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REVIEW 1 INSTRUCTION: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. Mark only one answer for each answer by underlining the letter of your choice on the sheet provided. STRICTLY NO ERASURES ALLOWED. 1. The first known set of laws to survive and be available for study today which intended to establish property and other rights is: a. The Justinian code b. Common law c. The code of Hammurabi * d. The twelve tables 2. The famous Roman twelve tables were written about 450 B.C. and are collection of basic rules related to family, religion, and economic life: a. True * b. False 3. The code of Hammurabi is best describe as: a. Consisting of the institutes, the digest and the code b. One of the first known bodies of law to survive * c. A legal code written around 500 A.D. d. The law in Islamic courts 4. The ancient term Shi-Reeve can be translated into contemporary English as: a. Power of the country b. Officer of the country c. Sheriff * d. Officer of the stable 5. When a person was victimized in olden times (England around 1000 A.D.) it was their job to: a. Call the police b. Raise the hue and cry * c. Hunt down the offender by themselves d. File a complaint with the local magistrate 6. When a person committed an offense and could be identified, he was usually pursued by an organized_______: a. Party b. Posse * c. Bounty hunter d. Officer 7. Patrol officers who are fresh from training, begin their career as_____: a. Bailiffs b. Day watchmen c. Night watchmen d. Rookies * 8. Who formed the worlds first modern police force: a. Colonel Charles Rowan b. Sir Robert Peel * c. Richard Mayne d. Charles Lynch 9. The Shi-Reeve was: a. The victim of the crime around 1200 A.D. 1

b. An officer of the posse c. The leader of the county * d. The organizer of the posse 10. Who was the magistrate who attracted a force of dedicated officers, dubbed the Bow Street Runners: a. Jonathan Wild b. Henry Fielding * c. Robert Peel d. Charles Rowan 11. This is a form of social control where all freemen took an oath of fidelity to the king; a. Peace guilds b. Frankpledge systems * c. Order d. Commune juree 12. A geographical area roughly equivalent to a county: a. Shire * b. Municipality c. Urban d. District 13. Who maintained an elaborate intelligence system that kept the emperor well informed: a. Joseph Fouche * b. Eugene Francois Vidocq c. Napoleon Bonaparte d. Louis the XIV 14. He became the head of the small detective unit of the Paris police: a. Napoleon Bonaparte b. Joseph Fouche c. Eugene Francois Vidocq * d. Louis the XIV 15. This is the law committed to the elimination of class distinctions: a. Law of Retaliation b. Law of Draco c. Law of the twelve tables d. Mosaic law * 16. As provided by the Philippine constitution of 1987, the PNP shall be: a. Absorb by the former PC and shall become a national police b. National in character and civilian in scope c. National in scope and Civilian in character * d. None of these 17. The authority by which the PNP is to maintain peace and order in the country is: a. Legislative mandate b. Constitutional mandate * c. A general order d. A popular demand by the citizenry 18. The term used to describe the opportunity of law enforcement officers to exercise choice in their daily activities is. a. Decision b. Judgment c. Discretion * d. Thinking e. Thought 19. The Basic elements of the Police Mission includes all EXCEPT one. a. Prevent and Control Crimes b. Maintain Peace and Order c. Enforce the Law d. Ensure public safety and internal Policy 2

e. Public Administration * 20. Which of the following terms refers to the field of supervisory activities directly related to daily police work? a. Span of Control b. Chain of Command c. Staff Operations * d. Line Operations e. Line and Staff Operations 21. All EXCEPT one is a type of Police organization: a. Line Organization b. Matrix organization c. Operational Organization * d. Line and Staff Organization e. Staff or Functional Organization 22. The act responsible for the organization of the insular constabulary is known as: a. R.A 6975 * b. P.D 765 c. R.A 187 d. Act # 183 23. R.A 8551 was approved on: a. January 25, 1998 b. February 25, 1998 * c. January 25, 1990 d. February 25, 1990 24. What is NOT a staff function? a. Ballistics * b. Administrative investigation c. Personnel administration d. services 25. When you refer to the basic limitations that an officer can handle men is under to what kind of principle of police organization? a. Span of Control * b. Scalar principle c. Unity of command d. Command principle e. All of the above 26. You been serving the Police service for more than 21 years and you want to retire because you could no longer accept the system in the service. What kind of retirement could you avail? a. Compulsory retirement * b. Mandatory retirement c. Exemplary retirement d. Force retirement e. None of the above 27. Officer Vheverly Gador has arrived at the scene of a family disturbance. Two other officers are in the front yard of the residence, fighting with family members. Officer Gador pulls out her departmentally approved nightstick and runs up to help one of the officers. A woman steps up and swings a broken beer bottle at Officer Gador's head. What should she do next? a. Try to snatch the beer bottle out of her hand and hope he doesn't get cut. b. Strike her in a departmentally approved target area so she will drop the bottle. * c. Immediately call for more backup. d. Dodge her blows and continue on to help the officer being attacked. Officers who use pepper spray to disperse a crowd should do the following:

b. c. d.

1. Warn other officers that pepper spray is about to be deployed. 2. Order the crowd to disperse. 3. Take a position upwind of the crowd. 4. Direct the spray into the crowd while continuing to order them to disperse. 5. Provide first aid to anyone who is overcome by the spray. 28. Officers Gempero, Cutimar, and Atillo are called to the scene of a large fight in front of Joven's Grill. When they arrive, they see around 15 adult males bunched up in the parking lot punching each other. Officer Gempero pulls out his canister of pepper spray. What should he do next? a. Order the crowd to stop fighting. b. Warn the other two officers that he's about to spray the crowd. * c. Warn the crowd that he has pepper spray. d. Stand downwind of the crowd before spraying. 29. Officers Tapdazan and Olojan arrive at City Hall to find a mob rocking Mayor Rama's car back and forth in the street. Officer Tapdazan shouts to Officer Olojan that she is going to use her pepper spray. What should she do next? a. Stand downwind of the crowd. b. Shout to the crowd to disperse. * c. Warn the crowd that pepper spray is about to be deployed. d. Stand upwind of the crowd before using the spray. 30. A police department that focuses on working with citizens to improve the quality of life in the community would be using which type of policing style? a. Watchman * b. Militaristic c. Legalistic d. Service e. Tithing 31. Discretion provides Police Officers with a. Opportunity to make choices in their daily Activities * b. Opportunity to apply Knowledge c. Opportunity to remove Fear d. Release trouble with immediate supervisor e. Problems in the family 32. The type of police organizational structure of the Philippine National Police is: a. Line police organization b. Functional police organization c. Line and Staff police organization * d. Hierarchal police organization e. Bureaucratic police organization 33. The geographic area to which an officer is assigned for patrol purposes on foot is known as: a. Line Area Route Beat * 34. Usually the largest in a PNP department that is divided into several divisions: a. Bureau * b. Division c. Sector d. Area e. Jurisdiction 35. Considered as smaller than or subdivision of the Bureau: a. Division * b. Sector c. Area d. District 4

36. This is a functional unit with in a division; performing a specialized job like theft and robbery, homicide and anti narcotics: a. Section * b. Division c. Sector d. Area e. None of the Above 37. A territorial unit with a fixed point or location to which a police officer is assigned such as designated desk at office, cross road for traffic duties of spot or location for guard duties: a. Post * b. Route c. Beat d. Sector e. None of the above 38. A territorial unit where the length of street designated for patrol purposes and also called a line beat. a. Post b. Route * c. Beat d. Sector e. District 39. A territorial unit where an area is containing two or more routes, beats or post: a. Route b. Beat c. Sector * d. District e. Area 40. A territorial unit that has a geographical subdivision of a city for patrol purposes usually with its own station: a. Route b. Beat c. Sector d. District * e. Area A territorial unit with a section or a territorial division: a. Route b. Beat c. Sector d. District e. Area * 42. The success of foot patrol in controlling crime was discovered in: a. England b. London * c. Scotland d. Paris 43. Any person, thing, situation or which if allowed existing may induce accident or cause the commission of a crime is known as: a. Barrier b. Danger c. Hazard * d. Anxiety 44. The only form of police service that directly attempts to eliminate the desire and opportunity to commit a crime is referred to as: a. Patrol * b. Crime prevention 5

a. b. c. d.

c. Crime investigation d. Traffic supervision 45. The reduction / elimination of the desire or opportunity to commit a crime are known as: a. Crime suppression b. Crime reduction c. Crime prevention * d. Crime investigation 46. When foot patrol operations are being used the first thing that the officer should do upon arriving at his patrol area is: Blow the whistle Inform the barangay captain Take down the arrival time * Make complete tour 47. An act governing the organization and management of private security agency, company guard forces, and government security forces: a. R.A 5874 b. R.A 5487 * c. R.A 5784 d. R.A 5748 All EXCEPT one are the aspects of protective security: a. Physical security 2. National Security 3. Personnel security 4. Document and information security * A type of security that is broadest in type: a. Physical security * b. Industrial security c.Bank security d. Hotel security e.None of the above This is the security of industrial plants and business enterprise: a. Physical security b. Industrial security * c. Bank security d. Hotel security 51. This is the security for cash and assets which are stored, in transit or in transactions: a. Cash security b. Bank security * c. V.I.P security d. Operational security 52. This is the security for hotel guest and their personal effects, hotel properties and functions inside the hotel: a. Communication security b. Hotel security * c. V.I.P security d. Guest security e. None of the above 53. This is the secret knowledge of the enemy, the kind of knowledge stands independently of the means by which it is obtained and the process by which it is distilled: a. Information b. Intelligence * c. Secret d. Opinion e. Ideas 6

54. Define as safety from foreign coercion or intimidation, safety from variety of circumstances and protection of freedom loving people everywhere. a. Security b. National Security * c. National Intelligence d. National Safety 55. A system or plan whereby information of intelligence value is obtained through the process direct intercommunication. a. Elicitation * b. Interview c. Interrogation d. Questioning e. Confession 56. Clandestine activities designed to influence events abroad without the role of being apparent. a. Covert Action * b. Covert Operation c. Covert Act d. Covert Intelligence e. Covert Method 57. In the steps of recruitment in phase one, this means looking for people who have access. a. b. c. d. e. Spotting * Selecting Appointing Prospecting Targeting 58. In connection to question 39. This takes the form of meeting and getting to know the target. A close, personal relationship is cultivated, and trust is built is; a. Recruiting * b. Spotting c. Selecting d. Inviting e. Handling 59. The source of A-1 information comes from what type of sources in the source of information in the evaluation guide in phase three of intelligence cycle. Chief of unit * DPA agent Reports by PNP or AFP troops Interrogation of Captured Enemy Observation of Government/Civilian Employee 60. ALL EXCEPT ONE are the users of Intelligence: a. National Leaders b. Advisors and Staff c. Foreign Dignitaries * d. Branches of the Armed Forces e. Processor 61. What is the name for a high-level agent who normally only provides extremely valuable information? a. double agent b. mole * c. sleeper d. infiltrator 62. Almost all the motives for becoming such a person are expressed in the acronym MICE (Money, Ideology, Compromise, Ego). Sex falls under what category? 7

a. b. c. d. e.

a. b. c. d. e. a. b. c.

b. c. d. a. b. c. d.

a. b. c. d.

a. Money b. Ideology c. Compromise * d. Ego 63. The use of beautiful women in baited situation is known as planting a; a. Honey trap * b. Delilah c. Bait d. Gift e. All of the above 64. Secrecy and Security are important. The intelligence community work with lists the same way Homeland security works with data bases, and this is the reason why they (Employees, Personnel) are required to have____________because their job requires them to have access to classified information that is not only controlled but channeled. I.D / identification Security Clearances * Pass Security Pass Badge 65. Fact is one of the terms that have standardized usage in intelligence works. Fact means; Verified information; something known to exist or to have happened * The content of reports, research and reflection on an intelligence issue Information relating to an intelligence issue d. Depiction of the manner in which information was obtained, in order to assist in evaluating the likelihood that the context is factual. 66. Informations purpose is to gain, by means of profit, reward, compensation or favor. a. Informant Informer * Snitch Asset 67. In the classification of matter, Secret, Top secret, confidential and restricted, this classifications were classified according to its color. The color for confidential is; Blue * No color specified Red Yellow 68. A classification of matter that the Informations and matters the unauthorized disclosure of which would endanger the Nation politically, economically and from security aspect. Secret * Top Secret Confidential Restricted 69. Tapilot is the Usec. of the Department of National Defense conducted an emergency meeting regarding the threat of possible coercion and intimidation of a foreign country. Her action indicates that she is aware of the importance of: Strategic Intelligence United Nation National Alliance National Security * 8

INTERPOL 70. Special Agent Tormis is in-charge with security works with the list the same way the Central Intelligence Agency security works with data bases. Certain employees in the different sector required to have security clearances because their job requires them to have access to classified documents. Special Agent Tormis is applying? No I.D / No entry Security clearance Secrecy and Security * Back ground check 71. Miss yecyec is working in Central Intelligence Division; her work is to process information to make it useful to policy makers and Military commanders. This processing of information is called? Gathering Analysis * Collecting Counter Intelligence Information Gathering 72. Agent 47 is gathering information and analyzing its connectivity of each and the relation of one to other. This practice is called? a. b. c. d. e. Analysis Gathering Connecting the dots * Collation Synthesis 73. In Drivers and Linchpins, Drivers are key variables and unknown factors that analysts judge most likely to determine the outcome of a complex situation. Agent Masong has this three uncertain factors; Assignment in lea4, Loyalty of her co-Liaison officers who might be a mole and the out come of this examination. All three are judge as carrying equal weight as? a. b. c. d. e. a. b. c. d. e. Drivers * Linchpins Problems Trials Burden The Analysts working assumptions about the situation are referred as; Drivers Linchpins * Problems Trials Burden 75. Because there are so many possible combinations for such a code (a "simple substitution cipher"), the code is virtually unbreakable. True False * 9

a. b.

a. b. c. d.

a. b. c. d. e. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d.

a. b. c. d. e. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d.

a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d.

76. The need for more secure cryptography blossomed in 1844 with the invention of what communications device? Telephone Telegraph * Morse code Radio 77. One of the triumphs of modern cryptanalysis was the breaking of what cipher used by German U-Boats during World War II? Enigma * Steganos Vigenere Cyptos Pig pen What British intelligence agency is the counterpart of the CIA? MI6 * MI5 SIG SOS The Mossad is the name of the spy agency for what country? Iran Iraq Libya Israel * 80. Name the German intelligence agency responsible for overseas intelligence and counter intelligence during WW II: Gestapo Abwehr * BND DRU NAZI This organization was also known as the Committee for State Security. Russian Intelligence KGB * BND Iron Curtain This agency was the ancestor of today's CIA. CIS OSS * DNI FBI 83. Technical and Geolocation intelligence information derived from foreign noncommunications electromagnetic radiations emanating from other than nuclear detonations or radioactive sources is known as...? Elint * Sigint Photint Radint 84. What U.S organization is responsible for domestic counter-terrorist intelligence gathering? CIA FBI * DEA Bundesnachrichtendienst 85. Hard question time: This agency provides intelligence investigations and support for the German government. 10

a. b. c. d.

a. b. c. d. e. a. b. c. d. e. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. e. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. a. b.

BND * DDN SVR GCS 86. An applicant whos born on year 1991graduate of criminology, and a cum laude could apply in the recruitment of the PNP even if the applicant has no NAPOLCOM exam or board examination; Agree * Disagree Partially agree Partially disagree No comment Appointment for PO1 to SPO IV for regional personnel is done by: Chief of Police Chief PNP Regional Director * NAPOLCOM DILG 88. Any complaint made by an individual person against any member of the PNP shall be brought to the following EXCEPT one: Chief of police Mayor PLEB Governor* 89. In the key positions, the head of the PNP with the rank_________shall have the position title of ____________; Director general; chief of the PNP * Director; chief of police Director ; inspector general Director ; commissioner general 90. An applicant whos citizenship is Filipino but grown up in the U.S could apply in the PNP. Agree Disagree Partially agree Partially disagree Cant decide An applicant who obtained 72 college units could apply in the PNP? Yes No Yes if we will base on R.A 6975 72 college units is no longer applicable * 92. Under the scalar principle, it says that the group of police officers should only be under the control of one superior or ranking officer. Unity of command principle * Span of control principle Delegation of authority None of the above R.A 6975 was approved on: January 13, 1990 March 31, 1990 February 13, 1990 December 13, 1990 * 94. NAPOLCOM is created for the purpose of effectively discharging the functions prescribed in the Constitution. Agree * Disagree 11

c. d. e.

a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. e. a. b. c. d.

a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. e.

Partially agree Partially disagree Cant decide 95. The Commission shall be a collegial body within the Department. It shall be composed of a _______ and four (4) regular commissioners, one (1) of whom shall be designated as Vice-Chairman by the President. Chairman * Commissioner Supervisor Manager 96. Under R.A 6975 or the PNP law, the __________ has the power to choose the chief of police of his municipality/police station. Chief PNP Director General Mayor * Congressman Governor The Philippine National Police core values are; Service, Honor, Justice * Service, Honor, Integrity Service, Honor, Duty Service Honor, Country 98. A principle of the police organization that says police are effective if it enables every officer to play a part in the attainment of the objectives of the police organization. Principle of unity of objective * Scalar principle Principle of authority level Principle of absolute responsibility 99. Maintains orders and enforces the criminal law. It initiates the criminal justice system by the arrest of the offender/criminal. Law Enforcement * Prosecution Court Corrections Community 100. A uniformed policeman saturates this particular area during his tour of duty as a foot patroller. This area is called? a. Geographic area b. Police beat * c. Patrol district d. Sector e. All of the above 101. The most effective method of determining the rate of crime in a particular area is to: a. Conduct a community survey b. Find out the total number of index crime per hundred thousand population per month * c. Conduct ocular inspection d. Consult policemen familiar with the area e. All of the above 102. What type of policing retains the traditional police goal of professional crime fighting but enlarges the enforcement target to include nontraditional kinds of criminals? a. Target policing b. Community policing c. Strategic policing * 12

a. b. c. d. e. a. b. c. d.

a. b. c. d. e.

d. Problem solving policing e. Pro active policing 103. There is great importance for the establishment of the PNP Maritime patrol for the reason that our country has: a. Long highways b. Mountainous areas c. Vast coastlines * d. Criss-crossing esteros e. Illegal fishermen 104. The concept of creating illusions that policemen are everywhere is a formed of? a. Patrol * b. Investigation c. Stake out d. Detection e. None of the Above 105. This is the security for hotel guest and their personal effects, hotel properties and functions inside the hotel: Communication security Hotel security * V.I.P security Guest security None of the above 106. This is the protection of top ranking officials and other high risk personnel: Close in security Guest security V.I.P security * Presidential security 107. This is the protection of documents, classified papers and vital records from loss, access from unauthorized persons, damage, and theft and compromised, through proper storage and procedures: Classified security Confidential security Document security * Theft security All of the above 108. Measures to prevent or delay the enemy or unauthorized person in gaining information through communication: a. Information security b. Communication security * c. Operation security d. Infiltration security 109. Effectively date of R.A 5487 and its amendments: a. October 8, 1994 * b. October 8, 1995 c. October 7, 1995 d. October 7, 1994 110. A term in England for lock picker, safe cracker, and penetrators of restricted areas or rooms: a. Peter piper b. Peter pan c. Peter man * d. Lupin e. None of the above 111. There are many ways of providing protective guarding in a compound. Some recommend the use of electronic hardwares, human guards and even animals. In England an owner of a compound used this as it turned out to be more effective and cheapest to maintain: 13

a. b. c. d. e.

a. b. c. d. e.

a. Tigers and Lions b. Security guards c. Geese * d. Dogs 112. Company guards, agency guards and _________ are three categories of security guards belonging to the Blue army as referred to by the former General Fidel V. Ramos: a. Body guards b. Government security guards * c. Sentinels d. PNP 113. PADPAO means: a. Philippine Association of Detective and Protector Agency Operators, Inc. b. Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators, Inc.* c. Philippine Agencies of detective and Protective Agency Operators, Inc. d. Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Organization Inc. 114. The best formation for the police in controlling riot or mob: a. Line formation b. Diagonal formation c. Wedge formation *** d. Interlocked armed formation 115. The ultimate means of maintaining public order during riot or mob is the used of: Force * Discipline Wedge formation Barricade None of the above 116. In riot control, it is a must for the police to have proper: a. Training and uniforms b. Discipline and uniforms c. Training and discipline * d. Formation and organization e. Haircut and uniform 117. Successful riot dispersal is measured by: a. Short period of dismissal b. Absence of injured persons c. Complete dispersal without anybody injured * d. Media exposure and political acknowledgement e. Recognition from the President of the Philippines 118. To insure success is one of the ultimate purposes of police _________ a. Planning * b. Coordinating c. Motivation d. Management e. None of the above 119. The three fundamental processes of police administration are: Planning, Controlling and budgeting Planning, Directing and Coordinating Planning, Controlling, Directing * Planning, Organizing and Directing None of the Above 120. When the organizational structure of the police is poor and the organizational concept is poorly understood or applied, the____________ of the department will be severely affected. a. Disposition b. Character c. Efficiency * 14

d. Structure e. Teamwork 121. In police organizations, field activities or supervisory activities directly related to dayto-day police work. a. Staff operations b. Line operations * c. Organic operations d. Operational standard e. None of the above 122. A style of policing marked by a strict concern with enforcing the precise letter of the law. Legalistic departments may take a hands-off approach to disruptive or problematic behavior that does not violate the criminal law. a. Stylistic style b. Legalistic style * c. Simplistic style d. Enforcement style e. Administrative style 123. A style of policing marked by a concern for order maintenance. Watchman policing is characteristic of lower-class communities where police intervene informally into the lives of residents to keep the peace. a. Wathdog style b. Watchman style * c. Watch policing d. Sieko watch e. Watch program 124. A style of policing marked by a concern with helping rather than strict enforcement. Service-oriented police agencies are more likely to take advantage of community resources, such as drug-treatment programs, than are other types of agencies. a. Service style * b. Police style c. Watchman style d. Community style e. Policing style 125. The administrative activities of controlling, directing, and coordinating police personnel, resources, and activities in the service of preventing crime, apprehending criminals, recovering stolen property, and performing regulatory and helping services. a. Police organizing b. Police management * c. Police operation d. Police cooperation e. None of the above 126. The special responsibility to adhere to moral duty and obligation that is inherent in police work. a. Police norms b. Police standards c. Police Morality d. Police culture e. Police ethics * 127. The unbroken line of authority that extends through all levels of an organization, from the highest to the lowest. a. Unity of command b. Chain of command * c. Command responsibility d. Command and control e. Delegation of command 128. Administration is: 15

The act of enforcing policies and translating them into effective action.* Management of traffic officers Rules of engagement Delegation of authority to all police officers 129. Conference and dialogues are _____________ approaches for promoting confidence, loyalty and interest on the police organization. a. Effective* b. Defective c. Mandatory d. Challenging e. All of the above 130. Police plans relating to patrol distribution, crime investigation, traffic, vice control, etc., are referred to as: a. Special Plans b. Extra-departmental plans c. Tactical Plans d. Operational Plans* 131. One of the following is not considered a major police plan. a. Operational plan b. Tactical plan c. Traffic re-routing plan * d. Procedure plan 132. To accomplish the purpose of patrol, crime investigation, traffic, vice, etc.. these can be found ina. Tactical plan b. Management plan c. Extra-departmental plan d. Operational plan * 133. If the plan is efficient, convenient and timely with the risk, cost involved the plan is said to bea. Suitable b. Feasible * c. Acceptable d. Collectible 134. If the police plan can accomplish the purpose or goal, then the plan is a. Suitable * b. Feasible c. Acceptable d. Observable 135. In preparing a police plan, when the planner lacks certain facts and these are not immediately plan, he would use to complete the work a. Assumption * b. Facts c. Analysis daily reports d. All of the above 136. Planning work in police headquarters is easy and can be done by young and new police officers without staff planner a. Agree b. Disagree * c. Partially agree d. Partially disagree e. Cant determine 137. An ideal senior police officer must be well-rounded in staff and field work interspersed with police service schooling. a. Agree * b. Disagree c. Partially agree
a. b. c. d.


d. Partially disagree e. Cant determine 138. Plans whether administrative, operational, or procedural must be updated only from higher headquarters a. Agree b. Disagree * c. Partially Agree d. Partially disagree e. Cant determine 139. Ordinarily, police plans must not be highly classified so that more concerned members can appreciate them for implementation purposes a. True * b. False 140. Of all the police plans, intelligence plans are the most highly sensitive and classified, and hence handling must be correspondingly critical a. True * b. False 141. It is ideal that their plans for all activities in the police unit to include those for emergencies so that when the bell rings, all the commander has to do is to pull out the folder containing the plan. For this reason, staff officers for plans must be busy making and updating plans which can occupy his full tour of duty as staff officer at headquarters. a. True * b. False 142. In the distribution for the investigative workloads, the supervisor should thoroughly consider the specific skills of his men to a particular criminal work for obvious reasons a. True * b. False 143. Police personnel assigned to juvenile need not have any background in sociology, psychology or social anthropology as their work pertains only prevention and apprehension of juvenile crimes or violations. a. True b. False * 144. As a commander, I will assign the less competent police competent police personnel in the auxiliary services as the works therein are not as demanding as in operations a. True b. False * c. Neither 145. The backbone or primary line of any type of police station is the patrol force a. True * b. False c. Neither 146. The purpose for a management survey of a police organization or unit is to find out defects of the police force. a. True b. False * c. Neither 147. Under the principles of police organization, each individual unit or situation shall be under immediate control of only one superior. a. True b. False c. Neither * 148. Inspection is one of the staff functions in police administration. a. True * b. False c. Neither 17

149. Operational plans are police plans, relating to patrol distribution, crime investigation, traffic and vice control a. True * b. False c. Neither 150. Comprehensive operational programs are regular and meeting unusual needs programs which the operations officers prepares at Police District Level a. True * b. False c. Neither