Attacking Keys (when you have the ball): • Press Q+Directional Keys to make off the ball player run. • Press W+Directional Keys for fast passing in front of the receiver. • Hold E+Directional Keys to run. • Use A+Directional Keys for lob pass (with power meter). • Press S+Directional Keys to pass. • Use D+Directional Keys to shoot (with power meter). Tap it once for head kick and twice for voley kick. • Press Z to activate off the ball players. You can select another player by tapping Z. Then use Shift+Directional Keys to move the selected player. • Use Shift+Directional Keys for dribbling. Defending Keys: • Hold Q+Directional Keys to deposes your opponent (smart conservative tackle). • Hold W to make the Goalie come out for the ball. • Hold E+Directional Keys to run. • Press A (+Directional Keys optional) for sliding tackle. • Press S to control another player. • Press D (+Directional Keys optional) for conservative tackle. • Hold Shift to stop your player.

Lay-off Shot Keys: • Hold Shift+Directional Keys to choose you ball effect. • You have to tap 3 times D in order to get the ball on target. Tap it once to start the indicator. Tap it again before the red line and one more tap to stop the indicator on the Precision Meter.

TIPS & TRICKS Corner tips:

When you get a corner, after you choose an option, you have 3 players who can reach the ball. Press D for player 1, A for player 2 and W for player 3. Then you must loose your marking player get to the ball. If your player stands on the place where the ball will come, then you must back-off and the come back again so your player will have the first chance to kick the ball. Press D to kick the ball. When you gave away a corner, it’s easy to defend if you know how. If the opponent attacker is outside the box try to block him and in the same time get your goalie out(W) to catch the ball or punch it out. If the opponent attacker stands on the place where the ball will come, then you must back-off and the come back again in order to get the ball out. Press D to kick the ball.

Dribbling tips&tricks: • Tap Shift+Forward for bicycle dribbling. • Tap Shift+Forward+Backward for lateral dribbling (very effective when the opponent stands in front of you) • Tap Shift when you are running(E) to accelerate and loose the player that follows you. Only if you don’t have another opponent in front of you. • Before a player gets the ball hold E and press Shift+Directional Keys to immideatly kick the ball forward and run after it in order to accelerate the game.

Defendig tips&tripcks: • You must make a lot of pressing to get the ball from the opponents. When the ball is in the midfield you shouldn’t slide for the ball. You just have to hold Q and to direct your player to the opponent to take the ball from him. Or just follow him until he will try a lob pass. • When the opponent lobs the ball forward you can press A or D to to make an interception or to kick the ball. • If you have no other option to stop the opponent attackers then hold on W to get the goalie after the ball. Release the key when you think it’s time for him to make a save.

This Manual is created to help you develop your game play. I hope this is usefull to you. Enjoy playing Fifa 2005! by Ionescu Radu (

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