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swami ALavanthAr – kATTumannAr koyil


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SrimathE SaThakOpAya namaH
SrImathE rAmAnujAya namaH
SrImathE varavaramunayE namaH
Sthothra Prasthana: The religious system of Sthothra

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yadpadAmbhOruha dhyAna vidhvasthASEsha kalmasha:
vasthuthAmupayAthOham yAmunEyam namAmi tham
I bow down to the lotus feet of yAmuna, by contemplating on his lotus feet all my blemishes have
been completely removed and I have become an entity
Dr. A. Sreekanth, Srirangam
(The core idea of this article is taken from a Hindi article Sthothra prasthanam, appeared in
1977 November issue of Ananthasandesam, by Sri U. Ve vidyA bhUshaNam thirunAngUr
prathivAdi bhayangaram aNNangarAcharya swami.)

The Origin of Sthothra

Poetry is a powerful means of communication embellished with rhetoric and figures of
speech. It is highly delectable. Sanskrit being an apt medium to translate the ideas into
expressions due to the versatility, flexibility and grand vocabulary; the sthothra lore evolved and
developed in Sanskrit. It was Yamunacharya who started the entire system of sthotras in
vishishtadwaitha sampradayam. Yamunacharya, prior to becoming a yathi, sends a message to
his opponent, AkkiyAzhvAn, starting with navAyam kavayasthu kEvalam – We are not only
poets. The usage of “we” here is attributive of all the past and forth coming generations of
pooravacharyas. How come alavanthar could predict it, kavi: krAntha darSI:, a kavi can foresee.
Akin to the statement of alavanthar, we can see all our poorvacharyas were poets also. One can
doubt whether Sri Ramanuja was a poet or not, “gadya: kavinAm nikasham vadanthi” goes a
Sanskrit saying, Prose is the touch stone of poets, only a person well versed as a poet can indulge
in writing prose. Sri Ramanuja’s extempore elaboration on Saranagathi through three gadyas
bear ample testimony to his status as a kavi. We can see that prose works in sankrit itself are
rare; kadambari and dasakumara charitha are examples.

The need of composing sthrothras were felt by Swami ALavanthAr, to depict the divine
experiences and counsels of AzhvArs, in Sanskrit- which was then a language of scholars. He
was a trend setter in composing sthothras. All succeeding acharyas used poetry as a good
medium of expression. Many sthothras found their place in praise of nammazhvar, like
parankusAShtakam a collection from various authors, parankusa pancha vimsathi of koyil
kanthadai vadhula desikacharya and nakshathra malika of jeeyar nayanar. Each of these sthothra
find their exalted places in nithyanusandhanam. For every srivaishnava, the knowledge of
poorva/uthara dinacharya is a must as he has to chant them before having his every day meal.

PrasthAna- The system

The word prasthAna means pravESam or anvayippathu, meaning ‘a way to attain’, ‘a
system’, ‘purport’ ‘being linked’ or ‘associated with’. In the three vedic religions, Srimath
bhagavad githa, upanishads, and brahma suthra are collectively known as prasthAna thraya. By
his works, SrIbhAshya, gIthA bhAshya, vEdArtha sangraha, VEdAntha deepa, and vEdAntha
Sara, Sri Ramanuja did reassert the prasthAna thraya and gave a new life to Upanishad
prasthAna. When it comes to our visishtAdvaitha sampradayam, we come across the term
prasthAna chathushTaya – or the Four fold system. What are these four? brahma sUthra
prasthAnam, gIthA prasthAnam, divya prabandha prasthAnam and rahasya prasthAnam.
Rahasya means esoteric topics which were kept extremely secret as the knowledge of them leads
to moksham. Even though, Upanishads are the root for all knowledge, Upanishad prasthAna was
included into brahmasuthra prasthAnam itself, because of the fact that Upanishads forms part
and parcel of the pravruthi vicharam in brahma mImAmsA- the enquiry to Brahman.
Sri Ramanuja, with his mercy, instructed thirukkurukai pirAn piLLAn to write a
commentary on ThiruvAymozhi which was named as ArAyirappadi, which paved the pathway to
the entire divyaprabandha prasthAnam. This was continued and extended to the entire
prabandhams in due course by nanjIyar, nampiLLAi, vaDakku thiruvIthippiLLAi, vyAkhyAna
chakravartthi swAmi periya-v-AcchAn piLLAi, vadikEsari azhagiya maNavALa jeeyar,
azhagiya maNavALapperumAL nAyanAr, thiruvAymozhippiLLAi, thirunArAyaNapuram Ayee
jananyAcharya and svAmi maNavALa mAmunikaL. The works of these acharyas were so
elaborate and extensive that each one is a magnum opus by itself. Sri Ramanuja himself
instructed parASara bhaTTar, the son of illustrious kUratthAzhvAn to write AshTasloki, thereby
condensing the entire esoteric subjects. This led to the development of Rahasya prasthAna which
was later developed extensively by periya-v-AcchAn piLLAi, vadikEsari azhagiya maNavALa
jeeyar, swAmi piLLai lOkAcharyar, azhagiya maNavALapperumAL nAyanAr,
thirunArAyaNapuram Ayee jananyAcharya and maNavALa mAmunikaL by their aphorisms and
commentaries. Only those who were experts in the prasthAna chathushTaya are considered as
ubhaya vedantha pravartthakAcharyas and it was not a prefix for namesake which is the practice
as on date.

The divya prabandhAs of azhvArs are replete with the Vedantic concepts. Hence they are
considered as drAvida veda or dramiDOpanishath as these prabandhas are capable of doing the
job which Sruthis were supposed to do.

vEdanthacharya says,

Yasya SAraswatham Srotho VakulA modha Vaasitham
SruteenAm VisramAyAlam SatArim ThvAm UpAsmahe (yathirAja sapthathi 4)
We meditate on Satari (NammAzhvAr) for having blessed us with his glorious
compositions which are a flood of nectar with the fragrance of vakula flowers and do the job of
VedAs, well enough for the veDas to take rest. The sruthis aim only at ascertaining the
supremacy and explaining the kalyAna gunAs, vibhUthis and lIlA vibhavAs of paramAthmA
Sriman nArAyaNa. Swami nammAzhvar did the same exclusively through his prabandhAs.
The definition of Sthothra
It was Sri YAmunAcharya who started a new prasthAnam known as sthOthra
prasthAnam. By doing so he accomplished a great task of compiling the essence and meanings of
veda and vedantha in to a simple and understandable format.
One of his thaniyan says
svAdhayanniha sarvEsham thraiyanthArtham sudurgraham
sthOthra yAmAsa yOgIndra tham vandE yAmunAhvayam
I salute yAmuna who is a yOgi who gave us sthOthra prasthAna by which he achieved the
simplification of the meanings of crown of thrayee (vedantha) for the use of every one.
Sri Ramanuja explains in this thaniyan, how yAmunacharya achieved the task of
compiling the massive knowledge of vedantha into a simple form which is easily understood by
the sathvika mumukshus. By the sthothra prasthAna the normal folk can get attracted in to the
vedantha fold and the concepts like karma, jnyAna, bhakthi and prapatthi can easily be spread
among them. The sthOthra prasthAna was given its complete life by kUratthazhvan, bhaTTar,
thirukkacchi nambikaL, vEdanthacharya, maNavALamAmunikaL, prathivAdi bhayangaram
ANNan, ErumbiyappA and countless poorvacharyas in our sampradayam. Only the adhyayanam
of sthothras along with their meanings makes one’s training in vEdantha complete.
What is a sthothra? kUratthAzhvAn answers thus in Sristhvam
sthOthram nAma kimAmamanthi kavayO yadyanyadheeyAn guNAn
anyathra thvasathOdirObya phaNithi: saa tharhi vandyA thvayI
samyak sathyaguNAbhivarNanamathO bhrUyu: kathhaam thAdrSee
vaag vaachaspathinAapi sakhyarachanA thvathsadguNArNO nidhou
Azhvan elaborates the difference between his Stotra and that of other kavis. The common
poets praise either gunaas that are not there in the subject being praised or describe the limited
qualities of their subject. For instance, a poet may praise a bald man as the one, who has
flowing locks of hair and thus describe something that is not there in reality. Some other
common poets describe the qualities correctly, but find that there is a limited quantity of
particulars to describe about their subject. There is not much to praise. AzhvAn reveals that he is
not hampered by either of these two difficulties, when he attempts to praise periyapirATTiyAr
and Her kalyANa guNas. There is no need of exaggeration in Her case, since She is the seat of
all the auspicious qualities to a state of perfection. Her KalyaaNa GuNaas are also so abundant
that there is no shortage on the subject matter to praise. Her KalyaaNa GuNaas are limitless
and there is no possibility of exhausting them or exaggerating them. Even vachaspathi the Lord
of speech cannot succeed in describing adequately her vast sea of auspicious guNams.
In general there can be two definitions for sthothra, 1) To describe a quality which is not
there in the person, the example as said in the above sloka, praising a bald man as a person
having matted locks of hair. Or 2) To describe all qualities existing in the person. Both
definitions are not appropriate in the case of Sriman nArAyaNa and Sri mahAlakshmi, because
there are no attributes in the entire universe which they don’t possess, He is samastha kalyANa
guNAmrithOdhadhi. If we consider sthothra as a description of the entire qualities, the second
definition, that also is a stretched statement. The attributes in the Lord are in exhaustible and
Vedanta itself has pronounced yathO vAchO nivartthanthE aprApya manasA sahA- I cannot
measure his happiness with neither words or mind. Since the God is the seat for all the
kalyanagunas, it is impossible to describe all of them with our limited knowledge. But then what
is sthothra?
AzhvAn describes in Sristhvam
yE vaachAm manasAm cha dhurgrahatayA khyAthA guNasthAvakA:
thAnEva prathi sAmBhujihvamudhithA hai mAmikA bhArathI
hAsyam tath thu na manmahE na hi chakOryEkAakhilAm chandrikAm
nAlam pAthumithi pragruhya rasanAmaaseetha sathyAm thrushi
Oh Maha Lakshmi! It is impossible to praise adequately all Your Kalyana Gunaas and
do justice to them. My effort is similar to that of the Chakora bird which does not stop drinking
the cool rays of the moon as its food, while being fully aware of its limited power to complete
that impossible task. The moon rays are infinite and the bird cannot consume all of it. But it does
not mean that the bird will not take its share at all. It drinks as much as it can. Azhvan says
Similar to the efforts of the bird, I am also not holding back in my effort to praise all of Your
Kalyana GunAs very well knowing that it is an impossible task. (chakora birds are said to
nourish from moonlight).
From which we can conclude that, sthothram is to eulogize and describe those subjects
which can be reached out by one individuals taste, knowledge and strength. Based on these we
can find several topics in innumerable number of sthothras, describing the qualities, incidents,
vibahva avatharas and archavathara.
In sthOthra rathna Alavanthar describes thus-
yadvA sramAvadhi yaTaamati vAapyaSakta:
staumyevamEva khalu tEpi sadA stuvanta:
vedAs chaturmukha mukhAsca mahArNavAnta:
ko majjatO: aNukulAchalayo: visesha:
In spite of my weakness, I am justified in praising Him to the limit of my capacity and to
the best of my knowledge. For, verily, even the Vedas and the four-faced Brahma, ever engaged
in singing His glory, could praise him only in a similar strain. Afterall a big mountain is no
distinct from a small atom, they both submerge alike in an ocean.
Hence in the case of Sriman nArAyaNa it is impossible in attempting a description of the
entire qualities. parASara BhaTTar wonderfully adds “yadi mE sahasra vadanAdi vaibhavam
nijam arpayet sa kila ranga candramA: atha SEshavat mama ca tadvatyEva vA stuti Sakthi
abhAva vibhave api bhAgitA” (SrirangarAja stvavam 14) – If only I am granted with the 1000
heads, of adiSEsha or of the lord himself I will be able to judge I whether I am capable of
describing the qualities of emperuman.
parASara bhaTTar further conveys so in Sri guNarathna kOSam.
sthOthAram tamusanti dEvi ! kavayO yO visthrNeethE GuNAn
sthOthavyasya tathasccha tE sthuthidhurA mayyEva visrAmyathi |
YasmAdhasmath amarshaNIya phaNithi svIkAratastE GuNA:
KshAnthyoudharya dayAdhayO BhagavathI! svAm prastuveeran praTaam ||
(SriguNarathna kOSam 6)
Oh Bhagavathi! The world of scholars would acknowledge only that man, as a poet of
worth, who is capable of publicizing the great virtues of the subject (that he is praising). Under
this criterion, no one is better suited to praise you (than me). Yes. Because Your forbearance,
mercy, graciousness and similar qualities would stand out in prominent perspective only when I
am their target. I am the lowliest person; my words are poor and defective. But, Your qualities
shine at their best only with regard to me.
Hence it can be concluded that a sthothram is a hymn in praise constructed by describing
the guNas of the object under worship by using one’s knowledge and bhakthi. Why then, should
we attempt it, if we cannot describe it fully. BhaTTar explains this as– varshabindaurivAbdhau
sambandhAth swAthmalAbhaH (Sri rangarAja sthavam poorva Sathaka 19)- It rains and rain
water flows to the ocean just to seek its relation to the ocean, similarly by singing in praise of
him I too will be able to enjoy the inherent relationship to the lord. Vishnu sahasranAma also
says that the lord is pleased easily by sthOthra – the two thirunamas sthavya: and sthava priya
are indicative of this. He himself is the only possessor of all these qualities naturally –
svAbhAvikI njAna bala kriyAcha says SvEthASvathara Upanishad. Sri Ramanuja also reasserts it
in gadyam as svAbhAvikAnavadhikAdhiSaya jnjAna bala aiSvarya veerya Sakthi etc. Sriman
nArAyaNa is not only the seat of all the guNas which are being praised by the sthOthrAs, but he
also is the granter of all the boons. Sarva phala pradOhi vishNuH. With His divine relation
special to, periyapirATTiyar, AzhvArs, bhAgavathOtthamas and AchAryas, they also become
objects for sthOthra. Because emperuman himself states that “jnyAnI thu Athmaiva mE matham”
(the bhaktha is my athmA, bhagavad gIthA), “sa cha pUjya yathAhyaham” (worship my bhaktha
as equivalent to me, gAruDa purANam)”. Azhvar also stresses this concept that Emperuman is
more happy to hear the glories of his bhakthAs : “nallakOTpATTulakangaL mUntrinuLLum thAn
niRaintha allikkamalakkaNNan” (thiruvAymozhi)
PrasthAna chathuShTaya in Sthothra prasthAna

Our poorvacharyas have succeeded wonderfully in condensing the concepts of prasthAna
chathushTaya into the sthOthra prasthAna. They have opted this method to simplify and
popularize the bhagavad anubhavam as visualized by Upanishads and azhvars. For the sake of it
they have adopted many different ways, either use their own words to express the vedanthic
meanings, or to incorporate the very words or sentences used by vedantha/puranas as such inside
sthothras, attempt a translation of azhvAr srisukthis into Sanskrit and condense the rahasyas into
slokas. A complete understanding of this is only possible with a proper training under an
acharya and a study of all sthothras with their commentaries. We shall try to look into some
examples where the above said concepts are clearly evident.

The concept of akinchanya and ananya gathitva were explained by
thondaradippodiazhvar and nammazhvar respectively in –kuLitthu mUntranalai Ombum
kuRikoL anthaNamai thannai oLitthiTTen enkaNillai nin kaNum paatthan allEn (ThirumAlai-
25) and nOttra nOnpilEn nuNNaRivilEn –(thiruvAymozhi-5.7.1) and they are considered as the
most necessary qualities a prapanna should possess (mumukshuppadi dwaya prakaranam). This
was translated to Sanskrit by Alavanthar - Na dharma nishTOsmi na cha Athma vEdi na
bhakthimAn tva charaNAravindE akinchanO ananyagathiH SAraNya (sthOthrarathna-22). Yet
another example is the translation of sentrAl kuDaiyAm (muthal thiruvanthAthi-53) pasuram into
nivAsa SAyyAsana pAdukA (sthothra rathna – 40). kAnchee PBA swami equated the usage of
kirITa makuTa chUDAvathamsa in SaraNAgathi gadyam to pEraraSE em visumbaraSE emmai
nItthuvanchittha OraraSE (thiruviruttham-80), the usage of SrIvallabhA Evam bhUtha bhUmi
nILA nAyakA (SaraNagathi gadyam) is a straight translation of inthuNaippathu mattu alarmakaL
thanakkum inpan nar puvithanakku iRaivan than thuNai AyarppAvai nappinnai thanakku iRai
(Periya thirumozhi-2.3.5). In Srivaikuntha gadyam Sri Ramanuja concludes as amritha
sAgarAnthar nimagna sarvAvayavaH sukhamAsIthA is the anubhavam of thirumangai azhvar–
en than ponnilangu mulaikkuvaTTil pUTTikkoNdu pOkAme vallEnAy pulavi eythi ennil
angamellAm vanthu inpam eytha eppozhuthum ninainthuruki irppan (thirunedunthANdakam-
28). parASArabhaTTar says in the SrirangarAja sthvavam madhyE virincha giriSam
prathAmAvathAra: (utthara Sathakam-51) which can be traced back to thAnum Sivanum
piramanumAki paNittha thanimuthalai (thiruvAymozhi-8.8.4). Mamunikal also have completely
adopted two pasurams from irAmAnusa nUttanthAthi viz., poomannu mAthu and mozhiyai
kaDakkum and incorporated into yathirAja vimSathi slokas SrimAdhavAnghri and vAchAm

Sri Ramanuja incorporated plenty of purAna and bhagavad githa slokas in to
SaraNAgathi gadya like pitaram mAtharam, pithAsi lOkasya charAcharasya,
rAmOdvirnAbhibhAshathE and githa charama sloka etc wherever the situation demanded. The
bhagavad githa slokam avajAnanthi mAm mUDhA mAnushIm thanumASritham param
bhAvamajAnantha mama bhUtha mahESvaram is translated in to the sloka gareeyathvam
prarijAnanthi (Sriranga rAjasthvam uthhara Sathakam-50). There are several adaptations of
Vedic phrases like thathsavithurvarENyam (a part of gAyathri), ApraNakhAth suvarNam from
chAndOgyOpanishath (uttharaSAthakam-79), yasyAsmi pathyurnna thamantharEmi (Sriranga
rAjasthvam utthara SAthakam-81) an adaptation from acchidram, pathim
viSvasyAthmESvaragum (SundarabAhu sthvavam-17) from mahAnArAyaNam, and the slokam
starting with AnandamaiSvaram (SrivaikuNDTha stvam-24) being the equivalent of the concept
of brahAnanda evaluated in thaithirIya upanishad ending with yathO vAchO nivartthanthE
aprApya manasAsahA along with many more examples.
SAsthrAs describe the guNa’s of the Lord Sriman nArAyaNa in two different ways,
swarUpa nirUpaka dharma and nirUpitha swarUpa viSEsha. swarUpa nirUpaka dharma
explains the fundamental qualities by which one object should be understood, or it is the
swaroopam itself. jnyAna ananda amalathva and ananthatva are taken as swarUpa nirUpaka
dharmma (mumukshhuppadi thirumanthra prakaraNa), where as niroopitha swarUpa viSEshaNa
are auspicious qualities in the Lord, normally used to eulogize his greatness. parASara bhaTTar
says upAyOpEyathvE thadiha thava thathvau nathu guNau (utthara Sathakam-87) – Oh
ranganatha you are the path and goal for a jIvAthma, this is not a GuNa for you, but it is Thau
yourself. By saying so, bhaTTar has ascertained the entire message of azhvArs and the important
sampradAya meaning distilled down into a single slokam, not only that, he goes to the extent
saying that, being upAya and upEya is not a guNa, which normally means as nirUpitha swarUpa
viSEsha, but it is the thathwa itself- swarUpa nirUpaka dharma.

Githartha sangraha of alavanthar and AshTasloki of bhaTTar are two examples where the
former condensed bhagavad Githa whereas the latter is a first ever condensed representation of
rahasya thraya. Yet another example is from Acharya Hridaya Suthram, athri jamadagni pankthi
ratha vasu nanda sUnuvAnavanuDaiya yuga vaRNa kramAvathAramO translated into athryAdi
sUnuriva vaRNayuga kramAth kim (parAnkuSa pancha vimSathi-8). Many of the SthothrAs
were not written deliberately by sitting with writing equipments, we can see most of the
important sthothras were extempore or came as Asu kavi. For example sthothras on
thiruvenkadamudaiyan- the lord of seven hills, venkaTESvara suprabhAtham, sthOthram,
prapatthi and mangaLam, by the Sishya of mamunikaL, prathivAdi bhayangaram aNNa, were
written instantaneously in the sanctum. Sri ranganAtha sthothra was written in a state of great
mental agony while bhaTTar was in exile at thirukkOTTiyUr. bhaTTar longs that when I will see
that rangam again, where people are just taking the tickets to moksham, from their pathway as
effortlessly as, those who are doing uncha vrithi are picking up the grains from the paddy fields –
mArgE mArgE pathika nivahairunchyamAnApavarggam- (SriranganAtha sthOthram-5).

AthimAnusha sthvavam of Azhvan requires a special attention. We all know that
AzhvAn was no less than Azhvars. Lord Sriman nArAyaNa as Rama declared himself –“I
consider myself as a human”- AthmAnam mAnusham manyE (SrIrAmAyaNam). The same was
repeated in krishNavathara during gOvardhanOddhAraNa- “I am born as your relative” – aham
vO bAndhavO jAthaH ( Srimad bhagavatham). But were his acts humanlike? AzhvAn makes an
anatomic study of vibhavavathAras and establishes the superhuman behavior-athimAnushathva-
in many of his acts. The Sthothra mostly focuses on Rama & Krishna avatharas. The entire
athimAnusha sthavam is a comprehensive description of the act on vibhavAvathAras, which is
an immaculate task and we are tempted to opine that the work and the author themselves are
Athimanusha. So are the sthothras of vEdAnthAcharya, all of them being masterpieces. One
special mention should be made about achyutha Sathaka which was totally written in prAkrit- a
language used by women. He also wrote two mahA kavyAs, yAdavAbhyudaya and SubhAshitha
nIVi. SudarSana Sathaka is an exclusive work by the Sishya of kUratthazhvan, known as kUra
nArAyaNa Jeeyar. He incorporated manthra siddhi bjiaksharas into the SudarSana sathakam, and
it is a wonderful work on Chakratthazhvar.

Almost all sthothras were set into different metres while only a few sthothras are
confined entirely to a single meter. An example of the former case, nakshathra malika an
inimitable work in praise of nammAzhvAr authored by Jeeyar nAyanAr, the erstwhile grandson
of maNavALamAmunikaL seeks a special attention amongst all sthothras. The names of 27 stars
(nakshathras) are embedded into each sloka in their order of occurrence in astrology. It is the
only sthothram set in the “anthAdi” style of poetry. AzhvArs have profoundly used anthAdi in
their srisUkthis. We can see the entire thiruvaymozhi is an anthAdi, almost all iyarpA works are
anthAdi comprising the majority of divyaprbandham. In an anthAdi mostly the ending
letter/word/syllable of one sloka/pasuram will be the start of the next. This concept is closely
followed by jeeyar nAyanAr in nakshathra mAlika. It starts with an 8 syllable metre known as
“anushTup” with gradual increment of 1 syllable in each sloka ending up with a 21 syllable sloka
set to the metre “sragdhara”. Then it descends back to the 8 syllable metre “anushTup”. This
type of poetry comes under chithra kAvya one of which is known as “rathabandha” where an
entire chariot is constructed by means of the verses. One of the well known ratha bandha is
thiruvEzhukUttrirukkai of thirumangai azhvAr which comprises only one half of the ratham.
That means only the top of the ratha was constructed by means of that prabandha where as
nakshatra malika constructs the bottom part of the chariot as well.

The entire sthothra prasthAna includes not less than 200 sthOthras, which is not only a
vast collection but also a summary of the concepts of the vedic religion as followed in
viSishTadwaitha. The grammatically peculiar usages made in the sthothras, can only be
appreciated and understood by the scholors. There are many commentaries for the sthOthrAs and
we should not forget about the commentators. vyAkhyAna chakravartthi periya-v-Acchan
piLLAi and vEdanthacharya both wrote commentaries on chathuSlOki and sthOthra rathna.
Gadyas were given elaboration by Periya-v-Acchan piLLAi and SudarSana SUri. Apart from
that pancha sthavams, and bhaTTar Srisukthis were given elaborate commentaries by
Thirumazhisai Annavappangar, and late SrI U. Ve. kAnchI prathivAdi bhayangaram
aNNangarAchArya. One commendable mention has to be made for the SriguNarathna kOSa
commentary and its Tamil versification made by SrI U. Ve. Thirumalai nallan Ramakrishna
Iyengar. The total study is only possible with a dedicated training under an acharya and also
points to the need of fundamental Sanskrit knowledge.

The present book contains 29 sthothras of our poorvacharyas. The book follows the
chronological order of acharyas. The present version is excellently type written by comparing
several devanagari versions and has been carefully edited and proof read by the pain taking
efforts of Sri U. Ve. Koyil AthAn Vijayaraghavachariar Swami. We also extend our heartfelt
gratitude to Sri V. Naryana Iyengar and Sri. Bharath for the final corrections in the proof. Vedics
expresses their sincere gratitude to Sri U. Ve. Koyil AthAn Vijyaraghavachariar Swami who
allowed us to give poorvacharya sthothramala online. With the inability of putting a price label
or copyrights to it, We expect that the entire srivaishnava community is benefitted by these
gems. If at all we do have some gratitude to our poorvacharyas, lets learn them and practice
them. Let the sriranga divya dampathis help us to live in our poorvacharyas line.

abjAsanasthamavajAtha sujAtha mUrtthim AmIlithAkshamanusamhitha manthra rathnam
Anamra maulibhirupAsithamantharangam nithyam munin varavaram nibhrtho bhajami

I worship the great seer Varavaramuni, as Seated in yogic padmAsana, surrounded by
numerous disciples, excessively pristine and superseding everything else in purity, His
appearance beautiful and divine , His eyes half closed in deep contemplation on the
almighty Lord Sriman nArAyaN and His lips vibrating with Dvaya mantra

AzhvAr emperumAnar jeeyar thiruvadikaLE SaraNam


SrI ranga divya dampathi - panguni uthram serthi

|| mÉÔuÉÉïcÉÉrÉïxiÉÉã§ÉqÉÉsÉÉ ||
Table of Contents
1 chathuSlOki SrI yAmunAchArya (ALavanthAr) 1
2 sthOthra rathnam SrI yAmunAchArya (ALavanthAr) 1
3 SrIdeVarAjAshTakam SrI kAnchi pUrNa (thirukkacchi nambikaL) 6
4 SaraNAgathi gadyam SrI rAmAnuja (emperumAnAR) 7
5 SrI ranga gadyam SrI rAmAnuja (emperumAnAR) 11
6 SrIvaikuNTha gadyam SrI rAmAnuja (emperumAnAR) 12
7 SrIvaikuNTha sthava SrI vasthsachihna miSra (kUratthAzhvAn) 16
8 athimAnusha sthvava SrI vasthsachihna miSra (kUratthAzhvAn) 23
9 Sundara bahu sthava SrI vasthsachihna miSra (kUratthAzhvAn) 27
10 varadarAja sthava SrI vasthsachihna miSra (kUratthAzhvAn) 38
11 SrI sthava SrI vasthsachihna miSra (kUratthAzhvAn) 47
12 dhATI panchakam SrI vasthsachihna miSra (kUratthAzhvAn) 49
13 SrI guNarathna kOSa SrI parASara bhaTTar 50
14 SrI rangarAja sthvE pUrva Sathakam SrI parASara bhaTTar 57
15 SrI rangarAja sthvE utthara Sathakam SrI parASara bhaTTar 67
16 SrI ranganAtha sthOthram SrI parASara bhaTTar 76
17 narasimhAshTakam SrI vAdikESari azhagia maNavALa jeeyar 78
18 yathirAja vimSathi SrI maNavALa mAmuni 78
19 pUrva dinacharyA SrI dEvarAja guru (erumbiyappA) 80
20 Utthara dinacharyA SrI dEvarAja guru (erumbiyappA) 82
21 SrIparAnkuSa panchavimSathi SrI kOyil kanthAdai vAdhUla dEsika 84
22 Nakshathra mAlikA SrI abhirAma varAcharya ( Jeeyar nAyanAr) 86
23 anEka vishaya mukthaka sloka Many authors 88
24 parAnkuSAshTakam Many authors 90
25 prArthanA panchakam SrI vasthsa chihna miSra (kUratthAzhvAn) 91
26 SrIvaravaramuni vishaya mukthakam Many authors 91
27 paramArtha SlOkadvayam Vathsya varada guru (nadAthUr ammAL) 92
28 parathvAdi panchakam Vathsya varada guru (nadAthUr ammAL) 92

¿ØÜ¢X¸Ø¤Þ•¤Þٕ٢ª•ÞXÉâ ܁Ø
øø dÞ:¼³êæMAÜ øø

§‚š‡Ø¥¢êæÀɔ§Ø•Ù¸”¸ÅØÁæÂMAµ¤Â: ø
¸ÅÞØ¤Þš§ØêæÉ× §Ø¤Þ•æ§× •¤ØÙ¤ ¤ð øø

MAؖÅæ šÞÀÂê悁¤: AÙ~šÙ: Á¨§ØÄ•× ¸Øɕ×
¸æ‡Ø‚¤Ø Ù¸ÉX漸ªêæ §¸Ù•MAØ ¤Ø§Ø hX–¤êæÙÉ•Ü ø
Ÿ±ÐÁæ ØهÄÞª¸±hÅć٧Å‚¸‹ØćØÄÜX~:
¿ØÜÙª‚§æ¸ d •Ø¤ æ ¢X¸Ù Ÿ±à¤: MA…× ‚¸Ø× ¸§¤ð øø
§Å§ØÅæ ¤Ùɤؕ¤Ø‚¤• D¸ ‚¸’·¢êæٚ š±¢Þ:
•Ø³× ¤ØÞÙ¤§ƒØ§Ø ٕª¸Û“ ٕ‚§Ø•ÞMàA³× Ÿ: ø
Ø× ‚¸Ø× ‡ØÄ Dف š±š™Ø Dف d Łêæçإ§É× Ù•¢­§:
³êæMè MæA¼¸Ùª ³êæMA•Ø…‡Ù§æ ‡Ø–æ ‡§Ø× æ Ù¸‡•ð øø
•Ãt× š±ØQA‡³Ø¢Ùńآ޸•× Ä¥š±‚§•–ê懧¤ð ø
¿êæ§êæ •É©ªÙ¸–‡³êæd•¤•:MAؖØš±Ä؇؈æ
Ä×Ä₧Sª¸èÃ~¸Ø”¸ÄÞ •â~Ø× Äעع§æ MAÙÉ­Ùdð øø
ÁؖØ•–‡¤ÉØÙ¸¢àفšª¤× §‡ðŸ±Ð¬š× ɪæ:
¤à® Ÿ±Ð êæٚ Ù‚š±§ª× ¬š× §‡‚§ŽÞ¤ð ø
§Ø–§–§Øٕ §…ØÄÞU× Ù¸Éªêæ ¬šØÙ~ ĸحÙ~ Øٕ
CÉÞ: Ÿ誕ެš¬šÙ¸¢¸èXØ­|êæšXà|Øٕ æ øø
CMAت„اÄך™ØؤªÙ¸–‡Ù•¸ØÙĕܤð ø BÁæÂhX‡ÜÙÁ„ØÝ ¸–‡æ ¸ª‡¸·¢Ø¤ð øø

øø Dف dÞ:¼³êæMAÜ Ä¤Ø›Ø øø

¿ØÜ¢X¸Ø¤Þ•¤Þٕ٢ª•ÞXÉâ ܁¤ð
øø Łêæ„ت‚•¤ð øø

Ÿ؇§Ú™ØÉ Ä¸æ­ÂØ× „ب§–Ø…® ÄއÞX±­É¤ð ø Łêæ„اؤØÄ §êæXܖ‡±Å× ¸–‡æ §Ø¤Þ•ØÔ§¤ð øø
•¤êæ •¤êæ §Ø¤Þ•Ø§ §Ø¤Þ•Ø§ •¤êæ •¤: ø •¤êæ •¤êæ §Ø¤Þ•Ø§ §Ø¤Þ•Ø§ •¤êæ •¤: øø

•¤êæöÙd–‚§ØŽÞØÙMA¶Ãtkؕ¸èªØY§ªØÁ§æ ø
•Ø…ا ¤Þ•§æöXؓ¢X¸ŽÙQAÙĖ“¸æ øø 1 øø
Å¤è •¤êæ ¤“ÞÙh‡]ðÙ[±Äªêæhƒ¸kؕؕުØX¤ÙɤØفÁ§Ø–ÄÜ¥•æ ø
•Ø…ا •Ø…¤Þ•§æ„Ø šª„Ø dØٚ ٕ‚§× §‡Ü§dª~êè Áª~× ¤‡Ü§¤ð øø 2 øø
¢à§êæ •¤êæöšÙªÙ¤Øe§Þ¢ÙQAƒ¸kؕؤâØÚ¡“šÙª¸ØÉÁÞ¢¸ è d
­ êæÙ¢: ø
³êæMæA¸Ü~­šª¤Ø…­Ä¤X±¢ÙQA-§êæXا •Ø…¤Þ•§æ §Ù¤•Ø× ¸ªØ§ øø 3 øø
ƒ¸æ• §Ú¾Ø‡Ùd‡Ü¼¸ª‚Ÿ¢Ø¸-¢êæXؚ¸X­‡ÞšØ§XÜÀ‡Øª: ø
Ė‡Á­§•ð ٕªÙ¤¤Ü šÞªØ~ª‚•× Å¤è •¤êæ ¤Þٕ¸ªØ§ šªØÁªØ§ øø 4 øø
¤ØØ ٚØ §Þ¸§Å•§Ø Ù¸¢àف: ĸ® §‡æ¸ ٕ§¤æ• ¤‡–¸§Ø•Ø¤ð ø
CÅ§ •: MÞA³šæ¸­MÞA³ØÙ¢ªØ¤× ¿ØܤƒØ‡]ðÙ[±§ÞX³× š±~¤ØÙ¤ ¤à“—Ø­ øø 5 øø
§–¤àٓ—­ ¤æ ¿ØÞفÙÁªÅÄÞ d ¢Øف §ÚŤ•ð BŤ–¤•ê檅š…ÅÄMA³ÅĤæف ø
ŁêæçØÙ¤ •: MÞA³“•× MÞA³‡è¸× ð šØ‡ØªÙ¸–‡¤ªÙ¸–‡Ù¸³êæd•Å§ øø 6 øø

ƒ¸æ• §Å§ ¤ÙɤØ~­¸ÁÜMAªØ~Þ: ÁN§êæ • ¤ØÞ¤Ùš Á¸­ÙšØ¤Éؐè : ø
MA­Þ× ‡Ü§¤ÙɤŁÞف¤ÞØ§ ¤Ñ× •¤êæÅÞ MA¸§æ ٕªš„ؚا øø 7 øø
§’Ø ¿Ø¤Ø¸Ù“ §…ؤف ¸Ø›§ÁQA: Łêè¥§æ¸¤æ¸ U³Þ æٚ Ä‡Ø ÅÞ¸–: ø
¸æ‡Ø¾ØÞ¤­ÞU¤ÞUØ¾Ø ¤ÉØ~­¸Ø–: MAêæ ¤j؁êæ: B~ÞMÞA³Ød³§êæÙ¸­ÁæÂ: øø 8 øø
ÙMArêè ÁQA©ÙÁ§æ• • æ•ÞMA¥›§: ŁêæØٚ Þ ŁÞفMâAæ• šÙª¿Ø¤æ~ ø
„Ø ¿Ø¤ÅÞ ÄÞ³¢êæ ¤¤ ¤–‡ŸÞŒæ: D‚§Þ¤ê槤ÞÙdêæ ¤¤ dØ¡h•æ„Ø øø 9 øø
•Ø¸æSÄæ §Ù‡ êæ ¢Þ¸•Ø–§¤àٕ •Ø³× š±¢êæ ¢Ù¸Þ¤æ¸ MÞA: š±¸âكØ: ø
K¸× ٕÄX­ÄÞÉâه ‚¸Ù§ ĸ­h–êæ: ŸØÙ¤™Ø Ùd„ØÙ¤‡¤Øٿ؁¸‚ij‚¸¤ð øø 10 øø
ŸآØÙ¸MAؕ¸Ù“MAØفÁ§æÙÁâ‚¸× •ØªØ§~ ‚¸Ù§ • ¤âçف ¸èهMA: MA: ø
Ÿ±ÐØ ÙÁ¸¼Á¤U: šª¤Å¸ªØÙyف Kæöٚ §Å§ ¤ÙɤØ~­¸Ù¸š±ÞÂŁæ øø 11 øø
MA¼¿ØÜ: ٿا: šª¤Äƒ¸Ä¤Ø¿Ø§: MA: MA: šÞ€yªÜMA•§•: šÞÀÂêæƒØ¤: MA: ø
MAŧاށاށÁèMAMA³Ø×ÁMAØ×Áæ Ù¸¼¸× Ù¸Ùd„ØÙd‡Ùd‚š±Ù¸¢ØX¸âƒØ¤ð øø 12 øø
¸æ‡ØšÉتXÞÀšØMA‡è‚§šÜyؚْؐ¤êæd•¤ÙÉÃwA³š±‡Ø•è: ø
MAê斧: š±hؚÁޚÜ šÙªšØف MAŧ šØ‡êæ‡MæA• Ä ÙÁ¸ÅŸÙÁªêæ“âæ• øø 13 øø
MAŧê懪æ ɪٸ٪ÙrؤÞU: š±šrØ: MAêæ ªSÜ¤¤hٕÃt d MAŧ •Ø¢æ: ø
M±Aؖ‚¸Ø ٕXܧ­ šÞ•ÀىªÙ ‚¸‡–§: MA: MæA• ¸è šª¸Øٕف ÁN§Á]O: øø 14 øø
‚¸Ø× Áܳ¬šdÙªè: šª¤š±MâAÃtă¸æ• ÄØك¸MA§Ø š±Ÿ³è¾Ø ÁØńêè: ø
š±V§Ø‡è¸šª¤Ø…­Ù¸‡Ø× ¤è¼d •è¸ØÄÞªš±MâA§: š±¢¸Ù– ŸêæŒÞ¤ð øø 15 øø

F·ÙbÙ„ØÙ¸“ÄܤĤØفÁØÙ§ Äעظ•× ¸ šÙªŸ±Ù|¤Å¸¢Ø¸¤ð ø
¤Ø§ØŸ³æ• ¢¸Øٚ ٕXÞÑ¤Ø•× š¼§Ù– MæAÙd‡Ù•Á× ‚¸‡•–§¢Ø¸Ø: øø 16 øø
§‡€y¤€yؖªXêædª× d §‹ÁêæƒØªØ€§Ø¸ª~Øٕ §Øٕ d ø
XÞ~Ø: š±“Ø•× šÞÀÂ: šª× š‡× šªØ‚šª× Ÿ±Ð d æ Ù¸¢à§: øø17øø
¸ÁÜ ¸‡Ø–§êæ XÞ~¸Ø•ð H hÞ¼ÁÞÙd: ¤â‡Þ‡­§Ø³Þ¤­“Þª: ÙŅªÅĤ: ø
MâAÜ MâAkł¸¤ÙÄ Å¸¢Ø¸: ĤŁMAµ§Ø~XÞ~ؤâêæ‡Ù“: øø18øø
Fš§­Þš§­¡h¢Þ¸êæٚ šàÀÂؕ𠚱MAµ›§ æ §æ ÁÙ¤‚§•ÞM±A¤Øð ø
ÙXªÅ‚¸‡æMèAMAXÞ~ظ“Ü›Ä§Ø Ä‡Ø ÙŅØ •ê搤êæفÁ檁æ øø19øø
‚¸‡Øٿ؁ؕØ× hX‡ÞŽ¸ÙŅف-š±~ØÁÄ×Äتٸ¤êæd•Ø‡§: ø
¢¸Ù– ³Ü³ØÙ¸“§¾Ø ¸èهMAØ: ‚¸‡Ü§X¥¢Üª¤•êæ•ÞÄØÙª~: øø20øø

•¤êæ •¤êæ ¸Ø]ð¤•ÄØف¢à¤§æ •¤êæ •¤êæ ¸Ø]ð¤•ÄèMA¢à¤§æ ø
•¤êæ •¤ê敖¤ÉØÙ¸¢à§æ •¤êæ •¤ê敖‡§èMAÙĖ“¸æ øø 21 øø
• “¤­Ù•ÃwêæÙŤ • d؂¤¸æ‡Ü • ¢ÙQA¤Ø׳¸fت~تٸ–‡æ ø
BÙMArؕê敖§Xف¼Áª€§ ‚¸‚šØ‡¤à³× Áª~× š±šæ øø 22 øø
• ٕٖ‡× MA¤­ ‡ÙŁ ³êæMæA ÄÉıÁêæ §™Ø ¤§Ø ¹§“ØÙ§ ø
ÄêæÉ× Ù¸šØMAØ¸Äªæ ¤ÞMÞA–‡ M±A–‡ØÙ¤ Äך±‚§XفŁ¸ØX±æ øø 23 øø
ٕ¤j؁ê敖¢¸Ø~­¸Ø–: ÙdªØ§ ¤æ MàA³Ù¤¸ØÙÄ ³¡“: ø
‚¸§Øٚ ³¡“× ¢X¸Ù™Ø‡Ø•Ü¤ð B•ÞƒØ¤× šØ„ØÙ¤‡× ‡§Ø§Ø: øø 24 øø
B¢àšà¸® ¤¤ ¢ØÙ¸ ÛMA ¸Ø ĸ® ÄÉæ ¤æ ÄÉh× ÙÉ ‡Þ:U¤ð ø
ÙMA–Þ ‚¸‡X±æ Áª~ØXØ•Ø× šªØ¢¸êæ •Ø… • æ•Þ¬š: øø 25 øø
ٕªØÄMAŧØٚ • Ø¸‡Þ‚ÄÉæ ¤ÉæÁ É؁Þ× ¸ šØ‡š]Oh¤ð ø
ÀÂØ Ù•ªÅêæٚ ÙÁÁÞŁ•–“§: • hØÞ ¤ØÞ¾Øª~êè ÙhÉØÄف øø 26 øø
¸Ø¤âÅ§Ú–‡Ù• šØ‡š]Ohæ ٕ¸æÙÁØ‚¤Ø MA…¤–§Ù‡egف ø
ÚŅæªÙ¸–‡æ ¤MAª–‡Ù•¢­ªæ ¤“Þ¸±êæ •æSÞªM×A ÙÉ ¸ÜSæ øø 27 øø
‚¸‡]ðÙ[±¤Þً¼§ MA‡Øٚ MæA•Ùd…؁…Ø ¸Øٚ ÄMâA‚MâAêæsØÙ³: ø
‡è¸ ¤ÞÃ~؂§Áޢؖ§Áæ: ÁÞ¢Øٕ šÞÃ~Øف • hØÞ Éܧæ øø 28 øø
F‡Ü~­Ä×Äت‡¸ØÁÞÁÞSÛ~ S~æ• Ù•¸Ø­›§ šªØrØ Ù•¸­âف¤ð ø
š±§egف ‚¸fت~ØÀ~Ø¥ŸÞh’§Ø•ÞªØXؤâÙĖ“ÞÁÜMAª: øø 29 øø
Ù¸³ØÄÙ¸M±AؖšªØ¸ªØ³§× •¤Å§‡Øف­Sš~æ MâAS~¤ð ø
“•× ¤‡Ü§× ¸ šØ‡š]Oh× MA‡Ø •Þ ÄØS؂MAª¸ØÙ~ dSÞÂØ øø30øø

MA‡Ø šÞ•¼Á`ª…Ø]ZMAµšMA”¸hتٸ–‡Ø]OÁ ß ¸h±³Øqg•¤ð ø
لØÙ¸M±A¤ ‚¸fت~Ø¥ŸÞh’§× ¤‡Ü§¤à“Ø­•¤³]O٪çف øø 31 øø
Ù¸ªØh¤Ø•êæj¸³šÜ¸ØÄÄ× ÚŤØÄÜÄà•Ä¤Ø¤³egÙ¸¤ð ø
ٕ¤Y••ØÛ¢ •Þ¤”§¤Þ–•× Ù¸Áس¸S:Ņ³ÁêæÙ¢³S~¤ð øø 32 øø
dMAØÄ× i§ØÙMA~MAM­AÁè¼ÁÞ¢è: dÞÙ¢­ªØhؕÞÙ¸³Ú¥ŸÙ¢¢­Þhè: ø
ٚ±§Ø¸×Äê悚³MA~­¢àÂ~¼³…سMA؟–“Ù¸¤‡­Á×ÙÄÙ¢: øø 33 øø
F‡X±šÜ•Ø×ÄÙ¸³×ٟMÞA€y³Ø³MAظ³ÜŸ–“ÞªM×AŸÞMA–“ª¤ð ø
¤ÞUÙ¿Ø§Ø –§P⁚à~­Ù•¤­³Ø¤âØ×ÁÞٟ¥ŸØ¥ŸÞÀÉêæj¸³Ù¿Ø§¤ð øø 34 øø
š±ŸŒÞ ¤ÞY“Ø¥ŸÞhdØÀ³êæd•× ÄÙ¸¢±¤¢±³à ¤Þj¸³Ø“ª¤ð ø
ÁÞÙdÚŤ× MAê椳X€y¤Þ™ØÄ× ³³Øtš§­–Ù¸³Ú¥ŸØ³MA¤ð øø 35 øø
ŝÞAªÚ‚MAªÜtØ]Z‡ÉتMAڀwMAؤ~ܖ‡±MAØrØÜXÞ~•àšÞªØه٢: ø
ª…Ø]ZÁ`ØÙÄX‡Ø“•Þ¸­ªè: ³ÄƒØÞ³Å§Ø ¸•¤Ø³§êæj¸³¤ð øø 36 øø

dMA…­ §Å§Ø ¢¸•× ¢Þhؖª× ¸ ٚ±§× “ؤ §‡Ü§h–¤¢à: ø
hX‚Ä¤Å× §‡šØ]ZÄ×¿Ø§× §‡…­¤¥¢êæٓª¤–†§ŸÚ–“ d øø 37 øø
Ÿ¸è¼¸¬›§æ~ ćؕޢ à §Ø›§šà¸¸
­ ْŤ§¤Ø‡“Ø•§Ø ø
XÞ~æ• ¬šæ~ Ù¸³ØÄdæÚÃtèÅÄ‡Ø ¸è¸êæÙd§Ø ¸ Ù¿Ø§Ø øø 38 øø
§Ø ÄÉØÄܕ¤•–¢êæÙXٕ š±MâAÃtÙ¸kؕŸ³èMA“ؤٕ ø
A~ؤÙ~¸±Ø¤§àU¤€y³š±MAØÁ¤Ø•ê懪ه¹§“ؤٕ øø 39 øø
ٕ¸ØÄÁ¨§ØĕšØ‡ÞMAØ×ÁÞMAê暓ؕ¸ÂØ­š¸Øª~Øه٢: ø
ÁªÜª¢æ‡èŁ¸ ÁæØ× Xè: §…êæÙd× Áæ DÜÙªæ h•è: øø 40 øø
‡ØÄÅÄUØ ¸Øɕ¤ØÄ•× ”¸hêæ §Åæ Ù¸Ø•× ¹§h•× „اܤ§: ø
FšÚŅ× æ• šÞªêæ XÀ‚¤Ø ‚¸‡]ðÙ[±Äפ‡­ÙMA~Ø]OÁêæÙ¢•Ø øø 41 øø
‚¸‡Ü§¢ÞQAêæÚimÁæ¢êæÙh•Ø ‚¸§Ø ٕÄâÃt؂¤¢ªæ~ §…Ø ø
ٚ±§æ~ Äæ•ØšÙ•Ø –§¸æه ƒØ…Ø•Þhؕ–¤Þ‡Øª¸ÜS~è: øø 42 øø
ɁØÙU³MA¶æÁ¤³èÅŸ¢Ø¸ÅćؕÞMàAµ§èMAªÄèŁ¸êæÙdè: ø
XâÉ܁ƒØ‚šÙªdتÄؓ•è: ٕÂ湧¤Ø~× ÄÙd¸è§­…êæÙd¤ð øø 43 øø
Bšà¸• ­ ؕتĢظٕ¢­ªš±ŸŒ§Ø ¤ÞY“Ù¸‡Y“³Ü³§Ø ø
S~Ø~޸ڂS›šªØهMAس§Ø š±É­§–× ¤ÙÉÂÝ ¤ÉØ¢Þh¤ð øø 44 øø
BÙd–‚§Ù‡¹§ØŽÞÙ•‚§§ê踕Ÿ¢Ø¸³Ø¸€§¤§Ø¤âêæ‡Ù“¤ð ø
ٿا: Ù¿Ø§× ¢QAh•èMAhÜÙ¸× Ĥ…­¤Øš‚ÄU¤Ù…­MAµšMA¤ð øø 45 øø

¢¸–¤æ¸Ø•ÞdªÙ™Øª–ª× š±ÁؖÙ•¼Á椕ê檅ؖª:
MA‡ØɤèMAØٖMAٕ‚§ÙMA]Oª: š±É­٧çØÙ¤ ĕ؅hÜÙ¸: øø 46 øø
ٓXÁÞÙd¤Ù¸•Ü× ٕ‡­§× ¤Ø¤³jØ× šª¤šÞÀ §êæÉ× §êæÙX¸§Ø­X±X€§è: ø
ٸٓÙÁ¸Ä•MAؐ蔧حÞ¤‚§–‡àª× ¸ šÙªh•¢Ø¸× MAؤ§æ MAؤ¸âƒØ:øø 47 øø
BšªØ“ÄÉı¢Øh•× šÙ× ¢Ü¤¢¸Ø~­¸ê懪æ ø
BXہ Áª~ØX× ɪæ MâAš§Ø MæA¸³¤Ø‚¤Ä؂MÞAÀ øø 48 øø
BÙ¸¸æMA[•Ø–“Ù‡]ð¤ÞUæ ŸÉÞ“Ø Ä–‡Þ:U¸Ù­Ù~ ø
¢X¸•ð ¢¸‡Þه­•æ š…: ÅUÙ³× ¤Ø¤¸³êæMA§Øe§Þ øø 49 øø
• ¤âÂØ šª¤Ø…­¤æ¸ ¤æ Áâ~Þ Ù¸kؚ•¤æMA¤X±: ø
§Ù‡ ¤æ • ‡Ù§Ã§Äæ êæ ‡§•Ü§Å¸ •Ø… ‡Þ³­¢: øø 50 øø

‡É× ‚¸ˆæ • •Ø…¸Ø•ð ¤ˆæ ‚¸× ‡§•Ü§¸Ø™Ø d ø
ٸٕٓ٤­¤æ‡–¸§× ¢X¸•ð šØ³§ ¤Ø Ť hÜɚ: øø 51 øø
¸šÞªØهÂÞ §êæٚ MAêæٚ ¸Ø XÞ~êæÄØٕ §…؁…ØÙ¸“: ø
‡§× ¸ šØ‡š§êæ: Bɤè¸ ¤§Ø Ĥٚ­: øø 52 øø
¤¤ •Ø… §‡ÙŁ §êæÅ¥§É× ÄMA³× ÙŒ ¸è¸ ¤Ø“¸ ø
ٕ§Å¸Ù¤Ù š±ŸÞŒ“Ü: B…¸Ø ÛMA •Þ Ĥš­§ØÙ¤ æ øø 53 øø
B¸Ÿêæٓ¸Ø•ð D¤Ø× §…Ø ¤Ù§ ٕ‚§Ø× ¢¸‡Ü§Ø× Å¸§¤ð ø
MâAš§è‡•–§¢êæY§Ø× ¢X¸•ð ¢ÙQA¤Ùš š±§eg ¤æ øø 54 øø
¸ ‡ØŧÄÞUèMAÄÙ]Z•Ø× ¢¸•æøł¸Ùš MAÜth–¤ ¤æ ø
DªØ¸Ä…æÂÞ ¤Ø Ť ¢à‡Ùš ¤æ h–¤ dÞ¤­ÞU؂¤•Ø øø 55 øø
ÄMâAƒ¸‡ØMAتٸ³êæMA•ØÁ§Ø â~ÜMâAØ•ÞƒØ¤¢ÞÙQA¤ÞÙQAÙ¢: ø
¤É؂¤Ù¢¤Ø­¤¸³êæN§Ø× •§ S~æٚ æ §Ù’ªÉêæف‡ÞÅÄÉ: øø 56 øø
• ‡æÉ× • š±Ø~Ø•ð • d ÄÞU¤ÁæÂØÙ¢³ÙÂ× • d؂¤Ø•× •Ø–§ð ÙMA¤Ùš ¸ Á悸ٸ¢¸Øð ø
ŸÙÉ¢­à × •Ø… S~¤Ùš ÄÉæ §ØÞ Á“Ø Ù¸•ØÁ× ‚Ä‚§× ¤“Þ¤…• Ù¸kؚ•Ù¤‡¤ð øø57 øø
‡Þª–Å§Ø•Ø‡æªšÙªÉª~ܧŧ ¤Éêæ ٕÉܕØdتêæÉ× •âšÁÞªÁޢŧØŚ‡¤Ùš ø
‡§ØÙĖ“êæ Ÿ–“êæ ٕª¸Ù“MA¸Ø‚ĵ§h³“æ ¸ Å¤Øª× Å¤Øª× XÞ~X~Ù¤ÜegØÙ¤ X¢Ü: øø
Bٕeg™Ø›§æ¸× §Ù‡ šÞ•ÙªÜegٙظ ªhŁ¤¼g™Ø¼gÅÞف¸d•¢]Zܤªd§¤ð ø
…ؚ܂…× ¬š× ¸d•¤¸³¥¡§Øٚ MâAš§Ø ‚¸¤æ¸è¸×¢à× “ªÙ~“ª ¤æ ÙÁS§ ¤•: øø59øø

ٚØ ‚¸× ¤ØØ ‚¸× ‡Ù§•§Å‚¸× ٚ±§ÄÞÉâð
‚¸¤æ¸ ‚¸× Ù¤„Ø× XÞÀªÙÄ Xف¼dØÙÄ hXØ¤ð ø
‚¸‡Ü§Å‚¸Žâ‚§Å¸ šÙªh•Å‚¸‰ÙªÉ×
š±š™Ø¾êè¸× Ă§É¤Ùš ¸è¸ØÚŤ ÙÉ ¢ª: øø 60 øø
hٕ‚¸ØÉ× ¸×Áæ ¤Éف hXف V§Ø§ÁÄØ×
ÁÞdܕØ× §ÞQAؕØ× XÞ~šÞÀƒ¸ÙŅفٸ‡Ø¤ð ø
ٕÄXØ­‡¸ æ ‚¸fت~MA¤³èMAؖ¤•Äؤð
B“êæ“: šØšØ‚¤Ø Áª~‡ ٕ¤jØØÙ¤ ¤ÙÄ øø 61 øø
B¤§Ø­‡: Sއ¼± d³¤ÙªÄà§Øš±Ä¸¢à:
MâA[—êæ ‡Þ¤Ø­•Ü Ťªšª¸Áêæ ¸rؕšª: ø
•âÁ×Ä: šØٚÃw: MA…¤ÉÙ¤êæ ‡Þ:Uh³“æ:
BšØªØ‡ÞƒØÜ~­Å¸ šÙªdªæ§× dª~§êæ: øø 62 øø
ª[Þ¸ª §‡¢àł¸× ØˆÁêæ ¸Ø§Äŧ š±~ Dف ‡§Ø³Þ: §fØ dèÅ§ MâAÃ~ ø
š±Ù¢¸¤šªØŒÞ¤Þ­Y“ ÄاÞi§‡êæ¢à: ¸‡ ÙMA¤š‡¤ØX: Å§ æÙŁ S¤Ø§Ø: øø 63 øø
••Þ š±š™Ø: ÄMâA‡æ¸ •Ø… ¸ØɤŤÜف d §Ød¤Ø•: ø
¸Ø•ÞMA¥›§: Ťª: š±ÙkØ× ¤‡æMA¸h® ÙMAÙ¤‡× ¸±× æ øø 64 øø
BMâAلؤ‚¸fت~تٸ–‡š±¤ æ š±MAÂØ­¸Ù“¤Ø‚¤¸–¤ð ø
ٚØ¤É× •Ø…¤Þە Ù¸³êæN§ š±Ä܇ ¤’âƒØ¤Ùd–Ù§‚¸Ø øø 65 øø

§‚š‡Ø¥¢êæÀɔ§Ø•Ù¸”¸ÅØÁæÂMAµ¤Â: ø ¸ÅÞØ¤Þš§ØêæÉ× §Ø¤Þ•æ§× •¤ØÙ¤ ¤ð øø

øø Dف Łêæ„ت‚•× Ĥ؛¤ð øø

øø ¿Ø܇渪ØhØÃtMA¤ð øø

¿Øܤ‚MAØrØܤÞە ¸–‡æ MA¤³ØšÙ•–‡•¤ð ø ¸ª‡Ø]ðÙ[±Ä‡ØÄ]ZªÄا•šªØ§~¤ð øø
‡æ¸ªØh‡§ØšØ„Ø× ¿ØÜMAØrØܚà~­¤ÞƒØ¤¤ð ø ªØ¤Ø•Þh¤Þ•æ¤Ø­–§× ¸–‡æÉ× Äjؕؿا¤ð øø
•¤Åæ ÉÙŁÁè³Á æ ¿Øܤ•ð B¥ŸÞh³êæd• ø Áª~× ‚¸Ø× š±š™ØêæÙŤ š±~Øف­ÉªØe§Þ øø1øø
ĤŁš±ØÙ~Ė„ØØ~š±¸Ü~MAÀ~ê浟~ ø Ù¸³Ä–Þ MAtØSØÅæ ¤¨§ÙŤ•ð hXØ× šæ øø2øø

ٕٖ‡ØdتMAª~× Ù•¸âƒØ× MâA‚§MA¤­~: ø šØšÜ§Ø×Ĥ¤§Ø­‡× šØÙÉ ¤Ø× ¸ª‡š±¢êæ øø 3 øø
Ä×Äت¤ÀMAؖØªæ ‡Þ¹§Ø­Ù“¹§Ø[±¢ÜÂ~æ ø ٸ§Sއ±XÞµ¤Ø|©æ âÂؚ؇šÁØٳٕ øø 4 øø
šÞ„؇تXâÉSæ„ؤâXâÃ~Ø¥ŸÞšÞÃMA³æ ø MâA‚§ØMâA‚§Ù¸¸æMAؖ“× šÙª¢±Ø–Ù¤Å: øø 5 øø
BhÄ±× h؁âÃ~؁­¤¸Ä–•Ø]Z¤S¤¤ð ø SÜ~ÁÙQAŸ³ØªêæY§× MæA¸³× N³æÁÄ׿ا¤ð øø6øø
Ė›× ٸٸ“è‡Þ­:Uè: ‡Þ¸­dèªæ¸¤Øه٢: ø ‡æ¸ªØh ‡§ØÙĖ“êæ ‡æ¸‡æ¸ hX‚šæ øø 7 øø
‚¸‡ÜS~ÄޓØÙĖ“Þ¸ÜÙdÙ¸SæšÁÜMAªè: ø MAØÀ€§¤ØÀØ•Üè: Á܁³èªÙ¢ÙÂrØ ¤Ø¤ð øø8øø

øø Dف ¿Ø܇渪ØhØÃtM×A Ĥ؛¤ð øø

¿ØÜ¢X¸‡±Ø¤Ø•Þh¤Þٕ٢ª•ÞXÉâ ܁×
øø Áª~ØXفX¤ð øø

§êæ ٕ‚§¤e§Þš‡Ø¥ŸÞh§ÞY¤ÀN¤¹§Ø¤êæɁŁهªØÙ~ â~ا ¤æ•æ ø
BŤ‰Þªê梭X¸êæŧ ‡§èMAÙĖ“êæ: ªØ¤Ø•Þhŧ dª~êè Áª~× š±šæ øø

¸–‡æ ¸æ‡Ø–MAš­àªdؤÜMAªMAª€yMA¤ð ø ªØ¤Ø•Þhا­¤Ø§Ø­~Ø× dàyؤÙ~¤Éٕ­Á¤ð øø

Læ¤ð ¢X¸™Øتا~ØÙ¢¤Ø•Þ¬šÅ¸¬š¬šXÞ~Ù¸¢¸è¼¸§­Áܳؐ•¸Ù“MAØفÁ§ØÄ×V§æ§-
MAµ§Ø~XÞ~X~Ø× š¸•Ø³§Ø× ¢X¸Ý Ù¿Ø§× ‡æ¸Ý ٕ‚§Ø•šØÙ§•Ý ٕª¸Ø× ‡æ¸‡æ¸Ù‡¹§-
¤ÙÉÂܤð BÙU³ hX–¤Øª¤ð BŤ–¤Øª¤ð BÁª€§Áª€§Ø¤ð B•–§Áª~: Áª~¤É×
š±šæ ø

B•¸Ù“MAØفÁ§-š±ÜفMAØÙª-BÁæÂظŅêæÙd-BÁæÂÁæèMAªÙ¬š-ٕ‚§MèA]O§š­ ر ›‚§šæS§Ø
šØª¤Øم­MAÜ ¢X¸fت~تٸ–‡Áª~ØXف: §…ظÙŅØ BÙ¸ªØ BÅÞ ¤æ ø

BÅÞ æ ø §è¸ ĸ® Ä¥š‚ŧæ ø


ÄêèX–”§-ÄêèMÞA¤Ø§­³Ø¸€§-§ê踕ؐ•–XÞ~ٕٓه¹§¬š ŸآØÙ¸MAؕ¸Ù“MAØفÁ§-
XØ¥¢Ü§ê臭 ا­-d؁ާŭ …觓
­ §
è -­ Áê觚­ ªØM±A¤-çMAؤ-çÄ]Oµš-MâAف‚¸MâAkØÄ×V§æ§-
MAµ§Ø~XÞ~X~êè[¤ÉØ~¸­ ŸêæÙdÙ¸Ù¸“Ù¸Ùd„Øؕ–Ø¼d§­-ٕ‚§Ù•ª¸-ٕªÙÁ§-
ÄÞX–“-ٕªÙÁ§ÄÞUŚÁ­-ٕªÙÁ§êèj¸µ§-ÙMAªÜt¤MÞAtdàyظ×Ä-¤MAª-MÞA€y³X±¸ è §
æ MA-
ÉتMæA§àªMAtMA-¿Øܸ‚ÄMAêèŁޢ¤ÞQA؇ؤê懪Ÿ–“•-šÜØ¥ŸªMAØrØÜXÞ~•àšªÞ ؐšÙªÙ¤Ù‡¹§-
¢àÂ~ ŸؕެšØÙd–‚§ÁÙQA-Á`dM±X‡ØÙÄÁØ]Zؐ ­ Ä×V§æ§-ٕ‚§Ù•ª¸Ù•ªÙÁ§MAµ§Ø~-
ه¹§Ø§Þ“ ŸØÙ¢¤-ٕ‚§Ù•ª¸Ø•Þ¬š-Ÿ¬š¬šXÞ~Ù¸¢¸è¼¸§­-Áܳؐ•¸Ù“MAØفÁ§-
BÄ×V§æ§-MAµ§Ø~XÞ~X~¿Øܸ·¢ K¸×¢ à ¢àÙ¤•Ü³Ø•Ø§MA Ÿeg–‡Ø•Þ¸Ù­-Ÿ¬šÙŅف-
ÁæÂÁæÂØÁ•XÀyš±¤U Þ -•Ø•ØÙ¸“Ø•–šÙªh•šÙªdØÙªMAؚ٪dÙªdª~§ÞX³ šª¤§êæÙX-
¸èMAÞ €w•Ø… ŸÄ]OµšØ•ÞÙ¸“ØÙ§-Ÿ¬šÙŅفš±¸Ù⠁-ŸÁæèMAŸ¢Ø¸-š±MAâ فšÞÀÂMAس؂¤MA-
ٸٸ“Ù¸Ùd„Øؕ–-¢êæY§¢êæQAâ ¸X­¢êæXêæšMAª~-¢êæXŅؕ-¬šÙ•ÙU³hX‡Þ‡§-Ù¸¢¸³§³Ü³
çMAؤ ! çÄ]Oµš ! šªŸ±Ð¢à ! šÞÀÂêæƒØ¤! ¤ÉØÙ¸¢àæ! ¿Øܤ•ð ! •ØªØ§~ !
¿ØܸèMÞA€w•Ø… ! BšØªMAØÀ€§-ÄêèÁܵ§¸Ø‚ĵ§-Lè‡Ø§­-K漸§­-Äê薇§­-¤Éê懓æ !
B•Ø³êæÙdÙ¸ÁæÂ-BÁæ³êæMAÁª€§ ! š±~Øف­Éª ! Cٿ؁¸Ø‚ĵ§èMAh³“æ ! B•¸ª-
ٸهÙ•ÙU³¢àh؁§Ø…Ø‚¥§ ! BÁæÂdªØdª¢àÙ•ÙU³Ù•§¤•Ù•ª ! BÁæÂÙd‡Ùd’ŁÞ-
ÁæÙÂ¢à ! ٕÙU³hX‡Ø“ت ! BÙU³hX‚ŸØÙ¤•ð ! BŤ‚ŸØÙ¤•ð ! çMAؤ ! çÄ]Oµš!
ÄMA³æªÙ¸³S~ ! Bم­MAµšMA ! Cš‚ÄU ! ¿Øܤ•ð ! •ØªØ§~! BÁª€§Áª€§ ! B•–
§-Áª~: ‚¸‚šØ‡ØªÙ¸–‡§ÞX³× Áª~¤É× š±šæ ø
< B„Ø ’§¤ð >

ٚª× ¤Øª× ‡ØªØ•ð šÞ„Øؕ𠟖“à•ð ÄUܕð XÞ¬•ð ø
ª‚•Øٕ “•“Ø–§Øٕ Sæ„ØØÙ~ d XâÉØÙ~ døø
ĸ­“¤Ø®¼d Ė‚§i§ ĸ­MAؤØ×¼d ÄØSªØ•ð ø
³êæMAÙ¸M±Aؖdª~êè Áª~× æö¸±h× Ù¸¢êæ øø
‚¸¤æ¸ ¤ØØ d ٚØ ‚¸¤æ¸ ‚¸¤æ¸ Ÿ–“Þ¼d XÞÀł¸¤æ¸ ø

‚¸¤æ¸ Ù¸Ø ‡±Ù¸~× ‚¸¤æ¸ ‚¸¤æ¸ ĸ® ¤¤ ‡æ¸‡æ¸ øø
ٚØÙÄ ³êæMAŧ dªØdªÅ§ ‚¸¤Å§ šài§¼d XÞÀX­ªÜ§Ø•ð ø
• ‚¸‚Ĥêæł§£§Ù“MA: MÞAê斧êæ ³êæMA„ا曧š±Ù¤š±¢Ø¸ øø
Å¤Øð š±~¥§ š±Ù~“ا MAØ§× š±Ä؇§æ ‚¸Ø¤É¤ÜÁ¤Üy©¤ð ø
ٚæ¸ šÞ„Øŧ ÄUæ¸ ÄV§Þ: ٚ±§: ٚ±§Ø§ØÉ­ÙÄ ‡æ¸ Äêæ|Þ¤ð øø

¤•êæ¸ØNMAاè: B•ØهMAسš±¸ƒâ Ø-B•–-BMâA‚§MAª~-MâA‚§ØMAª~-¢X¸‡šdت-¢ØX¸Ø-
šdت-BÄɩؚdت¬š-•Ø•ØÙ¸“Ø•–Øšdتؕð Cª¡“MAاح•ð B•Øª¡“MAاح•ð MâAØ•ð
ÙM±A§¤Ø~ؕð MA٪ç¤Ø~Ø×¼d ĸح•ð BÁæ: S¤Å¸ ø

B•ØهMAسš±¸âƒØ× Ù¸šªÜkؕ¤ð C‚¤Ù¸Â§× MâA‚Å•hXÙ’Â§× d Ù¸šªÜ¸âƒØ× d
BÁæÂٸ§¤ð BØٚ ¸­¤Ø•× ¸Ù­Ã§¤Ø~× d ĸ® S¤Å¸ ø

± Øɚ±¸ƒâ ØØ× ¢X¸‚Ÿ¬šÙªêæ“Ø•MAªÝ Ù¸šªÜkؕh••Ý Ÿٸ§اؼd
¢êæY§ŸÞŒæh­••Ý ‡æÉæٖ‡±§‚¸æ• ¢êæY§‚¸æ• ÄàT¤¬šæ~ dظÙŅØ× ‡è¸Ý XÞ~¤§Ý ¤Ø§Ø×
‡ØÄ¢à× ðÁª~ØXêæÙŤ ¸ØÙŤ ‡ØÄ Dف ¸QAØª× ¤Ø× Øª§ ø

æÂØ× kØ•Ü Ù•‚§§ÞQA KMA¢ÙQAÙ¸­ÙÁçæ ø
ٚ±§êæ ÙÉ kØٕ•ê悧…­¤É× Ä d ¤¤ ٚ±§: øø
F‡ØªØÅĸ­ K¸èæ kØ•Ü ‚¸Ø‚¤è¸ ¤æ ¤¤ð ø
CÙŅÅÄ ÙÉ §ÞQA؂¤Ø ¤Ø¤æ¸Ø•ÞƒØ¤Ø× Xف¤ð øø
ŸÉà•Ø× h–¤•Ø¤–æ kؕ¸Ø•ð ¤Ø× š±šæ ø
¸ØÄއæ¸Åĸ­Ù¤Ù Ä ¤É؂¤Ø Äއ޳­¢: øø
Dف ¼³êæMA„اêæهkØٕ•× ¤Ø× MÞAÀø ø

šÞÀÂÅÄ šª: šØ…­ ¢QA©Ø ³£§Å‚¸•–§§Ø , ¢QA©Ø ‚¸•–§§Ø ÁN§: , ¤ŽÛQA ³¢æ
šªØ¤ð Dف Ņؕ„اêæهšª¢ÙQA§ÞQ×A ¤Ø× MÞAÀø ø

šª¢ÙQAšªkؕšª¤¢QA©æMAŸ¢Ø¸× ¤Ø× MÞAÀø ø
MAØفÁ§-ٚ±§¢X¸‡•Þ¢¸êæÉ× …ØÙ¸“¢X¸‡•Þ¢¸hٕ-B•¸Ù“MAØفÁ§š±ÜفMAØÙª-

BÁæÂظŅêæÙd-BÁæÂÁæèMAªÙ¬š-ٕ‚§ÙMA]Oªêæ ¢¸Øٕ ø

K¸×¢ à ¤‚MèA]O§š­ ر ›‚§ÞšØ§§Ø B¸MA䛁ĤŁ¸ÅÞÙ¸Éܕêæٚ, B•–Ù’ªêæٓšØšØM±Aؖêæٚ,
B•–-¤‡šdت§ÞQAêæٚ, B•–¤‡Ü§Øšdت§ÞQAêæٚ, B•–ØÄɩؚdت§ÞQAêæٚ,
K‚MAا­MAت~¢à-B•ØهٸšªÜ-BÉ]Oتٸ¤à|؂¤Å¸¢Ø¸êæٚ, K‡Þ¢§MAا­MAت~¢à-
B•ØهٸšªÜ¸ØĕØ-Ä¥ŸŒêæٚ, K‡•ÞX~ Þ š±MAâ فٸÁæÂÄ¥ŸŒêæٚ, K–¤à³-C”§Øق¤MA-
¤fت~تٸ–‡§ÞX³-KæMAØٖMA؂§Ù–MA-šª¢ÙQAšªkؕšª¤¢ÙQAÙ¸\•š±ÙÉêæٚ, §æ•
MæA•Øٚ š±MAتæ~ ’§¸QAØ ‚¸× MæA¸³× ¤‡Ü§§è¸ ‡§§Ø ٕ:ÁæÂÙ¸•ÃtÄÉæMÞ A-¤fت~تٸ–‡-
§ÞX³-KæMAØٖMA؂§Ù–MA-šª¢ÙQAšªkؕ-šª¤¢ÙQAÙ¸\•:, ¤‚š±Ä؇³¡“-¤fت~تٸ–‡-
§ÞX³-KæMAØٖMA؂§Ù–MAšª¢ÙQAšªkؕšª¤¢ÙQA:, ¤‚š±ÄØ‡Ø‡æ¸ ÄØS؂MâA-§…ظÙŅ-
¤‚Ÿ¬š¬šXÞ~Ù¸¢àف³Ü³êæšMAª~ٸŁت:, BšªêæSÙČ-¤Ù™Ø§Ø¥§Ø-¤‹ØŧèM-
AŸ¢Ø¸Ø‚¤Å¸¬š:, ¤‡æMAؕޢ¸:, ¤‹ØŧèMAٚ±§:, šÙªšà~Ø­•¸ª-ٕ‚§Ù¸Á‡¤-B•–§-
š±§êæh•-B•¸Ù“MAØفÁ§Ùš±§¤‡•Þ¢¸Å‚¸× …ØÙ¸“¤‡•Þ¢¸hٕ-B•¸Ù“MAØفÁ§-
š±ÜفMAØÙª-BÁæÂظŅêæÙd-BÁæÂÁæèMAªÙ¬š-ٕ‚§ÙMA]Oªêæ ¢¸ ø

K¸¥¢àêæÙÄ ø

C”§Øق¤MA-Cٓ¢êèفMA-Cٓ‡èÙ¸MA-‡Þ:UÙ¸\•X–“ªÙɁł¸× ’§¤ð B…Ø­•Ä Þ –“Ø•æ• ÄÉ
ćè¸-× ¸QAØ §Ø¸egªÜªšØ¤ð B„êè¸ ¿Øܪ]Zæ ÄÞU¤ØÅŸ ø
ÁªÜªšØÄ¤§æ Þ MæA¸³× ¤‡Ü§§è¸ ‡§§Ø Bفš±ŸŒ Þ :, ¤Ø¤æ¸ B¸³êæMA§•ð Bš±e§Þ-
šà¸­Ä×ÅMAت¤•ê檅:, hÜ~­Ù¤¸ ¸Å„Ø× ÄÞUæ•æ¤Ø× š±MâAہ Ņà³ÄàT¤¬šØ× Ù¸Äâi§, ‡Ø•Ü¤æ¸
šÙªšà~Ø­•¸ª-ٕ‚§Ù¸Á‡¤-B•–§š±§êæh•-B•¸Ù“MAØفÁ§Ùš±§¤‡•Þ¢¸Å‚¸× …ØÙ¸“-
ٕ‚§ÙMA]Oªêæ ¢Ù¸Ã§ÙÄ ø
¤Ø æ ¢à‡„Ø Ä×Á§: ø

*B•â× •êæQAšà¸® ¤æ • d ¸T§æ MA‡Ød•, *ªØ¤êæ ْ•Ø­Ù¢¢Øæ, *ÄMâA‡æ¸ š±š™Øا ¸ØŤÜف
d §Ødæ ø B¢§× ĸ­¢ à £æ §êæ ‡‡Ø¥§æ‡ð ¸±× ¤¤ øø, *ĸ­“¤Ø­•ð šÙª‚§i§ ¤Ø¤æMA× Áª~×
¸±h ø BÉ× ‚¸Ø ĸ­šØšæ£§êæ ¤êæS٧çØÙ¤ ¤Ø ÁÞd: øø Dف ¤§è¸ É©ÞQA¤ð ø

BÅ‚¸× ¸ ƒ¸êæ ¤ikؕ‡Á­•š±ØٛÂÞ Ù•ÅÄ×Á§: ÄÞU¤ØÅŸ ø

B–‚§MAسæ Ťâف§Ø­ Þ ¸ MèA]O§­MAØÙªØ ø Ø¤æ•Ø× ¢X¸™Ø ÙM±A§¤Ø~Ø× MÞAÀø ¤æ øø

øø Dف Áª~ØXفX× Ĥ؛¤ð øø

¿ØÜ¢X¸‡±Ø¤Ø•Þh¤Þٕ٢ª•ÞXÉâ ܁×
øø ¿Øܪ]ZX¤ð øø
Ùd‡Ùd‚šªƒ¸Ø•Ø× ƒ¸§Ø…؆§­¸æه•æ ø ªØ¤Ø•Þhا ¤Þ•§æ •¤êæ ¤¤ XªÜ§Äæ øø

ŸؓܕلØÙ¸“d恕Ød恕Ÿ¬šÙŅفš±¸âكآæ‡×, N³æÁMA¤Ø­Áæ‡êæÂØÄ׌âÃt×,
MâAف‚¸MâAkØÄ×V§æ§-MAµ§Ø~XÞ~X~êè[¤ÉØ~­¸,× šªŸ±Ð¢à,× šÞÀÂêæƒØ¤×, ¿Øܪ]ZÁØÙ§•¤ð,
BŤ‚ŸØÙ¤•×, š±ŸŒÞ ٕ‚§-ٕ§Ø¥§-ٕ‚§‡ØŧèMAªÄ؂¤Å¸¢Ø¸êæÉ× ‡æMAؕޢ¸: ‡æMAٚ±§:
šÙªšà~® ¢X¸–× Ù¸Á‡¤Ø•Þ¢¸æ• ٕª–ª¤•Þ¢§ à ‡•Þ¢¸hٕ-B•¸Ù“MAØفÁ§-
š±ÜفMAØÙª-BÁæÂظŅêæÙd-BÁæÂÁæèMAªÙ¬š-ٕ‚§ÙMA]Oªêæ ¢¸Øٕ ø

BÁæÂÁæèMAªÙ¬š-ٕ‚§MAè]§ O -­ š±Ø›‚§ÞšØ§¢ÙQA-‡ÞšØ§Ä¥§Ykؕ-‡ÞšØ§Ä¤ÜdܕÙM±§Ø-
‡•ÞX~ Þ ÄØك¸MAØÙŁN§Øه-ĤŁ؂¤XÞ~-Ù¸Éܕ: ‡ÞÀƒØªØ•–Ù’š§­§-kؕÙM±A§Ø•ÞX~ Þ -
B•ØهšØš¸ØĕؤÉØ~­¸Ø–Ù•­¤Y•: ف³è³¸‡ð ‡ØÀ¸Ùϸ‡ð ‡ÞÙ¸­¸æd-لØXÞ~S~-
Sª~Ÿ¢Ø¸-Bd恕š±MAâ ف¹§Øٛ¬š-‡Þª‚§§¢X¸–¤Ø§ØفªêæÙɁ-Ÿš±MAØÁ: B•ØÙ¸Ø-
ÄÙr؁-B•–ØÁN§Ù¸Ä±×ĕ-MA¤­šØÁš±X±Ù…: B•ØXØ•–MAسĤÜS§Øٚ BˆÃt-
ĖØªêæšØ§: ٕÙU³h–Þh؁Áª€§ ! ¿Øܤ•ð ! •ØªØ§~ ! ¸ dª~تٸ–‡§ÞX³× Áª~¤É×
š±šæ ø
K¸¤ð B¸ÙŅÅ§Øٚ Bم­‚¸¤Ø„êæ~ šª¤MAØÀÙ~MAêæ ¢X¸Ø•ð Ÿؕޢ¸š±Ü‚§Ø Fš•ÜèMAØٖ-
MA؂§Ù–MA-ٕ‚§MAè]§O Mè­ AªÙ¬š-ٕ‚§‡ØÅ§× ‡ØŧÜف Ù¸¼¸ØĚà¸M­ A× ¢X¸–× ٕ‚§ÙMA]OªØ×
š±Ø…­§æ ø

¸Ø•Þ¢àفĥ¢à-š±ÜفMAØÙª‡Øāؤð ø
‡æÙÉ ¤æ MâAš§Ø •Ø… ! • hؕæ Xف¤–§…Ø øø
ĸح¸Å…êæÙdØÁæÂ-ÁæèMAªÙÅ¸ ø
¢¸æ§× šÞ€yªÜMAØS ! ‚¸¤æ¸è¸× MÞAÀø ¤Ø¤ð øø

à ƒ¸§Ø…Ø‚¥§Ø¸Ÿêæ“-Ù‡egتÙɁŧØٚ K‡ÞfØت~¤Ø„Øظ³¥Ÿ•æ• Fe§¤Ø•Ø…­-
šª¤Ø…­Ù•Ãw× ¤æ ¤•: ‚¸¤æ¸ Bè¸ MAت§ ø

BšØªMAÀ~Ø¥ŸÞ“æ ! B•Ø³êæÙdÙ¸ÁæÂ-BÁæ³êæMAÁª€§ ! š±~Øف­Éª ! Cٿ؁-
¸Ø‚ĵ§èMA¤Éê懓æ ! B•¸ªÙ¸Ù‡Ù•ÙU³¢àh؁§Ø…Ø‚¥§ ! çMAؤ ! çÄ]Oµš!
Cš‚ÄU ! MAØMÞA‚Å… ! ¿Øܤ•ð ! •ØªØ§~! šÞÀÂêæƒØ¤ ! ¿Øܪ]Z•Ø… ! ¤¤ •Ø… !
•¤êæÅÞ æøø
øø Dف ¿Øܪ]ZX× Ĥ؛¤ð øø

¿ØÜ¢X¸‡±Ø¤Ø•Þh¤Þٕ٢ª•ÞXÉâ ܁×
øø ¿ØܸèMÞA€wX¤ð øø
Þ Ø¥Ÿêæٓ¤ð B¸XØÉ© §…ؤف ø C‡Ø§ ¢ÙQA§êæXØV§× ª‚•× ÄׇÁ­§Ø¥§É¤ð øø

ŸؓܕلØÙ¸“d恕Ød恕Ÿ¬šÙŅفš±¸âكآæ‡×, N³æÁMA¤Ø­Áæ‡êæÂØÄ׌âÃt×,
ŸآØÙ¸MAؕ-¸Ù“MAØفÁ§-kؕŸ³è ¼ ¸§­ - ¸Ü§­ Á ÙQAæ h :š± ¢ ⠂ §Ä× V §æ § -
MAµ§Ø~XÞ~X~êè[¤ÉØ~­¸,× šª¤šÞÀÂ×, ¢X¸–×, •ØªØ§~×, ŸØÙ¤‚¸æ• ÄÞÉ‚â ¸æ• XÞÀ‚¸æ• d
šÙªXâÉ©, KæMAØٖMA؂§Ù–MA-‚šØ‡Ø¥ŸÞh’§-šÙªd§è­MA¤•ê檅: ‚š±Ø›§æ d
‚šØ‡Ø¥ŸÞh’§š±šƒêæ: B–§™Ø ¤æ MAµšMAêæÙtÄÉıæ~Øٚ Äؓ•¤ÅÜف ¤–¸Ø•: Å§è¸
¢X¸êæ •ØªØ§~ŧ, BÙU³Äƒ¸‡§èMAÄØXªÅ§, B•Ø³êæÙdXÞ~ØXÞ~ØU€y-h•Ø•ÞMAà ³Ø-
¤§Ø­‡Áܳ¸:, ŸآØÙ¸MAؕ¸Ù“MAØفÁ§XÞ~¸ƒØ§Ø ‡æ¸Ù§­]¤
ð •ÞçؐÙU³h•É⇧ؕ–‡•Å§,
Cٿ؁¸Ø‚ĵ§èMAh³“æ:, ¢QAh•Ä×¼³æÂMè A¢êæXŧ, ٕ‚§kؕÙM±A§è¼¸§Ø­Ù‡¢êæXÄؤX±Ü-
ĤâŒÅ§, ¤ÉØÙ¸¢à:æ , ¿Øܤ¼dª~تٸ–‡§ÞX³¤ð B•–§Ø‚¤ÄsØܸ•æ• ‰Ä¸­¢Ø¸æ•
Áª~¤•Þ¸h ± 
æ ðø

¼d š±‚§É¤ð C‚¤êæjØܸ•Ø§ K¸¤•ÞŤªæð ø

dÞ‡­Á¢Þ¸•Ø‚¤MA¤€y× ‡ÁXÞÙ~êæƒØªrØ C¸ª~ěM×A Ä¤Å× MAا­MAت~h؁¤Ü‚§
¸­¤Ø•æ šª¤¹§êæ¤Á¡‡ØÙ¢“æ§æ Ÿ±Ð؇ܕØ× ¸Ø]ð¤•ÄØöXêædªæ ¿Øܤف ¸èMÞA€wæ ه¹§³êæMæA
ĕMAٸٓÙÁ¸Øه٢ªÙš BÙd–‚§Å¸¢Ø¸è¼¸§è:­ ٕ‚§ÙČè: B•–è: ¢X¸‡Ø•ÞMAà µ§èMA¢êæX:è
ه¹§šÞÀÂè: ¤É؂¤Ù¢: CšàÙªæ æÂؤٚ D§‚šÙª¤Ø~¤ð D§‡è¼¸§­¤ð EˆÁŸ¢Ø¸Ù¤Ù
šÙªegæƒØÞ¤§êæY§æ ه¹§Ø¸ª~ÁÄÉıظâæ ه¹§MAµšMA¬šÁêæÙ¢æ
ه¹§êæØ•ÁÄÉıMAêæÙtÙ¢ªØ¸âæ Bفš±¤Ø~æ ه¹§Ø§•æ MAÙŤ×Ù¼dْÙd„Ø-ه¹§ª‚•¤§æ
ه¹§ØŅؕ¤€yšæ ه¹§ª‚•Å¥¢ÁÄÉıMAêæÙtÙ¢ÀšÁêæÙ¢æ ه¹§•Ø•Øª‚•MâAÅ…³-
Ù¸Ùdل؁æ ه¹§Ø³]Oتس]ðMâAæ šÙª: šÙè: š¤Ø•è: šØ‡šÅ…è¼d •Ø•ØX–“¸~­è:
ه¹§šÞÚè: Áê梤ؕè: ه¹§šÞÚê暸•è: FšÁêæÙ¢æ Ä]OÜ~­šØÙªh؁ØهMAµš‡±Þ¤êæšÁêæÙ¢è:
BÄ]OÜ~è¼­ d MèAÙ¼d‡ð B–:ŅšÞÚª‚•Øهٕ٤­-ه¹§³Ü³Ø¤€yš-ÁÄÉıêšæ ÁêæÙ¢è: ĸ­‡Ø
B•Þ¢§ à ¤Ø•èªÙš Bšà¸¸ ­ ‡ð C¼d§­¤Ø¸Éَ: M±AÜyØÁè³ÁÄÉıªè ³]ðMA⠁è: MèAÙ¼d™Øتا~-
ه¹§³Ü³ØÄؓت~è: MèAÙ¼d‚š¸•Ø-³§Øه¹§³Ü³ØÄؓت~è: Äؓت~è¼d MèAÙ¼dð
ÁÞMAÁØÙªMAؤ§àªMAêæÙMA³Øه٢: MAê椳MAàÙhè: CMÞA³è: ه¹§êæØ•ÁÄÉıªè ظâæ ¤Ù~¤ÞQAØ-
š±¸Ø³MâAÄêæšØ•è: ه¹§Ø¤³Ø¤âªÄêæ‡MèA: ه¹§Ø€yh¸ªè: Bفª¤~ܧ‡Á­•:è Bف¤•êæɪ-
¤“ުŸªè: CMÞA³è: B–:Ņ¤ÞQAؤ§-ه¹§M±AÜyØŅؕêæšÁêæÙ¢è: ه¹§ÄêèXٖ“MA-
¸ØšÜÁÄÉıè: ه¹§ªØhÉ×Äظ³ÜÙ¸ªØÙhè: C¸âæ ٕªÅØفÁ§-C•–‡èMAªÄ§Ø d
C•–‚§ØfØ š±Ù¸Ãtؕޖ¤Ø‡§ÙŽ: M±AÜyêæ‹Á æ Ùè ¸­ªØÙhæ „Ø „Ø MâAÙ‡¹§šÞښ§­]êO šæ ÁêæÙ¢æ
•Ø•ØšÞÚØĸØŸ؇-¤ƒØ¢â]ØZ ¸³ÜÙ¢À‰Ü§¤Ø•-ه¹§Xؖ“¸­~ æ ؚàÙªæ

d–‡•ØXÀMAš­àª-ه¹§šÞÚظXØÙÉ-¤–‡Øٕ³ØÄ湧¤Ø•æ ¤”§æ šÞÚÄrاٸÙdÙ„Øæ ¤Éف
ه¹§§êæX-š§­]æO B•–¢êæÙXٕ ¿Øܤ’èMAÞ €w輸§Ø­Ù‡Ù‡¹§³êæMA¤ð C‚¤MAؖ‚§Ø Ù¸¼¸¤Ø›§Ø§§–
‚§Ø ÁæÂÁæÂØ-Á•Øهĸ­šÙªh•× ¢X¸: ƒØ‡¸Å…êæÙd-šÙªd§Ø­§Ø¤Økؚ§–‚§Ø
Áܳ¬šXÞ ~ Ù¸³ØÄØه٢: C‚¤Ø•Þ ¬ š§Ø Ù¿Ø§Ø ÄÉØÄÜ•× š± ‚ §X± ê æ – ¤ÜÙ³-
ĪÙÄhĈÁ•§•§ÞX³× Ÿeg•Ü³hܤàÄ]OØÁ¤ð B‚§Þj¸³šÜ¸ØÄÄ× Å¸§Ø š±¢§Ø
Bفٕ¤­³§Ø BفÁ܁³§Ø BفMAê椳§Ø Ÿeg§Ø ¤ØÙ~N§Ø¢§Ø MâA‚Å•× hXŽØħ–¤ð
BÙd–‚§Ù‡¹§ØŽÞÙ•‚§§ê踕-Ÿ¢Ø¸³Ø¸€§¤§Ø¤âÄØXª¤ð BفÄêèMAÞ ¤Ø§Ø­‡ð E‚š±ÙŸ™Ø¸‡ð
C³T§¤Ø~³³ØtA³MA-ه¹§Ø³MAظ³ÜÙ¸ªØÙh¤ð š±ŸÞŒ¤ÞY“Ø¥ŸÞhdØÀ³êæd•×
ÄÙ¸¢±¤¢±³à ¤ð Fj¸³Ø“ª× ÁÞÙdÙŤ× MAê椳X€y¤ð F™ØĤð F‡X±šÜ•Ø×ÄÙ¸³Ù¥ŸMÞA€y³-
B³MAظ³ÜŸ–“ÞªMA¥ŸÞMA–“ª× ٚ±§Ø¸×Äê悚³MA~­¢àÂ~-¼³…سMA؟–“Ù¸¤‡­Á×ÙÄÙ¢:
dÞÙ¢­-ªØhؕÞÙ¸³Ù¥ŸÙ¢¢­ÞhèÙ¸­ªØÙh¤ð BفMAê椳ه¹§ªæUس]ðMâA-CØ¤±MAª³×
ه¹§Ø]ðX޳ܧMA-Ù¸ªØÙh¤ð BفMAê椳•Uظ³ÜÙ¸ªØÙh-BفªQAØ]ðXÞ³ÜÙ¢ª³]ðMâA×

‚S~ê斤ÜÙ³šÞ€yªÜMA-ĈÁdª~§ÞX³¤ð Bف¤•êæɪÙMAªÜt¤MÞAtdàyظ×Ä-
¤MAªMÞ A €y³X± è ¸ æ § MA-ÉتMæ A §à ª MAtMA-¿Øܸ‚Ä-MAêè Å Þ ¢ -¤Þ Q A؇ؤêæ ‡ ªŸ–“•-
šÜØ¥ŸªMAØrØÜXÞ~•àšªÞ Øه٢: B‚§–ÄÞUŚÁ­:è ه¹§X–“è: ¢àÂ~è¢Ùà­ Â× ¿Øܤ‚§Ø ¸èh§–
‚§Ø ¸•¤Ø³§Ø Ù¸ªØÙh× Á]ðUdM±AX‡ØÙÄÁØ]ZØÙ­ ‡Ù‡¹§Ø§Þ“Åè Ä湧¤Ø•× Ä]Oµš-¤Ø„ØظNJ›-
hXjؖ¤ÙŅف”¸×ÄØهMæA ¿Øܤف ٸøNÄæ•æ –§ÅÄ¤ÅØ‚¤è¼¸§­× ¸è•æ§Øه٢: Ÿ¢Ø¸êæ
ٕªÅÄ¤ÅÄØ×ÄØÙªMAŸ¢Ø¸è: ¢X¸‚šÙªd§Ø­MAª~§êæY§è: ¢X¸‚šÙªd§­Mè A¢êæX:è ٕ‚§-
ÙČè: B•–è: §…اêæX× Ä湧¤Ø•¤ð C‚¤¢êæX• æ B•ÞÄÙ× ÉšªØهMAسه¹§Ø¤³MAê椳Ø-
¸³êæMA•æ• Ù¸¼¸¤ØÓ؇§–¤ð E‡ޖ¤ÜÙ³¤ÞUØ¥ŸÞhê懪ٸٕX­æ• ه¹§Ø••ØªÙ¸–‡-
Áêæ¢Øh•MæA• ه¹§XØ¥¢Ü§ê臭 ا­-Äê薇§­¤Ø“ާح•¸Ù“MAXÞ~X~Ù¸¢àÙÂæ• Bف¤•êæɪ-
ه¹§¢Ø¸X¢­~ æ ه¹§³Ü³Ø³ØšØ¤â• æ BÙU³h•É⇧ؖªØ€§Øšàª§–× ¢X¸–× •ØªØ§~×
”§Ø•§êæX•æ ˆÃtð¸Ø êæ ¢X¸êæ ٕ‚§Å¸Ø¥§¤ð C‚¤•êæ ٕ‚§‡ØŧrØ §…ظÙŅ¤•ÞĖ“ا
MA‡ØÉ× ¢X¸–× •ØªØ§~× ¤¤ MÞA³•Ø…× ¤¤ MÞA³‡è¸× ¤¤ MÞA³“•× ¤¤ ¢êæY§× ¤¤ ¤Øª×
¤¤ ٚª× ¤¤ ĸ® ÄØS؂MAª¸ØÙ~ dSÞÂØ, MA‡ØÉ× ¢X¸‚šØ‡Ø¥ŸÞh’§× ÙÁªÄØ “ت٧çØÙ¤,
MA‡ØÉ× ¢X¸‚šØ‡Ø¥ŸÞh’§šÙªd§Ø­MAª~-§êæY§: ‡æMA¢êæX: ‚šØ‡êè šÙªd٪çØÙ¤, MA‡ØÉ×
¢X¸‚šØ‡Ø¥ŸÞh’§šÙªd§Ø­Á§Ø ٕªÅÄ¤Åæª¢êæXØÁ: BšXÄ¤ÅÄØ×ÄØÙªMAŸ¢Ø¸:
‚šØ‡Ø¥ŸÞh’§× š±¸æT§ØÙ¤, MA‡Ø ¤Ø× ¢X¸Ø•ð ŸMAܧ§Ø BفÁ܁³§Ø ˆÁØ B¸³êæN§
ÙŕY“X¥¢Üª¤“Þª§Ø ÙXªØ šÙªd§Ø­§Ø¤Økؚ٧çف Dف ¢X¸‚šÙªd§Ø­§Ø¤ØÁØ× ¸“­Ù§‚¸Ø
§è¸ØÁ§Ø ‚š±Ä؇ê暟â×ÙɁ§Ø ¢X¸–¤Þšæ‚§ ‡àªØ‡æ¸ ¢X¸–× Áæ¢êæXæ Ù¿Ø§Ø ÄÉØÄܕ×
¸è•æ§Øه٢: Ä湧¤Ø•× ĤŁšÙª¸ØªØ§ ¿Øܤæ •ØªØ§~ا •¤: Dف š±~¥§ F‚…اê悅ا
šÞ•: šÞ•: š±~¥§ B‚§–Äؔ¸ÄÙ¸•§Ø¸•êæ ¢à‚¸Ø ¢X¸‚šØ٪‡X~•Ø§MèA: ’تšØ³è:
MâAš§Ø ŕæÉX¢­§Ø ˆÁØ B¸³êæÙMA: Ä¥§XÙ¢¸Ù–‡è: èªæ¸ B•Þ¤: ¢X¸–¤Þšæ‚§
¿ØܤØ ¤à³¤–„êæ~ ¢X¸•ð ¤Ø¤èMAØٖMA؂§Ù–MAšÙªd§Ø­MAª~ا šÙªXâÎÜøæف §Ød¤Ø•:
š±~¥§ C‚¤Ø•× ¢X¸æ ٕ¸æ‡§æð ø

êæ ¢X¸Ø Ÿ§¤æ¸ C‚¤ÄsØܸ•æ• B¤§Ø­‡Áܳ¸Ø Bفš±æ¤Øٖ¸æ• B¸³êæMA•æ•
B¸³êæN§ ĸ­‡æÁ-ĸ­MAس-ĸح¸Å…êæÙd-B‚§–Áæ¢ظا ŸÜMâAêæ•Þk؁¼d B‚§–
Äؔ¸ÄÙ¸•§Ø¸•: ÙMA]ðMÞA¸Ø­~: MâAØsØÙ³šÞt: ¢X¸–¤ÞšØÄ܁ ø

¼d B•Þ¢à§¤Ø•¢Ø¸Ù¸ÁæÂ: ٕªÙÁ§š±Ü‚§Ø B–§ð ÙMAÙr؁ð MA­Þ× ‡±ÃtÞ× Å¤­Þ¤ÁQA:
šÞ•ªÙš Áæ¢ظ¤æ¸ §Ød¤Ø•: ¢X¸–¤æ¸ BÙ¸Ùeg–•Ä±ê
æ ê欚æ~ B¸³êæMA•æ• B¸³êæMA§ï•ð
CÄ܁ ø

êæ ¢X¸Ø Ÿ§¤æ¸ C‚¤ÄsØܸ•æ• B¸³êæMA•æ• B¸³êæN§ ÄÙŤ¤ØÉৠĤŁN³æÁؚÉ×
ٕªÙÁ§ÄÞUظɤð C‚¤Ü§× ¿Øܤ‚šØ‡ØªÙ¸–‡§ÞX³× ÙÁªÙÄ MâA× ”§Ø‚¸Ø B¤âÄØXªØ–
Ù•­¤Y•-ĸح¸§¸: ÄÞU¤ØÄ܁ øø

³T¤Üšæ§­Ùšæ¼d ‡§èMA“Ø¥•êæ§êæ­Äêè šÞªØ Ä¤hٕÃt hXٌØ…­¤ð ø
š±Øe§× š±MAØÁ§Þ •: šª¤× ªÉÅ§× Ä׸؇ K Áª~ØXف¤–„ØÄت: øø

øø Dف ¿ØܸèMÞA€wX× Ĥ؛¤ð øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê誕ÞXÉâ ܁:
øø ¿ØܸèMÞA€wŁ¸: øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê棧êæ •¤ FÙQA¤“ܤÉæ ø §‡ÞQA§Å„اÜMA€wæ §Øٖ ¤]Z³Äà„؁ؤð øø

§êæ ٕ‚§¤e§Þš‡Ø¥ŸÞh§ÞY¤ÀN¤¹§Ø¤êæɁŁهªØÙ~ â~ا ¤æ•æ ø
BŤ‰Þªê梭X¸êæŧ ‡§èMAÙĖ“êæ: ªØ¤Ø•Þhŧ dª~êè Áª~× š±šæ øø 1 øø
„êèÙ¸¸âŒh•¤à“­Ù¸¢àÂ~× §ð Ä¥šfØ ÄØك¸MAh•Å§ §‡æ¸ ٕ‚§¤ð ø
§’Ø Áª€§¤Áª€§h•Å§ šÞ€§× ð Ä×¿Ø§æ¤ ¸MÞA³Ø¢ª~Ø]ðÙ[±§ÞY¤¤ð øø 2 øø
¢ÙQAš±¢Ø¸¢¸‡ŽÞ¢Ø¸Ÿ–“Ä–“ÞÙSš±~§ÄتªÄêè[šà~:­ ø
¸æ‡Ø…­ª‚•Ù•Ù“ªe§ÞÙ‡¹§“ؤ hܧ؁𠚪Ø]ðMÞAÁš§êæٓªÄܤ¢à¤Ø øø 3 øø
§–¤]Z³Ø§ ¤Éæ hXØ¤ÞÁٖ „êèÙ¸ÃtšØ–§Ùš š‡Øٕ §‡Ø¿Ø§ØÙ~ ø
¸–‡Ø¤Éæ ĪÙÄhæS~¤Ù’Ü§× ¸æ‡Ø–¸æ¤Ù•‡×š±…¤× ¤ÉŁð øø 4 øø

šÜØ¥Ÿª× ¸ª‡Á܁³ˆÙÃtšØ¤ð Chؕ޳٥Ÿ¢Þh¤Ø§MA~­šØÁ¤ð ø
–¤æ[¤ædMA¤Þ‡X±Ù¸Áس¸S: ³T¤Ü“ª× ÙMA¤Ùš ¤¤ØÙ¸ªÅÞ øø 5 øø
§ƒØƒ¸¤Sª¤ˆ¼§¤Xêæ„ظ~­¤ð BX±ØÉ©¤¹§§¤•ÜˆÁ¤Ù’Ü§¤ð ø
EÁؕ¤Å§ hXêæ §‡~êæª~ܧ: ’èÃ~¸× š‡¤Þ‡Øª¤Þ‡Øɪؤ: øø 6 øø
C¥•Ø§¤à“­Ù• d ¤à“­Ù• dê攸­šÞ×ÄØ× §ŒØ¤ ¸èÃ~¸¤¢ÜT~ª× dMAØÙŁ ø
–¤ØˆÁؤٚ d Xêædª¤æف ¸Ød: ¤–§æ ‡Ü§Ù¤‡¤Øٿ؁¸‚ij‚¸¤ð øø 7 øø
hؕ™ØšÜÉ ÙMA³ ¤Ø¤•š„ØٚÃ~ÞÙ¸­Ã~êæ: š‡š±~Ù§•Ý ÙXª¤Øه±§æöɤð ø
• ¼¸Ø¸³Ü|¤Ùš Ü…­¤Ü…­¤ØÉޕê歇–§Øٚ d ÁÞ•Ø ÙMA³ ³Ùj؁¹§¤ð øø 8 øø
‡æ¸Å§ ‡è‚§¤…•Å§ XÞ~æÙø§ƒØØ Ä×V§Ø d ¸Ø]ð¤•ÄXêædª¤‚§¢àØ¤ð ø
B›§æ¸¤€¸Ùš d „Ø ¤¤Øف­Áؖ‚§è MAÜtŧ â›§ F‡–¸Ù Ù¸š±ÞÂØö³¤ð øø 9 øø
š±æ¤Ø‡±­Ù¸Ô³ÙXª: šÞÀÂØ: šÞªØ~Ø: ‚¸Ø× ÞÃtÞ¸Þ¤­“ÞÙªšêæ ¤“ު踭dêæÙ¢: ø
¸Ødêæ Ù¸yÙ¥ŸÙ¤‡× ¤¤ •Üd¸Ød: SØٖÅÞ æ ÄÙ¸Â§Ø ¤¤ ‡Þ¸­dêæÙ¢: øø 10 øø
CkØ ¸Ø„Ø¢¸Ü ٸهØ „Ø§Ü ÄØ Ø× ÙÉ š±¤Ø~¤ÞšhY¤ÞªÜٖ‡±§æ…­æ ø
C¢ØĢ৤٢§Ø–‚§šªØÙ~ ‡êæÂè: KÂØ Þ ‡êæªÙÉØ ¤ÙÉØ šÞªØ~Ü øø 11 øø
B–ÙÉ­êæ ٕٓªÙÄ ‚¸¤Áæš×ÞÄØ× ³£§êæÙÄ šÞ€§šÞÀÂèÙªªè‡Þ­ªØš: ø
„Ø „Ø§Ý ÄÞMâAف•: MâAف•êæٓhY¤Þ: ŸØÉ©æÂÞ ŸØÉ©dÙªèÙªªèٕ­šææ øø 12 øø

Ùd„Ø× Ù¸“æÙ¸­³ÙÄ× Ù‚¸‡¤ØÙ¸ªÙŁ ‡ÞÃt؂¤•Ø¤§¤Éêæ ÙMA³ ‡ÞÙ¸­šØMA: ø
§‚MæAÙd‡„Ø¢¸Ý ¿ØÞف¤Ø¿Ø§–êæö›§…­æ MÞAˆÙÃtٸٕٸÃtٓ§êæ Ù¸•ÃtØ: øø 13 øø
ŸØÉ©Ø: MÞAˆÃt§ Dف ْ§æö›§šØª× [êæª× ¤ÅĤޚ§Øٖ • ÉÜSÄæ Ø•ð ø
hY“ŧ MAؕ•¤âXè¤â­XâÙÃ~MæA›Äêæ: MAØÄتă¸Ù•ÉÅ§ d MAêæ Ù¸ÁæÂ: øø 14 øø
–§Ø§Å¤âفš±¢âف٢¢­¸Ø ٕÄâÃt踭æ‡ê暟â×É~Ù¸“ظÞÙdèÀšØ§è: ø
¿Øނ§…­¤…­Ù¤¸ ¢Ø•ÞMAªèÙ¸­¢æhÞ: ‚¸ŽÙQA¢ØÙ¸Ù¸MAµ¤ÂÁæ¤ÞÂÜMAØ: øø 15 øø
§æ Þ ‚¸‡]ðÙ[±ÄªÄÜÀÉ¢ÙQAÉܕØ: æÂؤ¤ÜÙ¢ªÙš •è¸ §…Ø…­Ÿêæ“: ø
ٚƒØ\•¤sؕ¤•ØšÞÙ hØÞ •æ„êæ •è¸ š±¢ØÙ¢ªÙš Á`Ùā‚¸ŸÞٌ: øø 16 øø
ƒ¸Ø…­‚šªšª¼Á¸æ‡¸ØN§è: Äؤ†§­: Ťâف٢ª›§… ØˆÁÜÙ¢: ø
‚¸Ø¤æ¸ ƒ¸šªÄØك¸MAĂšÞªØ~è: ‡æ¸k“ÜÙ¢ªÙš ٕڼd•Þ¤: šªæÁ¤ð øø 17 øø
B–§„Ø Þ R d• MæAÙdهÉæÁÁ¡‡Ø·êæMAš±ÙÄٌ¤ÞšX¥§ ¤ÜÁ¤ØÉÞ: ø
è¼d š±ÙÄٌٸ¢¸Å§ Ĥುاè X±ØÉ©Ø „Ø§Ü ‚¸Ù§ Þ ÄØöe§Þ Ä¥¤ÞUÜ•Ø øø 18 øø

§: Uµ¸~êæª~ށªêæ ¤Éêæ ¤Éܧؕ؂¤Ø h•Å§ h•MAêæ hX¼d §êæö¢àð ø
¸æ‡Ø‚¤MAš±~¸MAت~¸~­¸Øe§× × ‚¸Ø× ¸§× Þ šª¤æ¼¸ª¤Ø¤•Ø¤: øø 19 øø
C‚¤æ¼¸ªêæÙÄ • šªêæÚŁ ¸æ¼¸ªê斧: Ù¸¼¸Å§ dØٓšÙªÅ§ šªØ§~× d ø
•ØªØ§~Øe§Þ šªÅ‚¸Ù¤ÉèMA K¸ Ÿ±Ð؇§êæٚ ¢¸‡ÜS~³¡“ăØØ: øø 20 øø
ٕ‚§ÅĤأ§Ù“MA¸Ùh­ GÙh­¿ØÜ: ٕ‚§æöSªæ هٸ ¸Ä•ð šÞÀÂ: šÞªØ~: ø
㸚±¸­•MAªêæ hXêæöŧ ¤à³× •Ø–§Å‚¸‡ÙŁ “ª~ܓª ¸æ‡¸æ: øø 21 øø
§× ¢à¢¹§¢¸‡ÜÁ¤•ÜÁ¤ØÉÞ: B–ÅĤއٱ •³§× §¤•–¬š¤ð ø
§Å§ لسêæMAh••Ü ¤ÙÉÂÜ d ³T¤Ü: ÄØSØ‚Ä K¸ šÞÀÂêæÙÄ ÄÉı¤à“Ø­ øø 22 øø
ĸ­¿ØÞفø•ÞX× ÚŅª¤š±MA¥›§× •ØªØ§~ØÔ§“ª× ‚¸Ù¤¸Ø•¸¤ð ø
ÄàQ×A Þ šêèÀ¤ÁæÂhX‚šÙ¸„Ø× ‚¸Ø¤ÞƒØ¤× šÞÀ¤ÜÁ¤Þ‡ØhÉت øø 23 øø
C•–‡¤è¼¸ª¤¸Ø]ð¤•ÄظXØÉ©¤ð C¥•ØÙÄÂÞ¼ÁXÞ~êæƒØÙªM±A¤æ~ ø
Äêæö§× ¸è¸ •âÂÞ ÙÉ ‚¸Ù¤ÉؖªØ‚¤Ø ‚¸× šÞ€yªÜMA•§•: šÞÀ¼d šêèÃ~: øø 24 øø
§–¤à³MAت~¤ŸÞ”§ ÄâÙÃt¸ØN§è: Ÿ±Ðæف ¸Ø Äهف ¸Øöö‚¤ÙXªØö…¸Ø ð ø
•ØªØ§~Úł¸Ù ¤ÉêæšÙ•Â‡ð Ÿ±¸Üف ÄêèŸØÙ³MAܚ±¢â§ê曧•ÞhY¤Þªæ•Ø¤ð øø 25 øø
i§êæف: šª× šª¤ƒ¸¤…êæ šªØ‚¤Ø Ÿ±Ðæف d ¿ØÞفÂÞ §‚šª¸Å‚¸“܁¤ð ø
•ØªØ§~Łهف Ù’ÙÁ•ÚÃt MAØÙdْÃ~êæ: š‡× šª¤Ù¤‚§šªØ Xâ~Øف øø 26 øø
ĖÜˆÁ¼¿ØÞفÙÁªÅÄÞ šªÅÄÉÄ±Ø ¸ØdŁ¸ š±…Ù§Þ× šª¤æÙÁâ‚¸¤ð ø
ÙMArêæÉ • ¹§hX~: ÙM±AÙ¤“؁â¢æ‡× M±Aؤ–hXٖ ٕÙXª•ð šÞ•Àىª×¼d øø 27 øø

¬šÙ¿Ø§Ø šª¤§Ø šª¤æ~ “Ø¥•Ø Ùd„êè¼d MèAÚ¼d‡ÞÙdè¢­¸¼dÙª„êè: ø
ÙdÏèªÙ•Ï¸šªèªšªè¼d MèAÙ¾ØٙØپؖ¸æ ‚¸Ù§ Ù¸šÙ¾Ø EÙÁâ‚¸¤ð øø 28 øø
§Å§Ø: MAtØS~¤•ÞS~¤Ü¼¸ªØ~ؤ輸§­ÉæÞ٪ف ĸ­h•Ü•¤æð ø
Ø× ¿ØÜ٪ف ‚¸‡ÞšÄ׿ا~ØٙتØÉÞł¸Ø× d ٿاڼ¿Ø§¤Þ‡ØÉÞÀ‡Øª¸Ød: øø 29 øø
¤Ø§Ø ‚¸§Ø XÞ~¤§Ü ÙMA³ §Ø ٕÄâÃtØ ÄØ æ Ù¸¢êæ ÙMAÙ¤¸ •¤­ • ٕ٤­¤Üæ ø
MAêèÅMÞAØ: ÙŅªMÞAM­A¸Áæ• MæAÙdð çØ× ¿Øށêè d ŸÙ“ªØł¸Ù§ –¤ÙÉ¥•Ø øø 30 øø
§: ŅظªÙM±AÙ¤š]Z¤]ZhØهø–§æÂÞ h–ÞÂÞ Ä‡è¸ Ù¸hا¤Ø•: ø
‚¸× ٕ‚§Ù•¤­³Ù•ªsٕؕٸ­MAتMAµ§Ø~ĉÞ~ٕ“æ Ä DÜÙªÅè: øø 31 øø
‚¸‡ð‡âÙÃthÞÃtÙ¤‡¤ØÙ¸ª¢à‡ÁæÂ× •êæ dæ‚MAtØS§ÙÄ •è¸ ¢¸æ‚š±¸âكØ: ø
Ņ؁Þ× d ¸Øqgف hXƒØ¸ ˆÙÃtšØ× æ• ¿Øށêè hXهÂæ ÙÉ hXƒ¸¤æ¸ øø 32 øø
K¸× ¢Xêæ DÉ ¢¸‚šª–„Ø K¸ Á¡‡êæöٚ ¬š¸‡¤Þç dªØdªÅ§ ø
K漸§­¤ÜˆÁÙ¤‡× ¿ØÞفdêæه× æ šØšÜ§Äؤ§¤Éêæ ‚¸Ù§ ¤êæÉÉæÞ: øø 33 øø

§æ ‚¸‚MAtØS³¸³T§Ù¤¸ S~× èªè¼¸§­¤ÜˆÁ¤³£§¤³Ú¥¢ šÞ×Ù¢: ø
§‚MæAöٚ ÄsØXÙªªæ šª¤æÙÁâ‚¸× æÂؤٚ ¿ØÞفÂÞ –¤Ùɤš±Ä]Z؁ð øø 34 øø
ٕ‚§æÂÞ ¸ÅÞÂÞ ¢¸Ù™ØªšæS¤æ¸ ƒØ‚Ÿ¬šÙ¤Ù MæAÙdÙ‡É ¢±¤–: ø
K漸§­¤„Ø ¸ Äظٓ ÄÙ]Zª–æ Ÿ±àæ „Ø§Ü Þ ٕÀšØٓMA¤ÜÁ•× æ øø 35 øø
Deg؁ K¸ ¸ Ù¸¼¸š‡Ø…­ÄƒØØ Ù•‚§× ٚ±§ØŁ¸ Þ MæAd• æ ÙÉ Ù•‚§Ø: ø
ٕ‚§× ‚¸‡æMAšª–„ØٕhŸ¬šØ ¢Ø¸‚MA¤]Z³XÞ~Ø ÙÉ Ù•‡Á­•× •: øø 36 øø
Ù¸¼¸Å§ Ù¸¼¸Ù¸“MAت~¤e§Þ ‚¸× MAا® ‡æ‡ÙU³× Ùd‡Ùd‚Ÿ¬š¤ð ø
‚¸× ٕٸ­MAت Dف ¸æ‡ÙÁªÅÄÞ [êæÂêæ ٕÅÄܤ¤æ¸ ¸ ‡Á­§ÜÙÁâ‚¸¤ð øø 37 øø
ÛMAÄؓ•: R ٕ¸Ä•ð ÙMA¤ÞšØ‡‡Ø•: MAÅ¤è A³Ø§ ÄâhÜÁ D‡× ĤŁ¤ð ø
D‚§ØÙ•ÚÃwMÞAM­A¤M­A§–: ‚¸’è¢¸× ¿ØÞفٸ‡êæ Ù¸‡Þªš±N§­¤ð øø 38 øø
§‚Ä׸â × ‡ÁXÞ~êæƒØªÄ›ƒ¸èª€y× dÞ‡Á ­ hXŽ¸“؁â“ؤ ø
B€yØٕ ‚ÄÞĈÁØٕ šª¼ÁØٕ M±AÜyØÙ¸“æŁ¸ šÙªeg‡Ø¤Xeg•ð øø 39 øø
DegØÙ¸Éتٸ“§æ Ù¸ÙɁؖ§¤àٕ ŧ؃¸Ù’¢àف³¸³æÁMA³Ø§ÞØ×Á: ø
§Ø ¸è • hØÞ šÙª~ؤš‡ØŚ‡× ÄØ MAسØفXØ ¸ šªØ ¤ÉÜ Ù¸¢àف: øø 40 øø
§’èÃ~¸× ÙÉ šª¤× š‡¤Ø¤•Ù– U× ¸Ø §‡æ¸ šª¤× ¤Ä: šªÅØð ø
æhêæ¤§× šª¤Äƒ¸¤§× “±Þ¸× §‡Ø•–‡MA–‡¤ÙÄޖ‡ª¤ŽÞ× §ð øø 41 øø
§‡ðŸ±ÐÀ‡±šÞÀÉà¤ÞUè‡­ÞªØš× Ù•‚§× ٕ¸âكØٕªèÅĕMAØه٢¸Ø­ ø
ÄاÞi§¤Þii¸³¤ÞÁٖ §‡ØšªêæT§× §Å¤Ø‚šª× • š‡¤Ùr؁¤ÙŁ ÙMAÙr؁ð øø 42 øø

¬šæ~ ĉÞ~X~è: šª§Ø Ä¤âŒ©Ø ¢Ø¸èÀ‡Øª¤“ÞªèªÙš ¸Ø ¤ÙÉ¥•Ø ø
ØˆQA‡ÜˆÙX‡Ù¤‚§Þš¸~­§–‚§êæ ¸Ødêæ §‡Ü§Ù¸¢¸Å§ فªÙÅM±A§Ø§è øø 43 øø
§‡ð¸Œâ ©šS§Ù¸•ØÁ¤ÞUÙè ¸­MAت誁 æ ªè Äףށ¤•ÅÙ¤ØÙŁÁ¡‡¤ð ø
§‰ê誸Øeg°ßفÂÞ AµXޝA³× ÙM±A§Ø~ؤð CهÃt¤–§‡ÄÞUêæƒØª¤“±Þ¸× d øø 44 øø
ٕÃMAµ¤Âèٕ­Éh–¤hªØÙ¸MAتè¢Ùà­ §Ãw¢ÙQAÙ¸¢¸èª¢¸èª¸Ø›§¤ð ø
B–§èª“–§šÞÀÂ褭•Ä؛§•Ø›§× ¸èMÞA€w•Ø¤ ¸ “ؤ ‡Ø¤•Ù– øø 45 øø
ٕ‚§Ø ¸Ø–§Ù•ªšæS¤ÉؤÙÉ¥•êæö›§æØˆÁÜ Ù•ª¸Ù“Ù•­§Ø Ù¸¢àف: ø
kؕ؇§êæ XÞ~X~ØÅĤÜÄܤØ: ³T¤Ü: ٚ±§Ø šÙªh•Ø: šX文±¤ÞV§Ø: øø 46 øø
KMAŧ §æÂÞ ÙÉ XÞ~ŧ ³¸Ø§ÞØ×Á: ŧ؂MAŧÙd‚Ä U³Þ ¸Ø]ð¤•ÄØفX¿ØÜ: ø
æ ØˆÁê悧¸“§ÅĤÜÄ×V§Ø: ‚¸‚ĉÞ~Øł¸¤ÙÄ Ù™ØªšæS³T¤Ü: øø 47 øø
ĸ­Å§ dè¸ XÞ~êæ ÙÉ Ù¸³S~‚¸¤ð K漸§­¾Ø ÙMA³ MAپ؇އÙr؁Åŧ؁ð ø
‚š±‚§Þ ‚¸Ù§ Ù¸¢êæ Ù¸¢¸êæ XÞ~Ø¾Ø Ä¥Ÿ–“Å¸ ¢hٖ ÙÉ ¤]Z³‚¸¤ð øø 48 øø

‡àªæ XÞ~ØŁ¸ Þ ă¸ªhŁ¤Ø×ÙÄ æ• „Ø§Ü š±…§Ù ‚¸Ù§ ٕXÞ­~‚¸¤ð ø
ٕ‚§× ɪæ ٕÙU³Ä‰Þ~ÄØXª× ÙÉ ‚¸Ø¤Ø¤•Ù– šª¤æ¼¸ª¤Ü¼¸ªØ~ؤð øø 49 øø
kؕ؂¤•Å¸ ‡æ¸ XÞ~× Xâ~ٖ æhê椧ŧ ÙÉ ¤~æX­Þ~ K¸ æh: ø
æ•è¸ Ù¸¼¸¤šªêæS¤Þ‡ÜSÄæ ‚¸× ªSØ ‚¸‡ÜS~ K¸ §êæöÙU³Å§ øø 50 øø
„ب§ÞސØ ¸ §Þ¸‚¸¤ÞUèXÞ­~êè[èªØ•–‡¤æٓÙ¤§Øٕف Ä×ٕ§–Þ¤ð ø
æ §æ Á× ق¸Ù šª¥šª§Ø š±¸âƒØØ •è¸è ¸Ø]ð¤•ÄXêædª D‚§Þ‡ØÉ øø 51 øø
K¸× §Ø dÞª§Ø ¸ §ê踕ؐØ: ĸ­æ XÞ~ØÅÄÉ Ä¤ÅÙ¸¢àف٢¾Ø ø
š±¹§ØÉâØÅŧު¸“Ü•¸“ܪ§–: ¸ØdؤXêædª¤ÉؤÙɤؕ K¸ øø 52 øø
Ä׸­¸Ù­ ٕÙU³× ٕªÙ¢k¤k× Ùd„êæ d MA¤­Ù~ §…ØÉ­¤Éêæ ٕ§eg•ð ø
Đ: ÙM±AÙ¤‡±ÞÙÉ~¢æ‡¤¢æ‡¤æ‡ØÙ¸¾ØMA…­ ÄMâA‡ÜS~‡ÜS~æ• øø 53 øø
BÅ× §‡Þ‡Þšdب§šdØÙ§ d踤ÜÁ× ‡Ùª‡±¤… h]Z¤¤›§Ù•]Z¤ð ø
Ù¸¼¸× Ù¸Ùd„ؤٸ³S~¸ÜS~æ• Ù¸Sê梧ŧ•¸Ù“Ÿ­ ÁÙQAªèÁÜ øø 54 øø
¬šš±MAتšÙª~ؤMâA¹§¸Å…× Ù¸¼¸× Ù¸š§­Ùāޤ–§‡ÄfØ MA­Þ¤ð ø
SØ¥§–Ÿ¢Ø¸Ù•§¤× ÙMA¤Þ‡ÜSÄæ ‚¸× Ÿ؁–„§¤è¼¸ª¤š§­•Þ§êæi§¤ØÉÞ: øø 55 øø
Ä׸­Ä¥¢âMAªÅ§ ÄÉıª¼¤æÀÄ±× Ù¤Ä±§‡hıٸÉØÙª ÉØÙª ø
ٕ‚§Ø•ÞMàA³¤•ÞMàA³•â~Ø× šªæÂؤޒæh•× d ¸ æh F‡Øɪٖ øø 56 øø
•è¸ É©¸Ø›§¤•¸Ø›Ù¤ÉØÙŁ §Å§ ăØØöٚ Å§ ¸ ¸ÜS~: š±hؕؤð ø
ÄךƒØÞ ÛMAšÞ•Ùªêæ • ¸‡Ø–§¤–§× ¤–§æ ‚¸¤æ¸ U³Þ ¤Ù–‡ªÙ¤Ù–‡ªØ§Ø: øø 57 øø

šØšèª•Øه¢¸Ä×¢¸¸Øĕê悅è‡Þ­:UæÂÞ §: U³Þ Ù¤¤]ðSف ɖ h–Þ: ø
× MæA¸³× •Þ MâAš§è¸ Ĥތ٪ç•ð ‹ßÃMâAÅ§ ••Þ ٕÃMâAف¤Ø‚… ÁØńêè: øø 58 øø
ÁØńê誕Øهٕ“•è: Ťâف٢ł¸‡Ü§Ù‡¹§Ø¸ØªdÙªè¼ÁÞ¢§Ø d ˆÃt©Ø ø
ٕ:¿êæ§Ä× §‡ÞšMAµš§ÙÄ š±hؕØ× ÄØ ‚¸‚MâAšØh³Ù“·h¸ÚµX¿ØÜ: øø 59 øø
Éè ɖ h–ÞÂÞ Ù•ª–ªÄ–Ø‚¤Ø šØ›¤Ø ÙÉ •Ø¤ Ÿ MAê槤Ùd–‚§ÁÙQA: ø
§Å‚¸‚MâAšØh³Ù“¤›§Ù¸æ³U泤޷b§‚§MâA¢ØÄÞª¢ØX“æ§Ø•ð øø 60 øø
§‡ðŸ±ÐMAµšÙ•§ÞØ•Þ¢¸æö›§•Ø¼§× Ù‚MAÙµŸÂ× Äâhف h–ÞÙªÉ S~ؓ­æ ø
K¸× Ä‡Ø ÄMA³h–¤ÄÞ ÄؚªØ“× SØ¥§Å§Éêæ ‡Ù¢Äٖ“Ù¸ªØ¤¤Ø„Ø؁ð øø 61 øø
SØٖÅ¸æ§Ù¤§Ü ¤ÉÜ MA…× •Þ ¤ÞÉ©æ‡Éêæ ‚¸Ù§ MâAØsØÙ³šsتæÂÞ ø
D‚…× Ÿêæ ٕÙU³h–ÞÂÞ Ù•Ù¸­ÁæÂ× ¸Ø‚ĵ§¤Þ‚ÄÞMAh•æÂÞ MA…× XÞ~Łæ øø 62 øø
Ù¸¼¸× ٓ§è¸ Ù¸ªd¨§ ٕdب§ ¢à§: ÄsØÒÞÂÅÄف ĤØٿ؁¸‚ij‚¸æ ø
ChY¤ÞÂŁ¸ XhêæƒØ¤Ÿâ×ÙÉæ• šØ‡× šªØ¤¤âÁÞÂêæöٚ d MAØ ¤•ÜÂØ øø 63 øø

§: MAÙ¾Ø‡æ¸ §Ù‡ ÙMArؕ ɖ h–Þ¢­¹§êæ ¢hæ ¢X¸–¤•–§dæØ: ø
× Äêæö§¤ÜˆÁ D§Øٕف ¸Ø›§hؕ•ð Éè ¸è•æ§Ä¤¤›§ÞªªÜMAªêæÙ øø 64 øø
‚¸‚ÄØ¥§¤æ¸ ¢hØ¤Ù¢¸ØqgÙÄ ‚¸× ‚Ä؂MâAèÙ¸­¢¸¬šXÞ~èł¸‡Ü§è: ø
¤ÞÛQA êæ ÙÉ šª¤× ¸ ÄØ¥§¤ØÉÞ: ‚¸‹Øŧ¤æ¸ Ù¸‡ÞÂØ× šª¤× ¤× ð øø 65 øø
’è …ØÅÞ MA¤êæö§¤Éêæ Ÿ¢Ø¸êæ §Ø¸Ø–§…ØÙ¸“XÞ~êæ ¢hæ ¢¸–¤ð ø
Ø¸Øף…ØÙ¸“XÞ~Ł‡“Ü•¸âكØÅÄ×Ú¼³Ã§ÙÄ ‚¸Ù¤É æ• Ĥؕ“¤Ø­ øø 66 øø
•Ü³ØsؕØه±Ù•¢¤Þ™ØĤاØS¤ØhؕÞh„è Ø¢Þh¤Ø§MA~­šØÁ¤ð ø
¿Øܸ‚ijS~¤Þ‡ØªX¢Üª•ØÛ¢ š¼§æ¤ ‡æ¸ Áª‡¼Á¤ÜˆÁ× ‚¸Ø¤ð øø 67 øø
B¥¢êæÀÉØS¤ªÙ¸–‡Ù•¢ØÚ]ð[§ ± YÞ ¤¤ØØ¤±Ø¤ªÄª¥§MAªØX±MAØٖ ø
¢â]ZسM×A ¢±¤ªÙ¸¢±¤MAاMAØږ šÜØ¥Ÿª× ¸šÞª‡ÅÞ ¸§× Ł¸Ø¤ øø 68 øø
¢±àÙ¸¢±¤æ~ ¤â‡ÞÁ܁ٸ³êæÙMAæ• ¤–‡ÙŤæ• ¤“ÞªØSª§Ø d ¸ØdØ ø
š±æ¤š±MA­ٚÁÞ•æ• Ù¸MAØÙÄ•Ø d Äעظ٧çÙÄ MA‡Ø ¤ÞUš]Ohæ• øø 69 øø
¸h±Ø]ðMAÞ Á”¸hĪêæÀÉÁ×UdM±A¤‚ÄÜÄޓØMA³ÁMAµšMAMAÙµšØ]O¤ð ø
‚¸‚šØ‡š§ÞX³× Ù¸X³‚š±¢Øَ¢­à§êæöÙ¢ÂæT§Ù MA‡Ø •Þ ÙÁªêæ ¤‡Ü§¤ð øø 70 øø
„êèÙ¸M±A¤M±A¤MâAØM±A¤~لسêæMA¤ÞƒØ×Ĥރؤ¤•ÞƒØ¤¢ÙQA¢Øhؤð ø
ٕ‚§× “•× ¤¤ MA‡Ø ÙÉ ¤‡ÞƒØ¤Ø]Z¤]ZÜMA٪çف Ùdª× ¸ šØ‡š¤ð øø 71 øø
Fٙ؇±š„ØÁš„ØÄXêæ„ؤ–³­U æ تٸ–‡¤Ù¢•–‡•Ù¤Ù–‡±§Ø~ؤð ø
¤–¤àٓ—­ ɖ MAªš·¸·h× æ MÞA¸­•ð MA‡Ø MâA¤•ê檅٧çÄæ ¤Ø¤ð øø 72øø

C]ZÜ Ù•ÄX­Ù•§Ø ‚¸Ù§ ɖ MAØٖÙ•­‚§× ¸Ø³Ù¤§¤æ¸ …Øöٚ dؖ§Ø ø
¸è¢àÂ~Ü ¢¸Ù MAØٖª³×ªØ× ÄØ Éè šÞÃMA³è¸ ٕÙU³Øöٚ ¢¸Ù’¢àف: øø 73 øø
¿Øܸ‚ÄMAêèŁޢÙMAªÜt³³ØÙtMAØÙ¢: MæA§àªÉتMAtMAêæƒØ¤MAÙ~­MAØÙ¢: ø
F‹Ø¤‡Ø¤¤Ù~•àšÞª•ÜÙ¸Ÿ–“è¢Ø­–× ¢¸–¤Ù•¤æ¤އÜÙSÂܧ øø 74 øø
K文ܸªÜ R Ùd‡Ùš R d•ØªÙ¸–‡Ü dؖ‡±ØšÜ R d• d R d•Ø… Éè¤Ü ø
MAØٖÅ¸êæ|šª¢ØXšªÅšª¿ØÜ: šØ§­æ šØª~Ù§Þ× ÙMA¤Þ dSÞÂê椭æ øø 75 øø
‚¸Ø× ÄæÙ¸× h³hdM±AX‡ØÙÄÁØ]Z­èŁØT§­æ~ Ä薧šÙ•Øö•ÞdªèŁ…Ø–§è: ø
‡æ¹§Ø Ù¿Ø§Ø ÄÉ ³Ä–¤•–¢êæXæ ¢ÞsØܧ ÄØsØÙ³ªÄ]ðMÞAÙdØÙSšT¤Ø øø 76 øø
MèA]O§Ù­ •‚§Ù•ªè¢¸
­ ‡æMA¢êæXÙè •­‚§èª•ÞS~•¸Ü•ªÄ؇±¢
­ ظè: ø
ٕ‚§ØÙ¢¸ØÙqgšªÅšª•Üd¢Ø¸è¤­‹è¸è: šÙªh•èŁ¸ Ä]ZÄܧ øø 77 øø
§Ù‚MAÙr؇Þii¸³Ù¤‡× §‡ÞšØV§§ØööÉÞÅÄê薇§­¤âٌ٪ف §–¤ÙɤØ×Á³æÁ: ø
•Ø¥•è¸ §Ø× Ù¿Ø§¤ÞÁٖ §‡Ü§“ؤ ‚¸Ø¤Ø¤•Ù– §¤Ø §¤Ø•ÙÄٌ: øø 78 øø

§Ø ¸è ‚¸§Øö›§Þ‡Ù“¤–…•§‚•³£§Ø §Øö–ÙÉ­æف hX‡Þ–¤…•ê搁êæö¢à: ø
§Ø d š±ÙS~¤šà¸­ªÄؕޟ–“è¢Ø­¸è¢­¸–¤Ù¢•–‡§æ Ä‡è¸ øø 79 øø
¬šÙ¿Ø§Ø XÞ~X~èÙ¸­¢¸æ• “Ø¥•Ø ¢Ø¸èÀ‡Øª¤“Þªè¾ØÞªè¾ØÙª„êè: ø
ٕ‚§× ¸è¸ ĈÁÝ Ù¿Ø§¤Ü½¸ªÝ Ø× ‚¸Ø× dØÙr؁: šÙªdªæ§¤Þ‡Ü~­¢Ø¸: øø 80 øø
§Ø ٟ¢±Ü ÙŅªdªØ‚¤MA¤æ¸ Ù¸½¸× Ù¸½¸¥¢ªØ šª¤§Ø S¤§Ø S¤Ø d ø
Ø× ¤Øª× d ٚª× d ¢¸–¤Å§ ¹§Þeg–Þ ªØ„ا D¤Ø ¸Ùª¸Å§êæ ¤æ øø 81 øø
¢Ø¸èÀ‡Øª¤“ÞªÙè ¸­Ù¸“èÙ¸­³ØÄè¢Ùà­± ¸¢±¤ÙŤMAtØSٕªÜS~è¾Ø ø
§Ø ‚¸–¤§Ü ‚¸¤Ùš §–¤§ K¸ ÄØ ¤Ø× •Ü³Ø ٕØ–¤ÞªªÜMÞAÀØ¤Þ‡ØªØ øø 82 øø
¢Ø¸èª•ÞS~¤šà¸ª­ ÄؕÞÙ¸Œèª‚§‡ð¢ Þ ªè Ù¢•¸èªÙ¢•– ‡æ¸Ü: ø
¢â‚§Ø•ð §…êæÙdšÙªegه•êæ §…ØÉ® Äעظ§–¤Ù¢êæ ¢X¸•ð ¢¸æ§¤ð øø 83 øø
ÉØ É– ɖ ɁMAêæÙŤ U³êæÙŤ ٓ]ð ¤Ø× ¤ÞÉ©™ØÉêæ BÉÙ¤‡× ÙMA¤Þ¸Ød ¸ØdØ ø
‚¸Ø¤]Z ¤]Z³XÞ~ØŚ‡¤ÅÉ槤ð C Ť­Þ¤æ¸ MA…¤É­Ù ¤ØˆX×É: øø 84 øø
B×É: š±ÄÉ© ٸٕXâÉ© Ù¸Áê攧 ŸÞی ¹§Ø“ৠٸ½¸¤ÙÁ¸× h•ÞÂؕޟŒ¤ð ø
C“ا ćðXÞ~X~ؕٚ •Øɤɭ: ‚¸‚šØ‡§ê槭‡É¤„Ø Ùdª× ٕ¤Y•: øø 85 øø
hؕæö…¸Ø ÙMA¤É¤]Z §‡æ¸ Ä]Z؇]ZÜMAªêæÙ • ÙÉ ¤]Z³¤–§‡Å¤Øð ø
æ• ‚¸¤æ•¤ÞªªÜMÞAÀÂæ h•× dæ™êè¸Ø¤Þêæ ¢¸Ù §ÞQAªêæ ÙÉ MAپ؁ð øø 86 øø
§™ØØ¢¸Ø¤ ¢¸‡Ü§MAtØS³S× Ä×ÄتX­šÙª¸­¤êæöX¤Ø¤ ø
CXØ×ÙÄ §æ U³Þ ÄÉı¤hı¤æ¸ h–¤Å¸–¤ÙÉ MA…×  D¤æö•ÞMA¥›§Ø: øø 87 øø

ĂMA¤­ •è¸ ÙMA³ ÙMArؕ ÄÙrؕêæÙ¤ Ù¸Øö›§¸ªÙÉØ • d Ù¸æ ¤æ ø
ÙMArØ ‚¸‡Ùr؁š‡Ø¥ŸÞh¢ÙQAÉܕ: šØ„Ø× ¢¸ØÙ¤ ¢X¸•ð ¢¸êæ ‡§Ø§Ø: øø 88 øø
ÛMA ¢à§ÄØ š±³Ùšæ• §‡æ¸ ÙMAÙr؂šØšØÔ¤µš¤ÞÀ ¸Ø ‡Áæ¤æÂ: ø
hؕ™Ø ¸Ø ÁÄÉıšªØ“­MâA‚¸êæ §êæöMAØ­¤æ•¤Xہ MâAš§Ø S¤Å¸ øø 89 øø
‡æ¸ ‚¸‡Ü§dª~š±~§š±¸Ü~ªØ¤Ø•Þhا­Ù¸Â§ÜMâA¤›§Éêæ ¤Ø¤ð ø
¢à§: š±“­§Ù ¸èÂÙ§MAêæ Ù¸¤êæÉêæ ¤‚MA¤­~: MAª‡„Ø ĤؕÄت¤ð øø 90 øø
X¢­æÂÞ Ù•¢­ªÙ•šÜy•ÙU™Ø‡æÉ: Sêæ‡Ü§Äêæöف¤Éêæö›§ÙU³Å§ h–êæ: ø
h–¤Ø–ªØ€§•ÞÙ¸Ùd–‚§ šªÅÄÉı؀§„ØØɤš±ÙÙ¸Ù“Ù•­É¾ØªØÙ¤ øø 91 øø
¢à§¼d h–¤Ä¤§æÂÞ Äއ޸­dØٕ ‡Þ:UØٕ ‡Þ:U¤ÙÙªe§ ÙMA¤›§hؕ•ð ø
¤à|êæ•Þ¢à§ šÞ•ªæ¸ Þ ŸØ³¢Ø¸Øð ‡Þ:UêæƒØª× ٕhdÙª„ؤ¤Þ„Ø Äæ¸æ øø 92 øø
¢à§Ø×ÙÄ ¢à§ Fš§Ù–¸Ù¸“Øٕ ‡Þ:Uؖ§–§fØ ‡Þ:U¤•Þ¢à§ ÄÞU¢±¤æ~ ø
‡Þ:Uؕޟ–“¤Ùš ‡Þ:Uٸ٤¿Ø¤µš× Sއ±× hÞXÞٛāÄÞU× ÄÞUÙ¤‚§ÞšØÄæ øø 93 øø
³êæ³ÙŽÙªÙ–‡±§É§èªš…æÂÞ •Üêæ ‡Þڱؚ‡Þ¢­X¤•ê檅¤†§¤Ø•: ø
Ù¸Ø“•ØÙ¢h•h–¤¤‡æ• MAؤM±Aêæ“Øه٢¾Ø Ɂ“Ü•­ Á¤× š±§ØÙ¤ øø 94 øø
³£§æÂÞ ‡Þ³­¢ªæøٚ ¸ØÙqgæÂÞ hØØ ÄÉıXÞ~‚š±Ù³¥¢•æٚ ø
Ù¸[—èÉ­æøٚ d æÂÞ Ä¤à³[Ø× ¸Ù“­Ã~Þªæ¸ • Þ ÁØ¥§Ù ɖ âÃ~Ø øø 95 øø
‚¸‚MA܁­•ÅÞف•¤ÅMâAف¸æ‡•æÂÞ ¿ØŒØ • ¢ÙQAªÙš ÁÙQAª…êæ • dæegØ ø
•è¸Ø•ÞØš¤ÙªæøMâAæÂÞ ÛMA•Þ ¢à§Ø•Éêæ šÙªMAª: š±ÙMA೚Sæ øø 96 øø
Kæ• ¸è ÄÞٸه× Ÿ ¤Ø¤MAÜ•× ‡êèªØ‚¥§¤š±ÙÙ¸“槤šØª¤ÜÁ ø
Äפàeg­êæö›§š‡¤ÙŤ §Å‚¸‡Ü§Ù•ÅÄܤ¢à¤MAÀ~ؤ⁸ÜÙd¸Ø§êæ: øø 97 øø
K潸§­¸Ü§­MAÀ~ØXÙª¤S¤ØØÅŸØÙ¤™ØMAت~ÄÞÉ⃸¤…êæ Ù¸ÁæÂ؁ð ø
ĸ­æ XÞ~ØÅÄٸ§ØŁ¸ ¤Ø¤šØª[êæªØ[šà~­¤Xہ Ù•É× Ä¤æ‚§ øø 98 øø
‚¸‚šØ‡Ä׿ا~ÉæÞÂÞ ÄØٓMAتؕސÞs؁¾ØÙªMâA‚Å•Ù¸“Ý¾Ø Øףؕð ø
‚¸× ªSÄÜف ¤ÙÉ¤Ø • ¸Ø³¤æ ¤Ø× d懕܈Á¤•–§Xہ • ªSæ: øø 99 øø
§Ø MA¤­~ؤٓMâAف§­ DÉê搤Łæø›§æø•ÞÙÃwفªÁæÂÙ¤‡× ÙÉ šÞ×Äؤð ø
‚¸Ø¤–ªæ~ • MA…rؕ ÁN§¤Ø›Þ¤æ¸× d æÂÞ ¤Ù§ dØÙŁ • æ Ù¸ÁæÂ: øø 100 øø
ٕŸ­–“ K §Ù‡ æ §‡Áæ¸è“Ä×ÄæÙ¸•êæ ¸ª‡ ªSÙÄ •æªØ׳¸¤ð ø
ÙÉ­ ‚¸¤æ¸ ¤Ù§ ÁQA©Ù“MAت¸ØqgØ: š±‚§àÉÁØٖÙªªfØ Ù¸“æÙÉ Ù¸½¸¤ð øø 101 øø
¹§QAÜMÞA¸­Ù™ØX¤ÙÁªÄؤ…­¤–Ù•­Xà|× ¿ØܸèMÞA€wŁ¸¤MâA §: ¿êæ§Äæ Äjؕؕؤð ø
MàAªØ“ÜÁ× XÞÀª‡§Ø‡ÞY“ÙĖ“Þ× ¤Üyæ ¿Øܸ‚ÄØ]ðM×A ¿ØÞف¤XÞÀeg؄ØÁܳèMA“ؤ øø
øø Dف šrØŁ¹§Ø× ¿ØܸèMÞA€wŁ¸: Ĥ؛: øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê誕ÞXÉâ ܁:
øø Bف¤Ø•ÞÂŁ¸: øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê棧êæ •¤ FÙQA¤“ܤÉæ ø §‡ÞQA§Å„اÜMA€wæ §Øٖ ¤]Z³Äà„؁ؤð øø

Bف¤Ø•ÞÂÁܳ¸âƒØ¸æÂè: Bف¸âƒØؤªÙ¸M±A¤š±Øšè: ø
Bف³ÙbÄ¸­³êæMAÄØ¥§× ¸ª§æ ¸èÃ~¸¸è¢¸Ø¸Øª¤ð øø 1 øø
¿êæ§: ÙMAª–Þ ÙMAª~ؾت~تٸ–‡Ù•Ã§–‡¤Ø•¤MAª–‡ªÄêè[‡æ¼§Ø: ø
jØØ: ¿Øށ椭“Þ• F‚Ä Dف š±ÜØ ¤Ø]Zµ§ª]Zٕ³§Å§ šªÅ§ “Ø¥•: øø 2 øø
¿Øܤ‚šªØ]ðMAÞ Á¤Þ•Ü–‡±¤•êæٕ¸ØÄ؃ØjØؕުØXªÄ¤jؕ¤sØÄ؛§ ø
BØ›§•Øª‡Þق…ªØX§êæX× ¿Øܪ]ZªØhdª~Ø¥ŸÞh¤Þ™Ø§Ø¤: øø 3 øø
¸h±”¸hØ]ðMAÞ ÁÄޓØMA³Á؁š„Øš]OÀ æ ÉØ]OšÙªMA¤­šªÜ¤–: ø
CšØ‡š]OhÙ¸Áâ`³‡Üš±¤êè³æ¼¿ØܪÙ]Z~¾Øª~§êæ§Þ­X¤Ø¿Ø§Ø¤: øø 4 øø

¿Øܪ]ZªØhdª~êè š±~Þ¤êæ §§êæ: Uµ¸æMAÙńØÙ¸M±A¤Ù¸“êè ¸ÄޓؤÁæÂؤð ø
¹§M±×AŁ ÄØd³MÞA³Ø¤Ùš Ù¸š±MAÜ~­Å…à³Ø¸³Y•ÙÄMAØÙ¤¸ ٕ•­êæfؤð øø 5 øø
kØ•× Ÿ³× Ù¸šÞ³¤ÜÁ•¸Ü§­ÁÙQAæhØ×ÙÄ d لاÞX¢à§¤ÞšØXØٕ ø
šà~حٕ Âtð d šÙªXâÉ© ¢¸×¾ØÞ“Ø­ ¢Q×A h•× ‚¸¤•ÞhX±ÙɅؕުØX؁ð øø 6 øø
KMAؖ¤]Z³XÞ~ØŚ‡¤ÅÉæ§× ٕ‚§× š‡× ¸ §Å K¸ ‡æ¸ ø
C¥•Ø§æ Ù‡É Ù¸½¸Ù¸¬š¬š× æ•è¸ •Ù–¸‡¤Á¡‡¤¬š¤ØÉÞ: øø 7 øø
Á¡‡ØهÉ槤ð DÉ Xêædª Dٖ‡±§Ø~Ø× ‚š±‚§•ÜMAÙ¸¢¸Å‚¸¤Üٖ‡±§êæöÙÄ ø
æ•è¸ æ • Ÿ ‡Á­•¤ÙŁ ÙMAÙrؒØdêæ ٓ§¾Ø  K¸ • XêædªêæöÙÄ øø 8 øø
K¸× ÙŅæ ‚¸‡ÞšÄ׿ا~Ø£§ÞšØ§êæ ¤Ø•æ• MæA•Ùd‡³›Å§ •ê暳¡“Þ¤ð ø
•êæ d懤‚§­¤•ÞhØهÂÞ §êæٕÂÞ ‚¸Ù¤egØÙ¸Éتٸٓ•Ø Ĥ¸ØÙªÃ§: øø 9 øø
Áܳ: MA K ¸ ɖ ‡§èMAÙĖ“êæ Sއ±æ šâ…Nh•š‡æ hX‡€y¤”§æ ø
Sêæ‡Ü§Äêæöٚ ÙÉ h•Å§ MâAæ MâAÜ ‚¸¤„ØظÜ§­ ••Þ ³êæd•Xêædªêæ¢à: øø 10 øø
§× šØMA؂ÄޤɁêæö›§Þ‡“ت§Å‚¸× ‚¸‚šØ‡¸ØÙªšÙªšàÙÁªØ¾Ø §êæö¢àð ø
× ¸–‡Äæ ÙMA³ ¾Ø ¸ª× ¸â~ÜÂæ M±AÜyØٸٓŸ­ Ù¸³S~³S~Łæ øø 11 øø
M±AÜyØÙ¸“æ: šÙªMAªÅ¸ §Ø Þ ¤Ø§Ø ÄØ ¤êæÉ•Ü • MA¤Å§ Þ ɖ h–êæ: ø
Éè ¤‚§­ÛÄɸšÞÂŁ¸ æhÄêçÁæ Á¥¢Þ¢­¸•ð ÙÉ Áª¢¼Á³¢êæ Ÿ¢à¸ øø 12 øø

§Å§Ø‚¤Ø× Ù„ØšÞª¢]ZÙ¸“ظ“Øł¸× ‚¸egÙQAæÙhÁªêæ Ù¸h§Ü d §êæö¢àð ø
‡SM±Aêè Þ ÙMA³ æ• ٸٕÙh­Å‚¸× §ÞQAêæ Ù¸“æ§Ù¸Â§æÂÞ ÙÉ MAؤdت: øø 13 øø
¤ÞY“Ú¼ÁÁÞ¸­t‡³æ ÁÙ§êæöف–¸Ø –¸Ø hXږ ٟ¢âÂæ ÄÙ¸MAØÄ¤æ¸ ø
KæÁÜÙ¤¤Ø× Þ ¸ ÁÙQA¤ÙM­A¹§Ø¤¹§Øh: š±…§Äæ ÙMAÙ¤ÉظÜ~­: øø 14 øø
Ÿ±ÐæÁ¤”§X~•Ø X~•ØöM­Aš^êè D–‡±Ø•Þh‚¸¤Ù‡æŁ•§‚¸§êæX؁ð ø
DT¸ØMÞA¸×Á§‡Þ¸×Áhٕ¾Ø ɖ ½³Ø\§Ø–§¤à–§•Þš¤Å§ šªÅ§ “Ø¥•: øø 15 øø
‚¸Ù™ØÙ¤­Ø hwªXØ d ¸ لسêæMAÜ ÛMA Ù¢S~Øه§¤âæ ¢¸Ø ‡ÞªØšØ ø
¤”§æ MA‡Ø Þ • Ù¸dM±AÙ¤Âæ hXfêæð ‚¸Ù’M±A¤è: MA…Ù¤¸ ¿ØÞفªÙrØØ Å§Øð øø 16 øø
šâegØÙ¤ ÙMArؕ §‡Ø ÙMA³ ªØ[¸‚¸æ ¤Ø§Ø¤âXŧ ¸ÁXêæ ¤•Þh‚¸¤êèY”§Øð ø
Ä܁ØÙ¸§êæXÙ¸¸Áêæ • d ‡Zفk: š±Ø‡ØŁ‡Ø šªXہ ÙÉ MA…× UXا øø 17 øø
BSހ~§êæXš…¤X±©É× htاÞ× Ù§­rØ¤æ¸ Ÿ ¤êæSš…æ ٕ§êæQÞA¤ð ø
ÁN•êæÙ ¸æÚ‚Ä d §‡Ø Ä ‡Ø MA…× ‚¸× ‡æ¸Ü¤¸Ø›Þ¤•³× ¹§Ù…êæ Ù¸Ùd–¸•ð øø 18 øø

Äسؕð ÙÉ Ä› ÄÙXªÜ•ð ĪÄ؁³Ø–§Ø•æMæAÂÞ¤–‡h¸êæ ٕªš„اł¸¤ð ø
æøæMAÙ¸¹§…•ÙU™ØMAٚš±~ޙØ× ÁØUؤâX× ¤âX§Äæ Ť MA…× ÄÉا¤ð øø 19 øø
‡ØÄÅÄUØ Ä¤¢¸ƒØ¸ §: MAšÜ–‡±ÅÙ’Ù’Â× MAٚ¤¤Â­¸ÁØÚjØ[Ø×ÄÞ: ø
‚¸‚Å•æÉÙ¸N³ŸÙ“§× Ù¤¤× MAšÜ–‡±× ٸı¥¢§•ð Ěه ÄسÙXªÜ•Ù¸”§: øø 20 øø
§’Ø ¤âX× ¤âX§Þ¸–¤âX§Øš…æ• g™Øêæ h[–… • Þ Á„ØÞ¸‡ØÙ¢¤ÞV§Øð ø
ÞQA¤æ¸ ¸ ªØ[¸¸×Áhŧ ف§­SÞ •è¸ ÙÉ Ù¸šS§êæšdت: øø 21 øø
¤Ø•ÞçM×A dÙª¤ØdÙªÞ× š±¸âƒØêæ ‡æ¸ØفX× dÙª¤]Z ÙMA¤]Z©MAØÂÜ­: ø
§‚ÄØXªæ Ÿ ŸŸÚ–“… •Ø… ÄæÞ× Áè³è: ›³¸]Z¤ÄÙ¤Ù]ZÄך±~ޙêè: øø 22 øø
§êæ Ù¸M±A¤æ~ ¤•Þh‚¸Ù¸¢àÂ~æ• ‡æ¸× ¸ª× ¸À~ªØh¤h ¹§hæÃtØ: ø
MâA‚¸ê暇Ø× ‡Áª…× ٸٓÀ‡±¤ÞV§è‡­æ¸èÅŁށ¾Ø Ä ÙMA³æ–‡±ÙhØ ÙhêæÙÄ øø 23 øø
BÚ¡“× • æÙª… • ÙhÚY§… ªØSÄ文±× •è¸Øŧ hÙk… §‡Ø d Ÿ³ØŸ³× ‚¸¤ð ø
ٕÅÄ×Á§ÅĚه Å§ š‡æ£§ÙÂrØŁŧؕÞh× MA…Ù¤‡× ÙÉ Ù¸¢ÜÂ~× d øø 24 øø
‚¸× ‡ÙS~ŧ ٕ¸Ä™Øއ“æŁtæöٚ ‡àªØ–ªêæƒØªš§êæٓ¤ÉؖªÜšæ ø
‡è‚§ØٙØhèMAÁªšØª~§•ð ÙMA¤æØ× ³]OØ× ÚŅêæö„Ø MÞAÀÂæ ÙMA³ • Ť ¢Å¤ øø 25 øø
K‚MA…× MA…§ §–¤Ù…Å‚¸§ØöÄêè Ùɂ¸Ø Ÿ¢Ø¸Ù•§¤× š±Ù…× لسêæN§Ø¤ð ø
B½¸Ø›ÄªêæÙ¸ÂÄޓØÙ¸“ÞšØÙªh؁³T¥§Ø‚¤•Ø šÙª~êæ h³Ù“Ÿ­¢à¸ øø 26 øø
§ƒØ؈ÁØXĤ۪ ª[޸ܪ ¸ÜT§ Ù¸¿Ø¥§Ø٤ف ¤Þ¤êæÙd… ¤ÞY“¤Øhêè ø
MAêæö§× XÞ~: MAªMAêæÙtX: ÙMA§Ø–¸Ø MAŧ Łށæ: š‡¤Éêæ Ÿ MAŧ ¢àÙ¤: øø 27 øø

§·T¤~ł¸‡•Þhêæ ÙªšÞÁÙQA¤ÞY“¼Á„ØêæX­ÞÀÉ­•Þ¤ÅÞ ³[ޟ­¢à¸ ø
Kæ• ¸è ÄÞٸهêæö¢¸Ù‡–‡±Á„Øêæ¤Ø­§Øń؟–“•Ù•Ÿ–“•hêæ Ù¸¤êæÉ: øø 28 øø
ÉØ É– ɖ ¢¸¾Øª~تٸ–‡’–’× MA‡Ø •Þ ¢Ù¸Ø ٸ§êæ ¤¤ØT~êæ: ø
§êæöÉ× Ù•ªX­³Ù¸Ù•X­³‡–“MAت踭âSèŁâ~è¾Ø ÄÞ³¢× Ĥ§× ¹§Ü: øø 29 øø
¸×Á× ª[ê檕ÞÙh[âSÞÙªÉظÜ~êæ­ Ù‡¹§è¸­¸Ù­… …Øö„Ø ¢¸‰ß~êè[è: ø
‚¸‚ÄٙØٓš±¢¸Á肧hÞÂêæ §…Ø ÙÉ ¸âSØ¾Ø Øٖ¤³¢– ¢¸Ù’§êæXæ øø 30 øø
§æ “¤­¤ØdÙªÞ¤£§ÙāÞ× d §êæX× ŸêæŒÞ× d ÙMArؕ • h؂¸Ù“MAت¢Øh: ø
æöٚ ‚¸‡ØdÙª¢à³Ÿ–“X–“؍–“ØفXØ: šªXہ XÙ¤ØŁâ~ؐØ: øø 31 øø
ØˆYXÞ~êæ ••Þ Ÿ¢àÙ¸… ªØ[¸‚¸æ §ÅØ¸M×A dÙª¤–¸É¤–¸¢Þ^ ø
Äêæö„êè¸ É– ɕޤؕ𠚪¤Ø× Ù¸¤ÞÛQA ŸÞŒ©Ø¸“ৠdÙª× ¸ Ä渁æöÄêè øø 32 øø
§ƒ¸× MâAØXĤٚ š±~فš±ÄQ×A × ¸Ø§Ä× šª¤§Ø ‡§§ØSÙ¤ÃwØ: ø
æ•è¸ ¤ØˆÁh•Å§ ¤ÉØXÄêæöٚ §ÞQ×A Ĥؽ¸Ä•Ù¤‚§Þš“ت§ØÙ¤ øø 33 øø

ÄØ šà•Ø ÁMAt¤h­Þ•§êæ¾Ø §ÞY¤× ŸØµ§êæÙdØö–§šªdæÙÃtÙ¸ÃÞAÙ³]Zæ ø
§Å§Ø³¢– Á³¢‚¸¤Éêæ ٕXà|ÅÄ ‚¸× ¸±hæ ¸¸âٓÂæ ÙMA³ M×AĢ܂§Ø øø 34 øø
š¼§‚ÄÞ ÄàÙªÂÞ Ä‡Ø šª¤× š‡× æ ‡æ¹§Ø Ù¿Ø§Ø ÄÉ ¸Ä•ð šª§Ø Ù¸¢à‚§Ø ø
§êæXæ• §êæXٕªè: šÙª¤âY§¤Ø~: ÛMA ‚¸× ¸±hæÂÞ •¸•Ü¤Éêæ ¹§¤ÞÃ~Ø: øø 35 øø
§× ‡ÞX±­É× ÄÞ¤•Äêæ ¤•ÄØöٚ ٕ‚§× Ÿ–“Úeg‡× šª¤¤ÜÁ¤Þ‡Øɪٖ ø
‡Ø¥•Ø ٕŸŒ Dف ÁÞ¿ØÞ¤ × ¢¸–× •Ø³× Ÿ¢àÙ¸… Ÿ ½³…•Ø§ Å§ øø 36 øø
KæÁ× ÙÉ ÁèÁ¸¤Ùš ¹§Ù¸æ³Uæ³× §‚šà•Ø ÁMAt¤h­Þ•§êæ¾Ø §ÞY¤¤ð ø
ŸØµ§êæÙdØ–§šªÄØÙdÙ¸dæÚÃtæ• ɖØ³¢– Á³¢ØÙ§¤êæhÄŁæ øø 37 øø
Ă§æ¸ X¹§Ù•¸Éæ ٕh“ØÚ¥• ¢à¥•Ø š§­–ÄÄÞ ÙMA¤…­¤dàdުł¸¤ð ø
¤ÞÃ~×¾Ø ÛMA ¹§h[têæ [tÁæ¤X±æ XêæšÜh•Å§ šÙªÉØĚ‡× ÙMA¤ØÄÜ: øø 38 øø
§™Øؤ •Ø… •¸•Ü¤dàdުł¸× eg؇•Ø§ §Ù‡ æ ¤ÙªØÙ¸ªØÄ܁ð ø
ÛMA ¤ÞY“ هY“¤¤Þ•Ø MAªš·¸× æ X؄êæ š±¤âi§ ٕªXØ: ÙMA³ ٕٸ­Á]O: øø 39 øø
‚¸Ø¤–§XêæšXâÉX¹§¤ÞÂ× §Áêæ‡Ø X޸ܭ ‚¸‡Ü§¤¸¤Ø•¤¤âç¤Ø~Ø ø
šæ±¥~Øö… ‡Ø¤šÙª~ؤhÞÂØ ŸŸ–“ Øˆ]ð • æ dÙª¤Ø§­h•ØÅÄɖæ øø 40 øø
¤Ø„ØØ §Ù‡ ‚¸¤ÙÄ ‡Ø¤Ù• Ä×ٕŸŒÅeg°ØÙ¸~ؤÞهdØSÞÂٕm­ªØ~ؤð ø
Ÿ”•ØÙÄ É– Éâ‡§× ¢X¸–MÞAÅ‚ĸêæ­ ÙÉ ¸¼§Ù¸Â§æ Ù¸¸â~êæف ¸Ü§­¤ð øø 41 øø
MAؖØ³MAؖ¤¤³× MA¤³Ø§ØS¤Þ‡ð¢±àÙ¸³ØĤÞهÚŤ¤Þ™ØÄ× d ø
¸N„Ø× ¸É•ð šª¤ XêæšXâÉæÂÞ ÛMA ‚¸× XêæšÜ¤•Ø×ÙÄ •¸•Ü¤ÞØ£§¤êæÂÜ: øø 42 øø

ĸ® XÞ~ا XÞÙ~•Ø٤ف ç¤æ‚UÚµ¸É恪h•æ ¤Ù³•‚¸ÉæÞ: ø
§‡ðXê暸æÂٸٕÂæ¸~¤ÞƒØ¤× æ XêæšØ³•× d X~§Ù– XÞ~× XÞ~æÂÞ øø 43 øø
XêæšØ³šêæMA§Ø ٕ¢â× “Ùª„Øܤð C¸ÅÞMAؤ D¸ ęØٚ ŸØµ§³ê赧؁ð ø
K文±× ٕɂ§ ¤U¤Ù‡±¤…êæ ‡“Ø•: ÛMA ÚŅÂæ ÄÞªX~ا ĸØĸا øø 44 øø
¸æ~ÞR ~š±~٧ٕ ‚¸Ù§ ³êæMA•Ø… Ÿâ–‡Ø¸•× dª~Ärت~è: šÞ•Ø•æ ø
¢Ø¸ØŁ‡Ø ¸•¢Þ¸: ÙMA³ MA܈ÁÅæ ‚¸‡ðX܁ÙÄQAÙÄMAØÄÞ ¸Äޖ“ªØÄÞ øø 45 øø
“–§è¼¿ØÞ× Ù‡É Ø¸MAªØÄMAسæ XÜæ• §æ• ÙÉ ÙÁ³ØÅÄÙ³³Øן¢à¸Þ: ø
šrØØٚ ÙMArØ šÙª¸âƒØXÞ~Øٕ ¢àØ–§Þ¸Ü­MâAÁؕޤÀ‡¥ŸªÁ¥ŸªØÙ~ øø 46 øø
æ£§: MâAÜ • ÙMA³ MAÙ¾ØهÉØÚŁ §æ ¸è ªØÄêæ‚ĸêæ‚ÄÞMAٓ§Å¸ MAؕ•Ø–æ ø
¸æ~ÞŸ•Ä±ÞªÄêè[šÙª›³ÞØ–æ Ÿæ ÄâR ~Ü ªÄ•§Ø ٳٳÉÞ¢­Þh]ZØ: øø 47 øø
B¥¢ê懕ܳ¤ªÙ¸–‡‡³Ø§ØS× Ùšqgظ×ĤުªÜMâA¸æ~ޚØÙ~¤ð ø
‚¸Ø× Xê暸æš٪MAÙ¤­MAاMAØږ× “–§ØŁ‡Ø ‡ˆÁÞÀ–¤Ù…Ø–§¢Ø¸Ø: øø 48 øø

Xê渓­•êæ ÙXÙª¸ªêæ §¤Þ•Ø •‡Ü ÄØ Ÿâ–‡Ø¸•× d ¤“ÞªØ d šÞªÜ šÞªØ~Ü ø
BØٚ ɖ ÄÞ³¢Ø: MâAف•Ø× h•Ø•Ø¤ææ ¢¸fت~dتhÞÂ: š±‡æÁØ: øø 49 øø
Ÿâ–‡Ø¸•æ ÚŅªdªØ‚¤MAMAÜt‡à¸Ø­š§­–h–Þٕd§æ Ÿ §æ ‡Ø•Ü¤ð ø
•è¸Ø³¢Ø¤ÙÉ hە ɁMAØŁ Kæ šØšØ: š‡× ¸ MA‡Ø šÞ•ªØ¿Ø§Ø¤: øø 50 øø
ÉØ h–¤ ØÄÞ ÙÄMAØÄÞ ¤§Ø • ³¡“× ªØÄæ ‚¸§Ø Ù¸ªÙɁØ: ÙMA³ XêæšMA–§Ø: ø
§ØŁظMAܕš‡šÙ^hÞÂêæöhÞ– ٕÙS›§ „Ø ٕh¤]Z¤•]Z›¤ð øø 51 øø
CÙd–¸: MÞAÄÞ¤¤]ðÙ[±ÄªêæÀÉ× æ §æ ¢æÙhªæ Ÿ ¸•Åš§êæ ³Ø ¸Ø ø
BØٚ ‚MÞA³¢Þ¸: MÞA³‡è¸× ¤æ Ÿâ–‡Ø¸•× ¤¤ ٓ§× d ĕ؅§Ù– øø 52 øø
§ƒ¸Ù‚š±§× Ù‡É šÞ€§¤šÞ€§¤–§™Øؖ§ƒØ§ê梭¸Ù ³S~¤„Ø hØÞ ø
“àØ­Ù§× ¸ ÙÉ §Ú‚MA³ ªØÄXêæÃw©Ø× ‚MA܁­•× šª¤šØ¸•¤Ø¤•Ú– øø 53 øø
§Ø M×AĤÞV§•âšMAÜtٕŸÉ­~êæ‚…Ø ÄØ Ù•Ùh­Ù„ØhXÅ¸ •è¸ MAÜف­: ø
XêæšØ³•Øه §Ù‡‡× ¢¸‡Ü§MA¤­æ‚§Ø‡±Ü­MAªêæف Ù¸‡ÞÂØ× Éâ‡§× ‡æð øø 54 øø
XêæšØ³¸æš٪MA¤­ šªØ¸ªæÁ× §™Øؤ “ؤ šª¤× ¤Ä: šªÅØð ø
Ú‚šqg³Øqg•ÄއؤMâAêæš¸Ü× Xêæ“àÙ³“àÄÙªMÞA–³¤–ªØŁؤð øø 55 øø
§’è hªØÄށ¢§Øْš³Ø§…Øł¸× fê斤•ÞçdÙªØ•ÞÙ¸“Ø•h× æ ø
ÙÉ­ لسêæMAXÞÀ¤Ü½¸ª¤Ü½¸ªØ~Ø× ŸØ~Øɸæ ÙMA٤ف Á¥¢Þ¤h⥢§Å‚¸¤ð øø 56 øø
hØ× MÞAÅ‡MâAkÙ¸dæÚÃt× æ šÞ„Øܧ§Ø ÙMA³ ¸ª× ¸¸âÂæ ¸âÂØ]O؁ð ø
BSæÂÞ ÄQA¤Ù•Ø d ٕªØ‡ªæ~ ¸ØªØ~ÄÜ ÉªšÞªÜ ¢¸Ø Ù¸‡Y“Ø øø 57 øø

ÄsØܸ§™Øٚ ¤â× Äށ¤ÞƒØªØ§ØÅÄؖ‡Üš•æپت¤â× Äށ¤Ø•§×¾Ø ø
“Ø¥•êæ ٕh؇ð ْhÄށؖšÞ•ªØ•§–¸Ø Å¸Ø¤æ¸ Ø× •Þ¤Éêæ MA…¤Ø•§Å‚¸¤ð øø 58 øø
BØٚ •ØÅ¥§ÞšªÙńØÙ¸“Øšdت؁ð šØš: šªæ ٕšÙêæÙŤ ¤Å§šØªæ ø
KØˆÁêæɤXف¢­¸êæ ‡§Ø§Ø: šØ„Ø× ‚¸‡Ü§dª~êè Áª~× š±šæ øø 59 øø
ٸı¥¢~× ‚¸Ù§ • §Ùš ¤æöÙŁ •Øٚ ¿ØŒØ §…êæQA¸d•Ø…­XØ …Øٚ ø
¸Ød× Ù‚¸¤Ø× ÄMâA‡…Ø›§ÄMâA–¤§êæQAØ× Ä‚§Ø× MÞAÀø ‡§§è¸ ‡§èMAÙĖ“êæ øø 60 øø
šØšÜ§Äêæöٚ Áª~ØXÁ¡‡¢Øhêæ •êæšæS~× ¤¤ ¸êæÙd¤Ü½¸ªÅ§ ø
‚¸ikؕÁÙQAMAÀ~ØÄÞ ÄÜÂÞ •æÉ šØš× šªØM±AÙ¤Þ¤É­Ù ¤Ø¤MAܕ¤ð øø 61 øø
øø Dف šrØŁ¹§Ø¤ð Bف¤Ø•ÞÂŁ¸: øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê誕ÞXÉâ ܁:
øø Äޖ‡ªŸØÉÞŁ¸: øø
¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê棧êæ •¤ FÙQA¤“ܤÉæ ø §‡ÞQA§Å„اÜMA€wæ §Øٖ ¤]Z³Äà„؁ؤð øø

¿Øܤ–êè ÉÙªdª~êè ĤØٿ؁êæöÉ× ¿Øܪؤظªh¤Þ•Ü–‡±³¡“Ÿêæ“: ø
ٕ¢Ü­MAŁ DÉ Äޖ‡ªêæÀŸØÉÞ× ÅêæÃ§æ fت~Ù¸³êæMA•ØÙ¢³ØÂÜ øø 1 øø
Äޖ‡ªØ§¢Þh× ¢hؤÉæ ¸âS€y¤§¤Ù‡±¤ØÚŅ¤ð ø
§„Ø Äޚ±Ù…•àšÞªØšX؁܅­¤Ù…­A³š±‡× Ù¸‡Þ: øø 2 øø
R Ùdƒ¸ÙªXØÙ¤•Ü R d• ¤–‡¤–‡Ø³ÄØ
R Ùd‚ÅUÙ³Ù¸Ô³Ø R d• æAٕ³Ø Äت¸Ø ø
š–‚§Ùš ÙMA³ R Ùd‡ð ¸±hف •àšÞªØÔØ •‡Ü
ÄÞÄޖ‡ª¢ÞhØÔ§× ¤“Þ ٕšÜ§ ¤ƒØØ §…Ø øø 3 øø
F‡Ù“X¤–‡ªØه±¤Ù…¤–…•³¡“š§ê椓ުªÄæٖ‡ªØÔÄޓÄޖ‡ª‡êæ:šÙª[¤ð ø
BÁª~¤ØˆÁ؂¤Áª~× Áª~Øم­h•š±¸~ٓ§× ¢hæ¤ À€y¤§Øه±šÙ¤ð øø 4 øø
ÁÁ“ªÙª`~Ø|©ÙÁU¤ÞÚegUªš±MAª× ف٤ªÙ•¢š±¢ à À€y¤§× ¢±¤‡¤ð ø
¸•ÙXÙª¤Ø¸Ä–¤Þš§ØÙ¤ ÉÛª Áª~× Ù¢‡ÞÙªÄ›³êæMAÄÞÙ¸Áâ`³Á`ª¸¤ð øø 5 øø
Z ]
â ÙZ ¸Ù•ÂÙ]ZÄªÞ Ø]Z•Ø•Ø× –§Åê攸­š€Þ y°¤U
Þ ¤€y•¤Ù€yØ•Ø¤ð ø
‡š­€§¢àŒâ¤šØ]OÁÁØ]OšâÃw× ŒØ¤Äޖ‡ª¢Þhŧ ¤Éؕ𠸕Øه±: øø 6 øø
§‡Ü§ÙÁUªØXØ× ÁÙÁMA³Ø× Þ ÁØUؤâXØ Ù•ªÜT§ ɪÁæUªÜ¢¸•¤Ø¤âÁ–Å: ø
ŚâÁٖ • ÙÉ ‡æ¸Ø–ªÄ¤Øٿ؁æف ŝÞAt× Ä K ÄÞ¤É؁À¸±hÙXÙªX­âÉ× ¿Øܚæ: øø7øø

Äޖ‡ª‡êæه­¹§Økس¥¢•MA؁ª¸ÁؕާØ٧ٕ MAÙªÙ~ ø
š±~§hMA³ÉĤØٓ§­„Ø ¸•Øه±ÅÄ K Äޖ‡ª‡êæÃ~: øø 8 øø
Ä K Äê薇§­Ù•“æ“­âÙ¿Ø§êæ ¸•Ød³êæ •Ø¤ Äޓؤ §„Ø ÙÉ ø
¢Þh]ZªØhŧ MÞA³Å§ Xêèª¸Ø™Ø UـyØ: MAހyÙ³•Ú¼ÁUڀyÙ¢: øø 9 øø
¸âÂÙXÙªª§¤e§ÞÅ§ §ÚŤ•ð Ÿ¤¤³bÙ§Þ× šªÅšªæ£§: ø
UXšÙdª~êè UXؼÁš–æ ¢ÞhXšæ¢­ÞhXØ¾Ø Ä¸­ K¸ øø 10 øø
ÉÙªMÞA³¤ÙU³× ɕइ]ðÙ[±× ŸMÞA³šhØ¥Ÿ¸Å…è¸ ¢·Ø: ø
ٕhMÞA³šhtاÞÂ¾Ø X⓱Ø: ŸMÞA³šæ¾Ø XhØ Xh文±•Ø¥•: øø 11 øø
‡±¸Ù ˆÂ‡Ùš š±ÄQAXؕØÙÅ¸É ¸•Á賁tÜÂÞ Äޖ‡ªÅ§ øø 12 øø
¢â]ZÜ Xاف É×āسٕ¢â× ‚šÞÃ~Ü MAêæÙMA³Ø-
ö›§Þ‰Ø§‚§… ¸Ù··h¤ÞU؇ØÄ±× ¤“Þ ŧ–‡æ ø
ٕږ‡ÚŁ٤Ø: MÞAª]Z§¼ÁÜ× ÙÁ³ØÄèMA×
ÄاØÏæ ÙMA³ §„Ø Äޖ‡ª¢ÞhŁÚŤ–¸•T¤Ø“ªæøø

šÜØ¥Ÿª× ¸ª‡ Á܁³ˆÙÃtšØ¤Øhؕ޳٥Ÿ¢Þh¤Ø§MA~­šØÁ¤ð ø
¿Øܤ–¤Éظ•ÙXªÜ–‡±Ù•¸ØćÜS× ³T¤Ü“ª× ÙMA¤Ùš ¸ÅÞ ¤¤ØÙ¸ªÅÞ øø 14 øø
hٕhܸ•Ø›§§Ù¸¤ÞQA§êæ §êæ hXØ٤ف ¿ØÞفÙÁªÅÄÞ Xܧæ ø
Ù‡‡× ĤŁ‡ÞÙªèMA¢æÂh× ¸•Áè³Ä¥¢¸¤É× ¢hæ ¤É: øø 15 øø
ćðŸ±Ð؂¤š‡èńاÜÙÁªÙÄ §êæ •ØªØ§~êæQA©Ø …Ø
¹§ØV§Øêæ XفÄØ¥§³¡“ٸ§ؕ–§‚¸Ÿêæ“êæj¸³è: ø
ٕŁ޵§ØٓMA¤Ù’Ü§¤¤â× × šÞ€yªÜMæAS~×
š±Ø¬|ٿا¤Ø¿Ø§æ ¸•ÙXªæ: MÞAsØêæه× Äޖ‡ª¤ð øø 16 øø
šÛ Ù¸½¸Å§Ø‚¤æ½¸ªÙ¤Ù šª× Ÿ±Ð šÞÀÂ:
šª× i§êæفŁƒ¸× šªÙ¤Ù d •ØªØ§~ Dف ø
¿ØÞفŸ±­ÐæÁ؇ÝŁ‡ÞهÙ¸¢àÝÅÞ Xâ~Ü
§¤ØÉج|¿ØÜÅÄ ¸•ÙXÙª“Ø¤Ø Ù¸h§æ øø 17 øø
šâم¹§ØØ‚¤Ø–× ٕ§¤§Ù §Åƒ¸Ù•MAª×
‡–§Ø­¤Ü ’šÞªÙ¸Ù‡Åæ• ¢X¸Ø•ð ø
Ä K Ÿ轸§® • Ù¸hɇÁæÂ× ¸•ÙXÛª
Ĥ”§ØÄܕêæ •êæ Ù¸ÁÞ Éâ‡§× Äޖ‡ª¢Þh: øø 18 øø

š±‚§X؂¤Ù• MA‡Ø›§Ä×¢¸Žà¤¢àÙ¤¤Ù¸¢ÙQA §× ¿ØÞف: ø
× ¸•Øه±Ù•³§× ÄÞÄޖ‡ª× Äޖ‡ªØ§¢Þh× ¢hؤÉæ øø 19 øø
¸–‡æ§ Äޖ‡ª¢Þh× ¢ÞhX文±¢êæXÄQ×A ¤Éظ•ÙXÙªš±~§š±¸Ü~¤ð ø
§× × Ù¸‡Þ‡­Éª¤ÃtXÞ~êæšhÞÃt¤ð CMAØÁ¤êèšÙ•Â‡ÜÂÞ ÄªÅ¸ÜÂÞ øø 20 øø
öÁæš±šrØŁ DÉ Ùdه¸ØÙd’šÞ¸Ø­ÙdÁ¡‡è: ø
Ù¸½¸è¼Á¡‡è: š±¸Øe§êæ Ɂ¸âÙh•§Ø ٕ‚§¤æ¸Ø•¸:
× ¸–‡æ Äޖ‡ªØÔ× ¸•ÙX٪ٕ³§× šÞ€yªÜMAاØS¤ð øø 21 øø
XÞ~h× XÞÙ~•êæ ÙÉ ¤]Z³‚¸× š±Ù¤× š±‚§Þ §‚Ÿ¬š¤æ‚§ ø
¤•–ÄÞUظŸê擬š× Ù¸¤³× Äޖ‡ªŸØÉޤؿاؤ: øø 22 øø
BفšÙØ¸Ù“Ÿ¤Ùɤؕޢ¸š±¢¸‚ÄÞUMâAÙ•Åª]Zh³“ÜÙ§Ù•‚§‡Á¤ð ø
š±Ù¢t¤æ¸ Éæ§Ù•MAªÅ§ ćØöš±Ù¤× ÉÙªÙ¤É Äޖ‡ªØԤޚ§ØÙ¤ ¸•Øه±tæ øø 23 øø

Ä‡Ø ÂØyðX€Þ §ØV§è: šâ…³ Þ Ÿ³Ù¸kؕÁMA•š±¢Ø¸Ü§­½è ¸§­ªè ¸Ù“Ù¸“Þªªè Ùæ “‡Á¤ð ø
‡±Þ¤Åêæ¤T¤Ø¢â‚šÙªÄª¤ÉêæØ•¤Þه× š±šæö”§Ø¬|ٿا٤¤¤É× Äޖ‡ª¢Þh¤ð øø 24 øø
ÄêèÁܵ§Øٿ؁¸‚ij‚¸¤â‡ Þ ØÄêèÉ؇­ÄØ¥§Øh­¸:è
“è§Å­ …è§Ä­ ¸
Þ Ü§­Áêè§M­ Aâ فØXØ¥¢Ü§­d؁ާM­ Aè : ø
Äê薇§Ø­Ù–¸ÄêèMAÞ ¤Ø§­Ä¤Ø³Ø¸€§¤ÞV§èX~ Þ­ :è
‡æ¸: ¿Ø܁À€yÁè³Ù•³§êæ ٕ‚§× ÙŅÅÄޖ‡ª: øø 25 øø
§æøæMAŧ XÞ~ŧ Ù¸š±Þyٚ ¸è ³êæMAêæƒØª× Ÿؿا×
MÞA§Ø­ƒØ؈Á¸è¢¸èªXÙ~èٕ­ÅÄܤ¢à¤Øٖ¸è: ø
ٕ‚§èه­¹§XÞ~Åè êæöٓMAÁÞ¢‚¸èMAØŚ‡Ø‚¤Ø¿Ø§è:
DŒ× Äޖ‡ªŸØÉÞ¤ÙŤ Áª~× §Øêæ ¸•Ø‡±Ü½¸ª¤ð øø 26 øø
Ä‡Ø Ä¤Å× hX‡ÜSæ ÙÉ §: š±‚§SˆÃt©Ø §ÞXš‡ð¢Þ¸Ø Ÿ: ø
Ä EˆÁkٕٕؕٓ­Ù“ÅÞ •ÙÅÄ×ÉØه±MÞAsêæÂÞ dMAØÙŁ Äޖ‡ª: øø 27 øø
K潸§­æhê柳¸Ü§­ÁQA§: MA܈ÙY¸“ØÅÄޖ‡ªŸØÉÞÄ׿اØ: ø
§êæöÄêè hXjؖ¤³§ÙŅفÙM±A§ØÅÄ]OµšêæöµšØ‡ÞšMAµš§‚§h: øø 28 øø
§‚MAµšØ§Þ¢êæXêæöٚ MâAÁØ× §Ø§Ø™Ø Ø¸‚A³×
§æøæMAŧ …ØÙ¸“èÅāhèª×ÉêæÙ¢À‚Äܤ٢: ø
BŁ؇ØÙ¸É Ä×ÄâØ¸ÞšÙdè¼g™Ø× ÄÞęØ× h•×
Äו‚§Ø S¤æ S~ؒ•ÙXÙªš±Å…Ùš±§ÅÄޖ‡ª: øø 29 øø

§jØ؁ܧêæ §ØˆÁêæ §‚Ÿ¢Ø¸: šØ‡egاØ× Ä×ٿ؁êæ §êæöٚ MAêæöٚ ø
jØ؁ܧŁ؈ÁŁ‚Ÿ¢Ø¸: Ù½³Ã§‚§æ•× Äޖ‡ªêæ ¸‚ij‚¸Øð øø 30 øø
ٕÉܕêæ h؂§Ø ¸Ø ¢âÁ¤MÞAÁ³è¸Ø­ ŸdÙªè:
šÞ¤Ø•ð ¸è §: MAپ؍Éށâ~¤Ùš ŧ؇XÞ~: ø
¢h–× × š¼§æ‡ð ¢ÞhXšÙ•Ø Þµ§¤Ùš §êæ
¸•Øه±š±Å…Å…ÅÄ ¤¤ Áª~× Äޖ‡ª¢Þh: øø 31 øø
KMèAMA¤]Z³XÞ~ؕޢ¸ØÙ¢•–‡¤ÜˆÚN‚¸§Øٕف d Äޖ‡ª‡êæÚÃ~ MâAÃ~æ ø
æ §æ Á×ق¸Ù ٕ§–Þ¤•Ø¼¿ØÞفÉè­ •è¸è ¸Ø]ð¤•ÄXêædª D‚§Þ‡ØÉ øø 32 øø
B¡hšØ‡¤ªÙ¸–‡³êæd•× ššØÙ~³¤sؕš±¢¤ð ø
Äޖ‡ªêæÀ¢Þh٤ٖ‡ªØšÛ ¸Ù–‡Âܧ ¸ª‡× ¸•Øه±X¤ð øø 33 øø
MA•MA¤ªMAØsؕ‡±¸Ø~Ø× ¤…•Ä¤Þق…Äت¤æ³•ê悅¤ð ø
h§Ù ÙMA¤Ùš ¬š¤Å§ æhêæ ¸•ÙXÙª•–‡•Äޖ‡ªêæÀŸØÉêæ: øø 34 øø

ÛMA•Þ Ÿ§× Ÿ؂¤Ù¸¢àÂ~× ¢¸™ØÄظ³]Oت DÜÙªêæ h•è: ø
¸Ù“­Ã~ޟس‡±Þ¤Â€y¤Ù€y× ¸•Ød³× ¸Ø šÙª: š±Äؓ§•ð øø 35 øø
Þ ‡è:
ÄÞÄêèX–”§èه­¹§Ø¢ª~X~ه¹§Ø§Þ“X~è: ø
B³]Oا­Åè ĸ­Ùè •­Xه¤³]Oت Dف
§ÅĤØV§Ø•× “ƒêæ Ä ¸•ÙXÙª•Ø…êæöÅÞ Áª~¤ð øø 36 øø
¤MÞAt¤MÞAt¤Ø³êæƒØ×Ädàyس³Ø¤Å¸³MAف³MA¤Ø³ØMÞA€y³èÅÄê攸­šÞ€y°è: ø
¤Ù~¸ª¸•¤Ø³ØÉتMæA§àªMA€w©èŁ޳ÙÄMAtMAMAØrØܕàšÞªØè¾Ø ¢àÂè: øø 37 øø
BÙÄh³hª…Ø]Z¼è ÁØ]ZM­ Aêè¤êæ‡MAÜ£§Ø¤XÙ~XÞ~hسèªØ§Þ“ªè ›§…Ø–§è: øø
āÙ¸Áêæ¢× š•Ø¢× ¸•Ø‡±æÀš¸•ÄÞU³Ü³× Äޖ‡ª× ¸Ù–‡Âܧ øø 38 øø
ChؕhŸXŸ–“ÞªX–“³Þ¡“¢±Ø¥§Ù’‡Y“¤“ÞšØٳćæÁMæAÁ¤ð ø
Ù¸½¸ØٓªØi§šÙªŸÉ­ÙMAªÜtªØh× Éè Äޖ‡ªÅ§ Ÿ Äޖ‡ª¤ÞƒØ¤Ø]Z¤ð øø 39 øø
B–“× ¤ÙŁ٤ªÙ•Ù¤­¤æ¸ §‚ŧ؃؂ÄتÄØٓÄށ–‚¸Ù¸âƒØ¸Ø­¤ð ø
EÁŧ (MæAÄÙªÙXªæ) MæAÁ¸ÙXªæª³MAØÙ³hØ³× ƒØÞµ§MÞAµ§¤“ÞšØ|©¤Éظ•Å§ øø 40 øø
hÞÃtØÃt¤ÜMAi¸³Ù‡–‡ÞÄ×ٕ¢× “âê攸­šÞ€y°× Ù¸³ÄْÁæÂMA¤ð ø
¢à¥•Ø ³³Øt× Ù¸¤³× Ù¸ªØhæ ¸•Øه±•Ø…ŧ ĤÞÙeg°Ù¿Ø§: øø 41 øø
ÄÞdØÀdؚ’§Ù¸¢±¤× ¢±Þ¸ê槭ÞX× Äޕæ„ØØÔÄÉıš„اêæ: ø
FšØ–X× ¸Ø ¤“ޚظ³Ü§ÞX× Ù¸ªØhæ Äޖ‡ªŸØÉÞÄ׿ا¤ð øø 42 øø

B‡Ü[­¤š±æ¤‡Þ[× S~êæj¸³× •dê檤–:MAª~ŧ š¼§Ø¤ð ø
B•Þ¡h¤¡h× •Þ MA…× ٕ‡Á­•× ¸•Øه±•Ø…ŧ Ù¸Áس§ê戭Áêæ: øø 43 øø
æ ÄتؤÄdÞ³MAš±MA± ¤š±ÙM±A§Ø£§Ø×
Ù¸ÙS›Ø³êæÙMAêæÙ¤­š±Äª~¤ÞفŸؖMAؖØh•Ø£§Ø¤ð ø
‡æ¸êæ³]Oت•Ø¤Ø ¸•ÙX٪ٕ³§êæ ¸ÜSØ¤ÜS~Ø£§Ø¤ð øø 44 øø
š±æ¤Ø¤âêè[šÙª¸ØÙɤÉØÙSÙĖ“Þ¤”§æ š±ŸŒÄ¤Þ‡Ùr؁ÄæÞMAµšØ ø
H i¸Ü ÄÞÄޖ‡ª¢Þhŧ Ù¸¢Øف •ØÄØ MAµš‡±Þ¤Ø]ðMÞAªÙ•¢Ø ¸•Áè³¢­Þ: øø 45 øø
¹§Ø¢Øفأ§Ù“MA•–‡•¢–‡•ÙŒ­¤–‡ÙŤØ¤âšÙªÄ±¸Äף¸Ø|©¤ð ø
C¢Øف Ù¸‡±Þ¤Ä¤Ø“ª¤Øŧ¤Å§ ‡æ¸Å§ Äޖ‡ª¢Þhŧ ¸•Øه±¢­Þ: øø 46 øø
§Áêæ‡Ø]ðXÞµ§X±êæ™ØÙ¤dޟÞMAØ[±Ø~¤Þهêè MAšêæ³Ø¸Øٚ É©•ÞšªŒÂ­X¤MAêè ø
Ù¸ªØhææ ٸøÙY¸ÄÉMAتØĸªÄš±¤Ø‡ð¢â]ZØ|©‡±Þ¤¸•ÙXªæÅÄޖ‡ªÉªæ: øø 47 øø

¹§Ø³Ù¥ŸMÞA€y³¤Þ‡X±Ä¸Þ ~­šÃÞ šÙ•Ãš™ØMAµš³ÙMAا¤³Ø•ÞMAت¤ð ø
§‚MA~­šØÁ§ÞX³× ٕX³× ٓ§Ø× •ÅÄêæö§× ÄÞÄޖ‡ª¢Þhêæ ¸•Áè³¢àÂØ øø 48 øø
ć×ÄÄ×ÄÙs؁MÞA–³ØٖMAظÜ~­MA~Ø­¢ª~Ø|©MA–“ª: ø
Äޟ–“ÞªÅMA–“Ù•Ÿ–“•êæ §Þ¸Ø ÄÞÄޖ‡ªÅÄޖ‡ª‡êæÙ¸­h⥢æ øø 49 øø
Þ Ä‚MA¥ŸÞMA–“ª“ª× “ªØ“ª¤ð ø
¸âS€y¤§¢à¢âÅtæ Äޖ‡ªØ§¢Þh× ¢hؤÉæ øø 50 øø
¤–‡ª¢±¤~ٕ¢±¤êæŽtØÅÄޖ‡ªÅ§ Ù¸³Äٖ ŸØɸ: ø
Dٖ‡ªØĤ٢•–‡¢–‡•Ø¾Ø–‡•ØXÀÙ¸³æš¢àفØ: øø 51 øø
i§ØÙMA~Ø]OšÙªMA¤­“Ù¤­~êæ ¢Øٖ Äޖ‡ª¢Þhŧ ŸØɸ: ø
šØÙªh؁ٸtšØÙ§Œ­§: š±Øم­Ø…­šÙª‡Ø•‡ÜÙSØ: øø 52 øø
ÄØXªØ¥Ÿª¤Ø³MAؕ•¼§Ø¤³Œ­§ F‡ØªšÜ¸ªØ: ø
Áæ¢êæXšÙª¢êæX¢ØÙX•ÅÙ™Ø¢Ø ¸•ÙXªÜÙÁÞ¢­ÞhØ: øø 53 øø
BɤÉÙ¤MAØ¢Øhêæ Xê渓­•êæŒÙ⠁•¤­Ù~
š±¤…•Ù¸“ظ¡“泡­ “š±Ÿ–“ĤÙM±A§Ø: ø
BÙ¢¤ŸÉà¢Ø¸Ø: MAؖØÙ¢ª¥¢~Ä×¢¤ ± æ
¸•ÙXÙªšæŸØ­ÉؼÁÞ¥¢Ù– Äޖ‡ª‡êæÉ­ªæ: øø 54 øø
¿Øܤ’•Øه±šÙšØÙ~³Ø¡h§ÞY¤¤Ø¬|§êæÙ¸­¤³Á`ª…Ø]Z§êæÅÞ ø
KMAêæö¡h¤Øٿ؁ D¸êæƒØ¤ªØhÉ×Ä: šÙš±§êæM­A D¸ ‚ÄÙ¤êæ ْÜ§: øø 55 øø

³T¥§Ø: š‡× MAêèŁޢÄ×ÅMâA× d ¿Øܸ‚Ä¢à٤ٸ­¤³× Ù¸Áس¤ð ø
Ù¸¢Øف ¸Sê渕¤Ø³§Øöö|©× ¸•Øه±•Ø…ŧ ÄÞÄޖ‡ªÅ§ øø 56 øø
Äê薇§Ø­¤ â ÄتšàªšÙª¸ØÉظ­XØ­Ù§×
§Ø: ÙMArØ Ù¸ÙªrØÄ×¢¸•¢à¥§¥¢êæhÄ×¢àف¢à: ø
•ØÙ¢¼ÁÞ¥¢Ù MÞAÙ¥¢MÞA¥¢Ù•¢Ù•¢Ø­Å•Å¸¸­“-à
Ä×¢QÞ A‡Þ¤
± €yÁ賸āæªØ¬|³T¥§Ø ɪæ: øø 57
Äޖ‡ªÅ§ ÙMA³ Äޖ‡ªŸØÉêæ: ¿ØܤÉ؁À¸•Ød³¢­Þ: ø
ɖ §„Ø ٕ¸Äٖ hXٖ š±ØٚM±AÙÁ¤ ƒØ•Þ ¤”§¤ð øø 58 øø
ٚÃt‡ÞÃt¤“ÞMèAt¢MAÜtêè ÉÙŁÉŁ§ÞX³Ø¢ÄÞ¸âƒØêè ø
ªØh: M±A¤MâAÁêè d ćଠÄޖ‡ªÅ§ ¸•¢à“ª¢­Þ: øø 59 øø
§ê踕¸âÂMAMÞA‡êæŽæ‡Ù•¢× ٕªØ× ¢Øف Ù¸¢êæÀ¢§× hØ•Þ ÁÞ¢ØMâAفMA¤ð ø
Äޖ‡ª¢Þh•Ø¥•êæ ¤–‡ª¤Ù…Ø¡“æ¾Ø–‡•¸•Ù¸³Ä‚MA–‡ª¸â¢šæ: øø 60 øø

B“êæ¤ÞU× –§Åš‡ØªÙ¸–‡§êæÀ‡Ùr؁êæ‡ØƒØÄޕسÄ×ٕ¢æ ø
Ù¸³b© hbæ R •Þ ª×Ɂêæ ˆÁêè ¸•Øه±•Ø…ŧ ÄÞÄޖ‡ªÅ§ ¤æ øø 61 øø
ÄÞÄޖ‡ªÅ§Øŧ š‡ØªÙ¸–‡æ š‡ØªÙ¸–‡ØٓMAÄêèMÞA¤Ø§­æ ø
Bêæö–§…Ø æ ٟ¢â§Ø‚MA…× •Þ ‡ØÄ•× •Ø¤ ÄÉıš„ؤð øø 62 øø
Äê薇§­¤Ø‡­¸ÄÞX–“ªÄš±¸ØÉèªææ ÙÉ Äޖ‡ª¢Þhŧ š‡ØªÙ¸–‡æ ø
B¥¢êæhy¥¢šÙªª¥¢~¤£§hèÃtØ× ’è šªØÙhÙ¤¤æ ÙÁªÄØ ÙŸ¢Ù­ øø 63 øø
Kæ æ Ÿ Äޖ‡ªØÔ§hÞÂ: šØ‡ØªÙ¸–‡æ ÁÞ¢æ
§Ù™Ø~­æhĤÞق…Ù„Øš…XØıêæÅÄÞ ÙMAÙrØقMA³ ø
“ƒêæöÄêè ÙÁªÄØ “±Þ¸Å‡šª× ıêæêæ ¢¸Ø•ÜšÙ-
§­Å§ØŧسMA•Ù–‡MæAف ٕhXޕح¤è¸¤–¸…­MA¤ð øø
C¥•Ø§MAµš³ÙMAê悅ÄÞXٖ“šÞÃš× §êæXܖ‡±É؇­ÄªÄÜÀɪØhÉ×Ĥð ø
F‚šR “¤­ÄÉMAتA³š±MA؀y× ¸–‡æ§ Äޖ‡ª¢Þhŧ š‡ØªÙ¸–‡¤ð øø 65 øø
ÄÞÄޖ‡ªÅ§Øŧ Þ ¸Ø¤•ØMâAæ: M±A¤„اš±Øم­Ù• ¤Ø•Äæ ÙMA³ ø
D¤æ š‡æ Ø¸Ù‡ÉØÄÙÉÃ~Þ•Ü Ù¸dM±A¤Øæ لØhX‚š‡’§æ øø 66 øø
Äê薇§­ÄتؤâÙĖ“Þ¸ÜÙd¿êæ~ÜÂÞ šØ‡Ø]ðXÞÙ³•ØÙ¤MAØÄÞ ø
–§NMâA‚§ d–‡±Ù¿Ø§¤Ø‚¤MAؖ‚§Ø •Uظ³Ü ÁÞ¥¢Ù Äޖ‡ªÅ§ øø 67 øø

§êæ h؁M±AÙÁ¤Ø ¤³Ü d ÙÁªÄØ Ä×¢ØÙ¸¼Á¥¢Þ•Ø
Äêæö§× §fت~Ø¿Ø§Ü ÁÁ“ªêæ •à•× •U¹§Øh: ø
šà~­‚¸× Ù¸¤³‚¸¤Þj¸³§Ø Äؓ® ŸÉނ¸× …Ø
§ØÅ× À€yÁè³Ù•³§× ¸–‡Ø¤Éæ Äޖ‡ª¤ð øø 68 øø
§Å§Ø: MAtØS~¤•ÞS~¤Ü½¸ªØ~ؤ轸§­ÉæÞ٪ف ĸ­h•Ü•¤æð ø
¿ØÜÅÄæف Äޖ‡ªÙ•Âæ¸~êæ ٕªØÉÞÅ× ÙÉ Ù¿Ø§¼Ù¿Ø§¤Þ‡ØÉÞÀ‡Øª¸Ød: øø 69 øø
ه¹§ØÙd–‚§¤ÉØ‡ð¢ Þ êæƒØ¤XÞ~Åè ØÀ€§³Ø¸€§MAš±Ø§èªŽÞ¢Ø¸X¢­ÄØšà¸Ù­ š±§Ùè ¸­¢¤
± :è ø
¬šØMAتٸ¢àف٢¾Ø ĈÁÝ Ù•‚§Ø•šæØ× Ù¿Ø§× •Ü³Ø× ¢àÙ¤¤šÜˆÁÝ ª¤Ù§Ø ٕ‚§× ¸•Ø‡±Ü½¸ª:
B–§ê斧dæÙÃtÙ•ªÜS~É؇­¢Ø¸š±¤ æ ؕޢظ¤“Þªš±~§š±¢Ø¸: ø
Chı•¹§ªÙ‡¹§ªÄؕޢàفÅŸØ× š±æ§ÄÝ ª¤Ù§Ø ¸•Á賕؅: øø 71 øø
Äޖ‡ªÅ§ ¸•Á賸ØÙĕêæ ¢êæX¤æ¸ ٕh¢êæX¤Ø¢h•ð ø
Áæ K Dف ÁæØMâAæ: š±Üف¤Ø•ÙɚفÅŸ•Ø¤Ù• øø 72 øø

¸ØɕØĕٸØ•dؤªØØMâAف: UXšÙÅ„اܤ§: ø
ٕ‚§‡ØŧªÙªæ¸ §Å§ ¸è É©æ Äޖ‡ª¢Þhêæ ¸•Øه±X: øø 73 øø
¸•Øه±•Ø…ŧ ÄÞÄޖ‡ªÅ§ ¸è š±¢ÞQAÙÁÃtؼ§… Ä薧ĂšÙ: ø
ĤŁ³êæMèAMA“Þª–“ªÅÄ‡Ø MAtØS¸ÜT§êæöŧ d ĸ­MA¤­ÄÞ øø 74 øø
g„Ødؤª¤ÞUØ: šÙªeg‡Ø: Äધ: šÙªh•Ø¾Ø •è‚§XØ: ø
Äޖ‡ªêæÀ¢ÞhÙ¤–“æ Ä‡Ø kؕÁÙQA¤ÞUٕ‚§Ä‰ß~Ø: øø 75 øø
’ت•Ø…X~•Ø…·hØ: šØ٪š‡¢ØÙX•Å…Ø ø
¤Ø¤MAØ¾Ø XÞª¸: šÞªØ•ØÅÄޖ‡ª× ¸•¤Éܓ±X× Ù¿ØØ: øø 76 øø
EˆÁè: šÙªh•è: šÙªeg‡èٕ­‚§ÙČٕh¢êæX¢àÙ¤X: ø
Äޖ‡ªêæ ¸•ÙXªæŁtÜÂÞ ¸è ªi§æ ÄMA³ˆÙÃtXêædª: øø 77 øø
¿Øܤ·ØXâɸÜÂÞ §…Ø …è¸ ³T¤Ü“ªÅÄhف ÛÄÉÙXªæŁtÜÂÞ øø 78 øø
C•–‡¤Ù–‡ª¤ÉؤÙ~¤€tšØ–³­T¥§Ø ¢Þ¸Øö›§Ùɚêè ÄÉ •Ü³§Ø d ø
ٕÅÄ×V§Ù•‚§Ù•hه¹§h•èMAÄ湧êæ ٕ‚§× ¸Ä•ð Ähف Äޖ‡ª‡ê渭•Ø‡±êè øø 79 øø
š±‚§Ù…­Ù• لØXÞ~MAš±MâAæªÄÜÙ¤— ¸èMÞA€w“ؤٕ šªØ¥Ÿª•ØÙ¤— ٕ‚§æ ø
ٕ‚§× ¸Ä•ð šª¤Äƒ¸¤§æö›§Ü§êæXܖ‡±¸Ø]ð¤•Ä K ÉÙª¸­•Ø‡±êè øø 80 øø
³êæMAØ׾؁އ­Á ‡“ð ÙMA³ Äޖ‡ªÅ§ š]ðQAÜXÞ~êæƒØÙªÄ›¸âÜ‡¤€y¤ð ø
B–§Øٕ dØŧ ÄÞĈ×ÙÁ šª¼ÁØٕ M±AÜyØÙ¸“æÙªÉ šÙªeg‡Ø¤Xeg•ð øø 81 øø

ÄÞª•ªÙ§­XØهŸÉÞ¢æ‡MAÙ¢™ØÙ¤‡× hX‡… d؀y¤€y¸ª~Øٕ d ě …Ø ø
XÞ~šÞÀÂêè d ¤ÞQAšÞÀÂØ¾Ø ¸•Øه±šæÀšMAª~Øٕ •¤­Ù¸“§æöٚ ¢¸Ù– Ù¸¢êæ: øø82øø
kØٕ•Åā§êæÙX•ÅÞ §æ Äޖ‡ªØ]ðÙ[±šª¢ÙQA¢ØÙX•: ø
¤ÞÙQA¤Ø›§ šª¤Ø× šªæ š‡æ ٕ‚§ÙMA]Oªš‡× ¢hٖ æ øø 83 øø
‡æ¸Å§ Äޖ‡ª¢Þhŧ ¸•Øه±¢­ÞÉ­è Áܳ¸ƒ¸¤…¸Øööٿ؁¸‚ij‚¸¤ð ø
KæÁŸ¢Ø¸¤hÉَ٪ÉظØªè§êæ­ö³rØMAت hX‡Øٿ؁Þµ§“¤Ø­ øø 84 øø
ÛÄÉØه±•Ø… ¸ ¸Ø]ð¤•ÄØف¸âƒØ× ¬š× ‚¸Üٖ‡±§¤Þ‡ØÉ ªÉŧ¸Ø~Ü ø
K¸× d • ‚¸Ù¤É dæ‚Ĥ¸ØÙªÃ§Å‚¸ikؕ¢ÙQAÙ¸“§êæö ¤Þ“Øö¢Ù¸Ã§•ð øø 85 øø
§æ ¢QAØ ¢¸‡æMA¢êæX¤•Äêæö•–§Ø‚¤ÄsØܸ•Ø:
‚Ä×¼³æÂ~Ù’ªêæٕٓ“•Ø…® ¸•Ø‡±Ü½¸ª ø
¤”§æö€y× §‡¸ØªÅÄÞª•ªØØMAته¹§ØMâAف-
Łæ•è¸ ل؇Á蕭ªè¾Ø ÄÞMAª× Ÿš±Øم­š±Ø…­•¤ð øø86

¿Øܤ–¤Éظ•ÙXªÜÁ Ù¸“ÜÁ§êæÅæ ¤”§æ Þ Ù¸Ã~Þ٪ف §: š±…¤Ø¸Øª: ø
æ•è¸ dæƒØ¸ ¤ÙÉÙ¤— h•Ø: ÙMA³Ø–“Ø: ‚¸–¤‚ŧ¢Ø¸¤¸X¥§ MA…× ¢¸æ§Þ: øø 87 øø
Éæ ‡æ¸ Äޖ‡ª¢Þh ‚¸Ù¤É؀y¤”§æ Äêè³£§êæ ٸĈÁ× dÙª× ¤Ùɤ—: ø
B]ZÜMAªêæÙ §Ù‡ „Ø Äު誤ÜÙ¢ÅÄØ¥§ØٙØMA­šÙªšØ³•¤æ¸ ÄØ“Þ øø 88 øø
DÉظÜ~­Å§ ¸•Øه±•Ø… æ ٕXàɁ: Å¸× ¤Ùɤؕ¤è½¸ª¤ð ø
F¤Øšæ: ÛMA Ù¸h§: ٚ±§]Oª: ٚ±§]OªØ ¸æ–‡±Ùh‡Å„ØŸ–“•Ø øø 89 øø
šÞegê悚Þeg•¤àg•­ êæŒÙ“ށ¹§Ø¸Ù­Ø¸­¸‚Ä׸Ø­~¸­ -
•ÜªšàªÙ¸³Þw‚šØwܕه¹§ØMâAæ: ø
ÛÄÉ؇±ÜÁ • ¸è¢¸× ¸ MA…× ŸسT§¤Ø³T§æ øø 90 øø
šØSŧ hÞ[ÞSêæöٚ Ù¸¢¸× ³T¤Ü“ªØ“êæSh
ÄØd³Ø¸ttØMA‡ÜÙ[­MAØhØϸÜh³Ù¸¸Ù“­: S§æ ø
½Øâ]ZÄ]ZÙ¤•ê褭•ê檢àªX±êæö€yh¸šÞÙÉ­ Äޖ‡ª øø 91 øø
¢±¤‡Áª€§¢àÁª~Øم­•ØÙMAÁª~× ¢¸•ð ŸMâAš§Ø ø
Ù¸“âØd³MÞA³ K ¤Ü••Þª„Ø Äޖ‡ª¢Þhêæ ¸•Øه±Ù•³§: øø 92 øø

ŸšâÃwæ š±ÃwØه±¢±¤~MAª~è: ÙMArØ AÙ~•:
Ù¸MâAÙÃt¹§ØMâAÙÃt¹§ÙÙ¸“ށ‡ÞY“ØÙ¡“dÙ³è: ø
BٸŚ–‡êæ •–‡•ð Ù¸MAćªÙ¸–‡æS~ÀÙd:
šÞªØö¢àÙÅÄ×É؇±æ: ٚ±§¤ ɪæ MAegš¸šÞ: øø 93 øø
hX‚š±³Ü•× šÞ•Àً“Ü­: ÛÄÉÙSفÙSٙس§Å… Äޖ‡ª ø
šÞªØ ¸ªØÉŧ ¸æ§¤Þ¸­ªØ ‡×Ãt°Øԧ文êæ: ÙMA³ ³T¤ ³ÙSØ øø 94 øø
• ¸Ø§Þ: šÅš–‡æ §§Þª…¸ØöÅ× ÁÙÁª¸Ü
هÁêæö•¼§•ð Ù¸½¸Øö›§d³‡d³Ø ÄØd³MÞA³Ø ø
•¢¾Ø š±¾Øêæف R م¤Ùš šØ…êæ •ªÉªêè
‚¸Ù§ Ł¥¢æ ÁÞ¥¢’šÞÙ Äف Éæ Äޖ‡ª¢Þh øø 95 øø
BªØ³× šØØ³× ل؇Áٕ³§: š±Øٚ³§êæ
“Ùª„ØÜ Ù•“­àØ §§ÞªÙš هÁ: MAؤٚ هÁ¤ð ø
BhâÙ¥¢ÃtØ¥¢êæٓ[­¤ Þ [
Þ ÙÞ ¤Ù [à~•
­ ð ÄÞªÙªšêæ:
ٸ٢–‡Ø•æ ¸Sł¸Ù§ •ªÉªêè Äޖ‡ª¢Þh øø 96 øø

Ĥނ…ÀٓªegtØegÞÙªÙŸÙ¥Ÿ× Å¸× ¸šÞ: ø
Ù¸³êæN§ Àف: šÞ•: š±Ù¤âX文±Á]OظÁؐ
K •ªMæAÄªÜ Ä DÉ ˆ¼§æ Äޖ‡ª: øø 97 øø
ÙSف٪§× hٕÄ×ÉâفšØ³•è: ٕXª~ê扪~ê挪~èªÙš ø
¸•ÙXªÜÁ ¸è¸ ÄÜ MA…× ¸ª‡ ¸Ø¤• Ù¢S~¤É­Ù øø 98 øø
¢ØX­¸: ÙMA³ ¢¸•ð ¢¸Ø–šÞªØ MÞA–‡Äޖ‡ª¸•Ød³æ½¸ª ø
Bh­Þ•Å§ Ÿ³‡Ùš­Å§ Þ egæ‚ŧف ŤªÙ ŸØÉÞMAؕ•¤ð øø 99 øø
CkØ ¸Ø„Ø¢¸Ü ٸهØ „Ø§Ü ÄØ “¤® ‡ÞQA¤ÙU³æ• ¸•Øه±•Ø… ø
B–§à•¤ØdÙªÞ¤ØÙŁMAÙÁS~؅­¤„ØظÜ§­ ÙMA³ Äޖ‡ª ªØ[¸êæö¢à: øø 100 øø
¸•ÙXÙªšÙªÜÙÁæف ‡æ¸è: لؚުɪلؚު[—dؚ¢]Z؁ð ø
¹§XÙ~ šªÁުؤ‡ÙÁ­Å§ ŸMA“•ÞÂ: šÙª¤Á­‡Á­•ØfØ øø 101 øø
B•¸Ø›¤„Ø ÙMA³ Ù³›Å§æ h•è•­ d ³¡“¤æÙ‡É ¢êæQÞA٤çæ ø
B•¸Ø›¤„Ø ÙMA³ •ØÙŁ ªØ¤ jØXÜ ‚¸§Ø â~¤¸èÙS Äޖ‡ª øø 102 øø

ÙÁUÙªÂÞ Ù¸Ùš•æø›§ØšXØŸegêæ§ØŸ•Þ¢¸ÙÄ ªÄkêæ ‡€yMAت€§¸ØÄؕð ø
Ù‡É ‡•Þ¢àêè ÄØÙ¢³ØÂêæ ªØ¤ ¿Ø§ÙÄ ¸•ÙXªÜ–‡±× Äޖ‡ªÜ¢à§ ¢à§: øø 103 øø
Fš¸•À€yè¤Ù­ €yæ X€yÁ賚±~Ù§¢¸‡Þ‡–êæ‰ØÙ§X–“¸­ÙČæ ø
¸•ÙXÙªt¢àÙ¤š±Åªæ Äޖ‡ª ‚¸× ¢hÙÄ •Þ ¤âX§Ø•Ø•Þ‡±¸¿ØØٖÁØٖ¤ð øø 104 øø
MàA³æ¡“æ: ÙMA³ ‡ÙS~ŧ ٕ¸Ä–‡àªêæƒØªØ¥¢êæٓXؕð
‡è‚§Ø•æMAšÙ„Ø~ØöÙeg• DÜ§× ÛMA¸‡–Ü ¿ØÞØ ø
„êè¸½æ ¸ª¤¥¢ÄØ× ¹§h…ØŁŤؒ•Ø‡±Ü½¸ª
¿Øܤ•ð Äޖ‡ª ÄæÞŸ–“•¤ÞUØ: M±AÜyØŁ¸Øy¥Ÿª¤ð øø 105 øø
ª[ÞMÞA³Ù³MA ‚¸× h؁ÞÙdØÞ“Ø•eg³¤âX¤âX§Ø§Ø× Äך±ÄQA: šÞªØö¢à: ø
‡ÞšhٕUæ‡eg懕اؐ Xا–¤“ÞMAªÀ€y× ªi§Äæ ÛMA ¸•Øه±¤ð øø 106 øø
Éæ Äޖ‡ªèMAªh–¤Ù• MâAÃ~¢Ø¸æ ’æ ¤Øªêè d ٚªêè d MÞA³æ Bٚ ’æ ø
KMAS~؇•ÞXâÉ܁¸: A³× æ •Ü³Ø MÞA³æ• ĈÁÜ ÙMA³ ÀÙN¤~Ü d øø 107 øø

‚¸× ÙÉ Äޖ‡ª §‡Ø Ł•–“§: šà•ØŁ•¤“ØŁ‡Ø •Þ ÙMA¤ð ø
hÜ~­¤æ¸ hwªæ š§êæÙ¸Â× ‡Þh­ª× ¸‡ ‡Ø‚¤•Ø ÄÉ øø 108 øø
Cٿ؁æÂÞ ÄÞ³¢êæ ¢¸•ð ¢¸Ø•ð ¤‚§­Ø× §Ù‡ hXؤ Äޖ‡ª ø
BÅÞ •Ø¤ ‡Þ³àU³æ ÙMA§‹Ø¤ŸŒ Dف ÛMA ‡ØöÀ‡: øø 109 øø
Äޖ‡ªêæÀ¢Þh •–‡•–‡•Å‚¸× ¢¸•ð ¢±¤ªÙ¸¢±¤Ø³MA: ø
¤Ù–‡ªæÂÞ •¸•Ü·h× ¸·¸Üٓ§¤Þ ¹§dàdÞª: øø 110 øø
MAØÙ³§Å§ A~Ø× ÙÁªÅÞ ¤æ ĂMA‡¥ŸÙÁUª‚¸¤æ¸ ¸Ø ø
¸ÙÃt hÞÃt¸•Áè³ Äޖ‡ª ‚¸‚š‡Ø¡h§ÞX¤Ùš­× §§êæ: øø 111 øø
XàÙɁŸ¤ÙɤØٚ Äޖ‡ª ‚¸× ¸±hæ ÙMA٤ف ÁM±A¤ØM±A¤Ü: ø
ěªØ„Ø¤‡“Ø¾Ø ÛMA ÙXÛª šâeg¾Ø ÄÞÉâ‡: ÙMA¤M±ÞA“: øø 112 øø
Éæ •–‡•–‡• ÄÞÄޖ‡ª Äޖ‡ªØÔ Ÿâ–‡Ø¸•æ ٸɪÅ¸ ¸·¸ÜÙ¢: ø
¸æ~ޔ¸Ù•¿Ø¸~ÅÀ٢Ł‡Ø ¸è ÄX±Ø¸Ù¢h­ÞÙ¸³Ø§¤Éêæ ٸٳµ§æ øø 113 øø
Xا×XØ§× ¸•ÙXÙªšæ ‚¸× ÙÉ Ÿâ–‡Ø¸•Ø–Xê歚Ü-
Ä×[èÙ¸­ÉªÙÄ §‡Ø Äޖ‡ª ¹§à|ŸØÉêæ ø
ªØÄت¥¢êæ‚ĸŸÉÞÙ¸“š±¤æ Äܤٖ•Ü•Ø×
d恾êæÅ¸ d Þ ‡Ø MAØ× ‡Áؤ–¸¢àØ¤ð øø 114 øø
DÙ]Z× ٕ٤ÙÂ× d Ø¸M×A ª¥§¤ŽÞ¤ÙÙš±§]Oª¤ð ø
æ• M×AĤÞUMAÜtÁØÄ•× Äޖ‡ªØµšMA¤Ùš š±Áŧæ øø 115 øø

¸ØªØ~Ä܇ɕšêè€y°MA¢ê褢]ZMAµš‡±¤Þ Øɪ~Á]Oªh⥢~ؐØ: ø
B–§Ø¾Ø ¢ØªŸ³M±A…•Ø‡§Åæ M±AÜyØÅÄÞÄޖ‡ª¢Þh ¿Ø¸~ؤâØٕ øø 116 øø
‚¸× ÙÉ Äޖ‡ª ¸•Øه±•Ø… Éæ ¸æ]OtØÔ§•X文±¤à“­Ù• ø
‡æ¸ÄæÙ¸š‡Ø¥ŸÞh’§: Ä×ٿ؁棧 DÉ ÙÃwÄæ Ä‡Ø øø 117 øø
ÉÙŁÁè³Ù•³§êæ ¢¸•ð ¢¸Ø•ð ÄØ¥š±× ¸ª‡ªØhÄØÔ§: ø
DÃt¤…­¤•ÞMA¥š§Ø ‡‡Ù’½¸¤æ¸ ‡§æ ÙÉ Äޖ‡ª øø 118 øø
¤”§æSܪš§êæٓ ÁæÂÁ§•æ ÁæÂæ Ä‡Ø Äޖ‡ª
‚¸× ’袸¤Ø‚¤•êæ ¢ÞÙ¸ ¢¸ŽQæAÂÞ ¸Ø‚ĵ§: ø
Ù¸¿Ø؀§ØÙU³•æ„ؚ؄ØÙ¤É Äï•ð ÄÉ©ê掸اØŁtæ
¿Øܪ]Zæ ٕh“ØÙ¥• ÁæÂÁ§•æ ÁæÂæ ¸•Ø‡±Ü½¸ª øø 119 øø
MAµMAܢٸç•ð MAÙ³MAµMA‡àفؖ‡ÞÃtؕÁæÂؕð ¢X¸•ð ÉٕçÙÄ ø
Ä K Å§Ø¸ÄªÅÄÞÄޖ‡ª š±ÁØٓ ³T¤ÜÁ ĤS¤æ¸ •: øø 120 øø

EˆÁØł¸‡¸ØªÄƒØ¤ØÅĸ­ K¸ ¢¸‡Øٿ؁ؕð h•Ø•ð ø
„ØØÞ¤æ¸ • MA‡ØÙd‡–§…Ø æ• Äޖ‡ª ¢¸–¤Ø¿Ø§æ øø 121 øø
‚¸Ø¤Ø¤•Ù– MA¸§: MAÀ~ؤâØÙ¡“× ‚¸Ø¤æ¸ Ä×ٿ؁hٕ[—¤Þš[—¤æÂؤð ø
§æÂØ× ¸±hٙØÉ ÙÉ ³êæd•XêædªÅ‚¸× Éè Äޖ‡ªØÔ šÙªdÅMAÙªÂæ ¸•Øه±¤ð øø 122 øø
BÁN§× •êæ ÙMAÙr؃ظ • d • hؕØÙÄ Ù•ÙU³×
‡§Ø³Þ: S–Ø dØŧɤٚ • dØXØ×ÙÄ ÙªÞ¤ð ø
S¤êæöÅ‚¸egæÂêæ É©Xف٪ف d Sއ± Dف d
S¤Å¸èØ¸™ØêæöŸ³Ù¤É ɪæ Äޖ‡ª¢Þh øø 123 øø
³]OاތɁؕð ɪܕð ْhÄÞ× Á¥ŸàMA‡êæÂؖ¤â×
Äؖ‡Üš–§Ù¢h× ¤â× ْhÄށؕð ŸØ³Ø×¾Ø ¸èMÞA€wXؕð ø
X¢® dØh­ÞٕÄ×¢¸× ¹§Þ‡“ªÅŸæ•è¸ ¬šæ~ §:
ŸآÜÃt× ¤¤ ¤‰Þªêæ¾Ø ‡‡Äæ •êæ ÛMA ¸•Ø‡±Ü½¸ª øø 124 øø
C§êæٔ§MAؕð ĚÁÞMAÜtâ~Ø×¾Ø h–à•ð ÛMAMA¤­~êæ •Þ Ÿ MA܈Á¸æ‡•Ø|©Ø•ð ø
ÄاÞi§³£§Ù¸¢¸ØٙØhٕ‚§³êæMAؕð ÄؖØٕMAؕX¤§êæ ¸•Á賕؅ øø 125 øø
ÉÙª¸Øª~¢â‚§Ä¤ØÔ§× MAÙªÙXªêè ¸ª‡Å‚¸¤šàÙ¸­MAؤð ø
ˆÁ¤³¥¢§ K¸ ÙÉ Äޖ‡ª ŝÞAt¤‡Ø¾Ø šª¼Á¤ÜˆÁ¤ð øø 126 øø
DÉ d ‡æ¸ ‡‡ØÙÄ ¸ªØ•ð šªØ•ð ¸ª‡ Äޖ‡ª Äޖ‡ª‡ê擭ª ø
¸•ÙXªæªÙ¢Åt¤Ø¸Ä™ØÙU³³êæd•Xêædª¸è¢¸: øø 127 øø

D‡Ù¤¤æ ½Øâ~Þ¤êæ ¤³§”¸h× •âšÙ¤É Ÿ§¤æ¸ ÙÉ Äޖ‡ª ø
dª~Ä؂MâA¸Øٕف ’§× ¸•ÙXªÜ½¸ª h؁¤•ê檅Ø: øø 128 øø
Ù¸kؚ•Ø× ¸•ÙXªÜ½¸ª 笚ؤð B]ZÜMÞAÀø MAÀ~Ø~­¸ ¤Ø¤MAܕؤð ø
¿Øܪ]Z“ؤٕ §…ØšÞª¤æMAêæöÉ× ªØ¤Ø•Þhا­¸ÁX: šÙª¸Ù­Âܧ øø 129 øø
ÛMAdæ‡rØ Ù¸ÙªÙrآظ• ¸•Ø‡±ÜÁ š±¢êæ Äޖ‡ª
š±‚§ØV§Ø•šªØ]ð¤ÞUêæ ¸ª‡Ø× š¼§™Ø¸¼§× ½Øâ~Þ ø
¿Øܪ]Zٿا¤–¸É× š±XÞ~§×ł¸ŽQA¢êæY§Ø× MÞAÀ
š±‚§S× ÄÞٕªÅ¤æ¸ Ù¸‡“‚š±‚§Ù…­•Ø× š±Ø…­•¤ð øø 130 øø
MAØÀ€§Ø¤â¸ØÙª“æ ¸âšæ Éæ çÄ]Oµš•
¿Øܤ•ð Äޖ‡ª §êæY§ØÙ¸ªÙɁؕނÄا­Ä’‚ij ø
SØ¥§•ð ÄؓÞh•è: MâAØ×ÅÞ Ù•ÙU³Ø•æ¸Øšdتؕð S~؁ð
ŽêæY§Ø¤Ù•Á× MÞAÀø ¢X¸•ð ¿Øܪ]Z“ؤ ٿا¤ð øø 131 øø
D‡× ¢à§êæ ¢à§: šÞ•ªÙš d ¢à§: šÞ•ªÙš
ŝÞAt× Ù¸kܛÄؤ܂§XفªŸÞ“êæö•–§Áª~: ø
MâAØXØ ‡ÞÃt؂¤Ø MA³Þ¤فªÅ¤Ü‚§•¸“æ:
‡§Ø§ØÅæ šØ„Ø× ¸•ÙXÙªšæ Äޖ‡ª¢Þh øø 132 øø

øø Dف šrØŁ¹§Ø× Äޖ‡ªŸØÉÞŁ¸: Ĥ؛: øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê誕ÞXÉâ ܁:
øø ¸ª‡ªØhŁ¸: øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê棧êæ •¤ FÙQA¤“ܤÉæ ø §‡ÞQA§Å„اÜMA€wæ §Øٖ ¤]Z³Äà„؁ؤð øø

ŸÙŁ ÉÙŁÙXÙª¤ÅÁæUªÅĖ•êæÞ ¤Ù§ Ė× ÉÙª: ø
ٕÅĤأ§Ù“MA¤£§“ƒØ §× ‡æ¸¤êèšÙ•Â‡Ü ĪŸÜ øø 1 øø
¿ØÜٕۓ ٕٓ¤šØª¤Ù…­•Ø¤ð Bم­Ø…­šÙª‡Ø•‡ÜÙS¤ð ø
ĸ­¢àÄÞÉâ‡× ‡§Øٕۓ ‡æ¸ªØh¤Ù“ªØh¤Ø¿Ø§æ øø 2 øø
ٕ‚§Ù¤Ù–‡±§š…ØفX× ¤Éêæ §êæÙX•Ø¤Ùš ÄއàªX× Ù“§: ø
B›§•Þ¿Ø¸ÙÁªÅÄÞ ‡ÞX±­É× š±Ø‡ÞªÙŁ MAÙªÁ賤ŁMæA øø 3 øø

¸Ù·MAØ ¿ØÞف¤Ù·MAؤ§Ü §æ• š·Ù¸Ù¸½¸ÁØU§Ø ø
Å¸Ù¿Ø§Ø MAÙªÙXªæª•ÞÙM±A§Ø× ¸ÙÃt ¤âÃt¸ª‡× ¤Ø¿Ø§æ øø 4 øø
§× šªêæS¤Þš‡æÁÅ„Ø§Ü •æف •æف šªš§­Þ‡Øā: ø
¸ÙQA §Å¤šªêæS¤ÜS§‚§æ × MAÙªÙXÛª Ĥؿاæ øø 5 øø
K EÁ Dف ٕ~­§× „Ø§Ü ¢ØX“槪ÙɁæÂÞ •êæ هÁæð ø
ÉÙŁ“ؤٕ • ٕ~­§æ MAêæ ‡æ¸ªØh¤§¤Ü½¸ªÚł¸Ù øø 6 øø
Éè MÞAˆÃt©Ù¢Ù•Ù¸ÃtdæÄØ× Ù•Ù¸­ÁæÂÄÙ¸Áæؿا¤ð ø
Ä×Á§× MAÙªÙXÙª•­Þ‡‚§Äêè Þ]Z¤]Z³XÞ~ØŚ‡æ ɪêè øø 7 øø
–§Ø§M­A¤Þٕ¤ÞV§¢Øفè¼ÁêæٓèÅÄÉ MA…rؕ „Ø§Ü ø
hêæ§æŒÙª¤•×ÉÄêæ h•Ø•ð ÉÙŁ“ؤ ÄMA³× h•× Ÿ§¤ð øø 8 øø
BŽÞ× ¤É‡Äܤ¢à¤M×A ÙMAÙr؇ÙŁ ÙMA³ ¸ÅÞ ٕŁ޳¤ð ø
D‚§[êæÙ §Ù‡‡× ‡X±Å†§¤æ¸ MAÙª“ØÙ¤— ˆ¼§æ øø 9 øø

Ä׸‡æ ÙMA³ §‚š±¤Ø–ªèŁ‚š±¤Ø~٤ف §æ ÙÉ ¤æٕªæ ø
–¤æöٚ ÙMA³ ¤Ø•Ø× XØ ÉÙŁ•Øö šª¸ÅÞٕ „Ø§Ü øø 10 øø
XÞ~اƒØ× ³êæMæA XÞÙ~ÂÞ ÙÉ ¤× ¤]Z³š‡×
Ù¸š§­Å× ÉÙŁÙSف“ªšæ ƒ¸Ù§ šÞ•: ø
XÞ~ØÅçkؕš±¢ â § F ‚¸‰§Ø
Áޢܢà§× §ØØ Dف ÙÉ Ù•ª~èä ¿ØÞف¸Á؁ð øø 11 øø
ٕªØŸØ“× ٕ‚§× ٕª¸Ù“ ٕª×Éêæ ٕÀš¤× Ä‡Ø Áؖ× ÁÞŒ× š±Ù¢t¤¸Å§ ā¤ð ø
šª× Ÿ±Ðؤ—Ø× ¿ØÞفÙÁªÙÄ §ƒØ’ª‡ æ šª× ¬š× ÄØS؃Øه‡¤š‡× ¸Ø]ð¤•Ä§êæ: øø 12 øø
š±ÄQAŁèÙ¤‚§Ø•ÞMAâÙ¸ª]ZØ~­¸‡Á¤ð ø
šª× §ƒêæ ¬š× ŸĈÁ‡Ùª‡±× ¸ª‡ ‚„اÜ
ٚŚ±S–Ü šªÙ•ªÄ•æ ¿ØØ¥§Ù šª¤ð øø 13 øø
• ¸Q×ÞA • ¿ØêæÞ× • ¤Ù•Þ¤…êæšØÙÄÙÄفÞ×
• d ‡±ÃtÞ× Åš±ÃtÞ× ‡•Þ • d ¢êæQÞ×A ÙÉ ÄÞÁMA¤ð ø
šª× §’ŁàQ×A ••Þ ¸ª‡ ÄØS؃؇ÙÄ ¢êæ
MA…× Ù¸½¸Å¤è ‚¸× MAÙªÙXÙªšÞªÙŁÃwÄ DÉ øø 14 øø
š±MâAÃt× Ù¸kØ•× Ÿ³¤Þ³¤è½¸§­¤ÙU³× Ù¸¤§Ø­‡× ¸Ü§® ¸ª‡ šª¤Ø ÁÙQAªÙš d ø
šª× æh¾êæف š±¸ªXÞ~ÂtðM×A š±…¤h× XÞ~ؕØ× Ù•ÅÄܤ—Ø× X~•Ù¸XÞ~ؕØ× š±Ä¸¢à: øø15øø

XÞ~èÃÂyð٢ł¸æè: š±…¤ª¤àف­Å¸ Ÿ¢êè
ÙŁıŁæÂØ× Ù„Ø§ÞX§ÞX³èÙÉ­ لØÙ¢ª¢Þ: ø
¹§¸Å…Ø §Ø dèÂØ ••Þ ¸ª‡ ÄØööÙ¸ÃMâAف¸ÁØ-
Ž¸Ø•ð ĸ­„êè¸ ‚¸XÙ~¤Éؤ]Z³XÞ~: øø 16øø
D§× ¸è§àÉÜ ¸è ÙŅفª… ÙMA³æegØÙ¸É⁧æ Ù¸¢àÜ•Ø× ¤”§æ ÄÞª•ªÙª¾Øؤ¸ª•ð ø
Äh؁ܧŁæÂØ٤ف Þ Ù¸¢¸ØV§Ø¤Ùš ¢h•ð MAªÜÁ ‚¸× šà~êæ­ ¸ªXÞ~X~èŁؕð ŅX§ÙÄ øø
šªêæ ¸Ø ¹§àÉêæ ¸Ø Ù¸¢¸ F ¸ØödØ­¸ª~êæ
¢¸•ð ¸Øö–§Ø­¤Ü ¸ª¸ª‡ §êæ §êæ ¢¸ÙÄ ¸è ø
Ä Ä ‚¸× ęêèÁؕ𠸪XÞ~X~ؕð ٟ¢±‡ÙU³Ø•ð
¢hŽ©êæ ¢Øŧæ¸× āÙ¤ªæ£§Úł¸ª…Ø øø
‡§ØSؖ‚§êè‡Ø§­¤Ù± ‡¤Ä¤ØÄêèɁ ⠓âف-
š±Ä؇š±æ¤ØkØٿ؁ÄÞ³¢ØØ ¸ªXÞ~Ø: ø
…Ø Äê薇§Ø­ØŁ¸ ¸ª‡ªØhêæƒØ¤XÞ~Ø:
Ù¸ÄܤؕêæöÄ×V§Ø: š±~h•¢êæX× š±ÄÞ¸æ øø 19 øø
B•–§Ø“Ü•‚¸× ¸ ÙMA³ hXÞ¸­èهMAÙXª:

šªØ“Ü•× ‚¸Ø× Þ š±~šª–„Ø× ¤•Þ¤Éæ ø
FšØ³¥¢êæö§× ¢êæ: ¿Ø§Ù Ÿ Äظ­l§¤Ùš æ
§êæ ‡êæÂ× ¢QæAÚÃ¸É ¸ª‡ •è¸ØMA³§ÙÄ øø 20 øø
šØÙ~šØ‡¸‡•æS~Á¡‡èª¥ŸÞhؖ§šÙ‡Á•ð ¸ª‡ ‚¸¤ð ø
ŸØÉÞ٢ł¸ÙÙ¸Áس¤Ø³Ø•ØsØ•× MAÙªÙXªæªÙÄ ½Øâ]Z¤ð øø 21 øø
‚¸Ø¤Þ‡Øª¢Þh¤Þ™ØĤا‚MA~­šØÁšÙªMA¤­Ä‡×Ĥð ø
C§ØS¤Ù¢h؁MAšêæ³× šØª~ܧف ¸ªš±‡ ˆ]ð¤æ øø 22 øø
•Ü³¤æ[ٕ¢¤sؕšÞsؼ§Ø¤MÞA–³¤•–Á§× ‚¸Ø¤ð ø
B¡hšØÙ~š‡¤¥ŸÞh•æ„Ø× •æ„ØÄ؂MÞAÀ MAªÜÁ Ä‡Ø ¤æ øø 23 øø
‚¸Nd ˆNd ٕٚšØÄف ÙhÔØ Ù¸Ô³Ø ¿Ø¸~¸‚šª¸âƒØêè ø
•ØÙÄMAØ ‚¸Ù§ MAªÜÁ …æف š±Ø›•Þ§Ø× MA…Ù¤¤Ø× ÙŸ‡¸Å…ؤð øø 24 øø
CٓªØi§¤Ù“M×A ¢Þ¸•Ø•Ø¤ð EÁ æ ٚÁޕ§•ð ÙMA³ ¤êèÙ³: ø
dàÙ³MAؤÙ~ÄÉı¤ªÜdæ: ÉÙŁ¢àÂ~¢¸‚§Þ‡§Øه±: øø 25 øø
FŒª‚§ÞšÙª ¢QAh•Øٕ‚§à”¸­Ø¿Ø§~ÄàÙdÁÙQA¤ð ø
G”¸­šÞ€y°Ù³M× ŸÉޤؕØقM×A ٟ¢Ù­ ¸ª‡ Ÿ³³Øtæ øø 26 øø

MAÙ~­MAØ ¸ MAªÜÁ ÙMA¤æÂØ MA~­¢àÂ~¤ÞØ×ÄÙ¸¢àÂØ ø
B×ij¥¡§³MA¢àÂ~¤ØÉêæ ¤Ø•Äŧ ¤¤ ¸Ø šÙªMA¤­ øø 27 øø
šØÙªh؁ٸtšØ•Ù¢êæ §Ø šÞÚÄך‡Þه§Ø‚MAÙª•Ø… ø
Ø× Ù¸y¥Ÿ§Ù Ø¸MAŸØÉÞø؁Ø Þ MAtMAØ]Z‡³T¤Ü: øø 28 øø
¤†§¤Ø•d³æAٕ³ÙĖ“Þš±êæق…فS~‡ÁØ× XÙ¤êè æ ø
¸SÙÄ ÅÞAÙª¤êèÙQAMAÉتæ MAêèŁޢ¾Ø MA¤³Ø d MAªÜÁ øø 29 øø
BsؕÙSف¢âêæ §Ù‡ •Ø¤ê暂§MAØ ¸ª‡ É椤§Ü ŧ؁ð ø
ØˆÁÜ ¸ Ù¸¢Øف Þ ³T¤ÜªØ¥ŸªÜ Ÿ Ù¸yÙ¥ŸÙ¸Þð øø 30 øø
šª¢ØXÙ¤§Ø‡±¸æÅÙ¤Ä±Ø ¸ª‡Ø ‚¸Ù§ Ù™ØÁؤ§Ø¤: ø
XÙ¤Ø ¸ ¸N„ØÙd„آؕêæ: šª¢ØX× ••Þ MAê薁³Ü Ù¤Ä±Ø øø 31 øø
F¢§êæªÙš šS§êæÙŁم§Ø­ ٸ¤ܢظٕªØćØöÃt¤Üف ø
Fš¤Ø•hÄ¥š‡æ ÙÉ Ä文ê渭ª‡Ø¢àŽ¸êæ ³³Øt³T¥§Ø øø 32 øø

B³MAØÙ³ÙdMAÜ­§Ø ÙMA³ØƒØØ ÄޚªÜÙdÙS夯 ³³Øtšuæ ø
ÄÞ¤ÂÜ Ù•MAÂÜMâAØ ¢±Þ¸êè æ ¸ª‡ ŧ؇MâA‚¸ÅÞ •è¸¤ð øø 33 øø
¿Ø¸Ä¾Ø ˆÁ¾Ø Á¡‡¬šX±É~æ æ • ÙÉ hܸ¸’©¸Å…Ø ø
F¢§êæªÙU³æS~S¤‚¸Ø’ª‡Ø: ¿Ø¸~Ø¿Ø§æ ˆÁêè æ øø 34 øø
MAÀ~تĸØÙɸÜS~ê椭渭ª‡ š±æ¤¤§š±¸ØÉ¢Øh: ø
Üª¸•Ø¸³Ü ¢±Þ¸êè ˆNd³ÙĖ“êæŁ¸ •ØÙÄMèA¸ ÄæÞ: øø 35 øø
Ù¸¢¸× Ù¸¸â~êæف ٸŁâ~܁æ Àd¤ØÙ¸ÃMÞAÀæ MâAšØ¤šØªØ¤ð ø
BÙ¢¸Â­Ù É­¤Ø‡±­¢Ø¸× •Þæ æ ¸ª‡è ˆÙÃtšØ: øø 36 øø
BÀ~ؓªš·¸æ ³Ä–Ü ¸ª‡ØÄêè ْhd–‡±dٖ‡±MAØ æ ø
Bٓٸ‡±Þ¤¤ÅÙ•Å³Ø³ÜÀd¤ØÙ¸ÃMÞAÀæ ÙÉ šÞÃMAªØS øø 37 øø
ÙŤÙ•m­ÙªMAØ Ù¸Ù•Ãš–Ü ¸ ¸S:Ņ³¢à³æ Ù¸MAÜ~Ø­ ø
¸ª‡ š±ÙŸ¢Ù­ Éت³T¤Ü¤Ùš ¤ÞQAظٳMAØ •‡Ü¸ jØØ øø 38 øø
šÙª¤Ù€yªØĤ€y³ØÙ¢¸­ª‡Ø[±Ø¤¢ÜÃtXêæٚMAØÙ¢: ø
B•Þ¸Ù­‡Ø•š±ÉÂحه¸ ÞA·×A ÙÉ MAšê泧ê槭ÞX× æ øø 39 øø
¤ÞU¤Þ™ØĤاØS¤ÞÚ‚Ť‡–× ÀÙdªØ“ª× •¢±Þ ø
³Ä‡×ÄÙ¸³Ù¥ŸMA~­šØÁ× ¤Ù§ æ ٕ¾Ø³¤ÅÞ ÉÙŁ•Ø… øø 40 øø
šØ§Ø: š±~§ªÄ؂ĤØÄh–‚§ØÅÅ¸× ŸØÉÞ× ÄޟÉÞ¤êæ ¢Þhæ• æ• ø
MAØ× •Ø¤Ø–¸¢¸‡Éêæ ‡ÁØ× ‡Ø‚¸æ MA€wŁæ MAÙªÙXÙª•Ø… MA¥ŸÞMAؖ: øø 41 øø

ÄØ§Ø¤Ø “⁚٪~Œ§êæö¡“§êæ ¸Ø Øˆ¼§: ŝÞAt¤…¸Ø هÁ¾ØÄ±: ø
d‚¸Øªêæ ¸ª‡ ¸ªš±‡Øł¸‡Ü§Ø ¢ØĖæ ¢ÞhšÙª[ØŁ¤Ø³•Ü³Ø: øø 42 øø
C½³æÂæ ¸ª‡ ¢ÞhØŁ¸æٖ‡ªØ§Ø XêæšÜ•Ø¤Ù¢¤ªØğ–“•æ ¸Ø ø
Ÿ–“æ ¸Ø ¤Þ‡¤Ù“MAØ× §Áê懧ØöÉêæ Äך±Ø›ØŁ¸ •¸•Ü¤êæ‡êæÂ؁ð øø 43 øø
ÄØ³Ü§Ø D¸ Ù¸tšØÅĚ·¸ØX±Ø: MA·êæ³Ø D¸ h³“æÅÄÙ¸‡±Þ¤ØX±Ø: ø
¢êæXܖ‡±Ø D¸ d A~ؤ~܌¸N„ØØ ¢ØĖæ ¸ª‡ ¢ÞhØŁ¸ØÀ~ØX±Ø: øø 44 øø
B¥¢êæ“æÅŸ§¤Ù¢¤–…•× dMA…­ Sêæ~ܓ±× šÞ•ªÙŸ¢¾Ø ěªØ„Ø¤ð ø
ěØ•Ø× Ù¸¸³§ÙÄ Å¤ MA€w¤ÞT~ؤ¥³Ø•Ø ¸ª‡ …Øöٚ šØ~§Åæ øø 45 øø
Ùª`؁êæ ¸±hć•Ø]Z~æÂÞ ÛMA æ Xêæ§ÙÃtX±É~¸ÁؙØÞ XêæšXêæÃt©Ø¤ð ø
C³¥ŸØŒ§•§Äà„؁êæ„اêæ¸Ø­ šØ~ܕØ× ¸ª‡ ¸ØÀ~‚¸¤ØÄ܁ð øø 46 øø
ĸ­kØÅĤÞÙdÁQA§ÅÄ‡è¸ ‚¸‚Äæ¸Øٕ§¤hÞÂł¸‡æMA¢êæXØ: ø
ÉæÜ•Ø¤Ù“š§ÅÄ‡Ø ÙMA¤æØ•ð Áêæ¢Ø…® ¸ª‡ ٟ¢Ù­ É­êæ ¸Ø øø 47 øø

ÛMA “؁ÞX­X•Ù¸“Ø•¤ØâMAØö¢à’SÅæ ¸ª‡ ¸ªæ€§ §„Ø •Ø¤ ø
šØ§Ø ¤ÞU¤… MAêèŁޢ¾Ø h؁êè d–‡±ØMAØ­¸ÞyÞٕMAªØ§æ Þ Éت: øø 48 øø
B€yؕê× ‚¸‡Þ‡ª¤Ø¤•Ù– Ė: Å…Ø•× ’ª‡ MA…× •Þ MAؼ§­¤Å§ ø
¤ØÉ؂¥§× Ÿ DÉ §æÂÞ •à•¤æÂؤâٌÅŧؖ¤ÙɤMAªÜ • É܁ªæÂؤð øø 49 øø
Äê薇§Ø­¤âªÄ¸ØɸæXhÅŧ؇ظ­Å¸ ÙMA³ š•Ø¢ •ØÙ¢: ø
‚š× ¸ª‡ Ù¸¢Øف MAØٖ¤¨§Ø ³T¥§ØŁæ ÄMA³¸šÞh­ÞÂêæ •Þ Ä øø 50 øø
§Ø ‡Ø¤ê懪 Dف •Ø¤‡Ø ¸ØÄ܂ÄØ ‡Ø¤Ø ÙMA³ ÙMA~MAØÙª~Ü Ÿ¢à¸ ø
™Øà•× ¸ª‡ ¸Ù³„اeg³æ• ‚¸–¤”§š±…¤Ù¸¢àÂ~ܟ¢à¸ øø 51 øø
§ØˆYŸÜhؔ§Þف¢ÞÙ¸ §’ÅÞ ÉŁÜÁ h؁×
ƒØ؈S× A³Ù ÙÉ A³× ‚¸¨§šÜSؤÉæ ð ø
§Å¤Ø‡€yؔ§Þف F‡ªæ Ø¸MæA hا¤Ø•×
š× šØ•• ÙMA³ A³‚§€y€yؕU€yؕð øø 52øø
Bkæ §k潸ª ÙMA³ h•æ R ؛§‡Á® Ù¸¤Á®
Ù¸½¸Ø“ÜÁ: MA¤ Dف Ù™Ø~­§× ¸~­§Ø¤: ø
¹§Ø¸M±AêæÁÜ •âÂÞ Ä¤ÞهØ §Ø•ÞšØٿ؂§ æöٚ
Ÿ±ÐؐØÅæ ¸ª‡ hٕØŁޖ‡MA–‡ØªÙ¸–‡æ øø53øø

¤ÞÃ~•ð MâAÃ~: ٚ±§Ù•hh•èh¨­ §Éè§]Z¸Ü•×
‡Ø¤—Ø ¢à¤—Ø ¸ª‡ ÙÉ §§Ø ‚¸× §Áêæ‡ØMAªØ£§Ø¤ð ø
ŸŒêæ Ÿ–“Sš~MAª~Ý Ø× ÙMA³ØØٚ ¤ØÞ:
š±æ¥~Ø X؄ØØ¢ª~¤Þ‡ªØŸ–“•ØV§× ٟ¢Ù­ øø 54 øø
Äê薇§Ø­V§Ø ÄÙª‡ÞªÙÄ Ù¸ÅÜ§­ ¤”§Ø¸ÀŒØ
Ņؕصš‚¸Øْ¤Xفhظ­XØ­¢•ØÙ¢: ø
š±Ø›§ š±Ø›š±Ù…¤h[•× ٸŁâØ ÉÙŁ•Ø…
ıêæêæ¢æ‡× ¢hف ¢¸: šØ‡‡æÁؚ‡æÁ؁ð øø 55 øø
ª¥¢ØŁ¥¢Ø: MAÙª¸ªMAªØ: MAت¢ØÅÄت¢Øhêæ
¸æÂؽ³æÂØ Bٚ ¤ªMAŁ¥¢¤ÞV§ØŁ޳ØV§Ø: ø
ÄØ¥§× Ä¥§Y¸ª‡ • ‡“ÞÅĸ­¤¸ Þ êæÅ­ ‚¸‡à¸êæ•
­ ­
ɩ轸§® ‡“ف • …Ø §ê踕ت¥¢h⥢Ø: øø 56 øø

§Ø æ X؄êæ ¸ª‡ hٕØ MAØٖ¤¨§ØšXØ-
ö¢àƒØŧØÅıêæêæ§ÞX³Ù¤É §Øف šØ‡š±¸Ø‡¤ð ø
jØ؁ê攸­¢±Ù¤§ÞXÙ¤¸êæŽØ•Þ•Ü hØ•Þ•Ü æ
ŧ؇ÞT~êæ¸Ø­ MAMÞA‡§ÞX³× §ê踕轸§­•Ø¤—êæ: øø 57 øø
šæ¥± ~Øöö[±ØÞ× MAÙªÙXÙªÙÁªêæö“êæ¤UÞ Ü¢Ø¸¢Øhê-
æª]ðÙ[±’–’ØÔ§MA¤³§ê懭€yMA؀yا¤Ø•æ ø
Bه±ÅšÁê歎¸ÄÞU F‚MA€tMæA ªêæ¤ÉÂØ­ð
‡±Ãtވ­ÙÃt¸­ª‡ ÙMA¤³× ³ÙbÞ× hÙbMæA æ øø 58 øø
¢QAؕØ× §’šÞÙ ‡Éª× šÙ€y× šÞ€yªÜM×A
§fØØ¥³Ø•× ¸ª‡ āØ”§Øĕ؇Øĕءh¤ð ø
C¤—اؕØ× §‡Ùš d ÙÁªêæ §¾Ø ¤à“Ø­ Áwتæ-
ɭł§‡±æ¸Ø­ ÙMA¤ÙÄÞU‡× æÂÞ šØ‡Ø¡h§êæŁæ øø 59 øø
šØŸØ]ZßÙ³ÂÞ ¸ª‡ š±Ø–: MAØٖÙĖ“êæ-
¸Ü­dܸ܅ÜÙ¸¢¸¤Þ¢§Üø¥¢Äêæ ³Ù¥¢ØÄÞ ø
Ù¸–‡Ù™Ø–‡Þ: š±ÙA³•hØ× Ä¥š‡× ÛMA š‡× æ
gاØegØ •UÙ¸ÙØ× ³Ù¥¢¼ÁÞÙ¥¢Åĕð øø 60 øø

Á¥¢ê檥¢êæÀɤÞU ÄUØ Ä•ð ÄÉØ]O¼ÁÁØ]O:
MÞA¸­•ð Äæ¸Ø× ¸ª‡ Ù¸MA³êæ ¸âƒØÉܕÅÄÞ¸M±A: ø
‚¸‚šØ‡Ø¡hæ ٚ±§¤U •Ueg•Øööٿ؂§ ٕ‚§×
ćð¸âƒØêæö¢à‚Ä d ‡ÁXÞ~: šÞÃMA³êæ ٕÃMA³]O:øø 61 øø
‚¸‚šØ‡Ø¡hæ š±hØØ ÄÞªÄÙª‡¢¸‚š±ØMAð dÞ“Ø­ ÅØÄÞ
KMAØ× “ƒêæ “±Þ¸ÅÄØ Ù„Ø¢Þ¸•¤šÞ•Øð „Øܕ𠚅êæ ¢Ø¸§–Ü ø
„êèMAØ U× ¸±h–Ü ÙÁ¸§Ù Þ ÙÁ¸× ÄØ šÞ•Å쁓Øö¢àð
ØŸæMAØ XØ× šÞ•Ø•Ø ¸ª‡ ÄXªhŸX­ÄX® dMAت øø 62 øø
šÙªh•šÙªŸÉØ­ ¢àÂ~ؖ§Ø§Þ“Øٕ š±¸ªXÞ~X~Ø¾Ø kؕÁQA©Ø‡§Åæ ø
šª¤š‡¤…Ø€yؖ§Ø‚¤‡æÉŁ…Øöö‚¤Ø ¸ª‡ ÄMA³¤æð Ä×ٿ؁؅® dMA…­ øø 63 øø
B•Ø›× ɩ؛¹§× • ¸ ÙMA³ ÙMAÙrؒª‡ æ
hXjؖ¤Å…椚±³§Ù¸“§êæ “ÜÙ¸³Ùā¤ð ø
…Øöٚ Sêæ‡Ü§ÅÄÞª•ªMÞA³æøØٿ؁h•Ø•ð
Ĥؽ³æÃtÞ× šæÃtÞ× ‡ÄÞUMâAØ× dظªÙÄ øø 64 øø

Ù¸¸æMAٓ§¤æMAêæ ɩ٢ٕ¸æÁ³æÁêæ
ɪ斤Ƀ¸Ù¢Ù•¸æÁ•× ÙMA¤Þ –¤Ùɤ—Ł¸ ø
BÉêæ ٸĈÁæ hX‚§¸…­ šØ…حهM×A
ٕh× h•¤Þ‡rا•ð ¸ª‡ × Ĥؽ³æÂMA: øø 65 øø
Ä×½³æÂæ ¢hØ× ‚¸ªØšª¸Á: MAØ³æ• Ä×Áê攧 Ø•ð
C•Ü§ Ÿš‡æ ŸÄ]Z¤MâA× Äêæ|Þ× Ù¸³¥Ÿ× Ÿ ø
BSØ¥§•ð SÙ¤~Ø× ¸ªêæ ¸ª‡ ę؄ØظÜ~êæ­ ¢¸æ:
ÛMA •Ø¤ ‚¸¤Ä×ٿ؁æÂÞ Ù¸ª•ð ¸æÂ× ¸â~ÜÂæ Þ Ø•ð øø 66 øø
¸ª‡ §Ù‡ • ¢Þ¹§¸ØÙªÃ§¼¿ØÞفٸÙɁØł¸‡ÞšØĕØd­•ØØ: ø
MAª~š…Ù¸‡àªXæ Äف ‚¸Ù§ Bٸ§ØٕMâAØ: ÙMA³Ø¢Ù¸Ã§•ð øø 67 øø
§‡šªØ“ÄÉı¤hıh× ‚¸Ù§ Áª€§ Ùɪ€§ FšØ¸Éð ø
¸ª‡ æ• Ùdª× ‚¸¤Ù¸ÙM±A§êæ Ù¸MâAف¤¢­MAٕ¢­h•Ø‡XØ: øø 68 øø
‚¸Ø¤Ø¤•Ù– MA¸§: MAÀ~ؤâØ¡“æ kؕÙM±A§Ø¢h•³£§¤³£§¤–§è: ø
KæÂÞ MæA• ¸ª‡êæƒØªMAêæijŅØ: šà¸® ćอ¤¢h– ÙÉ h–¸Å‚¸Ø¤ð øø 69 øø
¢h‚ÄÞ ¸Ø‚ĵ§¸Á؂ĤނÄÞMA: š±MAؤ¤„Øظªæ¸ª­ š±‡ ø
¢¸æ¾Ø æÂØ× ÄÞ³¢êæö… ÛMA ٖ¸‡× §‡]Z‡Ø¤—Ø ٕ§: šÞªØÀ‡: øø 70 øø

•ªÛÄɁ•ÞªXêè~Ü Ä¤Ä¤§Ä¤ÞŽ¸¾Ø ¢QAÙXª: ø
Ł¥¢æ d Ä¥¢¸Åæ ٚÁޕ§Ù šªæÁØ× ¸ª‡ øø 71 øø
Øš„اܤ§‡¸Ø•³‡É©¤Ø•× ¤ÞÉ©–¤–¤¸§–¤•– •è¸ ø
Ņ؁Þ× š±§ØÞ¤Þš§ØÞ¤•ÜÁ¤ÜÁ ÉŁÜÁ ˆÃt©¤â¸âÙÃtÙ¢ªØ¢hæ…Ø: øø 72 øø
•Ø•ØÙ¸ÀŒÙ¸Ù‡ÁØÄÞ Ù‡ÁØÄÞ dØÉêæ ¸–”§è¤­•ê檅Áè§­ÞXšÙ’MâAÃt: ø
‚¸‚šØ‡§ê檕ÞهÅšâÉ K ÄêæöÉ× • ŸÙŁ ÉÙŁÙXÙª•Ø… ٕÁؤ§ØÙ¤ øø 73 øø
Éè ٕ¢­§êæöÅ¥§Ù¸•§êæöÙŤ §Å‚¸‡]ð[±êè Ù³›Äؤ³¡“¸Ù dæÙÄ ‡ÞÙ¸­•Üæ ø
‡ÞÃMA¤­¸¤­šÙªMAÙ¤­ K ÄêæöɤX±æ ¸ªš±‡ ¸ š±³šØÙ¤ ÙMAÙr؁ð øø 74 øø
ŧØٓªØٓªÙ¸ÞÙÃtªÙ•Ãt§êæXÅŸآÜÃt¢sؕ¤¤Â­MAªêæ ٕMA­: ø
MâA–Ù– ĖÙ¤¤Øٕ ¤•êæ ¤‡Ü§× ÉŁÜÁ • ‚¸‡Ù¢³ØÂٕٓš±ÉØÙ~: øø 75 ø
Ù¸’æ¤ؕ¤‡ªØXÙ¸³ê梤êæÉؐØhؕ¢àÙ¤ªÉ¤„Ø ¢¸æ ٕ¤jؕð ø
ٕ’­–’ ٕ‚§Ù•ª¸¤ÉØXÞ~× ‚¸Ø× ÉŁÜÁ MA¼¿ØÙ§Þ¤ÜÙSÞ¤ÜٛāÞ× ¸Ø øø 76 øø

šÞ„Ø؇§: MA…¤¤Ü ¤Ù§ Ä×ÙŅæ ŧÞÙª‚§š±ÙÙM±A§Ù•ª…­MAÙd–•æ• ø
‡à§æ • Þ Ÿ§¤É× ¢Ù¸ØöÙŤ MA܈ÙX‚§ÙŁ ÉÙŁÙXÙª•Ø… Ù¸¤Á­³æÁ: øø 77 øø
Á¥šØd³× ŸÉÞ³‡Þ:U¤•…­ÉæÞªµšÜ§ D‚§Ùš Ù¸¤âÙÃtÂÞ ˆÃt‡êæ¤ð ø
‡Þ¸Ø­Ä•Ø‡±Ù|¤ÅÄÞU٤ٖ‡±§êæ‚…× É؁Þ× • ¤æ ¤Ùª³× ¸ª‡ØٓªØh øø 78 øø
ŸÞŒð¸Ø d •êæ d Ù¸ÙɁØMAª~èٕ­ÙŒÄ×Ä渕èł¸‡šdتÁèªÄÉ©è: ø
¢QAØXÄؤٚ Áè¢­¸Øö›§X€§èɭŁÜÁ ¸ØN•Þ¤•êæhٕèÉ­êæöÙŤ øø 79 øø
‚¸‹Øŧ¤Å§ ÙÉ ¤¤ ŸªÄš±ÄQ×A fØê檧™Ø§¤É× ÙMA³ dÅU³ š±ØMAð ø
‚¸× ¤Ø¤MAܕ Dف ¤Ø¤Ù¢¤–§Äæ Ť ÉŁÜÁ Ä×Á¤§ •ÅÙ¤¤× Ù¸¸Ø‡¤ð øø 80 øø
¢êæXØ D¤æ ٸٓÙÁ¸Øهš‡× d ÙMArØ Å¸Ø‚¤Ø•Þ¢àف٪ف §Ø ÙMA³ ¤ÞÙQAÀQAØ ø
ĸ® ‡àÂh³hêæ¤É× hÞÂæ§ Éł§Ù‡±•Ø… ¸ ‡Øŧ¤ÉتÄk: øø 81 øø
ٸ§ٸ“ª¸±h¹§ØMÞA³æ h••¤ª~•M±AdM±AØŚ‡æ ø
BXفÁª~êæ ¢¸Ø¡“êè ³Þw•ð ¸ª‡ Áª~Ù¤‚§É× ‚¸Ø× ¸â~æ øø 82 øø
BÁÞ¢XÞ~šªÅÄÉıظâêæ ¸ª‡¤ÞÀ‡§× Xہ ‚¸Ø× ¸â~æ øø 83 øø
Áª~¸ª~¸ØÙX§× §êæهØ • ¢¸Ù Ÿ ÄØöٚ “ÜšàÙ¸­MAØ ø
Dف §Ù‡ ‡§•Ü§Ø ¤¨§Éêæ ¸ª‡ ¸ ¢¸æƒØ: š±ØÙ~Ù¤ øø 84 øø
ٕª¸Ù“ÂÞ MâAæÂÞ dØXÅŸÉêæ ¤Ùª•ÞÁÙ§•Ü §Ù‡ ŧ؃؁: ø
¸ª‡ ÙÉ ‡§Äæ • Ä×Áæ¤Éæ ٕª•ÞÁ§Ù“§êæ ÉØ Éè ¸§¤ð øø 85 øø

Áª~¸ª~¸ØÙX§× §Ø ¤æ ¸ª‡ ‡Ù“M×A • ÙMAÙrؖ¤¤ ø
ÄÞ³¢¤Ù¢¤Ø…­‡× Äؓ•× ‡§¤¸Äªêæ ‡§Ø§ØŁ¸ øø 86 øø
ٸ§ٸÂÙ§~Ü ÅšâÉØ ¢à§ÄÜ ¸ Þ dª~§ê敭 ÄصšØöٚ ¤æ ø
¸ª‡ ••Þ ¢ªÅ¸è¸ ‚¸§× §‡Þ ¸ š‡ÅšâÉØh–¤ ¤æ øø 87 øø
D§Ù¤É ¤ÙªÅ¤‡ÞjØܸ•Ü ¸ª‡ ¸ U³Þ š±Ä؇؈æ ø
Áª~٤ف ¸dêæٚ ¤æ •êæه§Øƒ¸¤ÙÄ ¤Ù§ : š±Ä؇ê斤ÞU: øø 88 øø
¸ª‡ §Ù‡É ¸ÅÞ ¸ØqgØ¥§É× ¸ dª~³¢ØÙ¸ªê擁Ł: ø
§Ù‡ • ¢¸Ù fØ ‡æÙÉ š±¢êæ mÙtف Ù¸ª šØ‡¤æ¸Ø–§…Ø øø 89 øø
‡Ùš ÙMA¤Ùš ɖ ‡Þ¸Ø­Ä•ØÁÙ¸¸Á§Ø §‡£§…­§æ ø
‡Þ³‡§ Äظ­ ĸ­š±‡ š±Ù¸ª ¸ª‡ S¤Ø¥¢êæٕ“æ øø 90 øø
ٚ±§Ù¤ª‡…Øٚ ¸Ø §…Ø Ù¸ªÙÄ ¸ª‡š±¢êæ ‚¸× ÙÉ ¤æ ø
‡•Þ¢¸•¤æ¸ §ÞQ×A Þ ¤æ ‚¸Ù§ ٕÙɁ¢ªêæÙŤ ÄêæÉ× §: øø 91 øø
§…ØöÙÄ §Ø¸Ø•ÙÄ §êæöÙÄ §‰Þ~: MAªÜÁ §ØˆÙY¸¢¸êæ §Ù‡Ù]Z: ø
…ØÙ¸“× ‚¸Øɤ¢QA‡ÞX±­É× š±šÙƒØ¸Ødè¸ Ù•ªÜÙSÞ× ¸â~æ øø 92 øø

B§æ ‡§Ø³êæ ¸ª‡ S¤Øٕ“æ Ù¸Áæêæ Ù¸½¸h•Ü• Ù¸½¸‡ ø
ÙɁk ĸ­k ĤX±ÁÙQAMA š±ÄÉ© ¤Ø× š±Øš§ ‡Øŧ¤æ¸ æ øø 93 øø
ŸMèAXÞ­~è: Ÿè¾ØÙªè: Ÿ¸æ‡•ØŽhٖ §æ ‚¸Ø× ‚¸Ù§ ¢ÙQAêæö…¸Ø ø
MAªÜÁ æÂؤٚ Ø¸MAÜ ‡§Ø …Ø‚¸MâA‚Äè¸ Þ ¤æ Ÿ³× ¤¤ð øø 94 øø
§Ù‡ ‚¸¢QAêæö›§XÞ~êæöٚ ٕÚÃM±A§êæ ٕÀ¤êæ ٕÃMâA‡ÞÃMâAêæ • d ø
³¢æ§ šØ‡êè ¸ª‡ ŝÞAtØŁ: S¤Ø‡§ØØŁ¸ ¤]Z³Ø XÞ~Ø: øø 95 øø
Ù¸³êæMA•èÙ¸­¢±¤~èªÙš ¢±Þ¸êæ: ÙŤØ¤âèÙªÙ]Z¤]Z³èªÙš ø
š±dêæهÅæ ¸ª‡ š±ÉâÃt“Ü: MA‡Ø Ù¸“ØÅ§æ ¸Ùª¸Å§•× ¸ øø 96 øø
ٸٸ¼§ Ù¸½¸æٖ‡±§Â­MA­~ܤ­•:Ņ³æ ٕ‚§Ù•U؁ٕ¾Ø³Ø: ø
ÄޓØÄUÜÉ­ÙŁšæ ÄÞÁ܁³Ø ÙXª: ¿Ø¸Å§Ø¼Áâ~ާؤ Ø¸MAÜ: øø 97 øø

BÁæ‡æÁØÙU³MAس§êæÙX•ÜøÉ× ‚¸¸Å…ØŸÙU³ØŸ•–§“Ü: ø
BÁæ‡ØŧèMAªÙÅ‡Ødª•ð MAªÜÁ ¸­æ§ Ä‡Ø ‚¸‡Ù–MæA øø 98 øø
D¤× h•× ɖ MA‡ØöÙ¢ÂæT§Ù ‚¸‡ÙS•ê渭ª‡ ¿Ø¤ØšÉØ ø
BMâAلؤš±æ¤ªÄš±¸ØÉhØ Ù¸Ä₸ªÜ ¸ÜS~¸ÜÙdĖÙ: øø 99 øø

ć؁•‚¸æöٚ ‡Ø•‚¸¸™Ø¸Ü¢¸‚š±æ¤ªÄš±¸ØÉ§Ø ø
ٕÂæÙ¸× ‚¸Ø× Äêæ‚MA§Ø Ù¿Ø§Ø MAªÜÁ š¼§æ¤ šª¼Á× ĤØ: øø 100 øø
ĤØÙɁèÅÄØ“Þ Ä•–‡•Øه٢ÅÄއ޳­¢× ¢QAh•èª‡Þ³­¢¤ð ø
BÙd–‚§¤‚§ŽÞ¤š±M­A~× ¸ªš±‡ ‚¸‚š‡¤Ø›•Þ§Ø× MA…¤ð øø 101 øø
ªØ¤Ø•ÞhØ]ðÙ[±Áª~êæÚŤ MÞA³š±‡ÜšÅ‚¸ØÄ܂Ä
§Ø¤Þ•¤Þ•æÅÄ d •Ø…¸×¼§: ø
¸×¼§: šªØ]ðMÞAÁ¤Þ•æ: Ä d Äêæöٚ ‡æ¹§Ø:
‡ØÄŁ¸æف ¸ª‡ØöÚŤ ¸æS~ܧ: øø 102 øø

øø Dف šrØŁ¹§Ø× ¸ª‡ªØhŁ¸: Ĥ؛ øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê誕ÞXÉâ ܁:
øø ¿ØÜŁ¸: øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê棧êæ •¤ FÙQA¤“ܤÉæ ø §‡ÞQA§Å„اÜMA€wæ §Øٖ ¤]Z³Äà„؁ؤð øø

ŸX® ‡ÞX­Ù¤Øš¸ÙX­MAš‡× ĸ­rØ MÞA¸­•ð ÉÙª: ø
§Å§Ø ¸ÜT§ ¤ÞU× Ù‡Ù]ZšªØ“Ü•êæ Ù¸“ƒêæöÙU³×
M±AÜyæ§× U³Þ •Ø–§…Øŧ ªÄ‡Ø ŧ؇èMAªÅ§ØƒØ§Ø øø 1 øø
Éæ ¿Ø܇­æÙ¸ ĤŁ³êæMAh••Ý ‚¸Ø× ÅêæÞ¤ÜÉؤÉæ
§ÞQAØ× ¢Ø¸§ ¢ØªÝ š±XÞ~§ š±æ¤š±“Ø•Ø× Ù“§¤ð ø
¢ÛQA ¢–‡§ •–‡§Øٿ؁٤¤× ‡ØÄ× h•× Ø¸M×A
³T§× ³ÚT¤ MAtØS¸ÜÙdÙ¸Äâæ: æ ŧؤ dØ¤Ü ¸§¤ð øø 2 øø
Łêæ„Ø× •Ø¤ ÙMA¤Ø¤•Ù– MA¸§êæ §–§‡Ü§Ø•ð XÞ~ؕð
B–§„Ø ‚¸Äêæٓªê曧 AÙ~ف: ÄØ ÙÉ­ ¸–”§Ø ‚¸Ù§ ø
Ä¥§NçXÞ~ØÙ¢¸~­•¤…êæ Ÿ±à§Þ: MA…× ØˆÁÜ
¸ØY¸ØdŚف•Øٚ ÁN§ªd•Ø ‚¸‚ĉß~Ø~êæ­Ù•“êè øø 3 øø

§æ ¸ØdØ× ¤•ÄØ× d ‡ÞX±­É§Ø V§ØØ XÞ~ØŁظMAØ:
Ø•æ¸ š±Ù ÄØ¥ŸÞÙhÔ¤ÞهØ Éè ¤ØÙ¤MAØ ¢ØªÜ ø
ÉØÅ§× ƒØÞ • ¤–¤Éæ • ÙÉ dMAê槭æMAØÙU³Ø× dږ‡±MAØ×
•Ø³× šØÞ٤ف š±XâÉ© ªÄ•Ø¤ØÄ܁ çØ× âÙ øø 4 øø
Sêæ‡Ü§Ø•Ùš ‡ÞÃtŸÞٌªÙš ٕÅŕæÉê曧•ÜÉêæٚ æ
MAÜف® ‡æÙ¸ ٳəØÉ× • d ٟ¢æ¥§kêæ • ÙhÒæÙ¤ d ø
‡Þçæ‚ÄØ Þ • Ø¸Ø • ÙÉ ÁÞ•Ø ³Ü|Øٚ ¢ØXܪ…Ü
‡Þçæegð¸Øٚ • ³jØæ • d ٟ¢æ‚§Øف­ÅÞ ÁØ¥§æegޕ: øø 5 øø
K漸§® ¤É‡æ¸ ¸Øµš¤…¸Ø ˆ¼§æ šÞÄØ× ÙÉ §ð
·T¥§ØÅĤއÜS~؃ظ §ÅÄظ­Ù„ØM×A ¸­æ ø
æ•èæ• • ٸŤ§æ¤ÙÉ hX™Ø؅êæٚ •ØªØ§~:
“–§× ¤–§ ES~؃ظ §: Ÿ؂¤Ø•¤Ø‚¤æ¼¸ª: øø 6 øø

K漸§® §‡ÁæšÞ×ÙÄ §Ù‡‡× Äê薇§­³Ø¸€§§êæ:
¬š× §ed ÙÉ ¤]Z³× ÙMA¤Ùš §·êæMæA Äه‚§Þe§æ ø
‚ĸ® ‚¸‡“Ü•¤æ¸ §‡: ¿ØÜÙª‚§¢æ‡æ• ¸Ø
§’Ø ¿ØܤهÜˆÁæ• ¸dÄØ ‡æÙ¸ š±…ؤ¼•Þæ øø 7 øø
‡æÙ¸ ‚¸–¤Ùɤظٓ•­ ÉÙª~Ø •Øٚ ‚¸§Ø kاæ
§›§æ¸¤…Øٚ •è¸ §Þ¸§êæ: ĸ­kØ Éܧæ ø
§™ØØł§æ¸ ‡kØ¤•ÞXÞ~Ø× Ä¸­kØ§Ø Ù¸‡Þ:
¹§êæ¤Ø¥¢êæhÙ¤‡–§Ø ÙMA³ Ù¸‡•ð ¢±Ø–êæ§Ù¤‚§Þe§æ øø 8 øø
³êæMæA ¸•ÅšÙŸâÉŚفØª¥§× §Å§Ø: š±Ä؇šÙª~ؤ¤Þ‡Øɪٖ ø
ÄØ ¢ØªÜ ¢X¸Ü Þ §‡Ü§‡ØÄÜ Ø× ‡æ¸‡æ¸¤ÙÉÂÝ Ù¿Ø§¤Ø¿Ø§Ø¤: øø 9 øø
§Å§Ø: MAtØS¤â‡Þ¸ÜS~‡ÜS~æ• ÄÅĤ޷Ùāš·¸¤Þ·³ØÄ ø
Ù¸¼¸× Ù¸š§­§Ä¤Þ‚…Ù¸š§­§× š±ØMAð Ø× ‡æ¸‡æ¸¤ÙÉÂÝ Ù¿Ø§¤Ø¿Ø§Ø¤: øø 10 øø
§Å§Ø: MAtØS¸ÜSØS~³S× ³ÙSØ ¤ÉæÁØ: ŧÞ: ø
¿Øܪ]ZªØh¤ÙÉÂÜ ÄØ ¤Ø¤Ùš ¸ÜSØ× ³T¤Ü: øø 11 øø

øø Dف šrØŁ¹§Ø× ¿ØÜŁ¸: Ĥ؛: øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿êØه٢ª•ÞXâÉ܁٤ف š±Ù…×
øø “ØtܚrØMA¤ð øø

šØ€y‡±¤ Þ Â€y‡Ø¸‡É•¼dظحMAÁè³ØÁٕ:
Ÿê茔¸Ø–Ù•ªØĸØĪšÙ: hè•æ¢MA€wܪ¸: ø
¿Øܪ]ZæÁh§”¸hêæ Ù¸h§æ ªØ¤Ø•Þhêæ§× ¤Þٕ: øø 1 øø
šØ€y€yÙXÙªU€y•¸h±‡€yØ: š±eg™ØŸê茤MAªØ³§¤–…‡€yØ: ø
¸æ‡Ø–ÄتÄÞU‡Á­•‡Üš‡€yØ: ªØ¤Ø•Þhŧ Ù¸³Äٖ ¤Þ•æÚń؇€yØ: øø 2 øø
dØÙª„ØêæŒØª‡€y× dÞª•§š…س]ðÙM±A§ØMæAÞ‡€y×
ÄْØ‡Üš‡€y× ÄMA³MAÙ³MA…ØÄ×Ɂæ: MAس‡€y¤ð ø
„ب§–Ø³¥Ÿ‡€y× Ù„Ø¢Þ¸•Ù¸h§eg„ØÄêè¸~­‡€y×
“ƒêæ ªØ¤Ø•Þhا­: š±ÙMA…MAÙÁªêæ¸h±‡€y× Ù„Ø‡€y¤ð øø 3 øø
„ب§Ø ¤Ø]Zµ§Äà„Ø× Ù„Ø§ÞXš‡§ÞXتêæÉ~س¥ŸÄà„Ø×
ÄْØ‡ÜšÄà„Ø× ÄMA³MAÙ³MA…ØÄ×Ɂæ: MAسÄà„ؤð ø
š±kØÄà„Ø× ŸÞ“Ø•Ø× š±Á¤“•¤•:šÙ•Ü•Ø³Äà„Ø×
ªSØÄà„Ø× ¤Þ•Ü•Ø× h§Ù §Ùšæ¸­SÙÄ Ÿ±ÐÄà„ؤð øø 4 øø
šØ€yÄØXª¤Éظy¸Ø¤ÞUØÙY•: ¿Øܪ]ZªØhdª~Ø¥ŸÞh¤à³‡ØÄ: ø
¿ØÜÙ¸Ã~Þ³êæMA¤Ù~¤€yš¤ØX­‡Ø§Ü ªØ¤Ø•Þhêæ Ù¸h§æ §ÙªØhªØh: øø 5 øø

øø Dف “ØtܚrØM×A Ĥ؛¤ð øø

¿ØܚªØÁª¢uا­ªè •ÞXÉâ ܁:
øø ¿ØÜXÞ~ª‚•MAêæÁ: øø

¿ØܚªØÁª¢uا­: ¿Øܪ]ZæÁšÞªêæÙɁ: ø ¿Øܸ‚ÄØ]OÄށ: ¿Øܤؕð ¿êæ§Äæ ¤æÅÞ ¢à§Äæ øø

ٿاè ĤŁÙd‡Ùdْ“Ø•¹§Ä•× ɪæ: ø
B]ZÜMAØ٪٢ªØ³êæMèA: Ä؅­§–‚§è MâAêæsØÙ³: øø 1 øø
F·ØĚ·Ù¸šØÙ³Ä›³êæMAÜٕ¸Ø­ÉMAêæªÙMA•æ¤MAtØS³Ü³Ø¤ð ø
¿Øܪ]ZÉ¥§­³¤]Z³‡ÜšªæUØ× ¿Øܪ]ZªØh¤ÙÉÂÝ Ù¿Ø§¤Ø¿Ø§Ø¤: øø 2
B•ÞMA³•ÞMA؀yØÙ³]Z•Øª¥¢ÁÞ¥¢‚š±ÙÙ‡Á¢ÞhÁØU¿ØÜÄUؕêæMAÉٌ­: ø
Ł••§•XÞ³ÞegŝAتšÞÚْªæAØ ªd§Þ ¤Ù§ ³T¤ÜMAµš¸·Ü MAtØSؕð øø 3 øø

§‡ð¢¢ à± ]ZØ: š±¤Ø~× ÙŅªdªªd•ØØª¥§æ ¤ÞªØªæ:
¸æ‡Ø–ØŁƒ¸Ùd–Ø× ¤ÞªÙ¢‡ÞªÙÄ §‚šØ‡ÙdÏèŁªÙ– ø
ÄØ •: ¿ØܪØŁâ~܁ؤð B¤â³ÉÙª“ܳb•Ü§èªšØ]Zè: øø 4 øø
§Ø¸ƒØ¸ ¸è¢¸× ‡ÞÙdÅêæ„Øا ‡àªæ ŚâÉØ
ŁêæÞ× MæA ¸§Ù¤‚§‡¼d hXâÉÞ: š±ØrØêæ ٸ٪rØ؇§:
B›§æ¸× ¸ ‡æÙ¸ ¸Ø]ð¤•Ä§êæ¢Ø­Âؕ٢k× š‡×
MAظØd: š±§Ø¤Éæ MA¸Ù§Þ× Å¸ÙŁ š±Áł§è ÙXªØ¤ð øø 5 øø
ŁêæØª× ¤ÞÁٖ ‡æÙ¸ MA¸§êæ §êæ ٸŁâ~܁æ XÞ~ؕð
Łê恹§Å§ ¼d æ ŁÞف“ÞªØ ¤¨§æ¸ Ù¸¿ØØ¥§Ù ø
§Å¤Ø‡Å¤‡¤Â­~ܧAÙ~فŸÜMAتÅæ XÞ~Ø:
Sؖ‚§êè‡Ø§­‡§Ø‡§êæ ¢X¸Ù ŸØ× š±Å•Þ¸Üª•ð š±…ؤð øø 6 øø
ÄàÙQ×A ĤX±§Þ •: Ÿ§¤æ¸ ³T¤Ü: ¿Øܪ]ZªØh¤ÙÉÂÜ ¤“Þªè: MAtØSè: ø
¸è‡Y”§¸~­XÞ~XÞ¥A•Xê誸è§Ø® MA€yà³MA~­MÞAɪØ: MA¸§êæ “§Ù– øø 7 øø
B•Ø[±ØØ¸× ŸÉÞXÞ~šªÜ~ØÙÉ ¤•Äêæ ‡ÞÉØ•× ÄêèÉ؇® šÙªÙdÙ¤¸Ø…Øٚ Xɕ¤ð ø
š‡Ø•Ø× Äêè¢Ø± „Ø؇ٕ٤ÂٕÂæ¹§× ¿Ø¸~§êæ: ‚¸¤æ¸ ¿Øܤ­Ñ× ŸÉÞ¤U
Þ § ¸Ø~ÜÙ¸³Ùā¤ð øø8øø

ٿا: ¿ØÜ: ¿Øܪ]ZæÁ§ ¸ d ÉâØ× ¢X¸Ý
Ù¿Ø§× ‚¸ƒØê曧Þfê踭§Ù¤É A~ؤ: Áâ~ށªØ¤ð ø
ˆÁêè æ ¢à§ØŁØ× ÄÞUª³Øªæ ¿Ø¸~:
šÞ•É­Âê歂MAÂØ­ð ŝÞAtÞ ¢Þh§êæ: MArØÞMAÁ¤ð øø 9 øø
‡æÙ¸ ¿ØÞہ ¢X¸Ý š±…¤æ šÞ¤Ø×Ä: ‚¸‚ĉÞ~êè[¤Ù~MAêæÁXâÉ× Xâ~ٖ ø
‡ð’تšØt•štàٕ d ÄæفÉØÄĖM­A~ŤâفšÞªØ~šÞªÅĪØÙ~ øø 10 øø
CÉÞ¸­æ‡Ø•¤Ø•× MAفd• MAفdتØhM×A Ù¸¼¸¤æ‡ð
ªØh–¸‚MæAÙd‡ÜÁ× XÞÙ~•¤Ùš XÞ~è: × ‡Ùª‡±Ø~¤–§æ ø
Ù¢Sظ–§æ ÄÞªØh¥¢¸Ù¤Ù d hyØÅæ ³Øµ§MAØ­Þ:
§æ æ ¿Øܪ]ZÉ¥§Ø­]Z~MA•MA³æ • S~× ³T§¤Øĕð øø 11 øø
¤•ÙÄ Ù¸³ÄØT~Ø ¢ÙQAÙČØsØ•æ• ¿ØÞفÙÁªÙÄ Ù•Xà|× ³ÙT¤ æ ¸ÜS¤Ø~Ø: ø
ٕٓ٤¸ ¤ÙÉ¤Ø•× ¢ÞsØæ §æöٚ “–§Ø: ••Þ ¢X¸Ù ‡è¸Ý Ä¥š‡× æöÙ¢h؁Ø: øø12øø

BŧæÁØ•Ø hX Dف æö“ܤÉæ §Ø× Ä¤âٌ×
¿ØÜ: ¿ØÜÄàQ×A ŸÉÞ¤ÞU§æ Ø× d ÁØUؕÞÁØU¤ð ø
EÃtæ MAÙ¼djØX Dف §: šêèÀÂæ ÄàQA FQA:
× d ‚¸‚M×A šÙ¤Ù“hXظރت¼dؕ޸ØMA: øø13øø
FØÉÞł¸Ø¤ð FšÙ•Â‡ÄظØÉ •èMAØ Ù•§–„ØÝ
¿Øܤ‡±Ø¤Ø§~¤Ùš šª× š±ØÙ~ف ‚¸fØÙª„êæ ø
ŤØ­ªêæŤjٕؕ §¤æ ÄæفÉØÄè: šÞªØ~è:
ٕ–§Þ¸­æ‡Ø•Ùš d ¤æ ‚¸–¤ÙÉÙ¥• š±¤Ø~¤ð øø 14 øø
CMÞAX±Ø¤Ù•§Ø¤MA؇ٚ Ù¸¢êæªØĸ­Ù•¸Ø­ÉMA؇ð
K漸§® §Ù‡ÉêæƒØªêæƒØªXÞ~× ¿Øܪ]Z¢­Þ: ٚ±§æ ø
Þ]×Z ¤]Z³¤Þj¸³× XÙª¤¸‚šÞ€§× šÞ•: šØ¸•×
“–§× §ƒØ‡‡¼d ¸ÜS~¢Þ¸Åæ šrØÂØ Ù¸š±ÞÂ: øø15
KMAêæ ¤ÞQA؁š„Øš±d³¤Ù~[~؂MAØÙª¤êèÙ³¤­•ÃÞ §:
ˆ›§‹–Ø¸³Å…êæ • X~§Ù •Ø•ð §‚S~× SêæÙ~šØ³Ø•ð ø
§ƒØŤè فÃwæ–§: MâAš~¤Áª~êæ ‡Á­§•ð ‡–š]ðQ Ü
ƒêæ ¿Øܪ]ZªØhš±~٧ٕ •§•êæ‡Úr؁–§Úr؁أ§Ø¤ð øø 16 øø

ÄޓØÄÙU §êæ¤ÞU× ÙddÙ³ÂæƒØ¸ ¢±à³Ø ø
êæ¤ÞU¤…æٖ‡ªæ ŸÉÞ¤ÞUܤÉךàÙ¸­MAØ×
Ù¸XØÑ d ¸Á׸‡Ø: šÙª¸Éٖ MàA³]ðMAÂØ: øø 17 øø
B•êæMAɟâÉŚفš±Ÿ³Ù¸MA¶Ÿš±ÙM±A§¤ð ø
D‡× ćć؂¤•Ø ٕÙU³¤æ¸ ٕ¥•ê斕×
MAtØS‡ÞšæS§êæ: ¸ ÙÉ ³ÙT¤ ƒØ؀y¸¤ð øø 18 øø
MAسæ Á×Äف §êæY§Ø× Ùd‡Ùdê檖§ê斧¤ØÙ³]Zêæ:
¢àØÉ×MâAفŸÞٌšrØMAª~ÜŸؖš±¸âƒØÜٖ‡±§è: ø
B€yؕظª~è: ÄÉı¤MAªêæƒØؕð ¢à¢¸ Þ­ :Ÿ¸­:
¿Øܪ]Z漸ª‡æÙ¸ æ Ù¸É⁧æ Ä]Oµš¤Ø•: ٚ±§: øø

Á¡‡Ø‡Ü•ð ٸ§ؕ𠚱‡¼§­ Ù¸¢¸× ٸŤا­ ‡Øŧ؂¤M×A
¸èÃ~¹§Ø XÞ~¤Ø§§Øöö‚¤Ù•¸Éؕð Ù¸š¶Ø¹§ šà¸­: šÞ¤Ø•ð ø
šÞ×ÄØ š€§¸“àÙ¸yÙ¥Ÿ¸šÞÂØ “àØ­Ù•¸Ø§Øħ•ð
¿Øܪ]Z漸٪ MAµšæ ¸ šªÜÉØÄ؂¤•æ MæA³§æ øø 20 øø
§‹àªæ ¤•Äêæ §‡æ¸ ¤Ä: šØªæ §‡‚§ŽÞ×
§‚MAس؇šdæÙ³¤× ÄÞªšÞªÜ §‰egêæ ‡ÞX­Ù: ø
ÄاÞi§Å§ §‡æ¸ Äàفª…¸Ø §‹ÞX±­É× ¤Ù‰ªØ×
Ù’Ã~êæ: šª¤× š‡× ¸ MâAæ ¤ØÅĤؤ—ØÙÄÂÞ: øø 21 øø
Éæ³Ø§Ø¤ÙU³× dªØdªÙ¤‡× ¢êæXæ Ù¸¢àف: šªØ
šÞ€§ØÅæ šÙªdتMA¤­Ù~ Ä‡Ø š¼§Ù– §æ Äધ: ø
¿Øܪ]Z漸ª‡æÙ¸ MæA¸³MâAšØٕ¸Ø­É©¸Xæ­ ¸§×
ÁæÙ‚¸æ šª¤: šÞ¤Ø•ð šÙªMAªØ É©ææ ¸ ŝAت~æ øø 22 øø
CkؕÞX±É¢Ü¤MAê椳šÞªÜšØ³Ø A³× ¢æhÞÂØ×
§Øö§ê攧悧šªØÙhæف ٸهØ •ØM×A šªæ~ ÙŅØ ø
¢Ø¸èªŽÞ¢êæX¢à¤Xɕè: Äؖ‡±Ø ÄޓØŧٖ‡Ù¢:
¿Øܪ]Z漸ªXæɳÙT¤ §Þ¸§êæ: Ø× ªØh“Ø•Ý Ù¸‡Þ: øø 23 øø

Å§Ø× d ‚¸‚MâAšØ¸Ù–•ª¸Ù“h•ØÙ¸¿Ø¤ØÉØ­¸MAØÁ×
Ä]OÜ~® ‡ØŧâÃ~ØMAÙ³šÙªMAªè: šÞ×Ù¢ªØ•–‡Ù•[—è: ø
ėÉæ ؇ŅؕªSع§Äٕ٢ª¢§× ÁØ]Zd ­ M±AØÙĤÞV§è:
C•–‡èMAØ~­¸× ¿ØÜ¢­X¸Ù §Þ¸§êæªØÉÞªØŅؕª‚•¤ð øø 24 øø
„Ø ıNŚÁ­X–“× ŝÞAª‡ÞšÙªA~ت‚•ªêæÙdÙ¸­Ø•×
ٸŁܧح•–¢êæX× ‡ÞšÙª •§Ø Ù¸¼¸¤æMA؁š„ؤð ø
èŁè: MAؖæ• ÁؖêæهXÞ~Ù¸¢¸èªÉ­Ø ‚¸Ø¤Ä×V§è:
B–§ê斧ؒèÙ•ÃwØ[•ªÄXɕؕð ‡æÙ¸ Ÿ”•ØÙÄ ¢êæXؕð øø 25 øø
¢êæY§Ø ¸Ø¤Ùš •Ø–ªÜ§MA§Ø šÞÚØ]ZªØXèÅĤ×
ٕ¸­âƒØš±~§Øف¸Øɕٸ“êè •ÜØ: šªÜ¸ØɁؤð ø
‡æÙ¸ ‚¸Ø¤•Þ •Ü³§Ø ÄÉ ¤ÉÜ ‡æ¹§ÅÄÉÄ±× …Ø
§Ø٢ł¸× Ł•ŸØÉވÙÃt٢٪¸ ŸØÙ¢: ٚ±§× ¼³Ø[Äæ øø 26 øø

æ Äؔ§ØÅÄٖ ‡æ¸Ø h•Ù• XÞ~¸šÞ¸­æ¸âƒØŸ¬šè:
¢êæXè¸Ø­ ٕٸÁæÂØÅĸ§Ä D¸ §æ ٕ‚§Ù•‡êæ­ÂX–“Ø: ø
Éæ ¿ØÜ: ¿Øܪ]Z¢­Þ: ¸ d š‡šªÜdت¸âƒ§è ćØöٚ
š±æ¤š±‡±Ø~¢Ø¸ØÙ¸³É⇧Éw؂MAتMèA]O§­¢êæXØ: øø 27 øø
Ÿ¬š× Ÿ؁–„§× ¢X¸ D‡× d–‡±¸‡•æ
‚¸‡Ø¼³æÂêæ‚MAÂØ­Ž¸Ù U³Þ ٕÃMA­Ĥ§æ ø
‚¸¤ØÄܤح: ¿ØÜ: MAÙ¤ÞÙª‡Ù¤‚…ׂ¸Ù¸¢¸:
‡–¢Ø­¸Øƒ¸Ø× • šâ…XÙ¢“ƒêæ ¿ØÞفªÙš øø 28 øø
¸ ŚÁØ­‡ÜÁ× ÅšâÁف MA¤³æ ¤]Z³š‡×
¸æ‡× •êæšØ“æÀšÙ•šÙ× ¿ØܪÙÄ §: ø
š±Äà•× šÞ疁ܤٚ šÙª¤³ÙŒ® ÙhXهÂÞ:
• dè¸×‚¸Ø‡æ¸× Ÿ‡ Dف MAÙ¼d‚MA¸§æ øø 29 øø
BšØ]ZØ ¢à§Ø×Äêæ §‡ÞšÙª šª× Ÿ±Ð ‡¢à‡ð
B¤Ü §„Ø ْ„ØØ: Ä d Á¤UØهŁ‡“ªØð ø
B: ¿Øܪإ•Ø§Å‡Þ¢§¤ÞÁ׳¸Ø× š±Ù~hXêè
š±ÁÙŁÅÄØ ªØkêæ §‡Ùš d šÞªÜMAêæÁMA…•¤ð øø 30

Ÿ: ¿ØÜł¸× Ù¸Ã~êæ: Ÿ¤ÙÄ  K¸è ¢X¸Ø•ð
‚¸‡Ø§ƒØٌ­‚¸æ›§¢¸‡šªØ“Ü•Ù¸¢¸: ø
Ÿ§Ø ‡Ü›‚§Ø ª‚•× ¢¸‡Ùš ¤ÉØ[® • Ù¸XÞ~×
• MÞA€wŸ؁–„§× ¢¸Ù d • dؖ§ØÙɁXÞ~¤ð øø
š±ÁMA•Ÿ³i§êæفkØ­•¼è ¸ªÜ Ù¸h§š±…Ø-
š±~¸ª~š±¤ æ Sæ¤]Oª‚¸šÞªÅĪØ: ø
Bٚ šÙª¤³: MAØٖ³Ø­¸€§¤Ùd­ÙªÜٖ‡ªæ
¸ ¢X¸¼dèæ Äؓت~Ø XÞ~ªØÁ§: øø 32 øø
B–§æöٚ §ê踕¤ÞUØ §Þ¸§êæÅĤؕØ: ¿Øܪ]Z¤]Z³Ù¸h⥢~¸èh§Ù– ø
ÙŤ×Ł¸ ‚¸Ù§ d Å§ šªÅšªæ~ Äףܧ­ ‡š­~ D¸ š±dÞª× Å¸‡–æ øø 33 øø
§Þ¸‚¸Ø‡êè Þµ§æ›§šª¸ÁØÁ„ØÞÁ¤•-
ÙŅª‚¸Ø‡Ü•ð MâA‚¸Ø ¢X¸Ù XÞ~ؕð šÞ׳¸ÄÞ³¢Ø•ð ø
‚¸Ù§ ńØ܂¸èMAؖØ•ð ¤±Ù‡¤šÙšØªØ†§­MAÀ~Ø-
S¤Ø‡Ü–¸Ø ¢êæQÞ×A ¢¸Ù §Þ¸§êæªØ‚¤Ù• Ù¢‡Ø øø34

[•MA•MAÞÜ §Þ¸‡Áؤٚ ¤ÞY“‡ÁØ× §Þ¸À~‚¸§êæÀÙd¤Ø¢ª~Øهšª¤ð ø
Þ ¤Ä¤Ø•‡æÁٸٕ¸æÙÁ Ù¸¢i§ ɪêè ‚¸Ù§ d MÞAÁæÁ§ê懪ٸÉØÙªÙ~ ٕٸ­ÁÙÄ øø35øø
B]Z× æ ¤â‡Á
Þ Ü¤ÞY“¤“Þªêæ‡ØªèX~
Þ­ X
è ¥­Þ A:
Sܪء“æ: ÙMA¤âh܁ؤޚXØ: ¤–§æ ¤ÉØ[حŁ: ø
D–‡Þ: MAµš³ØÄޓؤ“Þ¤ÞUØ D‚§ØÙ¸³Ø× ¸~­•Ø×
¿Øܪ]Z漸٪ ÁؖMâAلؤMA…× ه¹§× ¸šÞ•Ø­É­Ù øø 36 øø
š±~¤‡•Þٸٓ‚ÄظØĕؕ¤±¤X±æ š±~Ù§šÙªÙddÜÂØMÞAÙrØ× šØ¼¸­MæA• ø
MA•MAٕMAÂdrØfØ¥šMAıNĤؕš±¸ªÙ¤‡¤Þ‡Øª× ¸Ã¤­ ¸Ødؤ¢àÙ¤: øø 37 øø
KM×A –§r§ •ÙS¤× ¤¤ šª× dØMÞAr§ šØ‡Ø¥ŸÞh×
¤”§æÙ¸ÃtªšÞ€yªÜMA¤¢§× Ù¸–§Å§ ÉŁإŸÞh¤ð ø
‚¸Ø× š¼§æ¤ ٕÂæ‡ÞÂÝ š±ÙMA³× MAØÀ€§MàA³]OÂ-
ŝAتؚØ]Zª]Z¤¥Ÿ ¤“Þª× ¤ÞY“× ¤ÞU× ÙŸ¢±Ü¤ð øø 38 øø
ÄÞªÙ¢Ù•X¤Ø–× ¸Ù–‡Âܧæٖ‡ªØ§Ø: ¸ MA¤³š³ØÁš±ÙM±A§× šØ‡§ÞY¤¤ð ø
¸Éف §‡Þš¤‡­è: ¸èh§–Ü Ùɤإ¢:›³Þف٢٪¸ •¸‚¸× MAؖŸØÉؖªØ³æ øø 39 øø

‚¸‚ŸÜMAتMA³Ø¸³æšMA³ÞÂØ ªØkØ× ˆÁêæ ‡Þ¸­dØ:
ٕ‚§× ‚¸–¤“ޚؕ¤ƒØ¤“Þš¿ØÜٕ¢­ªØ£§Ø× šÙ¤ð ø
ˆY£§Ø¤æ¸ ÙÉ šÞ€yªÜMA•§•× ¸æ‡êæ Ù¸‡Ø¤ØÄ æ
ÄØSØ·ÙT¤ ¸Ø¸³êæMAÙ¸¢¸: MAØRØ MA§Ø ¸€§­æ øø 40 øø
š±æ¤Ø‡±­èªÙš MàA³¤Þ’ÉMâAšØÄכ³ØÙ¸ØŤ؈Áè: ø
šæ æ š±ÙÙŸ–‡ÞŸŒMAÙ³MAŸ±ÐØهٸÃMA¥¢MèA:
K漸§ê歉¤X‰‡èªÁª~× ¤Ø× šØ³§Ø³êæÙMAè: øø41 øø
šØ‡ØÀ–Þ‡¤æ¸ š]Ohªh¼dætÜ¢âÁسêæÙMAè:
B]Z¥³Øٕª…Ø¥Ÿ ÄØÉÄÙ¸“êè ³Ü³ØªÙ¸–‡X±É: ø
yêæ³Ø æ ¸•¤Ø³§Ø ÉÙª¢Þhæ ÉØ MAÃtÁ¡‡ØŚ‡×
MæA• ¿ØܪفMAêæ¤³Ø •ÞÙª§× ¸ØdØ× Ù¸¤‡­S¤Ø øø 42 øø

C¤§Ø­‡¤MA€tM×A Ł•§ÞX× •ØØٚ •Ø³êæÙMA-
¢±à¢æ‡ÙŤÙ¸¢±¤Ø hÉف ¸Ø •èÄÙX­MA‚¸Ø§Á: ø
Äàæ ÁèÁ¸§ê踕¹§ÙMAªêæ X؄êæÂÞ æ Äê誢×
¢êæXıêæÙÄ MAؖ‡æÙÁMAMAªX±ØÉæ~ XØÉS¤: øø 43
C¤êæ‡ØŽÞÁØÙ³ §ê踕‡Áع§ØMAêæd¤¥³Øٕ¤‚Äê薇§Ø­¤ â -
ÄæMAÁ܁³Ù¤‡× ³Ø¸€§Äà„ØØٚ­¤ð ø
¿Øܪ]Z漸٪ MAê椳Ø]ZÄÞ¤•ÅĖ‡¢­~× ‡æÙ¸ æ
MAؖêæª:š±Ù§‚•¤É­Ù MAÛ¸ ٓ]ð¤Ø¤MA؀yØMÞA³¤ð øø 44 øø
¤¤­ÅšâÁêæ ªÄÙÄªØ ¹§ÙÙ¸”§ ¸âƒêè: MAؖê暢êæX³Ù³è³­ÞÙ³Ø]Z§ÙÃt: ø
šÞÚظ³Ü¸ ªÙÄMA¢±¤ªê暢ÞQAØ ‚¸× ‡æÙ¸ ٕ‚§¤Ù¢•–‡§Äæ ¤ÞMÞA–‡¤ð øø 45 øø
¤Ù~ĪÞ³ØMAêæÙtš±Ø§èh­•Ø‡­•hÜÙ¸MæA ø
š±MâAف¤“Þª× X؄Ø× hØXف­ ¤ÞY“Ù¸¢àÂ~è:
¸³§ÁMA³è‡­ÞY“× šÞÚè¼d MAµš³Ø §…Ø øø 46 øø
Äؤؖ§¢êæY§¤Ùš MAêèŁޢ¸èh§–ÜšrØاޓØه ª¤~: Ÿ§¤æ¸ ٟ¢±ð ø
ŽØªUæ‡Ù¤¸ æ šÙªÉ­ÞMAؤ: ¿Øܪ]Z“ؤ¤Ù~¤sØÙª XØÉæ ‚¸Ø¤ð øø 47 øø

§Ù‡ ¤•Þhفª¼dØ× ³Ü³§Ø Þµ§¸âƒêæ: B•Þh•Þª•Þ¬šØ ‡æÙ¸ •Ø¸ØÙªÃ§: ø
BĪĤ¢Ù¸Ã§–•¤­ •Ø…ŧ ¤Ø: ‡ª‡³‡ªÙ¸–‡ê懖MAؖØ§ØÙS øø 48 øø
ÅUÙ³MAtMA¤Øµ§è: ‡êæÙ¢­ªÙ¡“× ¤ÞªØªæ: ¢X¸Ù ‡Ù“¤Ø…× ¤†•: ¿ØØٖÁؖ‚§è ø
¢±¤‡¤âª]Zظ­: š±Ø‡ÞªØÄÜ: ÙŤ•§•ÄޓØÙ¢: ÙÄrØÜ dٖ‡±MæA¸ øø 49 øø
¤Ø¤­èمٳ ªØSÄÜł¸Ù§ ‡è¸Ø‡±Ø­šªØ“Øł¸§Ø
ªS–‚§Ø š¸•Ø‚¤hØ·[ށªØ ªØ¤Å§ XêæÃwÜ MâAØ ø
MAØM×A × d Ù¸¢ÜÂ~× Áª~Ù¤‚§ÞÙQAS¤êè ªS:
¤Ø³­ÙT¤ §…è¸ ¤èم³h•Åæ•Ø”¸•Ø æ ¸§×
‚¸‹ØŧèMAªÄØÙ¢¤Ø•ÄÞ¢Xè: ¢Ø¸èÙªÉØ¤Þ„Ø d ø
hØ¤ØØ ‡Ù§Å¸æف ¢¸ÜÄ¥Ÿ–“ˆÃt©Ø ÉÛª
š¼§æ¤ š±Ù§Ø¤ §Ø¤ d šªÜdتؕ𠚱ÉâÃ§æ¤ d øø 51 øø

ٚæ¸ ‚¸‚š±æ§Ø•ð h•Ù• šÙªšà~Ø­XÙÄ h•æ
ÙɁ:ıêæêæ¸âƒ§Ø ¢¸Ù d MA‡ØÙdð MA³Þ“Ü: ø
ÙMA¤æÙ–•‡êæ­Â: MA DÉ hXÜف ‚¸¤ÞÙdè:
FšØ§èÙ¸­Å¤Ø§­ Ÿh•§ÙÄ ¤ØØ ‡ÙÄ •: øø 52
•æÞٕ­‚§ÄÉØÙ§•Ü h•Ù• •Å„Ø؁Þ× ‚¸¤„ØØXØ
³êæMæA ‚¸–¤ÙɤظŸê擟ٓªæ š±Ø›Ø Ù¸¤‡® ŸÉÞ ø
ÙMA¶Ãt× X±Ø¸ÄÞ ¤Ø³Ü¤â‡Þš‡× ٸټ³Ã§ ¸ØÄêæ ¸•æ
h؁êæ ٓNMAÀ~Ø× Ù“XÅÞ §Þ¸§êæ: Ÿ؁–„§¤‚§]OßÁ¤ð øø 53
BٓÁÙ§¸Ø•Ù¡“× •Ø…êæ ¤¤–… ŸŸ–“ ×
ɪ“•ÞªÄêè ¸·Ü¢sØ× Ÿ¢sØ d ¤èمٳ ø
Bٚ ‡Á¤ÞUÝ ³à‚¸Ø ªS:MAŸ–“¤•­§ð
ÙMAÙ¤¸ • šÙ: MAØ­ ‚¸fØØtÞdÞrØÞ¤•ê檅: øø 54øø
‡ÁÁšØÙ~šØ‡¸‡•ØÙS¤ÞUªè ÙU³è: Bٚ ٕh¸è¼¸¬›§Ù¸¢¸èª•Þ¬šXÞ~:è ø
B¸ª~誁è¼d ªÄ§•ð MAÙ¤Ø MA¤³æ Rd• ÙÉ Ù¸¢±¤¢±Ù¤¤ÞUæ ٸٕ¤jØف æ øø 55 øø
h••¢¸•š±Ü‚§Ø ‡ÞY“Ø~­¸× ŸÉÞ ¤–§Äæ h•Ù• ‡Ù§š±æ¥~Ø šÞÃ~ØÙÄ ‚šª¤× š‡¤ð ø
F‡Ù“šª¤¹§ê楕êæ: ٸŤ₧ ¤ØˆÁªS~S¤Ù¤Ù ٓ§Ø ¢à§: ¿Øܪ]Z“ؤٕ ¤êæ‡Äæ øø56øø
Lè‡Ø§­MAØÀÙ~MAØٿ؁¸‚ij‚¸šà¸­æÂÞ Ä¸­¤ÙÁØÙ§¤„Ø ¤Ø: ø
¿Øܪ]Z“ØÙ¥• §‡ÞØ–§‡Þ‡Øɪٖ Ä܁ظØª¤ÞU¤æ‡¤Þç §êæY§Ø øø 57 øø

K漸§­¤SªXہ šª¤× š‡× ¸Ø MAŤèÙd‡sØÙ³¢ª× ¸Éæ Ù¸Ü§­ ø
BÅ¤è • ÙMAÙr؇ÞÙd× MâAÙ¤‚§…Ø¥Ÿ ‚¸× ³jØÄæ MA…§ MAê槤އت¢Ø¸: øø 58 øø
kؕÙM±A§Ø¢h•Ä¥š‡ÙMArؕêæɤð DegØٓMAتÁMA•Ø•ÞÁ§Ø•Ù¢k: ø
CXØ×ÙÄ ‡æÙ¸ §Þ¸§êæªÙš ‡ÞÅÄÉØٕ Ÿ“—ØÙ¤ ¤àU­dÙªÅ¸ ‡Þ¢­ªêæÙŤ øø 59 øø
D‚§ÞÙQAMèA¸Áæ• Ù¸y¥Ÿ§ØÙ¤ Ø•¥Ÿ ç¸dÄ: šÞÀÂؕð šÞªØ~ؕð ø
§’Ø • ¤æ ¢ÞhŸ³× ¸ šØ‡š³Ø¢æ ‚¸¤æ¸ Áª~× Ù¸Ù“: MâAØÙÄ øø 60 øø
¿Øܪ]Zæ Áª‡¼Á× ÄÉ ÄÞÉâ’X­æ~ ٕÃMA€tM×A
ٕ‡­Þ:U× ÄÞÄÞUrØ ‡ØŧªÙÄMAØ× ¢ÞQAð¸Ø Ĥâی šªØ¤ð ø
§Þ䂚؇ĪêæÀÉؖªªh:ŧؤ ‚¸¤¥ŸØ ٚØ
ĸ® “¤­¤Ùš ‚¸¤æ¸ ¢¸ •: ŸÜMÞA¸­MAŤ؂MâAšØ¤ð øø 61 øø

øø Dف ¿ØÜXÞ~ª‚•MêæÁ: Ĥ؛: øø

¿ØܚªØÁª¢uا­ªè •ÞXÉâ ܁æ
øø ¿Øܪ]ZªØhŁ¸æ šà¸­ÁMA¤ð øø

¿ØܚªØÁª¢uا­: ¿Øܪ]ZæÁšÞªêæÙɁ: ø ¿Øܸ‚ÄØ]OÄށ: ¿Øܤؕð ¿êæ§Äæ ¤æÅÞ ¢à§Äæ øø

¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÙ¤¿ê棧êæ •¤ FÙQA¤“ܤÉæ ø
§‡ÞQA§Å„اÜMA€wæ §Øٖ ¤]Z³Äà„؁ؤð øø 1 øø
ªØ¤Ø•Þhš‡egØ§Ø XêæÙ¸–‡ØÔØö•šØÙ§•Ü ø
‡Ø§ƒØŸ¬šØ ÄØ hܧؖ¤Ù’¿Ø¤Å…³Ü øø 2 øø
ªØ¤Ø•Þh¤ÞٕhÜ­§Øêæ ɪ梭ÙQA§–„؁: ø MAÙ³MAêæ³ØɳM±AÜyؤޓØX±É¤šØɪð øø 3 øø
Ù¸“ا ¸èهM×A ¤ØX­¤ð BMAêèÅMÞAMA€tMA¤ð ø •æØª× ¢X¸ŽQæA§Ø­¤Þ•× ¤•¸Ø¤Éè øø 4 øø
•êèÙ¤ •Ø…¤Þە •Ø¤ hܤà× ¢QA©¸X±Éæ ø ¸èªØY§¢X¸ƒØƒ¸kؕ¢QA©Ù¢¸Â­MÞ A¤ð øø 5 øø
H Û hÞÂؤÉæ MâAÃ~âÃ~؁ƒ¸Ù¤¸êæه¤ð ø
ÄÉıÁØUØ× §êæö‡±ØS܇𠇱ØÙ¸yÝ Ÿ±ÐÄ×ÙɁؤð øø 6øø
•¤: ¿Øܪ]Z•Ø§N§è §‡ð¢±àÙ¸¢±¤¢æ‡: ø
EÁæÙÁ¹§¸èÂ¥§Ù•¥•êæ™ØÙ¤‡× hXð øø 7 øø
¿ØÜŁ•Ø¢ª~× æh: ¿Øܪ]ZæÁ§¤Ø¿Ø§æ ø
Ùd–Ø¤Ù~Ù¤¸êæ’Ø–¤Þ‚Ä]Zæö•–¢êæÙX•: øø 8 øø

BÙŁ ¸Úł¸‡Ù¤‚…–‚¸š±ÄV× §Ø•šªØ]ð¤U Þ ¤ð ø
¿Øܤ‚§Ø§•æ ³T¤Üš‡³ØSèMA³S~¤ð øø 9 øø
³T¤ÜMAµš³êæƒØÞ]ZŁ•ÅŸMAdrس: ø
¿Øܪ]ZªØh¢â]Zêæ ¤æ ª¤Ø× ¤Ø•ÄØ¥ŸÞhæ øø 10 øø
ŸÙŁ ¿ØÜŁ•MAŁàªÜ¤MAªÜ¤Þه±êæªÄ: ø
¿Øܪ]ZªØhØegª‡¼Á¤ØÁØŤÉ恤ؤð øø 11 øø
šØÞ š±~ªSاØ× Ù¸³¥Ÿ¤ÄÉٙظ ø
Ä‡Ø šrØØ§Þ“Ý ÙŸ¢±‚Ä •: ¿Øܪ]Z•Ø§MA: øø 12 øø
B¤× ¤× ¤¤…ؤ× ÅÞ× šÙªÙ•Ù–‡× ¢¸Ù ٕٖ‡× Łށ¤ð ø
Dف ª]ZªØh¤Þ‡hà[Þ‚„Ø§Ü ŁޤÉæ ¸§× ÙMA٤ف ™Ø ÁN•Þ¤: øø 13 øø
§Ù‡ ¤æ ÄÉı¸‡•Øه¸è¢¸× ٕh¤š­§æð Ä ÙMA³ ª]Zd–‡±¤Ø: ø
B… Á渖¤¤ d ’‡æ¸ ¸Ø ŁÞفÁQA©¢Ø¸Ù¸¢¸æٚ ¢ØÙXØ øø 14 øø

Äêæ B]Z ¸æ‡ §Ù‡ ¸Ø • ÙMA³æف ¸æ‡: Ė‡æY”§•[­Ù¸‡¤Ø‚¤Ù• ª]Z•Ø…¤ð ø
Å…Ø•æ ‡æ U³Þ ‡ê椳ܤÄØÙ¢: ¤’ØÙY¢ªèÁ¤ÙÁا•¤Ø¸â~êæف øø 15 øø
Å¸× Ä×ÅMâA‡±ØÙ¸y¸æ‡ÄàQèA: ¢Ø–× ¤‡ÞQèA¤­Ù³•ÜMAªêæف ø
¿Øܪ]ZMA¤±: MA³¢× MA K¸ ŕ؂¸Øٚ “à³ÜªÙÄM×A ٕÂæŒØ øø 16 øø
ÙMA–Þ š±šÙƒØŸ³ØÙªÙ¸Ã~ޤا¤’×¼§ªØhMÞA³‡Þ³­Ù³× ÙMA³è¸¤ð ø
¿Øܪ]ZªØhMA¤³Øš‡³ØÙ³‚¸× §’ØšªØ”§Ù ¤¤ ŁÞفÄØÉÄæÙŤ•ð øø 17 øø
•Ø…ŧ d Ÿ¤ÙɤØ~­¸šØªˆ¼¸Ù¸kؕ¸ØÚY¸³ÙÄ× ÄÉæ • ¸æ‡: ø
CšæÙSM×A §Ù‡ ‡ÙŁ ¤¤Øٚ æ• ¿ØܪÙ]Z~ÅŁÞفٸ“ظɤ”§MAØ­¤ð øø 18 øø
B–§„ØØö‰ß~êæÙQA¢­X¸Ù • ‡Þ‚MA­dê觭è: šªæÂØ×
Łނ§‚¸ØØ¸‡…Ø­ AÙ~فªÙš …Ø Å§ ٕÅÄܤMA‚¸Øð ø
C¥•Ø§Ø•Ø¤ÄÜ¥•Ø¤Ùš É٪ٸ¢¸æ ¸Â­ÙŸ–‡êæÙª¸Ø¡“êè
Äן–“؂Ÿ؂¤³Ø¢êæ • Þ MAŸ³•: ŁêæÞªæ¸× • ÛMA ¤æ øø 19 øø
MAظæªÜ¤¸XØÙÉÂܧ ¢X¸ŽêæXؖªØ§Ü¢¸‚MA¤­N³æÁA³ØÁ§š±Á¤•ê撳 æ ؤ³Ä±êæ Ĥð ø
h–êæÅÄ×ĪêæÙd­ªØهĪÙ~¹§ØÄ]Z¢]Zا §Ø ³êæMAæ ÚŤ•ð Ù¸ªhæ¸ ¸æÙ·h³Ø ¿Øܪ]Z¤ØÙ³]Zف
‡ÞY“ØÙ¡“h­•MAêæ h•–§ÉÙ¤§× ¿ØÜªæ¸ šÞ„ØÜ ¸ª:
¿Øܪ]Z漸ª K‡É­Ù¤É ÛMA MÞA§Ø­Ù¤Ü¸ØMÞA³Ø ø
MAظæªÜ ³ÉªÜMAªèÙ¸­‡“Ü š§­æف ÄØ Ä湧Ø¤ð øø 21 øø

Ü…® Áޖ“ف šØف •–‡•¬•ð ª†§Ø]Z~ؖ§ÞSف
ŕؕܧØÉ­~šØ•¸ØÙª ¸Éف ŕ؁: šÞ•Üæ h•Ø•ð ø
¼§Ø¤× ¸æ‡ªÉêæ ¹§•ÙQA šÞÙ³•æ æA•èɭĖÜ¸ ‡ð
X]ZØ× Ù¸Ã~ޚ‡Ü‚¸¤Ø„ؤÞUªØ× Éæ¤ØšXØ É–‚¸[¤ð øø 22 øø
BXÙ~XÞ~ظ× ĸ® ÙŅª„ØĤš±ÙÙM±A§¤Ùš š§:šàªè: C›§Ø§§–‚§•ÞhØX±Ü ø
š±¸Éف hXŒØ„ØÜ ¢à‚¸æ¸ ª]Zšæ‡­§Ø ÙÁÙÁª¤“ÞªØXØ“Ø ÄØ •: šÞ•ØÞ ¤À’â“Ø øø23øø
ª³•Þª]Z:è ¤–‡¤Ø–‡ê浧¤Ø•Å¸tÙ¸tٚªØhܤsتÜÄޛ¢â]ØZ ø
ÙSšÞ MA•MA•Ø¥•Ü ٕ¥•XØ •ØÙªMæA³M±A¤ÞMAh¤MAª–‡è¤Ø®Ä³ØšØ ¤‡×É: øø 24 øø
MA‡³¸MÞA³h¥ŸàšX à ¤ØMA–‡MA€w’§ÄĪĕܪؤ–ªØ ÄÉ©MA–§Ø¤ð ø
š±Ÿ³h³ÙššØÄس¥Ÿ¤Ø•Ø¥ŸÞ‡êè[¢±¤MAªÀŸâ–‡× ¸–Ø¤–ªÜš¤ð øø 25 øø
§Ù’Ã~êæ: š‡¤¤:šªêæªhêæX±©× ¤ÞQAؕؤ•ÞÙ¸ªh× Ù¸‡Üš±¤ØÉÞ: ø
‚šÞ€§× šÞÙ³•Ù¤‡–§Ø ¤”§æMAظæÙª ŝÞAªÙ ‡ÜÙSÂܧ ٕ‚§¤ð øø 26 øø

„ب§–š±Éف¤ÜÂÞ ¸èÃ~¸Ø•Ø× š±Ø›§ØÄÞ š±dÞª¢¸¿Ø¤ØšÉØÄÞ ø
MAظæªÜšÙªdÙªØÄÞ šØ¸•ÜÂÞ ¿Øܪ]Zê暸•tÜÂÞ ¸Ù­Âܧ øø 27 øø
ŝÞAÙªÁAª‡Ü§­™ØØÙ³MæAªÜXÞ³Þegš±Ä⤪¤“ÞMÞAµ§Ø¸Ù“­Ø•êæMAÉØٕ ø
ªÙ¤Ù¸ªÙ ª]Zتؤª¥§Å…³Øٕ M±A¤ÞMAš•Ä¤êædؤædMAØٕ ÙM±A§ØÄÞ: øø 28 øø
Bٓšª¤š‡× šÞªÜ¤§ê攧ؤð B¤â¸âØ¤šªØÙhØ¤ÞÁٖ ø
šÞÙ³•¤ÞšÙª ª]ZªØh“Ø•Ü ٚÙÁˆÁؤٚ ÄØ šÞª¾ØMAØÚŁ øø 29 øø
¢¸š‡¤Ùš ه¹§“ؤ MA­Þ× ‡Þ¢§Ú–„؁ɥ§­¤ØÙ³MæA¸ ø
¢¸•¤Ù~³èÙ¸­h⥢¤Ø~Ø h§ÙªØÙ¤É ª]ZªØh“Ø•Ü øø 30 øø
¤Ù~¤MAªÀdÜÙ¸­‚§ šØÁؕð Ù¸Ä⤪MæAÞMAªè¤­âX× ÙɤØ×Áêæ: ø
ٿا D¸ •¸MæA³§æ Ùh[âSÞ: ÄÞU§Þ ª]ZšÞªÜ dMAØÄÜ •: øø 31 øø
h•š‡ÄÙª‡–ªÜššÞ炚ުšÙªšØ³•Ù•‚§hØX¬MAؕð ø
š±Éª~šÙª¸Øª¸ØɕØ|©Ø•ð MÞA¤Þ‡¤ÞUؕð X~•Ø§MAؕ𠕤ØÙ¤ øø 32 øø
BÉâÄÉh‡ØŧØ: ÄધÅıŁŸ–“Ø: Ù¸¤³dª¤‡æÉØ D‚§¤Ü ª]Z“ؤ ø
¤ÙɁ¤•Þhف§­NŅظª‚¸Ø¼¿Ø§–æ ÄÞٕ§Ù¤Ù É Å¤ š±ØÉު棧êæ •¤: Ł؁ð øø 33 øø
¿Øܪ]Zه¹§¢¸•× ¢ÞÙ¸ XêæšÞªØ~Ø× š±ØMAØÙªæ• ٕMAªæ~ XÀ‚¤æ¸ ø
šØ¼¸­š±ÄØÙªš„ØšÞtæ• ¢QA©Ø •Ø•Ø•àÙ¢ÀšXà|¤Þš\•§Ø¤: øø 34 øø
š±ØMAت¤”§ØÙhª¤€yšêæQA©Ø Ēܚª‚•ØMAªª‚•Áè³Ø ø
ĸ®ÄÉØ ª]ZÙ¸¤Ø•Äæ¸Ø× š±Ø›æ¸ –¤Ú–‡ª¤ØÙ¸ªÚŁ øø 35 øø

ÙhŸØÉ©Ùh•Øه¤Ù~š±Ù¤Ø Bٚ ¸èهMA§Ù™Ø¸ ª]ZšÞªæ ø
¤Ù~¤€yš¸š±X~ؕð Ù¸‡“æ šªMAسMAÙ¸: š±~¤æ¤ÙÉ Ø•ð øø 36 øø
ŤæªØ••ØÙSMA¤³è•­¤: šÞ•Ø•Ø•ð ‡×Ãt°ØX‡Ø¢±ÞMÞAÙt٢ْ­Âêæ “Þ•Ø•Ø•ð ø
d€yš±d€y¤ÞU: š±~¤ØÙ¤ ª]Z’تظ³ÜÂÞ dÄâøٓMAت¢Øh: øø 37 øø
ĸح‚¤Äؓت~•Ø…XêæÃwܚàªæٚ ‡ÞÚતÉظMAØÁ¤ð ø
CŅؕ¤Ø•–‡¤§× ÄÉıŅà~Øه•Ø¥•Ø¤¸Ø›•¸Øٕ øø 38 øø
ٸɪف ɪêè ³T¥§Ø ³Ü³Øš„ØšÙªÚÃM±A§Øٸٕ¤§Ù¸“ØÄà•ØÄàٕÙM±A§ØĝA³ê悚³Ø¤ð ø
B… ¤Þٕ¤•:šæø¡hØÄÉاٸÉتh¿Ø¤ÉªtÝ §Ø¤ÅØ¤è–‡¸Ü¤ªÙ¸Ú–‡•Ü¤ð øø 39 øø
Øš„اܤ薇¸šÞÃMAÙª€§Ø× Ù•¤j§ ٕ¸Ø­šÙ§ØÚŤ §Å§Ø: ø
B£§ØāêæšØ¤[¤Â­~ܕØ× d–‡±ÅÄޓ؇ÜٓفØ¤¸Øš øø 40 øø
šà¸­æ~ Ø× ’‡Þ‡ØªÙ•¥•š±Ä–•Á܁ØÁ§¤Y••Ø…Ø: ø
šªØ]ðMÞAÁؐØ: š±…¤æ šÞ¤Ø×Ä: ٕÂæه¸Ø×Äêæ ‡Á ¤Ø× ‡§æª•ð øø 41 øø

C“تÁÙQA¤ÞšÙª š±MâAہ šªæ~ Ø× MàA¤­¤„Ø AÙ~•× šâم¸Ý A~ØÄÞ ø
šâ†¹§Ø× š§êæٓ¤Ù“™ØÙ³•× ٕ“ا ¿Øܪ]Z“ؤ ÄÞٕٸÃt¤Ù¢Ãt¸Øٕ øø 42 øø
šªæ~ •ØM×A šÞÙª É椤¨§Ø× §êæ Ÿ±ÐMAêæÁêæł§šªØÙhØV§: ø
¿Øܪ]Z•Ø¥•Ø ¤šêèÀÂæ§× Ù¸¤Ø•ªØh× ¢ÞÙ¸ ¢Ø¸§Øٕ øø 43 øø
h•æ Øףؕð MAؤؕð Ù¸‡“‡Ùš ÄاÞi§É⇧¤ð ø
BĖ‡æÉؔ§ØÄ× ¢X¸‡Þš³¥¢Å…³¤¤Ü
š±Ü¤: ¿Øܪ]Z× ¿ØÞفÁÄ¤Ø•ÙŒ­ Áª~¤ð øø 44 øø
Bٚ AÙ~šÙ¢Ø¸ØegÞ¢±¤–¼Á§Ø³êæ: ¤ªMAÄÞMÞA¤Øªè: ª]Z¢­Þ¤­§àUè: ø
ÄMA³h³Ù“šØ•¼§Ø¤hܤàhè„Ø× šÞ³MA§Ù Ù¸¤Ø•× šØ¸•× ³êæd•æ •: øø 45 øø
¹§Øٚ ¬š¤Ùš Xêæڇ٧‚¸Ø ¢QA¸‚ij§êæÚim¸æ³¤ð ø
‡ðْ–š•âMæAÄÙª¬š× XêæšÞªêæšÙª Ù¸hâÚ¥¢¤Üyæ øø 46 øø
Bɤ³¤¸³¥ŸÅÄ܇ØÙ¤‚§hÄ±× Ù•¸Ä‡ÞšÙª¢ØXæ XêæšÞª× ª]Z“Ø¥•: ø
R d• •âšÙªšØtܸØÙÄ× R Øٚ ÛÄÉM±A¤ÄÞªÙ¢¤æM×A i§êæفªX±æ dMAØÚŁ øø 47 øø
Ä×Áê攧 šØ¸•¤•êæɪˆÙÃtšØè: ‡æ¸Ø§ ¤Ø¤Ùš ٕ¸æ‡§Ø× XÞ¬~ؤð ø
ŧêæƒØªæ ¢X¸êæŧ MAtØS¸ÜSؚ]ðÛQA š±š šÙª: šÙªêæ ¢¸æ§¤ð øø 48 øø
¿Øܪ]ZªØhMAª•Ù¤±ÁØÙUMAØ£§: ³T¥§Ø ŸÉŁMAÙ³¿Ø¸~ظ×Ĥð ø
šÞ™ØØX·h¤hıÄÉıXÜفÄæMAê悅ه¹§Ù•hÄê誢¤Ø¤•Ø¤: øø 49 øø

¿Øܪ]Zd–‡±¤Ä٤ږ‡ª§Ø ٸɁ­Þ× Ù¸–§Å§ Ù¸¼¸Ùd‡Ùd™Ø§•ØٓMAت¤ð ø
§êæ ٕ¸­É‚§Ù•Á¤]ZßÙ³¤Þ‡±§è¸ Äæ•Ø–§¤–§Ù¸¤ÞUØŁ¤ÙÁٿاؤ øø 50 øø
Ä薧“ÞªÜ~š±Ø~ÄÉاØ× Äà„ظÜ¤ØÙÁٿا¤¥ŸØ¤ð ø
¿Øܚ‡³ØSسØÚqgÄæ¸Øš±ê恳ċê渭ٷٸ³ØÄؤð øø 51 øø
Ù¸‡“Þ ÄÞU× Ù¸Ã¸NÄæ•Å§ æ š±…¤æ ¢tØ:
MAÙª¤ÞUh§‚Äæ•êè MAسØÔÛÄɤÞUêè d •: ø
hXف ¢hØ× ƒØ‚š±‚§àɁೇ¸Ø•³Ø:
هÙÁ هÙÁ ه¸ØªØ„Ø× ¿Øܪ]ZšØ³•MA¤­wØ: øø 52 øø
¿ØÞف¤§¤ÙÉ­š±¿Ø§Å¤æª¸N„Ø× ¤Ù~¤ÞMÞAªÙ¤¸ØX±æ ¤]Z³× ª]Z“Ø¥•: ø
Áª~¤Ù¢XØ: Ťêæ §„Ø ¬šÅ¸¬šÅ¸XÞ~¤Ùɤ‡ÁÜ­ ¤êæ‡æ ª]ZÁØ§Ü øø 53 øø
ØT§­šSف¸‡Å§ ¸·¢Ø× À‡±§Ø ÄÉ ÄÞMAÜف­¤d­§æ ø
É­ŸØڤٚ MAÜف­¤Ù…­•Ø× §–¤ÞUæ• MA¤³Ø MAtØS§æð øø 54 øø

ŸØńجšÅÞAª–¤êèÙ³ ¤Ø Á¡‡ Dف FŒÞ•Ø•Ø× ÄÞªØףh­•Ü¤Þ‡±§Ø ø
•Ø…Ù•‡±êæÙdêæٙ؇±Ø¤±æS~Ø× Ärت–Ý ŁޤŁØrØ šrØاޓܤð øø 55 øø
BńØX±Ø¤ØX±æÄª× •Ø…¸ÜSØÁܓÞSܟêæ’法âƒØØÙ¢ªØ¤¤ð ø
dM±×A ‡è‚§egæ‡MAµ¤ØفØ]Z× ¢±Ø¥§ii¸Ø³Ø¤Ø³¢ØÙª š±šæ øø56 øø
ɕޢàÂÙ¸¢ÜÂ~§êæ: ŧØ× §¤ØÙ¸É ¤êæS¤ÞšæT§ ø
ª[ޕاMAٕÃM±A§¢à× ¢ÞÙ¸ ª]Z“•× ª¤§ææ øø
Dêæ ŸÙÉ: šrØ šªØÙrØ UØٕ š±‚§ÙrØ Øٕ ŧÞÙªê斁٪‚…¤ð ø
LèšØٓMæA£§êæ ٕÀšØٓ¢êæY§æ š±‚§Øɪ’æ„ظª× ¸±hØÙ¤ øø 58 øø
ÁæÂÁ§³êæd•Ø¤â•‡Üª§ØMÞAÙ³³ê泤ؕؕؤð ø
C³¥ŸÙ¤¸Ø¤êæ‡Å¥¢’§¤–ª]Z¤Ù¢§Ø¤: øø
¿Øܪ]Zؖ¤­Ù–‡ª× ‡Üš±ÁæÂ× ¿ØÜ¢à¤Ü‡±¥§hؤ؁âX¢­¤ð ø
š¼§æ¤ ¿ØÜه¹§¤ØÙ~N§¢àÂؤsØàÂاØŁ޵§¤Þ–¤ÜÙ³Ø§Ø: øø 60 øø
³Ü³Ø³ØMâAšØ~Ü¢â]Zتš‡ðX±ÉØٚ­MAªØX±Ø: ø
š±êæØ¸×ÙāMÞAdØ: š‡Ø¡hÄ׸ØÙɕܸ­§× ŁޤÉæøø
ÙÁªÙÄ MâA•¤Å§‡æMAÉŁØ: DªMAªêæfسdؤªØ: ¿Ø§æ§¤ð øø 62 øø
F‚ÞA·š]OhtØMAÙ¤¸ê暧Øٕ ¿Øܪ]ZªØhÙ¤É ‡ÙS~ŧÄÜ¥•êæ: ø
³T¤Ý Ù¸ÉتªÙÄMAØÙ¤¸ ªØhÉ×ÄÝ gاØÙ¤¸Ø£§Þ‡Ù§•Ü¤¸•Ý d Å§Ø: øø 63 øø

ٚŸ •§• šÞªÅæ ª]Z“ާح٢“Ø•× ÚŅÙ¤¸ šÙªÞA·‚šÞ€yªÜM×A tØMA¤ð ø
ٿا¤Ùš ٸɪ–Ý ªØhÉ×ÄÜÙ¤¸ØÚŤ•ð š±ÙA³•Ù¤¸ØŧØ: š¼§ Ù¸¼¸×¢ªØ× d øø64øø
ÄêèÁܵ§Á܁³¤¸æ³MâAšØª]ZÄ›× ³ØÙ¸ØÙU³¤MâAلؤ¢à¤ ٕ¥•¤ð ø
³T¥§Ø d ¸ØÙā¤¢à¤ Ù¸XØɤؕØ: ¿Øܪ]ZªØh٤šÄª: š±Ä™Ø¤ð øø 65 øø
ÛÄÉØĕæ MA¤³§Ø S¤§Ø d Ù¸½¸¤ð KMA؁š„ØÙ§Þ¤Å¤‡ÄàٙØ€~¤ð ø
³T¤ÜŸ§×¸ªÄ•Øم§ê踕¿ØÜÄê薇§­Äך‡¸Ù³›Ù¤¸ØÙ³Éܧ øø 66 øø
CšØ‡¤à³¤Ù~¤êèÙ³ Ĥ޷Ė‚§Ø Ÿ؁–„§Äêèɇ⠁ªÙ]Z§Øö]Z¢]Z©Ø ø
ÄV§× ĤŁh•dæÙÄ Ä–‡“Ø•× ¿Øܪ]ZªØh¤Ù•¤æ¤•ÞÙı§ØŤ øø 67 øø
ÙSفMA¤³Ù•¸ØÄØMAµš¸·Üijܳêæ·w ß •‡ÁهÁê搐ê踕ت¥¢h⥢: ø
¿Ø¤¤šÉªØ× ¤æ ª]Z“ؤæف ƒØ‡ð¸ª¤§A³•¤±: š„س: šØÙªh؁: øø 68 øø
ÄעؤØ~Ù¤¸ ĸ­¸Á׸‡æ• ¤–‡ÙŤæ• ¤“Þªæ~ d ¸ÜS~æ• ø
ه¹§ØńؚÞÚځdÞ¢­Þh¤‚§Þ‡Øª× ª]ZØŚ‡× ¤¤ Áޢؿا¤Ø¿Ø§ØÙ~ øø 69 øø

Kæ Á`X‡ØÄއÁ­•¢â: Sæ¤×MAªØ ŸØɸ:
šØ‡’–’Ù¤‡× Áª€§¤¢§× ¢‡±× d ¸êæ Éæ h•Ø: ø
D‚§àdÞ碧]Oªæ MAª³æ Ťæªæ~ ¸N„êæ~ ‡ð
¹§ØMÞA¸­Ù™Ø¸ ٕ¸­É斤¤ “Þª× ¿Øܪ]Zĸ®ÄÉ: øø70øø
B]ZèªÉך±…Ù¤MAØdÙªØ‚¤‡Ø•è: C¤ê懤ؕ•¸§ê踕Äظ³æšè: ø
Éè šØÙªh؁٤¸ •à•Ø§¤Ø•ÁØUØÁ× Éâه ‡“ܤÙÉ (MA…¤“ܤÙÉ) ª]Z“§ Þ ¤
­ ð øø71øø
C³êæMAØ É⇧س¸êæ ªÄ¸Á؇ÜÁؕ¤ÜÂڂŤ×
š±egاØٕ ¸dØ×ÙÄ šÙ•³§Ød恼Áª¹§× ¸šÞ: ø
dSÞäٖ XØXØٕ  D¤æ ¿Øܪ]Z½Øâ]Zت æ
¢Ø¸Ø §ê踕Xږ“•: ÙMA¤šª× ÙÄrØږ dæØ×ÙÄ •:
C§Ú‚MAªÜt¤Ù³MAêæ·Ä‡à”¸­š€Þ y°¤ð CMA~­³êæd•¤•]OÁ ß MA~­šØÁ¤ð ø
F‚ÞA·¸SĤއاޓŸØÉޤɭ•ð•ÜÛ¸ d ª]ZšÙ¤¡hš‡× ¢hؤ: øø 73 øø
B¡h–§Åš‡Ø¡h¤Ùr؁MAtÜÄ׸ØهMAêèÁ§ æ M×A
ÙMAÙr؃Ø؀y¸Xږ“Ä×ɕ•M×A ٕ¹§Ø­h¤–‡ÚŤ¤ð ø
dàyØdÞÚ¥Ÿ¤ÞUØ¥ŸÞh× Ù•h¢ÞhØÙ¸¿ØؖÙ‡¹§Ø§Þ“×
¿Øܪ]Zæ Áª‡¼Á×  D:š¼§æ¤ ³T¤ÜÄU¤ð øø 74 øø

BX±æ ØT§æ­~ š¾Ø؇ÙɚفÁ§•æ•Ø‚¤•Ø šØ½¸­§êæ¾Ø
¿ØÜ¢àÙ¤£§Ø¤â›‚§Ø •§•dÞ³MA•è: Ä湧¤Ø•Ø¤âêè[¤ð ø
¸N„êæ~ØÙ¸:ÚŤæ• ŝÞAª‡¢§X‡ØÁ`dM±Aè ¢­h Þ ØX±:è
Ù¸½¸Å¤è فÃw¤Ø•× Áª~¤Áª~Ø: ª]ZªØh× ¢hؤ: øø 75 øø
ĐÅÄ×ٿ؁MAؤ“敤 Þ Ù¢§‚ĸ­Å¸¤Å¤Œ•¤ð ø
¿Øܪ]Z潸ª¤Ø¿Ø§æ¤ MA¤³ØdSÞ¤­ÉÜhÜÙ¸×
¿Øܪ]Zæ Ä ÄÞUØMAªêæÞ ÄÞÙdª× ‡ØÅ§× d “ƒØØ× ¤Ù§ øø
ŸA~Ù¸Ø•‡Üš±¤Ù~¤ØÙ³ÄއؤÀÙd¤±Ù‡¤ÄÞXږ“¢êæXÄÞUÁØÙ§ª]Z“•¤ð ø
¤‡¢ª¤–…ªêæegð¸Ùāٕ¼½¸ÙāêæƒØª³× AÙ~šÙyêæÙ³MA؁ٳ¤¤Ø½¸ÙĤ: š±~Ø: øø
¸t‡³‡æ¸MAÜhwª¸æ‡ÙÁª:MA¤³ØŁ•ÁwMAê暸ØY¸šÞÙ ª]ZXâÉæ ÁÙ§¤ð ø
¸ª‡¤Þ‡Øª‡Ü[­¢Þh³êæd•Ä×ɕ•× šÞÀ¤ޚØÙÄÂܧ šª¤× š±~Øف­Éª¤ð øø 78 øø

F‡Ù“šª¤¹§ê楕êæÙ¸­Å¤â‚§ š¸•Ø³§Øٸٕ¤§¤§Ý ٕ‡±Ø× ¿Øܪ]Z•Ø¤Ù• “ؤٕ ø
AÙ~šÙªŸâ|ŝAتš±½¸ØÄٕ:½¸ÙāM±A¤ÅUÙ³•§•× –¸•ð ¤–¸Ü •: šª¤: šÞ¤Ø•ð øø
h³Ù“Ù¤¸ ٕšÜ× •Üª‡æ•Øه±¤¡“êè ٕÙɁ٤¸ Á§Ø•× MÞAsØª× ¸Øöه±MÞAsêæ ø
MA¤³š‡MAªØS× ¤ædM×A “ØÙ¥• •Ü³æ AÙ~•¤Ù“Á§Ø•× šàÀÂ× ¸Ú–‡Âܧ øø 80 øø
¿Øܪ]ZæÁ§ DÉ Á¤­ ٕ٤­¤ÜØ¤ð CØ¤±Ø“ªš‡šØÙ~Ù¸‡±Þ¤êæ •: ø
MAظæªÜ³ÉÙªMAªê暳ص§¤Ø•: X¥¢ÜªØŽß D¸ ~­MAêæ~­¸Å§ øø 81 øø
ÙÄrêæه¤× d h•Ù¤Ú–‡ª§Ø Ùt‚¸Ø•ð ¢àÂؤÙ~Þف٢٪–‡±“•Þ‡­“Ø•: ø
¿Øܪ]Z“ؤٕ ‡§ØªÄٕ¢­ª‚¸Ø‡ð B‡±êè Á§Ø³ÞÙª¸ Á܁³MAس¤æ[: øø 82 øø
C¤êèÙ³ª‚•¤MAªØ‚šÞ•ªØ d šŽ©Ø× “ؤM±A¤êæ™Ø¤‡Þ‡Øª¤•êæɪØ]Z¤ð ø
¿Øܪ]ZÁæÂÁ§•× •§•è: ٚŸØ¤: š¼§–¤•:š±¸~¤êæ[Ù¤¸Ø¤âÅ§ øø 83 øø
BªÙ¸Ú–‡¤]ðÙ[±šØÙ~¸N„êè: Bٚ ØٚÚqg¤Ùr؁Ø]ZMAؖ‚§Ø ø
B“ªæ~ d Ÿ–“ÞhÜÙ¸× ¿ØÜ: ٕ§× •–‡•§æ ª]Zd–‡±¤ð øø 84 øø
B–§ê斧ªsØMAÀdêæ•šÞ ¤Ø•Áêæ¢Ø: ه¹§Ä±X¥ŸªšÙªÃMAª~Ø]ZªØXØ: ø
Ä׌Á­: šÞ³ÙMAØ D¸ Ùd–¤§‚¸Ø‡ð ª]Z文ÞMAØٖ¤Ù“MAؤޚŸâ×ɧٖ øø 85 øø
‡±ÞMA•MAhÙXÙªšÙªÙ¤³‡Þ‡Ù“š±dÙ³³ÉÙª¸‡É¤ÉÙ¤MA§Ø ø
ŕš§Ù h•Ù¤¤¤šÉªÙ ¤: AÙ~Á§¤ªMA¤Ù~ÙMAª~X~: øø 86 øø
¢êæXܖ‡±Ù•:½¸ÙāÄê誢¸Ù“­× ¿ØÜٕ‚§Ø•ÞÂQAšª¤æ½¸ª¢Ø¸Xږ“ ø
Äê誣§¤Ø›³ÞÙ‡Áظٓ ª]Z•æÞ: C•–‡Äךه ٕ¤jاæ ¤•Ø×ÙÄ øø 87 øø

ª]Z¢­ÞªÙš ³êæd•ddØ® ÄØÉÄظٳÂÞ ³æU§¤Ø•¤ð ø
šÞÚÉØÄ Dف •Ø¤ ‡ÞÉØ•× ÄêèMÞA¤Ø§­¤Ù¸Ø]ð¤•Ä× •: øø 88 øø
KMèAMAÚŤ–šª¤¸§¸æö•–Äê薇§­¤Y•× ĸ® ‡±T§æ MA…٤ف ¤Þ“Ø ¤Ø¤…Ø ¤–‡dSÞ: ø
‚¸Ø× Äêè¢Ø± „ع§ÙMAªMAª× ª]ZªØhØ]ZMAؕØ× ·Ø¸€§× šÙª~¤Ù§Ø Ù¸½¸šØªÜ~¸âÙƒØ øø89øø
¸šÞ¤­–‡ØªÅ§ š±…¤MÞAÄÞ¤êæ·ØÄĤ§: S¤Ø³T¤Ü¢â]ZÜÄMA³MAª~ê斤؇•¤“Þ ø
Ù¸MAØÄÅÄê薇§­ÄÙ± h ªÙÄMAØÁܓÞd³ Þ MAêæ §Þ¸‚¸× ª]Z–æ ‡êæÅÄÞª¢§Ù ٕ‚§× ÄÞ¢XØ¤ð øø90øø
ÙMAªÜtdàyª‚•ªØÙhªØٓªØi§hÚµšMAØ ø ¤ÞU–æ ‡ÞMAØږÀ–¤ÞU× ªÙ]Z¸ æ ªÙ]Z~: øø91øø
ÙÁUت‚•êæ‹Üš±× هÙÁهÙÁ d ¤ØÙ~N§¤MAªÜ³Äegâ]Z× ª]Zš±¢Þ¤Ù~ÙMAªÜt× ¤•Þ¤Éæ ø
ĤރØÞ]ÅZ AÜ× Ùd‡Ùd‡Ù“ªØhٿا D¸ ٚ±§ØM±AÜy× dàyؤÙ~¤Ùš ٕ¥Ÿ× ¤Ù¢: øø92øø
ٸɪÞ ¤Ù§ ªÙ]Z~¾ØàÙ³MAØ¢±¤ªMAف³MAê攸­šÞ€y°êæj¸³¤ð ø
¤ÞU¤¤âtØMAd–‡±Ø¥ŸÞhŤ§ÉªÁÞÙd¤ÞY“¤–‡ÚŤ¤ð øø 93 øø

DÉ ª]Z¢­ÞªÙ¢§–¤“Þ¸±š±MAªÙ¿Ø§× ¢±¤ªMAØÙ~ ٟ¢±Ù øø 94 øø
Éâ‡§× š±Ä؇(“)§Ù ª]Zšæ: ¤“Þªê攸­šÞ€y°Ù³M×A ³Ù³¤ð ø
BÙ³MAؓ­d–‡±‡³Ä׸ٳØ¤ð B¤âÄ±Þہ §‡Ù¢Á]O§æ øø 95 øø
ĪÄÜÀÉæ Ĥ¸•Ø¥§ ¤‡Ø‡ÞšÙª š±•â‚§‡Ù³šÙ^ٕ¢æ ø
ŝÞAªêæ ¢±Þ¸Ø¸ÞšÙª ³êæd•§êæ: ÄÙ¸³ØijØŧXف ª]Z¢â: øø 96 øø
ŤªÁª•Ù³•¢±¤Ø™Øæ„اêæ: šÙªÄª•¤Ù‡SÞdؚegÙ¸ ø
§ÞX¤Þ‡§Ù ª]Z¢­Þ¢±­Þ¸êæ: XÞÀMÞA³Ù¤¸ ÁØ]Z­•âƒØٿا: øø 97 øø
MâAš§Ø šª§Ø MA٪ç¤Ø~æ ÄMA³Ø]Z× ÙMA³ ĸ­êæÙS •æ„êæ ø
š±…¤× ¿Ø¸ÄÜ Ä¤ØŁâ~؁æ Dف ‡è\§­æ~ Ù¸‡Ù– ª]Z•æÞ: øø 98 øø
¿Ø¸êæ•ØÄتêæ“؃؇¸Ù“MAyêæ³ØÙ§Xæ Ù¸ÁسŝA܁ا‡±ÞÙdªÙÁÙÁªØØ¤±“¸³æ ø
Ù¤…ê柌Ś“­ÅÞAÙªÁAª’–’³Ù³æ ÙM±A§ØŁØ× ¿Øܪ]Zš~ ± Ù§•§•Ø¡hæ ¤Ù§ ‡§Ø¤ð øø99øø
MAÀ~ؤâMàA³¤Þ’ÉèÂØ š±~¤‚ŸØXفMAÜ š±Ä™ØÁÜØ ø
¤Ù§ ª]Z“•êæšMAÙ~­MAØöT~êæ: ÄÙªêæ¸Ü­S~¸ÜÙdĖÙ: Ł؁ð øø 100 øø
Ù¸³Äف •ØÄØ MAµšMA¸·Ü ¤ÞY“æ¸ ª]Zٕ³§Å§ ø
ÚŤ¤Ùš ™Ø¸MÞAÄÞ¤× dޟÞMAMAšêæ³rØ š·¸êæ·Ùā¤ð øø 101 øø
•§•ÁAªÙ¸Œêè MA~­šØÁظÀŒêè À D¸ ³ÞwêæöÙd­¤­sتÜÀىª–êè ø
šÙªÙ¤³‡³MAسÜÁ踳ؤ×ĸæ³Ø¤ð B•Þ¤Ù~¤MAªêæ‡ð[êè ª]Z“ާح¤âØ¡“æ: øø 102 øø

B“ª¤“ުإ¢êæh× ‚MA~­šØÁ¤â~ØÙ³MAظ³§¤Ù¢ ¤Ø¤ØŁØ× ª]Z–æ ‡Þ¸N„ØĪپت¤ð ø
•§•ÁAª× •ØÄØÁè¸Ø³¸·Ùª MAÙ~­MAؤMAª¤³MA¿êæ~ܚ§­–•Ü³¸•Ø¸Ù³ øø 103 øø
ª¤§Þ Ä ¤Ø× MA€w: ¿Øܪ]Z•æÞÀ‡Ùr؁M±A¤ÞMAÀ~X±Ü¸ØMA¥ŸÞš±³¥Ÿ¤Ù³¥³Þd: ø
š±~§Ù¸³X·T¤ÜÙ¸¼¸×¢ªØMAªMA–‡³ÜMA•MA¸³§M±AÜyØÄ×MA± ؖªæU D¸êæ·Ä•ð øø 104øø
BٓÃwؕŁ¥¢êè ¢Þ¸•šâ…Þ§–„Øŧ MA¤³ØMAªæ~êæªØ³Ø•æ BÙªMAÙª[tê斤؅¤Þijêè ø
A~ܖ‡±ÅA܁ıY¹§ÙMAÙªÄږ‡Y“Ù¸¢¸êè ¢Þhêè ¤æ ¢à§ØŁؤ¢§¤Ù¢ ª]Zš~ ± Ù§•: øø105øø
š±Ùh³Ù“êæ ¸æ³ØÁ¨§Ø× Ù¸¢ÜÂ~MAêèÞMA؁ð šÞ•Ùª¸ šÞªÅMA­Þ× ¿ØܪÙ]Z~: AÙ~šÞ]Z¸æ ø
Ĥޚ‡“: MAÙr؂MAÙr؂š±Äت§êæ ¢Þh’§¤ÙšÄ‡Ø ‡Ø•¿ØŒØ³Þ ‡Ü[­¤šÞ ØŤÉæ øø 106øø
MÞAÄÞ¤¢ªØ³Äêè ŝAÙtMA¸æهÁ§êè Ù¸tšêè B¤ªªêæ: šª× šÙªÉāð šâ…Þ ª]Z¢Þh: ø
­ §è: ÙMAij٧ ‡ê撧­ × AÙ~ٕ ٕ¢­ªÄޛÙ¤¤: øø 107øø

¤‡±Sظ±MAêèÞMæA ÄÞMAtMæA Ù¸M±AØٖMA~æ­hšæ
ÁØ]Z­i§ØÙMA~MAM­AÙÁÙ¥• ÄÞ¤•Åı]ð¤êæÉ•æ ¤Ø‡­¸æ ø
‡ê播–’× ŸÉÞÁ: š±³ê棧 MA¤³Ø³Ü³êæš“Ø•× ¢¸ð
Ùf؄ØسMA¤Þه±× Ù¸h§æ ¿Øܪ]ZÄ×ÄÙ]Z•: øø
¢¸ØØ­•Ø× ¸N„ØؤâÄªÙÄ ¤ØX® هÁه¸ Ÿ§× ¸N„êæ~æ‡× ¸ª‡Ù¤Ù Ė‡ÙÁ­Ù¤¸ ø
MAªØ¥¢êæh× š]OæÀɸ•ÀÂØ šØt³Ù¤¸ ¿Ø§ØÙ¤ ¿Øܪ]ZæÁÙ§ÞÀš“Ø•ÜMâA¤É¤ð øø 109øø
ÙMAªÜt× ¿Øܪ]ZæÁÙ§ÞÀš“Ø•ÜMâA¢Þh: Ù¸“ÜÁؓÜÁ‚¸Ø‡ð [t Dف Ä׌⼧ ¸‡Ù ø
ٕÉܕؕØ× ¤ÞV§× Áª~٤ف ŸØÉÞŁهª: ŝÞAt× Ÿ±
à æ šØ‡Ø¥ŸÞh§ÞX³¤ØhؕÞٕÙɁ: øø110øø
¤³§hÁÙÁÙ³›× ¤Ø³Ü‡Ø¤µš× ÄÞ¤Ù~ĪٸØ•× MAêèŁޢŸÙŁ‡Üš¤ð ø
‡•Þh¸âÂÙ¸ÂØ~êæ·æUÙd„Ø× d ³T¤Ü³Ù³XâɤޚØÄæ ª]Zĸ®ÄÉêæª: øø 111 øø
ÉتŝAØÙªæA•¤×Á³ Þ ÉªÜ¤Ø³ÙŒ­¤Q Þ A؝A³-
¿êæ~ÜÁÜMAª‡Þه­•×  Dêæ ¹§ØMAÜ~­ª‚•êæ‚MAª¤ð ø
CÙ¸:MAêèŁޢ³ÙT¤ ª]Z¸Äæٕ­ÅÄܤ¢à¤ØŽÞ×
¸Sêæ ¤–‡ª¤†§¤Ø•h³Ù“¼³Ø[× Ù¸³êæMæA¤ÙÉ øø
¸S:Ņµ§Ø× Þ³ÙÄMA¤³ØMAêèŁޢè¸è­h§–Ü ĸ­æÁ‚¸× MA…§ÙªØ× ª]Z“Ø¥•Å‡ØŁؤð ø
MàA¤­¹§Ø[±Ü•UšÙªÙ¤³‚šrØÉæÜ §Áêæ‡Ø•ŒØ ¤êèY”§Ø¢ª~¤Ù“M×A •ÅĤØۓ ٓ•êæف øø113øø
ÙMA§Ø•ð ¢ªêæ ¤¤ hX‡€y¤€y³Üف Bâٛ: MâAÙÁÙ¤¸êæ‡ª× Ù¸¢êæ: ø
ÙªªÙSÂêæÙdhXÜšª¥šªØ× šªØÙ¤¸ š±…§Ù •ØÙ¢š]Oh¤ð øø 114 øø
لØÙ¸“Ùd‡Ùdâ–‡× Þ–‡Ø¸³Ú¥Ÿ¸Ù³„Ø§× Ù¸X~§Ù‡¸è¼¸§® ¹§ØV§Øف ª]Z¤ÉæÙÁÞ: ø
š±~¸ÁØ× Ÿ± à æ ‡Ø¤ê懪‚¸MAª: ÙMA~: ‡Þ¢§XÞ~ØMâAÃt× šu× ÙMA³ê懪Ÿ–“•¤ð øø 115øø

„اêæ ‡æ¸ØŁ޵§ØÚń؁§Ù¤‡¤’聤ٓM×A لØMA؇Ť؃؃¸× šªÙ¤Ù Ù¸MAØ­•ð Ù¸[t§•ð ø
Ù¸¢êæ•Ø­¢Üšêæ ٸٓÙÁ¸Ù•‡Ø•× ¢X¸: ‡–§‡ð¢¢ à± ]Zܚª¸Ù‡Ù ÙČؖ§Ù •: øø116øø
X¢­æ MâA‚¸Ø Xê曁ޤ•–× hX‡–¤­j؇𢱥§Ø ¸Øqgف ÄØ¥§× ••Þ •ØÙ¢: ø
FڂS›§è‚š±æÙSÞ¤Þ‡ð¢±Ù¤¢à§× •Ø¢Üšêæ ª×Éف ª]Zا•Ø¡“æ: øø 117 øø
¤‡Ù¤¸ ¤“ÞMAè t¢Å§ ª¥¢ØMAª¢MAªÜ–‡±MAªØÙ¢¬›§‡š­¤ð ø
ŝÞAtÙ¤¸ šÙª¢à§ X¸­XÞ¸êæ­: ÙMA¤ÞšÙ¤¤Ü¤ÙÉ ª]ZMÞAsتêæ¸êæ­: øø 118 øø
MAtÜMAØٖÄ׸Øهd؁ާ­•Ü¸Ü³Ä‡±‚•MAØrØÜMA³ØšØ•Þ³æš¤ð ø
¤ÉØ¢±×ٳɖ¤æÀ¤ØÙ~N§Äؕà: D¸Ø¢Øف šÜØ¥Ÿª× ª]ZŸ–“êæ: øø 119 øø
¢¤­Å…³Ø×ÁšÞ Ùª¸æ D¸Ø¥ŸÞªØÁæ: Ė”§Ø¥ŸÞ¸ØÉٕMÞAÀ¥ŸÙ¤¸Ø¥ŸªÅ§ ø
Á¥šØMA‡¥ŸMAÙ¤¸Ø¥ŸÞ¤Þdêæ ¤•êæ •: šÜØ¥Ÿª× ٚŸÙ ª]Z“Þª–“ªÅ§ øø 120 øø
¸è¢à€§Ø× MAØږªØ]ZÜ Ù•¤Y•Ø ٸø‡±ÜdÜ R Øٚ Äê斤؇¸âكØ: ø
hؕæ hؕޒ–’¸ØØ­Ù¸¸êæ­ h؁: ¿Øܤ‡±]ZÞ]Zس§Å§ øø 121 øø

¿Øܪ]ZÁæ §hbæ ¿Øܢ१ؤÁ­É­MA€tÙMAæ ø ‚MæAÙ³•Ù³•¤Ø×ij•Ø³’§³Ù³¤Ødª: øø122
¸–‡ØÀŸâ–‡ØªMA¤êèÙ³¤Ø³Ø§ÞsØؕdæ: MA¤³ØMAªæ£§: ø
Ä×M±AؖªØXØÙ¸¸ šØ‡šêè ¿Øܪ]Z¢­Þ¤­•¸è •¸è d øø 123 øø
§‡ðŸâ–‡Ø¸•šÚ€y× ‡Ù“ª¸è§­ƒØ؀y¸× ÙÁÙS×
§·T¤ÜMAªÄêèV§ÄØÙS h³hš±Åš“­¤Ø•ÙŒ­ §ð ø
§ŽQæAøh³Å…³k¤Ùš §‹ ‚à §š±Ä]Zê‚æ ÄÞMA×
Ù’Ã~êæ: šª¤× š‡× ¸ÉÞ •: ¿ØܪÙ]Z~êæ ¤]Z³¤ð øø
ÙÁsØؕ¿ØÞفÙÁÙsؕܤÙ~ª¸è¸h ­ ر ªÙ¸–‡”¸h-
eg„ØÜMAµšMAÁ`dM±A¤ÞMÞAªèŁèŁè¾Ø ªæUؤ§è: ø
K漸§­æ~ h§× لØÙ¸M±A¤¤ÞU× [ÞçَªØ¤±æÙy×
¿Øܪ]ZæÁ§šØ‡š]Oh§ÞX× ¸–‡Ø¤Éæ Äޖ‡ª¤ð øø 125
šÞ•Øٕ ¢Þ¸•Ø–§É× ŸÉÞ¤ÞUÜف ĸح]Zß³Üm³imÙ³hØϸܳÉÙªŸâ–‡Ä–‡æɇØ: ø
ه¸Ø ٕÙÁ d ªÙ]Z~¾Øª~dØÀMAµš‡±¤ Þ š±¸Ø³•¸¤sتÜ: •UÀdÜÙ¸­XØÉæ¤ÙÉ øø 126øø
¿Øܪ]Z文êæ: š‡ÙMAij§æ •Ü³¤sØܪ¤è„§Ø ¸–‡æ ¸â–š±~Ù§¤“Þš¸±ØªØhܸhè„êæ ø
ٕ‚§Ø£§dØ­•Ù¸Ù“¤ÞUŁêæ¤Ä×Á¨§¤Ø•è: Éæ¤Ø¥¢êæhÙè •­ÙŸyٕMAtæ ªØ¤Ä܁ê暕܁è:øø 127øø

øø Dف ¿Øܪ]ZªØhŁ¸æ šà¸­ÁM×A Ĥ؛¤ð øø

¿ØܚªØÁª¢uا­ªè •ÞXÉâ ܁æ
øø ¿Øܪ]ZªØhŁ¸æ FƒØªÁMA¤ð øø
¿ØܚªØÁª¢uا­: ¿Øܪ]ZæÁšÞªêæÙɁ: ø ¿Øܸ‚ÄØ]OÄށ: ¿Øܤؕð ¿êæ§Äæ ¤æÅÞ ¢à§Äæ øø

Ɂ­Þ× ¤ÅÄ‡ÄÜ d Ù¸¸æQÞA¤ÜÁ: ¤Ø•× š±‡ÜšÙ¤¸ MAØÀÙ~MAêæ ‡‡Øف ø
æ•Ø¸³êæN§ MâAف•: šÙª¢ÞsØæ × „êè¸ MæAöٚ dš³Ø: Á³¢Ü¢¸Ù– øø 1 øø
§Ø ¸æ‡ŸØÉ©Ø: Ť⁧êæöÉ­‡Ø‡æ: ¸æ‡æÂÞ §Ø: MAØ¾Ø MÞAˆÃt§ÅØ: ø
CXÅMâAØ× ª]Zٕ“æ ‚¸‡”¸–§–“]Oª€§: Ť⁸ؕ𠤕ÞŁð øø 2 øø
š±‚§Sš±¤…•š¼§êæɪ‚¸Øٙ؇êæ­Â¿ØÞفٸ¤æ¾Ø ŸØÉ©¸‚¤­ ø
‡ÞŁM­Aš±¢¸§Ø d ¸QâA‡êæÂŚâÃt©Ø d š±hÉف ª]ZÙ¸–‡ ¸âŒØ: øø 3 øø
B¸§Ù¸§æ‡]ðMAÞ ¸Ø­~Ÿ
è Ù­ ÉÃMAª~踚­ :Þ
ٕª¸§¸MAêæöÉ]OتØÉ­: šÞ¤Ø•ð MAª~ØفX: ø
ŝÞAªÙ ÙÉ h•Ø: š±‚§ØăêæÙª¤êè • ٸٸr؁æ
‡Ù“MÞAÀØ× ÁØńØ× ª]ZæÁ æ šª³êæÙMAٕ øø 4 øø

š±‚§SØ ¿ØÞفª…­“Ü¾Ø • …Ø ‡êæÂØŁ‡…­: šÞ•:
“¤Ø­“¤­šªØ¸ªæ¼¸ª¤ÞU: š±‚§SŸØ”§êæ • d ø
fØظحMA¤æöٚ ª]Zª¤~ š±‚§S¸ð ÄØ š±¤Ø
§êæXê斤ÜÙ³“ÜŁ‡…­¤…¸Ø š±‚§S¤ÜSæ Ä: øø
• ććޢ§× ¸Ø •ê梧Ť؍Ùɸح hXهف • ÙMA³èMAØ× MAêæÙt¤ØtÜMAæ ð ø
Dف ٕÀšÙ“ ĸ®ÄÙ¸­MA؁êæ ٕÂ擕𠸪‡ ÄÞXšØÁ¾Øêæª³Ø¸× Ù¸³Ø¹§: øø 6 øø
š±Üف¾êæهÃtØ • ٕÙU³Ù•Âæ“êæ §Ù‡ • MAêæ
ٕÂæŒØöêæ •æÃtêæ ٕÀšÙ“Ù•Âæ“Åćޚ“êè ø
ٕÂæ“æö–§ð ÙĔ§æ‡ð ¸ª‡ [t¢]Zæ ÁMA³¸ð
š±¤ØÁà–§æ šSæ ¿ØÞفªÙš ¤æöÚŤ•ð Ù¸h§Ø¤ð øø
§êæXØdتêæ hX‡š³š‚§„Ø Äêè„ØØٖMA:
ŒÜ¸èÙd„§Ø‡•Þ٤فš‡× ¸ÙQA ¸è¢ØÙÂMAÅÞ ø
š±‚§S× ‚SÙ~MA§Ù æ ª]Z•Ø… „اêæٚ
kؕ؂¤‚¸S~Ù¢‡Þªæ dSæ Ø•ð ÙSšØ¤: øø 8 øø

hXŽ]Zßª× ¢]ZßªØ ŸÞٌªØ‚¤æف BÄ’æ‚„Ø¢Ø¸æ …Ø ¸æÙ¸ƒ§êæ: ø
S~”¸×ā¾Ø Ťâفš±‚§Ù¢k؇٪‡±× hXð ŧØه‡× ª]Zd–‡± øø 9 øø
BÉÙ¤‡¤Ù¢¸æÜ‚§Ø‚¤Ù¸ƒ§êæÙ¸­¢æ‡æ ŝÞAªÙ §Ù‡ ‡èN§× ŸØÉ©¤›§æMA¤ÅÞ ø
š±Ù¤ÙªÙš ¤âÂØ Å§Ø–¤æ§Ù¤†§Ø‚¸¸Ø‡æ §Ù‡ ‡Ùš ÄÉ檕ð ‡Ü[­¤Å¤–¤Ø§Þ: øø 10 øø
K‡±Ø¤ØńØ× ‡³§Þ MAÙ³Ÿ±Ð¤Ü¤Ø×ÄMAØ×¾Ø
kٛŸ±­Ðèii¸³‡Ùš ٕhØÙ¸§Ø Ÿ¥¢±¤Üف ø
Å§ ¢±Øږ× Ø× ¼³…§Ù ÙhØ’èÙ¸ÅÞ hܸêæ
§‡ð ˆ¼§× ‡ð Ù¸…٤ف §æ kؚ§Ø×dM±ÞAªkØ:øø
B]ZÜMâA‚§ Þ ě¢Ù]ZMÞAÄâہ ŧ؇ÚŁ•Øł§Øڂ¤MAØ×
Ù¸¼¸× ‚¸Ù’¢¸× hXÙjؕ¤æ •èMAؖ¤ØdSæ
Ù¢™ØØÙ¢™ØÙ¤‡× …Ø hX‡ÞÂæ ¸–”§Ø ¤¤Ø¥Ÿæف¸–•à‚•Ÿ±ÐÙ¸‡æ
ªÉ: šªÙ¤‡× ª]Z文± æ dSØ¤ð

MA~dªdª~ØSêè Ù¢S¤Ø~êè MÞAM­èA: ¿ØÞفÙÁªÙÄ ÄÞÙ¢S× ‚¸jØX‚MAت~‚¸¤ð ø
B~ÞÂÞ Ù¸šÙª~Ø¥§ ¹§ê椚ฮ d MAا® ¸ ¢¸‡•šæS× ª]Z¢­ÞŸ±­Þ¸Øæ øø 13 øø
¸æ‡æ MA„ØØ­¢Ø¸Ø‡ð Ÿ³¸Ù ÙÉ •§èł¸–¤ÞUæ •Ü§¤Ø•æ
–¤à³‚¸æ• ¤Ø•× Ù‡ª‡ÙU³× hاæ ª]Z“ؤ•ð ø
Å¤Ø‚ÄØ×V§× ħêæX× ÄšÁޚف¤× MÞA„ØÙd‚šrت؄Ø×
ĸ­„êè¸ š±¤Ø~× Ù‡‡¤¸X× šrØ¤Ø‡æ¸ ¸æ‡Øð øø 14 øø
ÄrØÃtæ •æ¼¸ª× ‚¸Ø× šÞÀš٪Âه –§Å§ §’Øöö–§š§Ø­ð
ÄØ×V§êæ §êæXÜ d MAØRØ š±ÙA³•Ù¤¸è¼¸§­¤àdæ MA§ØÙdð ø
Ù¢Sêè Áè¸ÅÄÞªØh¥¢¸¤Ù¢¤•Þæ ª]ZªØhØفªØX؁ð
‚¸Ø× ‚¸Ø¤æ¸Ø£§“Øł¸× ••Þ šªÙ¸¢¸¹§àɕØ|©¥¢Ù¸Ã~Þ¤ð øø 15 øø
Dف ¤êæɕ¸‚¤­•Ø ‚¸§Øٚ X±Ù…× ŸØÉ©¤× â~ا ¤–§æ ø
B… ¸èهMA¸¤­¸Ù¤­Ø•Ø× ¤Ù•ØÉæ MÞAˆÁØ× ÙMA¤ÜÁ ¸‚¤­ øø 16 øø
Ä×ÅMAØª× š±ÙÄrتæÂÞ Ù•‡“‚ÄX­æÂÞ ‚ŤØÙª×
¬š× •Ø¤ d ƒØ‡É­Ù•¸Éæ ¹§ØMâA‚§ ª]ZØŚ‡ ø
ÄޛêæŒß Ù¸Ùªrؚà¸h
­ •Ø¤”§Ø›§ ƒØٌ×
ÁØęØŤâMA­âMAؕð ¸ÉÙÄ §’æ‡Ø: š±¤Ø~× : øø 17 øø

ÁÜSاØ× ¸~­ÙÁSØ š‡Ä¤Ù“X¤êæ ¹§ØÙM±A§Øٕ¸­dê棧Ø×
g–‡¼g–‡Ù¾Øêè ŧ؇ð X¤§Ù Ĥ§× i§êèفÂ× ª]Z•Ø… ø
MAµšæö•ÞÃwؕ¤ÞQA× É©ÞÙdXÙ¤§ê斧ح§¤Ü¤Ø×ħêæÅŧ؇ð
B…­¹§ÙQA: šÞªØ~ŤâفÂÞ ‡•ÞXØł¸Ø× Ù¸Ùd–¸Ú– ¸æ‡Ø: øø 18 øø
C‡êè ¸æ‡Ø: š±¤Ø~× Å¤âفÀšMÞAÀæ ÄæفÉØÄè: šÞªØ~è:
–§Ø§èÅÄؓ® ‚¸‡dحٸٓ¤ÞšÙª šÙªSܧæ šà¸­¢ØX: ø
G”¸êæ­ ¢ØXł¸‡ÜÉØXÞ~Ù¸¢¸šÙªkؚ•èł¸‚š‡Ø›êè
¸æêæ ¸æ‡è¾Ø ĸ­èªÉ٤ف ¢X¸•ð Å¸æ• d ¹§ØdMA…­ øø 19 øø
ÙM±A§Ø egÙQA¸Ø­ ÙMA¤Ùš ‡šà¸® ٚâÄÞªš±Ä؇êæ ¸Ø MA­Þ: A³‡ Dف ª]ZæÁ MÞAˆÁ: ø
‚¸‡d­æÃtØšà­æ A³¤Ùš ¢¸‚š±Üفh٤ف „اܸâŒØŁƒØْٓªÙš ¢¸‚š±æª~٤ف øø20øø
CkØ æ Äٕ٤ƒØٕ‚§Ù¸“§: ŸXحهMAØ¥§Ù’Ù“:
Äêæ•kÞ Ø ÁwÙdƒØÁØńظÁêæšØ§êæÙ¢dت¿ØÞف:
ĸܭ§Å§ ĤŁÁØÙāުÉêæ ¿Øܪ]Zĸ­Å¸ æ
ªSØMàAÙ•¸æه•Ü ¿ØÞفªÄêè ‚¸Ù™Ø‚§ÁØÚŁŁ: øø

B„ØØŁæ ٕٓ٪ف¸‚šÞ¤…­¢àæ ÙČ؅ح Bٚ XÞ~¬š¸âƒØ¸Ø‡Ø: ø
ª]ZæÁ ‚¸Ù§ ÄMA³ØÅĤ–¸§–æ •êæšØÄ؝A³Ù¸Ù“٢ٸ­Áæ KÂؤð øø 22 øø
‡æÉêæ ‡æÙÉٕ MAت~æ Ù¸MâA§êæ hØفX­Þ~Ø: MA¤­ d
‡±¹§æ ٕÙÃw¬šŸÞٌ¸d•ØŁ؂ņ§Øð …æ‡× hXð ø
Ù¸¼¸× ‚¸¨§Ù¢¤–§Äæ hXهÂæ æ•ØْÜ§Å:
¤Ø§êæšØٓٸMAتÄ]OªMA…Ø MAØ •Ø¤ ª]Z漸ª øø 23 øø
ÁæÂêæöÁæÂ: š±šrØêæ ¸šÞ٪ف ¢¸ÅÅ§ dآ懸؇Ø: ø
ĸ® Uµ¸è‡Ø‚¥§× ÄMA³Ù¤‡¤É× ƒ¸¤Å§æ¸¤ØØ:
¹§ØV§ØØ ª]Z“ؤš±¸~ Ù¸h٧٢¸­èهMèAÅÄظ­¢êè¤è: øø 24 øø
ĪØhMA¤ªØhM×A šÞ•ª•æMAªØh× …Ø §…ØÙ¢¤ªØhM×A hXه‡× hhµšÞh­yØ: ø
hXظ¸ÁÙd„؁؁ª¤‚¸MAØ­Ù]ZMAØ ¿ØÞفپ؇ÙdÜ ‚¸§Ø ¸ª‡ ٕ‚§ªØh–¸Ü øø25øø
Ÿ±ÐؐØÅÄâi§¸X­æ ¢±ÞMÞAÙt¢t§êæ‡ð[ØÙtØ •Ø¸Øª-
š±ÅØ¸æ æ• • ‚¸× • d ¸ ĈÁØ Ù¸¼¸¤æMA؁š„ؤð ø
³T¤Ü•æ„ØØ ‚¸§æف ¿ØÞف¤Þٕ¸d•èł¸‚šªèªš­§Ø¤:
¿Øܪ]ZØ¥¢êæٓd–‡±ê懧 h³¤ÞÙd× ¸ØهMAêèÅMÞAæ£§: øø 26 øø

‡êæÂê暓ظٓĤØفÁ§Ø•Ä×V§Øٕ³­šæ ¤]Z³XÞ~êè[‡Þ[ØÃÂyæØ: ø
kؕ輸ªÜÁMA•¸Ü§­Ÿ³ØÙd­Âł¸Ø× ª]ZæÁ ¢ØÄ D¸ ª‚•¤•[­§Ú– øø 27 øø
§ÞXš‡Ù•Á¤Sè: Ÿè: Ÿêæ ¸ØSMAا­æ ٕ§¤¤Ù•§¤× ¸Ø š±Ø›§ ª]ZØٓªØh ø
MAª³¸‡ÁæÂ× š¼§ÙÄ Å¸š±MAØÁ× ‡¸ª~¤¤êæ[× kؕ¤Ø¥•ØÙÄÂÞŁæ øø 28 øø
•§•¿Ø¸~êæ ˆÁØ Áâ~êæç… æ ª]Zšæ ¤ÉæÙÁÞ: ø
MAª~èªÙš MAؤMAØÙª~: [tæ ĸ­š…Ü•¤ÜS~¤ð
Äظ­l§æ•Øk¤à³× hX‡Ù¢‡“êæ ¸ØÙªØÅÄØÙS¤Ø„Ø؁ð
ÄØ×V§êæQA؁ð MAت~× ‚¸Ø× šª§Ù ¢X¸™Ø輸ªÜ ª]ZÁØÙ§•ð ø
Bš±æ§êæ­ö–§è: Ÿ–„Øêæöš±ÙÉف ćĂMA¤­dè„§Ø Ù¸Ùd„Ø×
§„êæegسæÁÅ‚¸× §ÞXš‡X~§•ð Ù¸½¸¤ØÙ¸¾ØMA…­ øø 30øø
MAا­æö•–æ Ÿ•Þ¤ÞUÅ‚¸Ø¤ÞšØ‡Ø•¤ØÉÞ:
ÄØ æ ÁÙQAÅÄÞMAªÙ¤ªfêæف ¸æ³Ø× Ù¸³b© ø
DegØ §Ø¸Ù’ɪف Ä‡Ø ª]ZªØhؕšæSØ
Äè¸èÁؕ؇فÁ§MAªÜ Äêæ~­•Ø¢êè Ù¸¢Ø¹§Ø øø 31 øø

Ÿ¤ÙɤÚŅفªÜÁ ¢âÁÙM±A§êæٚ BMAÙ³¿Ø¤ K¸ ٟ¢Ù­ §ð ø
¸šÞÙª¸ Ÿ¤ÁæÂÙ¤‡× Ÿ³× ¸ šªØٿ؁MAت~¸Øª~¤ð øø 32 øø
¤âX•ØÙ¢X–“ D¸ §‚ÄMA³Ø…Ø­•ð ٕhÄٙؓæªÙ¸MâAêæ Ù¸MâA~êæÙ ø
ٚ±§ª]Z ¸Ü§­Ù¤Ù ƒØÞ ¸‡–æ ÄÙ¸MAتMAت~Ù¤êæ ٸٕ¸Ø§­¤ð øø 33 øø
ÄÉMAا­ š æ S ¤Ùš ÉØÞ Ù ¤É ‡•šæ S MA­ ⠁ Ø ø ª]Z “ • h§Ù æ h Dف
¤‚§ê歂…Ø§× ٸ٪rØظٓMA¤ÞšÙª dê悚±æT§ ¤Ü¤Ø×ĤؕØ
ª]Z文±Ø•–‡¸·Ü ¸ XÞ~ٕ¸É× §ê踕ؕ–‡šà¸­¤ð ø
• Ÿ؅® Ś±ÃtÞ¤ÜÃtæ ÅU³Ù šÙ… šª× ¤àMA³Ø§× ٕٳµ§æ
ɖè¸× ‚¸‡ðXÞ~ؕؤ¸Ù“X~•§êæ: MAØ MA…Ø ÙdƒØ¸Ødêæ: øø 35 øø
–§“Ø٧ §æ XÞ~Ø Ù•Ù“Ù•“ا¤Øª€§MæAø¤Ü ¤±Ù‡¤d؁ުܚ±~dؚ³Sؖ§: ø
‡§ØÙ¸h§Äê薇ªÜš±¢â§êæٚ ª‚•êè[¸ð hX’©¸ÉâفS¤Ø ¸ª‡ ª]Zª‚•Øš~æ øø 36 øø
§¤Øٿ؂§è¸Ø‚¤×¢ª§ D¸ æ ĉÞ~X~Ø: š±…–æ Äê敖Å¸¸Á[•Áؖêæه‡Á: ø
‚¸¤æ¸ ‚¸Ø× ¸æ‚… ÚŁ٤Ù¸ª]Z× ¸ª‡ ¢êæ: ŸÄ׸ æ Ÿ؂¤’§ÄŸÉ޳ؕ–‡¢Ùª¤ð øø37øø

¤Þɩږ ‚¸¤•ØÙ¸³êæ ٕª¸“梭ॕ: MA~æɂ§ §ð ø
Ùd„Øܧæ¤ÙÉ •Ø„Ø ª]ZªÙÄMA ‚¸× ‚¸–¤ÙÉ¥•: šª:
¸èšÞµ§Ø–¤ÙɁ: Ÿ¢Ø¸ Dف ¸Ø ÙMA™Øؤ Ä؂¥§× • æ øø 38 øø
ÂØyðXހ§Ø’ØÄއæ¸: šª Dف Ä ¢¸Ø•ð ¤ÞQA¢êæY§êæ Ÿ³Ø|©Øð
Ÿêæ“؁ð Ä]O­~ł¸× ɪف Ù¸•ÞÂæ ÁØńؤ輸§­¸Ü§Ø­ð ø
š±Þ¥•ÅÄX­“¤êè­ •§ÙÄ d ¢X¸•ð ÁÙQAæhêæöٕÀŒ:
ٟ¢±Ø~: šØÙÄ ƒ¸× X¤§ÙÄ d …Ø ¹§àÉ© ª]ZØٓªØh øø 39 øø
hØX±‚Ÿ›•Ø‚§³ÄÞªÜ§š±Ø§”§ØâMA± ¤¸‡ÞšØŧ: ø
ŸØۤŁƒØ‚Äɚ٪ŸÉ­: d؁޹§à­É× ¸ÉÙÄ dÞ“Ø­ øø 40 øø
BÙd‡Ù¸Áæفؕ𠚱³§Äܤٕ Ä×Ī: MAª~MA³æŸªè[­tÙ§Þ× ‡§¤Ø•¤•Ø: ø
¸ª‡ ٕhæeg§è¸ šª¸Ø•MAªêæ: š±MâAہ ¤É‡Ù¢¤Ø•¢àMAª~ظٳMAêæªÙMA~ܤð øø 41 øø

ٕ¥•êæ™Ø× d MAÀ~× d hXْÙd„Ø× MA¤­ ¹§šæT§ ÄâhÅ¸ ª]ZÁæÙ•ð ø
¸èÂ¥§Ù•[­â~§ê敭 U³Þ š±ÄÙQA: ‡ðŸ±ÐÄà„ØÄÙd¸Ø: ¿Øށ§êæ Xâ~ږ øø 42 øø
Ÿؓܕæ ÄÉMAØÙªMAت~X~æ MA­Þ¼ÁªÜªæö…¸Ø
¢êæQÞA: ŸؕÞÙ¸“ØšªØ“Ù¸“§êæ: ªØkêæ §…Ø ÁØÙāÞ:
‡ØÞ¸Ø­öم­h•æ MAtØS~Ù¤¸ ¿Øܪ]Zĸ­Å¸ æ
ıÃtÞÅÄâi§‡Áع§šæS~¤Ùš Ÿ؁–„§¤æ¸Ø¸Éæð øø
š±³§Ä¤§Äޛ× Å¸× ÁªÜªèMA‡æÁ× ¸ª‡ Ùd‡Ùd‡ØV§× Ÿæeg§Ø ٸŁâ~ؕ: ø
UÙdÙ¤¸ MA³Øš× Ùd„ؤ؁‚§ “à–¸•ð B•ÞÙÁÙUٕ ÙÁUܸ M±AÜyÙÄ ¿ØÜĤS¤ð øø44øø
¢à§êæ ¢à§Å‚¸Ù§ ÙɁšªæ›§Þ‚š…ؕ؂¤•Ü•-
ıêæêæ¤Y•Ø•Ùš šÙ… •§×ł¸× ‡ÞªØÁظÁæ• ø
ÀY~æ êæMæA Ÿ D¸ h••Ü ‚MAÂØ§× ÙšŸ–Ü
ƒØ’~Ø­¿Ø¤Ù¸Ù“¸Á: ÙMA¶¼§Äæ ª]ZªØh øø45 øø
Äظ­ ‚¸‚M×A ÄMA³dÙª× ª]Z“ؤ•ð ‡ÞªØÁؚØÁ棧ÅÅ§Ø™Ø §Ù‡ hXØ× hØÞ ¤àUê惭 تØ~ؤðø
ٕŁ–‡±Ø³êæŁ¸ ٕ§¤êæ •ÞÙ­ ³]Zš¸
± ØÉØ ÄX­Å…椚±¢Ù⠁ÂÞ Ä‡Ø hØXªØ hØ[tÜف øø46øø
ÄÞÉâه¸ ٕX³ØèÀ–¤Ù‡Ã~Þ× •âÁ×Ä× ‚¸¤Ùš ٕª§šà¸­è‡­€y§•ð ª]Z•æ: ø
Ù‡ª¤Ùš ŸØ“Ø‚„ØاÄæ ¢êæX¤êæSš±Ù‡ªÙš ¸ ‡€yؚàٚMA؁ÅÄÞÉ⃸¤ð øø 47 øø
“âفٕ§¤•ªSظÜS~è¼ÁØń؇ؕš±¢âف٢ªÙdÙMA‚ŧؕ𠚱ØÙ~•: š±æT§ ¢à§: ø
ÄÞª¤•Þhفª¾ØØ× ³Ü³§Ø Þµ§“¤Ø­ ‚¸¤¸ªÙÄ ‡æ¸êæöhêæöٚ ęع§§Ø‚¤Ø øø 48 øø

B•Þh•Þª•Þ¬š¬šdæÃtØ • §Ù‡ ĤØX¤Ù¤Ú–‡ªØöMA٪çð ø
BĪĤ…¸Øöٚ±§×¢Ù¸Ã~Þ “±Þ¸¤MA٪ç ª]ZªØh •¤­ øø 49 øø
XªÜ§Å‚¸× šÙªhؕږ “ܪØ: šª× ¢Ø¸× ¤•Þh‚¸Øه¢àÃ~Þ¤ð ø
Bhؕ–Å‚¸¸hؕږ ¤à|Ø: hٕ\•× æ ¢X¸•ð h–¤ MA¤­ øø 50 øø
¤”§æٸ٪rØÙXÙªÁ× š±…¤Ø¸Øª: ‚ÄØ¥§: ŅXÙ§Þ× ¸ dæð Ÿ¬š¤ð ø
ÛMA æ šª‚¸ÙšÁޕèÙªÉ ª]Z“ؤ•ð 㸚±¸­•MâAšØšÙªšØ³•Øè: øø 51 øø
¤“Þ:MèAt¢¾êæف ªêæ“× Ù¸“ৠ„اÜه¹§dSÞÙ¸­“؁ÞÙ¸­“ا ø
ŤªÅ§]Z ªÙ]Zףު]ZظØª: Ä¤Å× hXjØܸ٧çŧMAŤ؁ð øø 52 øø
ª]Z“æ ف٤ª[ŤªÁ܁ŸegÉ×ā•ÞÙª–‡ÞÙª¸ê搕ð ø
¸æ‡¢ØÙ¢ª•ÞhX±ÙɅØööØ­•ð kؕ§kÄޓ§è¸ Ĥ〈•ð øø 53 øø
¸t‡³¤Ù“Á¨§ ª]Z“ؤ•ð ÁÙ§ D¸Ø~­¸~­MA: š‡Ø¡h¤ð ø
Bٓ¤ÞU¤Þ‡ªæ hXږ ¤ØÞ× Ù•‡Ù“… ¸èÃ~¸¢êæY§Ù³›Ä§Ø ¸Ø øø 54 øø

F–¤àµ§Øööɪ ¤–‡ªØه±¤ÙÉ•Ø × Ä¥Ÿ“Ø•Øö¤Þ•Ø
‡êæÙ¢­¾Ørس¤ØÙ³MèA¾Ø ‡Ù“Ù•¤Ø­…× ¤…ؕإŸÞٓ¤ð ø
¿Øܪ]Z漸ªd–‡±MAêèŁޢÄޓؚฮ XâÉØ~æف æ
MÞA¸Ø­~ŧ A³æX±ÙÉÙÉ­ MA¤³Ø³Ø¢æ• ĸ­: ¿Ø¤: øø 55 øø
‡æ¸ÜÉŁإŸÞh£æ §¾Øª~ÙMAij§æ Ä׸Ɏ©êæöšÉ₧
š±‚§Å§Ø•–¢êæX× mÙtف d³šÞtæ dSÞÂÜ Ù¸Åâ~ؕ: ø
CÙS›§êæª¾Ø ³T¥§Ø: Ł•MA³ÁMA•‚MÞA]OߤŁê椚]O؇ð
‡æ¸: ¿Øܪ]Z“Ø¤Ø XhšÙ[ÞÙÂæ ¹§ØMÞA³: Ł؁ð šÞªêæ •: øø 56 øø
BÚ–„؁d¤àšÙš±ÙɁÉŁ¤Å¸ÜMâAš±~܁¤Ù~šØ‡ÞM×A ÙMA٤ف dØMÞA³Ø–:šÞª¤ð ø
B¸ØɕšÙªÚÃM±A§× šXªØh¤ØªêæɁ: MAÙªš±¸ªŸâ×ÙÉæ ¢X¸Å‚¸ªØ§è •¤: øø 57 øø
§× š¼§•ð Ù¸¼¸“Þ§Ø­× ٓ§¤ÄMâA‡…êæ ¤–…ªØ× ¤–§¤Ø•:
ÉÞ]OتØŝAس•Ø]ðÙ[±š±Éف٢ªÙš × ØT§­¤”§ÙSšÅ‚¸¤ð ø
ÙMArØêæ‡rؙØއŅØŁ¤… XhšæŸ­â×ÙɁæ h⥢¤Ø~æ
‡æ¸ ¿Øܪ]ZŸ–“êæ š±~¤Ù ÙÉ h•æ MAØږ‡ÁÜMAÜ ‡ÁØ æ øø 58 øø
¿Øܪ]ZæÁ§ Áª~× ¤¤ØÙÄ ¸Ø‚§Ø¹§Ø³ê泂MA¤³tØMAØ€y¸æ• ø
ıY¢àÂØ¥Ÿª¤§…ا…× ‡“Ø•: ٓ]ð ¤ØÙ¤‚§•ÞXhXh­¤ØhX–… øø 59 øø
¤Ü••Þł¸× •ØÙ¸ ٕ“ا ÙŅªdªšÙªMAª¤•Þ¤•Þ ¢X¸•ð ø
¸æ‡Ä•Ø٢ŸêæÙQAÙ¸•êæ‡èªMAÙ³³§¢§³¸¤¤Þ¤¸É: øø 60 øø

¿Øܕ§•Ø¢êæŽØÄÞª‡Ü[­šÙ± ¸šÞ³ÄÞÀÙdªÁÞÙdÙÁÙÁª¸šÞ: ø
šSٕXÜ~ê歉Ü~­¤ÉØÚ¡“Å…³h³Ù¸Éª~ªXفªdª: øø 61 øø
dMA…­ ¿ØܪÙ]ZٙØÙU³hX‡Ø“تMA¤wêæ ¢¸•ð “¤Ø­•ð MàA¤­: šÞ•ª¤â¤–…Ød³“ª: ø
hX–… ¿êæ§Å‚¸× ¤ªMAÙÁ³ØšÜw³Ù³: h³Ø‡Þ·T¤Üš‡ÙMAij§–§ØÄÄÞ³¢¤ð øø62øø
Éâه ÄÞªÙªšê懮Ãt°êæ‚U؁æ ÙSš•ð š±³§Ø~­¸× ÙSفMÞAdtܤd­•ð ‡è‚§ØıMAÞ]Oߤdd­§Ø ø
ŝÞAt“ށÄtØ¢±Ø¥§‡ðŸÐ ± Ł¸ê斤ÞUŸâÙ× É: Áª~¤ÙÄ ¤æ ªÙ]ZÅ× ‚¸× ¤à³MAê況•Þ¢¸
­ •ð øø 63øø
•âÉÙª‡Á§êæ: š¼§™Øê肚كØM×A [t•ØŽÞ× •ª¤Þ ÉÛª ˆÃtð¸èMèAM×A ĤÞْhæ h•: ø
Dف ÙMA³ ÙāØSܪ–§Ø§æ• Ä]ZÙ¤Ø]ZMA× ÅÞAtÄt¤É؇×Ãt°× ª]Z–æ ‡±ÛÄɤޚØŤÉæ øø 64 øø
ْÂØ~’æÂê搙ا•¸•¸ÙϚ±Á¤•¢±¤·T¤Ü¸N„Øš±ÙɁ¤“ÞX€yàÂÄÞ¤è: ø
•USހ~تØفShšt³èªØ›³ÞÄtØegtØÅMA–“êæ À–“æ ‡ÞÙªÙ¤É šÞÅ× šrظ‡•: øø 65øø
•UØX±X±Åæöٚ ْÂف ٕh¢QA‡±ÞÙÉ ÀÂ: š±MAÂحْÃ~ނ¸Ù’XÞ~šÙª~ØÉêæ‚MAt•Þ: ø
Ù¸ÀŒæ ¸è§X±ÜÄÞ[ÙtÄ¤Ø•ØٓMAª~æ •âÛÄɂ¸æ ٟ¢±’ª‡ ٟ¢ªØ¤ØÙą hXð øø 66 øø

‡è‚§êè‡Ø§­æ–‡±§ØepØÙ¸Éف¤š•§•ð ¸Ø¤•êæ…Ü­ ‚¸¤ØÄÜ:
Ù¸M±Aؖæ šØ‡šæ لØhX‡~ÞÄ¤× šØ×ÄÞ³ÜMâA‚§ Ù³µ§æ ø
•Ø¢Üš¾Ø ¤Ø•S¤Ù¤¸ ¢Þ¸•X±Ø¤¤–§× ÙÄÄâSÞ:
Å…êè ª]Z文± ¸âƒêæ ¸ h§¤ÞUªêæ Ùyڀy¤Å„Ø ¸æ‡: øø 67 øø
¢¸Ø•ð ªØ¤êæ ¢à‚¸Ø šªÁޚ٪MA¤Ø­ ¢âXÞMÞA³Ø‡ð
B³Ø¸ÜŽàšØ³Ø•ð ٚâX~¤Ø›ÄÜ­ƒØ‡ÄâhØ ø
¢Þ¸êæ ¢ØªØM±Aؖ× ³[ށ³¤ÞšØdÜNJšÙ‡Ù
ْÂؤÞX±×š¼§êæö›§•[ ¤¤ ¤Ø hÜX~‡[¤ð øø68 øø
¤•ÞhĤ§× MâA‚¸Ø •Ø…ظæÙª… š§Ø
R d• ٸٚ•æ ÄØ d懖Ù“­ •¤­ ٸٕ¤­¤æ ø
ÙMA¤… h³Û“ Ÿ”¸Ø ªSêæÙ¸“ÜÁ¸ªê持×
ŸÙ³¤ÞUMÞA³êæÚegÃt× MÞA¸­•ð ÙªšÞ× Ù•ªš„ا: øø 69 øø
§‡ðàæ Ù¸h§Øš‡Ø•X~•Ø MAØÙ³]Z‡–Ø]Oߪè:
§Ù’¼³æ³¸êæöٚ MAØÙ³§¢Þ¸æ MAêæ³Øɳاآ¸ð ø
‡à‚§æ•Øٚ d §Å§ Xê暸ٕØ: MâAÃ~ØXÄØ× ¹§Å¤ª•ð
× ‚¸Ø× Sæ¤MâAÂܸ³× ɳ“ª× ª]ZæÁ ¢QAØŤÉæ øø 70 øø
CMA€w¸ØÙª¢ª¤–…ª¤æ[‡æ¼§× šÜØ¥Ÿª× MA¤³³êæd•šrØÉæف ø
Ÿ±Ð Ł•–“§¤§Ød ‡æ¸MAÜ ‚¸Ø× ¿Øܪ]ZMAؖ ÄށMAØ¥§Ù MAØöšªè¸¤ð øø 71 øø

Áè³êæÚY•¾Ø h³Øן¢à¸ ¤Þ•§êæ ¤à|Øן¢à¸Þh­yØ:
Xê湧Ø[±ØÅÄÉhØן¢à¸ªÞ šªæ ‚¸–§Øן¢à¸:Þ š±¢êæ
‚¸× æø–§¤Øן¢àÙ¸… ¢¸’æ~ÞR ~ê斤؇•æ øø72øø
MAÚµMA•Þ“­ª~Ý ³[٧ç•ð MAÙ³MA³ÞÂؕð Ù¸³Þ•ØÙÄ šÞªØ ‚¸¤ð ø
ª]ZٕMæA ³Þ•ÜÙÉ ³Þ•ÜÉ܂§ÙU³¤À–Þ‡¤ ³Þ•ÜÙÉ øø 73 øø
CŁØ× æ XÞ~ªØÙÁ¸‰Þ~šªÜ¸ØÉ؂¤•Ø× h–¤•Ø×
Ä×V§Ø ¢êè¤Ù•MæA•æøٚ MÞAtÜMÞAsêæÂÞ ª]Z漸ª ø
š±Ü~ÜÂæ É⇧سÞ٢Ł¸ ¼ÁܳØjØyܢুæ øø
¿Øܤ’©êæ¤ •Äܤ ¸Ø]ð¤•Ä§êæÅĸ­æö¸ØªØ: R Ùdð
MAسæ Ù¸¼¸h•Ü•¤æÙ‡Ù“Ü: ¿Øܪ]Z“ؤ–§… ø
C­Å¸ØXفMèA: MâAšØMA³ÞفèªØ³êæÙMAèªØ‡±­§•ð
Ù¸¼¸„ØØ~Ù¸¤Á­•ÅUÙ³§Ø ٕ‡±ØÙÄ hØX§­§Ø øø 75 øø

ÄXØ­£§ØÄÙ¸Áس§Ø ٕhٓ§Ø hؕ™Ø•–æÁ§×
¢Øª‚§Ø Äɓ¤­dتª§Ø ŸؓܕÄ]O܁­•: ø
MAµšØ•æ¸ ŸÉà•ð MA¤€y³ÞX³‰]Z؛³Þêæöšàh§‡ð
Ÿ±ÐØ ‚¸Ø× ¤ÞU³êæd•ØsØÙ³šÞtè: šèÙª¸Ø¸Ùh­è:øø
¤•ÞMAÞ ³¤Éܚس¹§Ø•¤±¤êèÙ³šª¥šªØ-
¤Ù~¤MAÙªMAتêæÙd•Ü­ªØÙhØ]ðÙ[±ÄªêæÀÉ: ø
Ÿ§¤… Ù¸¢êæ Å¸æ• ¿Øܪ]Z“ؤٕ ¤èم³Ü-
ª¤~¸šÞÂØ Å¸ØÉØ­€§ØªØ“•Ø–§ÙÄ ³Ú¥¢: øø 77 øø
¤–¸–¸¸Ø§æ ‡±ÞÙÉ~æ d “–§æ Ù¸¢ÜÂ~æ•è¸ šÞªÅMâAæ• ø
XÞ~臭٪‡±Ø~Ù¤¤× h•× ‚¸× ¤”§æÄÙª™Ø؅ ÄÞUØMAªêæÙ øø 78 øø
æh:šª× ‚ÄÙ¸Þ¸ª­ €æ §× “Ø¥•Ø šªæ~ؚ±~U؂ÄÞ¸~­¤ð ø
‚¸Ø× šÞ€yªÜMæAS~¤Ø¤•Ú– ¿Øܪ]Z•Ø…× ¤ÞšØÙÄÂܧ øø 79 øø
C‚¤Øöŧ X–Þ: šÙªÅ…ÞÂ¾Ø Ù¤„Øŧ dSÞ¸­À~ŧ dØY•æ: ø
³T¥§Ø ÄÉê肚كØMAXØ|Ÿ–“× š¼§æ¤ ª]Zæ Áª‡¼Á× ‚¸Ø¤ð øø 80 øø
§Å§ØÙŤ š‚§Þ•­ ¤–ªæÙ¤ ¿Øܪ]ZÞ]Zا•æ Á§Ø•¤ð ø
Ÿ¢Ø¸‡ØÅ§æ• d §êæɤÚŤ Ä Ä•ð §hæ kؕ¤§è¤­UèŁ¤ð øø 81 øø

C§Þ: š±hؕؤ¤â× ÄÞªØ~Ø× ª]Z漸ª× ‚¸Ø× Áª~× š±šæ ø
¤Ø× Ÿ±Ð~æÅ¤è ¤ÉÄæ ‡…® š±‚§rؤæ•× §Þ•hè šªÅ¤è øø 82 øø
Cف® فÜ­ު… ª]Zšæ “•Ø§•ð C‚¤¥¢ÙªÙ¸­Ù¸Ù‡ÂÞٕ­h‡ØŧMAØ¥§•ð ø
kؕ܂§¤à•ð Ĥ¤…ØÅĤ¤‚§Þ‡ØªØ•ð X܁ØÄÞ ‡æ¸ ¢¸‡Ø¿Ø§~êæšMAتؕð øø 83 øø
ٕ‚§× MAØ¥§× šª¤Ùš MAفÙdƒ¸¨§”§Ø‚¤Å¸¤ÙÙ¢ª¤¤Ø: ø
–§Å§ØÄ]ZØ Ù¸‡“ف Ù¸ÙÉ× ¿Øܪ]Z文êæ Ù¸‡“ف • d æ øø 84 øø
š±‚§rØ× Å¸× šrØÛ¸Á× šªØdÅÄrØSØ~ØŁƒ¸ªØÁæÙ¸­Ù¸e§ ø
§ÞsØؕؾ؁­¥¢ªØ§Ø× Å¸ŸÞŒêè Å¸× ¸Ø ‚¸Ø× ¸Ø ª]Z•Ø…Ø›•Þ¸Ú– øø 85 øø
B… ¤âهMAÂاØ: MæAÙd‡Øhؕ‡Øŧ‚¸ÙªÙÁم³ÙdƒØØ: MAÜف­Ùd–Ø•¤Å§Ø: ø
Ù¸‡“ف ••Þ šØª× ¢ÙQAٕ\•Ø ³¢–æ ‚¸Ù§ ÙMA³ ¤æ ‚¸× æÂÞ ª]Z–æ ‡± ÛMA ð øø 86øø
FšØ‡ƒêæ ăØØÚŅفٕ§¤•Øèپ؇Ùdêè
Ÿ¤Þً¼§ ¿ØܤØٕف ¸‡Ù ¸ØXêèšÙ•Â‡Ü ø
FšØ§êæšæ§‚¸æ Ù‡É ¸ ƒ¸× • Þ XÞ~êè
BÅ‚¸Ø× ¿Øܪ]ZæÁ§ Áª~¤¹§Øh¤¢h¤ð øø 87 øø

štޕèMA¸ªØÙtMæA¸ NJ›Ø Ņ³§êæ: MAØMAÙ~MAØÄÞ¸~­MAêæt©êæ: ø
¢¸¤êæS~§êæł¸§è¸ h–Þ: ÙM±A§æ ª]Zٕ“æ ‚¸¤æ¸ šØÙÉ øø 88 øø
kؕÙM±A§Ø¢h•Ä¥š‡ÙMArؕêæɤð DegØٓMAتÁMA•Ø•ÞÁ§Ø•Ù¢k: ø
ª]ZæÁ šà~­¸âÙh•¼Áª~× ¢¸æف ¤êèV§Ø­‡ð Ÿ±¸ÜÙ¤ ¤•ÄØ Ù¸Â§ØMÞA³æ• øø 89 øø
‚¸Ù§ Äف šÞÀÂ؅­æ ¤‚šªæ dØɤ؂¤S§MAªMÞAɕ؅ح•ð ¿ØŒ“‡±]Zd–‡± ø
h•¤ÙU³¤Éק޸­rاØÙ¤ ‚¸‡Ø‚¤š±Ù¤¢¸‡•–§kØٕ¸‹æÙÁMAÅĕð øø 90 øø
BفM±Aؤ™ØØkØ× ¸ ٸٕٓÂæ“Âæ Þ ¢¸æöٚ BÙ¢‡±ÉÞ ©–¸ØY“ÜMâAف٢ªÙš ¢QAا ā¤ðø
Bhؕ•ð hؕ•ð ¸Ø ¢¸‡ÄɕܧØXÙÄ ªÅÄÙÉÃ~ނ¸Ø‡±]šZ ¸ ± ~ ¸ ¤Ø¢à¸¤¢ª: øø91øø
š±MÞAٚ¢ÞhXA~ؕØÙ¤¸ ٸ§Ø~ؤÉ× gاؤð ø
Äف ¸ ¢ÞhÄÞªÙ¸tٚš±egØ§æ ª]ZhÜÙ¸ ¢hØÙ¤ øø 92 øø
‚¸‚ĸ­ÁQæAªÙ“MAØŤ‡Ø‡æ: MAÜtŧ ÁÙQAŸ­ ª]ZŸ–“êæ ø
§ƒ¸‚MâAšØ¤›§Ù MAêæÁMAت–§Ø§Ø‡Äêè •¼§Ù hܸ•ØÁ¤ð øø 93 øø
¿Øܪ]ZæÁ ‚¸‰Þ~ؕØÙ¤¸ØŤ‹êæÂØ~Ø× MA: šØªˆ¼¸Ø §êæöɤð ø
Læ[æ ¤êæ[ê懖§¸ð ‚¸‰Þ~ؕØ× âÃ~ؚàª× ¸Â­Ø× •ØÚŤ šØ„ؤð øø 94 øø
‚¸× d斤•ÞçØهÂÞ hا¤Ø•Å‚MA¤­šØM×A MâAš§ê暢Þ×Sæ ø
¿Øܪ]ZÁØÙ§•ð MÞAÁ³æªØ£§Ø× ¢à§êæöÙ¢¢à§æ¤ÙÉ MAŧ Éæêæ: øø 95 øø

S¤Ø ÄؚªØ“æö•ÞØٚ–§Þšæ§Ø MA…× ÄؚªØ“æöٚ ˆ›æ ¤Ù§ ŧ؁ð ø
…Øö›§„Ø ª]ZØٓ•Ø…ؕށؚ¹§šØ§× S¤æØف¸æ³Ø S¤Ø æ øø 96 øø
ŸÙ³¢ÞÙh ÙÁÁÞšØ³æ ØˆXØXÅMAªæ ¸Ø XÞ~³¸ÄɸØÄ؃¸‚S¤Ø Ä×MÞAd–Ü ø
¤Ù§ XÞ~šª¤Ø~à‡–Ùd–Ø•Ù¢kæ ٸɪÞ ¸ª‡ØÄêè ĸ­‡Ø Äظ­¢êè¤Ü øø 97 øø
‡§Ø šª¹§Ä•ÉªØ ¢¸¹§…Ø ÄÞUاæ ¤¤ ‡É× ‡§ØفX: ø
…Ø›§Äêè ÄÞU§Ù ‡Þ:UÙ¤‚§: ‡§Å¸ ¤Ø× XÞ~¤§ ª]Z¤Ú–‡ª øø 98 øø
X¢­h–¤hªØ¤âفN³æÁMA¤­ÂyàÙ¤­X: ø ¼¸æ¸ ‡æ¸¸ÂtðMâA× ‚¸Ø× Ù¿Ø§êæÉ­¤MAؤ§æ øø 99 øø
B•ÞMâA‚§ šà¸­šÞ×Ä: ª]Zٕ“æ Ù¸•§y¥¢êæö¤Þä؁ð ø
Áޕ D¸ ¤¤ ¸ª¤âŒæ: Fš¢êæXł¸Ù’Ü~Ø­§Ø: øø 100 øø
ÄMâA‚š±š™Øا ¸ØɤŤÜف C§Ødæ dØ¢§‡ÜS¤Ø~¤ð ø
‚¸Ø¤›§šØŧØɤɥ¢¸ØÙ¤ ª]ZæÁ ٸı¥¢Ù¸¸æMAªæMA؁ð øø 101 øø

¸ ¢ªêæɤMAØ٪٠“ØÙ¤­MèA¼Áª~Ù¤‚§Ùš ¸Ød¤Þ‡èÙªª¤ð ø
Dف ÄÄêÙSMA§Ù™Ø‡¤ ¤Ø× MÞAÀ ¢ª× ¸ ª]Z“ުדª øø 102 øø
‡§Ø–§æÂØ× ‡Þ:Uؚ±Äɕ¤•–§êæÙÄ ÄMA³è: ‡§Ø³Þł¸× •Ø: š±~¤‡šªØ“ؕٸ‡ÞÂ: ø
S¤Ø æ ª]Z文êæ ¢¸Ù • ªê× •Ø… • ¤Ø× ¸êè‡Ø§® §Å¤ØƒØ¸ Ù¸¢¸¤Ù…­Å¸¤¤…Ø: øø
XÞ~Þ]Z§Ø ¸ ª]Zšæ ¢âÁٕ¥•Ù¤¤× h•¤Þ™Ø¤§ ø
§‡šæT§¤šæÙSÞªÅ§ ÙÉ ð šÙªšàª~¤ÜÙÁÞªÜ¼¸ªØ øø 104 øø
‚¸× ¤Ü•šØ•Ü§•§æ• MA¤­“Ü¢ÙQA¸èªØY§hÞÂêæ ٟ¢Ù­ ø
ª]ZæÁ ¤Ø× šØÙÄ Ù¤¥šd× §ð šØ•Ü§ÁØ³× ¤À¢àÂÞ ‚ŧ؁ð øø 105 øø

¿ØܚªØÁª¢uا­: ¿Øܪ]ZæÁšÞªêæÙɁ: ø ¿Øܸ‚ÄØ]OÄށ: ¿Øܤؕð ¿êæ§Äæ ¤æÅÞ ¢à§Äæ øø
øø ¿Øܪ]ZªØhŁ¸æ FƒØªÁM×A Ĥ؛¤ð øø

øø ¿Øܪ]ZªØhŁ¸¾Ø Ĥ؛: øø

¿ØܚªØÁª¢uا­ªè •ÞXÉâ Ü× ¤ÞQAMA¼³êæMA؂¤M×A
øø ¿Øܪ]Z•Ø…Łêæ„ؤð øø

¿ØܚªØÁª¢uا­: ¿Øܪ]ZæÁšÞªêæÙɁ: ø ¿Øܸ‚ÄØ]OÄށ: ¿Øܤؕð ¿êæ§Äæ ¤æÅÞ ¢à§Äæ øø

쁚±ØMAت¤”§æ ĪÙÄh¤ÞMÞA³êæŽØĤؕæ Ù¸¤Ø•æ
MAظæªÜ¤”§‡æÁæ ¤â‡ÞªAÙ~ªØyð¢êæXš§­]O¢ØXæ ø
ٕ‡±Ø¤Þ‡±ØÙ¢ªØ¤× MAÙtٕMAtÙÁª:šØ½¸­Ù¸–§ÅÉŁ×
šØ“Ø„ØÜMAªØ£§Ø× šÙªÙddª~× ª]Z•Ø…× ¢hæɤð øø
MAŁàªÜMAÙ³ê攸­šÞ€y°Ù³M×A MA~Ø­–³êæ³æS~×
¤ÞY“Ť檤•êæɪؓª‡³× ¤ÞQAØÙMAªÜtêæj¸³¤ð ø
š¼§–¤Ø•Äš¼§êæɪÀd: š§Ø­§š]OÀ æ É×
¿Øܪ]ZØٓšæ: MA‡Ø •Þ ¸‡•× Äæ¸æ§ ¢à§ê曧ɤð øø
MA‡ØöÉ× MAظæªÜtšÙªÄªæ ª]Z•Xªæ Á§Ø•×
¢êæXܖ‡±æ Á¤U¤Ù~¼§Ø¤³ÀÙd¤ð ø
FšØÄܕ: M±AêæÁ•ð ¤“Þ¤…• •ØªØ§~ Éªæ ¤ÞªØªæ
XêæÙ¸–‡æ‚§Ù•Á¤š•æçØÙ¤ ه¸Äؕð øø 3 øø

MA‡ØöÉ× MAظæªÜÙ¸¤³ÄÙ³³æ ¸ÜMA³ÞÂêæ ¢¸æ§× ƒØÜªæ ¿Ø¤¤ÞÙ ¸Äæ§× [•¸•æ ø
MA‡Ø ¸Ø × šÞ€§æ ¤Éف šÞÙ³•æ ¤]Z³XÞ~× ¢hæ§× ª]ZæÁ× MA¤³•§•× ÁæÂÁ§•¤ð øø 4 øø
CÙ¸¤ê歇ÙŁ٤ÁMÞA•Ø•àهŸ±Ð[êæÂؤð ø
¤ØX­æ ¤ØX­æ šÙ…MAٕ¸ÉèÀqg©¤Ø•Øš¸XØ®
š¼§æ§× Ø× šÞ•ªÙš šÞªÝ ¿ØܤÝ ª]Z“Ø¥•: øø 5 øø
• hØÞ šÜØ¤â¤àÙeg­Ø•Ø× •ØMAêèMAÄØ× •–‡•¸ØÙtMAØÄÞ ø
ª]Z潸ª ‚¸‚šÞª¤Øٿ؁ؕØ× ª†§ØÁޕؤ–§¤êæ ¢¸æ§¤ð øø 6 øø
BÄٙØMâAÃtŧ ٕMâAÃth–êæ: Ù¤†§Øš¸Ø‡æ• MAªêæÙ ÁØٖ¤ð ø
êæ ٕMâAÃtæ ¤Ù§ ÄٙØMâAÃtæ MAØ× Ù•ÃMâAہ ª]Zšæ MAªêæÙ øø 7 øø
¿Øܪ]Z× MAÙªÁ賤sؕÙXÛª ØT§Ø­Ù‡±ÛÄÉØd³êè
¿ØÜMàA¤® šÞÀÂêæƒØ¤× d Ÿ‡ªÜ•ØªØ§~× •èÙ¤Á¤ð ø
¿Øܤ‡ð’ت¸Ü š±§ØX¤…ުاê攧ØX§Ø: šÞÃMAª×
ÄسX±Ø¤ÙXÛª ٕÂ湧 ª¤æ ªØ¤Ø•Þhêæö§× ¤Þٕ: øø 8 øø
øø Dف ¿Øܪ]Z•Ø…Łêæ„Ø× Ä¤Ø›¤ð øø

¿ØܸØهMæAÄÙª Äޖ‡ªhؤ؁â¤Þٕ٢ª•ÞXâÉ܁×
øø •ªÛÄÉØÃtMA¤ð øø
Äޖ‡ªhؤ؁â¤Þ•æ: š±šæ dª~Ø¥ŸÞh¤ð ø Ä×ÄتØ~­¸ÄפY•h–ÞÄׁتšêæMA¤ð øø

¿Øܤ‡MA³]OšÙªšà~­ÁÙÁMAêæÙt¿Øܓª¤•êæɪÄtؚt³MAؖ ø
šØ³§ MâAšØ³§ ¢¸ØןÞٕٓ¤Y•× ‡è‚§¸ªMAس •ªÛÄÉ •ªÛÄÉ øø 1 øø
šØ‡MA¤³Ø¸•šØÙMAh•Ø•Ø× šØMA‡¸Ø•³ šÙ„ظªMæAêæ ø
¢Ø¸•šªØ§~ ¢¸Øف­Éª§Ø ¤Ø× šØÙÉ MâAš§è¸ •ªÛÄÉ •ªÛÄÉ øø 2 øø
Þ]Z•UšÙ^‡Ù³ØÄÞª¸ªØÄâNš]O•¸MÞA]ðMÞA¤Ù¸šÙ]O³¤Éêæª: ø
šÙ€yÙ•“Ø• MA¤³Ø³§ •¤Åæ š]Ohٕ€~ •ªÛÄÉ •ªÛÄÉ øø 3 øø
¤êèÙ³ÂÞ Ù¸¢àÂ~Ù¤¸Ø¤ª¸ªØ~Ø× §êæÙXÉ⇧æÂÞ d ÙÁªÅÄÞ Ù•X¤Ø•Ø¤ð ø
ªØh‡ªÙ¸–‡ÀÙdª× š‡§ÞX× æ “æÙÉ ¤¤ ¤àٓ­— •ªÛÄÉ •ªÛÄÉ øø 4 øø

¸ØÙªhÙ¸³êæd• ¤‡Ù–¤‡ÁاØ× MæA¶AÁÙ¸¸ÁÜMâAÄ¤ÅMAª~اؤð ø
KÙÉ ª¤§Ø ÄÉ Áª€§ Ù¸ÉXؕØ× •Ø…¤Ù“ÀÉ© •ªÛÄÉ •ªÛÄÉ øø 5 øø
ÉØtMAÙMAªÜt¸ªÉت¸•¤Ø³ØØªªÁ•Ø¤MAªMÞA€y³¤~ܖ‡±è: ø
¢àف¤ÁæÂٕ³§× ¸ ¸šÞ¤æ­ dæÙÄ dMAØÅÞ •ªÛÄÉ •ªÛÄÉ øø 6 øø
D–‡ÞªÙ¸šØ¸MAÙ¸³êæd• ª¤Ø§Ø: ¤Ù–‡ª ¤ÉØ¢Þh³Ä’ªª…Ø]Z ø
Äޖ‡ª ÙdªØ§ ª¤Ø× ‚¸Ù§ ¤•êæ ¤æ •Ù–‡ÄÞªæÁ •ªÛÄÉ •ªÛÄÉ øø 7 øø
¤Ø“¸ ¤ÞMÞA–‡ ¤“ÞÄà‡• ¤ÞªØªæ ¸Ø¤• •âÛÄÉ Áª~× ¢¸ •Ø•Ø¤ð ø
MAؤ‡ [âÙ~•ð ٕÙU³MAت~ •§æ§× MAس¤¤ªæÁ •ªÛÄÉ •ªÛÄÉ øø 8 øø
BÃtMAÙ¤‡× ÄMA³šØMA¢§\•× MAؤ‡¤Áæ‡ÞÙªØ¤§ÙªšÞ\•¤ð ø
§: šwف Ė¤ÁæÂٕ³§× æ Xegف š‡× Ä •ªÛÄÉ •ªÛÄÉ øø
øø Dف •ªÛÄÉØÃtM×A Ĥ؛¤ð øø

¿Øܸª¸ª¤Þٕ٢: B•ÞXâÉ܁Ø
øø §ÙªØhÛ¸Áف: øø

§: ŁÞہ §ÙšÙš±ÄØه•Ý ¹§ØhÉت §ÙªØhÛ¸Áف¤ð ø
× š±š™Øh•d؁MAØ¥ŸÞ‡× •êèÙ¤ Äê襧¸ª§êæÙXšÞ]Z¸¤ð øø

¿Øܤؓ¸Ø]ðÙ[±h³h’§Ù•‚§Äæ¸Øš±¤ æ ØÙ¸³ØÁ§šªØ]OÁß šØ‡¢QA¤ð ø
MAؤØه‡êæÂɪ¤Ø‚¤š‡Øٿ؁ؕØ× ªØ¤Ø•Þh× §ÙšÛ š±~¤ØÙ¤ ¤à“—Ø­ øø 1 øø
¿Øܪ]ZªØhdª~Ø¥ŸÞhªØhÉ×Ä× ¿Øܤ‚šªØ]OÁ ß š‡Ø¥ŸÞh¢â]ªZ Øh¤ð ø
¿ØÜ¢u•Ø…šªMAس¤ÞUØ¡hÙ¤„Ø× ¿Øܸ‚ÄÙdÏÁª~× §ÙªØh¤Üyæ øø 2 øø
¸ØdØ §Ü–‡± ¤•ÄØ ¸šÞÂØ d §Þ䂚؇تٸ–‡§ÞX³× ¢hØ× XÞ¬~ؤð ø
MàAªØٓ•Ø…MÞAÀMæAÁ¤ÞUؐšÞ×ÄØ× šØ‡Ø•ÞÙd–•šªÅā× ¢¸æ§¤ð øø 3 øø
ٕ‚§× §Ü–‡± ¸ ه¹§¸šÞÅŤâêè ¤æ ÄQ×A ¤•êæ ¢¸Þ ¸ØYXÞ~MA܁­•æÄêè ø
MâA‚§rØ ‡ØŧMAª~æ Þ MAª’§Å§ ¸âƒ§–ªæÅÞ Ù¸¤ÞU× MAª~„اrØ øø 4 øø
BÃtØSªØV§¤•ÞªØhš‡„ا؅­Ù•ÃwØ× ¤¤Ø„Ø Ù¸ªØ §Ü–‡±•Ø… ø
ÙÁÃtØX±X€§h•Ä湧¢¸‚š‡Ø¡hæ ÉâÃtØÅÞ Ù•‚§¤•Þ¢à§ ¤¤Øŧ ŸÞٌ: øø 5 øø
BµšØٚ ¤æ • ¢¸‡Ü§š‡Ø¡h¢ÙQA: Á¡‡Øه¢êæXÀÙdª–¸É¤æ“æ ÉØ ø
¤‚šØš¤æ¸ ÙÉ Ù•‡Ø•¤¤Þç •Ø–§ð ’ت§Ø§­ §ÙªØh ‡§èMAÙĖ“êæ øø 6 øø

¸âƒ§Ø šÁޕ­ª¸šÞł¸É¤Ü ˆÁêæٚ ¿Øނ§ØهÙČٕÙU³Ø‚¤XÞ~ؿاê槤ð ø
D‚§Ø‡ªæ~ MâAف•êæٚ Ù¤…: š±¸QÞA¤ð BØٚ ¸rؕšªêæ„Ø §Ü–‡± ¸­æ øø 7 øø
‡Þ:UظÉêæɤٕÁ× ¸ ‡ÞÃtdæÃt: Á¡‡Øه¢êæXٕª: Áª~ØXØV§: ø
‚¸‚šØ‡¢QA D¸ ÙÁÃth•êè[¤”§æ Ù¤†§Ø dªØÙ¤ §ÙªØh êæÙŤ ¤àU­: øø 8 øø
ٕ‚§× ‚¸É× šÙª¢¸ØÙ¤ XÞÀ× d ¤–„Ø× ‹æ¸Ø¤Ùš • ÙMAÙr؇Éêæ ٟ¢æÙ¤ ø
D‚…× Áwê曧Áw¸Ž¸‡Ü§Ä]ð[æ “âÃt¼dªØÙ¤ §ÙªØh êæÙŤ ¤àU­: øø 9 øø
ÉØ É– ɖ ¤•ÄØ ÙM±A§§Ø d ¸ØdØ §êæÉ× dªØÙ¤ ā× لØÙ¸“Øšdتؕð ø
ÄêæÉ× ¸Øٚ±§MAª: ٚ±§MâA’‡æ¸ MAØ³× •§ØÙ¤ §ÙªØh êæÙŤ ¤àU­: øø 10 øø
šØšæ MâAæ §Ù‡ ¢¸Ù– ¢§Ø•ÞØš³jØØ: šÞ•: MAª~¤Å§ MA…× [tæ ø
¤êæÉæ• ¤æ • ¢¸ÜÉ ¢§Øه³æÁ: Å¤Øð šÞ•: šÞ•ª[× §ÙªØh MÞA¸­æ øø 11 øø
B–Ÿ­ÙÉÅÄMA³¸ÅÞÂÞ Ä–¤ÜÁ¤ð B–“: šÞªÙÅŅÙ¤¸Øɤ¸ÜS¤Ø~: ø
MA–‡š­¸¼§É⇧Åā× ¢¸ØÙ¤ ɖ ‚¸‡X±X¤•Å§ §Ü–‡± •ØÉ­: øø 12 øø
Øš„اÜhٕ‡Þ:UٕšØف•êæٚ ‡æÉÙŅêè ¤¤ ÀÙdÅÞ • Ù–•¸âƒØêè ø
KÅ§ MAت~¤Éêæ ¤¤ šØš¤æ¸ •Ø… ‚¸¤æ¸ ɪ ÙªØh ÁÜ[±¤ð øø 13 øø
¸ØdؤXêædª¤ÉØXÞ~‡æÙÁMAØX±©MàAªØٓ•Ø…MAمØÙU³•èe§šØ„ؤð ø
KÂêæÉ¤æ¸ • šÞ•h­XÜˆÁŁ‡ð ªØ¤Ø•Þhا­ MAÀ~è¸ Þ ¤‰ÙÅæ øø 14 øø
Áތ؂¤§Ø¤Þ•XÞ¬ƒØ¤MàAª•Ø…¢uØV§‡æÙÁMA¸ªêæQAĤŁ•èe§¤ð ø
BØł§Ä]ðMÞAÙd¤æ¸ ¤§ÜÉ ³êæMæA Å¤ØÜ–‡± MAÀ~è¸ Þ ¤‰ÙÅæ øø 15 øø

Á¡‡Øه¢êæXÙ¸Â§Ø ÀÙdªÅ¤‡Ü§Ø •ÃtØ ¢¸Ù‚¸É ¢¸‹§§Ø §Ü–‡± ø
‚¸‹ØćØÄX~•Ødª¤Ø¸“êè §: ‹ØāèMAªÄØöÙ¸ªØ ¤¤ØÅÞ øø 16 øø
¿Øނ§X±¸æÙ•hه¹§XÞ~Ÿ¬š: š±‚§SØ¤ÞšXÙł¸É ª]ZªØh: ø
¸¼§ÅÄ‡Ø ¢¸Ù æ §ÙªØh Å¤Øð ÁQA: ŸMAܧh•šØšÙ¸¤êæd•æ ‚¸¤ð øø 17 øø
MAس„اæٚ MAª~„إ٤­ØفšØšÙM±A§Å§ Áª~× ¢X¸‚S¤è¸ ø
ÄØ d ‚¸§è¸ MA¤³Øª¤~æم­Ø §ð Sæ¤ÅÄ K¸ ÙÉ §Ü–‡± ¢¸Ùeg°Ø•Ø¤ð øø 18 øø
¿Øܤ–§Ü–‡± ¸ ه¹§š‡Ø¡hÄæ¸Ø× ¿ØÜÁ賕؅MAÀ~ؚ٪~ؤ‡ƒØؤð ø
Ø¤–¸É× ¤¤ Ù¸¸“­§ •Ø… Å§Ø: MAØ¤× Ù¸ÀŒ¤ÙU³rØ Ù•¸­§ ‚¸¤ð øø 19 øø
Ù¸kؚ•× §Ù‡‡¤ Þ ¤Ø¤MAܕ¤ð B]ZÜMÞAÀø §ÙªØh ‡§Ø¥ŸÞªØÁæ ø
Bkê槤؂¤XÞ~³æÁÙ¸¸Ùh­¼d Å¤Ø‡•–§Áª~êæ ¢¸Üف ¤‚¸Ø øø 20 øø

Dف §ÙMÞA³“Þ§­¤æ“¤Ø•è: ¿ØÞف¤“ÞªèÀهè: š±É­§–¤ð
¸ª¸ª¤Þٕ¤æ¸ Ùd–§–Ü ¤ÙÙª§¤æف ٕª‚§§× š±Ä؇¤ð øø

øø Dف §ÙªØhÛ¸ÁفÅĤ؛Ø øø

øø šà¸­Ù‡•d§Ø­ øø

Äê襧hؤ؁â§êæXܖ‡±dª~Ø¥ŸÞhÂt𚇤ð ø ‡æ¸ªØhXÞÀ× ¸–‡æ ه¹§kؕš±‡× ÁÞ¢¤ð ø

B]Oæ MA¸æªMA–§Ø§Ø: Þ]æZ ¢Þ¸•¤]Z³æ ø ª]Zæ “ØÚ¥• ÄÞUØÄÜ•× ¸–‡æ ¸ª¸ª× ¤Þٕ¤ð øø 1 øø
¤Ù§ š±Ù¸Áف ¿Øܤ–¤Ú–‡ª× ª]ZÁØÙ§•: ø š‚§Þ: š‡Ø¥ŸÞh× ‡±ÃtÞ¤ð C§Ø–¤Ù¸‡àª: øø 2
ÄޓØٕٓ٤¸ ŸèªÅ¸ÜMâAêæ‡X±Ù¸X±É¤ð ø š±Ä™ØØM­Aš±ÜMAØÁš±MAØÁšÙª¸æÚÃt¤ð øø 3 øø
šØ¼¸­: šØÙ~šØ£§Ø× šÙªXâÑ ¢¸Ú‚š±§êè ø Ù¸–§Å§–× Á•èª]ð[ܱ ¤â‡³ Þ êè ¤æه•Ü³æ øø4
C¥³Ø•MAê椳ØMAت¤ð CØ¤±Ù¸¤³Ø¥Ÿª¤ð ø CšÜ•Ù¸šÞ³êæªÅM¤ð Chؕޢh Þ ¢àÂ~¤ð øø
¤â~س–ÞĖØ•Ä×Ņؕ“¸³Ú‚¸ÂØ ø ÁêæÙ¢× §kÄà„êæ~ •Ø٢ٟ¥ŸÄ•ØÙ¢•Ø øø 6 øø
B¥¢êæhŸÜh¤Ø³ØÙ¢: BÙ¢h؁¢Þhؖª¤ð ø G”¸­š€Þ y°À è šÚ¼³Ãt¤ð FÙdÅ…Ø•³S~è: øø
MAؼ¤ÜªMæAĪŁêæ¤MAyتÙŕY“ªêæÙdÂØ ø MAêèÁ§ æ •
æ ÄÙ¤–“Ø•× ÅMA–“¤à³Ø¸³Ú¥Ÿ•Ø øø8øø
¤–„ت‚•Ø•ÞĖ“Ø•Ä–ÅÞAÙªØ“ª¤ð ø ‡…­ƒ¸Ù•”§Ø•Ä™ØŒšÞ³MAê扤¤ð øø 9 øø

Ť§¤Ø•¤ÞUØ¥¢êæh× ‡§¤Ø•ˆXrس¤ð ø ¤Ù§ š±Ä؇š±¸~× ¤“Þªêæ‡Øª¢ØÂ~¤ð øø 10 øø
C‚¤³Ø¢Ø‚šª× ÙMAÙr؇ð B–§™ØØŁÜف ٕ¼d§Øð ø
B]ZÜMA­ÞÙ¤¸ š±Ø›¤ð BÙMArؕ٤¤× h•¤ð øø
¢¸–¤æ¸ •Üª–“±× š¼§•ð ¸¼§æ• dæÄØ ø
¤Þ•æ ¸ª¸ª ŸØÙ¤•ð ¤ÞÉÞł¸Ø¤æ¸ MA܁­§•ð øø 12
‚¸‡–§Ù¸Â§ÅšÁ­Ù¸¤ÞUèªÙU³æٖ‡±§è: ø ¢¸æ§× ¢¸‡Þ:UؕؤÄÑؕؤ•ØŚ‡¤ð øø 13 øø
šªæÞ: šÚ¼d¤æ §Ø¤æ §ØÙ¤–§ØÅĤޚÚŅæ ø
š±ŸÞ”§ Áª~× X‚¸Ø šªØ× XÞÀšª¥šªØ¤ð øø 14 øø
”§Ø‚¸Ø ªÉŧل؁§× ƒ¸§Ø…Ø‚¥§‡š­~¤ð ø
šª¹§àÉØهMAؕ𠚂§Þ: š±MAتؕ𠚱Ù~“ا d øø 15
: š±‚§ÞÂÙÄ Å•Ø‚¸Ø MâA‚¸Ø šêè¸Ø­ÙÎMAÜ: ÙM±A§Ø: ø
§Ü–‡±dª~’–’š±¸~æ•è¸ dæÄØ øø 16 øø

B… ª]Zٕۓ Ä¥§XAð BÙ¢X¥§ ٕh× š±¢Þ¤ð ø
¿ØÜٕ“Ø•× Á•èŁŧ Áêæ“Ù§‚¸Ø š‡’§¤ð øø 17 øø
Å‚ÄٙØٓŁ¥¢¤à³¢à³¢àÂ~¤ð ø
š±Ø]ð¤ÞU× ÄÞU¤ØÄÜ•× š±Ä؇¤“ÞªÚŤ¤ð øø 18 øø
¢â‚§è: ٚ±§ÙɁèMAØX±è: š±æ¤šà¸­¤ÞšØÙā¤ð ø
‚š±Ø…­•Ø•ÞÄتæ~ Ä×ÅMAتؕð Ä×Ù¸“ا ¤æ øø 19 øø
B•ÞMA¥šØšªÜ¸ØÉè: BÙ¢Âæd•šà¸M­ A¤ð ø
ه¹§× š‡’§× ‡ƒ¸Ø ‡Ü[® š±~¤êæ ¤¤ øø 20 øø
ÄØS؂A³èMA³T§‚¸š±ÙšÙƒØšÙ¸Ù„؁¤ð ø
¤–„ت‚•× š±§eg–× ¸–‡æ ¸ª¸ª× ¤Þٕ¤ð øø 21 øø
ÅÄؓ® ٸٕX­‚§ ¢â‚§èٕ­‚§Ø•šØ٧٢: ø
¿Øܪ]Z¤]Z³× ‡±ÃtÞ× šÞÀÂ× ¢ÞhXæÁ§¤ð øø 22 øø
¤Éف ¿Øܤف ’تæ XêæšÞª× dÞªØ••¤ð ø
š±Ù~š‚§ Á•èª–: š±Ù¸Á–× ¢hØÙ¤ ¤ð øø 23 øø
‡æ¸ÜXêæ‡Ø §ÙšÙÁw’æÙÂ~êè ª]ZÁâ]×Z Äæ•Ø•Ø…êæ Ù¸ÉX¸â¢: ¿ØÜٕٓÚÅĖ“ÞMA–§Ø ø
¢à¤Ø•Ü³ØXÞÀh•¸â: šàÀ¼d悧¤ÜÂؤð BX±æ ٕ‚§× ¸ª¸ª¤Þ•:æ B]ðÙ[±§YÞ ¤× š±šæ øø24øø
¤]Z³ØÁØÄ•× MâA‚¸Ø „Ø „Ø §…êæÙd¤ð ø
“Ø¥•ÅÅ¤ØْٕÃM±A¥§ š±Ù¸¼§ Å¸× Ù•MæA•¤ð øø25

B… ¿ØÜÁ賕؅ا­•ØÚ¥• ¿Øܤف ¤€yšæ ø
‡]ðÙ[±š]Oh’–’egاؤ”§Ù•¸ØÙĕؤð øø 26 øø
ƒ¸× ه¹§š±Ÿ–“Ø•Ø× ÄØª× Ä×Äت¸èÙª~ؤð ø
ĪÄ× ÄªÉŧؕØ× ¹§ØdSØ~× •¤ØÙ¤ ¤ð øø 27
: Ÿdª~Ø¥¢êæhŚÁ­Ä¥š–•Äê誢è: ø
šØ¸•èªÙ…­•ÅÜ…­è: ¢Ø¸§–× ¢hØÙ¤ ¤ð øø 28 øø
CªØ”§ ¿ØÜٕۓ š¼d؇ð B•Þ§ØX× Ù¸“ا d ø
š±Ä؇šØ„Ø× ¤Ø× MâA‚¸Ø š¼§–× ¢Ø¸§ØÙ¤ ¤ð øø
¼dæÅĤؓا šÞÀÂæ šÞÃMAªæS~æ ø
FƒØ×ÙāMAª’–’¤ð FšÙ¸Ãt¤ÞšÔªæ øø 30 øø
B¡hØĕŅ¤¸‡ØÄÞh؁¤àف­¤ð C¤ÜÙ³ØS¤•ÞÄÙ× É¤–„ت‚•¤ð ø
C•¤±¤êèٳ٢ÀšØÙā¤–ª]Zè: ٕ‚§× ¤Þە ¸ª¸ª× ٕ¢âêæ ¢hØÙ¤ øø 31 øø
¼ÁÞ¢Ø¿Ø§æ ÙŤ•ð ٕ¤Y•× ٕ¢â× ¤•: ø
§Ü–‡±š±¸~× MA­Þ× §¤Ø•× •¤ØÙ¤ ¤ð øø 32 øø

øø Dف šà¸­Ù‡•d§Ø­ Ĥ؛Ø øø

øø FƒØªÙ‡•d§Ø­ øø

B… XêæÃwÝ XÙªÃwؕؤð BٓÃwا ÄÞ¤æ“Äؤð ø
¸ØN§Ø³]ðMâAف¸ØN§Ø•Ø× ¹§ØV§ØØª× •¤ØÙ¤ ¤ð øø 1 øø
Äا–•× : MâA‚¸Ø Ä¥§Xتؓ•× ɪæ: ø
ŸèªØ³Øšè: ÁÞ¢è: ¿Øêæã•ð •–‡§–× •¤ØÙ¤ ¤ð øø
: MA•MAš§­]Oæ À~Þ¤Ù~Þêè ø Ù¸Áسٸ¤³¼³T~Þ] Z à³Øĕêæj¸³æ øø 3 øø
ĤX±Äê誢êæ‰ØªÙ•ª–ªÙ‡X–ªæ ø Äê暓ؕæ ÄÞUØÄÜ•× ÄÞMÞA¤Øªæ ¸ªØĕæ øø 4 øø
F–¤Ü³‚šX¢­ÙÞ ³¤ÞšÙª SܪÄb؁Xêèª×
ªØMAØd–‡±š±MAØÁš±dÞª•U¤Ù~êæÙ¸ê恤ؕ¤ð ø
B]Zßµ§X±æÂÞ ÙMAÙrؖ•¤Ù¤â‡Þ³× ª¥§hؤ؁â§êæXÜ
ه¹§× ‚šØ‡§ÞY¤× هÁÞ ÙÁªÙÄ ¤æ ‡æÙÁMæA–‡±êæ ‡§Ø³Þ: øø 5 øø

‚¸× ¤æ Ÿ–“Þł¸¤ÙÄ h•MAł¸× ÄUØ ‡æÙÁMAł¸×
Ù¸Ø ¸âƒØ× ÄÞMâA¤Þ³× Ù¸ƒØ¤›§ÞƒØ¤× ‚¸¤ð ø
C‚¤Ø ÁæÂÜ ¢¸ÙÄ ¢X¸•ð C–ª¼ÁØÙÄØ ‚¸×
§’Ø ĸ® ¸ª¸ª¤Þ•æ §‡Ø‚¤Ø•Þ¬š¤ð øø 6 øø
BX±æ š¼d؇ޚ٪ šÙªêæ ¢à³× šØ¼¸­êæ ¤æ ¤êè³êè ¸N„êæ ¸šÞÙ ÄMA³æ ¤Ø•ÄØ¥¢êæÀÉæ d ø
‡Á®‡Á® ¸ª¸ª¤Þ•æ ه¹§¤]ðÙ[±’§× æ ٕ‚§× ¤jؕð B¤âh³“êè ٕŁªæ§× ¢¸ØÙ¡“¤ð øø7øø
MA¤Ø­“Ü•æ ¸šÞÙ MÞA¤Ù: MAµš§•ð C‚¤¢Ø¸×
‡Þ:Uæ ¤Y•: ÙMA٤ف ÄÞÙdª× ‡à§æ h–ÞªæÂ: ø
ĸ® ‚§QAð¸Ø ¸ª¸ª¤Þ•æ Ä¥š±Ù ‚¸‚š±Ä؇؇ð
ه¹§× š±Ø›Þ× ¸ š‡§ÞX× ‡æÙÉ ¤æ Äޚ±¢Ø¤ð øø 8 øø

§Ø §Ø ¸âكؤ­•ÙÄ ¤¤ ÄØ hاØ× Ä׍âفŁæ
§êæ §êæ hµšÅÄ ¢¸Þ Ù¸¢êæ •Ø¤Ä]O܁­•× æ ø
§Ø §Ø dæÃtØ ¸šÞÙ ¢X¸•ð ÄØ ¢¸æ’–‡•× æ
ĸ® ¢à§Ø’ª¸ª¤Þ•æ Ä¥§Xتؓ•× æ øø 9 øø
BšX¤‡¤Ø•èªÙ–¤êæšØ§Ù•Ãwè: BٓXšª¤Ø…読 …­MAؤؕšæS:è ø
ٕÙU³h•ÄÞÉâَ: ٕÙh­M±Aê擳êæ¢è: ¸ª¸ª¤Þٕ¢â‚§è: BÅÞ ¤æ ٕ‚§§êæX: øø 10 øø
Dف ŁÞفٕŸ–“æ• ÄàÙdÅ¸¤•Üفؕð ø
¢â‚§Ø•ð š±æ¤Ø‡±­§Ø ˆÃt©Ø ÙÄrؖ× Ùd–§ØÙ¤ ¤ð øø
B… ¢â‚§Ø••Þk؛§ MâA‚¸Ø d恼Áޢؿاæ ø
Á§•Ü§× šÙªÃMâA‚§ Á§Ø•× Ä׍ªØÙ¤ ¤ð øø 12 øø
ه•d§Ø­Ù¤¤Ø× Ù‡¹§Ø× ª¥§hؤ؁â§êæÙX•: ø
¢QA©Ø ٕ‚§¤•Þ”§Ø§•ð š±Ø›•êæف šª¤× š‡¤ð øø 13

øø Dف FƒØªÙ‡•d§Ø­ Ĥ؛Ø øø

¿Øܸؓ೸ª‡•ØªØ§~XÞÀÙ¢: B•ÞXÉâ ܁Ø
øø ¿ØܚªØ]ðMÞAÁšrØÛ¸Áف: øø
¿ØܚªØ]ðMÞAÁ•Þہ § C•êæð ‚š‡Ø¡hšª¢ÙQAdêæه: ø
× ¸“à³MÞA³¢àÂ~× ‡§Ø¸Ø٪ۓ ¸ª‡‡æÙÁM×A ¢hæ øø
¿Øܤ•ð šªØ]ðMAÞ Áٕª]ðMAÞ Áƒ¸Ÿê擸؂ĵ§šà~M­ AÀ~ؚ٪~ؤ¬š ø
ÄêèÁܵ§ÄØXª¤•–XÞ~ØMAª× ‚¸Ø× Ä×ÄتØšÉª~× Áª~× ¸â~æɤð øø 1 øø
MAØÄتÄק٤¤ÞUØ: MA¤³ØÄÉا¢QAØ: š±šÙƒØš‡¸Üٕ§Ø ¤Éؖ: ø
§Å§Ø¢¸•ð B¸§¸Ø D¸ šØª–„§Øð Å¤è •¤êæ ¸MÞA³¢àÂ~‡æÙÁMAا øø 2 øø
¿Øܪ]ZªØhš‡š]OhÄ]ZÁÜ³× ¿êæ§:šª× ¤“Þªšà¸M­ A¸æªšà¸¤­ ðø
•Ø…ا­§Ø¤Þ•§Ü¼¸ª¢ØX“æ§× •Ø…× MÞA³Å§ ¤¤ •êèÙ¤ šªØ]ðMÞAÁا­¤ð øø 3 øø
šØšÙM±A§ØÄÞ Ù•ªØ: Áâ~ށØŤ‡ÞÛQA Øš„اæ~ ¢Ù¸•: šÙª›§¤Ø•Ø: ø
CšŒ•× ¤“ÞÙªšê梭¸Ø¤Ù¸ØŸؚš±ÉØ~ٕšÞ~: Áª~× ÁwØÙª: øø 4 øø

ٕ‚§êæ… ¤ÞQA F ‡ðXÞ~MAêæ ¤Þ¤ÞSÞ: ¹§ØÄØه¸ŽX¸Ø ÙMA¤•Þš±Ù¸Ãt: ø
B„§ØهÄà•ÞÙª¸ ¸~­§ÞXM±A¤Øð ÙMA¤ð CÄ܂šÞªØ~šÞÀÂ: Áw¸èÙª§êæXÜ øø 5 øø
MA¤­æف MæAÙd‡šªæ ¤ÙÙª‚§…Ø–§æ ¢ÛQA šªæ š±š‡•× š±¸‡–‚§ÞšØ§¤ð ø
C¥•Ø§ÄتdÞªØł¸Ù¤Ø•Þ¢Ø¸× ‚¸Ø¤æ¸ §Øٖ Áª~× ÁwÙh–¤Þ•Ü–‡± øø 6 øø
¢QA©ØÞšØ§ªÙɁ: šÙêæ ¢¸Ø¡“êè ‚¸‚šØ‡Ä渕ªÄæٚ d ‡ÞŸ­³êæɤð ø
D‚…× āÜÉ ÁwMAêæš ‡§èMA¤à­æ MâA‚§× ÙMA¤ÙŁ ¤¤ Ä×Äâف¤êæd•Ø§ øø 7 øø
‚¸Ù‹¹§ÄàÙQAšÙªÁܳ•¤Ø„Ø¤æ¸ ٕ:¿êæ§ÄØٓX¤•æ ٕªšæSÉæÞ: ø
edØÙŁ ¤æ • Áw¸èÙªXÞªêæ ¤É؂¤•ð Fihܸ•× MA…¤Éêæ ¤¤ hØ[tÜف øø 8 øø
‚¸–•Ø¤MA܁­•¤MâAلؤ¤Ø•êæف §ÅÅ§ Ä×Ī~ٕŁª~× [tæ ø
‡Þ¸Ø­Ä•ØMA³Þفŧ • ¤æÙŁ ŸÞٌ: „ØØٚ MæAĪٸ¢à ÙMA¤Ø‚¤•Ü•¤ð øø 9 øø
‚¸Ù‚MA]Oª‚¸ªÙÄMAØ: ¸ ‡ØćØćØŧèMAªÅ§¤ÞهØ¼d ¢hٖ ¤ÞÙQA¤ð ø
„Ø؛§É× ÁMA•¸Ø•ð • ÁwØÙª§êæÙX•ð B‚§ØÙÉ× MA…¤šèÞ ¢¸êæق…× ¤æ øø 10 øø
‚¸Ù’X±ÉæS~¤…êæ ¸ Ä׍âف¼d ¤ÞQA©è ¢¸æهف ¸‡Ù– šªØ]MÞAÁا­ ø
ٕ‡±Øš±¤Ø‡¤Ù³•ÜMâA¤Ø•Äŧ „ØØٚ ÁÙQAÙªÉ ¤æ • MA…× ¢¸æ§¤ð øø 11 øø
K¸× MA‡ØÙd‡Ùš MÞA„ØÙd‡Å‚§ÞšØ§: •è¸Ø[•ØÁ•Ù¸“êè ¤¤ Ø¸MAŧ ø
CMAÙŤMAÝ ¸ MâAšØ¤ð BšÉا ¤Ø§ØMAêæ³Øɳš±Á¤•Ý MÞAÀMAؚުÜÁ øø 12 øø
B¹§ØhŸ–“Þ¤Ù¸Áæ¤ÁæÂh–êæ: F’泸‚ij§Ø MâAš§Ø d šà~­¤ð ø
‚¸Ø¤Ø¤•Ù– Áw¸èÙª¤Þ•æ Åæ É؁Þ× • §ÞQA¤šªØٓ•¤›§Éêæ ¤Ø¤ð øø 13 øø

§Ø¸ed §ed ‡ÞÙª× ÄMA³Å§ h–êæ: Ø¸ed ƒØ‡Ù“MArØ ¤¤ØÙŁ ç¤ð ø
K’d: MA…¤¢àð āØ•âêæÙQAÁܳŧ ¤æ ÁwÙªšêæ Ù‡‡× Ù¸Ùd„ؤð øø 14 øø
ÁØńêæ~ §Ù’ÙɁ¤Ødª~ܧ¤æð ĸ­èٕ­ÙÂŒÙ¤É §ƒØ‡ÞšæS~ܧ¤ð ø
D‚§ØهM×A ÁwÙªšêæ ćÙÄ Ÿ±¸ÜÙ¤ Éè Ė•êæÙ¤ ªÉÙÄ Å¸¸dêæÙ¸ÀŒ¤ð øø 15 øø
š±eg–•šØMAÁØ¸âdæÄêæ ¤æ Äך±ÜÙ~Ø: š±~ف¢àÙ¤MA§Ø MA§ØÙdð ø
ĂMAت¤Ø‡ª¢ªæ~ šªØ¸ªkØ: MÞA¸­Ù– ɖ Áw¸èÙª¤Þ•æ ɁêæÙŤ øø 16 øø
šŽ©Ø× Ášæ ¸ ÁwØÙª¤Þ•Ü–‡± §êæ¢àð F‹Ø¤‡êæÂX~•Øٖ¤MAêæÙtٕÃw: ø
Äêæٚ š±MâAÃtÙ¸¢¸êæ §‡šæS§Ø ŧ؁ð Å¤Øed šØš¢ÙªêæÉÙ¤êæ • šØš: øø 17 øø
šà¸­è: Ÿ•èe§¤•ÞÄ×ÙɁ¤Ø§­¸§­è: ¤Ø¤æ¸ ¸ÜT§ ¤ÉØ× • ‡ÙŁ æÂؤð ø
•èe§× ق¸‡× ÁwÙªšêæ ¤¤ ç¤æ¸ ¤ƒØ: šªêæ • ¤Ù³•êæ § CÙ¸ªÙŁ øø 18 øø
FQAð¸Ø Ÿ‡êæÂÙ¸Â§× ¸d•× ‚¸‡X±æ Ä×Äت¢ÜÀÙª¸ æ• d ¸rØMAêæɤð ø
Äؤ†§­¤æ¸ ÁwMAêæš Ù¸¢Ø¸§ØÙ¤ Ä׸ÜT§ M×A XÞ~Ù¤ÉØÙÄ ¤Ù§ š±Ä–•: øø 19 øø

ÙMA–Þ ÙM±A§ØĤ٢ÉتMâAØšªØ“: ɖØ•Þ›§ šÞ•ª›§šªØ“MAØªÜ ø
šØÄUŧ šÙªÉØĪÄêæÙdêæɤð KÙ’³êæN§ ÁwMAêæš ¤Ù§ š±Ä܇ øø 20 øø
MAؤš±¤êæɤ‡¤‚Ī¤–§Þ³êæ¢è: šØª¥šªÜ Fهè: šÙªšÜy©¤Ø•¤ð ø
‡è¸Øƒ¸‡ÜS~š…× ‡§§Ø ÁwØªæ šØÙÉ š±š–•Ù¤¤¤Þ–•¤‡ØXÄ× ¤Ø¤ð øø 21 øø
MAاح MâAšØ Äޤف٢: U³Þ ‡Þ:ÙUæÂÞ ‡Þ:UÜ ¤§Ø • ĈÁêæ ¢âÁ‡Þ:U¢Øhؤð ø
Å¤ØƒØ¸ØÙU³h•æÂÞ d §Ø•ÞMA¥šØ ¤¨§æ¸ Ø× ÁwÙªšêæ ٕ¢â× ٕ“æÙÉ øø 22 øø
Ù¸¼¸êæšMAتMA¤[Ø~­¸ØªM×A ‚¸Ø¤ð Bš±Ø›§ Éè ÁwÙªšêæ Ɂ K¸ šà¸­¤ð ø
B ‚¸‡Ü§MâAš§Ø š±Ù³¡“ă¸: ‚¸‚Ä渕ؤÄæ• ÄÞUÜ ¢¸Øٕ øø 23 øø
B„Ø؛§¤Þ„Ø MAª~ل؁§š±¸âƒ§Ø ‚¸‚šØ‡š]OhhÞÂØ× Ù¸‡ÞÂØ× š±Ä؇¤ð ø
ٕ‚§× ³¢æ¤ÙÉ • dؖ§‡šæÙS× •: š±‚§X±MæAĪšÙªÃMâAMAØÙªÄà•êæ øø 24 øø
¸Ø“೸æ]OtšÛ ¸ª‡Ø§­Äà•Þ¤ð BŤ‰ÞÀ× ¸ š‡š±¸~× Ä¤ÜT§ ø
Bk× MâAØXĤ•Ø…¤ÙMArØ•× ¤Ø× ‚¸Ù‚MA]Oª× ÁwÙªšêæ ā× MÞAÀø øø 25 øø

øø Dف šªØ]ðMÞAÁšrØÛ¸Áف: Ĥ؛Ø øø

BÙ¢ªØ¤¸ªXÞÀÙ¢: B•ÞXÉâ ܁Ø
øø •S„ؤØÙ³MAØ øø
BŤØÄÞ ¸‚ij§Ø MâAš§Ø d ¢à§: ŸæegظÜ~­Ù¤¸ Äê襧¸ª× ¤Þ•Ü–‡±¤ð ø
Cdا­šêè„ؤ٢ªØ¤¸ªØÙ¢“Ø•¤ð BŤ‰ÞÀ× šª¤MAØÀÙ~M×A •¤ØÙ¤ øø
¿Øܤؕ𠚪Ø]ðMÞAÁ¤ÞٕhÜ­§Øð §ikؕ¤Þ‡±§Ø ø
•æٖ‡±§Ø¼¸§Þhêæ •ã~Ø× Ù•‚§× ٸ§¸Ü…§: øø 1 øø
§‡ÞªÙÄ ¢ª~Ü§Ø Ä±ÚY¸MAÙā¸MÞA³Ø•ŒØ ø
Ä h§Ù ¤ÙÉ¤Ø •Ø…êæ ¤ÞªÙªšÞš‡ÄQAêæ •: øø 2øø
•–Ø•–Ø]ðÙ[±•Ù³•§ÞY¤æ MAØ­ ³êæMAØف­MAŸ³•Ø•Ø¤ð ø
¢‡±Ø§ ‡±ØÙ¸yٕX¤Ø•Ø× ‡±ÃtØ šÞÃtا ¸MÞA³¢â‚ŧ؁ð øø 3 øø
Å§Ø‡æ¸ ÄØ ¤æ AÙ~ف¼Áwتæ: §§êæهêæedè: ĪÙ~h­•Ø•Ø¤ð ø
CªêæÙÉ~Ü •Ø›§¸ªêæÙÉ~Ü ÙÉ ¸æ‡êæهØ Þ ’§¤£§Þšèف øø 4 øø

ف³MA¤ØÉ • MAØÙd‡Ùš ¿Øށêè لØhXØ¤âXÁÜ­ĤÞڂ…Ø ø
ŝÞAtª× ¸MÞA³Ø¢ª~ܧ¸ØMAð šÞÀ¤Øه¤Á暇èªÙš øø 5 øø
ٚ„ØØهÅÄMA³Ù¸“êæٚ Ÿ–“Þ¸X­: §Å§ØÄ܂ĪÙÄh¸ØÙĕÜÄÉا: ø
CÙ¸:ŧÞ[­•MAÀ~تÄظÄæMèA: C‡±Ø­ ¤æ ¸MÞA³¢â: MAtØSšØØ: øø 6 øø
Ø¤Ø¿Ø§ØÙ¤ MAÀ~Ø× ¸MÞA³ØÙ¢ªØ¤Ø× §ØÄêè šÞ•¸­ÄÞ¤Ü¸³§æ¸Ü~Ø­ ø
š±k؈Áêæږ¤Ù§Ø š±Ù…Ø•Þ¢Ø¸Ø i§êæف: šª× §‡Ù•‡× Ù‡‡× dMAت øø 7 øø
ªÙd¸Ù ª¤Ø§Ø: •Ø§MAŧØ]ðÙ[±šÞ炚±~§ªÄÄޓØÚ¡“ıêæÙÄ Å¸èªXØɤð ø
š±¢¸Ù MAÙ³[¤­š±Ø¸âÂ性إŸÞ¸ØÉæ ¸MÞA³“ª¤Þ•Ü–‡±æ Øš¸ØØ­ MA…× •: øø 8 øø
•¤ih•Å§ ÙdƒØ٢كآÙQAÙd„؁àÙ³MAØ ¢¸ØÙɸܧ­¢sØ•æ •ªæ–‡±¤–„ا–„Ø~Ø ø
š±š–•³êæMAMèAª¸š±Ä–•dØÀdږ‡±MAØ ÁwØÙªÉŁ¤Þه±MAØ Éw،ޕêæÞ ¤æ ¤: øø 9 øø
¤•ÅŝAÙtMA‡š­~š±ÙA³‚šªŸ±Ð~: š±‡Á­•Ù¤¸Ødª•ð š±Ù…Ÿê擤އ±ØÙ]O: ø
āؤ¢§Á×ÙÄØ ¢¸¢§ØÙ¢›Ø‚¤•Ø¤ð B[Øٕ Á¤§æ •: ÁwÙªšê檸ؤ: MAª: øø10øø
ª¤§Þ ÁwÁ„ØÞª‚§Þ–•Ødت§ÞQAè h­•:è B¸•š‡š§ÞY¤êæ•MÞ A¥šØ¤âØ×¢êæÙæ •Ù“: ø
ŸÉÞÙ¸“MâAšà¸­AµXޖ§XØdتÙd–ØMÞA³× É⇧¤ÄˆÁ؂¤šØ‡ØªÙ¸–‡Ø•ÞÂ]Zؖ¤¤ øø 11øø

¤Y•× ¤Ø•Ä ¤Ø Ť ¢à¼ÁwÙªšê檹§ØhÙÄŒØ ‡§Ø
•êèMAØ MAØd• •ØÙ¸MAêæٚ Ä šÞ•: ĖØªMAX±Ø¤~Ü: ø
‡Þ:Uظ­‡Þª–šØªX¤•× Ä×Äت¸ØªØMAª¤ð øø 12 øø
ª‚•‡ÜٚMAا¤Ø•ÉŁ¤Þه±MAØMâA„اÜÙXªÜ–‡±MA–‡ªØ–ªØ³XØ|¬|¬Ù|¤Ù–•“Ø•Äàd•æ• ø
‡±ØÙ¸yØX¤êæšXÜف¤à³ÄæMAÁ܁¸ÜÙ•‡±š„Øه¹§ÙÙ–„Ø~ÜĤܚXæ• •Ø…¸Ø•É× šªØ]ðMAÞ Áæ•
•‚§Ø • ‚§ØXMAØªÜ S~¤Ùš Ùd‡Ùd‚„ØاMAؤæ§MAؤæ
g–‡¼g–‡Å¸¬šæ ¤ÉÙÄ MA¤³§Ø ¢ØĤؕæöĤؕæ ø
¿Øæ§: ¿êæ§ÙŸÄbè: šÙªd§ÄÞªÙ¢: MèAĪØ~Ø× ÄªØ~Ø×
šØØ‚šØØŽ¸Ø¡“êè ÁwÙªšÞÙªÉ •êæ ¸ÜS~æ• S~æ• øø 14 øø
• š±šÙƒØ¸‚¤­•: š±¸­•Øš‡Ø•¸ØĕؕÞÄØÙª-
•¹§šæÄ¸­‡Øh³ØÁ§Ø–¸§× MA…× Ä¤× Äªêæh¤ð ø
ŸØفMAØÙ¤§êæÙXŸâ–‡ÙdƒØšŸŒÄêèɇâ ؕުQA-
¬š§êæ¼ÁwØÙªšØ‡§êæ§Þ­Xæ• Ä–•Øف­¢sØ•æ• øø 15 øø

•‚¸Ø §Ø× MÞAÄޤاޓæÂÞٓÀÙd¹§Ø[؁¤Ø–¸Ü
Áæ¤ÞÃ§Ø ¤ÉØ¤ÉØÙ§ À~ÜhbØÄÞ hbسØ ø
ٸŁÜ~­egÙ¸ÁØU§Ø ÁwÙªšê渃­â Øؕޚ¸à Ü­hÂ
hbØMAµšÀÙ¿Ø§Ø ÄÞªÙ¢× Ùd–Ø¸•× ¤Ø¤MA¤ð øø 16 øø
MA•‡¸§¸³êæ³Áêæ¢ØÙ¢“Ø•ØšXØÄ±ê æ Ä:
ĤÞهXÞÀŸÞß‡ØMAتĖ‡æÉĖ‡ØÙ§•êæ: ø
MAMÞA‡Ù“XÙ¤„Ø¢Ø¸× Ÿ¢Ø¸ØÞX× hؕޕêæ:
¤¤ Éâه Áw¸èÙª•Ø¥•êæ ¤Þ•Ü–‡±Å§ Ė‡Ü¹§Þ øø 17
Þ³ØĪÙ~Äܤٕ š±Ù…¬š§Ø ÉÙŁ•Ø×
MAªæ~ MAª¢æ~ ¸Ø MA‡Ù³MAؚ±MA؀yæ• ¸Ø ø
…êæšÙª d š¼§Ø× •§•Ÿ–“•i§æÃw§Ø
d¤‚MâAف¤Ü ¤Ù¼ÁwÙªšàÀ³T¥§Ø ¤¤ øø 18 øø
¤É: š±ªêæɤsتܤ•êækª‚•¤æU³ØMA³ØššÞÙÚØ MAt܁tܚtÜ ÁwْÂ: ø
FªÅı¸‚š±¢ØmªÜٕšØÙ•¥••ØÙ¢MAØö¸tê悅æA•¤€y³ÜÙ¸M­A¤à³¤æ¸ •: øø 19 øø
•§•ÄÞ¢X•Ø¢Ü¤ÞًÁ–Ü Áwتæ: Ī Dف šÙª¢ØÂØ |êèMAæ Ä؅­MA‚¸¤ð ø
āÙ¤ª…Ø •: Ä×ÉØ •æ„ؤܕØ: MA…Ù¤É ٸɪæ§Þ: MAêèÞMAê懱æMA§ÞQAØ: øø 20 øø

Ø× ¤”§‡æÁÄÞ¤ؤ¸³êæMA§ØÙ¤ ªêæ¤Ø¸Ù³Ù„ظٳMAØÀÙdªØ× Áwتæ: ø
ªæUêæƒØªØ §‡Þš¤Ø¤Ù“MAØÙ¢³ØÂØ |êèMæA ¸Ø §Ù‡ • ¸Ø ¸tš„ØÁêæ¢Ø øø 21 øø
¢ØÄØ • ¹§ÙÙ¢‡ÞªÜ¢¸Ù– ¢â]ZØ: ÉتŅ؇ުÙÄ ÉÙª–¤~æ¼Áwتæ: ø
C¬|Ø ¸MÞA³¤§Ý ıh× ÄÞXٖ“× Á¡‡æ• ¿Ø¸~ÄÞUæ• §Øٖ ¢æ‡¤ð øø 22 øø
‡¤¸: MÞAÀæ ¤‡•ê持ؕð ÄÞ[t§‚§ŸÞ“Ø•ð ŸÞ“Ù•Ãw§Ø ø
š±Ù…¤Þ‡±¤Ù•‡±ÄªêæÀɚ±~Ù§ šØÙ~³× ÁwÙh–¤Þ•æ: øø 23 øø
•æÉ Ä×Ī~ªêæXÄ×Éâف: hاæ ÁÙ¢ÂMAðÙdÙMA‚Ä§Ø ø
B–ªæ~ Áw¸èÙªMA–“ªØ³×Ÿ¤Ø•¸MÞA³Ä±hØ× ªh: øø 24 øø
h–¤”¸×Ä× Ù‡Áف h•Ø•Ø× ¸N„Ø× ‡Üš±êæÃwš‡¤•êæk¤ð ø
¤–‡Å¤æª× ¤“ÞªMAtØS× ÄÞ¢±àªæU× ÄÞ¢XMAšê泤ð øø 25 øø
³Äف ÙÉ ¢hØ× ¢‡±êæƒØªš‡MAª~ج|¤ð ø
ÁwÙªšÞ¤MÞAt× ¢ØÄØ šÙªÉ⁇ÞÙª”¸Ø–¤ð øø 26 øø
B–ªæ~ ÁwتØہ MAÅÄ×Äت渁ÜÉ • : ø
‡É× É⇧æ ٕ‚§× ٕ‡“æ ’šÞÚ¼¿Ø§¤ð øø 27 øø
¸ØÙdMAÜ ¸Ùª¸Å§Ø ¤æ ØªMAؤØÙ³MAØڂ¤MAØ ø
šªØ]ðMÞAÁš‡Ø¡hæ• šÙªÃMAت¸Ü ¢¸æð øø 28øø

øø Dف •S„ؤØÙ³MAØ Ä¤Ø›Ø øø

B•æMAšà¸Ø­dا­ªè •ÞXÉâ ܁Ø:
øø B•æMAٸ§¤ÞQAMA¼³êæMAØ: øø

§Å§ š±Ä؇MA³§Ø ŸÙ“ª: Áâ~êæف š]ðXÞ: š±“ظف h¸æ• d ¸ÙQA ¤àMA: ø
B–“: š±š¼§Ù ÄÞ× ³¢æ d ¸–”§Ø × ‡æ¸¤æ¸ ¸ª‡× Áª~× XêæÙŤ øø 1 øø
CªSêæ•ÜÄ܁ؤÞUMA¤³Ä¤Þ·ØÄÉæêæ¾Ø Äæêæ: ø
C d š±Øe§š±Üe§ÙSف“ª§ÞX³Øfؖ‡±Ä§ à Ø­¸×Ä؁ð
¤Ü¤Ø×ÄØÁØńاÞY¤¿Ø¤Ù¸¤³¤•Ø ¤âY§Ø× ¤ØˆÁê斧: øø 2 øø
• ¸§× MA¸§ÅÞ MæA¸³× • ¸§× MæA¸³–„ؚتXØ: ø
Bٚ Þ š±Ù¸Øه¸Øª~š±MAtØtêæšÙ¸šØt•S¤Ø: øø 3 øø

¸–‡æ XêæÙ¸–‡Øêè ¤Þٕ¤… ¤•¸è ³T¤~ا® ¤Éؖ×
”§Ø§æ§× §Ø¤Þ•Ø§® ¤¤ Éâه •¸è ªØ¤¤æ¸ØÙ¢§Ø§Ø¤ð ø
šØS× š±æÙSÂܧ š±…¤¤Ùš ¤Þە •Ø…¤Üyæ ÁwØÛª
ŁêèÙ¤ š±æSæ§ ³T¤Ý Áª~¤Áª~: ¿Øܓª× Ä׿ا槤ð øø 4 øø
‚¸× ¤æöÉ× ¤æ MÞAÅð ‡Ùš MÞA D‡× ¸æ‡¤à³š±¤Ø~؁ð
KfØؕØهÙČ؇•Þ¢¸Ù¸¢¸Øð Äêæöٚ ÄØM±AêæÁ K¸ ø
R ØM±AêæÁ: MAŧ X܁ØهÂÞ ¤¤ ٸه: MAêæ ö„Ø ÄØSÜ ÄÞ“Ü Å§Øð
ɖ ‚¸‚šSšØÜ Ä Dف •âMA³Éæ ¤âY§¤”§Å…¸ð ‚¸¤ð øø 5 øø
BÙ¸Øêæ ‡æ¸æ šÙªŸâ|§Ø ¸Ø ٸه§Ø Ÿ¢QæA¢­à¥•Ø ¸Ø hXف Xف¤–§Ø¤Ù¸‡ÞÂؤð ø
XفX­¥§¾ØØÄêè É٪٪ف Ùh–ØÔ§¤•êæ: ªÉÅ§× ¹§ØhÒæ Ä U³Þ ¢X¸Ø•ð Áêè•MA¤Þٕ:
šÞªØ Äà„ê蹧حÄ: ¿ØÞفÁÙÁªê慮 X±Ù…¸Ø•ð Ù¸¸¸±æ × ¿Øع§× ¸MÞA³“ªØ¤æ‚§ Ä šÞ•: ø
F¢Ø¸æêè X±–…êè [tÙ§Þ¤³× §ÞÙQAÙ¢ªÄêè šÞ•h­kæ ªØ¤Ø¸ªh Dف Ä Ÿ±Ð¤ÞMÞAª: øø 7 øø

B¸Ø­rØêæ §‚š‡ÄªÙÄh’–’¤Øٿ؂§ šà¸­æ ¤à”•Ø­ §Å§Ø–¸§¤ÞšXØ ‡æÙÁMAØ ¤ÞÙQA¤ØšÞ: ø
Äêæö§× ªØ¤Ø•Þh¤ÞٕªÙš Ÿܧ¤ÞÛQA MAªÅ…Ø× §‚Äן–“؇¤•Þ MA…× ¸€§­æ MàAª•Ø…: øø8
¿Øܤ‡ð’ت¸ª× ¤Éٌ ŸÙ³šÜwØX±©× A~ܖ‡±Ò‡×
XêæšÜ•Ø× ª¤~× ¸ªØɸšÞÂ× ¿ØÜ¢u•Ø…× ¤Þٕ¤ð ø
¿Øܤ–× Áw¸èÙª~× MAٳ٪šÞ× ¿ØÜ¢ÙQAÄØª× ¤Þە
šà~® ³T¤~§êæÙX•× ¤Þٕ¸ªØ•ØØ•… ’تšêè øø
¿Øܤ–¤jؕ¤€yš× ĪÙÄhØ× ÉæÜÁ¢êæXܽ¸ªêè
ªØ¤× •Ü³¤Û~ ¤Éؕĸª× ØT§® •âÛÄÉ× š±¢Þ¤ð ø
Äæ•Ø–§× MAÙª¢à“ª× ‡ÞšÙª ¿Øܚހ§MAêæt©Ø× ÉÛª
–¤”§æ ¸ª‡× ª¤ØÄÉdª× ¸–‡æ ‡Ü§è¸ â­ ¤ð øø 10 øø
MAØÂاÁêæÙ¢MA¤•Ü§ÙÁUØٕ¸æÁ× ‡€y„اêæj¸³MAª× Ù¸¤³ê暸܁¤ð ø
FÙ‹•æÁٕ¢¤Þ·Ä‡à”¸­šÞ€y°× ¬š× ¸ØÅÞ §ÙªØh ˆÁê椭¤ØX±æ øø 11 øø
•¤:š±~¸ÁêæÙ¢× •¸MAÂاU€yØ¥Ÿª× ل؇€yšÙª¤Ù€y× لØÙ¸“ƒ¸Ù•¸Ø­ÉMA¤ð ø
‡§ØÙr؁ˆXrØ³× ‡Ù³¸Øه¸ØY¸è¢¸× Á¤ØهXÞ~ÄØXª× Áª~¤æÙ¤ ªØ¤Ø•Þh¤ð øø 12 øø
KØٕ Øٕ ¢Þ¸•„اšØ¸•Øٕ Ä×ÄتªêæXÁMA³ÜMAª~êè“Øٕ ø
ÙhÔ؁³æ ¤¤ Ù³UØٕ §…Ø ÙÁ³Ø§Ø× ªØ¤Ø•Þhæف dÞªØ€§¤âØSªØÙ~ øø 13 øø

¿ØܸèMÞA€wšÛ لØÙ¸M±A¤ÉÛª •ÜªæÁ¤æ[潸ªêè ø
•Ü³¹§êæ¤Ù¸¢Þ× ¤ÉêæªXÉÛª i§êæ‚Å•æ–‡Þ¸N„Ø× ÉÛª
dêæªæÁ× MâAÙd–¢QAÉ⇧ظØÄ× ¤ÞMÞA–‡ØÔ§¤ð øø
MAؤظØĚہ •âMæAÄÙª¸ª× ‡Üšš±MAØÁš±¢Þ×
¿ØܧÞQAØÃt¢ÞhØŚ‡æÁ¤•[× ¿Øܤ…êæQAÙM±A§¤ð ø
D‚§Ãt؇Áه¹§¤]Z³¸šÞ‡¸ æ­ Ø•ð Īêæ§êæÙX•Ø
ÄØM×A ٕŁ޳MAØr§Ù¢V§•XªÜ•Ø…ؕ𠕤ؤÅÄ‡Ø øø

B•æMAšà¸Ø­dا­ªè •ÞXÉâ ܁¤ð
øø šªØ]ðMAÞÁØÃtMA¤ð øø

„êèÙ¸¸âŒh•¤à“­Ù¸¢àÂ~× §ð Ä¥šfØ ÄØك¸MAh•Å§ §‡æ¸ ٕ‚§¤ð ø
§’Ø Áª€§¤Áª€§h•Å§ šÞ€§× ‚Ä×¿Ø§æ¤ ¸MÞA³Ø¢ª~Ø]ðÙ[±§ÞY¤¤ð øø 1 øø
¢ÙQAš±¢Ø¸¢¸‡ŽÞ¢Ø¸Ÿ–“Ä–“ÞÙSš±~§ÄتªÄêè[šà~:­ ø
¸æ‡Ø…­ª‚•Ù•Ù“ªe§ÞÙ‡¹§“ؤ hܧ؁𠚪Ø]ðMÞAÁš§êæٓªÄܤ¢à¤Ø øø 2 øø
HAÛ hÞÂؤÉæ MâAÃ~âÃ~؁ƒ¸Ù¤¸êæه¤ð ø
ÄÉıÁØUØ× §êæö‡±ØS܁𠇱ØÙ¤yÝ Ÿ±ÐÄ×ÙɁؤð øø 3
§‰êæÄÉı¤šÉٖ ¤Ø×ÙÄ šÞÄØ× •ØªØ§~êæ ¸Äف §„Ø ÄÁ`dM±A: ø
§–¤€y³× ¿ØÞفX× š±~¤Ù– Ù¸š±Ø: Å¤è •¤êæ ¸MÞA³¢àÂ~¢ØÅMAªØ§ øø 4 øø
š‚§Þ: ٿا: š±ÄØ‡æ• š±Ø›Äظ­l§Äך‡¤ð ø š±š™Øh•MàAtÅ…× š±šæ ¿ØܚªØ]ðMAÞ Á¤ð øø 5 øø
ÁwMAê暤Þە ¸–‡æ ÁwؕØ× ŸÞٌ‡àÂMA¤ð ø BkؕØ× kؕh•M×A فٖ„Ø~ܤà³Ä׿ا¤ð øø6øø
¸MÞA³Ø¢ª~× ¸–‡æ hX‡Ø¢ª~× ¤Þٕ¤ð ø §¼¿ØށæÀƒØª× ¢ØX× dM±æA ‡±ØÙ¸y¢Ø夯 øø 7 øø
•¤jؕŧ ÙdƒØ٢كآÙQAÙd„؁àÙ³MAØ ¢¸ØÙɸܧ­¢sØ•æ •ªæ–‡±¤–„ا–„Ø~Ø ø
š±š™Ø³êæMAMA誸š±Ä™ØdØÀdٖ‡±MAØ ÁwØÙªÉŁ¤Þه±MAØ Éw،ޕêæÞ ¤æ ¤: øø 8 øø
¸MÞA³Ø³]ðMâA× ¿ØܤegwMAê暚‡’§¤ð ø BŤ‚MÞA³“•× ¢êæY§¤ÅÞ ¤æ ¤àڔ•­ ¢àÂ~¤ð øø

øø š±Ø…­•ØšrØMA¤ð øø

§Ü½¸ª Áâ~Þ ¿Øܤ•ð MâAš§Ø šª§Ø ¸ ø
¤¤ Ù¸kؚ•Ù¤‡× Ù¸³êæN§ ¸ª‡× XÞÀ¤ð øø 1 øø
B•ØهšØšªÙdØ¤ð B–:MAª~ٕÚÃwØ¤ð ø
§Ü–‡± ٸ§æ Äؖ‡±Ø× Ù¸Ù•¸Ø­Ä§ ¸Øĕؤð øø 2 øø
Bٚ š±Ø…­§¤Ø•Ø•Ø× šÞ„ØSæ„ØØهÄך‡Ø¤ð ø
MÞAÀ ¸èªØY§¤æ¸Ø„Ø ÙɁMAØÙª•ð §Ü–‡± •: øø 3 øø
§…ØöšªØ“Ø • Å§Þ¤æ­ ¢QæAÂÞ ¢X¸‚§Ùš ø
…Ø ³T¤~§êæXܖ‡± §Ø¸‹æÉ× š±¸­§ øø 4 øø
C¤êæS× ³T¤~ا­ ‚¸‚š±Ÿ–“šÙªÁܳ•è: ø
MAسSæšêæöÅÞ •: Äَ: ÄɸØĤޚæ§ÞÂؤð øø 5 øø
D‚§æð Ä؇ª× Ù¸’ؕ𠚱؅­•ØšrØM×A šw•ð ø
š±Ø›•Þ§Ø‚šª¤Ø× ¢ÛQA §ÙªØhš‡Ø¡h§êæ: øø

øø ¿Øܸª¸ª¤Þٕٸ§¤ÞQAMA¤ð øø

š±šæ š‡šØٕ šª¤š±æ¤Ä¥š‡Ø¤ð ø Äê襧hؤ؁â§êæXܖ‡±dª~èMAhÞÂØ× ÄØ¤ð øø 1 øø
Äך‚Ÿ¬šØ•ÞXÞ~è¸ §ÙŤ•ð ĸê歃تêæ §„Ø ¤•:š±Ä؇: ø
ÄَÅÄ¤× ‡æ¸ ¤æ¸ ‡æÁ× š±Ø›Þ× š±šæ ¢¸‡]ðÙ[±¤à³¤ð øø 2 øø
§–¤à³¤Ø½¸§Þh¤Øŧ¸Øª¤à³× MAؖê暧–â§Ù¤•: MAÀ~èMAÙĖ“êæ: ø
CÄ܇ĂÄÞ XÙ~Å§ ¤¤Øٚ ăØؤà³× ‡æ¸ hX‡£§Þ‡§èMA¤à³¤ð øø 3 øø
¿Øܤ‡±]Z× h§Þ šª¤× “ؤ æhêæٕ“Ø•× ¢à¤Ø ÙŤ•ð ¢¸Þ MÞAÁ³Ü MAêæöٚ ¢à¤ØÄÉا: ø
ه¹§× Å¤è هÁÞ Ù¸¢¸× ‡æÙÁMAêæ ‡æÙÁMAؕØ× MAسæ MAØ³æ ¸ª¸ª¤Þٕ: MAµš§–¤]Z³Øٕ øø
• d懱ؤؕÞh悧æÂØ dÞªØ dÞªSªÜ ø MAؤ¸Å…Ø× š±š–æ h–¸êæ ɖ ¤ØˆÁ: øø 5 øø
šÞ€§Ø¥¢êæhÙ¸MAØÄا šØš”¸Ø–S§Ø§ d ø ¿ØܤؕØÙ¸ª¢àŽ¤ à êè ªØ¤Ø•Þhه¸ØMAª: øø6øø
â~ÜMâAÙ¸ÙªrØØهٕª]ðMÞAÁÙ¸¢à§: ø ªØ¤Ø•Þhš‡Ø¥¢êæhĤؿا~ÁØÙ³•: øø 7 øø

¿Øܸ؂ŧ¸ª‡XÞÀÙ¢ª•ÞXÉâ ܁×
øø šª¤Ø…­½³êæMA’§¤ð øø

¸–‡æöÉ× ¸ª‡Ø§® × ¸‚ÄØÙ¢h•¢àÂ~¤ð ø ¢Øçؤ⁚±‡Ø•Ø: ÄsØܸ§Ù ¤Ø¤Ùš øø

ĂÄ]Z؎¸Ù•:ŚâÉêæ XÞÀ¤ÞUØeg°ÜÁ× š±šØ‚¤¸Ø•ð
š±Øª¡“× šÙª¢Þi§ MA¤­ÁMA³× š±SÜ~MA¤Ø­–ª: ø
–§ØÄØ‡æ¸ Ù•ª]ðMAÞ Á潸ª‡§Øٕ³­• à ¤Ø§Ø–¸§:
É؇ح•ÞX±É³¡“¤”§“¤Ù•’ØªØ ŸÙÉٕ­X­: øø1øø
¤ÞQAêæöÙd­Ù‡­•šà¸š­ SÂyއ]ð¤ØÄØ¡‡¸ØØ×Á¤Þ ‡ð
Y³êèÙ¸Þ’À~文±“؁â¤ÙɁÅÄܤؖÙĖ”¸Ø›³Þ: ø
¿ØܸèMAÞ €w¤Þš‚æ § ٕ‚§¤hy× ÙŤ•ð šªŸ±Ð~:
ÄاÞi§× Ĥ¸Ø›§ •–‡Ù Ä¤× æ•¸ è “–§: šÞ¤Ø•ð

š±ØÙ•­‚§Ø•ÞĖ“æ§× šª¤Ø…® ¤Þ¤ÞSÞÙ¢: ø ½³êæMA’§æ• Ä×ÙS›× ÄÞ¹§Q×A ¸ª‡êæöŸ±¸Üð øø

¿Øܸ؂ŧ¸ª‡XÞÀÙ¢ª•ÞXÉâ ܁×
øø šª‚¸ØهšrØMA¤ð øø

¸–‡æöÉ× ¸ª‡Ø§® × ¸‚ÄØÙ¢h•¢àÂ~¤ð ø ¢Øçؤ⁚±‡Ø•Ø: ÄsØܸ§Ù ¤Ø¤Ùš øø

FŽØ•ÞÄÉı¢ØŸªšª¹§êæ¤ØŚ‡× ٕ¤­³-
kؕؕ–‡[•Å¸¬š¤¤³kؕØه٢ÃÂyðX~ Þ :è ø
hÞÃt× ÄàÙªh•Øٓš× “…Ø]ZØ¡h× Äޢ à êæj¸³×
¿ØÜ¢àÄ湧¤•–¢êæÙXٕ³§× ¿ØܸØÄއæ¸× ¢hæ øø 1 øø
C¤êæ‡æ ¢Þ¸•æ š±¤êæ‡ F Äפêæ‡æ d Ä]OÂ~ ­ ×
š±¥Þ •× d …ØöٕÀŒ¤Ùš Ø•ð ÄâÙÃtÙŅÜ d؛§§¤ð
MÞA¸Ø­~ؕð ¤Ù¤ÞV§ÂyðX~
Þ ¸ªè§Q Þ­ AØ×ÙńاÞY¤Ø‚¤MèA:
¹§àÉØٓÙÃw¸ØÄއ渤ٚ × SܪÜÙ¡“•Ø…× ¢hæ øø 2 øø

š±Ó؇ظ•¢à٤٢S~hXْM±Aؖ§êæ §Ù‚M±A§Ø: ø
‡ÞÃtS„ØٕŸÉ­~× ‡Á¤ÞUؐޖ¤à³•× MA­~×
MAØÙ³–Ø BفšØšM×AÄٕ“•× §‚M±AÜÙy× × •Þ¤: øø 3 øø
§êæ ‡æ¸ØهdÞÙ¸­“æÂÞ hٕÂÞ Ÿ±Ð؀yMAêæÁؖªæ
Ä×¢QæAÂÞ dªØdªæÂÞ Ù•¸Ä™ØØŁæ ćØö–Ÿ­ÙÉ: ø
Ù¸Ã~Þ × ٕÙU³æø~Þø~ށª× ¢à§ÅÄÞ ¢à§Åª×
ŸØ]ðXÞÃwš±Ù¤× d §êæÙXÉ⇧æøØÄܕ¤ÜÁ× ¢hæ øø 4 øø
¿Øܪ]ZŅ³¸æ]tO Øه±MAÙªÙX§Ø­‡êè ÁæöÃtêæƒØªæ
Ņؕæ X±Ø¤Ù•MæA•æÂÞ d Ä‡Ø ÄØٙؔ§¤ØÄæ‡ÞÂæ ø
BdØ­¬Ùš~¤d­MAØÙ¢¤Ù: ŸÜMÞA¸­æ Ù¸X±É×
šàhØ× dØÙU³¸ØÚqgØ•ð Ù¸ªæ ¿ØÜÁا Å¤è •¤: øø 5 øø

š±ØÙ¸­Ã~êæ: šª‚¸ØهšrØMAŁÞف¤ÞƒØ¤Ø¤ð ø šw•ð š±Ø›•êæف ¢X¸ŽÛQA ¸ª‡Ù•Ù¤­Ø¤ð øø
About the Author:

Sri U. VE . Koyil Athan Vijayaraghavachariar

Sri U. VE .Koyil AthanVijyaraghavachar swami is well
known to the srivaishnava community through is relentless
services in preserving the poorvacharya vyAkhyAnams. He is
one of among the front liners to explore the type writing
software’s in tamil and Sanskrit. In 2006 the entire set of
Srivachana bhUshaNa commentary with its two
Arumpadavurai came out in excellent condition and for the
first ever time the arumpadavurai seen printing ink in Tamil.
His present priority is Edu with its Adayavalanjan
arumpadavurai, and jeeyar arumpadavurai, which has reached
up to the 6 ten of thiruvaymozhi. The coming years will see the rest of the tens as well as a
detailed pramanathirattu. He is presently working on some rahasya granthas like prameya
rathnam, vilakshana mokshadhikara nirnayam, muktha bhogavali, Acharya hridayam Ayee
commentary, arumpada commentaries for dwaya and charamasloka prakaranams of


Vedic Books committee
Maintaining an ancient temple is better than building a hundred new ones. That is the reason
why Yashoda who brought up Sri Krishna, attained greater eminence compared to Devaki who
gave birth to Him. When the temple is a Divyadesam,
SERVE OUR TEMPLES ( ANCIENT VAISHNAVA  the service is all the more significant. “Serve our
SHRINES ‐ DIVYA DESAMS) Temples” is an initiative to help our temples by restoring
basic services, food, shelter, education, financial independence

Dream a little. Do a little

"What we can do, we must" - As He allows us to use His resources for Him via devotees like us.

Back home in India, there are so many temples deprived of their basic needs and services,
primarily due to lack of funds. With galloping prices, temple assets stripped, no government
support, the temples have never found it as difficult to sustain as they have now. Most of the
temples are deprived of basic necessities for the unhindered performance of minimum daily

1. One priest to offer prayers and keep the premises clean and open for devotees (Rs: 2500 per

2. Food (Prasadam), Oil, Flowers (Rs 2500 per month)

With just $100 per month (Rs 5000 per month) we have a divine opportunity to preserve a
temple. It is the solemn duty to preserve the temple not only for current day devotees to have a
divine Darshan but also for our future generations.

From the U.S, far away from India, yet you can still make a difference. Allow His Grace to flow,
and spend His money for His causes.

Vedics Foundation volunteers to serve as a bridge between those willing devotees who have
resources and the temples in need. Vedics has already reached out to a few temples.

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Many of our purvacaharyas books are on the
verge of being lost forever. Many more
vyakhyana books as preserved in 1700’s are already extinct. We have to preserve the
existing books, especially books on Mulam (sources) and their explanations

Mulam preservation: The 4000 Dhivya prabhandam. Every year we see changes being
introduced into the 4000 sacred verses. We have to print the originals as preserved in
1800s. This needs to be distributed as is in the original form and also be translated in to
other languages. Once the originals are preserved, their vyakhyanams should be
preserved. PeriyaVacchan Pillai has given us the vyakhyanams for the 4000. Our
Acharya lineage has expounded on this and given us vyakhyanmas in varying depth. All
this needs to be made available to the public. Vedic_Books has started work in this
progress. Please join this service.

We have started this work with initial focus on Sri PB Annangarachar Swami. Recently
vedics helped the republication of ThirunedunthAndakam commentary of swami periya-
v-AcchAn piLLAi. In the release function in srirangam, our Acharyas expressed their
deep gratitude towards the overseas kainkaryaparas of vedics and blessed us to
continue the kainkaryams. They expressed their wishes to have more and more
preservation works to be carried out with the help of vedics.

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Strive to lead a life in which you will never hurt a fellow living being for any reason.
Earn to live, educate, support and serve and not for the sake of pursuing materialistic
Donate however little it may be to noble causes. Feeding the needy is the highest
form of charity.

Be happy and content that you are His property.
Thank your preceptors at least once a day for blessing you with this awareness.

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Strive to live a life free from selfish desires and anger.

Always adorn a peaceful smile; it will work on others and on you too
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