbai Anti-terrorist Squad. In January 2008, he was named the head of the ATS after returning to the state cadre. He was credited for helping to uncover the revelations of the involvement of certain community parties that came about in the investigation of the September 29th blast in Malegaon, in which three bombs exploded in Gujarat and Maharashtra, India, killing 8 people and injuring 80 (two bombs were detonated in Malegaon, Maharashtra, killing seven). He also worked in the RAW—the Indian external intelligence agency—in Austria for seven years on a secret mission. He achieved martyrdom in his country during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, after being hit in his chest by three bullets fired by the terrorists. As a Commander of Spirituality and one of the best human beings in the universe Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar salutes this wonderful soul. Swamiji also conveys his whole hearted condolences to all the foreigners, who were killed by the terrorists. Swamiji prays for the Almighty to give a peaceful rest for these wonderful souls, who were killed for no reason. Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti.

lifting championship in Peru in 1978. Ashok Kamte is survived by wife Vinita, two sons Rahul (14) and Arjun (8), his father Maruti Rao Kamte, a retired Colonel in the Indian Army, his mother and a sister. An Indian Police Service officer of the 1989 batch of the Maharashtra Cadre, he was one of the brightest officers of his class, and one of the few who dared to take on challenges directly. Kamte served as the Commissioner of Police of Solapur, and as the Superintendent of Police of Sangli district - from August 2002 to July 2004. He also served as the Deputy Commissioner the Mumbai Police, for the South Region’s Zone 1 - until August 2002 - and earlier on he was deputized to the United Nations International Police Task Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mumbai Police and Solapur are commissionerates and Sangli is a district of the Maharashtra Police in India. Daring, but with an exceptionally cool head, Ashok Kamte was an excellent negotiator in crisis situations -- the quality for which he was summoned late that Wednesday night on November 26, 2008 to deal with the terrorists holed up in the Mumbai buildings. In his police career, Kamte earned a substantial following of ordinary citizens as he took on hardened criminals as well as politicians with

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The Jackal that Saved the Lion Once upon a time there was a lion in a jungle. Once when he had gone to drink water in a stream, his feet got stuck in the wet sticky mud of the stream bottom and he could not get out. He had to go without food for days and he saw no help coming by. One day, a very kind jackal came by and the jackal dug a way out for him, and with the extra force from the lion, helped him get out of the mud and set him free. The lion was grateful for this and thanked the jackal for saving his life. He then offered to the jackal to live close to him and promised to feed him whenever he caught food. So the jackal started living with the lion and they shared the hunt. Soon they expanded their families and had cubs and kid jackals. After a long time, the lioness, the lady of the lion’s house, grew tired of the

So let us live apart, and meet often as friends, and even maybe kill together, but it is better if our family stays apart from yours.” The lion agreed to this and the two families parted as friends, and the jackal and the lion were still close friends and continued to go on hunts together. Moral: Do not expect your family to reciprocate the same level of friendship you have with someone.

The Greedy Crow
Once upon a time there was a fine pigeon that used to live on a nest close to a kitchen. The cooks of the kitchen liked her very much and often fed her grain. She liked the place and her life was good. One day a crow saw the pigeon and saw how it was getting such wonderful food from the kitchen. Then latter on she made friends with the pigeon, and under the pretext of friendship, she somehow got the pigeon to share her nest with the crow. The pigeon then told her that they could spend time together discussing politics, religion, and things, but when it came to food both had their own ways. So she suggested that the crow go search

friendship of the jackal and her master. She conveyed the message to her cubs, who conveyed the message to the jackal kids, who complained to the lady jackal. The lady jackal told this to her husband. The jackal went to the lion, and told him that if he did not want the jackal to stay with him, he should have told him a long time back. The lion was surprised at this and assured the jackal that no such ill-feelings existed between them and assured him that he would talk to the lioness. But the wise jackal then said, “Friend, I know you are sincere, but our families may not exactly reciprocate the same level of friendship.

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for her own food. But the crow was impatient because the only reason she had made friends with the pigeon in the first place was for the food. The crow wanted meat, but all the pigeon got was grain from the kitchen! She could not wait any longer and ultimately decided that she go visit the kitchen directly for the food. Thinking so, it stealthily crept down the chimney into the kitchen. She the smell of a fish being curried

in the pan. She got greedy and went ahead and tried to get the fish. But in the process she disturbed a ladle, and created a noise. This alerted the cook, who was in the neighboring room, and he caught hold of the crow and killed it. Moral: Greed Numbs intelligence. The Doe that Saved her Husband’s Life Once upon a time there was a great stag who ruled a herd of deer in a forest and it had a beautiful wife. The doe was very devoted to her husband and helped him in all matters of life. One day, the stag was caught in a hunter’s trap and the doe became very frightened, as was the stag.

All the friends of the stag left him behind. But the doe remained steadfast next to him and waited for the hunter to come. She was very devoted to her husband. As soon as the hunter came, she fell on her knees and begged, “Sir! Please make a nice bed of leaves for me and my husband and then kill me first, and then my husband and you can have a nice feast.” The hunter was so amazed and surprised by her love that he freed the stag first, before he prepared the bed of leaves, and in a split second, the stag and the doe ran away, living free happily ever after. Moral: Great love can achieve anything.

What is a big ant??? A Giant
Computer Error A man’s computer won’t turn on so he calls a computer maintenance man to come over and try to fix the problem. After looking around the maintenance man says, “I have figured out the problem.” as he plugged the computer plug in to the wall. “There has been an I.D.10-T error.” “I.D.10-T?” said the confused man. “Don’t you know what that means?” asked the maintenance man and after a moment of hesitation he continued, “Write it down on a paper and you might understand.” He tipped his hat and was on his way. Meanwhile the man was retrieving a pen and a paper. The man wrote the letters and numbers and took a look....... The paper said ID10T

Where do cool mice live? In mouse pads.

Where do computers go to dance? Where do computers go to dance? The disk-o

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Black Cat There was a man driving along a long road. He was in the only car around for miles. Suddenly a black cat jumped out in front of him! There was no moonlight, his headlights were off and there were no street lights. How did the driver see the Black Cat in time? Because it was daytime!!

Why did the child eat his homework? Because it was a piece of cake
Foggy Did you hear the one about the girl and the boy who kissed on the fog?? they mist

What’s the best way to see a flying saucer? Trip a waiter(but watch out).
Why did the crab get arrested? Because he was always pinching things

No legged dog what do you call a dog with no legs? It doesn’t matter because he will not come anyways!

David Beckham David Beckham went to the hairdressers to get his hair cut into a new style. He went in, took off his jacket and sat down. The hairdresser came over to start on his new cut. But he couldn’t do it as David had his headphones on. He said: “David, you’ll need to take your headphones off so i can cut your hair.” And David Beckham said: “But i can’t take them off- if i do i will die” “Nonsense” said the hairdresser and forced them off his head. Within seconds, David slumped down his chair, dead. The hairdresser bent down and listened in the headphones. Playing was the same two phrases over and over again.............. “Breathe in.........Breathe out.......... Breathe in..........Breathe out”

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George W. Bush is the 43rd President of the United States. He was sworn into office on January 20, 2001, re-elected on November 2, 2004, and sworn in for a second term on January 20, 2005. Prior to his Presidency, President Bush served for 6 years as the 46th Governor of the State of Texas, where he earned a reputation for bipartisanship and as a compassionate

conservative who shaped public policy based on the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, strong families, and local control. President Bush was born on July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut, and grew up in Midland and Houston, Texas. He received a bachelor’s degree in

history from Yale University in 1968, and then served as an F-102 fighter pilot in the Texas Air National Guard. President Bush received a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School in 1975. Following graduation, he moved back to Midland and began a career in the energy business. After working on his father’s successful 1988 Presidential campaign, Mr. Bush assembled the group of partners who purchased the Texas Rangers baseball franchise in 1989. O n

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November 8, 1994, President Bush was elected Governor of Texas. He became the first Governor in Texas history to be elected to consecutive 4-year terms when he was re-elected on November 3, 1998. Since becoming President of the United States in 2001, President Bush has worked with the Congress to create an ownership society and build a future of security, prosperity, and opportunity for all Americans. He signed into law tax relief that helps workers keep more of their hard-earned money, as well as the most comprehensive education reform in a generation, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. This legislation is ushering in a new era of accountability, flexibility, local control, and more choices for parents, affirming our Nation’s fundamental belief in the

promise of every child. President Bush has also worked to improve healthcare and modernize Medicare, providing the first-ever prescription drug benefit for seniors; increase homeownership, especially among minorities; conserve our environment; and increase military strength, pay, and benefits. Because President Bush believes the strength of America lies in the hearts and souls of our citizens, he has supported programs that encourage individuals to help their neighbors in need. On the morning of September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked our Nation. Since then, President Bush has taken unprecedented steps to protect our homeland and create a world free from terror. He is grateful for the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women

in uniform and their families. The President is confident that by helping to build free and prosperous societies, our Nation, our friends, and our allies will succeed in making America more secure and the world more peaceful. President Bush is married to Laura Welch Bush, a former teacher and librarian, and they have twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna. The Bush family also includes two dogs, Barney and Miss Beazley, and a cat named Willie. Dear Successful President, we thank you very much for the wonderful and peacefull governance. We all pray that the Almighty will shower his entire blessings on you and your family for a happy, active, and peaceful life.

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Nirvana, Guru Nanak summoned a large congregation. To everyone’s surprise, he asked Lahina, now Bhai Lahina, to come to him. Lahina obeyed but was taken aback when Guru Nanak placed before him five Paisa and a coconut, and his head at his feet. He gave him ‘Bani-pothi - collection of his own hymns, and a rosary, and announced that since onwards Lahina as Angad - a part of his own being, as also the one who shared his spirit and soul, would be his successor and Panth’s new Guru. Guru Nanak established thus the unity of Guruship which was based on the principles of impersonality, indivisibility and continuity.On 7th September, 1539, in some accounts it is 22nd September, Guru Nanak breathed his last and thus the light merged with

and rites enabled man to enter into intimate communion with God. He discovered in commemoration of ‘Nam’ the gist of all rites and the instrument of realizing and communicating with the Formless One, without losing his way into the cobwebs of formal rituals. The simplest possible path of reaching Him, ‘Nam-simaran’ turned the eye from beyond to within - from river-bank to its waters’ depths, and opened the all-perceiving window inside, and it is here - inside oneself, that one finds Him enshrining. Nanak said that the Beloved one was not far from him who sought Him within him. As the Formless One is also without a Nam, the Nam that one gives to Him represents his own vision of Him. Thus a thing within oneself, the communion with Him - through ‘Nam’, his only manifest form of Him, is more intimate and also incessant. Guru Nanak laid as much emphasis on equality among all and fraternity as the highest principles of living. Instead of seeking to isolate as did meditation or other austerities Nanak’s path attributed as much sanctity to Namsimaran in commune as individually. Farther than this, in his concepts of Dharmashala, a form of ‘Sangat’ - commune, and Pangat or Langar, a form of community kitchen for all to dine together without discrimination, he not only underlined the need of a strong community life but also of personal goodness, sociability, harmony and equality among all. With his new path, named variedly as ‘Nam-marg’ or ‘Simaran-marg’, Baba Nanak decided to permanently settle and share his vision - knowledge and light, with others. One of his disciples, Diwan Karorimal Khatri, donated a piece of land close to the holy river Ravi and here Baba Nanak founded, in the name of Kartar, the Creator, the ever first seat of ‘Nam-marg’, naming it Kartarpur. Almost from 1521 to 1539 he was at Kartarpur. In these 18 years, around the isolated seat of the Panth had emerged a huge township and the place was thronged by the followers of the Panth day and night and round the year. Nanak’s simple mysticism and his plain, simple, clear and precise path attracted all and many of them stayed there permanently. Among others there were two young men Budda and Lahina, the curious minds come to just see what in Kartarpur dragged people to it, but once there they never went back. On 2nd September, 1539, just a few days before his

the eternal light.

Vision Of God, Self’s Transcendence And Nirvana ‘Ek-Omkar Sati Nam Karta Purukh Nirbhau Niravairu.’ the preamble to Japjee, unanimously revered as the Mool Mantra, represents Guru Nanak’s concept of God. Accordingly, God is one; He is the supreme truth, the truth beyond time, the truth before time came into being, the truth when time began scaling the universe, and the truth even now; He is the Creator - all-creating and alldoing; He is beyond fear and beyond hate; the omnipresent He pervades the universe; He is not the subject of birth, nor He dies to be born again. He created day and night, waters and breezes, earth, sky and oceans and the entire cosmos, nature and all. The ‘Nirankar’, He is beyond form and beyond human comprehension. No volume of thought, solemn-most silence, deepest meditation, any amount of fasting or similar other austerities or virtues, or thousands of devices can enable one to know the Truth that is Him or tear the veil of false illusion. If any, the righteous living one alone can invoke his grace for it is from one’s deed and thought that he is judged, and it is He Himself Who assesses - honors or discards, his actions. Nanak said : ‘What we sow that alone we take’. Guru Nanak forbade worship of idols or form, or worship performed out of fear or for gain, objectives that usually inspired idol-worship. As is the connotation of his hymn ‘Gagan mein thal.’, He, being the Destroyer of Fear, can not be Fear’s instrument, or rather of any weakness in man, which is often in the root of idol-worship. Not so expressly initially, Guru Nanak accepted the Hindu theory of Karma and life hereafter, that is, there is rebirth after death, and the ‘yoni’, form - man, animal, bird, fish or whatever, one has in the rebirth is determined by one’s action in the present life. By righteous living a being might escape this vicious circle of death and rebirth and attain Nirvana. Caste-System, Religion And Rites, Status Of Woman.. Not a single incidence in Guru Nanak’s life is denotative of his adherence to caste-system. On the contrary, in complete

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disregard of caste-considerations he had Mardana, a Muslim, as his constant companion. ‘Those who condemn God’s creatures condemn God Himself’ is the underlying tone of many of his verses. He said that even amongst ‘the noblest’ there could be ignoble, and amongst the low-born, pure and noble. His idea of a caste-free society transpired also in his concepts of Sangat and Langar. Nanak rejected a Yogi’s wear or staff, ashes smeared on body, shaven head, blowing of conchshell . as things defining religion. He emphasized that the religious was him who amongst impurities of the world became impurity-free. He prescribed prayer as its means for prayer rendered the soul, soiled by sin, wholesome and sin-free, similarly as ringed with soap garments, rendered dirty with grime, brightened. Renunciation was not his religion’s part. He believed that house-holders could also do whatever required for their spiritual elevation and communicate with God. Once, one Yogi Bhagandarnath questioned him sarcastically : ‘why he mixed acid with milk’, that was, mixed family life with asceticism. Bhagandarnath considered family life as impure. Guru Nanak quietly said that Bhagandarnath had renounced family life considering it impure but he was going to householders every day for begging. He asked the Yogi as to how he would protect the purity of his asceticism when it sustained on food that he every day received from impure householders. Guru Nanak did not consider the world around as false or illusionary. He said : ‘Real are your worlds and real the created forms.’. What makes the created ones different from the Creator is reality’s degree. The Creator is ‘True Reality’, ‘Eternal Sovereign’. Guru Nanak also did not approve the theory of incarnation of God for the human body was prey to decay and death, whereas God was beyond them. He sometimes seems to combine personalness of Hindu God, spiritual equality of Buddhism and congregation of Islam. His religion was more or less universal and largely of secular type. A poet of uncommon sensitivity Guru Nanak not only collected the subject matter of his verses from every day experiences but also directed his attention to things common man every day faced. He sought to strengthen community life and thereby a strong nation. Not merely spiritual transformation, his verses, as is their underlying pith, seek to improve quality of social life too. He did not ridicule hypocrites or censored social evils as did Kabir but he was as deeply concerned in regard to them. Instead of ridiculing he only pitied them. Nanak did not approve that women were treated as inferior of man whether in society or in religious hierarchy. He wrote:‘Of women we are born, of women conceived . by women is the civilization continued . Then why call her evil from whom are great men born .’ He asserted that it is because of women that there is order and, except God, existence

of all, man or beast. In later Sikhism women were admitted into the Order of the Panth, which is more often considered as the reflection of Guru Nanak’s vision of woman. Credits To Sri P. C. Jain and Dr. Daljeet

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Kind Attention: Zodiac Connection is based upon moon and not upon sun

By Sri Selvam “Siddhar”

The health position and self confidence are strong. There are certain modification or new interference in the profession you do, will be in force and you have to set alright of the happenings. Finance and the family developments will be in a gaining form. Lord Saturn will be causing either ill health or inconvenience to the matters of happiness in family you have to worship the “Navagraha Lords” at Temple. Women and children at home: They are in a normal stage. Lord Jupiter shows his grace, keeps the finance and education matters in a smooth way. Then and there some blockades will be there but will be compromised by Lord Jupiter. Students: Are doing well. On some important occasions, they will be facing difficulties in understanding the lessons fully. They have to approach the guidance from class mates and tutors. Professionals and Business people: Will be challenged with their routines. They will find minor difficulties in solving the problems. More over, they have to face new complications in the official matters. They have to take enough time and make route to the good way. Lovers: Their trend in this January will be with good understanding. They are in a position to plan well and build a closer relation. Married persons and spouse: They are with good support of times. Lord Venus is looked by Lord Saturn. This event will give them a strong hold and good understanding. The happiness in family will be to the satisfaction. The dates which will not favor good results are 21st and 22nd. On these two days, signing in important documents of finance and giving promises are to be avoided.

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Lord of your sign Lord Venus is on way to the house of exaltation. He is looked by Lord Saturn. This is good. Your aims, plans and projects will be reaching to a good standard. Your sign is also graced by Lord Jupiter. For the past one year, you were in a critical scene. This year Lord Jupiter will help you to a firm status of improvement. The trend in profession and business will be in a positive way of approach. Women and children at Home: Are feeling good and the comfort will give them happiness. Beginning of this year will be bringing good fortunes also. Since Lords Mars and Sun jointly looks the house of finance and family, they will feel some kind of extra pressure to execute their duties. Students: Will be having more lessons to read. They should the most care as possible. Some times they will score below average marks. Lord Jupiter will give them the best intelligence to cover the draw back and project well. Business people and professionals: Are busy to cover good development. They will certainly show progress. The hard work will give them the reward. The month, January will be the stepping stone for their good future. Lovers: Their trend for this month will be in a satisfactory way. They will find themselves smart and busy. Long awaited plans will reach with success. Married persons and spouses: Are expected to look to their progress day by day. This year will have the good results and lead for a better and positive happiness. The relationship between husband and wife will be smooth. For those who away from spouse will be given good opportunities for deep remembrance and bridge with unity of happiness. The dates which are not favourable to sign contract or to give promise or to lend money will be 23rd and 24th

In the first week of this month Lord Jupiter and Lord Mercury are very close to each other. This incident will create a sense of challenge in all your attempts. Specifically the debilitation of Jupiter in 8th house will give you certain set backs. You have to be very careful in all your dealings which may even face failures. So, it is advised for a postponement of such important affairs to next month. Women and children at home: Will need extra care in their health matters. The study of children will be in a dull trend. The finance matters for women will not be sufficient. They have to manage the things with hardship. Students: Their education will be facing many confusions of understanding. The friends’ team and other extra curricular activities will swallow a major part of their precious time. They should take care and allot more time for studies. Businesspeople and professionals: Will be given good opportunities. The beginning of this month will be in a discouraging trend. All of a sudden it will get a good starting and fetch good results for their attempts. Lovers: Their trend for this month will be with half minded only. They get good times but the topics which they take for consideration will be with irritation. Smooth going on is not seen. Lord Saturn looks Lord Venus, which is good. The time passing and spending the hours with lover will be giving them some consolation. The brave decision and clear cut words are not coming out from their counterpart at present. Married persons and spouses: Are with heavy work. They are not in a position to allot suitable time to spend with their counterparts. Any how Lord Saturn permits one or two occasions to have. Domestic affairs and management of family are not fully executed. They have to show much preference for that. The dates 29th and 30th will not fetch good results. Better avoid these dates for most important and financial deals.

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A good thing is the transit of Jupiter to Magara. This event will give you good strength of gaining health and confidence in your activities. Lord of profession is on process to give you good development. The job and profession will be to your liking and will fetch success in consequent month. Lord Kethu with Lord Mars will assist you with brilliancy. Women and children at home: Will be spending the time with happiness. They can get all their needs to their expectations. Elders at Home will support them and sanction proper funds. Since the Lord Sun is at the 6th house with Lord Mars, they will be facing some stomach disorder. Limited diet and fruits are to be taken for the recovery of disorders. Students: Are taking real pains and efforts in studies but they are scoring only less mark. They have to allot good times with leading students or tutors of institution. They should try their best to score more. Professionals and business persons: Are given with opportunities for progress. Of course they will claim good profits and progress. Good time will come in January and February. Lovers: Their trend in this month will be at their own decision. They are given with some more time of privacy. They have to plan for future. There should be justice and good norms for their love affairs. Married person and spouses: Are facing more problems this month. The management of the family will be leading to insufficiency of funds. Of course there is lot of things to be provided for one and all in the family. Lord Jupiter will give you all the support for their deeds and needs. They will be in a position to spend limited time with spouse. Lord Venus is gracefully looked by Lord Saturn. They are friends. They will give happiness in the family. The dates 2nd, 3rd, 29th and 30th of this month are to be dealt with caution.

Lord Jupiter’s entrance in 6th house is a planetary change. It is to be followed with at most care. Most sensitive approach and neat execution of work should be done. Otherwise troubles are likely to come. Any way Lord Jupiter governs your finance and profession Houses. So, he takes half of the burden and keeps you with comfort. Women and children at home: Will be very dull in process. Lord Venus guides them to the best and keeps them with smart and steady. Their needs are more. Half the way that will be covered. This is a moderate month for them. Students: are improving day by day. They can do much better in this year. Their studies will be supported by Lord Jupiter. Some time the over confidence will rule over them and that they will show little care for education. It should not be permitted. They should be keen on studies only. Professionals and business persons: Will find a dull trend of work and business. The finance and development of trades are likely to be accommodated well. This month some new links will came and give a fortune of affairs in further two months. Lord Venus is fully supported by Lord Saturn and there is a new turning of good scope is also there. Lovers: Their trend is in a favorable way. Everything will go ahead according with good supports. To make a quick and clear decision is not reaching in your brain so far. You have to speed up your proposals immediate. Married persons and spouses: Will be in a good mood. Lord Venus is in 7th House to give you the atmosphere as you liked. The maintenance and proceedings of family will be in a good trend. Lord Jupiter supports all your domestic problems and finance needs. Totally this month is a month of good beginning to enjoy even the month February. Dates which will spell failures are to be noted are 4th , 5th and 6th.

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Lord of your sign Lord Mercury is with Lord Jupiter. This will create an uncertainty and discourage. Even the health and appearance will be weaker. Lord Jupiter, even though he is in debilitation, he guides you to manage all sorts of problems. The 10th house is well looked by two Malefics (Lord Sun & Lord Mars). This will guide you for essential development and income. Your ancestral and paternal affairs are watched well by Lord Jupiter, who will help to progressive trend. Women and children at home: Will be lacking in enthusiasm and progress. They need lot of things; the head of the family should be approached for the grants. The expenditure will be more. But their needs are coming only during the last week of this month and first week of next month. Lord Venus governs their health and happiness. Students: Will be attending their work properly. They are preparing to the best of their capacity. The state of Lord Venus in going to be in the grade of exaltation. That is good. They can get good opportunity to score high marks Professionals and Business men: Are supported well by Lords Mars and Sun. They can do good development. They can increase their work load. The gains will be vending in time. By the hard works, they will fetch a fortune and good name. In continuation, the next month will also be a successful one. Lovers: Their trend will be with exclamation. What ever they do, it will be with confusion and lead to an unsettled way. They have to think properly and do the plans properly. The hasty and fast approach will cause disappointment. Married persons and the spouses: Are at liberty but powerless. The backings and the supports are less. The self confidence is also going below the average. Domestic as well as new needs are mounting in a high range. The counterpart is little bit fearful. They have to console and give good encouragement so as to meet all the problems successfully. Lord Venus is reaching fastly to the sign “Meena”. This will clear all their problems with in 5 to 6 weeks. It will be really a wonder also. A fortune is likely to reach them shortly. The dates 6th and 7th will not be good to promise on finance. Some failure will also happen on these days.

On the transit of Lord Jupiter to ‘Magara’, the houses Eight, Ten, and Twelve are well governed by him. The health, age and the profession are all supported for good progress and development. Lord Saturn looks your sign and make a delayed way of progress. You have to be brisk and smart. The finance and family matters are coming to your expectations. You will have bold attempts and projects. Women and children at home: Will be feeling the weakness in physic as well as activities. They are getting a slow progress only. Lord Mars looks the 6th house to give little inconvenience in health. They have to select the proper food mostly with fruits and green vegetables. Otherwise, the stomach condition will be having a set back. Students: Are very spped and strongly attending their routines. New syllabus and enthusiastic subjects will be well prepared by them and they will score good marks. Some times unwanted friends will appear and do certain delays in progress. They have to avoid such things. Professionals and Business people: Will be given preference in their jobs. They can do their best to earn the sufficient money. Lord Kethu is occupying the 10th house, which is graced by Lord Jupiter. They can see a good atmosphere. Sure of getting prominent place in their attempts and the new ventures will also join to give more gains. Lovers: During this month of January, their trend will be with useful plans and ideas. Lord Venus is aspected by the friendly Lord Saturn. This will give good opportunities to know the heart of each other. Time is likely to give a final safe and decision for their future. Married persons and spouses: The present period will go without disturbance. The expenditures are likely to increase. They can manage it. Bold and essential program in bringing the family to a high level will be the aims of both of them. Certainly the things are on the way of success. The transit of Lord Jupiter is helping them; they have to show more attention in that. The pleasure and fun may be affected but the progress of family will be to the expectation. The dates which are not good to any financial decision and to do important works will be 8th and 9th of this month.

Siddhi Times USA 59

Houses 4th and 10th are balanced by Lords Venus and Saturn. This position will pave away to progress and good development of the family. All are nicely going. You are going to feel yourself as little lacking in the events. This will continue for one year. You can do every thing with slow and steady process. One or two occasions, failures will give you lessons. Since Lord Saturn occupy the 10th the job and profession will fetch the needy funds to solve the problems. Women and children at home: Will be busy and doing their routines fastly. Their valet is going short. They need more money. The elders in family should care them first and keep them well. Lord of the sign ‘Mars’ will be reaching his house of exaltation and keep them well with in three weeks. Students: Are working hard and they are improving with the guidance of planets. Since Lord Jupiter is in debilitation and at the same time the Lord Mars is to be in exaltation, a new fortune is likely to bring good hope and good luck. Professionals and business people: Will be doing well. The months January and February are going to shape them good in their field of work. One thing, the occupation of Lord Jupiter in 3rd house may keep them to wait for good results but the same will face little delays. Lovers: Their trend will be good and give them the expected happiness. Lord Venus is well graced by his friend Lord Saturn. They have to bind with justice and make their way with good principles. Married persons and spouses: Are feeling good times. They can feel the happiness well for further two months. Their finance will be blocked but they can manage with extra funds and credits. The dates which are not suitable to sign contracts or to invest, will be 10th and 11th.

Lord of your sign, Lord Jupiter is facing the debilitation, which is a grade of very low power. You will feel some what deserted. The attempts are also slowly moving. Your will power and confidence will be good. Your position will be proving to a good height shortly. Next month you will be wondering to know the new ventures. The usual way of income will be helping. Lord Jupiter even though in debilitation, he will grace the good part in your attempts. Women and children at home: Are very fast and busy. They do the things with brave and steady capacity. Due the need of money the programs are getting set back. But by the end of this month they can get the expected things to their hands. Students: Are progressing and projecting their position. In studies, the attention at class is dull. They have to listen to the lectures carefully and then only they can do the exercise in lessons well. This will help them to score good marks. Professionals and Business men: Are given proper opportunities. They have to shine on their own accord. The finance graph is declining against the need. They have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks. Then their needs will be fulfilled. Lovers: Their trend in this month will be with arguments mounted with several questions. The happiness is less. They have to plan well and go step by step for their achievements of expectations. Married persons and spouses: Are moving with the routines in a half minded way. The expected pleasure and happiness have not yet come. This month, they should wait peacefully. They have to wait for some more days. The financial matters and domestic affairs are mixed with confusion and more requirements. They will set alright during the 4th week of this month. The dates 12th and 13th may spell failures.

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Your sign Lord in 8th house and your sign is occupied by Lords Jupiter and Raaghu. Lord Jupiter is in debilitation and also Lord Mercury combines there. This is a complicated month with new proposals. Your plans will be unsteady while they come for filtering the bad. Any way the 10th house is looked by Lord Saturn. This is good to achieve your target. This month will be with many proposals for your progress. Women and children at home: Will be little bit weak in health. The season will be giving them nuisance and their health will be affected. They have to go for suitable medicines. The months January and February will be with new arrivals of their desired products. Students: Will be doing every thing with research nature. It is good, you are receiving the results with gift. The opportunities are for success. They can earn good name. Their argument nature will give a scope with good knowledge. Business persons and professionals: Will be with deep thoughts and plans. The time is good. The decisions are not yet reached. But the trend prefers luck for them. Their aims and projects are going to set good shapes. Lovers: Their moments during this month will be with restrictions. Their happy times with their counterpart either in person or communication will be nice and useful. Married persons and spouses: Are facing new worries. Some times inconvenience will rule over the scenes. Upon the house of the spouse, Lords Kethu, Jupiter and Mercury are focusing. This will be in an uneasiness and complicated trends. But Lord Venus is graced by Lord Saturn and he accommodates their need of happiness. This month and the following month will be good to better. The dates which are facing failures are 14th and 15th.

Lord of 4th and 9th house, Lord Venus is well seated in your sign. Looked by his friend Lord Saturn, he gives pleasure and good hopes. The 10th house Lord is with 7th house Lord in 11th, a suitable place with aspect of progress. More over your sign Lord, Lord Saturn is graced by Lord Venus. That is also good. The finance and the profit dealer Lord Jupiter is in 12th. This will create an unsteady situation. But with in 3 to 4 weeks the combination of lords Mars and Jupiter in Magaram will occur. That will create a Neecha Banga Raja yoga to Lord Jupiter and this will lead for your good success. Women and children at home: Are pleased by doing their routines. Their demands and needs are to be filled up by the elders. Lord Jupiter even though in debilitation, he gives support to have well pleasures and restricts any kind of ill health. Students: Are shining well and do better now. They will have appreciation from their teachers. Lord Mars looks the house of education. Some times they will spend time with unwanted friends. They have to avoid this and focus on studies. Professionals and Businessmen: Will have to see a complication in their trend. A new venture is there. They do not know about the success of that venture. It is still hidden. After 3 weeks, it will come to a shape of strange finish. The profit is less but they will gain a good name and fortune. Lovers: Their trend in this month will be very slow and dull. They are shining well and their counter part is facing uneasiness and suffering. Their finance is also dried up. They have to think twice and make suitable program for the happiness with their lover. Married persons and spouses: Are not fully happy but they are duty-bound to care the family. They take more attention to the benefit of other family members. It is to be praised. Lord Venus is looked nicely by Lord Saturn. This is good. Their privacy and relations will be satisfactory. The dates 16th, 17th and 18th are with confusions. On these dates don’t do any important work related to property and finance.

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The transit of lord Jupiter occurred in December will bring luck to the extent of fortune with strong positions. Lord Mars looks your sign and gives the ill-health to the effect of weakness. The financial worries may be set alright. Some sources of extra funds are also reaching. Your courage and confidence will grow high. Women and children at Home: Will be doing well. Their health may be affected due to the season. Lord Saturn is in the house of Lord Sun, gives stomach disorders some times. You have to take suitable medicines. News about your new income or purchase is likely to come. It will be materialized. Students: Are going to shine with good improvement. The financial help will reach them in time. Some kind of disturbance to their study-time is likely to come. Some unwanted friends will make bore and spend good lot of time. They have to avoid it. Businesspersons and professionals: Are doing well. The dull situation and trading trend may affect your eagerness. That will vanish in a short period. They can see the flow of funds to their satisfaction. The jobs will be extended and the gains will reach them. Lovers: Their trend will be with many problems and arguments. For the first two weeks, the time will not be good. Afterwards the time will be in a smooth way. Lord Venus and Lord Saturn will give them a good time at joy and fun. Married parsons and spouses: Are exchanging the views and opinions for the welfare of the family. Their privacy and happiness are likely to give satisfaction. The domestic need and essential household articles are likely to be purchased during this month. Since Lord Jupiter occupies the 11th house, it is favorable time for them to deal several matters. The dates 18th, 19th and 20th are not good to do important and financial deals.

Deity adorning the cover page.

According to Hindu philosophy and faiths Lord Ganesha is the deity to be worshipped first. By his blessings all the hurdles are removed. In the picture adorning the front cover he is dressed like a king and he is in the happiest mood. If we pry this image it is sure that we all will be very happy.As he is considered to be first of all the divine powers his picture adorns the cover page of the first issue of the year 2009. We pray him to make this year 2009 a happy year for one and all.

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