The Hinckley Legacy Chapter 4

by hippielayla86

The fourth chapter of the Hinckley family unfolds. Gavin grows up, and the parade of the NPCs begins.
Originally uploaded to Exchange on January 31, 2006

Welcome once again the Hinckley family legacy. This is Chapter 4, so you may want to read the other chapters first. Cheyenne here agrees with me, right? "Oh definitely, you'll get to see my in my prime!" Note: None of the custom content was made by me HippieLayla86, thank you to all who created it!

And now I want to introduce you to Erica Uripa, you may have seen her in the previous Hinckley albums, she has been Cheyenne's best friend since she's moved to Pleasantview. Why am I introducing her you may now ask? Well, she's hosting this Chapter of the Hinckley Legacy for us! How kind of her right?

Okay, now back to our main story. You can see here that Cheyenne has been studying hard to gain her last skill point of mechanical to achieve her life long want--Criminal Mastermind!!

Baby Gavin the heir welcomes you back with arms wide open. He sure is cute!

This is Madison after some shopping and a makeover. "I'm so marvelous!" Yup, the same old Madison.

And do you remember when Madison started to paint Cheyenne's portrait before her pregnancy with Gavin?

It's finished now.

Up on the wall it goes in the mausoleum.

Since Jace has been perma platinum for a while now, I just let him do as he pleases, and he's still productive, imagine that.

And now Cheyenne can join him and relax in her final days.

Okay, I'm sorry if anyone is offended by my removing the blur from little Gavin's baby bottom, but I think this is the cutest, most realistic picture I've taken of my sims... awww.

Now here comes the big day...

Who's nose will Gavin get... will he be blessed with charming features?

I hope it's not George's nose, or Jace's but if I had to pick it'd be Jace's nose I'd want on this little guy.

Smile Gavin, your Grandma Cheyenne loves you even though you're going to be a toddler.

One huge leap for Gavin

and with winter clothes he comes back down.

Aww, I think he actually has Cheyenne's nose! Who would've guessed it? Definitely not me that's for sure.

And Gavin's first word is "Grandma"

Even though it was a long time ago, Jace still has troubling dreams about his past life being a vampire..

Cheyenne is sure on a roll with this little guy. Many thank yous to Gavin for keeping his Grandma platinum!

Enter in the NPC crowd to meet toddler Gavin. First we have Lauren.

And of course Marylena.

A little zap and Cheyenne should be ready to introduce all of her friends/potential wives to her Grandson.

Now with the schmoozing...

Oh wow, we might have to get Dagmar and Kaylynn in on this contest as well...

And now it's Lauren's turn...

Cheyenne decides to greet Dagmar, the more the merrier!

Kaylynn sulks in the kitchen cleaning as she assumes she's out of the contest.

Gavin doesn't seem interested in Dagmar, that or Kaylynn's sulking is really distracting.

Cheyenne tries to tell Kaylynn that she wasn't ignoring her, she just needed Kaylynn to clean the house is all.

Meanwhile Madison is completely oblivious in dreamland of her Mother's conquest for Gavin's wife.

Once Madison is awake, she notices the crowd and cooks everyone lunch.

George looks happy for once!

Ah, a promotion. Good going man, only 4 more promotions and you're golden er platinum.

Cheyenne leaves all of the excitement to keep her platinum mood and help out Gavin with his essentials in life.

Now little Gavin is all set to go play with Mr. Rabbit head for the rest of his toddler years...

Jace gets home and he also wants to quiz these women for their potential in a marriage with Gavin.

Madison... I really hope you know what you're doing...

"Oh yes I do, jeez, why do you doubt me so much? I'm on my way to becoming a celebrity chef!" If you live that long....

"See, it's a masterpiece!!" I've been having Madison cook anything and everything all the time trying to gain that last cooking skill that she needs...

Poor little Gavin all alone in his crib... why isn't anyone coming to get him??

Oh that's right because it's in the middle of the night!

Early morning baths were Gavin's favorite activity with his Mom as a toddler.

Of course with a lot of snuggling afterward. This little guy sure is pampered!

George and Gavin dance to the music on George's day off.

Sure enough, you may think this is Dagmar, but no, her name is Joanne Hourvitz. I wanted to see what would happen if I called Dagmar while she was supposed to be delivering their mail.

And this is what I got, a cute Dagmar clone.

Little Gavin's possibilities are never ending!

Most of this little guy's toddler years were spent juiced up on magic milk.

And regular tickles from his mother.

George is finally getting up there, let's hope this helps him get promoted!

Madison is all dressed up... you know what that means right?

Party time!!

And why hello! We haven't seen you in a while Steffi! "Of course I wouldn't miss Gavin's birthday!" And that is why, ladies and gentleman, Steffi is the family favorite.

Wow, good thing sims don't need their own space!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Gavin" "I hope that you're cute!" <--- Me too Cheyenne, me too!

One swift puff...

And an Eskimo kiss...

Haha, I just love these pictures... I always get the best glitch pictures during parties... Once again that is Erica Uripa..

Hmm... at the moment it's too hard to tell who's nose Gavin has...

And with no surprise he grew up really well.

And who is the first person Gavin talks to? Steffi of course. Wouldn't you talk to the hot cheerleader that came to your birthday party?

Cheyenne leaves the festivities to keep herself platinum, she is only a few days away from death... and she doesn't go to work again until the night before of course!

"So, when I go to college, can I date you?" "Ah.... aren't you a little too young to be thinking about dating me... you're too young to be thinking about college in the first place!"

Ya know, I'd hate to see the face he makes when he has a bad party...

After all of the festivities are through, Madison cleans up the kitchen...

And Jace finds their dishwasher broken.

Well, I've heard the noodlesoother does wonders, so I gave it a try....

YES! Perma-platinum baby! Ah, Cheyenne, now you can really relax for your last... ah... 2 days..

Cheyenne invited over her dear friend Erica, and she brought along her casanova son Evan. He had better stay away from Madison, I like my legacy families affair free and care free.

Well, Lauren is either a Family sim or Knowledge sim going by her extreme dislike of Evan.. or maybe she hates brown hair, either way Gavin is in the clear...

I decided to have Cheyenne invite her friends over again, to celebrate the last days of her life.

"Madison, you promise me that you'll take care of your father for me when I'm gone, and make sure that Gavin turns into a promising young heir okay?"

"Don't worry Mom, I learned from the best!"

"Jace, I will love you until the day I die, you have always been, and always will be, my everything" Yes, I know she's corny, but it's almost her time to leave this sim world of her's and she knows it.

"Now Gavin, make sure you cross you t's and dot your i's and you know that i comes before c except after e, or in words like weigh and neighbor..." See, she's not all gushy she's practical too!

Study break filled with red hands.

and you can't see Gavin but it looks like Cheyenne's knowledge zombie or something... my oh my.

And we have here, Madison with our third lifetime want achieved in the Hinckley family. Congrats Maddy. "Yeah, I know, I'm pretty sweet."

"I even brought a hot guy home with me!" Maddy you're married. "Have you seen George lately? All he does is exercise and get all stinky, Alec Larrain here on the other hand has things in common with me" Oh you mean him being the heir to the Larrain Legacy? "Legacy? What are you talking about?" Uhhhhh... nothing!

Good timing Gavin, you saved my butt!

Little do they know this is Cheyenne's last night with her family.

Another rousing welcome home hug from Gavin... which means it's 3pm... does anyone else hear the clock ticking?

Cheyenne decides that she wants one of those hugs too.

And one last kiss from Jace.

"My darling Cheyenne, I love you"

"Is he coming for me!!!???!?!"

Or is he coming for the little redhead over there?

Nope, just as expected, he has come for the once red head Cheyenne. I don't think she's spotted him yet...

"If he can't see my face then I'm not here.... eeeeeeek!"

All I have to say is HAH I love glitches.

Cheyenne is still smiling. "Ooooh hula girls and this guy has a lei..."

"So Cheyenne you know why I'm here right?" "Did I win a trip to Hawaii?"

"Uhhh not exactly"

"No trip to Hawaii... then why are you here?"

"Dude, what are you looking at, just tell me already, you're creeping me out.. where's your face?"

"How about a nice Pina Colada!" "Well, I don't know... I really don't like them.."

"Uh, you up there, why didn't you tell him I don't like Pina Coladas?" I never knew Cheyenne... maybe it's a Daiquiri instead you never know...

"Well, in that case"

Good bye Cheyenne, until we meet again...

Man, writing this is making me sad, when it was actually happening it was so quick... side note I never really let my sims die, so this Legacy thing is going to be rough for me in that aspect!

How will Jace survive? Will he meet a new woman, or will he stay in the shelter of his own room until his dieing day?

Will Madison be able to continue making this Legacy interesting? Will she help guide both Jace and Gavin?

And poor little Gavin, how will he cope with the death of his Grammy Cheyenne?

Here rests Cheyenne Hinckley--founder of the Hinckley Legacy. Cheyenne came to Pleasantview not knowing anyone. She had a very humble beginning with money trees galore and barely enough food on her plate for even a mouse. Even though Cheyenne knew in her heart that she wanted to become a criminal mastermind, she took up a career in law enforcement as a security guard to pay the bills. Cheyenne was a very successful police officer but her heart just wasn't in her work.

Cheyenne soon met Count Jace and they fell madly in love and married. Fortunately Jace had a bit of money of his own and they built a very humble home.

Cheyenne and Jace had two children Madison (husband George) Hinckley and Hunter Hinckley.

Cheyenne has had the pleasure of knowing her grandson Gavin, and teaching him everything he needs to know.

Eventually Cheyenne did follow her life long dream of becoming a criminal mastermind.

In the end she has contributed $100,000 to the Hinckley Legacy and her warmth and love. We will miss you dearly Cheyenne!

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