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What is a Foam Pig ? And how is a Foam Pig used ?

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Follow Wrennen Wrennen Sizemore Foam pigs are used in several ways i.e. pipeline cleaning, nitrogen purges, hydrotest, cleaning and drying, batching product. 8 days ago Like

Follow Colin Colin Cathrea Wrennen is correct. Foam pigs can also be used to dewater after a hydrotest and before a caliper pig is run. This in case there is debris, dents, or anything that could hold up a disk type pig. They come in various foam densities and can have various plastic wrapping. 8 days ago Like

Follow Alida Alida Yusifzade In operations we found foam pigs useless - tried using it in a "durty" pipeline, and when it reached debris it collapsed. Had to send another one to push it home. For now do not know any successful stories using foam pigs during operations. Might be useful for commissioning though. 7 days ago Like

Follow Graham Graham Cowie Our company has an alternative pig to foam pigs called L-Gel, this behaves similarly but is designed to be able to be launched without dedicated pigging facilities. The other main advantage is that it is a shape memory material and is able to go through restrictions in excess of 2:1 and then return to it's original size. It can also be extruded through a check valve at the end of the pipeline and recovered/degrade in the environment eliminating the need for recovery facilities.

We have used L-Gel around the world (though most commonly in the north sea). The video on our website gives a rough idea of the material. If you would like more information, please contact me. 7 days ago Like

Follow Gustavo Gustavo Guerrero We have used foam pigs for cleaning with good results.They do not have the sealing capabilty of a disc pig, but they can pass trough some tough spots. The selection of length, density, wrapping and additional features is fundamental for a good result. 2 days ago Like

Follow William (Bill) William (Bill) Trout Foam pigs can be used for all the applications list by others above. However, if you are preparing a pipeline for a MFL ILI or Ultrasonic Inspection, a foam pig will not clean the line effectively if you want quality inspection data. If you are unsure if the pipeline is clean or the present passage capabilities, I would start out with a medium density foam/swab pig and progressively increase to a heavier density foam pig with a urethane coating. I would also track the pigs with a pinger/transmitter & receiver to monitor the velocities between known features in the pipeline. As you monitor the debris at the receiver trap and condition of the pig, you can judge how agressive you can progress with your cleaning program to avoid a stuck pig. Utimately, you would progress to more agressive cleaning pigs such as: solid cast poly pigs, steel body pigs with cups and discs, steel body brush / magetic pigs and steel body pigs with cleaning discs. Many factors attribute to the exact methods of cleaning a pipeline, as I would examine each segment on a case by case basis. Hope this helps.. 1 day ago Like

Follow Daniel Daniel Dure The Foam pig are highly deformable very light equipment. Foam pigs are a very soft cleaners. They are not the best way to clean pipelines. Just you can use this pigs in batchs and for drying pipelines in commission. One way to make them effective is when you suspect the existence of geometric distortion, placing them a gauge plate, for example 75% of internal diameter. Run these pigs in gas lines are highly dangerous, they can close the discharge of the barrels, interrupting the supply of gas.

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Follow ISMAIL ISMAIL ISMAYATIM foam pig details such as densities,size,material,weight, coating are important criteria when choosing foam pigs.

the function of foam pigs are : -dewatering, -passage clearance (recommended for -rescue pig. -purge -cleaning, -batching.

but, foam pig is not a really good cleaning pig. we still have another options on cleaning pigs such as descaling,dewaxing,bi-di with brushes.

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Follow Alida Alida Yusifzade What is the dewaxing pig then? 14 hours ago Like

Follow Andrey Andrey Vassiliev Alida, de-waxing pig is a pig with a special cup and brush configuration to remove hard wax in oil lines. If you let me know your e-mail address I can send you a picture 13 hours ago Like

Follow Jeter Jeter Freitas What is a Foam Pig? It is constructed from foam and its density is variable depending on its application; it is usually classified as low, medium and high density.

And how is the Pig Foam used? Must be the first pig to be run in a pipeline in which you are unaware of their condition. The first pigging foam should be of low density and you will density increased with increasing the aggressiveness of the operation. The foam pigs may also have a polymeric coating which ensures greater strength and aggressiveness in the cleanup stages of a pipeline. When you are operating a pipeline specify a coating layer on the bottom of the pig so as to reduce the permeability of gas through the foam which will cause it to operate at the speed of flow. To use the foam pig you have to install a basket recipient of the pig receiver installed, otherwise the pig will follow for the process can obstruct a valve, for example. Another caution that should be adopted is in the pipeline cleaning operations that present a corrosion process in place, because the corrosion product that is impregnated in the pig, especially pigs without cover which causes the pig between ignited when placed in contact with oxyge