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How to Judge a Horoscope

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Volume Two
MI to XII Houses



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,, XVII-somePractical Illustrations An Index to TechnicalTerms

Concerning the SeventhHouse
The 7th housemainlyrefersto marriage, wife or husband and maritalhappiness. Marriage a landmark life. lt is an institution is in founded on love and affection. But it is also a most complicatedstructure made up of a whole seriesof heterogeneous subjective and objectivefactors. Since we areconcerned only with the psycho-astrological aspects marriage, of we shalt exclude the objectivefactorsof legal and socialsignificance our study. in Marriage not an institution brute sense.gratification. is for It is not a civil agreement that affects only the partiesto it. lt is the basisof the family and its dissolutjon as well as formation is a mattr of social interest. lt is the mould out of which the future generation comesout. ln our own country, marriage has beenconsictered sacraa rnentand comprehends equalityof the partnerin respectof the Dharma(rightconduct),Artha (financial position), Kama (sex telations) and Moksha(final emancipation). Main Considerations ln analysing the Seventh Bhava. due conslderationmust rre given io three important factors, viz., (al the House, (D) the Lord, and (c) the Karaka, who in this casewould bo Venus.

Hos to Judgc Horoscopc a

Thereare the secondary considerations also, viz , theoccupants of the 7th houseand the planets associating with the 7th lord. Results of the Seventh e#" Occupying Different Houses ln the FirstHouse : -The nativemay marry someonehe has known sincechildhoodor one who has been broughtup in the samehouse. The wife or husband of the native will be a stableand matureperson. He will be intelligent and capable of weighingthepros andcons. Afflictions the 7th lord may to entailconstant travelling. lf the 7th lord and Venusare afllicted, the nativemay be sensual and seek clandestinerelation. ship with tlre opposite sex. In the SecondHouse:-The native wilf get wealthfrom women or throughmarriage. lf afflicted, one may oarnmoney through despicable means as trading in flesh, women,not excluding wife. He may eat food offered at death-cerehis monies(shraddha) wander about seeking such food. lf and the secondhouseis a dual sign and afflicted, more than one marriage likely. lf a maraka is Dasais on, the native may die during the periodof the seventhlord. Tho person will have a waveringmind and wirl alwaysbe inclined sensually. ln the Third House :--This disposition gives lucky brothers who may live abroad. lf afflicted the native may inCulgein adultery with a brother's sister's or marriedpanner. Affliction also givesmisfortunes co-borns. Female to issues servive. In the Fourth House:-Gir,es a lucky and happy married partner with many children and comfolts. The nativemay havethe benefit high academic qualification of and own many vehicles. lf afflicted,domesticharmonymay be spoilt through an immatureand mean pailner. The nativemay run into endless problems on account of his conveyances. lf severely

thc Housc Conceraiog Sevcnth

afflictedby the nodesand other malefics,' the native's wife's becomesquestionable. character ln the Fifth House:-An early marriage,the partnermay hail from an affluent and well-to-do family. The wife ot to husbandwill be matureand an advantage the native. lf rhe afflicted, 7th lord is weak, there may be nochildren. lf severely get issues of t\e wife. conduct through the adulterous one may lf thereare both afflictionsand benefic influenceson the 7th lord, the nativ may get only femaleprogeny. Trouble to one's office superiors through foreign soulces is likely. The native possess good character. will ln the Sixth House:-The native may have two martiages with both partners living. One may marly a cousin such as an uncls's daughter. lf badly afflictedand the karakaVenusis also ill-disposed,one may suffer from impotency and many other diseases. The native'swife may be sicklyand jealousby from marriage.lf Venus naturedenyingthe husband happiness placedbut the 7th lord is afflicted,the nativemay suffer is well from piles. lf Venus is weak but not afflicted,one may desert act. or lose one's maried partnerthrough someindiscleet ln the SeventhHouse:-lt well placed,the native will have a charming and magnetic personality. Women will flock to him and seekhim out for alliance. The wife or husbandwill be a just and honourableperson coming from a family of teputation and socialstanding. lf weak and afflicted,it gives a lonely life devoid of mattiageand friends, and loss thlough negotiations. marriage may the Eighth House:-When well placed, marriage ln partnermay b'e a rich person. or take place with relatives the Affliction causes the early death of partner while the native

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maydie in distantlands. lt gives a sickly and ill.tempered wife or husband leadingto estrangement separalion. and ln the Ninth House:-lf fortified, the father may tive abroad while the nativemay makehis fortunein foreignlands. He will gel an accomplished wifewho will enablehim to lsad a righteous life. lf afflicted,the fathermay die early. Married partner may dragthe nativefrom the rightcourse(Dharmic;of life and he may wasteaway his wealthand sufferpenury. ln the TenthHouse :-The nativemay flourish in a profession abroador his careermay involve constant travelling. One will get a devoted and faithfulwife or husband. The wife may alsobe employed and contribute the native's income. Or. to sfie may help in the advancementof the native's career. lf wife will be avaricious afflicted, and over-ambitious but without sufficient capacity. Consequently native,s career may suffer and deteriorate. . ln the Eleventh House:-There may be more than one marriage the native may associate or with many women. lf beneficially disposed, wife may hail frorna rich background or bring in much wealth. lf afflicted,the native may marry more than once,but one wife may outlivehim. ln the Twelfth House:-There maybe more than ona marriagein the nativs's life. He may marrya second fime clandestinely while the first wife is still alive. Or, if afflicted. he may marrya secondtime afterlosingthe first wife by death or separation. But if the afflictionis $evere, wife or husthe band mav dre or separate soon afterdarriageand theremay be no second malriage. Death may occur while travellingor abroad. lf both karaka and the 7th lord are weak. the native may only dream womenbut nevermarry. The native's wife of may hail from a sorvant's family. He will be close-fisted and generally ooor.

Coocerniog thc ScYcDthHousc

Theseresultsoccur if the 7th lord is placedin the different to Bhavas. But they nlust not be appliedliterally chartswiththe the out considering entirechart as a whole after assessing planets. strengths and weaknesses the several of , lmportant Combinations We give below important combinationson the seventfi works. housedrawn from standard and authoritative lf the 7th Bhavareckoned from the Lagnaor tlre Moon be occupied aspected the 9th lord, or sign.lorCor other by or benefics, will be happy and the wife, a loving and marriage foftunate won'ran. The 2nd, Ttlr and 12th lords in kendras (quadrants)or trikonas (trines), aspected by Jupiter, can are ensure a heprT marliage and a fertilewife. lf benefics placedin the 2nd, the 7th altd the 11th lrousesfrom the 7th l o r d ,t h e w i f e o r h u s b a n d i l l b e a b l e t o d e r i v e a l l h a p p i n e s s w w i t h h e a l t h y n d l u c k yc h i l d r e n .l f M a r sa n d S a t u r na r ei n t h e a and lucky. 7th in Capricorn, wife will be chaste, the beautiful lf the 7th lord and Verrus are in even signs, if the 7th houseis also an evensigrrand the sth and 7th lords are not combust otherwise or weak, the personwill have a goo:1v.rife and children. lf Jupiteroccupies 7th house,thc rrative will the be devoted to his wife. lf Venus be in exaltaiion own or vargas lrasattained or Gopuraor Vaiseshikamsa, vrife will the goo( and beautiful. lf the 7th housebe a beneficsign or be if Venusas 7th lord be aspectedby a benefic planet, the wife or husband will be devoted and charniing. lf thereare malefics the4th, 8th and 12th houses from in Venus,or Venusis henrmed betwecnmalefics, in the wife will die soon after marri:rge. lf thereare malefics the 7th from i4 Venus, the marriage will be unhappy. Venus in the 7th for TaurusAscendant threatensdeath to wife.

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rf the 7rh rord is in rhe srh or the srh lord is in the 7th. rhe nativemay not marry, as if he gets married, childless. When the 2nd and 7th housesin the caseof men and the 7th and 8th housesin the caseof women are occupied or aspectdby malefics, lossof wife or husbandhappens. lf the Sth or the 8th lord is in the 7th, death of wife or husbandoccurs. Marefics in the 12th,7th and Ascendant with the weak Moon in the Sth deny marriage chirdren. rf the Moon and Venusare in or opposition Mars and Saturn,marriage denied. to is The Moon and Saturn in the 7th in a woman,s chan indicatesremarriage while in a man'schail, they deny marriage or progeny. [\4alefics the 2nd,7th and gth from Lagnaresult in in demise of married partner. The Sun and Rahu in the 7th causelossof wealththroughwomen. Mercury in the 7th in Taurus or Jupiter in the 7th in capricornor saturnand Mars in the 7th tn piscesare injurious to the life of the maried panner. Mercuryand Ketuin Lagna give a sicklywife Saturnand Mercury in the 7th indicate a widow or widowerlor a life-partner.lf the Moon occupies the 7th house in a malefic sign or Navamsa, the wife will be wicked, meanand similarto a menial. lf a strongMoon be in the 7th, the wife will be good. Ketu in the 7rh givesa shrew for a wife while Rahugives an oulcastewoman. lf the 6th, 8rh and 9th houses conjoined be with malefics and be also aspected by malefics, the wife of the native will indulgein adultery. lf Saturnis in the 7th, or if the lord of the Navamsaoccupied by the 7th lord be a malefic,or if the 7th lord or Venusbe in a depressionRasior Navamsa, the wife will be a wickedwoman. lf weak and afflictedVenus be in the 7th house, the wife may be barrenor the husbandmay be impotent. lf Mars with

Coaccrning Scvcnth tbc Housc

a malef occupies ic the 7th houso, the nativemay suffer impotency causedby urinaryproblems. lf Saturnand Venusoccupy the 1Othor 8th and recoiveno beneficaspects, the personwill be impotent. lf Saturn in a watery sign occupiesthe 6th and 12th housesand is devoidof benefic aspects, native will the be a eunuch. Thefollowing planetarypositions cause one to be impolent: 1. Saturnin depression the 6th or 12th house. in . 2, Saturn in the 6th or the 8th housefrom Venus. 3. The Moon in an evensign and Mercuryinan odd sign and both being aspected Mars. by 4. lf the Lagna, Venus and the Moon occupy odd Navamsas. 5. lf Mars is in an even sign and the Lagna is in an odd sign. 6, The Sun and the Moon, Mars and the Sun, and Saturn and Mercury-if each of these planelsof a pair is in an odd and evensign mutuallyaspecting. 7. lf the 7th lord and Venus are in the 6th house. lf the 7th lord or Venusbe conjoined with Rahuor Ketu and be aspected by a malefic,the nativeor his wife will be adulterous. lf Venusoccupies a Navamsaof Saturn or Mars and is aspected by Mars or Saturn respectively,the native,s character will be questionable.lf saturn or Mars aspect Venus in the,the nativewill indulgein adultery. lf Saturn, the Moon and Mars occupythe 7th house, both the nativeand his wife will be immoral. lf the 2nd, 7th and the lOth tords occupythe 7th, the nativewill be a profligate. lf the Moon or Venusmoving towardsdepressions in a be kendrain a cruelshashtiamsa and be aspectedby or conjoined with a malefic, the native may commitadultery with his own


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mother. The sameresult occursif the luminaries conjoinedin by with malefics. The 4th kendrasbe aspected or associated afflictedcausessimilarresults. housevery badly lf Satlrn in the 4th house be afflicted, the native will commit incest. lf the afflicted Moon or Venusbe in the gth bed. The 9th lord house,the nativs will violate his teacher's and the Moon or Venussimilarly afflicted give the same the 7th house, or if tesult. lf Gulika with a malefic occupies the Sun be in the 7th houseand Mars in the 4th, or if Mars be by in the 4th with Rahu in the 7th, or if the 7th lord aspected Venus occupy a sign of Mars, or if maleficsoccupy 3 of the kendras, the native'ssexual behaviour will be coarseand crude like an animal's. signsand lf the 2nd and 7th lords occupy thoir depression and trikonas,only one marriage are benefics placedin kendras owned by is possible. lf Jupiter and Mercury are in Navamsas is Sun and Mars, only one marriage indicated. lf Mercury the in the 7th house occupiesa Navamsaof Jupiter, the native will marryonly once. lf the 7th lord and Venusbe each in a common sign or Navamsa, the personwill marly 8t leasttwice. lf Mercuryor Saturnbe in the 7th with two planetsin the 11th, two wives are possible. tf the 7th lord be Saturn and conjoined with a malefic, the person will have many wives. Three or more eclipsedor inimical maleficsin the 7th, or Venus in depression, s i g n w i t h a m a l e f i c ,o r S t h l o r d i n t h e l s t o r t h 7 t h , o r t h e Lagna lord in the 6th, or a malefic in the 7th while the 7th sign, or the lord with a beneficis in his inimical or depression give two wives or 2nd lord in lhe 6th and a malefic in the 7th mole.

thc Cooccrnlo3 Scvootb Houro

lf the 2nd, 15t and 6th lords be conjoined with malefics, in the 7th house, or if the strong 7th lord occupy a kendraor kona aspectedby the 1Othlord, or if the strong 7th and I l th lords conjoin or mutuallyaspect or occupytrines, the native will havemany wives. lf the 1st or 7th lord bein depression occupy an inimior cal sign or be eclipsedin Navamsa,the nativewill have anothr wifo while the first is still living. lf the 7th lord be weak and the 7th housebe aspected occupiedby a malefic,or if malelics or occupytho 7th and 8th housesand Mars is in the 12th house, ot if the 2nd lord bo weak while the 2nd house is occupiedor aspectedby a malefic,the native will have anotherwife dudng the lifetimeof the first wife. Planets in the 7th House The Sun:-The native will be fair and havethininghair. He will have few friends and finds difficulty in getting along with people. Marriage is delayed and troubled. Fondof travelling, he will have loosemorals. He likesforeignthings. His wife's character be questionable the nativewill run will and the risk of lossand disgrace throughwomen. He will incurthe displeasure the Government of and sufferhumiliation. He will be deformed. The Moon-The native will be passionate and easily rousedto jealousy, Mother may die while the nativeis young. Wife will be good-looking but rhe native will seek other women. Nalrow-mindedbut sociable,he will be energetic and successful life. He hails from a good familyif tlre Moon in is waxing and otherwise strong. He will suffer pain in the groins.He will be stingy.lf the Moon is waning, he will always be quarrelling with his enemies.


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Mars:-The native wil!,be hen-pecked his wife and by gubmissive women. Married life will have to crashesand lensions or theremay be two wives. The native will be rash and indulge in speculation. He will be intelligent, tactress, peevish stubborn, and unsuccessful, Mercury:-A man of virtueand geniality, he will dress well and tastefully.He will have profound knowledge of law. He will be skilled in businessand tradetactics. He will have writing ability and successthrough it early in life. Earty marriage a lich woman. Learnedin mathematics,astrology to and astronomy,he will be religious and of a devout temperament. Diplomatic but if afflicted, the native will be cunning and deceitful.He will havea good physique and looks. Jupiter:-Diplomatic and kind-hearted the native getsa virtuous, good-lookingand chaste wife. He will get good education and gainsthrough marriage.He will be sensiflve to others'feelings, has a speculative He mind and is a good agriculturist. He undertakespilgrimages to distant places and is superior to father in his qualities. The nativewill possess good sons. Venus:-Fond of quarrelling,sensuousand passionate, the native has unhealthy habits, and a happy marriageand devotedwife. He is fond of pleasure and drink, is suaveand charming with winning manners.Flehas a magnetic personality. He has dangerof lossof virilitydue to disease excesses. or He is successful parrnership in with thoseof the opposite sex. Saturn:-The nativewill be underthe wife's control, The wife will be ugly or hunch-backed. will have more lhan He one marriage or marriage with a widow, divorcee ono or advanced age. He will be diplomatic in and enterprtsing. He has residence abroad, a stable marriage and politicalsuccess.

Concerning Sevcnth tho Housa


He will get honour and distinction foreign lands, suffers in from colic painsand deafness.. Rahu :--The nativebringsill-repute family, if a female. to He will be unconventional heterodox.He will have affairs and with outcaste women or foreigners,His wife suffers from womb disorders.He eats good and rich food, has luxurious habitsand suffers fromdiabetes, ghostsand the supernatural. Ketu :-The nativehasan unhappymarriagewith a shrewish wife. He is passionate,sinful, lustsafter widows. His wife is sickly. The nativesuffers from cancer in the abdomen or uterus,if a female. He will suffer humiliationand loss of virility. Theseresultsare modified by the aspects and associations received the planetin the 7th house. by lf the Sun is afflictedby Rahu, affairsuyith women may leadto scandalsor lossof nroneyon account of blackmail or similar trouble. lf l/larsafflictssuch a sun, marriedlife will be strife-ridden the partners and will hate eachother. tn addition, the nativemay sufferfrom blood-pressure a diseased and heart. The body will sufferfrom excess heat which may resultin piles and fistula. lf the Moon afflicts the Sun, he may have no marriage all and sufferfrom a wretched at existence. Mercury lf joins the Sun, he wiil be highry inteiligentand ractfuily deal with troubles accruing from Governmentor othersources. lf Jupiteraspects associates or with the Sun, the partnermay be a highlyevolved spirituar sour and guide the nativearso. rf fortifiedVenus be with the sun, marriage wiil be markedby spiritual harmony. lf the Moon be influenced Jupite.r, marriedlife will be by smoothand happy. lf afflicted Moon be vrith Jupiter, the nativewill have intrigueswirh widows but will put on a noble




a tlor to Jud3c HororcoPo

ma3k to deceiveothers. lf the Moon be with Venut, it gives skill in dying, textiles, craft but if the samelvloonis afflicted. the native nray resortto unnatural methods of gratification' lf the Moon and Rahu combinein the 7th, life will be intolerable with trouble from ghostsand goblinsas well. The following combinations have worked well in our humbleexperience. tf Venus combines with Mars and Mercury,the mattiage with both pannersbeingsuccess' will be stableand harmonious in'their occupations. lf afflicted, it gives ful and distinguished affairs. lt also leads to trouble and controvetsy extramarital literature' and obscene degenerate due to wtiting or publishing and Venuswith Saturn gives patience, stability in marriage on skill in danceand drama. lf fortified, success the stageor can also be predicted. lf aff licted, troublo through cinema these same sources is likely. Venus and Jupiter give good childrenand a healthyand happywife. lf afllicted by Rahu or Mars, the nativemay indulgein immoral lelationswith preceptor's wife or elderly ladies. Mars and Venus give a weakness for gambling, reiorting to dens of pleasure. lf aff licted, living through these meansand ttade in flesh ate indicated. lf fortified,the partnerwill be loving but passionate and faithful. lf Venus be afflicted by the Sun, the marriage will lack physical attraction, the couple assuming indifferent ettituds is lf Saturn is afflicted by the Sun, stability of rnarriage is also likelybut this may threatened. More than one marriage also proveunsuccessful. Jupiter aspecting Saturnin the 7th gives stability but innerturmoil and tesentment betweenthe couple. lf Mars afflicts, couttsmay intervene; or violence. such as suicideol murder,rnay destroy the marliage, provided

Hourc ihc Coaccrniog Sovontb


of coursethereare other afflictions, lf Saturnis with a waxing may take placewith a widow; but or strong Moon, marriage if the Moon is further afflicted, intrigues wilh servant'maids and widows or an old decreplt, lecheroushusband. lf strong Saturn is afflicted by Rahu, marriage is with a well'to-do but irrascible, temporamental husband or wife. lf Satuln is strong in his own constellation,the partnerwill latetbecome pious and devoted. lf Mercuryafflicts Saturn,partner may be disposed, cowardlyand deceitful; but if Mercuryis beneficially ined and learned. will be with one highly educated,ref marriage The mere occurence of these combinationsshouldnot of allow one to jump to conclusions.The aspects other planets, but also as functional or not only as natural benefics malefics, benefics or maleficswith referenceto the Lagna must be taken of into account. The strengthand associations the katakaand and 7th lord from the Moon must also be duly ol the 7th house weighed before making an assessmentof the quality of 'marriage. This is especially so where the chastityof a girl or the of questionof the faithfulness the husbansis concerned. Such delicateissuesmust be resolvedonly aftel a very carefuland diligent scrutinyof both horoscopes. Time and Fructification of the Results of the Seventh House The factotsgoverningthe SeventhHouseare (a) the lotd, (D) planet or planets aspectingthe 7th house, (c) planetor the planets occupying the 7th house, (d) planets aspecting lord of the 7th, (e) planet or planets in associationwith the lord of the 7th, (/ ) the lord of the 7th from the Moon ; and (g) the karakaof the 7th Bhava.


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Thesefactors capable of influencing 7th houseas are the lords of the Dasas (main-periods),as lords of Bhuktis (subperiods) or as lordsof the Antaras (sub-sub-periods) the or still minorperiods. The sub-periods planets,capableof influencing 7th of the housein the majorperiods of planetsalsocapable influenof cing the 7th house,produceresults pertaining the 7th house to par excellence of great intensity. Thesub-periods planets or of associated with the 7th housein the major periodsof planets not associated with the 7th housecan produce resultspertaining to the 7th Bhavaonly to a limitedextent. Similarly the Bhuktis of planets, not related to the 7th house in the major periods planetsassociating of with the 7th, can produco results pertaining the 7th houseonly to a limitedextent. to Wherethe 7th lord is involvedin a powerful yoga, he is capable producing in his Dasaor Bhukti,the lesultsof the of yoga relating tho 7th house.lf the7th houseis severely to affticted, the 7th lord may, in his Dasaor Bhukti,cause destruction of the marriage makeit extremely or miserable. well fortilf fied, it may give a successful, distinguished well as happy as marriage. Nature of the Rosults general principles enunclated in regard to the six The Bhavas the first volumehold good in judging the seventh in Bhavaalso. During the Dasa of the ?th tordwho is well placed,the nativewill en;oy the companyof his wife and many pleasures with her. He will acquire new and colourful apparel, jewels, furnishings, bedsand be healthy and radiant. He may go on pleasures-jaunts, excursionsandtravel abroad. Auspicious celebrations marriages like and similarfestivitieswill take place during the Dasa.

Concerniog Seveath tho House


rf rhe 7th rord is iil-praced and affricted, the native may suffe5 separation from his wife. The son-in_law may undergo a period of difficulty and strife. The native may get into trouble through affairs with women of iil-reputeand wander about aimlessly.He may be strickenwith clisease the private in partsand cometo griefthereby. lf the 7th rord is weil-pracedwith the Ascendant rordin the 7th, travelabroadwill be lucky. The nativemay prosper abroadand settle there itself. He may marry a lucky woman who will be very helpful. lf the 7th lord combineswith benefics, he may travel in a tuxury-yatch or take up a job as a seacaptain. lf the 7th lord is weak, one may be forced to beg in his Dasa. lf the Ascendant rord be feebre, the periodotitre lord of the 7th housecan be a maraka. lf the Ascendant lord is placedin the 6th, Bth or 12th from NavamsaLagna, travel in his periodmay be wearisome and profitless. When the 7th tordjoins the 2nd lord in the 2nd house. his periodmay fetchmuchmoneyandwealththroughmarriage. Or marriagemay take placewith a working girl. The native may earnmoneyin distant landsthrough agencyand partnership business. rf affricted, the periodmay causeeither the native's or his wife's death. lf longevity is good, then since the 2nd and 7th are maraka places, the native may suffersepa_ rationfrom wife and much mental agony. lf the 7th lord is in the 8th from Navamsa Lagna,the native,s wife may not die but he may insteadmarry a secondwife in some distant place. lf the 3rd and the 7th lordscombine in the 3rd house, wife may hail from a good famiry. The wife's father wiil be a man of fortune. During the sub-period of the 3rd lord, death or danger may befalla brotheror sister. lt may also give a


How to tudgo I HoroscopG

predominate, the sscond marriage. lf tho malefic influences evil is intensified otherwise, not much need be feared. ; Much travellingis indicated in the petiod of the 7th lord if he combineswith the 4th lord in ths 4th house. The native's by life will be marjced domesticharmonyand many auspicious etc., may occul. lf afflicted, eventslike mariages,engagements, the native'smother may die ot pass through a gravectisis. His education will begin paying,mostly in foreignlands. lf fortified, he may obtain carsand other vehiclesduring the period of the 4th lord. lf a fortified lord of the 7th house is placed in the 5th housewith the lord of the 5th house, wife and children will be happy and wealthy. lf afflicted, childrenmay die or mishps may befall them. Marital tife witl sufferand wife may die or so sspsratefrom the native. This is specially if tho 7th lord is Lagna. in the 6th, 8th or 12th from Navamsa Lagna, children lf the Sth lord is in rhe 6th from Navamsa for illness. lf he is in the 12th, trouble may be hospitalised through thievesand enemies to children is indicated. lf the afflictionto the srh and 7th lords combiningin the 5th is very great, children may be murdered. lf the 7th lord combines with tho 6th tord in ths 6th, much evil is indicated. The wife or may suffet disgrace some prolonged illness. Sincethe 7th lord is a maraka, it forebodes death or darigers to one's maternaluncle. Troublefrom lawsuitsand debtsmay crop up. The natlvemay lose quite an amount through theft ot deceit' lf benefics are also there, the evils will be mitigated and troublesmay be only of a tempotarynature. The 7th lord in the 7th house with benefics is generally in very favourable his period' The nativs'slife will be marked will by a seriesof festivitiesand joyous celebtations.Marriage

Hourc tbc Coacerniog Scvcotb


take place early in life. Wife will be beautiful with a good social background. He may ecquiremuch wealth duringthis period as a resultof tlavelsabroad. He will meet many influto ontial peopleand thegecontacts will be advantageous his csreor.But if alflicted, the native may fall criticallyill ot suffer variouo troubles. The period may bring in humiliation and from society. The 7th lord in the 8th tueat of bcing ostracised in willconfcr evil results his period. The native'spattner may dle ol have serioushealth problem. He may get an opportunity to go cbroad but this may only create many difficulties and probtems. may meet with an accident. He Fortune comes through marriagein the period of the 7th lord if he is placed in the 9th with the gth lord. The native will undertakepilgrimagesand give away much moneyin to charity. Therewill be an inclination be pious and virtuous. just and honestmeans. He He will amassa foftune thlough will acquire propertyand enjoy everykind of comfort. The wile will be a noblewoman and lead him on the path of llghteousnese. His work will prosper abroad. Fameand distlnctionwill follow him. lf the 7th lord in the gth is afflicted, the wife will lead him astray and away from his duties. He ill-will and hatredfor othersandindulgein wicked will harbour deeds. if tho 7th lord is placed in the 6th,8th or 12th Navamsa, evil results greatlyintensified. the are lf the fortified 7th lord is in the 1Othwith the 1Othlord. abroad. He will the nativewill gain muchfame and reputation instincts.His profesand charitable be known for hls generous 7th lord will flourish well tion in the period of the lnd he will obtainrenownand distinction in his field of activity. His wife will be virtuous and respectable. the lOth lord lf t


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i s w e a k ,t h e r e s u l t sw i l l b e q u i t e c o n t r a r y . l lt h e 1 1 t hl o r d i s strong, he will fare well in trade and partnershipbusiness. The businessmay expandwell and evenspread abroad.The native's elder brother may prosperwell. lf afflicted,elder brother may suffer losses. lf the 7th lord has both benefic gainsfrom business will be moderate. and maleficinfluences, lf the 7th lord is in the l2th house and the karaka is also will be lacking and one may very weal<,marital happiness lose one's wifa through death or separation.lf the 7th lord only husband and Venusbe both strong,wife nray predecease late in life. The nativemay go abroadbut he will be unhappy there with constant troublesand worries. lf the Lagna lord combines with the 7th lord in the l2th housewith 12th lord abroadin the Dasa of any both native and wife may reside one of these planets, particularlyof the 7th lord. lf this the nativemay alongwith has maleficafflictions, combination lf his wife indulgein immoralacts and vicious pastimes. the combinationhas beneficinfluences,the nativemay take to a discipline the periodof the 7th lord. in llfe of spiritual Timing Marriage There areseveral metlrodssuggested timing marriage for works, in classical The lord of the sig,r occupied by the 7th lord or that of of are the sign occupied by the 7th lord in Navai-nsa capable g i v i n gm a r r i a g e i n t h e i r D a s a s .V e n u s , t h e k a r a k ao r n a t u r a l significatorof the 7th house, and the Moon can also give marriage their periods. The strongestof tlrese lordsgives in marriage his Dasa. The lord of the 7th house, if he asso. in ciates with Venus, can also give marriage in his Dasa or by Bhukti. The 2nd lord or the ruler of the sign occupied ihe in is of 2nd lord in Navamsa also capable conferring maruiage

Concerning Seventh the Housc


his Dasa.The rordsof the 9th and loth housesare empowered t o g i v em a r r i a g en t h e i rD a s a s f t h e e a r l i e rD a s a s r e f r u i t l e s s . i i a Marriageis also possibrein the periodof the pranetwith the 7th lord or the planetoccupying the 7th house. Anothermethod is to add the longitudeof the lords of the Lagnaand 7th house. when Jupitertransits tfre resurtant Rasior its trines, it is favourabrefor rnarriage.The resuttant obtained by adding the Moon's rongitude that of the 7th to lord or its trines when transited by Jupiter can also give marriage. Althoughthereare several planetsenumdrated marriage as causing planetsin their periods, due consideration must be paid to delay causedby other factors. Saturn.s aspecton the 7th houseand 7th lord both frorn Lagnaand the Moon and on Venusdelaysmarriage if the Dasalord is not very strong. The associationor aspectof the lord of the 6th, gth or 12th on the 7th house, 7th lord and karaka also rules out early marriage. Primary importancemust be given to the natal positionsand Dasas and only secondary consideration to planets. transiting Loss of Married partner Lossof wife and more particularlyof the husband is of serious consequence our society. Besidesthe emotional in void createdby the death of either partner,n'rany other factors of nearlyequal significance demand importance. The economicalaspect apart, other practical questions such as running the household and bringingup the children arise. A.ssuchany horoscope should always be carefully scrutinised for lossof Partner. We shall give below some important combinations pertain-

I How to JudSo Hororcopo

ing to loss of married partnerand afflictionsto marriedlife culled from authoritativesources' lf the 2nd as well as the 7th houseare occupiedby malefic planets,death of wife occurs' But if the person concerned afflictions' the mutual a marries woman with similar planetary with couplewill be blessed and the get afflictions neutralised childrenand ProsPeritY. or the lf the sth oI the 7th house from the Ascendant native may not by Moon is occupiedor aspected a malefic' the live' lf the Sun marry ot if he marries, his wife may not Virgo which happensto be the Ascendantand Saturn occupies lf the 7th houseis occupies the 7th house, wife will die' lf the 7th lotd from the occupiedby Mars, the wifo will die' occupy the 7th Ascendant as well as Venus be fortified and not afflicted, by house and if the 7th house be stlong and planets'the wife and husban by aspector association, malefic wil|dieatthesametime.lftheTthhousehaskarmuka(an itherthe nativeor his wife will die early' upagraha), |fthe2ndandtheTth|ordsbeassociatedwithVenuso be lossof one maleficplanetsand be badly placed, there witl planets with or mors wives depending upon the number of of them in dusthana. lf Mars is in the Tthhousein a Navamsa

VenusandiftheTth|ordisintheSthhouse,thenativewil| |osehiswife.|fVenusandMarsconjoinintheTth,thsnativ be 12th houses will be bereft of wife. lf the 1st,7th and rhe sth' weak Moon occupies occupieO by malelics and the woman. lf the nstive will have no wife ot malrya barren the 7th Mars occupy the 2nd, the 12th' the 4th' the 8th or house,thenativewi||tose,bydeath,hismarriedpartner. Other Afflictions |fthelstortheTthhousebeoccupiedbytheMoonin

House thc Coacerniog Sevcnth


such as with Rahuor Ketu ot in a malefic drekkana deplession a Rasi'sandhi(junctionot Pasaor Nigadaor in Sarpa,Pakshi, two signs), the native's wife will either go astray or be widowed. lf the 7th housefrom Lagna in the caseof men be a sign ruled by Mars or in an Amsa of Mars and if the 7th lord from the Navamsa Lagnabe weak or with Rahu or Ketu, the wife will be rejected by the native,and she may becomeun. chasteeven when young. In the caseof women if the Lagna be owned by Mars or in a Navamsa of Mars and if the 7th lord in Navamsa be afflicted as stated above,the native will be a servant-maid go astrayeven as a girl and be rejectedby her or husband. lf the 7th housebe occupiedby malefics, the nativewill in becomea widow, lf there be both malefics and benefics the 7th house,she will marrya secondtime. lf the 7th house be occupiedby a weak malefic but aspected a benefic,the by nativewill be repudiated her husband. lf the 7th housebe by a malefic sign occupied Saturn,the nativewill be widowed. by theSth lf a maleficplanetoccupying maleficsign representing a house be aspected by a malefic planetat the sametime, i1 results the deathof husband. lf in additionto this the lord in of the Navamsa occupied by the 8th lord is also a maleficthe affliction becomes more intensified. lf there are benefic planetsin the Bth house, the native will predecease husher band. lf maleficsoccupythe 7th or the 8th house and benefic planetsoccupythe gth house, the native will live in happiness with her husbandfor a long time. lf the 7th and 8th lordsjoin in the 8th house; if Rahu occupies the 7th house while the 7th lord is with the Sun aspected 8th lord; or if Rahu conjoins Saturnand Mars in by the 7th or 8th house,widowhood is denotedearly in life.


a Howto Judge HoroscoPc

lf thc 7th and 8th lordsconjoinin the 12th houseand the it by 7th houseis aspected malefics, also leadsto widowhood, ff the 7th houseand the 7th lord be subject lo papakaftari with yoga,that is, being ltemmedinbetweenmalefic planets, the tesultis lossof husband' out any beneficinfluence, positions' the their Navamsa lf Venusand Mars exchange relations. lf Venus, nativewill be inclinedto extra-marital MarsandtheMoonoccupytheTthhouse,shewillassocia with other men with her husband'sconnivance' When the Ascendant is ruled by Saturn or Mars and Moon or Venus by aspected a malefic occupiesit, the native and her mother will both indulgein harlotry. when Venusand Saturnoccupy each othermutually' if tlte or eachother's Navamsas aspect the native in falls in Aquaritrs Navamsa' in Ascendant Cancer will be highlYlustful. to of Summingup, the periods the planets relatod the 7th of the planets house in Rasi or Navamsa, or of Venus, or gth or 1Oth to related the 2nd housein Rasior Amsa,or of the lords or of the Moon, subject to other factors'are capable icial influenceson the 7th house of giving marriage. Benef orits|ordgivehappinessinmarriagewhi|eaff|ictionsby in causomisery,deatltor separation marriage' maleficplanets signs gives more than one The 7th house or Venus in dual marriage. Pisces The 7th House; The 7th house in ChartNo' I is presence a as Saturn's occupiedby Sth and 6th lord Saturn' maleficis not good causingaffliction'

TheSeventhLord:ThelordoftheTth'Jupiter'isinthe He is 4th house in the 10th kendra from the 7th house' Saturn' Jupiter occu Venus and malefic by aspected karaka

Conceroing Sevooth the Housc Chart No. 1.-8orn 130N,77 E 35.


tt at 8-Sl a,m. (t.S.T)at




Mars Rahu Moon

M er c . Rahu

Balance MercuryDasaat birth : 6 years,0 monthsand of 8 days. pieshis moolatrikona Sagittarius sign both in Rasiand Navamsa. But in Navamsa is afflictedby Rahuand exaltedSaturn. he Kalatrakaraka Venusas 2nd and 9th lord is beneficiaily : disposed a friendlysign in a quadrant. He is aspected a in by benefic as well as 7th lord Jupiter and by Mars, a malefic being the 3rd and 8th rord. Venus is srightly bremished but quite fortified by Jupiter's aspect. Consideredfrom the Moon.. The 7th house is Taurus, a beneficsign, aspected by the Moon and Mars and occupied by Ketu. Mars, by himself, would not be a matefic but his associationwith the Moon and Rahu affricts him. The 7th lord Venusis quite favourably disposedas analysedabove. Conclusion.. The 7th house is quite stronglydisposedbut the malefic influences not negligibre. The strengthof ths are 7th lord Jupiter gives a strong-willed husband while the


tlow to Judjce Horoscopo

Moon with Mars and Rahu makes the native relf-willed. The afflictions result in temperamental clashes but the prosonce of Saturn in the 7th and Jupiter and Venusin murual aspect tesult in a stable marriagewith deep attschment betwecn the couple. Saturn's presence the 7th house as the 6th lord causes in delay in marriage.The Dasas operating during th period of tnariageable age and afterare of Venus,the Surr,the Moon, Marsand Rahu. Recollectingthe periods propitious for marriage, (1) the lords of the Rasi and Navamsaoccupied by the 7th lord, (2) Venus, (3) the Moon, (4) the lord of sign occupiedby the 2nd lord, (5) thelOth and (6)gth lordsandfinally, (7) the 7th lord or occupantof the 7th housecan give marriagein respective orderin theirperiods. The following planetsinChaft No. 1 would therefore be ompowered give marriageirr their periods:to 1, The lords of the Rasi and Navamsa occupiedby the 7th lord-Jupiter, Jupiter 2. Venus 3. The Moon 4. The lord of the sign occupied by 2nd lord VenusMercury 5. The 1Othlord-Mercury 6. The 9th lord-Venus 7. The 7th lord-Jupiter, the 7th occupant-Saturn,and the the planetaspectrng 7th house-none. The native's MercuryDasaends in childhood. The next Dasa that cdn give ,mar;iage of Venus. JupiterDasa and is Saturn Dasa operate very late in life. Thc Moon's period also comes rather late in life, Saturn in thc 7th, no doubt,

Concernfag Seventb the Hourc


delays maniage but the strength of karaka Venus and 7th lord Jupiter cannot push it off too far. Venuswould, therefore, be empowered give marriagein his Dasa. Of the sub-periods to of Venus,Jupiter,Saturn,Mercuryand Moon, Venuswould the be ruled out as being too early. Jupiter is the strongestof the remaining four contestants both by aspect, positionanb lordship. Marriage occurred in Jupiter Bhukti, Venus Dasain A p r i l1 9 6 1 . Earlyor delayedmarriage is determined according tho to times. At one time in India, marriageswere celebrated of girls at the tender age of 5 or 6 years. Later,as boys and times changedmarriages were celebrated a little later, perhaps at 10 ot 12 years. In the 1960's, marriage 25 was consiat dereddelayedwhile today it would be quite in order. Interpretationof a chart must always be made keeping in mind the background,period and societyto which the native belongs. The SeventhHouse.' The 7th houseAquariusis occupied by Vargottama Ketu in Chan No. 2. lt is aspected 7th lord by Saturn, benefic Jupiter and 4th and 9th lord, Yogakaraka, Mars. Saturn is 7th lord and his aspect on the 7th is a stabilising factor. Jupiter and Marsare functionalbenefics and their aspects fortify the 7th house. Ketu should give the resultsof sign dispositorSaturnor of Mars,both of whom are beneficially disposed. The 7th househas no afflictions. The SeventhLord.' The 7th lord Saturn is placedin the 1Othhousein a beneficsign Taurushemmed inbetween benefics, the Moon on one side and Jupiter and Venuson tho other. The 7th lord is well placed. Kalatrakaraka Venus is in a f riendly sign very close to : beneficJupiter and subjectto a slight papakaratriyoga caused by Saturnand the Sun. But this malefic yoga is balanced by Jupiter's presence and the fact the Sun and Saturn are but the

How to Judgca Hororcopo

Chart No.2,-Born 3-8-1942 at 7^23 a.m. (t.S.T.)at 1 3 "N , 7 7 E 3 5 .

Mara Moon S a tu r n


Balance Keru Dasaat binh : 2 yearsand 7 months. of Lagnaand 7th lords respectivetybeing, therefore, beneficto the Bhavaand karaka concerned. The 7th lord being free from afflictions and in a benefic sign gives a good-lookingwife with respect for conventions indicated saturn. The 7th househavingno afflictionsgives by a happy marriedlife. Ketu, fortifiedin the 7th, is good but neverthelessgivessome points of difference due to the wife,s sensitivityin somematters. As for the period of marriage, it occurred in August 1972 in the Moon Dasa, Moon Bhukti. (t) Venus and Mercury, (2) Venus,(3) the Moon, (4) the Moon, (S) Venus, (6) Mars, (7) Saturn,Ketuand Mars can give marriage their periods. in Ketu and VenusDasasend early in life. MercuryDasa does not operateat all. Marsand Saturncomeratherlate. Saturn,s aspecton the 7th cannot delay marriage he happens to be as the 7th lord himself. Therefore, the Moon Dasa becomes effective.So also the Moon Bhukti.

the Houso Concerniog Seventh


Chart No. 3.*8orn 314-12-1953 5-17 a.m. (l.S.f.) at a t 1 3 'N , 7 7 E 3 5 .

upit. Mercury


Lag na Venus Sun

Saturn Moon Mercury




Balance Jupiter'sDasaat birth : 14 years, 1 monthand of 20 days. The SeventhHouse : Venus,the 7th lord, and the Sun, the 1Othlord aspect the 7th housein ChaftNo. 3. Thereare no jn planets the seventh house itself. The SeventhLord : Venus the 7th lord is placed in the Lagnawith 1Othlord the Sun. The Sun as a malefic but ruler of the 1Othhouse,a kendra, becomes functional benefic. a : Kalatrakaraka Venusis not only the 5th lord but also the naturalsignificator of the 7th house. He is well disposed with 1Othlord the Sun aspecting 7th house. the Considered from the Moon : The 7th house is Aries aspectedby 1oth lord the Moon, 9th and 12th lord Mercury, Yogakaraka exaltedSaturn and 7th lord Mars. The aspect of Marsas 7th lord is good but being {rom the 12th gives some moments of touchiness.However the combined aspect of


How to JudgeI HorotcoPo

exaltedSaturn and 9th lord Mercury is powerful enough to ward off any problems. Conclusions: The native is married to a chaste and evident from the aspectof a devoted wife. This is particularly blemishlessVenusas karaka and 7th lord aspectingthe 7th house. The nativemarried in May 1977. The following planets in are capableof giving marriage their petiods: (1) The lords of the Rasiand Navamsa occupiedby the 7th lord Mars and the Sun (2) Venus (3) The Moon (4) The lord of the sign occupiedby the 2nd lord Jupiter yr'e.,Mercury (5) The 1Othlord the Sun (6) The 9th lord the Moon (7) The 7th lord Venus, no planetsoccupy the 7th, and the 7th house. the Sun as the planet aspecting Of these factorsMercury would seem appropriatesince beginvery late. But MercuryDasa itselfbegins oll other Dasas rsther late in life, that is, after33 years. The chart has no indicationsfot a late marriage.So, the planets ln association with Merculy,that is, the Moon and Saturnwould be the next choice. The Moon Dasaoperates vety late while Satutn Dasa occursduring youth. Saturn would therefore be capable of giving marriage.VenusBhukti can be fruitful sincehe is the karakaas also the 7th lord aspecting the 7th and well placed. Marriageoccurredin Venus Bhukti, SaturnDasa. The SeventhHouse: The 7th house in Chart No. 4 is Piscesoccupiedby the 1 1th lord Moon and Rahu. lt is aspec' ted by the sth and 6th lord, malefic Saturn and another

tbo Housc Concerning Seventh


Ghart No. 4.-Born 20'l l-1950 at 3 a.m. (l.S.f.) at 18N55,72E54.

Moon Rahu


Venus I MercurV I

sun I

Ketu Sat Lagna

Mars Venus

of Balance Merc0ryDasaat birth:13 years,T monthsand 6 days. maleficMars, the 3rd and the 8th lord. Thereare no benefic afflicted. influences on the 7th housewhich is considerably The SeventhLord: The lord of the 7th house is Jupitet by placedin a dusthana, viz., the 6th house. He is aspected planet. no Kalatrakaraka: Venus is with the 12th lord Sun and Lagnalord Mercuryaspected by malefic Saturn. He gets no and is quite afflicted. influence beneficial from the Moon: The 7th house is Virgo occu' Considered is pied by malefic Saturn and Ketu. The 7th lord Mercury slightlybetter placedbeing with karakabut malefic 3rd and 8th lord Venus and 6th lord the Sun. The 7th house from the Moon also suffersaffliction. 1972 Conclusion: The native was marriedin Septembet in Venus Dasa, Venus Bhukti. Applying the principlesol


How to Judge Horoscopo a

timing marriage this is quite in order. In August 1973 discord between the nativeand her husbandbegan. The couple separatedin June 1974. Rahuand the Moon in the 7th are affticted by Mars and Saturn, two powerful malefics for Virgo Ascendant, causing the husbandto dissipate his energies in extra-marital affairs with women of itl-repute. All factors relatingto the 7th house beingafflicted with no redeeming beneficialinfluencesdeprived the native completelyof any maritalhappiness. The SeventhHouse: The seventh house is occupiedby Ketu and aspected adversely by Mars in Chart No. S. Mars as 5th lord is a beneficbut he is in the 12th house aspecting the 7th house by his Bth house aspectwhich is very bad. Chart No.5.-8orn 8-lO-t9AS at tt-SO a.m. (l.S,f.) at 13N 10,76E 10.




Lagna Rahu

Balance Mars Dasaat birth: 4 years,11 months and of 20 days. The Seventh Lord z Mercury is the lord of the 7th house and is in the 11th housein a friendly sign but between malefics the Sun and Mars.

Concerning Sevcnth thc House


Kalatrakaraka Venus is in the gth house in an inimical : sign aspectedby mateficsaturn and with no beneficinf luences. Considered from the Moon: The 7th house is Cancer aspected Jupiter. The 7th lord Moon is hemmedinbetwaen by malefics,saturn and Rahu. The seventhis affricted exceptfor the aspectof Jupiter on the 7th from the Moon. Conclusion: The aspectof Mars on the 7th house occupied by Ketu has resurted viotent crashes in married in rife. The 7th housefrom Venus is occupied by a malefic Saturn depriving happinessin marriedlife. Only Jupiter,s aspect on the 7th house from the Moon has prevented a complete break-up althoughlife itself is miserable. Chart No-6.-Born 24-3-tgg3 at 6 a.m. (L.M.T) at tg N.77 835.
Lagna Sun


Mercury Rahu

Mercury Mars NAVAMSA



Ketu Lag a n Sun Jupitet

Balance the Moon Dasaat birth : 6 years. of The SeventhHouse: The seventhhouse is Virgo in Chart No. 6. lt is a duarsign, occupied by benefic Sth rordthe Moon and aspected 2nd and gth lord Marsfrom the 12th houae by


How to JuCgc Horosqope a

and by 6th lord the Sun. The 7rh house is blemished except fot the Moon's presence. The SeventhLord: Mercury,the 7th lord, is with Mars In the 12th house aspected by Lagna lord Jupiter and 1Oth a n d 1 1 t h l o r dS a t u r n . Kalatrakaraka Venusis in the 11th housein b friendly : sign. Consideredfrom the Moon : The 7th house is a dual sign ,occupied 12th lord the Sun. lt is hemmedinbetweenMars by arrd Ketu. The 6th lord Jupiter is in the 10th in a common sign. Conclusion: The presenco karakaVenus in the 11th of house, a commonsign as the 7th lrouseboth from Lagnaand the Moon, and the 7th lord Jupiter in an6ther dual sign lesultedin two marriages. Married life was unhappy. Contrastthis with Chart No. 1 where tho 7rh lord Jupiter and Venusare in dual signs but wherethe nativehad only one marriage. Jupiter is the 7th lord and Venus is the karaka. Mutual aspects between the two planets have kept the going. marriage The SeventhHouse.' The Lagna being Taurus, Scorpio is the 7th house in Chart No. 7. lt is aspected by no planet and is free ef affliction. The SeventhLord : The lord of the 7th house Mars is in a beneficsign with Ketu aspectedby the Moon and Jupiter. Kalatrakaraka Venus. the Kalatrakaraka, in a dual : is sign aspected Yogakaraka by Saturn.He is in the 8th house, a dusthana. Consideredfrom the Moon.' The 7th house is Libra occupied by Moon-sign lord Mars and aspectedby Jupiter. The 7th lord Venusis in a dual sign in the 9th aspected by malefic 1Othand 11th lord Saturn.

Conccrning SevcnthHouse tbe


Chart No.7.-Born on | 2-2-1856 at about | 2-21 p.m. (L.M.T.) l8 N,84 E. at

Rahu I Lasna I





Kotui,:Xllr,roon l
I Mars I


Balance VenusDasaat birth : 12yearc, 3 months and of I days. Conclusion.' Due to the occupationof Venus as 7th lord a and as Kalatrakaraka common sign, the native married of secondtime after the death of the first. Both marriageswere witlr Ketu gives fairly happy. The 7th lord Mars' association and a touchy wife. Saturn in theTth from tiffs betweenpartners be he Venusis not so harmfulas he would ordinarily because Jupiter'saspecton the 7th lord Mars was also is a Yogakaraka. responsible a fair degreefor happiness marriedlife. The for in positionof Mars, lord of the 7th and Ketu in the 6th (t2thfrom the 7th) is also significant. TheSeventh House.',Leothe 7th house is occupiedby 3 pfanets,viz., Mars, Mercuryand Venusin Chart No. 8. The7th house is fortified by 9th lord Venus and Sth and 8th lord Mercury.Mars blemishes slightly. it 3


Howto Jud3c Horoscopc a

The SeventhLord : The tord of the 7th house the Sun is in the 6th, a dusthana,but aspected by Lagna lord Saturn and the 2nd and the 11th lord vargottama Jupiter (Jupiteroccupie s the samesign in Rasiand Navamsa). Kalatrakaraka.. Venus is in the 7th house with Mars and Mercury. Considered from the Moon.' The 7th house Scorpio is occupied by Vargottama Jupiter and aspected by 7th lord Chart l\lo. 8.-8orn on B-g-lgl2 at7-JS p.m. (l.S.f,) atf30N,77830.

Batance Mars Dasa:6 years, 1 month and 6 days. of Mars and Yogakaraka Saturn. The 7th lord Mars is with the Moon-sign lord and benefic Sth lord Mercury. Thesofactors fortify the 7th housa. Conclusion.' The native is happilymarried to a devoted and chaste wife with religious propensities.Compare Chart No. 8 with ChartNo. 7. Both have the 7rh lord in the 6th aspectedby a functional benefic Jupiter. In Chart No. 7, Kalatrakaraka 7th lord from tho Moon, Venus, is in a dual and

Concerning the Seventh House


Venusis in the 7th house sign. In Chart No. 8, Kalatrakaraka with two other planets. Yet the native of Chart No. 8 has had only one marriage and a stableone. This is because, Venus, although, as karakain the 7th, is not good, herein this case the stigma is countered by Venusbeing Yogakaraka.Further he is in a fixed sign indicatingfixity of affections.The 7th lord is aspected by Lagna lord Saturn. Fromthe Moon also, the combination of Moon-sign lord Venus and Mars in Leo is desirable. Mars as 7th lord aspectingthe 7th houseprotectsit. Chart No. 9.-Born on 3-ll-1940 at 7-00 a.m. (E.S.T.) at 35 N 44, Bl W 21.
Jupiter Saturn



Sun Lagna


Mars lVlercury Saturn Jupiter

of Balance Ketu Dasa: 2Vears, 7 monthsand 18 days. The Seventh House: Aries is the seventhhouse in Chatt No. 9 occupied by Yogakarakabut debilitated Saturn and 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter. The 7th lord Mars aspects the 7th from the 12th house. Debilitated Sun as 1'1th lord aspectsthe 7th house. The SeventhLord : Mars as the 7th lord is with Rahu and Lagnalord Venusis in the 12th housein a dual sign.


How to Judge HoroscopG a

: Kalatrakaraka Venus is in the 12th house with Mars and Rahu. from the Moon.' The 7th house Gemini is Considered aspectedby debilitated Saturnwhile the 7th lord himself is in on the 12th from the Moon-sign. Thereare no beneficaspects the 7th house. - Conclusion: The position of two natural enemies, the Sun and Saturn,acrossthe Lagnaand the 7th house leads to stiff oppositionor conflicts betweenmarried partnels. Venus and Mars, as Lagnaand 7th lord, are togetherbut with Rahu. This gives physical attraction between tho couple but the dlfficult. Jupiter although malefic influencesmake harmony in the 7th is the 6th lord and not very helpful. Fromthe Moon, ths 1st and 7th lords are mutually adverselyplaced. to Thischartbelongs a womanwho marriedin 1961 and sepahusband in 1964. The marriagewhile it lasted ratedfrom her was not at all haPPY. Chart No. 10.-8orn 13-3-1948 at 1O-30a.m. (l.S-7.) at ll N 06,79 E 42.
Sun Moon Venus Rahu


Mars Sat.

ttI I

lI sat.

I Mars lMoon


of Balance MercuryDasa:3 years,9 monthsand27 days.

Conctrniog Sevcoth thc House


The Seventh House.' Scorpio is the 7th house in Chart No. 10 aspected no planet. by The Seventh Lord : Mars as lord of the 7th house is in the 3rd housein debilitation.He is with Yogakaraka Saturn. Kalatrakaraka Venusis in the 12th, a malefic house, : with Rahu and aspected by Saturn, rendered malefic by associationwith debilitatedMars. Venus is aspected by 8th lord Jupiter. Considered from the Moon.' The 7th house is Virgo, aspected 6th lord the Sun and a maleficSaturn.The 7th lord by Mercury is in the 12th from the Moon aspected by a malefic Mars. Thereare no beneficinfluences on the 7th lord or 7th house. Conclusion.' The native was deserled by her husband threedays after marriage. He was found to be a characterless cheatand debauchee.The associationof 7th lord Mars with Yogakaraka Saturngavea well-to-doand socially well-placed partner but the debilityof Mars made him debased. The SeventhHouse.' Pisces being the 7th receivesno aspects, benef or malefic, in ChartNo. 11. ic The SeventhLord.' Jupiter, the 7th lord, is in the gth houseaspectedby Mars, lord of the 3rd and the 8th. Kalatrakaraka Venus, Kalatrakaraka, well placedin is : the 4th with Lagnalord Mercuryand.12th lord Sun. Jupiter and Venushaveexchangedsigns (pailvartana). mutuallybenefiting each other. Considered from the Moon.' The Moon being in Leo, the 7th houseis Aquarius. Seventh lord Saturn is exalted in the 3rd with Yogakaraka Mars. The 7th house from the Moon is free from aspects, malefic or benefic.


How to Judgea Horoscopc

Chart No. 11.*Born 26-12-1953at ll-47 p.m. (l.S.Tl at l0 N 23,78 E 55.





M o o n Rahu Gilt-20

Sun Venus Mercury



Balanceof Sun Dasa at birth: 5 years, 10 monthsand 9 days. Conclusion.' The strength of the 7th lord and Kalatrakaraka,Jupiter and Venus respectively,and the blenrish-free 7th lords arrd7th housesboth from Lagnaand the Moon have given a happy ntarriage. The aspect of Mars on Jupiteris toned down by the exaltation of Saturn in a benefic sign and has resulted only in a headstrong but generally pleasant marriedpartner. The SeventhHouse.' Sagittarius,a beneficsign, riseson theTth house in Chaft No. 12. lt is not occupiedby any planet. The 7th lord Jupitel aspects it from the llth house white the 6th and l1th lotd Mars, and sth and 12th lord Venus aspect it from the Lagna. The 7th house is quite fortified. the 11th housewith The SeventhLord : Jupiter occupies who is debilitated. Venus,the ruler of the sign 9th lord Saturn where Saturngets exalted, is in a quadrant so that hs gets (cancellation debility). of neechabhanga

Concerniog Seventb tho Housc


Chart No. 12.-Born 2l-5-1940 at 7-50 a.m. (l.S.T.)at 13'N.77 E 30.

Bafance Jupiter Dasa at binh: 1 year,6 months and of 22 days. Kalatakaraka: Venus occupies a friendly sign in association with Mars who, as 6th and llth lord, is a malefic. Venusis aspected 9th lord Saturn. by Consideredfrom the Moon.. The 7th house Taurusis occupiedby 8rh and 1l th lord Mercuryand lOth lord Sun. The 7th lord Venusin the 8th is wirh Moon-sign tord Mars. The 7th is fairly balanced. Conclusion.. There is a preponderanceof benefic influenceson the 7th housedue to the aspectof two benefics, Jupiter and Venus, on it. Venusis not only a benefic lord but also the Kalatrakaraka and so his aspect on the 7th house quite desirable. becomes The aspectof Mars on the 7th is not so welcomesincehe happens be the ruler of maleficBhavas, to but his maleficenceis kept in check by the aspectof gth lord neechabhanga Saturn.The native has a happy marriedlife. Tho


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aspectof 7th lord Jupiter on the 7th and df Karaka Venusalso on it havegiven the native a devotedwife. The Seventh House .' Cancer, the 7th house, is not occupied aspected any planets GhartNo. 13. or by in TheSeventhLord: The Moon is placedin the 2nd house aspected Saturn, the Ascendant and 2nd lord, 3rd and by 12th lord Jupiter,and 4th and 11th lordMarsafflicted Rahu. by Chart No. 13.-Born l6-10-1918 at 2 p.m. (L.M.T.) a t 1 3 "N , 7 7 E 3 5 .
Jupitel Saturn


Mars Rahu

Sun Mercury

Sun Mercury


Balance Rahu Dasa at birth : 11 years, 8 months and of 20 days. : Kalatrakaraka Venusis debilitatedin the 9th house.He of obtainscancellation debilityby virtueof his sign-dispositor from Lagna.He is in parivartana Mercurybeingin a quadrant Mercury. Venus is also subject to a with the 9th lord papakartari yoga. Consideredfrom the Moon.' The 7th houso is occupied in , by Moon-sign lord Saturn The 7th lord Sun is debilitated of concellation debility due to his exaltation the9th but obtains

Concernin8 the Scaenth llouse


sign-lord Mars being in the 1Orhfrom the Moon. The Sun is (occupies samesign in Rasiand Navamsa) alsoVargottama the and formsa Budha-Aditya Yoga with Mercury, who as lord of 5th and 8th is Vargottama. The Sun is aspected by Moon-sign lord Saturnand {nd and 11th lord Jupiter. Conclusion: The 7th house both from Lagna and the Moon being free of malefic influences gives a happy married life. The papakartariyoga caused to Kalatrakaraka Venus is toned down by the Sun and Saturnbeingthe significators of the 7th house (that is, the lords of Lagna and the 7th house from the Moon) and can have no acJverse effect on the Bhava or karakain question. The extremelypowerfutsituationof the 7th lord, particularly from the Moon, has given the native a partner who is not only materially well placedbut alsoheldin greatreverence his character,integrity and learning.The for Budha-AdityaYoga relating to the 7th lord has gir,en an intellectualhusband while making tho native also highly intelligent and learnedin her own sphere activily, of The SeventhHouse.. Gemini being the 7th houseis not occupied any planets in ChartNo. 14. lt is aspected by bythe 6th and 11th lord Venus from Lagna. The SeventhLord: Mercury, the 7th lord, is in the 11th housewith 9th lord the Sun and Rahu. The Lagna and 7th fordsare in dwirdwadasa (2112positions) Kalatrakaraka Venus, the natural significator, is in the : Lagnain a kendraaspected Sth and 12th lord l.ylars. by Considered from the Moon .. The 7th house is Leoaspected by Moon-signlord Saturn,while the 7th lord Sun is debilitated with Mercuryand Rahuin the gth. The Sun gets cancellation of debilitationsincc his exaltation-signlord f\4arsis in a quadrantfrom Lagna.


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Chart No. 14.-8orn 3-l l-1957 at lO-20 a.m. (l.S.T.) at 130N, 77 E 30.

ll::, -ll;lRASI

Venu! Mercury




Lagna J upitor

Lagna Venug Saturn

Sun Mercury Rahu



Brlance Jupiter of Dasa binh: 4 years, monthsand at 4

17 days. Conclusion.' Both from Lagnaand Chandra Lagna,the 7th lords are afflictedby Rahu. Further from the Lagna, the 7th lord is in the 11th with Rahu.Thisresults a husbandwho in was already marriedto another at the time of marriage with the native. The Sun as 9th lord with 7th lord Mercury gives a partner who is well-off but Rahu's presence makes him immoral. The aspect of Venuson the 7th house is not very helpful since he is a functional maleficfor Sagittariusascendant. The Seventh House .' Pisces, the seventh house, is occupied by 3rd and 8th lord Mars in Chart No. 15. lt is not aspected by any planet. The Seventh Lord : Jupiter, the 7th lord, is in the gth house with Saturn, the sth and 6th lord. He is aspected by Lagna lord Mercuryand 12th lord, the Sun.

Conceroingtho SevcntbHousc


Chart No. 15.-8orn 8-l 2-1941 at l-20 a.m. (.:5.7.) N at 130 ,77 E 35.

Mars Sun NAVAMSA Sat.

Rahu I tvtercurv I years,2 monthsand Balance Saturn Dasaat birth : 13 of 22 days. Kalatrakaraka: Venus is in the Sth house aspected by 11th lord, the Moon and ?th lord Jupiter. Consideredfrom the Moon.' The 7th house is occupied a by Venus,'wlto as 4th and 11th lord, becomes maleficfor The 7th housels aspectedby Jupiter, the 6th and 9th Cancer. lord.The 7th lord Saturnis in the 11th with Jupiter. Conclusion.' The 7th lord in the gth gives a well'placed partner. Saturn's association Sth and 6th lord gives the as partnera ligid and conservative nature while the positionof Mars as a malefic lord creates tension and quarrels in married But life, largelydue to temperamental differences. the position of Venusand the benefic dispositionof Jupiter rule out any or majortroublesuchas separation divorce in maried life. The Seventh House .' The 7th house Leo in Chart No. 16 is aspected 7th tord the Sun and 2nd and 11th lord Jupitel. by The Sun is Vargottama.


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Chart No. 16.-Born 25-2-1953 at 6-54 a.m. (l.S.T.) at 8' N,29,76 E 59.
Venus Mars Mercury
Lagna Sun

Moon Ketu

l',"1 l-l

l*n"" I t-l
lVenus I


G tv-16

Balance SaturnDasaat birth : 18 vearsand 2 months. of The SeventhLord.' The Sun as 7th lord is stronglyplaced in a quadrant. is not aspected any planet. He by Kalatrakaraka: Venus is exalted and Vargottama in the 2nd house.He is with 3rd and 1Oth lord Mars and Sth and 8th lord Mercury.Mercury is debilitatedbut gets cancellation of debilitydue to Jupiteroccupying kendra from the Mo,on. Considered from the Moon.' The 7th house is occupied by Rahu,the 7th lord Saturn is exaltedbut aspected adversely by Mars, the Yogakaraka. The 7th lord Saturn is aspected also by 6th and 9th lord Jupiter. Conclusion.' The native has a generally happy married life but Rahuin the 7th, Mars aspecting Saturn adversely and associating with KalatrakarakaVenus can give domestic bickerings. The SeventhHouse.' Scorpiois theTth houseoccupiedby the 8th and 11th lord Jupiterand debilitated Moon in ChartNo. 17. The Moon does not get neechabhanga.


Concerning thc Scvcnth Housc


Chart No. 17.-Born N (l.S.T.)at 1 3 0 , 7 7 E 3 5 .



at Oo-67 a.mI

Sun V e n u s Ketu

MercuryI Satrtn



Merc. Sat.
Moon Jupitot

of Balance MercutY Dasaat birth : 9 years,2 monthsand 5 days. TheSeventhLord:MarstheTthlordisintheSthina dual sign hemmedinbetrveenSaturn and Ketu and therefore

subject to PaPakartariYoga. : Kalatrakaraka Venusis in the 2nd housefrom Lagnain a dual sign. ConsideredfromtheMoon..TheTthhouseTaurusis Jupiter. aspected by debilitated Moon and 2nd and Sth lord in the 8th in a dual sign' The 7th lord Venusis Concluslon..TheTth|ordMarsandVenusbothaskata two and 7th lord from the Moon in Cualsignsgave the native wives. The 8th lord and debilitated Moon in the 7th resulted the in a clandestinemarriagewith another woman before place' The papakartariyoga native's regular marriage took life in of the 7th iord Mars resulted in disharmony married


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wh"n tie wife tefr the husband on learning of his soctet marriage. Chart No,18.-Born 2-4-1947 at 7-02 a.m. (t.S.T.) at 26N23,78E04.
Sun Mars Mercury Venus NAVAMSA


trr"rr, R a h u I Moon

Jupiter Kstu

Balance Ketu Dasa at birth : 4 years,g months a n d of 7 days. The SeventhHouse.. The 7th houseLibra is notoccupied by any pfanetbut is aspectedadversely Mars from by the 12th h o u s ei n C h a r tN o . 1 9 . The SeventhLord: The 7th lord from Lagna Venusis in the 11rh housewith 3rd and 6th lord Mercury.He is aspected by the 4th tord Moon. Kalatrakaraka Venueis in the llth house with : 3rd and 6th ford Mercuryaspected the Moon. by considered from the Moon.' The 7th house is occupied by 2nd and 11th lord Mercury and 3rd and 1OthtordVenus. conclusion.' The rerationshipbetweenthe 7th and rlth houses both fiom Lagna and ChandraLagna has resultedin dwikalatra yoga. The native has two wives, borh alive.

I Concerning thc Scventh House


Chart No.lg.-Born at l2 N 18,76 E 42.

Saturn Venug Mercuty Sun

l6-3-1938 at9-gO p.m. (t.S.T,l

Venus Saturn

Balance of Sun Dasa at birth : 0 year, 1 month and 29 days. The SeventhHouse.. Mars, is the 7th lord, occupiesthe 7th house in Chart No, 1g. lt is subjectto papakartariyoga causedby Ketu and Saturn. TheSeventhLord: Mars is the 7th tord and occupies his own sign in the 7th house. He is arso subjectto papakartari a yoga causedby Saturn and Ketu. Karatrakaraka.' venus is exarted in the 6th house with Yogakaraka Saturn, llth lord, the Sun, and 9th and 12th lord Mercuryin a duat sign. Consideredfrom the Moon.. The 7th house isoccupied by Saturn, Venus, Mercury and the Sun as Sth and 6th lord. 2nd and 9th rord, lst and lOth rord and 12th rord respectivery in a dual sign. The 7th lord Jupiter is in the sth with cancetlationof debility.


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of Conclusion.' The presence 4 planets in a commonsign in the 7th house fronr the Moon in a dual sign, karaka Venus also in the 7th sign and the connexion between the 11th and the from the Moon gavethe native two marriages, 7th lrouses secondoccurringafter the deathof the first husband. Chart No. 20.-Born 7-4-1893 at 9-31 a.m. (L.M.T,) at 20 N 56,75 E 55.

*rr. -l I


rn Satu Rahu

of Balance Ketu Dasa at birth : 6 years, 4 months and 4 days. The Seventh House : The 2nd lord Moon occupiesthe 7th house aspected by the 7th lord Jupiter and the 6th and 1 1 t h l o r d M a r si n C h a r tN o . 2 0 . .TheSeventhLord.' Jupiter is the 7th lord placedin the 1l th housewith Rahu. I Kalatrakaraka Venus, the karaka, is in the 1Othhouse with 3rd lord the Sun and Lagnaand 4th lord Mercury exalted aspectedby saturn, the 8th and 9th lord but in a dual sign. 7th from the Moon.'T'he house Geminiis a dual Considered sign and aspectedby the Btlr lord Moon and the 2nd and 3rd

Conccrning the Sevcoth Housc


lord Saturn.The 7th lord Mercury is in a dual sign with Venus and the Sun, the 6th and 11th lord and 9th lord respectively. Conclusion.'The7th lord Jupiter in the llth with Rahu, the 7th occupied by the Moon and aspected Mars, Venus by in a common sign in association with two planets aspected by Saturnlendscredence the rumourthe nativehad S wives, Of to the fact, he had at leasttwo wives there is no doubt. Loss of Husband or Wife Just as in timing the eventof marriage shouldconsider we the periodsand sub-periods that operate,in judging coverture (duration of married life), an assessment the running of Dasas and Bhuktis is necessary.Although the Bhavais the seventh, we must take into accountthe gth and gth houses also. The 8th house rules ,mangalya, or the strengthof the Chart No.21 .-Born7-tO-t954 at tO p.m. (t.S.T.) at t2N18,76E42.

Merc. Ketu Sat. Sun Moon Venus NAVAMSA

Lagna Jupiter

Mars Rahu

Mercury Saturn


Balanceof Moon's Dasaat birth : 1 year. g months and 13 days.



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maritalbond. The 9th house rulessowbhagyaor good fortuno. Good fortune covers not only materialaffluence but also a married paltner. long-lived TheSeventh House: In Chat No.21 the 7th house is Scorpio occupiedby Venus, lord of Lagnaand the 6th. lt is hemmed in between malefics, exalted Saturnand Marsand Rahu. lt is aspected exalted by Jupiterlord of theBthand 11th. The SeventhLord : Mars is the 7th lord placedin the 8th house with Rahu and aspected by the exalted yogakaraka Saturn. Venusis in the 7th' house subjectto a Kalatrakaraka: malefic yoga caused by Mars and Rahu on one side and Saturnon the otherside. Venusis aspected exalted by 8th and 11thlord Jupiter.

Considered from the Moon: The 7th house is Cancer occupied by exalted Jupiterlord of 3rd and 12th and aspecredby exalted Saturn,lord of the Moon-sign. The 7th lord from the Moon is himself beingaspected Jupiter in exaltation. by Conclusion: The presence the 7th lord Mars in the gth of and of Saturn's aspect on it together with Rahu's association indjcates lossof husbandor 'vaidhavya' during Marsand Rahu Dasa. The nativemarried in August1976. Her husbanddi'ed in a drowningaccident in June 1977, just l0months after ' marriage.Both eventsoccurred Venus in Bhuktiof RahuDasa. Rahu is in the 8th afflicting the 8th house with Marsand Saturn.Thereis a classical dictumthat "if Rahucombines with Mars and Saturn and occupiesthe 7th or 8th house, early widowhood is indicated". Venus is the Kalatrakaraka and Lagnalord but his presencein the 7th house only afflictshim by the papakartari yoga to which the Bhava is subject. Afflicted

Concerning ScvenrhHouse the

Venus,therefore, deprivedthe girl,s married life in his sub. period. Chart No.22.-Born 22-tt-tggg at tO-tOp.m. (t.S.T.) dt12N9,77E9.
Moon Jupiter

saturn I Keru I


Sun. Mercury Venus

Lagna Sun Jupiter

Balance MercuryDasaat birth : 14 years, monthsand of g 29 days. The Seventh House: Capricornthe seventh house is not occupied by any planet in Chart No. 22. lt is aspected by debilitatedSaturn, lord of the 7th. . The seventh Lord: Saturn is the 7th rord debiritated in the 1oth house. He does not obtain canceilation of debility but is afflictedby Ketu. Kalatrakaraka: Venus, the karaka, is in the bth house in association with the Sun and Mercury,the 2nd and the 3rd and the 11th rordsrespectivety. aspected by Jupiter ford of the 6th and 9th from the gth house. Consideredfrom the Moon: The 7th house is Virgo aspoc_ ted by the Moon-sign rord Jupiter and the 2nd and 9th tord


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Mars. The 7th lord Mercury is in .rhe 9th with tho grd and Bth lord Venusand the 6th lord Sun. Conclusion: The 7th houseis afflicted becausealthough the 7th lord aspects it, the aspect is of a ptanet rendered maleficby debility and associationwith a node. The gth house is occupiedby Mars who though a yogakaraka not welcome is here. He is particularlyharnrfulin the 2nd, 4th,7th, gth and 12th houses from Lagna or chandra Lagna. The debifitation and eclipse of the 7th tord saturn and Mars in the gth house resultedin the death of wife. The 9th house, though occupied by 9th ford, is subject to papakartari yoga caused by Mars and Saturn. The 9th lord Jupiter also sufferstherebyand his aspect on Venus is not too effective.Moreover, the gth and 1Othlords haveexchangedsignsso that saturnwho is the 7th tord also is afflicted by this parivartana. Tho marriagetook pracein 196g Chart No.23.-aorn t6-3-1937 at 6_45 p.m. (t.S.f .) at 28 N 51,7A E 49,
Sun Saturn Lsgna Rahu Mercury

NAVAMSA Sun Saturn Mars Ketu

Balance of Venus Dasaat birth : 3 days.

2years, 2 monthsand

:' .'
Concerning the Seventh House !8

and wife died in 1970. Both eventsoccurredin the sub-period of Rahuin the Dasaof Venus. Venusis the Katatrakaraka with the 3rd and 12th rord Mercury. Rahuaffricts the 7th rordby his complement Ketu. The SeventhHottse: pisces,the 7th house, is occupied by Sth and 6th rordsaturn and 12th lord the sun, both marefics in Chart No. 23. lt is subjectto a subhakartari yogacaused by Mercuryon one side and Venus and the Moon on the other side. The SeventhLord:JupitertheTth lord is in debility in the 5th house. He obtains cancellation of debility ,in.u i.,i,,ign dispositorSaturn is in a quadrantfrom the Lagna. Hu o."rpi"., the samesign in Navamsa beingVargottama and has exchanged signswith the Sth lord Saturn. Kalatrakaraka:Venusis in the Bth with the llth lord the Moon hemmedinbetweenmarefics the sun and saturn on one side and Ketu on the other. Consiclered from the Moon: The 7th house is aspected by its own rordVenus.Thegth househas two matefics Mars and Rahuwith no redeeming features. Conclusion: Although the 7th lord Jupiter is strongly placed,his exchange signswith Sth of lord Saturnis not desir^ ableas it can deny marriago progeny. Further or the affliction to the 8th house from the Moon is heavy resulting in a yoga. The native Vaidhavya married in Ketu Bhukti oi Rrf,, Dasa and was widowed in the same Bhukti, exactly a year later. The strengthof the 7th lord gave a good husbandand did not deny.marriage. But the severarafftictionsto the 7th houseand 7th lord, to Venus and particularly to the gth lold from bsth Lagnaand Chandra Lagna and the running Dasa being that of lhe affrictingpranetRahu resurted deathof in



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husband. The 9th lord Venus as lord of the houseof good fortune is in the 12th (houseof loss)from ths gth house. Chart No. 24.-Born 2-ll-l7SS (N.5.) at about g p.m. at 46 N 30, 30 E.
Mars Lagna Mars Jupiter


NH-22 Mercury Sun Moon Venua upit. Rahu

Balance Mars Dasa at of 2 years, 5 monthsand 9 days. The seventh House: sagittariusis the 7th house in chart No.24 aspected 6th and 11th lord Mars. Mars by is Vargot_ tama sincehe occupies samesign in Navamsa. the The seventh Lord: Jupiter as the 7rh rord is with Rahu in the 4th. He is aspected 6th and 11th lord Mars. by Kalatrakaraka: Venus is in his own sign but with a Vargottama 2nd lord, the Moon and 3rd lord, the Sun. He is aspected the 8th and 9th lord Saturn. Moreover. he is very by closeto the Sun. Considercct from the Moon: The 7th lord Mars is in the gth in a dual sign Vargottama. The 7th houseis aspectedby Kalatrakaraka Venus, rhe 1Othlord the Moon and llth lord the Sun.

Concerniog the Scvcoth House


Conclusion: The 7th lord afflictedby Rahuand Marsgave a disgusting husbandvrho was at once stupidand stubborn. The8th lord Saturnis in the gth but affticted by Mars and eclipsed 7th rordJupiter- The gth rordsaturn is in the houso of loss or the 12th house from the gth which resultedin widowhoodin SaturnDasa,SaturnBhukti. Saturn is the 2nd lord and occupantfrom the 7th house, sagifiarius, and becomes a maraka the husband. to Chart No.25._Born tl2_2_t9ES at0_45 a.m. (t.S.T.) at t2 N 18,76 E 42.
Venus Mars


Saturn Moon

Balance of VenusDasaat birth : 4 years, 2 monthsand 12 days. TheSeventhHouse: Aries, the seventhhouse, is occupied by the 6th lord Jupiter and aspected by exalted yogakaraka Saturnin ChartNo. 2b. The Seventh Lord: Mars, the 7th lord, is in the 6th househaving exchanged signs with the 6th lord Jupiter. He is conjoinedwith Lagnatord Venus.

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Karatrakaraka: Venus is in the 6th exatted conjoining the 7th lord Mars. Considered from the Moon: The 7th house Aquarius is hemmedinbetween malefics, the Sun and Rahu on one side and Mars on the other side. The 7th rold saturn is exartedin the 3rd aspectedby Sth and gth lord Jupiter. Conclusion: The native,shusbanddied in Venus Bhukti of Mars Dasa. Both Dasaand Bhukti lords are in the house of loss from the 7th house. The gth house from the Moon is occupied Mars. Mars, the 9th lord, is in the by 12th house from the gth in parivartana with gth lord Jupiter. This weakensmangalyasthana.Fromthe Lagnaitself both karaka and 7th lord are in the 6th housewhich is the 12th house from the 7th house. Furtherthe exchange signs between of the 6th and 7th lords from Lagna, namely,Jupiter and Mars respectively, only weakensthe 7th house. Mars and Venus in Marriage An Indianscholar, noticingthe high degree stabilityand of harmonyin marriageg lndia, began coltecting in case_hisiories of marriedcouples. He managedto get 603 cases for study. The age-groupselectedwas 30 to 40. All the people con. cerned were born between 1931_40and married between 1955-60. The economic backgroundwas mostly rurat and agriculturalthough 22/o of the case-histories concernedpeople who derivedtheir riverihoodfrom commerciar and industriar occupations. In most cases, the informantswere males. lt was found that divorcesand separations were about 6fo and deathsof husbands wives 1O/o. Thescholar,sfindingswere or that47/" was positive,42/o neutrat and 11/o negative. By positive he means very successfulmarriages. By neutral he means a fair degree of harmony in domestic lives. And by

Conccrniog tho Sevcnth Housc


negativehe meansdisharmonious family lives. His conclusion was that these figures proved the efficacy of astrology in marital settlements. The system of matrimoniatmatching of horoscopes, invariablyresorted by parents priorto the settling to of marriages,ensutes to a celtain extent their stability and harmony. In our experience,apart from the other astrologicalconsiderations, mutualdispositions Mars and Venus are to the of be carefully studied. lt cannotbe a coincidence that divorce, separation and crimesof passionincrease whenever there is a conjunction Venusand Mars, especially of when the constellations involved are those of malefic planets. Children born when thereis a Venus-Mars conjunction shouldbe broughtup in a disciplined mannerand taughtto avoid dissipatinghabits of immediate pleasure. The adverse effects of conjunction should be made to expressthemselvesthrough constructive channelsif Jupiter aspects the combinationor is in a quadrant therefrom. Venus is associated with many fascinatingaspectsof life. He rules the wife, conveyance,sex-harmonyand union, art, attachment,family happiness,marriagein general, vitality, fertility, physical beauty and friendliness. Mars abounds in energy,aggressiveness, fortitude, driving force and in association of Venus,a tendencyto excessof sensual gratification. lt is thereforenecessary that in the horoscope a couple, Marsof Venusconjunctionor opposition shouldhavethebeneficsteadying effectof a favourabledisposition of Jupiter; or in the alternative the conjunction or opposition takes placein the constellations Jupiteror Merculyor evenVenus,Jupiterand of Mercurybeing more preferable. Venus-Marsdispositionis an imponant factor for physicalattraction. But in the absenceof


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Jupiter'sor evensaturn'sbenign influence reat eompatibirity may be lacking. Venus-Mars conjunction makes one fond of pleasure. demonstrative aclds zestto one's sensuallife. and a When Venusand Mars are involvedin adverse aspects,difficulty throughexcesses troubrethroughmarriage and folrow as a matterof consequence.Venusin a good sign or constellation can temperthe roughness Mars, but if Rahu is also of involved, it makes one lascivious, lewd and wicked. KetuVenus-Mars association evenmutuar (or aspect) not desirabre is unlessthe constellation involvedbelongs Jupiteror Mercury to or evenbeneficlvloon,though the lastcircumstance render may the native'sthinking highry sensuar irrespective the chart of being of a boy or of a girl. Ketu-Venus-Mars(or Saturn) denotes danger cf scandal in marriage But if the 10th or house of Karma is well disposed, the affliction is somewhat tempered. Let us take the example a personhavingVenus-Mars of conjunction in Taurus, the Lagna being Scorpio. Venus. Kalarrakaraka, the 7th is not generally in favouredby ancient writers on the theory ol karako-bhavanasaya the indications as of the 7th houseare said to be inhibited.Experience howhas over revealed that this textual dictum is not quitevalid, In fact Venusin the 7th is one of the finestcombinations a fairly for happy marriage, denotingaffection betweenthe couple.When, in the caseunderreference, Venusis in Krittika ruledby the Sun and Mars is in Miigasira,the Ttlr housegains considerable stlengthand the marriedlife will be happythough crossedby frequentemotionalclashes. lf sucha nativeis maried to one who has Taurus risingwith Venus and Mars in Scorpio,each will constantly to appease dictstes the others' emotry the of tions and over-indulge sensual pleasures the utter detriin to

Concerning the Seventh Housc


ment of their health. Venusin Taurusis good but in a flery constellation (Krittika)it givesriseto stubbornness.In Rohini on the other hand,tho finer gualiti6sof Venusfind expression. It is alwaysbetterto look for trinal or quadrangurar disposition of Mars from the Lagnaor the Moon, no mailer even if they c o n f o i n r o v i d e d h e y a r e i n d i f f e r e nc o n s t e l l a t i o n sA s i m i l a r p t t . disposition the partner's in horoscope desirable is though not essential. partners marriage,more than Kuta agrce_ ln selecting for rnent,it is the basicstructure the horoscopes of that is important. One may possess outercharmbut may havea stony heart, acuteselfishness and seekonly self-aggrandisement. Generally thosewho havea conjunction the Sun, Mars and lVlercury of in the ascendant w,illbe disposed as above unless there are relieving features such as the aspect Jupiter. We have with of us a number of horoscopes which tlre Moon occupies in a martian constellation with the Sun and Saturn the,l2th therein from. Many of lhem haveconfirmedthat their liveshavebeen bedsof rhorns. When the lord of the 7th is in the 6th with V e n u si n t h e c o n s t e l l a t i oo f R a h u ,o n e w i l l b e f r i g i d , t h o u g h n attractive. The lreedfor assessing structureof the horothe scopecan neverbe overemplrasized. The methodof comparing the horoscopes purposesof for marriagehas been fully discussedin my bool<frluhurtaor Electional Astrology. TheSeventhHouse : Gemini, a dual sign, is the 7th is cccupied by Fahu aspected adversely Mars,Sth by and 12th lord and nralefic Saturn in Chartt\o. 26. TheSeventhLord : Mercury, the 7th lord, is exalted in the 10th house in a common sign with gth lord the Sun


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Chart No.26.-8om on.IO-lO-tA7tat 2 p.m. (L.M.f.) at 5t N 27.2 W35Moon Mandi


AM. 78 Lagna Ktu Saturn Mandi

Lagna Rahu


Balance Rahu Dasaat birth : 13 years, 8 months of and 13 days. and 6th and 11th rord Venus debiritated. This combination of planetsis afflicted by Saturn,s aspect. Karatrakaraka: Venus is in the loth debiritated with the Sun and Mercuryin a dualsignaspected Saturn. by Consideredfrom the Moon: The 7th house is aspected by 7th lord saturn and yogakaraka Mars. The 7th rord saturn is in a commonsign with Ketu. Conclusion: The 10th houseoccupied by tords , of the 1Oth, 2nd and the 7th reads Jara yoga which to resurts the in nativo having extra-maritat lelationswith manywomen,The nativewas a glutton for sexual experiences and could never adapt himserf to the restraints of marriage. The 7th rord Mercury in the lOth with Venus and the Sun aspected by Saturn, all in common signs,with Rahuin the 7th madethe native's wife too a sociarcock who cardedon affairs with arl

Coaccrniogtbe ScventhHouse

sorts of men. The coupfe had agreed between themsetves that each should have his or her own way in so far as their privatelives were consideled. Chart No.27.-Born on 6-4-lgg6 at about 6_30 p.m. (L.M.r) at 17 N 30.7e E sO.

ruoon I Mercurv I


Mercury |


Ketu Venus

Sun NAVAMSA Rahu Mars Sat. Mars

THC-1 0





Balance VenusDasaat birth : 11 years, g mohttts anO of 9 days. The SeventhHouse: Aries is the 7th house occupiedby 1 0 t h l o r d t h e M o o n a n d 9 t h l o r d M e r c u r y n C h a r tN o . 2 7 . i Thereis no aspect the 7th. on The SeventhLord: Mars, the 7th lord, is in the 11th with Rahuaspected Saturnand Venus. by The Kalatrakaraka: Venusis in the bth with Ketu aspected by Mars. Consideredfrom the Moon: The Zth house is aspectedby 3rd and 6th lord Mercury and 4th rordthe Moon. The 7th rord Venusis the 11th with Ketuaspected Mars. by Conclusion: The 7th lord Mars is in the 11th in combi'nation with Rahu both in the consteilationsof Venus and


How to Judgc a Horoscopc

aspected by Saturn from the constellation Mrigasira. of The Kalatrakaraka Venus is, in turn, afflictedby association with Ketu situated in the constellation Rahuaspected Mars. of by Both the lord of the 7th and Venushave been much afflicted. The native disliked his wife and was a profligate.Ail the attempts of the wife to wean him away from his evil ways failed. Out of sheer disgustthe lady returned her parents, to lrouse. The sensual life led by the native resultedin his contracting dreadful venereal comp14ints. Some General Observations When Venus, Mars and Jupiter in one horoscope are situated in the other horoscopein a trine or 3 ancl 11 posi_ tions, that is, if in the boy's horoscope Venusis in Taurus and in the girl's horoscope,in Cancer or Virgo, it is a favourable position. When the Sun and the Moon have simif harmoniouspositions, except2 and 12 (dwirdwadasa), ar there is usually a strong altachment.Here again if the husband'sSun is in Cancer and the wife.s is in Virgo,the needed harmony exists. When the Sun and the Moon are disposed suggested as abovebut Mars in one caseis in a sign, which happensto be the 12th from Venusin the otherhoroscope, attachmentexists, but there cannotbe normalhappiness in their private lives.lf Venus in one horoscope in a is sign occupied by Saturn in the other a serious and industrious partner is indicated.Mars in the 7th, unaspected by benef ics, indicates f requent quarrels reading to misunderstandings.Saturn in the gth aspectedby Mars (especially 4th or 8th houseaspect) is not conducive mutualunderto standing. saturn in the 7th confers stability in the marriage but the husband wife manifestscoldness or and not warmth.

Conccroiog thc Seventb[Iouse


A strong malefic in the 4th affectsmarried happiness unless neutralised a benefic by aspect.lf the JanmaRasi (Moon sign) of the wife (or husband) happensto be the Lagna of the husband(or wife), or if the Lagna of the 'r,rife husband) (or happens be the 7th from the position of the lord of the 7th to (in the other) the married life will be stable and built on rnutualunderstanding affection. and lf certainafflictions presentin one horoscope, is said are it they can be mitigatedby looking for a partner whose horoscopehas similaraf{lictions. One of the most misunderstood and misappliedastrological dicta is the one relatingto the so-called evil of Mars (Kuja Dosha). "lf Mars is in the 2nd,12th,4th,7th or gth house (either from the Ascendant the Moon or Venus) in the horoscope or o f t h e f e n r a l e ,t h e d e a t ho f t h e h u s b a n d i l l o c c u r ; a s i n r i l a r w situation Mars in the husband's of horoscope causesthe death of the wife." lt shouldbe notedthat the strength the dosria of in 2, 12, 4, 7 and 8 is in ascendingorder. tn assessing tho quantumof dosha,Bhavas and not Rasis must be ta'ken into account. The doshaof Mars is said to get neutralised minior misedin the followingcircumstances. Mars in the 2nd is bad providedsuch 2nd house happens to be any sign otherthan Geminiand Virgo. Mars in the 12th causes dosha in all signsexceptTaurusand Libra. Mars in the 4th house causes affliction in signs other than Aries and Scorpio when the 7th is otherthan Capricorn ; and Cancer,the doshais given riseto. Mars becomes evil in the Bth in ail signs exceptSagittarius and Pisces. Mars procluces dosha whatno ever in Leo and Aquarius. The dosha is countered the by conjunction Mars and Jupiter or Mars and the Moon. of

How to Judge a Horoscope

The Doshais not absolute. lts intensitycan vary not only accordingto the exceptionsgiven above but also according to the sign-friendly,exalted, own, inimical etc.-involved. We can therefore ratethe atflictionsas follows,taking Marsas the worst malefic, Saturn,Rahuand Ketu as less maleficand the Sun, leastmalefic, the maleficence being the highestin debilitation and lowestin exaltation. 8th and 7th Mars Saturn Sun Rahu Ketu Debility Inimical Neutral Friendly Own Exaltation 4th, 12th and 2nd Mars Saturn Sun Rahu ' Ketu

100 90 80 70 60 50

75 67,50 60.00 52.50 45.00 37.50

50 45 40 35 30 25

50 45 40 35 30 25

37.50 33.75 30.00 26.25 22.50 18.75

25 22.50 20.00 17.50 15.00 12.50

The table helps make an assessment the total doshain a of chart so that if the dosha units in both charts are equal or nearlyso, the matchingcan be said to be good. lf the dosha in the male horoscope exceedsthe dosha in the femalehoro. scopeby 25o/o, is passable. lf the dosha in the male horoit scopeexceeds this percentage if the female chart has more or dosha,then the chartscannotbe matched

Unconventional Marriages The youngergeneration seeking act on its own has set to in a wave of unconventional marriages. The term unconyentional here is used in the sense of so-cailed rove, inter-casto or otherwise traditionally generatty not and approved marriages.

Cooccrnlng the Scventh lloucc


Chart No. 28. -Born at0w5,5t N30.

Jupitet Venus

23-6-1894 at l0 p.m. (L.M.T.)



sal. Ketu

tl3h u

Saturn Mars Jupiter

Balance Rahu Dasa at birth : 9 years, 5 months and of 12 days. TheSeventhHouse: Cancerthe 7th house, in Chart No. 28 is not aspected any planet but occupiecl 6th and gth by by lord Mercury. The SeventhLord : The Moon as the 7th lord is not afflictedby aspect association. or Kalatrakaraka Venus is in his own sign with Jupiter, : the 3rd and 12th lord. Considered from the Moon.' The 7th house Leo has no afflictionsbut the 7th lord Sun is in the sth aspected an by afflicted Mars and an equally afflicted Lagna-lord Saturn. The 8th iicusefrom ChandraLagnais heavily afflicted by the concentrated influences Mars, Rahu,Ketuand Saturn, of Conclusion: The rative, a duke of the British royalty malrieda common woman who was a divorcee.The proposed

How to Judgo a l.loroscopc

nrarriage created furorein the countrybut the nativs married a the woman of his choice for whom he had to abdicatethe throne. The 8th housesignifyingthe martial bond is afflicted in Navamsaalso being occupiedby Rahu and aspected by Saturn. Chart No. 29.-8orn t0-9-1938 at g-00 a.m. (l.S.T.)at 13' N. 77 E 35.



RP 42t37

Lagns Venus Rahu

Balance SaturnDasaat brrttr: 5 years. of The SeventhHouse . Aries being the 7th house, it is occupied Ketuand aspected Lagna-lord by by Venusand Rahu in ChartNo. 29. The Seventh Lord : Mars,theTrhlord, is in the 11thwirh the 11th lord the Sun and the grh and12th lordMercury aspected 1Othlord the Moon and 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter. by Kalatrakaraka: Venus is in his own sign with Rahu aspectedby 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter. Considered from the Moon: The seventh lrouse Leo is occupied by Mars, Mercury and the Sun and aspectedby


C o n c e r n i n gt h e S e v e n t h H o u s e


Jupiter. The 8th houseis hemmedin betweenmaleficsMars a n d t h e S u n o n o n e s i d ea n d R a h u o n t h e o t h e r s i d e a t t h e sametime being aspectedby Saturn. 'Ihe presence of Ketu in the 7th, Rahu,s Conclusion : afffiction to Venuscoupled with the papakartariyoga to the Bth house from the Moon resulted in the native. a Hindu. m a r r y i n g C h r i s t i a n o l l e a g u e . T h e7 t h h o u s e a , n d t h e g t h a c lord the Moon in Navamsaare both heavily afflicted by the nodes,Mercuryand Mars. Chart No. 30. -Born 2g-l-leg7 at about l2-0a noon (L.M.r.) at 5 E 44, 20 N 38.



R A SI Sun Rahu Mercury



rn Satu

Jupite r Satu rn

Balanceof Sun Dasa at birth : 0 year, 4 months and 15 days. The SeventhHouse : The seventh house Libra in Chart No. 30 is neitheroccupiednor aspected any planet. by TheSeventhLord : Venus,the 7th lord, is placed in the 1 1 t h h o u s ea s p e c t e d y 9 r h a n d 1 2 t h l o r d J u p i t e r . b Kalatrakaraka Venusis well placed in the 11th house : aspectedby Jupiter.


How to Judge a Horoscope

Consideredf rom the Moon: The 7th house pisces is neitheroccupied nor aspected by any planet. The 7th lord J u p i t e ri s i n t h e 1 2 t h a s p e c t e d y V e n u s ,M a r s a n d S a t u r n . b Conclusion: The 7th lord from the Moon is afflictedby the maleficaspects Mars and Saturn. The 8th housefrom of Lagnais occupiedby Saturn and aspected Mars. The gth by lord from the Moon, narnely, Mars, is afflicted by Saturn,s aspect. In Navamsa, 8th is afflicted by debilitated Mars the a n d a f fl i c t e dJ u p i t e r . T h e i n f l u e n c e f J u p i t e r ,a s 9 t h l o r d i n o Rasi,on karaka and 7th lord Venus, 8th lord Mars (from the M o o n ) i n t h e 9 t h a n d a f f l i c t i o nt o t h e 8 t h h o u s e( f r o mL a g n a b o t h i n R a s ia n d N a v a r n s ab y m a l e f i c si n w a t e r y s i g n s l e d ) the native to marrya foreigner. Chart No. 31.- Born 22125-fi-1902 at S-t6 a.m. (L.M.r.) at 23 N 6,72 E 40.
Lag na

NAVAMSA Saturn J upiter

M a r sj t . n ,
B a l a n c eo f V e n u sD a s a a t b i r t h : and 12 days. 13 years,11 months

Concerning the Seventh House


The SeventhHouse : Aries, the 7th house, is occupied by Vargottama Ketu and aspectedby an afflictedgth and 12th l o r d M e r c u r y n C h a r tN o . 3 1 . i TheSeventhLord : Mars, the 7th lord, is in the 11th receiving aspects, no good or bad, but with the 1Othlord the Moon. Kalatrakaraka Venus is in the 2nd house aspected : by 2 n d l o r d M a r sa n d c o n j o i n i n g 1 t h l o r d t h e S u n . 1 Considered from the Moon: The 7th house Aquarius is aspected 4tfr and 9th lord Mars. The 7th lord Saturn by is in h i s o w n s i g n b u t i n t h e 6 t h h o u s ew i t h d e b i l i t a t e d u p i t e r . J Conclusion: . The8th house is aspectedby gth tord Venus who, in turn, is aspected y Mars. Fromthe Moon, thegth b lord Jupiter is in the 6th with saturn. The Bth house from the Moon is aspectedby saturn and Mars. The 7th house from L a g n ai s o c c u p i e d y K e t ui n R a s i .I n N a v a m s at,h e g t h h o u s e b is hemmed between Mars and Saturn coming under a papakartariyoga. The native,a high-casteHindu, married parsee a widow with children, a marriage that shocked the people of his times. Affrictions ro the gth house and the Bth rord by R a h u ,K e t u ,M a r s a n d S a t u r n i n R a s i a n d N a v a m s au s u a l l y resultin marriages that are sociallynot acceptedor welcomed. The SeventhHouse : Aries is the 7th housefree of both a s p e c t s n d o c c u p a t i o nn C h a r tN o . 3 2 . a i TheSeventhLord : Mars, the seventh lord, is in the 1Oth debilitated but with canceilationof debitityas his exartatron s i g n l o r d S a t u r no c c u p i e s q u a d r a n t r o m t h e M o o n . M a r si s a f w i t h t h e 1 1 t h l o r d s u n , g t h a n d 1 2 t h r o r dM e r c u r y n d K e t u . a Kalatrakaraka Venus occupies his own sign Taurus : with 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter.


How to Judge a Horoscope

Considered from the Moon: The 7th lord Mercury is in t h e B t h w i t h g t h l o r d S u n , K e t ua n d S t h a n d 1 2 t h l o r d M a r s . Chart No. 32.-8orn 24-7-1953 at l-50 p.m. (l.S.f.) 13N5,80E15,
Venus J upiter Sun Mars
ne r c . Ketu

NAVAMSA Venus J upiter Mars

Mercury Ketu

R P4 9 / 3 5


Saturn Sun

Bafance Ketu Dasa at birth : 0 year, 11 months and of days. t0 The 7th house is aspected Saturn, lord of the 2nd and by 3rd from the Moon. : Conclusion The presence all malefics in the 8th and of Saturn'saspect the 7th housef romthe Moon led the native, on , a B r a h m i n t o m a r r ya C h r i s r i a n o u t h . I n N a v a m s a , h e 7 t h y t lord Jupiter is with Mars and the 8th lord Saturnis combust.

Concerningthe Eighth House
The Eighth Housedeals with longevity. tegacies, gifts and unearnedwealth, natureof death. disgrace, degradation and detailspenainingto death. The folfowingfactors are important while judging the gth house significations, namely, (a) The House, 1D;-tt, LorO, (c) lts Occupants and (d) The Karaka Indicator. in" yogas or formed in the 8th housewit producetheir own effects. ihe ssmeconsiderations must bo judged from the Navamsa chan also' Alrhough there are severar significations to the eigf,ir, house,we wi[ focusour Sttention the source on and nature, time and placeof death. Results of the Lord of the Eighth House being situated in Different Houses ln the First House.'- penury and heavy debts wiil befail the nativewho has lhe grh rord pracedin the Asoendant with the Ascendant lord. Misfortune will foltow him at everystep. lf the 8th lord is weak or praced in the 6th, gth or 12th from Navanrsa Lagna,the intensity misfortune is reduced. lf of the 8th lord is severery affricted the native wiil suffer bodiry complaintssuchas disease and disfigurarion. constitutionwill His be weak and he wiil haveno bodirycomforts. He wirt be the


How to-Judgca Horoscopo

target of the displeasure of his superiors and higher-ups. Trouble from Government willcausehim worries. ln the SecondHouse..-The lord of the 8th house in conjunctionwith the 2nd lord in the 2nd housebringsin troubles and problems of all sons. The native suffers from eye and tooth troubles. He will haveto eat unhealthy and tasteless or putridfoods. His domesric wilt be filled with discontenr life and quarrels. His wife witl not understand him. This mav lead to estrangement and even separation. lf longevity is good, he may suffersomesevere illness. lf the gth lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th from Navamsa Lagna, the intensity tho of results will be reduced degree. in In the ThirdHouse.. lf the lordof the 8th housecombines with the lord of the 3rd in the 3rd, the third housesignifications suffer. The native's earsmay cause problems he or may go deaf. Misunderstandings crop up with brothers will and sisters leadingto quarrels. The native will be besetby all sortsof fe"rs and mentalanguish. He may imagirre things and suffer from hallucinations. He may involve himself in debtsand get into troublethereby. lf malefics afflict the gth lord in the 3rd with the 3rd lord, the sufferingsof tire native will be unbearable. But if the 8th lord combineswith the 6th 'l2th or lords,benef resultsmay come by. He may get a ic monetary windfallthroughwriting or throughthe agency a of coborn. ln the Fourth House..- lf the lord of the 8th housejoins the 4th lord in the 4th house,the native's mentatpeace will be shattered Domestic bickerings, financialand otherproblems will increase. Mother's health may suffer and cause great concern. The native may be besetwith problemsregarding his house, land and conveyance. lf the affliction is heavy his

Conccrniog thc Eiglrth House


land and immovable property may slip from his hands due to circumstances beyond his control. His conveyances may get lost or be Cestroyed. His pets may contract diseases and die. Malefics furthering the affriction may force him to seekhis fortuneabroad wherehe wirt meet with ail sorrs of troubres and losses. Reverses in profession and the displeasure of superiors also likely. are ln the Fifth House.' -rf the rord of the gth is in the bth with the Sth rord,thechirdren the native of may get into troubre. They may commitsomecrimeand invite situations that courd affect the native's reputation. or the native and his father may cevelop misunderstsndings. The native,s chird may fall sick and sufferthereby. rf the affriction is heavy,a chird may die as soon as it is born or causemuch grief to the native due to someincurable physicalafflictionor mental retardation. . The native may also suffermuch bodily ill-health. lf the gth lord is in the 6th, 12th or gth from Navama Lagna,the evil results are greatly mitigated. But if fortified in a kendra (quadrant) trikona(trino), the evil or resurts are intensified. Sincethe Sth house is the buddhisthana, the nativemay also suffernervousdebility or breakdownor mentar aberration. When the gth lord conjoinsthe gih tord in the Sth house and the Lagnarord is debiritated, native trre has neitherknowledgenor wealth; he is hostile,lusrfuland ill.temprered. He tendsto be crafty, reviles God and pious men and is himserf treatedwith contemptby his wife and children. , ln the SixthHouse.._lf the lord of rhe gth joinsthe lrouse 6th lord in the 6th house,a Rajayoga resurts. Materiar affruence, fame and acquisition of objects desired are the good results' But because 6th house is the the houseof disease the nativemay sufferiil-hearth. tf affricted, the narivesuffers ross


How to Judlc a Horolcopo

of money throughtheft and trouble throughcourts and the police. The evil is intensified the 8th lord is in a kendra if or trikona. The native'smaternaluncle may suffermuchlrouble. lf the 6tn lord is forrified, he is ableto overcome histroubles all ond emerge victor. No attompts madeby his ill-wishers and enemies harmhim will succeed. to ln the SeventhHouse.. The lord of the gth house placed ,in the 7th house with the 7th lord curtails longevity. The native'swife may sufferill-heslth. lf afflicted, the nativewill also suffer from disease. He may go abroad where he will meetwith ill-health and problems. lf tho 7th and gth lordsare strong,the nativewill undertake journeyson diplomatic foreign missions and distinguish hinrself. ln the Eighth House..- lf the lord of tho grh houseoccupies tho 8th housein strength, the narivelivoslong enjoyinghappiness. Ho will acquirelands,conveyance, power and position throughthe merit acquiredin formorlives. lf the grh lord is weak, he may havelro serious troublesbut may not alsoenjoy any luck or good fortuneof signif icance. The father of the nativemay dio or passthrough some crisis. lf the gth lord is afflicted, the native will fail in his undertakings. He will be promptsdto do the wrong things and therebysuffer loss. ln the Ninth House..-lf the lord of the 8th house joins the 9th lord in the 9th irorso with malefics, nativomay lose the his father's property. Misunderstandings with father may arise. lf the Sun, the naturalsignificatorof father is afflicted, fathermay die duringrhe periodof the 9th lord. lf conjoined with benefics, nativeacquires the his father'sproperty. Relations with fatherwill be harmonious. lf the gth lord is weak. the native suffers kinds of hardships, all miseryand unhappiness. His frionds and kinsnen may desert him while his

Conccrning rhc Eightb Housc


superiors will find fault with him. lf the gth lord ts ln the 6th, 8th or 12th from Navamsa Lagna,the evil resultswill be greatlyreduced. ln the Tenth House.. lf the lord of the gth houseis in rhe 1Othhousewirh the 1orh rord, the nativehas srow advancement in career. He faces obstacles and impedimentsin his activities. In the appropriate period he may be superseded by his subordinates and his merit may go unnoticed. He may resonto deceitand unrighteous meansto gain his ends. His thinkingwit be crouded and his actions wit invire the wrath of the government the lary. Ho may suffer poverty. or lf the 2nd lord is arsoaffli*ed and joins the Bth rcrd, his repuration may sufferdue to involvement huge in debtsand inabilityto repaythem. tf the gth tord is ptacedin the 6th, gth or l2rh fiom Navantsa Lagna, intensity the evil is greattyreduced. the of The 8th lord in rhe 1Othmay also conferunexpected gainsdue to the death of the superiors elders. or ln the Eleventh House.._ lf the lord of the gth house combines with the l lth ford in the 11th house, there ,or-i. troubleto closefriends. Elder brothermay pass througha difficulttime. Rerations wirh him wiil be strained rror-n]eo. Or the elder brothermay causeanguishto tho "no native and his familyby his unscrupurous behaviour and conduct. Business may suffer rosses and run into debts. lf benefic planets infruencelhe combinations therewiil be lroubles but the native gets help from friendsand elder brother to overcome them. Afflic_ lions will aggravate maloficresults. the ln the Twetfth House.._The position of the grh tord in the 12th house with the 12th lord gives riseto a Rajayoga. lf benefics join the gth lord, unfavourable results ,ryl" expected. Treachery friends will result of in many problems


Hon' to Judge a Horoscopo

snd grief. Unexpectedexpenditure will arise and theremay losses. lf the 8th lord is in the 12th houseand be pecuniary placed in a trine or quadrant, the the 12th lord is favourably and piety. Somepost or will gain in religiouslearning nativo seat of authority may be thrust on him with all its attendant paraphernalia.lf afflicted malefics, nativemay resoltto by the vicious acts clandestinely. Such acts would include rape, conterfeiting money(the 12th houseis the house of adultery, snd deceit. The Btlrhouse signifies suddengains of secrecy of money) and smugglingactivities. Theseresultsare general. They must be modifiedon the the Moon and Dasas in operation. strengthof the Ascendant, pertainto criminal actsor unrighteous 8cts, the Whereresults predictians must bs made only after taking into accountthe strength of the Ascendant, the Moon and the 1oth house (Karmasthana). lf these factorsare favuorablydisposed, the native may be temptedto act in a certain manner but he will and controlhimself. The act may be the overcome temptation itself nippedat the stateof mind and not allowedto manifest in actionin sucha case. Other lmportant Gombinations lf the 8th houseis occupied by malefics, the nativedies an unnatural deathsuch as suicide, murderor accident. lf that beneficsinfluence the 8th house,death will be nalural, or is, through disease old age. lf the 6th and 8th lordsare related,death follows ill-health. lf the 6th house and 8th house in this caseare severely afflicted, death comes after prolonged sufferingas in the caseof a chronic disease. Longevity(lengthof life) can be dividedinto 4 gloups: or 1. Balarishta EarlyDeath upto 8 years 2. Alpayu or Shon Life- 8 yearsto 32 years

Conccroiog tbc Bighth Houre


3. 4.

Madhyayuor Medium Life-32 yearsto 7b years Purnayuor Full Life 7b yearsto 120 years.

The followingcombinationspertaining the divisions to of life-spanhave beencailedfrom ancient, authorirative crassical works. ' ' Balarishta The followingcombinations indicateBalarishta. (1) lf the Moon occupies gth, l2th or the rhe 6th house and is aspected maleficRahu, rhe child dies early. by (2) lf the Moon conjoins wirh saturn, the sun is in the 12th house and Mars is in the 4th house,borh the chird and mother ie, d (3) lf the Moon in Lagnawith no benefic aspects, and if both be hemmed inbetween maleficplanets,both the mother a n dc h r l d w i l l d i e . (4) When the 6th, grh and 12th houses are occupiedby malefics with no beneficassociations and Venusor Jupitoris between malefics, both the molher and child die. (5) lf malefics occupythe 1st, 6th, 7th and gth houses from Lagna,borh the motherand child die. (6) lf the eclipsed Moon joins Saturnin Lagna and Mars occupies 8th house,both the motherand child rhe will die. (7) lf malefics occupythe 6th and i2th houses from Lagna, the child diessoon afterbirth. (8t lf the waning Moon occupies Lagnaand a malefic planet occupiesa kendraor the Bth housefrom Lagna, the child diessoon. (9) lf beneficplanersaspected maleficpfanets by occupy the 6th or the 8th housefrom Lagna, the chirddiesin a monrtr.


How to Judgc a lloroscopc

(10) lf ths Sun, Mars and Saturn conjointho 6th or the 8th house from Lagnawith no beneficconjunctions aspects, or the child diesquickly. (11) lf the Sun, Mars and Saturnoccupythe 5th house ftom Lagna,deathof the child occurs. (12) lf the Langalord is debilitated and Saturn occupies the 7th or the 8th housefrom Lagna, the child suffers much and dies quickly. (13) lf the Lagnalord conjoins the Sun and th6 8rh lord is depressed, child dies early. the (14) lf the Moon occupiesa malefic sign or Navamsa with no beneficaspects and malefics occupy the 5th or the 9th house,the child dies early. (15) lf the Lagna,the 8th, the gth and rhe 12thhouses are occupied the Moon, Mars,Sun and Saturn respectivel by the child dies quickly. (16) The Moon conjoined with malefics in the 5th,gth 12th,7th and the Lagna causes death of the child unless the aspectedor conjoinedwith a benefic. (17) When the Moon occupies Lagnaor 6th, Bth or the the l2th houses from the Lagnaaspected a maleficwithout by any beneficaspects and there are no beneficsin the kendras, the child dies soon. (18) When Lagna is a watery sign with the Moon in ir and Saturnoccupies or the 7th house with benefic planets it in kendras, child dies early. the (19) lf malefics occupythe Lagnaand the 7th houseand the Moon conjoined with a maleficis not aspectedby any beneficplanet, the chitd dresearly. (2O) lf the waning Moon occupies the l2th house, the maleficsaro all in the 8th houseand there are no benefics in the kendras,the child dies quickly.

Coocerning thc E,ighthHoosc


(21) When the Moon and Rahuconjoin with a malefic and Mars occupies 8th house, the child dies early. lf the the Sun occupies Lagnain this case,an operation will be the cause of death. (22) lf a retrograde planet occupies the 6th or 8th house or a kendrain a sign ruled by Mars and also aspectedby Mars, the child livesfor 3 years. (23) lf the Moon and Mars occupy the Lagna in Cancer and thereare no planetsin the 4th,7th, Bth and lOth houses the child dies in 3 years. (24) lf the 6th or 8th house is Carrcer occupiedby Mercury and aspected the Moon, the child dies in the 4th year. by (25) lf the Lagna is occupied by Rahu and aspected or occupied only malefics, child dies in the bth year. by the (26) lf Venusbe in Leo or Cancerin the 6th, Bth or the 12th house aspected by a malefic, the child diesin the 6th year. (27) lf the Lagna is afflictedby Mars or Saturnand the 7th houseis occupied the waning Moon, the child dies in by the 6th or 7th year. (28) lf Saturn, Mars and Venus are in Lagna without Jupiter'saspect and the waning Moon is in the 7th house, the child dies in the 7th year. (29) lf the 6th and 8rh housesare occupiedby benefics and maleficsare in the sth and the 9th houses, the deathof the child takesptacein the 8th year. Antidotes for Balarishta Certain dispositions beneficplanets of and the Moon can ward off death in childhood. The following are somestandardcombinations: ,


Howto Judgc Horoscopc a

lf the Moon is full or occupies exattatlon, benefic a sign or Navamsa, dangerof childhood the death is averted. When the Ascendant rord is strong in a kendrain association with or aspected by a beneficand is free of malefic aspects, any BalarishtaYoga is nullified. lf Jupiter, Venusor Mercury occupy a quadrantfree of maleficaspecls, then also the child liveslong in spite of other afflictions rhe chart. Rahuin the to 3rd. 6th or the llth house from Lagna counteracrs other combinationsfor earry death. Jupiter strong in a kendra protects a child from dearh in infancy. lf the birth occurs during night in the brighr harf of the runar month (sukra Paksha) duringthe day in the dark harfof the lunarmonth or (Krishna Paksha), the chird rivesrong even if the Moon is in the 6th or 8th house aspecred by both malefic and benefic planets. Thc Moon in exartationaspected ve'us or the by rulerof the sign occupied the Moon in the Lagna aspected by by beneficplanets protects the infantfrom death. lf 3 praners at birth occupyexaltation own signs, it helpsthe child tide or over otlrermalefic planetary yogasharmfulto lcngevity. The Ascendant lord, stronglypraced a quadrantor trine, neutrain lises other afflictions. Rahu in Lagna in Aries, Taurus or Canceraspected beneficplanetsprotectsthe child. by Alpayu Alpayu is the span of tife that falls between g and 32 y6ars The followingare someof the combinations Alpayu: for (1) The Sun, the Moon and Mars in the Srh housefrom Lagnamay causedeath in the gth year. (2) lf the Lagnalord isa malefic and occupies 12th the placefrom the Moon and is also aspectedby maloficplanets, deathoccursin the 9th year.

Conccrniog thc Eighth House


(3) lf the Moon be in Leo, the Sun and Saturn be in the 8th from Lagnaand Venusin the 2nd, the child dies in the 12th year. (4) lf the Sun occupies TaurusNavamsa and Saturn S c o r p i o a v a m s al,i f e e n d sa t 1 2 y e a r s . N (5) When Saturnin Leo in Navamsa aspected Rahu, by is y e a r sa g e . t h e c h i l dc a n h a v ea v i o l e n te n d a t 1 5 (6) lf the lord of Lagna is exaltedbut not aspected by Pisces any beneficplanet; and Saturnin Navamsa,occupies or Sagittarius and is aspected by Rahu,the nativo'sterm of l i f ei s 1 9 y e a r s . (7) When the Moon occupies the 6th or the 8th frorn N-agna maleficplanetsin kendras not receive any beneand do death comesin the 20th yeat. lic aspects, (8) lf Marsand Jupiterare in Lagna, the Moon is in the by a beneficor malefic,life 7th, and 8th houseis occupied endsat 22 yeats. (9) lf the Lagnalord is in Lagna,the 8th lord is in the by 9th and the planet in the 8th house is aspected a malefic, the native lives for 24 years, (10) lf the 8th and 12th lords are devoidof strength and at 25 Saturnoccupies Lagnain a cornmonsign, death occurs years. (11) lf Mars is in Lagnaand the Sun and Satutnoccupy quadrants, endsat 20 years. life (12) lf the 8th lord from Lagna or the Moon be in the 12thor a kendra,the nativelivesfor 28 yeats. (13) lf Saturnoccupies the Lagnain an inimicalsign and benefics are in the 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th houses, the native livesfor 26 or 27 years. 0


How to Judgc a Horoscope

(14) Whenthe Sun, the Moon and Saturnconjoin in the 8th house,the native livesfor 29 years. (15) when the gth rord is in a kerrdra and Lagnarord is weak, the nativelivesfor 32 years. (16) lf Mercuryin strength occupies kendra a and tho gth housebe freeof occupation by any pianet, the nativedies in his 30th year. (17) lf the Lagnalord and tho Moon be weak and occupy Apoklimas (3, 6, g, 12) and be aspected by malefics, the native lives for 32 years. (18) lf rhe Lagnabe occupied by the sun and hernmed . in on eitherside by malefics, naliveliu", the ,pro 31 years, (19) Whenthereare no benefics in kenclras and the gth houseis occupied a planet,the native by lives for 30 years. (20) when thegth rordbeingsaturn, or a marefic conin junction with anothermateficpranet occupies evir shashtyan amsa,the nativeis short_lived. (21) When the Lagnais occupied by malefics and the Moon also is with malefics with no bencficsaspects. Alpayuis the result. Madhyayu Madhyayu extendsfrom 32 to 75 years. The followingcombinations denotemediumlile: (1) lf Jupiteras Lagnalord is weak and maleficsoccupy the 6th, 8th or 12th hor_rses, quadrants and trines, the native will have Madhyayu. (2) lf a maleficis in rhe Bth, Saturn is in the 6th. and a beneficis in a trineor quadrant, Madhyayu is indicated. (3) lf malefics occupyrho 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Srh,grh, and l lth, the nativewill havethe medium term of tife.

the Cooccraing Bightb House


(4) lf the Lagna lord is weak, matefics occupy6rh, Bth or 12th houses, Jupiteris in a trine or quadrantand malefic joins the Lagna,the nativehas Madhyayu. (5) Benefics kendras, in the Moon in exaltation and the Lagnalord strongconfora longevityof 60 years. (6) lf a beneficoccupies kendras, Jupiteris in Lagnaand the 8th house from the Moon or the Lagnais free from the aspector association malefics,one livesfor 70 years of (7) lf Mercury occupies kendra in streirgth, tire 8th a htruseis not occupiedby any planet but aspected a benefic, by the native livesfor 40 years. (8) lf a beneficplanet occupies the 7th and the Moon is in Lagnaor in Cancer, the nativelivesfor 6O years. (9) lf Jupiteris in a kendra,the Lagna and the Moon are freefrom malefic aspects or associations, the 8th house is vacar'rt and a benef is in a kendra,mediumlife is the result. ic (10) lf the 8th lord be in kendra,and rhe Sun and Saturn occupythe 3rd or 6th which should be Capricorn,the native livesfor 44 years. (11) lf the 8th lord is in Lagnaand the 8th houseis not occupiedby any benefic,the native lives for 40 years. (12) lf the Moon be in the Lagna or the 8th or the 12th house,if Mercurybe in the 4th or the 'lOthhouse and if Venus and Jupiterjoin in any house,the nativelivesfor bO years. (13) lf the Lagnalord joins the Moon in tire 6th, 8th or 12th houses but is otherwise strong (in vargas)and the Lagna lord occupies Capricorn Aquariusin Navamsa, tlre native or livesfor 58 years. (14) lf all the planets are in the 5th house, the native livesfor 60 years. (15) lf beneficsoccupytheir own Rasisand the Moon is exaltedin Lagna,the nativelivesfor 60 years.

How to Judgc a Horoscope

Purnayu Long rifeor purnayu(75 to 120 years) is indicated bene_ if fics occupy kendras and the Lagna rord is with benefics or aspected by Jupiter. When 3 planets are in the gth house occupying respectively exaltation sign, a an friendly sign and own sign, rong rife is the resurt. rf saturn or the gth rordis conjoined with an exalted planet, purnayu results. In the following cases, the spanof life is long : (1) lf the Sun, Saturn and Marsoccupy movable Navamsa, Jupiterand Venusoccupy fixedNavamsas the Moon and are in d'ual Navamsas, the native tivesupto 100 ilSr|"tt"v lf the Ascendantlord is in a quadrant and malefics 12th and the 6th houses, person the born livesvery i"""T:'the (3) tf the rord is exarred and the gth house has maleficplanets, gives rhe native it fong-iit". (4) lf marefics occupy the 3rd, 6th and 11rh and the benefics groupedin the 6th, are the 7th or the gth from Lagna, lhe nativeliveslong. (5) When the Ascendantlord conjoinsor receives the aspect Venusand Jtrpiterand is himself of in a kendra (quadrant), the nativewilt be long-lived. ( 6 1 l l t h e L a g n aa n d B r h r o r d s a r ei n t h e g r h o r t h e 1 l r h .. the nativeis long lived. (7) lf Saturn joins the 1st, the 1Othand gth tordsin a kendra,long life is indicated. (8) lf the Bth lord occupies his own sign or Saturnis in the 8th house,the nativelives long. (9) lf Jupiter is exalted, beneficsoccupytheir MoolaItikona Rasis and the Ascendantlord is powerful. the person concerned livesfor g0 years. (2)

('onccrning rhe Eigbth House


(10) lf benefics occupythe brh and gth houses and the Lagnais a KeetaRasiwith Jupiter in it, the native wiil havea leaseof 80 yearsof life. (11) ' lf ail the pranets occupythe gth houses, the native will have Purnayu. (12) rf a[ the pranets in kendras are and in'matefic Navamsas, the nativelivesfor g0 years. (13) tf rnatefics occupyUpachayas 6, 1O, 11)in bene(3, fic Navamsasin depressionand benefics occupykendras, the nativegets Purnayu. (14) tf the larterhatf of Dhanus (Sagittarius) be rising, all the planets be in their exaltation and Mercury occupiJs 24 ot Taurus, the nativelivesthe full periodof life. (15) lf Saturnoccupies 1st or the 9th and the fhe Moon occupies 12th or the 9th house,the nativeenjoyspurnryu. the The life of a nativemay be fixed as tong, medium or short according the Lagnalord and all the beneficplanets as are in k e n d r a ( 1 , 4 , 7 , 1 0 ) . p a n a p a r a(s , S , g , 1 1 ) a n d s 2 Apoklimas (3, 6,9, 12) respectiveryrf the gth rord . a n d m a r e f i co . . u o y kendras, panaparasor Apoklimas,the span of life is respeclively short,mediumor tong Just because chartcontains a the planetary positions given above, a conclusion the rongevitycannottre made o. at once. The relative strengths the planetsmust be balanced of before a correctassessment longevitycan be made. of planets in the Eighth House The sun.'- rf the sun occupies gth housein the exaltation, the native liveslong. He will be charming and an eloguent speaker. rf the sun is affricted, wiil be troubred he with sores, in the faceand head and be disgruntledin life. His eyeswill


Ho$' to rudge a Horoscopc

be weak. He will sulfer penury and an uneventful life. It associatedwith the 8th or 11th lord he may gain monetary benefits all of a sudden through speculation. Ho will have limitedprogeny, nrostlymale. lf the Sun is in thA 8rh, the Moon or Rahu is in the 12th and Saturnis in a trine,the native suffersfrom dental problems. The Moon.'-The nativewith the Moon in the 8th is subject to mentalaberration. He is apprehensive suffersfrom and psychological complexes. Flowillbecapricious unhealthy. and The nativemay losehis motherin infancy or boyhood. His built will be slender and eyesight will be weak. He acquires possessions easilythroughlegacies inheritance.He witl be or fond of f ighting and amusement and be large-hearted. The perspiration. lf Mars and Saturn nativesuffers from excessive conjoin and the Moon is in the 8th house,the native's eyesight will be afflicted. Mars :- The native will be short-lived unless thereare otheralleviating factors,and he may sufferthe lossof wife (ol husband). He will havevery few children. He may seekto gratify his passions resorting extra-marital life. He will by to life hate his relatives. His domestic will be martedby quarrels like and he suffersfrom bloodly.complaints piles. He will tule over manypeople. lf Mors is in the 8th, the Lagnais a fixed sign, Venusis in the 9th, the Moon is in the 7th and Jupiter is the 2nd lord, to the nativewill be condemned lead a life of servitude. Mercury.'-When Mercuryis in the 8th, the nativewill possess many good qualities. He will be known for his bteed' disposition. He will inhetit as well as earn ing and courteous and famousfor hls scholarmuch wealth. He will be learned ship in manysubjects. He will livo long but have a weak constitution.

Cbncerningth Eighth llousc


Jupiter .'-The nativewill be unhappy generous but heailed. H e w i l l l i v e l o n g . H e w i l l h a v ed i f f i c u l t yn s p e e c h . H e m a y i do ignoble deedsbut pretend to be noble, He may have liaisons with widows. He wiil havedirty habitsand sufferfrom death. lf Jupiteris debilitated colitis. He will havea painless is in the 4th house from Lagna, and the Moon the native will about. be a menial,beingalwaysordered Venus.'--The positionof Venusin the 8th gives many blessings. The nativewill come by muchwealth. He will live a life of comfortand possess all the conveniences such for li{e. The native'smothermay sufferdanger. The nativehimself may meet rtith emotional disappointments early in life. As a consequence may resoltto a life of piety in laterlife. he lf exaltedin the 8th, the nativegains muchwealth. lf Venus in the 8th is debilitated Rasior occupies saturnine in a Navamsa and is aspected Saturn, the native suffers subordination by and leadsa life of drudgery along with his mother. Saturn.'-Saturnin the .Bth house givesgood longevity but many responsibilites life. The nativewill discharge in his duties through slreer perseverance against odds which will be many. He will havedefective eyes. He will havevery few chilciren. He will havea paunch and be inclinedto seekthe of dompany women outsidehis caste. He may be predisposed suffer from asthma, consumptionand lung disorders. lt to afflicted by maleficplanets, his children will causehim pain and grief. The nativewill be dishonest and cruel. WhenSaturn is in the 8th with Mars,Rahuis in Lagnaand Gulika occupies a trine, the nativesuffers disease his generative in organs. lf the Moon joins Saturnin the 8th, the result is flatulence and spleen troubles.


How to f udgc a Horoscopc

Rahu :-The native will suffer from public censure arrd humiliation.He wiil be troubted manyairments. He wiil be by vicious,quarrelsome unscrupulous.lf rhe Moon conjoins and with a malefic planetand Rahu is inthe gth, 12th orSth house. the nativewill suffer from mentaldisorders, Ketu :- lf Ketu in the 8th is aspected by a benefic,the nativewill enjoy muchwealth and live long. lf Ketu is afflicted, the native covets others,wealth and women. He will suffer from diseasesdue to disorders tho excretory in system and also thosedue to a life of profligacyand excesses. The 8th houserules suffering and afflictions herecause chronicor incurable bodilyor mentaldiseases. Saturnin the 8th with a malefic planetor Rahu in the Lagnacauses stomach complaints. lf the Lagna is aspected planet, the 8th lord is weak and the gth houseis by a malefic aspected occupied saturn, it resutts a disoase or by in that will prventthe intakeof food. Depending upon the exact nature of affliction,the disease may take the forrn of minor ailments like severe coldsor mumpsorbe something serious likecancer. Nature of Death Planctsand afflictionsto the 7th houseindicatethe nature of death. lf a benefic planet occupiesthe 7th housefrom Mandi in Navamsa, death will be happy. Malefics in the sameposition give a painful death. lf Saturn occupies the 7th house from the sign occupied by Mandi in Navamsa. deathcomesthroughsnakesor thieves supernatural or beings. lf Mars occupiesthis sign, the native is killed in a fight or battle. lf eitherof the luminariesoccupythis sign, the native may suffer a sentence of death passed by the courts or a politicaldeath. The Moon, in particular, couldcausedeathby being mauledby an aquaticanimal.


Concerniog tbo Eightb House


lf the 8th house is occupied by one or more malefics, death is painful due to I grave disease violent or happening guchas accident,murder suicide or etc. But if thereis a benefic planet in the gth house, the native has a naturar and peace ful end. lf the Moon occupies the gth togetherwith Mars, Saturn or Rahu, deathmay be causedby epilepsy. Waning Moon in any house afflicted by mareficsarsocauses the samekind of death. lf the Moon in the gth is aspected by a strongSaturn, surgeryor some ailment of the anus or the eye may be the cause of death. lf waning Moon in conjunction with Mars, Saturnor Rahu occupies the gth death may occur by possession or drowningor fire or a weapon. rf the Moon, lhe sun, Mars and Saturn occupy the gth or the Sth or the gth, death is causedby fail from erevatedplace, drowning or thuncrerstorm or lightning. lf the Moon is in the gth, Mars is in the 9th, the Sun is in Lagnaand Saturnis in the Sth, death may resultby I thunderboltor fall of a tree. When the waning Moon is in the 6th or gth and the 4th and the l oth are occupied by rnarefic planets,death is brought about throughthe schemingof an onemy. lf the Sun is in the gth, the Moon is in Lagna, Jupiteris in the 12th and a mafeficpfanetoccupies rhe 4th, the person may die as a result of falting from a cot. When the Lagna lord occupiesthe 64th Navamsa from Lagna or is combustor occupies the 6th, death occursdu6 to starvation. lf the Sun is in the 4th, the Moon is in the 1olh and Saturnis in the gth, the nativo may be hit accidentalty a log by of wood and die. lf the Sun, the Moon and Mercury occupy ttre 7th, Saturn occupiesthe lst, and Mars the 12th, the end comesabout peacefulry tranquir in surroundings outsidethe countryof birrh.


llow to Judge Horoscopc a

lf the Sun and the Moon occupythe 8th or the 6th, the native is killedby a ferocious animal. lf Mercury and Venusoccupythe Bth, the native dieswhile asleep. lf Mercury and Saturn occupythis house,tho native will be sentenced the gallows. lf the Moon and Mercury to join the 6th or the 8th, poisonwill be the causeof cJeath. lf the Moon, Mars and Saturnare in the gth, deathoccurs by a weapon, Mars in the 12th and Saturnin the gth causea similar end. lf Mars is in the 6th, the nativeis killed by a weapon. Rahu in the 6th with the 4th lord carlses deathby violenceinvolving robbery tlreft. Ketu givessimilarresults. or Tlre native dies through burnsor a weapotr the Moon occuif pies Aries or Scorpioand is hemmed inbetween malefics.lf the Moon is in the 8th, Mars is in tho 10th, Saturnis in the 4th and the Sun is in Lagna, death is due to a blunt object l i k e a c l u b ; a n d i f M a r si s i n t h e 7 r h a n d t h e M o o n a n d S a t u r n occupyLagna,one is lorturedto death. lf Marsand the Sun exchange signsand are in kendrasto the 8th lord, the native may be sentenced dearh by the to government.lf the Lagna and Bth lords are weak and Mars is in conjunct;on with the 6th lord, the nativemay be killedin war. When Saturn occupiesLagna,Rahu is in the 7th with the waning Moon and Venus is debilitated, the person will sufferamputationof the hands and feet. When the Lagna ruledby Mars (if the Navamsa ruledby Mars) is occupied is by the Sun and Rahu, Mercury and the waning Moon occupy Leo, the nativedies as a resultof his belly being ripped.When Saturnis in Lagnawith no beneficaspects and the Sun, Rahu and waning Moon combine,the native is either stabbed01 shot dead"

Conccrcing the Eigbrh Housc


As a general rule, the [\4oonin a dusthana aspected the by Lagna lord in conjunctionwith Saturn, I\4andiand Rahu. causes n unnaturaleath. a d lf the lord of the 1Othfrom Navamsa Lagnais with Saturn or occupiesthc 6th, 8th or 12th, the native dies through poisoning. Whenthe sanrelord is with Rahuor Ketu he may end his lifo by hanging. \Uhen the Sth or the gtlr sign from the Moon is aspectedor occupied by a malefic planetand when a Sarpa (serpent), lJigada (fetters),pasa (noose) or Ayudha (woapon), drekkanarises in the 8th Bhava,i.e., the 22nd drekkana,the death is brought about by suicide by hanging. When malef occupy the 4th and the 1Othor the ics trines and when the 8th lord comb!neswith Mars in Lagna, the nativekills himselfhanging. The 22nd drekkana reckoned is from the Lagna drekkana. lf the Lagnais 27oAquarius, Lagna drekkanais the 3rd drekkana of Aquarius. The 22nd drekkana from tl.ris is the ist drekkana Libra, ot (For details of different kinds of drekkanas that can indicate unnaturaldeath such as suicide,murder,assassination, accident etc., see Tableof Drekkanas.) if Venusis in Aries, the Sun is in the Lagnaand the Moon conjoinsa nraleficplanet in the 7th house, a woman is the couse of death. lf the Sun, the Moon and a maleficplanet which happens be Lagnaand if the Bth is occuto are in Pisces pied by a malefic,deatlr is due to a wickedmistress.lf the Moon and Saturn occupy the 8th, and Mars is irr the 4th or lhe Sun is in the 7th ; or ttre Moon and Mercuryare in the 6th, the nativediesthroughfood poisoning. When the Lagna lord or the 7th lorrlconjoinsthe 2nd and 4th lords, deathresufts through lndigestiorr. When the Moon occupies 8th in a waterysign, consumption the leadsto death.


How to Judge a Horoscope

when Mercuryin Leo is aspected a by rnareficplanet, death is caused by fever. When Venus occupios the gth houseand is aspected a malef deathis from consumption, by ic, rheumatism or diabeles. When Jupiter occupies the gth housein a watery sign, affectionof the lungs bringsabout death. lf Rahuis in the Bth house aspected a malefic, by deathfoltows an attack of small.pox,boits, snake-hite, fa' or bifiousness. Diarrhoea is the causeof dearh when Mars in the 6th house i* ,rp".t"O by the Sun. lf Mars and Saturnoccupy the gth house,death is caused by affrictionto the aorta. Mercury and venus in the 9th house also cause death by heart disease. The Moon in Virgo hemmed in between malefics causes death through anaernia. When these particular yogas are absentin a horoscope, crassicar works refer to the tord of the 22nd cJrekkana to find out the qause of death. lt may also be deternrined from the decanate occupied the pranet the gth house. by in The 22nd drekkanafalling in different signs givesa clue to the causeof death :. Aries : First dedanate(ruledby,Y3t.l spreenand bilious complaints or potsoning. Seconddecanate (ruted by Sun)_watery diseases. Third decanate(ruled by Jupirer)_drowning in water. Taurus : First decanate(ruled by Venus)asses, horses,inules. Seconddecanate(rtgg-bl Mercury)_bitious comptainrs,fire or mulcter. Third decanafe(ruled by Saturn)--fall from a horseor building. Gemini : First decanafe (ruled. .b.y Mercury)_cough, lung infections, bronchitis.

Concerning the Eighth Housc


Seconddecanate(ruledby Venus)-typhoid. Third decanate (ruled by Saturn)-fall from a conveyance, height. Gancer : Firstdecanate (ruledby Moon)-drinks, thorns. Seconddecanate(ruled by Mars)-poison. Third decanate (ruled by Jupiter)-tun'rour, haltucinations, syncope. Leo : First dccanare(ruled by sun)-drinking contaminated water. Second decanate (.ruled by Jupiter)-water in the lungs, dropsy. Third decanare(ruled by Mars)-travel-sickness, surgery. Virgo : First decanale(ruled by Mercury)-headache,wind disease. Second decanate(ruled by Saturn)-fall from a height. Third decanate (ruledby Venus)-explosion, glass,drowning. Libra : First decanafe(ruled by Venus)-woman, fall, animal. Seconddecanate(ruted by Saturn)-indigestion, gastritis. Third decanafe(ruled by Mercury)-water, snakes. Scorpio : First decanare(ruled by Mars)-poisoq, weapons. Seconddecanate(ruled by Jupiter)-prcstrate trouble, carrying heavyweights,complaints hip. in Third decanafe(rufedby Moon)-earth (mines),stones. Sagittarius: Firstdecanate(ruledby Jupiter)--analand colon complaints. Second decanate (ruled by Mars) .- poison, arrows, sharp Instruments. Third clecarlate (ruledby Sun)-abdominalcomplaints,water, or aquatic nimals. a


How to Judge a Horoscopc

Capricorn : Firstdecanate ( Saturn)-mauring by rion or wird by animal,scorpion sting. Seconddecanate (ruledby Venus)snake-bite. Third decanafe(ruled by Mercury)_ thieves,gun shot, fever. Aquarius : First decanafe (ruled by Saturn)*woman, pelvic disorder, venereal complaints. Second decanate (ruled b-y Mercury) _cJiseass in internal organsof generative system. Third decanafe(ruled by Venus)_ infe*lon, Pisces : First decanate (ruled by Jupiter) clysentery, ascitis,oesophagitis. Seconddecanate (ruled by Moon; * dropsy,oesophagitis. Third decanafe(ruled by Mars)-distension of the stomaclr. I'able of Drekkanas
Ayudha Pasa (weap,'n) (ooose)
Nigala (fetters)

Pakshi (bird) lst of Leo

S a r p a Chatushpada (scrpent) (quadruped) lst of lst ol Cancer Scorpio 3rd of 2od of Arics Caocer $rd of 2ndof Pisccs Taurus lst of Leo Srtl of Scorpio

3rd of Leo 2od of lst of Scoroio Capricorn 3rd of Arics

a! 6 T

.x o H

Srcto[ Sagittarius 3rd of Libra

lst of Aquarius 3 r do f Taurus 2 o do f L i b r a

3rd of Gemini e lst of ct (.) Sagittarius o lst of Aries 2nd of Virgo 2nd of Gemini
o c

Conccrning the Eighrh Housc


lf there6re planetsinfluencingthe Bth houseby aspect or ocd.rpation, they causeailmonts wounds in the part of the or body represented the sign ruling thr: house. lf morethan by one planet aspectsor occupies the Bth house, death may comeabout as a resultof two or more diseasos. lf the 8th houseis occupied a matefic, by cleath is painful whethernatural violent. But if the gth houseis be*eficially or disposed, nativehas a suddenand quickend. the Thuswhere the Bth houseis neither occupied nor aspected byany planet,the rordof 22nd cJrekkana givesthe clue to the cause death. planets of occupying aspecting or the Bth house indicate the cause of death. The Sun influencingthe gth house causes death through fire, rhe l\rloon through water, Mars by weapons, Mercury through fever, Jupiter through causes that cannotbe diagnosed, Venusthrough ,nd """"saa, Saturnthroughstarvation, malnutrition, etc. The pleceof Ceathis indicateci the .sign occupied by by tho lord of l,lavamsa Lagna,or tlre sign occupied the planei by aspecting lord of Navamsa the Lagna,or the lord of the sign in Navamsa occupied the lord of the l,Javamsa by Lagna. These places irrdicated the signsgive a generaridea of the prace by of death. lf the 8th house is a movable sign, the natlve dies in a foreign country or in a place far away from his birth-place. Whenit happens be a fixeclsign, deathoccurs irr his place to <lfbirth. When this is the caseanclplanets are also so placed as to indicate deathat birth-prace, rnarter no where the native is settled pursuing occupation, may be clrawnto or his he visit his birth-place the time of death. lf the gth house falls at in a conlmon sign, the native dies while travelling or when conlmutingfrom one placeto another.


How to Judgc Horoscopc a

Time and Fructification of the Resutts of tho Eighth Bhava Determining Longevity The longevity a nativecan be determinedby different of methods. But accordinglo most classicalworks, it is not possibleto determinethe span of rife before twerve years after birth. This is because life of the new.born baby is reguthe lated by the actions(karma)of its parents. lf the baby dies within the firstfour yearsafter birth, it is said to be due to the mother'sbad karma. Deathbetween four and eight years is attributed the bad actionsof the father. lf the child dies to between eight and twelve years,it is because its own sins of from previouslives. The correct determination longovity of has always been a hard nut to crack. Thereare several methodsin vogue, both astrological and astrologico-malhematical. marakavichara The (inquiry into death)on the basisof VimshottariDasa has, at least in our humbleexperience, provedquite satisfactoryas it enables one to judge fairly correctly,the probablelength of one's life on this planet. Of the mathematicalsystems, Pindayurdaya Amsayurdaya, and especiallythe latter, seerns to have receivedconsiderable attention from severalwellknown ancient writers. Varahamihira that Satyacharya,s says view that the longevity conferred by a planet dependsupon its Navamsa positionis in conformity with the views of the majority of astrological writers. The purely mathematical methods longevity of must be applied to thousandsof horoscopes befolea conclusion can be arrived as to their workat ability. One should not reject these methods basing rhe conclusions a small numberof instances. We have been on testingthesevariousmethodsand find some of them, particularlythe Amsayurdaya, yield fairly approximate results.

Coocerniog Eighth Housc tbc

The pindayu Method Pindayuis also cailed Grahadattayurdaya it is the total as of the terms of life grantedby all the planetswhen in a state of deep exaltation. Eachplanet is supposed give a certainterm of life when to it occupiesits deep exaltationpoint and half the period when it occupiesits deep debilitation point. At intermediatepositions it givesthe periodequal to hatf the term plus the period proportionateto the planet's distance from its debilitation point. The term of life given by each of the planets in its deep exaltationis as follows : Sun-19 years Moon-25 years Mars-15 years Mercury-l2 years Jupiter-l5 years Venus-2l years Saturn-20 years The sameplanets in debilitation give the foilowing terms : __ Sun-9 years6 rnonths Moon-12 years6 months Mars-7 years6 months Mercury-6 years Jupiter-7 years6 months Venus-l0 years6 months Saturn-10 years Theseare the termsof rife each pranetgives to the native, provided,the planetsare not affectedotherwise, either by the 7

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conjunctionor by the aspectof malefics. But it is very lare horoscopes, that we come across not affected in anyway by planetary positions. Out of thesetermscertain adverse deduc. tions are to be made to substitutefor the evil aspectsand other maleficinfluences. For this what is called Harana or reductionis employed. There are various kinds of Haranas which require carefulapplication and which depend upon the intengity the evils in any particular of horoscope. Fourkindsof Haranasof reductionsshould be appliecl. They aro : 1. Chakrapatha Harana, 2. Satruksehtra Harana, 3. Astangata Harana,and 4, Krurodaya Harana. Chakrapatha Harana The Lagnais the Ascendant. The 7th housefrom it or the 180th degreeis the Descenclant.The Descendant the horiis zon. The westward direction from the Ascendant the horito zon cor/ers 12th, 1 1th, 1Oth, gth, 8th and 7th Bhavas. the Planets found within 180owest of the Ascendant undergothis reduction, while planetswhich at birth are below the horizon, i.e., occupying first six Bhavas exemptfrom this reducthe are tion. Thosethat ale nearest the Lagnain its westerndirecto tion lose a greatpart of their termsof life, while planets the at farthestdistance from tlre Ascendant are not subjected so to muclrloss. This reduction or Harana varies also with the natureof the planet. In the caseof benefics,the amount of Haranais half of what it is in the caseof malefics. The Moon, Jupiter,Venusand well-associated Mercury are benefics while the Sun, Mars,Saturnand badlyafflicted ics. Mercuryaremalef

Concerningthe Eihtlh f{ouse


Chakrapatha Harana To the West of Ascendant. Planet Malef ic ic Benef 12th Bhava 1 112 11 t h Bhava gth 7th 8th 10tlr Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava

112 114

113 116

114 lle

116 115 11 1 2 1/10

lf thereare two or more planetsin any of thesesixhouses, the reduction must be appliedonly to the strongestplanet in eachof the houses. Satrukshetra Harana Harana After the Chakrapatha Haranais made,Satrukshetra mustbe applied. This is basedon the position of planetsin theit inimical houses. When a planet occupies an inimical sign, one-thirdof the term obtainedafterChakrapatha Harana must be deducted. This reductionshould not be made if the planet is retrograde vakra. Some authors say that Mars is or exempted from Satrukshetra Harana,while othels claim only vakraplanetsmust be considered. The Sanskritword used is vakra. By this is meantboth Mars and retrogression. But for all practicalpurposes, both planetsin rettogressi,rnand Mars are not subjected Satrukshetra to Harana. Astangata Harana Asta meanscombustion. When a planet is very close to to the Sun !t seems loseal! its vitalising influencesby being absorbedby the Sun's intense power, so much so that it practicallyuseless.Therefore when a planet is within becomes certaindegrees from the Sun, it is said to be in combustion and one-half of the term left after the Chakrapathaand SatrukshetraHaranasare caried out must be deducted. When tho


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Moon is 12'forwards or backwards the Sun, he is Astangata. of lf Mars,Mercury, Jupiter,Venusand Saturn ara 17e,14o,11o, 10o and 50 respectively either backwards or forwards of the Sun, they get combust. Mereuryand Venus,if retrograde, get combustonly when 12 and 8o forwardsor backwardsrespectively of the Sun. But it must be noted that Venusand Saturn are exempt from Astangata Harana even when combustas almostall authorities agreeon this point. Krurodaya Harana When one or more malefics occupy the Lagna, leduction due to their presencemust be made in the term already obtainedafter the reductionsdue to Chakrapatha.Satrukshetra and Astangata Haranas have beenmads. This is done by multiplying the number of Amsas that Lagna has passed by the total of the plgnetaryterms. The product is divided by 109. The quotientso obtained is deducted from the total term of life. The remainder is converted into months,days, etc., and addedon to the quotient which represents years. lf malefic in the Ascendantis aspected a benefic, the by Haranafractionso obtained is half of what it would otherwise be. lf two or rnore planets occupy the Lagna, tho planet .Thus nearestto the Lagna_degree must be taken into account. if Lagnais 150of a sign and Mars is 20. and Saturn2boof the samesign, preference given to ths nearest is planet, namely. Mars. The methodof Pindayuis bestexplainedby an illustration : Chart No.33.-8orn 8-8-1912 at 7-SS p.m. (t.S.T.) at Bangalore.

Conceroiog Eightb House the


Longitudes of planets at birth Planet Degrees Minutes Sun 114 26 Moon 55 03 Mars 141 49 Mercury 135 25

Jupiter Venus
Saturn Rahu

224 123

25 42

S a t ur n Moon

354 174


Lagna RASI

gur | | Rahu Sun NAVAMSA enus


_ tt_




Mercury Moon Ketu

Balance of Mars Dasa at birth : 6 yearc, 1 month and 6 days. The Nirayana longitudes of planets are given for Chart No.33 The arc of longevityis obtainedby deducting the longitude of exaltation point from the tongitudeof the ptanet. lf the difference more than 1g0", keep it as it is is. rf the difference is lessthan 180o, rectify. by subtracting it it from 360". Thie Jivesthe Arc of Longevity.


, How to Judge a lloroscoPe

A planet when in deep exaltation gives the full term of to life ascribed it. lf its positionis otherwise, then the number by years it gives is determined tlre rule of three. of periodcontributed a Planet bY The planet'sfull term of life x arc of longevity 360' now determine the Arcs of Longevity of the We shall differentplanets. lts Deep Exaltation lts Longitude Planet 10o 1 14o26' Sun 33o 55" 3' Moon 298" 141" 49' Mars 165" 135" 25' Mercury 95o 224'25' Jupiter 357" 123o 42' Venus 200" 41'36' Saturn The following Arcs of Longevityobtain in the chart :

Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn

Arc of Longevity Degrees Minutes 34 255 57 337 49 203 25 330 35 230 34 233 36 201

SphutaAyurvarsha (period contributedby each planet's longitude)


255'34' r - goo-' 19 = 13 years5 months26 days

Conceroing thc Eigbtb Houee

j tgg

Moon l%:l:gq Mars qfuf,'#

- 23 years months days b le = I years months days 5 26

Me rc u t y : r1 ye a rs mo n th so ays o d $ff 230'-91: 15 x Jupitor : years months days g 7 Venus 3%13331


= 13 years months days g 7

201" 36, x 20 = - years2 months 12 days ll 360. Applying the Haranasor reductions to ths termsof life obtainedso far, we get the foilowing resutts: Planet Sphutavarsha Chakrapatha Satrukshetra Astangata y. m. d. Sun 13 S 26 Moon 23 S 19 Mars B S 26 1t6 Mercury 11 O O Jupiter 9 7 9 t/6 Venus g 13 7 1 tt v . ? . Saturn g 11 2 Of Mars, Mercury and Venus in the 7th house, Mars as the srrongest suffersreduction.No Klurodaya Harana necesis sarysincethereare no malefics Lagna. in terms are obtained after applyins ai, the ,.0"],1;"::ltowins Planet Sun Moon Graha Ayurdaya




13 5 23519

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Planet Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn granted the Totalperiod by

GrahaAyurdaya m. d. Y. 7026 11 0 00 803 9026 11 12 2 8 3y . 3 m . 2 2d .

planets We must still determinsthe termsof life granted by the Lagnawhich is Aquaruis 9" 42'. lt has passed 2 Navamsas (6' 40') which gives2 yearsand tho balanceol3o 2'converted into time gives 10 months 28 days. Lagna therefore gives 2 years 10 months 28 days. The total longevity would be 83 years 3 months 22days + 2 years 10 months 28 days = 86 years2 months20 days. Longevity : 86 years2 months 20 days. The Amsayu Method The Amsayu (longevity due to Navamsa) is held by Bhattotpala to be the only correct method. Manitha and that Sarcvalisuggest Amsayushouldbe appliedonly when the Lagna lord is more powerful than the Sun and the Moon. Whateverthe divergentviews held in regard to the circumstances methods longevity deterof underwhich the different minationare to be applied,it seems be clear that Varahato mihira and his illustrious commentatorBhattotpalahave approvedthe AmsayuMethod as of much impoilance. has Sreepathi dealt with Amsayuin his Paddhatibut as the usual,the average reader finds it difficultto understand because the method, not lo mentionof its practical application aretoo tough. employed language and terminology

('onccrning tbe Eigbtb House


According to Satyacharya,the longitude (sphuta) of a planet is first convertedinto minutes (karas). This is dlvided by 200. The quotient denotes the toiar number of Navams' passedby a planet from the first point of Aries. The quotient is again divided bv 12 to obtain the number of Navamsas passedin the sign considered. This number denotesthe years. The remainder will give the fraction of a year granted by fhe particular planet. The longitudeof the Lagna is also subjected to the samo calculations get period of life it grants. to i The period so granted by a planet is subject to both Bharana (increase) and Harana (reduction) in the foltowing mannel: (a) A planetwhen exalted or retrogradegives thrice the gtumber yearsobtainedby the abovecalculations. of (b) A planet when vargottama or occupying own Navamsa own Rasioi own Drekkana or gives twice the number of years. (c) Wherea planetis to bo multiplied twice or thrice due to its situationaccording both (a) and (6), to the muttiptication is to be doneonly once by the strongest factor. The reductions the sameas in the pindayuMethod. are (d) Chakrapatha Harana: The roductions in respact o Chakrapatha as per detailsgiven on page99 are for pindayu. (e) Satrukshetra Harana: Everyplanet in an inimical houselosesone'third the term of rife reft after chakrapatha reduction. This reduction,however,does not apply to Mars and letrograde planets. (t) AstangataHarana : pranetswhen combustin the sun loseone-halfof their periodremaining after reduction due to Chakrapathaand Satrukshetra occupation. Mars, Mercury,


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Jupiter,Venusand Saturnare combust when within 17o, 14o, 1lo, 10" and 5" respectivery backwards forwardsof the sun. or Venusand Saturnare exemptfrom this reduction. @) KrurodayaHarana: Evenif evil planets occupy the Ascendant, reductionis to be madeunrikein pindayurdaya. no The methodis best iilustratedby an example. Chart No. 34.*Born 29150-t2-1g79at I a.m. (L,M.f .) at9N50,78E15.
Mars Kctu Moon


NH.46 Rahu Sun Mercury Lagna Venug Rahu Mars

20 days. Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn


Balance Jupiter Dasaat birth : 4 years, I month and of Longitude 2570 4', 89' 5g' 23 26', 234' 36' 3170 57', 211'57' 348" 32', 182. 19', Longitude in Minutes 15424 5398 1406 1 4076 19077 12717 20912 10938

Coaceruing rhe Eighth tlousc


ln orderto get the 'Navamsaspassed in a sign (which denotethe numberof yearsgranted by each planet in whole numbers), dividethe longitucle a planetin minutesby 200. of ' u f - - 9424 Sun' =. Z O O : tr, 224O t O Dividingagainthe guorientll bV 12, we get a remainder of 5 which is the number of Navamsaspassed by the Sun from tho first point of Aries. In other words, the sun contributes 5 whote yearsand 24 ZOO ayear,i.e., Syears of I montl.l 13 days. Similarly find out the term granted by each of the planets. planet Term granted m. Y. 5 1 21126 7 0 10 4 11 4 372 8621 688 d. 13 10 17 19

Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Lagna

tharanas and Haranas Bharanas: The Moon is vargottama,Mars occupies his own sign in Rasiand Navamruund Jupiter occupies his own sign in Navamsa. Therefore, their periods doubted. are y. m. d. y. nt. d. Moon =21126x 2 = 5 11 22 Mars 7 O 10 y 2 =14 0 20 Jupiter 11 4 19 )i 2=22 908

How to Judgc e lforoscopc

Haranas : Chakrapatha Mars, a malefic,is in the 7th house and by suffersreduction 1/6th his term got after Bharana. The Moon, a benefic, is in the 9th houseand suffers by reduction 1/8th the term he getsafterBharana. reduction,we have After the Chakrapatha Mars Moon ;: = 11 years8 months17 days 5 years2 months23 days

Satrukshetra: The Moon and Mercury occupy inimical signsand suffer reductionby 1/3rd of their tespectiveterms. The Moon's term after Chakrapatha Harana-= 5y. 2m,23d. The Moon's term after 1i3 reduction.= 3y. 5m. 25d. M e r c u r y ' tse r m = 1 O y .4 m . 1 7 d . Mercury's term after 1/3 reduction-' 6y. 11m. 1d. Astangata Harana No planetis combust. by Adding up the termsgranted all the planets: Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Lagna Total

Termof life y. m. d. 5113 3 525 11 8 17 6 11 1 22 908 371 8 622 688

6 8 y , 1 0 m .5 d .

Housc tbc Concerniog Eighth


The nativeof Chan No. 34 died on 15-4-1950, that is,'at the age of 70 years3 months15 dayswhich is quite closo to the term obtainedon the basisof Amsayurdaya. Other Methods

methodsof determinother mathematical Thereare several etc., but we feel that their ing longevitylike Jeevasarmayu, pagesis not necessary.The most reliable in exposition these method,in our humbleview, is that of Jaimini' mathenratical in This has beenelaboratelydealt with, with examples, our in book Stucties Jaimini AstrologY,to which readers'maytefet, the Jaimini method' in in casethey are interested learning important' But, it does methodis equally Ashtakavarga not seemto be quite reliable. The Ashtakavargamethodof has been bxplained in detail in our determination longevity book Asftakavarga Systemof Prediction' texts which seems, Yet anothermethodgiven in classical is to in our experience, be over-simplified to add the longitudes of Saturn,Jupiter,lhe Sun and the Moon. This gives a point in the zodiacafter expungingmultiplesof 12o' In the caseof short,ntiddleand long life, deathoccurswlren Saturnttansits overthis point in his firct, secondand third cyclesrespectively

and AlthoughJaimini'smethod.Pindayurdaya Amsayurdaya on longevity results,it is wise to determine yield fairly accurate and Bhuktis. the chartand the Dasas of of the basis the strength The lirst step would be to see if a given chartbelongsto Balaon rishta, Alpayu, Madhyayuor Poornayu, the basis of the given earlier. Then, longevitycan be fixed by combinations determiningthe most powerful marakas or death-inflictin planets.


H o r t o J u d 3 ea H o r o s c o p c

Determining the period of Death ln the I Volumeof this work, we have discussed brief in underthe caption"Determination Longevity.,, principtes of the for deterrnining kiiler-planets. this chapter the In we propose to deal with the samesubjectin somewhatgreaterdetail, even at the risk of repetition, so that the reader can understand rhe subjectmorethorough ly. Deaihdealing or maraka planetscan be divided into 3 groups: (a) Primary Determinants Death, of (b) Secondary Determinants Deatlr,and of (c) TertiaryDeterminants Death. of PrintaryDeterminantsof Death: The 3rd and the Bth houseare the houses life. The 12th houses of from thesetwo. namely, the 2nd and the 7th are the houses death. of (a) The 2nd and 7th lords cause death. (b) The occupants, particularly malefics, of the 2nd and Ttlr houses. (c) The planets,especi'ally malefics, associating with tlre Znd and 7th lords. of these,the planetsin conjunction with the 2nd and 7ffr lordsare the most powerfulin causing death. Secondary Determinants of Death : (a) Benefic planets in association with tho 2nd arrd7th lordsare lesspowerful in causingdeath than male{ic planets. (b) Lordsof the 3rd and rhe gth. (c) The lord of the 3rd or 8th house associating wiilr the 2nd or the 7th lord. Teniary Determinants of Death : (a) Saturn in conjunction, aspect associationwitir or

f,oo..roiog rhc EigbthHouse


any of the primary or secondarydeterminantsof death. (h) The lord of the 6th or the gth trouse. (c) The weakestplanet in the horoscope. The following planets are called chidra_grahasand the strongest them can causedeath in his period: of (a) the lord of the gth house (b) rhe planetoccupying the gtlr house (c) the planetaspecting Bth house the (d) the lord of the 22nd Drekkana (e) the planet in association with the gth lord (f) the lord of the 64rh Navamsa occupiedby the Moon (g) the bitter enemyof the gth loro. The 8th house is the house of rife and if affticted terminatesrife. rf the gth rordis in the 6th, gth or the 12th house, death of the personcan occur, (1) in the Dasaand Bhukti of the gth lord, or (2) in the Dasaof the lord of the sign occupied by Saturn in the sub-period the gth lord, or of (3) in the Dasa of the gth lord and Bhukti of the 9th lord. The planetsmost afflictedby marakaproperties by aspect, association occupation or will causedeath. lf the Lagnalord is in the 6th, gth or the 12th houses with Rahuor Ketu, deathtakes ptace in the Dasa of the planet 'associating with Lagnalord or in that of the gth lord. lf Lagna lord is not associated with any planet, the ruler of the *ign occupiedby Lagna lord or the Bth lord will be fatal. When Rahu Dasa operatesat the appropriatetime (when life has been determinedto be short, medium or long), it can be a killer' lf out of saturn, the rordsof Lagna, the gth or the roth



with Rahu, this planet house,the weakestplanetis associated can causedeath in its period,according Jataka Parijatha. lf to the Bth lord is strong, the lold of Lagna can kill in his period. lf the Lagnalord is strong, the 8th lord can kill in his Dasa. lf the Lagna and 8th lords occupy a quadrant or trine with anotherplanet, death occursin the Dasaof the planetin the 8th house. lf the 8th house is not occupiedby any planet, death takes place in the Dasa of Lagnalord when Saturn transitsLagnaor the 8th house. lf Lagnais a Seershodaya sign (Gemini,Leo, Virgo,Libra, Scorpioand Aquarius),deathtakesplacein the periods the of lord of the 2nd or Lagna or of Rahu according Lagnais a as movable, fixed or common sign. lf the Lagna is a Prushtodaya sign (Aries,Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn), death come about in the periods of the lord of the Lagna may Drekkana,the planetaspected by the lord of LagnaDrekkana and the planet in conjunction with the lord of the Lagna Drekkanarespectivelyif the rising sign is movable, fixed or common. Death-inflicting Transits

works on astrologygive severalmethods Standardclassical based on transits of certain planets by which the period of Death death may be gauged with a fair degreeol accuracy. indicated on the basisof transits can happen only when the directionalinfluences the birth charts warrant. Otherwise in such as ill-health,lossof money, misundorstaning misfortunes with kith and kin and separations, must may happen. Readers clearly bear this in mind when interpreting the following combinations bearingon fiansits. Saturn;the Ayushkaraka, also the Mrutyukaraka. When is

Conceroing the Eighth Housc


through the housssoccupied by the 8th lord ot Saturnpasses the | 2th lord from Lagna, death occurs. Passageof Saturn to through these housesor thsir trineswith reference anyother of resultsin the destruction that house. house in the horoscope Saturn's transitof the sign (or its trines) occupiedby the or lord of the 22nd Drekkana Mandi bringsaboutdeath throughthe sign (Rasiand Navamsa) When Saturnpasses the denotedby the dif ferenceobtained by subtracting longitude is likely. Add up the longi' of Saturnftom that of Mendi, death tudes of the 8th, 12th and 6th lords. Saturn passing through death' the sign (or its trines) indicated by the sum indicates from Mandi as Saturn's transit of the sign as far removed Mandi is from the 8th lord is also a fatefultransit. at deathwhen he arrives I sign that Jupiteralso indicates by to is triangular the one occupied the 8th lord. His transit throughthe Rasi(or its trines) rosultingfrom the sum of the death. longitudesof the Lagna, the Sun and Mandi causes When Jupiter closses the Rasi indicated by the sum of the longitudes Jupiterand Rahuor throughits trines, deathcan of be expected. he When the Sun transits the Dwadasamsa occupiesin occupiedby the 8th lord or the Navamsa Rasi,or the Navamsa occupiedby Lagna lord or the trines of any one of these signs, throughthe death may be apprehended. When the Sun passes 6 t h , 7 t h o r t h e 1 2 t h h o u s e f r o m V e n u s ,t h e n a l s o d e a t h i s possible. the Rasi or Navamsaoccupiedby When the Moon crosses the 8th lord or the Sun or their trines,deathis likely. Add together the longitudesof Mandi and the Moon. The sign indicatedby the sum can also cause death when the Moon


H o w t o J u d g ca l l o r o s c o p e

passes throughit. Deathis possible when the Moon crosses the sign occupied by the lord of the 22nd Drekkanareckoned from the Moon or through the trinesof thesehouses. The transitof the Moon throughthe Lagna, the gth or the 12th housealsocauses death. Find out the Navamsa,Dwadasamsa and the Drekkana occupiedby Mandi. The transits Jupiter through the sign of indicated by the Navamsa, Saturnthrough that of Dwadaof samsa and the Sun throughthe one (or its trines) indicated by the Drekkarra indicates death The Lagnadenotedby the sum of the Lagna, the Moon and Mandi indicates time of death. the Chart No.35.-Born 30lgt-t-1896 at LSO a.m. (L.M.r.) at 22 N. 73 E 16.
Sun Saturn Venus Mercury Rahu



R P .3 - 112 Lagna lrlars Vcnus Morcury J u p i t e l


Balance MercuryDasaat birth : 5 years, 1 month and of 6 days. As earlier cautioned these transits must be lookedinto o n l y a f t e rd e t e r m i n i n t h e m a r a k aD a s a sa n d B h u k t i s o n t h e g strength of the Ascendant,the Moon and other planets. Transits are alurayssecondaryin importance.They are like

Conccrning tbe Eighih House


catalytic agents.All conclusionsmust be primarily drawn on the basisof Dasa-vichara (analysis Dasa). of ' The 9th House: Canceras gth house is occupied by gth lord Moon in association with exalted Jupiterin Charttto. gS. It is aspectedby Sth and 12t' rord Mars, exarterJ karaka and 3rd lord Saturnand gth tord Sun. The 8th Lord: The gth lord Moon occupies his own sign Cancer associarion in with exaltedLagnalord Jupiter.Further the 8th lord is fult and very powerfui. He is aspected by an exalted3rd lord Saturnand Sth and 12th lord Mars. The Srd houseand lord: Saturnis the 3r,Jlord exaltedin an upachaya, the 11th house.He is also the ayushkaraka and powerfully placed. The 3rd house is occupied by 7th lord Mercury and afflictedby Rahu.considered from the Moon, the Aquariusis occupied by affticted Mercury, the 3rd lln, l"^r:". and 12th tord. The gth lord Saturn is exalted in the 4th. The 3rd lord Mercuryis in Ayusthana with Rahu. Conclusion.. The strong disposition of the Lagnalord, the 8th housesand 3rd house and their respectivelordsboth from Lagna and Moon-sign wourd prace the native in the Poornayugroup. Timing Death.. ln Chart No. 35, the Lagna is Sagittarius. The 3rd rord saturn is in the 1r th exarted. The gth rord Moon is in own house with exalted Jupiter. The 2nd lord is again saturn exartedin trre11th wrrirethe 7th ford is in *re 3rd (2nd Bhava)with Rahu. Fromthe Moon, the 2nd lord is the Sun and he is in the 7th while the 3rd lord Mercuryis in the 'th with Rahu' The 7th and Bth rord from the Moon is saturrr. Rahuis a maleficassociated with Tttr lord from Lagna. Comingto Navanrsa, 2nd and 3rd lords tlre are Venusand Mars respectively, while the 7th and gth lords are Jupiter and


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Mars respectively. From the Moon, the 2nd and 3rd are ruted by Jupiter and Mars respectively.The malefic associatewith the 2nd lord is Saturn.We give below a table showing the units of maraka power that each planet gets by virlus of ownership, occupationand association.Studentsaf astrology will be able to appreciate the whole procedure better. Power of marakas obtained by Ownership Location Association 2nd lord from Moon 7th lord from Moon in Amsa 2nd from Lagna 7th from Moon With 2nd lord in Amsa No. of Units

Planet Sun

8th lord 8th from Lagna 8th lord in Amsa 3rd lord in Amsa 3rd lord from Moon in Amsa Mercury 7th lord 3rd from Lagna 3rd lord fronr 8th from Moon Moon n' 8th lord from 3rd from r Moonin Lagnain Amsa Arnsa Jupiter 7th lord in 2nd from With 8th lord Amsa Lagnain from Lagna Amsa 2nd lord from Moon in Amsa

Moon Mars

2 3

Cooccrnlog ElShthHousc the


Planet Venus Saturn

Power of marakas obtainedby Ownership Location Association. 2nd lord in Amsa 2nd lord 3rd lord

No. of Units

With 7th lord from Moon in Amsa With 2nd lord in Amsa with 7th tord from Moon in Amsa

8th lord from Moon 7th lord from Moon Rahu 3rd from Lagna 8th from Moon Malefic associate of 7th lord


2nd from Moon

With 8th lord in Amsa 4 With 3rd lord in Amsa With 3rd lord from Moon in Amsa

Out of a total of 35 units of maraka,Saturn and Mercury each get 6 units while the Sun gets the next highest number of 5 units. As the lord of the gth and powedully aspected by


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Jupiter, the Sun losesthe marakapower in his Dasa,but woutd producethe samein the Bhukti within the Dasaof another malefic.MercuryDasacomesvery late in life (beingalso Dasa at birth) so that possibility of death in his Dasa is out of question. SaturnDasa will come in the native,sgOth year, which is far too late. Saturnby virtueof his inherentaffinity with Rahu (Sanivad Rahu) delegateshis maraka or kilting power to Rahu. Rahu,it will be seen, occupiesthe 3rd house and is in association with Mercury,ford of the 7th from Lagna and who owns the 8th fronrthe Moon in Navamsa. As Rahu happens to be a maleficassociate the 7th lord he has every qualifiof cationto inflictdeath in his Dasa.As we have already noticed, Saturnhas the largest numberof unitsfor killing next to Morcury who cannot do his job; and as Saturn himselfcar.tnot causedeath,he must naturally clelegate poweron the planet lrls occupying sign. Such a planetwould be Rahu. his Rahuis in the 8th fiom the Moon. Hence Rahu gets tho power to kill in his Dasa. MercuryDasarulesat birth with a balanceof 5 years1 month 6 days. Then the Dasasof Ketu, Venus,Sun, Moon and Mars lastfor S0 yearsbringingthe total to 55 years1 month 6 daysfrom birth.This will be upto about 7 - 3 - 1 9 5 1 .T h e n R a h uD a s a c o m m e n c e sW h e nw i l l h e k i l t ? . His Dasaer,tendsfor 18 years. Will Rahusparethe native all the 18 years Kelu is a likelycandidate,Ketu should partake ? of the characteristics the Sun but as the Sun himself has S of power so that he would units, Ketu hasonly 4 units of maraka rather assume the responsibilityhimself than allow Ketu to do it. Gochara influences must also synchronise with the time of death. The sub periods of Rahu, jupiter, Saturn, Mercury,

Conccrning tho Eightb Housc


Ketu and Venusin the Dasaof Rahu last for 14 years6 months 18 days. This will bringthe age to about 69 years 7 months 24 days. VenusBhuktiin RahuDasaendsby about2b-9-1965 ftom which date Sun Bhukticommences.The Sun as we have already seenowns the 2nd from the Moon Lagnaand occupies the 7th marakafrom the Moon while he is placed in the 2nd from Lagna. In the Navamsa againhe owns the 7th from the Moon and is associated with the 2nd lord from Lagna. Moreoverhe is a bitterenemy of Rahuand in Rasithe major and sub-lordsare in dwirdwadasa(2112) while in Amsa, they are in shasitashtaka \6,8). Thus the Sun is fully empowered to kill in his Bhukti which runs between 25-9-1965 and 19-8-1s66. When marakaDasais operating momentum the last the of signalfor deathis given by Ayushkaraka Saturnin his transits. Deathoccursw.henSaturn in his transit passes through the Rasiand Amsa occupiedby him at birth or its trines. Saturn occupios Libra in Rasiand Geminiin Navamsa. Aquarius in is trine lo both thesesigns. SaturnentersAquarius by February 1964. He witl occupyAquarius Rasiand Gemini Navamsa by February-March 1966. The nativedied on 7-2-1966. Balarishta Predictions regarding the longevityof children are generallynot advisable. A chart with severe afflictions may give a sicklychildhoodor makeone prone to recurrirrg accidents. But the questionof death itself is best left untouchd.Anyway we give heresomechartsillustrating deathin childhood. f n ChartNo. 36 the Moon is in the gth housewith Rahu and is aspected a maleficplanet Saturn. Lagnais aspected by by Mars adversely. Jupiter, no doubt, aspects Lagnabut a8 gth

Horv to Judle a Horoscopc

Chart No. 36.-Born on 16-12^1950at 10-50 p.m. (t.S.r) at 22 N 4,88 E 24.


l-l..u]"'l;J .l



| *^* Rahu I


Moon ,,l"r"ury Lagna i

Balanceof SaturnDasaat birth : 12 years, 4 monthsand

12th from the 8th house). Afflictions the Moon and Lagna to generally causedeathin infancyor childhood.The child died at the age of 2$ years. In Chart No. 37 the Moon is afflicted by Rahu and Saturn. He does not receiveany beneficaspects. Both Rahu and the Moon move into the twelfth Bhava. The child died in its 3rd year. In Chart No. 38 the Moon is in a malefic sign afflicted by Mars and Saturn. Thereis a particular yoga by which 'if the Moon occupiesa malefic sign ol Navamsawith no benefic aspectsand malefics occupythe sth or the gth house,the child diesearly'. Herothe Moon is not only in a malefic sign as well as Navamsa but is also severefy afflictedby two powerful naturaf well asfunctionalmalefics,Mars and Saturn. The as

i"''itl]; prssence the 7th is notwetcome in 1rn" ,,n is the

Concerniog Eigbth the Housc Chart No.37.-Born at 54 N 56,1 W 25.


2-2-1871 at 5-21 p,m. (L.M.T.)

Moon Rahu


Mercury Saturn Ktu

Balance Rahu Dasaat birth : 0 years, 2 months and of 29 days. Chart No.38.-8ori Z-A-tAzg at 9-05 a.m. at 54 N 56,


Sun Merc.
upit. Ketu Mars


| "",.,,, _ |""'

Moon Sun



Balance of Sun Dasa at brilh : 1 year, 6 months and 27 days.

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by 5th houseis occupied a malefic planet Saturn. The child died on 14-8-1873, hardlya week aftetbirth. Chart No.39.-Born 22-10-1960 at 2-32 a.m. (L.M.T.) tt 38 N 17.88 W 55.



GD-9I Saturn Jupiter Moon Mercury Venue

Lagna Saturn Fahu Mars

Balance Jupiter Dasaat birth : 2 years, 7 months and of 13 days. 'Malefics in the Lagnaand the 7th house and the Moon planets, causesearly by if with a malefic, not aspected benefic deathof the child.' In ChartNo, 39 Rahu occupiesthe exact and Ketuis in the 7th aspectedby Mars The Lagnadegree between malefics but hemmed Moon is in the 4th witn benelics Saturnand the Sun. He receivesno benelic aspects. Tha Yoga child died in SaturnDasa, Ketu Bhukti. The Balarishta in ChartNo. 38 applieshere also. The Moon occuapplying by any benefic pies a maleficsign in Rasiand is not aspected planet. Saturn,a malefic,aspected another maleficMars, by occupiesthe sth house.

the House Concerning Eigbth Chart No. 4o.-Born t4E 31,5l N.


14-4-1920 at I p.m. (E.S.T.) at

vrnu, I sun Mercrrry Xetu I


t__l 1,.,,,I


NAVAMSA Mercury Saturn

Marg Moon

Balance Rahu Dasaat birth : of 2 days.


Kotu I'm:

12 years, 2 monthsand

In ChartNo. 40 the Lagnaand 7th house are occupiedby is The N4oon in Aquaand Sun-Ketu respectively. Mars-Rahu not receive olty rius aspected by malefic Saturn and does aspects. The Lagnais hemmedbetween Mars and beneficial though all threeoccupythe same sign. The Rahudegreewise span. girl died in April 1929 iust at the end of the Balarishta In Chart No. 41 the Moon is not afflicted nruch and is by aspected Jupiter who is combust. But powerful debilitated malefics occupythe main quadrants,namely, Saturn occupies the Ascenthe 7th and Mars,the 1Oth house, both aspecting 'if works the Lagnalord is debili' to dant. According classical the 7th or the Bth houseftom Lagna, tated and Saturnoccupies muchand diBs quickly'.. Venus is the Lagna the child suffers by but lord and he is notonly debilitated also eclipsed Ketuand


How to Judgc a llororcopo

Chart No. 4l .-Bom 77 E35.


at lO-30 d.m. at tg" N,

Irur"'..Saturn I

li::H I



i"'"j l-l t__t


Balanceof Ketu Dasaat birth : 5 years, 4 months and 14 days. in the 12th house. DebilitatedSaturnoccupies the 7th house. The boy died in September 1975 in his 8th year. In Chart No. 42 the Moon is in a dusthana afflictedby Ketu. Maleficsin rhe 6th and 12th houses with no benefic aspocts cause Balarishta. Here Ketu is in the 6th and Rahuis aspected by Saturn and Mars is in the 12th. The boydied in March 1929. Alpayu In most cases Alpayu, the Ascendant of and gth houseand their lords are weak either due to occupation, aspector other alfliction. Beneficsmay also be weak while malefics may be strong in kendras. The Eighth House (Chart No. 43).. Capricorn is tha gth house free of aspects occupation. lt is hemmed between or maleficsSaturnand Ketu.


Conocroiog Eigbtb tbe House Chart No.42.-.Born at 14E 31,51 N.


2l-2-1925 at 5-15 p.m. (C.E.T.)

Sun Mercury Venus Moon Kotu

I nanu

RAsr l- l."nn,
GD-l'!s i


| ,",u'ni


Merculy J u p it e r

Balance Moon Dasa at birth : 1 year, 0 month and of 0 days. Ghart No. 43.-8orn | 9-lO-l 959at | | -45 p.m. (t.S.T.)at 2 0 "N , 5 6 " 7 7 E 4 8 .
Rahu Satu rn

NAVAMSA enus GD-83 Jupiter Sun Marg Ra h u

Merc. | | Mars KetU J up i t e t

21 days.

B a l a n c eo f S u n D a s a a t b i r t h :

0 years, 10 months and



How lo Judgc a Horoscopo

The Eighth Lord: Saturn is in the 7th in a kendrabut in the 12th house from the 8th house.He is aspectedby a combust Mars. " Ayushkaraka Sat,.rrn in his own sign but in a maraka: is sthanaand aspected a maleficMars. by ConsideredfromtheMoon.. The 8th lord is in the l2th from the 8th. Conclusions.' The Lagnais failly strongbeing Vargottama and Lagnalord is exalted but in an asterism the 2nd lordSun. of Strong malefics occupykendras.Mars,who is combust,aspects the Lagnaadversely The 3rd house and 3rd lord are both afflicted by Rahu. The nativedied at 16 years in Ketu Bhukti, Mars Dasa. Within the spanof Alpayu,the Sun, the Moon, Marsand Rahu (part) Dasasoperats.Mars is tho 7th lord from the Moon Chart No.44. -9orn 4-4-194e at 6 a.m. (t.S.T.) at 26N18.73E04.
Sun Lagna I Mercury Rahu Venus

Mars Sat. RASI

Mars S!t. __l Sun NAVAMSA

GD . 8 5 Jupitet

Balance Moon Dasa at birth: 1 year,11 months and of 7 days.


Concerningtbc Eighth House


and is with the 2nd lord from Lagna,namelythe Sun. He is as. pectedby 7th lord Saturn.Ketushould give the results Marc of and Jupiter.Jupiteris the 8th lord from the Moon and placed in the 7th from therebecoming maraka. a The Eighth House (Chart No. 44).' Libra is occupiedby a maleficKetu and aspected a debilitatedMars. by The Eighth Lord : Venusis well placed in his own sign Taurus but in the constellation 6th lord the Sun. of Ayushkaraka.' Saturnis in the 5th liouse aspectedby 5th lord the Moon but in very close conjunctionwith debilitated Mars.He occupies constellation 7th lord Mercury. the of by Consideredfrom the Moon : The 8th houseis aspected 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter from e nodal*asterism. The 8th lord is in the 3rd with Mercury,6th and 8th lord. Two powerful malefics afflict the Moon. Conclusion.' Lagnais occupiedby a malefic6th lord Sun and a rnaraka, Mercury. Lagnalord Jupiteris in a kendra but in of the the asterism a nodewho occupies 8th house in affliction.
'' w E i t h c ri n t h o l V o l u m eo r i n t h o l l V o l u m e o f t h i s r , v o r k e h a v en o t as to far touchod th significanceof asrerisms constellations it or forms a distinct sublectby itslf, The significance constellational of lordsis highlighted Satvecharya hence its importancecannot by and be under-rated.The lordshipsof planets assigned constellations to are on the basisof tho Vimshottari Dasa lcrds. (Krittika,Uttaraand Uttarashadha--the Sun ; Rohini. Hasta and Sravana-the Moon; M r i g a s i r aC h i t t aa n d D h a n i s h t a - . M a r s r i d r a , w a t i a n d S a t a b h i s h a , S ;A * R a h u ; P u n a r v a s u ,i s a k h aa n d P o o r v a b h a d r a - - J u p i t eP ; s h y a m i , ru V and Uttarabhadra-Saturn; Aslesha, Jyeshta and RevatiAnuradha Mercury; Makha,Mocla and Aswini-Ketu ; and Pubba,Poorvashadha and Bharani-Venus) Thus in this chartJupiter who is in the 3rd house is in tho constollationof Moola rulod by Ketu,one of the nodes.


lr 8

Howto Judgo Horoscopc a

Longevity must come within Alpayu due to tho malefic natureof the asterisms ocoupied by Lagnalord, 8th lord and 3td lord and the severeaffliction to the Moon. Deathoccurred SaturnBhukti,Rahu Dasa.Rahuin the in 2nd housein a sign of Mars is a powerfulmaraka. His signdipositor Mars is the 2nd lord and in the 7th from the Moon wath2nd lord Saturn.Saturn,the Bhuktilord, is alsoa maraka, particularly from the Moon both in Rasiand Navamsa. Ghart No. 45.-Born26-5-1950 at 6-90 a.m. (t.S.T.) tt 82 E 13,16 N 52.
Venua Rahu
Lagna Sun

Sun Kotu

NAVAMSA Mars upit. M a r s uoon I ^unu Ketu Mercury

Balanceof Venus Dasa at birth: 2 years 1 month and 15 days. The Eighth House,. The 8th house is Sagittariusaspected by 7th lord eclipsed Mars. The Eighth Lord: Jupiter, the 8th lord, is in a kendraaspectedby Moon and Saturn.Jupiter is in an asterismof Rahu who thoughin the 11th is aspectedby 7th lord Mars. Ayushkaraka: Saturnoccupies inimical sign Leo witfr his 3rd lord Moon and is aspectedby 8th lord Jupiter.

Concerning BighthHotrso tbe


consideredfrom the Moon.' The 7th rordsaturn occupies the Moon-sign while the gth house is occupied by exalted Vargottama but eclipsed Venusand aspected by an afflicted Mars. The 8th lord Jupirer is in a kendrain ttre i2th from the 7th house. Conclusion.. Both from Lagna and the Moon, the gth lords are well placed. But Lagna lord Venusthough exaltedis afflictedby Rahu and Mars in the consteilationot-Mercury, the 2nd lord,a maraka, praced the 12th house.This wourd mako in the 8th lord stronger than Lagna lord causing Alpayu. The nativedied in VenusBhukti of Moon Dasa. Venus occupies Pisces with Rahu aspected by Mars and is in the asterism of 2nd lord Mercury. The Moon occupies the 4th with karaka Saturn(the 7th lord from Moon) and is aspected gth by lord Jupiterprovingmaraka thereby.' Ghart No.46..-Born 29-t-1955 at I0 p.m. (t.S.T.) at 9N58,76Et7.
Moon Mars
Lagna VenuS

Sun Saturn Rahu Jupiter


Rahu Venus



''r ll'

Balanceof Mercury Dasaat birth : 3 years, ^ 5 months and 9 days.


,& ,g

;,i. ti '"lli;rr


Hon to Judge Horoscopo a

The Eighth House.' lt is aspected by an exaltedayushkarakaSaturnwho is in the asterismof the 7th lord. TheEighth Lord: ln ChartNo. 46 Mars is in the 7th house (in the 12th from the Bth) with 11th lord Moon aspectedby 7th lord exalted Jupiter. Ayushkaraka.' Saturn is exalted in the 2nd and is aspectedadversely 8th lord Mars. by Considered from the Moon; The eighthhouseis occupied by by exalted Saturnand aspected 2nd lord Mars.The 8th lord by is in the 10th eclipsedand aspected Saturn. Conclusion: The 8th lord is in a kendrawhile Lagnalord is weakfy pfacedin the 6th house subject to a papakartarl the by caused Sun and Mars. Furtherhe occupies constellation of the 8th lord. VenusDasa,JupiterBhuktikilled the native. Venusis the 2nd lord from Lagna, the 2nd and 7th lord from Navamsa Lagnaand in the 2nd from the Moon in Navamsa.Jupiteras 7th lordirom Lagnabecomesa powerful nraraka,more so Saturn. by being aspected 2nd occupant by TheEighth House.' ln ChartNo.47 Taurusisaspected and 6th lord Jupiter. 3rd in The Eighth Lord: Venusis debillitated the 12th house with 12th lord Mercury. Ayushkaraka: Saturn occupies his moolatrikonasign but in a nodal constellation. Aquarius from the Moon.' The 8th house is adversely Considerecl aspectedby an afflicted Mars and Moon-sign lord Jupitet. with 12th lord Mars and is aspected Jupiter is in parivartana by 2nd and 3rd lord Saturn.The Bth lord is the Moon himself by afflicted Mars and Rahu.

Concernlng Eightb Housc thc


Ghart No.47.-8orn 2-ll-1935 at 5-40 a.m. (l.S.T.)at 13' N 29" 77 E 32.


Rahu Moon Mars

Sun Lagna

Jupiter Mercury

Balance of Venus Dasaat birth : 6 years,1 monlh and 24 days. Conclusion.' The Lagna and 8th lord Venusis debilitated in the 12th house.The Lagnais occupied a malef debiliby ic, tatedSun. The Moon is also severely afflictedby malefics. The chan therefore comeswilhin Alpayu. Death took place in Venus Bhukti of Mars Dasa.Venusis with Mercurywho is the 7th lord from the Moon. He is in the 2nd from Navamsa Lagnawith 2nd lord Saturn. He is alsothe afflicted 8th lord. Mars, the Dasa lord, is the 2nd and 7th lord from Lagnaand from the Moon in Navamsa. is debiliHe tated in Navamsa and aspected by 2nd and 3rd lord Saturn which renders him a first-rate maraka. Eighth Hause.' In Chart No. 48 Scorpio is the 8rh The houseaspected an exalted4th lord Moon. by The Eighth Lord: Mars is in the 12th in exact coniunction with 2nd and 7th lord Venusand is alsocombust. He is with 3rd and 6th lord Mercury.

t82 Chart No. 48.--aorn S-4-lg4g 1 3 "N , 7 7 E 3 5 .

Sun Mars Venus Mercury
Lagna Rahu

How to Judgea Hororcopo at 8 a,nt. (l.S,T.) at

"""" L'"" .


Mars Kstu Venus


Balance Moon Dasa at birth : 9 years, 6 months and of 23 days. Ayushkaraka: Saturnis in the Sth in an inimical sign in the constellation Ketuwho occupies of marakasthana, 7th the heuse. Considereclfrom the Moon: The 8th house has no aspects and is not occupied by any planeteither. The eighth lord Jupiteris in the grh debititared. Conclusion : Lagna is occupiedby Rahu and Lagnalord is in the 12th in exactconiunctionwith a maraka Venus a in constellation ruled by Mercurywho is the 3rd and 6th lord and placed in the 12th. Further both Lagna and 8th lordsare in combustion.The Moon is exalted but is aspected malefic by Saturnand debilitated Jupiterindicating short life. a The nativedied in Venus Bhukti,Rahu Dasa.Rahu is in Lagnain a martian sign. Mars is in theTth, fromthe Moon. Rahushouldgive results similar to Saturn who is the natural

Conceroing Eigbtb thc Houso


significator death in an asterism of ruted by Ketu,a maraka, Rahu occupies the second from Navamsa Moon. Venus,the Bhuktilord, is a maraka from Lagna,trom Navamsa Lagnaand also from the Moon-inNavamsa, being tord of the 2nd and 7th from all thesepoints. Chart No.49._Born 24_g_1944 at S_tS a.m. (W.f J at 4tN28,8tw40.

ll"' lli rl;;l

I Lagna Sun Jupit Venus


I n"nuI x"t, I

Ketu GD.81


of Rahu Dasa birth. 13 years, 7 morrl, at rs and ,, oSrlllnt"

TheEighth House.. Capricorn is the gth house aspected by 2nd lord Sun, 6th and 9th lorC Jupifer and 4th and 1Oth lord Venus. The Eighth Lord ; Saturnis the gth lord placed in the 12th house. Ayushkaraka : Saturn is the 7th and gth lord as well placedin a dusthana, the l2th house. Consideredfrom the Moon.. The gth house is Taurusand receives aspects no whilo the gth lord Vunu, is in the llth househemmedbetweenMars and Rahu.


Itvterc. I


I rur." I



j How to Judgo Horoscopc a

The Lagnais occupiedby a node and Lagna lord is in a kendra. But Lagnalord is the Moon himselfplacedin a nodal constellation. Thereare no otherplanetsin kendras.The 3rd is beingin a cusp and with malefic lord Mercury also afflicted Mars. The lord of longevity, Saturn,is in the house of loss, the 12th house. The chart therefore cannot give much longevity. Deathtook place in Saturn Dasa, Saturn Bhukti. Saturn maraka beingthe 7th and 8th lord. He is alsothe is a first-rate Lagnaand the Moon in Navamsa 2nd lord from both Navamsa in a and occupies marakasthana Navamsa. Madhyayu at I l-55 p.m. Chart No. 5O.-Born 25-l2-l917

rcM.r)at0w05,51 N3l.
Moon Jupitel

Lsgna Moon J upitot

Mgrs NAVAMSA Sat. Ketu GD.79 Mars




Balance Moon Dasaat birth : 7 years, 7 months and of 6 days, The Eighth House: The 8th houseis Aries aspected and Saturn, 5th and 6th the adverselyby the 8th lord Mars No. 5 0 . lord in Chart

Conccroiog Elghtb the Housc


The Eighth Lord: Mars the grh tord is ptacedin Lagna Kendra and aspected 7th lord Jupiter and Saturn. by Ayushkaraka Saturn is placedin the 11th house aspec: ted by 2nd and 9th lord Venus. Considered from the Moon: The gth house is Sagittarius occupiedbv 2nd and Sth lord Mercury,4th lord Sun and Rahu and aspected 7th rord Mars. The gth rord Jupiter is in the by Moon-sign itself,a quadrant. ' Conclusion.. Lagna lord is in a kendra afflicted and eclipsed.The 8th lord too is in a kendra aspectedby 7th rord Jupitel. But Jupiter occupiesthe asterism a beneficMoon. of So also Saturnoccupiesthe constellation Lagna lord. Here of both malefics and benefics occupytrines and quadrants indicatingmediumlife. Also, there is a yoga ,if the gth lord is in a kendraand the 8th houseis not occupiedby any planet,the nativelives for 40 years'. Deathtook placein MercuryBhukti,JupiterDasa. Jupiter ls the 7th lord from Lagnaand hencea killer. Mercurythough Lagnalord is heavilyafflicted and becomes maraka. a The Eighth House.. In Chart No. bl Aries is aspectedby 6th lord Saturnand 7th tord Jupiter. The Eighth Lord: Mars is afftictedby Rahu and Saturn. Ayushkaraka: Saturn occupies moolatrikonasign but his is subjectto afflictionby Rahu and Mars. Considered from the Moon: The gth house is occupied by malefics, Mars,Saturnand Rahuwhile the gth lord being Saturnis also heavilyaf flicted. Conclusion.. tf Lagnalord is weak, malefics occupy the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, Jupiteroccupies trine or quadranl a and malefic occupies Lagna, Madhyayu is caused according lo Jataka Parijatha, Here Lagnalord is in a quadrant in own


Eow to ludgo r Hororcogc

Ghart No. 51.-Bom l2-7-1877 at lOa.m. (L.M.T.) at 46 N 13,6 8 07.

Merc. Sun

| .luotter Marcury n^.r, I

Moon u8 NAVAMSA Ketu


Lagna VenuS

Bafance of Mercury Dasa at birth : 12 yeats, 5 months and 28 days. by eign while beingwith 12th lord Sun and aspected 7th lord him. MaleficsMars,Rahuand Saturn are in Jupiterweakens the 6th and Ketu is in the 12th. Jupiter occupiestho 4th house,a quadrantand malefic Mars aspects Lagna adversely. The yoga is literally fulfilled exceptfor occupationof Lagna by a rnalefic.lnstead,therels maleficaspecton Lagnafrom Mars, and 8th lord is afflicted too, Lagnalord in a quadrant Otherwise and weak so that medium life can be expected. Deathoccurred Venus Bhukti, Sun Dasa. The Sun is in by 12th lord aspected 7th lord Jupiter. He is also the 2nd the lord from the Moon in the 12th from him with 3rd and 12th he lord Mercury. In Navamsa, is the 8th lord both ftom Lagna and Moon and is with the ?-ndlordSaturn. Venus is not only marakabut being in the constellationof Mercury tn apparent Sun and Jupiter gets who, in turn, is influencedby 2 marakas marakapower.

Cooccrningtbo Eithtb Houso


Chart No.52.- Born l7-10-1867 at 2-30 p.n. (L.M.T.) at 46 N 13,6E 07.

Kotu Mercury Mars






of Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 5 yearsand 7 rronths. the 8th house and is The Eighth House.' Rahuoccupies and 12th lord Jupiterand Lagnalord Saturn. by aspected 3rd The Eighth Lord : The Sun is in a kendra and with 4th and 11th lord, Mars, 6th and 9th lord Metcury and sth and 1Othlord Venus. Ayushkaraka.' Saturn occupies an Upachaya, the llth house. Considered from the Moon .' The 8th house is Sagittarius whoselord Jupiteris in the 1Othwith Ketu. Conclusion.' Both Lagnaand 8th lords are fairly strong but the 8th lord Sun is stronger than Lagna lord both by placement The 8th houseis afflictedby Rahu and association. but also aspected by Lagna lord Saturn. Both beneficsand maleficsoccupytrines and quadrantsindicatingMadhyayu. The nativedied in RahuBhuktiof SaturnDasa. Dasalord Saturnis a powedul kifler beingthe 2nd lord from Lagna. 7th



Bow to Judgo Hororcopc e

occupantfrom the Moon and 7th lord from both Lagna and Moon in Navamsa. Rahu in a sign ruledby 8th lord Sun should additionally give saturnine results and becomes a Strong maraka.. Chart No. 53.-Born 29-5-1917 at 3-00 p.m. (E.S.f.l at 718 W, 42 N 05.


t; t;



Itvtetc. Balance of Venus Dasa at birth : 1 year, 0 months and . 0 days. The Eighth House: The eighth houseis occupiedby own lord Mars and Lagnalord Mercury. lt is aspected by Sth and 6th lord Saturn. The Eighth Lord : Mars is the 8th lord and occupies his moolatrikona sign Aries with Lagnalord Mercuryand is aspec. ted by Saturn. Ayushkaraka: Satuln is in the llth house in his own asterism aspected 8th lord Mars. by Considered from the Moon: The-8thhouseis Pisces free of any afflictionsby aspector occupation. The 8th lord Jupiter occupies the 10th housewith Moon-sign lord Sun and 10th

Conccraing tbo Eighth Houso


ford Venus. He is subjectto a papakaftari yogacausedby Mars and Ketu. Conclusion: The Lagna and 8th lord are together and afflictedby Saturn. The Moon is also in the 12th house but two beneficsJupiter and Venusoccupya trine. Jupiter aspects Lagna.Theseplenetery positionsindicateMadhyayu. The netivedied in SaturnBhukti,Jupiter Dasa. The Lagna being Virgo, Juplter becomesa powerful maraka.Saturn is the 7th lord both from the Moon in Rasi and from Navamsa Lagna and thereforompoweredto kill in his period. Chart No. 54 -9orn l2-l-1863 at 6-99 p.m. (L.M.T.) at 22 N 40, 88 E 30.

Mcrcury Sun Venul



Balanceof Moon Dasaat birth : 3 years, 3 months and 27 days, The Eighth House: In Chart No. 54 Cancer is aspected gth lord Sun, 6th and 11th lord Venus and 7th a n d 1 O t h by lord Mercury. The Eighth Lord : The Moon is 8th lord in the 1oth wirh 2nd and 3rd lord Saturn.


How to Judgo Horoscopc a

Ayushkaraka : Saturn occupiesthe 10th with 8th lord Moon. He has exchanged signs with 7th and 10th lord Mercury. Consideredf rom the Moon : The 8th house is occupied by 8tn lord Mars and aspected 7th tord Jupiter. The 8th lord by being Mars himselfis in his own sign in the 8th house. Conclusion: The Lagna lord Jupiter is powerful in the 1 1th house but subject to a papakartari yoga caused by Rahu and Saturn, while the 8th lord Moon occupies kendra. The a Lagnalord and all the benefics in Panapatas(2, b,8, l1) are or succeedent housesindicatingMadhyayu. Deathcameabout in Sun Bhukti, Jupiter Dasa. Jupiteris a strong maraka becausehe owns the 7th from the Moon, occupiesthe 2nd from the Moon and is subjcct to a papakartari yoga. ln Navamsa, he owns the 7th from the Moon. The Sun, Bhukti lord, occupiesthe 2nd house with 7th lord Metcury. In Navamsa also, he is in the 2nd house. Chart No. 55.-Bcrn 2L3-1883 at 6 a.m. (L.M.T.) at 1? N,77 E 35.
Lagna Sun

Mercury Rahu


Ktu Lagna SUn Jupitot

Balance Moon Dasaat birth : 6 years. of



Coactrnlog EighthHousc tbo


The Eighth House: lt is occupiedby Rahu and aapected by Lagna and 1Othlord Jupiter (seeChaftNo. bS). The Eighth Lord : Venus is well ptacedas gth lord in the tlth house. Ayushkaraka; Saturn is in the 3rd house aspectedby 2nd and 9th lord Mars and hasexchanged signswith 3rd lord Venus. Consideredfrom the Moon.. The 8th house is occupied by Ketu and subject to papakartari yoga caused by the Sun and Saturn. The Moon.signlord Mercury and 8th lord Mars conjoin in the 6th houseaspected 7th lord Jupiter. by Conclusion.' The Lagnalord Jupiter is strong in a kendra, the 8th lord Venusis alsofavourably disposed the 11th and in Ayushkaraka is beneficially Saturn situated in the 3rd house, which factorsfavour long span of life. But Lagna is hemmed betweenmaleficsMars and Ketu. So also is the 8th house Chart No.56.-8orn 9-3-1894 at 3-00 a.m. (C.E.T.)

at 13E 42,51 N.
Rahu Moon McrcurY


Lagna Mars

ruroon Saturn Mercury I Mars Venul I Balanceof SaturnDasaat birth : 1 year, 9 months and

19 days.

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from the Moon while the Sun, a malefic, occupiesLagna indicating mediumspanof life. Deathtook place in Saturn Dasa, Mars Bhukti. Saturn occupiesthe 3rd houseaspected 2nd rord Mars. Bhukti by lord Mars is a maleficbeing the 2nd lord and havingjoined 7th lord Mercury. Mals is thereforea maraka. The Eighth House: In Chart No. b6 Cancer is the gth aspected adversery Sth and 12th rord Mars. lt is powerfuily by aspected 2nd and 3rd rord and karakaexarted, Vargottama by saturn. Venus, the 6th and 11th rord, arso aspects the gth house. The Eighth Lord : The Moon occupies a quadrant with 7th lord Mercuryand Rahu. He is aspected Mars. by Ayushkaraka: Saturn is very powerfully placed in the llth housein Vargottama exaltation. Considered from the Moon.. The gth house Libra is occupiedby a powerful karaka. The gth lord Venus is in the 11th housein exchange signswith saturn. He is aspected of by Moon-sign lord Jupiter from the 3rd house. Conclusion : The Ascendant,the gth lord, and the Moon are severelyafflictedby malefics. The Lagna lord occupiesa malefichouse,the 6th house. The gth house from the Moon is slighttybetter. This should havecausedeven Balarishtaor Alpayu but the strengthof karakasaturn pusheslongevity into the Madhyayu gloup. Death took place in Venus Dasa, Ketu Bhukti. Venus occupies the 2nd houseand has exchanged signs with 2nd lord Saturn. Ketu is in a mercurial sign. Mercury is a powerful marakaboth from Lagnaand the Moon as the 7th lord and passes his killing powers to Ketu. Ketu becomes on fatal in Bhukti.

Coaccrniogthe Eigbtb Houso



at 4t"n"r. W 25. N 2,93

*BorniyJ:i;r, ato-40 No.57. a.m.(L.M.r.)

Lagna Jupitsr

RASI Sat. GD.97

VenueI Rahu I Mercury

Balance Jupiter Dasaat birth : I years, 10 months of and 17 days. The Eighth House: Taurus is aspected by yogakaraka Saturnand occupiedby 2nd and 7th lord Mars. TheEighth Lord : Venus is also the Lagna lord and occupies the 3rd house with Rahu. He is aspected the by 4th and Sth lord Saturnand adversely 7th lord Mars. by Ayushkaraka.. Saturn is in the 6th house but has exchanged signs with 6th tord Jupiter gainingstrengththereby. Also he occupieshis own sign in Navamsa" considered from the Moon.' The eighth house is aspected by Moon.sign lord Saturn while the gth lord is in the Moonsign with 2nd lord Jupiter, 7th tord sun and the 6th rordMoon. Conclusion.. Venus, the Lagnaand gth lord, would seem afflictedby Rahu but both planetsoccupya Venusian constellation which is ruredby Lagna rord. As such the disposition


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of Lagnaand 8th lords in own constellation aspectedby an equally beneficially disposedayushkaraka Saturn has conferred the full spanof life. The nativedied in June 1969 in RahuBhuktl, Mars Dasa in his ninetiethyear. Generally the 8th lord in own sign or Saturnin the 8th, free of afflictions, give Purnayu. Mars the Dasalord, is a marakabeing the 2nd and 7th lord and placed in the 8th house. He is the 3rd lord from the Moon in Rasi and the 7th lord in Navamsaand a first-ratekiller. Rahuis with Venusin the 3rd house aspectedby Saturn and Mars. Rahu gives the results of Venus (the planet with whom he associates), and Satuln (Sanivad Jupiter (his sign-dispositor) Rahuly Venusis the 8th lord in the 7th from the Moon in Navamsa, Jupiter is the 3ld lord from Lagna,2nd lord f rom the Moon in Rasi,the 7th lord from Navamsa Lagnaand in the 2nd from Navamsa Moon, while Saturnis the natural death-dealer. Therefore,Rahubecomes maraka. Chart No. 58.-8orn 24-5-1819 at 4-04 a.m. (L.M.T.) et Sl N 30,0 W 5.
Rabu Mars Saturn

tvtercury I venus I

Sun Lagna Moon


Kotu Mercury Jupitet Saturn

of Balance Moon Dasaat birth: 7 yearsand 3 months.

Concerning Eighth Housc tbc

The Eighth House.' Sagittarius rises in the 8th house aspecred 9th and 1Othlord saturn. by The Eighth Lord: Jupiter is in the 9th debilitatedbut has exchanged signs with 9th lord Saturn. Ayushkaraka.' Saturn is in the 11th in mutual exchange gaining of signswith 11th lord Jupiterin his own constellation strengthtlrereby. He is with 7th lord Mars and Rahu, both Vargottama. Consideredf rom the Moon.' The Moon being in Lagna, we find the sameplanetary situations recur. Conclusion.' Lagna lord Venus is in the 12th in an ruled by 5th occupantKetu who is Vargottamaand asterism who, in turn, is in a constellation ruled by 4th lord Sun. The -Navamsa Sun occupies a kendra and is exalted in which indirectlystrengthens Lagna lord Venus. The Lagna itself is vely powerfullysituated occupied by the Sun and exalted Moon, all in a lunar constellation. (ThisconstelVargottama lation is particularly strong since its lord, the Moon, is very strongly disposed.) The Lagna is aspected 8th and 11th by lord Jupiter who primarilygives the resultsof a strong Saturn. Saturnalso aspects Lagnaand he is strong for two reasons: (1) occupation own constellation of and (2) exchange signs of with 11th lord Jupiter. This extraordinary strength of the group. Lagnaplaces the chart in the Purnayu The nativedied in 1903 in Mercury Dasa, Saturn Bhukti. Mercury the 2nd lord placedin the 12th. He is the 3rd lord is from Navamsa Lagnaand the 2nd lord from Navamsa Moon. His Dasabecomes fatal. The Bhukti lord Saturnis with maraka Mars in Rasiand aspectedby the same maraka in Navamsa becominga marakahimself. IO



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Chart No. 59.- Eorn 7-5-1861 at Z-51 a m, (L.M.T.)at 88 E 30.

Moon Lagna
Venug Sun Mercury

Ketu Mars


Balanceof Mercury Dasa at birth : 10 years, 2 months and 20 days. The Eighth House,. Libra is the eighth house aspected by 8th lord Venus,6th lord Sun and 7th lord Mercury. Saturn also aspects it. The Eighth Lord : The eighth lord Venus occupiesthe 2nd housewith 6th lord Sun and 7th lord Mercury. . Ayushkaraka: Saturn is in the 6th house in an inimical srgn. Considered rom the Moon.. The samesituation obtains, f the Moon beingin Lagna. Conclusion.' Superficially,the chart does not, by the dispositionof 8th lord, 8th houseand Saturn indicate purnayu. But a closerlook will revealSthlord Venus occupieshis own constellation, does the 6th lord with whom he associates so closely. The Lagnais occupiedby 5th lord Moon and Lagna lord aspects both Lagnaand the Moon in exaltation. According



l_l l'""" I


t'*TSun I Venue I Mars

Conccrnlog ElghthHousc thc


'if and the 8th house dictum, the 1Othlord is exalted to a classical malefic planets, the native will be long-lived'. Here the has Lagnaand 1Othlord Jupiteris exaltedand the 8th house,through vacant, is aspected by malefics Sun and Saturn. According 'if Jupiter is exalted, beneficsoccupy their to anotherdictum moolatrikona signs and the Lagna lord is powerful, the person concerned lives for 80 years'. Jupiter is exalted. The natural beneficVenusoccupies own constellation. Functionalbenefic 2nd and gth lord Mars also occupies his own asterism while the Sth lord Moon is very beneficially disposed aspected by exaltedJupiter from the former'smoolatrikona sign. The condi' tions of the yoga are fulfilled for all practicalpurposos. The nativedied in Jupiter Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti. Jupiter as Lagna lord would not have ordinarily conferred malaka resultsbut here he occupies the constellation of Mercury, a Ghart No.60.-8orn 26-7-1856 at about midnight at 53N2,6W16.
Rahu Juplter Moon Lagna erc. Sat. Rahu S8t.


Balanceof Moon Dasa at birth : 6 years, 6 months and 18 days.


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powerful maraka,both by ownershipand occupatiqn. Hence, Jupiter gets the power to kill. The Eighth House.' ln ChartNo. 60 Sagittarius is the eighth houseaspected by 2nd lord Vargottama (occupiesthe Mercuryand Saturn,the 9th and 1Oth samesign in Navamsa) lord. The Eighth Lord : Jupiter is in the 11th housein hisown sign with VargottamaRahu aspected Saturn. by Ayushkaraka: Saturn occupies the 2nd house with Mercurybut in the constellation Rahu. Rahu, in turn, is of with 8th lord wett placed in the llth house in Vargottama Jupiter. from the Moon; The same planetary posiConsidered Lagna. tions obtainsincethe Moon occupies Conclusion.' Lagna is Vargottama and occupied by 3rd lord Moon. The Moon, moreover, exaltedand Vargottama has exchangedsigns with Lagna lord therebystrengthening by both Lagnaand the 3rd house. The 8th house is aspected a who alsoaspects theSth lordJupiter. karaka strongwell-placed Navamsa Jupiteris powerfulhaving gained his moolatrikona in and beingwith Rahuin Rasi. Rahuis Vargottama the 11th. favour Purnayu. All thesedispositions The deathof the nativetook placein Venus Dasa, Venus of Bhukti. Venusis in the 3rd in a constellation Mercuryand Venus is in the by is aspected 8th lord Jupiter. ln Navamsa, 7th housewith the 7th lord bothfrom Lagnaand the Moon. is The Eighth Housa.' In Chart No. 61 Sagittarius the 8th houseoccupiedby Lagna lord Venusand aspectedby 9th and 1Othlord Saturn. The Eighth Lord : Jupiter, the 8th lotd, is in a quadrant the 1Othhousewith 2nd and 5th lord Mercuryand 4th lord in Sun.

Concerniog tbc Eightb Hcusc


Ghart No. 61.-Born l2-2-1e56 at l2-21 p.n. (L.M.T.) at lB N,84 E.

Moon Rahu
Llgna Lagna Jupiter



Ketu i:ll'l I Mars



Balance VenusDasaat birth: 12 years,3 months and of 9 days. by Ayushkaraka.' Saturn is in the 2nd house aspected Lagnalord arrd8th lord Jupiter. f Consldered rom the Moon: The eighth house is Scorpio and is neitheroccupiednor aspected any planet. Theeighth by lord Mars is with a maleficKetu in the 7th which is the 12th from the 8th houseaspected 9th and 12th lord Jupiter. by Conclusion.' The Lagna lord Venusin a dusthana, in the 8th house,the 8th lord Jupiter in a quadrant,the 8th lord from the Moon afflictedand weak in the 12th from the 7th house shouldhave given Alpayu but actuallythe chafi is of a Purnayu native. Venus,the Lagnalord, though in a dusthanaoccupies his own constellation Rasi and his moolatrikona in sign in Navamsa. The 8th lord Jupiter also occupieshis own constellotionin dnetOttrhouse. Mars is also in his own constellation aspecting and Vargottama the Moon as Moon-signlord. Ayush.


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karakaSaturnis in the 2nd but in a strong martian constellation and aspected by a favourably disposed8th lord. All thesefactorsPromotelongevitY. in The deathof the nativeoccurred Moon Bhuktiof Saturn in his Dasaas he occupiesthe 2nd Dasa. Saturnis a maraka housefrom Lagnaand tha 3rd house from the Moon. Saturn is in the 7th housefrom NavamsaLagna' The Moon is the 3rd lord placedin ths 12th house and, therefore, capable of killing in his Bhukti. Chart No.62.-8orn 154-1872 at 5-17 a.m' (L.M'T') 22 N 30,88 E 30. at

I tI Mara lJuoit. lVenua lMetc.

Moon Saturn





Mercury Saturn

Balanceof Ketu Dasa at birth: 3 years,2 monthsand ULdaYs. The Eighth House.' Aquarius is the 8th house aspectedby 2nd lord Sun,4th and 11th lord Venusand 3rd and 12th lord Mercury. lt is alsoaspectedby debilitatedMars. The Eighth Lord : Saturn, the eighth lord, is in the 6th housewith the Lagnalord Moon.

Concerning the Eigbtb Housc


.' Ayushkaraka Saturnis also the karaka besidesbeing the the 6th housewith Lagnalord Moon. 8th lord and occupies from the Moon.' The 8th house is occupied Considered by exalted Jupiter and debilitatedMars. The eighth lord is the Moon himselfbeingplacedwith 2nd and 3rd lord Saturn. Conclusion.' Tho disposition of the 8th house from of but Lagnadoes not seemto indicatePurnayu the association 8th lords, Moon and Saturn, is welcome. Their Lagnaand them' strengthening Jupiteris exaltedindirectly sign-dispositor Jupiteris exaltedin Lagnagiving it strength. Mars is debiliof tated in Lagnabut this is offsetby his occupation the asterism presence exaltedJupiter in Lagna and of of the 8th lord. The gained by Lagna and 8th lords indirectlyputs the strength spanof life. the chan in the Purnayu Deathtook placein Jupiter Dasa, Rahu Bhukti. Jupiter, of the Dasalord, is in the constellation Metcurywho is in the is 2nd housewith the 2nd lord Sun. Mercury also the 7th lord from the Moon. Rahuis in Taurusruled by Venus who also is in the 2nd housewith 2nd lord Sun. Rahushouldalso give the results of Saturn who, in turn, is alsothe 7th lord from Lagnaand the 2nd and 3rd lord from the Moon. Rahu, there' fore,getsthe powerto kill in his sub-period. The Eighth House i' In Chart No' 63 Taurus is the 8th and 11th lordSun. by houseaspected Lagnaand 8th lordVenus Jupiter. by It is also aspected a debilitated the The Eighth Lord : Venusoccupies 2nd housoaspected Mars. by the 2nd lord Ayushkaraka.' Saturnoccupiesthe 4th house,a quadrant, in his own sign Capricorn Vargottama. He is with debilitated and 6th lord Jupiter. 3rd


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Chart No. 63.-8om 23-ll-1902 at 5-16 a.m, (L.M.f.) et 23 N 6,72 E 40.



Balance VenusDasaat birth: 13 years, 11 months and of 12 days. Consideredf rom the Moon ; The 8th lord Jupiter is in the 6th house with a powerful Ayushkaraka. Mars, the 4th and gth lord and Ayushkaraka Saturnaspectthe 8th house. Conclusion.' The Lagnais occupiedby 9th and 12th lord Mercuryand VargottamaRahu. AyushkarakaSaturn, who is strongly placed, aspects Lagna. Lagna lord Venus is in a asterism and aspected his sign-lord. The strength by Saturnine of the 8th housefrom both Lagna and the Moon, of Ayushkarakaand the Lagna indicate Purnayu. The native died in MercuryBhuktiof Saturn Dasa. Saturnis a powerful maraka from the Moon. From the Lagna, he is with ths 3rd lord a Jupiterand becomes killer. The Bhuktilord Mercury is the 12th lord and is placedin the 2nd housefrom Lagna. Mercury ls also the 2nd lord from the Moon.

thc Concerniog Eighth Houso

Unnatural Death Ruleshandeddown to us from the ancient writers are not unworkable. Many of them are applicablewith suitable deathsarethosewhich occur due to modifications.Unnatural as external agents. They may be sudden and unexpected in the caseof accidents by fire, drowning, traffic accidentsot as ovenmurder. They may also be pre-meditated in the case are not caused disease old by they or of suicide. Nevertheless a age althoughit is quite possible sick man may by run over by a car or an old woman commits suicide by jumping down from a height. The cause of death is what differentiates whether the death is unnatural. ln most cases unnatural violent. deaths are invariably It will be seenthat in the rnajority of cases, apart from the influenceof the 8th house, 22nd drekkana,etc., Mars, Chart No. 64. -Born 4-4-1948 at 6 a.m. (l.S.T.) at 73E04,26N18.
Lrgna Sun




Jupiter Mandy

Balance Moon Dasa at birth : 2 years, 11 monthsand of 7 days.


a llow to Judgc HoroscoPc

Rahuand Saturnhave a sinistertole to play. The constellarole in judging both span of life tions also play an important and natureof death. The Eighth House.' ln Chart No. 64 Libra,the 8th house, by is occupiedby Ketu and aspected 2nd and 9th lord neecha' bhanga Mars, The Eighth Lord : Venusis in his own sign in Rasiin the 3rd houseand exaltedin the Navamsa. : Ayushkaraka Saturn is placedin a trine but with Mars aspectedby Sth lord Moon. by Consideredf rom the Moon.' The 8th houseis aspected 3rd and 12th lord Jupiterwhile the 8th lord Sun is in the 3rd house. Conclusion: The lord of Lagnais in the 1Othhousebut of in the asterism Ketu who is in the 8th house. The 8th lord Venusis well placedapparcntly but occupies the asterismof Saturn bytwo malefics, the 6th lord Sun. The Moon is afflicted placed without any beneficial and Mars,bothbeingveryclosely in aspects.Thenative died on 5-10-1964 Rahu Dasa,Saturn sign. the Bhukti. Rahuoccupies 2nd houseand is in a martian as is a maraka 2nd lordfrom Lagnaand the 7th occupant Mars from the Moon with Saturn,the 2nd lord therefrorn. Further Bharani, by Rahu is aspected afflictedSaturn. Rahu occupies ruled by 7th lord by 8th lord. Saturnis in a constellation ruled with 2nd lord Mars, beingconjoined Mercuryand is a maraka as 2nd lord from the Moon in the 7th therefrom. In Navamsa strong maraka powersby also, both Rahuand Saturn possess occupationand rulershiP. The girl died in a bus accident. The Bth houseis aspected by Mars and occupied by Ketu. The major lord is in Aries constellationindi' (secondhouseindicates face)in a Venusian and death was instanThe face was crushed catingvehicles. taneous.

Concerning the Eighth Housc


Chart No. 65.-8orn at77E29,8Nll.

I t-agnr I saturn

| 5-7-l942 at 2-30 P.m. (t.S.T.)

t\4 rg a



Sun Kotu Moon J up i t . Mats RASI l.sgn8 Morc. AM-66-782 NAVAMSA


Bafance SaturnDasa at birth: 2Veats,2 months and of days. 0 a TheEighth House.' Sagittarius, fiery sign' is the 8th ihouse 8th lord Jupiterand2nd and 5th lord by and is aspected Metcury. TheEighth Lord : Jupiter occupies the 2nd housewith 2nd lord MercurY. Ayushkaraka:SaturnisinLagnaKendrawithLagnalo bY Venusaspected no other Planet. ConsideredfromtheMoon;TheSthhouseAquariusis occupiedbyKetuandaspectedbyneechabhangasthand lord Mars and 6th and 9th lord Jupiter Conclusion.' All the angles (kendras)are afflicted by malefics. SaturnafflictsLagna,Rahu, the 4th house' Mars' saturn and Ketuthe lOth house and saturn, the 7th house' in the ThoughLagnalord occupies Ascendant, Navamsa'he is ruled by Mars in Rasi' an asterism debilitated. He occupies The 8th housefalts in Ayudha Drekkana.


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The native'sclothescaughtfire on 16-12-1964 and death on occurred 19-12-1964, This was in Rahu Bhukti of Ketu Dasa. Rahu occupiesa marakaplace from the Moon and a constellation Venuswho as Lagnalord is in the 2nd Bhava. of The Dasa lord Ketu is in the 8th from the Moon aspectedby Mars and Saturn. Ketu according the dictum Kujavad Ketu to is like Mars and hence,deathby burns. Chart No. 66.-8orn 3-4-1949 at 8 a.m. (l.S.T.) at 77 E 35, 130N.
Sun Marg Venus Mercury


t_l l',.1


Balanceof Moon Dasa at birth : 9 years, 6 months and 23 days. The Eighth House.' Scorpiois aspected 4th lord Moon. by The Eighth Lord: Mars as 8th lord is in the l2th house combustin the Sun with 2nd and 7th lord Venus and 3rd and 6th lord Mercury. Ayushkaraka: Saturn is in an inimical sign in the Sth houseaspecting Moon. the Considered from the Moon: The 8th lord Jupiter is in the 9th with neechabhanga while the 8th house does not receiveany sspects.

Conccrning Eigbth tbe Housc


Conclusion.' The Lagnaand 8th lord being in the 12th with marakas house, weak by combustion and association does not indicategood longevity. The Moon though exaltedis aspected very closelyby maleficSaturn.Jupiter is also aspecting the Moon. The 8th house falls in the 2nd Drekkana of Scorpio which goes by the name of Nigada(fetters) Drekkana. The native died on 2-12-1977 alter a month as a result of serious injuries in a motor bike accident. This was in Rahu Dasa,VenusBhukti. Rahuis in Ariesruledby Marswho is in the 12th with marakas Venusand Mercury. Mars is a maraka from the Moon. Venus,the Bhukti lord, is a first-ratemaraka being the 2nd and 7th lord from Lagna. The 7th houseis afflictedby the 8th houseaspectof Mars and occupation by Ketu. Ketu givesresultssimilarto Marsand Mars is the 8th with Vahanakaraka lord in the 12th in exactdegreeassociation occurred Venus.The sign beinga commonsign, the accident on a road. Chart No. 67.-8orn 26-l l-1959 at 4-30 p.m. (l.S.T.) at 79 E 33, 29 N 23.

ttMerc (R)l Jrrpiter I

NAVAMSA Saturn Venus

Sun I Mars I

Balance Moon Dasa at btrth: of 7 days.





years, 5 months and


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The Eighth House.. In Chart No. 67 Sagittariusis occupied by 9th and 1Othlord Saturn. TheEighthLord: Jupiter is in the 7th housein the 12th from the Bth housewith 7th lord Mars,4th lord Sun and 2nd and sth lord Mercury afflicted. all Ayushkaraka.' Saturn is in the 8th house whose lord Jupiteris in the 12th therefrom. Considered ftbm the Moon: The 8th house is Aries free of aspects the 8th lord is in the 3rd in own sign with 12th but lord Sun, 4th and 7th lord Jupiterand Moon-sign lordMercury. Conclusion.' The Lagna ts aspected malefics. Jupiter by is a beneficbut his presence 8th lord in the 7th weakens as him. Lagna lord Venus is weakenedby Rahu and Saturn's aspect. The Moon is also eclipsedand afflicted by Saturn's aspect. The girl was crushed deathunder a speedingtruck on to 19-12-1978,in SaturnBhukti,RahuDasa. The 8th house is occupied a maleficwhile the 8th lord is with maleficsMars by and Sun in a Nigada(fetters)Drekkana. Lagnalord Venus is with Rahuaspected Saturnindicating violentend. by a Dasalord Rahuis in the Sth in a mercurialsign, Mercury whose results, reflects, the 2nd lord in the 7th house he is with 7th lord Mars. Rahubecomes powerfulkiller. Saturn, a the Bhukti lord,is in the 8th and the natural significator of death. Dasalord Rahuoccupies common sign with Venus. a rulerof vehicles. Saturntoo is in a dualsign indicatingdeath while commuting. Goinga little further,Rahuis with the Moon publictransport indicating being involved the death. in The Eighth House.. In Chart No, 68 Taurus is occupied by 2nd and 7rh lord Mars,3rd and 6th lord Jupiter, 11th lord S u n a n d 1 O t hl o r d M o o n .

Concerniog Eightb Housc tbc


Chart No. 68.-gorn 2+5-1906 at 4 p.m. at O W 05, 5t N 30.


GD.3 Vcnur Mcrcury


Balance Mars Dasa at birth : 6 years, 7 months of and 3 days. The Eighth Lord: Venus is in the gth house hemmed between Mars and Rahu. Ayushkaraka.. Saturnoccupies his own sign Aquarius in the sth house. Consideredfrom the Moon.. The gth house is aspected advaselyby Mars and Moon-signlord Venuswhile the gth lord Jupiteris in the 1st with Mars and Sun, both malefics. Conclusian.. The8th houseis occupied the New Moon, by 6th lord Jupiterand marefics sun and Mars. The gth rorcr is subject to a papakartari yoga. There are no benefics save afflicted Mersulyin the quadrants. The nativedied by drowning in a boat accidentin May 1926 in VenusBhukti of Rahu Dasa. Rahuis in the 10th in Cancerwhose lord Moon is a maraka beingplaced with 2nd and 7th lord Mars.Rahu is in the 3rd from the Moon. Bhukti


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lord is subjectto a heavy hemmingin by maleficsand occupies the 2nd house from the Moon in Rasi and from Lagna in Navamsa.The New Moon, Mars and Sun in the gth house causedeaththroughwateror othernatural elements. HereDasa lord is in a watery sign and Bhukti lord Venus is between afflictedwately Moon on one side and Rahu in a waterysign on the otherside indicatinga watery grave. Chart No. 69.-Born l0-11-1897 at l-lS a.m. (L.M.r.) at 45 N, 93 W.
Mercury Sun


Lagna Saturn

Balanceof Sun Dasaat btfih : 1 year, 3 months and 17 days. The Eighth House.' The Lagnabeing Leo, the 8th house is Pisces aspected own lord Jupiter. by The Eighth Lord : Jupiter is in the 2nd house with no aspectsor associations. Ayushkaraka Saturnoccupies mailian watery sign with : a Mars in the 7th from the Moon. In Navamsa,though exalted and aspected Jupiter, he is aspected by an afflicted debiliby tated Mars.

Conccrniog EightbHouse tbe


Consideredf rom the Moon: The 8th houso is subject to papakartariyoga causedby Rahu on one side and Mars and a Saturn on the other side. The Bth lord is again Jupiternot afflicted by aspect or association in Rasi but aspected by Saturnin Navamsa. Conclusion: The 7th house from the Moon is afflicted by maleficsMars and Saturn while the 8th house frorn the Moon is hemmed between malefics,one set of them being in a watery sign and the other being Rahu who should give Saturn'sresults being placedin Capricorn. Saturn,in turn, is s in Scorpio. Waning Moon associatedwith Mars, Saturn or Rahu causes death by possession, drowning or fire. HereMars and Saturnafffict the Moon from a watery sign. The native,a sailor,died on 25.9-1925in the ramming hisship. of MercuryBhukti of RahuDasawas on duringthis period. Mercuryis the 2nd lord placedin the 3rd house in the constellation of the 8th lord. Fromthe Moon, he is the 2nd lord in Rasi and the 7th lord in Navamsa. The Dasalord is Rahu.l{eshould give the results Saturnthe rulerof the sign lre occupiesand of also because the dictum 'Sanivad Rahu'. Saturn is the 7th of lotd from Lagnaand in the 7th from the Moon with Mars, the 7th lord from Chandra Lagna. The end was violent. The 22nd Drekkana the 3rd decanateof Pisces is and is a Sarpa(serpent) Drekkana. The Eighth House.' ln Chart No. 70 Aquarius is the 8th houseoccupied 6th and 9th lord Jupiter. by The Eighth Lord : Saturn is the 8th lord in the 3rd house with sth and 1Othlord Marsand 3rd and 12th lord Mercury. He is aspected Lagnalord Moon. by Ayushkaraka Saturnoccupiesthe 3rd housefrom Lagna : and the 7th housefrom the Moon in association with Marsand Mercury.In Navamsa, occupieshis own sign with Mars. he


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Chart No. 70.-8om l5-10-1891 at lO-30 p.m. (G.M.T.) at53N12,0W30.

Sat. Mars



M"" I Sat.

Moon Lagna Ketq

B a f a n c e f J u p i t e rD a s a a t b i r t h :1 2 V e a r s , 2m o n t h s a n d o 16 davs. Considered from the Moon: The 8th house isoccupied by 6th lord debilitatedSurrand Venus. lt is hemmed between malefics,Ketu on one side and Mars, Saturn and Mercury on the other side. Jupiteraspects 8th housefrom the 12tn the housefrom the Moon. Conclusion; The 7th housefrom the Moon is affflictedby M a r sa n d S a t u r n h i l e t h e 8 l h h o u s e s o c c u p i e d y f i er y S u n w i b who alsoafflictsthc Bth lorC Venus. 'lf the Sun is in the 8th house,Moon is in the 1Othhouseand Saturnis in tho 8th house,the nativemay be hit accidentally a log of wood and by d i e . ' I n t h i s c a s e , h e S u n i s i n t h e 4 t h , t h e M o o n t h o u g hi n t h e t 9th is aspected 1Othlord fiery Mars and Saturn is the 8th by lord so that the conditions are fulfilled indirectly. The native was accidentally shot and died on 2-1-1930. Thepreponderance of martianinfluences and the papakartari the8th housefrom to

Conceroing thc Eightb House


Moon by Ketu (KujavadKetu)and Marc and Saturn caused death by a fire-arm.saturn alone could have caused death througha blunt objectsuchas a rog of woodas indicated the in particular yoga. Death occurred Sun Bhuktiof Mercury in Dasa. Thesun is the 2nd rordfrom Lagnain thegth from the Moon. He associates with the 8th lord Venusand occupies martian a constellation. Mars,in turn, is in the 7th from the Moon, TheDasa lord Mercury is in the 3rd and 12th rord conjoining7th rord Saturnin the 7th from the Moon. Chart No. 71.-Born 2S-lO_t904 at B_57p.rrt,(G.M.T.) at 15 N 30,0 W 0S.
J upitst Moon

Logna Kotu

NAVAMSA Mars Rahu Mercury Sun


Moon Merc,

Rahu Mars

B a l a n c e f S u n , sD a s aa t b i r t h : S y e a r s , 1 0 m o n t h s a n d o 3 days. TheEighth House.. Capricornis occupiedby its own tord is not influenced any otherplanet. by The Eighth Lord : Saturn occupieshis or,vn sign. Ayushkaraka Saturnoccupiesthe Bth house in his own : sign.


How to Judgo Hororcopc a

Consideredfrom'the Moon.' Scopio is occupied by 2nd and 7th lord Venusand aspected Mars from a fiery sign. by Mars is with Rahuand his aspectis therefore highrymaleficent. Conclusion,. There are no heavy afflictions to the gth housefrom the Lagnaor the Moon-sign. But the Sth house from the Moon is afficted by Mars and Rahu. Saturn, a malefic occupiesthe houseWhile the 8th housefromthe Moon has Bth Venus afflictedby Mars. The 7th house from NavamsaLagnais also afflicted by Mars and Rahu. Deathoccurredin a motor accidentand the nativedied on 29-6-1 927 in Moon Bhukti of Mars Dasa. : The Moon is the 2nd lord, in Rasi,the 3rd lord in frlavnmsa and placedin the Bth from Navamsa Lagna.Mars occupies the 3rd from Lagnaand is with Rahu. Rahugives resultssimilar to the Sun, his sign-dispositor, Saturn. and TheSun is the 3rd tord in the 7th from the Moonand Saturn istheBth lord from Lagna end 2nd lord fronrthe Moon in Navamsa. The Eighth House.. ln Chart No.72, the gth is occupied by Bth lord Saturnand aspected adversely Mars, the 6th and by 11th lord, and an afflicted7th lord Jupiter. The Eighth Lord: Saturn,rhe Bth lord, occupies his own sign and is aspectsd Mars and Jupiter. by Ayushkaraka.' Saturn is also the karaka and is aspected by 7th lord, afflicted Jupiter, and 6th and 11th lord Mars. Consideredfrom the Moon I The 8th house is Taurus aspectedby 3rd and 6th lord Jupirer. The gth lord is in the Moon-sign with debititatedSun and aspected by Saturnfrom Capricorn. ' Conclusion: Deathtakesplacein captivitywhenthe 22nd Drekkana happens be either Nigala, Sarpa or pasa. ln this to case the 22nd Drekkanais the f irst of Capricorn and henco a

House thc Conccroing Eighth Chart No.72.*-Born 2-ll-l7ES N 30,30 E.

Mars Lsgna

at ahout g at 46


NH.22 Sun Moon Venus


Balanceof Mars Dasa at birth : 2 years, 5 months and 9 days. Nigala one. Death occurred in captivity as the native, the heroine the French of revorution 179r, wasguiflotined. of Mars aspects tho 8th house and Saturn as Ayushkaraka also in is a Nigala Drekkana.'When the Sth or the gth sign from the Moon is aspected occupiedby a malefic planetand when or a Sarpa, Nigalaor PasaDrekkana risesin the gth Bhava,death is brought about by hanging' is riterailyfulfiiled in this case. Mars is in the gth from the Moon and gth house rises in a Nigala Drekkana. Deathoccurredin Saturn Dasa,SaturnBhukti. Saturnis the 8th lord from Lagnain the gth and in Navamsa, powefuily sspectsthe 7th housein association with Rahu. The Eighth House.. In Chart No. 73 Virgo rises in the gth Bhavaaspected Jupiter and oxaltedVenus. by

r06 Chart No. 73.-Born (L,M.r.) at 35 N.89 E.

Jupiter Vonus Sun Lagna Mercury

IIow to Judgor Horoscopo

12-2-1809 at

7-32 d.m.


Ra h u Mare

Sun I Mars satum I

Bafanceof Sun Dasa at birth : 2 years, 1 month and 6 days. The Eighth Lord : Mercuryis well placedin the Ascendant with the 7th lord Sun. Ayushkaraka.' Saturn occupies Scopio in the 1Othhouse aspected Jupiterin own sign. by Considerd from the Moon: The Bth house is aspectedby Saturnwhile the 81h lord Sun occupies tho 2nd house with Mercury. Conclusion.' The 22nd Drekkana an Ayudha Drekkana, is beingthe 2nd of Virgo.The Bth lord Mercury,is in aconstellawith the planet of tion of Rahuwho, in turn, is in association Mars. violence, The native on was assassinated 14-4-1865.A combination in GoutamaSamhita says that if the lord of the Bth is in the and tlrewaningMoonis aspected Mars,deathwill by Ascendant is be due to a weapon.The Bth lord lulercpry in the Ascendant by and the waningMoon in the 12th houseis aspected Mars.

Cooccroing thc Eigbth Housc


According to Jataka Tatwa and other classical works when Saturn, Sun and Marsare inthe 1Oth,7thand 4th respectively death is by assassination. Here we find saturn is in the 10th, Mars aspects 4th and the sun aspects 7th. the the The native was shot to death in Saturn Dasa, Mercury of . ^ Bhukti. 'ttf,causes The Dasalord saturnas an occupant theloth house Mrityu Yoga and becomesa maraka.Arso he is the2nd ' lord from the Moon and is aspected 2nd rordJupiter. Mercury, by the Bhukti lord. is in the 2nd from the Moon in Rasi,and is the 8th lord f romboth Rasiand NavamsaLagna. Ghart No. 74.- Born 2-t0-1869 at 745 a.m. (L,M.T.) at 2t N 37,69 E 49. Moon I Koru I Vonue I
Sun Mara

.J pit u Lsgna Merc.


Balanceof Ketu Dasa at birth: 6 years l0 months and 28 days. The Eighth House; lt is occupied by 3rcland 6th lord Jupiterand ospected Saturnand Mars. by The Eighth Lord : Venus,the Bth lord, occupieshis own sign but is with Mars and hemmed between malefics,Saturn a n dS u n . \\


Howto Judge Horoscopc a

Ayushkaraka Saturn is in Scorpio aspected by 3rd and : 6th lord Jupiter. Consideredfrom the Moon.. The eighth house is aepected by the Sun and the 8th lord Jupiter, by Mars and Saturn. Conclusion.' Jupiter though in the 8th house is in Krittika ruled by the Sun. He is aspected by Mars and Saturn. According to a classical yoga found in Gautama Samhita, Mars in the Lagna unaspectedby benefics and the walring Moon in the 11thcausethe nativeto die by being wourrded abovethe navalregionby a weapon. The native, an apostle of non-violence, was assassinated a fanatic communalist. by The assassination occurred in Sun Bhukti, Jupiter Dasa. Jupiter is in the 8th aspected powedully by Mars, the 2nd and 7th lord^ The Sun is in the 2nd from llre Moon and in the 12th from Lagna. The Eighth House.' ln Chart No. 75 A fiery sign Aries riseson the 8th Bhava and is occupied by Lagna and 10th lord Mercury and 3rd and 8th lord Mars and aspectedby Saturn,the sth and 6th Lord. The Eighth Lord : Mars occupies own sign in the 8th his housewith Mercuryand is aspected Saturn. by Ayushkaraka Saturn occupies the l lth house and is : by aspected 8th lord Mars from the 8th house. Consideredfrom the Moon.' The 8th house is Pisces free of aspects or associationsbut the 8th lord Jupiter is with Venusand the Sun and subjectto a papakartari yoga caused by Marsand Ketu. Conclusion.' The nativewas a Presidentof the United and was shot deadon 22-11-1963. The 8th Statesof America house,8th lordsboth from Lagnaand Moon are considerably rfflicted by malefics. Mars in the 8th house causes sudden

Conccrniog EighrhHouse tbc


Chart No. 75.-Born 2g-S-lgl7 at 3-00 p.n . at 7l w 8,42 N 05.

Mercury J u p i t e r Sun Mars Venus


Marr src.

I"'' t-

NAVAMSA Lagna Venug Saturn

Balance VenusDasaat birth : 1 year. of death. He died in Saturn Bhukti, Jupiter Dasa. Jupiter is the 7th lord while Saturnis the 7th lord both from Moon and Navamsa Lagna. The Eighth House.. tn Chaft No. 76 Aries is thegth househere also aspected the gth lord Mars, exalted satuln by and 7th lord Jupiter. The Eighth Lord : Mars is with exaltedSaturn in the 2nd : houseaspecting own sign. his Ayushkaraka Saturnoccupiesthe 2nd house in exalta.. tion with 3rd and 8th lord Mars. Consideredfrom the Moon.. The gth house is aspected by Saturnand occupied by Rahu. The gth lord, the Moon himself,is well placedin Vargottama with vargottamaMoonsign lord Jupiterand 6th and 11th rordVenus. He is aspecred by Saturn afflicted by Mars. The Moon is subject to a papakartaricausedby the Sun and Ketu.


Hor to JudSe Horoscope a

Ghart No. 76.-8orn 20-ll-1925 at l-00 p,m. (E.S.f.) at Tl w 8,42 N 05.

Ketu M src. Mars



J upiter Moon Venus

Sun Mercuty

l\4 rs a Saturn

Balance of Sun Dasa at birth: 4 years, 9 months and 7 days. Conclusion.' The native was also shot to death on reasons. The 8th house and 8th lord 4-6-1968 for political by from Lagnaand Moon are heavilyafflicted malefics' Death Bhukti, Jupiter Dasa both being first rate occurred Saturn in marakas. Jupiteris the 7th lord and Saturnoccupiesthe 2nd housewith 3rd and 8th lord Mars. The Eighth House.' ln Chart No. 77 Jupiter, the 2nd and the 8th house. 5th lord, occupies Lord: Mercuryis in the 9th house with 7th The Eighth by lold Venusand 1Othlord Sun and aspected maleficMars. the : Ayushkaraka Saturnoccupies 7th house with Mars and exaltedMoon. is from the Moon.' The 8th house Sagittarius Considered aspectedby own lord Jupiter and 7th and 12th lord Mats. Conclusion.' The native suffereda violent end in Saturn Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti. Two malelicsin the 7th from Lagnaand

Conccroiog Elghtb Hougc thc


Chart No, Tl,-Bom 29-7-1883 2 P.m. (t.U.i.) at at 4l N, 16 E.

Moon Saturn Marl



Moon Saturn Jupitol Mars Lagna Venug

N H.5O

Balance Moon Dasaat birth : 3 years, 8 months and of 26 days. the 8th house from the Moon aspected Jupiter resulted in a by tragicdeath. Saturnrulesthe 3rd housefrom Lagnaand is in the 7th from it, a marakahouse. ln Navamsa,he is the 7th lord from Navamsa Lagnaand joins the 2nd lord Moon. The sub-lord Jupiterowns the 2nd from Lagna and occupiesthe 8th house. ln Navamsa, is with a maraka he Saturn and is the 7th lord from the Moon. The Eighth House.' ln Chart No. 78 Taurus is the 8th housesubjectto a papakaftail yoga causedby Rahu and Mars. TheEighth Lord: Venus is in a fiery sign Arieswith Mars, Sun and Mercuryaspected Saturn. by Ayushkaraka: Saturn is in the 1oth aspected by a powerfulMars. Consideredfrom the Moon : The 8th house is occupied by Saturnand aspected Mars. The 8th lord Moon, though by with Jupiter,is with Ketualso.


How lo Judgea Horoscope

Ghart No. 78.-8orn 204-1889 at 6-30 p.m, (L.M.T.) il 4g N, 13. E.

t-_* I Moon
Mars Venug Lagna Ketu

Mercury Rahu


I Juoiter Kotu I

Balance Venus of Dasa birth: 16 years,4monthsand at

6 days. Conclusion.. The 8th houses and Bth lords both from Lagna and the Moon are heavily affticted by Saturn-Mars influences. lt is believodthe nativecommittedsuicidewhich is borne out by the afflictions to the 8th house and the Moon,s affliction by Ketu. Death occurred in Rahu Dasa, Moon Bhukti. Rahuis in the 7th from the Moon in a mercurial sign and in the 7th from NavamsaLagna. His sign dispositor Mercurywhose resultshe must leflect is in the 7th from Lagna and is the 7th lord from the Moon. The Moon, the Bhuktilord, occupies the 3rd from Lagnaand is in the 7th from the major lord. The Eighth House.. In Chart No. 7g Cancer is occupied by Ketu, Venusand Saturn. The Eighth Lord : Tho Moon is in the 9th house hemmed betweenSaturnand Sun.

Conccroingthe Eighth House


Chart No.79.-8om 25-9-1916 at l-58 p.m. (L.M,f.) a t 2 7 N 2 8 , 7 7E 4 1 .


Ketu Sat. RASI Moon 7 AM.6&91


Jupiter Kotu NAVAMSA Moon Saturn




Balance Venus Dasaat birth : 17 years.3 months and of 27 days. Ayushkaraka.' Saturn is in the Bth house atflicted by Ketuand associating with Venus. Consideredfrom the Moon.' The Bth house Pisces is by aspocted Sun and Mercurywhile the Bth lord Jupiteris in a Marsand an afflicted fierysign aspected malefics Saturn. by Conclusion.' The native,the leaderof a nationalpolitical party,was kifled and the body thrown on the rails, according to reports. Mars, Saturn and Ketu influences on the 8th Irouse and Bth lord indicate violentend. a occurred 10/11-2-1 968 in Rahu Dasa, Ketu on The death they occupy. by Bhukti. Both are marakas virtueof the houses by Rahu is aspected lJlarsand Ketu is with Saturn. In Navamsa houses. also,they occupymaraka The Eighth House: In ChartNo' 80 Cancer rising gives Mars. by as Aquarius the Bth house. lt is aspected debilitated


How to Judgca Horoscope

Chart No. 8O.-aorn 6-10-1885at l-36 a.m. (L.M.T.) . at 20 N 30,72 E 58.



Balance of Venus Dasaat birth : 9 years, months and 9 9 days. The Eighth Lord: Saturn is the 8th lord and occupies the 12th house. Ayushkaraka.' Saturn occupies friendlysign in the 12th a house. Considered from the Moon; The 8th house is occupied by Ketuand aspected as many as 5 planets-Sun, Rahu, by Jupiter, Mercuryand Saturn. The 8th lord Jupiteris in the 2nd with Rahu,Mercury and Sun. The closenessof the 8th lord Jupiterto Rahuis to be especially noted. Conclusion.' This is also a case of unnatural death but differentfrom the previous ones in that it is one of self-infliction. The nativethrew himself before a running train and e n d e dh i s l i f e . The natureof deathis signifiedby Lagnalord Moon occupying an AyudhaDrekkana, Ketu beingin a Sarpa Drekkana and

House tbc Conccroing Eigbtb


the 7th and 8th lord Saturnalso being in an AyudhaDrekkana. by Suicideis always preceded frustration and disoppointment the karakasfor the mind, body and soul in life which means a (Moon and Sun) must be afflicted. Herethe Moon occupies malefic Drekkanaand is aspectedby 8th lord Saturn. The Sun is eclipsed. The death occurted in Jupifer Dasa, Ketu Bhukti. The majorlord Jupitet is in the 3rd with a maraka planet, namely, the 2nd lord Sun, Rahuand 3rd lord Mercury. He is in the 2nd from the Moon. The sub-lord Ketu is in the 8th from the Saturn. of Moon in the constellation a powerfulmaraka by TheEighth House.' In Chart No. 81 Piscesis occupied by aspected Mars and Venus. the Moon and Ghart No.81 .-Born 2l-10-1953 at 2 a.n. (l.S.T.) at 18N31.73E55.



GD - 5 7 Sun us Mercury Mars Saturn

of Balance SaturnDasaat birth : 1 year, 2 months and 16 days. The Eighth Lord : Jupiter is in the 11th housefree of any aff lictions.


How to JudSo Horoscope a

,Ayushkaraka Saturnis exaltedin the 3rd house but is : combustand with 2nd lord Mercury. He is aspected by 8th lord Jupiter. Consideredfrom the Moon.' The 8th house is occupied by malefics, Sun and Saturn,but aspectedby Moon-sign lord Jupiter. The8th lord Venusis with Mars. Conclusion.' The native died on 4-4-1972 alterconsumpoison. The Bth house is aspected Mars who is also in ing by the 7th from the Moon. Maleficsare presentin the 8th from the Moon as well. The Moon, ruler of the mind, is in a dusthanaaspected malefic Mars and debilitatedVenus. The by Sun is not only debilitated and associatingwith his bitter enemySaturnbut also in a nodalconstellation. The nativedied in Ketu Dasa,Ketu Bhukti. Ketuoccupies the 12th house. He shouldgive the results the lord of the of sign he is in and also of Mars (KujavadKetu). The Moon, his is sign-dispositor, in the 8th houseboth in Rasi and Navamsa. Mars is in the 2nd housefrom Lagna, and in the 7th from the Moon as 2nd lord thereby becoming powerful maraka, a The Eighth House.' In Chart No. 82 it is not occupiedby by any planetbut is aspected an afflicted 6th lord Saturn and 7th lord Jupiter. The Eighth Lord : The 8th lord Mars is in the 6th with 6th lord Saturnand Rahu. Ayushkaraka.' Saturn is afflicted by Rahu and Mars in the 6th house. Considercdfrom the Moon: The 8th house is occupiedby 7th and 8th lord Saturn, Mars and Rahu. a heavilyafflicted Mars and Rahu. The 8th lord is also Saturnand is with malefics of Conclusion.' The presence maleficsin the 8th from the Moon and the afflictionsto tho 8th lords both from Lagna and

Concernlng Eighth House thc


Chart No. 82.-Bom 12-7-1977 at l0 a.m. (L.M.T.)at 46N13.6E07.

Merc. Sun
Jupitel Mars


"t* o n Mo GD.73
Lagna Rahu

Bafance of Mercury Dasa at blrth : 12 years, b months and 28 days. Moon resulted the nativeconsuming in poisonand killing himself. The Moon is subjectto a papakartariyoga causedby the sun and Ketu. Deathoccurred 30-6-1922rn VenusBhukti on of Sun Dasa. The Sun is the 12th lord from Lagna. He is the 2nd lord from the Moon and the gth rord from Navamsa Lagna. Bhuktilord Venusisthe2nd lord from Lagnaand in the 12th flom the Navamsa Lagna. The Eighth House.. ln Chart No. 93 Leo is the gth house occupiedby Rahuand aspected by an afflicted 3rd and 12th lord Jupiterand Lagnaand 2nd loid Saturn. The Eighth Lord : The Sun, ruler of the eighth house, is in the 1Othin debititywirh Mars, Mercuryand Venus. He is aspected an eclipsedJupiter. by . _Ayushkaraka: Saturnoccupiesthe 11th house aspected by 7th lord Moon. t2


How to Judgca Horoccope

Chart No. 83.-8orn t7-10-1g67 at 2_30 p.m. (L.M.T.) at46N13,6E07.

Mercurv I



Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 5 yearsand 7 months. of Consideredfrom the Moon.. The 8th house is Sagittarius free of aspect association or but the gth lord Jupiter is in the 1oth with Keru. Conclusion.. Saturnoccupiesthe 7th from the Moon, the Moon is afflicted malefics by Saturnand Mars, the gth house is occupied by Rahu while the gth lord from the Moon is eclipsedby Ketu. The nativecommittedsuicide on 7-7-1922 poison. This was in RahuBhukti,Saturn Dasa. by consuming Rahu is in the 8th from the Lagnaand gives results similar to Saturn (SanivadRahu). Saturnis a first rate maraka. He is the 2nd lord from Lagna, occupies the 7th house from the Moon, and owns the 7th houses both from NavamsaLagna and Navamsa Moon. The Eighth House.. ln ChartNo. 84 Aries, a maleficsign, ?ises on the 8th Bhava. lt is aspected adverselyby Mars and maleficSaturn.

thc Coocerning Eightb Houso


Chart No. 84.-8orn 25-12-1917at I l-55 p.m.(G.M.T.) at0w05,5lN3l.

Jupitr Moon

Mars RASI KotU Sat. GD.79 Mercury Sun Rahu

Balancgof Moon Dasaat birth : 7 years, 7 months and 6 days. The Eighth Lord : Mars, the 8th lord, is in the Ascendant bY sspected maleficSaturn. Ayushkaraka: Saturn is in the 1lth house aspectedby 2nd and 9th lord Venus. considered from the Moon.. The 8th house is sagittarius occupiedby 2nd and Srh lord Mercury, 4th lord malefic Sun and Rahuand aspectedby 7th and 12th lord maleficMars. The 8th lord Jupiteris placedin the Moon'signTaurus' Conclusion.' Maleficseither aspect or occupy the 8th housefrom Lagnaand the Moon. Rahu,in addition, eclipses the 8th housefrom the Moon. The nativedied from dh oVel' doseof sleepingpills on 20-1-1957 in Mercury Bhukti, Jupiter Dasa. Jupiter is the 7th lord from Lagna and the 8th lold from the Moon. Mercuryis the 2nd lord from the Moon ancl is in the 8th therefrombecominga maraka.

Concerning the Ninth House
The ninth housesignifies , father,lighteousness, preceptor, prand-children, intuition,religion,sympathy, fame, charities, leadership, long journeys and communication with spirits. In iudgingthe eventsruled by the ninth house,the following factors must be taken into account, viz., (a) The House, (b) lts Lord, (c) lrs Occupants anct(d) The Karakaor significator. The Sun is the karakafor father. yogas formed in the 9th houseor involvingthe gth lord produce their own results. Theseconsiderations must be judged from the Navamsachart also. The ninthhouse,althoughit denotes several significations, is primarily concerned with father and long distance travel. Results of the Lord of the Ninth House being situated in Different Houses In the FirstHouse.. When the ninth lord is placed in the first house,the nativebecomesa self-mademan. He earns muchmoneythroughhis own efforts. lf the gth lord combines with the Lagnalord in the first houso and associates with or is aspected by a benefic planet, the native is fortunate with richesand happiness.

Concerning Ninth Houso the


ln the SecondHouse : When the ninth lord is placedin the 2nd housebeneficially,the nativo'sfather is a rich and man. The native acquires wealth from the father. influential Malefics luencing the ninth lord in the 2nd house ruin or inf destroypaternaI property. In the Third House ; lf the lord of the ninth is placedin the 3rd, the native makes his lortune through writing, speeches and oratorial abilities. The native's father will be a man of moderato meanswhile the natlveadvanceshis fortune throtrgh co-borns. lf maleficsafflictthe ninth lord in the his 3rd house, the nativemay land in troublethroughhis writings which may be lnational and evenobscenedepending upon the natureof aflliction. He may be forced to sell his poternal property because troublesoccurring of throughhis writings. ln the Fourth House .' The nintlr lord in the 4th house givesvast landed properties and beautiful bungalows. Or the nativemay earnthrough estateand land dealings. His mother will be a rich and fortunate woman. He will inherithisfather's properties. lf the ninth lord is atflicted in the 4th immovable house, the native may not have any domeslic unhappiness' His ear!ylife will be crossed miseries by due to a hard-hearted parents. Rahuafflicts, mother fatheror disharmony between lf may be a divorcee livingseparately or from his father. ln the Fifth House.' The ninth lord in the fifth house givesa prosperous and famousfather. The native's sonsmay also be very fortunatein life and enjoy successand distinction. ln the Sixth House : The ninth lord in the sixth house givesa sicklyfatherafflictedwith chronicdiseases. lf benefics flank sucha sixth hcuse, the nativemay gain wealth through successful termirration father'slegalproblenrs,and by way of


a How to Judgo Hororcopo

of compensation,costs, etc. lf malefics.afflict the ninth lord in the sixth house, the native'sattempts to make his fortune may be frustratedthrough litigation involving his father ot bY debtscontracted him. ln the Seventh House ; The native may go abroad and prosperthere. His father may also plosper in foleign lands. He will get a noble and lucky wife. lf asceticyogasare present guidance and fulfil. in the chart, the nativemay seek spiritual spoil the ninth lord, the father . ment abroad ll asubhayogas meetwith his deathabroad. may tn the Eighth House.' The native may lose his father early in life. lf maleficsafflict the eighth house in such a case, he may suffer severepoverty and heavyresponsibilitydue to the ninth lord, the native father'sdeath lf beneficsinfluence paternalproperty.Afflictionsmay causo may inherit substantial the native to abandontraditions or damage teligious institutions and trustsset up by the family. tn the Ninth House .' The ninth lord in the ninth house father. The native will be gives a long-livedand prosperous religiouslyinclinedand be charitable.He will travel abroad and earn moneyand distinctionthereby.lf afflicted by malefics or if the 9th lord occupiesthe 6th, 8th or 12th from Navamsa fatherwill die early. Lagna,the native's tn the Tenth House : lf the ninth lord is in the tenth house, the native will becomevery famousand powerful. He will be genetous and occupy postsof authority. He will earn much wealth and acquire everykind of comfort and luxury. and he will be a law His meansof livelihoodwill be righteous abidingcitizen. ln the EleventhHouse.' The native will be exceedingly friends, His father rich. He will havepowerful and influential

Concerningtho Nintb Houso


will be a well-known and woll-placedman. lf afflicted, unfriendswill destroythe native's faithful wealth through selfish and fraud. scheming In the Twelfth House.' The position of the lord of the ninth housein the twellth housegivesa poor background. The nativewill suffermuch and will havelo work very hard in life. nraynot come to him. He will be religious Eventhen 6uccess and noble but alwaysin want. Fattrer may die early leaving the nativepenniles.r. Thesecombinations very general are and cannotbe applied without ti,kinginto account concerrred the karaka and the other planetary dispositionsin the chart. lf the ninth lord is very powerful,he becomes capable of conferringfortune even if placedin a rnalefic house. lf the ninth lord is afflictedbut the ninth houseis beneficially disposed, intensity the malethe of results will be greatly reduced. Great skill is requiredin fic the interpreting bhava and in no caseis a literal application of the resultsmentioned abovedesirable. Other lmportant Combinations '. The followingare someof the yogas culted from ancient sources:When the Sun occupies gth, 8th, 11th or 12th house the which shouldbe a fixedsign and the Lagnais not aspected by the Moon, the fatherwill not be presentat the time of the birth of the child. He may be in his own town. When the Sun in sucha position occupiesa movable sign, the father will be a.way a foreigncountryat the birth of the child. lf the Sun, in Marsand Saturn combine in the 4th or the lOth house, the s b i r t hi s o f a p o s t h u m o uc h i l d . Wlrenthe Sth or the 9th housefrom the Lagnabe a male_ fic sign and is occupied by the Sun, the father of ths child


IIow to JudSo Hororcopo a

will diesoon. TheSun and maleficsin the 1Oth house from the Moon also indicate early death of father. lf Saturn and Mars conjoin in Aries,Leo or Aquarius which should be the sth, 7th or the 9th housefrom the Sun, the fatherof the child will be in somesort of captivityat the time of its birth. When the Sun is afflicted by conjunctionwith malefics, the child's father's life will be adversely influenced. the Moon, Mars, lf Mercury and Saturn be together, the native will have two fathers and two mothers. That is, in other words, he may be taken in adoption. The Sun aspecting Ascendant indicates the the nativemay inheritwealth from his father. lf the gth house bs a movable sign or the 9th lord be in a movable sign either in conjunction with or aspectedby Saturnand the 12th lord is strong,the nativewill be adoptedby another. lf the 4th lord conjoins the gth lord in the 6th house, the nativo'sfather will be a profligate. When rhe sth lord is a beneficand the Sun is also beneficially disposed,the native will give happiness the father. lf the sth lord or the Sun is to afflictedby Saturn,Rahuor Mandi, the nativewill be a source of miseryto the father. lf the Ascendant the nativehappens of to be the same sign as that risingin the 10th house of the father,the nativewill be a dutifulson. lf Jupiter in the 9th houseoccupies own Navamsa,the nativewitl be endowed his with a high sense filial duty. lf the Ascendants the native of of and his father are mutually in,the6rh and 8th, the pair will alwaysbe at variance. lf the Sun is in an inimical sign, the nativewill studiously causepainto his father. lf the Sun and Moon be in trineto Mars and Saturn, the child will be abandoned by both parents. Saturn, Mars and Rahuin the 11th or the gth housefrom the.Lagnacausefather'sdeath. lf the Sun or the Moon occupy a kendra in a movablesign, the native will not performthe last rites of the father.

Concerning NinthHouse the


lf the 9th house is occupied by a benefic, the native is lucky. lf ihe gth lord is aspectedby a malefic, inimical or debilitated planetand is in the 6th house, the person suffers in everyrespect.lf the 9th lord be in a malefic shashtyamsa or occupy a debilitatedsign or Navamsaor be weak or if malefics occupythe gth house, the native is unfortunatein llfe. lf a mafefic,eclipsed or debilitated planet occupythe 9th house.the narivs will be tuckless, poor or unprincipled,But lf the matetic in the 9rh be exalted, in own or a friendly sign, the oppositelesultsare produced. lf the 11th lord is in rhe 9th inftuenced the 1Othlord, by the native is luckywhereverhe may go. The same lesult is indicated if the 9rh lord is in the 2nd aspectedby the 1Oth l o r d . l f t h e 2 n d l o r d i s i n t h e 1 1 r h , r h e 1 1 t h l o r d i s i n r h eg t h and the 9th lord is in the 2nd, one becomes extremelyfortunateand earnswell. lf the 3rd and 9th lordsjoin together or be aspectedby beneficsor are placed in benefic signs or Navamsas, the native'sfortune is advanced througha brother. lf the 5th and 9th lordscombine or arebenef icially disposed by aspect association,the native's or childrenbring him prosperity. Venusor Jupiter in the 9rh or aspecting the gth lord indicate fortunatelife. Mutual exchange houses a of betwean the Lagnalord and the gth lord gives everykind of fortune. lf the 9th lord is aspected a beneficand is in a watery by sign in a quadrant,the nativegoes on a pilgrimageand has dips in a sacred river. Jupiter aspecting the gth house or the combinationof the gth and 1Othlords givestravels to many holy spots and religiouscentres. lf the 9th house from the Moon be beneficially aspected and occupied a beneficalso, by the native will go on a long pilgrimage. lf Jupiter is in the


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by 9th and the Moon, Jupiter and AscendantIro aspected the of Saturn, the personbecomes founderof a system philosophical thought.lf Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury occupythe 9th, one will be highly learned and wealthy. lf the Lagna lord is in the 12th and the Moon and Mars conjoinin the 1Othwhich should be a maleficsign, the person w i l l g o a b r o a d u t g o o d f o r t u n e w i l l e v a d eh i m . l f t h e S u n , b Moon and Saturnare in the samesign, the person will be the wicked and deceitful and try to travel abroad. lf the lord of by the 12th from the sign occupied the Lagnalord is a watery in sign, the nativebeconresprosperous foreignlands, Planets with Mercury and Jupitermakeone in the 9th if not associated diseased, forlornand face captivity and misery. Planetsin the Ninth House The Sun ; The native may changehis faith if the Sun is afflicted. He displays hostile feeiings towurrJs his father, But if the lackingrespect for eldersand spiritual preceptors. will be a.dutiful son having Son is not afflicted, the person regardfor spiritual pursuits.The Moon conrbiningwith the Sun here causes eye ttoubles. Venus with the Sun gives sickness and ailments. The health will be ordinary and the nativegets little patrimony. He will be ambitious and enterprising. The Moon; The nativewill be fortunateand prosperous will have many sons, friends and kinsmen. He utill be He plincipled and generous-minded. Saturn,I\4ars lf and Mercury aspect the Moon, the nativewill become ruler. lf the Moon a with Mars,he may cause fatal injury to his mother. conrbines a lf Venusconjoins the Moon in the 9th, the personmay leadan immorallifo. l{e will act in league with hisstep-mother. Saturn

thc Concerning Nintb House


one to suffer much. The nativemay build charitherecauses able institutions. He will acquire good immovableproperty and alsovisit foreigncountries. Mars : The nativewill wield aulhority and be affluent. and be happy. He will not bs a dutiful He will havechildren generous and famousfor his good qualities' son but otherwise lf oitherJupiteror Mercury conjoin [\'iars,the native will be learned in religion and spiritual lore. Venusheregivestwo lt wivesand foreignresidence. alsogivesthe nativeproficiency law. Srturn with Mars in the 9th indicatesaddictionto in other wonrsttend e wickcd natute. He will be sclf'seeking Stubtlor abd ir.tpotuous. n Mer2uTy: Tlte native will acquire much educationand i w e a l ( h . H e w i l l b o a g r e a ts c h o l a r . H e w i l t b e i n t e r e s t e dn ifc m i n d , . t h z o z o p 1 a n c lm e t a p h y s i t : s H e w i l l h a v e a s c i e n l i y j J i a a n c i o n d o f m u s i c n d p l e a s u r ef V e n u s o i n s M e r c u r y . u p i t e r in the 9th confers wit and wisdom. He may witb Mercury and be invitedto lecturein educatravolabroadon invitalions with father will be friendly and tional lnstitutions.Relations

happy. Jupiter.' The nativemay become an exponent of law, philosophy, by etc. tf Jupiter is aspected benefic planets he property. He wrll be fond of his much immovable acquires brothers, lf the Moon and Mars influencoJupitet he will becomea greatmilitaryleaderor commander. lf the Sun and Jupiter Venusjoin Jupiter,the nativebecomescharacterless. the native live a life of aspected Saturnmakes by beneficially and strivefor divinecommunion.He may visit foreign austerity preacher, and landsas a lecturer, etc. He will be conservative principled.


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Venus.' The native is born fortunate and endowed with fame, learning,children, wife and generally every kind of happiness.The Sun with Venusmakes one sauveand polished in speech but one may sufferfrom many physicalcomplaints. Venuswith Saturnmakesthe person a diplomat or otherwise work undera king or government. He will engagedin similar be well known for his balanced views on men and matters. Venus with the Sun and Moon may involve the person in quarrels with women resulting lossof money. The Sun and in Saturnwith Venusgive driminal tendencies, and other combinationswarranting,the person may face conviction. He can also be notorious a libertine. as Saturn.' The nativewill leada lonely life and may not marry. He will be well known lor his valouron the battlefield. The Sun with Saturncauses serious conflicts with the father and also with his own children. He may suffer from growths or lumps in the stomach. Mercury with Saturn makes the native untruthful and deceitful althoughhe may be wealthy. Thriftyin domestic life, somewhatirreligious, may become he a founderof charitable institutions. Rahu : The nativewill havea nagging and domineering wife. He will be impoliteand miserly, sufferingfrom emaciation and generally inclinedto be of loosemorals. He will hate his fatherand revileGod and religion. But he may become famousand acquire much wealth. Ketu : The native will be short-tempered and may get upsetover trifles. He will be eloquent but employthis ability to scandalise others. Fond of pompand show, haughty and srrogant,he will, however, be valorous. Often treating his parents badlyand generally hostiletowards them, he will be

the Conceraing Ninth Houso


but short-sighted save much money through frugal living. He will havea good wife and children. Times of Fructification of the Results of the Ninth House in The following factorsmust be considered timing events to relating the ninth house:(a) Lord of the 9th house, (6) Planetor planets aspecting planets occupying 9th house, the the 9th house, (c) Planetor (d) Planete ol aspecting lord of the 9th house, (e) Planet the ,planets association in with the lord of the 9th house, (f) The 9th lord from the Moon, and (9; tho Sun who is the karaka for father. Theseplanetsmay influenco ninth houseas eitherthe the or lordsof the main periods as lords of the sub-periods.(1) of The sub-periods planets capable of influencing the gth housein the maior periodsof those who are also capable of Influencing the 9th houseproduce results relating to the 9th ' (2) of housepat excellence, The sub-periods planetsassociated with the 9th housein the major periods of planets who are with the ninth house produce results pertainnot associated ing to the ninth houseonly to a limited extent. (3) The subperiods of planets not associatedwith the 9th housein the main periods of planets who are associatedwith the 9th houseproduceresultsrelatingto the gth houseto a very small oxtent. (a) Lord of the 9th house- Mars, (D) planets aspecting ihe gth house-Saturn, (c) planetsin the gth house-nono, (d) planets aspectingthe 9th lord--Jupiter,(e) planets in with gth lord-Mercury, V) lord of the 9th house ssociation from tho Moon--Venus,and (9) the Sun.


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Chart No. 85.* Born 243-1883 1 3N . 7 7 E 3 5 .

Lagna Sun

at 6 a.m. (L.M.T ) at


Saturn J u p i t .

Mercury Rahu



Ketu Lagna Sun Jupiter


Balance Moon Dasaat birth: 6 years. of Mars,Saturn,.,upiter, MercuryVenus and the Sun can or influerrce 9th housein their Dasas Bhuktis. Saturnand the Marscan, more than the other planels, influence9th house or duringeitirertheir Bhr.rl<tis Dasas. Ketu being in a results also according to the dictum Kuiavad Ketu martiansign and equally strongly in his subcan also influence gth hotrse the periodor main period. of The sub-petiod Ketu in the majorperiodof Saturn was to in important the native'slife in relation the 9th house signi' fications. He lost his father,his guardian angel, during this period. or The 9th househas mainlyto do with father, prosperity rrg travel.' The results relati to the fortune and long distance d 9 t h h o u s em a ym a n i f e s t u r i n gt h e D a s ao f t h e l o r d o f t h e g t h during the life-timeof house. lf ttrisDasadoes not operate inf the native,planets lucncingthe 9th hot:seby aspect, occu.

Concernlng tbe Ninth House lgf

pationor in association with the lord of the gth house give gth housesignifications. tiseto the Naturo of Results Subjectto the general principlesenumerated far, the so following results relatingto the ninth house are likely during l h e D a s a s r , dB h u k t i s f t h e s e v e r ap l a n e t s :a o l The Sun.' Progress religious educarionand spiritual in pursuits. Happiriess from sons and acquisition of property throughself-exertion.. llinessdue to glandular irregularities. fncome'ihrougjh agriculture. The Moon.. Acces: to reaoing and higlrereducation.Pafticipation proj.:ctsof lrumanitarian in and socialsignificalrce.Travels both within anrJ outside the courrtry birth and residence. Fame and success. Mars : of Inclinaiion to be harsh and rucle. Fatfrersuffers slckrress. Agricultural ventures but success fail comesin trade and business Life'ofdespondency to circumstances.lll-will with due brc.rthers deathof one crf them. Mercury.. Gains knowand ledgein manysubjects and succeeds learning music. Gets in children. Interest liierature grows. Famethroughscierrtific in inventions and discoveries. popt"rlar. Becomes Takes Jugtilsy.. interest religiousand similar institutions. Performsmany in cerenronies.Gives nruch happinessto lattier. Givesaway rnuchmoneyin charity. Venus.. Becomes selfishbut religious and learns much under spiritual preceptors. Fame through poetryarrd arts. Saturn .. Becomesa successfullawyer and foundscharitable institutions. Buildsup a big barrk-account throughmiserly habits. Shows ungratefulness parentsand to becomes irreligious. Rahu : Domestic unhappiness.lndulges in adultery and othervices. Becon,es stingyand rude. lf Rahu is in dignity, the nativemakesfast progress spiritual evoluin


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tion. lf badly placed.causesmuch sufferingto parents. Kefa Suffers from eye trouble, gets many children and enjoys domestic harmony.But becomes untruthfuland irreligious. The following resultsare likely during the Dasaoi the tord of the ninth house :lf the lord of the ninth houseoccuples the Lagna in conjunctionwith the Lagnalord, the nativeacquires everykind of comfort. lf beneficsaspectthe gth lord, his Dasa brings in conveyances. nativegetsa position authorityand The power. of He acquires wealthand riches and leadsa happylife. He may work in the top levels of governmentservice and occupy a post equivalent a king or minister. He inherits paternat to property and buildsit up throughhis own effortsaswell. Many relatives will dependupon his hospitabitity their living and for shelter. The native becomes famous both for his generous instincts and his achievements career. the 9th lordisweak, in lf debilitated eclipsed in malefic or or Navamsas, that is, the 6th, 8th or 12th from NavamsaLagna, the results will be quite contrary. The nativesufferspenuryand insteadof maintaining others will be forced to seek food from others. lf Rahu and the 9th lord combine in strength,the native may serue foreign powers. lf it is Mars,he will hold top rank in the armed or police forces. lf Saturnor Mercurybe the 9th lords,the native may becomea law.officersuch as a judge or a banker respectively. lf the gth lord occupiesthe 2nd housewith the 2nd lord, his Dasawill bring in unlimited wealththroughfamilybusiness or property. He will eat very good food and enjoya luxurious life. He will havemany relatives who will hold him in regard and affection. His fgcegets a radiant hue and his speech becomes eloquent. lf maleficscombinewith the gth tord, the

the Conoeralng Ninth Housc


dwindleon accountot family and native'stesources inheritance with the 2nd litigation.lf the gth lord combines and squabbles disgraceand humilialord and the 8th lord,the nativesutfets tion. He may even be thrown to the strsetsand sufferunone, the native poverty. lf the periodis a maraka imaginable by the 9th lord' lf the may die throughthe soulcesindicated then also the the 9th lord occupies 6th,8th or 12th Navamsa, will be greatlymodified' reeults degree beneficial of tho lord of the 3rd in the third house, lf the 9th lord ioins will proeper. The nativewill show an inclinationfor brothers writing on religion ancl spirituality. The native will earn instruments. He will make many throughmusicand nrusica! lf' tripsabtoadas wetl as to holy spcts and pilgrim-centres. gth lotd occupiesthe 6th, 8th or 12th Navamsas, however,the lhe native's fortunewill be only mediocre. lf the lord of the 9th housejoins the 4th house with the 4th lord, the native very happyand learned. lf Vonus and Jupiter also becomes and lands. lf the join, tho nativeacquires many conveyances 9th lord is exaltedin this position,the native may become a or .President ruler of a country in the Dasaof the 9th lord. Saturncombiningwith the gth lold in the 3rd house takes the nativeto foreignlandswhere he will servethe governmentor ruler. lf fortified Mercury ioins the 9th lord and the 4th lord the in tho 4th house,the nativebecomes head of a center of or learning research. lf the gth lord occupiesthe 6th, Bth or will ba expelienced 12th Navamsa from Lagna,the sameresults scale. on a lesser lf the lord of the 9th housejoins the Sth lord in the Slh greatclarityof thought and con' house,the nativeexperiences His fatherwill help him with money and tranquility. soquent td


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in otherways also to advance his career and interests. His children will distinguishthemselves academics in and bring to much happiness the native, A son may becomevery famous patronage, The native'sson will also and earngovernmental prosper verywell and enjoy all kindsof luxuries, lf the gth lord and the 6th lord occupythe 6th house, the Dasawill generally good. lf benefics be aspect,the nativer,uill in earnwell and advance his career. His father's health will improve duringthis period. lf malef aspect ics the 9th lord. the native'sfatherwill die during this period. He may contract huge debtsand be drawn into endless litigation.lf well-placed the Dasaof the 9th lord will give the nativethe post by aspect l r o f a j u d i c i ao r s i m i l a o f f i c e r . H e w i l l h a v em a n ys e r v a n ta n d s men at his beckand call. lf Marsbe there,the native inherits landedproperty. lf Mercuryalso influences 9th lord, his the Dasawill bring profitsthroughroyaltyon books through tegal bequests. lf Jupiter be there, the native acquires immense wealth throughhis own learning. lf the lord of the ninth houseoccupy the 7th house r,.,,ith the 7th lord,the nativewill earnwealth in foreign lands. He on will be sent abroad diplomatic and similarassignmcnts. l-iis family and he will enjoy all sorts of birth is in a prosperous and comforts. Womenwill flock round him ancl he luxuries getseverykind of sensual enjoyment..Mars with the gth lord gives the nailve landed propertyabroad while he will earn throughwomen if' Venus is involved. Fortune booms after m a r r i a g e n d t h e w i f e w i l l b e a n o b l ea n d r i c h w o m a n h a i l i n g a from a respectable family. lf the gth lord be placedin the 6th, 8th or 12thfronr Navamsa Lagna, the results will be greatly modified.The wife will be sicklyalthoughgracious and gentle. The native,thoughearningwell, may duringthe period of the

thc Coocrrning Nintb Houso on 9th lord have to defrayexpenses account of liabillties and the litigation.lf the lord of the ninth houseoccupy eighthhouse lord and lo aepectedby benefic planets, the with the eighth farherwilt die lcavlngthe native a large inheritance. native's The nativemny algolose his ntarriodpaltnol by deathor divorce rnd obtainmuch money in thc lorm of a bequost or alimony' tho native will not only suffel by lf badly alflictetl maletics, btrt Itsreaventents also lose his wealth and lands' He may andthirst. hunger f romplaceto placeandsuffer ainrlossly wander lortJis in the ninth house, ths period proves lf tlre nintlr very lrrckyto the native.He will marrya very eligibleand good paltnerand travel abroad. He will invest wisely in natured and expand it beyondexpectations'He will business father's with the 9th lord and is oarngreatwealth. lf tlresun combines by aspected benefic planets, the native wins elections and He a greatpolitician. will be wellknownfor his statesbecomes political acumen' lf Rahuioins the 9th housethe and manship very famousin foreignlands' lf malefatherbecomes native's fics like Saturnand Mars afflictthe ninth house and lord, the a nativebecomes leccherand indulges in vile acts' lf only Saturnaspectsthe gth house,the native, though prosperous' suffersstomach complaints. lf the afflicting planets be the and Sun, the Moon and Mars,the nativelosesboth his parents aspects the ninth house, he becomes also a limb. lf Jupiter pious and clutifultowards his parentsduring the period of the ninth lord. lf the lord of the 9th house is in the 10th house with the the ,lOth lord beneficially disposed, nativebecomes renowned ,lor his learning. He gets settledin his careerand leadsa very and comfort life. He will haveeverykind of luxr.rry ..lucccssful deedssuchas building command. He will do charitable It his


gow to Judjca Horoecopo

r'st housesand hospitars. He wiil earn much wearth through serviceto the Government. Ho wilt bo honouredmany times. lf the grh lord is afftictedby marefics, the resurrs wiil be quite contrary. The native will tosehis job. lf in a profossion, he will earn the wrath of people and be forcedto close down his practice. He will lead an unrighteouslife and seekto earn throughillegaland shadymeans.He will lose his propefty and may sufferpunishment the ruler. lf the gth lord in by the lOth house is well placedbut the 9th lord occupiesthe 6th, gth or 12th Navamsas, resultswill be good but their degree will be only middting. lf the lord of the nirrth houseoccupies the eleventh house with the eleventhlord,the nativeprospers the famity in business. lf the Moon is also there in a waterysign, the, business relates to productsof the sea such as fish, sharks,pealts and the like. lf Jupiter or Mercuryaspectthe ninth ford in the eleventh house or if the eleventhlord be one of theseplanetsgains will be through the newspaper,publication of books or educational Insritutions. lf Venusbe the planet,the native earns through hotols, cinema,restaurants but if Venusis afllicted by Rahu, Saturn,Mandiand Ketu, it will be through prostitution. lf malefics atflict the 9th rord,the native'sfriends wilrturn against him and deprive him of all his wealrh. He will be forcr.d to beg for meresurvival. lf thg gth lord occupiesthe 6th, gth qr 12th housesin Navarnsa, nativeearnsmoderate the wealth and will be fairlywell-off. lf the lord of the ninth houseoccupiestho tworfth house with the twelfth tord, the native wiil be spirituailyincfinedand Will spendall his wealth in clrarity. He will lead a pure and honestlife. He wiil rosehis father during the Dasaof the gth lotd or rnay live far away from him. lf the 9th lord in the

tbo Concerning NintbHouso


twelfth house is afflicted,th natlve will lose money through foolishly investingit. He may bo robbed of his valuablesby aspects or influences thievesol in a dacoity if Mare adversely lord combines with the gth the ninth lord. lf the 6th or 8th lord in the 12th house,the nstivo will losehis ancestrallands and money. ll the 12th hourc ll representedby a biped or quadruped sign end the 9th lotd le aff lictedby maleficsand is ths or himself debilitated eclipsed, native will lose his cattle, pets,horsesartd also his servantsand workers in the Dasa of the ninth lord. of In predictingresults,the strengths the karaka Sun, 9th lord and otherplanetsinfluencinghirn by aspectand association, the running Dasas and Bhuktis must be judiciously must be drawn only after the entire first. Conclusions assessed planet, by itself. if affllcted or benefichart is analysed" No of can entirelyinfluence the significance the ciallydisposed, ninth Bhavawithout baing itself affectedby the other relevant factors. Father of The longerrity fatheris judged on the strength of the significator, the Sun. 9th houseand the positionof the natural The 7th and 8th housesfrom the 9th house and other maraka the span of life from it help in estimating and planets houses marakaplanetswith reference the to of the father. Sometimes karakaSun can also be used to judge death of father. Aff licof tions to the Sun or his occupataon maleflchouses resultsin earlydeath of father. lf the 9th lord is In a kendraor the 11th the 9th house or is otherwise fortified, the houseor aspoets native'sfather lives long.




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Chart No.86.*-8om l4-4-1857 at l-45 p'n. (L.M.T.) at Sl N 30.0 w 05.

J upiter Sun Mercury J u p it e r Moon Sun Ketu Lagna Morcury Mars


GO-123 Moon Rahu

of Balance Ketu Dasaat birth : 6 years, 8 montfrs and 7 days. The Ninth House.' Aries is the ninth house occupied by the exalted Lagna lord Sun, VargottamaSth and 8th lord Jupiterand 2nd and 11th lord Mercury,lt is betweenmalefics R a h ua n d M a t s . The NinthLord : Mars is in the 10th house with 10th lotd Venus. Pitrukaraka; The Sun is exaltedin the 9th house with Jupiter atrd Mercury. hemmed in between malefics Rahuand Mars. The ninttr house is Leo Consideredf rom the Moon " lord Jupiter, 2nd lord Saturnand 5th by aspected Moon.sign a n d 1 2 t h l o r d M a r s . T h e n i n t hl o r d i s t h e s u n w h o i s e x a l t e d and rnaleficsRahu and Mars. The ninth l"touse but between af the ninth lord are considerably f licted'

Concernlng Ninth Housc tbe


Conclusion.' The ninth house and lord are both quite afflicted. The presence karaka Sun in the 9th housewith of 8th lord Jupiter is not conduciveto longevity of father. The following planets can give the results the 9th house of with reference father. to 1. Sun-as pitrukaraka 2. Jupiter-being in association with the Sun ' 3 . M e r c u r y - - b e i nig a s s o c i a r i o ni t h t h e S u n n w 4. Mara--being gth lord the 5. Vonus-boing placodwirh 9th lord Mars. The Strnin ex'rltation wirh Vargott,rma Jupiter in the 9th house and tho gth lord in a kendra gave an exalted fatherthe native was born to royalparents. But the papakartari lo the 9th house (from Rahu and Mars), the gth tord (from Saturnand Sun) and the karaka (fronrR,.rlrrr arrd Mars) toge. ther wilh the presence tho karakain tlre relcvanthouse of deprived nativoof his father very oarlyin lrfe. Sincethe tlre plJnots copablo of influencingthe 9th h<luseare all wetl placed, lho rrative'sfather could enjoy Rajayoga results but hie lorrgovitywas cuftailed. He dieC in February1861 in JupiterBhukti,Ketu Dasa. The Bhukti lord, Jupiter, is the 12th lord from the gth house The Dasalord Ketu is in a nrercurial sign. Mercuryis the 3rd lord from the gth associating with the 12th lord Jupiter, Ketuslrould give results similar to 'Kujavad [\4ars according the dictum lo Ketu'. Mars in the 2nd from the 9th house with the 2nd ancl 7th lord therefrom, namely, Venusand therefore, becomes powerfulmaraka. a A noteworthyfeature the chart is the Moon's occupaof tiolr of the constellation Moola. Tlris constellation occuring at the junctionof Jyeshtaand Moola is called gandantln artd is capable causing deathof father. of the


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Chart No. 87.--Born23-4-1877ot l0-25 p.m. (L.M.T.) ot54W56,1W25.

Sun Venur Mercury
Saturn Rahu FASI

ll"" -il-ilretu | | noon IM"t"' I

| .,,u,n tvtarr I
5un Juplf r e






Llgna Moon

Balance Venus Dasaat birth: 3 years, 5 months and of I 2 days. ' The Ninth House: Canceris the nlnth house aspectedby exaltedLagnaand 6th lord Mars. The Nlnth Lord : The Moon occupies th6 10th houss sspected a maleficSaturn,Mars es Lagnaand 6th lord and by Jupiter as 2nd lord snd is closely associatedwith Ketu. The 9th lord is heavilyalllicted. Pifiukaraka : The Sun though exalted is in the 6th house. a dusthana, with 7th and 12th lord Venusand is cspected by exalted Marsand an affllctedtaturn. Consideredf rom thc Moon.' (araka Sun occupies the 9th house in exaltatlonbut hb is aspected by Mars, Saturn and Juplter. Conclusion.' The pror.nce of karakaSun in a' dusthana and his association with a mrraka planetVenusand the aftlicby tion to the 9th lord Moon, especially the nodes, resultedin

Concorolng Nlnth Houso tho


lhe earfydeath of fether in Septembet1877. This was in Mercury Bhukti, Venus Dasa. Mercury occupies the 2nd house from the,Sun. The Dasa lord Venusis the 2nd and 7th lord from ths Pitrukaraka. Chart No.88. *Born6-10-1950 at 2-tB p.m. (t.S.f.) ct 27 N 42,75 E 33,



G .t i l -1 2 2
Mcrc |(ct u Vlour tuu

Jupitot Moon Msrs

Balance SaturnDasaat birth : 3 years, 7 months and of 27 dayt, The Ninth House.. The ninth house is occupied by as manyas 5 planets. Lagnaand Saturn.9th lord Mercury, Ketu, 5th and 1Othlord Venusand 8th lord Sun occupyit. The Ninth Lord: Mercury is the 9th tord exaited in the 9th housein closeassociation with Saturnand Ketu,Venusand theSun. Pitrukaraka.. The Sun occupies the 9th house with the gth lord Mercury,Ketu,Venusand Saturn, Considered from the Moon.. The ninth house has Rahu it and is aspected by several planets-2nd lord Sun, 3rd In rnd 12th lord Mercury, 7th and 6th lord Saturn and 4th and


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11th lord Venus. The 9th lord Jupiter is in tho 12th trom tlre 9th aspected Mars. by Conclusion.' The 9th lord Mercury is exalted but he is eclipsed.Further occupies constellation th6 8th lord. he the of The presenceof the karaka Sun in the 9th is not at all desirable.The Rahu-Ketu axis is spread the 9th house across both from the Moon and the Ascendant. The nativewas in her second year when her father clied in SaturnDasa, Jupiter B h u k t i . T h e D a s al o r d S a t u r n i s w i t h t h o 2 n d a n d 1 2 t h l o r d s in fronrthe 9th house,Venusand the Sun respectively, the 9th gth house from the house. He is also in the 7th. from the f M o o n .T h e B h u k t il o r d J u p i t e ri s a m a r a k ar o m t h e 9 t h h o u s e . Clrart No. 89. --Born2-5--1947 at 7-20 p.m. (l.S.f ,) at23N2l,82E2l.
Mars Venus Morcury Sun


G lv-l66 Lagne Kotu J u pt u r i rn Satu Ketu

Balance Moon Dasa at birth : 3 years, 6 months and of 23 days. Cancer The NinthHouse : Scorpiobeing the Ascendant, is the 9th housc, lt is occupied by 3td and 4th lotd, malefic Saturnand aspectedby 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter,

Concerniug Nlntb Housc tbe


The Ninth Lord : The Moon as 9th lord is in the l1th houseaspectedby malefic Saturn, Lagna lord Mars and 7th and 12th lord Venus. , Pitrukaraka: The Sun is exalted but with lhe 8th and in 11th lord Mercury the 6th house, a dusthana. He is subject a papakartari yoga causedby Mars on one side and Rahu to gn the olher side.Further, is aspected maleficSaturn. he by Consideredfront the Moon.' The 9th house is occupied tho by Rahuvvhile 9th lord Venusthoughexalted is in the 7th with 3rd and 8th lord Mars. KarakaSun is in the 8th, a dusthana,from the Moon, as well. 1. ; one of Conctusion severeafflictionsto the Sun deprive faiherearly in life. The ninth houseand the ninth lord as well as pitrukarakaare quite heavilyafflicted. The father died in capableof influencing the MercuryBhukti,Mars Dasa.Planets Saturn, Mars and 9th house are its lord Moon, its occupant Venus as planets aspecting9th lord Moon, the sante lords fronr the Moon, karaka Sun and Mercury who is with the Sun. The fatherdied in Mars Dasa, Mercury Bhukti. Mars occupiesthe 12th house lrom karaka Sun who is himself From the N4oon, Dasalord Mars is a mataka in a dusthana. the Bfrukti lord with reference to the 9th house Mercury, the becomes 2nd lord from tlre 9th houseand is the 2nd lord and in the 12th house from tire 9th lord causing deathof is also, the 9th lord t\,loon in the 12th from father.ln Navanrsa earlydeathof father. powerfullyby Lagnaindicating by The Ninth House.' In chart No. 90 Virgo is occupied ihe 7th lord M'ion and Lagna lord Saturn. lt is aspected powerfullyby the 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter. ' The Ninth Lord : Mercury is the 9th lotd placed in the 1Othhousewith the 8th lord. debilit;tedSun. The Sun does h o t g e t c a n c e l l a t i oo f d e b i l i t y . n


,How to Judgoa Horoscopo

Chart Ho. 90.-Born 29-10-1951 ct (l.S.r.) at 23 N 23,85 E 23.


l2-18 noon


t_ :t*

Sun Sun Mercury

Balanceof Mars Dasaat birth : 5 yearsand 3 months. Pitrukaraka.' The Sun is in a quadrant but quite weak by debilitation.In addition, he afflicts the gth lord Mercury. Conslderedfromthe Moon.. The gth house is Taurus, neitheroccupied nor aspected by any planet. The gth lord Venusoccupies inimicalsign in the 12th house with Ketu an and the 8th lord Mars. Conclusion.' Atthough the 9th housefrom Lagnais relatively free of affliction, the pitrukarakals in debility in the constellation of Rahu. From the Moon, the gth lord is heavily afflicted. The father of the native died in March 1962 In Saturn Bhukti of Rahu Dasa. The Bhukti lord Saturnoccupies the 2nd house from Venus(the gth lord from lhe Moon) and is also the 7th lord therefrom. Rahuwho is the lord of tho Dasa is in lho 7th from Vonue and in a saturnine constellation gaining therebystrong marakapowers.

tbo Coaccrniog Nioth House Chart No. 91.-0orn at 22 N 19,70 E 56. l4-1949 et l2-42

xl noon (l,S,T,)

NAVAMSA J upiter

Balanceof Satuln Dasaat birth : I yeare,3 months and . 3 days. Tha.Ninth Housa.. Mars, tho 2nd and 7th lord, occupies 9th house. the The Ninth Lord : The lord of the 9th house, Mercury. occupieo 1Oth hou8e, a kendra with pitrukaraka tho Sun. He is hemrnedbetwoenmalelics Marr end Saturn and aspcted by 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter. Pitrukaraka.' The Sun occupler the 1Oth house in Gancer with 9th ford Mercury, He ls also subject lo a papakartcil yoga caused by Mars on one side and Satuln on tho othel and aspected Jupiter. by Considered from the Moon.' The same picture obtains rince the Moon occupies Lagna. Conclusion.' The 9th lord is in a kendra, eoalso the karaka Sun but both are quite afflicted. But 9th lord Mercury ie strengthenedby his occupation of hh own constellation.


How to Judgea Horoscopo

The native's Yther died in January1973 in Jupiter Daso, Rahu Bhukti. Since the gth lord is afflicted togCIther with the Sun, the father cannot live very long. But the position of the 9th lord in a kendrain a beneficial constellarion cannot deprive the nativeof her fatherveryearlyin life either. Saturn is one of the afflictors the 9th lord as the constituent the to of papakartarr yoga which rneans his Dasa must take away the father, who died just hefore the eommencement the of Dasa. Dasa lord Jupiter is a maraka both by lordship and occupationlrom the 9th house and pitrukeraka aridthe gtlr lord respectively. The Bhukti lord Rahu is in a jupiterian sign and thereby becomes maral<a his Bhukti. a in Afllictions to the pitrukaraka by associarion, aspect, placementor otherwise are very important in depriving a nativeof his father. ln ChartNo. 86. the karaka Sulr though exafted is in the gth afflicted by papakartari yoga and occupying nodal constellation, a killing the farher, when ilre nativewas about 4} yearsold In Chart No. 87, pitrukaraka is again exalted but in a dusthana from Lagna, in the gth from the Moon, afflicted by malef aspectsand in a nodal ic constellalion ruled by Ketukillingthe fatherwithin 6 months after the native's birth. In Chart No. 88, the Sun (pirrukaraka) is afflicted and is in rhe 9th afflicted by the nodes. Thefatherdied in the 2nd yearof the native. ln ChartNo. 89, the Sun is again exalted but in a dusthanaboth from Lagna and Cliandra Lagna, subject to a papakartari yoga and afflicted by Saturn's malefic aspects with the result the fatherdied when the native was about7 yearsold. ln Chart No. 90, the pitrukaraka in a nodal constellationin debiiity is without cancellation debilitv, depriving the native of her of fatherquiteearlyin life. In ChartNo. 91, the karakaSun is

Concorniog Nlntb House tbc


af{lictedby papakartariyoga but is in a kendra with the 9th lord. The nativeof ChartNo g0 lost her father when about l1 yearswhile the fatherof the nalive of Chart No. 91 lived until the nativewas 24 years. In both cases the karaka Sun a a n d 9 t h l o r d M e r c u r y r ei n t h e 1 o t h . I n G h a r tN o . 9 0 , t h e S u n with no reliefand in a nodal constellation with ls debilitated the node Rahubeingin a marakahousewith gth lord Mercury ruleCby the 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter. ln who is in Visakha, s C h a r tN o . 9 l , t h e S u n i s i n a f r i e n d l y i g n i n t h e c o n s t e l l a t i o n y o f t h e 9 t h l o r d l v l e r c u rw h o i n h i s t u r n i s i n t h e 1 O t h i t s e l f i n his own constollation. In Chert No 90, the Sun occupiesthe 2nd housefrom the Moon while in ChartNo. 91, he occupies the 1oth from the Moon as well. We see karakaSun, though afffictedby papakartariyoga ln Chart No. 91, is comparatively r m u c hs t r o n g e t h a n i n C h a r tN o . 9 0 . Chart No. 92. -9orn 3l-l-1938 at O-23 a.m. (l.S.f .) at8N44,77E44.
Lagna lMocn



Morcury nunu I

Balance Sun's Dasa at birth : 0 year, 1 m.onlh and of 2 days.

Saturn Mars


i How to Jodgc a Horoecope

The NinthHouse.' ln Chart No. 92 lho gth house is aspecled own lord Mercury,and 2nd and 7th lord Mars. by The Ninth Lord: Mercury,the gth lord, occupies the 3rd houseand is aspected 4tlr and 5th lord Saturn. by Pitrukaraka.' The Sun occupiesthe 4th house, a quadrant, with 10th lord Moon, Lagna lord Venus and 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter. He is not aspected any planet. by Considered from the Moon.. The 9th house is aspected by two malefics, Mars and Saturn, as well as Jupiter (who gets cancellation debility)and ths gth lord Mercury is in of rhe 12th house,while the karaka Sun is in a kendra. Conclusion.' The 9th house from Lagna, the 9th lord Mercuryand karakaSun are well placedwith slight afflictions. The 9th lord occupyingthe constollation the Lagnalord and of aspecting the 9th houseare impoftantfactorsconducive to the long life of the father. The native'sfather died in the former's 41st year in MercuryBhuktiof JupiterDasa. Mercuryoccupies the 7th from the 9th and rhe 12th from the Sun. Jupiter, the Dasa lord, is the 7th lord from rhe gth house and is in the 8th therefromgaining marakastrength. The Ninth House.' In chart No.93 the lord of tho gth houseVenusoccupiesthe 7th house with 3rd and 1Oth lord Mars and Sth and Bth lord Mercury. The Ninth Lord : Venusas the lord of ths gth houseis in an inimical sign Leo with Mars and Mercury and hemmed Sun and Ketu. betweenmalefics Pitrukaraka.' TIre Sun occupies a friendly sign in the 6th house aspoctedby 2nd and 1ltlr lord Jupiter who is Vargottama (as he occupies Scorpio in Navamsa also) and Lagna lord Saturn.





Conccrningthe Nlnth Houso


Chart No. 93.-8orn 84-1912 at 7-35 p.m. (t.S.T.)tt N, 77" 35',.

Rahu Sun


Balanceof Mars Dasa at birth : 6 years, 1 month and 6 days. ' .Considered from the Moon.. The gth house is Capricorn aspscted by karakaSun. The 9th lord .Saturn is in Chandrakendra with the exalted 3rd lord Moon and is aspected by vsrgottama8th and 11th lord Jupiter. Conclusion.. The 9th lord occupies a kendra. The gth \ lF house from the Moon is fortified while the 9th house from Lagna has no afflictions. Only the gth lord is afflicted by Mars and the karaka Sun occupies a dusthana afflicted by saturn. But saturn does not afflict in the strict sense of the term being the Lagna lord. The native,sfather died when the former was about 32 years in Jupiter Dasa, Ketu Bhukti. Jupiter, the Dasalord, who is also the lord of the 3rd from 9th, ls in the 2nd (a marakasthana)from the 9th. Ketu, the


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sub-lord, occupiesthe 12th house from the 9th and the 2nd housefrom the gth lord Venus. Chart No. 94.--8orn 24-10.:,1949 3-33 p.m. (l.S.T.) at ct 13" N,77 E 35.
Lagna Mars

Mars Sat.

Moon Venus

Merc. Ketu

S"rurn I Moon

Balance Saturn Dasaat birth : 3 years, months and of 3 18 days. Thi: Ninth House.' In this case afso, Libra is the ninth pitrukaraka by and 7th lord house and is occupied debilitated Sun. The Sun gets neechabhanga (cancellation debilitydue of from Lagna). to his sign-depositor Venus being in a quadrant The 9th house is hemmedbetween benefics Moon and Venus on one side and Mercuryon the othersido. lt is also aspected by Lagnalord Saturn. The Ninth Lord : Venus as the gth lord occupiesa powerful kendra, the 1Oth house, in the company of debilitate<i Moon (who alsogets cancellation debility due to his signof dispositorMars being in a quadrant from Lagna). He is by aspected the sign-lordl/lars.

Concerning tbe Nintb House


Pitrukaraka.' The sun is in the 9th house itserf with cattcellation debility. He is aspected Lagnl lord Saturn of by and is subject to a subhakaftari yoga caused by Mercury and Moon-Venus. Consideredfrom theMoon.. The gth house is Cancer and is aspectedby Jupiter. lt is not occupied any planet. by The 9th lord Moon is in the lst house with his debilitv cancelled aspected sign lord Mars. by conclusion.' The gth rord is strongry fortified. The aspect of Mars, even if malefic, is not reaily so harmful as being the lord of the sign occupied by gth rord it onry strengthens ttre gth lord. The presenceof karaka Sun in the gth is not very wefcomd but there is the protectingsubhakartariyoga. The 9th houseis quite strongsavethe Sun,spresence there. The native'sfathermust therefore live fairly long. comparethis chartwith chart No, g3. The father of the native of Chart No.93 had no career as such nor any carnings. He was dependenton his father(native,s grand. father) untll the latter'sdeath after which he was tuk"n ..r. of wlth greiit rove and affection by his son (native of ChartNo. 93). In ChartNo.93, the gth lord Venus occupies Makha whose lord Ketu is in the gth house, the worst dusthana. l\4ercuryruler of the gth is in the 12th therefrom. Venusis in Leo whose lord Sun isagain in the l2th therefrom. In chart No. 94, the 9th rord VonusoccupiesJyeshta ruled by Mercury who is also in the gth house but in exattation in the Bth itself. venus is in scorpio whose rord rr,4ars is not only in a kendra but also aspectsVenus powerfully. The fatherof chart No. 94 is a man of internationar renown and the leading authoriryin his fielcl well established life. in The asterism occupied by a ptanet is very important in judging


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its significations.The native of chart No. g3 ie the father of the nativeof Chart No. g4. Incidentally note the artrologicar hereditaryfactorsin the two charts. Both haveAquariusascendingaspectedby Saturn from a kendra, Rahu in the 2nd, Mars in the 7th and Ketu in the 8th. One has pitrukarakaSun in the 6th house, I dusthana and the other in the gth house (the relevantBhava). Both have a Vargottama planet in the 1Oth, Jupiter in Chait No. 93 and the Moon in Chart No. 94. Chart No. 94 has 6th lord Moon neechabhanga the 10th housewhite ChartNo. g3 in hasthe 6th lord exatted and aspectingthel0th house. In both, the Lagnatord Saturn aspectsthe Cun. In Chart No. 94, gth lord Venus is in the loth, a kendra aspected by 10th lord Mars from the 7th. In ChartNo. 93, 9th lord Venus occupiesthe 7th, also a kendra, in associationwith 1Oth lord Mars. ln Chart No" 93, Mercuryis powedul being Vargottama while in ChaftNo. g4, he is in his sign of exaltation. tn bhart No. 93,2nd and 11th lord Jupiteris Vargottama while ln Chart No. 94, Jupiter who has the same lordshipis also Vargottama but neechawith neechabhanga causedby his sign_ dispositorSaturnoccupyinga quadrantfiom Lagna TheNinth House .. In Chart No.95 Capricornis occupied by Jupiter,the 8th and 11th lord. He is debilitated but obtains cancellation debility since Mars who gets exatted in Capriof corn ls in a quardrantfrom ths Moon. Ketu is atso in the gth house and is aspected 7th and 12th lord Mars. by The Ninth Lord : Saturn is in the 6th house but exalted and aspected the karakaexalted sun and 2nd and 5th lord by Mercury. Pitrukaraka : The Sun is exalted but in the 12th house with 2nd and Sth lord Mercury. He is aspected by exalred 6th lord Sarurn.

Cooccrnlngtho Nintb Houso



e6._Born t2_5_ts2s 7_so at d.m.(t.s.r.) at

Mercury Sun Venus Lagna

NAVAMSA Klu Jupiror

Jupit. Marr Rrhu Sun

of Venus o"r, 13 years,g months and 9 days. "rE]iil Considered from thc Moon .. The 9th house is Leo. The 9th tord Sun who rs ersothe pitrukar.r.-i, exarted in the Sth housewith 7th and 10th lord Mercur, *O""r"o by exalted Znd and 3rd lord Saturn. Conclusion .. The-ninth house is quite strong except for some afflictionfrom Mars. The gth iord is quite powerful beingexaltedand in a constelfation ruled by Rahu, the nodal axis in turn being spreadacross the 3rd and 9th houses. Rahu is in turn aspected exalted by Saturn, the gth tord. The Sun though in the 12th is fortified bv hts occupation of his own constellation. The native,sfather ls a big business ,"S".rL and stit activeryariveat 75 years. The karaka and ths gth rord, both in exaltation, are in favourable constelletions. They mutuaflyaspecteach othergaining strengththereby, Rahu Dasa saturn Bhukti courd see the death of the native,sfather. saturn



IIow to Judge E Horoscopo

(9th) and is in the 7lh from is the 2nd lord from Pitrusthana Pitrukaraka.The Dasalord Rahu is in the 7th from the 9th of house. Rahushouldgive the results Satutnas well who is from the 9th. a maraka The Ninth House : In ChartNo. 96 the Langalord Moon by the occupies gth houseand is not aspected any planet. the The Ninth Lord : Jupiter is the 9th lord and occupies with Rahu. He is aspectedby 5th 4th house in Vargottama lOth lord Mars. and by Lagnaand is aspected Pftrukaraka ; The Sun occupies 1Othlord Mars. Consideredfrom the Moon .' The 9th house Scorpio is by occupied 11th and 12th lord Saturn and aspectedby 2nd and gth lord Marsbut by his 8th houseaspect. Chart No. 96. Born 4-8-l958 at 6-40 a.m, (l,S.f ) at 9N55.7887.
Ketu Mars Sun Ketu Vonug



arnn, I



RP. 23/46
JupitEr Rahu



o B a l a n c e f S a t u r nD a s ua t b i r t h : 1 g y e a r s ' 7 m o n t h sa n d 25 days.

Conccrning Niorh House thc


Conclusion .' The 9th house and the karaka are free of afflictionsbut the 9rh lord is blemishedby associationwith Rahu and the aspectof Mars. Jupiter is no doubt Vargottama but occupies a martian constellation. Mars is a powerful marakafrom the 9th house both by ownershipand occupation. He is afflictedby Ketuas well. Jupiter associates with Rahu but Rahuis also in Chitta. The native's father died in April 1979 in RahuBhuktiof MercuryDasa. Dasa lord Mercuryis the 7th lord from the gth house and occupies the 2nd from Pitrukaraka. Rahu who rules the Bhukti is in the Bth from the 9th house. TheNinth.House : In Chart No. 97 Leo is aspectedby 5th and 12th lord Mars, TheNinth Lord : The Sun is the 9th lord as well as pitrukarakaandoccupiesthe 12th house with 7th and 1Oth lord Mercury. He is aspected Lagna lord exalted Jupiter. He by is afflicted by the papakartari yoga causedby Rahu and Saturn. Consideredf rom the Moon .. The gth house Aquarius is occupied by 6th and llth lord Mars while the 9th lord is exaltedin the 5th with the 5th lorf,. Conclusion.' The karaka and 9th lord Sun are in a dusthanawhile the 9th house is aspected by Mars. The rgth lord Sun occupies constellation Mercurywho as the 2rtd the of lord is a maraka from the 9th house. Saturn, the 9th lord from the Moon, is also in a constellation ruled by J.upiter,2nd lord from the gth from the Moon. Theseweakenthe gth house to someextent. The father of the native died in Rahu Bhukti of SaturnDasa. Saturnis the 7th lord from the gth house and in the 12thfrom the Sun. Rahu, the Bhukti lord, is in the 2nd from the Sun. The Dasaand Bhuktilordsare the constituents of the papakartari yoga afflicting the gth lord. .

216 Chart No. 97.-8om at 13 N 04,80 E 17.

Howto Judge Hororcopo a | 2-l2-1954 at 7-30 a.m. (l.S.f .)

Saturn Moon Venus Mars Kstu NAVAMSA Merc.

| *",u lMoon |;'

Lagna Rahu


Mercuty V e n u g Saturn Sun


Balance Jupiter Dasaat birth : 8 years, 5 months and of 23 days. ln ChartsNo. 96 and 97, the 9th houses do not seem to afllicted. In ChartNo. 96. the Lagnalordoccupies be strongly the 9th houseand the 9th lord is Vargottama. In ChartNo. 97, byexaltedLagnalord Jupiter. Neveilhethe gth lord is aspected less, in both charts the gth lords occupy constellationsof the maraka planets from the 9th house which diminishes vitailityof the 9th Bhava. lf in Chail No. 96, Jupiter had the fatherwouldhavelived longer. lnChart Visakha, occupied No. 97 also, the Sun in Visakha (whoselord Jupiterwould be exaltedin the 8th) or Anuradha (whoselord Saturnwould be gxalted the 11th with ths 11th iord) would have prevented in the fatherfrom dying in SatutnDasa. Fortune and Long-Distance Travel as travel in moderntimescan bo interpreted Long-distance ninth houseand its lotd are importantin travel abroad. The

Concerning Ninth Flouso tbo


finding out if a chart holds prospects such travel. Common for and movable signsare morecapable giving foleign journeys of than fixed signs.Watery signsare also to be takeninto accounl sincein ancient timesgoing abroad invariably meant crossing the seasand travelby ship. The Lagnalord and its position must also be consideredsince foreign travel may be just a journeyand back.toone's homelandor it could also end in settlingthere for good. Alternatelyresidence may be extended for many yearsbeforereturning to the homeland. Ancienttexts havenot mentioned any planet as karakaor nsturalsignificator travel. Sahams employed in rVarshaof phal chartscan be tried but how far they can be effectively madeuse of can be determined by an earnest student only afterhe has studieda numberof charts. Thereare two sahamsmentioned paradesa(foreign namely, country) sahamand jalapathana(voyage)saham, which could for be considered predicting foreigntravel. Paradesa Saham: 9th house 9th lord+ Ascendant. (b) (a) r Jalapathana Saham Cancer15o-Saturn+Ascendant. : (a) (b) lf tho Ascendant does not lie between the two values(a and b), 30o must be addedto the valueobtained abovein order get the required to Saham. ' lf the Sahamor its lord is not related to the Ascendant or the 9th houseor otherwisewell placed, l'ten the event of the Sahammay not materialise fully, The Sahamaspected by gth or 12th lord who in turn is related to any of the 7th,
T ro, cafcufationand lnterpretationof sahams. rcad varshapholot The Hindu Progressed Horoscope by Dr. B. V. Raman.


How to Judgca Horoecopo

these housesindicates foreign travelin the periods of airpropriate planats. When the planet occupyingthe 12th house from that of the lord of the Lagnais well placedin an exalted or friendly houseor is aspectedby a friendly or exaltedplanet,the native will prosper his homeland. lf thereis no ptanetin the 12th in house,the lord of the housecan be considered instead. lf the 12th lord from the sign occupiedby the Lagna lord is in an inimical debilitatedstateor is otherwiseweak. the or nativegoes abroad. lf rhe 12th lord from the sign occupiedby the lord of Lagnais in a quadrantor ttine or in the Ascendan! and in a friendly,own or exaltationsign and is well placed, the nativegoes abroadto countries that are prosperous. the lf Lagna lord is in a movablesign aspected planetsin movable by signs,then also thers will be foreign travel and the native prospers abroad. The Dasas of planets in the 9th houseor aspecting gth house,the 9th lord and 12th house are very the lmportant in predictingforeign travelor residence. Besidesthe all-imponant9th houss ruling long journeys, the 3rd house governs short journeys, the 7th house rules foreigntraveland the.12thhouse,longjourneysand residence in distant lands. We have found in our experiencethe karakatwa or lordship or Bhava occupationof planets that indicate foreign travel gives a clue to the reasons for tlavel abroad. For instance, if the 4th and 9th lords are related, one may go abroad for higherstudiesor on a teaching mission. lf the 9th and 10tlr lords are related itmay be for reasons career of and professional advancement.lf the 6th lord is also involved, the native may visit a foreign country on an otf icial assign ment sponsored his employer. lf Mercury is the planet, by

Conccrolog Ninth Hougc tho


education,research,learning, writing or similarreasons m8y take one abroad. lf it is Jupiter, then the native may trevel in foreign lands either s a visiting professor,for lecturing on some subjects,or on religious, spiritual or culrural missions. lf the 11th lord is involved, travel abroad will be mostly connectedwith gains; if on a political mission,to secureloansand financial and other assistanceif on business, ; to expand or market products and bo on. lf the 7th lord and/or the Sun is thrown in with planets causing foreign travel, a nativemay go abroad as a diplomat or delegate. lf Venusand the 7th lord are associated with long-distance yoga planets, causing the nativemay go abroadfollowing marriage. lf Venusand Saturn, the 1 l th and 1Oth lords are relatedartshowsor sometarentin fine arts may take the native abroad. lf these planets are powefulty placed, film-shooting and oimilarassignments could tal(ethe nativeabroad, lf Lagnalord is weak and the 6th houseor lord is involved Oavelabroad may take placeformedicalreasons, viz.,lreatmenl ol surgery. It the gth and 12th lordsare afflictedby malefics, the nativemay go abroadin connection with nefariousactivity suchas smuggling, tradingin flesh, espionage and so on. lI the 6th or 8th lordsand houses are related planets causing to foreign,travel, the native may flee abroad for political or climinalteasons. lf Saturn,Jupiterand the 12th lordsarefavourably disposed the nativemay go abroadto set up an ashramor on a leligious or spiritualmission. ln Chart No. 98 the Lagnalord occupies 6th house in the exaltation. Therebeing no pranets the 12th, its rord is saturn in and he is placedin his own sign. The native, ownerof a national daily and manyotherbusinesses, madehis fortunr has in the country of his birth.


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Chart No. 98.*Born ll-LlgO4 a t 2 5 N 1 8 , 3E 0 .

Sun I Mars I tvtoon Mercury j



GD-129 Venus Morcury

Mars Saturn

Balanceof Sun Dasas at birth : 1 year, 0 month and 13 days. Chart No. 99.-8orn l2-5-1928 at7-50 a.m. (t.S.T.) at 13"N04,80E17. | ,",.

t; I
Ketu Jupitot






Balance VenusDasaat birth : 13 years, 9 months and of I days,

\ Cooccrning lilotb Houso the 2Zf

ln Chart No. 99 the Lagna lord occupiesLagnaitself. The Sun and Mercury occupythe 12th housefrom Venus. The sun is exalted.The native,an heir to a largeastate, being the son of a newspaper-magnato, himserfinvorved it, his and in fonune too bloomedin the countryof his birrh. Note in both chartsthe Dasasof planetsin the gth house or ol the 8th lord havenot operated sofar. InChartNo.9g, the native was born in the Sun,s Dasa followed so far by the Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and SaturnDasas. Although there has been foreigntravel in retevantBhuktis, the Dasa lordsnot havinga direct bearingon the 9th house, have not given resi_ denceabroadso.far. ln Chart No. 9g, the native was born in the Dasaof Venus. He has so far gone through the Dasas of the Sun,.theMoon, Marsand Rahu. Herealsothe Dasa lords aie not directly involved with the gth house unA t uuJ oniy given foreign journeys. Foreign residence is unlikely since Lagnalord occupiesLagnain a fixed sign. Untesstho placement of the Ascendant and other pranets warrantsresidence abroad,the Dasasby themsetves cannotgive these results. The nativeof Chan No. 100 sailedfor Engfand 1905 in in Rahu Bhukti, Ketu Dasa.The Dasa rordKetu is with the gth rord Jupiter aspected yogakaraka by Mars. The Bhukti lord Rahu is in the 12th housein a mercurial sign which also ruresforeign journeys. The gth house is piscesa watery sign and the gth lord occupiesa commonsign. DuringRahu Dasa also, the native went abroad severaltimes representinghis country. Rahuis in the 12th houseandaspected bya powerfur grh tord Jupiter. Jupiter is in a constellation ruled by Venus, the 4th lord, and is aspected Sth and 1OthrordMars. This Jupiter by influences Ketuand Rahu,the tordsof the Dasas which gavehim much foreign travel. Jupiter's occupation the constellation of

zrt Chart No. lOO.-Born (L.fn.r.) at 25 N 25. 82 E,


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Jupiter Kstu

Mercury Venu!

BalanceofMercuryDasaat birth:13 years,7 monthsand 6 days. Chart No. 1 O1.-Born 22123-l l-l902 at 5-l6 a.m. G.M.r.) at 23 N 6,72 E 40. Ketu I uent



Balance VenusDasaat birth : of 12 days.

and 13 years,11 months

the Conccrniog Nintb House


of 4th lord took the nativeabroadin Ketu Dasa for reasonsof of oducation. In RahuDasa,the influence Mars as 1Oth lord on the 9th lord made itself felt and travel abroad was mainly of because the nativs'spolitical career. see tho 12th lord Mercury occupies Libra associating We sign. The narive was a very with Venusin his moolatrikona popularpoliticalfigure in the country of his bitth. The first and most importanthappeningin the life of the nativeof ChartNo. 101 was his trip to England for education. This was in the Sun's Dasa,Jupiter'sBhukti. The Sun is in a by watery sign in Scorpioaspected the 7th lord Mars. Fromthe the 4th house governing education' occupies Moon the Sun Lagnalord Venusis in Scorpio.and the gth and 12th lord Mercury occupies Lagna with Rahu who is Vargottama' The be necessarily inf luenced personality the nativemusttherefore of and this was possible because his by a foreign background was abroad. Jupiter, the Bhukti lord, is in the 3d education sign. In the Moon Dasahe cameback a and occupies movable himself in scientific country where he distinguished to his own aspected by Saturn circles. The 12th lord Mercury is in Lagna from his own sign indicatingprosperity and success in the country of his birth. Rahu Dasaconferredon the native great reputationand of nameand fame as a scientist international all gavewide travelling overthe world. Rahuis in Lagnain a sign with Mercury. Mercuryis the 9th and 12th lord movable of and Venusthe sign-dispositor Rahu is in Scorpio allowing travel. Rahu is with Mercury, the karaka for intelextensive lectual leaming and it was becauseof his scientificknowledge that he went abroad. and eminence The native of Chart No. 102 went abroad twice, both tlmes on a spiritual mission. This was in Jupiter Dasa and


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Chart No. 102.*-Bornt2-t-1963 at 6-33p.m, (L.M.T.) at 22 N 40, 88 E 30.

Marg I Ketu Mercury Moon Marg

NAVAMSA Mercury Sun

Venus | ruH-SO

Balance MoonDasa birth : 3 years, 3 monthsand of at 27 days.. Chart No. 103.-Bom t6-10-t9tg at 2 p.m.(L.M.T,) at 13"N, 77 E 35.
Saturn Jupitot

*,""Rahu lFl; r"0,,., I f l:tt"



I Mars


Sun Mercury

Balance Rahu Dasaat birth : 11 years, g months and of 20 days.

thc Concerning Nintb Houso


Jupiter Bhukti when he was invited to addtess the Parliain mentof Religions Chicago. Jupitertho Dasalord is in the by signaspected the 12th lord Mars. 11th housein a movable of Jupiteris also in a martianconstellation.The intluence Dasalord Jupiter gavs a spiritual colouring to the native's jor:rneyabroad. lt wasto fulfil a spiritual mission started by time, the nativewent abroad was in his mentor, The seccrnd sign with the 9th lotd Sun VenusBhukti. Venusis a movable and 1Othlord Mercury. lord Saturn occupies the Bth house. The The Ascendant 9th lord Mercuryoccupiesthe 10th house in a movable sign and the 9th househasVenus,the 1Oth lord in it. Since the Lagnalord occupiesa dusthana in a fixed sign, subiect to Dasasand Bhuktisthe native may go abroad. In appropriate Chart No. 104.*8orn 8-8-1912at7-35 p.m. (l.S.T.) a t 1 3 "N , 7 7 E 3 0 .


San Rohu NAVAMSA Mercury Moon Ketu

Mars Merc.



Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 6 years, of 6 days.


rnonth and


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Mercury Dasa,VenusBhukti, she went on a world tour. Both Bhukti and Dasalordsare directfy related to the gth house, one as occupant and the otheras its tord. The native of chart No. 104 first went abroad in Venus Bhukti,SaturnDasa. Saturn,although the Lagnalord, is also ,lhe 12th lord. Venus,theBhuktilord, is rhe gth lord placedin the 7th housewith the 3rd rordMars. He went abroad second a and thirdtimein thesameDasa, JupiterBhukti.Jupiteroccupies a waterysign Scorpioand is aspected the 12th lord Saturn. by MercuryDasa,MercuryBhuktialso took him abroad. Mercurv thoughthe srh and 8rh lord is in the 7th houso with the grh tord Venus. Because the powerfuldispositionof Lagnalord of Saturnin the 4th housein a fixed sign, relevantDasasand Bhuktisduringhis lifetimecan onrygive foreigntrsver but' not tesidence. Chart No. 10S.-Born 3-g-1g42 at 7_23 e.nt. (t.S.T.) at 130N, 77 E 35.
J upiter Venus Lagna Mars Moon Saturn

Mare Rahu

Merc Sun

Bafance Ketu Dasaot birth : 2yeats andT months. of

tbc Conccroing Ninth Hougo


of Thenative ChartNo. 105 first went abroadin the Sun's Dasa,Jupiter'sBhukti. The Sun is the Lagnalord and is placed by in the 12th housein Cancerin a waterysign aspected 7th lord was of the Moon,thel2thlord placedin Saturn.The next Dasa continues. The Lagnaie the 9th houseand foreign residence occupiedby gth lord Mars with VargottamaRahu. The Lagna 12th house in a watery,movablesign indilord occupiesthe Dasas. abroadin the appropriate cating residence Ghart No. 106. BornlT-9-1941 at 10 a.m. (l.S.T.) at 22 N 34,88 E 24.
Mare Saturn
Lagna Mars


Lagna Venua

Balanceof SaturnDasaat birth : 3 years, 0 month and 27 days. In spite of everyeffort to come back to India, the native has been forcedto stay back in a foregin country. The "native went abroadin Mercury Dasa. Mercuryis the gth and 12th b l o r d e x a l t e d i n t h e l 2 t h h o u s e a n da s p e c t e d y t h e 3 r d l o r d Jupiter. The Lagnais a movable sign occupied by its own lord and aspectedby a powerful 7th lord Mars. Ftom the Moon also, Mercuryas 3rd and 12th lord isin the 3td aepec'


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ted by the 9th lord Jupiter. Ketu Dasawas also lived abroad. Ketu is irr Pisces,awatery sign aspected 9th and 12th lord by Mercury. Fromthe Moon, Ketu is in the 9th house. Venus Dasa now running has givernno possibilities his return of hclme. Venusoccupies Libra aspected the 7th lord Mars. by ln ChartNo. 107 the Lagnalord Venus occupiesAquarius but in the 9th Bhava. Flois with the 3rd lord Moon. The gth lord Saturnis well ptacedin his own sign in a movable sign with exalted 7th and 12th lord Mars. He is aspectedby exalted8th and 11th lord Jupiter from the 3rd houss. Tlre nativewent abroad in Saturn Dasa. His efforts at coming back have been in vain and he has beenforced to residethero. Ghart No. 107.-8orn l2-l-1932 at 2-50 p.m. (t.S.T.) ct 32 N 10,74 E 14.
Rahu Lagna Lagna M ercury

Moon VcnuS


Marg S:rturn

Sun Mercury

Venus I


Balance JupiterDasaat biilh : 10 years,5 months and of 23 days. The nativeof Chart No. 108 went abroad in the beginning of the Sun's Dasato start a new life there. The Sun, though the 4th lord, is with ths 3rd lord Moon and in a watery

Concernlog NinthHouse thc


sign Pisces. The Lagnalord Venus is in the 12th aspected by 9th lord Saturnfrom a watery sign Cancer in the 3rd house. This is a caseof residence abroad. Let us applythe test of Sahams definedearlier. =9th house.--gth Foreign Paradesha or Saham lord + Lagnalord ,-9th hrruse Saturn Venus + -=(279"7' -115" 08') + 13" 56 - 177'55'. Adding 30o because Lagnais not betryeon the 9th house and 9th lord. Paradesha Saham 2O7"55'or Libra27o5'. Chart No. 108.-8om l3 3-19/B at t0-30 a.m. (l.S.T.) at ll N 06,79 E 42.
Moon Sun Venus Rahu


RahuI Mercurv I
Balance Mercury Dasaat birth : 3 years,9 months and of 27 days. The Sahamis aspected its lord Venuswho is in the 12th by house. Venusas the Sahamlord is also aspected by the 9th lord Saturn.


llor to Jud8c Horolcopo r

VoyageJalapathana Saham=Cancer150-Saturn +Lagna - ( 1 0 5 ' - 1 1 6 o8 , ) + 3 9 " 7 ' =28o 59'. Adding 30o becauseLagna is not between Cancer 16o and Saturn,we get Jalapathana Saham:58' 59' or Taurus 28o59'. ln this casealso, the Saham lord is Venus aspectedby 9th lord Saturnand in the 12th house. In ChartNo. 109, the Lagnalord is in the 9th house and the 9th lord is exalted in the Sth house in a movable sign. Chart No. 109.* Born 28-4-1945 at I l-39 p.m. (l.S.T.) at ll N 15, 75 E 49.

Balance SaturnDasaat birth : 17 years, 6 monthsand of 10 days. The nativewent abroadin Metculy Dasa. Mercuryis the 7th lord placedin a watery sign with 12th lord Mars and aspected by 3rd lord Saturn. The Lagna itself is aspected by Jupiter from the 9th house and the 3rd lord Saturnfrom tte 7th house. Saturnin turn is aspectedby 12th lord Mars justifying the abload. native's statusas an immigrant-resident

t: t-

l,** t;
Lsgna Jupiter

Coaccrniog Nfotb Houro thc

Foreignor Paradesha Saham-- 9th house*-9th lord -r Lagnalord = 9th house-Sun + Jupiter - 1 4 5 o 5 2 ' * 1 6 0 2 5 ' + 1 4 6 -1 6 ' =275" 43', because the Ascendant is not betweenthe gth Adding 30" house and the gth lotd, ParadeshaSaham 305c43' or 5'43' ruledby Saturn. Saturn is in the 7th house Aquarius by from Lagna in a commonsign aspected 12th lord Mars and positionfrom 9th lord Sun. in 3/11 Voyage or JalapathanaSaham.- Cancer 150- Saturn+ Lagna :10b._74o 34, f265.52, ,=296' 18'. Lagnais not between Cancerand Saturn; Adding 30o because Saham= 326018' or Aquarius 26o 18' ruledby Jalapalhana Saturn.Saturn as alreadyseen, is so placed as to indicate foreigntravel. Chart No. 110.-8orn 3l-8-1944 at L30 a.m. (l.S.f .) at l0 N 50,78 E 42.

frr"r, I
Ketu Venus

NAVAMSA Sun Bahu Juprter

Lrgna G .i l t - 1 8 0

Bafance f Sun Dasa atbirth: Zyears, 2months and o l6 days.


e Hor to JudSo Horoscopo

the In ChartNo. 110 the Lagnalord Moon occupies 7th a movablesign. The 7th lord Saturn occupiesthe l2tti house, a commonsign aspecting gth lord Jupiter and the 3rd and the 'lhese placed in the 2nd house. firctors indi12th lord Mercury cateresidence abroad. The nativeleft lndia in RahuDasa.Rahu is in Lagnabut in a wateiy sign Cancer. lts lord Moon, whose results shouldgive, is in the 7th house.Rahumustgivethe ho 'sanivadRahu'and resultsof Saturn according the dictum to Saturnis not only the 7th lord but also in the 12th house.The next Dasais of Jupitor, the gth lord, and after that of Saturn, the 7th lord indicating contirluance residence abroad. of Appfying the Sahamtest : Foreign Paradesha or lord Sahrm='9th house-9th lord +'Lagna 3 5 2 "5 8 ' - J u b i t c r + M o o n h b' 3s2" E8- r 36o-J-27s" ,1320 . 3 Thereis no needto add 30o because Lagnais betweenthe 9th houseand 9th lord, P a r a d e s h aa h a m - 1 3 2 " 3 ' o r L e o 1 2 03 r u l e d b y t h e S u n . S with 9th Tho Sun is in the 2nd lrousebut in close conjunction lord Jupiterand 3rd and 12th lord Mercury, and aspectedby the 7th lord Saturnf rom the 12th house.

Voyase Jarapathana or saham-i}::;l?.;r?irlilrj!!g^"

-141'19'. The Lagnais not betweenCancer 15" and Saturn. Adding, .. lherefore, 30', Jalapathana Saham 171o19' or Virgo 21" 19' tuled by Mercury. Mercuryis not only the 3rd and 12th lord but is with 9th lord Jupiter aspectedby the 7th lord Saturn journey. from ths 12th house, indicative foreign of 'l occupies movable ln ChartNo. 11 . the 9th lord Mercury a watery sign Cancerin the 7th house. The Lagna lord Satutn

Conccrnlng Nlnth Hougo tbo


powerlul and exalted in Llbra (movable sign) in the 1Oth houseaspected 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter from a common by sign. Saturnin turn aspects gth lord Mercury. The native the left India in MercuryBhukti of Jupiter Daea. The Bhukti lord Mercuryis the 9th lord and is the 12th lord both indicating foreigntravel. Mercury'spositionin the 7th in his conV a Y s t e l l a t i o n n d c o n i o i n i n g o g a k a r a k a . e n u sa n d 4 t h a n d 1 1 t h lord Mars la o powerful combinatition for success and prosperity cbroad. Chart No. 111.--8orn 24-8-1953 at 4-lO p.m. (l.S.T.) at 13N t3.79 E 08.

Venus Ketu M a r c Mars Mars Merc, NAVAMSA Sun
Moon I Jupitor I sr,u,u

Bafance Mars Dasaat birth : 1 year, 8 months and of 1 1 days.

orParadesha Foreisn saham-etl"H::;:::Jil1 !:ff 1''""

=.152" 2'-115'44' +181 43' 4 : 2 1 8 o 4 1 ' p l u s3 0 ' . sinceLagnais not between the 9th house and the gth lord. =248" 41' ot Sagittarius8' 4' ruled Paradesha Saham by Jupiterwho is the 12th lord and aspectsthe 12th house and exaltedLagnalord Saturnin the 1Othhouse.

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150-Saturn+Lagna Saham=Cancer Voyage or Jalapathana -105'-181"43'+27242' = 1 9 5 o 9 ' p l u s3 0 " 5 :225" 59' or ScorPio 5'59' 1 einceLagna does not lie between Cancer 15o and Satutn ruled by Mars who occupies the 7th house, a watery Eign' with gth lord Mercury and is in mutual aspect with Lagna lord Saturn. Chart No. 112.-Born 29-9-1946 at ll*58 a.n, (l'5.7,) 1 3 "N . 7 7 E 3 5 .
VenuS Moon



Msrs I Sun Venus


Balance Jupiter Dasaat birth : 5 years,5 months and ot 1 day. The 9th tord Sun joins the exalted7th lord Mercuryin by Virgo in a commonsign aspected 3rd lord Saturn.The Lagna sign in the l lth housewith 12th lord occupies movable a lord Mars As soon as Mercury Dasa began, lhe nativo went abroadfor study and later continued his stay there fot his career, Mercury,the Dasalord, is alsothe 9th lord from the Moon placedin the 12th houseindicatingthat tho Dasa will be spentabroad.

:Gonccrolng Niotb Housc tho


Saham -,91hhouee-9th lord + Lagnalotd Foreignot Faradesha -125o-Sun+Jupiter r'125 -163" 50' + 189o8' - 1 50o 18' plus 30' the because Lagnals not betwoen lhe 9th house and 9tlr lord. P a r a d o s hS a h a m - 1 8 0 "1 8 ' o r L i b r a 0 o 1 8 ' o c c u p i e d a 'by Lagna lord Jupiter, Saham lord Venus, 8th lord Moon ond the 12th lord Mats.

saham::il::"11.;ill'jlr:Lasn o'; Vovase Jarapathana

-2450 13'plus 30" is not betweenCarrcel15oand Saturn. sinceLagna * 5 Sa .'.Jalapathana ham275'13'or Capricorn " 13' luled sign as the 3rd lord in Cancer by Saturnwho is in a movable a watery sign. Pilgrimages

the Hindus have attached great Fromtimes imnremorial to importance bathingin sacredriversand pilgrimages. This to and yogasbeingdevoted the chapters is shown by separate questionof yatra and gangasnana.A carefulstudy revealsthat pilgrimages which religioustouch was given were underto form the linal phase takenas partof education. Pilgrimages and social and havetheir own moral, intellectual of education values. The wi)tersof the Ganga and several other sacred virtue and a dip in these rivers is riversars full of medicinal that it washesaway not only the physical ditt heldso sacred as butthe mentalimpurities well. Evennow the majority of or for that matter people of all faiths yearn to the Hindus I untJertake pilgrimages so that their existencoon the earth r'. may find fulfilment. ,

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Sonre relevant combinations cullsd from ancient wolks are given below. Jupiter, if combined withoraspected by the 1Oth lord, leadsone to actsof piety. lf the 7th, Sth, 9th, 1Othlordsand Jupitercombine in a waterysign, the native has dips in the as riversas sacred the Gangesin Jupitel Dasa' The Dasasof lords of the sth and 7th houses do not give pilgrimages promptthe native to devotehis time to study but of sacredlore, particularly the stories of Maha Vishnu. The to Dasaof ths 4th lord gives pilgrimages many holy spots. lf occupythe 10th and 4th houses front Lagna, the malefics native dies during his pilgrinrage to a sacredshrine. lf the the native goeson combine, lords of the gth and 1Oth houses on a long pitgrimage.Jupiter'saspect the 9th housegivosthe good fortune of bathing in the Ganges. lf benslics native the Chart No. 113.-Barn 8'8-1912 at 7-35 p.m. (l'S.T') a t 1 3 "N , 7 7 E 3 5 .
Srturn Moon Rahu Sun NAVAMSA


Balanceof Mars Dasa at birth : 6 days.

6 yoars, 1 month and

the Concerning Nioth House


a aspectthe gth houseand gth lord occupies trine or guadrant goos on a big pilgrimage' lf the or the 11th housethe native gth lord from tlre Moon is in a kendra, thon elso the native goesto many holy 6pol8. ln ChartNo. 113 Jupiterle ln the 1Oth aspectedby the 1oth lord Marg. In JupiterDasa,JupiterBhukti,the nativenot only had dips in the Gangesbut also in many other sacred riversand visited e numbsrof holy places

the Tenth House Concerning
The most difficult and at the sametime the most importanpart in the analysis a horoscope the determination occut is or of pation or profession. In fact, the numberof avocations today is so vast and variedthat it is nearly impossibleto ascertain with any degree of accuracy the exact nature of profession. Thereare severaldifficultiesthat presentthemselves before an principles in ancient astrologer his taskof adapting astrological to suit currentprofessions. In formertimes occupationswere few and the differentiation betweenone occupation and another was clearly marked. But proper and judicious investigatiorr into all the relevant factorswill rcvealwhiclr vocationand the degree success of one may achieve it. in The tenth houserefersto occupation,profession,temporal knowledge and dignity honours, foreign travels, self-respect, and meansof livelihood. ' Primary Considerationg Before analysingthe tenth Bhava, one must study the general strengttr of the (a) the house, (b) its lord, (c) its and (d) the Karaka indicatoror naturalsignificator or occupants bearing of the 1Oth house. Differentyogasin the horoscope also influr.nce tho 1Oth on the 1Othhouse, its lord and Karaka house. The Navamsa chart mustalsobe takeninto account.

tbo Concerniog TcotbHousc


Results of the Lord of tho Tenth House being situated in Different Houses ln the FirctHouse.' When the lord of ths tenth house occupies Ascendant, the the native rises in !ife by sheer dint of perseveranco. He will be self-employed pursuea profesor sion of independence. When the Lagnaand 1Othlord combine in the first housethe native becomesvery famousand a pioneer in his field of work. He foundsa public institution and engages himselfin socialprojects. ln the SecondHouse : The 1Othlord in the secondhouse a makes the native fortunate. He riseswell in life and makes lot of money. He may engagehimselfin the family trade and develop it. lf maleficsafflict the 1Oth house he will suffer for lossesand be responsible winding up the family business. in and restaurant businesses. He will prosper catering ln the Third House.' The native may have to travel constantly on short-journeys.He will be a speakeror writer of celebrityif the 1Oth lord is well-placed. His brothers may be instrumental some extent in advancing career. lf 1Oth to his lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th from NavamsaLagna or in an unfriendlyconstellationin the 3rd house,the native'srisein life is slow and beset with obstacles. lf the 3rd lord is also afflicted, rivalry betweenbrothersmay leadto reversals, obstacles, etc,, in the native's career. In the Fourth House.' The native will be a lucky man and highly learned varioussubjects. He will be famousboth for in his learningand generosity. lf the 'lOth lord is strong, the native is respected wherever he goes and he receivesroyal favour. He may engagein agriculturalpursuits in dealings or with immovableproperties. lf the 4th lord, the 9th lord and the 1Oth are beneficiallydisposedand relatedto one another,


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or the nativewieldsgreatpoliticalauthority I prosident head ss in of a government. lf the 10th lord is depressed, eclipsed, an pianets,the nativewill lose matefic inimicalsign or afflictedby his lands and be forced to take to a life of servitude. The same resultobtainsif the 1Othlord conjoinsthe 8th lord in the 4th house in a nraleficshashtyamsa. ln the Fifth House.' The native shines well as a broker and engagesin speculation and similarbusiness. lf benefics ioin the lord of the 1Othin the Sth house, the native leadsa simple and pious life engaginghimself in prayers and pious activities. He may becomethe head of an orphanags remand or home if the 1oth lord occupiesthe 6th, 8th or 12th Navamsa. ln the Sixth House : The person will have an occupation bearing on judiciary,prisons or hospitals. lf Saturnaspects the 1Othlord, he may have to work all lris life in a low-paying jbb with not much prospects. lf beneficsaspectthe 1Othlord, he holds a post of authorityand will be held in high esteemfor his character. lf Rahu or afllictedmalefics with the 1oth are lord, he may sufferdisgracein his career. He may be exposed actionand face imprisonment. to criminal ln the Seventh House.' The 10th lord placedin the 7th wife who will assist housegivesa mature the nativein his work. missions.He will be well He will travel abroadon diplomatic known for his skill in talkingand achieving objectives.He will makeprofits throughparlnerships co-operative and ventures.lf in maleficsafflictthe 1Oth lord. the nativewill be debesed his sexualhabitsand indulgein everykind of vice. ln the Eighth House.' The native has many breaks in career. lf the 1Othlord is foilified, he will occupya higlr office in his field but only for a short time. lf a maleficplanetafflicts the 1Oth lord the personhascriminalpropensities commits and

Coaccrning tbo Tcoth Housc


offences. lf Jupiter inlluencesthe 1Othlord by a8pector association in the 8th house, he will become a mystic or spiritual teacher. Saturnhere makesthe personan underteker otheror gtc. wise employedin bulning ghats, graveyards, ln the Ninth House.' The 10th lord in the 9th house makes the nativea spiritualstalwart. He will be a beaconlight spiritual seekers Jupiter aspects the 1Oth lord. lf both to if benefics and malefics aspect the 1Oth lord, the native is generally fortunate and well-to-do. He follows a hereditary professionor that of a preacher, teacheror healer. The father of the nativehas a greatinfluence him. He will be a dutiful on son and do many charitable deeds. ln the Tenth House.' lf ths 1Orhlord is strongly disposed in the 1Oth, the native can be highly successful his profesin sion and command respect and honour. lf the lord is weak and afflicted, he will have no self-respect, cringing for favours. He will also be a dependent his life. He will be fickle-min. all ded. lf the 10th lord occupiesthe 6th,8th or 12th houses from Navamss,the native'scareerwill be routineand ordinary. lf three othsr planets conjoin the 1Oth lord in the 1Othhouse, the native becomes ascetic, an ln the Eleventh House.' The personearns immenseriches. Fortunate every respecthe will engagehimselfin meritorious in deeds. He will give employmentto hundreds of persons and will be endowedwith a high sense of honour. He will have manyfriends. lf the eleventh house comes under aflliction, his friends will turn enemies and causehim every sort of hardship and worry. ln the Twelfth House.' lf the 10th lord occupies the twelfth house, the nativelruillhave to work in a far-off place. l0


llow to Judgo a Horoscope

He will lack comforts and face many difficultiesin life. lf beneficially disposed, the native becomes spiritual seeker. a He will be separated from his familyand wanderaboutwithout success if malefics afflict the 1Othlord. He will indulge in smugglingand other nefariousactivities.Rahualflicting the 1Oth lord makesthe nativea cheatand a criminal. He causes sorrow to his family and relatives. Other lmportant Considerations

Astrologyis a scienceof tende,ncies predictions not and do imply fatalism ot absolute predetermination. Consequently it is only one's naturalaptitudes leanings for speci{icoccuor pationsthat can be known from the horoscope. Therefore, no definiteastrological factorscan be fixed for eachvocation. Beforejudgingthe profession is necessary ascertain it to the mental,intellectual and physical abilitiesof the nativeby a carefulexamination the strength weakness or of otthe Sun, the Moon and the Lagnarespectively. The positionof Mercuryis equallyimpoilant. For, thoughclassical astrology has assigned the mentaloutlook of a personto tho position of the Moon, yet our observations to show that as the planet Mercury go rules buddhi or intelligence,his auspiciousdispositionis in equally important orderto measureone's mental make-up. When eitherthe Moon or Mercury receives a series of evil particularly aspects those of Rahu and Saturn,one lacksthe of strength mind neededto facacritical situationsand would involvingresponsibilityand the ability be unfit for professions to meet criticalsituations. It would, in our experience,be reasonableto expecta planetin the tenth or rulingthe 1oth houseto havemore influenceover the vocation than a planetof generalprominencein

C,ooccroing TcothHouso tbe


any other pan of the chart. This however is different from implyingthat the rulerof the 1Othor a planetin the 1Othhouse a can be considered fixed factorfor any of the professions. A study of over 50 charts has revealed that it is only in statistical 15 chartsthat the 1oth lord and the 1oth Bhavawere definite factorsin determinlng the native'sprofession. But the most powerful plsnot in the chart will also havo a beadng on plofession. Going back to thc ability to meet situatlong, planetin tho a 1Othhouse receiving powedul aspeclfrom a benefic denotes e that the individual is not lacking in the ability of the nature of of the aspectingplanet that he could make a success it. lf the Sun and Rahu are in the 10th house aspectedby Jupiter, the native may presideover political meetingsand take interest in politicalactivities; but politics will not be tho native's profession. lf the Sun and Mars are in the 1Othhousewith Mars fortifiedand in dignity, the nativemay be a medical man but in would be interested politicsand even invotvedin it. For purposes study, we may classifythe variousoccupaof tions into six broad groupsor categories,viz., (1) Intellectual avocations, (2) economicavocations, (3) aestheticactivities, professions (4) routine works, (5) mechanical and (6) trades. is This classification too general because it is impossible to draw a line of distinctionbetweenthe different categories. An author, whose main work is intellectual,may spend a part of his time in composingand printing or insurance business. and economic In his occupation,therefore,both the intellectual people suddenly come in. Thereare instances when aspects change their careers from teaching to business. This is explainedby the fact that there is a specialstimulus to cettain


How to Jud3o Hororcopo r

qualitiesat certain ages,probably depending upon the nature the directional influences (Dasasand Bhuktis) operating of then.

Takingthe first group-lntellectualavocations-historians, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, doctors,astronomers, astrologers, psychologists,psycho-analysts, iudges, lawyers, etc., come under this group. To the economic gtoup may be politicians, bank wolkers, insurance essigned workers, actuaries, industrialists, mill-owners and manufacturers. Musicians, actors, singers, dancers, dramatists, cinema stars, artistes belong to the Aesthetic group. Routine workers include the lalge numberof clerks,shop assistants, waitors and the general staff in offices, govetnment and business organisations. Labourers, agriculturists, carpenters, attisans, mechanics, compositors, mill-workers, etc., belongto the frfth group, The sixth, vr2..traders includethe rankand f ileof merchants, bookpublishers, stationers, grocers, printers, journalists, sellers, manufacturing representatives, etc.

Eachone of these avocations can be divided into a number of divisions. For instance, an artist may be a sculptor, photographer etchet ; a musicianmay be a violinist,vocalist, or composer flutist. An engineer or may be an inventor, designer or a mechanic and so on. Hence it would be impossible to make an entire catafogue of professionsand group them to suit astrological factors

Generally speaking Jupiter and Mercuryreferto intellecprofessions,the Sun, the tual avocations, Venusto aesthetic Moon and Mars to economic occupations, Mercury traders, to jobs and Rahu and Ketu to routine Saturnto hard working workers.

tbc Cooccroing TcotbHouto


In a chaft there may be brendsof different pfanetary infruences. A philosopher and a scientist are both intellectual workers: but in the formercaecJupiter will be prominent and in the latter, Mercury. lf these influencesare further affected by thoseof the Sun or Man, thcn servicounder the Srate is indicated. Mercuryir l very rmportantplanet for creativeor fictional writing. Jupitercnd Venusinfluencing Mercury in the loth housemey give rire to I poet. Mercuryand Jupiter may make one shine ae an author or spiritual, literary and leligious subjects. Mercury'ssituationin the 1Othis the best gift for an author. ln the absenceof such a combination, Merculy should occupya quadrant,preferably the 7th house. Chart No. 114.-Born l4tt-1899 at ,l_Og p.m. (L.M.T.) at 25 N 25.82 E.


Jupiter Kotu

Venut Mercury

Balance Melcury Dasa at biilh: l3years, 7 months of rnd 6 days. Mercuryis powerfully ptacedin the 4th house in Libra (Chart No. 114). Mercurycombineswith 4th lord Venuswho


s tlow to Judg,e Horoscopc

as of is also the generator MalavyaYoga. lVlercury the intel' 'lectual the planetis betweenthe Sun and MarsTsveslinQ native's political doctrines. His intellectualoutput in prison was prodiguous. Three irfstancesdraw our attention in the matter of decidingptofession. They are :(1 )- When the 1Othhouse is not occupiedby any planet (2) Whentho 1Othhouseis occupisdby a planet (3) When ths 10th houseis occupied by more than ono planet. Takingthe first: When there is no planet in the 10th and the lord house, take the 1oth lord as ptimarydeterminant occupiedby the 1Othhouse as the secondary the Navamsa of determinant. Betweenthg two, the stlonger planet generally the natureof profession. Indicates When the 10th house is occupied by a planet, then of the lord of the 10th house, its occupant and the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the 10th lord, the strongest planet becomesthe primary determinant. Whenths l Oth houso is occupiedby mole than ono planet, the most powerful planet becomes the prime determinan providedthere is no conjunction. lf there is a conjunction the strongerof the Navamsa lords of these two planets will give the clue. Or, when th differsntplanets8re mole or less of equal strength, then thel6 will be a blending of influence and more than one occupation may be indicated. These principlesare very generaland must be adaptedsuitably. The 1Othhouseshould be reckonednot only from Lagna but also from the Moon and the Sun. lt is also common experienc that ths reckoning made from the strongest of these thre centersgivesgood resultsin judging occupation'

Conceroiog tbe Tentb Housc

2r7 at 10-10 p.m.

Chart No. 115.-8orn 29-tLl90l (L.M.r) at 35 N 40, 139 E 40.

Junirer I Balanceof Sun Dasa at birth : 3 years, 9 months and 24 days. The Lagnain Chart No. 1lb is Sagittarius and is very poworfulbeingoccupied own lord Jupiter. The 1Oth lord by la Merculy snd hg occupiesthe Navamsaof Mals in great slrength He is Vargottama (occupies same sign in Rasi the and Navamsa). Thechart belongs a military emperorwith to aggressive tendencies. Mars as lord of the sign occupied by the 1Othlord Mercuryhas given a milirant profession. Fromthe Moon also, the 1Oth houseis a sign ruled by Mercury who is in a martianNavamsa. Fromthe Sun the l Oth housebeing Capricorn lord Saturn is in Scorpio Navamsa its luled by Mars again. Or considerthe strongest the Lagna, of the Moon and the Sun. The Lagnais occupied by own lord Jupiterand 2nd and 3rd lord Sarurn. The Suh sign is also slrong, the Sun being exaltedand with Merculy and Venus.

-l tI""' -;^' 1"""" I

iASr RP-r 65/PN

Scrurn I

Sun Mcrcury Vrnua




How to Judgc Horoscopc a

The Moon sign is Virgo aspected Saturn. The Lagnawould by emergelhe strongest the three and the 1oth lord from here of indicates military profession. a In deciding vocational the determinant, another important factor is alsoto be considered,viz., the planet whose shadvargaspredominate regardto the 10th lord and the 10th in house. ln ChartNo. 115, the Ascendant(10 2 rupas) is more powerfully than the Moon (8.8 rupas). The 1Orhis occupied by the Moon.The 1Othlord is Mercury and he is in the Navamsa of Mars. Mercury occupies vargas Mars while Mars has six of 3 vargasof the Sun. Though the Moon (occupant the 1oth of house;ismoreimportant (the ruler of the 1Oth than Mercury house)yet as the Moon is in a bhava-sandhi (junctionpoint), he is rendered incapable giving the resultsof the 1Othhouse. of Therefore Mercuryand his shadvargastrength, viz., lhat ot profession being predominantlymilitary. Mars, determine as Planets in the Tenth House in The Sun.' The nativeis successful all that he undertakes. and happy. He will have sons, vehicles, He will be strong money and power. He will be employed fame, intelligence, in governmentservice. He will acquire ancestral wealth. magnetism. He will be fond of musicand havepersonal with the Sun, the native becomesadlf Marsassociates joins the Sun he dictedto viceslike drinking, etc. lf Mercury profoundknowledgeof the sciences. He will be fond acquires joins the Sun in the 1Oth of women and ornaments. lf Venus house, the native gets a rich wife. Saturnwith the Sun genelally causessorrow and dejection. TheMoon .' The natlve will be religious,wealthy, intelligentand bold. He will succeed all hls evdeavours. will He in

Conccroing Tcntb Houso thc

obtaincorn, ornaments, womon tnd will be skilledin the arts. He will be of a helpfulnatureand virtuous. Jupiter with the Moon makestho nativo lccrncd In cncientsubiectsand skilled in astrology. lf Seturnclpcctr the Moon, tho native will be a dispassionalc thinkcrbut eamingthroughprintingand selling booltr. Hc will hevc many lriends and lead a comfortable and long life. Hc will bc the truste religious of institutions. favouringthe native may beMars : Other combinations comeI crucl ruler. He will be fond of praise and may takebold eteprin governing.Hewill be rash.He will earnmuch money. lf Mcrcuryjoins Mars, the person will be a skilledscientist or patronised the rulers. lf Jupiter is with Mars,the technician by people.lf with Venus,he nativobecomes headof low-class the becomes traderin foreignlands. lf Saturnand Marscombins a in the 1Othhouse,he will be daringbut will have no progeny. petMercury.' He will be a happy and straightforward son. He will be a scholarin many subjectsand engagedin acquiringmore knowledge and fame. He wili be successful in ell his cndeavours. He will have defective eyesight but profoundknowledgein astronomyand mathematics. lf Venus joins him, the nativewill have a charming wife and wealth. lf Jupiter, he will be unhappy, and childless but move in prominent circles of the government. Saturn and Mercury makethe native toil in jobs like that of a copyist or proofreaderand suffer penury. Jupiter.' The nativewill be a high official in the governin ment. Rich, virtuous,steadfast his spiritual religious or life, wige and happy,he will be guidedby high principles.lf Jupiter and Venuscombinein the 10th house, the person is held in rtlcem by the governmentand entrusted with the protection (leamed people). lf he is with Rahu, he Otlhc Brahmins


How to Judgc a Horoscopc

becomes mischief-maker a and will create troublo for others by at everystep. lf Jupiter is aspected Mars. the native heads institutes, and institutions. research academics educational houses and buildings. He Venus.' The nativeearnsthrough will be highly influentialand has many women working for him. He will be social, friendly and renowned. lf \bnus with Saturn. the native will profit from cosmetics combines powersand usedby women. He will have healing and articles will be disrupted. He will be a skilledtrader. His education for will have respect divine people. a Saturn.' The nativebecomes ruleror minister. He will brave, rich and famous. He will be disbe an agriculturist, passionate nature and will work for the downtrodden in of masses. He wili be judiciousand work in the capacity a judge. The nativevisits sacred riversand shrines and in later an will be marked sudden life becomes ascetic. Hrscareer by with the elevations and depressions.lf Saturn is associated 8th lord in a rnalefic Navamsa, the native suffers under a tyrannicalsuperior officer. lf the 1Oth lord joins Saturn occupied the 1oth by togetherwith the lord of the Navamsa or with the 6th lord and is influencedby aspect conjunction lord, the nativewill havemorethan one wife. Rahu : There is a tendency to lustsafterwidows. He will be a skilled artist with a f lair for poetry and literature. widelyand is learned. He will be famous and will He travels engagehimselfin business. He will havelimitedissues. Bold adventurous commitsmany sins. he and somewhat Ketu : The nativewill be strong, bold and well-known. He will commitvile deeds and be impurein his resolves. He will face manyobstaclesin all his undertakings. He will be very clever. lf benef icially disposed, the native will be happy,

Conccrning Teotb Housc tbc

religious, well read in the scripturesand visit many pilgrim centersand sacredrivers. Time of Fructification of the Results of the Tenth Houge The folfowing factorsare of significance in timing evonts connected with the tenth house:(a) Lord of the 1Othhouse, (6) planeior planets aspecting the 1Othhouse,(c) planetor planetsposited the 1Oth in house, (d) planetsaspocting lord of the lOth house,(e) planetol the planetsin associarion wirh tord of the 1Othhouse, and (f) the 1Othlord from the Moon. Thesefactors may influence the 1Othhouseeitheras lords of the main periods or as lordsof the sub-periods.(1) The sub-periods planets of capable of influencing the 1Othhouse in the major periods of planets which are also capable of inffuencingthe 1Oth house produce resultspar excellence pertainingto the 10th house.(2) The sub-periods planets of associared with rhe 1Othhousein the majorperiodsof ptanets which are not related the 1Othhouse produco results to pert a i n r n g o t h e 1 O r h o u s eo n l y t o a l i m i t e d x r e n r ( 3 ) S i m i t a r l y t h e . the sub-periods planets of that are not related to the lOth housein the majorperiods planets of associared with the 10th housewill produce effectspertainingto the 10th nouseonly to a smallextent. I n C h a r tN o . 1 1 6 , w e n o t e : (a) Lord of the 1Othhouse-Mercury ( b ) P l a n e t s p e c r i n t h e 1 O t hh o u s e - M a r s a g positedrn the 1Othhouse-nil (c) Planets (d) Planets aspecting tord of the 1Othhouse-nil the.


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Chart No. 116.-8orn 26-2-t 9Sg at g-20 p.m. (t.S.f .) at 13o .77 E 30. N
Venus Mars Mercury Ketu Moon NAVAMSA

Jupiter Salurn

Bafance MercuryDasaat birth : 7 years,l0 monthsand of 26 days. (e) Planetsin association with the lOth tord-Venus and Mars. (f\ The 1Oth lord from the Moon-Mars. Mercury, Mars and Venuscan produce results Therefore 1Oth house in their Dasas and Bhuktis. The native of the graduatedin engineeringduring Mars Bhukti, Venus Dasa both connected with the 1Othhouse. He secured lucrative a job in a big Government undertakingin the same Bhuktiand Dasa. Going back to ChartNo. 114, the beginning of Venus Dasa (Venusaspects the 10th house) saw the native settle down to the practiceof Law (Mercury, Sun, Venusand Mars aspectingthe 1oth is a formidable combination).KetuBhukti in VenusDasasaw the nativepresident the IndianNational of Congress-a gfeat honour and also I great responsibility. Ketu

the Cooccrning TentbHousc


is in the 6th with 9th lord Jupiter who aspecrs 1Othhouee the and becomes capable bringingdistinctionand authority of in the native's careet. The majorand sub.lords, Venusand Ketu, are disposed in the 3rd and 11th from each other-an ideal combinationfor elevation career. With the commencemen in of the Sun's Dasa, the native's popularity began to wax further. The Sun is a political planetand aspects the 1Oth. The Sun's Dasawas not eventful but the Sun being in a Keeta Rasi,a series detentions of took place. As soon as Mars Dasa began,the nativebecameVice-President the Indian Interim of Government.Mars is a yogakaraka.RahuBhukti made the nativethe first PrimeMinisterof India. Rahu is in a mercurial sign and is aspected 9th lord Jupiterwho, in turn, aspects by the 1Oth housetrinally forming a Rajayoga.The Dasa and Bhukti lords,Marsand Rahu,are in mutualquadrants. Nature of Results

The lordship, aspects,locationand the general strength of a planetcapable of influencingthe 1Oth house determine the nature of results the planet producesin its Dasa. In general, the followingresults, relatingto the 1Othhouse, are likelyin the Dasas and Bhuktisof dilferentplanets. The Sun.' Acquisition of wealth and learning. Health gainsvitality. Founds institutions and getsa high position. Domestic happinessand prosperityof sons. Succeedsin militaty career and politicalambitions. The Moon.' Becomes passionate and adulterous, suffersmental unrestand a tlustee of somereligious or social institution. Gives away moneyin charity.Getsmany f riends. Acquires health, wealth and comforts. lf in unfriendly sign, death or illness to mother and danger from swindlers. Mars : Acquires wealth and fame.


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in Prospers agriculture and getsgood profitsin business.Gets a d o r a t i o n f r e l a t i o n s . a i n se n e r g ya n d c l a r i t y o f t h i n k i n g . o G lf a Yogakaraka, happinessand successduring the entrre period. Gainsthroughfine arts and increasedincome from lands. Mercury.' Gainsacademic distinction and recognition. Enjoysfortuneof a high order.Eye-sight deteriorates. lndulges in charityand nobledeeds.Succeeds trade,religious in activity and spiritual evolution.Jupiter.' Becomes virtuous. Acquires wealth and conveyances. Birth of issues.Prospersin agriculture Venus.' Earns name, money and fame through law. Enjoys social life. Educationsuffers, Acts in accordance with scriptures doing his dutV. Saturn.' Goeson pilgrimages. complaints. Meetswith success a senSuffersfrom gastric in sational way. Goes to foreign countries. lf a malefic by andoccupation, verybad periodin life. Rahu:lnvolvelordship a ment with undesirablewomen. Becomesa creativewriter prosperity. lf Rahuis ill-disposed,mental or artist. General and affection. Ketu: Does highly intelligent derangement spiritual and works for the poorerclasses. work. Becomes Travelswidely. Destructionof dear ones, properties and self-respect. The following resultscan be generally expected to take placeduringthe Dasaof the lord of the l Oth house:Benef with the 1Oth lord in the Ascendantwith the ics lord makethe native Ascendant renowned. will occupya top He positionin the Government exercise muchpowerandauthoand rity. He will be nobleand engage himself charitable in deeds such gifting away clothes,buildinghostels, as orphanages, wellsand hospitals. lf the 1Othlord is placedin rhe 6th, 8th or 12th in the Navamsa, the nativewill be a just and peace-loving man. will be of rnoderate means with neither fame nor power. He

Cooccroiog thc Tentb Housc


his with malefics the Ascendant, in lf the 1Othlord combines D a s ab r i n g si n d i s g r a c a n d h u m i l i a t i o n . T h e n a t i v e m a y l i v e e ceremonies. at on gifts obtained deathand similarinauspicious placedin the 2nd with the lf the lord of the 1Othhouseis 2nd lord, the nativeearnsrichesin the Dasaof tlre 1Oth lord, spreads widely. His family will look His famefor his riches and will hold hisopinions high esteem. in to him for everything He will work for the government in an intluentialjob with at manyservants his beck and call. He will havemanydepen. people. He will be magnadents. He will feed innumerable nimousand alwayshelp orhers. lf Raiayogasobtain in the power and authority will have no limit. chart, the native's combinein the 2nd house,the native suffers from lf malefics He and eye-troubles familymisunderstandings. will be beset with variouskinds of troublesand lose his money. Poverty will starehim in the face. He will not get food and his speech viciousness.He sulfersill-fame. assumes the 3rd house with lf the lord of the 1Othhouseoccupies the 3rd lord, the native'sprosperitybooms in the Dasa of the famousas a bold writer during this 10th lord. He becomes period. He qises swifty in his career with frequentpromotions. will prosperwell. He acquires musicaltalentand His brothers famousin this field, lf the 1Othlord in the 3rd is in becomes period. the the 6th, 8th or 12th Navamsa, nativehas a mediocre houses. lf the 3rd or He may work for newspapers publishing will are lord and karaka afflicted,then misunderstandings arise and the nativemay suffermentalaberration. brothers, between duringthe 1Othlord's Dasa. He will wanderaimlessly the lf the lord of the 1Othhouseoccupies 4th house with the 4th lord, the native enjoys mental happinessand gains fame through his immovableproperties. His incomewill be


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through landsand buildings if the 4th lord is Mars or Mars associates with the 1oth lord. Hewill also undertakeagricultural pursuits. lf Mercuryor Jupiter is with the 10th lord, the nativeheadsan educational research or organisation. His family will come to be known for its respectability. lf malefics afflictthe 1Othlord, the native suffers mental vacillation and takeswlong decisionswhich affect his reputation adversely. lf the 1Oth lord joins the Sth lord in the 5th house and beneficsalso aspectthe combination,the native rises to the rankof a minister during this period. lf powerful Rajayogas ale present,the native may evenbecome the ruler of a counrry. joins the combination, ll a beneficially disposed 8th lord the nativemay become a ruler or prime-minister following the death of his predecessor. lf Rahu or Saturn in strength is involved in the combination,the native is elected to office. His fame will spread widely and he will innovate many helpfulto society. lf the 1Othlord is in inimicalsigns reforms Lagna,the results or in the 6th, 8th or 12th from the Navamsa greatlyreduced will be and the nativemay be a mere member of the Assembly. . When the lord of the 10th house occupies the 6th house, the former'sDasa will make the native a court official. lf powerful planetsare involved, he becomes a High Court or CourtJudge. lf the 1Othlord is of feeble strength, Supreme the nativemay work as a summons-bearer bench-clerkor or in attendant the courts. The native'smaternal uncle will be man. lf Mars, the Sun, Leo, an influentialand prosperous planets and signs involved,the native Scorpio,Ariesare the a becomes skilledsurgeon physician.lf maleficsafflict the or 1oth lold, the Dasamakesthe nativework for others at death and similarinauspicious ceremonies.

thc Conccrning TenthHouso


the lf the lord of the 1Othhouseoccupies 7th with the 7th gets distinction and lord, the nativeworksabroadwhere he a recognition. He marries wife from a good family. She will boost his earningsby helping him in also work or otherwise his work. He goesto manyshrines,holy places and sacred rivers. lf the Moon joins the 7th lold, his work will be con' takes placein an nected with conveyances.lf the combination airy sign he may work as a pilot, in aftery sign he may work for the railways and in earthy signs, he may work in auto' afflict the 1Oth lord, he will mobilecompanies. lf malefics that may not fetch much money and as a follow a profession sufferpenury. His wife will be a quarrelsome consequence womencomingfrom a low and unculturedfamily. lf Mars afflictsthe 7th house,she will leavehim in the Dasa of the 1 O t hl o r d . lf the lord of the 10th houseis in the 8th with the 8th lord. the nativemay lose his job in humiliatingcircumstances inthe Dasaof thelOth lord. lf the 1Oth lord is fortified he and then reinstated. The native will will be only suspended jobs or take to a career crime if Rahu afflicts the of hold low Moon and the 1Othlord. He will lose lands, and pests and other troubles will spoil his agriculluralincome. He will sufferbreaksin educationwhich may not be completed. He and in everyother manner. sufferslosses throughhis vehicles lf the lord of the 10th house is in the gth with the 9th lord subjectto beneficial aspects,the native leads a life of He righteousness. willearn through fair means and become well known for his sense fairplayand justice. lf Ketu joins of on the 1Othlord, the personembarks a lifeof spiritualsadhana. powerfully the 1Oth lord, the native lf the Sun influences t7


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works for the Government takeup the medical profession. or lf the Moon be strong, he will work as an auditor or banker i n t h e G o v e r n m e n o r i n s o m e b i g u n d e r t a k i n g .l f M a r s t aspects 1Othlord or associates the with him, he will acquire immovable property from his father. lf Mercury is powerfulty disposed,he goes abroadfor educationand researchin the Dasaof the 1Othlord. The nativowiil prosper alongwith his fatherif Jupiterassociates with the 1Oth lord. Venus in the samepositionwill conferon the nativegold, preciousstones, conveyances all kindsof comforts the 1Othlord's Dasa. and in lf Saturnis the influencingplanet, the nativewill head an industrial otherconcernemployinglabour. lf Saturn and or the 1Othlord are both weaklydisposed if the lOth lord is or , i n a n i n i m i c a l s i g ne c l i p s e d r d e b i l i t a t eo r i n t h e 6 t h , 8 t h o r o d 12th in Navamsa, nativehimself the willbe forcedto work as a servant. lf the lord of the 1Othhouseis placed in the lOth house with benefics, nativewill beeomewealthy and fortunate. the He achievesdistinction in his professionbut after a hard struggle. lf Rajayogas prsent, native acquires are power, the statusand eniinence the Dasaof the 1Oth lord. There will in be many peopleworking underhim who will respecthis word as law. The nativeenjoysgood healthand does many charit a b l ed e e d s . H e f o u n d s i n s t i t u t i o n s e l a r i n gt o h i s f i e l do f r activity. lf afflictedby malefics,the native suffers poverty. He will havea step-motherwho will ill.treathim and cause him hardships duringthe 1Othlord's Dasa. He witl lose his and drift about in misery. iob lf the lord of the 1oth houseoccupies 11th house with the the 11th lord,the native will become a rich and prosperous man. He will havemany businesses and all his ventureswill

Conccrnlng thc Tcntb House


turn out successful. He will have powerful friends in the government and upper classes. His personality will acquire charmand he will be a popularfigurein social circles. He wilt havemanymen at his command and get possession many of mansions. lf the Moon is with the 1Othlord, he earnsthrough vehicles, tradein sea-products, milk, restaurants. lf the Sun is with the 1Othlord,his incomecomesfrom woollen-factories, gold market and chemicals. !f Mercury match-industries, is with the 11th lord he earnsdistinction as a great intellectual and thinkerand gets some fabulous cash award. lf Jupiter, h e w i l l h e a d m a n y i n s t i t u t i o n s f l e a r n i n g s a e h a i r m ao r o a n trustee. Or he may be a newspapermagnate or prosperous publisher. the 10!h lord is in a maleficNavamsa lf and the 11th houseis alsoafflicteo,(nesesamesources will give the native losses. if the 1oth lord is feeblein strength Or but not afflicted, his Dasafetches the nativemoderate success and wealth. l f t h e r u l e r o ft h e l O t h h o u s ei s p l a c e di n t h e 1 2 t h h o u s g with the 12th lord with benefics, the native may head a m e d i c ailn s t i t u t i o n r a p r i s o n r a r e m a n d o m e i n t h e 1 O t h o o h lord'sDasa. lf the 1Othlord is fortified, the native pursues his spiritual inclinationswirh zeal. lf maleficsafflict, the native suffers humiliation. He wiil lose his job and if in business,losses willaccrueto him. He will have unconventionalprofessions peoplewill revileat him. He wanders and aimlessly with no domesticpeace. An examination professional of prospectswould include the studyof the 2nd housealsoas the source income which of must necessarily through one's occupation. The ninth be houseis also of relevance since it rules luck or fortune and indirectly distinction,fame,successand sudden gains as all attributedto Bhagya. The 11th houserules gainsand espe-


i. How

to Judgo a Horoscope

cially in professions that are in the natureof tradegives a clue to the callingin which the nativewould prosper. The presence powerful Rajayogas, Dhanayogas of and Mahaputusha Yogasis of importance assessing in the general strength the horoscope of and the heightsto which the native may rise. lf the 1oth houseis vacant,thenthe lord of the Navamsa occupied the 10thlord gives a clue to the nature of the by professionthe native may follow. In this case also, the teckoning to be medefrom the Lagna,the Moon or the Sun is depending whichever the threeis most powerful. on of lf the lordof the Navamsa occupied by the 1Oth lord is the Sun, the nativeearnsthroughwork connected with medigrain, gold, diplomacy cine, wool, grass, and mediationand arbitration. lf this planetbe the Moon, the native will deal in ships,pearls, sea-products, agriculture, horticulture, humour (cartoonist), women and clothes. lf Marsbe the ruler of the Navamsa occupied bythe 1Othlord,the nativemakeshis living through metals, minerals, buildings, occupationsinvolving file, thieving,featsof valour,military occupalions, butchering, driving, cherfrist-shops doctoring. lf Mercuiybe the ruler, and the nativeearns as a mathematician, poet, artist, sculptor, joulnalist, astrologer, priest whose services writer, can be and similarcallings. Jupitergivesthe occupation engaged of a judge, teacher, counsellor, lawyer, bankers, ministers, preachers, and similarcallings. lf Venusis the lord, the native earnsas a dealerin gold, precious and stones,cattle, apparel textiles,beautician,perfunres,elephants, horses, cars and otherconveyances, hoteliering, and through the show-business s u c ha s c i n e m a ,d a n c i n g ,d r a m a s n d t h e l i k e . S a t u r n a k e s m a one engage in humble professions such as craft, tilling,

Conccrnlng TeotbHouse tho


factory and mill-workers, labourof everykind, jailors, wardens, shoe-maker, miner, practitioner of wichcraft, and similaroccupations. The nativeof ChartNo. 117 is a teacher a college. The in Moon lord of the 1Othhouseis in the 1Oth aspectedby Mars from a jupiterian sign and by exaltedSaturn4th and 5th lord. The Moon indicates callingsthat relate to peopte. The 1Oth lord occupies jupiterian a constellationas well which should give a teachingjob. The natureof the sign in which the 1Oth house falls is also of signif icance. Fierysignson the 1Oth house indicate engineering, steeland iron industries, combustionengines, locomotives describing the general nature of profession. as Mars in the lOth in Ariesaspectedby the Moon may give a Chart No. 117.-Born l0-4-tgS4 at 7-20 p.m. (t.S.T.) a t 1 2N t g , 7 6 E 4 2 .
, , y l V e n r r l J u n i t e rl K e t u


K6tu Mars




Lagna Saturn



Balance JupiterDasaat birth : 0 year, 4 months and of 15 days.


How to Judge a Horoscope

job relating to automobiles. Mars and Mercury may make one a mechanical engineer. Airy signs denote intellectua professions philosophers,writers, thinkers, scientists and l e s e a r c h e r s . i b r ao n t h e l O t h B h a v a i t h M e r c u r y ' a n dR a h u L w can make the native a scientistwith an engineering back ground. Jupiter or Saturn could indicate legal profession while the Moon also therewith Mercury may point to a writer on religionor fiction. Earthy signsrule professions require that practicality suchas administration, economicsand occupation such as construction buildings,mining, agriculture, of estate agencies and lhe like. Waterysigns gives professions which are connected with liquids-chemistry,biology,dairy-farming breweries,bottled drinks, laundries, shipping and water technology. Movable signs endow the native with push,energy and so enterprise that such natives bestfitted for jobs requiring are pioneering executives thesdqualities-salesmen, work, market etc. medicalrepresentatives, Fixedsignsgive one the capacity to persevere against odds and a fixity of purpose. People signson the 1Oth house will succeedas research with such workers. Commonsignsbeing mutable,if strong, give the both for go-aheadjobs and thosethat requiresteady capacity upon the planets and signsinvolved. work depending Besides 1Othlord and house,the sign occupied the the by a 1 0 t h l o r d , o t h e rp l a n e t s n d s i g n o rs i g n s p r e d o m i n a nitn t h e that go chad as well as a fortified Lagnaaresome morefactors colour the occupation vocation the native. We give or to of below some general guidelineson the nature of careerthe different signsand planetsbroadlyindicate. Aries : Natives born with Ariesstrong, farewellincareers thatrequire enterprise, dynamism and energy. Theyare suited

Conccrning TcotbHouso tho


for ,jobs req.uiringexploration and courage and do well as soroters,polrcemen, army workers. scientists, engineers, dentists,surgeons,mechanicsand metal and mineraltechnologists. since Ariesrutesthe head, as surgeons they exhibit skill in brainsurgery. Arios is the naturarfighter. rf Mercury and Jupiter be strongly disposed, the native emerges as a poworfulwriter, journalist or lawyer_fighting for a cause. Venusstrongmakes Aries-natives dashing executives saresor men. Marsstronggivesindustrial workers,hunters,explorers and oflicers law. lf the Sun be strong,the native would of be an industrialist,politicianor owner of a timber-yard or lumber-yard. Saturn and Aries strong would give tradeunionists. Chart No. 118.-Born tg_4_1904 at 5_57 p.m. (L.M.f .) at 25 N 18. BS E 00.
Jupitt V6nus Ketu Moon



Venug Morcury Lagna Saturn Mars

Balance Sun,sDasa at birth : 1 year, O of month and 13 days. ln ChartNo. 118, Lagnais Vargottama, Lagnalord Venus ig exalted the 6rh housewith 6th lord Jupiter, in Mars is in

How to Judgoa HoroscoPc

the 7th in his moolatrikona sign. Saturn, the Yogakaraka, are anotherkendraand both luminaries exalted,lifting occupies 1Oth lord Moon occupies the chart well aboveaverage. The Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. The 10th lord from the ruled by Mercury' a Moon, namely,Saturnoccupies Navamsa of a Navamsa Mercury. Mercury The karakaSun atsooccupies and Jupiter being dominant, the native'scareetis linked with (Mercury) and publishing (Jupiter). The communication magnate. Aries is the most powerful is a newspaper native sign in the chart because, being a quadarnt is occupiedby ' exaltedSun, 9th lord Mercuryand sign lord Mars. The native even and intrepid newspaperman provedto be an independent Emergencywhen he was harrassed and during the Indira manner. bullied by the caucusin every conceivable people Taurus.' Nativeswith this sign strongare practical with dogged detelminationand perseverance.since it is the capitalists,finan' eecondsign of the zodiac,bankers,cashiers, are indicated. Cosmetics, jewel' ciers and money-lenders lery, articlesof fashioncome under this sign' Taurus strong and publicity agents' They can nativesmakegood advertising be good throat specialistsand singers. Venus strong would and makeskilledinstrumentalists the Moon would givesingers. would give composers, acousticians Mercury-Moon-Venus and auditionexperts. Mars and the Moon refer to agricul' turists. The nativeof ChartNo. 119 is an accounts officer in a by firm. The 1Othhouseis aspected the Moon and Jupiter' occupiesa Navamsaof Mercury, theplanet The 10th lord and similar auditing, book'keeping to related account-keeping, sign of the is vocations. The Ascendant Taurus,the second ruling finance and is occupiedby the 1oth lotd saturn. zodiac

tbe Conccrning TcothHouso



Chart No. 119.-Born l3-l-1944 at l-49 p.m. (L.M.f.) at 22 N 35,88 E 23.

Lrgna Mtrr Saturn


Balance KetuDasaat birth . of

5 years,11 months.

It is aspected sign lord Venusand is powerful indicatinga by job connected with finances. of Gemini.' Natives Gemini make good workers in all treasof communication.Theyfare well as language experts, Interpreters, agents, translators,reporters, writers and sales lesearchers.lf the Sun be strong, they gain excellence in branchesand in analyticalstudies of law and ongineering education. SinceMercuryis the planet of trade also, they do well as auditors, accountantsand simi[ar jobs. lt also givesmathematicians writers. lf Mercuryis predominant, and fiction-writers and Jupiter strong would give drama-writers. Venusand Geminiwould give poetic abilities. lf Mercuryand Jupiterare involved,there would be serious writing-history, essays Mercury,Mars and Jupiter with Gemini biographies, ; give proliciency feature-writing, in news-reporting editing and


How to Judgea Horoscopo

Chart No.12O.-Born 29-6-1864 at about 345 a.m. (L.M.r.) at 22 N 35,88 E.

Lasna il::l I Mercurv

Keru I



Lagna Mercury

Balance VenusDasaat birth: 15 years,6 months and ol 9 days. Chan No. 120 is of a grcat educationist, mathematician and jurist. The nativehad outstanding mentalcapacities with a distinctbent for mathematics. The Lagna is occupied by Mercury, the pfanetof intelligence. He is in parivartanawith Venusin Gemini. Geminiis occupied Lagnaand 4th lords, by Venus and Sun respectively, and aspected by Yogakaraka and Jupiter. Geminiis the most powerfulsign in the Saturn chartendowingthe nativewith wide learning. Cancer.' Cancer strong in a chart indicates biology, botany, zoology, marine life, zoo-keeping,dairy-farming, bee-keeping trade in honey,fish, etc. Such nativesmake and good house-keepers and can therefore work as matrons, housewives,hotel-superintendents and similar jobs. They also makekind nurses and gentledoctors. SinceCancer is a domesticsign, if the Moon, Venus and Mars are involved,

tho Conccrnfng TcathHouso


is success likely in hotel-running, Enack-bars, bakery and pallours,etc. lf Cancer is businegs,ice-cream confectionery afflicted.then the nativ's vocation wlll be connectedwith and sailors wines and brewerier. They make good laundrymen wateryaign. lf Saturn, Mercury or Jupitel sinceCancetis c is involved, the native tends to be good at archaeology, history, muleum-work, teaching. The Moon and Jupiter social workersand institutional workers. would glvo toachers, The Sun and Cancer with Moon and Jupiter give philanthropists. In ChartNo. 121 Cancer,Ascendant, is occupied by its own lord the Moon, 1Oth lord Mars, 9th lord exalted Jupiter and Rahu. This is byfar the most predominantRasi in tho backchart. Marsasthe 1Othlord has given a technological groundto the nativebut his expertiseis in alcohol technology. Chart No. 121.-Born 28-5-1944 at 9-50 a.n. (l.S.T.) et l3 N,77 E 35.
Mercury Venus Sun



c rv-327

B,rlance MercuryDasaat birth : of doyr. 28

6 years,1 month and


How to Judge Horoscopc a

Cancerruleswines and breweriesand Rahu afflictingthe sign and planets it has given the native the job of an alcohol in technolog ist. Leo : Leo being an utopion roiral sign, Leo-stlong natives farewell in jobs of authority and power. They make good executives, administrators generallydo well as the and boss. They are f itted for jobs in administrativecadres and work well in the stock-exchange, jewelinvestment business, gold, circus-training, forestofficers, lery.and as film and drama directors, foremen. Ldo has a special propensity for the doctoring line, drugs and chemicals. The Sun and Mars predominant give politicalleaders and workers while ths Sun and Venusgive ambassadors, diplomats and foreign service jobs requiring polishand sophistication. Ghart No.122.- Bon | 2-5-1897 at l0-f9a.m. (L.M.T.) at9N5l,7BE37.

! t-

Sun Melcury

Lagna Mars


Jupiter Rahu

Jupit. NH.69 Moon


Balance Sun Dasa at birth : 4 years,6 months and of 27 days.

tbc Conccroing TcntbHouso


The karaka for mind, Moon, in Leo in associationwith Jupiter, lord of the 9th and aspected by Saturn, lcjrd of the 7th is the most importantcombinationin Chart No' 122 arcund causing which the entirelife of the native revolved. Besides gave the native a certain Yoga, this combination Gajakesari in (lunar trait) that found expression sublimal sensitiveness ways. Venus, the planet of poetry, who happens to be the lord of the 4th houseis in the 1oth in the houseof practical Mars and aspected by gnanakaraka Jupiter from Chandra nature' of poeticattalents an extraordinary Lagna. This confers The nativewas I great Tamil poet with skill in Englishand Frenchversificationalso. The sign Leo in strength made the an nativeessentially ardentand a fiery nationalist' Virgo : Virgo nativeshave an eye for detail' They make clerks' recepgood teachels,manicurists, Ietilil shop-keepers, postalemployees,bus dliversand conduc' tionists, secretaries, tors, book-binders, stenographers,interpreters,translators librarians, radio and television announcers, paper-dealer handwriting and lingerprintexperts, notaries public' comand puter opetEtors,wliters, editors, Iepolters,psychologists explorers,detectives' They do healers,doctors, psychialtrists,

weIlinjobsrequiringinte||igenceandefficiency.Merc andVirgogivebook-kee')ers,statisticians,cashiers,b clerks. Saturn related td Virgo indicatestypists, museum while the Sun has to do with curatorsand book-keepers icers and chartered accountants' Venus auditors, tax-off and librarians. salesgirls or salesmen governsfiling-clerks, house is Cancer occupiedby ln ChartNo. 123 the 1Oth theiob relates to the public' Mars and the Moon indicating the lOth houseand 1Othlord indicatinga post Jupiteraspect official. The of authority. chaft No. 123 is of an income-tax


How to Judgea Hororcopo

Chart No.123,-8orn 2-10-1926 8-5 d.m. (t.S T) at at t6 N 13.B0 E 36.

c Balance of Mercury Dasa at birth : and 22 days. 7 years,4 months

Chart No. 124.-8orn 9-5-1922 g-32p.m. (t.S.T.) at at 18N7.83E27.

Mercury Venus Saturn Mercury

Lagna Marr

lJupit. I Rahu


I sat.

Balance MarsDasa at birth : of 6 days.

O year, 6 months and

Coaccrning Tcnth Houso thc

sign Virgois strong,though in the 12th house,being occupied by exalted sign-lord Mercury, Venus and Sun and being aspected Jupiter. by In ChartNo. 124, the 1Othhouseis Virgowhich is also the most predominant sign in the chart. Saturnthere indicatesa job asa stenographer.Rahuin the 1OthafflictsVirgo coming in the way of advancement. Libra : Libra being the sign of the balance, natives with this signstrongmakegood management consultants, lawyers, judges, solicitors,logiciansand officersof the law, diplomats and publicrelationsofficers. Since it is ruled by Venus, it gives singers, actors, beauticians, haber-dashers,fashionmodels, interior decoratorsand furniture-makers, perfumemanufacturers, social.workers, photographers,tea-shop and coffee-bar owners, snackand restaurant keepers and alt similar trades Venuspowerful with Rahuand the Moon would give artists,sculptors, cinemaartistes and models. lf Liblaand Saturn and Venusf igure in strength cartoonists, cameramen, tailors, dress-designers make-up assistants would be the result. and Mars, Rahu,Venusmake the native work in cabaretshows, gambling casinos and similarhaunts sin and pleasure. of Note how Libradominates Chart No. 125. lt is occuin pied by Lagnalord Venus, 9th and 12th lord Mercury and 11th lord the Sun neechabhanga. The native is a top executive in a management and a nutritional firm consultant. Scorpio.' Being a mysticsign, Scorpioproduces mystics, philosophers, astrologers and occultists. Being secretive, detectivesand clever criminalsalso come under this sign. Nurses, chemists, doctors, explorets, geographers, barbers, dentists, mechanics, men of the armed and police-torces, navigators,coftin.makers,undeftakers, life-insuranceagents


How to Judgce HororcoPe

at Chart No.125.-Born 20-10-1931 7-20a.m.(l.S.f .) at l3 N 20,74 E 45.


Lagna Sun Mercury Venua

Mercury Rahu i Sarurn 1

Sun I

Mars Dasaat birth : 6 years,10 months and B.l""ce "i 3 days. come underthis sign' lf Mars is and embalmers and business strong, then railway and tram workers,police and armypelare and operators telegraphists sonnel,homeguards,telephone would give pearl-divers, indicated. The Moon and scorpio The poisons, drugsand chemicals' corals, in dealers sea-foods, job an indicate executive in thesecallings' Srn lttong vvould figure in astrology Chart No. 126 is of an international degtee. have been fulfilledto a remarkable whose predictions The mystic sign Scorpio is powerfully placed in the 1Oth by house. lt is aspected exalted Moon and Lagnalord Saturn' Jupiterand aspectedby th6_1oth by It is occupied Vargottama Scorpioin greatstrength' Mt6. Four plinets inftuence i;id Sagittarius'.sagittariusnativesalebo|dandpractic They do well in sports, horse'training,as jockeys,stewards' preachers,freedom fighters, advocatesfor any cause, orgaand experts'shoe nisels, financiers,gamblers,leather'dealers

Conccrniog TeotbHousc thc Chart No. 126.- Born 8-8-1912 at 7-35 p.m. dt l3' N, 77 E 30.
Rahu Moon Srturn



,r" -l I
M e r c .I Venus I M a r sI


u"",. I ..,,,"I i
Sun Rahu


l----I Moon

;;l I




Balanceof Mars Dasa at birth : 6 years, 1 month and 6 days. and footwear makers or dealers. Jupiter and Mercurystrong would give rise to teachers, religiousreformers, theologians. Salurn, Mercuryand Jupiter would indicatelawyers,judges, magistrates philosophers. and ChartNo. 127 is that of a highlysuccessful lawyerwho later took palt in the freedom movementand was the first President the Indian Republic. The crux of the horoscope of revolves round sagittariuswhich is not only the Lagnabut also the pivot of a powerful Rajayogainvolving 5th tord Mars. Lagna lord Jupiter, 1Oth lord Mercuryand Saturn. Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter (Vargottama) influence powerSagittarius fully indicating the native's legalcareer. Capricorn.. This sign makesthe nativehard-working and able. Agriculture,mining, forest products, falming, hortiiE


Hcw to JudSo Horoscopo r

Chart No.127.-Bom 3-12-1884 at 8-45 a.m. (L.M f .) at 25 N 36. 95 E 10.

Rahu M!rr

Moon Jup;tol

Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 5 years, 10 months and of 17 days. Chart No. 128.-8orn | 9-12-1952at 1l-16 p m. (l.S.T.) at ll N 05,77 E 20.



Balance the Moon Dasaat birth : 9yeats, 2 nronths of and 3 days.

Conccrnln! TenthHousc thc


also. Mark the concentration of 3 pfanets_the and Jupiterin Aquarius-a phirosopii"ui'rign Sun, Mercury at in the l0trr or Karmasthana from Lagnain Chart frlo. fig. The native wes a teal phifosopherand Karmayogi. ffris comUination planets of also made the native

makes ensineers scienti"r. and;,,.t;i'i1"..1l,". great philosophers

cufture, mineralogyand geology, suit such nativesweff. They havegreat organisingcapacities and makegood conveners and secretaries. Executiveand political posts requiring patience and ploddingon come under Capricorn. Saturn strong makes for bankers,merchants and agriculturists.Mars -' makesmineralogists, geologists and forest otfi."rr. Chan No. 12g is that of a businessman dea:ingin rirnber in the forests of south India. capricornis the 6th house and is occupiedby the lorh rord v"nur,-"*Jted yogakaraka Mars, Moon and Rahu shifting to- caltingscoming under "rpharis this sign. Aquarius.. f\jativeswith Aquarius strongin the chart are usually advisersof some soft_ technical,legaf, .o"iul or.iu* friendty' A' innovativeand unurrui come underthis sign. Workersin efectricity, "l,,ings u,ori" oo*er. computer techno. logy, automobile and aeroplane ,".irni", and television technology come under Suctr natives are ingenious and becomes invento-rs Mercury ir rtrong. if They make good astrologers, telepathistsanO f,Vpnotists. Neurologists, X-ray workersand dealersin medical appliance come under this sign. They can ,u."""d in nature-cure - th "tro

"lffiiJf::u"T.on't Pisces". Doctors, surgeons, nurses,monks, jaitors and -aonurn,_runn"r, prison-workers,sanatorium workers,

in Indian r"i"i"".

onastrotosvarso but


How to Judgc a Horoscopc

underthis sign. Work requiring imagination suits suchnatives. Film-making, script-writing, composing. choreography,social work, work in orphanages,museum, and similar bodies and group activity L\omes easilyto nativeswith strong Pisces. They make good musicians,inspiredpoets and occult writers, travel agents, petrol and oil-dealers,sea-produce dealers, owners of amusementcentres, anaesthetists, coast guards,private investigators spiritmediums. Venusstrong and produces painters and actors. Ghart No. 129. Born l2-2-lB56 at about 2-21 p.m, (L.M.T ) at 18"N, 84 E.
Moon Rahu Lagna Jupiter


9 days. The Lagna lord Moon in Chart No. 130 is in the gth in Piscesin exactconjunction witlr Jupiter. Rahu (Vargottama) is alsoin Pisces aspected Saturn. Pisces by becomes focal the point of powerful planetaty influences.The nativewas a man 'of vatiousgifts- a greatSanskrit scholar, powerfulwriterand a poet and a strong, subtlelucidthinker.

Cooccrnirg TeothHousc tbo


Chart No. 130._aorn 23_7_lg56 at 6-24 a m. (L.M.T.) at t8 N 32,73 E 53. ' I I rutoon Merc.


I nanu



Balance Mercury.sDasaat birtn of : 1 3 y e a r s ,I m o n t h s and l4 days. ln additionthe planets also signifya variety professions. of The Sun indicates thosein authority, ,ulurr,dignitaries, government, goldsmiths,jewellers,finaciers, occupations involving children,circus-trainers, theatre-owners and lnanagers. The Moon governs travellingand all travelling requisites, sailors, nurses, liquor dealers, laundry_owners, gardeners, confectionersand bakers, house-keepers, dairy-6wners, obstetricians, healing,plastics,catering,eating places and w,aiters. Mars signifies firemen, metallurgists, armament-factories, machine tools, soldiers, police, surgeons, dentists, barbers, cooks, hardware goods, locksmiths, boxers, butchers,c'emists and druggists. Mercury rules documentation and recordingand a l l j o b sc o n n e c t e w i t h s u c h w o r k , d t e a c h i n gw r i t i n g , c l e r t s l , accountants, book.keepers, postatmen, bus drivers and train employees,architects, correspondents, stenographers, interpre-








l M o o n Mars


How toJudgor Horoscopo

ters,messengers, reporters,radio othercommunication and media, printingand telephoneoperators. Jupiter rules stationeries, counsellors, lawyers,lecturels, publishels, writers,astrologers, priestsand templetrustees travel-agents, and off icials,cashiels, philosophers, grocetsand tobacconists.Venusrefers literateurs, to poets, artists, cinemaartistes, dancers, singers, musicians, instrumentalists, and dressdealersand makers,silks and hat expensive textiles, perfumeties, cosmeticians, beauticians, enterlainers all kinds, dealers in furnishings, furnitureof makers, coffee planters, tea estate owners, fancy articles. ladies'articles, objectsof art and fashion, socialsecretaries, photography, engravers, cartoonists,lower sellers and embroif derers. Satulnindicates miners,coal and fuel of every kind, petrol, real estate business,craftsmen,plumbers, architects, cmetry, excavators, building contractors and masons, leather goods,hides,ice-making, time-pieces, coffin and tomb makers, farm and factory labour, watchmen, undertakers, priests, monks, nuns, renunciates philosophers. and According to Jaimini, the planet that gets the largest numberof degrees in a sign as his longitude becomes the Atmakaraka. The sign in which the Atmakarakais situated in the Navamsabecomes what is called Karakamsa, vety a importantpoint in tho horoscope. lf the Sun is associated with Atmakaraka either in the Rasi or in the Navanrsa, the nativebecomes statesmanor diplomat. a is by Jupiter, the native " lf the Sun as Atmakaraka aspected will be employsdin a temple. lf by Saturn, he will engage himselfin vile occupation. lf the Sun is aspectedby Rahu, he will work for foreign concerns or foreign rulers. lf with Venus,ho will be engaged to serve outstandingwomen as companion,secretary attendant. lf the Sun is associated or

Conccrniag TeothHouto tbo


with Mars,he will head the local or district body. lf with Mercury, will be employedin the judiciary. he The Full Moon or Venus with Atmakarokain Rasi or Navanrsa makes one a journalist,wliter, poet or a dramatist. ff tne Sun and Rahu join Karakamsa aspectedby benefics, the nativedealsin 'poisonousmedicines, implying a chemist, druggist, anaesthesian, etc. Electric, mechanicaland allied jobs would come under Mars being in Karakamsa. Jupiter here would indicate avocations related to religlous learning, priesthood, sFirituatit!,, etc. Other !mportant Combinations The 1OthhouserutesKarma. rt is not possibre to find an English equivalent for this term but broadly interpreted Karma means what the native does in his life. The most importantaspectof a person's existence is his activities and whethermundane spiritual or come undera study of the 1Oth house. sanyasayogas are arsosignficant for in this case the nativeoccupies himserf makesit his tife's goar to seek the or Divirrity and around him. in Below we give some combinations that comprehend the significations the lOth house. of Jupiter, Mercury,the Sun and Saturn afficted in rhe 1'rh houseprompt a personto indutge in vice. The aff licted Moon heremakesthe nativea gambler and violent in disposition. lf rhe 1Othlord exalted but occupying the 6th, grh or 12th housewilf neverlet the nativefinish any good work he under_ takes. lf the 9th or 10th housesare occupied by benefic planets and their rordsand Jupirerare weil-ptaced,the native will be a noble man of excellent deeds in conformity with customs and morarity. rf the pranetsin the 5th and the 1oth housesand the lordsof the Lagna, the gth and 10th houses


How lo Judgca Horoscopc

are strongin shadbala,the nativewill be very learned in the scriptures and Vedas. He will have intuitive knowledgs as a result initiation. of in Threestrongplanets the 1Othhousein ownsign, exaltavargasand the 1Oth lord also fortified make tion or benefic the nativeanascetic, But if the 1Othlord beweak and in the 7th house.the nativewill be of evil conduct. lf the 2nd and in 7th lordsbe two of the planets the 1Oth house, the native will be lustful. Five planetsincluding the 1oth lord in a quadrant trine give binh to a saint of great spirituality or in who wifl bea jeevanmukta, Fourplanets the 1Oth house makeone a renunciate. lf the Sun be one of the planets in the native though thesetwo casesand causescombustion, will not renounce piousand spiritually inclined tho world. a of and is alsoaspeclf the Moon.occupiesdecanate Saturn ted by Saturnor if the Moon is in the Navamsaof Saturn or by Marsaspected Saturn,the nativeleadsa life of dispassion the and renounces world. lf the Lagnalord is weak and freeof planetaryaspectsbut himself aspectsSaturn, or if Saturn the aspects weak Lagnalord, then also the native will be a Sanyasi. lf Saturnor the Lagna lord aspect the lord of the by sign occupied the Moon, the nativebecomesa memberof order. lf the Moon is in a s;gn cf Mars aspected a religious by Satuinand in a decanateof Saturn, the yoga leads to asceticism. lf the Moon is in the 9th housefree of aspects,the native of an becomes ascetic The presence Rajayogasin the chart will not hinder the yoga for asceticism. lf Aries, Scorpio, Piscesor Sagittarius the Ascendant be Aquarius,Capricorn, a the and Jupiteroccupies 9th house, the nativebecomes holy man.

Coocerning Tcoth Houso tbo


When all the four quadrants occupied benefics, are by the native is endowed with a ve;y powerfut intellect. He will possess manyqualities head and heartand earn oustanding of fame, immense wealth and earn recognition. lf the kendras are all occupied by malefics, the result is notoriety. Such nativesresortto crimeand hypocrisy,suffer poverty, possess womn belonging to others, indulge in harmfuloccultrites and become dangerous society. Beneficsin the 1Othfrom to the Ascendantor the Moon make the nativenoble-minded w h i l em a l e f i c s a k eh i m a d d i c t e d o e v i l d e e d s . m t Then, therearespecial yogas. Theydo not indicatethe natureof careera nativeis likelyto take up but their presence enhances the degree of success profession. Mole yogasin in one chartindicate outstandingsuccess,fame and cJistinction in life. Chart No. 131.-Born fi-12-1922 at 3_46p.m. (L.M.T,) at 34N 1,7t E 34.


Ealance VenusDasaat birth : 3 years, 7 months and of 6 days.


How to Jud3ca Hororcogo

For details about such yogas and their interprtation, reference may be made to our book ThreeHundred lmportant Comblnations. Actor.' Chart No. 131 is of an actor who has been acclaimed unparalleled tragicroles. LagnabeingTaurus, in as a Venusian sign, and the combinationof versatileMercury, talentedVenusand the royal Sun aspectingLagna havegiven the nativeacting histrionics. The aspect of Saturn on Venus is also lesponsible his success a cinemastar. Lagnalord as fol Venusaspecting Saturn Vargottama in the Lagna,Yogakaraka the Sth, the Sasi-Mangala Yoga in the 1Othhouse, the Sankha Yoga causedby 5th lord Mercury, and 6th lord Venus in a kendraand the combinationof the Sun and Mercury (kendta and kona lords) in a powerful kendra have resulted in an excellentRajaYoga for fame, moneyand success, Mercury is Ghart No. 132.-8orn 12-3-l946 at 7-30 a.m, at 34 N 03, l18 w 17.
Lagnr Mercury Venug
Marg Rahu Sat Moon


GD-183 Juplter

Balance Jupiter's Dasaat birth : 6 years.8 monthsand of 5 days.

Concernlng TcntbHouso tbo


the Atmakaraka and has given greatskiil in dramatics and voice modulation. His occupation pisces, emotional of an sign, has given a llair tor expressive acting. Acftess.. The sign piscesin Chart No. 132 is powerfully placed. Lagna is vargottamawith exalted Venus and neechabhanga Mercury and is aspected by Saturn. The powerful positionof Venushas glven success Hollywood as a popular in tctrost. The influence of Saturn gives a considerablefanfollowing. The 1Othlord Jupiteris in Libra, a venusian sign indicative a cereerin the show-world. of Chcrt No. 133. Born tt-t-1894 at&55 p.m. (L.M,T.) .t 13 N, 77 E 35.
J upiter

Balance Rahu Dasa at birth: 1 yeat, 7 months and of 21 days. Archak (TemplePriest).. The 1Oth house is Pisces, a apiritual sign, occupied Rahu in Chan No" 133. The 1Oth by lord Jupiter is in Taurusaspectedby Mars. In Navamsa,the 1Othlord Jupiter occupiesCapricornwith the Sun and Venus aspocted bySaturn; The 10th lord in the 12th signifiesa


How to Judgc a Horoecope

vocation connected with religionand yituals. The native is a priestin a temple. Aquariusis the strongest sign being occupied by the Moon and Venusand aspected Mars. Aquarius by is a philosophical sign which trait is brought out by its occu. pationof the Sth lord. Mars,the planet of action, aspectsit which means, philosophy in ritual would be the native,s calling. Chart No. 134.-8orn at 42 N 39,71 W 8.
Rahu Jupiter Vsnus Lagna

8-2-1857 at g-30 a.m. (L.M.T.)


1,., t-RP.23115

n.*rry j




Balance Mercury'sDasa at birth: 7 years,3 months of and 20 days. Astrologer: The 1Othhousein ChartNo. 134 is aspected by saturn' The 1Othlord Jupiteroccupies own sign pisces his with exaltedVenusand Rahu. The Moon is in Cancer,in the 5th house,a spiritual and inspirational sign. The native of Chart No. 134 was a noted astrologer. pisces, thesignof intuition,is powerfuilypraced and houses the loth rord and Ascendant signifying the astrological potential of the native. The 2nd lord Mars is in the 12th housowhich is notvery good

Concerning TentbHouco thc


for predictions but Jupiter'a occupation of his own Navamsa with Rahu enabled the nativoto produce manyvatuablebooks on the subject. Fuilher Jupitor and Venus form 2 of the Pancha-Mahapuruehr Yogaa-Hamsaand Malavya. Chart No. 136.-Born 3l-t-t8gt at I t-t p.m. (G.M.T.) at50N43,2W25.
Mrcury Rahu

Vrnul Xrtu Mara

RASI Sun Mercury

R P .l i l l 5

Balance VenusDasa at birth : 15 years, 0 month and of 27 days. Astrologer.' Chart No. 13b also belongsto an astrologer who wrote many books on Western astrology. The 1Oth and Sth lords, Mercuryand Saturnrespectively, in parivartana, are The 1Othhouseis aspected Jupiterfrom the 2nd house. by The sth lord in the 1Othgives intuitive and psychic abitities while Jupitor'spresence the 2nd house is important lor giving in predictions.Jupiter'saspecton the 1Oth trouseand correct ths lOth lord fVlercury his own Navamsa in madehim a prolific writerin his subject. Eanker.' ln ChartNo. 136, the 1Othhouseis Aries with planetsin it. The 1Othlord Mars aspects no the 10th from a


How to Judgc Horoscol,c I

mercurialsign and is with exaltedMercu{r. The lOth house is also aspected Jupiter, the Sth lord and Dhanakaraka, by who associates very closelywith the 2nd lord Sun. Tlre native is a rich and prosperous banker consistentwith the influencesof Mercury (money transactions) and Jupiter (from the 2nd house)on the 1Othhouss. Chart No. 136.- Born t2ltg-9-1A97 at 2-51 a.m, (L.M.T.) at 26 N 17,72 E 58,



Rahu I



RP-l 13/4 Merc. Mars Moon


'Balanceof Mercury,s Dasa at birth: 11 years and g months. Body-Builder: Chart No. 137 is that of a body_buitder of international renown. Note the predominant influenceof Mars both on Lagnaand Lagna lord. Saturn,the Lagna lord, occupies a maftiansign Scorpio with Venus which gives unusuat interest in one's physique and its development. Mars,the karakafor all physicalfitness,aspects the Lagna. He is debilitated but getsneechabhanga. the lOth made the native an acknowledged authorityon physicalfitnessand bodybuilding techniques. He has his own gymnasiumin which he

Concerofng TGDth tbo Housc


Chart No. 137.-8orn I l -l -'l 899 at I a.m. (Madras Time) at 13N 09,78 E ll.



Sat. Ketu



R P - 1 / 17 0 8 Sun Moon Mercury Rahu Venus Saturn Jupitet

Balanceof Venus Dasaat birth : 13 years,3 months and 0 days. Chart No. 138. *?orn 8-7-1929 at 6.34 a.m. (l.S.T.) at tlN3l,79E52.


Moon Mercury

Balance Saturn'sDasa at birth : 8 years,6 monthsand of I day.


How to tudgoa Horoscopc

trainsstudents. Jupiter in the 1Othin Libra, therefore,made him a teacher well as coach(adviser) many. as to Chemicals.' The nativeof ChartNo. 138 is an employee in a f irm of chemicals. Cancet,the Ascendant, is occupied by the Moon. Rahuruling potions.poisons and chemicals is in the 1Oth. This furtherindicated 1Oth lord Mars in Leo by which sign also refers callings connected with chemicals to Rahu is also lhe Atmakaraka and signifies work relatedto chemicals and drugs, Chart No. 139.--Born 30-12-1907 9-55 p.m. (L.M,T.) at at 13 N 45,76 E 30.
Mars Saturn Bahu

Jupit. NAVAMSA Lagno RP-20A/6 Sun Mercury Ketu

Balance RahuDasa at birth : O year, 3 months and of 7 days. Chief Justice.' ChartNo. 139 is that of a very brilliant jurist who beganhis careeras a lawyer, and came to occupy judicial office in the State. The 1Oth house is the highest Taurus aspected Saturn. The 1Othlord Venusis in the 6th by houserulingthe judiciary aspectedby exalted Jupiter The 10th house from the Moon is aspected by Moon-sign lord

Conccrning TenthHousc tho


Venus and occupied by exalted Jupiter. The chart gains strengthfrom the Lagnawhich is Vargottama. The Vipareeta Rajayoga both Rasiand Navamsa in adds further vitality. In Rasi,the 6th lord Saturn is in the 8rh house,the Bth lord Jupiter is in the I2th houseand the 12th lord the Moon is in the 3rd house. In Navamsa, 6th lord Saturnis in the 12th the house,the l2th lord Moon is in the Bth house and the 8th tord Jupiteris in the 6th house. Chart No. '140.-Born 24-2-19ll at 7-44 a.m. (L.M T.) at 20 N 28,85 E 54.



saturn I I


Venus I Moon i Mercurv I

t-aena I

Balance VenusDasaat birth : 17 years,4 months and of 16 days. Craft and Woodworks'Dealer .' In Chart No. 140 the Lagnais occupiedby exaltedVenus which gives skill in fine arts. The 1Othhouseis occupied the Moon and Mars who by as Sth, 2nd and 9th lord givo financial success. The 1Othlord (ruledby Venus) aspectedby Saturn indiJupiteris in Libra catinga business craft.Mars in the 1Othindicates in woodwork. The nativeof ChartNo. 140 is a dealerin woodworkcraft.


Hor to Judgoa Hororcopo

Chart No. 141 .-Born 4-8-l9l I a t 4 - 1 9 p . m . ( L M f , at13N,77E

Rahu Saturn Msrs Kru Jupit. RASI Venus RP-17414 Lagnr Jupito. Ketu
Sat. Moon Sun




Balanceof Mercury'sDasaat birth : 16 years, 7 months and 5 days. Chart No. 142.-8orn 3l -5-l918 at | 2-22 p.n. (t.S.T.) at f3" N,77 E 35.
Sun Merculy Venus Jupiter




Sat. Mars


Jupltcr Lagna

Balance the Moon's Dasa at birth : 0 year. 1 month of and 28 days.

Conccrning TcntbHouso tbc


CoffeeMerchant.. In Chart No. 141 the lOth houseVirgo is occupied the 6th and 11th tord Venus. The lOth tord by Mercuryis in the 9th house in a constellationruled by Venus. Venusgovernsall stimulantsand occupiesVirgo, an eanhy sign" The nativeis a coffeemerchant. Captain (Army) .. Chart No. 142 has a powerfully placed Aries being occupiedby Mercury and Venus and aspectedby Saturn. The Lagnais a fiery and royalsign Leo with Mars in it. Mars is the planetof war and the Lagna tord Sun who rulesauthority and power is in the 1Othhouse. The native is a Captain the Army. in Chart No. 143.*8orn tB-9-1940at7-2Sp.m. (t.S.T.)at 8N48,78E11.
Lagna Moon Ketu

.tuniter I saturn I


Sun Msrc. Rahu

J upitar

Balance Mercury's of Dasa at birth : 6 years, O month and 28 days. Cardiologist: In ChartNo. 143 pisces, being the Ascendant, givesa natural skill in healingand nursing. The Moon, 5th lord, is in Lagna. The 1Othhouseis aspected bythe 1Oth lord Jupiter who occupies Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars.


How to Jud3c Horoscopo a

Mars refers to doctors, healers, surgeons, chemists and druggists' The combination the sun and Rahu is of especiaily indicativeof a medicaf career. The native is a cardiotogist, cardiologybeing ruled by the Sun. The Sun placed strongly with an exalted Mercury gives an intelligent and researchorientedapproachto his work in heart_surgery. Chart No. 144.-8orn t6-8-1882 at g_30 p.m. (L.M T.) at 32 N 19,72 E SO.
Sun Venus

srrurn I Juoitet

Morcury RASI


RP-38i 6


Sun I Moon I

ssturn I

Balance IViars of D;isa at birth : 5 years,10 months and 26 days. Chief MedicatOfficer.. tn ChartNo. 144 rhe 1Orh house cancer is aspectedby its rord the Moon. The 10th rord Moon is in capricorn aspected Marsand saturn. The native by tetired as the srate rnspector-Generar civit of r.tospitars.The relationship between the 10th house, Cancer,the Moon and Mars explains the native'smedical profession. The lOth lord Moon in a kendrainfluencecl 3 planetsgave him a post by of suthority.

Coacerniag TcotbHouse tb


Chart No. 14S-"-Born g_5_t 907 at t0_17 p.m. (L.M.f .) at t0 N 40,76 E 30.
Venus Moon Seturn

UercurV I



RP-12716 Legna Marg Sun Mars

Lagna lL{oon

Balance Saturn,s of Dasaat birth : 5 years, 0 month and 13 days. Cloth Merchant: In Chart No. 145 the l'ttr house is aspected exartedVenus, the Moon and saturn" by consistent with the aspect a powerful11th tord Venus, of the native is a prosperous businessman textires and garments. The in associationof the Moon, Venus and Saturn gives skifl in dying, textiles and allied trades. Dancer.. In ChartNo. 146 the Lagnais Gemini aspected by the Sun, Marsand Jupiter. the l Oth house is occupieO by Rahuand aspected the Moon and Mars. Saturn by and Venus are .n parivaftana. The nativeis a dancer. This is indicated bythe saturn-Venus relationship. Rahu in the 1Oth does n:t give a conventional calling. piscesdominant rulesthe feet and Sagittarius o.ccupied 10th lord rules the legs referring by to a careerclosely relatedto footwork such as dancing.


How to Judgca Horoscop

Chart No. 146.-8om 3l-12-1912 at4-44p.m. (L.M.T at l3 N,77 E 35.

LAgns Sat

Mars J




Sun Mars Jupitol

Moon Ktu

ffi | v"n,'

Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 5 years, 4 months anc of 26 days. Chart No. 147.-8orn ll-8-1921 at 8-18 p.m. (l.S.T. att3N,77E35.


Sun Mete Merc.

Marr Mercury



Moon I


Balance Rahu'sDasaat birth : of 17 days.

1 year, 2 months and

tbe Concerning TontbHouso


Dancer.' ChartNo. 147 is also that of a dancer. Note betweenVenusand Saturnwhich gives skill in the connection art that is easilyappealing the masses. The lOth house is to aspected Saturnand the 1oth lord Mars is with the 7th lord by the Sun and Merculy. The native learnt dancing from her husband(1Othlord with 7th lord) and pursued it as a career a l o n gw i t h h i m . Chart No. 148.- Born 718-8-1894 5-30 a.m. (L.M.T ) at at t3 N 6.78 E 7.
Mars Venug


Sar. Ketu

Balance Rahu'sDasaat birth : 0 year,5 months and of 4 days. of Superintendent Police.' In Chart No. 148 the Lagna and fiery sign, Aries. being Cancer the 1Oth is the positive planetwho also happens by It is occupied Mars, an aggressive to be the 1Othlord. The Lagna lord Moon aspectsthe 1Oth houseand the 10th lord and, in turn, is aspectedby Mars giving a strong, bold and spirited personalitywhich is also of firm and stableas indicatedby the presence the Lagna lord


Hor to tudgoa Hororcopo

In the sign of tho balance. The native wa8 I high ranking police officer. Chart No. 149.-Born 516-10-1942 t-00 a,m. (W.7.) at 'at 12 N 58, 77 E 34.


Moon u8





1".*; lT:f

Balance Mercury'sDasaat birth : 3 years, g months of and 3 days. Superintendent police.. In Chan No. l4g the lOth of houseis Pisces fortified by the aspects an exalted1Oth tord of Jupiter from the 2nd house (with the 2nd lord Moon) and the 6th and 1 1th lord Mars, 3rd lord Sun and Eth and 12th tord Venus. The influenceof 4 planets on the 10th house is of significance especially that the 1Othlord Jupiteris exaltedand in varyottamaposition. The native is a dynamic policeofficer. Although Jupiter aspects the 1oth, the aspects of Mars and ths Sun are stronger,being to the exact degree of the 10th cusp, and determines natureof work. The nativeoccupies the an enviablepositionin the hierarchy the police force much of in advanceof many seniors in age. tn Navamsa, the 10th lord Jupiter is exaltedand is associated with Mars. Jupiter.s

Concerning Tcnth Houro thc


specthas given a smooth-sailing career with tots of !uck, while Mars has been responsiblefor deciding the natwe of career. Jupiter, though in the 2nd, moves into Lagna Bhava and his aspecton thelOth is thereforenot total. Mars on the other hand occupies20" 21, of Virgo while Lagna being 21" 63' of Gemini, the aspectis very strong taking the lead over the otherinfluences. CompareChart No. 149 with Chart No. 149. The native of chart No. 148 retiredas a superintendent starting his career as a policeconstablewhile the nativo of ClrartNo. 149 who has been but a few yearsin office has already reached the rank of Superintendent havingthoroughsheermerit. In Chart No. 149, the 1Oth lord Jupiter is exalted and aspecrs 1oth houseand is in turn aspectedby the 9th lord the Saturn. ln ChartNo. 148, the 10th lord Mars occupieshis moolatrikonasign aspectedby the Lagna tord Moon. tn Chart No. 149, the Lagna lord Mercury is Vargottama in a trine in Librawhile in ChartNo. 148, the Lagna lord Moon occupies a kendrain Libra. Both charts have 4 ptanets in kendras. Chart No. 149, in addition, has 5th lord Venusin a kendra with neechabhanga. chart No" 149 has the 9th and 1Othlords generating powerfulRajayoga while Chart No. 14g related a has no such yoga between the gth and 10th lords. Mars Dasa yet to operateshouldsee him occupya very high position. Director-Department of Geology.. In Chart No. 1S0 the 1Othhouse Aquariusis aspected by its lord Saturn from Leo. Saturn is also the 9th lord and his aspect gives a position of authority. The nativewas the directorof the state geologicat department. Leo, the sign occupied by the 1Oth lord, rules hills and dales. The sign capricorn also acquires importance being occupiedby a powerful Vargottama Lagna lord Venus,


How to Judgo a Horoscopo

Chart No. 150.-Born 7-12-1888 at about 5-30 p.m. (L.M r.) at t4 N ,4,76 E 26.
Lagna Saturn

Moon Mars

Mers Venus Moon Ketu

Sun J uoitot Msrcury

Balance Moon's Dasaat birth : 5 years, 0 month and of 5 days. Chart No. 151.-Born 6-8-1906at l2-38 p.n. (L.M.T.) at 17N 46,83 E 17.




Marcury Sgturn

Rahu Moon Mars VsnuS Sun
Jupit. Merc. Sun Rahu



Lagna lVen

Balance Rahu'sDasaat birth: 6 vears,11 monthsand of 8 days.

Concernlng TcntbHouso tbo


the Moon and exalted Mars together with Ketu. Mars is the ruler of tocks, minerals and occupies an eanhy sign which Influences 1Oth house significationindirectlysince Mprs the aspects 1oth lord Saturn. the Doctot.' Cancer,the sign of healing and nursingriseson th 10th housein ChartNo. 151. lt is occupiedby Mars, the Sun and Rahu and flanked on both sides by Jupiterand Mercury,both benefics. The native was an eminent medical doctorwith an international reputation. The Sun-Rahu conjunctionin the appropriate producesoutstandsigns,invariably ing medicalmen. The subhakartariyoga, to which the 1Oth is icance houseis subject, alsoof signif ensuring distinguished a and successful career. Chart No. 152"-8orn 23-5-1932 at 5-24 p.m. (l.S.T.) a t 1 8N 3 1 , 7 3 E 5 2 .

t t"raurV I Mo,! I

LAgna Sun venus S a t u r n




Balance VenusDasa at birth : 1 yeat, 6 months and of 18 days. Doctor.' The 10th house in Chart No. 152 is Cancer occupiedby an exalted6th lord Jupiter aspected by a power-


flow to JudSc Horoccopc a

ful Mars. The native of Chart No. 152 is a doctor. The 10th house is aspected Saturn from his own sign. Three planets by in quadrantsin their own and exaltationsigns have given the native eminence and fame in hiscareer. Chart No. 1b3.- Born 17-7-1g96 at 545 a.m. (L.M.f .) at 3l N 39.74 E 23.

NAVAMSA Venug Sun Moon

Balance Mars Dasa at birth: 6 years, 2 months of and 20 days. Doctor.' The Lagnacancer is occupied exartedJupiter, by Venusand the Sun. The 10th lord Mars occupies his own sign Aries, a fiery sign, and from there aspectsCancerand the planetarygroup in Lagna. The emphasis shifts to cancer and being the naturalsign, ruling nursing, makes the native a rkilled docror. Editor.' chart No. 1b4 is that of an editor of a newspaper of wide circulation. The Ascendant is Scorpio aspected by Mercury,the karakafor inteilect, and exarted2nd and bth tord Jupiter. As 2nd lord, Jupiter in exaltation gives inspired txpressivepowerswhire as sth lord gives lucidity and crarity

Conccrnlog TeatbHouso tho


of thought. The 1Othlofd ths Sun occupies a mercurial sign in a martian constellation which made the native a dynamic and forcefulnewspaperrnan.The Atmakaraka Mercury and is occupies Leo, a powerful and fiery sign which tended to influence his editorialswhich were sharp and impactful. contrast thiswith chart No. 131. Both have Mercury as atmakaraka but in thls casethe influence Mercury of and JupiteronScorpio os ascendant gave riseto a writer while in the other, venusian sign and Venusinfluencing the ascendant resultedin a highly talented cinemaactor. Chart No.154.-Born 24-6.1996 at 4-5g p.m. (L.M.T.) at t3 N 4,80 E t5.

t"r.rr, l. "un


r.,|oon Mars I Sarurn r",u . I


R P - 1 8 / 16


Balanceof Ketu Dasaat birth : 5 years, 10 months and 14 days. In Chart No. 1b4, Mercury is aspected by Jupiter in Navamsa. Jupiter and Venus in the 5th from karakagave prolific writing abilities. The Rasi chart has 2 ptanets in exaltation and Mars, Lagna lord, in his moolatrikona sign rendering chart highly potent. the

802 Chart No.155.-Born at 12N 52,74 E 53.

.Sun I' Mercury I Rahu I

How to Judgea HoroscoDo

29-4-1948 at 9-4e a.m. (t.S.T.)


Sun Mercury

Balance VenusDasaat birth: 2 years, 10 months and of 6 days. Engineer.- ln Chart No. 155 the lOth lord Jupiter aspects the AscendantGemini powerfullywith the Moon. Venus, a benefic, occupies Lagna. The Ascendant Gemini is a basically thinkingsign and madepowerfurby influence 3 pranets. the of Lagnalord Mercuryis involved strong Budha.Aditya yoga in Aries,a sign ruled by saturn from cancer. The native consistent with the Lagnaand strength Mercurv, is an engineer. of The Sun-Rahu-Mercury conlunction occursIn a fiery sign and gives mechanical skillswhile Saturn,saspect could also give skill in buildingand similar areas of work. saturn arthough in canceris in a mercurial constellation. canceris the sign of the home, houseand Mercury's asterism invorvedgives a frair for building'engineering civir engineering. chart No. ls2, or In saturn aspectsvirgo from a constellation of Jupiter who in turn is influenced Marsgiving doctoring abilities. In chart by

Conocrning TcnrbHouse thc


No. 155, karaka Sun occupiesa mercurialsign with exalted Mercury. The 1Othlord Jupiterisatsoin a Navamsaruled by Mercurywhich planetwourd give a broad crueto the nature of native'swork, viz., engineering. Chart No. 156.- Born 819-7-1g53 at O h. 03 m. a.m. (l.S.r) at 22 N 34,8A E 24.

i tvtoon S u n I J u O i t e r Mstg V"n'" |

Merc Ketu

Sun Mars


G. t-68 Mercury
Mcen Saturn

Balance Mars Dasa at birth : 5 years, 2 monthsand of 14 days. Engineer.. The 1Othhousein ChartNo. 156 isSagittarius aspected 6th lord Sun and 2nd and 9th lord Mars from by a mercurialsign. The 10th lord Jupiter is with the Moon and Venus. Although there are no planets in the loth house, there are planets aspecting it which must be taken into account for judging the natureof career. The native is an engineer. Mars and the Sun are in a sign of Mercury and are,in turn, aspectedby Saturn. Saturn rules building contracts, Mars, earth, buildings and with the Sun indicates a career engineeringwith contracts for civjt construction in from the Government. The 1Othhousefrom the Moon is not


How fo Judgc Horoscopc s

occupiedor aspected any ptanetbut the 1Oth lord saturn by occupies mercurial a sign Virgoagain indicativeof engineering Chart No. 157.-Born t2lll_2-lglT at S.Sg a.m. (LS.f.) at tO N S't,78 E 47,

,rrurn I
| """* I Sun
Moon I



RP-36/1 7 Morr

Balance Rahu'sDasaat birth : g years, 1 month and of 2 days. Film StudioOwner.. Chart No. 187 belongs to a prosperous businessman.Libra, the sign of the balance, riseson the 1Othcuspaspectedby a powedur11th and 4th rordMars. The 1Othlord Venusis in the 2nd housewith the 7th and gth lords, the Moon and the Sun respectivety.The nativeowns a cinema studio which he rcntsout for very rargesumsto firmshootingunits. Mars, the pranet aspectingthe 1Oth house, is the karakafor immovabre property placedin the 4th house, ruling buildings and simirarstructures.Mars occupies Bharani ruled by Venus the lOth rord. Venusand Libra are ruters of amusement centres,drama, entertainment and the show-world in generalwhich describethe genera!natureof propertyrented

tho Cooccrnlo8 TcntbHouso


out by the native. In Navamsa, the 1Oth lord Venusoccupies his own sign.

Chart No. 1S8.-Born 2-2-1942 at 6-54 p.m, (t.S.T.) at 18N 58,72 E 50.
Jupitol Saturn Ketu Mercury Venul Sun RP-36/83

I Rahu


ance of Ketu Dasaat birth : 4 years, month and 20 days. Flight Lleutenant .. The Lagna in Chart No. 1Fg being Cancer, the 1Oth house is in the sign of Aries which stands for aggressiveness militancy, The 1Othtord Mars occupies and his own sign in greatstrength.The nativeis a flight lieutenant in the Air Force. Mars occupiesa constellation ruled by Venus who is with the Sun indicating service underthe ,king, or the country'sforcesin modernparlance. Compare ChartNo. 158 with ChartNo. 160. Both natives work in the armed forces but the differenceis in rank. ln ChartNo. 158, the 10rh lord Mars formsa powerful Ruchaka Yoga in the 1Othhouse, the most powerfulquadrant. tn Chart No. 160 the 10th tord Mercury occupies 3rd house in a friendlysign,- the lord thereof being placed in the l2th, a dusthanaexplainingthe native"sretatfudly low cadre. 20



How to Judgoa Horoscopo

Chart No. 1S9.-Born tS-l-1919 at 1049 p.m. (L.M f.) at 17 N 26.78 E 27.
Moon Ketu Jupit | ,",,,n


Mercury Ktu

RASI Mars Sun Venus


Sat, | | sun


Rahu I


Moon Mars

Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 4 years, 11 months and of 10 days. Governor(of State).. In ChartNo. lE9, the lOth house is occupied Jupiter who has exchanged by signswith the 1Oth ford Mercury.The Moon is exarted ancrthe sun is vargottama. The 3rd and 8th lord Mars is exalted the 6th house while in the 6th lord saturn is in the 12th house generatinga pertiat Vipareeta RajaYoga. The lOth lord Mercury is in his own Navamsawhile the 1Oth occupant Jupiter occupies own Navamsa. Mercury in the 8th from the Moon generatesa partialAdhi Yoga. All the factors strengthen the chart greatly to conferhigh political officeson the native. He is now chiof Ministerof a big state. Group Subedar(Army).. The Lagnain Chart No. 160 is a fiery warrior sign sagitrariuswith Marsand venus in it. The Lagna lord Jupiter is in the 4th house aspected Mars. by Jupiter aspectsrhe 1Oth house. The martian influenceon

Colccrnlng tbo Tcath Houso


Chart No. 160.-aorn 415-2-1928at 4-30 a.m. (t.S.T.) atHNt3,75E30.

Balanceof Saturn'sDasaat birth : 7 years, 2 monthsand 19 days. Lagnaand Lagnalord who is directlyaspecting the lOth house give a fighting-spirit must perforce and a warrior'scareer.The nativeis in the armedforces. The 1Othhousefrom the Moon is againa militantsign Aries. The 1Othhouse from the Sun is Librabut its lord is with the aggressive planet Mars. Hoteliet.' In Chart No. 161 the Lagnais Pisces. The 1Oth houseis Sagittarius which is not aspected occupied by any or planet. The Lagna gains predominancewith 4 planets in it. Venusis exaltedin Lagnain parivartanawith Lagna and 1Oth lord Jupiter in Taurus. The native of Chart No. 161 is the owner of a restaurant.Taurusrules eating places, Venusrules placesof pleasure and Piscesrulessnack-bars, canteens, teashops,hotelsand all simitarbusinesses. lndustrialist: ln Chaft No. 162 the 1Othhouse is occupied by Rahu and aspectedby Mars. The 1Oth lord Saturnis in


How fo rudgca lforolcopo

Chart No. 161, _Born 24_g-tg16 at 6_5g a.m. (L.M.T.) at t3 N 30,74 E 45.
Lagna Moon Mcrcury Veouc Sua

Merc.I Jupiter

Saturn , RASI


of -Balance JupiterO"ru,i I I days.

the 9th with the Moon aspected gth by and 1lth lord Jupiter. The nativeof ChartNo. 162 is the owner of textile industries. Note the powelfur combinations financiarprosperity for caused by 2nd and sth lord Mercury exatted and vargottama in the 'th house combiningwith 11th rordJupiter. Jupiter in turn aspects 9th and 1oth lord Saturn. In the the chalt of an industrialist, the positionof saturn is always of significance since SaturnruleS tabourand industries dependent are mainty, if not entirely,on workers. Saturn is the 1Oth lord here and in the bhagyasthana. Inspectotof police.. ChartNo. 163 is that of a police officer. Mars who gets neechabhanga aspectsthe lOth house in greatstrength. He is the Lagna lord as well, Lagna belng Aries, a fiery sign. Lagna is further occupied by an exalted Vargottama Sun which makes the native regal in bearing and

Concomiog ToothHouco tbc Chart No. 162.-Born 2g-g_lg3S at II_tS a m at l0 N 50,78 E 42. | | v"nu. I Juoiter Srn I



i Keru


'"n' |
b months and 18 days. Chart No. 163.-Born l2-4_1g99at 7_80a.m. (L.M.f.) at 13N 15,77E gg.
Lagna Sun Mercury Moon Saturn Sun Mercury Venus

Balanceof Mars Dasaat birth : 6 years,


Saturn Rahu

Balanceof VenusDasaat biilh : 3 yearsand 9 months.


How to Judgo Hororccpo r

conductandan imposing personality. The 1Oth lord Saturn occupies a martian Navamsa and the 10th from Navamsa Lagnais also occupied Mars. by Chart No. 164-8orn l6-3-1929 at ll-t5 p.n. (t.S.T,) 18N13,73E52.


RP-1 /20 8 Lsgn. Ketu

Lagna Jupiter

Balanceof Moon's Dasaat birth : 7 years,4 months and 1 1 days. Journalist.' The native of Chart No. 169 isa correspondent of a nationaldaily. The 1Othhouse Leo is aspected by Mercuryand Jupiter, both planets indicating intelligence and writing. The 1Othlord Sun occupiesa Jupiteriansign Pisces which givesan element inspirationand intuition in of the writings of the native. The Sun is subject to a subhakartari yoga being hemmedbetweenbeneficsMercury on one side and Jupiter and Venus on the other. The native works newspaper. for a prestigious Judge.' ln Chart No. 165 the 1OthhouseTaurusis aspected by Jupiterand the 1Othlord Venusoccupies a mercurial sign with Morcuryand Lagnalord ths Sun. The 10th house

Conccrnlngtho Tentb Heuso


at Chart No. 165.-Born 29-6-1924 ll-le a t t 2 N 2 0 , 7 6E 3 8 .

a.n. (l S.T.)

Marg Jupit.

RP-149/6 Saturn

Lagna Merc.

Saturn Ketu

Balanceof Moon's Dasaat birth : 7 years,8 months and 12 days. is aspected yogakaraka by Mars from a quadrant. The planet of justiceis exaltedin the 3rd house. Chan No. 165 is that of a judicial officer. Judge.' In ChartNo. 166 the 1Othhouseis Gemini. The 1Othlord Mercury occupies Libra, the sign of ths balance, with exalted Saturn, the planet of justice. Tho native of Chail No. 166 is a High CourtJudge. Judge.' The 1OthhouseLeo is aspectedby Jupiter and Saturnindicating the nativeof Chart No. 167 to be a civil judge. The 1Othlord Sun is in the Ascendant with Venus who tulescounsellors. Compare ChartNo. 167 with ChartNo. 166. Both natives belongto the judiciary but thereis a differenco the ranks of in the natives. ChartNo. 166 has both Jupiterand Saturnruling law and iusticeexalted, Mercury in Libraand the Moon in a


HW to Judgea Horoscopo

Chart No. 166.-Born 4-10-1895at 6-05 a.m. (L.M.f .) ct 1l N. 76 E.

Lagna Marr

of Dasa birth : 11 yearc, 11 months st - Balance Mercury's and 9 days. Chaqt No. 167..-Born2t-fi-t9tg at 7-50 a.m. (t.S.T.) et l6 N 50,75 E 40.

MercurylSaturn JuOiter I



Mars Ketu



RP-3r /6

Venus I Sun I Mercury Lasna I Balance the Sun's Dasaat birth : of rnd 29 days.

Conccrniog Teoth Houso tbc


quadrant. ChartNo. 167 is not so powerfulsinceJupiter and dignity. Mercuryoccupies Saturnhave no particular the same sign Libra but the Moon is in a dusthana which does not contributeto ths strengthof the chart. Chart No. 168.-Born l7-12-1893 at 8-02a.m. (L.M.f .) a t 1 3N . 7 7 E 3 5 .
Moon Rahu

| .lupiter


RP-1 53/4
Lagna Sun


Maf g



Balance Saturn'sDasaat birth : 5 years,5 monthsand of 16 days. Judge.' The 1Othhousein ChartNo. 168 is Virgo occupied by Ketu. lt is aspected Lagnalord Jupiter and the 8th by lord Moon. The 1Oth lord Mercury is in the 12th house varyottamaaspected Jupiter from the 6th house. The planet by justicoSaturnis very strongbeingboth exaltedand of law and vatgottama and aspects the Lagna giving the personality a judicious balanced outlook. This outlook must influence the native's career well since Lagna lord occupiesthe house as signifyingcourts (theOthhouse)from where he aspectsboth the 10tlr houseand 1Oth lord. This is the chartof a H igh Court Judge.



How to JudtpI Horoscopo

Elevation the High Court is indicated by the presence to of RajaYogasin the chart. The 9th lord Sun is in Lagna which is itself vargottama. Lagna is aspected by vargottama 2nd and 3rd lord Saturnwho is exalted. The 1Othlord Mercury is afso varyottamaand the relationshipbetween Lagna lold and the 1Othlord is alwaysfortifying. Chart No. 169.-8orn l6-3-1908at 10-56a.m. (L.M.f .) at 15 N 24,75 E 39,
Saturn Sun

Ma.t I vcnur Laena I

NAVAMSA Lagn6 Sun Venus Saturn Ketu

RP-64/4 Mar! Jupltot

Balance Ketu's Dasaat birth : 0 year, O month and of 13 days. Landlordand Banker.' ln Chart No. 169 the 1Oth house Aquariusis occupiedby the 2nd and Sth lord Mercury who is alsothe naturalsignificatorof cornmerce. As the 2nd lord rulingmonies and the Sth luling investments and aspectedby the Moon (ruling public) as lord of the 3rd (neighbours, environment, surrounding regions), the native took up the businessof banking giving loans to farmers and others in surrounding regions. The 1Oth lord Saturn is in the 11th

tbo Conccrolng TentbHouro


housewith 4th lord Sun (immcvable property) and sspected by an exalted11th lord Jupiteralso gave him earnlngsfront his landed propeilies. Chart No. 170-8orn 30131-8-1913at 4-52 a.m.(L.M.T.) at 26 N 17,72 E 56.
Mars Saturn
Lagna Moon

NAVAITISA Sun Saturn Rahu Marg Venug Jupit6t

RP-1 90/6

Balance Ketu's Dasaat birth : 5 yeals, 1 month and of 3 days. ' Lawyer.' The 10th housein Chart No. 170 is occupied by Saturnand Mars. The 1Oth lord Venusis in Canceraspecled by Saturn. Saturntules law. Jupiter aspects Lagna and Mercurytrinallygiving an analyticalintellect and a lawyer's calling. Lawyer.' In ChartNo. 171 the Lagna is a martian sign a with the Lagnalord occupying dignified place in the 1Oth houseand freeof afflictions. The 1Othlord the Sun occupies the 12th house in Librawith the intellectual Mercury. Chart No. 171 belongsto a legal luminary of his times. Jupiter occupies the 4th houseas lord of ChandraLagna and aspects the 1Othhousefrom there which conferredon the native logal


How to Judgoa Horoscopc

Chart No. 171.-Born 5-lt-1870 at 6-49 a.m. (L.M.T.) at 22 N 40, 88 E 30.

Rahu Jupit. Sun Rahu Saturn


Sstuan Kotu

Sun Mercury Venut

Moon Jupiter

Balance Saturn Dasaat birth : 1 year, 3 months and of 4 days. Chartr No. 172.-Born l0lll-7-l8gl at f-lg a.m. (L.M.T.) at ,3 N,77 E 35.




r's". I snilii"
Balanceof VenusDasaat birth : 9 years, 8 months and 3 days.

Conccrniog TcntbHouro tho


brilliance. The 1Othhouseis occupied the fighting planet by Marswho also aspectsthe Lagna. The 10th lord the Sun a occupies martianNavamsa which madethe native a fighter in everysense. He was also an advocateof Swaraj duringthe regime the Blitish. of Lawyer.' ChartNo. 172 is of a well-known bar-at-taw. The 10th house is Capricorn aspected by Mars who gets cancellation debilityand the 3rd and 6th lord Mercury. The of 6th houserulescoufts,litigation,while Mars is the naturalruler of strife and quarrels. The 1Oth tord Saturn is with the Moon aspected by Jupiter. Saturn is the natural law-dealerand Jupiterindicates judiciary. The Lagnabeing a fiery sign, the the nativowas a forcefuland militant lawyer. Major (Army) .. The nativeof Chart No. 173 is a medical doctorin the armedforces. The 1Othhouseis occupiedby the planetof war, Mars. The 1Othhousefalls in the sign Scorpio which rules healingand is aspectedby the l2th lord Saturn. The 12th houseruleshospitals and sickness. The Lagna and Lagnalord being both aspected Mars from the lOth house by givesa careerconnectedwith the armedforces. Managing Director: The native of Chart No. 174 is the director a firm dealingin automobite of parts. The 1Othhouse is Taurus aspected the Moon. The lOth lord Venus is in by Aquariusaspected Mars from the Lagna. Mars not only by rulesmechanical articles but also conveyances being the ruler of the 4th house. The Moon obtains neechabhangadue to Mars being in Lagnaand forms a RajaYoga.Themutualaspects of Venusand Mars as rulers of quadrants and trines folms a RajaYoga elevating the nativeto a positionof authority. The aspectof 7th lord Saturnon Sth lord Jupiter is another important yoga fortifying the chart in general.


How to JudgoI Horo8copc

Chart No. 173.-Born St-l-1g07 at g_29 a.m. (t.S.f.) 8 t 1 6N 2 9 . 8 t E 3 .

Ketu I Venus I Saturn l Lagna I Saturn Lagna Mercury Sun Ketu Rahu NAVAMSA Moon Mercury Moon Sun

Balance Ketu Dasa at binh: 3 years,S montnsana of 24 days.

Chart No. 174.-Born 2g-l-l gt 6 at g_?0 p.m. (l.S.f .) a t 1 6N , 5 , 8 1 E 1 5 .
Sat. Mars Venus Sun Rahu

Venus Mercury


Sun Rahu na Mars

RP-16/4 1

Lagna Mercury

Balance SaturnDasaat birth: 12 years,4 monthsand of I 5 days.

Concerningtbo Tontb Houro

810 11-35 p.m.

Chart No, 175.-Born 23-10-l8gg dt G.M.r)at9N10,59E28.



J,,1H l,"ii,l,

I M"r.uru

Rahu Lagna Moon

Balance Mars Dasa at birth : 4 years, 5 months and of 20 days. Managing Directot.. The 1Othhouse in Chan No. 175 is Ariesaspectedby Mercury,the Sun and Vargottama Jupiter. The 1Oth ford Mars, though neecha, gets neechabhangain LagnaKendra and is aspected Lagnalord Moon. The native by is the ManagingDirectorof a bank. Mercury and the Sun togetherwith the 9th lord Jupiter aspecting the 1Oth house havegiven the nativea top post in a commercial concern. Monk: The 1Othhouse in ChartNo. 176 is Ariesaspected by an exalted1Othlord Marsfrom a kendra and the 7th lord Saturn. The mutual aspects betweenthe 1Oth and 7th lords, both malefics, involving the Lagna,the 7th and the 1Othhouse resulted a dispassionate in monk. The 1Oth tord aspecting Lagnain exaltation madethe native'saim in life the realization of his own self. 'lf Saturnor the lord of the Lagnaaspects the lord of the sign occupiedby the Moon, tho person will betake


How to Judgea Horoscopo

Chart No. 176.-Born l5-12-1888 at 8-77 p.m. (L.M.r,; at 23 N 30.88 E 15.

Jupit. Sst. Sun Venus

".* Lsgna Sat

Ketu Mars Venul

Merc. NAVAMSA Ketu oon

RP.134/4 Mercury Jupitel

Balance Sun's Dasa at birth : 3 years, 4 months and of 26 days. himselfto a religious orderor mendicancy.' The Moon, who is alsothe Lagnalord, is exalted in Taurus. Venus, ruler of this sign, is in Capricornaspected Saturn in great strength by generating powerfulyoga for ascoticism.The Moon is well a placed aspectedby the spiritual planet as well as 9th lord Jupiterfrom the mysticsign, Scorpio.Mercury,thegnanakaraka, joins Jupiter,the gnanasthanadhipati. Lagna itself is influ. encedby Rahuand Saturn indicatingburning dispassion.In this chart,the Lagnaand the influences comesunder explain it the vocation(?) of the nativemoreclearly than the lOth house. In Chart No. 176 is noteworthy for Rajayogas well as which made the native monk the general secretaryof an international missionof spirituality and Vedanta. The 4th and 5th lords,Venusand Mars,joining tho 7th. a quadrant,and being aspected the 7th lord Saturn generates a powerful by

tbc Concerniog TentbHouec


by RaiaYoga. The Lagnalord is exaltedin the 11th aspected 2 benefics,Mercuryand Jupiter. The 1Othlord Mars is exalted in a kendraaspectingthe 1Othhouse which gives the native a positionof greatauthorityand equal responsibility. Chart No. 177.-Bom 6-1 0-1894 at | 1-17 p'm' (L'M'7.) at 12N,77 E.


nP-4137 Mercury Venua Saturn KtU


Balance VenusDasaat birth: 6 years, 9 months and of . 18 days. isthe last Monk.' The 1Othhousein ChartNo. 177 Pisces sign of the zodiacalsocalledthe Moksha-rasi.lts lord Jupiter by aspected the 2nd lord Moon' The occupies Ascendant the Sun, sth and 12th by 1Othhouseis aspected the atmakaraka by ord Venusand occupiedby Rahu. The Moon is influenced planets, Jupiterand Saturn. Thesetwo are not only 2 spiritual but also being the 1Oth icators spirituality of the naturalsignif give the native a spiritualgoal in lord and 9th lord tespectively, life. ChartNo. 177 is of a highly evolvedmonk. The 9th lord ttinally aspected Saturnis exaltedin the sth (purvapunyasthana) 2T


How to Judgc Horoscope a

by the 1Othlord Jupiter from a kendra. The 1Oth rord has no afflictions whatsoever indicating bremish-fr6e a career in the native's spiritual life. 'lf the Lagnalord or saturn aspectthe lord of the sign occupiedby the Moon, the native becomes an ascetic.' Herethe lord of the sign occupied by the Moon is Jupiter and he aspectsthe Lagna lord Mercury. A trinal relationship estabrished is between the two pranetssignifying spiritual moorings. Musician.. Lagnais the 3rd sign of the zodiac and is occupiedby 3 planets, Merculy,the planetof skill and versatility, Venusthe planetof musicand art, the Sun in Chart No. 178. Mercury Lagnatord in Lagnais very good while his as combination with the Sth lord Venusand 3rd lord the sun has given the nativea rich, deep and beautifulvoice chargedwith fervour(Moon'saspect)makingher a singerof greatpopularity and charm. The Adhiyogahas reference these ptanetsin to Lagnaand hasmadethe native an authority and outstanding figure in the wortd of music. Venusis free of any affrictions which has therefore confinedthe native's talents to classical, traditional music. NewspaperOwner.' The lOth housein Chart No. 17g is canceraspected Yogakaraka by saturn and 3rd and 6th lord placedin theirown signs. In Navamsa, Jupiterboth the lOth lord occupies Jupiteriansign. The nativeis the owner of a a chain of newspapers.The 1Othlord being Moon and Jupiter aspectingthe 10th house as 3rd lord has given a calting which is directlyrelated the public (Moon) as a media of to (Jupiteras 3rd lord). communication Shop-keeper The 10thhousein ChartNo. lg0 is Gemini : ruled by Mercury, the planetof trade. lt is aspectedby 2nd and 9th lord Venusand 5th and 6th lord neecha Saturn. The

tho Cooccrning Tcntb Housc


at5-30a.m. (l.S.T.)at Chart No. 178.--8orn213-7-1928 13N5.80E15.

Lagns Vnu3 Merc. Sun


Balance VenusDasaat birth : 12 yearc, I monthsand of 27 days. Chart No. 179.-Born l8-4-1904 at 5-46 p.m. (Madras Time) at 22 N 18, 83 E 00.
Jupiter I Venur I Sun Marr

tt; tlLaona lM6rc


Ketu lMercury



Balanceof Sun's Dasa at birth : , 13 days.

1 year, 0 month and


Hor to Judgoa floroscopo

Chart No.1gO.-Born 6-2-1912at ft p.m. (t.S,T.) at 15N30,73E51.

Saturn Rahu Mars Moon Rahu


Lagna Moon Lagna Venut

Balance Moon,s Dasaat birth : 5 yeors, of ^ 7 months and 6 days. 10th lord Mercuryoccupies sth house with the 12th lord the Sun. ChartNo. 180 is of a proprietorofa store that deals in orticles of fancy and genera! use such as cosmetics, ladies, ware, trinketsand the tike. Venusand fhe Sun indicate the natureof business whire debiritated saturn makes the native tradein common-place artictessignified by Venus. Philosopher: The uagnaLibra, the sign of the balance, in ChartNO.181 is vargottama and gains considerabte vita_ lity because the aspect of Jupiter and association of of the lord of Lagna with Mercury. Mark the disposition of the Sun and the Moon in beneficsigns and association with spirituat planets. The Moon is the atmakaraka and is very strongly placedin vargolta,ma aspected by Jupiter, the divine planet. The 1Oth lord Moon in an intellecrual sign indicatesthe jnani the nativewas. The powedul yoga Dharma Karmadhipa

tbc Conccrnlng Teoth Houso


Chart No. 181 .-Born 29130-12-1879 1 a.m. (L.M.f.) at at9N50,78E15.

ln Satu

| I

*",u tvtoon


tNH.46 Rahu Sun Mercury Venus





Balance Jupiter Dasa at birth: 4 years, month of I and 20 days. Chart No. 182.-8orn 13-3-1925at 10-12a,m. (t.S.T.) at8N40.77E41.
Sun Mercury


Saturn Venus


RP.36/11 0 Jupit6t Saturn Moon Jupit'r | "*"

Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 2 yeats, 2 months and of 21 days.


How to Judgc Horoscope a

involvingSaturn and Jupiter, the latterptanet occupying the mysticsign of Aquarius which happensto be the Sth from Janma. Lagnagives a clue to the spiritual heights to which the native rose. Photogrcpher: The 1Othhouseis Aquariusin ChartNo. 182 occupiedby the LagnalordVenus. The 1Oth lord Saturn is exaltedin the 6th housewith the Moon. There is a distinct parivartanaor exchange of signs between Venusand Saturn. The nativeis a photographer with his own studio. This is appropriate the natureof the planet in the 1Othhouse,viz, to Venus. The 1Othlord Saturnis also in a Venusian sign with the Moon. The Moon generally irrdicates callingsthat haveto do with the public. Physician.' The 1Othhousein ChartNo. 183 is occupied by Lagna lord Jupiter and aspectedby Mars (influencedby Rahu)and Saturnfrom Cancer, the sign of healing. The 1Oth ford Mercuryis with the gth lord in Rasi and is varyottama, Mars and Rahu together produce skilledphysiciansand this combination relates to the 1Othhousepowerfully. The native is a physician consistent but wrth the strength and the natural karakatwa the 1Othlord, the nativeis research-oriented. of Poet : Venus, the planet of poetry, is in the 2nd house in Chart No. 184. The native revedledunusual powers of intellect and a poetical geniusof no meanorder. The Sun and Mercury,planets of intelligence, are in the 2nd forming a powerfulBudha.AdityaYoga which found manifestation in poetry. The Lagnais conspicuously intuitively inspired strong as it is occupiedby exaltedJupiter, gnanakaraka the lord and of the 9th or dharmasthana and LagnadhipatiMoon is in a berrefic sign. Cancer rising gives intuition, benevolence, sympathy, usefulness and fondness subtlethings in life all for of which found place in his inspiredpoems.

Conccrninlthc Tcoth Houac Chart No.183 -8o

Time) at l6 S 30,68 W

V e n u s|

t-|945 at l-00 p.m.(S tandard


RASI Sun Merc.


saturn NAVAMsA 1
Lsgna Kgtu



Ketu IMetcutY I


of Balance MercuryDasaat bilth : 16 years, 0 monthand 16 days. Chart No. 184.-8orn l5-8-1872 at 5-17 a'm. (L,M.T.) at 22 N 30. 88 E 20.


Moon Saturn

Metcury Salurn

Balanceof 22 days.

birth : 3 years, 2 months and


How to Judgoa Horoscope

Chart No. 185-8orn 3-4-1905 at 2-34 p.m, (l.S.T.) at 14 N 13,75E 52.

Moon Sun Ktu Seturn NAVAMSA


Jupiter Vouus Mercury

Lagna Jupitst R ah u

I sun
RP-1 /145 8


I Msrs

I uoon


Balance SaturnDasa at birth : 12 yearc, 3 monthsand of 2 days. Politician; Aries, the sign of fighting, is strong in Chart No. 185 due to the occupation of 3 planetsand the aspect of Saturn.Lagna is a martiansign occupied Mars. The 1Oth by house is occupied by Rahu and aspected Saturn, planetof by political fighterand was the masses.The nativeemerged a as voted to power and was a ministerfor some years. (Sub).' The 1Othhousein Chart No. 186 is Postmastet Pisces ruledby Jupiterand aspected Saturn. The 1Othtord by Jupiteris in the 3rd, houseof communication. Saturnoccupies a constellation the sun, luler of the 3rd house..The native of of Chart No. 186 is a sub-postmaster. The 3rd houseinfluencingthe 1Othhousehas givena vocationthat hasto do with communication. Saturn's influencemakes it a public service job.

thc Conccrnlng TcnthHouso Chart No. 186.-8 orn 27-l l'l920 at 17 N 45,82 E 30.

829 at 8-37 p.m. ( l.S.f .)



Sun I Vgnus Jupiter

Balanceof Mars Dasaat birth : 0 year, 7 months and 7 days. Chart No. 187. --Born 8-8-9133 at 4-30 p.m. (l.S.T.) at 13"N77,E35.

Moon Rahu

Sun NAVAMSA Jupit.

Ketu Moon



RP-8/51 r
pit Lagna Lagna


MercurY Venus

B a l a n c eo f J u p i t e r D a s a a t b i l t h : 5 y e a t s , 7 m o n t h s a n d 28 days.


a llow to Judgo Horoscopo

Pubtic Prosecutor.' Chart No. 187 is of a public prose' cutor. Lagnais a fiery sign and the 1Othhouse is occupiedby the Jupiterindicating iudiciaryand Mars, indicating advocacy and militancy. The 10th and 9th lords combine inthe 8th formingthe RaiaYoga for successand fame. Saturr aspects the l0th lord and Jupiter aspectsthe former from tho 1Oth in housegiving legal brilliance As 5th lord, Mars, vargottama approach in the the 10th gives a forceful and hammering The sth and Lagnalord combining nalive'sdeatingwith cases. the in the 1Oth is a beneficialyogastrengthening chart as a and 1Othlord combining with the whole. Jupiter in the 1Oth service. for Sun havebeen responsible being in Government ChartNo.188.-8orn l7-10-1915 at8-00 p m, (l S.f') et 25 N 23, 68 E 21.





of Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 4 years, 9 monthe and 10 days. Pubtisher,' The 1Othhouse in Chart No. 188 is occupied by by Jupirer and aspected debilitatedMars who gets cancel' lation of debilitation. The native is the proprietor of a big

tbo Concerning TcnthHoute


publishinghouse with offices all over the country. Jupiter in relation tothe 1Othgives a career in publishing bookswhile Mars aspecting involvesprinting and allied sectots of wotk as betweenthe 1lth lord Jupiter and 9th wel.l. The relationship lord Saturn has resulted in very prosperousand successful fol business the native.Saturn, the 1Othlord, is in Gemini,an and Jupiteraspectshim from the 1Othmaking intellectualsign the native publish books which caterto a limited numbet unlikein ChartNo. 179, where publicinvolvementis greater. Chart No. 189.- Born l4-3-1879 at I l-30 a.m. (L.M.T) at 48 N 24,10 E.
Sun Mercury Vonus ssturn Juplt6r

Moon Marg Rahu NH.45 Moon

Rahu Lagna


Mercury Kotu

Dasaat birth : 7 years, 10 months Balance Mercury's of and 26 days. Scientist: The intellectualsign Gemini rises in Chart No. 189 giving great sensitivityand intuitional ability. The Jupiter from the mystic Lagnais aspectedby Gnanakaraka gift the suggesting native's of gnana (knowledge) signAquarius to the world by his scientificbrilliance. Four planets having referenceto the 10th house involving the lordships of the


How to Judge Horoscopo r

Lagna, the 4th, the sth and the 9th made lhe native a great scientist(gnani). The parivartanabetweenthe gth and 1Oth lords, MalavyaYoga in the 1Othhousecaused by Venus, and yoga in the 1Oth all acted to make Mercury'sneechabhanga in the nativea NobelLaureate Physics, Note Pisces.the sign of intuition, riseson the 1Othhouse. The native'sdiscoveries in were intuitiveand deeplysignificant the world of science. The nativeof Chart No. 190 was a genius, Scientist.' physicist,inventorand also provedthat there can be no sharp life the nervous of planets and animals. dividingline between the threebenefics Mercury,Jupiterand Venus, indicating All and wisdomhavebroughtabouta link knowledge intelligence, betweenLagna,the2nd, 4th, gth and 1Othhousesfrom ths aspect the 1Othhouseand Aquarius with on Moon. Saturn's cusp made the native a scientificmystic. Rahu on the 1Oth are Both Rahuand Aquarius idealisticand have great affinity for invention,researchand invisible things' The 1Oth lord aspected exalted Mars from an earthy by Saturnis in Cancer is also a fruitful sign indicatingthe sign and LagnaTaurus native'ssphereof work was relatedto plant life. Script-writer.' Virgo, a sign of Mercury, tises in the ChartNo. 191. The 1oth houseis also an intelAscendantin lectual sign, Gemini. The 1Oth lord occupies Cancerwith exalted Jupiter. ln Navamsa, the 1Oth lord Mercury is in ruledby Jupiter. Chart No. 191 is of a scriptSagittarius combinatiort writer who writesfor films. The Mercury'Jupiter prolilic writer in the watery sign Cancer makes the native a audiences. Venusin the 1Othhas made cateringto emotional him write for the cinema. and Money'Lender: In ChartNo. 192the Theatre-Owner 10th house Virgo is aspected by the 8th lord vatgottama

Conccrningtbo Teotb Housc


Chart No. 190.-8om 30-1l-1858at 4-25 p.m, (L.M.f,) at23N33,90E3.

Lagna Jupiter


Moon Venus

Marr Kotu
Rahu Sst,

Mercury Venus

Balance Moon's Dasaat birth : 2 years, 3 months and of 0 days. Chart No. 191,-Born 6-7-1920 at l2-17 p.m. (l.S.T.) at 10, N 50. 78 E 42.

'K o t u I


Merc. J upit.

3;l' u""", I


Marr Rahu

MarS Merc.

Balance Rahu Dasaat birth : 3 years, 2 months and of 2 days.

How to Judgea Horoscopo

at 0-39 a'm. Chart No. 192.-Born 21122-3-1901 (L M.f .) at 27 N 55, 68 E 45.

Sun Moon Venut MercurY

RP-t e/4 5

8 at Dasa birth : 2 years, months of Bafance Mercury's

t-l EI FI l-l

1t.,". I

1"""" I



and 4 days. Moon and 2nd and 3ri lord Saturn. The lOth lord Metcury is with the 6thand llth lord Venusaspectedby Sth and 12th lord Mars and Saturn. The nativeof Chart No. 192 is a banker (money-lender) and also the owner ol cinema theatres. The lord is influenced by Venus and Saturn, both planets 10th ruling the cinema and similal types of cheap entertainment. The Lagnaand Lagna lord are both influenced by 2nd lord Saturn (ruling monies) who, in tuln, aspects the 10th lord and the 10th house. The aspect of the Moon shows public in involvement the native'scalling. Both business of money' lending and running cinema-theatres rely on public paltici' pation. tJniversityLecturer.' The 1Othlord Mars in Chart No. 193 occupies his debility sign Cancer but gets cancllationof 6ebility becauseJupiter who gets exalted in Cancer is in a

tbc Concernlog Tentb Houso


at Chart No. 193.- Born 617-9-1936 H0 a.m. (D.S,T.) at 35 N O, 106 W 40.




RP-36/1 I

Balance Moon's Dasaat birth : 6 yeats, 11 months of at ll N 06.79 E 42.

Moon Sun Venul Rahu

""0lil:Jirro.rga.,.^. t3-s-te4B to-30 g;'t.s.r ai Born

Marg Moon


- l -



Rahu Mercury

Balanceof Merculy's Dasaat birth : and 27 days.

3 years, 9 months


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quadrant from the Moon. The 10th lord is aspected by Jupiter. The nativeis a professorin a college. The Moon and Jupiter indicate teachingin a college similar institution. or In Navamsa also, the 1oth lord Marsis with Jupiter. UniversityLecturer.' The 1Othhousefrom Lagnahas the planetMercurywhile the 1Othhousefrom the Sun intellectual and the Moon is occupiedby Jupiter. Theseplanetsin Chart professionas a college No. 194 indicate broadlythe native's lecturer. The Moon-signis the strongest the three and the of 2nd lord from it is Mars in a Jupiterian Navamsa with the job and earnings Moon indicating teaching a therefrom. Rajayogas or Combinations for Political Power We reproduce below combinationslot Rajayogas(lives of works. celebrity)producedfrom classical Threeor more planetsin exaltation own sign and at the or give rise to a widely known king. Five in quadrants sametime man a rulerof the or moresuchplanets make evenan ordinary is earth. lf a native with such combinations born in a royal family without any maleficyogas or planets being combust, he becomes ruler. Peopleborn in ordinary families with 3 a planetsplacedas abovebecome counsellors equal to kings or 'in power and authority but not kings themselves. Two or with digbalamakea royalnativea king while 4 more planets or moro such planets make even an ordinary man a ruler. Accotding somewriters like Yavanacharya, to when the planets are concerned nralefics, then the native becomesa cruel tyrant ics sovereign. while benef makeone a jr:st and virtuous By a combination and permulation, Varahamihira enumerates 32 kinds of Rajayogas arising under the following conditions:-

lbc Cooccroiog Tcotb House


Jupiterand the Sun are exalted (1) When Mars,Saturn, one of them occupyingthe Ascendant(4 yogas). with Mars,Saturn, Jupiter (2, When any threeof the planets, and the Sun, are exalted with one of them being in the (16 yogas). Ascendant (3) When any two of these 4 planetsare exalted,one of them being in Lagna and the Moon being in Cancer (12 yogas). (4) When any one of these 4 planetsis exaltedin the and the Moon is in Cancer(4 yogas). Ascendant or The Ascendant the Moon in vargottama(occupyingthe same sign in Rasi and Navamsa) is aspected by 4, 5 or 6 planets (leaving out the Moon), 44 cases of Rajayoga are caused. a lf the Lagnalord occupies quadrantol the 9th house in and the 9th lord, in turn, is in '^altation, Vargottama Navamsa own sign or Vargottama Navamsa, a king is br.rrn' Jupiter exaltedin Lagna,the Moon, Venusand Mercury in the 11th houseand the Sun in Ariesgives rise to a powerful king. lf MercuryoccupiesVirgo which is also the Ascendant, Jupiter and Saturnand the Moon occupy and the Moon be in Pisces a the Capricorn, nativebecomes king. lf the Sun and the Moon occupy the Ascendant in Aries, Capricorn. Saturnis in Aquarius and Jupiter is Marsoccupies in Sagittarius,the person botn in a royalfamily becomes a king. According to Varahamihirain his great classic Brihat Jataka, a kingdom is obtainedduring the Dasa or Bhukti of or (1) the planetin the Ascendant, (2) the planet in the 1oth or housefrom the Ascendant, (3) the most powerful planet in the chart. 22


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A kingdom is lost during the period (the major poriod or minor period) of (1) a planet in an inimicat sign or (2) a planet that occupiesthe 7th from the sign it rules. As we have several times pointed out, since Rajayogas occur in largenumbers, a clevel studont should assess the worth of eachcombinationtaking into account the chart in 'its entirety. In the horoscope of a ruler-king, dictator, president or prime minister-we have found in our experienceSaturn,s position when his rays ars properfyblsndedwith thos6 of Rahu can give rise to realization of objects, consolidation of ths countiy, establishment peaceand economicprosperity of and a happy and contentedpopulace. Chart No. 195.-Born L6-lgg4 at l1-tg a.n, (L.M.T,) et 12" N,76, E 38.


$un Venuc Saturn

Moon Jupltot

Balance Mars Dasaat birth: 1 year, 1l monthsand of 16 days. Thehoroscope ChartNo. 195 is typicallyillustrative of of certain principles predictive well.known of astrology rogard with

Conccrniollhs TcntbHouso


to Rajayogas. Throughouthis tong and'memorable reign of the 4Oryears nativeof Chart No. 195 showed a rale conscien' tiousnessand disinterestedzeal for the promotionof tho welfare of his subiects. Note how batancedand constructivoare the pfanetarypositions. Mark the vargottama positions of the Moon, Rahu and Venus. Lagnaoccupied by exalted Jupiter confersHamsaYoga, a most beneficial combination while the Moon occupyingLibra,the sign of the balance and causing parivartanawith Venus. lord of the 4th, is a yoga par excellenee' which though royal is not suggesa This suggests personality tive of pomp. The coniunctionof Saturnand the Sun in the monarch and the nativ9 exer11th madohim a constitutionat and lasting than any powr an influencemoro pervasive cised that that dictatol or despotic monatch could have, because proceeded from personal example and devotion to influence to duty. The HamsaYoga has referEnce tho 1Oth house from for is also responsible thesenoble traits' ChandraLagnawhich andvargottama and the gth lord in The Lagnaford in a kendra exaltation is another powerful Raiayoga. The Full Moon's dispositionin a kendraothet than Lagna is itself a Rajayoga denotingthe biilh of a scion of a royal family. The Full Moon's vatgottama position is yet anothet asset. The Sun-Saturncombinationis no doubt good regarding careerbut comesin ths way of domesticharmonyas 2nd and 7th tordsand mutuallybitter enemies. and he is in the 2nd house. Saturn Mars is a yogakaraka and Mars are in mutual kendras and ars not involved in aspects. Rahu is confinedto an upachaya' mutualdestructive Thus his "political career" was assured till the end, and no indicationseitherfor frustrationor failure is seen in the horoWadiyar lV, Maharaja scope. Chail No. 195 isof Krishnaraia of Mysore.


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The following Rajayogas rnaybe noted :(1) The Moon being aspecting exalted by Jupiter Jupiter,s exaltation the 1Othfrom the Lagna and in - .(2). in the 9th from the Moon (3) Mercury occupying a Rrsi other than Capricorn identical with rhe Lagna (or Chandra Lagna) aspected by Jupiter. Chart No. 196. -Born l4-12-lBg5 at 3-5 a.m, (G.M.T.) at 52 N 51,0 E 30.



u"',llr"I venus '
Mars I Saturn

lrupit. I lLssna I


I I Saturn I I I


Balance SaturnDasaat birth: 18 years, 1 month and of 22 days. Accordingto Phaladeepika out of the lordsof th'eI 1th, "lf gth and the 2nd houses, therebe but one planet that occupiss a kendrapositionin respect to the Moon, the person born the becomes ruler of a full-blownempire." In ChartNo. 196, the lords of the 2nd, the 9th and the 11th are Mars, Mercury and the Sun respectively.All the threeplanets are in a kendrafrom the Moon. ChartNo. 196 is of King George lV. The outstanding featureto be rememberedand astrologicallyaccounted for is

Conccrning tbc Tentb Housc


during the of that in all the nativities the British Sovereigns pastcentury-OueenVictoria,EdwardVll, GeorgeV, Edward V V l l l a n d G e o r g e l , J u p i t e ri s a n g u l a r f i n a l l b u t o n e h e i s eitherrisingor culminating. When Mars and Saturn ioin in by Lagna,the 7th, the 8th or the 1Othhousesunrelieved other personbecomesaggressive,lacks toleaspects favourable the tancefor the adversary, and is fanatical and ruthless. When but is confined Mars is not involvedin such destructive aspects positionand hasnothingto do with the 1Oth to an insignificant house(from Lagna or tho Moon) the man no doubt will be clever,nobleand generousbut he will also be impractical, contradictoly, utopian,authoritative lackingin practicality, but possessa tendencyto assume the role of a sensitive and will hero. Wherethe persistence Saturnand the fire of Mars are of lackingone's politicalcareerbecomesfrustrated. Chart No. 197. *Born 23*l-1897 at about 12 Noon (L.M.T.) at 5 E 44, 20 N 38.



NH-68 Saturn Jupiter Saturn

Balanceof Sun's Dasa 15 days.

0 year,4 months and


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Chart No. 197 is of Subhas Chandra Bose. Lagnais stronglydisposedbeing poworfully aspected by Jupiter from Leo. Thereis on Lagna a certain blending of martian and saturnineinfluences denotinga frankoutspokenand free-handed dispositionand fiery enthusiasm. The situation of Jupiter in the Sth or housoof emotions aspected by Mars and Saturn denotesthat while the nativewas movedby the highest impulses of patriotism,there was a sEnsoof frustrationalso. Fascist tendencies can be presentonly when the vibrations of Mars and Saturncombinein the 7th, 8th, gth or 10th houses, but here since it has reference to tho 2nd and 8th houses, the nativs was not a dictator in the senseof Hitler or the Duce. The most noteworthy feature in Chart No. 197 isthe presencg the Sun, Rahu and Mercuryin the 1Othor houseof of and occupation. Rahu eclipsing career ptanetSun the political in the 10th house in a sign owned by Saturn is significant in as much as the native'sentirelife constituted one long battle ogainstBritishlmperialism. His chequeredpolitical career is attributable only to Rahu's associationwith the Sun in the 1Oth housoaspected Saturn. by Mars is the lord of Lagna and the native was, therefors, a man of action. His daring, his energy,his uncompromising naturoand his dynamic personalities are all the qualitiesof Aries. ChartNo. 198 is of Jawaharlal Nehru. ltis in direct constrastwith Chart No. 197. HereLagna is Cancera passive eign and the lord of Lagnais in Lagna-.neither Lagnanor lord of Lagnahavoanythingto do with Mars, Ariesor Sagittarius. The nativehad allthe characteristics the Moon-emotional, of passive, inconstant, changeful, compromising, indecisive,

tbo Conccrniog TcotbHouso


position of weak and vacillating. Owing to the insignificant make that Mats, the native could not, as an administrator' which he madeas a thinkerand politician' impression planets-Jupiter,Sun, Mercury, Venus and MarsFive for the aspecting l Othwere mainlyresponsibie makinghim the Venus, Mercury and the Moon in kendras io6l of india. Yoga makinghim an aristocrat' causeRajalakshana at 1l-03 p'm' Chart No. 198. Born l4-ll-1889 (L.M.T ) at 25 N 25, B2 E-

I I'
NH . 5 9 Jupite. Ketu Sun Venus Mercury


Sun Satutn NAVAMSA Ketu



gui"n"u of Mercury's Dasaat birth : 13 years,7 months and 6 days. The 5th and 6th . lords in mutual kendras causo Sankha with his own sign causes Yoga. Venusin a kendraidentical Yoga, ono of the Panchamahaputush a powerful Malavya Threeplanetsthe Moon, Venus and Jupiter are in Yogas. on of planets their own houses Theseand the concentration 5 a r u l e r( p r i m em i n i s t e r ) ' t h e 1 O t hh o u s em a d et h a n a t i v e ChartNo. 199 is of HarryS' Truman' The 3rd and 8th lordMars is in the 11th from Lagna and the Sun' ruling

J upitt


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Chart No. 199.-8orn 8-5-1884 at 4-26 p.n. (L.M T.) 8t39N7.94W30.


sun I t","r,,

Moon Mars




J upiler Lagns

Balance Rahu'sDasaat bilth : 7 years, S months and of 27 days, politicalpoweris in the Bth or houseof death. This explains president the fact Truman became following the death of his predecessor Theodore Roosevelt. Jupiter exalted is actually in the 1OthBhavathough in ths 1l th Rasi. Marshasobtained cancellation debilityin the 1Othfrom the Moon which is of fortified by the occurrenceof Chandramangala yoga. The Gajakesari Yoga has reference the 2nd, the 1Oth, the 4th to and the 7th houses and its effects are further augmented by the disposition Venus, lord of rhe 2nd and the 9th (wealth of and fortunerespectively) the 1Oth. lt was therefore freak in a of fortunefor him the exalted officeof a democraticpresidentship fell on him unexpectedly.This is indicatedby the exaltation of the sun in the 7th lrom the Moon and the association of the Sun with Ketu. The distence between Ketu and the

Conccroing thc Tcoth Housc


Sun is more than 27oso that thero is no affliction. Saturn as a with 1Oth lord Mercury constitutes the Sth lord conjoining the majority of planets Rajayoga. Mark the dispositionof in the secondhalf of the zodiac. Stressis, therefore,laid on the gth, 1Olhand 11th houses indicatingfortune, action and of the last being restrictedby the intermingling realization, The sun is vely influences. jupitarean, martian and saturnine strong in Ariesand Mars in the 1Oth has obtained neecha' a bhanga nddigbala. ihe most important Rajayogasin our opinion are the of exchange housesbetweenthe gth and 1Othlords, the asso' and Saturnin the 9th, exaltation of Jupiter ciationof Mercury of in the 1Oth, neechabhanga Mars in the 1Oth and nodes, vargottama. The native became Presidentduring the sub'periodof Venusin the Dasaof Ketu. Venusis the lord of rhe 2nd and with Mercury, the 9th and is positedin the 1Othin parivaftana t h e L a g n aa n d t h e 1 O t hl o r d . T h i s i s a u n i q u e c o m b i n a t i o n . The Dasalord Ketuis in the 7th housevargottama. He occuin pies his own constellation the houseof Mars. As such, he producing martainresults. Mars, though bad by of is capable Lagna. He owns the ownership,is well placedfrom Chandra from the Moon and occupiesthe 1Oth in 2nd and 7th houses J c o n j u n c t i o w i t h e x a l t e d u p i t e r . M a r si s i n t h e c o n s t e l l a t i o n n of Mercury. All thesefavour acquisition of exalted political office. The native's political career came to an end in Venus o D a s a ,V e n u sB h u k t i . V e n u si s i n t h e c o n s t e l l a t l o n f R a h u he whose results must give. Rahu is in LagnaBhava aspected Venus powerfully 3rd and 8th lord Mars. Also in Navamsa by .is afflicted due to papakartari. In addition, Rahu is a maraka to and power is delegated Venus.


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at i Chart No. 200.*'8om 29-2-1896 1-00 Noon(L'M'f ') tt 20N,36,72E 59.



Balanceof Venus Dasaat bifth : 0 year, 4 months and 6.days. Chart No. 200 is of Morarii Desaiwho became the prime minister at 81 years. Three planets-all major planetsin Saturn,Jupiterand Mars are exalted mutual kendras' The Moonisfu|l.The6th|ordMarsinthesthwithl2th|ord a Venusgenerates VipareetaRajayoga. This is funher strengthened by a parivaftana belween Venus and yogakaraka Saturn, the 5th and 8th lords respectively' The Vipareeta Rajayogaoccurringin the 8th house involves the Lagna lord Mercuryand is aspectedby an exalted1Oth lord Jupiter who lOth house. Jupiter is himself aspectedby the aspectsthe Mars, Saturnand Venus, the first two being Rajayogakarakas exaftedand the latter two being in mutual parivattana' The nativebecameprime ministerin Mercury Dasa,Venus

Bhukti.TheBhukti|ordVenusistheyogakarakaforGemi by Ascendantand is aspected exalted 10th lord Jupiter' He

tbo Couccrniog TenthHowo


lsalso a constituent of ths VipareetaRajayoga' The Dasa lord Mercuryis the Lagna lord but with the Rajayoga'causing aspected by lOth lord exalted planets, 'Jupiter. Mars and Venus, Chart No.201 .-Born 2l'4-1926 at l-40 p.n. (G.M.T') at Sl N 30,0 w 05.
Venul MercurY


of Balance Mercury'sDasaat birth : 1 1 years, 9 months and 23 days. ll. The royal planet Chart No. 201 is of Oueen Elizabeth Sun exaltedin a kendra explains her constitutionalstalus as a monarch. The Lagna is vargo$ama, Ketu is vargottama LagnaBhava, the Moon occupieshis own sign, Yogakaraka Venusis exaltedin the 4th Bhavaand 4th and 11th lord Mars is also exaltedbut in the 2nd house. According to classical works, 3 or more planetsin exaltationand at the same time in king (monarch). Here a kendramakeone a widely renowned two of thenrbeingin LagnaKendra, are 3 planets in exaltation, Lagnaand the nodes are vargottama and the Moon occupies. own sign-constituting a powertul Rajayoga.The 9th lotd


llow to Judge a HoroscoPe

and but gets neechabhanga jolns the 1Oth Mercuryis neecha lord Venus. The Lagnalord and 11th lord, Satutnand Mars, are in paritaftana. to accession the British thronetook placein The native's . Dasa, RahuBhukti Venus, the Dasalord, is a yogaVenus with gth lord exaltedin a kendra. In Rasihe combines karaka the exalted Mercutywhile in Bhava he ioins the Rajyakaraka in Sun. Rahuthe Bhukti lord is vargottama the 6th, the best sign and Metcury place for him to occupy.He is in a mericurial a is the 9th lord constituting Rajayoga. lOth houseaspectedby karaka exalted the An unsullied Sun and a weakcuspal 3rd and 12th lord indicatesa spotless reign and the deep affection of the people the native has fol secured herself. Loss of Power (RajaYogaBhanga) 1-12-1751 (N.S') at I a'm' Chart No.2o2.-Born b M . f . ) a t 1 3 "N , 7 7 E 3 5 '
Jupitet Kotu Mars



NH.21 Sun Mercury rn Sstu Rahu Sun Merc. Moon Rahu

of Balance VenusDasaat birth : 24 days.

3 years, 4 months and

Conccrning thc Tcnth House


Sultan. ChartNo. 202is of T|PPU manner' The are disposed in a peculiar The Rajayogas gth and Mercury as lord of the 1Oth are in Sun as lord of the Yoga is highly exactconjunction.This Dharma'karmadhipa Mercuryis combustand one can contendthat this significant. could be dangerousto the Rajayoga' But the sum total of to the influences which Mercuryis subiectmust be considered The term association' implies results that are of mutuaf In significance. otherwords, if saturn and the sun are together in association with say MercurY, the effects of the yoga or generatedby the sun and saturn are delegated transferred Mercury also. A thorough study of standard astrologica to of works gives ample testimony in support this statement' within 2o, Rahunearer Here4 planets-the Sun and Mercury Mercuryand Saturn, a little away- have conjoined' Such influences' collective groupingof planetscauses planethas 3 main functions to perform apartfrom the A ones. They are : (a) due to ownership, (b) due to subsidiary of and (c) due to generation yogas. The subsidiary karakatwa etc. aspect, are functions given riseto by virtueof association, the Therefore Sun's innatefunctionof karakatwa'blended plus with the main function of saturn-sun combination render the saturn,s innate function of karakatwa-should combinationtaken aboveas guite effective'Almost all standard astrologicalworks agree the sun-Mercury combination is auspicious.According to saravali it indicates "fluctuating likedby the king, a great fame, respect, wealth,polite speech, wealthyand strong"' Accordingto Jataka' man,fair-fooking, but "the personfickle'minded, endowedwith parijata makes it "The person will be clever' learning, beautyand strength". to famousand happy" according Varahamihira' intelligent,


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Mercury,in addition, is subjectto the powerful aspectof combustionwith the Sun is Jupiter, lord of Lagna. Mercury's him superficial said to destroya person's abilities rendering here since Jupitel aspecls and devoid of iudgement. But greatly cornbustMetcury, the significance of combustion is But in resulting a distinctRajayoga. as the Rajayoga minimised toss,he could not enjoy it fully' occursin the 12th or houseof The native succeededto the throne in Jupiter Bhukti' who of RahuDasa. Dasalord Rahu is in a consteltation Satutn Lagna and has given riseto a is the 1Othlord from Chandra with the sth tord the Sun' The sub Rajayoga in association yoga' lori Jupiter occupies an upachaya and is aspectedby planets the Sun and Mercury' karaka the He tost his politicalpower by deathby decapitation' to the 12th house and Rajayogahavingpeculiar referencs 2nd lord involvingthe 9th and 1Othlords(Raiayoga)and the (head). Bonaparte' ChartNo. 203 is of Napoleon which enabled There arequite a number of Rajayogas laid the whole of a th6 nativeto achieve position that literally are his feet. But the Rajayogas looselyknit with uttder Europe of his careercollapsed at the prime the resultthe foundation of his life. 9th lord Saturnthe4th and 5th lord in the lOth with tho reinftrrcedby the causesa powetful Rajayoga' This is further in parivartana (interaspectof the 1Othlord the Moon who is Saturn' Tho lord of the change of houseslwith tlre 4th lord impottanl by occupied the Moon is in Lagna' Alt the Navamsa 9th' the planets causing the various yogasarearrayedin the is in the 11th. The royalplanetthe Sun rulingthe 11th i O,n "nOwhile the mattialplanet Mars owning the 7th (war the 1lth

tbo Concerolog TentbHouso


Chart No.203.r Born l5-8-1769 at about 10-28 a.m. (L.M.T.) dt 4l N 55, B E 40.
Sun Jupitet Rahu

GD-141 J upitt L89nr


Mars Kotu Lagna

of Balance Sun's Dasaat birth : 1 year, 6 months and 6 days. and foreignrelations)is also in Leo but in the 12th Bhava. As a resulttho native raisedcolossaland mighty empire with his sword. subjectto a series of evil The afflictlonsto the Rajayogas in resulted the collapse of the empire during his directions lifetime. In the Raiayogasformedin the 1Oth, Mercury and Saturnare nearly10oapart. While Saturnis really a benefic, to of 12th lordship Mercuryhas impartad Saturnthe qualityof loss or destruction.This is an instanceof a powerful Raiayoga and ths Dasaof the planets causing the balanced delicately yogasnot oPetating' In Mars Bhukti, Rahu Dasa, the native proclaimedhim' disposed' self Emperor. Rahu,the major lord, is pre'eminently by Lagna lord He is stronglyplacedin the 3rd houseaspected of Venus. He occupiesthe constellation Ketu who is in the


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gth or houseof fortune. In Navamsa, is with exalted Sun he and aspected Mars. Since Rahu is in a constellationof by Ketuand Ketushouldgive the resultsof Mars in accordance with the dictum KujavadKetu and since Mars, in turn, is associated with the royal and imperial planet the Sun, the nativebecame emperotduringthe directional luencesof an inf R a h ua a d M a r s . B u t R a h u a n d M a r s a r e n o t w i t h o u t t h e i r elements destruction. Rahuis in the sign of Jupiter and of Mars in the 12th Bhava. The native abdicated in Juiptor Dasa, Venus Bhukti. UsuallyunderJupiter's major period and Venus sub-period, unfavourable resultscan take place. In addition, here the two planetshavecertaininherentdefects. When the lord of Lagna occupying trine is aspected the 6th lord and is joined by a by S a t u r n ,M a r s , R a h u o r K e t u , B a n d h a n a o g a i s p r o d u c e d . Y Herethe major lord Jupiteris afflicted as owning the 3rd and 6th houses. The Bhukti lord Venus though in the 9th is aspectedby 6th lord Jupiter and is in association with Ketu.The nativewas finally vanquishedat Waterloo duling the Sun's sub-period. The Sun is renderedevil by association with Mars. The Raiayogas this charthavein them the very seeds in of destruction. Saturn'ssituationexactlyin the 1Oth Bhava plus the atflictions the royalplanetthe Sun in the Navamsa of by Mars, Rahuand Ketu foreshadowed native's downfall. the In ChartNo, 204, in orderto obtaina first impression we must first of all consider the rulerof the nativity. The Lagna is Scorpio. The lord of LagnaMars is in the 7th a malefic Lagna. In Navamsa, Lagna is Cancerand Saturnaspecting Mars is in debilitybut obtainscancellation debility. of

tho Cooccrnlng Tcntb Houro


chart No. 204.-Born 29-7-1883 at 2 p.m. (L.M.T.) at 4l N, 16E.



Balance Moon's Dasaat birth : 3 years,B monthsand of 26 days. . Accordingto Hindu astrologyif the 8th house is occupied Jupiter and Venus-the combination by benefics--especially goes under the name ol Asura Yoga. This makesthe nativea in tyrant taking pleasure the sufferingsof others. According to Mantreswala"one born in Asura Yoga.will become mean, will spoil others' works and will always be a tale-bearer, his intent on securing own interests. He will be headstrong. miserableas a result of his do vile acts and become He will doings". The situation of Jupiter own evil and mischievous and Venusshouldbe viewedfrom the Moon as it causes a powerful DhanaYoga. Moreoverfrom the Moon, Saturn is and hencein his Dasawhich commencedaboul a yogakaraka 1928, the nativereachedthe highest position as a dictator. the 1Othfrom the Moon, Saturn also aspects Saturnaspects powerfullythe 1Othlord from Lagna, namely,the Sun. lt is for that was responsible the native'sfall. this aspect t3


Hor to Judgc a Horoscopo

Saturn is not a beneficfrom Lagnawhile from the Moon .he is a benefic. The Dasa of Sarurn ran upto 1947. He produced good results in the first half of his Dasawhile in the second half he gave very unfavourable resutts. The native entered the World War ll in Saturn Dasa. Moon Bhukti. Mark the situationof both theseplanets the in 7th along with Mars. In Navamsa, Saturnowns the 7th and 8th houses and is situatedin the 12th housewhile the sub-lord owning Lagnais also placedin the 12th houseindicating loss. Lagnais also placedin the 12th houseindicatingloss. Saturn tempted him to sacrificehimself for greedy ambition and self-aggrandisement. In Navamsa, thereis a conglomeration 4 planets-the of Moon (lord of Lagna), Saturn(tord of 8;, Venus (tordof 11) and Jupiter (lord of 6)-all occurring the 12th or house of in loss. This satelletiumis full of significanceand made the nativaover-forceful, restless and disruptive. What we must note in ChartNo. 204 is the presence of lhe Sun in thegth and his beingaspected Saturn, Saturnby Mars associationin the 7th with the Moon unrelievedby beneficial aspects and Mars aspecting lOth which exptain the the native'srisefrom humble life, his becoming a dictator, and his final viofentend. Mark alsothe positionof 4 planets in the 12th from Navamsa Lagna. ChartNo. 205 is of Richard Nixon. The LagnabeingLeo, the 10th lord Venus and 7th lorcJ Saturn are in mutual parivartana.'The Lagna lord Sun is vargottama the Sth in a friendlysign with 4th and gth lord in y o g a k a r a kM a r s , S r h l o r d J u p i t e r a n d 2 n d a n d 1 1 t h l o r d a Mercury. The grouping of 4 planets a powerful sign with in the sign lord Jupiterin his own sign in Rasi and excellently

Cooocrning tbo Tcntb Housc

disposed in the Navamsa by his exaltation constitutesa powerful Rajayoga. The 12th lord Moon in the 6th generates a partialVipareetaRajayoga. Chart No. 205.- Bon 9-9-1913 at 9-30 p.m. (P.S.f .) at 33 N 53,117 W 49.
Mercury Mars

Sat. NAVAMSA Venus

Sun Juoiler Mercury Marr


I sun I I

Lagna Rahu


Balance of Mars Dasa at birth : 4 years. 1 month and 4 days. The native was elected President in Mercury Dasa, combinationwith MercuryBhukti. Mercuryis in exactdegree yogakaraka Marsand in his own sign Navamsa. He continued for a second term in the Sun Bhukti of Mercury Dasa. The Sun as Lagna lord vargottamain the sth with 9th lord Mars and Sth lord Jupiterconfersgreat fortune or kingdom. .TheRajayoga-causing elementsare not without their bad points. The combination 4 planetsoccursin the l2th from of the Moon. Saturnin the 1Othis not at all desirableforalthough initial success, also gives defeat and humiliation it it confers politicallyoriented charts. The fall cameabout followinga in shocking scandal involving corruption charges in Moon


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Bhukti of Mercury Dasa. Mercury though well placed by 'association is in a constellation ruled by Ketu who occupies a marakasthana. The Bhukti lord Moon is the lord of the house of lossplacedin the 6th house,a dusthana.This chart is typical of the destruction Rajayogas of capable of being caused b y S a t u r ni n t h e 1 O t h h o u s e . Chart No. 206.-8orn 19-ll-1917 at lt-l3p.m. (l.S.T.) tt 25 N 27, 8l E 51.
Moon Lagns

Sat. Lagna

Marr Sat, Ketu


GD - 1 4 5 Venus Rohu Surr Mercury

Mercurv I


Balance of Sun's Dasa at birth : 1 year, 3 months 25 days. and C h a r tN o . 2 0 6 i s o f I n d i r a a n d h i . G The Ascendant Canceraspected its lord the Moon is by who is in mutualexchange signswith the 7th lord Saturn. of The 9th lord Jupiter and 3rd and 12th lord Mercuryare in vargottama. The 11th and 6th lords,VenusandJupiter respectively, are in parivaftana. So also are 2nd and Sth lords, the Sun and Mars respectively. 3 sets of planets in parivartana yogas,two planetsin vargottamanavansas and Rahu in the 6th are all powedul Rajayogasmaking the native a prime

Concerning thc Tcnth Houro


minister. Furthel Mercury and Saturn are in nakshatraparivartana, eachoccupying the other's asterism. Rahu and Ketuhave also mutuallyexchanged their constellations. prime minister in the Sun Bhukti of The nativebecame JupiterDasa. The Sun has exchangedsigns with 1Oth lord yogakaraka Mals. He is aspected Mars and occupiesLeo, by the royalsign, in Navamsa. The Dasa lord is Pre.eminently placedto give Rajayoga results being vakra vargottama in the 11th house. Moreover both the Dasaand Bhukti lordsare mutual aspect. Thischart carrieswith it latent seeds for in Rajabhanga. The only aspect the 1Oth housereceivesis of Saturn, maraka a and malefic for Cancer Lagna. Further he is placed in a constellationruled by Mercury, the 3rd and 12th lord. lt was in SaturnDasa,VenusBhukti.that the native lost power overnight. Not only are the Dasa and Bhukti fordsin shaihtashtaka by standard astrologicalrules the but mutualperiods Saturn and Venus are fatal to Rajayogas. of Venus, the Bhukti lord, is eclipsedin the 6th house. Saturn, the Dasalord, occupiesan unfriendly constellation. Thereare yet other factors, primarily parivartana yogas, the which put the nativebackin power. This chart is illustrative of the power of the inter-periodsof Venus and Saturnto damage Rajayogas. However, if the Rajayogais powerful enough, the bhanga (lossof power) will be set right in appropriate periods. ChartNo. 207 is of ZulfikarAli Bhutto. The groupingof Venus,Saturn,Ketuand Mars in Scorpio aspected by swalcshetraJupiter and exalted Moon in a kendra from the Moon is b powerful Rajayoga. Considered from Lagna,the Lagnalord Mercury and the Sun, significator yoga being very of kingship, the 7th form a Budha-Aditya in


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Chart No. 207.-Born 5-l-l 928 at 4-29 p.n. (L.M T.) at 27 N 27,68 E 8.

| *.nu tvtoon I

.ar.rl Mars


Venug Sun Mercury


Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 3 years, 9 months and of 27 days. closelyplacedto eachother. Jupiter, the 10th lord, occupics a kendrain his own sign. From Lagna, the Sth lord Venus, the 11th lord Mars and yogakaraka Saturnin association from a formidablecombinationfor an autocraticbirth and background. The Adhi-yoga generated Venus and Mercury by being in the 7th and Bth respectively from Lagna is of added significance because pivot of the Yoga is exalted. lt gains the extravitalitybeing the centre of a Ruchaka Yoga caused by Mars in Scorpio and a Sasi-Mangala Yoga formed by powerful Moon and Mars. The native became primeminister in MercuryBhukti of SaturnDasa. Saturnis a yogakaraka both from l-agna and the Moon and in the constellationof Lagna lord Mercury. Mercuryis in the 7th with Rajayogakaraka in a quadrant Sun and in the 8th from the Moon which confers dominion over a land.

Conccrniog tbc Tentb Houso


occurs in the 6lh house from Lagna and The Rajayoga must suffer bhanga. Further,the nodes eclipsing therefore of are the Rajayoga a great dangel to the sustenance the yoga 'Consequently the nativewas oustedout of power in tesults. Moon Bhukti of SaturnDasa. The Dasalord is not only the 9th lord but alsothe 8th tordand in a malefic house. Bhukti dusthanawith lord the Moon, the cruxof the yogas, occupies for Rajayoga-bhanga. defects Rahubeatinginherent NeechabhangaRajayogas ln the study of careertwo important sets of planetary somemen born inthe are combinations to be noted. Thereare lap of luxuryand wealth but who go down suddenly or graduallyand leada most miserablelife. There are others born in the midst of abjectmiseryand poverty but who teach very eminentsocialor royal positions. The firstset of coniunctions Yogas and the second, Neechabhanga is called Rajabhanga Rajayoga. The word bhanga means breakingaway, loss or of styledusurpers the lhrones of ruin. Thosewho are usually generally, not always, be takento be men from if othersmay humbleranl,.s. The careersof some of the world's greatest the set of combinationsthat go under the men show clearly Rajayogas. nameof Neechabhanga (Hyder Ali) is a typicalcase of NeechaChartNo. 208 bhangaRajayoga. The native rose from the lowest position of almostnothingto very great power. The Lagnalord Venus occupiesthe 4th house. The lord of the Moon-sign Mars ics as it occupies with benef Jupiterand Mercury well as Saturn and the Sun. This strange combinationof 6 planets in the houseof wealthand speechproduceda man of extraordinary abrlities. The second house holds a very powerful combi-


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Chart No. 2O8.- Born 8-2-1722 (N S.) at 2-15 a.m. (L.M T.) at l3o N,77 E 35.

Balance Mercury'sDasa at birth: 15 years, 8 months of and 6 days. nation. The Moon is debilitated the debilitationis disbut tinctly cancelled. Starting with absolutely nothing in his pocketand no claims to any education, the native founded cn empire,trainedan army before which the disciptined and armed troops of Europe could make no head, collected a fortune which rankedsecondto none and exhibited a statesmanshipwhich ran without a parallel. The following ate soms important combinationsfor Neechabhanga Rajayoga:(1) lf benefics in the 10th, 1lrh and 3rd housas,Rajaare yoga arises. (2) lf a planet is in debility and the lord of this sign or planet who gets exattedthere is in kendra from the Moon the or Lagna, Rajayogaresults.

Concerning TeotbHouse tho


(3) lf I planet is neecha (debititated) in Rasi but gets exaltedin Amsa, Rajayogais formed. (4) Jupiterin the 12th and Sarurnin the 11th (in debilitation) cause Rajayoga. (5) lf Mercuryis exaltedin Lagna, Jupiter is in Pisces, Saturnis in Cancer, Venusis in Sagittariusand the Sun and is .Mars are in debilitation,Rajayoga caused. In this cornbination,it will be notedthat the Sun and Mars are lords of dusthanas (malefic lords) and, therefore, if weak, produce Rajayoga,

Concerningthe Eleventh House

The eleventhhouse refersto gains, elder brother, friends, acquisitions,freedom from misery, and happy tidings. An afflictionto the 11th housemay resultin the loss of brother, friends,lossof wealth, miseryor unhappy news. The exact natureof the resultcan be gleaned only after an assessment of the whole chart and the afflictingplanets. To some extenl also concernsmariage. the eleventh Primary Considerations In analysing significations the eleventh Bhava or the of strength of the following factors must be housethe general studied: (a) the Bhava, (b) irs lord, (c) the karaka,and (d) the occupants. Yogasin the chart bearing on ths 11th housemust also be taken into account. We shall first study the general combinations and the planetsof severally. effectsof Results of the Lord of the Eleventh House Occupying Different Houses ' First llouse.'-The native will be born in a rich family. H e w i l l e a r n m u c h w e a l t h . A c c o r d i n ga s t h e 1 1 t h l o r d i n Lagnais strong,middlingor weak,the native will be born in

Conccrning thc Elcventb Houso


a very rich,fairly rich or family. He wilt lose an elderbrotherearly in life. SecondHouso .'-The native will live with his elder brothers. Benefics theragive harmonious relations. Malefics causedomesticbickerings common residence.The native but will earnthroughcommercial concernsand bankingbusiness. Business with friendswill bring good profits but if malefics join, the nativemay sulfer heavylosses accountof friends. on Third House .'-The person will be a concert-singeror musician and will earn thereby. Gainthroughbrothersis also indicated. He will have many friendsand helpful neighbours. give contraryresults. Afflictions Fourth House..-One acquires profits through landed estates,rentals and products the earth. His motherwill be of a culturedand distinguished lady. He will be renowned for his learningand scholarship various subjects. He will live of in comfortand enjoy alljoys in life. He wilt have a devoted andcharming ife. w Fifth House.'-The nativewill have many children who w i l l c o m eu p w e l l i n l i f e . H e w i l l i n d u l g ei n s p e c u l a t i o n n d a g a i n m u c hr n o n e y . l f t h e 1 1 t h t o r d i s a f f l i c t e d ,h e w i l l b e a gambler and indulge in foolish ventures. lf 11th lord is beneficially disposed,the native will be pious and observe many resolves and vows which will enhance prosperity. his SixthHouse.'-The persongainsmoney through maternal r e l a t i v e sl,i t i g a t i o n n d r u n n i n g n u r s i n g - h o m e s . f t h e 1 1t h a l lord is afflictedin the 6th, tho nativethrives seiling person on againstperson,involvehimselfin otherpeoples' quarrelsand a n t i - s o c i a lc t i v i t y . l f m a l e f i c s f f l i c tt h e 1 1 t h l o r d , t h e n a t i v e a a may lose throughsimilarsources.

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SeventhHouse.'-The petson marries more than once' in He prospers foreign countries. lf there are afflictionsto the 11rh lord, the nativecarries on liaisonswith women of ill' 'epute.Hewillindu|geintradinginf|eshandsimi|arimmoral activities. lf the 11rh lord is fortified, tho nativo woman' only once but a rich and influential marries native though rich at birth suffers Eighth House.'-The and losesmuchof his money. He will suffer many calamities lf of from the depracies thieves,cheatsandswindlers. the 11th the maleficconstellation, nativewill be forced a lord occupies to eke out of his living bY begging' NinthHouse.'-He inheritsa targe paternal fortune and will be very lucky in life. He will possessmany houses' conveyances and every other kind of luxury' He will be religious literature. He will and ,leligious-minded disseminate institutions' set up charitable 6e inaritableand very well in his busi' native prospers .'-The Tenth House nessandmakesgoodplofits.Hiselderbrotherwi||a|sohe himinhisbusiness.Hewillearnsomeprize-moneyfor profession. original contributionsto the subjectof his study or natulcof the planethe upon the beneficor malefic Depending earnthroughfair or foul means' will Eleventh House.'-The nativewill have many friends and elder brotherswho may help him throughout life' He will and of have a happylife with the blessings wife, home,children comforts. TwelfthHouse.'-He will suffer losses in business' His elder brother wilt be ailing and much expenditurewill be ' incurred account his illness. The native may also lose of on death. He will have to pay finesand penal' by an elderbrother ties frequentlyand will be burdenedwith many domestic responsibilities.

Houso tbe Conccrning Elcventb


Theseresultsare very general and must not be applied directlywithout weighing other factors. Accordingto Satya' such charyail the 11th lord is placedin an evil constellation by the Moon, the as the 3rd, sth or 7th from that occupied penuryand misery. lf the 11th houseis flanked nativesuffers on both sidesby beneficsor otherwisefavourablydisposed, one will havea powerfulelderbrother. The native will earn fabulouswealth through his mother. Beneficsin the 11th of ications the Bhava while malefics the signif houseaugment and quantitatively. diminishthem both qualitatively tmPortant Combinations lf a beneficplanetoccupiesthe 11th Bhava, the native ics wealththroughhonestand noble means. lf malef acquires to be in the 11th Bhava,the nativelesorts unfair and unscruare pu[ousmethodsof earning. lf both benefics and malefics sometimesjust methods unjust means and there, sometimes planets the 11th houseconfel in to. Fortified will be resorted bungalows,and all comforts. He will conveyances, tortunate have a noble and beautiful wife and will be fond of good clothes,food and enjoyments. by lf the 11th househe occupied a weak planet-eclipsed, war, or occupying inimical in or defeated planetary depressed vargas-evenif one is born in an affluent family will lose and he wilt have to wander about without self' everything respect. The sourceof gains is indicatadby the naturoof planet in t h e 1 1 t hh o u s e . l f t h e S u n i s i n t h e 1 1 t h h o u s e , t h e n a t i v e gets a fortuneas an inheritance if the Moon-earns through ; pearls, milk, farms, fruit orchards and mother, sea-products, breweries if Mars-income is augmented through factories, ;


a tlow to Judgc Horoscopo

litigation, lands and rentals and through self-exertion; if ; Mercury-earns throughteaching, writing, friends or uncles if Jupiter-gains through knowledge-scientific, teligious, literary-and lhrough well-placedsons; if Venus-earnings fine arts, music and throughdance, drama,cinema, incrsase women ; and if Saturn-wealth through industries, labour and agriculture. lf the Lagna,2nd and 11th lordsarefriendly,the earnings ends suchas legitimateexpensesand ara usedfor honourable charity. lf the 2nd and 11th lords are afflicted and inimical on to the Lagnalord, moneyis squandered wine and women. placed ih a kendra or trikona from the The 11th lord well ics strong in the 11th make tho native Ascendantor malef wealthy. immensely the 11th houseand Lagnais a movWhen Marsoccupies physicalailments by able sign aspected the 6th lord, one suffers and charmsset into operationby blackend fever due to spells ics magicand similar means. lf malef aspect the 11th, 5th, aspect, tho native without any benefic 9th and the 3rd houses and deafness. lf the afflictionsare from eat-troubles suffers heavyand the 3rd and 11th houses are hemmed in between feebly, malefics,he may becomestone-deaf. lf beneficaspects only slight deafnessis indicated. B.oth benefic and malefic but ear-ailments nol on aspects the 11th and 3rd give irritating deafness. the 1Othlord is in the lf the Lagnalord is in a quadrant, gth lord is in the 11th, one enjoys Rajayogaand 4th and the long-lived and even a ruler. lf the Moon and Saturn becomes join the 11th house,one c6)n become a ruler even if born in happenif the 2nd, gth Similarresults humblecircumstances. or l1th lord occupiesa kendta from the Moon and Jupiter owns 11th.

Conccroing tbc Elcvcnth House

Lord of the Navamsa occupied by the Lagna lord in a kendra trikonafrom the Lagnaor in exaltation, the 11th or or house in strengthmakesthe native happy after his 30th year. Lordsof Lagna, the 2nd and the llth in iheir own houses confermuch wealth. lf the 2nd and 11th lords being friendly planetsoccupythe Ascendantor if they occupythe 11th house in strength(suchas one of them being in own sign, orfriendly sign or exaltation)or if the lords of Lagna,the 2nd and the preferably a trine or quadrant, the nativegets 11th combine in fabulous wealth. lf the 2nd and the 1 1th tords exchange houses or if the Lagnalord occupies the 2nd house and the 2nd lord occupies the 11th house, or if the 11th lord is in the Lagna, the native much property. acquires It the 1st, 2nd,9th and 11th attaintheir exalted Navamsa (occupying or or Vaiseshikamsa own moolatrikona exaltation or varga threeor more times, one becomes milllonaire. Eame a Planets in the Eleventh House The Sun:-The personlivesfor a long time and becomes wealthy. He will havewife, childrenand many servanG. He gets royal and governmental favours, and achieves success without much effort. He will be sagacious and principled. The Moon.'-One will be noble, generous and blessed with riches,wife and children. Introspective by nature and quiet-going,he will become famous making good profitsin business. He will acquiro vast lands and bo helped !n his endeavours the fair sex. by Mars :-The native will be an eloquent and forceful speaker, clever and rich but lustful, will acquire landed propeiliesand wield considerable influencein top circles.


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Mercury.'-One becomes learned in many sciences. He will possessa keen and sharp intellect, will be wealthy, truthful and happy, will have many faithful servants and will prosperin engineering ventures. Jupiter.'-The nativewillbe long-lived. He will havea limitednumber issues, will be bold and wealthy with a of piercingintellectand will become renowned. He will be fond of music, will accumulate riches and will have many friends. Venus.'-He will be of a wandering nature, will make immenseprofits possessing kinds of comforts and luxuries. all He will have a weakness for women and long for their company. He will be popularhavingmanyfriends. Saturn.'-The native earnsthrough employing many men . and women. He will have few friends,will be fond of enjoyment and will earn through Government sources. He will have a long and healthylife, and will be involved in politics great respect. commanding Rahu:-The nativedistinguishes himself in the army or navy, will becomefamous, wealthy and learned will have ; few children,will sufferf rom ear afllictionsand willearnmuch wealth in foreign countries. Ketu :-The native will have the habit of hoarding. Hc may get monetary wind-fall lhrough speculation suchas lottery, horse-racing and the stock exchange. Noble and possessed of many good qualities headand heart, he will succeedin of all his ventures,and will participate charitableand similar in works of beneficerrce. Time of Fructification of the Results of the Eleventh House The following factors must be taken into account in timing events pertaining the eleventhhouse:-(a) Lord of to

House tbc Coaccrnlag Etcvcnth


the aspecting 11th house, the 1 1th house,(6) Planetof planets occuypingthe 11th house, (d) planets planetor planets (c) the aspecting 11th lord, (e) planet or planets in association with the lord of the 1lth house,and (f ) the 1lth lord ftom the Moon. the 11th house either' 8s tho Thesefactorsmay influence the main periods or as the lords of sub'periods' lords of the 11th of capable influencing of (1) The sub'periods planets house in the major petiods of those who are also capable of influencing the 11th houseproduce rasults pertainingto the 11th house par excellence. (2) Tha sub'periods of planets with the 11th housein the majorperiodsof planets, associated with the 1lth house, will produce who are not associated pertaining the 11th house only to a limited extent' to lesults (3) Similarlythe sub-periods planetswho are not associated of with the l1th housein the major periods of planets who are associatod with the 11th lord will produce results peltaining to the 11th houseonly to a feebledegree. capable influencingthe 11th house are :of The factors . (a) Lord of the 1lth house-Mars ; (6) planet or ptanets aspectingthe 11th house*Saturn and Jupiter; (c) planetor planetspositedin the 11th house-the Sun, Mercury and Rahu; (d) planetor planetsaspecting lord of the 1 1th house the -Jupiter. (c) planet ot planetsin association with the lord of the 11thhuose-nil ; and ( f ) lord of the 11th houselrom the Moon-Venus' 2r


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Chart No. 209.-8orn 29-4-t94J at 9-48 a.m. (t S.T.) at 12N 52,74 E 53.


Venus I Sun

Rahu I Mercury

6 days.

Balanco Venus of Dasa birth: 2 yearc, months at l0 and

Therefore this chart Mars, Saturn,Jupiter, Mercury, the in sun, Rahu and Venusare capabre producing of the resurtsof the 11th house much morethanthe remaining pranets. The subperiod of Jupiter in the major period of Rahu was important in the life of the native. tt was during this period that tha nativestartedhis own business havinggiven up his job somo months before. Nature of the Results The exactnatureof resutts produced by a planet who is Oapableof influencingthe llth houss in its Dasa (major period) or Bhukti (sub-period) qualified by its is ownership, aspectand pcsition. The general principlesenunciatedwith regardto other Bhevas hold good herealso.

Conccrning Eleventh tbc Housc


The follouringresultsare likely in the Dasas of the differ e n t p l a n e t s i t h r e f e r e n c eo l h e 1 l t h B h a v a . T h e S u n : w t The nativesucceeds his ventures without much effort. He in will become famousand as a resultmany enemieswill spring up. He acquires throughfair means. TheMoon.. The person will get children. He will cultivate interest in literary and pursuits. Ha will have a good reputationand will be artistic charitable. He will earnthrough.lands. Mars : The native,s education propertyand influence. will farewoll. He acquries But he will indulgoin crafty schemes. Mercury.. The person knowledge mathemaiicsand astrology. He gets acquires of famousfor his scientificstudiesand discoveries. Ho succeeds in trade. Jupiter.' The personwill be fond of music. He will be a gocd statesman. Fle will be religiousand Godfearing. But will be slightly dependent on others and will get many good friends. Venus.. The native will acquire conveyances.His frlendswill increase. He will earn through the theatre,dance,musicand women. Saturn.. The native's educationwill be disrupted. He r,vill take part in politicat activityand succeed politics. He acquires in lands and other immovableproperties. Rahu : The nativebecomes a leader of the lower cla;ses. He acquireswealth and earns through farmingand agriculture.He will go abroad. Ketu : The native will be happyand intelligent. He will be full of mirth and will travel to many places in greatcomfort. But he will be licentious wanting in scruples. and Predictions regarding acquisitionof moneyshouldbe made afterassessing strength the 11th house and the 1lth the of lord and the source of acquisition can ba judged frorn the planetin the 11th house or the planetassociatingwith the


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11th lord. Duringthe major and sub-periods theseplanets, of gain of wealthcan be anticipated. The following results are likely during th Dasa of thc lord of the 1lth hduse : During the major period of the lord of the eleventh house when he is placedin the Ascendantwith the Ascendantlord, one leadsa happy and prosperouslife. lf the 11th lord is related the 1Othlord, he hasa successfulcareer. to His merit is recognised and he gains many distinctions. lf related to the 2nd houseor lord, his business fareswell and fetcheshim huge profits. lf afflicted, he may lose an elder brother. Or, an elderbrothermay sufferrnanytroublesand bad health. lf the lord of the eleventhoccupies ths 2nd with the 2nd lord, the nativeearns large sums of money. lf Mars and the Sun are involved,prosperity a dentistor throat specialistis as shown, 9th and 2nd lords with thellth tord in exaltationor own vargas,makes one a millionaire. lf th6 1 1th lord is in the 6th, the 8th orths 12th from Navamsa Lagna, results will be moderate. Lord of the eleventh in the 3rd with the 3rd lord givcc one both slderand younger co-borns. He will trkc on his brothers as partners in business and secure much wcalth. Ability of writing will be acquired. lf malefics afftbt rhe 11th lord, the native'sbrother incurs losses and suffers in other ways. The nativewill have to faceobstacles from competitors in his field of activity. lf the lords of the eleventhhouseoccupies the 4th house with the 4th lord, one will be fortunate in his mother. She will be a cultured and refined lady who will influence the nativegreatly. He will acquirean excellenteducation during this period, will becomefamous and will get msny awards

Housc tbc Concerning Eleventh


and distinctions. He will also earn thtough lands, vehicles, housesand be very happy. Domestichatmonyand bliss will prevail. lf tho lord of the eleventh house is posited in the lifth fast in his spirihousewith the Sth lord, ths native progresses children. He will earn tual sadhana. He will haveexcellent through investment (crops, edibles and drinks, depending upon tho natureof sign and planets involved). Malefics here cause,duringthe periodof the llth lord. death of a child or intensementalanguish on accountof one's plogeny. Great anxietyand monetaryloss due to a child may happen. Troubles will be minimised if ths 11th lord is well fortified in tho Navamsa. Lord of the eleventhin the 6th with the 6th lord enables as the nativeto succeed a lawyer and through litigation. He will be generally healthyduring the entiroperiod. No amount can do him any on of skill or treachery the part of his ill-wishers of harm. His earnings will be good. The bussiness a rnaternal uncleor a closerelative may fall in his favour. lf afflicted, the nativesuffersfrom trcubles in the legs, expenditure on medicalbills and law-suits. Lord of the eleventhin the 7th with the lord of the 7th givesorrea rich wife. lf the Sun is strong, he may go abroad as an ambassador. He will havemany powerful and in{luential friends,and will engage himself in partnershipventures afflictthe 11tlr lord, which may provesuccessful. lf malefics both the nativeand his wife seek to earn money by questionable means. lf Lagnalord is strong but the 7th house is weak, the native'swife may deserthim. joins the Stir lord in the 8th lf the lord of the eleventh and incurs mounting losses house,one suffersfronrpecuniary


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debts. His business will not thrivewell. He will suffermental aberration and domestic disharmony. He wiil, however, succeed smallventuresengaging in manuallabour. His sense of right end wrong will be .warpedand he will be forcedto inciulge r.rnrighteous in acts. He will also suffer from bodily weakness and pain. Lord cf the eleventhin the gth house.with the gth tord indicates exaltedand aristocraticfather and background. He |bils from a rich family and will continue the family business extend lt beyond expectations. He will have a colourfulsocial life and moveon equaltermswith rulersand othel dignitaries His regard religionwill increase he witl be viftuousand for ancl of gocd conduct. Foreigncollaboration business in may bring lhe nativeboth distinctionand money. !-ordof the eleventhin the 10th with rhe lord of the 1oth confers a highly successfuland distinguishedcareer. The nativewill iravemorethan one occupation, the nalure of the planetinvolved detormining natureof his means earning. the of lf maleficsafflict the 1Qth,the native no doubt becomes powerful and rich, but he will be unscrupulous indulging in every kind of despicable to achievehis ends. lf the affliction is act heavy,the nativewill be known for his monstrousnature and suffer gravetepercussions. He may lose all his wealth and power. lf tho lcrd of the 11th houseoccupies eleventh, the the nativesucceeds without mucheffort. Fair in his dealings and earningthe goodwill of the people, wilt be a duriful son. he Money will be spent only on legitimate accountand for charitable purpr:ses. The native'selderbrotherwill be a very famous person. lf Jupiteris the 11th lord, the native's businesswill be connected with books,publishing,religionand chariry; if

Conccrnlo3 tbo Eleventb Houso


Saturn it witt be through industries, printing press, brick-kilns, hardware business,oil lefineries,quarrios, etc.; if Venusearningswill be through women, hoteliering, cosmetics, showbusiness, films, coffee, beverages and aft; if Mercury-writing, .teaching, educationaland researchfoundations and similar sources;if Mars-financialdividends throughdrugs,chemicals, lands,timber, orchards,minerals,metals, match-sticks,sports goods and sports; if the Sun -earnings through photographgr hereditaryprofessions,wool industry, gold and jewellery, banking, auditingand the stock-exchange; the Moon-farm. if mitk-dairy,wines, coffee and snackbars, pearlsand fish. Ing, Lord of rhe 11rh house in the twelfth with the ruterof the 12th housegiveslosses throughvariedexpenditure. malefics lf afflictthe 12rh house,wealrhwill be squandered. The elder brotherof the native may pass through a troubledphasesuffering muchmonotary loss. The llth tord in the 6th, gth or 12th from Navamsa Lagnamakesthe native tun into debts. Let us study a few examples relatingto the eleventh house. Brothers ' Although there is no karaka as such for etder brothers Mars who is the karakafol 'brothers,according Vaidyanatha to Dikshitar and otherclassical writerscan also be considered for the 11th house. Beneficaspects and associations the 1lth on housegive elder brothers and ensure their happiness long and life. Maleficaspects and associations the llth house and on 11th lord deny elderbrothers give them short livesor otheror wise mar their prosperiry. When th6 11th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th houseand if Mars is afflicted,the nativo may not haveany elderbrotheror may lose him by death.


How to Judgc Horoscopo r

According ono theory a nativemay have ss many elder to as takentogether in the 11th co-borns the numberof planets 12th houses. This rulecannotbe applied verbatim. lt is and subjectto qualifications and studentsshould test its veracity for themselves, Chart No. 210.-8orn l6-8-1937at 8-31 o.m. at (l.S.T.) a t 1 3N , 7 7 E 3 5 .
Sun Venus


J upit. Merc. Rahu

Mars Satuln

Balance Mercury's Dasa birth: 6 years, month of and at 0

8 days. TheEleventhHouse: In Chart No. 2.|0 Cancer, a fruitful tign, is ths llth houseneitheraspected nor occupied by any planet. TheEleventhLord : The Moon is debilitated in the 3rd housewith 3rd and 8th lord Marsand Rahu. ln Navamsa, the Moon occupies the 12th from Navamsa Lagna aspectedby 3rd Mars. The Moon is badly afflicted. Karaka.' Mars is in his own house with llth lord the Moon and Rahu.

Concernlng Elevenlb tbc Houso


Considered from the Moon.. The llth house isVirgo and t h e 1 1 r hl o r d M e r c u r y s i n t h e 1 2 t h r h e r e f r o m i t h r h e 1 2 t h i w lord the Sun. Saturn,a malefic,aspects 11th house. the Conclusion.. The native has no surviving elder brother. association karakaMars with the | 1th lord Moon gave The of one elderbrother. The afflictions the 11th houseand 11th to lord arequite severe both from Lagna and the Moon without any benefic aspects. The aspectof Jupiter on the 11th lord from the Moon did not deprivethe native totally of an elder brotherbut the afflictrons not let him live long. But he did died in tho native's Venus Dasa, Saturn Bhukti. Venus, the Dasalord, is in the 12rh from the 1lth house and is the 7th a n d 1 2 t h l o r df r o m t h e 1 1 t h l o r d M o o n . T h e B h u k t i l o r d i s the 7th lord from the 11th houseand a naturalmaraka. TheEleventhHouse.' Aries the 11th housein Chart No. 211 is occupied debilitated by 8th and 9th lord Saturnand 7th and 1Othlord Jupiter. lt is hemmedin betweenmateficsKetu on one side and the Sun and Mercuryon the other. TheEleventh Lord.' Mars ruling the llth occupiesthe Lagna with Venus, Sth and 12th lord, and is aspected by debilrtated Saturn. He is exaltedin the 3rd house in Navamsa aspected well-placed by Moon. Karaka.' Mars is also the 11th lord placedwith a benefic Venusand aspected malef Saturn. by ic Considered frcmthe Moon.. The 11th house is Virgo occupied Rahuand aspectedby the 6th lord Mars. The by 11th lord Mercuryis in the 7th from the Moon with the 12th lord the Sun. He is betweenboth malefics(Saturnand Mars) (Jupirerand Venus). and benefics Conclusion.' The nativehas an eldersisterwhile an elder brotherdied. Jupiter in rhe llth is welcome but gth lord

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Chart No.211,-Born 2l-5-l940at 7-50 a.m, (l.S.T.) 13 N 77, E 35. .t

Lagna Mats Vonus

Sun VenuS Msrc.


I LagnaI

Balance Jupiter'sDasaat birth : 1 year, 6 monlhsand of days. 22 Saturndebifitatedthere and the papakartarito the 11th house d o e s n o t a u g u r w e l l f o r e l d e rc o - b o r n s . T h e 1 1 t h l o r d M a r s with benelic Venus who is a female planet has associating given an eldersister. MalefrcSaturnafflictingthe male planet Jupiterin the 11th house has killed the elder brother. The death occurred in Mercury Dasa, Ketu Bhukti. Dasa lord Mercuryis in the 2nd from the 11th house in a constellation ruled by the Sun who is also in a marakasthana. Mercury is also in the 12th from the 11th lord Mars. The Bhukti lord Ketu is in the 12th from the llth house. He is in a sign r u l e db y J u p i t e r w h o i s i n t h e 1 1 t h h o u s e b u t a f f l i c t e db y Saturn. malefic In ChartNo, 210, the numberof planetsin the 11th and 12th from the Lagnais two (the SunandMercuryin the 12th)

Concerning thc Elcveotb Hougo


while from the Moon it is nil. The averagewould be one who, due to the heavyafflictions,died. I n C h a r tN o . 2 1 1 , t h e t o t a l n u m b e r o fp l a n e t sn t h e 1 1 t h i (JupiterandSaturn)and the 12th (the Sun and Mercury) from Lagna is four while from the Moon it is nil, Rahu being ignored,as a shadowyplanet. The average would be 2 which gavethe nativetwo elder-borns. In ChartNo. 210, the 11th lord Moon is in the 12th from Navamsa aspected a malefic by M a r sw h i l e i n C h a r tN o . 2 1 1 , t h e 1 1 t h l o r d M a r si s e x a t t e di n the 3rd from Navamsa Lagna aspected by a benefic Moon, allowingone eldarco-bornto survive. The EleventhHouse.. ln Chart No, 212 Libra, a fruitful sign, riseson the 11th house. lt is occupied by Lagna lord Jupiter, Mars, Venusand the Moon. lt is hemmedbetween Ketuon one side and the Sun and Mercuryon the other side. It is quite strong. The EleventhLord.. Venusoccupiesthe 11th, his moolattikonawith bensfics,Jupiter, Mars and the Moon. He is in Geminiin Navamsa with rhe Moon and aspectedby Jupiter. Venusbecomesvery powerful. Karaka.' Mars occupies the 11th house with b,-'nefics Jupiter, 11th lord Venusand the Moon and is aljo tjetween Ketuand the Sun-Mercury. Considered from the Moon .. The l1th house is Leo hemmed betweenSaturnand the Sun while the 11th lord Sun occupies the 12rh house with exalted gth and 12tn lord Mercury. He is aspected Yogakaraka by Sarurn. Conclusion.' The narivehas 3 etder co-borns surviving while one elderbrother died. The presence benefics the of in 11th houseand the 11th lord Venusbeneficially disposed with the fertileMoon are responsible for the elder co-borns. The


r How to JudSo Horoscotrc

at Chart No. 212.-Born 2g-g-1946 I l-58 a.m, (l.S.T.) a t 1 3N . 7 7 E 3 5 . '



I t-

J upitel Sun Mars Venus Merc. i Moon I




Balanceof Jupiter's Dasa at birth : 5 yeals, 5 months and 1 day. by 11th houseis occupied karakaMarswhile the 11th house from the Moon is betweenmalefics resultingin the death of a brother. The death occurredin the Sun's Bhukti of Saturn's Dasa. Both the Dasaand Bhukti lords cause a papakartari yoga to the 11th housefrom the Moon. ln addition,the Dasa lord Saturnis the 7th lord from the 11th and placed in the The Sun is withthe 2nd lord in the 2nd house 12th therefrom. fromthe 11th house. in Therearefour ptanets the 11th house from Lagna and two planetsin the 12th from the Moon. The averagewould of be 3 indicative the survivingco'borns. Also, the sttonges! planetinthellthhouse isthe 5th lord Mars who occupies sign in a trine in Navamsa, Mars is in the 4th his exaltation 4 indicating elderco'borns. Malefic Saturn aspectNavamsa one elderco-born. ing Mars destroys

tbo Conccrolng EievcnthHouso


Chart No. 213-Born 6-l-1974 at l2-40 noon (l.S,T.) at 13 N. 77 E 35.

MarS Moon

NAVAMSA Jupitet Sun

Balance of Moon's Dasa at birth : 0 year, 11 months and 16 days The Eleventh House.' lt is not occupied or aspected by r any planetin ChartNo. 213. The EleventhLord.' Saturn is in the 3rd house aspected by 3rd lord Mercury and 5th lord the Sun. Saturn is with Ketu and blemished. Karaka.' Mars occupies quadrant from Lagna, his own a sign and is not aspected any planet. He is debilitatedin by Cancer Navamsa in and associated with the sign-lordMoon. ' Considered from the Moon .' The eleventh is Pisces by aspected Saturnwhile the 11th lord Jupiter is debilitated in the gth Moon-signlord Venus. Conclusion.' The 1lth lord Saturn in the 3rd house aspected the Sun and Merecuryand with Ketu, and Saturn by the 11th housefrom the Moon give limited number aspecting of elderco'borns. The Moon's influence on karaka Mars in


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Navamsa cannot denyerderco-borns.Thenative has a rono surviving elder sister. Chart No. 214.- BorngO-12_lg4g g_19p.m. (L.M.T.) at et 27 N 36,75E t5.


I tuarr


Juoirer Ksru

Hahu IIAVAMSA upit.

c il-64

Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 0 year, 1O months and of 19 days. TheEleventhHouse.. ln ChartNo. 212 Gemini the llth is occupied by 6th and 7th rordsaturn and aspectedby the Lagnalord the sun. 'The 1lth is hemmed between malefics Mars and Rahu. The EleventhLord : Mercury is in tho 6th house with Ketu, He occupiesths 8th house in Navamsaaspected by the Sun and Venus. Karaka.' Mars oc,cupies 1oth houssaspectedby 1Oth the fold Venus. Considered from the Moon.. The llth is occupiedby the 7th lord the Sun and aspected 11th lord Jupiter,Moon-sign by lord Saturn and karakaMars.

Conccrnlog Elcvcnrh rhc Houso


Conclusion.' Saturn's influenceas a malefic lord on the 11th housemust give a limitednumberof elderbrothers. The aspect the Sun on the 1lth house preventsdenial ol elder of co-borns. The nativehas one elderbrotlrer. Chart No. 215.-*8orn 26-2-1955 at 9-20 p n. (t.S T,) at l3 N, 77 E 35.
I Mercury Jupitcl

I vunur Mars





Kstu Moon

Kotu Sun NAVAMSA Moon Mars


Balance Mercury's Dasaat birth: 7 years, 10 months of and 26 days. TheEleventhHouse.. Cancer, fruitfulandfemininesign, a happens to be the 11th occupied by Keruand sign-lordthe Moon in ChartNo. 215. lt is aspected exalted Sth and 6th by lord Saturn. TheEleventhLord.. The Moon is in his own sign in the 11th with Ketuaspected exaltedsaturn.The Moon occupies by Capricorn Navamsa with karakaMars exaltedand aspectedby sign-lord Saturn. Karaka.. Mars occupies the 7th housewith yogakaraka Venusexaltedand vargottarnaand Lognalord Mercury.


How to Judgea Horoscopc

from the Moon.' Taurus is the 1lth. lt is Considered neitheraspectednor occupied by any planet. The 11th lord placed in a feminine Venusis powerfully sign with Mars and Mercury. Conclusion.' The predominance feminine signs and of tho powerfulinfluence Venuson the karakahas givenmore of elder sisters than brothers. The nativehas 3 elder sisters and one elder brother. The Moon is aspectedby exalted Saturn which has prevented more elder co-borns warranted by the other planetaryfactors. The 11th lord Moon has gained7 Navamsas it aspected Sth and 6th lord Saturn,a malefic but by in dignity.This has,lherefore, instead killing any co-borns, of reduced their numberto 5 in all (including the nativehimself). The Moon in Navamsa actedupon by 2 malefics, Marsand is Saturn,reducing total numberby 2. the Chart No. 216.-Born l2-5-1925at 7-30 a.m. (l.S.T.) at 13 N 04,90 E 17.
Mercury Venus I




Balance VenusDasaat birth : 13 years, 9 monthsand of 9 days.

Houro tbc Coaccraing Elevcoth


The EleventhHouse.' In Chart No. 216 Piscesthe 11th is by neitheroccupiednor aspected any planet. TheEleventhLord.' Jupiter is debilitatedin the 9th house by and afflicted by Ketu. He is aspectedadversely the 7th and 12thlordMars. by Karaka.' Mars is in the 2nd house aspected 3rd lord he the Moon from the 8th house. In Navamsa is exalted and joins debilitated upiter. J Consideredfromthe Moon.' The 11th house is occupied by exaltedSaturn3rd lord and aspected by 7th and 1Othlord Mercury and the exalted 9th lord sun. tt is superficiallywell his Venus,the 11th tord, occupies own sign Taulus disposed. lord Jupiter. by aspected Moon-sign Conclusion.' The 11th lord Jupiter is debilitated and obtains neechabhangabut is eclipsed by Ketu' Mars, the no karaka, doubt aspectshim but adversely.Further the 11th is by housefrom the Moon being influenced powerful planets not free from affliction. The Sun and Saturn, nevertheless destroying powerfutmalef influenceit in mutualaspect ics, both to a heavy papakartari it. The 11th lord Venus is subiected yaga caused by the Sun and Mars. The karaka Mars is aspected by the Moon but from a dusthana. Theso factors to haveall contributed deny the nativeany co-botns, elderor younger. He is the only son of his parents. denyThe 11th lord Jupiterhas gained only one Navamsa In ing the nativeany eldetbrothers. addilion, Jupiteroccupies chart. So does karaka Mats. dusthanain the Navamsa a Gains gains The 11th housetutesgains. Thesemay be financial mostly but they also include gains by way of taking over 26


How to Jud8c a Horoscopc

managementof property, acquisition of a post of honour, trusteeship, respect distinction of and inheritance properries. of Jupiter, Dhanakaraka, can alsobe taken as the karaka for labha or gains. The Dasaof a weak or deprcssed planet causes loss of 'labha'or gains. T h e 1 1 t h h o u s e n e c e s s a r i l c o m p r i s e sh e y t 2nd also so that tirningof results due to benefic dispositions or afflictions the 11th housewiil haveto be made taking to into account 2nd house factors well. the as Thus a person acquires gainsin the periods (majorperiod or sub-period) the plarret or planetsin rhe 11th house, the of I l th lord or of the planet or planets'aspecting 1 1th house the or 11th lord. The same result may also be expected in the majorperiod or sub.periodof ths planetoccupying rhe 2nd house,the planetaspecting or of the planetowning it. it Conversely,a personsufferslossof the 11th Bhavasignificatiorrs during the periods of the planets cited above and which are afflicted by rnaleficplanets,or are combust or depressed, eclipsed with inimical or planets. Gainsmay also be predicted the followingDasas(major in periods) and Bhuktis (minor pericds) :--(a) Lordsof tfre2nd a n d 5 t h h o u s e so r t h e 2 n d a n d l 1 t h h o u s e s i f t h e y h a v e mutually exchangedplaces; (b) lords of the brh and 9th when they are in the Sth and gth respectively. lf the l lth lord is associatedwith the 12th lord, losscan be expccted duringtheir mutualperiods. lf the Lagna lord, 4th and 9th lords are in the gth house, financial stress is possible during the major and minorperiods of theseplaneis. lf the sth lord is in the 8rh house or the 8th lord occupies the Sth house,then also losses can occur.

Coocerniogthe Eleventh llouso

at Chart No.217.-Bom 28-10-1922 B-40p.m. (l.S.T.) at9N55,7BE7.

NAVAMSA Ketu Morcury Lagna Moon

Jupit6, Sun

Rahu Sat Merc.

Balance Mats Dasa at birth : 6 yeats, 1 month and of days 17 TlteEleventhLlouse.' In Chart No. 217 Piscesis the 11th by houseaspected 9th and 1Othlord Saturn and 2nd and Sth lord exalted Mercuryand occupied by Ketu. lt is strongly disposed. TheEleventhLord.' Jupiter lord of the 11th is in the 6th Sun. The Sun's sign with debilitated frornLagnain an inirnical by debilityis cancelled Venusoccupyinga kendrafrom Lagna' the 11th lord is not very stronglyplaced. But his Apparently ru!ed by Rahuwho, !n turn, is occupationof a constellation him. ln Navamsa, stronglyplacedin the 5th housestrengthens Jupiteris well placedin his own sign. Karaka.' Jupiter occupies an inimicalsign in ths 6th as housewith debilitatedSun and the samediscussion above applies sincethe karakais also the 11th lord in this case.


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Considered from the Moon; The 11th house is Scorpio occupied an excellent benefic by and yogakaraka Venus. The 11th house is aspected saturn rordof trr'e by Moon-sign and the 2nd lord therefrom.Saturnis in conjunction with exalted 9th lord Mercury. The 11th rord Mars is exartedin the Mooneign with the 7th lord Moon generating Sasi-Mangala yoga. a Conclusion.. Note the powerful Dhana yoga in Chart No.217 generatedby exaltcd 2nd and Sth tord Mercury combined with Yogakaraka Saturn in a trino in the Sth house and with Rahu.The chart is strongly placedfor financial gains. The 11th housebeing aspected Mercury and Rahu by and Saturn has given the nativeengineering (Mercuryand Rahu) industries (Saturn) worth several crores. Chart No.218.--Born t8-4_1904at 5_57 p.m. (L.M.f ) at 25 N 18,83 E 0.
Jupiter Venuo Ketu

GD-129 Venus Mrcury

Mars Saturn

Balance of Sun's Dasa at birth : 1 year, 0 month and 13 days. TlteEleventhHouse.. In Chart No. 219 Leo the llth house is neitheraspectednor occupiedby any planet.

Conccrning EleventbHousc tho

The Eleventh Lord : The Sun occupiesa kendra in exaltajoining the 2nd lord Mars and gth lord Mercury. The Sun tion is well placed. Karaka.' Jupiter occupieshis own iign in company with exalted Lagna lord. His malefic lordship is turned into a beneficyoga by his associationas 3rd and 6th lord with exalted 8th lord Venus in the 6th house generating partial a Vipareeta Raja Yoga enhanced further by the aspect of Yogakaraka Saturn. Considered from the Moon.. The 11th house is pisces occupied the 11th lord, exaltedMoon-sign by lord Venus and Ketuand is aspected byYogakaraka and 1Othlord) Saturn 19th from his own house. Conclusion.. The powerful combinationof the 2nd, 7th, 9th and 11th lordsin the 7th house, a kendra,has generated g0-7-lA6g at 2 p m. (L.M.T.) Chart No.2l9.-Born et42N5.B3W5


Rahu Lagna


Mercury Rahu


Balance ths Moon's Dasa at birth : Zyears, 4 months of and 6 days.


How to Judgc Horoscopo a

a very strongyoga for gains. The samesituation oi,.tainsfrom the Moon-sign also. The native is a newspapermagnetwith editions different in parls of lhe countrv. TheEleventh House.. In ChartNo. 219 Virgo is the 11th houseoccupiedby 2nd and bth lord Jupiter, 3rd and 4th lord Saturn and 7th and l2th tord Venus in debility. Venus gets neechabhanga since his sign dispositorMercury is in the 7th housefrom the Moon. The lith houseis fortified. The EleventhLord.. Mercuryoccupies 9th housewith the gth lord Moon. lOth lord Sun aspected a powerful by Karaka.' Jupiter is also the 2nd and Sth tord placed in the 11th with Saturnand Venus. Consideredfrom the fWoon.. The 1 l th house Scorpiois occupied Rahuand aspected 11th lord Mars and Moonby by sign lord Saturn. The 11th lord Mars is in the gth from the Moon. The 11th houseis stronganclthe 1 lth lord is not weak beingin Leo. Conclusion.. Saturnin the l lth is significant giving as gainsthroughmines,iron, labourand so on. Jupiter, lord of lruealth, suggestive influx of wealth. Vahanakaraka is of Venus Sdvanced the fortune of the native through the manufacturo bnd sale of automobites The 2nd and Srh lord in the ltth aspectingthe gth lord, Full Moon, in turn aspected llth by lord Mercuryresulted fabulous gainsto the native. in The adventof Jupitel Dasaadvancedthe fortunes of the native.Jupiteris the 2nd and 5th lord placedin the 11rh house and so the Dasaand Bhuktiof the 2nd and bth lord pavedthe way for thg native's future gains. lt was in Mars Bhukti, JupiterDasathat the native founded an automobilemanufacturing company.The sub lord Mars is the Lagnalord placed in the 1Othhouse. He alsoowns the 11th from rhe Moon. The

Conccroing ElcveDth tbc Houso


subsequent Dasas of Satum (11th occupant) and Mercury (11th lordycontinuedto add immensely the native'sposition, to wealthand inftuence. Chart No. 220. - Born 7-4-1893 at 9-.?l a.n, (L,M.T.) at 20 N 56. 75 E 55.
Sun Vcnur Mcrcury Saturn Rahu



Mercury ..o". i

Balanceof Ketu Dasaat birth : 6 years, 4 months and 4 days. TheEleventh House.. In Chart No 220 the 1lth houseis Ariesoccupied Rahu and the 7th and 1Othlord Jupiter. .ll by is not aspected any planet and quite strong. by TheEleventhLord.' Mars occupies the 12th house but is vargottama.HE is also not aspected any planet. by Karaka .' Jupiter is wirh Rafru in the 1lth house and exaltedin Navamsa gainingstrength thereby. Consideredfrom the Moon.. The llth houss is Libra aspected Jupiter lord of is occupied by by Ketu. Venus the llth lord from the Moon is exalted and occupies 4th with the 9rh lord Sun and the 7th and 1oth the lord Mercury aspected 2nd and 3rd lord Saturn. Mercuryis by


ow to Judgo Hororcopc r

of debilitated but gets cancellation debility duo to hic occupaof a kendraboth from Lagnaand the Moon. lion ' Conclusion: The native of Chart No. 220, born in humblecircumstances,becamea big industrialistand one of gains dependnot ihe wealthiestmen in the country. Financial only on the llth house but also on a strongLagna, the 9th (fortune),th 1oth (profession; and the 2nd (wealth) houses. Thereis a blendingof all thesesignifications both from Lagna and Chandra Lagna. Mercuryis in the 1Othin a kendra fron with exalted5th lord Venus the 2nd lord Moon in association and aspected Saturn, lord of the 9th or house of fortune. by The 1Othlord Jupiteris in the 11th with Rahuwho rulesover Lagna Industries and aspects 2nd lord Moon. FromChandra the also, the 2nd,9th, 1Othand 11th houses are all fortified. The Moon is aspected its sign-lord Jupiterand 5th lord Mars. by by The 2nd lord Saturn is in the 10th aspected 9th lord Sun, 1Othlord Mercuryand 11th lord Venus-an ideal combination wealth. denotingimmense The nativestartedSugar Mills in the Moon's Dasa. The Moon is lord of the 2nd and occupies the 7th aspected by J u p i t e r l o r d o f t h e l O t h a n d M a r s l o r d o ft h o 1 1 t h . I n M a r s Dasa,the nativestartedcementindustry.Mars is the 11th lotd, a In Jupiter's Bhukti of Rahu Dasa.the native purchased big coal mines, etc. Both comprising airways, of managingagency the Dasaand Bhukti'lordsare in the 11th house. . The Eleventh House.' In ChartNo.22l Libra, being the llth house,is occupiedby an exalted2nd lord Satutn. lt is by not aspected any planet. The 1lth house is vety strong. The EleventhLord.' Venus occupies Lagna with Sth lord by Mars and is aspected exalted2nd lord Saturn from the 11th Venusgets highly fortified. house,

Concrrnlngtho ElcvcothHouso


Chart No. 221.-Born (L.M.f.) at 22 N 20,73 E.

30131-l-1896 at 4-30 a.m.


i I
Marc Ketu


Lagnr Mar! Venut

Mercury Jupltct


Balance Mercury'sDasaat birth : 5 year's, 1 month and of 6 days. Karaka.' Jupiter is also the Lagnalord exaltedin the 8th housewith the 8tn lord and aspectedby 9th lord the Sun and 2nd lord exaltedSaturn. This indicatesa sudden windfall in life. Considered from the Moon: Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus,is the 1lth house. lt is not occupiedby or aspectedby any planet. The 11th lord Venusoccupies 6th with Yogathe karakaMars and aspecled exalted Saturn lord of the 7th. by The 11th houseis quitestronglydisposed. Conclusion.' The 2nd lord Saturn is exalted in the 11th house(gains). The 2nd house is occupied by gth lord Sun by aspected an exaltedAscendant lord Jupiter and the Moon forming a GajakesariYoga. The Lagna and 9th lords are mutuallyaspecting and the 11th lordVenusand 2nd lord Saturn are interrelated forming a strong yoga for gains. The native of


a How to Jud3c HoroscoPo

having to do with labour, chart No. 221 wasan industrialist etc. Saturnhas predominantly factories, iron, steel,aluminium to do with labourso that gain throughemploying labour on a of source wealth' was the important latgescate the House.' In ChartNo.222 Taurus 1lth is TheEleventh But it is aspectedby 2nd lord Sun, 5th lord not occupied. Mals and 9th lord Jupiter. TheEleventhLord.' Venus is in the Sth house with and Rahu' 7th lord Saturn, 3rd and 12th tord Mercury Jupiter is a beneficlord as well and occupies Karaka.' the sth house,a trine, witn 2nd tord the Sun and sth lord very powerful' he Mars. In Navamsa is exaltedand becomes frcm the Moon.' The Moon is in Virgo' The Considered by l1th lord is tho Moon himself. He is aspected Sth lord by 4th and 7th lord Saturn. The 1lth house is aspected at Chart No.222.-Born 26-11'1899 l0-27 p.m' (L'M'f ') ot l0 N 50,79 E 36

t t1""
Rahu S a t ur n Venu3 MercurY



Rahu Mercury Vsnug Saturn


Balanceof the Sun's Dasaat birth : 4 years, and 9 days.



Houso the Conccrolng Elcveotb


Jupiter. The 2nd and gth lord Venus,lord of Moon-sign and the 1Oththerefrom,viz., Mercuryand the Sth lord Saturn have in all combined a quadrant. The native grew very rich with many investmenlsand businesses could not come anywhere near the financial but fevelof Chart Nos. 221 and222. Thoughthe 11th houseand other factorsbearingon it are quite well placed they are not particularty strong. The 1 1th house being Taurus, the native a emassed fortunethroughsoaps. Mars and Rahu Dasa saw the nativebuildhis soap-business into a national monopoly. Mars is a Yogakaraka joins the gth and 2nd lord, Jupiter and and the Sun respectively,in the Sth house (investments). Rahuoccupiesa Jupiteriansign and shouldtherefore give his Iesults. Chart No. 223.-Born 3-6-1939 at l0-30 p.m. (l.S.f .) ct24N5',67E4.
Saturn Mer"ury | Venua Sun Ketu

'"". ""l==ai l-l





I n"nu

Balanceof Ketu Dasaat birth : 2 years and 3 months. House.' In ChartNo.223 Librathe 11th is The Eleventh occupiedby Rahuand aspectedby the 1lth lord Venus and


llow to Judger Horoscopc

the 2nd lord Saturn. Saturn is debilitated gots cancellation but of debility due to his exaltation and debilitation lords, Mars and Venus, being in mutual kendras. The ElaventhLord : Venusis the 11th tord. He is in the Eth with the 2nd lord Saturnand also Ketu and is aspected by exalted 5th lord Mars. The 2nd and the 5th lords having cxchanged signsand involving 11th lord Venus fortify him. Karaka.' Jupitel is the Lagnalord and occupieshis own sign in a quadrant. He is favourably disposed due to his lordshipof both Rasi and Navamsa Lagnas. Considercd from the Moon.' The same picture smergss, the Moon being in Lagna. Conclusion : The Lagna is varyottama. The Lagna lord his Jupiteroccupies own sign in the 4th house. ln addition, extremelypowerful securing his own vargas Jupiter becomss 4 timse out of 5. The interrelationship between the 2nd lord the Sth lord Mars, and the 11th lord Venus involving Saturn, all the three housesas well as generated a powerful Dhana Yoga. Rahuin the llth made the native own a chain of industries. The EleventhHouse .' In Chart No. 224 Libra the 1lth houseis neitheroccupiednor aspocted any planet. lt has by no afflictions. The EleventhLord.' Venusoccupies the 3rd houseaspecby the lord of the 2nd and the 3rd, Saturn, and Sth lord ted Mars. He is with the 7th and the 10th lord Mercury,and well fortified. Karaka: Jupiter is well placedin Lagna which happens sign. He is in association with the to be his moolatrikona 2nd lord Saturn. Furtherhe occupies the constellationof the 1 1 t h l o r dV e n u s .

Colccrnlng thc BlcventhHouso


ChartNo.224.- Born 22-3-1901at t-29a.m. (t,S.T.) at 27 N 57, 6B E 40.

Sun Moon

Mercury Venut

c. lv-94
Saturn Juoirer Lagna Lagna Jupiter Sun

Balanceof Mercury'sDasaat bifth : 2 ysars, 8 months and 26 days. Considercdfrcm the Moon .. The l l th house Capricorn is hemmedbetweenbeneficsJupiter on one side and Mercury and Venuson the othor. lt is neither occupied nor aspected by any planet. The 1lth lord Saturn is with the Moon and the 1Othlord Jupiteris in his own sign. Conclusion.'Theassociation the 11th lord Venus with of Mercuryhas given the native considerableearnings through the business money lending. The 11th lord Venus, the 2nd of lord Saturnand the sth lord Mars areall interrelated generating a powerful DhanaYoga. Further the associationof karaka Jupiterwith the 2nd lord in the constellation 11th lord of Venusis favourable acquisition wealth. for of The EleventhHouse.' In Chart No. 225 Leo the eleventh houseisoccupied by the 10th lord Moon and lord of the


a How to JudSo Horoscopc

Chart No. 225.--Born 16-10-1892 at 7-12 a.m. (D.M.r.) at l3 N,76 E.

Jupit. Kotu



GD - 1 5 5 Sun Mercury Ketu Lsgna Mart Vonus Rahu

Balanceof Ketu Dasaat birth : 1 year and I months. Venus. lt is aspected an exalted Mars, lord of Ascendant by the 2nd. lt is fortified. The EleventhLord.' The Sun is tho l1th lord. He is of debilitatedin the Ascendantbut obtainscancellation debility. He is also vargottama and joins the gth lord Mercury and Ketu in Rasi. Karaka.' Jupiler is in his own sign Pisces, ,s vargottama and is aspected Saturn lord of tho 4th and Sth from the by 12th house. Conslderedfrom the Moon.' The eleventh house is aspected by Saturn. The 11th lord Mercuryjoins the Sun lord of the Moon-sign, and Ketu in the 3rd house. Conclusion .' The eleventh house as well as karaka Jupiter are very favourablydisposed. In addition, the Lagna lord Venusoccupieshis own constellation and is in parivartana with the 11th lord Sun, also strongdue to neechabhanga and

Houso the Colcerniog Eletentb


his vargottama position. The presence of karaka Jupiter in Pisces.a spiritualsign togetherwith the aspectof Yoga karaka is Saturnfrom the 12th house(mokshasthana) of significance in as much as tho native was the head of a religious Mutt. by This is suggested the 9th lord Mercury combining with the Sun, which not only indicatesgreat spirituality Atmakaraka to but also ascension a seat of spiritual poJ'ier and tesponsi' bility. It was in 1912 in Mercury's Bhukti of Venus Dasa that the native was installed as a pontiff which, in addition to of makinghim the spiritualhead rnillions,broughtvdst properties all over the country under his control. The Bhukti lord with 11th lord Sun in Lagna Mercuryis the 9th lord combining while the Dasalord Venusis the rulerof Lagna.placed in the llth housein parivartanawith 1lth lord Sun. Venus,the Chart No. 226. -Born 26-5-1914 at 7-28 p.m. (l.S.T.) at9N40,78E37. sun
M orcury l-.

lmoon L a g n a

srturn l\'"nu"


GD-165 Ketu Saturn

Balance Mars Dasaat birth : 3 ysals, 4 months and of 15 days.


Hor to Judgc HoroscoDc a

Lagna lord, the 10th lord Moon and the 2nd lord Mars areall generatinga formidable yoga for riches. interrelated The Eleventh House .' In Chart No. 226 the eleventh house is free from aspectsand is not aspected by any plane!. The EleventhLord : Mercury owning the l lth occupies the 7th house, with 3rd and 4th lord Saturnand the 1oth tord the Sun. Karaka.' Jupiter is in the 4th house aspectedby Lagna lord Mars who, though debilitated, gets cancellation of debility. Jupiter is also aspectedby 4th lord Saturn. The karaka is quite strong, though his association with Rahu blemishes him slightly. Considered from the Moon.' The lord of ths 11th house Mars has neechabhanga. He occupies the 2nd housefrom the Moon and is aspected the 9th lord Saturn The 11th house by and lord are considerably strong. Conclusion.' The Lagnalord in the gth house and the 1lth lord combining with the 1Othlord in the 7th house give the chaftmuchvitality. Fromthe Moon, the 11th lord is powerfully placed signifying the dovolutionof a trusteeship a of spiritualcentreand its administration the native. This was on in Saturn'sDasa,Saturn'sBhukti. The Dasaand Bhukti lord combines with the 11th lord Mercury and the 1Othlord the Sun and reflectstheir results. The trusteeship been the native's has main occupation asindtcated the involvementof the 1Oth by lord sun with the planetsin the 7th house. The EleventhHouse.' In Chart No 227 Scorpiotho 11th ls occupiedby Lagna lord Saturn. lt is not aspectedby any 'planet. The Eleventh Lord.. Mars, the llth lord, is exaltedin Lagnaand has exchanged signswith the Lagna lord Saturn.

tbE Conceroing ElevcnthHousc


Chart No. 227.-Born 2l-4'1926 at l-40 a.m, (G,M.T,) at51,N30,0W5.

Venus Mercury


Jupiter Mercury

of Balance Mercury's Dasa at birth : 11 years, 9 months and 23 days. by He is aspected the 7th lord Moon. The houseand lord are powerfullydisposed. both the 2nd house. Karaka.' Jupiteroccupies Consideredfrom the Moon.' The 11th house is Taurus. lt is by is aspected the 7th lord Saturnwhile the 11th lord Venr"rs in exalted the 9th housewith Mercury,Iordof the 3rd and 12th houses. Conclusion.' The exchangeof signs between Lagna and is the 11th lordsand the 11th tord in exaltation of greatsignifi' and forrnsa sasi. cance. Mars occupieshis own constellation mangalayoga being in mutua! aspectwith the 7th lotd Moon' The native of this chart acquiredthe titular monarchial is of rulership a countryin Rahu Bhuktiof Venus Dasa. Venus gth lord Mercury for a yogakaraka the chatt and conjoins the 26


How to Judge Horoscopo e

forminga RajaYoga in the 3rd house. The Bhukti tord Rahu is in a kendra from the Dasaford Venusand is in Gemini rured by Mercury. Mercury, in turn, fotms a Neechabhanga Raja Yoga with Dasalord Venus. The Eleventh House.. ln ChartNo. 22g Virgo happening to be the 11rh houseis aspectefl an exarted7th lord Venus by and Lagnalord Mars. lt is quite strong. The Eleventh Lord: Mercury, ruler of Virgo, occupies the 4th house, in association with 1Othlord the Sun. He is not aspected any planet. by Chart No.228.-Born 19120_2_1259t lg_10 a.m. a (l.S.T.) at l2 N 20,75 E 59.




lVoon Ker u Mars


,.,,. Jupiror I

B a l a n c e f t h e S u n ' s D a s a a t b i r t h : S y e a r s ,g m o n t h s o and 4 days. Karaka.. Jupiteroccupies 6th housewith the gth tord the the Moon and has exchanged signswith the Lagnalord Mars. He is aspected an exalted 3rd and 4th lord Saturn. The by karaka fairlywell placedthoughin the 6th house. is

Conccroing thc Eleveotb House


red Conside f rom the Moon.' The 11th houseis Aquarius' by It is occupied the 3rd and 6th lord Mercuryand the 5th lord in the Sun. The 11th lord Saturnis exalted the 7th aspected and of by Marsand Jupiterlordsrespectively Chandra-Lagna the 9th therefrom. gth Conclusion; The 2nd and the Sth lord Jupiterandthe lord Moon combiningin the 6th house generatea powerful yoga for gains, This is enhancedby the aspect of a wellof placedLagnalord Mars on the 11th house. The presence for riches' Lagnalord in the sth houseis a noteworthyfactor The native acquired immense propertiesas heir to an princein Jupiter's Dasa, Jupiter's Bhukti. Jupiter, erstwhilo is the rulerof the major and the sub-periods, the 2nd and 5th gth lord the Moon and aspecting the with the lord associating 2nd house. Ghart No. 229.-Born l9-11-1917 at I l-12 p'm. (l.S.T.) at 25 N 27, 8l E 51.


Venus Rahu

of Balance Sun's Dasaat birth : 25 days.

I year, 3 months and


How to Judgo Horoocopc a

TheEleventhHouse.. In Chart No. 22g Cancer being the Ascendant, the llth house is Taurus. lt is occupiea a iy very powerful gth lord Jupiter who is also vargortama. lt is aspected tho 2nd rord sun and 3rd and 12th by rord Mercury who is vargottama, The eleventhhouseis very powerful. The Eleventh Lord.. Venus occupies the 6lh house in of ,gTqhlnqe signs wirh 6th tord Jupiter. He is with Rahu which btemishes slightty him Karaka.' Jupiter is vargottama in the l rth house and is aspected the 2nd rordthe sun and the bv 3rd and the 12th rord Mercury,who is alsovargottana. .Consideredfrom the Moon.. The eleventhhouseis equally srrongbeing scorpio tenantedby the gth rorcr sun and tho gth lord Mercury. lt is aspected the sign_dispositor by Mars and the 3rd and the r2th tord Jupiter. The 11th rord Mars is not so strong being in the gth fromihe fvloon.Conclusion.. The outstandingfeatures Chart of No. 22g is the extremely pov'rerfulparivartanayogas involving powerful planets. The Lagnais powerfulbeing aspected by Lagna ford the Moon who is in parivaftana with 7ih tord Saturn. The 9th lord Jupiteris vargottama and aspects the 2nd lord Sun who, in turn, hasexchanged signswith yogakaraka Mars. This is a powerfulyogafor fabulosfinancial gains. The 11th L91d |rgr exclrangedsigns with the 6th lord Jupiter and occupieshis own constellat-ion. The nirtiveacquired immense an fortunein Jupiter,s Dasa, Sun's Bhulcti in the form of immovableproperties, bookroyaltiesand other assets following the death of her father. The Dass lord Jupiter owns the gth, a constituent of the DhanaYoga, involvingthe llth house. The rulerof rhe subperiod, viz , the Sun is the 2nd lord aspected by the 9th lord Ju.pilerand.Yogakaraka Mars, causingthe native inherit large estatesin lris period.

HousG tbe Conseroiog EleveDth

Loss or Gain TheEleventhHouse.' In Chart No. 230 Scorpio being by the eleventhhouse is aspected YogakarakaVenus and the 3rd and the 12th lord Jupiterfrom the 5th house. The Lagna tlre 11th from the gth tord Saturnis vargottama" He aspects house. The 11th houseis powerfullyplaced. Chart No. 230.-8orn 23-6-1894 at l0 p.m. (L.M.T.) at5lN30,AW05.
Mata Rahu


Merc. II,4VAMSA Lsgna tt/lercury

Saturn Msrs J upirer

Balanceof Rahu Dasaat bi[h : 9 years,5 nronths and 12 days. The Eleventh Lord .' Mars occupies the 3rd house in with Rahu. He is aspected Lagna lord Satuln by association who is alsowith a node, Ketu. The 11th lord is blemished. Karaka; Jupiter as karaka occupies a benefic sign in Venusaspecting with Yogakaraka the 11th house. association f Considered rom thc Moon .' The 11th houseis Sagittatius. Its lord Jupiterjoins the YogakarakaVenus in a kendra from by the Moon. The 11th house is aspected the political planet,


How to Judgca floroscopo

the sun, who is the 7th tord. The lrtrr house is favourabry disposed, Conclusion.. The houseof gainsbeing extremely strongty disposed, the nativeinheriteda royal throne in RahuBhukti of Saturn Dasa. Saturn occupies the gth house in vargottama aspected the llth lord Mars and his Dasa must by resultin acquisitionof a great foftune. But the 11th "lord Mars occupies rnalefic a consteliation is eclipsedby Rahu and who occupies sameasterisrn.As such, the gains acquried the during Saturn's Dasacould not lastlong and the nativehad to abdicate thronein the next Bhukri of Jupiter. Jupiter is the ihe grOand the 12th lord. He is in the bth house aspecting the l1tlr and the Dasalord Saturn. He associates with Venus, the Yogakaraka,afflictirrghim as well. The 9th house is afflictedseverely malef by ics. AlthoughSaturnas Lagnatord with Ketuand his being aspected .is a benefic,his association by the 1 1th lord Mars (who himself afflictedby his associais tion with Rahu)renders him a malefic. Note the powerfulsituationof Lagna lord in the 9th or houseof fortune aspectedby 11th lord Mars. yogakaraka Venusoccupieshis own sign and aspectsthe 11th house. The 9th lord Mercuryoccupies the 7th house. These factors indicatebirth in aflluentand aristocratic circumstances forming as they do strongyogasfor financielprosperity. TheEleventhHouse.. ln ChartNo. 231 Libra is the house gains. lt is not occupied any planet. The 2nd and 3rd of by lord Saturnaspects from the gth house. The 11th house is it fairlystrong. -grh The EteventhLord.. Venusis in the housejoining the 2nd and the 3rd lord Saturnand 7th and 1oth lord Mercury. His occupation Leo is not welcome. of

Concerning tbc Etevcnth Houso


Karaka..Jupiteroccupiesthesthhouseinexa|tation. He As 4rh lord he is ln parivattana with 8th lord Moon' with the 9th lord Sun. He is flankedon both sides associates is by maleficMars and Saturn. Saturn'smaleficence checked with Venus. throughhis association .-Born 18-7'1919 at 6-17 p'm' (l'S'T') Chart No.231 at l2 N, 76 E 38.

Jupiter Sun Moon VenuS Rahu

of Balance Saturn'sDasaat birth : 11 years' 6 months and 24 days. ConsideredfromtheMoon..ThellthhouseisCapricorn. by It is aspected exalted Jupiter lord of Chandra Lagna ancl gth the 6th lordlhe Sun from the sth house' The 2nd and the lord Marsalso aspectsthe 11th house adversely' The 11th the 6th house with the 3rd and the 8th lord lord occupies Venusand the 4th and the 7th tord Mercury. The 11th house heavyaffliction. but is quite well disposed the 11th lord suffers Lagna' Lagna Conclusion.' The Sth lorclMars aspecting itself largoftama, Lagnalord Jupiter exalted and in associationwiththegthtord,thesun,andthellthlordVenus


Howto Judgo Horoscope r

joining the 2nd lord Saturn in the gth house are indicative of power, wealthand richesby binh. However, note the simultaneousplanetary dispositions indicativeof loss of power. The Lagna lord is in the 8rh, a maleficplace. KarakaJupiter hasexchangedsigns with 8th lord the Moon. The gth lord the Sun occupies the 8th house. The 11th lord Venusthough apparently well placedin his own position constellation suffers lossof strength due to his neecha and affliction the Bth lord Moon and Rahu in Navamsa. by Chart No. 231 is of an erstwhile prince who lost many privilegesin MercuryBhukti of VenusDasa. The Dasa lord ic Venus is a malef for Sagittarius Ascendant, made worseby his occupationof an inimicalsign Leo which happensto be y . c t h e 9 t h h o u s e a u s i n g o g a - b h a n g aV e n u si s e q u a l l y m a l e f i c from ChandraLagnaalso. The Bhuktl lord Mercury is in the of constellation a Node. Both the Dasaand Bhuktilords are blemished. The EleventhHouse.' ln ChartNo. 232 Pisces, the 11th house,is aspected by the 4th lord the Sun, the 2nd and 5th lord exalted Mercury and the 11th lord Jupiter. The 11th houseis stronglydisposed. The Eleventh Lord : Jupiter occupies tho 5th house joining exaltedMercury, lord of the 5th and the 2nd, and the 4th lord Sun. The 5th lord is well placed. Karaka.' Jupiter is also the karakaas well as the 11th lord. Considered from the Moon.' The 11th houseis Scorpio occupied by the 11th lord .Mars. lt is not aspectedby any planet.The 11th lord being Mars is in his own sign. Thehouse of gains is quitestrong.

Conccrniog the Elevetrth Hous


' Chart No.232.-Bom 29-9-1933 l0-15 p.n. (l,S.T') at 42. at 10 N 50,78 E

Sun Vonus Ketu


R . P .1 8 / 9 0

Balanceof Mars Dasaat birth : 6 years, 5 months and 18 days. in Conclusion.' The combination Chart No. 232 of the 11th lord Jupiter and Mercury, exalted lord of the 2nd and Sth househas generateda powerful Dhana Yoga. Thisis position of Mercury. In addiby reinforced the vargottama occulsin the 5th house. The 11tli lotd tion the combination Saturn in the Jupiterfrornthe 5th houseaspectsYogakaraka Saturn, in turn, generatesa Sasa Yoga' These 9th house. yogasenabledthe nativeto emergeas a powerful industrialist during Mercury's Dasa, his financial position consistently up shooting duringthis Period. A significantnegativefeature in an otherwise strong chart is the positionof Venusin a dusthanain the 6th house Mars and the Sun even though malefics in hemmed between his own signboth in Rasiand Navamsa' The 11th he occupies


How to Judgc a HoroscoPe

lord Jupiter is combustwhich indicatesthat his malefic lordship can gain an upperhand duringadvetseplanetaryperiods' As soon as Ketu Dasa began, the native's financialempire came crashing down. Ketu occupieshis own constellation End afflictsthe lOth housethroughRahu. He is in Leo ruled by the Sun who af{licts the llth lord Jupiter and the Sth house. DuringKetu Dasa,the native suffered every kind of and reputation' that of prestige loss including

Concerningthe Twelfth House
expendi' losses,extravagance, The twelfth housesignifies of the couch), left sukha (pleasures sayana ture, confiscation, divine knowledgeand piety and Final eye, feet, incarceration, (Moksha). As in the caseof ptevious Bhavas, Emancipation this Bhavaate : (a) in to the factors be considered analysing and (d) the karaka' the Bhava, (bl its lord. (c; its occupants of A proper assessment the indication of the twelfth house of examination thesefactors. testson a balanced Results of the Lord of the Twelfth House being Posited in Different Houses First House.'-The native will have a weak consti' tution and will be feeble-minded. He will, however,be hand' someand sweet-tongued. lf the sign is common, the native a y w i l t g e n e r a l l b e t r a v e l l i n g b o u t . l f t h e 6 t h l o r dj o i n st h e 1 2 t h lord in Lagna,the nativewill live long' But if the 8th houseis imprisonafflicted,he will be short-lived. This also indicates lf the Lagnaand 12th lords exchange ment and livingabroad. signs,the nativewill be a miser, hated by ali and devoid of intelligence. ln the SecondHouse.'-The person will suffer financial losses. He may contactdebts and get involved in nefarious


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activity. He will not eat timelymeals. His eye.sightwill be poor and his familylife, marked by lack of harrnony. lf the twelfth lord is a beneficand in dignity, these evil indications will be greatly reduced and the native will have financial stability. He will be a tactfulspeaker. lf the twelfrh lord is ill-disposed, nativeindulges gossipand quarelling. the in ln the ThirdHouse.'-He will be timid and quiet. Lossof a brotheris shown. He will be shabbily dressed. lf malefics afflict,he may developear,ailments.He may haveto spend much money on younger brothers. As a wliter he may be job unsuccessful. He may work in some commonplace and earnverylittle. lf the 12th lord joins the 2nd lord in the 3rd and is aspected Jupiteror the 9th lord,one may have more by than one wife. ln the Fourth House..- Earlydeathto mother, mentalrestunnecessary lessness, worry, enmity of relativesand living abroad someof the results. Suffering are constant harrassment from the landlord, residence be in an ordinaryhouse. his will But if the twelfth lord is well placed, theseadverseindications get mitigated a largeextent. lf Vonus is strong,the native to may own his own conveyance it will alwaysgive trouble. but ln the Fifth House..-Eirher difficulty to beget progeny or unhappiness from children will be experiencecl. will be He leligious-minded may undertake pilgrimages. and Weak-minded and suffering mentalaberrations, feelshe is miserable. He he will not succeed agriculture his crops will suffer from in as pestsand disease. ln theSixth House.'-The nativewill bo happy and prosperous,live long, errjoymany comforts,possess irealthy and a physique, handsome and vanquish his enemies. But he may becomeinvolvedin litigation which may come to an end to his

Conceroiogthe T$elfth House


ics will advantage,But if male.f afflictthe 12th lord, the person be unscrupulous, sinful and ill"tempered, hating his mother on sufferingfrom unhappiness account of his own children. W o m a n i s i n w i l l l a n dh i m i n d i s t r e s s . g ln the SeventhHouse.'*-Thewife may come from a pool family.Marriedlife will be unhappyand may end in separation. Lateron he will take to asceticism. Weak in healthand suffering from phlegmatictroubles, he will be without learningor property. ln the Eighth House.'-The native will be rich and celebrated,will enjoya luxurious life with nranyservants waiting on him. Gainthroughdeathsand legacyis indicated. Interested occultsubjectsand devoted to Lord Vishnu, he will be ,in 'righteous, famousand a gentle speaker being endowedwith manygood qualities head and heart. of ln the Ninth House.'-Residence abroad and prosperity areshown. He may acquircnruch property in foreign lands. Honest, generousand large-hearted may not have any he leanings. Not liking his wife, friends and preceptor, spiritual and interested physical in culture, he loseshis fatherearly in life. ln the Tenth House .'*Hard-working and having to unCettake tediousjourneys for his occupation he will be a jailor, doctoror wotk in the cemeteryand suchplaces" He spends pursuitsin which he mekesprofits. The moneyon agricultural nativewill deriveno happiness physical or comfortsfrom his sons. ln tlte EleventhHouse.'-He will engagehimself in business,but does not make much profit. He has few friends but brothers, some of marry enemies.Troubled by extravagant whom may be invalids, the native'sfunds may dwindle on


ow to Judgc 8 HororcopG

this account.He will earn well by tradingin pearls, rubiesand stones. other precious ln the Twellth House .' - The native spends much on purposes.He will havegood eye-sight leligiousand righteous and enjoy pleasures the couch. He will be engagedin of agliculture. lf malefics afflictthe twelfth lord, the nativewill and about. be restless alwaysroaming Theseresultsare general and must be adopted to suit individual cases. lf the twelfth lord is a benefic, his occupation of the twelfth housegives generallyfavourableresults. lf the 12th house is a movablosign and contains the Moon or Mercury, the native will do lot of travelling. Benefics abroad, delightful aspectingthis combinationgive residence journeysand general good fortuno. lf malefics afflict by papakaftai yoga or by aspect, the native may leavo the countryfor fearof the law or lifo, and leavevagrantlife as an incognito. lf the Lagna lord is in the 12th house and the trines or quadrantsare not occupied by benef ics, the native will be a poor meansleading monotonous man of mediocreor life. a General Combinations bearing on We give below someimportant combinations drawn from various the twelfth houseand its significations works. classical standard When the lord of the twelfth house occupies benefic his wealth in honourable and vargas, the native spends, ways. lf the 12th lord is aspectedby or is with a approved planet, the nativespendshis malefic or depressed eclipsed or q u e s t i o n a b lw a y s . D e p e n d i n g p o nt h e e u l m o n e y i n i l l e g aa n d planetafflicting the 12th lord, one may expendhis wealth on

Conccrning thc Twelfth Houso


races,gambling or other wine, women, illegal gratification, aspect occupythe 12th house, the native or vice3. lf benefics may havea good father to takecare of his wants to spend a n y a m o u n t o f m o n e y . l f m a l e f i c sa f f l i c t t h e 1 2 t h , o n e ' s ic get drssipated many ways. Lords of malef houses in earning suchas the 6th oI the Bth in the 12th result in lossof prestige the and moneyprovided 1Othhouse, its lord, the 2nd house, the 11th houseand their lordsalso get afflicted. lf the 12th lord is exaltedor in a friendlysign, the person will be generous if related to a well-placed9tlt lord, fortu; nate.A beneficin the 12th makesone thrifty and carefulwith by his money. Lord of the 12th aspected Jupiter, the 9th lord in the 4th, and the 1Othlord in a kendra, indicatea charitable disposition. The Ascendantand tho 9th lords in parivartana make the native engage himself in charitableand virtuous pilgrimages also and deeds. One will be keenon undertaking disposedif the gth lord is in the 12th. The 9th lord, charitably with a benefic planet, sign in Navamsa occupyinga benefic Mercuryposited on makesone spendlavishly charity. Exalted or in a quadrant the 11th and aspectedby the 9th lord makes one a philanthropist. (occupying the same varga The 9th lord in simhasanamsa by 5 times)aspected the lordsof the Lagnaand the 1oth ; or and the Ascendantlord the gth lord aspecting the Ascendant quadrant or a beneficplanetin the Ascendant disposedin a ; and the 9th lord in a maleficNavamsaor shashtyamsa one ; spendslargesumson charityout of ostentation. lf the 12th houseand Venus are both beneficially disposed,the native, wherever he be, will have bed comforts. Similar results will happen if the lord of the twelftlr houseis and occupies benefic a by with or aspected a benefic conjoined


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sub-division (varga). One will not enjoysuch pleasures under the followingcombinations : lf the Lagna lord occupies 6th, gth or the 12th: the the Lagnalord is debilitated joins Saturn, Mandi or Rahu; or or lf the 12th lord is afflicted by malefic aspects associations. or Depending upon the other planets and the Lagnain a horoscope,suchdenialor deprivationof bed.pleasures may be due to forceof circumstances, poverty, physical ill-health, deformity or continence due to spiritualinclinations. The natureof the planet in the twelfth housegives us a clue as to how one's wealth is lost, dissipated spent. or The native'swealth is spenton finesor wiil be confiscated by the Government when the afflicted Sun occupies the 12th. Mars in the 12th gives expensivelitigation and dangerous enernies. Moneywill be lost through ransom, cheating and swindlers. Reckless investment shares in and tradeand businessare likelywhen Mercury is placed in a similar situation. Familylitigationwill also dwindlewealth. Venuscausesloss of moneythrough wonten ol ill-fame,scandals black-mai!. or Saturnand Marscreate expenditureon accountof co-borns, Saturnand Rahucausehe;lvy expenses deathsand similar on calamities.The Moon and ths Ascendantlord in the 12th resultin dissipaticnof moneythrough medical and hospital bills, sureties, bail-amounts, etc. Theseresults possiblern are toto only if thereare appropriate indications the chartas a in whole and the particular Bhavaconcernedto show such loss. One should be very careful in weighing the afflictions correctly. The native's mother is instrumental his losing money in w h e n t h e a f f l i c t e d 2 t h l o r d j o i n s t h e 4 t h l o r d .T h o 1 2 t h l o r d 1 so connected with the 6th lord, Mars, Venus, Sth ford. 3rd

tho Cooccroing TwelftbHouso


lord, 7th lord and the 1Othlord shows loss of money through their respectivesignifications, namely, enemies, litigation, and father. co'borns,marriedpartner women,children, The 12th lord with a malefic suggests embezzlement tendencies.An exchangeof housesbetweenthe 2nd and 12th lordsand affliction by Lagnalord in the 6th house indicates against the native leading to loss of criminal proceedings wealth. Similareffectscan happenwhen the 12th lord occupiesthe 2nd, the 11th lord is in the 12th and the 2nd lord is ; debilitatedor occupiesthe 6th, the 8th or the 12th house ot when the 2nd lord is combust, debilitated afflicted in the lord is weak; or the 10th lord is in the 12th and the Ascendant shashtyamsa 11th combiningwith the Lagnalord in a malefic ; or when the 2nd lord is debilitated,joins a malefic or is combustin the 6th ; or if Venus, Rahu and the Sun are in the fines, 12th, such expenditure be due to coutts, litigation, will etc. lf the lord of the Navamsaoccupied by the 2nd houseis aspected the Lagnalord and is in the 6th, the 8th or the by 12th houses,the native incursexpenditure accountof f ines. on This comblnation may also indicate losses through theft and f ire. lf Marsaspectsthe weak 2nd and 11th lords who also and are at the same occupyinimicalAmsasruled by malefics time afflicted by malefics,theft, outbreakof fire or fines could leadto fossof wealth. lf the afflicted1Oth lord is in the 6th with the 2nd and 11th lordsin an evil shashtyamsa, natiive the sufferspublic censureand therebyloses his wealth. lf the luminaries occupy the 12th, loss of weatth takes placethrough tax raids, government enactmentsor confisca27


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tion. Jupiter in the 12th makesone honestand pay taxes and tolls properly. Lord of the Navamsaoccupied the 11th lord with a by beneficbut in a maleficshashtyamsa the 6rh, the gth or the in 1 2 t h h o u s e sm a y p l u n g eo n e i n d e b t s . l f t h e 1 O t h l o r d b e either aspectedor conjoined with the 11th lord, a malef ic occupies 2nd house and the Lagnalord occupies lhe 12th the house,then the nativewill get involved debts. Involvement in in debtsmay be anticipated underthe followingcombinations : Lagnalordjoins the 2nd or the 7th lord is either eclipsed, debilitated in an inimical sign in any of the dusthanas or (the 6th, the 8th and 12th houses) while the 9th lord does not receive any benefic aspects; the 2nd lord is eclipsed and conjoins a maleficin the 2nd or the Bth house; the 2nd lord is both combust and debilitated and occupies a malefic shashtyamsa; Ascendant the lord is afflictodboth by a malefic p l a n e ta n d t h e l o r d o f e i t h e rt h e 6 t h , B t h o r 1 2 r h . lf the lordsof the Navamsa occupiedby the rulers of the drekkanasoccupied by the 2nd and l1th houses are in vaiseshikamsa be in a trine or quadrant, the natlve will be and ableto clearoff his debtsduringhis life time. Poverty is indicated when Jupirer is in the 12th, 6th or 8th from the Moon and the Moon is in a trine or a quadrant, debilitated occupying inimicalvarga. The Sun in debitity or an in the 9th and Mars in the 8th cause the Sun in Ariesis aspected by a maleficand is in debility in Navarnsa or if Venus occupies Virgo borh ih Rasi and ; Navamsa, beggaris born. Whenthe Ascendant Sagittarius, a is Pisces, Leo or Taurus and Jupiter is stronger than the gth lord and the 11th lord is weak and combust and occupiesany

Concorning tbo Twelftb Houso


Bhava other than a kendra, the native will generallybe in indigentcircumstances. lf a maleficoccupiesthe 2nd, 4th or the Sth house ftom Jupiter, one will be poor. The sameresultis indicated if the luminariesin the Lagna are aspectedor associatedwith the 2 n d o r t h e 7 t h l o r d . T h e g t h l o r d i n t h e 1 2 t h ,t h e 1 2 t h l o r d i n ics the 2nd and malef in the 3rd causepenuryand suffering' lf the Lagna lord is in the 8th house while the 8th lord joins the 2nd or the 7th lord in Lagna, the nativewill never Benefics in the 1Oth earnenough for even baresubsistence. and malefics in the 2nd denote poverty. The Moon, Jupiter and Mars and Mandi in the 51h, the and Saturnin quadrants can 8th or the 12th bestow povelty.Most of thesecombinations flower' servant'maids, be found in the chartsof slum-dwellers, and similar categoriesof vocation sellers, show-shineboys where life is tivedfrom day'to'day. The Ascendant, its lord and planetsin papakartariyoga usually give riseto imprisonment.lf the Lagna and the 6th lord combine with saturn in a kendraor kona, the nativewill gth and 12th sufferimprisonment.Malefics in the 2nd, 5th, housescausecaptivity,the exact natureof which is determined by the natureof the sign rising on the Ascendant' lf Aties' is or Taurus Sagittarius rising, the nativeis said to be bound by iopes. lf Scorpio is tho Lagna, the native will be thrown into an undergroundcell. lf Gemini, Libra or Virgo is wi ascending, ons may be put in fetters, lmprisonment ll be in Cancer or a large protected buitding if the Lagna is Pisces, Capricorn. joiningRahu The 6th and Lagnalordsin a trineorquadrant, or Ketu, cause incarceration. Death in captivity may occur when the Moon, Mars. Saturnand the Sun occupy the 1Oth,


How to Judgc Horoscopo a

9th, lst and Sth housesrespectively. lf the rulersof (a) ths 2nd and the 12th houses,(6) the Sth and 9rh houses,(cy the 6th and I 2th houses,(d) the 3rd and 11th houses or 1ej tne 4th and 1Othhousesare equalin strength, the nativemay face criminal actionprovidedthere are no other mitigating factors. lf Lagnalord Venus is in the 6th, one suffersfrom diseases in the left eye. The 2nd and 12th rordsconjoiningvenus and the Lagnalord in any of the dusthanas (the 6th, the gth or the 12th) makesoneborn brind. combinationof the Lagna rord, the sun and Venusgives the sameresurts. The Moon affricted by a maleficplanet and Venusin the 2nd house can causeloss of vision. The Sun, the Moon and Venus are the natural significators of ths eyes. Afflictions to these and the 12th housecausedefectivevision. The Moon and Venusin the 6th, the gth or the 12th cause night' wiil have weak vision if the waning Moon is aspected Saturn,or if the Moon in Cancer aspected by is by maleficsfrom the 7th or the 1Oth house. Eye troubres are foreseen when Venus occupies th6 Lagna or the gth house alflicted by malefics. lf the sun aspected Marsor saturn or by afflictedby Rahu occupy the 12th house or any trine, the nativewill havedefective vision. lf the Lagnaand 2nd tordsoccupythe 6th, gth or the 12th houses,one's eye-sight may be affected. Mars in the 12th injures the right eye. lf the Sun and the Moon occupy the 6th and the 12th from Lagna,ono may lose one of his eyes. lf the Moon and Venus occupy the 12th house,or if Venus along with a maleficoccupythe l2th house, the left eye will be affected. Defectivevision and eye-ailments not so serioustoday 8ro as they were when the classicalworks were written. In those

tbc Conccrniog TwclfthHouso


on days. defectivevision made one handicappedand depend indicated the mercyof others. As such, nativeswhose charts suchdefectswerelejectedformarriagesandgenera||y|ook totally and upon as a burden. Now'a'days thingshavechanged exceptin ceilain vocavision is of tittle consequence defective vision can be set right through Most casesof defective tions. surgicaloperations' properlenses thlough simple or prescribing since blind people are is Blindness also no longera handicap taughtto be self'reliant. lf the 12th house be aspected or occupied by Saturn or (Sth) or Mandiand the 12th lord be in a Vipat (3rd), Pratyak Janma Nakshatra from reckoned (7th) constellation Naidhana the (birth-constellation), native may face untold calamities and hardships. He will enter upon a vicious code of conduct' commitsins and go to hell after death. , or debilitation a stateof lf a maleficplanetin combustion, planes eclipseafflictsthe twelfth Bhava,one may go to lower such as hell after death. When the 12th lord occupiesa by and is aspected a malefic planet or mafeficshashtyamsa whenRahuisinthel2thhousewithMandiandtheSthlord is aspected by the 6th lord, the person descends into the regionsaftermortaldeath. infernal |fthel2thhouseisoccupiedbyabeneficorissubjectto a shubhakartariyoga, the nativegoes to heaven' lf Jupiter as the 12th house or is aspectedby Venus, the 1Othlord occupies waning Moon ol well placed Sun, one becomesa celestial after death. ic The same stateoccursif a benef planet in strength occuboth by pies the 12th house in benefic vargasand is aspected beneficsand malefics. lf powerful Jupiter occupies Cancer and his moolatlikonasign in Navamsaand 3 or 4 planets are


How to Judgo Horoscopo a

in kendras, the native is said to attain Brahmalokaafter his mortaldeath. When Sagittarius the Ascendant, is Aries is the Navamsa Lagna,Venusoccupies 7th housein Gemini and the the Moon is in Virgo, the native is said to attainLiberation (Moksha)afterdeath. Ketuin the 12th from karakamsa gives Kaivalya Final Emancipation.lf the 1Othlord joins 4 orher or planets a trine or quadrant, in the native attains Finat Liberation. Marsand Mercuryin Piscesand Gemini as Ascenclant give Moksha. Thesecombinations culledout from authoritative workson astrologyby ancientwriters indicate next stageof the soul,s the journey after irs release from the humanbody. This is a very deep subjectand involves a profound understandingof deep studiesin the doctrineof Karma. Thereis no way of veryfying predictions bearingon the stateof the soul after it shakes off the physical body. But somecluescan be had by studying the twelfth Bhavas of great saints such as Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharishi and Sri Aurobindo. Thereis a little known but practically applicable dictum in BhavanhaRatnakara bearingon the twefth house. According to it a person will be fortunate respect that house whose in of karakais situated the 12th housefrom the Ascendant. The in followingare the important karakas the differentBhavas for : Thanubhava 1st house or The Sun Dhanabhava 2nd house or Jupiter Bhratrubhava 3rd house or Mars Matrubhava 4th house or The Moon Putrabhava Sth house or Jupiter Satrubhava 6th house or Saturn Kalatrabhava 7th house or Venus Ayurbhava 8th house or Saturn

tho Cooccrnlng Twclftb House


The Sun or Pitrubhava 9th house JuPiter house or Karmabhava lOth JuPiter or Labhabhava 11th house Saturn or Vyayabhava 12th house is in the 12th house' the native will be Thusif the Sun Moon ; of in fortunate respect the 9th houseindications if the ; house indications of is in the 12th house,in respect the 4th 7th house if Venus is in the 12th house,in respectof the and so on. indications (L'M'T') Chart No. 233.- Born | 2-2-1856 at 12-21 p'm' at 18 N,84 E.
Jupiter I

r-uon" Rahu I


NH.29 Sun Saturn

VenuS Mars

BalanceoftheVenusDasaatbirth:12yearc'Smonths and 21 daYs. ln ChartNo. 233, the Moon, karaka for the 4th house' The native was occupiesthe 12th from the Ascendant' who was a' extremely fortunate in respect of his mother that genteel, relinedand highly spirituallady' But also note died in by the Moon is with Rahu aspected Mars' The mother 1 t h e n a t i v e ' s 2 t h o r 1 3 t hY e a r '


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planets in the Twelfth House TheSun.. The nativemay take to an immorallife and engage himself in vile occupations. He will not be quite successfulin his rife and may feer negrectedby ail. He wiil sufferthe lossof some limb and haveweak eye-sight.He witf, however,be energetic and have sons. The Moon.. The native may sufferfrom soqe deformiry. He will bs narrow-minded, hard-hearted mischievous. and He prefers to leadon obscure life in solitude. Eye-sight will be weak. lf the Moon is waningand combines with Saturn,sloth and lethargy will be the result. Mars , The personmay tosehis wife. He wiil be selfish, hateful and suffer diseases due to excess of heat in the body. He is liabte to deception and may lose his money. tf Mars and Saturnoccupy the 12th and the 2nd housesrespectively, the Moon be jn Lagnaand rhe Sun in the 7th house, he may sufferfrom leucoderma. Mars in the 12th house is aspected lf by the Sun, danger from fire and wickedpeopleis indicated. Matefics the 7rh and the gth and Mars in the 12th denote in that one wiil haveanotherwife evenwhen the first is arive. ' Mercury.. Capricious and wayward, the person will indulge In extra-maritalrelations and suffer penur./, and perverted thinking wiil nrake him unhappy. He wiil arsohave a few children. Jupiter.' The native may deride religion and be evilminded. He will commit fearfuldeeds and lead a lascivious life. Lateron he repents and reforms himserf. The nativewirl alwaysbe anxiousabouthis vehicles,ornaments and clothes. Venus.. Desertion relatives hankering by ; after comforts without successand penury will make the native,s life miserable.

Concerning tho Twelftb Houso


with low women. He will indulgein lying and associates poor. If Venusis exalted,contrarytesults will be His eye-sight will happen. and loseall his Saturn." The native will be dull-headed deformed limb, make money. He will havesquint eyesand a many enemies, suffer losses in trade, be a p:ssimist and commitssins in secret. Rahu : The nativewill be prosperous,immoral, but of a helpfulnature. He will haveeye troubles. lf the Sun is in the 7 t h , M a r s i s i n t h e 1 O t ha n d R a h ui s i n t h e 1 2 t h B h a v a , t h e native'sfatherwill die early. Ketu : The native will have a restless and wandering mind and leave his countryof birth. The lower classeswill propeltymay be lost. befriendhim. All his inherited Time of Fructification of the Results of the Twelfth House

As explained in the previous chaplers, here also the in following factors must be considered timing events: (a) Lord of the 12th house,(b) planet or planets aspectingthe positedin the 12th house,(d) 12th house,(c) planetor planets planets the 12th house,(e) planetor aspecting the lord of planetsin association with the lord of the 12th house, and (f) the lord of the 12th house from the Moon. The position of Saturn is also of significancess he is the karakaof loss, or sorrow,after-life well as renunciationand Emancipation as 'Moksha. the abovemay influence 12th house The factorsmentioned eitheras the lordsof main periodsor as lords of sub-periods. t c o s ( 1 ) T h e s u b - p e r i o do f p l a n e t s a p a b l e f i n f l u e n c i n gh e 1 2 t h periodsof those who are also capableof housein the major to influencingthe 12th house produceresultspertaining the


How to Iudge a HoroscoPe

12th house par excellence.(2) The sub'periods of planets with the 12th housein the majorperiods of whose associated w w lords are not associated ith the 12thhouse, ill produce t r r e s u l t s e l a t i n go t h e 1 2 t h h o u s eo n l y t o a l i m i t e de x t e n t ' ( 3 ) of the sub-periods planets who are not associated Similarly, in the majorperiodsof planets associated with the 12th house pertaining the 12th to witn rhe 12th housewill produceresults houseonly to a feebleextent. the Note the Bhava ruted by the planetoccupying 12th, by the lord of the 12th house' and also the Bhava occupied of Duringthe periods theselords, lossor trouble in respectof can be exPected. theseBhavas Nature of Results lf the 12th lord is well placedwith beneficialaspectsand his Dasa will makethe nativebenevolent' He associations, becomesvirtuous and acquiresmerit' The native will be by honoured the rulers. lf the lord of the 12th is weak due to one will or ics, debilitation combustion, with malef association and he may facemuch suffering. His healthwill breakdown face calumnyfrom all sides, and even sulfer captivity' His w earnings ill dwindle. upon the ownership' depends The exactnatureof results w s e t c . , o f t h e p l a n e t c o n n e c t e d t t h t h e 1 2 t h l o r d .T h e f o l l o w i n g expectedduring the periods of the different tesultsmay be planetswhen they are connectedwith the twelfth house:in unsuccessful all ventures' Takes to study Sun: Becomes will causemuch unpractice occultsciences. Children of and in The nativemeetswith obstacles all his happiness. Moon.. 'undertakings' Becomes evil'minded. Loses power crueland life. and is deceivedby trustedcolleagues. Leadsan obscure Mars: Contractsmany disoases. May meet with accidents'

Concerning the Twelfth House


Becomesdishonestand careerdeteriorates. Losespopularity to be defrauded. Mercury.' Becomes will be duped. Liable d a p h i l o s o p h i c a l S u ff e r si n i t i a l i t y ,m e n t a l e l u s i o n s n dw o r r i e s . . w n A c q u i r e s : w s k i l l s . W r l l b e g e tl i m i t e dp r o g e n y . M o t h e r i l l poor and unlucky.Suffers loss face danger. Jupiter.' Becomes s a a o f c h i l d r e n n d b e c o m e s s a d i s t . C o m m i t s i n sa n d g r a d u a l l y with women of takesto a life of piety. Venus.' Associates Takes to from the maried partner. Losesor separates ill-repute. u n s c r u p u l o u w a y s a n d m e a n s o f g a i n i n gm o n e y . B e c o m e s s y s m i s e r f. S a t u r n . ' B u s i n e s f a i l sa n d d e b t sr h o u n t . L i t i g a t i o n fails. Becomesdispassionat and lossof prestige. Eye-sight if Dasaoccurslate in lite. Ralru.' Sulferslossof limbs through limited progeny. Earnswell through violentaccident. Elegets and wandermeans.Ketu : Mentaldisturbance unconventional c a a i n g h a b i t s .W i l l r e s i d e b r o a d n d w o r k a m i d s ts e r v i l e l a s s e s p g i D a s a s f p l a n e t s n t h e 1 2 t h h o u s e e n e r a l l y r o d u c eu n o in or toward results elsegive interest spiritualityand religion. lf, however, thereare bencficyogas,benefic results can also on be expected a materiallevelsuch as distinction in profesprosperrty, children, comforts, acquisition v,rife, {inancial of sion. jewels,clothesand otherobjectsof luxury. l a T h e f o l l o w i n gr e s u l t s r e l i k e l y ,i n a g e n e r a s e n s e , d u r i n g ( t h e p e r i o d s D a s ao r B h u k t i )o f t h e 1 2 t h l o r d . B u t t h e s er e s u l t s f m u s tb e m o d i i e d b y t h e n a t u r eo f t h e s i g n a n d p l a n e l s i n f l u t h e 1 2 r hh o u s ea n d i t s l o r d . T h e r e s u l t so f t h e D a s a encing taking into accountthe karaka and lordship mustbe predicted by of the houseoccupied the 12th lord. When the lord of the 12th is placedin the Ascendantwith the Ascendant lord, one will generally lose the affectionof e o t h e r sd u r i n gt h e p e r i o do f t h e 1 2 t h l o r d . H i s i n t e l l i g e n cw i l l grow dull and he may become miserly. He loses his wealth


a How to Judgo HoroscoPo

through short-sightedschemes, associateswith evil persons addictedto bad habits. lf the 12th lord is a and becomes the evil is reduced. Even if the native loses all his benefic, it. money,he will try to work hard and regain the lf the tord of the 12th houseoccupies 2nd house with peacewill be lacking. There will be the 2nd lord, domestic in constantbickerings the family. He will not be able to eat good food or he may even developsomoailmentofthe tongue or throat. He will be ill-temperedand commit many indiscretions. His eye-sighf will be affected. lf the 12th lord is strongly afflicted,the native may haveto live at others' expense and doled out food. lf the 12th lord is favourablydisposed, will be greatlyreduced' the maleficindications the lf the 12th lord occupies 3rd housewith the 3rd lord' of the brothers .thenativewill face hardships. They will take recourse to evil ways. The native's expenditure will keep mounting. lf the 12th lord occupies the 6th, 8th or 12tn tho housefrom NavamsaLagna or is aspectedby benefics, contraryresultscan be expected. The person will have to within the country. lf the 1Oth lord manyjourneys undertake job may require him to constantlymove his is also involved, with the 6th and 8th lords, about. tf tne t 2th lord combines and luxuries conveyances, the nativeenjoysgood food, riches, prosperity everykind. of the lf the lord of the 12th houseoccupies 4th with the 4th ics tord, the mothermay die early. lf benef influence the 4th lord, the nativewill be happy and own substantialimmovable He propeftyand manyconveydnces. will evincegrowing inte' ics rest in spiritualliteratule. lf malef afflict the 12th lord, the a native'smothersuffers crisisin life. She will have unhappy days. The nativegets' troubleon account of hls properties,

Conccrning Twelfth House tho


which may get lost or destroyed. lf both beneficsand malefics aspect associate w'ith 12th lord in the 4th house, the native or will facetroubles but will be able to overcome them. lord of the 12rh occupiesrhe Sth along with the lf the Sth lord, the nativegets progenyin the former'speriods. He will suffermental aberration and his friends will desert him. person. lf maleHe may lose the association an influential of 12th lord, his children may face trouble or the fics afflict the nativesuffersmuch unhappiness and pain on their account. His fatherwill passthroughdifficulties while he himself may rousethe wrath of a powerfulman. His lile will be disrupted due .to political disturbances. The native wilt face many troublesin his work (occupation). lf the lord of the 12th houseoccupiesthe 6th with the lord, the Dasaof the 12th lord will be filled with joyous 6th festivities. The personbecomes fortunate all walks of life, in getsmuch wealth,maniesa nobleand good woman and his children will be a source of happiness. lf the 12th lord combines with the 8th lord. the nativewill get politicalpower, fameand honour. lf maleficsafflictthe combination, may he be troubledby adverse criticismand enemies. The native's wife may have to facesome dangeror the otherif the lord of the twelfth occupies the seventh with the 7th lord. lf a maraka periodis on, he facesdangerto his life. Wife may live abroad. Acquisition of moneyand the wife surviving crisiswill be the result of beneficsaspecting a the 12th lord. lf malefics alflict the 7th houseand the 12th lord, one may wander aimlessly,get tired, lackphysical comforts, be beetwith sorrowsand ailments and his marriedlife may be marred slanderous by talk.


How to Judge a Horoscopo

lf the lord of the twelfth is pfaced in the eighth with the 8th lord, one enjoysluck and at the sametime sometroubles' during the periodof the 12th lord, he will have But generally, happiness,succeedin his ventures, though tesultsmay be will and other happy celebrations slow in coming. Marriage place and much mony and authotity will be secured' take The 6th lord joining the 12th lord confers resultsparexcel' lence, the native enjoying honoul, lecognition, distinction to The 12th lord being related 5th lord makes and prosperity. to God. A steadycareeris vouchsaledif one deeplydevoted the gth with the 9th lold' Afflic' the lord of the 12th occupies tion of the gth lordleadsto the lossof lob and luck. lf benefics interestin piety and leads aspectthe 9th house, one develops prosperity will be on a low keel' a virtuouslife. His material can be expectedin the Dasaor Bhuktiof the These resulls

twelfth lord. lf the lord of the 12th occupiesthe 1Oth with the 10th purposes. Paternal lord,one will spendmoney for charitable propsrty may slip out of the native's hands or get spoilt the 12th through fire or other accident' Beneficsaspecting develop spirituality.lf malefics and one detached lord makes afflict, one may resort to propitiationof lower deities or Kshudra Devatasand goblins for a living. lf there is a papakartariyoga, he will be dreadedfor his evil powers' Lord of the 12th in the 1 1th with the 1 1th lord causes financial set-backs. Trade may bring in losses' Benefics expendmuch money the aspecting 12th lord makethe person at the cost of his own ahd charitabledeeds-even on religious well-being.Loss of money through theft, fi;e or accident loss may occur if maleficsafflict. lf one is a businessman, or with elderbtothers partners occurdue to misunderstanding

tbe Conccrning TwelftbHousc


who are in the business.The nature of the afflicting planet givesa clue to the source of loss. lf Jupiter or the 5th lcrd afflictsthe 12th lord in the 11th house, the native's wealth bY may be dissipated a bad son' Lord of the 12th in the 12th makeshis period bring in ' m u c h w e a l t h . T h e r e w i l l b e n o u n t o w a r d e x p e n d i t u r eA t h e 1 2 t h l o r d i n d i c a t e st h e b e n e f i cp l a n e t c o m b i n i n g w i t h during the peliod of the expenditure nativeincurshonor.rrable former. The Ascendant and its lord well-placedresults in The native will be reliincome lar exceedingexpenditure. giously inclined,will feed many holy men and seek their company, will always be engaged in spiritual thoughts and the life. Malefics a{llicting talks and will lead a comfortable weak, makeone, though born Ascendant 12th houseand the family, becomeobscure,take to evil ways in an illustrious existence. He will eke out of his liveliend leada miserable as hood throughserving a menial. Summingup when the 12th lord is in any Bhava subject his and associations, periodcauses debts, to malefic aspects anclwickedcompanyand in expenses,involvement unhealthy the pursuits. When both beneficsand malefics influence 12th in the period'of the 12th can be expected lord, mixed results by with or is aspected benefics, lord. lf the 12th lord combines can piety and legitimate and charitableexpenditure religious period. in be expected his f n Chart No. 234, the Ascendant lord Mercury occupies the 8th house.The 12th lord Venusis in the 8th with exalted Mars lord of ths 6th and the 11th. The nativetook to a life of cetibacyafter the birth of his children when he was in his thirties. The presenceof Lagna lord in a dusthana, and of karaka Venuswho is also the 12th lord afflicted by Mars is


How to Judgea Horoscopc

Chart No. 234.-.8orn 29-2-1896 at t-00 p,m. (L.M.f .) at 20 N 36,72 E 59

Sun Rahu NAVAMSA Mercury Venus Marl

Ketu Lagna Rahu Moon


Balance [enus Dasaat birth : O years, 4 months and of 6 days. responsible it. Jupiter's aspect for gave the native conjugal life until he voluntarily renounced it. We can also note the exaltation the 1Othlord Jupiter of in a spiritual sign aspected the 12th rord Venuswhich has by madethe native a Karmayogi-cum-Jnani. The Lagna lord Mercuryis in a dusthanz in the Bth with the 6th lord Mars and 12th lord Venus. The native sufferedjail terms manya time duringthe pre-lndependence period. S a t u r n , h e 1 2 t h l o r d , i s e x a l t e dn t h e g t h i n C h a r tN o . r i 235. As lord of mokshasthanain a dusthana, he has made the nativea greatmystic of a high spiritual order. The 9th rord Mars occupiesthe 12th house giving the native decidedly s p i r i t u alle a n i n g s .M a r sw i t h R a h ui n t h e 1 2 t h i s s i g n i f i c a n t s a favouring destruction happiness the couch (sayana.sukha), of of Evenfrom childhood she had been lost in spiritual trancesand

Conceroing Twelfth House tho


at Chart ilo. 235.-8orn 30-4-1896 4-08 a.m. (L.M.T.) at 23 N 45,91 E 30.

Sun Venug



T:f I


Dasaat birth : 10 years, 10 months Balance Mercury's of and 24 days. the formal rite of marriage was never consummated. Her continueduntainted celibacy spiritual The 12th housein Chart No. 236 is occupied Marsand by Saturn. The native's wife died soon after marriageand he never martied again. He became deeply philosophicaland spiritual. The 12th lord Jupiter, though in the 2nd, is in Aquarius, a spiritual sign and the centre of a powerful pravnjyaka yoga (yoga for renunciation). The 12th lord is hemmed inbetweenmalefics which denied the native both the pleasures and comfortsof a bed. In ChartNo. 237, the 12th lord aspects the 12th along with tho !-agna lord ltlars. Jupiter and Saturn also aspectit. The native was a staunch Christianwho spent most of his life in propagating its teachings. Saturn aspecting the 12th from the 1Othis responsible this voluntarymissionarywork. for


How to Judgc r floroscopc

Chart No. 236.-Born 2Ol2t-2-1A79 5 a.]n. at bM.f .) ,t13N5.80E2.

. Sun Moon Mercury Jupitor Lagna Rahu

Sun Mars Mercury J up i t e r

Sat, K


Balance Rahu'sDasaat birth : l1 years,8 monthsand of , 28 days. Chart No. 237.-Born B-4-tglg at 7-00 p.m. (G.M.r.) , at 79 S 40. 30 E 00.
| ,,n



I M"r"u'y

Marl Vcnug

nAsl RP-3/32


B alanceof Satutn's Dasa at birth : 6 years,6 monthsand 20 days.


Concerning thc T$elftb House


Chart ,No. 238.^-Born l0-10-1917 Et l0-21 p.m. (L.M.r ) at 27 N 30,77 E 43.

l.rnn" I


I -i-r-lu

I s"t. Lagna Ketu I uars Mars

Moon Sst.


Balance of Mercury's Dasa at birth : 4 years, 9 months and 19 days. Chart No. 238 is of a dedicatednrassleaderwho worked for zealously the nation. He was a man of spartanhabitsand muchevolved. The l2th houseis occupiedby the spiritually planetJupiterwho is also the 1Othlord.This indicates spiritual the nature of his life's work which was reorienting the thoughtof youth to ancientvaluesof purity and renunciation. The 12th lord Venus aspects the 12th house from the 6th house. The native led a life of celibacy. The 12th lord Venusin Chart No. 239 is exalted and is with the Lagna lord and the sun aspected the gth lord by Saturn Mercurywho gets neechabhanga occupies the 1Oth house,a kendra, aspectedby 9th lord Saturn. The native spent fabuloussums in charity. At the same time note that the 12th lord Venusis exaltedpowerfully with the result the


How to Judgca Horoscope

Chart No. 239.-Born 7-4-1893 at 9-31 a,m. (L,M.T.) 20 N 56,75E 55. at

ILagno i



Mars S"rrrnI
Rahu I .tupirerI


-l ---l

Morcury *r", I
Balanceof Ketu's Dasa at birth : 6 years, 4 months and 4 days. native enjoyedcomfortsof the bed. lt was rumoured he had more than 3 wives. There is also bandhana yoga presentin this chart, which led to tho native's conviction in Jupiter's Dasa, Jupiter's Bhukti. Mercury,the Lagnalord, is in a kendrawith 12th lord Venus aspected by 8th lord Mars, The Dasa tord Jupiter is hemmedin between maleficsMars (the 6th lord) and the 3rd lord Sun which led to the native'sarrest. Chart No. 240 is that of a trusteeof a temple whose fabulous family properties have been set aside for feeding of pilgrimsand othercharities. The 12th lord Venus occupieshis moolatrikonasign in the 5th house (a trine) with the spiritual planet Ketu and is aspectedby the grh lord Saturn. The 12th house is aspected the Atmakaraka by Sun and the Lagna lord Mercury.

Conccrning TwelftbHousc thc Chart No.240.-8orn 2S-ll-1948 at Et 13 N 20,74 E 48.



7-28p.m. (l.S.r.)


Jupitet Mercury Rahu

RP-4s/60 Mers s I s u n i u " n * Mer J u p i t e rl M e r c u r y l X " t u tl

Iagna Sun

Balance the Sun's Dasa at birth : 2years, 9 months of and 12 days. Chart No. 241.-Born 30ll-415-1898at l-23 a.m. (L.M.T.) at t3 N 20,74 E 49.
Mars Sun Mercury



RP-29147 Jupit.

Balance Ketu'sDasaat birth: 1 year, 11 months and of ,| 5 days.


llot to Judtor HoroscoPo

The 12th house in Chart No. 241 is occupied bY moksha. karaka Rahu and aspectedby Jupiter and Saturn. The native socialworker and built a national banking was a dedicated concern starting from scratch. Saturn as Lagna lord and the 12th housemade him a selfless beneficJupiteraspecting projects of philanthropy proved a boon to worker whose countlessnumbers.The 12th lord Saturn is aspectedby a Venuswho is also the 9th lord. blemish-free well-placed Chart No.242.-Born 7S15.112E45.
Ktu Sun

6-6-1901 obout midnight at

NAVAMSA Jupitor Marl


B P - Pi l / r 4
Saturn Jupitet

Bafance of the Moon's Dasaat birth : 7 years, 0 month and 27 days. The 12th housein ChartNo.242 is occupied by the 6th the lord Moon while the 12th lord Saturnoccupres 11th house. The 12th lord is aspected by Venusand Mercury. The native of was a President an Asian country. He married many wives as and had manymistresses indicated by the Moon in the house,the influenceof Venuson the 12th lord and the 12th

Conccrning tbc Twelfth Housc


preponderance common signs. The native spent fabulous of ptivatelife. sumson his Chart No. 243. -Born l5-2-1934 at 9-15 a.m. (l.S.T.) a t 1 2N 1 8 , 7 6E 3 9 .

Mars Moon I Mercury


Mercury Sun Mars Moon I

VenuS Saturn



Rahu I ne_+z7so


I Saturn Jupitor I Runu

ol Balance Rahu's Dasa at birth : 0 year, 5 months and 28 days. Chart No. 243 has a badly afflicted12th house. Mars, Mercury, New Moon and the Sun occupyit. The 12th lord Saturnis afflicted by Rahuand Venusalso joins them. Tho spendsextravagantly drink and has an extra-marital on rnative life as well. The affliction Venusand the 7th lord Mercury to afflictedin the 12th house are also responsible it. for ChartNo. 244 has Rahuand the Moon in the 12th aspected by the 12th lord Venus. Born in an aristocraticfamily the privatelife with many mistresses.There nativelived a reckless was no dearthfor pleasures the bedasmanybeautiful of women vied for his favour. The 12th lord Venus and the 12th house are both heavilyafflictedindicating extravagant expenditure on gratification. Thereare Bandhana sensual Yogasalso present.

ar0 Chart No.2M.-Born et27N27,6889.

Jupltol Rahu Moon

t|orr to Judgo a Hororcopo


dt 5-26 p.n. (t.S.T.)



RASI Srt. Mercury VenuB Sun tt|AVAMSA Jrrpit6r Rahu

RP-3/1 81 Sun Mcrcury Venul Satuln (.tu Morr


Balance Mars Dasa at birth : 3 yeare, g months and of 27 days. Mark the 12th lord Venus in the 6th housewith 6th lord Mars and 8th lord Saturn. The yoga is strongerfrom the Moon occuring in a quadlant in an insectsign" The native was in lail for over a ysar betorehe was hanged. The 12th house,in ChartNo.245, is occupied by Venus, Saturn and its own ford Mercury. lt is aspectedby Mars and Lagna lord the Moon. The native wasted money in pleasures and lost heavilyin racing. The affliction by malefics to tho 12th houseand its lord led the nativeto squandermonoy the in pursui! of pleasures. But the 12th lord in the 12th with Venus also gave him the benefit of his pursuits. Venus, lord of the 12th houso,in Chart No. 246, occupies 1lth housein debility aspected by Saturn, Mars and the the Moon. This weakens the l2th house and gives wasteful cxpenditure. The native took delight in horse-racing which in

Cooccrnlog lhe Twelftb llowo


Chart No. 245.-8 orn 4-7-l 738 at 746 a.m. (L.M.f.) atSl N30. 0W05' rcnue I Marr I iuplter sat. I
Merc. !



Mart Merc. Srt, Ketu tagna



Balance Venus of Dasa birth : 6 years, 8 months and at 12 days. Chart No. 246.- Born 7-8-1887 at 1-21 p.n. (L.M.T.) at ll N. 77 E l.

Merc. Rahu Sat

Lrgna Saturn Mercury Kotu

Balance Jupiter'sDasaat birth : 0 year,8 monthsand of 6 days.

How to Judgc a Horoecopo

Chart .No. 247..'-Born G.M.r.)at 2t N s7. 69 E 49.





Moon Kotu


Balance Ketu'sDasaat birth: 6 years, 10 monthsand of 28 days. he lost sometimes. Howeverthe12th houseitself is occupied was untarby benef Jupiter so that the native's reputation ic outlook on life. nished. lt alsogave him a philosophic ChartNo. 247 has the Sun in the 12th powerfullyaspected by Jupiter,a naturalbenefic,which madethe native spiritual. ths native The chart is moresignificant for tho prison-terms days. lt was Rahu's underwent duringthe IndianIndependence Dasaand partof Jupiter'sDasathat the native was arrested geveral times. Rahuoccupies 12th house from the Moon the while Jupiteris the 3rd and 6th lord from Lagnaplacedin the 8th house. The Lagnalord Venus is related to the 12th lord Mercury. Venus is also the 8th lord and is subjectto a papaof kartari yoga betweenSaturn and the Sun. The presence the hasresulted a Bandhana in 8th lord and the 12th lorctin a kendra Yoga.

Conccrniog thc Twelfrh Housc

Chart No. 248.-8om 28-5-1883 9-25 p.m. (L.M.f.) at at t8 N 23.73 E 53.

Rahu Sat




Balanceof Mars Dasa at birth : 1 year, 1 month and 26 days. ChartNo. 248 has a numberof Bandhana Yogas,the most importantones being the association the Lagna and 7th lord of in a quadrant from the Moon ; Ketu'sdispositionin Navamsa in the 1Oth from Lagna aspected by three malefics-Mars, Saturnand Rahu- and the 8th lord the Moon occupying the constellation Mars (12th lord) causing of confinement chains. in The afflictionto the 12th housefrom the Sun and Saturn-two bitterenemies the samesign-made the nativea revolutionary in who was interned for political reasons. The conjunction of the 6th and the 12th lordsVenusand Marsrespectively also are responsible the native's incarcerations. for The nativeof Chart No. 249 was a celebratediail-bird. The AscendantCancer and the Ascendantlord Moon are hemmedin betweenmaleficsRahu and Saturn. Mercury and Venusare also betweenmalefics Mars and the Sun and are


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Ghart No. 249.-Born (L.M T ) at 25 N 25.82 E.



at ll-03 p.m.




llMoon venuc I Balanceof Mercury'sDasaat birth : 13 years,7 months and 6 days. Chart No. 250.-Born 19-5-1910 st 8-29 a.n. (l.S.T.) 18 N 31, 73 E52. ct

Ketu Jupltsr


Mo?cury Marsllvonus

Marl Lagna Rrhu

Moon u"r"uw I

I Juolter

RASI VonuB NH.72


Balanceof the Moon's Dasaat binh : 9 y e a r c , S m o n t h s and 16 days.

Cooccrolngtho Twclfth l{ow!


by aspected 6th lord Saturn. The Sun is in a Keeta Rasi or insectsign in a quadrantfrom the 6th lord Saturn,Theseyogas gave the native many tetms in prison. Malefics in the 2nd, sth, gth and 12th houses cause captivity. Saturn is in the 2nd, the Sun is in the 5th, Mars aspects the 9th housa and Rahuoccupies the 12th almost fulfillingallthe requirements of BandhanaYoga. Ths 12th house in Qhart No. 250 is occupiedby Mercury the Lagnalord, the Sun and Rahu. lt is further affllctod by I papakanari yoga caused by debilitated 8th lord Saturn and the malefic 6th lord Mars. The native committed a grave murder. Affliction to the 12th house is aggravated by the and afflictionto the Lagnaas well. The nativewas incarceratod lords affect not only the Lagna then hanged. The 6th and 8th but also the Lagna lord Mercury forming a powerful Bandhana Yoga. Ghart No. 251.-Born 24-3-1883 at 6 p.m. (L.M,T.) atf3N,77,835.
Lagna Sun

Saturn lJupit.

Mercury uoon I Rrhu I

Mercury Marr

NH-48 Rahu I Moon Lagnr Ketu Sun Jupitot

Balance tho Moon's Dasa at birth : 6 years. of


Howto Judge HoroscoPo a

ln Chan No. 251 the 2nd and 12th houses are heavilv afflicted.The Sun, the natural significatorof the eye, is subject lo papakartariyoga between Ketu and Mars. The by Moon is powerfullybut adversely aspected Mars. The 2nd lord Mars is in the 12th house. The 2nd and the 12th houses have the evil influences of all the planetscentered on them. Mars and Mercury are in the 12th houseaspected by Saturn while Rahu-Ketuconiointly dlt on the 2nd house. Further the secondhouseis hemmedin between 2 malefics, the Sun from night-blindness and Saturn. The nativeinitiallysuffered later lost his vision completely. snd In ChartNo. 252, the 12th lord Venus,though vatgottama, is afflicted by the nodes both in Rasi and Navamsa. He is also with Saturn, a malefic. The 2nd lord occupies the 6th house in pari'raftana with 6th lord Mars. The 12th houseis at about Chart No. 252.-Bbrn 9-12-1608 (O.5.) 6-30 a m. at 5l N 31, 0 W 05.
Jupltor Salurn Sun Ketu NAVAMSA Kotu Saturn Vnu8 Sun Mercury

NH-10 Lagna
Lagna MarS Jupit.

Balance the Moon's Dasaat birth : 8 years, 3 months of and 9 days.

Cooccrniog the Twelftb Housc


Chart No. 253.-Bom l-8-1947 at l0-lO p.m, (I.S.T.) at 14'N49,74 E 15

Lrgna Rahu Ma13 Morc. Rahu Moon I Jupiter Mercury

YenuS Sat. Sun

RA$I Moon RP-421118 Ketu Jupiter





| Balance the Moon's Dasaat birth: 7 years, 10 months of and 24 days. aspected Saturnand Jupiter. More than anything elsethe by was heavy affliction to Venus both in R:si and Navamsa for responsible makingthe nativetotally blind. The nativeof Chart No' 253 has weak eyes which water in underevenslight strain. The 12th lord Saturnis in Cancer closeconiunction with his bitter enemy and 6th lord the SunVenus, the karakafor eyes, is also with Saturn. The 2nd lotd Marsis also aftlictedby Rahu. The 12th lord and the karakas, the Sun and Venus, occupyingCancer, I watery sign and aspected by the walery Moon havo given eye afffiction of a similarnature. The native of Chart No. 254 sulfers from weak eye'sight. in addition,ho seesa btinkingaura beforehis eyes. The 12th an lord Venusoccupies inimicalsign with Ketu and is subject papakartail yoga caused by the Sun and Satum. The lo a

Marl V6nuB Ketu

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Chart No.254.-8om 2-8-1951at 1-35 p.m. (t.S.T.)at l3 N,77 E 30.

G il-234

Ur," I

Rehu Sit.

tuoon I

sun I

NAVAMSA Juplt. Loen! Mercury



Balance Saturn's Dasaat birth : 8 years,5 months and of 14 days. 2nd house is aspected by Mars while the 2nd lord Jupiter, though occupyinghis own sign Pisces, aspectedby Saturn. is Venus,the karaka,is afflictedby a blemished Mercuryso that the root of the trouble is traceable the nervous system. to The 12th house in Chaft No.255 is aspectedby the 12th lord Mars and the divine planet Jupiter. The gth house is occupiedby 9th lord Saturn who aspects the Sun, the Moon and Mercury-all three planets ruling soul, mind and intellect in the spiritualsign Cancer. The Lagnalord Venus is in the 4th house with kaivalyakaraka Ketu and the spiritual Jupiter, The native is a spiritual aspirant, who, in spite of high qualifications, academic has taken to a line of austority and sadhana.

Coacorolnt tbo Twelftb Houro


Chart No. 255.-Bom 2312*7-1933 at l-/K) (l.S.rJ at 2t N 9, 79 E 9.

Lsgns Venur



Saturn -



Balance Msrcury's of Dasaat birth : 9 years,1t months and1Odays, , Chart No.256.-Born 19-9-1936at 10-50 a.m. (l.S.T.) at 10 N 30,78 E 45.
Seturn Rahu


Sun Venur Merc.

Balanceof Rahu's Dasa at birth: 9 years and 3 months. 2tt


How to JudSe Horoscopo a

The nativeof Chart No. 256 is spiritual-minded. The gth ford Moon occupiesthe 12th house or mokshasthana and hemmedin betweenbenefics, Jupiteron one side and Venus and Mercuryon the other. The l2th lord Venus also receives no mafefic aspects.He is in virgo, vatgottamaand debiritated, with the sun and Mercury.The nativeis a fult-time sadhaka. f n ChartNo. 257 the 12rh house is occupied by the 9th lord the Moon and Atmakaraka sun who is arso the roth, the lord. The Lagnais under the influence Mercury,ths planet of of wisdom and Jupiter, a significatorof phitosophicat and spiritual inclinationswhile Lagna lord Mars, aspect only strengthens it. The chart belongs. to the occupant of the highestseatof spirituality and religionin the illustrious line of sri Adi sankaracharya.The 12th lord venus is in Sagittarius with mokshakaraka Rahu. The native is a jeevanmukta. Chart No. 257.-8 orn t3-t t -t 917 at 8-30a.m. (t.S.T.)at l2N58.77Es5.
Jupitot Sun


RP-421102 Venua Rahu Mercury Lagn!


Balance Rahu'sDasaat birth: 13 years, 9 months and of 7 days.

Concernlog TwclfthHouso tho


Chart No. 258.-Born l6-10-1892 at 7-12 a.m. (L.M.T.) 8t l3 N,76 E.

Jupit. Ketu


RP-239/PN Sun Mercury Ketu Lagna


Balanceof Ketu's Dasaat birth: 1 yearand g months. In ChartNo. 258 the 12th houseis occupied yogakaraka by Saturnand aspected. the planet of spirituality, Jupiter, who by not onfy occupiesthe mystic sign of piscesbut is also varyottama. The native was an exalted sage also coming in the gloriousline of SriAdi Sankaracharya. The l2th lord Mercury is also the gth lord in Lagna associatingwith the Sun, ruler of the souf, and kaivalyakaraka Kelu. The 12th house is hemmed in betweenLagnalord Venus and Atmakarakathe Sun who are in mutual parivartanaindicatingthe blazing spirituality of the native.


Marl Rahu Venur

Some Practical lllustrations
We have seen so far how to assess the nature of resultsof each of the twolve Bhavas or houses beginning from the seventh (marriage) to the twerfth (emancipation) in this volume. The principlesof astrorogy provide us with a tool to estimate the generalworth of an individualand what life has in store for him in its varioussectorssuch as marriage (7th), ruffering and death (8th), parentage, prosperity, travel (9thi, fame, success, distinction and occupation (1Oth), trienOs, brothers,gains (1l th) and expenditure, incarceration and f inat release (12th) afterdeath. Arthoughthe pranetary configurations can give a broad outline of the future of an individuat, it is only an intuitionarperception that can herp us to assessrhe real worth of a horoscope. lt is no easyjob to draw conclu_ sions. The astrologer has a duty in dressing his predictions up in such a way that the truth is revealed without adversoly affectingone psychologically. lf the Lagna lord, the Moon or Mercury is afflicted, a negativepredictionmay drive the native to melancholiaand frustration. Henceone must be careful in revealingthe truth. On the contrary,a native with strong Ascendant,the Moon or Mercury will be abre to digest any prediction without reacring

Somc Practlcal Ilturtratlons


etrongly. This mental maturity of a native must bo assessed before the astrologergives his commentson any chart. Coming to the question of interpletation, the Rasi, Nav_ amsaand Bhavachartsmust all be taken into account. Malefic afflictionscausedenial or lack of happiness positive misery or in a particularsector of life. on the contrary,benefic dispositions thror.rlh aspects,associationsand occupation give happiness and success in the relevant aspscts of life. A proper assessment and balancing of all factors must be made before comingto any conclusion. The Dasa-Bhuktis of very gr6at are importancosince if appropriateperiodsdo not operate in the life+imeof an individuar, may not experience he the resurtsin their entirety. we shalranaryse a generarway the severar Bhavas in in the followingtwo charts: Ghart A.-Birth
Mcrcury Moon Rahu

details with-held for obvious reasons:

Marr Sun





Balance Saturn,sDasa at binh: of and 1 day.

1 7 ysars,


How to tudjo e Horoscopo

Marriage Tha seventhhouse falls in Taurus. lt is not occupied or aspectedby any planet and therefore,quite unafflicted. The seventh lord Venus occupies the gth house and is free of aspects,good or bad. Hencethe seventhBhava is fairly strong. The 7th housefrom the Moon is Virgo occupied by Ketu and sspectedby the 7th lord Mercury. He is neecha (debilitated) but gets cancellation debility due to Venus,who getsexartsd of in Pisces,being in a kendra (quadrant)from the Moon. Mercury is afflicted by Rahu and aspecred by exalted Moon-sign lord Jupiterand llth lord Saturn flom his own sign (Capricorn). The 9th houseis occupiedby an exaltedJupiter who is a beneficfor ScorpioAscendants. He is aspected by powedul Saturn,a malofic. The presence Venus in the gth house, both as Kalatraof karakaand 7rh lord, is not desirablesince it gives a sickly husband. Further Mercury, the 8th lord, occupies the sth housewith a beneficthe Moon but maleficRahu. The 7th househas no afflictionsprima facie. Neitherthe 7th lold nor the Bhavais aspected associatedwith Saturn. or The gth houseis fortified by a parivartana lexchange of signs betweensth and 9th lords). An early marriage is therefore, possible. The strengthof the gth house indicates a fortunate match and greatprosperityin life. Timing Marriage: The following planets would be capable giving marriage theirperiods(Dasas Bhuktis):_ of in or (1) The lordsof the Rasiand Navamsa occupied by the 7th lord namely,Mercury and Mars. (2) Venus. (3) The Moon.

Practical lllustratioos Somc


(4) The lord of the sign occupied by the 2nd lord Jupiter-the Moon. (5) The lOth lord-the Sun. (6) The 9th lord-the Moon. (7) The 7th lord- Venus, there being no planetsoccupythe 7th house. ing or aspecting (8) The 7th lord from the Moon-Mercury. That is, Mercury, Mars, Venus, the Moon, and the Sun of capable giving maniagein their petiods. become The native finishedher Saturn's Dasa when slightly ovet power did not 17 yearsand Saturnhavingno marriage-giving give her matrimony. The next Dasa would be of Mercury. being indicated, the Dasasof Venus, the Sun, Earlymarriage at the Moon and Marscould not be considered all since Venus Dasa would begin in her 42nd year, the Sun's Dasa by the 48th year, the Moon's Dasaby the 58th yearand Mars Dasa by her 65th year. So Mercury'sDasawould be most appropriatefor marriage. In addition, Mercuryis with the 9th lord, the Moon and aspectedby exalted Jupiter 12nd lord and Kutumbasthanadhipati) so that within 6 months from tho commencement the Dasa, the native got married. of of trpplying the methodof addingtho longitudes the Lagna Bhava(223" 11') and ths seventh house (43' 11'), the sum woufd be 266" 22' or Sagittarius 26" 22'. Transit Jupiter was in Capricorn when the marriage took place in January 1950. Jupiter from here was aspecting natal 7th house and natal Jupirerwho is also the rulerof the sign signifiedby the sum. 'The gth houseis extremely stronginvolving the 9th lord Moon and the 2nd and the 5th lord Jupiter as well as the 11th lord Mercuryand gives rise to a powerful Dhana Yoga. Tne marriage occurring in the commencernent the Dasa of the of


How to Judgoa HoroscopG

11th ford MercurygaveI very rich husband.The 7th lord Venus occupying Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, and Mercury being strong with neechabhangagave a highly intelligent Venusoccupies martianconstellation a mercurial husband. a in sign so that the panner turned out to be an expert in technology. Mercurybeing very well placed with gth lord the Moon (sowbhagya) ond aspectedby the 2nd lotd (kutumDa) and rhe sth ford (progenyl Jupiter from the 9th house (generalfortune) gave happiness marriedlife with the biilh of children and in ptosperityof husbandin his Dasa. Widowhood The 8th houseis occupiedby the 7th lord Venus which is not I good feature. Ketu afflictsthe 7th housefrom the Moon with no relievinginfluences. The presence the 7th lord in of gives a sickly husband. Venus, further,occupies the 8th house ruled by Mars who is in the 6th house. a constellation The native's husband developed prostrate trouble about after several operathe end of Mercury'sDasa. lt aggravated tionsduringSaturn'ssub-period, last in Mercury's Dasa. the By the time Ketu's Dasabegan, it had becomeso complicated that normalconjugallife was no longer possible. The RahuKetu axis afflictsthe gth lord from Lagna and the 7th house in from the Moon causingvicissitudes married life. Ketu Dasa continued in this manner. After prolongedillnessand several more surgical operations, the native"s husband died in the sub-period Mars in Venus Dasa. The Dasa lord Venusis in of a dusthana so that his karakatwa (natural significations) suffered until the end. Venus occupies mengalyasthenatrom the Ascendantand is the 8th lord from the Moon. Mars is the 7th lord frorn the 7th and becomes a maraka. He is in the



12th from the 7th. The chart indicates widowhood and this ocr':svlsd the sub-periodof the 6th lord in the Dasa of in the 7th lord placedin the gth causing Kalatra-bhanga. Foreign Travel The ninth house is Cancer, a watery sign, occupied by exalted2nd and 5th rord Jupiter. The gth rord Moon is in Pisces, another watery sign, and with gth and 1l th lord Mercury. The Moon is aspectedby the 3rd lord Saturn and the sth lord Jupiter. Rahu associateswith the Moon. The Lagnalord Mars being in a moveablp sign, the gth house being a moveableand watery sign, the 9rh lord Moon occupying a common sign and being aspected by the 3rd lord Saturnfrom his own sign Capricornwhich also happens to be a moveable sign ale all indicative of foreign travel and journeysto distant placesin the appropriate Dasas (periods) and Bhuktis(sub-periods). The following factorsmust be considered timing in foreign journeys, namely, (a) lord of rhe gth house-the Moon ; (b) planet or pranetsaspectingthe glh house-saturn ; (c) pfanetin the gth house_Jupiter ; (d) planetsaspecting the grh lord_Saturn and Jupiter; (e) planetsin association with the 9rh tord_Mercury, Rahuand Ketu ; and (f ) the 9th lord from the Moon_Mars. Therefore, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, Mercuryand Mars becomequalified to give foreign travel In their periods. The presence Lagna lord Mars in a of move. able sign and the 9th lord Moon in a dual sign aspected by a well-placed 3rd rord saturn indicate severar journeys abroad. Mars, the lord of the Lagna,in the 6th housecannot, however,


How to Judtc r llororoDo

give foreignresidedce prolongedstay abroad as would havo or been.thecaseif he were in the 9th or 12th house. Venusis the 12th lord as well as the 7th lord and is also capable of travel abroad more particularly because of his occupation a common sign. of The nativefirst went abroadin Venus Bhukti of Mercury Dasa. Venus,as we havelust seen, is the 12th lord and so qualified for giving travels. The Dasa lord Mercury is in associationwith the 9th lord in Pisces. The secondtime SaturnBhuktiin MercuryDasatook her abroad. Saturnis the 3ld lord aspectingthe 9th lord Moon and Dasa lord Mercury from the 3rd house. Ketu, the next Dasalord, is in the 11th house in a commonsign, aspected by 9th lord Moon. The took het abroad Bhuktisof Venus,Mars, Jupiterand Mercury in this Dasa. VenusDasaalso gave her many joulneys abroad. We can also apply the Saharntests. r Paradesha Saham =9th house-gth lord+Ascendant lotd - 103" 1 1'-334' 27' +Oo 25' - 129o9' or Leo 9'. The lord of the Sahamis the Sun who is exaltedin the 6th with the gth lord Mars from the Moon. housein associatron JalapatanaSaham : Cancer15o-Saturn+Ascendant = 1 0 5 " - 2 8 3 o1 0 ' + 2 2 3 " 1 l =45o 01' or 15oTaurus '. 1 The lord ol the JalapatanaSahamis Venus who is ths 7th a and 12th lord occupying commonsign. The lotdsof the two connectedwith the 12th and 9th houses, the Sahamsbeing foreigntravel. chartcan be saidto indicate The Sun is the karakafot father. He is exalted -Father.' in the 6th house with Lagna lord Mars who occupies his sign. The Sun is fairly stlong sxcept for his moolatrikona

lllustrations SornePractical


occupation a dusthana. The gth lord, the Moon, occupies at the sth house, a trine, in exchange ith 5th lord Jupiter. w T h e [ 4 o o n i s c l o s e l yp l a c e d t o R a h u a n d i s w i t h 8 r h l o r d Mercury.. Malefic Saturnaspectshim but this is countered by t h e a s p e c to f a n e x a l t e d i g n d i s p o s i t o r n d b e n e f i c ,J u p i t e r . s a Considered from the Moon, the gth lord Mars occupies a maraka house (2nd house)with exalted6th lord the Sun who is also pitrukaraka. details withheld for obvious reasons: Chart *.-Birth

,,n", |


lvloo n lVlars NAVAMSA

S a t un r

Sun GD - 1 3 5 Venus

Metcury Moon Ketu

,,0,,., I tXll
Dun IMerc_

l up t t .



E a l a n c eo f M a r s D a s a a t b i r t h :

d years, 0 month and

17 days. The exaftation the Sun gave the native a well-placed of f a t h e r . H i s d e a t ho c c u r r e d n S a t u r nB h u k t io f M e r c u r yD a s a . i S a t u r ni s t h e 7 t h l o r d f r o m t h e 9 t h h o u s ea s w e l l a s t h e 1 2 t h lord from the 9th lorciMoon. The Dasa lord Mercury is 3rd andi2th lordfromthe gth house. He is also the 7th lord from the 9th lord the Moon. The exaltation of the karaka and the parivzrtanabetween the sth and gth lords gave a f a i r l yl o n g - l i v e d a t h e r . ' f

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Marriage The 7th house, viz., Scorpio is occupiedby Venuslord Saturn. This by of Lagnaand 6lh. lt is aspected yogakardka h a s b o t h g o o d a n d b a d s i g n i f i c a n c e .T h e 7 t h l o r d M a r s i s e x a l t e d a n d o c c u p i e st h e 9 t h h o u s e w i t h t h e 3 r d l o r d t h e M o o n . H e i s n o t a s p e c t e db y a n y p l a n e t . T h e 7 t h l o r d i s V w e l l p l a c e d . K a r a k a e n u s , h o u g hw e l l p l a c e di r t a q u a d r a n t t i n t h e 7 t h h o u s e ,i s p a r t l yb e n e f i cb e i n gt h e l o r d o f t h e L a g n a and partly not welcomebeingthe 6th lord. This has a mixed l i n f f u e n c e n h i s k a r a k a t w a ( n a t u r as i g n i f i c a t i o n ) .T h e7 t h o by housefrom the Moon, viz., Cancer,is aspected the Moon himselfar^C exaltedMars, a badhakadhipatiand lord of the 4th and11th. TimingMarriage: The following planets becomequali: , , f i e d t o g i v e m a r r i a g e V e n u s J u p i t e r ,M o o n , M e r c u r y S a t u r n and Mars. The 7th house is occupied by Lagna lord Venus which is good. Saturn is a yogakaraka and aspectsthe 7th to house.This has a delayingeffect but since he happens be a i f u n c t i o n a b e n e ifc a n d h i s s i g n d i s p o s i t o M e r c u r y s e x a l t e d , l r g he cannot push the event too far ahead. Thenative ot m a n i e d i n S a t u r n ' s h u k t i o f J u p i t e r ' s a s a w h e n a b o u t2 7 D B . y e a r s l d . I n t h e l a t e 4 0 ' s a n d e a r l y5 0 ' s , t h i s c o u l d n o t b e o s a i d t o b e a n e a r l y m a r r i a g en o r e v e n a v e r y l a t eo n e T h e Dasalord Jupiter is the ruler of th'eNavamsa occupiedby the 7th lord while the Bhukti lord Saturn is lord of both the gth a n d . l O t hh o u s e s n d a s p e c t sh e 7 t h h o u s e . d d i n gt h e l o n g i a t A 471 tudes of the Lagnaand the 7th Bhava get 56"47' t 236o we '-293" 3 4 t o r C a p r i c o r n . J u p i t e r i n t r a n s i tw a s m o v i n g o v e r t h i s s i g n a s w e l l a s 7 t h l o r d M a r sa t t h e t i m e o f m a r r i a g e . T h e 7 t h h o u s ei s o c c u p i e d y V e n u s t h e p l a n e to f b e a u t y . , b The 7th lord Mars is exalted in the 9th house (good f<"rrtune)

Somo Practlcal Illurtratlonr


with the Moon. The native manied a beautifuland inteiligent woman. Venus in the 7th house made the couple deepty devotedto each other. The associationof the 7th lord Mars with the Moon gavo a wife, many years younger-almost ten -than the nativo. The 7th lord is in the 9th and karaka Venus with no afflictions gave a long lease of married life. Thereare no indications the chan for loss of wife. in Longevity The Ascendant is aspected by its lord Venus. The eighth lord Jupiteris in the 6th housewith debilitated4th lord sun. The sun gets neechabhanga (canceilation debirity) sincehis of sign-lord Venus is in a kendra (quadrant) from Lagna.The eighth house receives no other aspects. From the Moon, the eighth house is Leo aspected by exalted Mars. The gth lord sun occupiesthe 1Othhousewith 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter. Ayushkanka saturn is in the sth house with exatted Mercury. At the same time, he is afflicted by the Nodes. The 3rd lord the Moon aspects the 3rd house. This is good. Considered from the Moon, the 3rd lord Jupiter is in the 1Oth with the 8th lord sun. The 8th rord Jupiter in a dusthanaand the gth lord Sun (with referenceto the Moon) being strong in a kendraare not very good for longevity. On the other hand, the presence Venus in a kendragives some strength. Since of both beneficsand malefics are in a kendra (quadrant) and kona (trine) and 8th lord is in a malefic Bhava, the spanof life can be said to be medium or madhyayu, Another leason for medium life is the exaltation of maraka planets, namely, 2nd lord Mercuryand 7th tord Mars in trines. The Dasas that operateduring madhyayu (32 to 75 years) are of Jupiter (in pail), Saturn and Mercury. Of these three


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Dasalords, Jupiter is the 8th lord from Lagna and the 3rd with 8th lord Sun. and'l2th fordfrom the Moon combining Saturnis not a marakafrom Lagna. He is the natural maraka and combineswith the 2nd lord Mercury. From the Moon, he is the 2nd lord. Mercuryis the 2nd lord from Lagnaplaced with karakaSaturn. He associateswith the 2nd lord from the Moon, namely,Saturn. Of these three planets, Jupiter does not havesufficientmaraka power, either due to lordship ol association. BetweenSaturn and Mercury, thg latter is the 2nd lord and powerful due to his exaltation. But Saturn who associates with Mercurytakesover the marakatwa from him and becomes a first-rate killer. Since Lagna lord aspects Lagna,Saturncannot be expectedto kill in the beginning of his Dasa. This would not be warranted by the planetary dispositions. Hencehe can kill only in the closing paft of his period. Rahu whc is with Saturn (maraka) and 2nd lord Mercuryand who should also reflect the lesults of Saturn quite capableof proving fatal. The native died in becomes Saturn's Dasaat the fag end of Rahu Bhukti. Nature of Death The 8th houseis Sagittarius and falls in the 3rd drekkana of the sign, ruledby ths Sun. The 8th house is free of aspects, malefic or benefic,while 8th lord joins the Sun (4th lord) in the 6th house (rogathe sthanal. The Sun as lord of the 2nd drekkanaoccupyingthe 6th housegivesa clue to the causeof death. Deathcame after an attack of pneumonia followed by a fatal heart.attack. Deathwas suddenand natural since there are no malefic aspects the 8th houseor 8th lord. on


Foreign Travel sign, occupied by a The ninth house is Capricorn, moveable Mars. the Moon lord of the 3rd and exalted7th and 12th lord The lord of the 9th house is in a trine in a r:ommon sign with Rahu and exaltedMercury,lord of the 2nd and Sth houses. The Lagnalord Venusoccupiesa watery sign Scorpio in the from the Moon, the gth house is Virgo 7th house. Considered occupiedby Rahu and Moon-sign lord Saturn. The 9th lord Mercury is exaltedin the gth house itself. These factors are indicativeof foreign travel. Applying the Sahamtests,ws get ParadeshaSaham-211o 20'ot 1" Scorpio 20'. Jalapatana Sahamcomssto 19o3' or 19" Aries33'. Both Sahamshave Mars rulingthem. He is not only theTth and 12th lord from Lagnabut is exalted in the 9th house. The nativewent abroadfirst in Jupiter's Dasa, Jupiter's Bhukti. Jupiter is with the 4th lord Sun so that it was fol teasonsof education. Jupiter, ths Dasalold, is in a moveable sign in the 6th house. He occupiesthe constellation of Rahu who associates with the gth lord Saturn. The secondtime thE nativewent abroad was in Saturn's Dasa, Saturrfs Bhukti. Saturnas the 9th lord in the 5th house in a common sign is well placed to give foreign journeys. After that therewere journeysabroad in the rest of Saturn Dasa until innumerable death. Father The Ascendantbeing Taurus,the ninth house is Capricorn occupied by 3rd lord the Moon and the 7th and 12th lord exaltedMars. The presence a ruler of a dusthana (twelfth) of house in the 9th is not so good. The 9th lord Saturn is in the 6th house with Sth lord Mercury and Rahu. Although Saturn


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as gth lord in a trine is good for father, his associationwith Mercurywho is also the 2nd lord is not desirable. from the Moon, the gth house is Virgo occuConsidered pied by an exaltedgth lord Mercury, Moon-sign lord Saturn and Rahu. The karakaSun is in the 6th debilitated and with 6th lord Jupiter. The Sun gets cancellation debility due to of Venusbeing in a kendra from Lagna. This his sign-dispositor the humblebeginnings life of the native's father. in explains The karakabeing in an upachayalifted him to ths rank of a leadingindustrialist as indicated by the exalted planets in tho gth both from the Lagnaand the Moon. Death of the'native'sfather occurredin Venus Bhukti of Jupiter's Dasa. Jupiter is the 7th lord from the 9th house from the Moon. He is in the 2nd from the 9th house. He is the 2nd occupantfrom the 9th lord Saturn associatingwith the 12th lord the Sun, therefrom,gaining marakapowers. Venus,ruler of the sub-period,is the 2nd lord from gth lord Saturnand the 9th housefrom the Moon and in the 2nd house from the karakaSun. Occupation The 1Othhouseis Aquariusaspected 8th and 11th lord by Jupiter. The 1Othlord Saturnis alsoths grh lord and occupies the sth house,a trine, with exalted2ndand Sth lord Mercury and Rahu. The link-up betweenthe 2nd and Sth lords and the 9th and 1Othlords in the 5th houseis powerful yoga tor success and f inancialprosperity. The 9th and 1Othlord happeningto be Saturnand associatingwith 2nd lord Mercury, the nativejoinedthe familybusiness. This was in Saturn'sBhuktiof Jupiter's Dasa. Jupiter ls the 11th lord and aspects the 1Othhouse. Saturn,the lord of ths Bhukti,is a yogakaraka and owns the 1Othhouse. Venus

Illuctrutlons Prsctlcat Somo


is Incidentally in the 7th house in a kendraahead of the Sun so the native'scareetbeganfollowing marriage. in with Rahu (engineering) The 1OthlordSaturncombines with a powedul Mercury(industry). the 5th house(investment) induswith a chain of engineering was connected The business sign tries. The 1l th lord who signifiesgains is in a venusian (conveyance) with 4th lord Sun (vehicles)so that the majol was dealingwith automobiles. business Jupiterbeingthe 11th lord and Saturn, the Yogakaraka and both planetsbeing relatedto the 11th houses,theseDasas saw the native s businessprosperand expandconsiderably. Elder co-borns The 1lth houseis Pisces, a fruitful sign and is aspected by YogakarakaSaturn and exalted benefic Mercury. lt is occupiedby Ketu. The 11th lord Jupiter is in a dusthana, the 6th house, which is also an upachaya,with the 4th lord Sun. Jupiter with a benefic Venus. The occupieshis own sign in Navamsa 11th houseand lotd are fairly well placed. from the Moon, the 11th house is Scorpio Considered Venus. The 11th lord Mars, in tuln, by occupied Yogakaraka Marsoccupies ls exaltedin the Moon-signitself. ln Navamsa, a beneficsign Pisces. Mars, who is also the karaka,is in the 9th housewith the lertile Moon. The 1lth both from Lagnaand the Moon are fortified by Saturn and Venus. Yogakarakas, the influenceof the respective The 11th lord Jupiter occupyinga dusthanais the only blemish on the 1 lth house. from Lagna, who Saturn and Mercury,functionalbenefics 6 and 7 complete Nav' act on the ltth house, have moved 80


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amsasrespectively. From the Moon, Venuswho is in the l l th house has moved 5 whole Navamsas. Saturn who aspects the 11th housefrom the Moon has covered whole Navamsas. 6 The Sverage number of Navamsascovered by these planets is ( 6 + 7 + 5 + 6 ) = 2 4 d i v i d e db y 4 . T h i sw o u l d g i v e6 N a v a m s a s . The nativehad four elder brothersand two elder sisters. The Rahu-Ketuaxis afflicts tho 11th house from Lagna. Rahuhas coveredone Navamsa. Jupiter,the 11th lord, is afflictedby debilitatedsun in the 6th house. Thesetwo affrictionson the 11th Bhavaresultedin the loss of two elderco-botns, leaving an equal numberof brothersand sisters alivo. While eunuchplanets, Mercury and Saturn,aspect l lth ths housefrom Lagna,the eleventhhousefrom the Moon is subiect to the equallystrong influenceof a female planet, yogakaraka Venusand a male planet exalted Mars with the result two elder brothers and two elder sisters continuedto live during the native'siife-time. The deathof an elder brothercameabout in Jupiter'sDasa, $aturn's Bhukti. The Dasa lord Jupiter is the lord of the efeventhhouseand placed in the gth (a dusthana) from the 11th house. Jupiter,in addition,occupies constellation the of Rahu who occupies maraka placefrom the l lth house. The a Bhukti ford Saturn is in dwirdwadasa (2112position) from Dasalord as well as lrth lord Jupiter. He is in rhe 7th houso fromthe llrh house combining with the 7th lord Mercury which makeshim an extremoly powerfulmaraka. Anotherelder brother died in Mars Bhukti of Saturn,s Dasa. Mars, the sub-lord, is the ruler of the 2nd from the 1 1 t h h o u s e . H e i s a m a r a k a r o m t h e 1 1 t h l o r d J u p l t e r ,b e i n g f the 2nd and 7th lord therefrom, Saturn in the 7rh wirh a

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marakaplanet isa powedul killer with reference to the 11th houseas already analysed. Sayana-sukha-Conjugal life The twelfth house is a barrensign Aries aspected by the lOth lord Mars,8th and 1lth lord Jupiter, and another fiery pfanet the Sun, the last two occupyinga matef place, viz., ic the 6th house. The 12th house is quite blemished except fol the aspectof the 12th lord Mars, who occupies the 9th housc, with the 3rd lord Moon and hencefairly well placed. Considered from the Moon, the 12th house is Sagittarius, neitheroccupiednor aspected any ptanet. The 12th lord by Jupiteroccupiesthe 1Othhouse with the gth lord Sun. The karakaVenusis in a quadrant. As Lagnalord in the 7th house he is good but as 6th lord, not so feasibleso tar as Kalatrabhava concerned. He is aspected by Saturn, a is hermaphrodits, whose characteristics further enhanced by are association with anothersimilar planet, an afflicted Mercury. Moreover,Venusoccupies rhercurial a constellationand as we havealreadyseen, this is not a welcomesituation. The 12th housefrom Lagnabeing affticted by planets in the 6th house (rogasthana) and the karakabeing ruler of the 6th house and afflicted resulted in heatth troubles that prevented the nativefrom having a normal marriedlife. Butsince the 12th lord Mars is well placed and Venus is also a beneficdue to his ownershipof Lagna and occupies a kendra, this state of affairs began only after the nativehad lived a normal life for about 15 years. The next 1E years approximately, until his death, were filted with complicated health probfems that did not ailow sayana-sukha. This is a unique instanceof how both benefic and malefic influences


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on a particular Bhava have been equalised and given good and bad resultsin an equal measule.

The 12thhouss'"il:ilt'rtJrt"of

piety, chality and

expenditure. The 12th house is aspectedby a natural benefic Jupiter, atmakaraka and exalred 12th lord Mars. The 12th lord Sun Mars occupies the 9th house in great slrength. Considered fiom the Moon also, the 12th lord Jupiter occupies a kendra with the Sun. He receives no aspects,good or bad. The native was extremely generousand charitable. There 8re no maleficaspects the 12th house. The native spent large on Sums of money on bettering the living conditions of his workersand on many projectsof socialwelfare.

Adhipati Adhipatya Alpayu Antara Apoklima Artha -- Lord - Lordship - Short life between 8 arid 32 yeals - lnter-period - The 3rd, 6th, gth and 12th , houses - The Znd of the 4 aims of life according to Sanatana Dharma, namely, wealth - The sign which is distant from the lord as the lord is from the houseconcerned - A combinationcausedby evit planets - A combination for tyrannical anddemonicacharacteristics I .- Weapon - Saturn, the naturalsignificator of longevity -_ Strength - lnfant mortality - Zodiac - House - Junction of two houses


Asubhayoga Asurayoga Ayudha Ayushkarakr Bala Balarishta Bhachakra Bhava BhavaSandhi


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Bhratrukaraka Bhukti Budha Budha-Aditya Yoga Budha Dasa Buddhi Buddhisthana Chandra ChandraDasa Chandra.Mangala Yoga CharaRasis Chatushpada Rasis Dasa Dhanakaraka Dhanus Dharma

Divya Drishti Dosha Drekkana Dusthana DwikalatraYoga Dwirdwadasa Dwiswabhava Rasis Gangasnana

Mars, the natural significator of brother - Sub-period -_ Mercury - A combinationfor intelligence and learning 'iq - Mercury'smajor poriod - Intelligence - The houseof intelligence - The Moon - The Moon's period - Angular disposition between tho Moon and Mars - Moveablesigns - Ouadrupedal signs - Major period - Jupiter,the naturalsignificator of wealth. - Sagittarius - Right living or the first of the 4 aims of life according to Sanatana Dharma - Supersensuous perception - Affliction - One-third divisionof a sign - An evil place,namely,the 6th, 8th and 12th house - A combination two wives for - 2nd andl2th housesfromeach othet - Commonsigns - A dip in the RiverGanga






| '

Gnanakaraks Graha Gopuramsa Guru Guru Dasa Guru Bhukti Hora Jaimlni

Jalapatana Saham Janma Rasi Jathaka Jeevanmukta Kalatrakaraka Kanya Karaka Karako bhavanasaya Karma Karmasthana Kataka Kendra Kendradhipati

'- Equivalent 24 minutes or to 1 / 6 0 t ho f a d a y - Jupiter,thenaturalsignif icator of knowledge - Planet - Occupving four thesanlevarga times - Jupiter - Major periodof Jupiter - Sub-period Jupiter of - One-half divisionof a sign - A Maharishiof lndia. Author of works on Astrology and Philosophy -* Sensitivepoint relating to voyage -- Sign occupied the Moon at by birth - Horoscopy One rarhohas attained selfrealisation -.- Venus, the naturalsignificator of wife or husband * Virgo - Natural sigiiificator "-- The karaka in that particular Bhavadestroys it -- Activity -* The 10th house - Cancer .- The 4th, 7th and 10th lrouses, a quadrant --- O.uadrangular lord


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Ketu KrishnaPaksha Kuia Kuja Bhukti Kuja Dasa Kuja Dosha

Lagna Lagnadhipati Madhyayu Mangalya Mangalyasthana Makara Mandagraha Mandi Maraka Motrukaraka Meena Mesha Mithuna Mitra Mitravarga Moksha Moolatrikona Naisargika Nararasis Navamsa Neecha

-. -

Caudaor Dragon'sTail Darkhalf of a lunarmonth Mars }1 Sub-periodof Mars Major period of Mars Aff lictioncausedby Marsoccupying the 2nd, 4th,7th, gth or 12th houses Ascendant rising sign or Ascendant lord Mediumspan of life Coverture The 8th house Capricorn Superior slow-movingplanet or A sensitivepoint in the horoscope Dearhordeath-inflicting planet Ths Moon, the naturalsignificator of the mother Pisces Aries Gemin! Friend The varga or the place of a friendlyplanet FinalEmancipation A sign of well-being for a planet Natural Humansigns llgth divisionof a sign Debilitated


Index 9ancellationof debility Fetters Fixed Zodiac, without precossion Occhabala -- Exaltation strength Occhabhanga - Exaltation degreeof a ptanet Pakshi - Bird Panaparas - The 2nd, Sth, gth and llth houses yogas - 5 special combinatione PanchaMahapurusha for greatness Papakanari - Being hemmed in between2 Yoga malefics -- Sensitive point retating Paradesha Saham to foreign travel Parivaftana -Mutual exchange signs of Phaladeepika - A classicalwork on Astrology by Mantreswara Pitrukaraka - The Sun, the natural significator of father Purnayu - Full span of life Putrakaraka - Jupiter, naturalsignificator of progeny Rahu - Caput or Dragon'sHead Rajalakshana - Combinations for, royalty and Yogas politicalpower RajaYoga - A combinarion for politica! success Rasi - A sign of the Zodiac Ravl - The Sun Ravi Dasa - The Sun's major period Ravi Bhukti - The Sun'ssub-period Saham - Sensitivepoint Neechabhanga Nigada Nirayana * -

171 Sani Sani Bhukti Sani Dasa SanivadRahu Satru Satru Bhava Sayana Shadbalas Shashtashtaka Shashtiamsa Simha Sowbhagya Sthira Rasis $ubhakartari Yoga Sukla Paksha Sushka Sukra Sukra Dasa SukraBhukti Swavarga Tanukaraka Thula Trimsamsa Trikona Upagraha Udu Dasa

How to Judgc Horoscopa a Saturn Saturn's sub-period Saturn's majorperiod Rahu gives results akin to Saturn -- Enemy Sixth house MoveableZodiac,with precesston * Six sources of planetary and housestrengths 6rh and 8rh from eachother --. 1/60thdivisionof a sign - Leo -_ Forrune, in particularrelation to women - Fixedsigns - Being hemmedin betweentwo ics benef - Brighthalf of a lunarmonth - Dry or earthy - Venus - Venusmajor period - Venussub-period -- Own sub.division - The Sun, the indicator bodv of - Libra -* 1130th divisionof a sign - 1st, sth and 9th signs planet, e.g., Gulika A satellite - Vimshottari system of direc' tions -



Upachaya Vahanakaraka Vahanasthana Vaiseshikamsa Varga Vargottama Varsha Dasa Varsha Varshaphala Vedas Vidyakaraka Vidyasthana Vighati Vimshottari Vipareeta Raja Yoga Vrischika Vrishabha Yatra Yoga Yogakaraka

The sign as apartfrom the 12th lord as the latter is from the 12th - The 3rd, 6th, 10th and l1th houses - Venus,indicator ofconveyances - Fourth house - Occupying the same varga lhree or more times - Manner division, of e.g., Rasis, Hora, etc. A specialdistinction - Year - Period relating to the yesr - Annualresults -- Scriptures Jupiter, indicatol of education - Fourrhhouse Equivalent to 24 seconds of English time - A systemof Dasa or directions -- A combination for unparalleled good fortune - Scorpio Taurus - Pilgrimage - Specialcombination Planetcausingyoga